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Chemical warfare exercise in Istanbul before the WW2

19 August 1939
No. 35165
I don't know if you realize this shitposter but once your images are deleted all our threads get restored and to the proper order.
No. 46034
700 kB, 2048 × 3072
No. 46035
274 kB, 1024 × 768
3,6 MB, 1600 × 1199
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90 kB, 800 × 467
No. 46044
God the 76 looks good on a Sherman hull. The 75 is kind of adorable with how dinky it looks but the longer barrel really makes the thing look like it's got some teeth.

Also the post apocalyptic late war europe aesthetic is really compelling, despite its horror. It's a terrible kind of awe.

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352 kB, 1800 × 1800
Hello, I am new here, so I'm not sure whether my post is going to be appropriate or not. Someone sent me here when I asked if there was any imageboard with less racism and rudeness.

I have been very depressed over a single disturbing idea for the past four years, and I need some advice regarding how I can overcome this. I am a twenty-two-year-old Indian man living in India (in case you didn't recognise the flag). When I was about eighteen years old, I started browsing online imageboard communities such as 4chan and Krautchan. Now, a lot of people in such websites have racist and White supremacist leanings. They are generally very impolite to brown/Black people such as myself. Moreover, they justify their racism by citing an ideology known as "race realism".

The idea behind race realism is that darker-skinned races are inherently intellectually inferior to lighter-skinned races, and are hence less evolved in terms of cognitive ability. According to studies conducted by a certain number of IQ researchers, the average IQ of India is around 82, while the average IQ of Sub-Saharan African is in the range 60 to 75. The threshold for intellectual disability in Western countries is supposed to be around 85. Hence the average Indian or African is intellectually disabled by Western standards. This explains why countries with darker-skinned people are poor, and why there has been very little contribution to academic fields from these countries.

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No. 46010
Richard Lynn's work is not worth two cents. It's creative data collection at best.
No. 46028
107 kB, 750 × 1000
9 kB, 226 × 246
Debunking imperialist pseudoscience is all well and good, but I'd like to approach the issue from another angle.
In that, whatever the argument for the inferiority of race/group/culture/ethnicity/identity X might be, why would you accept the premise of the argument? All statements rely on presuppositions of truth, axioms if you will. And in 100% of cases those presuppositions are pulled straight out of someone's ass. That's sort of the caveat of rational thought: there is no ultimate axiom - axiom have to be set by human beings, with all the bullshit that entails.
More to the point, suppose it is 100% true that certain races/ethnicities are more intelligent than others or whatever. So what? Who says intelligence is a fundamental virtue? Last I checked, being smart doesn't prevent anyone from being an asshole. Quite the contrary indeed. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to be cruel, and to subvert morality, rather than being merely oblivious to morality, like something unintelligent would be. I've also known plenty of thick as pigshite people who were top blokes.
And that applies to all things people hold virtuous. All ideologies, belief systems, worldviews, political systems, religions, and generally all products of human mental excretions rely on baseless assumptions of "x being such". Things that are allegedly "self evident". Or ordained by God, or nature, or whatever authority you want. And the final redpill is that you just don't have to subscribe to such assumptions at all. In the end, none of it is meaningfully distinguishable from mythology. And that's all it is, some anglo-westoid mythos that became codified as sacred, but this time on the authority of "reason" and "muh science", rather than God.
All ideologies, belief systems, politics, histories, religions, scriptures, worldviews and frameworks are written by humans in the end, fallible humans just like you and me. Read: assholes. Their word is not that of God.

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No. 46029
30 kB, 607 × 615
One thing I'm trying to hone into is how surreal and ridiculous it feels to engage with the westoid zeitgeist and its claims to universality as someone who comes from a culture completely outside of the west.

There is something undeniably ridiculous about a european missionary evangelizing a semitic religion to a tundra asian who never even heard of any of that shit.

Engaging with the western zeitgeist feels like that from the outside. This weirdo-amalgam of some thousands year old pagan empire and a desert religion + germanic neurosis presented to you as the "Narrative of reality". I can't think of a more appropriate response than "who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you talking about you schizo retard".

To put you in my shoes, recall that feeling of alienation and bafflement you experienced when learning about some isolated primitive tribe's idea of how reality works, their mythology and their religion, some nonsense about a God-Stallion impregnating the Eearth-mare and the material world sprouting from its belly or whatever. That's exactly what it feels like to interact with westoids from the outside. Plus a dash of indignant self assuredness through the authority of lofty pseudo-rational justifications.

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No. 46142 Kontra
Simple there's proofs on this very board
If that weren't enough see the Anglo response: no masks in schools, clustering kids together, full reopening, country led by Boris Johnson.

Hide No. 45977 [Reply]
59 kB, 640 × 640
Trigger/Gainax have made some of the most visually appealing amine in terms of art styles and visual direction.

Obligatory anime thread too.
No. 45979
Who cares when the story and characters are the same as everyone else or just plain stupid?
No. 45994
43 kB, 960 × 720
Their style is well suited for animation, it's cartoony but in a way that it's conductive for quick, high energy movement. The fact that guys like Imaishi are westaboos so that gives their stuff more appeal outside of the usual audiences.
I haven't kept up with Trigger after KLK though that Rikka girl is pretty hot and I've been meaning to actually watch LWA one of these days, and I haven't watched seasonal anime in ages. It's mostly been manga for me.

Hide No. 45885 [Reply]
367 kB, 870 × 580
20 kB, 1024 × 1024
I couldn't find the old thread. If it still exists please ignore it and pretend this one is the only one that exists, thanks.

For a while now we have a steam group so Ernst can play nice online games with or against other Ernsts.
We actually got a really nice CSGO group going that played regularly with each other.
Sadly we haven't really played much lately so i try it again on /int/ (where i wasn't very succesfull a few month ago) to find fresh blood for our group.
Like i said, CSGO is/was played mostly but it is not a CSGO group, you can ask for players of any other onlinegame, too.
Skill doesn't matter, just have some fun and a good time with Ernst.

No. 45902
Does anyone still play DoD? Last time I checked the servers were totally dead.
No. 45938
Last time i played must be 10 years ago.
If we find some Ernsts we can play a bit with eachother :3
No. 45964
What's even the discord and how does one use it
No. 45969
843 kB, 2099 × 1575
  1. Download and install Discord
  2. Make an account, go to join server and add https://discord.gg/UpXdrxG
  3. Join the steam group
  4. Download CSGO and play to the point where you can join competitive games
  5. Ask in the Steam group chat if someone wants to play CSGO in the near future

Hide No. 44858 Systemkontra [Reply]
384 kB, 1600 × 1067
Old one is on Systemkontra
No. 45881
>directly approaching her would seem super weird plus it would create the future possibility of social interaction or knowing who and where I am which I'd like to avoid
To remain anonymous, you could send a letter(if you see an address in the tax return) and include a throwaway email for her to reply. To make it less weird, just stress that you wanted to warn her about security, etc. If she answers, then go from there. If not, then you have met your moral obligation. The only downside is how she may react when she realizes a stranger has her address. That may inflict greater harm upon her psyche than the return of her data/a security lesson warrants.
So, yeah, definitely pray about it.
I've found numerous thumb drives, but luckily none had any identifiable information and so
I've never had to face this dilemma.
No. 45883
Can't find the energy to write on my thesis, can't find the energy to tip a text for the room castings for dorm rooms.
Wondering if I can find a room, I find many excuses to not write people when there the price is right nonetheless. I mean I don't want the balcony infront of my room and I don't want to deal with searching a room mate already in december myself and so on.

Wish I knew some cool people there so I could easily live alone. Well less money will break that dream anyway.
No. 45894
3,1 MB, 3021 × 3502
>Get message from old HS that I should send back a digital copy of my degree because there might be some problems with it
>Send it back
>"Everything is all right with your papers (so fare the only case where this is true)"
Pretty nice of them to "remedy" this issue after two fucking months during the fucking enrolment procedure, but whatever.
I'd have been pretty fucking mad if I failed to enrol because of an undiscovered bureaucratic error. (That slipped past like three layers of bureaucracy.)

I woke up at 8 o' clock and had a small breakfast and then just lounged around the house. My sister went to pick up her new textbooks, and after she left, I immediately set to make lunch, only to find it's still only 10 o' clock.
So I went and picked up my package. They misspelt my name on the package. I guess it happens when you have a long name with a slightly archaic spelling.

I think I now own every book of interest from this press. (Except for maybe their Mongolian-Hungarian dictionary, but I'm not particularly interested that much in the Mongolian language as of yet.)

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No. 45897
686 kB, 2250 × 1741
1,3 MB, 1055 × 1485
Managed to write 5000 characters for the thesis, might finish reading a chapter and taking some notes to make a paragraph out of it that then can be compared to the source and how that is similar.If everything goes super well I might have a finished but not polished or streamlined thesis by 1st September and having about 10000 characters more than necessary, I nearly hit the required amount of characters today and I still need to write a small chapter and 3-4 pages of introduction and a summery. The general idea would be down on paper then if I get it done. I just hope it works that way, came home and have been doing nothing besides going to the grocery store, I feel queasy. Might have to do with seeing my coworker today, we were quite reserved. On the weekend she wrote me she fears I would delete her number once I get out of town. We both limited ourselfs, I told her I don't want to write anymore and she said don't touch me anymore. It's just that we majorly fucked up by getting so close and then she blows it all off, well understandable but still feels shit. I still fucking like her and always like talking to her but there now is this uneasy feel that I can't have her which makes me avoid her. I know that I can feel the same for other women that can be easily, if they make me feel that comfortable around her, but atm there is none but her. Fucking shit.

Hide No. 21388 [Reply]
219 kB, 900 × 1435
88 kB, 768 × 647
38 kB, 486 × 689
68 kB, 640 × 640
Is Ernst into Watches?
No. 43885
154 kB, 1600 × 1600
I got a cheap Timex but the ticking sound is so incredibly loud I think I'll just sell it again right away.
Makes me wonder if it's broken somehow because I can't imagine wearing that timebomb in public unless you're always at loud places.
No. 43892
Yeah, but all the ones I like are much too expensive, also I can't stand having a wristband anymore, so the only actual watch I own is a pocketwatch I got from my mom for christmas some years ago, but I never wear it because my pockets are already full and I rarely wear suits (and never vests).
No. 45892
That Timex looks surprisingly nice.
How sturdy is the build quality and how much did you pay for it?

t. interested
No. 45893
It's a great and robust watch. The movement isn't the best in the world but it's good enough for the price range the watch is in.

I think i paid around 250€ but there's also a cheaper quartz version of the series.

I still like it a lot and would buy it again.

Hide No. 45589 [Reply]
771 kB, 2187 × 2187
I've been trying to write a full-size novel for sometime now, and I've only got past the first thirty pages. I have the plot in mind, but I have trouble in building the narrative. The description of events looks very mundane and dull. I don't know how to use an interesting combination of words.
No. 45596
Writing is very much a question of technique and not just ideas. The question of form, of how to give story a form. This is probably the harder part. It takes practice. I never really was drawn to writing literature myself but I studied it and technique is what it takes just like in every other art.
Agree that a novel is too much for the beginning. Don't expect to write good stuff too soon I guess.

If you want a classic book on how literature works, but not a book that is "10 tips for writing your novel": Story and discourse. narrative structure in fiction and film by Seymour Chatman. It breaks down how narration works content and form wise.
No. 45607
There's a very good series of craft-of-writing lectures on Youtube by Brandon Sanderson. He's a good writer and a best-seller, and every year his class at BYU (where the lectures are taken from) produces at least one or two professional writers.

Granted, he's a science fiction/fantasy author, and a lot of his advice is geared towards that genre in particular, but to a great extent the craft of writing is universal, and I'm not aware of any other resource of similar size and quality (certainly not for free). Like any art, writing is as much a skill you can learn as it is an expression of vision and genius. All you can really do is learn from the advice of masters, and practice.
No. 45609
I tried to set up a weekly writing group a while back, but nobody was interested. The idea is that every week we would submit some piece of writing, read each others' work, and offer comments and recommendations. If you're interested in that, OP, I have an IRL friend who would join too, and perhaps some of the literary-minded Ernsts will be interested once we already have a group up and running.
No. 45816
Writing is really hard tbh. I try to follow the basic techniques which are usually helpful. Like not repeating nouns or adjectives, switching up sentence order, and creating immersion with the five sensations.

Hide No. 45724 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 2000 × 1333
What is the ecological significance of carnivorous animals? Why did certain animals evolve to become carnivorous? What if all animal life was herbivorous?
No. 45762
Wasn't there some game like Everquest or Runescape or something where the devs programmed in herbivores and grass and accidentally caused an ecological disaster followed byva virtual population crash?
No. 45774
Evolution is the propagation of patterns that are good at being propagated. If eating other animals is a successful strategy to increase the likelihood of propagation, then some animals will eat other animals.

It is a successful strategy because animals represent highly concentrated masses of nutrients, much more so than plankton or most plant material.

Another way of saying it is that every energy source that can be utilized by life WILL be utilized by life, because the main limit on the propagation of biological organisms is energy, and each energy source represents a viable strategy for reproduction.
No. 45800
Ultima Online maybe? I have heard that it had a system that keeps track of all wild animals, monsters etc in the gameworld individually (instead of randomnly generating then when necessary) and they were even able to level up on their own. I have not heard the ecocatastrophy story though but it might be possible in a game in which the creature mechanics are like this
No. 45805

Hide No. 45728 [Reply]
375 kB, 1024 × 576
How to write (literature) quickly? I took an entire month to just write twenty pages. I have to keep making changes because it just doesn't look right. How long does it usually take for a real author to finish writing a full-length book (like 300 to 500 pages)?
No. 45751
Real authors can need weeks, months, years just for the research.
E.g. if you're writing crime it's quite hard to get an appointment to visit a morgue.
No. 45752
Like the one above me said, researching your subject material can be both time int intensive and materially costly
No. 45760
Truly great literature often either comes at moments of grave insight or is the product of at times literally decades worth of work. It's like with anything else India you have to have patience because a rushed job is always going to look like a rush job in anything you do, be it love making or fixing a PC or building a desk or writing the great novel or painting a masterwork.
No. 45775
  1. Write every day. 1-2k words is a good, doable goal.
  2. Write more, edit less. You will only get better at writing by writing. It's better to finish an imperfect book than to create a single perfect chapter. Once your work is done, in its entirety, then you can go back and edit. But remember, professional editors exist for a reason, and your book will not be perfect even when you send it out looking to be published.

Hide No. 45668 [Reply]
553 kB, 880 × 1224
Why is lust sinful? When you lust over a woman without actually doing anything to her, for example, while watching pornography, are you actually committing a sin? I am still very confused about this, and I feel that my pornography addiction is coming in the way of my spiritual enlightenment.
No. 45722
And FYI a fuckton of people get the ruddy hell out of dodge when they become an adult too, myself among them. Also, everything you're saying here doesn't actually address the point of the post, which is that Catholics feel more guilt because their entire fucking doctrine is built on the stuff, I had a Catholic education, I know this from first hand experience. So you can shove your manchild insinuation up your arse. The content of said doctrine as you're saying it is actually reinforcing my point, that Catholic thought is heavy on guilt, and therefore they feel more guilty than others.
No. 45764
wait why are there Catholics in Australia? I thought it was an almost entirely Protestant country.
No. 45767
Why wouldn't there be Catholics in a country whose initial penal colonists had a significant Irish background? For a while, Sedition (the Irish Nationalists mostly) got you transportation and not death.
No. 45771
Similar cynicism about human nature exists within protestantism, though their judgement manifests as more outward, rabid aggression rather than self loathing. Former protestants seem to have less cultural baggage than former catholics, though other factors may come into play. This internal repression comes off as more psychologically "heavy".
I have a catholic background but I don't know how much of my own self-disgust stems from it. My own family's technically catholic but even calling them sunday catholics would be a huge stretch. My parents forgot that I was supposed to do confirmation ages ago.