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No. 2880
96 kB, 675 × 432
3,0 MB, 1403 × 1078
103 kB, 750 × 919
607 kB, 1280 × 720
We had a thread on old EC and there were a handful of people trying to lose weight this summer.

Have you made any more progress? Anyone starting to try who wasn't back then?

What are your methods and routines? What is your diet like?

I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here. That was always really fun.

Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea. I don't think there's much health benefit of being that compared to 21 or 22. I weigh what I did at 13 years old now. I'm really happy about that but while it looks good for my stomach it looks worse in other places. I'm probably going to stop here.

I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July.
No. 2884
idk I assume I am around 105-110kg, if I go to the gym I would like to get down to 85kg.

But I am a lazy fuck, and beer has calories.
No. 2898

Imo it's better to be a fat person that just shrugs and goes "I am a lazy fuck" instead of being in a never ending state of trying to lose weight with half assed gimmicks.
No. 2899 Kontra

Err, not to discourage you or anyone else right from the start. But being from the US I am so sick of hearing from fat people about this or that 'healthy' thing they're doing. It's like they're Joe Rogan but instead of supplements it's aspartame and treating 10 minute walks like a big deal. I liked your attitude is all.
No. 2902
>I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July
That must be me, glad to see you made it here OP.

My goal was 67kg/148lbs by July 27th, my current weight is back again at 77kg/170lbs. Currently back home for the summer and have been eating at least 2000kcal excess every single day. There's too much food and sweets available and I have no self-control.
No. 2905
>I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here.
I don't know if you are talking about me, but I repeatedly tell people that avoiding all carbohydrates alltogether is unnecessary and borderline retarded. I am certainly not a vegetarian.

Is this an American thing?

>Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea.
Yes, it was. Glad to hear that you are not anorexic. It's a mental malady for little girls.

>I don't think there's much health benefit
Certainly not. It's unhealthy as fuck.

>I weigh what I weighed at 13
That's only a good thing when you were already a fat fuck at thirteen. If I wheighed what I wheighed at thirteen, my BMI would be around 13.

t. haver of BMI 18.5
No. 2906

No they self identified as vegetarian and said meat was the issue, not carbs. They got very angry and emotional about keto diets.

I also dislike keto diets and mostly eat pasta and bread rather than fatty stuff, I also love sugar.

Chill out.
No. 2908

Also yeah I was a pretty fat 13 year old but wasn't yet obese. That's why it's so cool to me to see that number because that was 12 years ago.

Also I thought it wasn't unhealthy until your BMI hit lower than 18?


>That must be me, glad to see you made it here OP.

Thanks, you too. I don't contribute all that much outside of blogging in the blog thread.

>My goal was 67kg/148lbs by July 27th, my current weight is back again at 77kg/170lbs. Currently back home for the summer and have been eating at least 2000kcal excess every single day. There's too much food and sweets available and I have no self-control.

That's okay I have none either. Funny we had exactly identical target weights.
No. 2909 Kontra

Oops not identical, but close*
No. 2911
I've been stuck on 94kg for few weeks now. might be because fat is being replaced by muscle and I'm fine with that. t. started at 105kg fat man
No. 2913

Noice. Maybe it's time to use measuring tape instead of a scale then.

Will you go bear mode?
No. 2931
If avoiding carbs is bad for you then why did hunter-gatherers not go extinct?

Checkmate, atheists.
No. 2932
Technically they all did, or that was your point? The hunger gatherer way of life was completely obliterated by us. Your loin cloth means nothing before the night of my granaries, no matter how many angry letter bombs you send claiming otherwise.
No. 2933
I'm stuck on 73-74kg while my goal is 80kg.
Massephase continues.
No. 2945
Hunter gatherers were a good foot or more taller than the average farmer
Lanklets btfo
No. 2946
>whole 30 cm
farmers were 130 or what?
No. 2948
150 vs 180
No. 2949
Lost roughly 7kg since March, it's going slow but I'm fine with that since most of my weight loss always went fast as fuck but then I usually regained the weight after short time again. My goal for this month is to go below 100kg and I'm pretty sure I'll achieve it. In August I want to be somewhere at around 95kg. Saying that I don't follow any kind of strict diet or fitness plan but I usually try to get around 1500 calories per day, which works out pretty well most of the time.
However the weekends always throw me back because of drinking and fast food so that is slowing me down too.
No. 2951
drink spirits instead of beer.
No. 2952
72 kB, 512 × 640
I actually mostly prefer spirits over beer but when I'm drinking I usually don't give a shit anyways and drink anything. Worst though is that I always get extremely hungry when drinking and binge-eat fast food.
No. 2974

I get it, and it makes sense and so I have no sophisticated explanation of what our diets should look like. It's just that I've met so many fat people constantly avoiding carbs and too many skinny people who ate lots of them. I'm not here to knock your diet I just really miss that German.

I can't speak for hunter gatherers. But look at Japan, lots of carbohydrates and the rice with every meal meme, and they're the thinnest first world country because they don't have a culture of constant consumption of red meat/saturated fat. Sardinia is another good example of thin people who sparingly consume saturated fat but eat lots of noodles yet have obesity levels lower than a lot of our countries. The US isn't as fat as it is because of the bread/noodles/rice they're eating.

Personally, I was a chubby fuck when I thought of carbohydrates that way and have been much more slender since took what that German said in.

But if it works for you, go for it.
No. 2990

Are you able to stop drinking on a weekly basis or entirely?
No. 3065
Today I had some coleslaw, pickles and a bit tzatziki. Also just ate a pizza. If anything I'll eat some more of the first three in the evening and still have a good calorie count. Especially pickles are nice because basically I can eat as much of them as I want.
I think about going to the public pool now to swim a bit, didn't do any sport for quite a time now.
I like swimming but usually I just swim a bit and then read or just sit around in the warm pools so it's more wellness than actual physical practice. But I feel motivated today so I might try out swimming for some 30min straight and then take a break and then swim 30min again.
No. 3070
I will go the Muay Thai gym Thursday had about three months off lol.
It is not a real Muay Thai gym, it is a commercial gym with 'free' classes, so I will either do that or some weights as the MMA class, does not teach a Gwailo like me anything and is a bit of a waste of time.
I will need to pack a gym bag Wednesday, otherwise I will just put it off.
No. 3199
I didn't go as I got sick fml.
No. 3205

I like that pickles are like that but the vinegar always makes my teeth feel weird.



I got very sick too. It's okay just go a week from now.
No. 3311
If I give in and eat one, well-deserved, mini ice cream lolly, I also eat 3 pieces of rhubarb pie worth almost 800kcal?
No. 3312 Kontra
>*why do I
No. 3347

It's an addiction pretty much.

Like if there's a tasty fresh pizza, it's probably easier to eat 0 slices than to have 1 slice.

Or as an ex smoker, only getting a little bit of nicotine only served as a tease that was more painful than not having any, like sharing a cigarette with someone.

Don't stress it, sweets are great. Years ago there was a cute post from a Finn going "I ate all the icecreams ;_;" and he showed a bunch of empty rappers on his desk, I wonder if that was you.
No. 3388
Looked at old photos of mine when I was thinner (I didn't look at those for years) and realized that I looked pretty fucking good back then. But another thing I realized looking at those pictures is that I lacked any kind of self-confidence, so I felt ugly most of the time.
Gives me even more motivation to continue losing weight to get back to the old looks, now feeling and acting pretty self-confident actually most ox the time.
No. 3431
>he showed a bunch of empty rappers on his desk, I wonder if that was you
No I'm worse, I eat ice cream by the tub. Finally went to cardio class today and burned over 400kcal, this was a good day.
No. 3464
My current weight is 75 kg and my goal is 70 kg until August 10, I feel like I can reach it if I run everyday and don't eat shit, but I eat at least eat one slice of chocolate cake next Sunday yo endure 6 days without eat sugar.
No. 3560
Hmm I'm not sure what to do. I want a note athletic looking core, or just a more athletic body in general. Still hovering a 1
71kg or so.

The solution is obviously to stop the iced lattes, soda, greasy sandwiches and sweets as a daily thing. I should start doing actual exercises more than just the walking and my job.

But I have poor self control especially since stopping tobacco/getting high I just turn to food.

But today I packed a lunch with none of those things, I hope to do so every day and see if I start pooping better too.
No. 3852
6 kB, 203 × 241
Got below 100kg by now, progress is very slow but it's there. Tried out an old shirt and it's fitting loosely again now. Feels pretty fucking good. Also started intermittant fasting yesterday with eating only three hours a day, I am sort of used to eat nothing until noon or afternoon so it's not that much of a change but it feels kind of nice as I don't feel the need to part my caloric intake into three meals but can comfortably eat whatever I want later.
No. 3861

The feeling of things fitting looser is the best. Congrats
No. 4674
Bringing this thread back up. I want Ernst to tell me about some interesting sports he does, and why I should take them up.

I used to cycle but it was never my thing, canoeing seems interesting but I dont know if the hassle of purchasing one is worth it, especially considering that the surrounding area does not seem to be particularly suitable.
For now I'll take up trail running alone.

Please give me advice.
No. 4681
I used to box was great, friendly ppl.
Running is a great way to get fit, no equipment or time restraints.
I used to do orienteering, where you have a map and have to find a location and use it to punch your card, usually 10 markers, pretty fun, could go fast or slow paced.
No. 4709
363 kB, 399 × 494
I'm 91,9 kg now from 110kg Jan 2017
Time to start gymming soon
No. 5676
Almost back to starting weight after spending summer vacation at home. Easily ate 3000-4000kcal every day and gained 5kg in 4 weeks.

Same thing last weekend, how to develop self-control while visiting family? It's easy in my student flat, where I can decide what's in the fridge...
No. 6184
59 kB, 600 × 413
Desire to become an alpha male increasing..
No. 6187
This guy would better shave the entire head.
No. 6195
I'm sure he never thought of that!

To you the it might look like he's bald because you're a beta failure judging other men like a homo, but when he sees himself in the mirror he can fill in the bald spots in his head. He's opinion is more important than others.

t. coping like him
No. 9216
170lbs is perfectly alright for a man
No. 9217
His face is the problem. He looks like the spitting image of someone I know with aspbergers too. IMO he'd look better growing his hair out into something or maybe having a kind of a beard. Removing more hair just emphasizes his small head even more where it looks like someone ripped the head off a Ken doll and replaced it with a smaller GI Joe head then taped a cutout photograph of the local Burger King middle management.
No. 9221
Even if he grew a pony tail and stopped brushing his teeth, he'd still look better than 90% of men.
No. 9589
So I did some running on friday and my leg muscles are still sore from it, especially the process of kneeling down is quite a bit painful. I'm not very fit so I decided to do some sports and it has even been fun on friday. Last time I tried running was about 2 months ago, back then I ran way too much and too long so I got muscle soreness for about a week (I've read that running with sore muscles can lead to worse injuries) and dropped out.
Now this was my second try and it seems like history repeats itself once again. I didn't even overdo it this time, I was just running for about 13 minutes. Maybe it was too fast but it felt alright, it's not like I was sprinting or anything. This shit makes me angry, how am I even supposed to get fit when my hands are bound because of my bodies' reactions?
No. 12936
Originally written for the today thread but as the post's topic shifted I thought it would fit better in here.

Last day of drugging myself, right now it's pretty cozy and I'm feeling good. Mainly spend the day in my bed reading and now I just came back from the main station where I went to buy some food as everything else is closed.
Bought a belegtes Brötchen, the german aequivalent to a sandwich or burger which I'd prefer over any of those amy day (the only downside is that it's without remoulade and I'm a remoulade fanatic, but they wanted to charge me 50cts to put some on it so I'll just use the light mayonnaise I've got at home, which btw is great) and a vanilla donut from McCafe, looking forward to eat those later.
Lately in general I've started to eat sweet pasteries or some chocolate bar once a day, before I started losing weight I never did that because I've always thought I'd eat way too much anyways. Feels like I'm finally starting to eat in healthy and regular ways. (well, not healthy in terms of what I eat but how consciously and how much I eat) My diet btw was never too hard, usually just ate around 500 kcal less than I need and it worked really well over the course of the year, slowly but steadily.
Never in my life I have known what it feels like to have an ideal weight, so this is what I'm going for now. Yet I can't even imagine myself not being overweight, which I always have been.
How is your diet going, Ernst?
No. 30519
28 kB, 601 × 508
amphetamines and cigs are helping me to not eat, but does anyone know some other ways? Whether it's a medication or some kind of mental technique, I'd appreciate the advice.
No. 30522 Kontra
drinking black tea (and possibly delete thread)
No. 30524
I hate tea
No. 30525
Bubble water, I heard a thin girl saying that once. Otherwise maybe your stomach shrinks once you passed a critical point, then again it might be psychological issue. Also I wouldn't use amphetamines to lose weight, you might lose your mind on the way.
No. 30526
Well It isn't like I'm abusing the amphetamines, I'm taking the exact amount I am prescribed. And I will look into bubble water, thanks for the tip
No. 30531 Kontra
>I'm taking the exact amount I am prescribed

Only in the US.

sorry for countryballing, I think in Germany they prescribed it to "hyperactive" kids as well or still do. But it makes me think of all the prescribed opioid
No. 30572
101 kB, 844 × 390
No. 30588
Started running again every 2 days, maybe i'll get back up to doing 60-70km a week again.
Already dreaming about all the fatty food i'm going to be stuffing down my gob as a result. Mmmm
No. 30589
This is my post and I'm over 100kg now. Feels bad...
No. 30645
46 kB, 256 × 288
96 kB, 1280 × 720
Stop eating.
Seriously though, you must manage your calorie plan and follow it. Years ago I successfully did drop 20 kg or so (from over 100 kg as well) by counting calories. I didn't know there was such a book*, I just managed on my own. After that I gained kilograms back though, because I didn't continue on calorie management.
One day I thought that chowing down three Big Macs instead of one doesn't look like a healthy dinner, so I thought I ought to get back the healthy weight. I have concerns about holidays coming soon, but still be this not distracting away from the right path.

No. 30659
How is losing weight even hard just eat low GI foods, don't snack, eat within a 10 hour window so you're fasting 14 hours a day, and lay off the booze lmao.
No. 30692
I just started running, too. I'm only doing a maximum of 1 mile at a time and am still getting used to it. 60-70km is incredible; I think I'd be happy if I could complete 5km a couple of times a week. I'm not sure I would push myself much more than that, but we'll see how I feel if I get that far. My main focus now is perfecting my form and pace to minimize the impact on my joints.
No. 30696
It's actually a pretty shallow slope once you get over the 2km mark in my experience. It was harder to get to 2km being easy than it was to any of the later milestones.
t. out of shape but used to do ~30-40km/wk up & down hills
No. 30698
47 kB, 600 × 600
148 kB, 550 × 550
>It was harder to get to 2km being easy than it was to any of the later milestones.
It's good to know these early miles are the hardest.

Thankfully there aren't any of those around here. This whole area is pic related. I realize that means I won't get as much benefit out of running, but I'm ok with that.
No. 30702
This really >>30696, once you get past a certain threshold, you can just keep going.

I wouldn't worry too much about form, just stay pretty relaxed and focus on where you're going, run on grass or mud if you can of course, if you're pounding concrete, no good form is going to save you.
No. 30742
>run on grass or mud if you can
I tried it for the first 1/4 mile today, and I have to say that's going to take some getting used to. It was a combination of grass/mud, since the ground was still damp from an overnight rain. Going forward I'll mix it in and see how I like it; anything to help avoid injury. Tbh worrying about my knees was the main reason I never took up running before. That, and I was sure I would look like an idiot as I figured out my stride. Using an empty stretch of road took care of that latter worry; as for the former, ultimately I decided that if I keep the mile count low enough, and aviod those hard heel strikes, then I can balance the benefit/cost.

Running that many km, how did your knees hold up?
No. 30746
2,2 MB, 500 × 441, 0:02
There are two things about avoiding carbs. One is maybe a myth/bro science though, that if you avoid carbs, or to be more precise, anything that raises your blood sugar levels, your body will not be producing insulin. What certainly is true though, is, that if you avoid carbs alltogether, you are simply going to have a hard time intaking a sufficient amount of calories. So you are highly likely to be having an energy deficiency and therefore must lose weight.

To anyone who wants to lose weight by avoiding carbs I would suggest though, that you at least eat a small amount of the good ones, i.e. whole wheat, in the morning because it will get your metabolism going.

t. eats meat everyday
No. 30751
my opinion of nutrition epidemiology is that it’s entirely made up
No. 30752
743 kB, 1365 × 2047
My knees are usually pretty fine, cycling is much more likely to fuck your knees imo.
I used to get shin splints when I was really getting into it, which is part of the conditioning process. What blew out for me was my Achilles, ironically 'cos i was trying to 'correct' my form and pushing too much.

I still run on the road but if there's a grass verge, i'll take that. When you're jogging on both surfaces, no doubt you'll feel the difference, which is what it's all about, just playing it by ear. You could run a marathon on tarmac but it'll be softer on grass, then again you need to watch where you tread or risk twisting your leg down a rabbit hole.
Swings and roundabouts.
No. 30759
With cycling it's just as important to pay attention to form as with running. It doesn't have to be bad for your knees, but the way you have to drive in the city traffic is usually bad. Constant starting, stopping, accelerating and breaking puts preasure on the joints and the "correct" way to accelerate is precisely what is discouraged in traffic: Slowly.

Ironically, mountainbiking is where you are most likely to learn this because it's a prominent risk.

Regardless of all that though, I find cycling much more enjoyable than running.
No. 30765
885 kB, 500 × 269, 0:01
>my Achilles
That's pretty serious; I'm glad you're still able to run. So it was consciously pushing with the toes that did it? There are a lot of parts moving at once, and I feel the difference between activating my quad to pull the leg up, vs. using my calf to push it. I'm trying to get them to work in sync.

>a grass verge
There's a nice median where I'm running now, and that's what I used this morning. I started on grass, when I knew my legs were fresh, then after going for a bit(and quickly tiring) dropped back down to the asphalt. Oh, and I'm definitely keeping an eye where I step. In addition to rabbit holes, armadillos dig everywhere, and also there are fire ant hills I'd prefer not stepping in.
No. 30766
Yeah, i like doing both for different reasons. I think the biggest issue with cycling and your knees is that if your form is off or whatever else, you might ride for hours before noticing, turning a slight pain into a bigger issue. Anecdotally and counter intuitively, i've heard riding fixed is meant to be good for your dicky cycling knees.

>So it was consciously pushing with the toes that did it?
Exactly. If i'd taken it slower, i'd have been okay but i was in my mad endorphin fueled bezerker mode, running a half marathon in a unfamiliar style. Idiotic and it took months to heal.

I guess it's better to sort your form now but i get on alright with just looking at the horizon and running however feels natural.
If your earth is pretty sandy, then might be best to stick to the paved stuff, i've tried running through grassy sand dunes and it sucks your feet, soft but muscle ripping. Whatever works
No. 30889
>i've heard riding fixed is meant to be good for your dicky cycling knees.

Quite the contrary. Healthy cycling means low torque´and high cycle frequency.

(It's boring, though)
No. 30893
>Quite the contrary.
I mean anecdotally, i know 'spinning' is the in thing right now but from chatting to audax riders and other veterans, I've consistently heard riding fixed has sorted their niggling knee pains, at least temporarily.
No. 30909
It has nothing to do with being in, it just puts less strain on the joints (and also on the chain and chainwheels).
No. 30991
1,2 MB, 640 × 800, 0:08
Yes, yes. I understand how it 'should' be, which is why i said "counter intuitively" but just speaking from experience and talking to lots of long distance riders, something in the motion of riding fixed, perhaps the constant force on the joints, rather than the push>relax>push>relax of a regular pedal strokes is better for them.
No. 30996
Thanks Ernst, I will have a look at the book. Now I began to log every bite I take and calories of them, seems like I can't stop counting without gaining a significant amount of weight.
No. 31502
882 kB, 400 × 242, 0:03
I'm pretty good at running a full mile now, instead of just 1/2 mile. It's not easy, but it doesn't feel like an achievement either. I noticed this morning that, while I felt like my legs were tiring(at about the 1/2 mile mark), when I keep going they don't really fatigue much further. I think there's a mental barrier, that tired=must rest, which I have to learn to ignore.
Also, I always listen to the same song while running, which has created a conditioned response. I now associate the opening beats with activity, and it actually makes taking those first strides really easy. I would reccommend this trick to anyone who struggles with establishing new habits. Just don't use a song you really love, because you won't be able to listen to it at any other time.

>I guess it's better to sort your form now
That's what I figured, too. I have finally reached the point where I don't think about my stride much, but I think it was worth a little obsession at the start to establish good habits. On my first run I was all over the place, trying to use that odd leaning trot you see when people are trying to cross the road ahead of traffic :DD.
No. 31535
>when I keep going they don't really fatigue much further.

That's pretty much how it is with running, you just keep going.
No. 31549
142 kB, 878 × 486
I lost 8 kg this summer just by not eating outside.

I relate it to the fact that probably they use too much reused oil.

Avoid eating trash
No. 31632
I'm going to start going to Muay Thai gym twice a week, way to fat and need to find some balance in my life.
Actually got turned away from more than one gym for being a foreigner, let that sink in.
Either way it is way too expensive, but even if I pay 100e a month for twice a week it is better than drinking myself to death, pro tip it takes a long time.
I also think running at my age on concrete uphill is not good for my knees. 33yo btw
I have a chest expander, and can do bw pushups and squats at home, may even skip rope outside if I feel confident enough.
I wouldn't even mind just weight lifting in a small gym and doing a fighting sport once a week, but foreign face and money I have yet to receive a message back.
No. 31651 Kontra
58 kB, 539 × 530
Unrelated to the thread but I find the first two pictures fascinating. Something about the way they've been photoshopped, something about their crudeness conveys a perfect sense of soullessness. Sometimes there's images (usually ads, some kinds of art) that comes off as phony, but artistically they have a sheen of professionalism that invokes the illusion of warmth or depth. But this is an ugly, absolute chilling hideousness yet it's clearly what the creator aimed for. It's hypnotic. It's an exaggeration yet it's really not. I see it every day.
I don't usually believe in soul but this is making me reevaluate.
No. 31818
If an obese alcoholic can do a 1hr
Muay Thai class.
Well any one can.
Only bad part was there was not fit Kung-fu birds to look at.
No. 31822
>Muay Thai

You know...

But good for you, doing martial arts has proven to be very healthy for me. In unexpected ways even.
No. 32047
315 kB, 640 × 480
>fit Kung-fu birds
There is a woman I regularly see running, and she glides so effortlessly that I can only assume she has trained for years posesses some arcane female magic. So far I haven't passed by her while I was also running, and honestly hope to avoid that ego bruise for a while longer.

I completed my first continuous 1.5 mile(2.4k) run this morning, despite a shoelace which came undone ~30 yards from the endpoint. I pressed on, refusing to have my goal foiled by treacherous footwear.
No. 32640
Finished the book yesterday, very good. I will try my hopefully last weight loss with the instructions.
No. 32727
I'm quitting diet soda, only one 250ml can of energy drink daily from now on. Currently I can finish a whole 1,5 litre of Pepsi Max in a day.
No. 32730
Quiting means not drinking ANY of it.
Don't drink it at all, drink only water, milk, natural home made juice, coffee and tea.
And never put sugar in ANY of these.

You'll see better results.
No. 32732
Going cold turkey has not proven very effective before. I'm quitting soda and when comfortable the one energy drink I look forward to every afternoon.
No. 32789
I wish you good luck at keeping that at least.
Hope you're gonna make other eating changes too.
No. 32793
> Currently I can finish a whole 1,5 litre of Pepsi Max in a day.

Why don't use diet coke?
No. 32795
This summer I used to weigh 146 kilos. Then I quit my job, had some fun, completely fixed my diet adn started walking around the city every day. Helps that the city is truly beautiful, especially in the autumn.

By mid-october I was walking 16-18 kilometres daily and my weight was down to 120s. So about three weeks ago I started going to the gym - Jesus, I didn't know I was so weak - but now the progress is pretty slow. Right now my weight is 123 kilos and I look and feel much better than I did 3 months ago.

The norm for my height and body type is calculated to be below ~106 kilos, so my goal is 105, which I hope to achieve by springtime. I will be 30 by then, lel.
No. 32798
I waeight my normal 70-75 after dropping weight but I don't like form of my body at all. Kind of trying working on it.
No. 32799
It usually means you lack muscle mass, you should be fine if you'll just do some casual workout regularly.
No. 32896
Why would I, isn't it the same shit?
No. 32901
Diet coke has sugar replacements with no calorie content. However, it may taste differently.
No. 32902
Pepsi Max has the same, no calories.
No. 32903
Didn't know, sorry.
No. 32918
Im eating keto since January.

I lost some fat and gained some muscles.
Its a pretty good diet and once you doing the keto for some time you will be able to eat carbs now and then without dropping out of the ketogenic state.

The nice thing is, that i stopped being hungry all the time. So there is no binge eating.
But nevertheless i like to eat and i eat a lot. So I only lost 8 Kilogram in 10 Months. Thats not much, but my goal was to lose 15 kg. Im on a good way and i will keep doing keto probably forever.

For breakfast i ate 200 gram grilled cheese, 5 salami sticks, 1 egg, 1 black coffee, 300 gram cauliflower.

A few days ago i ordered 1 kilo of a special potato and made myself bratkartoffeln. It was pretty satisfying to eat that for a few days.
No. 32951
I wanted to do keto for a while now but whenever I tried it I had to stop very soon becouse the too much fat got me sick. I don"t know yet how to work around this. If it's possible at all.
Also I found it very hard to avoid carbs becous they are in everything.
No. 33047
No worries friend.

Thank you friend. At least I have motivation to log my weight what I eat.
No. 33078
Posting by proxy so it may be another country ball.

You get used to it. Sometimes i eat butter with a spon. Not a lot, but like two spoons full of butter.

Carbs are not in everything. People just combine them with everything.
When you eat Ragù alla bolognese, its the sauce which makes it delicious. So just dont eat the pasta and maybe ad some extra butter and parmesan to the sauce.

Its not that hard.
No. 33081
114 kB, 1080 × 1920
One day I'll get back to casually running a half marathon with no stops again
No. 33514
45 kB, 800 × 450
>get back to casually running a half marathon with no stops
I'll assume that adverb is some auto-correct mishap :D.

Is anything better than running in a light rain to sad songs? For some reason the epic/upbeat music doesn't push me nearly as well as the blues. I also think this colder weather is good for my endurance. Finished 2.5 miles(4km) this morning.
No. 33524
>I'll assume that adverb is some auto-correct mishap :D
I'm too stupid to know what you mean ;_;

Good job on the 4k, i really think once you get up to 5k or 6k and you're feeling good, you can just say fuck it and run a 10k, just like that.

Found my old Sansa Clip behind the sofa, so i might have to ramp up the TECHNOOOOO to keep me going, endorphins are enough for now but once it becomes routine, does get a bit boring.
You don't want sad songs or anything like that! You want TECHNOOOO, mindless repetitive beats.

>I also think this colder weather is good for my endurance
Its a nice feel, the cold air is very refreshing.
Certainly beats cycling and sliding on cow shit or ice and the constant 30kmh wind freezing your extremities.
Might need to start wearing gloves though, you don't notice it so much but my hands were so cold it took me 5 minutes to turn the key in my front door.
No. 33545
>I'm too stupid to know what you mean ;_;
I was making a joke that no one could 'casually' run a half marathon, and so the word must have been inserted accidently.

>Good job on the 4k
Thanks. My original goal was 5k, and it seems weird to actually be within striking distance. If I reach that "fuck it" point and just do 10k one day, them I would write such a long post about it :^D .

I tried some rap/hip-hop for the beats, but it wasn't the same. I don't know why, but I need music with some emotional content to spur me on. Man, I've got to add 'Layla' to my list. I think I could really run to that. ('Hard Came the Rain' is still my get started song).

>my hands were so cold it took me 5 minutes to turn the key in my front door.
Get gloves or suffer, that's the decision I face every year, too. It'll be another month before we get those type of temperatures here, but when they arrive I'll probably do what I usually do and go with sleeves long enough to curl over my hands. Still, that compromise often leaves me with numb fingers, pawing at the doorknob like some inscrutable puzzle-box.
No. 34453
1,1 MB, 256 × 240, 0:04
Finished my first 5k this morning. So, Level 1 is complete and it feels good.
I hope Ernst is also making progress toward your goals.
No. 34461

>I hope Ernst is also making progress toward your goals
I gained 20kg since last year, not happy.
No. 34465
10 kB, 240 × 231
Secret Pro Life Hack to lose weight: stop drinking alcohol
No. 34507
Don't let last year discourage you from doing better this year-or even this month or this week. You'll see progress if you keep logging your calories, and focusing on small changes that you can build on(like quitting diet soda, which you mentioned).
Good luck, Ernst.
No. 34592
I very rarely drink for the last few years.
Still fat.

I guess i need to stop the chocolate and the fat soaked food and try some of that fancy vegetable stuff people seem to be so hyped about.
No. 34593
24 kB, 993 × 559
Avoiding excess sugar is a good thing, but don't fall for the "light" meme. Fat (and proteine) is what makes you feel saturated, and the fancy vegetable stuff is not a very good fuel. I always say that not the steak is the problem, but the fries and the cola/beer which usually accompany it. Instead of cutting back on fat, increasing movement might be of help. Not drinking alcohol though is a very good thing for various reasons, and avoiding the useless 7 calories per gram which your body priorizes in metabolizing is one of it.

t. never had weight problems, believes any bro science and still gives Captain Obvious-level smartass advice on the interwebs
No. 34598
Try to count your calories for a week and see how you go below or above the 2000/day. Eating a whole chocolate bar makes 500 already. I can easily do that on a day. But if you eat two 600 meals and flush it all down with cola or other sweet liquids you can easily get above it. Don't forget other snacks you buy while on the move or at home in between meals.

Perhaps just eat less. Not sure if that is really true but when you stomach is stretched more goes into it and its kind of a vicious cycle so... shrink it.
No. 34607
>Don't let last year discourage you from doing better this year-or even this month or this week. You'll see progress if you keep logging your calories, and focusing on small changes that you can build on(like quitting diet soda, which you mentioned).
Good luck, Ernst.
Thanks friend, I will not give up.
No. 34709
>fancy vegetable stuff
A diet extremely high in fruits, nuts, and vegetables is unironically the absolute best diet you can possibly have for weight loss and increase in mood and energy levels.
>the lots of fried foods, soda, fatty sausage and bacon, alcohol, and videogames and TV diet now with extra helpings of risperidone and antidepressants! *contains zero fruits or vegetables
>why am I so fat and depressed

Cut down severely on red meats too. Honestly the only actual reason anybody would bother with eating lots of meat while losing weight is because they're specifically trying to build tons of muscle mass and eating all that loads of meat is otherwise going to slow down your weight loss. If just not being fat is your objective then lots of fruits and nuts and vegetables is the best thing you can do for having high energy levels and a brightened mood in addition to losing weight, with light helpings of white meat, eggs, and sometimes dairy but you should probably cut out the dairy too especially if you're American.
No. 35964
It's me again.

After struggling to breach the 120kg mark for three weeks it's finally done, 117 today, that means almost 30kg lost since the summer and only 12 to go. I want to believe I will make it.
No. 35965
Awesome for you!
For some time I can't do exersizes because was ill, so I still at mine ~75 mark that I can't break for many time. I hope untill next summer I'll do some progress
No. 35969
Don't give up my friend, even if it's hard to keep going when you see no progress. Hope you'll reach your goal!
No. 36586
364 kB, 500 × 251, 0:01
29 kB, 1333 × 135
>i really think once you get up to 5k or 6k and you're feeling good, you can just say fuck it and run a 10k, just like that.
Well, you were right. I went out yesterday, intending to do a brief run, but my legs were feeling great and so I just kept going. It honestly felt like a "fuck it" moment, as in "let's see what these months of training have accomplished". I didn't quite make 10km, though, but did 9. That was my phsyical limit, as I stopped after trying to lift my leg for the next stride-and it didn't. A weird feeling, but not in a bad way. There was no cramping, just exhaustion.
You know one thing that I think actually helped, was running on an unmarked route(normally I know my half-mile markers). It prevented me from mentally quitting after going a certain distance. I didn't actually know how far I had gone until marking it later using Gb.mapometer.com.
That site also provides elevation data. I decended from a height of 63ft, all the way down to 42ft! Like I said before, this is a very flat area.

Oh, and I've been getting more motivation from rap/hip-hop lately, so it's only a matter of time before I throw in some of those techno beats :D.

Congratulations, ernst. I remembered your post about walking all those kilometers, and it's great to see you're still making progress.
No. 36598
i don't care about weight or muscles/shape, yet i had some minor problems with accumulating weight recently

i joined the "hardcore" taoist diet about a year ago now im only losing weight since then while doing absolutely nothing (except not eating shit foot that i always hated i don't even buy shitfood its my relatives who cook it)

similar experience was when i was vegan but i switched back to vegetarian due to b12 issues tho i find it nicer to be vegetarian + taiost diet (its not even diet, just avoiding eating shit)

basically all you need to know

following is extremely easy im pretty much not going back :)
also it can be customized a little as its not super strict
No. 38898
Thirty pressups at 245llbs has injured my left arm, lol.
You try you get punished.
No. 38958
Does changing your eating habits radically work? Small changes over time don't work for me they never stick. Now I'm eating according to schedule and mealplan, so far no hunger pangs but we'll see tomorrow.
No. 38966
Exercise is more important. I've still got a pretty good metabolism even though I'm aging but still. I seriously eat mostly pizza, fried foods, cereal bowls full of ice cream for dinner, large vats of pasta, tons and tons of sweets, I eat the most absurdly high caloric garbage with the exception I literally never est fast food and in spite of all this I'm only like a few pounds overweight and most of that is from being sedentary and on seroquel for years. I am constantly active at my job and I walk everywhere. I probably walk something like 10-20 miles a week. You can eat like total garbage so long as you avoid fast food and get exercise. It doesn't matter if you only eat carrots and apples if you still sit on your ass all day in the office and in the car and then at home. You have to find some way to dump calories through exercise. There is no magic bullet. Control some of the higher calories and get exercise. It's that simple and there is no workaround.
No. 38973
>Control some of the higher calories and get exercise. It's that simple and there is no workaround
True, but it's so effing hard to find time for exercise. All excuses are valid when you should go for a run...
No. 38979
73 kB, 960 × 452
Just saying I totally dislike Dees ideology but I dig a lot his art.

Regarding your question, walk and do not eat trash.

Does wonders. Personal experience
No. 39789
Took me 3 months to post another update, but I guess I'll do it. Even with regular exercise and basically no slips with the diet the weight loss is incredibly slow, I got to 111 kilos so far. But at least my body shape has improved a lot, the muscles look somewhat defined and I actually have some strength, although not as much as I did at the age of 20. Unfortunately due to the quarantine efforts all the fitness centres will be closed until may at least, which means that it's probably the best shape I'll reach for awhile, if not ever. I'd like to explore some options regarding exercise programs usable at home with little to no equipment, but the future doesn't seem to be too bright, in any respect.
No. 39804
How many liquid calories do you consume?
Exercise is important but diet will give bigger results, stop eating and drinking processed crap.
On the positive side you are having results, could you train harder, more often, improve you diet, be more active at work ect.
No. 39825
>How many liquid calories do you consume?
Pretty sure it's close to zero, I only drink water and tea.

Now that I'm stuck with home training I will be even worse off I suppose.
No. 39827
It should be balance. Just diet with doing nothing will also be not very sucsesfull. But it's actually very individual things.

Are you running, or going to the gym? You can do gym stuff at home actually.
No. 39828
Congratulations. If you're seeing physical changes in the mirror, then that's a victory-even if your weight doesn't drop as much as you would like.
All of our gyms and fitness centers are closed too, and I'm finding that it's very difficult to establish a new strength routine. Right now I'm using some light dumbbells, and doing push-ups, but not regularly, or with any intensity.
If you can, then increase your walking. That's what I did, and I'm also running a lot more. I'll probably come out of this quarantine weaker, but with a really great cardiovascular system.
No. 39876
>Are you running, or going to the gym?
I've been going to the gym for about 4 months now. I also prefer exercise bike to running, which is not very healthy for an overweight person.
>You can do gym stuff at home actually.
Technically, yes, but you need A LOT of space and quite a bit of money if you want to do it properly. I guess I'll have to buy some stuff at least.
Thank you!
It's annoying for sure but we'll pull through.
No. 39877
I am too lazy to make food myself but too poor to buy premade food.
Such is life.
Being underweight isn't that bad.
No. 40888
So, as previously mentioned, after my gym closed I started running more-10 to 12 miles per week this past month(up from 6-8). Well, the good news is my endurance has improved. The bad news is that I've developed some minor bursitis in my right ankle. That's an inflamation of the small sack of fluid which cusions our joints. It's not serious, and the treatment is just rest and ibuprofen. I think the injury was caused by my sprinting, which I wasn't really doing before. With that, the impact with each step is much harder than it was for longer distances, where my feet stayed very close to the ground. I also found that there was less pain in my ankle when running on grass, where the impact was reduced. And walking-where there is virually no impact-also feels fine.
Well, whether is was caused by the brief periods of increased speed, or just the cumulative increase in miles, I haven't run these last two days, and I'll take the rest of the week off to allow the ankle to heal up. I'm not happy about it, but at least it's not a major setback.
No. 40889
> 96kg, 24.6% body fat on February 24th
> 88.9kg, 20.8% bf today

feels gutman
No. 40919
I guess it's true what they say about physical activity: when you think you're "done", you're only actually 50% done. If you push past that feeling of exhaustion, you can keep going.

I've been curating albums for the radio while climbing stairs. So I don't stop until either the album ends or ~45 minutes passes. Pretty good motivation to prevent chickening out early.
No. 41062
265 kB, 926 × 459
After a week of rest, I resumed running today and my ankle handled 2.5 miles(4km) well. It felt good, but I wouldn't say it was back to 100%, so I'll proceed carefully from here. I don't want to reinjure it, and then be forced to take even more time off. Running is really addictive; after doing it regularly, suddenly stopping was more difficult than I thought it would be.
For now, I plan to limit my miles and pace(no sprinting for a while), do more miles on grass, and also avoid back-to-back days. Gotta have those off-days to recover, right?

Congratulations, ernst.

God bless the Walkman® :D
The only time I don't have earbuds in is when it's raining it's pouring rain. Then I have to stuff them in a ziploc bag to keep them from getting ruined.
No. 41068
lost many a pmp and earbuds to rain myself
well worf it mate, well worf it
No. 41725
Started eating less again, should have actually started earlier in this lockdown. Let's see how it works.

Also as a bonus: three stages of obesity
  1. You don't see what hangs down there
  2. You don't see what stands up down there
  3. You don't see who sucks you down there
No. 41728
I've been slowly growing a bit of a gut lately, so I've started working out a bit again. My lifehack right now is to time my pushup/squat sets with grinding my stupid gacha game (once you've cleared a level you can grind it on "auto-pilot"), so I get that extra bit of dopamine to make me keep going. The timing is surprisingly good to get in a set of 20 and a break, and then to start the next level & set. I'm not sure if it's a worthwhile price to pay that I end up playing that stupid game at other times too, but at least I manage to do some decent workouts.
No. 41855
22 kB, 450 × 332
Had an epiphany sitting alone in the sauna last night. My skin is very delicate and I get horrible stretchmarks from even a little weight gain. It has always been so. The past 5 years I've been steadily hoarding kilos, so you can imagine how plenty the stretchmarks are by now. That and the very possibility I will have loose skin at my goal weight due to being old this time around.

But you know what Ernst? It doesn't fucking matter, the next person to see me naked will be the coroner. I don't need to show my naked body to anyone if I don't want to. No judgement from Tinder thots, the only one to see the red scars will be me (and the coroner). So, now I can lose weight just for that lean silhouette while clothed, I don't need to feel self-conscious for the scars, fretting over every blemish. I am now free.
No. 41879
A couple of months ago, when I stepped onto a scale - it gave me a startling figure, a whopping 104kg.

Two months later, I am at 86kg. It seems I managed to lose a considerable amount of weight at breakneck speed. Three days ago I began logging my calories intake and outake, and it seems my average for the past three days is 2500 kcalories burnt and 1200 calories that I gobbled up. It's possible that my numbers became better as I began writing them down, but either way I'm doing pretty well. It seems that in a month I'll be at an ideal weight.
My BMI is the upper edge of acceptable, given I'm at 185cm to 86kg.

By the time this pandemic is settles down and I meet with friends again, I can only assume they'll be impressed at my sudden transformation.
No. 41982
Stores are open, so I went out to buy some summer clothes. What an unpleasant experience. There's something oppressive about being in a clothing store.
Also, after losing some weight, my body looks even more horrid than before. It looks like I'm melting. I need to get my ass in gear and lengthen the exercises. Maybe one day I'll look good clothed. Looking good naked, well, that ship sailed a long time ago.
No. 41997
I'm so glad I finally figured out where the hell those images were coming from. I was previously utterly convinced that it was all some kind of an elaborate psyop, either being spammed by some national government like the Russians or the Chinese, or getting blasted across the internet for some more obscure purpose by a domestic intelligence agency or political action committee or cult or something.

I am, to this day, not even entirely convinced of it not being the case. It's just so incredibly strange to me that you've just got some random American guy doing all of this shit and plausibly credibly believing in all this insane bullshit. When you parse through it all there isn't even any kind of actual overriding apparent logic to it. It's like David Dees is not even actually bothering to form his own coherent narrative. Like he will loudly proclaim the Jews in one thing, and then be pro Trump, and then be anti-Trump, and go from pro-environmentalism propaganda to pretty much anti-green propaganda. It just doesn't make any fucking sense to me and I always knew it came from one single source because his style is so incredibly distinctive and quite frankly contrived looking propaganda. I STILL am not even 100% convinced that this guy isn't somehow just a front or a fiction for some psyop.
No. 42082
Today I weighted less than 90 kg. The way is long yet but at least it's not unfeasible.
No. 42084
Happy for you. I for years weight between 70 to 80, with best my achivments was around 65.
No. 42085
Sounds like it's not that bad.
No. 42086
Well, for me it is. I'm not really fat but really dissatisyed with my body. I far for just normality and... don't know how low on weight need to be to be just skinny. 55? Probalby something like that. I'm 170cm, and my normal weight somewhere in like 70 or 65 I forgot, but it's clearly too much for me. I'm "skinnyfat" if you know what I mean.
No. 42088
Congratulations and stay strong, Ernst.
t. also losing weight
No. 42416
570 kB, 656 × 368, 0:03
The temperature and humidity have been steadily increasing all Spring, and have reached the point where it drains my strength when I run. It feels like I'm losing my cadio gains, as I struggle to finish a time/distance which used to feel easy.
Btw, the reason we lose endurance in the heat is because our body sends a lot of blood out to the skin's surface to try to cool down. This means that, in addition to circulating blood to active muscles, your heart has to pump enough to also fuel the sweat/cooling cycle. One study I saw indicated that hot weather increased a runner's heart rate by up to 15 beats per minute. So it doesn't just feel like exercise is harder in hot weather, it actually is harder.
So I won't be running that Death Valley marathon anytime soon. Marathon. I'll probably never do that distance, tbh. I'm more interested in faster runs, than I am in longer ones. The deal I made with myself when I started, was that I would limit my miles to protect my knees, and I plan to stick to that. It's funny that, for the most part, my knees have been great this whole time, but it was actually my ankles that caused the biggest problem not too long ago. Well, it seems I survived that with no real harm done, as I no longer chew anti-inflammatories like candy :D.

Looks like you're doing great, ernst. Congratulations to you, too, and keep it up.
No. 42421
93 kB, 828 × 819
This post really has been a slap to my procrastinating face that has dropped the daily cardio. Thankfully I'm still at 86kg, and have still been behaving healthily. I think it was just being happy at current settis' but time to pick it back up.
No. 42832
917 kB, 318 × 246, 0:05
I ran my first 6 minute mile this morning(5 minutes and 59 seconds). This was a milestone I had set a while back, and have been building towards. Feels great to reach it. I know that physically it doesn't really matter if I finish at 6 minutes one second, vs. 5:59, but psychologically that 2 seconds makes all the difference in the world. Funny how that works.
I'm also figuring out how important it is to keep my head up and shoulders back while running. It really helps open up the ribcage, and it feels like I get more oxygen that way. So no slouching :D
This has been my favorite running song for the last month or so. It's long enough(14 minutes) that I can zone out while listening, and it has 140 beats per minute, which is a good pace.

Niggas In Paris Remix Ft Chris Brown - Meek Mill - Busta Rhymes

Encouragement is important for all of us, Ernst. What is your preferred cardio?
No. 42837
162 kB, 900 × 639
I hop on my stationary bike and away I go :DD
Nothing better than getting fit from the comfort of mine home, and I'm now under 85kg. Solidly "normal weight", but I will continue losing some more bodyfat as I enjoy looking at the mirror and wondering who this good looking stranger is.
Congratulations on your achievements, we're gonna make it Ernst.
No. 42848
This thread is 2 years old and i remember reading it back when i was going for my first well earned vacation on my own, fucking hell...

I am still at the same weight, im striving for 70 kg. Definitely this time i am gonna starve myself especially now after realizing how much i wasted my youth and especially after seeing an image of a woman who reminded me of several crushes i never dared to ask out and here i am fucking listening to teenage alt rock.

Uh, now i regret typing this. I came here to open my mind about some literature not to vent like it is kc.. pardon me.
No. 42850
Holy fuck it has been two years
...jesus where did the time go

I really have just got to get my fucking act together now man. I need to go into grad school and get out of this bydlo shit once and for all. I actually was probably supposed to be starting my second year already if it wasn't for the fucking Lyme disease.
No. 43405
21 kB, 728 × 104
I've been getting what seems to be ads for females. I assume this is because I've been looking up caloric content in different foods.

AI is calling me a bitch and I don't like it.
No. 43407
Nooo that is a good thing lad. It means that you have successfully tricked their faggy algorithms. Basically there's no way to effectively hide at this point except throwing up enough noise and static they can't effectively hear you anymore. It doesn't mean you should take off your scriptblockers and VPN, but a certain amount of anonymity is impossible to maintain these days without that.

The most obnoxious thing is them doing it with cellphones. Every once in awhile I like to talk near my phone in such a way that they'll pick up on the wrong keywords. Yes, your phone is actively listening in on you btw. If you pay close enough attention you'll notice the targeted ads will suddenly change depending on some conversation it overhead you having. And that is why I always go with Rain-X for my Toyota Camry.
No. 43434 Kontra
I don't have a phone for these (and other) reasons. The last person I knew to avoid smart phones now has one as well and I'm the only one left. This means I'm just as much surveilled as everyone else because the people are bringing their phones with them when they visit and there is now way to stop them without alienating them too much and ending up alone.

Kontra for OT
No. 44131
122 kB, 1200 × 500
I guess since it's been another 3 months, it's time for one more update?

Life during the lockdown has not been treating me great, I've lost all sources of income and moved back in with my mother. Kinda had trouble getting motivated, started slacking on the diet and therefore for 2 months I'd been slowly gaining fat, up to 113 kilos. But one day I decided that I shouldn't be such a little bitch about it and started watching what I'm eating again and exercising every day. I'd dedicate an hour to a workout session and every day, as it got easier, I'd just add more exercises to the routine. It's been four weeks and I'm already down to 109 kilograms, although the first 3 went away in just a week or so. The muscles also look better, although overall still pretty pathetic if I'm being objective. The gym will be opening again next week and I'll probably will start going regularly again, even though I'm quiet wary of getting infected and passing it on to my mum.

The picture is my old belt, it looks terrible but I refuse to buy a new one, because it reminds me of my progress every time I put pants on.
No. 44226
I was gonna ask how the hell you managed to stretch out a belt like that. This reminds me yet again I have to get new pants. Out of all the things I spend money on that's the one I'm most loathe to do even though I've often fluctuated enough to need them and I went from actually fitting my other old pants again to now becoming a fatass and I'm struggling to put on one of those pairs. I know that feel of needing to bore holes into a belt with a pocketknife too.

You can try to become homeless or something. I at one point was so broke and so chronically poor over a summer that I actually had to resort to mixing vegetable oil with some old flour I had and forgetting this is not how you do baking so I tried making these disgusting greasy fried balls just so I could slow down my weight loss. A friend bought me a bag of coffee and that kept the full pain away. I am never going to forget how good those baked beans tasted. When you're literally starving and shedding so much weight a ring falls off your fingers that you couldn't get on your fat hands before you'll never have imagined just how good a cold can of baked beans can taste that's been torn open with a chef's knife. No I did not have a can opener. Knife is fine.

Of course on the flipside you'll start to see food a lot differently and itll easily start to become a real pleasure thing. Hence part of why I eventually started getting fat again, then lost it, and started gaining more now that I've not been working as much or going out anywhere and eating a bit trashier food.

>Life during the lockdown has not been treating me great, I've lost all sources of income and moved back in with my mother.
I thought you guys got shut down? Hasn't Putin passed any kind of bailout or relief act for Russians? Leaving a bunch of poor starving and unemployed Russians seems like a dangerous idea to me.
No. 44245
So far I'm far from desperate, my mother has a nice apartment in the good part of the city, and living with her means my spending is considerably less than it was before, I will be able to live just on my savings at least until the end of the year.

As for the relief efforts, sure they exist, but mostly for the people with young children, the most I could hope for is like ~$50 per month unemployment benefit, and I'm not inclined to go to some stuffed office to apply for it.
No. 44246
Looking at your execrcises I discovered in april that I again wight 80kilos. So I decided again go for more hard diet and also running. Since half of may, whole june and jule I do running every day, other exercises when have time for it also.
No. 44263
329 kB, 920 × 1280
According to my May 27th post here, I was 86kg. Now I stand at... 83.5kg

This has been roughly my weight for the past few weeks, being unable to change much. I have however put on considerable muscle mass and I look good! I still have some gut but I really feel good about my settis. I guess this is probably what my healthy weight is - I just need to continuously exchange blubber with muscle.

People have noticed and I have got compliments on it. I'll also attribute the positive female attention of the past month or so to this change. If only I could burn my assburgers in the same way I can burn my disgusting fat
No. 44270
Nice pace! I have circa 82 kg now since May 19, let's see how far it goes.
No. 44910
1,1 MB, 480 × 255, 0:02
I ran a personal best 5k time this morning: 22:15. Really happy about that, tbh. I've been finishing in the 23-24 minute range for a while and finally broke through the plateau. Since this was such a large improvement, I have to acknowledge overcoming a mental hurdle as well as a physical one. You see, on most days I run the first mile slowly, to conserve my energy for the finish. Being out of breath isn't fun, so I try to delay that level of exertion until I know I'm close to stopping where I can rest. But today I started at my faster pace, and discovered that while I rapidly hit that "out of breath" stage, it didn't escalate beyond that initial feeling. So I went from normal to rapid breathing in a matter of minutes, but then never approached a full collapse level of fatigue. I just had to be willing to push myself to see that.
My run ended at a park with a chin-up bar. I did a few, and an older woman passing by smiled and said she couldn't even do one. I told her to keep trying. She was 50+, but there's no reason she can't make it too :D.
Also, if she was younger I would have frozen like an idiot. Funny how that works.
No. 44913
118 kB, 1024 × 768
This morning I weighed myself and I was at 81.8kg. I am definitely carrying more muscle which makes weight a questionable measurement, but I still could lose some more fat.
Things look bright and they dont really take much effort or time if I am honest. I think people like portraying their own struggles as some heroic attempt at conquering themselves from inaction of laziness, but I think a better message is that it isn't too hard, it's more tedious. Not that I've achieved much in some sense, I am just normal now as opposed to being a fat slob. The thing that is really enjoyable is feeling like you are moving towards something better, even if it's by inches. Gives you something in your life that is slowly improving and that you can look forward to. A functional barrier against existential despair
No. 44937
My weight now "floats" in 75-79 range. In ideal world, I want drop at least to 65.

No. 45550
313 kB, 1280 × 1025
I managed to actually see a perfect 80.0kg on my scale. I have gained repeated compliments and I feel better. I did it, Ernst :DD
No. 45556
It doesn't actually mean anything if I don't know your height nor frankly should you post it or I bother you with it for datafarming reasons. I think that we should add another amendment to the Constitution about privacy but that's a non-sequitur.

I really should work on my weight. I think the additional pounds I gained back this year are starting to make my face look like ass. It's pretty amazing how much different you can look in the face when you really become a fatty. The one nice thing about my current circumstance including my lack of driving is I'm forced to get actual physical activity which at least counterbalances the fact I eat like crap, and when I say I am eating garbage I mean really eating trash, like $0.59 a box Walmart mac n cheese level trash. I at least bought a couple avacados today which I use basically in place of medicine to control my sky high cholesterol which is why I can't drink so much milk anymore.

Really though it's kind of incredible I'm not super fat right now with how I eat, like bowls of ice cream for dinner and tons of pasta and other carbs and drinking koolaide prepared the correct way which is a cup of sugar per gallon my very obliviously white ex used to make it with just a packet in a water pitcher because I can't be bothered to carry that many cans of selzter back to my apartment which I think used to help. Just drinking selzter is a pretty good alternative to controlling your appetite and compulsions which is a pretty big deal when you start getting much older and your metabolism completely goes to shit.
No. 45560
Congrats, man.

Have you tried skim milk? It's difficult to make the transition from whole or 2% milk, but you get used to it. I know, that's not a very enthusiastic endorsement, but zero fat with high protein is an unbeatable combination.
No. 45561
67 kB, 720 × 900
Just stop eating. Save 10$ a day on sweets and after 2 weeks spend the money on a hooker. Repeat.
Or do fat surgery.
No. 46233
113 kB, 800 × 265
271 kB, 960 × 518
In my previous post I celebrated my 80kg goal, but now I'm standing at 78.5kg. To lessen the loss of muscle mass from a caloric deficit, I began taking protein supplements. It's strange to think that earlier this year i was carrying over an extra 25kg of lard with me at all time.

I am 1,85m tall, I think I posted it before here anyways
No. 46551
381 kB, 640 × 480
I went to the gym for the first time since...oh, it must have been around April when Covid forced everything to close. It felt good to be back in there; it might not feel so good later when I'm sore, but that's tomorrow's problem :D. If you remember from my post when I stopped going to the gym, I increased my running to compensate for that. But now I enjoy it too much to cut back. Plus, I'm making real gains on my running times, and I don't want to lose that. So I'll have to find a way to balance running/gym/rest. Gotta have some rest in there, otherwise I'll end up with another injury. Or maybe not, since the different activities use different muscles. We'll see how it goes. If you see a post next week where I'm complaining about being injured, then you'll know I was stupid and pushed myself too far.

>To lessen the loss of muscle mass from a caloric deficit, I began taking protein supplements
Smart. I'm going to start eating Greek yogurt again to increase my protein.
Congratulations on your continued fitness gains, ernst.
No. 46554
104 kB, 1063 × 1473
104 kB, 1079 × 1501
I started fasting 2 weeks ago.

I didnt eat for 7 days. Only drank 150 vegetable juice a day.
Then the second week i ate a egg every day.
This week i am doing a ketogenic one meal a day.
Lost 5,5 kg in this time, its mostly water but still good.

I had a accident and i cant workout properly, so i started to go for a walk. Both walks took me around 2 hours and i felt really exhausted. After my walk yesterday i ate 2 eggs and 450 Gram rib eye steak. Today i ate 2 eggs and 180 Gram oven cheese.
No. 46562
Update: As expected, I am very sore today.

You seem really dedicated to improving; good luck. We have a Russian ernst who posted about walking to lose weight, and he was quite successful.
No. 46645
1,5 MB, 1600 × 1112
Considering that in the past 7 days I have had a single cigarette, I feel confident in saying that I've quit smoking. Granted, the urge to light just a another cigarette - 'one surely wouldn't hurt!' is still very much there and I still look at lighters and cigarettes funny. Leaving my house without my 20 friends makes me feel like I'm leaving something behind and I feel like I'm forgetting an important part of the post-meal ritual.
Health improvement is already noticeable, where I'd burn out at heavy intensity 30 mins cycling (500kcal) - now I'm able to do 40 minutes at 700kcal daily without much strain.

My weights should arrive tomorrow. The future looks bright.
No. 46647
Congrats man. In my experience it's the first three or four days followed by the one month mark that's hardest. I never made it past six months. But then again, I generally never had the strong enough will or objective to stay smoke free either.
No. 46657
I bought a pull up bar and right now I can't do a single pull up, but I will follow a schedule and see if it works for me, I hope I will be able to do 2-3 pull ups in a month.
No. 46659
Can you do half pullups or jackknife pullups? I guess you're probably doing a similar practice routine.

I don't really have as much of an objective to stop smoking itself as I need a something to do so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something. Plus, quitting smoking was on my list for a long while and I'm glad I'm doing this. The first day without nicotine literally caused me to have panic attacks and feel near suicidal. It can't be a good idea to rely on such a substance and on such a disgusting industry to maintain basic mental stability.
No. 46661 Kontra
Yesterday I listened to a presentation where the guy argued for the tabacco industry making a consumer worth about 10.000$, so on average the industry makes 10k profit on a smoker before that smoker dies of the harms done by smoking cigarettes of that kind.
No. 46662
There are plenty of existing progression for doing a pull-up and then going beyond that, but in case you're not following one already : Look for Scooby1961's or MinusTheGym's videos on pull-ups progression
No. 47316
I suppose I should do another update, not sure if anyone will read it, but what if it inspires someone to work on their body as well? Then I'll have done something good.

Since the gym reopened I got the fitness instructor to write down a program for me and I have been following it as close as I can, and the results have been showing, my body looks much better after a few months of regular workouts, and the weight is down as well, to 103 kilos now. I'm still not quite satisfied with the results, I can see now that it might become a lifelong project - well, not the loss of weight, but the effort to keep it level - but it's still so satisfying to see the improvements in the mirror.

In other news, I finally started on a new job again three weeks ago, so my sleep schedule suffered and my overall mood went down quite a bit, but at least I will not go broke anytime soon.
No. 47319
Stay strong buddy, ultimately the sum of all these small efforts does pan out to something greater. It might seem like many pointless struggles but you're gonna make it.
No. 47321
>I suppose I should do another update, not sure if anyone will read it, but what if it
I read! Keep up good work!
No. 47333
Thank you, guys.