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204 kB, 599 × 581
Discuss all things related to music from new discoveries to debates about musicians and the impact of their work.

Digging this lately:

Over this land

Over this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteland
No. 47605
No. 47747
20,8 MB, 5840 × 6360
For the few of you who might actually care, I buckled down and have completely overhauled my chart with brand new nominations and a handy legend for those seeking to tailor any search to their respective tastes. The symbols should be especially handy for those who may be colorblind.
No. 47776
99 kB, 983 × 553
Great bluegrass song with a beautiful video. Train hopping and dropping graffiti-in chalk- across America.

Billy Strings - Watch It Fall (Official Video)

Well the old men said the great big apple
Is rotten to the core
With Wall Street skimming from the till
While no one minds the store
And how could someone get so low
In a building so damn tall?
How long until there's nothing left at all?
No. 48302
90 kB, 649 × 840
157 kB, 1280 × 720
Mikey Mike's entire channel is fun:

Mikey Mike - Doin' Me (Official Video)

The Search for Life on Earth

Mikey Mike - Cut My Hair (Official Music Video)

Mikey Mike Stars in New 'Amazon Prime' Commercial

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1,1 MB, 2493 × 1997
Is the immerwährender Reichstag the perfect allegory for the EU?

Do Germans know of it?

No. 48309 Kontra
I think you're just being rude (which is what I would call Kohlkrebs), but I may be missing something here: Anyone care to point to an explanation of what a "low effort" thread is, and why it is frowned upon? I don't think I've come across this in /int/ when I was younger.
t. Grandpa
No. 48320 Kontra
>Anyone care to point to an explanation of what a "low effort" thread is
I'm not an authority on grading threads, but I would have liked to see OP highlight specific similarities between the Perpetual Reichstag and the EU. Those could then be used as a starting point to discuss how there may, or may not, be historical parallels between the two. On the positive side, wiki gave a decent summary so I'm glad he included that.

To address OP's question: I'm not an expert on either body, but the EU has elected representatives, while the Reichstag was composed of political envoys. This is at least one major difference between them.

Polite Kontra.
No. 48322 Kontra
The low effort comes from yanking random article from Wikipedia and combining it with at topic that raises opinions, like EU.

OP was like hurr durr isn't EU like a perpetual parliament hahahaha hurr durr.

The Wiki clearly state that the reason for it being in session for a long time was that they feared the emperor wouldn't summon it again. So in order to be relevant they continued the session. (The English, my German isn't good enough to read it)

OP hasn't read the article or if he had he just didn't understand. He just wanted to post shit.

Not polite contra and pleas let it die. If you want to discuss it just make a new thread with a not shit post.
No. 48434 Kontra
24 kB, 164 × 164
Thank you, I appreciate you(r?) answering me. I guess when I used EC long ago, I didn't notice animosity towards "low effort" thread starters, possibly because there were none in my sight. Also, I think I have by now noticed that experience has led to politics being seen here as something that can easily ruin a board's atmosphere, and hence being discussed sparingly and carefully compared to, say, early 2010s KC. I'll try to keep it in mind. And no, I don't want to discuss similarities between IWRT and EU either.

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49 kB, 599 × 596
Where people do get energy from to get things done?
No. 48246
That is some fuckin impressive runglish. That is like KC 2011 tier.

But anyway a lot of these people are young, and they are also often passionate. Or they eat and sleep well enough. I'm often able to exert a great deal of energy at work but I'm a total slug most of the rest of the time.

Actually you know what come to think of it there's really only two things in life I've ever approached with that kind of violent enthusiasm, and that was schtupping and drinking. All of the rest if I ever did so was rather out of annoyed impatience to get rid of it from my experience as swiftly and at times sloppily as possible.
No. 48252
Sleeping just enough.
Holding undying contempt for most people and their mediocrity.
A relatively balanced diet.
Taking baby steps.
No. 48271
>I don't think that there is a secret to motivation applicable to everyone.
In my experience Ritalin/Adderall can be that, since they boost the reward mechanism in your heda such that normally tiresome/mundane things become engaging.
But this comes with several huge caveats:
  1. You need to actually do the thing you intended to do, otherwise you'll just do something else that gives reward.
2.Insomnia, withdrawal, personality changes, etc. Also risk of mania in some.
3. Eventual tolerance/dependence for some. Not all. I'd compare it to alcohol consumption in that regard.

Like alcohol, this is a mind-altering drug that is often used to cope with an dissatisfying environment, rather than changing the environment. But for many people, the cope is the best they're probably going to realize. The 5+ years I've been medicated have been far more stable and amicable than the former years of my life, at the very least because I actually feel engaged during the day.
No. 48279
Stims are a huge crutch that do long term damage and are not just fucking up your brain and heart but also causing personality warping. Part of the big problem and easiest trap to fall into with stims is because as you said, you need to will yourself to be focused on the project first otherwise you're going to spend like 8 hours looking at porn or reading wiki articles or vidya or whatever, but secondly it is that you'll come to think you need that drug to get shit done. It'll eventually get to the point where you've convinced yourself you can't work without it, and will try less and less. It's like relying on a mobility scooter for force of will. Sure it'll feel great not needing to exercise your muscles at first, but whatever willpower and motivation you already had will start to atrophy. Finally you'll come to realize you are getting less and less done on more and more drugs and that they are beginning to profoundly damage you.
t. Went to college

I probably got less done for more effort on Adderall than had I simply drank a few cups of coffee. Some of the hogwash I created was legitimately fucking schizophrenic sounding too, which after enough time without good food and sleep will happen. I did once write a good paper--after using the literally psychotic rambling bullshit I wrote as a very rough first draft before writing like three separate versions. So there is that approach.

I would personally say that it's outright useless to anybody with an internet connection.

Hide No. 45215 [Reply]
191 kB, 1280 × 960
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 4:33
129 kB, 500 × 738
266 kB, 1377 × 975
And space etc. Old one died.
No. 47341
No. 47343
121 kB, 600 × 451
I recommend you guys watch SFIA (Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur), it's pretty damn good.

No. 48179

You know fucking what after these last recent godawful years and considering how I literally can't even do that right now maybe I should just entirely abandon the concept of getting my Masters in something like foreign policy and instead actually go for something really interesting like xenology. Even biologist of some stripe at this point. Although looking back maybe I should have just gone into politics afterall and suffered and been jaded for it after having become irrelevant because I never sold out enough to get the money to win. Such cases.
No. 48181 Kontra
This is actually one of a great many things which I would do or which would occur to me
and to similarly begin to initiate a long process of an uplift and of domesticating those carriers of The Message outward across the stars for some obscure purpose its carriers could only guess at

I Will find myself someday those creatures which are like me to aid me in each endeavor. I think my first objective should be quitting trivial things like the internet.

Hide No. 5999 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 47788
how are noctua's case fans? also i noticed from this review:


that their reasonably sized tower cooler performs worse (temperature wise) compared to deepcool's offering. i'm interested in their tower coolers as well but i don't want their huge ones, as i mount the motherboard vertically and i'm afraid of the potential stress on the mobo.
No. 47887
Yeah I can't say much for Noctua's fans but personally I think they're kind of a meme. I really don't trust anything which ultimately relies on either gimmickry or marketing and brand loyalty, which is also part of why I've never trusted nVidia since I grew up and stopped being as much a kid and an idiot. Everyone always raves about Noctua fans but quite frankly you can probably find comparable fans for half the price.

Also I actually find it pretty suspicious by how few of these they've listed to compare the performance. If you want some of the best air cooling money can buy on a CPU what I'd personally go with is something more similar to this
Wait oh yeah right your DIMMs. I'm not sure you'd get clearance.

Well I mean you can just go for it. They're allegedly better and I like those Austrians finally went with something other than that gauche tan and brown 1970s tier aesthetic they had on all their fans. Would I personally get it? No, but I'm also not as knowledgeable about this and partially just stuck with my Prism stock cooler specifically because fuck it.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 47907
I realize that adding another intake fan to my case would be far more useful for temperatures than overhauling the cooler. Right now I don't have any use for a new CPU/GPU, but it's nice to know that there's still space for thermal improvements once I do upgrade. I await the reduction in price for Zen 3...
No. 47910
>I realize that adding another intake fan to my case would be far more useful for temperatures
Wait you mean you're actually missing a case fan? Get that instead first you fool. It'll universally help improve temps which in turn will help improve total system performance, as opposed to a new CPU cooler that will only marginally improve temps on the CPU and literally touch nothing else, not the VRMs, not RAM or chipset, certainly not GPU. My temps could also be probably improved by finding something to do about the top exhaust fans because I'm using 3 different fan types throughout the case hooked into one hub which leaves those running super low speed for some reason. I think they're just bad fans tbh tho. But I should still find a better way to get them to run faster since it's barely any breeze from it but I don't think I have. Wait maybe I do have enough 4 pin connectors on the board itself to contr
Oh wait nvm the cords are probably too short. They're a nightmare to cable manage because they're all the two separate cables for RGmeme and power

Hide No. 25432 [Reply]
57 kB, 576 × 382
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 47888
>Most serious people use Apple for desktop
Why the fuck do people say or think like this. I've been using Apple basically on and off since childhood and it fucking sucks. Holy Jesus do I hate every goddamn thing about Apple in fact the only time in my entire lifelong experience with those pieces of crap I was okay with it was the constantly crashing PowerMac we had as a kid. That I was okay with. I could even tolerate the crashing even if it gave me a lifelong paranoia resulting in literally gigabytes worth of save files because of my pathological reflexive saving in case I have to go back. It's like an OS PTSD. I hit ctrl s and f5 and go to the menu every chance I get, even in roguelikes, even in ironman modes, and put the save file on a fucking USB, if only because of having to deal with Apple.

Look my dude I'm sorry for the rant but Apple is by far the most obnoxious operating systems which suits it for being from the most obnoxious tech company with the most obnoxiously proprietary hardware in existence.
No. 47897
Reminds me when I tried to open a 5go video with feh by accident, my computer just choked until I had to hard reboot it. I probably already did but try to look for software specifically created to open and edit RAW files. Or maybe you could process it in several chunks with imagemagick.
No. 47898
Apple is pretty but not good for anything else. So for painting pretty pictures it works. It is UNIX though.

Most people doing lectures and talks use Apple. They have deals with universities I think. (Unless they are 1337 haxx0rs. Then they use Linux.)

It isn't a serious post. Don't bother.
No. 47899
999 kB, 669 × 900
Yeah and this is partly why it's used. It also seems to appeal to boomers for some reason, who still flip out and ask me for help which sometimes it's like "I don't use that OS." They made deals with unis which come to think of it that may also be a large part of why so many of these retarded woketard hipsters tend to use it. I've always favored Windows because I'm too lazy and retarded for Linux or any actually good OS and could deal with its acceptability for being very user friendly to non-boomers but that's quickly started changing with everything after XP to varying degrees. Thank God I don't put up with that abomination that was 8.1 but a lot of things about 10 still end up pissing me off like the control panel. It feels less and less like an OS over time and more like a completely locked down console (the gaming type, not the good type of console for commands). iOS otoh has always felt exactly like the shitty hardware which is to make you feel like a serf and the corporation owns everything, and that only their priests are allowed to touch tech you illiterate peasant. Feels just like trying to figure out how to open up and upgrade hardware--and it fucking freezes and crashes all the time even now. Yet Apple users still will say "but Windows crashes."

Hide No. 31886 [Reply]
23 kB, 450 × 300
360 kB, 800 × 1120
Old one autosage >>4705

Some nice music documentary about the German alternative Rock scene of the 60s and 70s, also known as Krautrock.

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany

Here's a little shorter video about Krautrock as well.
No. 47746
243 kB, 856 × 1199
Power of Grayskull:The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Beginning with a brief overview of the 1970's/early 80's toy market-where products were licensed from existing intellectual property- this documentary reveals the collaboration and decisions which gave birth to Mattel’s original creation(heavily influence by Conan, ofc). There is a lot of art showcased throughout, and the film does a good job of focusing on the individuals who contributed to the world of He-Man, rather than the corporation which employed them.
Since there was no established story for children to imitate, Mattel needed to create one: enter comic books and the iconic cartoon! A behind the scenes look at the animation process was especially interesting(rotoscoping-filming and tracing live actors- was used for a number of common scenes like laughing and running). After documenting He-Man’s rise to peak popularity in the late 80’s, as well as the associated cultural issues (Is it okay if He-Man uproots a tree? A She-Ra spin-off featuring legs!), a lot of time is devoted to the 1987 movie starring Dolph Lundgren, before wrapping up with the 2002 anime influenced reboot and current fandom.
While I'm only a casual fan of He-Man, I enjoyed this film for its entertaining stories and figures, as well as its unique glimpse into the corporate-creative process.

Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man - Official Trailer
No. 47819
A lot of that is just whataboutism and what people now long dead did then does not excuse what they're doing now. Nor, quite frankly, does that justify or excuse the behavior of these kinds of absolute fucking subhumans
And then you wonder why I absolutely despise these fucking people too. Thank God I was born in the country, otherwise I might naively give people like in that video a pass as would be the liberal way "oh he's just being 'rustic'" "well not everyone..." "yeah but what about the Han" "you do realize it's a way of life right?"

I hope people like that fucking die. I'll give the Han this, because I've never personally known them I can only give them more of a general floating point of contempt than the kind of personalized hatred I reserve for other people. That's the kind of kid who deliberately swerves his truck to hit every snapper, painted turtle, woodchuck, beever, or whatever he sees, before one day he's driving drunk hopefully gets ejected head first and skids across the pavement so half his body is debrided.
I actually came home in a really good mood today, left out some candy on the off chance any kids come, and settled in for some youtube videos about bobcats and other wild animals, when of course skipping through related my pet bobcat videos this vile subhuman comes on and I'm just as angry and hateful as I normally amat least every single person acted genuinely decent and like an American should be if the rivers were raspberry syrup and the streets gold must be the holiday and people realizing whichever asshole we have for four to eight years we're still all fellow Americans for better or worse.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 47822
>A lot of that is just whataboutism
"Whataboutism" is almost always justified. The term is just a cynical way to defuse accusations of hypocrisy.

I get on your case about the Han because you talk about them like they're inherently rotten to the core. Mainland Chinese culture is complete shit, but there's groups of Han all over the world living in advanced cultures (including purely Han ones) that are no worse/much better than the average American. We just got a shitty timeline where retarded commie peasants delayed the economic and cultural development of mainland China by several decades. That doesn't make the present behavior of mainland Han any less shit, but it's not an innate thing about China or its people.

>waaah they killed a bobcat :(
It's a predator that is far more cruel to its prey than those humans were to it. Boohoo. Bobcats aren't anywhere close to being endangered, so there's no way to compare this to Chinese faggots driving tigers and rhinos to the brink of extinction for hoodoo dick pills.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 48311 Kontra

Hide No. 21800 [Reply]
132 kB, 546 × 670
512 kB, 1946 × 960
192 kB, 657 × 800
164 kB, 960 × 960
I dont know where to put this and I guess history thread is on systemkontra
Video is about Russia getting smaller. But my question is, do you think Russia's collapse in early 90s would not have happened if they didn't lose a massive amount of their population? Do you think it was ultimately generational population shocks that killed USSR?
No. 47816
The same thing could be asked about us honestly
No. 47817 Kontra
120 kB, 1280 × 720
121 kB, 1280 × 720
This is actually a really profoundly and depressingly accurate commentary on neoliberalism tbh
No. 47818
We are not "subservient", we are living in the freest country according to our own standards, not your gay ones. Any normal russian upon visit to the US quickly discovers that it is a fascist police state without any "freedoms", this is how it looks for us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK9la2-vEyY
No. 47820
That's definitely how certain Republicans think it is here, and while true we sometimes could use Tort reform and it becomes another aspect of dystopian society
That is a much better depiction of life here from the police state nofreedumz perspective.

In fact I don't mind lawyers at all in that nobody below upper middle class would ever even get sued. The people complaining about it are all large business owners and oligarchs because lawsuits are the singular power we have left to keep them in check which drives dirtbags like Mitch McConnell up the wall. It's right now a part of what's holding up our gibes round 2 because the Dems weren't budging on certain things which idk if they dropped it from the aid package yet but for months one big sticking point was senate Republicans refused to sign anything that didn't absolve all schools and businesses of any legal responsibilities whatsoever.

Like in my case personally when I was directly told by multiple people including managers not to wear a mask at work--and decided to tolerate only because I knew shitdowns were imminent anyway and me walking off the job could fuck me from collecting unemployment (which I wouldn't qualify for had I quit, so I thought then, and likewise wasn't even aware of the $600 bonus at the time)--when CDC finally said they recommended it and I had that backing (because OSHA also wouldn't back people then) I point blank told them give me the company policy in writing until then I'm wearing it. This is because I knew full well they were maintaining plausible deniability and I could sue their asses if they gave it in writing so because it was not in writing and no "official" policy officially existed they couldn't do shit to me when I started wearing one and I have lawyerism to thank for that.

[Show 1 more line]

Hide No. 47336 [Reply]
172 kB, 1024 × 1046
179 kB, 735 × 735
Recently on /b/ the idea of having an Ernstchan-internal chess tournament came up. So let's give it a shot. I have created an invite-only chess club on chess.com which you can join by clicking here: https://www.chess.com/club/ernstchan-chess-club/join/e00a81

I could only a 30 members club because I only have a gold account, but 30 should be sufficient for now, considering this is a dead imageboard.

Maybe we can have regular live tournaments, including live streams on Ernstiwan/Discord.
If we get enough members by then, I'd suggest a Blitz tournament for October 31st.

What do guys you think?
No. 47731
Holy fuck am I ever retarded. I can see the patterns of chess but my mind can't cast itself two moves ahead (yet).
I'm thinking its all about practice but everyone is decimating me at chess. I can't win a game, which is fine but my blundering moves are completely ruining the tempo of my matches.
No. 47749
Add me on lichess: micromegas1

t. Retard
No. 47750
Yasser Sierawan lectures are second to none
No. 47784 Kontra
I'll add you when I get around to fixing my prolapsed anus

Hide No. 47639 Lock [Reply]
131 kB, 581 × 568
714 kB, 884 × 874
Who are you voting for? Why?

Yuros, who would you vote for?

I'll be voting for Donald J Trump not because I am particularly supportive of him - indeed I am out off by his demeanor and his style - but I see him as the lesser of two evils. A senile Biden would likely see Harris acting as president and besides they'll continue everything that was wrong about O-BOMB-A while also incorporating the worst aspects of the current left.

It's a lose-lose but I will choose the lesser evil
No. 47678 Kontra
39 kB, 712 × 673
Great arguments right there, shows you know what you're talking about.