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Hide No. 46894 [Reply]
160 kB, 749 × 578, 0:01
How do I say these imageboard terms in German?
e.g. I post in many threads on Ernstchan
e.g. Why won't that poster stop posting in so many threads on Ernstchan?
e.g.That user should stop cringeposting
e.g. I created a single thread on Ernstchan today
No. 46933 Kontra
No. 47031
124 kB, 1024 × 768
> -Post
> e.g. I post in many threads on Ernstchan

> -Poster
> e.g. Why won't that poster stop posting in so many threads on Ernstchan?

> -Posting
> e.g.That user should stop cringeposting

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934 kB, 1328 × 855
2,9 MB, 1401 × 2048
Good morning Ernstchan. I'm a wandering anon from Endchan who visits your chan sometimes and wanted to ask you guys a question. We were going to be having a movie night on our site's cytube channel soon and wanted to know if any of you were interested in joining us to view it? We'd really like to have you bernds around.

We will be streaming "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" a film directed by Wes Anderson on October 3rd if you are interested. Streaming time would be 19:00 AEST (09:00 UTC) and 20:00 UTC. I can also put your board's mascot in our poster if you guys want to be a part of that too.

I also don't want to seen as a nuisance, so if the Mods or anons in general don't like this post, I can delete it in order to not be a bother.
No. 47026
Sounds cool actually, I won't be able to make it this time but maybe next time around
No. 47028 Kontra
22 kB, 500 × 510
>really like to have you bernds around.


Hide No. 46903 [Reply]
35 kB, 393 × 533
73 kB, 535 × 281
Why is there such a strong connection between the moomins and neofolk?
No. 47000
101 kB, 275 × 313
734 kB, 1295 × 1036
>Even the colonization efforts of the new world were at first largely funded by the crown iirc and that at least was just several months of voyages, not the year and a half to three years it would take us just to get to Mars and back
For the record, the first voyages of the discovery age were funded almost entirely by private lenders. The crowns of Portugal and Castile relied heavily on investment from Genoese traders to fund their colonial projects. Additionally, these voyages would very much take a year and a half to three years. Vasco da Gama's first voyage left Lisbon on the 8th of July 1497, only returning on the 29th of August 1499.
No. 47001
Another note is the use of Chartered Coporations in historical colonialism all the way up to Halliburton in Iraq depending on your definitions. It's more like they were never /not/ involved in that kind of thing. Dunno where American is getting his stance from tbh. Plus if you don't think aerospace corporations are making bank off of ostensibly 'public' programs by manufacturing and design contracts then you're just deluded. The corporations don't need to put their name on the program in order to get rich off of it, in fact they get paid whether it goes well or tits up.
No. 47005
I was aware of that but my admittedly limited understanding was that it was nevertheless being directed through the crown. Even Halliburton in Iraq. Those efforts were all being organized by national governments basically regardless of where they organized the resources from.
No. 47022
Perhaps it is because it is Finnish and both live in very rural environments

Hide No. 46992 [Reply]
10 kB, 225 × 225
Bune, Bune, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
No. 46994
Im pretty sure most of the Goetia is fake although this reminds me of how much my perception about this country has shifted. I'll see people coming in wearing pentagram facemasks and hats that say Kafir in Arabic on it and it's gotten to where I can't help but wonder maybe the terrorists had a point about calling us the great Satan
No. 46995 Kontra
Nevermind I was wildly wrong
I clearly can't read arabic. I always wondered why it was one letter and not three. (Or is KFR spelled with four?)

Hide No. 46790 [Reply]
196 kB, 830 × 521
149 kB, 666 × 354
2,2 MB, 2794 × 1968
251 kB, 800 × 857
What does Ernst know about the lost country of Grand Tartary?
No. 46793 Kontra
That it's debated as conspiracy theory. The bf of a friend reached out to me "as historian" and if I heard of it. I denied and looked it up on the internet and people think that because nobody talks about it, there is the intention of hiding something of human history or being secretive about it. Which is logically flawed btw.

And yes, history is written and also "rewritten" and not as exact as mathematics.
No. 46813
284 kB, 996 × 768
That it's almost certainly bullshit (I don't like absolutes, weird shit happens). What's more likely is that talk of the Blue Turks, Uyghur Khanate, Attila's horde etc. got mixed in with the wectoid lack of understanding of how exactly territory works in that part of the world, to think of a megablob where it was just a bunch of tribe and/or clans in various barely-existing 'states'. Also keep in mind that for a long time, western scholarship considered Turkic people, Tatars and Mongolic people to all be from Tatary or Turkestan. A good understanding of the cultural divides wasn't really there. Hell, there were strange misnomers into the 1920s, like the Kazakh ASSR being named for the Kyrgyz, who were not really part of its territory.

Regarding communist rewriting: true but it was to eliminate the 'counterrevolutionary' bits. They weren't fans of the Alash leaders for example, and in general a lot of the oral tradition was frowned upon for fear of it being nationalist and/or separatist.

Second post. The first one refers to a book I'm only seeing on conspiracy sites at first glance (not a good look) and 2 even they say it's from the mid nineteenth century, so well within the range of having remnants of builders in the area, even back to Timur who brought about a very particular style of architecture whose earliest example is in Kazakhstan (nomad territory) iirc. Assuming a legitimate source, this speaks more to the authors ignorance than anything else.

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No. 46840
I only saw it a couple of times on 4chan's /his/ and I thought a couples of schizos force some meme. Soon the idiots will dig up the mysterious lands of far Turkestan...
No. 46871
Conquest of Siberia is a fascinating period, it was extremely quick for territory as huge as it is. Even if all of the square kilometers of land werent occupied in the military sense until much later (possibly during USSR), the authority still managed to spread from Muscovy all the way to Pacific ocean in less than a century.

Whatever the warbands encountered in Siberia offered such incoherent resistance that even irregular troops and mercenaries and just highwaymen managed to penetrate it, and then absorb in almost no time.

But for all that must have happened there's almost no historic account. Loads and loads of crew and cargo manifests, lists of supplies, weapons, men and animals and money spent, but not much in prose.

Hide No. 46716 [Reply]
26 kB, 375 × 500
10 kB, 450 × 450
Why are Americans so vile?
Serious discussion only.
No. 46779
33 kB, 514 × 341

which state might he come from?

I was looking for an informative video about the origin of the 'easy' spray cheese but got nothing of value.
Anyway the video reminded me of people who watch other people eating supersized dishes and youtubers who film themselves experiencing that. The US surely have a strange culture.
No. 46788
86 kB, 780 × 439
561 kB, 624 × 336, 0:10
In The Blues Brothers, a man asks for Cheez Whiz-which comes in a jar- but is actually given a spray can of Easy Cheese. Cheez Whiz sounds funnier, but throwing and catching a jar was probably harder to do. Those break if you drop them.
No. 46795
While this is clearly a shitpost thread in truth I don't entirely know although suspect I have found a great number of contributing factors including our corporatism brainwashing in a Capitalist system to pervert our hyper individualism into nothing but thoughtless selfish assholeism coupled along with our SHIT public school brainwashing architecture which I'd hoped to be shut down for as long as possible. While it might not make much of a difference in the long run because of the fact we have this hyper cancerous youtuber and whatever other garbage culture now it'd been my sincere hope that at least a nationwide bout of homeschooling for a year could help to disrupt that toxicity for a generation of children and future Americans into not being servile uninformed ignorant selfish obedient totalitarianism loving morons like the last generation or two. These "zoomers" as 4kanker has taken to calling them are even more cancerous than my own and my generation is almost as cancerous as the boomers. In fact the only generation I don't outright consider to be garbage here more or less are gen Xers.

t. Probably planning on using this as my vent thread

While I'm unlikely to remain sincere in the depths of my bitching as I just vent here what would be totally inappropriate to say IRL I do in fact deal with them on at least a weekly or more frequent basis and I've come to find white boomers and some of their sprog so thoroughly loathsome it has made it very difficult for me to at times not be sympathetic to the concept of Gott strafing us.

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No. 46796
It really doesn't actually taste good on much of anything imho and you can easily melt other kinds of cheeses. I typically use swiss or provolone, sometimes smoked gouda, monterey jack etc. Cheddar is also good.

There are only two dirty guilty pleasures I use that godawful stuff for partly because it's too expensive (this garbage is literally more expensive than a block of walmart off brand swiss or many other cheeses) and partly because it doesn't go so well on anything, and that is mayo and iceberg lettuce sandwiches, and sandwiches just with that cheese and mayo on one side and vinegar/oil with italian herbs and spices on the other. I've been eating that lately solely because I'm lazy and trying to put off the next supply run on my shart-n-mart as much as possible so that's mainly what's available in gas stations, which makes it even more expensive than normal. It's like close to $4 for a small pack of slices. I can get a pound of good swiss for $9 at the deli or close to a kilo of walmart swiss for about as much as half pound of that crap costs me.

Hide No. 46596 [Reply]
55 kB, 1000 × 804
3,9 MB, 640 × 360, 4:55
68 kB, 508 × 213
Where were you on 911?

I was 19 years old and working in a tractor radiator factory, soldering radiators for tractors and commercial generators. I lasted about 3 weeks there because I was too tall for the work place and hunching over the manlet size workbench was causing my back to seize up.

When the planes hit we were all standing around listening to the radio broadcast, and the manager came along and shut off the radio ''out of respect for the 100,000 dead in New York'' he said, then ''back to work you can listen to the radio on your own time''
No. 46658 Kontra
In the German version when it sings "Unserer Captain, Freunde" Our flight Captain, folks showed a photo of Mohammed Atta :DDD

Yeah, it might very well be older than youtube, this one is not that old I guess, I did not find the German version, must have been deleted. Even before Youtube there have been enough pages dedicated to videos and funny pics.
No. 46685
5,3 MB, 426 × 240, 1:08
I have this version :3
No. 46687
I hope not the Irish neither the brits.
No. 46700 Kontra
It was the first week of school after the summer holidays, I was in 6th grade an playing outside with the kid from upstairs when another neighborhood kid came around and told us a plane had crashed into the Empire State Building, but it seemed more like an accident still. I then went home and saw the crashes on TV, the building obviously being the WTC (which I didn't know prior) not Empire State and both towers being hit making it clear that this was a terrorist attack, not a tragic accident.

Hide No. 36971 [Reply]
716 kB, 600 × 634
Let's get an Assburger thread going.
Post your Assburgers
No. 46191
From what scraps and pieces I'd known of Dick I thought he was a complete raging degenerate and mentally unstable though. Well I guess that does not necessarily exclude the tism.

Is substance abuse a thing among assburgers? I thought that it wasn't.
No. 46221
Well, I was only focusing in the weirdness in Dick's interaction with people, his work, and the visual aspects of the photo. Nothing special.
No. 46589
that thread gaves me assburgers
No. 46604
71 kB, 726 × 448
Another shameless crosspost.

It is the thread that keeps on giving.

Hide No. 42356 [Reply]
53 kB, 400 × 580
Hello cousins
Kohlchan is down.
Let's make a KC general here.
Go go go
No. 46550
And it's down again.
No. 46552
Gott sei Dank
No. 46555
True fuck this pedo shithole.
No. 46567
Come home, Bernd:


Hide No. 46540 [Reply]
35 kB, 500 × 348
How would ernst go about invading modern day Rome?

t.future Rome invader
No. 46543 Kontra
Modern day Rome? You just buy an airplane ticket and that's it. Gotta wait for the quarantine to be lifted though.
No. 46544 Kontra
I would take some Elephants and use the Passo del Brennero this time
No. 46545
Hmmm well, if I am to successfully overtake Napoleon's goals and achievements, cleaning the clergy would have to be a wanton goal to assure futute generations their pillar of faith has had a check up.
Can't hurt can it?
No. 46547
Protip, if you want to overcome Napoleon's achievements, you need to understand 4th generation warfare so intuitively that you can break its rules and come out on top. Napoleon's military legacy was to redefine modern warfare, his conquests ended eventually but many of the ideas that arose under his leadership are still in active use.

In other words, spend the next decade at least doing intensive study under the best generals you can get, and then successfully alter one of the fundamental assumptions of 4gw. That's what'll get you recognised as a Napoleon, not conquests.