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No. 21047
142 kB, 640 × 480
I am living in a comminblock build in 1970s and feel ok. So whats wrong ith them &
No. 21049
Nothing besides they provided housing for the unwashed masses. When they get a nicer place to live they start demanding other things too.
No. 21050
But there are only comiblocks around. Older or newer
No. 21051
Thing on your pic related is poorly maintained breznevka. It have thin walls and garbage chute inside hall that goes through all floors and most probably elevator that was not replaces since creation of building. Both things of cource smells very good and not provide any annoying noise at all (/sarcasm). I not even talk about roof and basement/technicall underfloor, since repairs of heat pipes, water pipes and sewage was made last time at best during 22nd 5-year plan. Otherwise if it's not le garden of Nurgle, there may be he lot of different animals, like mouses, rats, cats. So live on top and bottom floor is unbelivable experience.
Of cource populared such building with all sorts of bydlo. There no proper house manager and house maintain company don't give a fuck. So all hall was turned in full dystopian post-apocalypse mode, your neighbors of cource noisy, smelly, annoying, sometimes dangerous. And around your building are poor muddy backyard filled with cars to death and like chienise walls, other buildings like yours and it's all you will see when look from your window exeot small portion of grey sky directly above.
No. 21053
... and cockroaches. It doesn't matter what you do to get them out, they will inevitably return to you from your neighbors' apartments or basement. I'm tired of finding cockroaches in my tea, in the kitchen and crawling on the computer table. Once I woke up and saw that while I was sleeping, I crushed a a cockroach in bed with my ass. My wallpapers are full of traces of the internal organs of spiders, centipedes, cockroaches, the mouse made a hole in the floor in my room and the worms & spiders crawling in the bathroom are driving me insane.
No. 21055
I would live in Russian commieblock. I see no problems.
No. 21067
No, you wouldn't live in one. Communal living is Hell on Earth.
Of course I never lived in a commieblock, but from what people told me, and the times I visited relatives living in homes like these, it is really crap
No. 21069
5-Floor are 1000 times better than even 9 floor.
Mine 5-floor building have managment, have very clean hall and mostly very good neighbors, so I not complain much. But for example recently one floor up there appeared new people who renting apartament... and well, they like do sports and do it with loud music early on morning. I asked house manager about that and she throwed them letter with warning in mailbox, and well, music become much less loud and very rare, but still, this is example how people earby you can easely ruin you life in such house.

I really want one day to live in mine personal house, hovever in russia it kind of harded because rural parts and suburbs there is more shit than commieblocks. And if they not shit, they cost much more than I can afford.
No. 21073
I don't see why slavs complain about it so much either. I guess it's one more of those cases where the problem is with the people that live there, not the place itself. Some people will destroy and run down any kind of living that they get their hands on.
No. 21074
1.Poor maintaince of actual buildings
2.Soviet poor planning of districts, which absoluely not much modern realies, weather, alive human beings activisites etc.
3.Often cheap construction of this buildings and not very good construction projects in therms of planning apartaments.
4.Very poor maintain of communications.
5.Population of such buildings.

Modern buildings are even worse, since it's litteraly human hive with cheapest materials possible, no managment of space around buildings at all, often 15 and more floors.
No. 21085
92 kB, 900 × 1037
if you have peaceful neighbour is ok. I lived in a complex habited by students, was fuckin a hell. So loud, they don't let me sleep many nights, all weeks they have parties, the worst part is the manager are in those parties :D. Some day i get assblasted when manager request low my music and warn me. That make me get out my psychosis.
No. 21276
136 kB, 768 × 386
You can have all these things without commieblocks too, this isn't commieblock fault. I can think of US suburbs these descriptions fit perfectly.

See Singapore for more prosperous commieblocks.
No. 21284

Nothing is wrong about them per se. But they are often implemented very badly and not maintained properly.
No. 21318
Isn't part of the whole problem that commie blocks weren't even intended to last more than a few decades?
No. 21349
232 kB, 1200 × 675
I stayed for one week in that big Amsterdam commieblock, with a British expat friend. It wasn't so bad. In fact I had good memory now.
No. 21356
Well originla chrushowkas kind of was temprary solution, since "commnism will be achived anyway in 1980, we just need not some soultion to improve house quality"
After it was just "whatever".
No. 21367
Nothing, they're just ugly and usually attract people i wouldn't want to share a big concrete block with.
Of course both of these statements are not true in every single case but at least in my area it is most of the time.
No. 22620
Exactly, can't have what doesn't exist.
No. 22653
It's the question of commieblock quality. Old commieblocks are horrible. 80s-90s commieblocks are the best places for living as for me.
The biggest problem with commieblocks is that people haven't tried other options. People, especially girls, think that's it's a heaven in private houses.
>1.Poor maintaince of actual buildings
But maintenance exist
>2.Soviet poor planning of districts, which absoluely not much modern realies, weather, alive human beings activisites etc.
Soviet planning was good. You still can get to transport, store, clinic,school in less than an half of an hour. After the "compression" it's horrible, can't doubt it.
>4.Very poor maintain of communications.
But it exists
>5.Population of such buildings
Better to have one good neighbour in a commieblock, than one bad in a suburb, believe me.
t.suburb dweller.
No. 22693
116 kB, 600 × 867
>suburbian Belarussian
>Belarus has suburbs
No. 22695
Belarus have exeacly same villages, towns and cities as russia. What's wrong?
No. 22696
I was expecting murican style suburbs. I did not know such a thing existed there.
No. 22697
Suburbs in the USA often are planned and build within a few month/years and everything looks the same. In most other countries they develop over decades so you can't really compare that.
No. 22701
344 kB, 1024 × 768
Dunno which city and what kind of suburb >>22653 lives in, but Belarusian towns often have the so called "private sectors": districts made of privately owned land and filled with one- or two-storied houses, often with garages, gardens and barns. They're pretty much villages at the edge of town or even inside it. My town also has something like that but it's a bit different: it consists of two-storied cottages made for two families. These private sectors are usually the result of a town expanding and merging nearby villages with itself.
No. 22702
126 kB, 850 × 565
167 kB, 850 × 565
390 kB, 1024 × 683
300 kB, 1024 × 683
Basically every city in Europe has suburbs, partially older, traditional ones as described by >>22697,
but partially also newer planned ones who are mostly a bit more similar to what you perceive as suburbia
in the USA. See pics related.
No. 22703
Cosplaying suburbs with private housing(dachas) settled by oligarchs and those who got it for free during the 80-90s. But instead of a cardboard houses it consists from brick one-two storey houses mostly. My suburb also has typical american district. Growing cities include old villages as suburbs, then a village might grow as a village.
For another belarussian itt: it's not where you thought. (there is a define suburb in Minsk for our government)
>?Belarus have exeacly same villages, towns and cities as russia. What's wrong?
Villages are different sometimes, but towns and cities are the same.
No. 22705
185 kB, 800 × 600
From what I seen belorussian villages and houses looks same as village where mine grand-grandmother lived, dunno
No. 22717
From what I understand this isn't a suburb. Suburbs are strictly zoned, can't have residence, commerce, farm or industry activities in the same place. It's a kind of development typical of waged classes that commute to downtown every day through highways. The house is just a house and nothing else, family makes money from some kind of job downtown.
No. 22718
These private sectors are residential areas pretty much. There are no business enterprises of any kind, and the small gardens that can be present there are usually more of a hobby for the residents rather than means of sustenance. Though, of course, the definition of the word "suburb" may differ between languages. The closest analogue for this word in Russian is "пригород", and it is often used to describe these kinds of areas.
No. 22730
This is village
This is suburb
No. 22731
Title: Why commieblocks are bad
Text: He doesn't explain why commieblocks are bad
No. 22749
He hit send accidentally before finishing his post.
No. 24295
They look ugly from the outside. Every part of city that has them will never be not bydlo.
No. 33654
232 kB, 1200 × 675
I visited a friend that was living in Amsterdam. He was living in the Bijilmer, which is a large commieblock south of the city. I found it much different than anything I have known.
No. 33684
Did you feel negatively about these settings,
Could you imagine living under similar ones?
No. 33687
Closest I've ever lived in was a mid-late 90s capiblock. It was an adventure, but not one I'd repeat tbh. Stepping over passed out drunks on the stairs, helping them get back to their flat at midnight, dealing with tweakers, along with occasionally getting disturbed by someone's argument in the central courtyard echoing up on seemingly resonant frequency is not exactly a great time. At least the building was structurally sound though, can only imagine what'd be like in a building that's falling apart at the seams to boot.

Weirdest bit was living in the shadow of the rich wankers though. I was just on the wrong side of the imaginary line between the trendy end of the area and the area for dregs. As in the next building down the street was a trendy high rise.
No. 33783
522 kB, 1200 × 1600
I regularly live in one for a few weeks now and then that isn't just tall but also nearly as broad.
Its basically a giant cubicle with holes in it as windows and I absolutely love how I can take a walk inside the buildings vast floors without ever seeing the outer world.
I fucking hate the heating tho. There are no radiators or air condition but simply underfloor heating in the whole building that is on 24/7 running the same temperature regardless of which time of the year. Means that it won't stop in summer even it its nearly 40°c outside and I have the windows opened in winter constantly so I don't suffocate. Also when its foggy, I sometimes can't see the ground or anything else but my balcony (18th floor). That's a rather unsettling solipsistic feeling but I still like to sit outside in this altered dimension of nothing. In general it feels like concentrated anonymous loneliness to live there.

I lived in another one for a while years ago which once got the "award" for the ugliest building in germany and it was pretty rundown as also infested with all sorts of rodents, bed bugs, roaches and drunken bydlo and had a private security office with gatekeeper.
It was ok but I get how people dislike living in the dirt besides it wasn't even that cheap ironically.
No. 33785
>and drunken bydlo and had a private security office with gatekeeper
So gatekeeper was pretty much useless?
No. 33793
271 kB, 487 × 486
Maybe he's supposed to keep them inside?
No. 33797
148 kB, 1500 × 844
58 kB, 402 × 500
93 kB, 700 × 466
21 kB, 600 × 300
>ugliest building
>in Germany
I cannot even imagine, however if it's that I'm underwhelmed by how ugly it is. That being stated
Oh god Germany wtf are you doing
>mixing pop art with brutalism
My eyes
No. 33798

No he was there to make them shut the fuck up. Loitering and such wasn't much of a problem because in cologne people are "progressive" in the cali way so drunken bydlo corpses lying around was accepted.
Actually around that time, bydlo chic came up and all the loaded suburb scum from the outskirts moved to the neighbouring district and made it "cool" to be as Untermensch as possible.
No. 33799 Kontra
Yeah "Land der Dichter und Denker". German taste in basically everything has been going south for quite some time now.

Its not THAT ugly all by itself but it just doesn't fit in the scenery at all. Its just this gigantic eye cancer inducing glossy brick sticking out of the neutral concrete waste what makes it so wrong.
Also the inside is quite disgusting.
No. 33812
226 kB, 1024 × 681
68 kB, 720 × 400
>Universitätsklinikum, Aachen

What?! This building is super cool, it definitely has the charm of a refinery with all the pipes and stuff, but man I would love to study in this industrial factory university bastard

also thank dog for Reformuniversitätsarchitektur their was an education reform I think which was followed by building new universities during the 60s and 70s, maybe another German Ernst can clarify on that
No. 33820
146 kB, 1024 × 1024
Some are, some are not. I rarely think "jesus that building is ugly" but a few actually were even to me. Like this thing wouldn't be so bad if it were just painted black. It makes me think of some Ost German wearing sandals with socks, cargo pants, and a pink tshirt designing your architecture.
No. 33821
Yes, painting brutalist buildings is a sin.
No. 33828
No, actually I enjoyed myself there.
No. 33830
24 kB, 600 × 451
You also were on vacation and didn't have to live there
No. 33843
2,5 MB, 1366 × 1147
Honestely, I has no real idea to what make post about, however, I wanted to share this picture and I thought it might be appropriate illustration for the thread.
No. 33858
91 kB, 763 × 431
It really wasn't so bad. I think if I had to live there, I would have been able to adapt.
No. 33913
I live in a small 4-floor apartment building

Lived in a big commieblock on the top floor for 2 years and hated it because my fear of heights created a constant sense of dread and I couldn't step on the balcony
No. 33922
>top floor commie block

Would move in, depending on the public transport and area in general, a poor area is not necessarily a problem. The view would be nice and the rent cheaper.
No. 33928
2,1 MB, 1771 × 859
3,1 MB, 1814 × 832
This place is a hell hole. You can't even imagine. And it is not the worst place. Not even close. Lot's of even worse places are being built right now. I'm fucking depressed how bad things are.
No. 33945
Fuck, I lost pics recently was pics and memes about new moscow putinblock district and it was total hell lol.
No. 33949
Top sucks. During summer the sun heats your roof (and if a room faces south and the wall with window gets hit by the rays you get an oven) but during winter no heated floor above you and will be cold, unless you heat more (cost more money).
I've acquaintances in this situation. Other acquaintances are sandwiched about the lower-center levels and they don't heat the flat at all, if January is very harsh (here that's about -15-20C) they turn on the gas stove a little.
No. 33997
The main thing honestly is just having to deal with the fucking neighbors and all that noise they make through the walls plus not having my own privacy. I had an apartment once with actually paper thin walls. You could hear every conversation from next door. It was awful. Well I mean the apartment itself wasn't bad but I just hated that aspect of it.

Not only that but you have to lug all your furniture and shit all the way up there which I'd imagine in most cases is stairs. Just going in and out of the 4th floor in my dorm each semester was a royal pain in the ass and I didn't even have any furniture.

On top of all that you also have this crowded environment which I like my personal space and then on top of that you have the fire hazard. Keep in mind Russians also have a tendency to buy these flammable plastic sheets to decorate their ceilings. I don't feel like having to worry about Ivan Slavonovich falling asleep drunk with a cigarette on top of his magazines or clothes or whatever. I'm worried enough as it is that one of my neighbors is going to have a cooking fire and take down the whole building but at least I'll theoretically have a chance to grab my most important things and then escape.

I haven't yet figured out if and how I am going to rescue any of my fish in such an emergency but come to think of it I really do need to assemble a BOB.
No. 34029
Here the problem isn't the commieblocks, building standards in the 70's were far better than even our beautiful and somewhat luxurious dowtown 18/19's century buildings France is famous for, no the problem is some of theirs inhabitants who litter and ruin everything. Most post WWII commieblocks are still decent by today's standards as long as you are not being surrounded by bydlos who ruin everything. I prefer having less living space and insulation in the town centre than being surrounded by absolute human trash even if the flat is objectively decent.
No. 34051
On the bright side, you have a nice view, and, what's even more important, you have no bydlo upper neighbor to ruin your life. In case of a neighbor conflict, the upper occupant really has the high ground, both literally and figuratively.
If the lowe neighbor starts shit you can just start jumping rope sessions and they can eat lime in their helpless anger. And if you decide to test you fancy new subwoofer - again, they can do nothing about it.
No. 34053
Don't you have very little interaction with your neighbors though? The layout of those buildings doesn't seem very communal where you only really see your neighbors in the stairwell.
No. 34060
Isn't that the same in every apartment building? And what about private houses, nowdays even in suburbs there is very little interaction with neighbors.