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Hide No. 10070 [Reply]
31 kB, 602 × 492
do u like classical music, and if yes, which types? do you attend live concerts? with what frequency?
No. 31008

I adore the works of Richard Wagner and always liked the synergetic music and paintings of Ciurlionis.
Other than that I'll soon get myself a student ticket for the local philharmony and go see a few concerts when I have the money, to delve deeper into classical music and take time for it.
No. 33298
I saw Brahm's German Requiem recently. It was his version for four hand piano instead of orchestra. Pretty good. The soprano movement remains my favourite.

It was prefaced by two Schutz hymns which I liked. I must delve into his oeuvre more
No. 33451
>do u like classical music, and if yes, which types?

It's pretty much the only musical tradition I am interested in.

I mostly listen to Baroque, late Romantic, and Modern.

>do you attend live concerts?


>with what frequency?

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No. 33610
Early Baroque like Monteverdi and Renaissance lute music is nice, later Baroque and Romantic music just sounds too "bombastic" for me, too busy. And I absolutely loathe Wagner. Schubert is my nigga though.


Elitists sort of frown on Beasley, but I love his folk vibes.

Hide No. 33450 [Reply]
271 kB, 785 × 849
123 kB, 800 × 881
39 kB, 375 × 450
As we approach the end of the decade, can you remember what were some pictures that made you laugh 10 years ago?

Here are some that made me laugh. Judge me as you wish, I was only 13-14.

There are few I can remember, unfortunately.
No. 33583
I've entered the last years off my twenties.
Also nothing to contribute since my lurking career started around 2011, it was because of the Donnerfurz Video:

I also think the Vuvuzela was later, 2014 or something?
No. 33584
2 kB, 200 × 200, 10:55
>M&M Russia
At first I thought kinda about this.
No. 33591
Yes, I'am younger.

He meant "Might and Magic"
No. 33604
This decade fucking ruined my life man
Glad its over

Hide No. 27598 [Reply]
479 kB, 600 × 443
Anyone work in a corporate setting?
Any protips for a bernd/ernst not really meant for the corporate world but willing to try?
I'm about to start a 6 month contract in an entry level corporate role next week at a major Australian bank.
No. 31605
> It's not that I have an intense desire to have a social life at work, but I regret not being able to establish any personal contacts that would enable me to advance beyond mere grunt.
I feel like this is the hardest part of working. It's like one wants to be seen as more than a disposable drone while also not really wanting to be anyone's new best friend. It's a very specific target.
No. 31606
58 kB, 572 × 381
>I'd take that as a mixed blessing. Workplace socializing has a huge chance to be toxic
I also am reluctant to force friendships at the workplace, but for different reasons. Over the years, I worked with several customers in several teams. Almost any time, I met people I got along with very good, and we also met up in private, which was kinda difficult for me to arrange, because I am commuting to work. Still, all that workplace-based friendships almost instantly vanished when our teams dispersed. This has happened several times already, while my personal friends are almost the same than 20 years ago. Since then, I have become wary not to confuse coworkers I get along with good with personal friends. Not that I actively try to prevent it, if it happens, it happens. It's just like it looked like it would happen several times, and a little later it showed that it was all temporary.

I also outright hate it when companies try to force social interactions with team events / teambuilding exercises and stuff like that. It's literally a manipulation attempt to make it more difficult for employees to ask for raises or to quit, because they are more likely to stay in place for lower pay when they have personal ties. I especially enjoy when companies try and schedule these events in my spare time. I thank dog every day for my luck that I can tell them to beat it when they try that move, without too much fear of losing my job (might still backfire some day). I have a hard time understanding why the majority of people these days think that one would like hanging around the people in your spare time that one already hangs around with on the job, and only because one gets paid to do so. That almost seems like an insult to me, like the company is telling me that my social life is so shit that I should be happy to spend more time with my coworkers t. posting on EC saturday evening. And even if people really wanted to do so, they will do on their own account, and need no company support for it.
No. 31820
First start taking your sick leave, never apologise.
Learn to backheel jobs and questions, better you speak to management, this isn't my department ect
Next look at successful people, they always job hop.
Last is simple, embellish your qualifications, job role and experience, apply for new jobs, network, only apply for jobs which are better than your own or 10-15% higher salary.
Realise you will never get a true promotion, ie a higher position they will just give you a title like senior or head, but not give you a written contract, just more work and responsibilities but no underlings.
Start taking extended coffee breaks in other dept rooms, relax in the smoking area, just getting some fresh air, ask for an email before you do someonelse's work, if they don't send you an email don't do it.
Instead of spending 90% of your work time, working, spend 50% working, the rest net-working, looking for other opportunities and kissing ass.
First thing you can do is look for a company transfer or switch to another department.
No. 33587
128 kB, 960 × 540
If you make a good impression by performing well in your duties and manage to become a regular, you will be given more and more tasks over time which will shape your role in the long term.

Work effectively, get enough sleep, teach yourself how to manage stress without becoming an alcoholic and how to not be affected by the remarks of asshole personalities at the office. These things are the key to surviving in the gorborate world.

Hide No. 33441 [Reply]
490 kB, 1600 × 988
837 kB, 1554 × 1199
281 kB, 800 × 570
540 kB, 1599 × 1132
Do you think that its possible that people can mobilize into war just like before?

I mean i am certainly always afraid that war will happen again but i wanna see how soft people, who sit at a chair 16h a day and are afraid of spiders and roaches, are going to cope with marching and camping and carrying 30kg etc

Also what do you think make people go into war? Hunger? The possibility of hunger in the near future?
No. 33500
On some fundamental level everything the elites do is about the elite class gaining more power and wealth.
Actually on some fundamental level everything everyone does is for themselves to gain more power and wealth.

> All it amounts to is manipulating people with lies and god and country is the biggest one of them.
Can you point to anything that is not a lie and manipulation?
No. 33504
This depends on who you're invading and the nature of the war.
A full mobilization, with mass conscription and the restructuring of society, would imply a country is facing a full-scale invasion, or is about to commit a full-scale invasion towards another country of similar size/strength.
If there's a strength disparity, one side will be fighting to the fullest while the other will have civilians whose lives are almost unaffected.
This mobilization also implies that a government has control over a population and has a recognizable authority that people will rally behind, especially if the enemy is someone everyone already hates. A place like North Korea can easily mobilize while Venezuela could not.
No. 33505
In the really old does it actually was true that you could get to loot somebody else's country or citystate in certain times and places. Also in a defensive war like I said total war has existed a lot longer so being invaded by a hostile neighbor really did mean the men would be slaughtered and the women sold into slavery which is the one time it's not needed to lie or manipulate people to fight because it is an existential threat, but typically the ones doing the invading needed to be manipulated.

Also warfare you keep forgetting only steeped breeding disease and pandemics in the last like 80 years thanks to modern medicine. Before that and even as recently as WWI a war meant the civilian population could then enjoy the fruits of a decimating disease killing millions of people although to be fair trade and urbanization had as much if not at times more to do with that and the great bulk of the superstitious and ignorant people probably hadn't fully connected vast movements of people with causing huge disease outbreaks.

Anyone with any sense would not join a war. It is disastrous for the fighting parties involved. The only thing that really benefits you directly in the short term is the same as a pandemic which is so many people can get killed that it frees up jobs and spoils including land that the survivors of the catastrophe can pick over, and that is only if whatever disgusting feudal lord or government allows you to keep it. Otherwise no war is thoroughly stupid and also continually beating back people tends to sink everyone's conditions rather than raising themselves and each other up out of poverty.

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No. 33508
It's always possible, it became more plausible than most people thought 10-20 years ago, is it very plausible it's going to happen? I don't think so.

Hide No. 33328 Lock Systemkontra [Reply]
54 kB, 584 × 445
Ernstchan doesn't seem to have much banter or humor.

It's basically a bunch of Boringfinns exchanging small talk on boring topics.
No. 33485
I find it extremely hard to use without replies tracking.

Hide No. 32642 Systemkontra [Reply]
12 kB, 269 × 236
Did you know that kohlchan was deplatformed?

I came here instead but I heard bad things about this chan.
No. 33462
183 kB, 600 × 600
What a silly thread. It's already back!
No. 33498
>dumb weeb
>kc is down again (404)
kek. Serves you right.
No. 33499
No. 33518
319 kB, 280 × 498, 0:01
It works fine, maybe your tears of rage just don't allow you to see the screen correctly.

Hide No. 30159 Systemkontra [Reply]
110 kB, 468 × 700
Old has passed. Tell your new tales here.
No. 32316
216 kB, 879 × 537
Almost forgot about today's holiday. Happy Great October Socialist Revolution Day, Ernst!
No. 32317
For some people holyday, for others curse lol
No. 32320
No. 32363
Ha Cultist Simulator apparently just got translated to full Russian and the devs are wishing happy Unity Day

Hide No. 31243 [Reply]
16 kB, 376 × 260
46 kB, 700 × 200
Can we have a French language threada?
How many bougette-janguage speakers are here?
Will appreciate if Ernst can recommend me good resources that can help studying.

Goddamnit, I hate that language and I have to learn it. It's so frustrating difficult and syntax is so meaningless so I'm thinking that German language way much easier to learn. 11 tenses? For fucks sake!
No. 31652 Kontra
No. 31660
177 kB, 1436 × 1699
Puisse Allah vous bénir pour votre bonté, mes frères.
No. 31668 Kontra
en fait je n'aime pas le kohlchan et je ne poste pas là. au revoir, bernd.
No. 32302
>Another thing about French, I find it funny that ce ("this") and c'est ("this is") is pronounced the same.

Ce (this) is pronounced the same as "se"(itself, as in "il se montre", "He shows himself").

C'est (This is) is pronounced like "sait/sais" (as in "knowing"), "ces" (These), s'est ("il s'est fait mal", "He hurts himself" (Contraction of the verb "être" and "se").

Je sais, je sais, c'est pas facile.

Hide No. 9727 Systemkontra [Reply]
23 kB, 642 × 398
74 kB, 1024 × 402
81 kB, 300 × 300
1,2 MB, 2105 × 1909
Sometimes you may feel the urge to share a pic but you can wait for suitable context eternally.
No. 32274
219 kB, 455 × 308
326 kB, 455 × 495
220 kB, 455 × 328
Most alcoholics here either drink cheap, shitty beer, or wine made from bottom of the barrel grape leftovers. (Since the EU forbade wine flavoured ethanol and tablet-based wine)
We call it "Jugged wine". These "wines" are usually very cheap and are sold in 2 litre plastic bottles.
No. 32278
79 kB, 480 × 720
hungary is in the wine circle included though, probably because hungary is a traditional wine producing country (tokajer).
the circle encompasses all german states with notable wine growing quite accurately.
No. 32301
That is quite possibly the worst, shittiest looking wine I've ever seen in my life. I'm not sure I'd even cook with it.
No. 32308
93 kB, 660 × 495
i'm sure americans have much prettier looking wine for cooking at walmart.
that bottle however was sold for ~ € 200 at a german online wine store. not sure if hungarians use tokaj for cooking. it is quite sweet wine.

Hide No. 31881 [Reply]
634 kB, 750 × 1017
39 kB, 720 × 436
Can any GIS pros share what they think about this? I’m inclined to believe this is a spurious correlation produced by some confounder but I’m not sure.
No. 31916
581 kB, 2052 × 1242
214 kB, 1280 × 853
Not GIS, but have some experience with caving.

Here in MO, most large caverns which can be navigable by amateurs fall into two categories:
1. Commonly explored, making the chance of rediscovery quite high (be it the person or their remains).
2. All obvious entrances caged off, with limited/no caver access either because of private property, or more recently, to inhibit the spread of White-nose syndrome in bats.

So unless you and only you have knowledge of the cave, and you have no link to the missing person, it's actually a really shitty place to hide/dump someone. Everyone would suspect a cave, which is exactly why this tweet is so tantalizing. You'd have much better luck hiding someone in plain sight, like Ernstchan's favorite Austrian.

The cave map looks legitimate (see comparison), but the one on the top seems highly suspect without further information provided. I think what is especially important are the significance of the markers and the time period it covers. It appears to be an edit of the second attached map, which was compiled in something called "Missing 411":

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 31928
>The cave map looks legitimate (see comparison), but the one on the top seems highly suspect without further information provided. I think what is especially important are the significance of the markers and the time period it covers. It appears to be an edit of the second attached map, which was compiled in something called "Missing 411":
>If I had to guess, someone photoshopped the dots onto the map to make it seem more convincing. Without the dots, it looks much more tangential relative to cave distribution.

Hm good point. I think you're right: the map may have been doctored by the OP in the interest of producing an ebin viral tweet.

>However, I am more inclined to believe disappearance investigations having dead-ends in the Appalachians, the Ozarks, and other area which fall off-the-grid. The original Missing 411 map supports that.

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