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Hide No. 45703 [Reply]
75 kB, 1600 × 1200
There are four known species of animals that do not require oxygen for survival. One of these is in the phylum Cnidaria (that also includes complex relatively lifeforms such jellyfish), and the other three belong to the phylum Loricifera. Pic related is the Cnidarian parasitic species Henneguya zschokkei, that infects certain species of salmon.
No. 45705
Honestly this shit is fucking hilarious and also absolutely terrifying when you consider that all life used to be anoxic until the bacterial sheets growing on the planet and under the ocean totally saturated every 02 sink particularly iron until it began building up in the atmosphere and poisoning all of them. This is by far my favorite and most terrifying bit of trivia, because it means that one of the worst mass extinction events in the history of this planet literally happened because a bunch of dumbass bacteria poisoned the atmosphere so badly that it became exterminatus level toxic to exist in at which point they largely sterilized the planet of themselves.

Why is the Great Oxygenation Event so terrifying? Because mankind's arrogance doesn't take into account them being literally as short sighted and stupid as bacteria in totally deforming the planet and terraforming its atmosphere to the point that we end up sterilizing it of ourselves and the bulk of complex life. It'd be especially ironic if we ended up completing a billions of years old brick joke by making the planet too hot for lots of oxygen producing life to exist in, thus precipituously causing a drop in 02 and subsequent collapse of much of the biosphere with only a thinner amount of 02 left in the atmosphere.

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36 kB, 590 × 590
dis_cord_._ gg/SBdYJeV

Psychic Development Guidance
Server for guided awakening/enlightenment.
No. 45637 Kontra
50 kB, 443 × 750
Just what I was looking for! There is nothing more convincing than a discord for self enlightenment.

tbh I'm curious what crap is offered but I can't be arsed to check it ofc
No. 45642 Kontra
Probably disciples of Ron the Hubbard. Why else post through a proxy?
No. 45695
114 kB, 640 × 779
Much to learn you have.

Hide No. 40546 [Reply]
6,7 MB, 35 pages
107 kB, 1748 × 1240
3,5 MB, 1748 × 2480
Hello, frens! It's time for another issue of the fable Kohlzine. This one, like we all expected, has a very distinct apocalyptic and viral flavour.
We have uncovered another sura from the depths of a Mossad secret base on Kiev, Bernds wonder how would affect this epidemic to various strata of out society, typical shitposts and confessions and a review of a (let's hope not) prophetic game in these end-times times.

For any doubts or if you want to see the previous issues go to https://kohlzine.neocities.org/
You can also fine information on the last page of this edition.
We hope you have fun with it.

You may enjoy it, Ernsts. Maybe even contribute one day? We aim at having contributors from all over the KC diaspora.
No. 45500 Kontra
12 kB, 480 × 360
>initials are KZ

also like
A bit of adaption in the notes from the editors wouldn't hurt.
No. 45501
Fuck, forgot that.
No. 45507 Kontra
5 kB, 200 × 200
Thanks "bernd", I'll be sure to share it with my twitter followers.
No. 45508
Very supportive of you! Which part did you like most?

Hide No. 25731 [Reply]
51 kB, 650 × 408
Is ball lightning real? If so, why is there only one convincing video of the phenomenon on the internet?

No. 45397 Kontra
1,1 MB, 956 × 1136, 0:09
5,5 MB, 800 × 960, 0:09
Sorry, I probably should have made these for my first post, since the individual pics don't reveal very much. Here they are again, stacked as both an mp4(decent quality) and a gif(meh).
No. 45417
You're from Florida? My sincere condolences. That state's only good offerings to the world were Florida's Natural and Death Metal.

Florida, an oozing herpes sore of a shit-swamp whose atmosphere tastes of roachspray, juts out into the Atlantic where an endlessly looping Möbius strip mall stretches on between all the sun-murdered stucco rooftops, inhabited by dying geriatrics on painkillers and retarded gangstas who rob said geriatrics of their painkillers. Why is everyone in pain? Because they live in Florida.

Florida suffers the same transient cultural vacuum as Southern California because nearly everyone of its current residents was born somewhere else and then embarked on the ill-informed decision to flee there only to live an idle existence of petty crime and eating each other's faces. Thoroughly rootless, soulless and without taste.
No. 45423
I really don't care what you say RAC I still wish I lived in California instead, either around a nice hopefully non-flaming redwood forest in a cabin up north or bumming around the south if I actually had the money to live in a place like Santa Monica. I fucking loved California. The only exceptions are San Francisco which I genuinely believe is literally inhabited by either a WoD Earthbound tier demon or the devil himself, and West Hollywood, which is basically said demon's more flamboyant and shallow little brother. Yeah. I really wasn't digging West Hollywood so much. I'd not want to deal with that place even if I were rich and famous. I liked other parts of LA a lot though.

But as for Florida you are correct. It's something more like a cross between a death world and a witchworld, just on the edge of the warp enough to be fucked up but still contain outlines that are recognizably human from a distance in the fog. It does not surprise me whatsoever that Florida is our new hotzone and it's gradually increasing my worry with the number of Florida plates I inexplicably encounter.
No. 47073 Kontra
Nice, thanks, I'm surprised nobody has commented on those.

Hide No. 22870 [Reply]
832 kB, 1200 × 900
1,4 MB, 1944 × 2592
3,9 MB, 1500 × 903
202 kB, 1400 × 844
Since a few of us here are seriously interested in religion, let us have a discussion for all things related to faith, theology, spirituality, metaphysics, et cetera. Virtually everything within the purview of faith is welcome in this thread. Absolutely no restrictions on any particular belief system. Cults are as welcome as major religion so long as they have serious, substantial beliefs. Agnostics, atheists, secularists and the non-religious are welcome, but keep your inquiries and arguments in good faith.
No. 45223
I find it interesting that imageboards tend to attract the outcasts and dissidents of their societies, so much reliably so, that you can pretty much tell what their society is generally like by imagining the opposite of it. I'd infer from this that Canadians are above average valuing intelligence and politeness, possibly even prudish, and that America is a more racially diverse/tolerant society as is Germany, and that Turkey is filled with Islamic bydlo as is Kazakhstan to an extent. I'll never forget that one Kazakh who ranted on and on about "Islam is such. SHIT. you wouldn't believe" some years back. Probably around like 2015 or something.

Your problem, sir, is in a fundamental misunderstanding of reality: bydlo gonna bydlo. There is no solution or cure to this, except that you at least find a way to temper their behavior from being shit throwing retarded apes. Every ideology has some intellectual of some sort, just as it has its fundamentally retarded ideologues. It would be far easier for me to engage somebody who's a sincere intellectual even if it's an ideology I hate, than it likely would be for me to routinely deal with bydlo who agree with me.
No. 45270
63 kB, 103 × 83, 0:02
What I find exceedingly interesting about the Christian God is that has personality traits. All this love stuff from him is kinda absolute. We've been warned that his wrath is very powerful too, but in general this is something that I find curious. Curious and pic if you think too much about it I guess.

Pic? What does happen if you meet God face to face when you are alive IMHO. Exodus something, KJV.

t. Christian
No. 45275
Honestly I think that aspect is kind of a bunch of bullshit that is directly the result of this really peculiar European mindset that I just don't get. The Judaic interpretation true has just as much of the personality stuff, but God is truly seen as being much more ineffable and mysterious, and even His angels are basically Chtulhu. I relate much more to a lot of the Judaic aspects of the religion, and find truth in the fact God is just as much seen some sort of eldritch abomination from beyond time even moreso than an ant could not possibly hope to perceive any of us in full on even a physical level, let alone comprehend why I am getting annoyed with it or feeding it to a spider, which I deeply, regret, shame, not sure right word. But I've tired of the ants and responded in not even wrath but frustrated coldness and killed probably a hundred of them and it's gnawed at my sanity I hate killing them but it's beginning to be a paranoia they'll end up shorting out electrical equipment somewhere, like a human having no idea behind the reason committing sorcery is pissing God off.

So in that case I guess I do find it kind of relateable but only insofar as it's more of a Hindu or Mahayana Buddhist conceptualization of God also choosing a physical avatar like Christ. Frankly there's things about Catholicism which very much remind me of that taint of our collective pagan idolatry background, like the praying to Saints and pseudo-idopatry of them or pseudo-deification of the Pope. It ultimately strikes me as way too human and way too reminiscent of what happens when someone with a psychopathic personality disorder warps the perception of reality of those around them only to found a dynasty with some complete lies to enforce it and control behavior while hundreds of years later people are still trying to make excuses for psychopaths and trying to rationalize why theyre doing those inexplicably viciously sadistic and violent things. So it is also clear to me why fedoras gonna fedora.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 45358
53 kB, 852 × 480
I'd like to answer something sensible to your nice comment but I'm too tired, let's see if another day...

Hide No. 45168 [Reply]
63 kB, 700 × 700
14 kB, 300 × 225
What do you guys think about glue and 'lac?

t. Romanian
No. 45192
They can explode too.
No. 45199
14 kB, 180 × 180
I thought they made them smell like shit in order to make ppl not to inhale it
No. 45238
I am indifferent towards glue, but what's lac?
No. 45263
167 kB, 1024 × 778
30 kB, 600 × 337
114 kB, 500 × 1331
Well I am pretty sure that whatever the fuck OP has is not necessarily related, Lac comes from the Lac beetle of Southeast Asia which it is name after. That is where we get things from like the words/substances such as Lacquer and Shellac. It is a waxy resin produced by beetles which had formerly been used in primarily wood working but also other industrial purposes until often petroleum based synthetics largely replaced it unless you had a particular thing for that classic warm finish of real lac, or had been trying to repair some old furniture otherwise like has largely been phased out except for certain select sorts of wood enthusiasts. Fun fact it's also even still used in certain pharmaceutical and foodstuff applications for example in dye and the shiny coating on candies though obviously less popular now with more options. Also another fun fact this old school meme is clearly a valid thing because some wood is so pricey that getting the real deal might as well be trying to pass off counterfeit gemstones and the guy is using a jeweler's glass to inspect things like the grain and ring structure to ascertain its species, authenticity quality etc.

Really there isn't much more satisfying than thinking about and looking at good woodworking. I really don't care what anybody says lac is conceptually and in certain applications aesthetically as pleasing as the woodworking equivalent of a bolt action.

Hide No. 45253 Lock [Reply]
86 kB, 1280 × 720
I honestly believe some races are superior to others. This is a basic rule of nature and survival. Just take a look at extinct animals.You either hunt or be hunted. But there is another category, cheeky cunts who leech of with eating the rotting leftovers. Today the same thing is happening in our society. These Untermensch, they fear our might and power but we've been poisoned! They've been leeching from us these vermins are sucking our blood alive what do you have to loose! Time has come for us to rise get rid of these irritants.

This is the truth like it or not.
No. 45260 Kontra
There's actually an interesting point here regarding empiric process and seeing results of a phenomenon, and nature of real time calculations.

Say you have a very slow computer that is computing some kind of equation. Say it will finish its computation way after the point where you could see the result, in a million yeas or whatever. You do not know how it really works, only that it sometimes outputs certain results, and that in the end, it will come to a final conclusion.

You really want to know the result of the computation, but you can't make the computer go faster, or take it apart without breaking it. So you observe its behavior, study it, and make a "model" of the computer, based on rational extrapolations and reasoning. You build a much faster computer that, according to your model, is doing the same computation as the original computer, but much faster. It works for a few minutes and outputs the result.

Now can you actually say that you know what the slow computer will actually output a million years in the future? Empirically, no. You can only say what your model outputted, and how believable its answer is, depends solely on how well you can justify that your model is correctly simulating the real thing. It can even be believed that your model has 100% identical behavior to the original, and the outputs will match. You can still not say that you empirically know what the original computer will output.

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Hide No. 45212 [Reply]
16 kB, 160 × 160
Big list of imageboards easily sortable



Hide No. 36727 [Reply]
161 kB, 640 × 415
170 kB, 1024 × 768
74 kB, 700 × 467
110 kB, 940 × 627
I would like to have a thread to discuss various types of architecture.
There are lots of oddities out there, and many interesting things to talk about.
I think that I will make some stream-of-consciousness posts.

Earl Young was an American architect who, without formal training, developed his own regional style in the midwestern united states.

Earl used nothing but local materials, and his homes look very romantically medieval, but with modern fixtures. They have been called "mushroom homes", or "hobbit homes".
No. 45126
348 kB, 1140 × 760
62 kB, 580 × 385
386 kB, 1000 × 732
I often rode passed the Hundertwasser house in Plochingen by train, but this way you can only see the tower. I actually never had to get out there and I never did just to look at the building to be quite honest.

There's also the Hundertwasser-Bahnhof in Uelzen where you have to change if you take the cheap train from Hannover to Hamburg. Walking inside of it feels a bit like being at a techno/goa festival imo.
No. 45132
A bit too whimsical for my tastes. Like the first pic looks like a children's village. Do Germans have a thing for kitsch?
No. 45133 Kontra
>Do Germans have a thing for kitsch

These are not typical buildings, but Hundertwasser. I mean Germans like kitsch if you consider what the average German equivalent of home depot is selling as decor articles as kitsch and I would say it is. Houses are here are either ugly functional or just pale. You have some exceptions though ofc. Older 19th century houses or some modern stuff can be quite nice, it's about the shapes here more or less.
No. 45135
419 kB, 798 × 1200
109 kB, 550 × 800
66 kB, 411 × 800
86 kB, 768 × 1024
>Walking inside of it feels a bit like being at a techno/goa festival imo.
In addition to the mosaic tile designs, I can see his famous uneven floors in the pic. ("an uneven floor is a melody to the feet" t.Hundertwasser). They should have made an artistic ATM for that location. The grey one seems a bit out of place.
It's strange that such a colorful place is used for a common thing like changing trains. Strange, but in a way also right. Art shouldn't be restricted to museum walls. Put it out there, where it can become part of daily life. Look at the Maishima Incineration Plant(Japan). They process garbage, but that doesn't mean the building can't have an incredible Hundertwasser exterior. I read that they built that as part of a failed bid to win the 2008 Olympics. They wanted to make the city more beautiful. They didn't win the right to host the Games, but now they have a garbage dump that's so cool it attracts tourists:

Maishima Incineration Plant - Bulky Waste Items

Hide No. 44610 [Reply]
44 kB, 741 × 516
31 kB, 436 × 354
29 kB, 786 × 383
Investing Concepts:

Global Macro - Long Term Debt Cycle

Value Investment

Diversification & Asset Allocation

US Economic News:
Rising coronavirus infections threaten US economic recovery
>The Labor Department data emerged as the nation saw more troubling infections. Florida reported a single-day record of 156 deaths, along with nearly 14,000 new cases, mirroring a broader trend this week that has seen the national death rate spike. The seven-day rolling average for new deaths has risen to 730, a more than 21 percent increase from a week ago.

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 44895
There is value in the US economy, but we are in a period where stock price has diverged about 2 standard deviations away from the fundamentals.

The world is also entering monetary policy 3. Interest rates are 0 or negative. Lots of pressure to maintain social programs and prevent a global depression meaning the easiest way out is through money printing.

If you believe that the economy has fake value, I would suggest looking at creating a portfolio of industrial sector stocks, commodity sector stocks, and REIT's. Then you can balance it out with precious metal and broad-commodity based futures.

That way you will be less correlated to the speculative sectors of the economy and your portfolio is diversified away from currencies and more towards prices of material goods.
No. 44896
Not sure how you're reading into my investing style just from the really general information in the OP.

I am running a leveraged risk parity portfolio and a macro portfolio and both are outperforming SPY.

I am diversified between several nation and asset classes, have stop losses in place, and actively manage position size based on the risk of the portfolio.
No. 44934
What is a macro portfolio? Is this just some term for a collection of smaller portfolios?
No. 44989
Portfolio where the investment strategy is based off macroeconomic trends like inflation rate, interest rate, and government policy.

In particular, the Austrian liquidity cycle and bond yield as timing methods for the performance of different asset classes.