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No. 26496
483 kB, 1000 × 727
Anyone know why the french are so rude to tourists?

Whether it be security, waitstaff, retail store employees or french people on the street.

Is it because they are so sick of having so many ignorant foreigners in the country? I personally could not fathom treating another person the way french routinely treat visitors.
No. 26497
They don't like Anglos or English speaking persons.
No. 26498
My tutor told a story how he had visited France. He wanted to buy a bottle of wine (or something else) and he was speaking English. Salesgirl was borderline polite to him, and when he started to think loudly in Russian, she changed her behaviour and he was able to buy what he wanted.
No. 26508
>Is it because they are so sick of having so many ignorant foreigners in the country?

I wasn't able to grasp this until I moved to central London. Tourists are animals and I can only imagine how awful it must be in Paris where the population literally multiplies in tourist season. French waiters may be mocked for their rudeness but if I had to deal with retired foreigners all day in an overpopulated and comically expensive city I'd have an aneurysm. French life is chaotic but Paris is the eye of terror.

Normandy and Alsace are cool though. Outside of tourist scenarios the French are just a bit autistic, the stories of EU civil servants speak wonders of their ability to refuse proposals with a 'Non' without explanation but them doing the right thing when absolutely necessary.
No. 26546
148 kB, 800 × 600
The first French person I ever met was a dickhead, but all others I met were absolutely fine. I think it's just Parisians who get swamped by retired boomers and snooty middle-class tourists that have just run out of patience. I will now detail my first encounter with a Frenchman.

I was in the middle of Co. Kerry and was basically on the side of a 25 degree hill, surrounded by fields with grass a foot high. I was there with some local guys and we were kicking a battered football around this field 2 miles from anywhere else on the side of a small mountain. Just 4 snotty 10-12 years olds in rags, abandoned as our parents drank themselves to death 2 miles down the road in a pub.

Out of nowhere, this smartly dressed man with a white shirt walks across the field, he's wearing cool sunglasses and has a leather jacket draped over his shoulder. He motions for us to pass him the ball and I do, the ball is a piece of shit and half deflated. He kicks it back to us but with high power and goes over our heads and half way down the hill. Then he gestures something and shouts at us

then he just fucking walks off down the hill, like a cunt.
No. 26585
The frency are gay are rather touchy, the new-french are much better.
No. 26593
I spent a summer in Paris and nobody was rude. You probably looked like a fatass American.
No. 26594
This is a cliché that I cab not confirm. When was your last visit to france?

People from Paris are considerd to be rude. By other french.
No. 26939
had a couple negative encounters with french people, but that was not due to me being from allemagne. these guys were just complete and utter pricks and pricks exist everywhere. they were not well liked among their french peers either.
i think a lot of the stereotypes regarding ordinary french people being rude to foreigners and refusing to speak english is due to the fact that they actually don't speak english, because french is all they need in daily life and on vacation. my french is 4/10 at best, but at least i am able to communicate in french. usually they appreciate the effort, speak extra slow or switch to english or even german if i'm lucky.
i particularly like french girls. belgian grills are nice too.
No. 37881
reading Vokrug Sveta right now

In Marselles, some raged guy ran off da resturant and tried to confront the journalist who came in and quit (despite his company). Why?

"he didnt say "bonjour!"
No. 37907
There is a very simple trick: Try to use at least 50% french words when forming a sentence. The moment you show the willingness to try speak their language, they get all warm and fuzzy, even in Paris.
No. 37910

C'est explains why XIX century Russe books any remotely wealthy people use français in their speech.
No. 37911
It was because during this time at least for Russia france was same thing as USA\GB is now for most of the world.
No. 37994
194 kB, 1489 × 1132
What language were you speaking to them? When I went they were actually quite nice(the Saracens could be a bit cold sometimes though). My French is awful but they knew I was at least trying and would often direct me to somebody who did speak English(although usually not very well) or try their best to gesture or communicate in other ways.
No. 38006 Kontra
Are the French rude to immigrants too?
No. 38008
I bought Vokrug Sveta magazine recently.

In Marseilles, one hotshot from small resturant literally approached Russian brigade (the journal's brigade) over...

...not saying "Bonjour!" in resturant! Merci beacoup for explaining
No. 38013
France is the most visited country out of nearly two hundred. Tourists are a hard to pin down archetype but the general similarities include; general sheepishness, loud, indiscreet and varying levels of nuisance. Now let's take 18th century Paris and dump every single tourist currently scrounging around right now. The sovereigns would naturally be xenophobic towards others as they feel that their way of life is forcefully being taken away in exchange for a cheap, commodified replica. As per usual, the issue is complex and multi-faceted therefore suggesting a simple solution would help no one, hell, not everyone would be happy with any solution so it's best to consider the greater good.
No. 38043
Even other French think Parisians are the rudest people in the universe.
No. 38044
People in France will only react favorably to your attempts at French if they're already sucking your cock for some other reasons. My mother tried to order in French at a shop in Paris and was angrily told, "If you cannot speak properly you should not say anything at all!" When she came back years later much wealthier, however...
No. 49598 Kontra
26 kB, 200 × 179
My experiences with the french:

>live in border region, get lots of frenchies over
>dress worse than germans, drive like assholes, in fact I hate the french solely on account of their drivers
Apart from that, the individuals you meet are usually friendly. That said, there was an incident some time ago

>traffic accident, some car hit a truck, however that has happened, probably female driver
>people form a RETTUNGSGASSE, even the border region french commuters
>suddenly, a Porsche convertible from behind
>drives through the Rettungsgasse, just like that
>licence plate with a 75, enough said
If I had noticed earlier, I would have blocked him, because police wasn't THAT far behind him. Only a few days ago I had some asshole overtake me on the highway right before a speedtrap and that retard drove right into it. I guess 120ish, in an 80 zone. That's one thing the EU can do, generalized prosecution, so those fucks would finally have to behave here. And everywhere else.