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45 kB, 500 × 474
made this threada before >>28434

Search my HDD, I have something like 50,000 to 70,000 named files in my imageboards folders I've been filling up for over 15 years

Post a WORD or TWO WORDS and I'll post the first results
No. 46954
509 kB, 426 × 234, 0:05
456 kB, 1024 × 5123
13 kB, 400 × 400
No. 46956
No. 46962
586 kB, 1800 × 1920
1,7 MB, 720 × 720, 0:10
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215 kB, 1080 × 1350
47 hits, most of it is naked womens
No. 46963
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2,8 MB, 640 × 640, 0:14

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1,4 MB, 1962 × 3000
We're back since the old one is on systemkontra now.

This thread is for discussing tabletop gaming, though experience shows that it's mostly been tabletop RPG discussion in various forms ranging from play experience, rules discussion and design talk. We currently have a game group ongoing, based out of a discord server here: https://discord.gg/ZGmpJe9 feel free to drop in. We actually play on most Saturdays at 0600 Zulu.

What are you lot up to in this field lately?
No. 46931
We're talking about the years 800-900 btw. I should have made a photo of the text in the museum to make sure I don't misremember, though.

Since this is the time frame around Charlemagnes restructuring of Europe, it might very well be that none of the coastal cities in the mediterranean (which are the usual suspects for largest trade port) were on a high note and the title falls to an entirely different place.

Also, don't underestimate how far the Vikings were travelling for trade, they did visit north africa and turkey at the time via the ocean while travelling the Volga into eastern Europe and established Nowogorod and Kiev as initial trade centers to bridge the way to the near east. And Hedeby/Haithabu was the point where swedish, norwegian and danish vikings traded their spoils after the raids.
Oh and also the expansion of the church to scandinavia lead to several trade agreements between the italic world and the north.

I do have to say that I'm no expert on Vikings myself, only repeating from memory what I've learned over the years. So expect a hundred inaccuracies in what I say.
No. 46936
So, are we playing tomorrow? I guess I'll be there and see.
No. 46939
Yeah I'll be there. Sure as fuck slept enough. Worst come worst, I can probably work a solo adventure out.
No. 46942 Kontra
So Brick is feeling crook and probably won't make it. If you want to show up and hang out, or still want to try a solo session or something, feel free but the usual thing is probably not happening.

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137 kB, 512 × 512
New news thread.

Got any interesting articles or breaking stories? Someone wrote a thoughtful editorial that resonated with you? Read some one-sided opinion piece that cements your current understanding of the world?

Post it all here.
No. 46905
I was calling him a tile painting poge in case it wasn't obvious
No. 46907
Yeah, I noticed, but you use language that disparages against labourers as 'stupid' which is really fucking obnoxious. It's a stereotype that holds back the labour movement, and helps nobody except the bosses.

This snobbish bullshit about how book smarts are all that matters for someone's mental worth needs to go femme.
No. 46913
Decided to check out the local news today since I've been ignoring it for my mental health. Second biggest bank got done not bothering to check that dodgy transactions were actually payments for child trafficking in SEA. On the same day, the Tories rolled back most of our GFC-era protections against predatory lending in a time where people are more vulnerable than ever to predatory lending.

Dog bless Australia.
No. 46918
It has completely nothing to do with that. It's the fact that some of these guys will sit around bases like Rammstein trumping themselves up to be great heroic warriors while they're in fact nothing but a bunch of poges.

Hide No. 40505 [Reply]
395 kB, 1200 × 1536
Post your artwork, discuss, give critique in this thread.

Useful books and resources:

Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook
No. 46686
1,5 MB, 2700 × 2700
This comic could have been divided into 2 pages, but after experimenting with various layouts I decided to go with this format. I just couldn't figure out a good spot to insert a page turn. The idea is also fairly basic and I didn't want to drag it out. 17 panels is a lot to squeeze onto a single page, but the flow between them feels smooth (to me), so I'm happy about that. I think I mentioned before that I wanted to work on my page layouts, and that was my main focus on this comic. An added bonus was the opportunity to build some confidence in my lettering. The sound effects were critical to the story, and I didn't want to rely on a font for them. So one day I just put my head down and drew 35 R's :D.
No. 46750
1,6 MB, 1280 × 1280
I'm not personally fan of bubble people, but your comics objectively become more and more good. I like how you learning a lot of actual progression of panels, it do look professional-y. Same as lines. It do really look like actual professional strip from some artist in this 90s cartoony style, you might actually become published author if you create something big with it, like long story.

I... well... ugh... drawing different type of comics after vacation.
No. 46759
390 kB, 2500 × 850
Thank you, ernst. It's funny that you mentioned the style looks like an old comic strip because I thought the same thing. I didn't really decide to draw it that way, but comic strips have been so influential that it just sort of happened :D.
Oh, you know that 6 page Ernstwurf Smile story posted earlier in the thread? Believe it or not, I almost turned that into a series of comic strips. After finishing most of the drawing, I decided to experiment with the panels. I made some test strips to see how the story would look if it were told as a sequence of daily comics. Here is one I saved. Some parts of the story worked well, but things like page 5 were just impossible to squeeze into the smaller format so I abandoned the idea.

>if you create something big with it, like long story.

>Spoiler image
Wow. Looking at how you put everything together-the character lines and expressions, the composition of each panel, some really good coloring- I think this is your best work yet.
No. 46895
945 kB, 1280 × 1280
Yea, daily comic strips format is very restrictive, you can't fit traditional story there and should think out of the box. Most times good daily comics strips is some clevel visual absurd jokes or very small observation of author or something like that.

Yea, of cource I seen and remember your comic above :З I think you have this patience to make big long stories in visual format, create some core idea, that might be interesting for audience you choose and you may make something big with it already, or start specific Twitter or something like that with comic-posting and maybe you'll find some popularity. Comic artist and storyteller is awesome profession, espessialy when it's something like what you creating and not generic capeshit.

Speaking of comic art, tried to do something more stylised for one of specific comic artstyles.

Hide No. 46894 [Reply]
160 kB, 749 × 578, 0:01
How do I say these imageboard terms in German?
e.g. I post in many threads on Ernstchan
e.g. Why won't that poster stop posting in so many threads on Ernstchan?
e.g.That user should stop cringeposting
e.g. I created a single thread on Ernstchan today
No. 46933 Kontra

Hide No. 11536 [Reply]
1,3 MB, 1520 × 1549
Why didn't we have this one yet?
Well, post what you're cooking/eating, discuss food and its culture in general and we may talk about diets as well if you want to.

I'm not a big cook myself but once in a blue moon I like to do it if the process is not too hard or needs too much time. I think the last time I actually cooked something was a south-western inspired casserole, it was extremely fatty because of the massive amount of molten cheese and I felt bad after eating it.
Today I found some older frozen asian vegetables in my freezer and cooked them together with some frozen sugar bean pods and some curry powder, I never thought cooked vegetables without any meat or carbs could taste so well.
No. 41283
Aww, shucks. You're making me blush like a girl.

>Probably a result of working kitchens.

Nope. Just a steadfast dedication and a love for food. My father loved to cook, so I must've gotten it from him. A few bad experiences at a few restaurants have also motivated me to self-teach.

The beauty of quarantine is that it's encouraged me to be self-reliant and stop dining out. Sure, I'll stop in for a fix at Taco Bell or Popeye's, but I think I'm going to be going out much less even if/when this economy "reopens."
No. 41284 Kontra
Oh, did you mean YOU working in kitchens? Yeah, I can see how alienating that would be.
No. 46884
171 kB, 1000 × 750
647 kB, 3868 × 2579
I spent about 2 hours making kimbap today. Turned out really good. With the leftover rice, I made a couple of onigiri with some tuna salad. The kimbap is like a sushi roll, but with imitation crab, egg, and pickled Korean veggies instead of raw fish. The onigiri was just tuna salad wrapped in rice and then a square of nori.

As long as you have rice and nori seaweed squares, it's easy to make this kind of thing. You don't even need one of those dedicated sushi rolling mats for the kimbap, just be careful and use your hands.

Now I have a bunch of relatively-healthy meals/snacks that makes me feel like I'm in one of my Japanese animes. Try it yourself, Ernst!
No. 46887
Man it must've been ten years since I made sushi. It's something I've been meaning to do again but well I am lazy and have so many other things going on I've not got the energy for after work. Well that plus the pandemic means I'm not going out on very specific errands like getting the stuff to make that. I'm probably going to order pizza or something the first time since the pandemic started at some point. I'm definitely eating a lot less healthy food too because nothing except onions and carrots stays good for a couple weeks at a time.

Hide No. 6267 [Reply]
94 kB, 600 × 311
68 kB, 423 × 554
31 kB, 824 × 258
838 kB, 1182 × 588
There is a thread asking about German grammar, but why not make a languages general?

Why aren't you learning a language in your free time? Go for it, it's a good use of time. In a couple of years, you'll have an interesting skill.

I'm currently learning Russian, it's a horrible language crafted by Satan himself. Cyrillic is bad, but cursive cyrillic is just sadistic, it is no wonder that so many people resisted attempts at Russification.


Here is a link if anyone wants to suffer alongside me with Russian.

C'mon Ernst, learn a language!
No. 41702
Can people in England or Ireland understand just what in the absolute fuck Scottish people are even saying?
When is a language no longer even its parent language? Like is this what proto-Romance languages sounded like?
No. 41703
Uh, neither english nor scottish are of the romance language tree. English is germanic and scottish is most likely celtic.
Here, check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-European_languages#/media/File:IndoEuropeanTree.svg
No. 41704
I am aware of that. I apparently accidentally the end of that sentence.
>Like is this what proto-Romance languages sounded like to Romans?
It probably wasn't as clear given that wording. Meaning, is this like how the earliest splits sounded like in language splits. Or how modern Slavic languages might sound in their earlier archaic forms to speakers of some proto-Slavonic.
No. 46883
Just over a month ago, I found a good site for learning Japanese. Caveat: It's paid, and though cheap per month, it only bills per year, so I had to put down >$80 once the trial ended.

However, I don't regret it at all. The lessons are clear and informative, and the program's flashcards are integrated seamlessly with them. Most important for me, there's a daily streak system, which is very helpful in making sure that I do at least a bare minimum each day.

You can choose anything from a one-year to a four-year pace to complete their program, which will supposedly place you at JLPT N1, i.e. functionally equal to a native. From what I've seen so far, that seems plausible. At the very least, I'm sure that I've learned more in 30 days than I would in a semester-long university course. At an average of 2.5 lessons per day (the fastest pace being 4), I've covered 375 kanji and just under 500 vocabulary items. It takes about 1-2 hours per day, depending on whether or not I do the full 4 lessons. If I was taking the most casual pace with 1 lesson per day, it would probably take no more than 30 minutes (and by this point, I would be at ~160 kanji/200 vocab words).

Highly recommended if you have any interest in learning Japanese, especially if you're a lazy fuck and have trouble learning languages because of it: https://www.nativshark.com/my-journey

Hide No. 3248 [Reply]
4,1 MB, 5472 × 3648
I have a question: "Wann ist der Unterricht aus?"
Can I answer like this: "Der Unterricht ist um 10 Uhr aus."?
Thank you for your answers!
No. 46868
I have a question. There is a sentence "Ich bin vor ein paar Monaten in meine Wohnung gezogen." I know that after "vor" use Dativ. But "das Paar" is Neutrum. So why I can't say "Ich bin vor einem paar Monaten in meine Wohnung gezogen"?
No. 46872
Paar and paar are just homonyms with a shared etymological past. Like der Morgen (morning) and morgen (tomorrow).
No. 46873
Ah, now I'm getting your point.
Not sure if I have a satisfactory answer, but apparently "ein paar" is classified as an indefinite numeral, and as such it is not inflected.
Other examples of that group are "ein bisschen", "ein wenig", genug, viel, wenig.

Notice that viel ("much") can be used non-inflected for non-countable things, but viele ("many") is inflected for countable things. Same goes for wenig vs. wenige.
With a definite article, wenig and viel become inflected even with non-countable things: wenig Regen, der wenige Regen. As mentioned, "wenig" is an indefinite numeral, but in "der wenige Regen" it becomes an adjective. Different grammatical role, different grammatical rules.
No. 46874
Thank you!

Hide No. 46790 [Reply]
196 kB, 830 × 521
149 kB, 666 × 354
2,2 MB, 2794 × 1968
251 kB, 800 × 857
What does Ernst know about the lost country of Grand Tartary?
No. 46793 Kontra
That it's debated as conspiracy theory. The bf of a friend reached out to me "as historian" and if I heard of it. I denied and looked it up on the internet and people think that because nobody talks about it, there is the intention of hiding something of human history or being secretive about it. Which is logically flawed btw.

And yes, history is written and also "rewritten" and not as exact as mathematics.
No. 46813
284 kB, 996 × 768
That it's almost certainly bullshit (I don't like absolutes, weird shit happens). What's more likely is that talk of the Blue Turks, Uyghur Khanate, Attila's horde etc. got mixed in with the wectoid lack of understanding of how exactly territory works in that part of the world, to think of a megablob where it was just a bunch of tribe and/or clans in various barely-existing 'states'. Also keep in mind that for a long time, western scholarship considered Turkic people, Tatars and Mongolic people to all be from Tatary or Turkestan. A good understanding of the cultural divides wasn't really there. Hell, there were strange misnomers into the 1920s, like the Kazakh ASSR being named for the Kyrgyz, who were not really part of its territory.

Regarding communist rewriting: true but it was to eliminate the 'counterrevolutionary' bits. They weren't fans of the Alash leaders for example, and in general a lot of the oral tradition was frowned upon for fear of it being nationalist and/or separatist.

Second post. The first one refers to a book I'm only seeing on conspiracy sites at first glance (not a good look) and 2 even they say it's from the mid nineteenth century, so well within the range of having remnants of builders in the area, even back to Timur who brought about a very particular style of architecture whose earliest example is in Kazakhstan (nomad territory) iirc. Assuming a legitimate source, this speaks more to the authors ignorance than anything else.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 46840
I only saw it a couple of times on 4chan's /his/ and I thought a couples of schizos force some meme. Soon the idiots will dig up the mysterious lands of far Turkestan...
No. 46871
Conquest of Siberia is a fascinating period, it was extremely quick for territory as huge as it is. Even if all of the square kilometers of land werent occupied in the military sense until much later (possibly during USSR), the authority still managed to spread from Muscovy all the way to Pacific ocean in less than a century.

Whatever the warbands encountered in Siberia offered such incoherent resistance that even irregular troops and mercenaries and just highwaymen managed to penetrate it, and then absorb in almost no time.

But for all that must have happened there's almost no historic account. Loads and loads of crew and cargo manifests, lists of supplies, weapons, men and animals and money spent, but not much in prose.

Hide No. 45731 [Reply]
466 kB, 4123 × 2680
Posting ITT requires wearing a mask.
No. 46804
The usual claim I hear is that the elites are "testing the waters" to see what arbitrary shit they can push on the populace.
No. 46807
Phones, credit cards, and social media seem like a more through and successful attempt at that. Which most of the protesters almost certainly use.
It's strange how politicized the issue of facial cloths got. Like if there was a political movement to stop people from wiping their asses.
No. 46828
Well, for what it's worth, she had the symptoms for a couple days and then felt a bit weak for a couple more, for the last week she's been feeling fine. So, most likely it wasn't corona.
No. 46831
It isn't really. It is just the opposite. Here the right wing is saying we should lock everyone up and wear masks everywhere. But that turned out to be the wrong strategy so now they are back blaming the government for crime and migration. That works better for them.