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Hide No. 45724 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 2000 × 1333
What is the ecological significance of carnivorous animals? Why did certain animals evolve to become carnivorous? What if all animal life was herbivorous?
No. 45762
Wasn't there some game like Everquest or Runescape or something where the devs programmed in herbivores and grass and accidentally caused an ecological disaster followed byva virtual population crash?
No. 45774
Evolution is the propagation of patterns that are good at being propagated. If eating other animals is a successful strategy to increase the likelihood of propagation, then some animals will eat other animals.

It is a successful strategy because animals represent highly concentrated masses of nutrients, much more so than plankton or most plant material.

Another way of saying it is that every energy source that can be utilized by life WILL be utilized by life, because the main limit on the propagation of biological organisms is energy, and each energy source represents a viable strategy for reproduction.
No. 45800
Ultima Online maybe? I have heard that it had a system that keeps track of all wild animals, monsters etc in the gameworld individually (instead of randomnly generating then when necessary) and they were even able to level up on their own. I have not heard the ecocatastrophy story though but it might be possible in a game in which the creature mechanics are like this
No. 45805

Hide No. 45728 [Reply]
375 kB, 1024 × 576
How to write (literature) quickly? I took an entire month to just write twenty pages. I have to keep making changes because it just doesn't look right. How long does it usually take for a real author to finish writing a full-length book (like 300 to 500 pages)?
No. 45751
Real authors can need weeks, months, years just for the research.
E.g. if you're writing crime it's quite hard to get an appointment to visit a morgue.
No. 45752
Like the one above me said, researching your subject material can be both time int intensive and materially costly
No. 45760
Truly great literature often either comes at moments of grave insight or is the product of at times literally decades worth of work. It's like with anything else India you have to have patience because a rushed job is always going to look like a rush job in anything you do, be it love making or fixing a PC or building a desk or writing the great novel or painting a masterwork.
No. 45775
  1. Write every day. 1-2k words is a good, doable goal.
  2. Write more, edit less. You will only get better at writing by writing. It's better to finish an imperfect book than to create a single perfect chapter. Once your work is done, in its entirety, then you can go back and edit. But remember, professional editors exist for a reason, and your book will not be perfect even when you send it out looking to be published.

Hide No. 45668 [Reply]
553 kB, 880 × 1224
Why is lust sinful? When you lust over a woman without actually doing anything to her, for example, while watching pornography, are you actually committing a sin? I am still very confused about this, and I feel that my pornography addiction is coming in the way of my spiritual enlightenment.
No. 45722
And FYI a fuckton of people get the ruddy hell out of dodge when they become an adult too, myself among them. Also, everything you're saying here doesn't actually address the point of the post, which is that Catholics feel more guilt because their entire fucking doctrine is built on the stuff, I had a Catholic education, I know this from first hand experience. So you can shove your manchild insinuation up your arse. The content of said doctrine as you're saying it is actually reinforcing my point, that Catholic thought is heavy on guilt, and therefore they feel more guilty than others.
No. 45764
wait why are there Catholics in Australia? I thought it was an almost entirely Protestant country.
No. 45767
Why wouldn't there be Catholics in a country whose initial penal colonists had a significant Irish background? For a while, Sedition (the Irish Nationalists mostly) got you transportation and not death.
No. 45771
Similar cynicism about human nature exists within protestantism, though their judgement manifests as more outward, rabid aggression rather than self loathing. Former protestants seem to have less cultural baggage than former catholics, though other factors may come into play. This internal repression comes off as more psychologically "heavy".
I have a catholic background but I don't know how much of my own self-disgust stems from it. My own family's technically catholic but even calling them sunday catholics would be a huge stretch. My parents forgot that I was supposed to do confirmation ages ago.

Hide No. 40156 Systemkontra [Reply]
163 kB, 1400 × 932
Corona Thread #2

Everything related to the virus and it's impacts on whatever goes in here.
No. 45711
20 kB, 1238 × 710
Honestly at this point I gave up on following Covid in the US, because it's a colossal clusterfuck that makes no sense as an outsider.

Bydlo here stopped wearing masks when not in a store or on public transport, judging by the news-footage I saw a couple of days ago about local flower and bread-festivals and such.
The big issue is that on September 1st, lower education will reopen, and by the end of the first week, higher education will too. It'll increase public transport usage by ~40% in the capital.

You can't have the kids sit 1.5 metres from each other like the government recommends, because there's not enough room in most schools for that.
The issue is that if they order education to be digital again, the parents won't stand for it.
(Especially in the lower grades where a disproportionate amount of teaching would fall on them, which they wouldn't be able to handle. At best, the parent is tired, at worst, we'll have a generation of kids who have shaky academic foundations because of corona.)(At least this is what I've found to be the general sentiment while talking about the state of the education during the rona with colleagues.)

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No. 45717
> big issue is that on September 1st, lower education will reopen, and by the end of the first week, higher education will too. It'll increase public transport usage by ~40% in the capital.
Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see

>At best, the parent is tired, at worst, we'll have a generation of kids who have shaky academic foundations because of corona.)
This is really just a bunch of whiny parents exhausted from dealing with their kids who want to put the national health at risk because they'd rather a bloated taxpayer funded babysitter to deal with them. That's literally the actual rationale from the public side, and creating drone's from the system's side.

Obviously I am rooting for and cheering on the possibilities of this thing completely crashing their indoctrination of a whole generation of kids. Maybe it's different in your schools but I can tell you from experience in spite of the noble efforts of a select few educators the entire American public school system is completely worthless for everything except its actual non-stated function as John Taylor Gatto alluded to in his Against School paper and The Underground History of American Education which largely applies to any society that adopted the Prussian model of education particularly around industrialization.

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No. 45720 Kontra
I don't blame anyone for thinking that. Part of stems from how different areas are handling it, so some parts of the country are losing their minds, others are just waiting.
There's a bit of difference between not following regulations and actively fighting them. At work we had to develop isolation procedures for members of the public who don't cover up due to medical or "political" reasons. Part of me thinks that a working vaccine will take ages to be implemented because some bydlo heard that Russia made it first.
I am of the idea that missing a single year of public school courses isn't going to change much for our students. Colleges are a different thing but few people really graduated "on time".
No. 45765
lol where do you work? At least you're not paddling upstream against many of your coworkers.

I personally have a really bad feeling about this coming winter. Thank god I could also source some KN-95s for all that may be worth.

Hide No. 45703 [Reply]
75 kB, 1600 × 1200
There are four known species of animals that do not require oxygen for survival. One of these is in the phylum Cnidaria (that also includes complex relatively lifeforms such jellyfish), and the other three belong to the phylum Loricifera. Pic related is the Cnidarian parasitic species Henneguya zschokkei, that infects certain species of salmon.
No. 45705
Honestly this shit is fucking hilarious and also absolutely terrifying when you consider that all life used to be anoxic until the bacterial sheets growing on the planet and under the ocean totally saturated every 02 sink particularly iron until it began building up in the atmosphere and poisoning all of them. This is by far my favorite and most terrifying bit of trivia, because it means that one of the worst mass extinction events in the history of this planet literally happened because a bunch of dumbass bacteria poisoned the atmosphere so badly that it became exterminatus level toxic to exist in at which point they largely sterilized the planet of themselves.

Why is the Great Oxygenation Event so terrifying? Because mankind's arrogance doesn't take into account them being literally as short sighted and stupid as bacteria in totally deforming the planet and terraforming its atmosphere to the point that we end up sterilizing it of ourselves and the bulk of complex life. It'd be especially ironic if we ended up completing a billions of years old brick joke by making the planet too hot for lots of oxygen producing life to exist in, thus precipituously causing a drop in 02 and subsequent collapse of much of the biosphere with only a thinner amount of 02 left in the atmosphere.

Hide No. 45635 [Reply]
36 kB, 590 × 590
dis_cord_._ gg/SBdYJeV

Psychic Development Guidance
Server for guided awakening/enlightenment.
No. 45637 Kontra
50 kB, 443 × 750
Just what I was looking for! There is nothing more convincing than a discord for self enlightenment.

tbh I'm curious what crap is offered but I can't be arsed to check it ofc
No. 45642 Kontra
Probably disciples of Ron the Hubbard. Why else post through a proxy?
No. 45695
114 kB, 640 × 779
Much to learn you have.

Hide No. 25731 [Reply]
51 kB, 650 × 408
Is ball lightning real? If so, why is there only one convincing video of the phenomenon on the internet?

No. 45397 Kontra
1,1 MB, 956 × 1136, 0:09
5,5 MB, 800 × 960, 0:09
Sorry, I probably should have made these for my first post, since the individual pics don't reveal very much. Here they are again, stacked as both an mp4(decent quality) and a gif(meh).
No. 45417
You're from Florida? My sincere condolences. That state's only good offerings to the world were Florida's Natural and Death Metal.

Florida, an oozing herpes sore of a shit-swamp whose atmosphere tastes of roachspray, juts out into the Atlantic where an endlessly looping Möbius strip mall stretches on between all the sun-murdered stucco rooftops, inhabited by dying geriatrics on painkillers and retarded gangstas who rob said geriatrics of their painkillers. Why is everyone in pain? Because they live in Florida.

Florida suffers the same transient cultural vacuum as Southern California because nearly everyone of its current residents was born somewhere else and then embarked on the ill-informed decision to flee there only to live an idle existence of petty crime and eating each other's faces. Thoroughly rootless, soulless and without taste.
No. 45423
I really don't care what you say RAC I still wish I lived in California instead, either around a nice hopefully non-flaming redwood forest in a cabin up north or bumming around the south if I actually had the money to live in a place like Santa Monica. I fucking loved California. The only exceptions are San Francisco which I genuinely believe is literally inhabited by either a WoD Earthbound tier demon or the devil himself, and West Hollywood, which is basically said demon's more flamboyant and shallow little brother. Yeah. I really wasn't digging West Hollywood so much. I'd not want to deal with that place even if I were rich and famous. I liked other parts of LA a lot though.

But as for Florida you are correct. It's something more like a cross between a death world and a witchworld, just on the edge of the warp enough to be fucked up but still contain outlines that are recognizably human from a distance in the fog. It does not surprise me whatsoever that Florida is our new hotzone and it's gradually increasing my worry with the number of Florida plates I inexplicably encounter.
No. 47073 Kontra
Nice, thanks, I'm surprised nobody has commented on those.

Hide No. 45168 [Reply]
63 kB, 700 × 700
14 kB, 300 × 225
What do you guys think about glue and 'lac?

t. Romanian
No. 45192
They can explode too.
No. 45199
14 kB, 180 × 180
I thought they made them smell like shit in order to make ppl not to inhale it
No. 45238
I am indifferent towards glue, but what's lac?
No. 45263
167 kB, 1024 × 778
30 kB, 600 × 337
114 kB, 500 × 1331
Well I am pretty sure that whatever the fuck OP has is not necessarily related, Lac comes from the Lac beetle of Southeast Asia which it is name after. That is where we get things from like the words/substances such as Lacquer and Shellac. It is a waxy resin produced by beetles which had formerly been used in primarily wood working but also other industrial purposes until often petroleum based synthetics largely replaced it unless you had a particular thing for that classic warm finish of real lac, or had been trying to repair some old furniture otherwise like has largely been phased out except for certain select sorts of wood enthusiasts. Fun fact it's also even still used in certain pharmaceutical and foodstuff applications for example in dye and the shiny coating on candies though obviously less popular now with more options. Also another fun fact this old school meme is clearly a valid thing because some wood is so pricey that getting the real deal might as well be trying to pass off counterfeit gemstones and the guy is using a jeweler's glass to inspect things like the grain and ring structure to ascertain its species, authenticity quality etc.

Really there isn't much more satisfying than thinking about and looking at good woodworking. I really don't care what anybody says lac is conceptually and in certain applications aesthetically as pleasing as the woodworking equivalent of a bolt action.

Hide No. 45253 Lock [Reply]
86 kB, 1280 × 720
I honestly believe some races are superior to others. This is a basic rule of nature and survival. Just take a look at extinct animals.You either hunt or be hunted. But there is another category, cheeky cunts who leech of with eating the rotting leftovers. Today the same thing is happening in our society. These Untermensch, they fear our might and power but we've been poisoned! They've been leeching from us these vermins are sucking our blood alive what do you have to loose! Time has come for us to rise get rid of these irritants.

This is the truth like it or not.
No. 45260 Kontra
There's actually an interesting point here regarding empiric process and seeing results of a phenomenon, and nature of real time calculations.

Say you have a very slow computer that is computing some kind of equation. Say it will finish its computation way after the point where you could see the result, in a million yeas or whatever. You do not know how it really works, only that it sometimes outputs certain results, and that in the end, it will come to a final conclusion.

You really want to know the result of the computation, but you can't make the computer go faster, or take it apart without breaking it. So you observe its behavior, study it, and make a "model" of the computer, based on rational extrapolations and reasoning. You build a much faster computer that, according to your model, is doing the same computation as the original computer, but much faster. It works for a few minutes and outputs the result.

Now can you actually say that you know what the slow computer will actually output a million years in the future? Empirically, no. You can only say what your model outputted, and how believable its answer is, depends solely on how well you can justify that your model is correctly simulating the real thing. It can even be believed that your model has 100% identical behavior to the original, and the outputs will match. You can still not say that you empirically know what the original computer will output.

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16 kB, 160 × 160
Big list of imageboards easily sortable