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Do any Ernsts enjoy birding here? Recently I've been getting into it. About two weeks ago I bought a cheap bird feeder at tractor supply and hung it in my backyard. At first nothing bothered with the feeder, but slowly a number of birds began to take notice. Now I have chipping sparrows, house sparrows, house finches, northern cardinals, and gray catbirds visiting the feeder. I also leave a bowl of water on the ground for american robins and european starlings, which I change every morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a decent camera so I cannot provide images of my backyard visitors. Here are some photos I found using google images.
No. 46232
22 kB, 360 × 240
22 kB, 360 × 240
i imagine far up north the season is a bit different than here due to different climate, different environment and different prevalent mushroom species? if i'm not mistaken there's leccinum versipelle, boletus edulis and cantharellus cibariu in your basket though, which are common here as well. the latter two are actually my favourite mushrooms besides agaricus campestris, which you can see in the pic above. agaricus campestris is fairly easy to identify and their inedible/poisonous variants are quite rare, have a different color on the stem and smell different. however, people who never have picked mushrooms before and go for them may mistake them with amanita phalloides and die within a couple days. the poison quickly dissolves the liver.

i just like to cook them with butter, onions, herbs, season with salt & pepper and eat it together with a loaf of bread, grilled potatoes or an omelett. mushrooms can be put into the freezer, but i prefer to eat them fresh right after i've picked them.
No. 48447
1,2 MB, 1485 × 1980
1,2 MB, 1126 × 1501
1,4 MB, 2480 × 1860
Thanksgiving week? Check. Wild turkeys invading the suburbs? Double check.
They're probably hiding out from Elmer Fudd :D
No. 48451
Having grown up in the country I can tell you there is little more obnoxious than fuds
No. 48473

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Well I guess no one else is doing it so who feels like a webm threda?
No. 48465
2,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
But the original is so boring.
No. 48467
1,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:48
9,5 MB, 600 × 480, 1:48
9,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 4:02
9,2 MB, 640 × 480, 2:21
No. 48468 Kontra
Oh. Spitting Image is sort of back. I didn't know that.
No. 48471
4,0 MB, 427 × 240, 1:33
Is that the British rapper girl who looks about 14? I can't remember her name

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513 kB, 2067 × 1385
Are there separate educational institutions that cater to the four different native language groups of Switzerland? Are there separate German schools, French schools and Italian schools? Do German-speaking children learn French and vice versa?
No. 47070
>Are there separate German schools, French schools and Italian schools?
I guess so. Also television etc.

>Do German-speaking children learn French and vice versa?
I hear every pupil must learn one of the other two languages. I hear some Italians choose to learn French and some French choose Italian just because it's obviously easier for them than learning German. Among those that choose German, quite a few don't speak it as well as you would expect them to after years of study. My guess is that those cases result from a combination of the universally observed ineffectiveness of school language learning (English, and perhaps, to a much lesser extent, Japanese and Spanish, are different because those are the languages of pop culture relevant to their interests or of cool) with the fact that the German they learn in school is not what's usually spoken in Switzerland; you may know about there being various local dialects (not all mutually intelligible), Swiss German as a commonly understood form, and thirdly Swiss Standard German as taught in schools and used in written mass media. This is unlike the situation in French Switzerland, where the traditional dialects have all but died out and what's spoken is basically standard French and everyone understands each other's speech.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 47071
Also such maps as posted by OP can mislead if you don't know what the colours mean.
I think French and "German" for a large part have a fairly stable linguistic border, with little thoroughly mixed territory. I think there isn't such a clear-cut border for territories with relatively high proportions of speakers of R. vs. almost monolingually "German" territory.
No. 47094
Totally unrelated for the most part but how much are the French and German parts of your borderzone blurred? Because when I went to some family thing a year ago or whatever it was somebody brought up the area of where that part of the family comes from I think? I forget but someone said something and it occurred to me looking at my family how much they all actually looked like they were part French as much if not more than part German. So ever since then I've actually been wondering if we've actually come from a French family that happened to be living inside German territory.
No. 48452
94 kB, 828 × 568
>Totally unrelated for the most part but how much are the French and German parts of your borderzone blurred?
You mean the Romance–Germanic linguistic border in eastern France near Germany, right?

I can't tell from first-hand experience, having only spent a couple of minutes in that area after taking a wrong lane in Basel and accidentally emerging in France, so the following may be wrong.

In today's southwestern Germany, I think there has not been any indigenous Romance-speaking territory for many centuries, and no continuous minority communities either, unless you include urban expat communities whose members either assimilate or leave, never keeping French for more than a generation within any one family, unless perhaps Huguenot refugee communities long ago, if there even were any in those parts.

In today's eastern France, I think the situation in 2020 is very different from 1870. I think in 2020, the Germanic topolects are on the way out. I would be surprised if the 19th and 20th centuries didn't see the educational systems on both sides of the border exerting strong pressure to discourage the use of the "wrong" language or topolect, hoping this will in the long term turn everyone into loyal subjects of the respective nation state. My guess is that in 1870 (and perhaps as late as the 1940s), what would after the war become Alsace-Lorraine consisted of monolingually Germanic-speaking areas as well as mixed areas with varying percentages of Romance speakers, probably with few discernible linguistic borders, plus – in the far west – small amounts of monolingually Romance-speaking territory which Prussia-Germany deemed too economically or militarily advantageous to not annex in 1871, whereas in less important areas, the new border somewhat aligned with the linguistic one of westernmost extent of Germanic or significant Germanic minorities. So, west of Alsace-Lorraine, no significant minorities of Germanic speakers. East of Alsace-Lorraine, no significant minorities of Romance speakers, see above. Romance presence always less significant in Alsace than Lorraine.

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Hide No. 48450 [Reply]
429 kB, 495 × 497
So what actually marks the boundaries of what it means to be human, a person, or between human and personhood?

This might sound like a really dumb question but when you actually inspect it you'll notice that there's all kinds of legal, moral, ethical, philosophical, genetic/scientific, anthropological, and other issues and controversies inherent to this. Among this are things like abortion and being a moral agent, and at which points you cannot be considered a moral agent and/or vested with the full rssponibilities to "personhood" as well as which signifiers stretch as beyond the "mere beast" and into becoming fully Man a great deal of which are shared radically among many other species to the extent that some of them could be arguably proven to hold greater capacities in some areas than notable members of our own, such as empathy in psychopaths--which itself further begs the question of where someone like a psychopath falls along those lines of personhood, being human, and what is meant by "shared humanity" which they abundantly lack, and what their full legal and moral culpability is considered to be as opposed to a full grown adult man who may do the same thing but is not given the death penalty because he's clinically retarded, and how that man will be imprisoned rather than someone who is fully psychotic and simply put in a mental hospital all for the same crimes. It begs the question of behaviorism and the limitations of Western categorical inquiries as well, which though it's clear most things in life outside computers are not either/or binaries those loose categories can at times be helpful.

I ask this now partly because Man's relationship to doge is somehow the most human thing ever to me, but also because lately I've been mulling over the question after realizing the extent to which certain people are so totally lacking the components of both empathy AND intellect so as to be barely distinguishable to me as something that can be called a true person, or is at the very minimum indistinguishable from a bot.

Hide No. 48345 [Reply]
789 kB, 2048 × 1020
Other people in lockdown too? Adelaide is not fucking around with that sort of things.
No. 48393 Kontra
Oh shit should've finished the thread first, self kontra

I know even here it might be unpopular due to anti-oldmedia mouthbreathers but you should check out the US news outlets like NBC on this. I really feel particularly bad for our medical personnel, who have to first deal with death threats by Qtards who think they're "in on it" to "spread plandemic propaganda against Trump" and then have to see the same coofers in their ICU insisting they just have a flu because "Covid isn't real" while trying to not get pozzed themselves.

And thus ends the question I had developed over a year ago which is what it would look like for me to go back in time to the plague and try to instruct these superstitious peasant bydlo on what infectious disease is and how to cure themselves, which at the time I'd concluded my only option would be to risk running afoul of the Pope as I told them to take a special euacharist blessed by God Himself which was actually just penicillin infused bread not legitimate Jesus biscuits. The interesting thing is how inadequate to downright aggressively counterproductive the authorities usually are in every epidemic stretching back to antiquity. There's some great docus on the "Spanish" Flu and one of the interesting things is how hard Philadelphia got utterly fucked because they held a huge parade with politicians actively working contrary to itself inadequate health advice (but still accurate policy) and with dumbasses even 102 years ago arguing against masks.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 48394
That's because it is not actually a health strategy--it is an economic one. People like DeSantis, Trump, his lapdog Atlas, and all the others are solely concerned about Kushner's shekels, because a quarter million consumers and employees is easily repleacableespecially with pro-business mass immigration policies you can then blame on Marxists or some silly shit but a stock shekel is priceless.

It's largely the same more or less in every large epidemic. The political and wealthy elites panic about losing influence and wealth and immediately begin downplaying it or claiming it cannot happen here while sending the peasants back to work and die while they themselves all flee to the countryside as the urban centers start piling up with corpses. Somehow a sufficient number of bydlo themselves end up not recognizing that is exactly what they are doing. This is frequently followed by pro-labour policies and reforms. It also often coincides with wars, climatic shifts, and/or famines. Nearly all pandemics happen because of war or trade.
No. 48427 Kontra
And why is that? Because they didn't do it right the first time because of the exact same arguments. This shortsightedness is even worse than the 50s nuclear testing. Fucking bunch of idiots, I hate politicians so, so much.
No. 48431
96 kB, 768 × 1024
I hope that you guys are stockpiled as we've already began slamming into full on shortages, including toilet paper
My kingdom, my kingdom for an arsewipe

Hide No. 47353 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,1 MB, 3826 × 2603
No. 48406
Candles are cozy. Your mother is a wise woman.
No. 48407
I experienced more than two dozen blackouts in my life, candles are extremely important if you don't want to go insane with no electricity. You can't read, you can't play, you can't watch anything and instead you simply stare into the literal abyss for hours til you grow bored and fall asleep.
No. 48408
185 kB, 480 × 480, 0:02
The general state of affairs on the part of the students is appalling.
It just doesn't feel like people take university seriously.

I don't understand how you can say that "everything they teach us is made up meme bullshit" while being at a humanities department.
I mean, why are you even here if not for the capital H Humanities the average prole on the street considers "made up meme bullshit"?
Why not become a bricklayer instead or something?
Where is the passion? Maybe this is the best way of describing it. There's a serious lack of passion and interest.

Some can't even use a fucking dictionary or a keyboard, or maybe they're just so fucking starved for social interaction that they ask stupid questions to fill in the void.

Nobody takes anything seriously. If everything is so inconsequential, then why not just jump off the operating table right after being born?
Maybe I'm just beginning to lose it.

It just feels like that the 2000-2001 generation is all things considered a failure. People constantly tell us that the class/group coming before us didn't have problems with the things we have problems with.

[Show 8 more lines]

No. 48411
>It just doesn't feel like people take university seriously.
If Hungary is anything like the US, most people who go to university go simply because it's expected of them. It's just another bourgeois rite of passage.

>The lesson for today is:
>Stop caring about the retardation of others because I'm probably just as retarded, I just can't see it because of my over-inflated ego.
This is the best attitude to take, but don't loose your chuunibyou seriousness. It's a necessary condition to succeed in anything that matters in life.

Hide No. 48382 [Reply]
160 kB, 2000 × 1000
Hello Ernst,

could we please forget about all the hypes about Bitcoin etc. and just focus on the technical aspects?

Which cryptocurrency has the best specs? I'm talking in terms of actually using them as payment form, not this whole blockchain contract thing.

Which currency pays fast, is secure, anonymous(?), environmentally-friendly....

I just stumbled across Digibyte and I guess that one is just one of >9000 Altcoins. But its payment speed is 400x faster than Bitcoin and also much faster than Litecoin.

Currently I'm also paying my new VPN subscription using Bitcoin. First I had to convert my remaining Moneros to Bitcoin which took me about 20 min. Then I sent the Bitcoins and after 30 mins I only have 2 confirmations. Yes, I didn't want to spent much money on the fees.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 48384
Hello OP, I'm cryptotrader since mid 2016 and my favorite coins are:
>Ethereum [ETH]
most popular Turing-complete decentralized smart contract platform, basically minecraft and lego of cryptos.
>Monero [XMR] Zcash [ZEC]
privacy oriented coins
>Augur [REP] Kleros [PNK]
decentralized prediction markets and oracles (smart contracts that provide data into blockchain) on ethereum
>Uniswap [UNI] Gnosis [GNO] Balancer [BAL]
decentralized exchanges (DEXes)

Hide No. 2880 [Reply]
96 kB, 675 × 432
3,0 MB, 1403 × 1078
103 kB, 750 × 919
607 kB, 1280 × 720
We had a thread on old EC and there were a handful of people trying to lose weight this summer.

Have you made any more progress? Anyone starting to try who wasn't back then?

What are your methods and routines? What is your diet like?

I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here. That was always really fun.

Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea. I don't think there's much health benefit of being that compared to 21 or 22. I weigh what I did at 13 years old now. I'm really happy about that but while it looks good for my stomach it looks worse in other places. I'm probably going to stop here.

I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July.
No. 48343
583 kB, 500 × 363, 0:01
Looking back, it's been just shy of a year since I finished my first 5k. Wow, time really flies. You know, I don't have a lot of quantifiable progress to show for that year in other areas of life, but with running I actually do. I like that. It's linear, orderly.

Speaking of progress, today the overnight temperature had dropped and it was 55F°(13C) when I left the house. I took advantage of the brief morning cold to run a personal best 5k time(20:55). I really love running in the cold. Well, as long as it's not too cold. Finishing under 21 minutes was a milestone I had been pursuing for months, and even though this was a weather assisted time, I'll take the victory.

Thank you for reading my running blog. I hope Ernst is also making strides toward your fitness goals.
No. 48344
Noice, congrats.

Me, I'm just satisfied with the fact that after a month of having to actively motivate myself to jog, I now just get spontaneous urges to go outside and have a jog.

Too early for me to speak about any performance goals, but I guess regularity is a goal in itself.
Speaking of jogging in the cold, I just came back, and it's -11C at 6 AM outside :-DDD. I'm running in jeans and a sweater. I probably look retarded, but I look retarded while jogging anyway, so it's no excuse not to jog.
No. 48364
240 kB, 1000 × 704
When I said I didn't like running when it's too cold, I was thinking like in the 40's :DD. You have my respect for facing down that -11C°.
No. 48371
3,8 MB, 4624 × 2134
I'm very close to goal of looking great with my clothes off. Currently at 77kg, alternating cycling and weight lifting every day. In the meantime a girl feel in love with me and she said I have "the body of a Greek God" - she's obviously not a classicist if she compares my mostly amorphous shape to those of ancient deities but I'd be lying if I said that didn't make my day.
I'm getting visible abs and by summer next year I should look great.

Hide No. 38798 [Reply]
657 kB, 720 × 781
60 kB, 567 × 610
Last one was good, but it just doesn't bump anymore like it used to. Time for the sequel

Share your literary misadventures & accomplishments ITT
No. 48316
123 kB, 400 × 595
Read Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner. I looked up the author first, and when I found out that he belonged to the New Wave of Science Fiction, I expected the novel to be some sort of social justice parable buried under layers upon layers of experimental literary wankery instead of a good book, but it turned out that I was wrong. Granted, the novel really is concerned with social problems like poverty, overpopulation, racism, cultural and ideological clashes, and it's fairly experimental (there are tons of characters with two protagonists among them, several more important characters directly involved with them, and all the others are there to simply paint the book's world (a rather bleak world, I gotta say) with the episodes from their lives; there are also short chaotic segments in-between the main story chapters made of newsflashes, advertisements and lines from conversations that serve the same purpose), but it manages to somehow make it work together really good. The two main characters are Norman House, a black (or, as they are called in the book, an afram) vice-president of a big corporation General Technics, who got to his position mostly through affirmative action and who got involved in a project of turning a poor but inexplicably happy African country into a rich and modernized one, and Donald Hogan, a "synthesist" (sorta like multidisciplinary scientist specializing in finding patterns and synergies which were overlooked by regular scientists) but actually a government spy sent to investigate the claim that one authoritarian country in South-Eastern Asia is capable of performing a genetic modification that makes humans perfect or even better that they can normally be (which is important, because most countries in the book's world have introduced a strict legislation that forbids people with genetic disorders to procreate). They both find out something new that they never noticed about each other, people around them and even themselves, but didn't remain unscathed from the process (or, in Donald's case, didn't remain the same at all).

[Show 1 more line]

No. 48337
Read the Tao Te Ching today. It was pretty interesting and had some memorable maxims, but it hardly came across as this deep font of ancient Chinese spiritual wisdom everyone hypes it up to be. It was also way more political than I was expecting. 2deep4me maybe.
No. 48355
Been wanting to read it since uni days, but somehow never got to it. I found two translated to Russian versions: one is regular short one, and another is the same but with tons of scientific commentaries and is several times longer. If I ever get to read it, I think I'll start with the regular one first and then continue to the one from those graphomaniacs with humanities degrees. XDDDDDDD
No. 48360
Well, most of the Hundred Schools are kinda political, it's just our lack of perspective that "depoliticises" these works because we usually lack historical context and we often just cherry-pick the fun bits.
If you found Laozi political then don't pick up Confucius because the Lun Yu/Annalects is basically 50% just him referencing obscure lords and literati of his time and times past as examples of virtue.

Hide No. 45731 [Reply]
466 kB, 4123 × 2680
Posting ITT requires wearing a mask.
No. 48262
I actually swung here just to say this
You have no idea the depths or degree to how cold blooded I am towards these dumb cunts right now. That fat disgusting boomer thing in the white shirt. All the major business owners. They should fucking hang. You have no idea the magnitude of the growing suffering in this country right now. They should be brutally and violently put in their fucking place if need be at this point.
>there's no cases in Wyoming!
No. 48333
No. 48335
Calm down schizo.
No. 48340
Pretty sure the schizos are the ones saying it's a hoax by Bill Gates m8