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No. 31728 Systemkontra
377 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
446 kB, 1138 × 640
821 kB, 811 × 466
Old thread deda
New threda not
No. 31730
Where is the first screenshot from?
No. 31731
1,1 MB, 1142 × 770
1,1 MB, 3332 × 1278
I had mediacore feelings. I not expected much and I got less than I expected. Quests ultra obvious, markers, fast travel, small maps. Action parts are boring. "numbers" in RPG system is like some kind of bonus stuff it not really need. Perks are typical "+5 attack". World style and this universe bland and boring. It feels like very-very-very budget mass effect with worst things stealed from bethesda's fallout 4 and skyrim. Don't know how anyone expected from it "fallout 1 is back" or even "fallout new vegas is back". It is not.
No. 31732
258 kB, 1920 × 1080
496 kB, 1920 × 1080
49 kB, 760 × 405
164 kB, 1024 × 768
Singleplayer game on Quake 1 - Arcane Dimensions.

It needs Quakespasm engine, instruction should be in download or somewhere there. It's really awesome. Great maps, and one of the best looking low-poly you can get probably.
No. 31733
17,6 MB, 1808 × 1024, 0:13
Playing Quake II PS1 version via ePSXe emulator. Tihs game have PS1 mouse support so controls is great. It's obviously far from PC version, but it have slightly modified maps from original game and expansions in different order, it runs on different engine and this port is one of the greatest technical achivments for PS1 hardware. Via emulator I can also enable all features I want - texture filtering, higer resolution, x4 fast CPU etc what was unavalible on original hardware.
No. 31735
Somehow I expect this to partly explain why the writing of PoE was so mediocre at best, and why FNV was retarded. What this does not do is explain why the rape and psych doctor quest in FNV existed. That remains, to this day, one of the absolute worst pieces of writing I've ever even seen, and somehow it also strikes me as being almost downright insulting to rape victims and feminism and all that other stuff. ...yeah, I can't even think of a more atrocious piece of vidya writing than that right now. God what an awful quest. I guarantee you at least one of those shitheads is why Durance was written out and he is one of the only characters who not only didn't annoy the fuck out of me but that I actually liked.

Meanwhile the writing on Wasteland 2 managed to actually even be good. Some parts were downright cringey like the railroad injuns this is probably Brain Fargos fault tbh he seemed to have a fondness for making stupid stereotype caricatures like that see also San Francisco and Tribals in Fallout 2 with some really rough spots that made me feel like the writing was done on a mix of Adderall and Risperdal, but otherwise it had a lot of good writing. Same with Tides. Most of TToNs writing was good regardless of what others try to say. But Pillars? Yeesh. What an awful, dry, tedious exercise that game was. I have no idea why I bought the White March DLCs. I haven't even had PoE II wishlisted at all.

It's such a shame because Obsidian used to be good, but they, whatever became of BioWare, and some other companies put out so pretty atrocious writing. Here's to hoping Larian, inXile, and whoever is involved with VTMB2 keeps making an effort to be good writers.
No. 31739
24,9 MB, 1728 × 1080, 0:19
>and why FNV was retarded
It was not. I am not gonna argue with you today, but compare to TOW it actually had much more content, RPG system was much more needed for gameplay, you actually cared about world and general quest tasks was much more complex than here. There is a number of dumb things I not like in FNV, but still it really big game and 2ns best fallout for me.

I not fan of KOTOR2 because "star wars" reasons and I clearly not fan of this. PoE felt so bland in it's style and I am not a fan of this subgenre in general si I stopped playing after an hour. But it's universe had interesting ideas in it's core - sad that overall look was as bland as it possible can.

More gameplay
I do short clips because I don't want to compress videos.
No. 31742
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Some recent Project Tamriel screenshorts for morrowind. Shame, it still need a lot work untill next major release of Cyrodiil
No. 31744
20,9 MB, 1728 × 1080, 0:12
Sory for already triple posting of same stuff, but I realized that I had frame skipper. I turned it off and not it's have much more smooth framerate.
No. 31747
107 kB, 1440 × 810
199 kB, 1440 × 810
1,3 MB, 1294 × 720
55 kB, 1000 × 563
You wouldn't think for an indie pixelated game that it could possibly be spooky let alone good, but somehow this game really truly is good and genuinely scary. I think it was the masterful use of sound, obscured views, and a number of other factors that did it but this is truly one of the spookiest games I've played and a real treat. Would recommend. The only thing that bugs me so far is I freaking hate checkpoints but I'm starting to see how this at least works for it, although I still think an autosave feature would've been way better, just because I fucking hate seeing this
>it's been 13 minutes 47 seconds since your last save are you sure you wish to exit?
although I at least think visiting the stove quicksaves it.

You know, the other thing that this game captures really well to an exact science is what it's like spending a few nights in New England. I actually asked about that awhile ago vis a vis how did they manage to so perfectly capture the eerie sense of being in New England, to which a developer responded
>um, the game is set in Poland
This was obviously before I'd played the game much but it is really amazing just how much is in common between similar/same biomes, right down to that wandering around and hearing crows and stumbling upon an animal carcass in the woods. If you ever wondered what spending a season (or a year or a college education or whatever) feels like, it is exactly like this game. Truly, Poland is the most New England American country in Europe.

I don't think I can even do it justice explaining it. And the lines, my god just the story lore like
>this road leads to nowhere, like all other roads
>all roads only lead deeper into the forest
Yup. That's exactly what that feels like. Or hunkering down for the night as strange sounds and twigs snapping happen all around you in the all encroaching darkness.
No. 31748
275 kB, 1919 × 1078
Just completed VTMB for the third time on my second run as a Malkavian. Wanted to try a run as an ersntferatu, but I found the sewer-hopping and obfuscating through the streets just for some flavour dialogue tiresome, plus I played most of my former Malkavian playthrough drunk so it was a fairly fresh experience (life hack: get blind drunk when consuming media and you can enjoy it as almost-new in a sober state a couple of years later!) The game is a pleasure to play through as always, but the developer's time constraints really become apparent once you hit Chinatown and the game's pacing is shot to pieces.

Gonna play The Outer Worlds and Disco Elysium next. By all accounts Disco Elysium looks like the superior RPG, so I'll play TOW first. I'd rather have a hamburger for lunch and then dine on kobe steak.
No. 31749
22,3 MB, 1728 × 1080, 0:19
bf said a lot of good things about this game. It's really have a lot attention to little ditails and some quality use of perspective. Some text descriptions works awesome and it'll be not even near so cool if it was just 3d game

Speaking of 3d - here is PS1 version of Dune 2000 :D
Very, very strange decidion make it 3d, considering quality 2d art of PC version and that Red Alert and Retalation on PS1 was 2d too. This is why we don't get 3d RTS games untill 2002-2004 lol
No. 31750
Tiberian Sun is 2d as well and they specifically said that it is too much for PSX hardware.
No. 31751
250 kB, 640 × 480
Well not absoluetly 2d. It use voxels for some units, and also terrain calculations to imitate terrain heights. And well yeah, resolutions, details, voxels etc. bbe impossible to port to PS1 most probably.
No. 31756
Ha ha, Outer Worlds have censurship in names - there a long list of names you can't name character because it may ""offend"" some people.
Censurship on character names in singleplayer game is something really new for me. You know, fuck it, I'm back in my 1998.
No. 31757
>But Pillars? Yeesh. What an awful, dry, tedious exercise that game was.
Each to his own. Vanilla PoE was one of the better gaming experiences I have had. The writing might not be stellar but it is only one factor along with music, lore, graphics, etc after all. In the end it's about immersion and it worked for me ...

>I have no idea why I bought the White March DLCs.
This was terrible though.

>I haven't even had PoE II wishlisted at all.
Rather bad as well. The story is kinda nonsensical and the game design doesn't work out all that well.

This quest and generally the Addon containing it are incredible compared to the rest though.

For now I am pretty close to finishing Disco Elysium. Style, writing, lore, story and how the game plays out are all pretty good but some things are solved incredibly poor. The check system is fucking trash. Having the PC rolling out whether you succeed or not is in it self stupid as PCs are terrible at doing things at random and being able to save scam most of them adds another dimension of stupidity. Overall it's definitely cool and I don't want to spoil more of it.
No. 31758
>along with music, lore, graphics, etc
None of these I found particularly impressive and often were downsides as well for me. The lore is part of what I meant by dry and tedious. It felt like I wasn't doing anything but Larping about some part of Welsh history nobody cares about. Even the graphics themselves annoyed me because somehow my band of adventurers going through caves and muck has this really shiny glistening armor. It wasn't the graphics themselves so much as certain peculiar style choices like everything looking way too antiseptic that annoyed me.

As for the story it wasn't bad per se however to this day I use PoE as a fantastic example what not to do in writing, and that is among other things do not ever reveal yourself as the author having an agenda. When people bitch about "SJWs" this is really what they're talking about. You can put any story you want in your game so long as it is told well. Lecturing players is the opposite and despite it having nothing to do with muh esjays the whole Animancy plotline felt exactly like this, and made me feel as if the authors were lecturing me constantly on why I must be some narrow minded backwards thinking fundamentalist bigot to take issue with animancy.

This can happen for a few reasons in a game. One of these is that it's not just one but a team of writers who may disagree on the central importance or framing of certain elements in a game, or who may have come up with an idea that got incorporated by the big wigs and now are very protective of their pet idea/lore. An infamous example of this is the Ultramarines and the Black Library. The Mary Sue bullshit of the Ultramarines is a 40K iteration of that problem.

The result of this was continually breaking one of the core rules of storytelling which is show, don't tell. I felt like I was being told nonstop how animancy is some cutting edge science with the potential to free man or other kind and be some miracle cure, which felt like the game itself was going out of it's way to remind me about that, and coming up with lame bullshit excuses nonstop about how everything going wrong was really Leaden Keys fault, and meanwhile the whole game I am shown nothing but horror as a result of these soul mutilating necromancers.

The other great example of being told then shown something completely different is the gods. I cannot possibly take something seriously in a fantasy game that tells me the gods aren't real, meanwhile cooking the gods into the stats themselves. This is incontrovertible proof of the realness of gods. Why? Because in an rpg stats are like rules of physics. A stat is a physical manifestation of the core rules of the universe. Whether a god is a false one, or invented, or illegitimate is one thing, but if I can have my core stats changed by gods then gods=real.

The overall impression I got of the game was that some retarded fucking Wiccan or something was left in charge of it, because that is the only thing other than multiple conflicting pet theories I can come up with for why the writing was so retarded for the main storyline, particularly given those two really weird statements being pushed by the game that both animancy is good and gods aren't real despite the game routinely showing me otherwise. These sorts of things have established, for me at least, PoE as my whipping boy for whenever I want to make a point about bad writing and what not to do in writing.

The rest is just nitpicks. The glistening armor contrasts too sharply with the setting, which is all the more noticeable in how poor and dirty engwithans are. Constant backer NPC spam. I'm used to backer bullshit, but this is the second worst example in a game (the worst going to GalCiv III for naming stars. GC3 is the #1 worst example of allowing backers to break immersion and ruining things) although I at least was entertained by most of the snippets of writing. Spells themselves didn't look great either. I hate RTwP. Planescape at least redeemed itself by making spells entertaining to look at--no such thing existed in PoE. Multiple game breaking bugs. I won't describe them here but suffice it to say there were 3 of them I had and I've no idea how I sunk more than 200 hours into that PoS. It wasnt terrible, just not very good.

>White March was however terrible
Well shit. I only got a little into it so far then set it down, partly due to a third bug where for some insane reason the save system autosave and cannot be disabled, so every time you save or load game it loads literally all assets or is doing some weird thing causing wait times of up to two minutes. I am not exaggerating: two minutes per save and load. In fact that may explain why I was 200 hours played to begin with. So I had to delete most of my saves to play it again. Why this is a problem you ask? Because some game breaking bugs do not become apparent until hours later. I had two separate ones that made quests and the game unplayable or closed off whole areas forcing me to backtrack literally hours of gameplay, time that I had only by saving numerous times.

This also saved me for WM because one big thing had I known in the beginning I wouldnt have bought the DLC was that this is not an expansion, but merely additional content, which sadly I could not get a refund for it. I paid these jackasses a ridiculous sum of coin even after sales, sadly. So I found out I had to go all the way back to right where I was about to jump into the pit at the end and go start all the WM content because like fucking HELL am I ever going to play this game from start again.
No. 31772
Obsidian is a strange company. On the one hand they have people who, at least at some point, were absolutely insanely talented (such as the Troika people who made Arcanum and VTMB), and they can produce an amazingly well-written game like FNV.

But for some reason, almost all of their games are painfully mediocre. My first impressions of PoE were bad enough that I never played it, but your description perfectly lines up with my experience with Tyranny and Outer Worlds (though I've just watched streams of OW).
No. 31773
A lot of people left company after FNV. Now it really different company almost
No. 31777
It should also noted that for some reason they almost never have enough time to fully implement their ideas and had to cut parts from the final game.
No. 31798
PoE was fine, nothing special but had some great writing in the DLC and challenging fights demanding tactics and planning. The latter thing doesn't seem to matter at all to people that rate TOW this highly.
No. 31802
Playing The Outer Worlds after VTMB really makes it apparent how "on rails" it feels to have quest markers and how much mystery it takes out of the world. I miss exploring and following vague directions.
No. 31806
55 kB, 600 × 752
>The result of this was continually breaking one of the core rules of storytelling which is show, don't tell.
When doing the opposite people will complain about how the game explains nothing.

>I felt like I was being told nonstop how animancy is some cutting edge science with the potential to free man or other kind and be some miracle cure, which felt like the game itself was going out of it's way to remind me about that, and coming up with lame bullshit excuses nonstop about how everything going wrong was really Leaden Keys fault, and meanwhile the whole game I am shown nothing but horror as a result of these soul mutilating necromancers.
Animancy is cutting edge science but people in game are legitimately afraid of it. The powers meddled with are beyond almost everyone's comprehension that lives at the moment in time you play.

You can't be pro Leaden key in any of the games even though their world view holds as much valid claim as the views of all other worshippers. The views presented are kinda dangerous in the real world (and considering the backlash the tranny joke had) so you would be really playing with fire when trying to justify them and appease SJWs at the same time. The Leaden Key is willing to sacrifice innocents for what they perceive to be the greater good, believe in a strict god given hierarchy, etc - so they get bashed and blamed, non stop and by almost everyone.

>The other great example of being told then shown something completely different is the gods. I cannot possibly take something seriously in a fantasy game that tells me the gods aren't real, meanwhile cooking the gods into the stats themselves.
The gods aren't what people think they are is the point the game tries to make. In some sense they are as real as it gets, in another they aren't what people tend to believe them to be.

Even though I don't see big problems with the points above, the real world is also somewhat inconsistent and not coherent. Maybe people have the demand that games, as products of our imagination and things closer to perfection than the real world, are. I think you just have to sort things out for yourself.

>Constant backer NPC spam.
This was done in a terrible manner and with very bad style. I never understood why they did not just give every character fragments of past lives you can look into (this can be anything from a one liner to lots of text) instead of having faggy, shitty looking and useless yellow named backer chars with walls of text and no other interactions.


I got to admit that the game is far from perfect, any way I had a good time playing it the first time. I hit some sweet spot at the time I played it and it did good for me. I am kind of afraid to replay it, trying to reproduce the good times though. Pretty sure it wouldn't work. Too bad you did not have as good of an experience as I did, may you find it elsewhere, some other time.


>White Marsh
I don't recall it being buggy but it was just badly executed. I had to read up on the story afterwards because I did not understand much of it while playing the game. It did not fit well with the main game and the story had nothing to do with it ...

A more general point I can make here is that addons tend to suck. Here it completely threw the game off balance with extra exp and unbalanced items you could take into the main game. Of cause it works in certain kinds of games but more often than not Vanilla offers a better rounded experience, much like the directors cut of Apocalypse Now with an extra hour of play time isn't necessarily better than the shorter version just because of the extra content. It knocks off the carefully created original balance between start/middle/end and thus even though you have more it ends up being worse.
No. 31832
8,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:27
4,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:49
>complain explains nothing
Not really because you are shown the results of something. Done terribly poorly perhaps it can explain nothing, but like if I told you that Archibald was the very bad man and how bad he is and you must kill all the bad men working for Archibald because he is the bad man and bad men like working for badder men, now what is the first question you want to ask? But why is the bad man, right? Well instead of explaining some insipid bullshit to you about him being bad let's say instead I paint a scene where Archibald has stolen the soul of your sister and left her for dead and murdered her family to leave no witnesses, but Archibald doesn't know you saw it. Now instead of having to explain this silly bullshit to you you instantly have an explanation for why is he the bad man and why your character wants to fight him, and I can set a scene like that in a way that we, the viewer, know it really is just an allegory for rape and pedophilia, for example. This in fact is much more powerful than me just flat out trying to explain Archibald is some evil sorcerer stand in for Old Man Bad Touch and provides adequate conflict to drive the story and adequately explain to you, the viewer/player, precisely what is going on and why and the motivations of various characters.

Now you will notice if I had not ever shown you any example, and I just kept telling you how Archibald is the bad man, what would that prove? What would you conclude? See after awhile, you start questioning the validity and reliability of your narrator. Unless that's specifically what you're going for (which can turn out amazing if it is done well and on purpose) it disengages you from the story and turns the story to shit, and that's exactly what PoE did.

Or for another example let's take the Power Rangers. Now I as a little kid would watch that and what am I shown? What do I see? A bunch of so called super heroes fighting some villain who more often than not is only villainous because he's the designated villain, and I just remember sitting there watching it one day and realizing the Power Ranger mech was doing way more damage to the city than the monster ever did.

The obvious conclusion of seeing this, to me, as a little kid, was that the Power Ranger was in fact the bad man. You absolutely don't want to do this in your story unless it's on purpose except possibly for select few instances where people only watch it and only are interested because they keep rooting for the designated "bad guy" to win, because you ended up casting your protagonist as kind of a dick.

So this is what PoE did: showed me numerous examples over and over and often quite vividly of how animancy was dangerous and produced horrifying results as a consequence of experiments done by some at best crackpot or even well meaning scientist, or just as likely some guy who would otherwise be the arch villain necromancer in any other fantasy story. Simply telling me about how great animancy is just won't cut it, especially when you've already gone out of your way to show me how awful it is.

Tl;dr show don't tell explains things more quickly and clearly than any amount of telling does and PoE sucked at this

>add ons
Meh I just think it's sloppy and lazy af to release additional content into the game world like that without making it an expansion. This may work with some games but it absolutely does not work for any sort of rpg.
No. 31835
98 kB, 900 × 637
68 kB, 640 × 480
82 kB, 640 × 480
320 kB, 500 × 750
So as ernst knows I've been on kind of a Halloween spookiness all week, although I also have had to work while I'm sick so I've been feeling pretty limited. My goal now and yes it is an actual week life goal of mine on dry erase board for this week has been to play several of them and then play every single one at least a little bit on the same day since I have Halloween off work for some reason.

I know it isn't really a big deal or even a thing at all outside North America and the Anglosphere (also I guess Catholic/LatAm countries to an extent) but is ernst planning on playing any spooky games for Halloween? If so which ones?

My big list so far is:
•Darkest Dungeon
•Dying Light
and also to a lesser extent which is just because I inexplicably wound up with a ton of horror theme games from this sale-present
°Alan Wake
°Amnesia the Dark Descent
°Cultist Simulator
°Little Nightmares
°Fran Bow
°Dungeons II
°Prey (although tbh I probably won't play this game til winter; it's one of those special treat games and not super Halloweeny)
°°And now that I think of it, probably Pillars of Eternity just because I last left off in the part about seeking the necromancer in White March expansion and some test thing among his disciples so I may bump that up to a •

All the ° games I consider to be optional expansions to my overall spooky game Halloween night and day. Do you guys have any plans?
No. 31851
1,3 MB, 1366 × 768
819 kB, 1366 × 1798
I'm a little bit ahead of schedule in my Italian campaign. Air superiority has been secured after only a few very bloody air phases (I sustained over 500 permanent losses per week of air war compared to my usual 250-ish per week. That's calmed down to about 300/week now which considering that I've expanded my air war to include expanded strategic bombing, supporting an amphibious attack in the enemy rear, as well as softening up landing sites for mid-year landings in France is actually pretty good. Still, I will need to rest some of my fighter squadrons after the completion of my next major objectives (Rome and Normandy) because my factories aren't able to keep up with demand from losses. I'm relatively stable thanks to repair shops (see pic 2) but I still need to ease off on my air losses a bit, and offensive air superiority is a very costly endeavour.
No. 31854
611 kB, 1600 × 900
629 kB, 1600 × 900
647 kB, 1600 × 900
627 kB, 1600 × 900
>any spooky games for Halloween? If so which ones?
The Long Dark has an event each Halloween called 4 days of night, where it's perpetual night for 4 days and you have to survive crazed wolves with red eyes and blizzards n' sheeiit
No. 31855
47 kB, 445 × 488
Another night I spent playing WoW Classic, another night I fell asleep before the computer. Feels like game addiction for me, the thing I didn't experience for a long time.
No. 31856
> is ernst planning on playing any spooky games for Halloween?
Well, I got Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night because it was on sale. It's a metroidvania from Koji Igarashi, creator of Symphony of the Night. I'm mostly busy with The Outer Worlds lately, so I didn't play it much, but after a couple of hours in it I can say it's a good spiritual successor to Castlevania series, albeit not fresh or groundbreaking at all. Doubt that you'll be interested in it, though, since it's in anime style.

I also hoped for Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin to go on sale, but it didn't. I guess it's not Halloweeny enough. Gonna pick it up on Christmas, I think.
No. 31860
Is there a reason to play classic, not WotLK and also pay blizzard for it?
No. 31861
4 - just fucking OSOM! This is what I want from Gazebo Studios :c
No. 31867
49 kB, 1280 × 720
Since I signed up for game pass for Outer Worlds I'll give the new Blair Witch a try if I get around to it. The old Blair Witch games were excellent, by the way. Much better than the film even.
No. 31891
>Not really because you are shown the results of something.
I don't necessarily see a big problem here. If everyone telling you this or that is full of shit than everyone is full of shit as long as you have complete freedom of choice. What is more bothering in the case of PoE is that you can't be pro Leaden Key - apart from the very end where you still have to kill its primus and can only side with the god they worship. Being told how things are, having no option to root against it even though you disagree seems somewhat ... fascist? Same for the TV series example.
No. 31898
To be fair, the film itself wasnt even that great and I am talking about the first one. It was okay I guess but I never felt it to be anything truly spectacular as everyone claimed, which probably only appeared that way because the mid 90s to 00s were were fucking terrible for horror films. This was the period that gave us Scream and Signs.

Atm though I have been pleasantly surprised by just how spooky a pixel game can really be, however I have also hit two troublesome points in Darkwood: the one is that I seriously have no freaking clue what to do at this point except I think maybe I'm supposed to spend a night in the separate hideout I found (and I cannot figure out either of three combination locks) so I'm starting to feel stuck, which could be partly because and two, I no longer feel particularly threatened at night. Some savage finally broke through my boarded up window but I've largely just been shooting back to my shack in the woods after exploring my third of the map and because I'd been expecting this sort of thing to happen I already put chain traps in front of every single boarded up window on like day 3 so this is the first time I ever even got any use out of it.

On the other hand, I am also on day I think nine it is, and I'm beginning to suspect that I may actually be running on some kind of time limit with increasingly terrible things happening each night and that I am not, in fact, way ahead of the curve but am in fact way behind in the game and not even realizing it. It has at least become quite clear to me that I am no longer safe here and that I should try dragging all my now scrooge mcduck level of supplies over to this other woodsy shack I discovered way down there.

Oh fuck actually isnt this game supposed to be 20 hours or longer? What if
Uh oh
What if this first 3 section map is not in fact the entire play area but only the first chapter...

I keep getting this really eerie feeling that I've learned nothing of the game and fucked myself longterm without even realizing it. It almost feels like a false sense of assurances.
No. 31900
I seem to remember TotalBiscuit being angry towards the end.

Was he angry? Was he despondent? Did TotalBiscuit lash out at the unfairness and injustice he felt about having cancer and dying so young?
No. 31924
Lotsa people, you can find a buddy for a quest pretty easy. Also WotLK in two years
No. 31972
153 kB, 1560 × 583
Man, wtf did they do to steam? it looks like absolute shit now and I can't opt out of this nonsense.

With the rise of all these shitty launchers like Epic Games Store and Bethesdashit going on their launcher and steam doing shit like this, I may just start pirating again if I can buy some new WD Black hard drives with their 5 year warranties to store my pirated shit on down the line.
No. 31980
It still looks clean, but more modern, I guess.

In Epic I can't even find where to buy shit.
No. 31983
My only gripe with it is the fact that it shoves community garbage like screenshots in your face on the game's screen.
That, and the increased resource demands.

Turn on low bandwidth and low performance mode. That cleans it up a bit.
No. 31988
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
Well, I don't really know. I kinda like it, but it's still quite boring. The visuals are pretty nice, but the style is so eclectic that it seems that the game itself isn't sure what it wants to be: sleek and minimalistic generic modern sci-fi, middle XX century sci-fi or a space western. The combat is lacking, but I'm really glad that it's not one of those cover-and-roll systems. I get the same feeling about it as I had about Mass Effect: it's a nice game to play once, but I wouldn't want to get back to it after I completed it. And it's not New Vegas at all, it's more like Borderlands with a social interaction system, but without tons of fun weapons and skills. Speaking of which, they have finally cracked BL3, so I might suspend my playthrough of TOW indefinitely, unless Gearbox fucked it up real bad.
No. 31996
30 kB, 768 × 432
54 kB, 460 × 322
Not the one who did it, but one Ernst created a steam group for Ernst, you can join the group here:


The original poster mentioned CSGO, Dota 2 and TF2, but also said that any game will be fine. I already created an advertising thread on /b/, but I don't know if everyone on /int/ read the original posts (>>31665 and >>31681), because they disappeared from page 1 quite fast. So I thought that maybe I should repost it in the obvious place - the vidya thread. We are 4 members now, a fifth one said he will join later this evening, so don't be shy and join us. Don't be afraid that you're not good enough, I have almost no experience with basically every modern game (read: newer than 2000), and I have also joined. So if your plan is to be the worst player on the group, I have bad news for you.
No. 31997
They are really people from here, right? Because I have literally never once gone to /b/ and don't know anybody from there or if they ever come here, which is problematic because I also am aware of the fact both KC and cabbage had a weird parallel culture developing on their /b/s including having pedos (or well in cabbages case probably more pedos and terrorists than usual or something)
No. 31998
I kinda want to play some old WC3 custom maps over virtual lan, if anyone is interested.
The problem is someone from EU is probably going to have to host it, in order to assure semi-decent ping for everyone.

Back when I used to play virtual LAN games with my internet pals, we'd have the EU guy host it so that both me and the US guy could get ~150 ms latency, which is decent for a tower defense.
No. 31999
96 kB, 640 × 480
>They are really people from here, right? Because I have literally never once gone to /b/ and don't know anybody from there or if they ever come here, which is problematic because I also am aware of the fact both KC and cabbage had a weird parallel culture developing on their /b/
OP definitely is, I myself lurk on both /b/ and /int/, and I can't say anything about the other two members. I don't think that any regular on /b/ is too fond of the cabbage, otherwise they wouldn't be here. I myself migrated from old KC, and first came to old EC, and when it went down, I went to cabbage, found it not suitable for obvious reasons, and then tried to breathe some life in /b/, which I luckily got help from other people who roughly share the same experience.

It's of course possible for anyone who sees the link to apply, so cabbage trolls might try to slip in, but I have no reason to believe anything else than this group is made by Ernst for other Ernsts, and anyone who tries to turn it into a cabbageparty will likely be kicked.
No. 32000
Hey, thanks for advertising the group.
I didn't have much time the last few days but here i am and moderation of the group can now happen. Hopefully we get one or two nice games going.

I'm streaming on the radio right now, after the stream is over i play some CSGO if someone wants to join
No. 32001
>Hey, thanks for advertising the group.
You're welcome. Should be fun for everybody, so I thought a little extra advertising might help!
>after the stream is over i play some CSGO if someone wants to join
I have time to play until about 20:00 german time / 19:00UTC. Be prepared for the worst - like me not knowing where to run, me not knowing who to shoot, me throwing grenades in my own face - and even that only will happen if I actually manage to join the game properly.
No. 32003 Kontra
You got a friend invite, if you accept i invite you to the game lobby
No. 32005
No. 32007 Kontra
You show up as offline, i think you need to change your status to online so i can invite you to a game lobby
No. 32010
I grabbed Postal Redux because it was around 90% off.
I'm surprised the campaign is only one and a half hours long. (Though I played it on the easiest difficulty.)

It's just senseless violence. Gritty. The gameplay is good though.
No idea why anybody got mad at Postal2 if this is where it came from. That's just a walk in the park compared to this.
Real edgy shit. I'd say it's like comparing an actual school-shooting to a senior prank.
No. 32011
17 kB, 301 × 226
That was fun, despite my dismal 3-1-19 record :DD hope to play again soon!
No. 32017
410 kB, 1920 × 1728
I've heard good things about this new monster collecting game, Disc Creatures. Don't really have time to play vidya rn but maybe I'll get it after this semester ends.

No. 32018
Serious question is this a data harvesting operation or fishing expedition or something? Because the admin is at level 0 and the mod level 1. Why would the mod and admin of a steam group be completely new accounts?
No. 32023
Admin here

I created this group with an account that is already 7 years old but is used exclusively to play CSGO in a very uncompetitive way without much interest in actually winning games.
I joined the group with my main account by now, it's called 4skin.

The Mod is only the mod because he was the first to join the group and he made some advertising for it which i really appreaciated.

I hope i could take some of your paranoia away.
No. 32024
272 kB, 1024 × 665
Well, I guess so maybe. So this is your alt account? I am understandably paranoid because a certain shithole had pedophiles and terrorists in it most of whom we've solidly kept away but I also don't know if those agencies would then set up shop here for whatever reason. Or alternatively, a bunch of said pedo shithole dwellers attempting to fuck with us because they're still butthurt we kicked them out. Sorry it's just I see level 0-1 on new accounts and I automatically know it's a new or some kind of alt account and question the purpose of using such an alt account, particularly given the average age here is probably closer to thirty if not more (I'd expected to see levels like 8/9-18)
t. suspicious rodent who watches his friends eat the cheese first
No. 32026
>So this is your alt account?

I joined the group with my main and gave you its name, i don't think there's more i could do for you right now.
But because i know how it is to suffer from such paranoid ideas i'm happy to help you in case you can tell me how i could do that.

For now i can only promise that i'm not a pedophile, not a terrorist and no NSA spy.
Or am i? dun dun duuuuuuuun
No. 32029
61 kB, 475 × 709
Wow, nice, already seven members. Wait, admin has 2 accounts, so it's only six real members. But still nice.

Mod here, I'm actually new, I always ignored steam until 2 years ago or so and played only stuff like SNES/C64 emulator, or things like Nethack. But then I wanted to play newer games like Undertale, Shovel Knight or Ori, and the easiest way to do this was steam. Don't use it much, because playing games is hard, for modern games most of the time I just watch let's plays. But now that Ernst has his own steam group, I wanted to be a part of it. And I think CS:GO is a very fun game, despite it being overrun by kids, and despite me being completely useless at it. Today was the first time I ever played competitive matchmaking. I only played some casual stuff before, and most of the time I practised against bots. And obviously it's my only account.

>The Mod is only the mod because he was the first to join the group and he made some advertising for it which i really appreaciated.
Thanks for making me mod. I will use all of my Lvl1 steam power to serve justice :DD
No. 32056
Hey Ernst, we are starting a Ernstchan initiative CSGO game right now. Looking for another person. Jump on!
No. 32057
Sorry but I'm working on backups right now and then I'm going shopping for a few things.

I think that we should also go and compare what games are relatively common among ernsts to have a pool, and then maybe rotate it like the way EC radio's being rotated with albums for what to play. tbh I have CSGO but I'm not such a huge fan of it anymore. I still may reinstall it to play with you guys however.
No. 32059
15 kB, 319 × 329
I don't have CS:GO and don't want it, or TF2, or Dota but I joined the group anyway for the laff

So in short, what I'll play are
>L4D 2
>World of Tanks (EU server)
>Company of Heroes 2
>Project Zomboid
No. 32060
101 kB, 640 × 783
I replayed the campaign on a higher difficulty, and it really enhances the gameplay.
It becomes more tactical and tricky to win the battles against the police and the army as you move from map to map, but the AI still seems kind of braindead.
Sometimes they don't really come after you, or they see an aggro'd enemy and instead of running in to help, they just stand there as I kill them from a distance. Basically they only become alerted if you hit them from a distance or get close enough, and it's really disappointing that I don't get to see 4-5 policemen storming my cover, trying to take me out. Instead they come at me 1-2 at a time, and I just basically flank them, because I'm faster than them.

Maybe on Hard it's different, but I'm gonna finish the expansion on normal first.

My only big complaint is that the weapons feel kind of lame. None of them carry a big enough punch.
There should be a tier2 machine gun, the shotgun should kill enemies in one hit at close range, and the auto-shotgun should be as powerful as the normal shotgun, but faster, because now, it's only good for mowing down civilians, nothing else.
The flamethrower is completely useless. The only thing it's good for is lighting some civilians on fire when they spawn from a building en-masse.
The entire game can be solved with the SMG, shotgun and revolver, with the occasional use of the napalm launcher. (Plus the grenades and molotovs.)
Though the grenades feel hard to use. I'm never sure where they'll land or where they'll go.

Most maps have barrels on them, but they are placed in a really irritating way. If you shoot them, they are just a bit too far away from enemies to kill them, and it takes AT LEAST two shotgun shots to make them explode, so at that point, you might as well kill the enemy, even if they are near the barrels.

The best maps are the Military Base, The Ghetto and The City. Basically the large, sprawling maps with relatively complex architecture and lots of active enemies, making for relatively interesting firefights.
The shopping mall one from the expansion is interesting too, it really makes you feel like you are actually on a shooting spree, but really, mowing down civilians isn't fun, and a waste of ammo, generally. Especially how you DON'T have to shoot them for the exit to open. You just have to kill 90% of the cops, SWAT and National Guard members and the idiots wearing wife-beaters who think they can stop you.
Without the civilians, this could just be a game about some guy waging a one-man war against some dictatorial force in America that took hold of the nation.

The game also has some filters, like one that makes everything pixelated, one that makes everything SUPER pixelated, one so that it looks like a gif, and another one lampooning at Hatred, called "That other game".

Overall, I'd say it's edgy, but if you look behind the edginess, you'll find an actually solid game with a few weaknesses.
Must've been a nightmare to play the original without the cross-hair and the mouse aiming.
No. 32074
I just realized this shit hasn't been inflicted on me yet because I never shutdown my computer or exit steam. There has GOT TO BE some way for me to stop steam from installing this horrendous sack of fucking horseshit right?

How do we convince Valve to give us back the right way of things looking? I absolutely refuse to tolerate this shit. I will burn down Gabe's house and set his cat on fire. I'll even start using Epic instead and actively shill Epic everywhere if they don't fix this.
No. 32075
Arguing aboust steam is great exmaple people now playing not video games, but games launchers.

Super mario bros was ported to Commodore 64. It's really very accurate port. In some places it have slow downs because C64 have slightly slower CPU, but it also shows how modulative 3-voice SID chip can easely produce absoluetly same music and sound effects as 5-restricted channels NES sound chip.
No. 32078
Picked up the France & Belgium pack for Armored Brigade and found out that C:MO is dropping on the 14th. Feels good man.

The factions are interesting. Belgium is a lot like a NATO-aligned DDR in that their equipment is average at best, and they have to rely on the idea of 'ground' a lot more than most other nations do, and want to use terrain to mask themselves from enemy observation and force the same enemy into their predefined kill zones. Their regular troops are pretty solid if underequipped though. Unlike the GDR who has to rely on Grenztruppen if they want to actually get into a prolonged firefight with the enemy.

France is a bit like a more flexible FRG though, highly mobile and wanting to get firepower around the enemy, but contrast with them in that they're willing to give up pieces of the battlefield without a fight in order to do so. The German doctrine does not emphasise this at all, instead focusing on tying up an enemy attack for flanking. Their equipment is high quality but somewhat outdated at any given time, and their ability to fight street to street is limited because their infantry isn't the best.

Of the two, I'm more looking forward to Belgium since they seem a bit like Italy who is a lot of fun already. France v Soviet Union seems like a great time though. Having to flow around the sledgehammer strikes of BTR/BMP and tank swarms and then rush back in like the Red Sea could make for some interesting scenarios.
No. 32083
456 kB, 480 × 360, 0:12
Had lots of fun yesterdeay playing CS:GO with Ernst, despite basically being cannon fodder. If you still are undecided whether to join the steam group or not, this video will answer all your questions.
No. 32109
Anyone? How do I fix steam? They somehow managed to make my fucking client of all goddamn things give me Pillars of Eternity tier load screens with long wait times every single goddamn time I want to click on anything and it looks like complete trash. Yet another example of how those shitty phones and mobile is the cancer killing literally everything.
No. 32110
Turn on "low performance mode" and disable community content.
It turns off the transparency and the autoloading of fuckloads of community content like screenshots, reviews and videos on the games library page.
No. 32111
in the settings - library tab you can set it to low bandwidth mode and low performance mode, apparently that helps a bit.

There's instructions on how to change it back on the steam forums
No. 32115
Thanks, I also changed my settings this way. Anything that saves resources is appreaciated.
No. 32147
11,7 MB, 640 × 360, 1:48
I can already tell just looking at it that that's a shit excuse for a workaround. I saw something that involved editing lots of lines of code that looks a lot more promising than whatever that run minigame bullshit which I tried.
>if you need to use store just run it the other
Yeah that's a real shit solution right there. I need to find a way to just flat out uninstall to the older version. I still have a steam.exe.old executable that I've already made copies of I'll probably try fucking around with. There's a change.org about this getting fixed, and no I don't just mean "make the new version run faster" like a couple of these fucking cocksuckers on the forums have been trying to bandy about, but a way to flatly go back to the old version. I fucking hate this new version in its entirety. The only good thing is it makes certain things navigable which I was making separate categories and mainly moving them around in, which has only mildly tempered my rage at this. Of course right after I said it the cocksucking fucking steam client crashes my fucking Dying Light game and crashes straight out of the client itself after I had to force quit Dying Light. This kind of stupid horseshit happens all the fucking time too where any of their superfluous bullshit updates crashes me out of steam. I don't even remember my old friend anymore except that it was vastly superior to whatever the next inferior bullshit version is.

I am this fucking mad

I'm going to start actively advertising Epic store on every single page in every discussion as a signature
No. 32168
> webm
Totally justified rage.
No. 32169
You can turn off updates. Never updated winblows for years lol
No. 32170
My Windows 7 updates before shutting down so it doesn't bothers me, but the feeling is known.
Steam allows to run games without updating the outdated client as well, if I'm not mistaken.
No. 32174
I don't know how to keep it from auto updating the client is the problem. I can keep it from auto updating my games which tbh I really should do more but there's nothing to stop steam from updating itself.
No. 32215
8 kB, 200 × 133
I can't believe the amount of time I just wasted on this horrendous piece of shit update bullshit. I can't even click on any single page or do anything in my own goddamn library without getting even angrier than I was five minutes ago. I have, however, found two things that have made me angriest most of all
These two pieces of shit
being listed in my own goddamn library. Mountains of crap cluttering everything on my list, as if the absolute eyesore wasn't bad enough. Actual loss in performance on the UI of Steam itself, I am actually experiencing frame loss while scrolling. Inability to organize things the way I used to. Steam client itself taking up 25% that's right 25% of my CPU. ON THE FUCKING THING I NEED OPEN IN ORDER TO RUN ANY OF MY GAMES. Endless fuckin problems

why didn't I listen
Why didn't I listen to them when they warned me about steam. Why didn't I listen to them when they warned me about licensing and to pirate or buy games from GOG instead.
No. 32232
508 kB, 2557 × 1443
So I've played TOW for maybe 20 hours and it feels like I'm reaching the endgame. Not very impressed with it. The constant forced humour ruins any sense of verisimilitude, most of the characters in the game aren't particularly interesting, and far too many of the quests are of the MMO "go there, collect this/kill those guys/find that" variety. In a good RPG those kinds of quests would be subverted and would lead to an interesting twist or development of some kind, but The Outer Worlds plays them straight for the most part.

Also, most of the main female NPCs are written as being competent and/or badass in some way whereas most of the main male NPCs are written as being inept and/or snivelly.

Can't you just use the game's exe file in its directory?
No. 32236
Steam launch itself, and only then actual game. It's steam DRM.
No. 32242
This, though it's not too hard to find a steam crack for a lot of games so long as they aren't particularly obscure. Seeing as you're applying it to games you've already purchased, personally I'd say it's a fuzzy grey area in terms of how much it really constitutes piracy. Legally speaking, according to the licensing it's 100% 'piracy' but practically speaking not so much, especially for a single-player game. It's not that different to how you used to get nocd cracks or make disc images back when that was the big form of distribution.
No. 32246
44 kB, 1000 × 510
Hello Ernst, I recently purchased a game which got a lot of hate but I enjoy it a lot. I am talking about mass effect andromeda. It is a fun game, feels pretty open worldy. You get to explore different planets, shoot aliens etc. I have been playing for a while every once in a while and felt very entertained. One cool feature is that you actually get to fuck other characters in the game. I have already stuffed pic related and I am now flirting with another alien. Idk if the game allows for multiple flirtings/fuckings but I am eager to find out. One kinda gross thing is that you can also initiate flirtings with other guys :( But I guess when you play as a gril you get to scissor the cute redhead scientist who is a lesbian (I assume). Overall I can recommend the game.
No. 32247
>One cool feature is that you actually get to fuck other characters in the game.
Back when those first RPG's with romance/sexings came out (BG2 and so on) I loved that stuff, these days I'm far too jaded to enjoy those romances
No. 32249
I should have mentioned that the last single player game I finished was Half Life (1). For me the whole romance thing was brand new, and I was blown away by the amazing graphics of the game even though I play on absolute minimum settings due to laptop computer.
No. 32250
This pretty much confirms what I had long suspected which is that the only reason people don't think they are shit games particularly Mass Effect 2 is that you get to romance and fuck NPC companions. This could also be partly why 3 wasn't as popular in addition to EA bullshit because I fucking hated 2 but I really liked ME3, although granted I played it long after whatever DLC and coop bullshit had occurred. I never experienced anything to do with DLC or multillayer so ME3 was a great game to me. Ending was still pretty lame especially with how they set it up to have a potential sequel with Shephard not being dead but otherwise I felt quite satisfied in achieving my entire single minded focus throughout the series which was to unite everyone under strong leadership in this case mine and overthrowing the council which was total bullshit how it was undone in 2 and 3 and defeating the Reapers. I killed the entire synthetic race and never bothered with saving Legion precisely because I did not trust that the Reapers, being basically godly AI, couldn't just hack the newly liberated Geth.

I obviously refuse to have one iota of "smart" computer bullshit anywhere in my personal life outside a phone and computer and even the phone I fucking hate. It's not that I'm a complete technophobe I just wisely distrust all these automated and remote accessible systems that serve merely as conduits for my spying on me and control, compromise, theft, or other ill will on the part of corporations, organized crime, police agencies and state actors including my own government so why in the fuck would I trust a bunch of robots who've already been provably hacked by stronger AI to not got hacked again? It's just senseless and lazy plothole writing to act like they wouldnt be hacked again. Any and every threat to this united front or weakest link eliminated, the galaxy united under stronger human leadership, any and all possible future allies cajoled, helped, and united into a single coherent and coordinated whole and we eventually destroyed the Reapers. That is what I was aiming for and bitch nobody's got time for catching your alien cooties or getting human STDs from my crew bugger off I've got a galaxy to save and important shit to do.

Of course I also still have no incentive whatsoever to bother with Andromeda tbh.
No. 32251
196 kB, 500 × 322
What on earth do you even play? Im the exact opposite. Except for Crossout I don't play any multiplayer games. Well, poker, Helldivers, and I think a couple others I've tried but other than that I literally play nothing that's multiplayer and think the last time I really played MP was Rise of Nations back in 2006 or so. Virtually every single game I have ever player over the last decade has been singleplayer. I haven't even tried the multiplayer on pretty much every one of my other games. I have no inclination whatever to try playing coop which I know is just going to piss me off. I even played an MMORPG as an entirely singleplayer game last year (Secret World Legends).
No. 32252
Okay well I am glad you enjoyed your game, I do not know anything about reapers but I assume they are a similar bad alien type like the reapers from the show Firefly? I might consider to play the other titles of the series at some point. So far I only know andromeda and enjoy the shit out of it.
Idk about opposite, I did not play multiplayer either. If it comes to multiplayer I am a simpleton, I really enjoyed quake II and Quake III Arena as multiplayer, but since then I did not play anything in multiplayer, except sometime Worms which is fun. I just did not play videogames for like a decade while I was busy doing drugs and then getting my lyf back together xD
No. 32253
99 kB, 1280 × 1024
119 kB, 1280 × 1024
163 kB, 1600 × 1200
252 kB, 1600 × 1200
Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 are all pretty great games in my opinion, a lot of people shit all over 3 because it had a bad ending, but with the patches and DLC they fixed the ending and I did like it. The coolest feature of them is you finish ME1 and import your save into ME2 and then again into ME3 and people that die along the way stay dead, and a bunch of the choices you make along the way are carried over into the next game in the series.

They're good games, shame you started with the worst game in the series.
No. 32255
I agree though I'd rank them as mostly just above average. I think a commonly forgotten thing is that at the time, the combat being kind of one dimensional* and lacking oomph in the first game was something that a lot of people noted (at least those I interacted with). IMO they overcorrected in ME2, but it's not as bad as the American makes it sound. Lair of the Shadow Broker is probably my high point of the main trilogy tbh because it was something different, you were taking on a real threat but it wasn't the same old 'duh reepars' thing that got old really fast.

3 was great for the first third but shat the bed with overexplaining things. I liked the tense wartime feeling it put off to begin with though where everything is falling apart and nobody is entirely sure what the big picture is. I've ripped off aspects of the sound and environment design to great effect outside of video games even. It also had just overstayed its welcome by the end. I think that Andromeda, whatever you think of the gameplay decisions, was a step in the right direction, giving the series some much needed fresh air.

*yes there were more abilities, but none of them were really game changers, weapons all behaved basically the same and the only important class distinction was biotic or not since the subclasses of the broad categories played basically the same
No. 32258
Ah yeah I had kinda sames except I was too just drinking and screwing around with women, plus that whole college phase where I literally did not play any games at all. The closest was getting addicted for like a week or two on a simple chess game on my phone, and phones back then were those little flip phones that had no internet connection or programs or anything.

As for Reapers no. Without spoiling much they are kind of like a machine version of eldricht abomination and the primary antagonist of the whole series. Think of them more like an AI tyranid. Shame how well ME1 made them so badass and by 3 they're just kinda like meh.

Among the many, many atrocious things ME2 did I will never forgive the rifle battle with a human skeleton reaper. Mass Effect 2 does not exist for me in the series so far as I'm concerned.

Ah see that's the other thing. While I still thought the color coded ending cut scene being the same no matter what was lazy and an inexplicable oversight (you just wrapped up one of the most epic three game series games of the time and that is how you chose to end it? I mean just fucking why) but I played it in like 2017 or 2018 so by then I think of lot of things were fixed or absent.

This is another great thing about being routinely absent from the party after release and all the hype dies down playing it years later. I get it at like a third of the price if even that, all the bugs are fixed, additional content is added, and whatever enraged people for months on release has probably already gotten fixed by the time I lay my hands on it :D except in ME3s case I pirated it just out of moral principle of never giving EA my money :-DDD

I had a similar thing with probably a great many games at this point honestly. I am only now just still getting used to whatever people think is cutting edge graphics in 2016, 2017, and even in things like Tides of Numenera which everybody was so busy shitting on I'll end up going to the forums and being utterly confused why people are so upset because of things like I never even bought or played the game without having the option of the Toy companion which I didn't even know wasnt there on release until after I beat it--along with the absent at release character being my party member. Why should I pay extra to be the beta tester? It's a sad state of affairs but that's the truth of just how it is. People are paying way more money to test games that are now rushed on release in a beta state at full price even not being an Early Access game and the result is everybody pays through the nose to beta test while I just sit back and enjoy my games at 75% discount and usually with every bug already fixed and all content already added.

The sole exception to this rule is all the EA titles where it really is getting partly released as a work in progress and for cheap where I'll end up paying way less for a completely unfinished and partly tested game and just never get around to playing it until after they hiked the price and added more content. Cliff Empire is one such example. Another example where I missed the boat was Abandon Ship which originally was selling for like $10 and only recently got hiked to $30 but whatever. It's a cool looking game but sadly just another roguelike and I fucking hate those games mechanically.

The only thing more irritating is checkpoints only because that's basically a roguelike except you have to play for another 13 fing minutes to get to the autosave and I now have a bunch of games in those categories. The Long Journey Home is a pretty damn cool game but I really fking hate that FTL type of system which typifies TLJH, Sunless Sea, possibly Abandon Ship and so on, and to some extent Inner Chains iirc, Dark, etc on checkpoints, and also to some extent Darkwood and Darkest Dungeon, both of which every once in awhile I quit the game and manually go and find the save file and duplicate it then keep a copy in a different folder. Oh and Dying Light does that too. It's just irritating. I want to finish the game, not play some bullshit Mario style arcade game where I get a little farther each time and after like 10, 20, 30 hours maybe get to where I'm just about finished and then just get utterly fucked by the RNG for some last minute stretch of the game and fail to finish it at the last minute. So yeah I always savescum my roguelikes manually.
No. 32262
Lair of the Shadowbroker was the sole redeeming feature of that game. I could go on endlessly in my ranting about this. It is one of the sole games I was legitimately angry after finishing it for it having wasted my time and solely pushed myself through for the save file to carry over, not that my decisions were relevant or even mattered to begin with especially because I apparently hadn't even gotten the Batarian DLC because fucking EA so the one sole important decision from what I gathered I never even made by 3. It was so goddamn cringey too. Like having my Turian comrade saying some real cringe shit about our old times running and gunning (literally saying it like that) was immersion breaking and reminding me the game was trying to simulate having these fake imaginary friendships, which 3 went overboard on with that awful, awful party with your comrades that ended with a group photo. Fuck that was terrible. Like, I'm playing this game specifically to not do that instead. Why would you insert that into a game about saving a fictional galaxy?

But the problem is ME2 changed who the progenitors were supposed to be and retconned tons of shit and then added for seemingly no reason other than to let Hollywood actors most of whom are C or D list celebrities sponge some money off BioWare all whole introducing the most nonsensical plot which to me at least felt like they had some shitty idea about a bug antagonist taking the series in a different direction and then half arsed it and went back to a completely different story but had to ram this bullshit in somehow because they already wasted a whole year making the assets or something. And it was such a completely shitty, tepid, banal, cliched, trite cardboard bullshit stale scifi trope to throw in too, like another of a million other flavorless scifi bug stories out there.

It had no reason at all to be in there. The Collectors themselves being the progenitors felt like a half assed attempt at somehow explaining all these assets they wasted their time on that EA made some terrible executive meddling decision and then rushed everybody with a bullshti time table to fart out this horrendous piece of shit game. They had to retcon or what felt to me like they had to retcon--in either case being a complete failure of storytelling if the viewer feels that way--a bunch of things including trying to hamfistedly say well the progenitor statues weren't progenitor statues on that lost world because the bug men conquered it and it was a conquered race, who of course the generic bug men scifi insect race #322 simply left all their statues and monuments intact despite being evil enslaving conquerors instead of erecting their own statues, and of course we're just going to say the bugs are progenitors just because. Even though they didnt even feel like fighting Reaper husks but actual bug people instead.

Now this is all just the lore I've been ranting about I haven't even touched the absolutely shitty gameplay changes yet.

So then they bring in Cerberus and try to make it like some fully fleshed out moral gray antagonist/protagonist/antihero which was kind of cool but also ended up feeling rather trite and cliched in the end, because they just had to give however much money to some Baldwin playing himself as a Baldwin because reasons. Having a hivemind overlord assuming direct control wasnt even as great as the memes tried making him out to be because he was just a lame flavorless antagonist who btw why the hell is he so independent of the Reapers.

None of it made sense and it was constantly pissing me off because why in God's name am I even doing these bullshit missions for these people when the fate of the galaxy is at stake. The whole thing felt like an unnecessary sideshow that the writers completely and utterly failed to tie back into a coherent greater whole without the most hamfisted bullshit I have ever seen in videogame writing. Keep in mind that I am not a digital artist or programmer and what sticks out to me the most is the artistry in writing, which at least ME1 had as a very cool way of using real science like how the problem of space is not that it's cold but it's so hard to cool down a ship a generating heat in a vacuum. The little things like that. ME2 was just a mess.

Now, even if the writing were bad a game is a game. The writing can be just awful and still make a fantastic even memorable game. Sadly, they fucked everything there too.

This I blame almost entirely on EA and it's obvious to me those corporate cocksuckers are at fault here.

They turned an otherwise cool ARPG into one of the most shitty and generic FPS shitfests I have ever seen.

And no, I am not ever going to tire of bitching about this because it stole tens of hours of my life and I want it back.

They added in a completely unbelievable and just, I have no words for the regenerating shields and health system. Because as you know, taking multiple rounds to center mass you just need to not get shot for five seconds and you're good as new. Health bars may be an abstraction sure, but at least it has some logic to it; there is absolutely no logic to regenerating health bars the way ME2 did.

They clearly went in and overhauled the system and designed the game to be just like another one of their shitty fucking FPS games, which if you look at Dead Space from the exact same era you can see how they did the exact same thing in stripping out all the distinct novel mechanics and lore and making another horrible clone of some bullshit fps. In DS they took a survival horror and added coop, a crafting system, and most importantly took out the central defining feature of Dead Space where you had to cut off the limbs and instead you can just pump lead into a necromorphs center mass and be done with it. WHY? Well all the evil they wrought on DS they wrought on ME too. They stripped out all of the RPG elements and just had two different skill trees which iirc you could basically just unlock the same sort of abilities anyway. Stats, all that stuff was gone. They fucked your inventory too. Then they added ammo clips, which while on some level I would've welcomed it, hilariously made no sense in that game at all. (Heat sinks? Really?) to make it an easily accessible FPS clone.

And not even a mildly good one either, because it is the definition of cutscene and corridor shooting. I didn't even have the choice of which hallway to go down. I explicitly remember being bored and aggravated with yet another walk down this corridor and shoot until cutscene. It was terrible. Fucking terrible.

They changed everything about how that game was played too so now they have some bs retarded cover system which btw fucked my sniper playstyle I'd already mastered of running and gunning to another sniping position. The cover system was so awful Jesus christ. As a matter of fact I hated it so damn much it ruined the first few hours of Deus Ex HR because every time I got in cover it reminded me that awful experience that was ME2.

So in short I could write a damn research paper length rant about it and will never tire of rsnting about how bad Mass effect 2 was. They clearly understood how awful decisions were made and half assedly fixed some of it in 2, while also inexplicably removing the sole redeeming feature of its lore which was having Cerberus being more than just generic bad guys and made them generic bad guy mooks in 3 again.

Oh, and the skeleton. Because having it in human shape makes perfect sense. Because getting in a rifle fight with a galactic civilization ending final boss of sentient life makes perfect sense. It was by far the shittiest, most incoherent, most terrible mess of a release I've ever played. I hands down cannot think of a worse game than ME2 that I've ever played. They only fixed some of the issues in 3 oh, oh God and that stupid fucking scanner. Fuck.
No. 32266
That's amphetamine posting, regards, amphetamine identifier.
No. 32271
Could be manic posting too
No. 32273
Schizenu is off his medication or perhaps suffering a bout of HPPD from all the DMT.
No. 32275
This is a very detailed post, thank you american ball, I kind of agree with the amphetamine theory but could also be manic/autistic fueled. Nevertheless it was nice to see someone actually invested time and effort into commenting on a topic I brought up. Sorry for not replying but I went to bed. I am probably going to play the oter mass defect parts when I am done with andromeda.
No. 32280

A 50 part, novel sized retrospective on the ME series, analyzed and broken down to autistic levels. Check it out if you like autistically detailed game analysis.

Another series of posts I like from this guy, about how shitty the thieves' guild story in Skyrim is. A lighter read, and pretty entertaining.
No. 32283 Kontra
Also, his analysis of the FO3 main quest. Also pretty entertaining. The guy has a complicated relationship with Bethesda.
No. 32290
Holy shit. Back in the days I almost dropped Fallout 3 immediately because they made it a shootan, but I decided to give it a go after all since I like shootans, and then dropped it anyway in two hours, because it was a very bad shootan. So I dropped it solely on the basis of gameplay, without bothering with the story or the characters much. But now I gather from this article that the story was even worse than gameplay. Bravo, Bethesda.
No. 32292
767 kB, 1600 × 900
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
618 kB, 1600 × 900
497 kB, 1600 × 900
Oh yeah the story is absolutely stupid, like you can have a super mutant companion with you, and the last part of the story you have to go into a room full of radiation, and if you ask the super mutant bro to go in for you since he's immune he says he can't because it's 'your destiny to go in there (and die to radiation)'

I played Fo3 for about 15 hours but it was an absolute crashfest for me, the only part of it that didn't crash all the time was the mothership zeta DLC but that was the 2nd worst DLC I've ever played in any game and it gave me motion sickness to boot.

The only thing that kept me playing Fallout 3 for the paltry amount of time that I did, was the bolt-action .308 rifle because I really like bolt-action rifles in games.

Fallout 4 was legit a masterpiece compared to fallout 3, even though all the bolts in F4 are on the wrong sides of the guns.
No. 32296
FO4 seemed completely aimed for casual players, with little need for survival or hoarding.
Way to many guns, types, ammo, repairibilty.
A shitty Minecraft mechanic of base building.
Getting the invisible power armour.
As well as absolutely no difficulty.
They also took out all dialogue options.
Very linear quests and options.

Even given the bug fest of FO3 and FNV to a lesser extent.
I could easily play 20+ hours on FO3 and maybe 30-50hrs on FNV
No. 32297
No. 32298
I think that the survival mode difficulties between New Vegas and Fallout 4 are actually similar due to composition differences. NV's survival was a few easy to track needs combined with a more complex basic level of gameplay. F4 has a far more streamlined core mechanic, but the survival level itself is a lot more complex, including waterborne diseases, a basic level of immune system modeling with relation to hard medicines like radaway. Plus I think that the radiation system was an intelligent way to bring across similar effects from an attribute-based mechanic into a non-attribute based mechanic since it does most of the same things, with the added benefit of keeping you weakened, even after radiation has been removed. The survival level tends to add more interesting decisions into the game than the NV equivalent, even though NV on the basic level has more interesting decisions to make.

t. only played maybe half the game before jumping into the Horizon mod for a more fun system
No. 32300
Are you guys new or something? This is not the first time I have written at length on why ME2 is terrible and I'm not even 100% positive the longest.

You I'm almost positive are new though. I'm not whatever retarded cabbagekebab personality.

Autism. I've had people disagree and I have no idea why anyone likes ME2 although I've been nursing the theory it's entirely because you have more sex options in that game than any other. It's a terrible installment of any game and almost single handedly shows everything wrong with EA.

I managed to play Fallout 3 for probably 8 hours and dropped it because it felt like such a complete waste of time. As in, I felt like I was fighting mildly reskinned animals from some other game and it just had a terrible low quality feel to everything. I was amazed this is what triple AAA is supposed to mean. I pirated it just to try it and couldn't go on any longer so I deleted it. A shame because it seemed like it probably was a way more interesting world to explore than FNV but eventually I just felt like the world was completely empty with really boring enemies and remembered how bad the writing and dialogue in FNV managed to be and had little hope for the game.

Looking back on it, some of it was just freaking weird. Like why was there an old lady there? She didn't do anything important for me iirc. Just some random little old lady with junk to trade all by herself. Random crab people. It's hard to explain but it just felt boring and empty in a weird way after trying to explore it.

What was it even then? Considering how linear and bad the dialogue already was I guess it isn't missing much anyway although wasnt there some scandal with all the weird microtransactions bullshit in F4 including them charging you for anything more than like a few pieces of plywood to build your shed?
No. 32304
652 kB, 2449 × 1444
Jaysus chroist the writing in TOW is atrocious. I never worked for this bitch, never did anything to prove myself to her, and she's saying I was one of her finest agents?

There are so many points in the game where poor writing has instantly eradicated my suspension of disbelief that it's laughable.

On the plus side, I'm pleased that an RPG-lite with a voiceless protagonist, in a period where I thought that "cinematic" voiced protagonists were established to be the norm, has found so much success among neurotypicals. I'm all for new IPs and protagonists that don't have an established voice and background.
No. 32305
3,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
These brigmore witches never saw it coming. I think Arkane might be my favourite devs, their games are always top notch.

Yeah it was casual af but my expectations for games these days are pretty low most of the time, especially for bethesda. I enjoyed it for what it was, an open world shooter with buildy-build moments.

>and remembered how bad the writing and dialogue in FNV managed to be and had little hope for the game.
No. 32306
It sounds exactly like the kind of retarded bullshit I had to put up with in FNV. Like with the ME2 nonsense this is something I've bitched about before possibly at length. For starters there was that whole raped NCR soldier bit. That above thing the Brit is complaining about sounds exactly like the complete nonsense that was the quest where you had to convince a raped NCR soldier she had to get help. I didn't even meet any of these people before. Why the fuck are they talking to me about their comrade in arms being raped to begin with? Why are they all so open about that? And why is it that with the slightest most pitiful effort I can convince this woman to all of a sudden trust in listening to me to go see some complete quack at the ass end of the map to talk about her feelings? Why the fuck would she, a hardened soldier, just up and decide oh yeah talking to this quack doctor is the best way to solve my problems because some mailman said that was the thing to do? And why in gods name would she actually agree to do this right off the bat as opposed to chewing the shit out of her comrades for running their fuckhead loose mouths about it? It should perhaps the most remarkable lack of social intelligence I have ever seen in any game period. Hell, I couldve tried to rape her myself and had her tell me the next day she loved me and we should get married and even that would be more believable because at least I could chalk it up to Stockholm syndrome.

There were a million annoying things to me about FNV and that took the cake by far, but it wasn't just that. Things about Caesar's Legion that didn't make sense. Things about mutants that didnt make sense, including that Miss Daisy type supermutant which was a level of puerile humor it's the kind of thing only 8 year olds still think is funny.

It wasn't all bad but by and large the writing was not good imo. I'm a huge stickler for writing and I can notice pretty easily when it's bad and yes I have unrealistic expectations that the games I'm playing be more like literature than crass entertainment, which I have partly because there really are games with good writing out there and part of good writing is a believable story or at least plausible suspension of disbelief. The fact that it had the really shitty pass/fail mechanic to speechcraft certainly didn't help matters, particularly when I had things like the tape thing that had like a 70 skillcheck so it's not like you could pretend the way you said it was from the greatest orator the Wasteland had ever seen, which at least a high level skillcheck with rng could let me pretend which makes overlooking bad writing and implausible scenarios that much easier, and there wasnt a whole lot of writing to begin with.

Like I said sometime way earlier this or last year, FNV was an excellent survival game, a mediocre shooter, and a crappy RPG. As a survival game itself it was in fact pretty awesome. I spent almost my entire time avoiding quick travel to help in the immersion that yeah, I'm not just going to skip to the opposite end of the map to sell a random piece of junk, if I'm going there I need a damn good reason particularly given that it was not just dangerous but destined to use up a considerable amount of my resources namely bullets and the caps to buy more if I could even find them as well as health packs. Sadly, the water and food requirements were way too easy and nowhere near punishing enough with things like radiation that was also way too easy to cure, which is a shame really because it couldve been so much better in making things like finding clean water a really big deal. So, it was a less than fantastic survival game that was good but couldve been better.

The story itself was often just downright stupid though. Why is Benny giving me the chance to take his ass out? Why is House for that matter? Why is House not even aware of all my shenanigans to begin with? Why is the morality system so weird? There were plenty of things where the mechanics themselves just compounded the problem of subpar to atrocious writing.

I'm not even getting into what a bugged out mess that game was either to the point of it being hysterical at times. I once crashed out of that game sincerely believing I found an eldritch abomination that killed me somewhere at the edge of the map before realizing it was just a bug I hadn't seen before.

In short, FNV was a mediocre and ultimately completely forgettable game outside of manually walking from one end of the map to the other and was probably only rated so highly because a p9t of people who played that game were already so used to the ridiculous bullshit and letdowns of other games particularly things like F3 that it felt like a great game in comparison. Maybe some people really did play it and only it and liked it on its own. Maybe it's just because I played too many really good games in the same stretch of time that were so much better. I don't know. All I know is that it's writing was not good, the gunplay was mediocre, the plot not stellar, the bugs both frequent and varied, the gags moronic, the "hard" survival pretty casual, the difficulty solely consisting of nerfing your bullets into water guns and their pea shooters into death canons, the AI ridiculously stupid at times particularly the companions, and overall just being a fun but forgettable game.

I don't even know why I bought the DLC come to think of it. My standard is either I'm going to play that game over and over because it's like XCOM2 or Starcraft or something, or because it left a lasting impression on me, if not both. ME1 was a terribly mediocre game and often a slugfest but at least it finished really well and made it all seem worth it. I didn't really feel that way with FNV. It concluded and I was just like yeah okay I'm done speaking of which why was I able to throw a general off a damn or whatever it was? I just remembered even the ending feeling let down despite the fact it was otherwise close to epic and so on. Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 2, Planescape Torment, VTMB, KOTOR, these things left impressions on me. Fallout 2, Fallout 1, these were great and I beat them multiple times too. But FNV? Pfftt.

Oh, and I actually will give FNV one other last thing going for it and this one is completely and utterly unintentional: the character development. That was actually one of the very few games I ever played where I actually felt like I, personally, had developed as one. I went from being this happy go lucky mailman to getting shot in the face and still have an innocence and naivety about me, to that point of my first kill. I killed my very first man and I felt bad about it. Even though the stupid game kept throwing trash mobs at me who I couldn't bargain or reason with ever (which is a shit thing to have in any rpg imo and sad so many of them do this) and who maybe it wasnt even fully their fault I mean they are just trying to survive and probably hopped up on drugs after all and besides maybe some of them were gang pressed into joining or dying after their village got wiped out. I would deliberately creep around the map trying not to set off raiders and chem heads just so I wouldnt have to kill them. Then little by little I lost more and more of my humanity and got just as beaten, weathered, jaded, cynical, and poisoned as the Wasteland until it finally got to the point where I'd start shooting people in the head from long range just because they are raiders. How do I know they're raiders? Because they look like them. Not even because the computer is telling me these are the Bad Man I'm supposed to shoot, but just because they all started looking like bad men, until I finally simply stopped caring and sparing the life of a raider in my path became more a momentary impulse, like remembering that young man I once was just trying to deliver people's packages for them.
No. 32307
Now THAT is what good writing in a game should look like, and it had fucking nothing to do with the game's writing at all but purely felt like happenstance and partly just because of the way I was playing the game with the mechanics foisted upon me. It finally got to the point where by the end I just realized everyone was a bunch of fuckheads, incompetents, or more often both, and that I was the only man who deserved to rule that part of the Wasteland, which even if true shows the magnitude of corruption that took root in me. I didn't even give Caesar a chance to shoot his mouth off I just went in and immediately opened fire on his whole camp and executed every single last one of them. I couldn't give two shits what that retarded Romeboo had to say. And then I went in and I killed that old fuck Mr. House. I definitely did get pleasure from killing Benny for all of five minutes. And then I killed those NCR cunts too. I'm not sure if in my head canon I ended up wiping out the remaining cannibals, but probably.

So, like I said, I don't think it was anything at all the game did on purpose that guided me to that because I think it was just set up really poorly and like wtf was with not getting to untie anyone crucified? See here is what I mean about bad writing compounded by bad mechanics. I spend the whole game unable to do anything but shoot people on crosses, and then there's one single quest where I can not only untie the guy but he runs off like nothing happened. What the hell? I think the whole game was set up to guiltlessly kill people from the start as faceless bad men with a poorly implemented karma system. I guess what it did do right was be a sandbox that enabled players to have an experience like that to begin with.

Oh, right and I also wiped out the Brotherhood of Steel. House never even asked me to do it. He brought it up to me and I'm just like uh yeah they're all dead. Iirc anyway. So that part was pretty cool just because they enabled it for me not just to try it but to actually pull off what had naturally occurred to me, which was to see if I could somehow sabotage their systems and make an exit while turning their own security systems against them. The bonus reason for me to even do it wasnt just because I figured logically IRL it would distract them enough and cause so much chaos I could get out before anyone knew what was happening, but also because it would not only distract but pain everyone down so I'd be able to prevent anybody from even being able to escape and survive the blast.

Come to think of it, I don't even remember why I killed everyone in there. I can't even think of what specific offense they had caused or why I thought they were bad people and a threat to everybody, I just did.

And that is how Ernst became the bad man of FNV.
No. 32351
Zelda: Breath of the Wild also didn't have a voiced protag (as well as mostly mute NPC's) and that game was a big success. And yeah I completely agree, I didn't stand TOW for longer than a few hours but it's nice that there's still a market. Strange that the Obsidian CEO insisted on PoE 2 being fully voiced, this hurt the final game a lot.
No. 32360
Battle of Bodenplatte is released. It's very cool. It's a nice change of pace from the Eastern Front.

That said, it is just a change of pace and I think that is not something to be undersold. The Soviet-German air combat still has its charms that you don't really get in the Rheinland.

I'd recommend either IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad or Battle of Moscow if you're interested in flight sims too. They're older and often on sale, provide lots of single-player content, and aren't full-fidelity clicky pits, so are easy enough to pick up and play once you set up some controls.
No. 32361 Kontra
1,4 MB, 1366 × 766
forgot pic
t. doing a jug campaign
No. 32364
So I've been playing mostly Darkwood and I have to say it's a pretty amazing game, although definitely don't start your first try as any of the harder difficulties unless you really like roguelikes for some reason. Personally I've regretted my decision to try and make it "hard" because I just tab out and copy paste my save profile all the time anyway. I probably would've had a funner time with it had I simply started at normal difficulty.

That being stated it is an amazing game so far and I finally figured out how to unstuck myself from being blocked and now the game has really opened up for me. It's truly a Slavic game at its finest though, complete with the really odd fixation on mushrooms. It is a bizarre and dark game, kind of like a cross between Grimm Brothers made flesh in pixels and whatever you call that fantastical style of storytelling Russians sometimes use like in the movie Charm or I forget its name. I met a chicken lady. She was nice and reminded me greatly of what visiting the Northeast rural USA is like. It's the one game I've managed to get really deeply into lately. It grabs your attention from the first five minutes and doesnt let go, and as pretty much I could tell immediately before even buying it is a real treat to play.

Ironic that this wasnt even beyond the periphery of my radar when I first heard of it and saw it in my catalogue for some reason. I skipped by it for months until finally checking it out.

I really don't get the fixation of people with making things fully voiced. You don't need to. Is everyone else illiterate or something? I mean fuck I absolutely hate it when a reviewer decides to read text to you. Is this just because it's way easier for people to watch let's plays on their phone or something? I don't get it. Fully voice acted stuff is irrelevant if the game itself and writing is still shit, and on top of that the voice actors themselves are often bad. Obsidian in particular had problems with this. I hated my party members partly because I couldn't fucking stand their voices and I felt the same way about a good chunk of my party in Tyranny.

Actually now that I think of it, you know what? I probably actually woudlnt shit on these games quite so bad had they simply not had full voice acting. Still would have, but not as much. I at least wouldn't have hated Kana Rua. In fact reminder to self next time I play that game to slog through the White March, make sure to execute him by firing squad.
No. 32370
Nintendo have army of fanboys who will buy everything
No. 32372
Voice contain not only text, but intonation, timbre etc. This why eveyone will prefer go watch plays in theatre, not just read them.
It is obviously not absoluetly neccecery to some game genres, but clearly it's nice addition. And developers tend to voice everything to not disrupt your immersion.

>and a crappy RPG
Great ARPG. Certanly better than F2 or Mass Defects. You actually reminded me about FNV, I think I need replay it soon, maybe finnaly check some mods, maybe even try that mod that makes FNV and 3 as one big game, however it might be overkill lol.

Crack games what you already bought? Ha ha so what is the reason to buy them? Also im shure that by that action, you break some paragraph in lease contract™
No. 32378
Like I said, it's technically piracy, but functionally, they're getting their money and you aren't distributing software. It's pretty victimless.

As for the why, it depends. If you want to support certain devs but don't like their use of Steam DRM, then you purchase their product but crack it for personal use. As I said, it's not really all that different to making an iso back when games required discs in the drive to run. That broke the same license agreement back then that it would do today with a digital storefront if you read the legalese.
t. reads the legalese
No. 32379
Oh, and I found TTW to be pretty average. The transition is a bit immersion breaking because you just sort of hop on a train across the continent. I'd go with Project Nevada instead. It's a bit like FWE for Fallout 3, but goes with the more gonzo-lite vibe of New Vegas than the dark tone of F3.

I'd also consider New Vegas Bounties I, II and III as well as Autumn Leaves mandatory quest mods.
No. 32382
Raped solider
You could only wish for that level of detail in modern games, I don't think you have to do that side quest which is just a speech or medical check, unless maybe you want to do every quest or get the exp.
I thought it added detail to the whole Nightkin, stealthboys, I don't remember to much about it.
Supermutants were human, she has memories from her past self.
Does that mean killing Supermutants is morally wrong, you also get this with the smart Supermutants.
Which year did you play FO3, it didn't date well.
The Nightkin and the
No. 32383
These details are adding colour and flavour to the game.
When you kill Cook, do you do it because he is a junkie meth head rapist, do you not kill him because burn the world, I don't recall if there is an option to tell him to fuck off and not kill him.
Even the kill the leaders without damaging, crippling their heads to earn more money, adds a layer complexity.
Same with Daisy, you mean all those monsters I kill, were human.

Mostly everyone chooses the nice guy option except stealing because YOLO
No. 32384
Interesting. While I disliked TOW, FNV is one of my favourite games and I consider it one of the pinnacles of RPG gayming in terms of writing, choice and consequence, and verisimilitude.
No. 32394
Why is FNV supposedly good writing
No. 32398
I think the open world RPG genre settled on a formula, a "meta" so to say, and that affects the writing. The customers already expect that the game is about wandering in an open world, meeting a bunch of characters and going through small quest lines that are self contained stories. Developers know that's what they're expected to deliver. So everything is sort of on the nose. Normally, finding out about the internal trauma of some random character would be a nuanced experience, where it is not immediately obvious and only some people catch onto the subtle ques. But since TES-like games are built as theme parks where you go in, experience a story and move on, everyone is just DYING to tell you about their problems. If it were subtle, some people might miss out on the "content", and get less "value" for their money or something.

That's the problem with big productions, and entertainment vs art. Art doesn't pander because it is more concerned with being what it is than with possibly alienating you. With entertainment, you paid money for the product, and now the game owes it to you to show everything. That's also the reason behind getting rid of skills and stats. Everyone should be able to experience all of the content in a single playthrough. Even more, everyone should be able to experience every playstyle in a single playthrough. Starting out as a mage, and becoming a stealth archer mid-game? No problem.

That's why I like Arx Fatalis so much, the game is so obtuse that you have to start reading a walkthrough a third way through the game. It deliberately forces you to memorize and draw weird squiggly lines on your screen to use magic. It doesn't give a shit about being "accessible" or "streamlined", and it's wonderful.
I think the best games are always flawed, because they require the author to be at the very edge of his ability, pursuing an ambitious idea that is beyond their grasp. If your game is perfect, as in does not have flaws, you probably didn't try hard enough and stayed in your comfort zone the whole time.
No. 32407
408 kB, 2563 × 1435
> make a high int, low physical ability character
> die within the first hour because I tried to punch out some annoying kid messing with my crime scene

lmfao. Disco Elysium has instantly grabbed me.
No. 32409
The world is interesting and the way its pieces fit together makes sense, the characters within it are interesting, and they both change based on how you interact with them filtered through what kind of skills you have. Can't really ask for more in an RPG.

Using an obscure sidequest as the crux of your criticism of FNV seems pretty weak to me, and IIRC Benny invited you up to his suite because he was sure he could kill you, and you have multiple ways to circumvent his plans based on your skills. Similar story with Mr House - you only really get a chance to take him out when you're more of a wasteland badass and have the hacking and weapons skills to gain access to his chamber and destroy his robots.

The biggest flaw of FNV is the shallowness of Caesar's Legion stemming from Obsidian's time constraints. They really should've corrected that in the DLCs.
No. 32411
264 kB, 1920 × 1080
252 kB, 1920 × 1080
319 kB, 1920 × 1080
287 kB, 1920 × 1080
RDR2 had a rough launch on PC, I was one of the lucky ones who were at least able to start it up. I'm very pleased with the actual game though, looks gorgeous and without the auto aim the gunfights are a lot more intense and last longer, was my biggest complaint on PS4.
Fallout was never meant to be particularly deep, when people call NV's writing good they usually mean that it's more faithful to the lore material and has branching questlines, choices that actually matter (something Bethesda is afraid to do because they don't want to lock people out of content). Also when you criticise the Legion you go right for the jugular, it's a known weak point.
No. 32413
11 kB, 300 × 225
> was my biggest complaint on PS4.

You bought it twice?
No. 32417
No I'm just using that as a sort of symbolic example for all of the numerous problems I had with that game outside of just the insane bugfest that it was. I found wrapping up the game at the dam to be similarly unenthralling, abrupt, and half baked feeling although tbh I barely even remember it at this point, though that itself speaks volumes about the game's ending if I can't even remember it except supposedly throwing an NCR general off a dam.

There were funny things too I guess, it's just that in general the whole intermeshing of a check/fail skill system rather than RNG, combined with very short pieces of dialogue I can't stand the incalculable faggotry of this twitter generation as opposed to well thought out paragraphs of text for example, lent it an overall feel of poor writing, which yeah come to mention the Legion it really was half baked. Like for instance numerous characters and factions didn't have complex needs, wants, goals, antipathies or anything like that. NCR was well NCR. Caesar at least had some sort of logic when you talked to him though why he had a roving band of raiders, retards, and basically a non-goblin version of the WoW Horde I forget. Mr. House was the one who really did have a well written background and story arc, I'll give you that, but the whole thing just felt rather uninspired to me, with that sidequest really just summing up my thoughts and feelings on the game's story. Like in so many other instances it pretty much became, oh hi stranger please allow me to trust you for no reason at all, (pass/fail over 65 PASS) oh why yes sure here have some bottlecaps too. Plus like I said the morality system was completely retarded, which true is a problem with numerous other games also (I've heard it's legendary with Fable, and always was an issue with Star Wars games and so on, BioWare etc) but just this strange thing of stealing 1 cap forks nicking me and then shooting random people not...I don't know. The whole thing just did not strike me as well of a cohesive narrative whole as it should have been and had so many problems that really the only thing I can do is sum it up as that rape sidequest.

>and IIRC Benny invited you up to his suite because he was sure he could kill you, and you have multiple ways to circumvent his plans based on your skills. Similar story with Mr House - you only really get a chance to take him out when you're more of a wasteland badass and have the hacking and weapons skills to gain access to his chamber and destroy his robots.
Eg the two are different. House I guess should've seen it coming but he was too blinded by his own hubris. Benny I guess can be said to make sense solely because your weapons are supposedly all confiscated and not expecting a hidden piece (though why wouldn't he?) and just being alone with you in the room, like what if you rolled a super high strength character?

All in all the story just felt weak to me and I haven't heard well any specific examples of how supposedly great the writing and storytelling is when people talked about it. Hence me asking. Because people will say it's great but I'm just utterly confused what's so great about it.

As for what I would consider great writing, it's more about how it all comes together in Darkwood. I'm not even on the second chapter yet and this game has grabbed me from the start. Moody music, absolutely excellent superb audio design, fantastic visual arts skills particularly impressive given that it has the outward look of pixelated indie shovelware, all these things combine to either amplify storytelling or hinder it as a sort of artistic force multiplier.

In Darkwood I can say that despite them being Poles it often comes across as being written and designed by native English speakers, although one thing I will say kind of bugs me is overuse of expletives in vidya story writing. I shitcanned CAYNE for exactly that reason. Conversational English doesn't even involve that much swearing even by those bordering on bydlo, so I'd really discourage it from writers. After all, it would be like trying to write Russian literature and every third word cyka this blyat that pizdes there and cyka ebani here it all just becomes so tiresome. So thus far there's I think one or two fucks too many but otherwise the storytelling and the writing of Darkwood is great.

I think that the best part is when you realize how much of the game truly could be seen as just any other ordinary New England Polish village as viewed through a child's nightmare eyes. Nothing is really even particularly out of the ordinary when you view it this way but the presentation is like a fantastic Lovecraftian-Grimm dark fairy tale and it even has some real RPG elements combined with survival horror so I can't quite categorize the game well.

Really I think that this is an example of "less is more" being really well done, and having the things that do get shown and heard being well done also. I have yet to meet the doctor and only just now got the soldering iron by choosing my one path I had accidentally given something to the wolf when I was just showing him stuff so luckily I've been overwriting an autosave folder and making a save file of each day to undo that accident since I'd been planning on giving it to the boy all along and starting to feel actually confident in my character's survival abilities.

This is completed by my fortress which I found out one way to survive the night is just flipping the light on in another building behind a barricaded window that had a bear trap in front of it, so I'll immediately know where it is while stalling the bad men first in going over and attacking the wrong window and then in getting stuck in a horribly injurious trap. This has been slowly sapping some of the spookiness out of my nights but they're still pretty scary nonetheless since it keeps randomly throwing other enemies that I had and hadn't seen including inside my room, appearing when there's no lights, killing my lights, and just overall being so well done with perfect use of sound and Lovecraft-style horror of the unknown just outside my sight, well it's just great.
No. 32418
I can never get into Rockstar games because they're always trying way too hard to be serious art, even though the writers are too low IQ to actually create anything of depth and meaning. It would be better if they went for pure schlock a la Saints Row, instead of creating the video game equivalent of the kind of boring "message" movies you occasionally watch in high school history class.

This is the premier book of their senior writer:

I don't have anything against her, but why is this the kind of person that Obsidian is making their senior writer? Outer Worlds was made by two of the same guys behind Arcanum. That game had absolutely amazing dialog writing and worldbuilding. Who is making the decision to hire up-and-coming romance schlock authors and put them in charge of games?
No. 32422
164 kB, 1920 × 1080
356 kB, 1920 × 1080
235 kB, 1920 × 1080
327 kB, 1920 × 1080
Yeah, sold my PS4 a while ago though. Pretty hilarious experience selling consoles on classifieds with people trying to haggle in bad German and offering bottles of cheap wine instead of cash or trying to scam you outright by offering to pay later and so on.
You don't really play Rockstar games for the story but to fuck around in the world which RDR2 gives you plenty of opportunity to. The open world is also one of the more vibrant ones I've seen in recent years, going into AC Odyssey (which I couldn't stand for more than 2 hours) seemed like a huge drop in quality with repeating assets and so on. Don't really like their games where they tried to be too deep and realistic like GTA IV but with the RDR games they found a nice middle ground imo. Saint's Row was what GTA games used to be in the past, anyway.
No. 32423
1001 kB, 1600 × 900
1009 kB, 1600 × 900
892 kB, 1600 × 900
>even though the writers are too low IQ to actually create anything of depth and meaning
What IQ should they be to make a game suitable for your ultra-patrician tastes? 130+?

>and now the game owes it to you to show everything
You know, this is why I loved Freelancer so much, there's a big single player campaign that takes you to all these places, from Liberty to Bretonia to Kusari and then to Rheinland and you get to go on this big adventure ... and then the story ends and you're free to do your own thing. But if you explore some more there's so much more going on in the world, there's the remnants of the Hispania and hidden systems and much much more powerful ships still to get. They don't make 'open world' games like that anymore, the story takes you through everywhere and then it's over.

Claiming Fallout 3 is better than New Vegas is the new contrarian thing to do as of the last year or so. It's basically guaranteed (you)s for whoever does it.

If only you picked apart Fallout 3 with the same enthusiasm.
No. 32426
173 kB, 800 × 571
I have never played a Rockstar game for the story. It's like, Doom level of I don't care about background story.

Who even gave you that idea? I was never once under the impression that they are made to be "art" or to have any depth whatsoever. I always saw those as just being bydlo games that have and had almost unprecedented open world freedom and that was the only reason to play it.

>why is she lead
She sucks a mean dick. That is seriously the only plausible explanation and sadly a likely one. Don't be surprised if a year or two later we hear some crap about sexual harassment out of her. I mean by God, I know you can't judge a book by its cover but Jesus that sounds like pure trash. No wonder the writing allegedly sucked. Obsidian wtf are you even doing that is the absolute bottom of the barrel lowest of low. To have the writers from Arcanum not be lead I mean what the hell.
Sucking mean dick. That is my only explanation for such sheer incompetence.

Not him but unironically 120+
But then again, I probably still have an IQ in the 110s even after the brain damage and know possibly slightly more than the average person about writing, so my demands and baseline are probably going to be way higher than the average gamer pleb. This is not an excuse however, as all but the dumbest schlubs can appreciate really good writing in a game and it stands out.

So yeah. 120 is seriously my minimum IQ level. Or at least some talent, which may not necessarily track with IQ but it probably does in writing and I have seen many a poor writer. It doesn't have to be profound but it damn well better be entertaining, and PoE which also is my whipping boy somehow managed to both be pretentious, boring, and mediocre IQ at the same time, which to me just screams "I'm a romance slashfic writer who sucks a mean dick" like the vibes that woman is giving off. Actually not even that tbh my impression is she's as lukewarm and unenthusiastic with fellatio as everything else It somehow managed to both be not profound, not terribly interesting to read, and well put it this way the writing of PoE was at a senior high school level that was painfully tedious to read. It was nothing like my favorite games which were legitimately exciting and interesting to read and more often than not incredibly profound. Like I don't think it's necessarily as profound as some people tried to make it but I do think Kreias endless lectures were great and added a real depth to the game in thinking through your actions, like how seemingly "helping" people could also be robbing them of their own personal growth and making them dependent on others, although my biggest problem with the Star Wars morality system is how being an emotionless autistic twat is the height of morality and you can kill people freely as long as you don't care about it but you're lost to darkness and evil if you ever love someone, which is mainly the fault of Lucas' Westernization and weird interpretation of Buddhism (in which boundless compassion is the very reason you strive to break the chains of Samsara to begin with, so as to become a Bodhisattva and return to the suffering to help others break their chains too at least if you're Mahayanan etc)

>If only you picked apart Fallout 3 with the same enthusiasm.
Can't. I dropped it long before I would've had anything insightful to say about it.

But like I said earlier the thing is writing per se isn't really the only aspect of vidya ~writing~ in that it is a medium which wholly transcends the written and spoken word. Darkwood as I mentioned is a fantastic example of this. In film you can actually have pretty awful hammy dialogue and still manage to write a completely fantastic story (cough Star Wars cough cough) because it has so many other dimensions to the storytelling than just dialogue. You can tell a great story entirely through pictures, and maybe not even with sound but just silent scene after scene. It may be a bit avant garde but you can still "write" a great story that way.

Also the greatest sin of which I myself am guilty as well is that writing more does not equate to quality. Brevity is the soul of wit and all that. PoE is a case in point. Lots of writing but nothing said. Conversely I am finding myself enjoying Darkwood despite how little there is to read in this game as I am slowly trying to piece together what is going on.

Like I've said multiple times in the past it's a crying shame that we have this awesome new medium and, that, well I hate to say it like this but that it is so seemingly tainted by consumerism and Capitalism poisoning that well and making everything super dumbed down, casualized, and marketed for bydlo because consumerism dictates marketing to lowest common denominator just because it sells fast and not because it is durable, like an artistic version of planned obsolescence. Like there are some timeless wonders, and meanwhile much of what Hollywood is and has been doing is going to be utterly dated crap that nobody is going to watch or care about in ten years and I'm saddened to see it afflicting the game industry.

When I look at Death Stranding that is sadly what I see as well. I think Kojima might have some high aspirations of his own but it just looks like it's going to be another subpar triple A game with some crappy B list actor starring in it as the attraction who no one's going to care about in ten years, and I think that is the affliction of TOW as well which like Russia sad quite long ago is basically pandering to all manner of pop culture bydlo with some Rick from Rick and Morty thing that'll be forgotten in the next 5 years.

It sucks because I truly believe this is a medium to create the kind of high art timeless classics that could move the greatest stoics and jaded cynics to having a tear in their eye from having not simply witnessed but participated in the worldlessly profound and excited it with that kind of distant stare that no word can communicate but art alone.

Sadly, what these rather than artists but captains of industry content themselves to doing is this.
No. 32429
>What IQ should they be to make a game suitable for your ultra-patrician tastes? 130+?
Enough to not throw in cringe-y narrative scenes where they try to show off their quirky characters.

>Who even gave you that idea? I was never once under the impression that they are made to be "art" or to have any depth whatsoever. I always saw those as just being bydlo games that have and had almost unprecedented open world freedom and that was the only reason to play it.
If you pay attention to the writing, it's very clear that they have pretensions of being more than just entertaining schlock. I can't remember specific examples because it was too long ago, but pretty much any time the game gets serious or you get a long dialog scene with another character (which are annoyingly common), it shows through. The schlock isn't embraced, which you don't necessarily have to do, but when they get serious the game feels like a shitty PBS period drama.

>To have the writers from Arcanum not be lead I mean what the hell.
The thing is, the guys from Arcanum are the leads, of the whole game, but they put this girl in charge of writing.

I can only imagine that they just didn't want to be assed dealing with most of the writing and dialog, and to get with the times they put a seemingly bright young woman in charge. Who sucks dick really well.
No. 32466
386 kB, 1920 × 1080
321 kB, 986 × 555
Holy fucking shit, okay so this is what I meant by high art and the definition of good writing, just watch the first ten minutes
Fuck, how I know that feel, that perfect inversion of the joie de vivre mixed up in the liquor addled iniquity of the sheer baseness and stoic vulgarity that is the stubbornness of the mountain goat in Grendel, a kind of sense that is what I meant about the wordlessness of knowing that can only be communicated by art. Fuck, that was both sublime and depressing.

So to answer your questions yes this is pretty much the standard by which I measure things and to which I hold most games, or perhaps just a bar below it for being truly acceptable and standard writing because frankly I don't expect everybody to have that kind of talent.

This is a kind of game that I think I have to truly be in that right kind of mode for, to treat myself to it like the kind of death by chocolate cake to observe from afar like a goal or a small death to savor and immerse myself in, like that one piece of candy you wanted more than the others and put off as the finale to a kid's Halloween stash as that last piece to eat before December or that one infinity +1 potion you've been saving the whole game that's just too good to use so you save it for the end boss. I've not that many games on my list that can make that sort of a cut where everything else seems so dry and banal in comparison, like the post coital feeling of finishing a truly great video game and trying to play another right after can only spoil the moment at best.
No. 32467
>What IQ should they be to make a game suitable for your ultra-patrician tastes? 130+?

If I had to pick a number I'd set the minimum at IQ 125. I don't know the IQ of most people I have met but that's the lowest known IQ of someone I didn't find annoying to talk to on account of their inability to draw reasonable inferences. However if someone's only problem is being slow he can make up for this when writing by taking a longer time to think about his work.
No. 32470
Don't wanna really get into this disscution with textwalls I already had with this american posters many time, but in this case matter not IQ - but involment and understanding. Understanding of game, undesrtanding of genre and it's history, understating of technology. And really trying non to just "check some crap with beer 5 minutes before sleep on my console", but you really need invest in game your patience and time. And trying to look at things from experience described above objectively.

Or you end be like this american, who have childhood games of some isometric RPGs with specific plots and mass defect and compare everything to them with his abstract criteria. And when look at game with slightly different golas or subgenre - like new vegas or system shock he immideatly call it bad because it is not what he familiar with. He can no escape his so called "duck syndrome" and don't interesed in overall topic besides this specific game. Which ends in "CRPGs are only Isometric RPGs" and other nonsence.
No. 32471
49 kB, 570 × 427
>Don't wanna really get into this disscution with textwalls I already had with this american posters many time, but in this case matter not IQ

I asked the IQ question ironically hoping it would highlight how silly their arguments were. I didn't expect for them to come back and give me the required IQ numbers they would like for the person making their videogames.
No. 32472 Kontra
Hahaha oh my fucking god dude is this nigga serious
No. 32476 Kontra
I would just like to say that I, the original poster of the IQ comment, am the only American to not post a literal IQ number.
No. 32478
Of course. This is a serious discussion.
No. 32480
If you asked someone what temperature he considered most comfortable would you likewise be surprised if he gave you a numerical answer? Perhaps things are different in Ireland but in American public schools students are divided into tracks based on their IQ scores, so when we think of a number we can associate it with real people we've known.
No. 32481
Challenging the player's imagination is crucial to a good RPG too, but I don't think it's necessarily unrelated to intelligence
No. 32484
66 kB, 400 × 400
Fairly sure most americans can't name their own IQ off the bat, and a proper IQ test is different from assuming a score from grades. I didn't take any of those tests until college, and for non-educational reasons.
No. 32485
Wait a minute where the fuck did my post go
Did I not hit reply?

Well fuck it I'm in no mood to respond but you're one to talk dude. I'll not bother repeating myself about how you're often factually wrong and cant deal with anyone having a different opinion than you than to begin personally insulting people rather than accept there's different tastes and opinions when there's ample ways to insult you which I refrain from doing specifically because I don't care about anything except the substance of the argument, nor the fact that you simply don't admit to being factually wrong and resort to basically calling people beer drinking console playing bydlo so on and so forth which is especially funny you would even bother to mention FNV of all things. This is funnier still not just because it's so casual and the hilarity of you talking familiarity and playstyles (it's more unfamiliar tbh because I played nothing from Bethesda) and omitting certain key things like yes of course System Shock was clunky, because being clunky typified that era of gaming in the 90s and so on.

I don't even know what this means.

And you are simply wrong, as fact, about crpg, which as I told you you can browse something like steam with tag "crpg" because every English speaker knows what that means.

I can't remember all else I wrote but it's not worth the bother atm. I'm going to go play kore Darkwood and have a cigarette.
No. 32490
159 kB, 199 × 200, 0:00
Holy fuck 4kanker is unspeakably terrible. Every once in awhile (like 5-7 months) like a man swearing off alcohol after a bad hangover then forgetting how bad it was and getting hammered again, I'll open it and close it after less than 5 minutes just to see what's on /v/. There is not a single thread--not one single thread!--that's good on either of their vidya boards. Holy fuckin christ it's awful. Like, words cannot describe how bad and awful that shithole truly is. I'll try to find anything worth looking at for vidya and there is nothing but shit trash idiocy and possibly pedophilia throughout the entire catalogue.

Does reddit have a /v/ board? Because IGN is pure corporate shit trash but sometimes I want to see a
Wait nevermind. I temporarily forgot how cancerous "gamers" are as a whole. Maybe I should stop blaming the publishers so much and realize that their audience really is just that completely moronic cancerous and braindead. Not one single thread worth opening. Jesus.
No. 32492
1,1 MB, 1280 × 960
68 kB, 640 × 804
With minor exception, gamers are fucking retarded. I doubt any of the regular posters, no matter what discussion space they frequent, has an IQ that breaks the triple digits. At times, I wonder how these knuckle draggers function in real life.

A subject that fascinates me is the identity of the FMV actress who played Jill Valentine in the original Resident Evil (Biohazard) from 1996. It's been the subject of speculation among Resident Evil fans for years and only recently has the rest of the FMV cast been uncovered. In any case, an outstanding example of gamer stupidity is this very thread:

It could be that either gaming for years induces facial agnosia or prosopagnosics are attracted to video games, but in any case, Una Kavanagh certainly is NOT Inezh despite all these idiot posters' insistence to the contrary.
No. 32493 Kontra
I should add that part of the problem was that IMDB, for years, listed Inezh as a pseudonym for Una Kavanagh. That little error caused plenty of grief for the real life Una Kavanagh, although she seems to have taken it in stride and just replies "No" to any/all questions about her alleged involvement.
No. 32496
>It could be that either gaming for years induces facial agnosia or prosopagnosics are attracted to video games
I feel like this is true, at least for me. In some Hollywood movies I hear of digitally recreated actors and usually I don't notice unless a friend points it out to me. He's creeped out by the uncanny valley while I just don't see it.
Granted, most of these are movies I don't really get invested in. And he also played a lot of vidya.
No. 32505
>I doubt any of the regular posters, no matter what discussion space they frequent, has an IQ that breaks the triple digits. At times, I wonder how these knuckle draggers function in real life.
They are kids, dude.
No. 32518
>And you are simply wrong, as fact, about crpg, which as I told you you can browse something like steam with tag "crpg" because every English speaker knows what that means.
Everybody laughed on your idiotic posts and you just managed to ignore them all. Fuck your steam, this is not an argument.
>what means
Little duck associate what first he see with his mother. You can deduct the rest, I guess.
No. 32523
1,2 MB, 2553 × 1435
729 kB, 2549 × 1441
1,0 MB, 2557 × 1441
592 kB, 2565 × 1441
Disco Elysium is ebin. It's quite heavy handed with its progressivism which makes it all the more entertaining to say the most offensive shit possible.
No. 32524
185 kB, 1280 × 642

Belarus wasn't agreeing with you he said the term itself is stupid, which in a sense it is because the "c" part in crpg isn't descriptive or the best way to talk about isometric RPGs made in the classic style. Australia also was arguing with you in that thread including unrelated things and someone else was actively making fun of you. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Also I only even played Planescape for the first time when I was 30 so your argument is once again incredibly retarded and only relies on attempting to demean the poster rather than debate or refute the substance of the argument. This is why I've grown tired of discussing things with you. At least this post was your most efficient yet in getting to the point of trying to demean and insult the messenger rather than bothering with the message.

I have no idea just what the hell you were even trying to imply with FNV, because that is both a much newer game and a spinoff of a genre and series of games that you would be most familiar with as I've never played Morrowind or Oblivion or any of the newer nor older Elder Scroll games. I also basically never play any shooters at all, which is a mechanic basically bootstrapped onto the same ES engine from Bethesda. I think all the shooters I played in the last ten years would be Singularity, Fear 2, I guess Dead Space counts, and...trying to think. OH. And Mass Effect basically counts though it was originally meant to be an RPG instead which is why I played it, and I have no idea why you'd even bring it up considering the only time I even mention ME is when I want to go on a tirade about everything wrong in modern gaming and using ME2 is my whipping boy example for it, in similar fashion as I do with Pillars of Eternity. I couldn't care less about it, it's just that ME2 is a really convenient example all in one of something wrong because it is hands down the worst game I've played in the last decade if not longer.

Regarding Deus Ex I fully stand by my assertions of that game being painfully overrated and the fact is that it didn't even introduce a whole lot that was new. Keep in mind, that was a 2000 game and it was already a bit dated on release even, and many of the things about that game had already been done and often done better like the really broken stealth mechanic which Metal Gear Solid probably did better, as one example, and with incredibly painfully limited rpg elements, terrible sound design, a mediocre story with writing anywhere from good to bad to at times downright cliched even for the time, and a shooter system that gave it bad FPS elements as well as pretty bad level design.

I haven't played through it yet so I cant say much but System Shock 1-2 does seem like it probably has good writing, which is the main reason I'd play it. Do note: the original SS was released in 1994 and SS2 in 1999, which means probably the majority of Deus Ex wasn't even original but nabbed ideas from SS/2, so it was an short a pretty bad looking hack job from a lot of other things that became one of the most tedious wastes of my time other than that dreaded EA/Bioware shitpile. So in other words no, Deus Ex wasn't even really innovative because of how much it stole or was inspired by games like System Shock. Not that this is a bad thing, but considering it's main claim to fame which iirc you yourself have argued being it's supposedly innovative and groundbreaking features and design, then I'd say that no, no it wasn't because other games already did those things it's just that DX was more mainstream and popularized them and took credit where it didn't deserve it.

System Shock otoh really was innovative so far as I'm aware but no, I'm not going to argue how great the combat was or movement because that'd be psychotically wrong fanboyism as probably a majority of games from that era were often really clunky, and SS2 was way clunkier than most I've played. Mechanically it just feels awful to play and idk why someone would even bother arguing against that because of how common it was for the era. I will say that yes, it's entirely possible to be because of being a bad port, but considering how it processes hits that's clearly not a port issue.
No. 32525
26 kB, 1024 × 768
139 kB, 644 × 513
89 kB, 640 × 480
161 kB, 1280 × 720
I can't remember everything else you said as insinuations about me but your presumptions are clearly idiotic and flat out wrong, and I will openly call it stupid and wrong for you trying to strawman what you see as an opponent like some sosacher rather than having a discussion, which in some instances is very clearly projection on your part. You will notice of the only shooters I could think of playing (OH and Jedi Academy/Outcast right I've played partly through that in the last 5 years) that generally they're either some variant of survival horror and arpg. Oh yeah and STALKER but I didn't even get very far. Why? Because I can't stand shooters. Jedi Academy I was just hoping to have more rpg aspects but it didn't, and I quickly realised the story was trash and that while from a mechanics perspective is pretty fantastic it is sadly all geared towards combat and I missed out on that period of people playing it online. I don't even play ARPGs that often. In fact I probably only played my first ARPG this decade, and only played KOTOR, ME, DX, and so on since like 2016 or 2017. I probably played VTMB for the first time in like 2012-13. I played Planescape for the first time in 2017.

So in other words your "little duck" way of trying to shift the argument away from the message and onto the messenger is entirely moronic because games I played when I was a kid included Doom and Dark Forces, and I fucking hate FPS games now. I will definitely say that they all got a hell of a lot shittier though as the map layouts of those games, or Quake 2 for example, was an honest job of people to be level designer, and it probably was the one sole nice intellectual developmental thing about those games which was training the brain for a rat in a maze because iirc you usually didn't have all this minimap and big map bullshit with those games so you had to memorize them. This is probably why the poison gas sewer maze section on Nar Shadda in KOTOR didn't phase me because I'm all, back in my day we used to have to walk home through poison mazes both ways and we didn't even have a map ping or M key.

The other genre I played a lot when I was younger was RTS. In fact that was my main genre. The sole crpg that I played at that time was Fallout and I didnt even play it until like 2002 or 2003 or something, so what it did do along with Master of Orion II was probably plant the seeds of renewed interest decades later. I have never played Icewind Dale or any of the other classics except BG I tried starting last year or the year before and couldn't force myself through (although admittedly I rolled a squishy wizard and the game is supposedly terrible for rolling wizard for the first like 4 levels or like half BG1).

So instead my main genre back then was RTS. I played Starcraft, Age of Empires, Dark Reign 2, Dune 2000, Command and Conquer, C&C Red Alert which were mostly terrible games tbh Westwood did not make good RTS games for the most part in the 90s/start of 00s except Dune, Earth 2150, Homeworld Cataclysm, Warcraft 1-2, and so on, with Warcract 3 and Rise of Nations being the late early gaming phase (like 17-18). Oh, and HoMM 1 which I guess you could call, like a 4x lite? I'm not sure what you would call it but it has more in common with 4x than anything else tbh, and HoMM was earlier than just about everything else. Oh, and also Syndicate, Power Pete, Escape Velocity, and some flight simulator were childhood games of mine, which including WC1 were way earlier than my main RTS phase.

So in other words whatever retarded conjecture you are making about my earliest gaming experiences is factually and demonstrably wrong. You will notice how I seldom talk about any RTS and literally never discuss things like flight sims, but rather talk mainly about crpgs, 4X, and survival horror. Why? Because people's interests changes over time you doofus. Other than Fallout the closest thing to a crpg I played a lot that I can even recall is Diablo. You will notice I also literally never talk about Diablo and have little to no interest at all in hack and slash games either. I have no interest in Warcraft, despite it being one of the earliest games I ever played, or any interest whatsoever in WoW or that setting at all, nor have I had interest in Diablo, because Blizzard is now shit and the last time I tried installing a bootleg copy of Diablo II last year I almost immediately lost interest. I tried playing Bioshock this year but almost immediately realized it's nothing but an FPS and lost any interest, especially because of how immersion breaking shooting these trash mobs was to an otherwise interesting setting. So if anyone has a little duck syndrome it is probably you my dude.
No. 32533
>Belarus wasn't agreeing with you he said the term itself is stupid,
He said obvious fact that if "c-" means computer, so all video games in RPG genre is CRPGs to distingish them from PnP games.
If "c-" stands for "classic", or classic type of gameplay, it is obviously should not be only Isometric games.

One of things I said to you that "Isometric" not ven subgenre. This is just description of camera position. I don't want repeat everything I said and spend time to make posts which anyway will be ignored and you will continue to posting your """opinion""" same as usual. Any attempts at logical disscution is useless with you, you pretty much happy in your imagenary world. Only thing I sad is that you may convince some other people with your bullshit, but honestely, there enough stupid people in internet without you anyway. And talks with you become groundhog day.

If you want to continue disscution - re-read my old posts, try to think about them and present some actual arguments or questions.
No. 32535
>If you want to continue disscution - re-read my old posts, try to think about them and present some actual arguments or questions.
I just did. This is what I mean about your projection
>I don't want repeat everything I said and spend time to make posts which anyway will be ignored and you will continue to posting your """opinion""" same as usual. Any attempts at logical disscution is useless with you,
You, yourself, just flagrantly ignored every single one of my points. You have ignored all facts and logic, or any argument I have put forth. You have solely used it as an opportunity to call me stupid while noting crpg, which I had previously agreed was a relatively inapt term, as most genres are in fact pretty inapt terms like for example a majority of RTS games not even really being strategy games so much as tactical ones, or 4X being solely a marketing gimmick word that stuck, for example.

This does not change the fact that whenever anybody uses the term "crpg" literally just about everybody knows exactly what you mean as a specific kind of usually party based isometric rpg that's heavily reliant on choice, dialogue, and story with typically multiple possible endings. Nobody ever uses the term "crpg" to refer to RPGs. Why? Because everybody uses the term "rpg" to refer to computer roleplaying games which makes the term redundant because the c part is already implicit when you talk about RPGs, but once again I am repeating myself because you have deliberately chosen to ignore all my points, arguments, and some objective facts in favor of your own rigid internal opinionated views. These are not "my" personal opinions with crpgs--that is literally what everybody means when they say crpg. Not everything I said is factual, objective, or not an opinion, but that one solidly is.
No. 32537
>You, yourself, just flagrantly ignored every single one of my points.
That steam, urban dictionary and your friends say so? Great arguments, of cource better than all internet RPG communities, real magazine articles, wikipedia and common logic.

>This does not change the fact that whenever anybody uses the term "crpg" literally just about everybody knows
That means or computer RPG, not PnP, or one of old classic RPG games or games with similar gameplay to them.
Also abstract "everybody" is such great "argument". no, it is not.
No. 32549
2,5 MB, 480 × 360, 0:29
>this thread
No. 32553
No, the entire two posts and all the numerous points I made on a variety of different things.
Also, some random guy's blog is not professional opinion.
>and common logic.
>is dis nigga serious
Especially when you follow with
>Also abstract "everybody" is such great "argument"
Yeah, everybody. Even better when you combined that statement with
>all internet RPG communities
Which ones? And I did mean everybody, As in that is what pretty much every single person means when they say crpg. Do I seriously need to make a poll for you or something?

Again Ivan there is a reason for this
You really want to appeal to some sort of random community? This is basically THE largest gaming community on the entire internet: Steam. It is the largest game store.

https://www.gog.com/forum/general_archive/best_crpg_from_gog/page1 Notice anything?

Like I said I don't know if this means something different on Slavlands but like every single English speaker knows exactly that crpg is shorthand for a very specific niche. The games you include are ARPGs. As in, these are different genres and while not always true for either ARPGs tend to be singleplayer or one or two companions tops whereas CRPGs tend to be party based games. Go. Go look. Notice how on steam everybody knows exactly what the tag "crpg" means. This is also because like I said "RPG" is usually used in context where it is obvious you are talking about computer games.

I still do not know if this is because of your stubbornness and autism or some kind of language barrier issue.
No. 32556
You trying trolling by stupidity?

>random guy
>which ones
>look at muh steam forums!!11!
Same shit over and over.
Nah, I'am finnaly tierd from you. Go find others to bait with idiocy.
No. 32557
I'm sure you'll agree that the "rogue-like" tag is widely misused on Steam. It was even worse before the term "rogue-lite" began to gain popularity as an alternative.
No. 32561
Without the never-ending war between those two EC wouldn't be the same
No. 32568
26 kB, 510 × 546
I'll stop doing that because I want spend my time on EC posting textwalls about terminator movies and maybe then my epserience as PC games as I going thought PS1 library of games later, which may be more interesting to people than to watch this USA balls insulting CRPG genre and community based on topic names in steam forums and I like idiot trying to make sence out if this disscution.
I also think that he change his opinions if will have deep dive and interest in classic computer RPGs by himslef, but if he not really care, there no even a point to convince him in somethnig.
No. 32588
Brother asked me to configure all the games running in his internet cafe.
They have a diskless node setup, meaning the OS image and all files are streamed from a server. No node has write access, you have to log in as root in order to make any permanent changes. All nodes then share the same settings.
So I have to run each game, set the resolution, graphics settings, make sure it works and runs well, etc.

So I've been playing some recent(ish) games (for 10-20 minutes each). And I really hate it so far. I don't get this new trend of just putting you in the game without a main menu or settings or anything, and forcing you to play through the entire first chapter before you can even save. What a waste of time. There is also the opposite of this, which is as bad, where the game immediately launches into a 10 minute long in-game cutscene that you can't skip or access the main menu from before it is finished.

Also, I played some recent version of Assassin's Creed and it felt like an overly complicated game of Simon Says. Just push buttons at appropriate times, and character does everything. Can't attack anything that isn't explicitly marked as an enemy. It's incredibly restrictive, the game doesn't let you do anything it doesn't expect you to do. Same for the parkour system. The game literally won't let me fall or injure myself. You can mash a random sequence of inputs and the character will end up doing something "cool". Every 10 minutes of gameplay there's a cutscene. Oh, and those stiff "smart" movement where the character controls like a barge, and you have to wait for him to do his turning animation, etc. I guess they don't want the game to look dumb when playing it, but it still often looks dumb because you clip through NPCs all the time, NPCs pop out of nowhere or teleport when cornered, etc. I'd rather have responsive controls.

I think I played bejeweled for longer after configuring it than I did Assassin's Creed. I had more fun patching and configuring 90s games to work on modern machines than playing that thing. Getting CnC Generals to work on W10 was an entire detective quest. AND it was fun to play afterwards.

I have to say, though, I'm surprised the games run as well as they do on my brother's shitty old PCs.
He told me to "install some new games". So I've been installing some UT04, Serious Sam TFE/TSE, RA2, and other good shit. Time well spent I guess.
No. 32593
183 kB, 1024 × 768
106 kB, 640 × 480
238 kB, 620 × 506
>And I really hate it so far. I don't get this new trend of just putting you in the game without a main menu or settings or anything, and forcing you to play through the entire first chapter before you can even save. What a waste of time.
Trend was created by failed Ultima 9 and Black&While . Both of this games in late 90s tried to bring immersion of something being more than regular game, when it's creator thought that idea of classical interfaces will be gone. It is same as when graphical operation systems took off, but people thought they can pushit it even more, which created such products as "Microsoft BOB".

What I not like overall in current trends how they want push person out of control of game and it's options, operating systems, even hardware, everything and same time aim it towards normies with look of not programs, but like it some sort of interactive movies or more to say, not computer and program but like electronic entertaiment was imagined by 80s science fictin movies. Of cource, people rised on already establisehd eras of videogames and computers will not like it at all.
No. 32596
7 kB, 170 × 213
Thank you for sharing. I just bought it and allready know that it is well worth the full price tag.
No. 32607
I wouldn't say Black and White was totally like that. It was a pretty good game too.
No. 32614
Well it also took approach of having immideat start with unskippable tutorial, same as more "alive interface" (even when at late stage development they attached keyboard shortcuts)
No. 32616
54 kB, 640 × 480
48 kB, 640 × 443
19 kB, 480 × 360
38 kB, 474 × 379
>USA balls insulting CRPG genre and community based on topic names in steam forums You know what Ivan here
I made a poll just for you. Like I said, I cannot tell if this is another thing like your love of the word "concretic" where it's a non-native English speaker thing, or if you're being unusually autistic and stubborn. Well by normal measures anyway I know this is your usual mode.

Btw, it's not "discussion topic on steam forums" I know you probably are never on steam and probably don't know how to use it but those are category tags, not just discussion. I couldn't find a tag on GOG but gave you a sample discussion from somewhere else. On steam that is tags, literally like "RTS" "survival horror" "4X" "MMO" "visual novel" etc. It's a way of categorizing things for search. There's a reason why exlucisvely crpgs show up because it's a subgenre of RPGs, as in, if you just typed "RPG" you'd get those games as well as ARPGs and a ton of other stuff alongside CRPGs, and if you type "CRPG" it only gives you those games.
Because that is what everybody means by "crpg" at least on the wect, and judging by that other Russian I am assuming this is pretty common in slavlands too.

Have some of the pics I also downloaded for childhood/young teenage games but didn't use too.

As for games today, I increasingly find myself just wanting to win the lottery or something just so I can sit in my own shack in the middle of the woods with no internet and do nothing but play down my backlog all day for like half a year. I keep find myself wasting inordinate amounts of time on stupid bullshit like the internet and running errands on my free time. On the plus side I am at least not so exhausted from this job I want to do fuckall and because I don't drink or do drugs or go out to parties or whatever have the time and energy to actually sit down and play games, unlike when I was doing more exhausting jobs and was too tired even to game.

I can't tell what I should play next though. I tried 40K Mechanicus and everything is really well done--except for the gameplay. Sadly that is the absolute weakest part. It's supposed to look like XCOM but instead it plays very crappily and part of that is I think because there is no cover mechanic nor RNG, which means everyone always hits and it's almost always going to be that same 1-2 or 4-5 dmg or whatever. Which is sad because I really want to like and be excited for the game but it's just not that good. I honestly had way more fun playing Hard West which was incredibly similar mechanically and for the overall feel of the game. I think overall it's also just the presentation, because it just feels sluggish and the slow, skulking, lurching forward animations of a lot of the necrons don't help this.

I do however think everything else is really well made and the choose your own adventure style room exploration multiple choice thing does help quite a lot to break up the tedium, but sadly while it has some elements of DoW II and has a great amount of that presentation feeling it just doesnt end up playing like it at all.

I actually have come to suspect that a great part of the problem with all 40K games is because the tabletop itself fucking sucks. Gladius looks the same way, despite being a Civ style 4X. The two Spacehulk games ditto. Spacehulk: Deathwing at least actually looks a lot nicer and is real time as an FPS, but it still manages to somehow look like it feels very similar to that other, lesser Spacehulk game that's a TBT. What I can gather about all this is that Warhammer 40K just kind of totally sucks in general and is basically just a meme that somehow a lot of sad nerds and probably the same as Paradox tbh who are childless get bilked out of their disposable income on lots of completely useless bullshit. This is the overall conclusion I have come to. I mean the lore is pretty great, but nearly every deviation of 40K seems like an extension of the tabletop which is designed to bilk you out of hundreds of dollars to even make that one particular thing playable and maybe even enjoyable, and that the sole exceptions to this rule are the ones that explicitly deviate from the tabletop mechanics entirely like Dawn of War. It may be a medium transition problem as I have never personally played the tabletop, but I no longer believe it to be just a problem with GW giving their licensing out to just about anybody.

I overall feel like Mechanicus could actually be a pretty great game, fantastic even, maybe even triple A, if it had simply completely ditched all the mechanical baggage of being a 40K game and totally done it's own thing, or at least done a different thing like being an actual XCOM clone with rng and cover mechanics (which tbh afaik the tabletop actually does have CtH so idk what gives).
No. 32618
589 kB, 1600 × 900
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
233 kB, 1280 × 720
327 kB, 1280 × 720
So the other thing is I've been getting a hankering to play some CMS games. I'm pretty sure the time is coming soon to play Workers and Resources. I've heard it's pretty janky supposedly, but it looks and sounds great and is possibly my #1 city building and management simulator I've recently gotten, alongside Frostpunk which may even be better and more addicting than Frostpunk. The other one I may end up playing is Banished because while I typically loathe the medieval setting and by extension any of that fantasy crap with such a similar LotT or Narnia type setting, I've been spending all day watching documentaries about the plague and other epidemics so I keep thinking maybe it's time to just play Banished instead.

I've got a few others on the list to try out to like Citystate and Project Aura but I'm pretty sure it's time for me to take a break from Darkwood and Darkest Dungeon and either get into Workers and Resources or Banished. I've also still got tons of games I just bought a ton of DLC for like PoE, This War of Mine, FNV, and Endless Space 2 etc but whatever
No. 32619 Kontra
329 kB, 1024 × 768
49 kB, 800 × 450
209 kB, 1600 × 900
83 kB, 800 × 450
Actually holy crap I have a LOT of cms games.
>Project Highrise
>Patrician III
>The Guild II
>Cliff Empire
>Transport Fever
>Surving Mars
Wow. And I've already played Planetbase too (which is really super addictive and fun at first but after like 10+ hours you start realizing how limited and not as relatable it is). Strike that. Make that a full solid years unemployed without having to worry about bills just playing games in a cabin in the woods.

Kontra sorry for the triple post
No. 32622
> RPG subgenre
This is not subgenre.
Yeah, interesting.
>never used
I dropped using it like 2 years ago almost compleatly. I remember it when it was green.
No. 32623
The network disk was fragmented to shit and the whole thing started lagging really badly. I am defragmenting 2TB worth of games right now.
Got RA2 to work properly, as well as LoTR Battle for Middle earth and a few other old games.
Tried out a few new games. I'm having a bit of an existential crisis right now, because I always thought that I liked video games, and even had silly dreams of working on a video game (as an artist or something), but the more I play these games, the more disappointed I become.

I'm not even trying to be a OLD GOOD NEW BAD snob, but there's something wrong with these new games that make me not give a shit. Especially the sequels. It's like they don't bother with setting up any kind of intrigue or mystery or engage the player at all, so smugly reassured that you automatically give a shit about what they have to say just because it's a game in a big name series.

I replayed the beginning of ME1 and was surprised at how well crafted the narrative is. It sets up a small mystery, then pays it off, but also immediately sets up a new one. It's genuinely engaging tbh, maybe I should do a full playthrough. In many other games, the it starts off with some fake inconsequential mini-story in the tutorial, then drops you off into the "main" game without any leads, and then adds a marker to your log saying "meet this character / go here". That's when I Alt F4 because I have no REASON to do any of that. The story's over and it hasn't even started. There is no hook. Why would you leave your audience dangling like that? It's baffling. I bet it's because they know you just paid $60 for that shit and you WILL keep playing if only to get your money's worth out of it. Too bad fuckers, all these games are pirated.
No. 32624
The first one drags on a bit. I found myself being a bit let down and thinking it was rather mediocre having finished KOTOR 2 not that terribly long before which is the main reason I was interested to begin with. It's alright but not great, gets kinda tedious and repetitive with the ground vehicle (which the next installments make you miss even that) but the thing is the late game is so good at times and the payoff is ultimately grand. Really it's the ending that nails it as a pretty decent game.
No. 32625
I'm trying to isolate the storytelling from the gameplay.
The gameplay is pretty mediocre, I'd almost prefer if it was a straight up shooter and got rid of the clunky tactical cruft. Felt the same way about Dragon Age Origins, tbh. The tactical aspect is so shallow that there might as well not be any. Give me a straight up TBS or hack n slash. That real time pausing stuff is weird.
The paragon / renegade system is dumb and broken. If you want to level your speech, you have to "farm" either paragon or renegade replies, which goes contrary to the idea of role playing and picking the reply that suits the situation best. The system forces you to mindlessly be either be an asshole or a pussy just so you can pass speech checks later in the game. The first time I played the game, I ended up with 50/50 renegade and paragon points, and was basically screwed on speech checks late game.

But tbh, it was genuinely great to feel like you're experiencing an actual story, rather than "tutorial's over fucker, here's an open world and a map marker, you want to see the next cool set piece, don't you? :^)".
I've not played any BioWare RPGs at all other than ME1, DA:O and Baldur's gate. It's probably something I should catch up on, but I don't much care for star wars, so I think I'll try Jade Empire next.
No. 32627
You know, KotOR2 is what made a lot of people start to care about Star Wars. I wish for a game that combines the gameplay of Jedi Knight 2 with the storytelling of KotOR2... doesn't have to be Star Wars even, any setting could be worth exploring.
No. 32628
Jade Empire is very unfinished mechanically speaking, with lots of unused code left in the background and by the time you really get into it, the game is over. However, it is still one of my favourites, and outside of a few occasions, the morality system is fairly nuanced. Going all in on one or the other unlocks a special style but they are nothing super special.

It is one of my favourite bioware games tbh.
No. 32629
>I don't much care for star wars, so I think I'll try Jade Empire next.
Meh, Jade Empire is just KotOR for wusha fans. The role-playing system based on D&D3 was thrown out and replaced with a very simplified one with three stats, combat was changed from rounds and active pause to a very mediocre and clunky 3D beat 'em up/slasher, and the alignment system, despite some hints that followers of the Open Palm path were supposed to be the ones in harmony with Tao and shit while followers of the Closed Fist path were meant to be Sun Wukong-like cocky fighters seeking conflict simply to test their skill, still ended up being stereotypical good vs. bad. I'd suggest playing KotORs first; I'm not exactly a Star Wars fan either, but I still enjoyed those games nonetheless because they are actually good if somewhat broken.
No. 32630
Jedi Knight 2 had nice plot as part universe, same was for jedi academy.

KOTOR games broked lore about old republic, and KOTOR 2 was made even with less care about it and I prefered that KOTOR games never existed as SW EU fan honestely.
No. 32634 Kontra
15,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:29
since my go-to-site is apperantly down, i'll just post it here:

the japanese have managed it again to make may undies wet a little bit.

in other news: i finished darkest dungeon

Säge, because i know you folks :3
No. 32635
Did Miyazaki really need G.R.R.M., I wonder? It just seems more like a marketing move to sell the game to Western audiences than a proper collaboration. Oh well, it's still FromSoftware, so it oughta be decent, at least.
No. 32639
>I'd almost prefer if it was a straight up shooter
Trust me, you'll regret saying this if you ever play ME2. At least the style allows for mixed tactics I guess.

Speaking of which there are a few games that did this including KOTOR. The first time I played KOTOR it felt slightly unintuitive and clunky as hell but eventually I got used to it. Ironically the one sole game I've played which used that style effectively was The Bureau which largely got panned. It tried to present itself as though it were the same style but RPG elements are almost entirely absent and is surface presentation only, not the greatest story and is overall a terribly mediocre game however I actually found myself praising it to no end mechanically. That was the only game I ever played where the over the should/first person 3 man team squad based tactics actually worked and was amazing to play and partly it was helped by the pause part being slowed down time not paused. A sadly mediocre to below average game disliked by many people and hated by XCOM fans which ended up being IMO the best example of its gameplay style. The fighting was incredibly fantastic in that game.

> If you want to level your speech, you have to "farm" either paragon or renegade replies, which goes contrary to the idea of role playing and picking the reply that suits the situation best. The system forces you to mindlessly be either be an asshole or a pussy just so you can pass speech checks later in the game. The first time I played the game, I ended up with 50/50 renegade and paragon points, and was basically screwed on speech checks late game.
Ah, the infamous Bioware morality system. I think that on some level KOTOR wasn't as blatantly crippled by it because it made sense in universe for the first one, and the second one toyed with the idea of black and white jedi/Sith morality so much however it was still kinda broken. In their next games it made less sense and was more blatantly retarded. The problem is very bad writing and gameplay/mechanics integration. Like it wouldnt be as retarded if they had just come up with better scenarios and better writing for it, but Bioware was notorious for having two morality options that consisted of
>why hello stranger your cat is stuck in a tree? Here let me get your cat for you. I bet that was a traumatic experience so please have my house to live in and 200 gold
They at least toned it down more often in ME but because they weirdly had the conversation option written differently than what Shephard said I often found myself guessing as to what Shep would actually do or say and at least a couple of times he ended up acting like a complete irrational asshole out of nowhere.

The problem with this is the same for the other Bioware games which is it's so lacking in nuance and drives you towards one or the other extreme mechanically that will give you the best skills while being a nuanced character is probably one of the harder modes to play in a sense by getting nothing. You don't actually have to play straight paragon or renegade but you do fail plenty of checks without going pretty deep towards one or the other eventually. It's still not a problem to play that or most Bioware games as a more gray character though.

This is also not a problem entirely restricted to Bioware. I haven't played it yet but I heard Fable was infamous for its utterly broken morality system. Actually come to think of it I think Fallout 1-2 was ironically a more natural feeling system. In BethesdaFallout it becomes more the usual Bioware tier bullshit same for FNV. I think the most ridiculous thing is how it plays especially shooting lots of raiders minding their own business makes up for shooting random innocent strangers so you can basically be a slightly good karma guy by slaughtering people indiscriminately.

I forget what others atm but I do know while Bioware is most notorious for it, this is a longstanding problem in a ton of games with a morality system. It's usually not so much mechanically a problem as it is dissonance with the writing and really weird options compounded by mechanics so you get actively rewarded to break roleplay. Both Planescape and Tides of Numenera did this better partly by not knowing how it would influence your karma and by not having a binary system where you end up drifting to one extreme or the other. Good/evil karma systems are always going to be susceptible to this problem.

>ME1, DA:O and Baldur's gate. It's probably something I should catch up on, but I don't much care for star wars, so I think I'll try Jade Empire next.
Man you're playing every single bioware game except the one really good one. I haven't played Jade or Dragon's Age so admittedly can't say so much but KOTOR2 is widely regarded afaik of being just one step below VTMB. It's sorta like how you don't need to be into the background WoD lore or vampires to really enjoy that game. KOTOR1 is a bit more meh, but 2 features the classic Avellone tier writing and such and doesn't require having finished the first one to play, nor being a fan of Star Wars. I'd say give it a try. The one problem is that both of the KOTOR games especially the second are tedious and boring af to try and get through the first part. They're still part of the main game so not like a separate tutorial or something, but Taris and Peragus just feel lackluster. It's similar to how you always dread playing a new run of Fallout 2 because of having to deal with the temple bullshit, but not as extreme and having an actual story integration as opposed to the temple which was basically just an annoying unskippable tutorial.

In short, I would recommend KOTOR2 to people who aren't even fans of Star Wars. Like VTMB making you think you like vampires, it might even make you think you like Star Wars until trying to find another game in the setting that captures the magic and realizing none do. Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are examples of games you probably are going to hate if you don't like Star Wars. KOTOR 2 is the game that's going to convince you to buy those other two games in the Hope's of it being something like it only to be rudely let down.

It also had the somewhat unique innovation of your own karma meter affecting and interacting with others dependent upon your karma meter with them (so if you really manage to piss off or alienate one of them they'll only go to the opposite side of the force even more just to spite you). This affords you the singularly unique experience of gaining the trust of a whole group of people only to corrupt them and plunge them into the dark side, or conversely to save them and pull them towards being good (you recruit a mixed bag of dark siders, neutrals, and light siders and by the end of the game if you play your cards right can pull every one of them to your line of thinking). It's a feature that then becomes noticeably sadly absent in many other games because most games just give you static alignment companions.
No. 32652
>Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are examples of games you probably are going to hate if you don't like Star Wars.
This is classic and still known and poular Raven's game, probably one of their most famous games and one of the classics of early 00-s polt based shooters. I don't know what will make people hate this games if they are not star wars fans or something. I remember playing them and have ton of fun way beofre I even knew what the fuck is happening. Miltiplayer mods of this game still alive as I know, there still new official ports of this game made even thought disney so want to remove existance of EU and it's games replacing them with thier own EA shit.
No. 32681
it's hard to tell with the japanese. see death stranding.

afa youtube comments go, martin provided some background/lore on which myazaki wrote the actual game "story"
No. 32770
It's because both of those are straight up Star Wars games. Like, Star Wars for Star Wars fans. I kinda cringed when they introduced Yoda and Luke tbh. They also would only really appeal to people who dislike Star Wars for the multiplayer which, like I said earlier, is and has been pretty much did for ages now. This is different to KOTOR imo where you can at least really get into them if you aren't a fan of Star Wars, as opposed to certain other games like Jedi Academy which are just straight Star Wars games that never for a moment let you forget it is Star Wars games. Personally I don't know why people say they dislike Star Wars so much to begin with but whatever.
No. 32776
Cancer word.
>introduced Yoda
Where was yoda there? There was no any yodas. Youda died 10 years before games
>and Luke tbh
And what's wrong here? He is founder of new jedi orded and plot of both games go around it.
>It's because both of those are straight up Star Wars games.
This is baiscly Soldier of fortune+things they learned in elete force+awesome stuff from Heretic 2 by gameplay. You can ignore plot compleatly if you go to it just as quake engine linear FPS game,
>This is different to KOTOR imo where you can at least really get into them if you aren't a fan of Star Wars
KOTORs was big and dumb fanservice for prequel fans. Instead of original sseting, style and lore of old republic we get slitly remade plotlines from comics, but remade with changed names and style of the game was remade in almost same as in prequel movies just because they was popular back than and it changed whole lore around this era because games become popular. But most of things and ideas, planets and events are from already established lore and tried to aim and people who know what's going on, at least it was with first game for the most part. And all this games get a huge wave of people into EU, together with a lot of dumb stuff, books, comics and merch now based around this game, not actually original Old Republic.
>like Jedi Academy which are just straight Star Wars games that never for a moment let you forget it is Star Wars games.
Whole Dark Forces/Jedi Knights series one of the msot remembered among FPS fans, espessialy older. With very famous Dark Forces 1 and of cource, with very famous Raven games because all fans of classic FPS know and love raven and almost all of what they made.
No. 32786
I'm talking about from a perspective of people who say they hate Star Wars. Those two games are basically made for fans of the franchise and I doubt people who like to complain that they "don't like Star Wars" are going to want to play Jedi Academy or Outcast.
No. 32792
59 kB, 616 × 353
446 kB, 1919 × 1079
I finally started to play WH40k Mechanicus, and it seems very interesting, although I don't think the combat is up to my standards, but it's got some strategy and I like the setting as well. The music is absolutely great.

Praise the Omnissiah.
No. 32796
There not much people who really HATE star wars but a lot who just don't care. And people who hate it will obviously not play KOTOR games also.
But jedi knight games are popular among all people, really, mostly even people who don't care. KOTOR and kyle katarn and thrawn is generaly things even normies know about EU.
No. 32822
Err, I'm directing this towards people who always like to say "I don't like Star Wars things" for some reason clearly. Like you and I like Star Wars. There are people who don't for some reason, or maybe just like to say they don't for some obscure hipsterish reasons, and I don't frankly think a lot of them would really dig those games. Like I personally didnt even get super into Academy/Outcast and I actually have been a big fan of Star Wars since childhood. I specifically note KOTOR 2 because while it is a Star Wars game in a literal sense it is also very much not a typical Star Wars thing and I think that quite a lot of people would like it. I think that the same thing goes for VTMB. I personally am not really a great big fan of vampire stuff and never super was, which is easy for me to forget whenever I think of VTMB and consider getting some vampire game just because of that. I think that KOTOR 2 could play the same role with getting more people into Star Wars things who previously thought they didn't like it, although probably a good many of them will just ultimately go the same way of trying other Star Wars things and finding out they don't like it just because it's not KOTOR. Do note: 2. I still would consider 1 to be very much a Star Wars game in the traditional sense and while I think a lot of people would like that too I also think some people who sincerely hate Star Wars may he turned off by it.

And before you start on me no, it's just not my thing. I'm not saying it's shit. I personally think Academy and Outcast are really nice well made games. I think I would've adored the shit out of those games had I gotten to play them back in like 2003, 2004. It's just that I'm really picky about my games to an extent nowadays and have a lot of trouble getting into anything that's a singleplayer FPS and despite the awesome lightsaber mechanics which are sadly absent most (all?) other games it is still an FPS adventure type of game at the end of the day. I was hoping it would have at least some RPG mechanics but it really generally doesn't. It does however also remind me of just how well made games previously were as opposed to
>>32588 this kind of bullshit. Like when I first played Witcher 1 I'm like are you fucking kidding me when I found out I can't jump and often had to walk all the way around a the map because there was like a tree stump or small root in the middle of my way. It's immersion breaking, retarded, and really incredibly lazy. The sheer physical freedom that was standard in a game is seemingly now lost on all these godless triple A shitfests that sorry are partly such shit because consoles bydlofied gaming due to everything being generally cross platform and so now mostly geared towards not just the audience but the mechanical lowest common denominator, which I am starting to see with phoneshit on steam and it's pure rage inducing infuriation to see cropping up. I've shitted on at least two CMS games so far just because they're now adopting that lazy ugly as sin bullshit of low poly with no features, no textures, no details anywhere like Rise of Industry. I was actually mad by the time I deleted that demo.

But anyway yes they are good games just not my cup of tea and sadly refreshing to play back when games actually gave you freedom and not shackles, narrative shackles, corridor shackles, choice shackles, inability to jump 2D shackles, cutscene shackles, to the point of basically just being walking down a cutscene where you have to press a couple of buttons every once in awhile.

Yeah I already commented on this >>32616 which I probably shouldn't have wrapped into the same post arguing about genre names. It's quite sad because the moment you start playing the game it has so much obvious potential with fantastic production values yet sadly all the combat and actual meat of the game is sadly lacking. It's like eating a sandwich made from artisanal bread with $20 a pound cheese and the most beautiful dressing with organic vegetables hand picked by Tibetan Llamas only to bite into some crusty room temperature gas station hot dogs. It's bewildering and disappointing. I have no doubt the game is still worth playing later on but after spending several hours playing it and beating a couple missions not counting the intro mission it's become clear to me this game is just not going to be as much fun to play. Like I said earlier I think that one important thing they couldve done was add more RNG and cover mechanics to make it exciting but it really just isn't and I also can already tell how horribly repetitive that whole game is going to be with probably some end boss that's not a "challenge" so much as just an incredibly annoying bullet sponge with high damage you have to cheese your way through. I don't expect the servitors to add a whole lot either which is just retarded to have those guys for no other reason than getting them killed each mission until they finally get guns.

I expect the later game to get more exciting but sadly probably not by much. It's just baffling to me how an indie company could perform so well with such extraordinarily high production values including a top notch AAA level soundtrack that's the best 40K soundtrack I heard since Dawn of War II only to inexplicably fuck up the combat.

Maybe I am just being excessively nitpicky, jaded, and impatient. I hope so, but well you can already see yourself.
No. 32898
I feel like Mechanicus is more in line with the original X-Com than the 2012 remake. The thing is, it does lack depth, I'm an old man and I used to play a lot of X-Com in the 90s and it had a much more thought out combat with tons more strategy and loads of ways for things to go wrong. Not to mention the fact that the soldiers' lives were actually worth throwing away for tactical advantage, which would fit in nicely into the 40k setting. It's great we have OpenXcom today so the younger audience can experience the game as well.

Still, the 40k aesthetic greatly appeals to me and that's why I'm gonna be continuing with the game, despite its flaws.
No. 32937
15 kB, 422 × 352
openXcom has a w40k mod
No. 33053 Kontra
Just tried battlefield 1.
The intro sequence is a "cinematic" pseudo gameplay scene where you play as a soldier, get killed, and the PoV switches to another soldier. "War is hell", blah blah.
Problem is, they had to make you die somehow to switch to the next soldier, and it's pretty easy to keep killing the enemies. The game also wants you to get killed by a german flame thrower for extra shock points. So the game throws immortal flame throwers at you. I emptied all of my ammo at one of them and they don't even react. So I holed up in a corner and shot the non-flamethrower enemies until the room was full of like 6 immortal flamethrower guys, and one of them got me. Then I alt F4'd.
That was funny.
No. 33059
I know, it's not bad but you don't get to slaughter the Tau.
No. 33068
Just forget modern gaming altogether.
Everything that comes from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Rockstar, everything titled AAA and most of Early Access goes straight into le trash.
I just filled my phone to the brim with N64, SNES and Mega Drive titles and got a good controller for it.
A shame that modern mobile gaming is pure cancer too and lets all those processing power of modern phones get to waste.
Not anymore my friend, not anymore!
No. 33069
24 kB, 320 × 200
210 kB, 640 × 480
66 kB, 800 × 600
91 kB, 800 × 600
>ike I personally didnt even get super into Academy/Outcast and I actually have been a big fan of Star Wars since childhood.
They them. Whole Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series is classics. Lucas Arts and Raven clearly companies who know what they are doing.
>absent most (all?) other games
Wele, Heretic 2 have kind of similar mechanics, since it is game this code was created first
>it is still an FPS adventure type of game at the end of the day. I was hoping it would have at least some RPG mechanics but it really generally doesn't.
Well, it kind of have with force abilities. In Jedi Academy you pick your missions and how much missions you will play, you also should pick your force abilities you want to train. Every level in academy not just simple kill all, but have a lot of gimmics - giant sand worms that will eat you if you touch sand, super speed sky monorail, giant rancor who guard prison or giant unstoppable mutated rancor you need to deal with, or place or diarm bombs in special places etc. Also, every planet, every place in unique and memorable, this is really great game, however too simple for me in some places. Thought what I can say about academy - it's really too easy for me, espessialy level desighn too-noob friendly compare to Raven's more classical games, which I absoluetly love.
Also, original Dark Forces is not adventure but 100% classic FPS, which basicly started wave of secotr-based engine 2,5d FPS games who tried to recreate more or less real enivorment and detail, but by gameplay remian classic, like famous Duke Nukem 3d/Shadow Warrior/Blood. And why most technical advanced FPS of 1995 was bethesda's Terminator Future Shock, I still think that Dark Forces by gameplay, art, desighn and little elements much more packaged and polished game, which and be gameplay and by plot predicted future evolution of FPS games in years to come. Damn, I really miss LucasArts.
No. 33070
514 kB, 633 × 356
A miracle happened and I found someone to trade evolve my Kadabra and Haunter with in Let's Go Pikachu. The saving angel was my brother's wife that still had her LGPE save file on her Switch. Now I can take on the Elite 4 with the pair on my team.

Too bad I had forgot about Machamp and Golem but never would use them anyway, ugly designs.
No. 33076
59 kB, 800 × 800
172 kB, 800 × 1043
>Not anymore my friend, not anymore!
You can also run heavely modded Morrowind and Doom 3 for maximum hardware usage lol.
>and got a good controller for it.
Want one day bouy some controller and attachment to phone. Considering emulation and ports, you immideatly have device with great library of almost everything was created on any platform up untill early00s basicly all games woth playing
However I'am not really into gamepad things for FPS and strategy and RPG games, you still need mouse and keyboard for it in ideal world, but it already be not that usable if we talk about being compact.

I passed after this intro and capmaighns itself was kind of meh - not played they all, but singpleplayer feel short in this game. If they wanted to make "realistic dramatic intro" they shoul've turn of any HP and regeneration, making one-shoot kill and place you on very giant map with hundreds of enemies and allies, like real attack in real world with 5% chance of survival and call it a game, it would be fun at least.
If you want epin WW1 experience, play Iron Storm, it have Mongolian-Russian-German horde with Baron Ungern himself X--DDDD
No. 33085
40 kB, 650 × 650
Yea, I got a controller with phone holder.
ANd while emulated Perfect Dark and GoldenEye on PC with mouse support is golden, the controls with a pad were at least half decent back then.
And don't forget CDDA for Android!
Having that every time on hand really revitalised mobile and old school gayman for me, after I lost my GBA.
iOS peasants may go back to Clash of Clans and buy jewel packs.
No. 33139
Aren't iOS also have retroarch and all this emulators from dosbox to nestopia?

It's peronally for me that it's hard to me play with controller(espessialy if it is n64 controller lol), I'am pc gamer mostly. However I managed to play whole quake 2 on touchscreen lol. Speaking of which, recently I played quake 2 psx version and it have suppoer of ps1 mouse nativelt and it was nice experience. I guess games with auto aim like golden eye is easer to play on controller but still.
No. 33179
Eh, I wouldn't go so far as to say all of them or all of the companies you mentioned (keep in mind though that Blizzard is just a subdivision of Activision at this point anyway) but definitely anything touched by Activision and EA is going to be absolutely pure fucking shit. It's like the Budweiser of gaming, except that at least our shit mass produced straight to the trash beer doesn't have the audacity of charging you out the ass for it, whereas somehow these pure trash companies have the balls to charge you like they're selling some refined microbrew and on top of that actually have the audacity to then not only charge for all these retarded DLC pieces of nonsense but adding in-game transactions for already pretty terrible $60 games.

I would however be tempted to lump Paradox in with it just for their completely bullshit practices.

I know Dark Forces is a straight FPS I played it as a child. As for Jedi Academy and such those really don't make it even remotely an RPG. Having a few different force abilities to specialize in might as well just be which gun you choose in an FPS. The defining feature of roleplaying games is exactly that--roleplaying and customization. This is entirely absent and frankly playing as Kyle Katarn is the exact same thing as all these voiced protagonist with a set name and identity in triple A games. It's literally the exact same thing what Outcast does.

>Damn, I really miss LucasArts.
So do I Russia, so do I. You have no idea how infuriating it is to be on steam these days. I went to play KOTOR again this year and it took me to some EULA screen with Disney and literally wouldnt let me play my own fucking game I beat three times already without agreeing to this new fucked up EULA bullshit. I was so infuriated I was fucking angry for like a solid week about it after that. Plus we all know Disney is a hub of child molestation anyway.

You can actually play many good games on phones these days like for example KOTOR. It's on one hand saddening and I also kinda suspect a lot of these ports just get fucked up but I think sadly a lot of it has to do with all the get rich quick "venture capitalist" faggots, scam artists, and private data vampires of Silicon Valley (may Allah bomb them all with nukes and may they watch their skin rot off from radiation inshallah the world would unironically be a much better place if that entire city was wiped off the face of the earth) that it keeps being the absolute most laziest fucking trash filled with microtransactions and stealing all kinds of incredibly sensitive private data like your contacts, private photos, email, private documents including employment data and God knows what else etc., but it is at least capable of having some nice things and in fact does have nice things
Or well did. I just remembered that fucking Google or whichever piece of shit cocksucker actually screwed me out of my money before because I actually had decided to buy a mobile game for once and it was Shadowrun Returns for $2. Then somehow something happened and I forget what with Hairbrained Studios and Google and they pulled all the games from those NSA devices thus robbing us of one of the few last nice nice things left about them.

Anyway they had actually had some nice games left on them from the earlier days which is fucking crazy to think about that a top of the line game from when I wasnt even that young is now basically playable on a touch screen gameboy with various other functions (aside from and including being an NSA/FBI/CIA listening device to create a worse police state under corporate cyberpunk dystopia but I digress). I fucking hate those devices. But anyway there are still afaik quite a lot of PC game ports including I think some stuff from beamdog like Plansescape or Baldur's Gate. I forget all the things I found but I do know that surprisingly many are on these devices including XCOM Enemy Within.
No. 33182
There must still be a few big brain tech wizards left at id Software, even after Bethesda bought them and Carmack left. Both Doom and the new Wolfenstein, whatever you want to say about them, look amazing and run great even on low hardware. Meanwhile, going from FarCry 4 to FarCry 5 is a 20FPS drop for no reason, even though the games look the same and were designed for the same hardware. Maybe it's the open world toll, I don't know.

I have heard somewhere that offering demos for video games actually lowers sales, and always assumed it was just a bullshit excuse to not offer any demos and make you pay full price blindly.
But now I can see it might be true. You pretty much know within the first chapter if a game is shit :-DDDD.

I think I'll be going backwards in gaming history now, just play some obscure, janky cult classics like my beloved Arx Fatalis. That game is just a buggy overly-ambitious, janky RPG with broken stat system, but it left a huge impression on me. It's probably the only game in recent memory that made me feel that feely feel of being completely immersed, and transporting into a different reality.

I really dislike how console dominated the game industry is nowadays. All these new games feel like they've been designed by a few templates with minor variations. You have the action-platformer inspired by Prince of Persia, and twist some knobs to make it either more arcadey, combat focused or cinematic parkour focused. You have the slow, realistic ironsights FPS, and third person shooter with parkour. About every western big budget game falls into that category, the only variation is The Gimmick(tm) (open world / multiplayer / psuedo RPG system / just add water). Haven't played many japanese games, but they too seem to have a few templates.

Well, OK, PC games can also be broadly categorized into Quake-clone, RTS, tactical game, ARPG, CRPG, etc. It's just that I don't like the console templates because they are clearly designed for the gamepad, which limits their complexity. They games practically play themselves.

Also, in the small sample size of my brother's internet cafe, I noticed that there are a lot of new games in the Action and FPS tabs (mostly console ports), but literally all of the games in the RTS tab are from 90s and 2000s. That is incredibly sad tbh.
No. 33211
72 kB, 620 × 465
450 kB, 640 × 831
92 kB, 1280 × 612
59 kB, 1280 × 640
>>This is entirely absent and frankly playing as Kyle Katarn is the exact same thing as
Well, in Jedi Academy you create character, you choose force abilities and depend of what abilities you choosed you have different endings. Also you choose your lightsaber and your playstyle. Of cource it is not CRPG game or something, but it's more RPG then some modern games who claim to be an RPG lol. Also Academy's main villian is direct continuation of one of minor things from actual original old republic comicbooks, so it's relates to KOTOR more than KOTOR itself, ironicly.

>It's literally the exact same thing what Outcast does.
In outcast you have linear progression and can't pick your abilities yourself, same as it have only one ending. Here Raven focused on slitly different thing making more linear style SoF/Heretic2 game with more complicated levels and difficulty more aiming towards fans of Hexen 2 and all this late 90s FPS, while Academy more adventury with a lot of unique stuff, but same time with more straightforward.

>You have no idea how infuriating it is to be on steam these days.
I even more talking about even more early when they was really big studio that made their own games without additional help. And if they took additional help, they was still very involved in process or it was studios like totally games which was almost part of this lucas arts themselfs. In 00s they more gave up on their own and majority of projects was given to other studios with minor involment from lucasarts, more on lore and plot levels - BioWare, Obsidian, Petroglyph, Raven software etc.
It also reminded me about Dark Forces II Jedi Knight 1. It was same as Dark Forces 1 made by lucasarts themselfs. It more chunky, more primitive and have a lot wierd things in plot, levedesighn and art, but it was made on their own engine, and in many ways it was ahead of it's time - it was way before Half-Life, Unreal, SiN and basicly nailed all rules of plot based linear shooters on tears ahead and had a good set of interesting features by itself. It also not long ago got texture upscaling pack which works surprisingly well. Model replacement on some models of enemies from jedi knight 2 is meh thought - looking on detail and animations of original game they look out of place. But I seriously thinking about replaying jk1 now.

> think I'll be going backwards in gaming history now, just play some obscure, janky cult classics like my beloved Arx Fatalis. That game is just a buggy overly-ambitious, janky RPG with broken stat system, but it left a huge impression on me. It's probably the only game in recent memory that made me feel that feely feel of being completely immersed, and transporting into a different reality.
Nice game. It was really solid attempt at making something how'd Ultima Underworld 3 looked like... if it exised and EA not existed. It really followed evolution how system shock evolved from 1 to 2 and really have something Warren Spector-y in it. Need to play it properly one day. I played it long long time ago and not been able to finish game I already not remember why.

Thing about consoles is... complecated. Basicly in 70s there was 3 types of games - Arcade, text adventures and some assburger students trying to make first computer RPG games on university computers. When started era of home microcomputers this trend continued: consoles like Atari and Intellevision which was "arcade at home", office/teaching/univerity computers where was no catridges and really gaming orientated hardware and most games that existed was done by enthusiasts - Apple II, later IBM PC, and there was in-between category with machines like commodore vic-20 and later C64 as low end home computer also with catridges with arcade games but since it was computer you also had ports and enthusiast made games of rpg, adventure games etc.
In 1983 known as "video game crash" consoles kind of almost died. Thing is, "video game" in early 80s was synonim for game console. Computer - both more high end professional and low end ones was on rise. Commodore ads campaign with "why buy just a video game (home console) when you can for low price get wonder computer and your childrens can learn computing (programming) at home and play games also?
Thing is in those times border between concole/low end computer/high end computer was pretty foggy. Basicly what differentiated low end computer and console was that first one has built-in basic and keyboard and later not. And what differs low and high end is that high end computers was more powerfull, but has no any custom chips that on hardware level can support any real game needed things. Like IBM pc who at start was monochrome without any hardware graphical features, but had 80 column text mode for really easy work with text on really sharp 80 column text with proprietary MDA monitor. So what we need to make main difference at this point is archetectures, since back than there was hordes of absoluet incopetable machines, it was not division on consoles/computers mostly and consoles was mostly ultra-mega cheap variant of low end computer without anything. Atari had multiple console and computer variants. Commodore had c64 console variant. What later become sega master system had computer variant of sg-1000 - sg-3000. Even nintendo famicom had family basic addon - keyboard and built in basic, which was never released outside of japan. And here we go to place where history was revered - nintendo appeared on USA market and with aggresive marketing, magazines and good managment move introduced their NES. This convinced hordes of children buy instead of real computer a fucking box which can only play games from nintendo made catridges and nothing more. It had no built in basic (I'am not even talking about high end disc operating systems like on real computers at all) and keyboard. It had only primitive controller and arcade games.

What I disgust about consoles is not closed proprietary archetecture - INABILTY TO CATE CONTENT AND SHARE THIS CONTENT ON YOU PLATFORM AT HOME, like making your own program or game is main thing that make console in core absolute cancerous device. It make people not think, not create but be loyaly attached to the brand and consume products they was officisly given to. This is absolute opposition to how it was on computers, where enthusiasts was main driven force that evolved games. In adittion it was japanise consoles - and japanise gamedesighn and ideas or simplified copies of western ones or better copies but very wierd, like cargo cult. This all created wierd situation where majority of the world gamers attached to absoluetly souless corporation products with certain desighn choises that in many ways opposite to ones that was created in 80s-90s on computers, most notably on Apple-II and IBM PC-clone machines. And right in time when IBM PC clones killed all other computer archetectures and whole idea of proprietary brand computer - mass graphical operational systems arrived on pc by default in form of OS/2 and Windows. This, with rise of popularity and lower cost opened platform to bydlo. And what bydlo know and want? Japanise like console arcade games. Because it is """fun""". Who want all this simulators, strategy games, text adventures, crpgs when you want platformers, action adventure games, interactive movies? Final nails in coffin of classic computer games was:
-multiplatforming. PC killed all archetectures exept ARM, so modern consoles are just re-packaged PCs. So you can port games easely from all platforms. And target most wide audience: "bydlo", for maximum profit.
-modern AAA games requre shiton of money and classic-PC audience is not big enough to be seen as target audience.
-videogames become normal. When old arcade and consoles aimed for kids, high end computers aimed for assburgers, now normies play vidja too so all games played by normies.
No. 33212
Wonder, what happened if there was no NES outside of japan? Or it come out with family basic immideatly and was another low end home computer? What if IBM made their archetecture with not some out of shelf parts? Well, dunno. I like actualy classic consoles as machines same as all old electronics. I like many arcade and console games. But in first place I'am CRPG fan and I not like how principles that made best time in video gaming history is now almost compleatly ruined by mass culture.

What I like about old consoles and even more so about this brand computers is fixed models and specs. Nowdays with ever year new videocards and cpus developers don't give a single fuck about optimisation, while developers back then learned same maches and over years made miracles from hardware they got. Modern ports and games for this old machines really showing awesome potential.
Fucking EoB1 port on c64 almost finished
It is absolute miracle how computer from 1982 can have ported game from 1990 that of cource not look as cool as VGA original but fuck, pretty close. If this came out in 1985 for example, it'd oblitirated eveything on market X----DDD
No. 33221
If you're trying to insinuate that it's more of an RPG than Witcher, then no, it is not. You don't even speak differently in Academy which completely kills having any kind of alien skin. It's all completely 100% superficial customization options and that's it. There is nothing even slightly RPG like about Acadeny nor Outcast. They're both basically just shooters.

As for the rest the only thing I'd like to add is what really killed it was when it was no longer just a really super niche thing for basically just nerds but when companies started seeing how much money could be made. That is when bydlofication truly took hold. Seth Green or more like the guy who recruited Seth Green was kinda like that guy in how to ruin a hobby comic who invites in the first outside to the group, who himself eventually invites the women and bydlo following women who kill the hobby. It is when big corporations and Hollywood took more of an interest in gaming, which already existed but was more like a niche thing to a joke with Tim Curry yelling about Communism and such. Even as late as the late 90s something like Fallout and hell even Starcraft is still relatively niche. There is still a concept of "gamer" which is often the same type of person who hoarded a shoebox full of magic cards because these things appealed to those like subgenius above average intellect type of people. This was a completely different crowd from like Nintendo or whatever hence why to this day there is still a completely different vibe between the platforms which follows the same trend because at the end of the day one of them was a consumer entertainment product, and the other thing was basically a workstation of academics and business or other professionals that was only being used as a toy, so also at the same time I think the kind of person who would even be in interacting with the technology to begin with would be like kids of scientists or academics or something back in the 80s and 90s whereas all the consoles where more middle class to upper class mass produced consumer entertainment garbage the same as a VCR or BETAMAX and the level of game design that went into ones for each platform tended to show it imo and still somewhat shows it to this very day.
No. 33249
379 kB, 1280 × 1024
>Arx Fatalis
Great choice! Be sure to launch it via the Arx Libertatis mod, works even with the Steam installation and purges most of the bugs.
>tfw no snek mommy milkers gf
No. 33287
375 kB, 720 × 599
Are there any mods for New Vegas that are considered "must haves"? I previously only used aesthetic stuff like a rucksack mod, handheld pipboy, hd retextures, and a mod that combined the vegas strips into one area.
No. 33299
529 kB, 1366 × 768
I think that our railyard raid caught them either loading or unloading some vehicles. This was from just 3 bombs, dropped from a jug. Feels good man.
No. 33302
i liked nevada skies for the optic and some survival mod, which "forced" you to use the campsites for cooking
No. 33304
I remember playing in like 2005 or so, and I got a bit frustrated because the magic system, whilst quite interesting as an idea, didn't work properly half the time, not sure but I think I never finished the game. Did they fix it decades later?
No. 33312
I didn't notice any difference. Although I didn't have much problems with magic in the first place. Yeah, some runes are a bitch to draw, but you can still take all the time you need to memorize spells beforehand. Even Ylsides take only two casts of Incinerate (which is the best combat spell, IMO) to die, provided that you are a specialized mage, and Incinerate's runes are pretty easy to draw. You could also be a manly man and play a warrior instead. There are enough scrolls with utilitarian spells to complete the game, so you won't need to draw runes at all.

But I agree with Austria that Arx Libertatis is necessary. I remember some bugs in basic game that made the game's completion impossible, like crashing on a location load or corruption of savefiles.
No. 33315
Go and watch the review for in on Youtube by MandaloreGaming.
Playing it with the Arx Libertates community patch is pretty much a must, but it is a great fix for most problems.
Magic seems a little wonky, but works for me most of the times.
No. 33319
Mandalore's review is nice, but he's got one thing wrong: bows are not actually useless. You just need to use them in conjunction with stealth. Critical strike with sneak attack made with super secret mega bow oneshots an Ylside. No other weapon can yield the same result, AFAIK. Also, bow makes the final battle quite a bit easier.
No. 33321
I've already finished it like a couple years ago, but it's still on my mind.
I guess "recent memory" is misleading phrasing, but that should tell you how many games I actually play these days.

Maybe I should try the new Prey. DMoMM was a fun game, after having played Arx, it seems disappointing in hindsight.
No. 33339
23,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:16
24,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:17
24,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:21
24,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>If you're trying to insinuate

I saying not in sence "RPG is roleplay blah blah" kind of things, I compared this skill system to Fallout 4 one. Fallout 4 also has no numbers exept special and have "perks". But this perks basicly means really nothing - 99% of them is "+5 to your skill" and some bullshit like that, while in Jedi Academy force abilities you pick really a big changed and have 10 times more impact on gameplay, and if you playing on maximum difficulty you really need wisely choose what to pick.

>no longer just a really super niche thing for basically just nerds
Things is simpler - PC gaming was in golden age when making new AAA tier games costed not that much and developers was happy with only PC/computer players as their target audience. This become not that case when 1.audience with introduction of windows 3.0 and then 95 startet to change in more normie way 2.When you making a bigger games that requre more budget and bigger team, and if you want good sales for game and resources for development, you need to go to big studio or publisher who can offer it. Big publishers give budget only for games for bydlo, so they can have their monies back. In late 90s-to mid late 00s situation was kind of double - AAA was bydlo only almost, but some smaller studios still managed to make some things on almost AAA level, or AA+ one. Nowdays you have or indie shit, or billion dollars blockbusters. AA-niche is very tiny one, and a lot games here meh quality because smaller studios has no enough budget to make games that can directly compete with modern AAA.

Reinstalled Original Dark Forces. How many flashbacks give me that game, it was so awesome. Each mission with own music, onw style and atmosphere, have cutscenes, and trying to make actual places not some abstract labyrinth, And many of this levels was really complex and big, using maximum of this sector based engine with additional render for 3d models. I remembering expecting this game as typical doom clone and then on second level there was whole part of destroyed city with rebel base, destroyed dam with 3d turbine etc. Destructable objects and walls, some cool effects, I'd say that this game in some ways more detailed and advanced than duke nukem 3d - not on software level, I guess build engine and jedi engine was kind of similar exept jedi had this flatshaded 3d polygon render from start ultima-underworld style, but on level how leveldesighners did their work.
No. 33343
971 kB, 1600 × 900
759 kB, 1600 × 900
696 kB, 1600 × 900
>Maybe I should try the new Prey
It's real good, you may also like Dishonored series also made by Arkane. It's a shame their games don't sell better because they're superbly polished
>dark forces
fug, what a great game that was, I think I played it back-to-back about 5 times when I first got it back in 90s
No. 33344
5,3 MB, 220 × 371, 0:10
I funnily enough dropped Arx partly after watching Mandalores review but put DMOMetc in my library. They were both cheap games but the latter actually looked really fun, and Arx made me think I'd actually just end up getting really depressed after playing it. There is a certain level of shoddily made, janky, or old game that just makes me really incredibly depressed to play. I think it actually was Mandalore who got me to try Darkwood come to think of it, which is a really weirdly deep, interesting, and long game despite on surface appearance looking like shovelware. I also question who was involved in the design and making of this game considering pic related. I don't know if it's just because he became this big Polish meme or because of it being widespread generally but yeah there's that.
>release daye August 2017
Oh Darkwood is actually a lot newer than I thought. Well anyway that was one game which actually sounded cool but because of how it looked at first glance I gave it a hard pass for a long time before coming back to it after watching some reviews and finding more about it and damn if it isn't one of the best games I've played in the last several years.

Oh yeah for the people who are probably assuredly too lazy to bother with actually looking for these reviews themselves there is
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic


Arx Fatalis
I'm sorry but I really can't put up with that kind of shit for what looks to me at least to be a really mediocre game with an interesting casting gimmick from ages ago that I only had on my wishlist because I was so poor for awhile that it was one of the only things I could afford by selling trading cards on the steam market and using the saved up pocket change on some random game that would be like a dollar fifty or much much less. I had several games like that still on there until I realized that if I used the dumb poor people mentality of "it's cheap and I can afford it" all I'd end up doing is wasting like five or ten dollars on five or ten games that I am unlikely to ever really play through or enjoy and that after awhile those dollars actually end up adding up to enough for an actually good game on sale. It's a mindset that can be hard to break out of especially because every once in awhile you actually do find a fantastic game on sale for a dollar that's some hidden gem but what I'd come to realize awhile ago is that games are just one of those things where you should be paying the toppest of dollars for one or two good things as opposed to a whole bunch of bad things for the same amount of money, because it's like buying boots or cologne or even cars where instead of just having your once nice thing that's sturdy and reliable and nice you wind up with a dozen worthless pieces of fucking garbage.

Well, except of course for vidya being this really weird bell curve that I've noticed where total value in gaming for each dollar follows more of a bell curve, where it seems to be about the $30-40 games which are really the best followed immediately by a decline in quality from the $50-60 triple A games which almost all tend to be about as good as a shitty piece of $1 shovelware and literally can only charge that much money to begin with because they wage massive propaganda campaigns through bloated marketing divisions to convince kids that their real piece of shit games are worth getting and who can't get a refund by the time they realize theyve been duped. What EA did with Dead space 3 is a great example of this. Or the entire Call of Duty series which is literally nothing but propaganda partly paid for by the US military
Apparently the US Army has actually been setting up recruit booths inside Gamestops. I'm not kidding. All of which goes to show that only the stupidest most bydlo retards get hooked into buying these piles of trash which is basically the primary demographic the Army markets itself to to begin with.

Now I know people here are going to light into me for that and I'm not truly calling it a shit game, but really Arx just doesnt loom good enough to be called a really good game. It looks janky, buggy as hell, and overall not very interesting.
No. 33348
>Now I know people here are going to light into me for that and I'm not truly calling it a shit game, but really Arx just doesnt loom good enough to be called a really good game. It looks janky, buggy as hell, and overall not very interesting.
Yeah, this is good game and awesome ARPG. Truley interesting experience for all who liked ultima underworld and system shock 2, I'd say. So you'll hate this game because it is outside of your comfort zone and you already caling it "shit" "buggy jank" etc. so avoid it so we can not read another walls of text from you how you hate it, like it was with new vegas and SS2.
No. 33352
There's another bow in the game?
I took his words for granted and never found anything myself back in the days you got this game from gaymen magazines.
But looking up some long forgotten forum posts it seems you can get Lord Inuts bow from the chicken that seems to be Lord Inut, maybe I'll giveit another try some day in the future again too.
No. 33353
I never made a textwall about SS2. I just said it was notable how bad the gameplay felt particularly combat. Compare to Doom which at least had smooth, breezy combat. FNV was indisputably one of the jankiest games ever made and I'm not sure why you'd try and defend that but I've no reason to say anything further on the matter.

And sorry but yeah I value my time. I have any of dozens of other games I could be playing. Dozens of really good, really well made games (well for the most part) sitting in my library right now that I haven't even opened. Why should I bother with trying to get a mess to play when it's probably not that great to begin with? I posted the Mandalore review outlining some of the clear problems with it. I'm just not interested in it.

Also, I have been trying to figure out Workers and Resources. Well so far I can tell you that it is indeed a very in depth and much more autism driven city sim than average. You apparently need to actually mine, harvest, and manufacture all the over a dozen different resources including electronic components, iron, fabric, plastics and so on to build each things from scrap, including for example all your Soviet era city buses, all of which you actually need to get the blueprints for including just so you can build the tractors that you need for farming, and where you actually need to even manufacture the resources themselves from long production chains. When they say "and resources" man are they not kidding. And when they say "workers" they're not kidding about that either; you have to manually set production queues and tell everyone where to work and things like that. You have to set up and connect the electric grid and so on and make sure to plan ahead of time where everything is going to go while managing everybody's needs and discontent including shopping, "alcohol addiction," religious sympathy, loyalty to the government and so on and the first mistake I made was not paying careful attention to where the road inlet was and just making sure to rotate everything correctly.

I can't say much else about it so far but it definitely lacks a certain something without music, which I couldn't get to work for some strange reason. It doesnt seem "janky" thus far like some people have been saying but it definitely feels like it's lacking a certain layer of polish to remind you quite viscerally that this is both an indie game and also apparently still in early access in spite of how incredibly good it looks at least superficially. This is definitely a game that is made for people who like to micromanage everything.

The new Prey (which idk why they decided to call it that; from best I can tell it has little in common with Prey both of which I have although Prey 2006 seems like a pretty neat game that sadly never took off probably because it didn't have the big marketing budget to be shilled to death when it came out) looks incredibly good. That is one of my triple A purchases that's supposedly incredibly good. I'm still unclear on how much of it is supposed to be FPS or survival horror with rpg elements.
No. 33357
Yep, Inut's bow. It shoots fireballs and it's very powerful but it's also pretty hard to get your hands on, since you need a dragon egg for that. But a regular bow isn't so bad either, I think it should kill an Ylside with two or three crit sneak attacks.
No. 33374
36 kB, 306 × 450
Oh hey! Check it out you guys Wasteland 3's first alpha demo came out!
I am so happy and excited for this game. I think I have it in my #2 spot right underneath VTMB2. Although speaking of which I do have to say that there's certain things watching over it again that have me not holding my breath for VTMB2 potentially being a grave disappointment.

I'm pretty sure that Wasteland 3 is going to be right up there with Disco Elysium with the top 3 best game releases from fall2019 to spring2020 and that's with some pretty fierce competition.

...oh wait most of my top20 wishlist has already actually been released. The only things that haven't yet that'd be possibly in that time frame are Industries of Titan, Beautiful Desolation, Othercide, The Sinking City, Countryballs Heroes, and RAM Pressure and I really dont have much hope at all for RAM Pressure actually turning out to be good. The others aren't anywhere near being released then from Iron Harvest to Baldur's Gate 3, Scorn and that might be it. All the rest have been released including Age of Wonders Planetfall, Stygian, Encased, Gothic Armada 2, Dustwind and WH40K Gladius and Element: Space the three of which are probably not so great, Pathalogic 2, and Disco Elysium, however of those several are still in dire need of additional content and fixing from their beta state like Encased and Stygian. Oh and Phoenix Point. I was wondering what happened to that game and this apparently is why I'd not heard much about it lately https://www.reddit.com/r/PhoenixPoint/comments/8bg1b8/is_this_not_coming_to_steam/
No. 33376
I'm having this irrational craving to reinstall TF2, or PoE, or go fuck around on a WoW private server.
I have spent an embarrassing number of hours in these games, and as far as I'm concerned, they are "solved", in that there is nothing else to learn or do in them. But the cravings are real.

Any of you guys have those kinda games, where you're basically done with the game conceptually, but want to come back due to their addictive nature? I need get that stuff off my mind, man.

For me, the main appeal of Arx was the immersion factor and the atmosphere. Something about being trapped under a million tons of soil with no way out, knowing that there is absolutely nowhere to go but deeper down into the earth, where strange creatures wander the tunnels, and ruins of older civilizations hide terrible secrets, it's really comfy, man. This feeling of elevated claustrophobia, where not only are you trapped, but also knowing that there is literally nothing outside, and no conceivable way to get out, because there is no "out".
No. 33381
74 kB, 1280 × 720
Actually hey Ireland have you been paying attention to this at all?
Apparently Phoenix Point is just a month away from release and it seems right up your alley. I can't imagine you haven't gotten at least a little bit tired with XCOM2 by now and it's being done by the same guy who created the original XCOM games.

Yes and no. I guess for me it's actually single player games many of which I refer to as the post coital feel kind of games, where you actually need to just sit back and have a cigarette while relishing the memory of your enjoyment for the whole day post having just completed it for the very first time, which sadly to me at least becomes more and more like what I'd imagine being a crack addict or heroin junkie feels like where it just never quite gets there to how you felt the first time and you only get diminishing returns each time that you play it. For me KOTOR 2 and VTMB where exactly this way which I guess is kind of different because I'm exclusively talking about singleplayer games and you seem to be discussing MMOs and much more open world games. Not that KOTOR or VTMB isn't open world per se but they're both much more railroaded in terms of having a concrete plot that you have to follow and can't just screw around in the open world the whole time. I've beat each of those games thrice and have tried to get back into each a 4th time but never bothered to finish it. I just felt like I'd already explored pretty much everything there was to explore or do in them or any really solid alternate pathways I hadn't done before.

Actually I'm really not sure which games there are that I'm not done with that are like that. I still feel the same way about Tides of Numenera it's just that the game itself is really long and do already know that there's plenty of pathways I still probably haven't explored including an entire companion I've not had yet.

As for Arx I dunno. I don't actually know that explicit feel per se with what you mean although it sounds similar to how I felt about certain survival horrors. The one game that closest matches that is probably SOMA which while being a bit pretentious average IQ redditor feeling with it's so called "deep questioning philosophy" I never was able to buy into has actually managed to be possibly the only game I played where the claustrophobic fear of being trapped all alone a mile under the ocean in the dark with the terrible and hostile unknown to such an extent that I had the sort of dread just thinking about the place I escaped from. It's that kind of deeply ingrained dread and fear of a place that I can't imagine fully living through but operating on the same neural pathways as having just survived a concentration camp or a war zone being held captive, of being a human survivor of a terrible enough dark place that it still gives you PTSD to this very day, or like how it feels finally being freed from the Black Dolphin prison in Russia or somehow getting out of an American prison or maybe even Supermax.

I'd anticipate that quite a few people who played the original Dead Space games felt that way about certain environments which Visceral capitalized on in Dead Space 2 with the whole Ishiimura sequence where you had to revisit it. But like I said, I suspect this is a different feeling than you mean which seems more cozy and lighthearted than what I mean which is an almost existential dread of a place.

DS2 what I mean

You should check out SOMA if you like that feel.
No. 33387
>Phoenix Point
Looks promising, the last real XCom clone I played and enjoyed was pretty much Xenonauts.
It seems to let you grow your influence organically, instead of handing you funds from all over the world and then let you hurry to cover all of Earth before you loose continent after continent.
No. 33389
>Phoenix Point
Oh man, I used to be pretty excited for that game but then they announced that it will be an Epic exclusive. Still, I guess I'm gonna pirate it, as I said before I used to be a huge X-Com fan in th 90s, and I trust Gollop to make a good game with actually thought out and engaging turn based tactical combat.
No. 33397
Apparently the way they are doing it also is selling keys for GOG and Steam. Still pretty retarded though and I'm not sure why they did that. Not that I mind competition with Valve though because the latest update and their reaction to peoples complaints only proves that Valve seriously needs to be toppled from their position so they act less like a shitty untouchable company. Frankly I hope Epic gets more exclusives and that Valve ends up getting forced to overall act like a less shitty company however I'm already anticipating that their reaction will be the absolute worst and make Steam a completely unusable shitheap catered to phone trash and thus only do the worst possible things possible to hasten their demise. It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to want just keys to games than rather having to put up with Valve anymore.
No. 33415
As shit as Valve is, Epic is way worse right now. Not only is their store lacking basic functions, them paying for exclusive is directly harmful for the industry, the customers, and often developers as well. You can read how they often failed to restore lost accounts, refused to sell games unless they were the exclusive platform, and so on. Valve doesn't have to do anything, and they know it.

Competition is good, but holding games hostage just to grab some market share is shitty and, in the long run, counterproductive.
No. 33433
you're saying that just because you're held hostage by steam and it's library with some games you bought, and have to wait until you can get them. epic store is absolutely fine and competition is fair
No. 33443
>you're saying that just because you're held hostage by steam and it's library with some games you bought
I am not held hostage, I can and indeed I do choose platforms on which to buy games, GOG being the one I use more nowadays.
>epic store is absolutely fine and competition is fair
It's not really competition, let alone a fair one, if you have to throw money at your business partners to stop them from selling their product in another company's shop. But, as I said, one day the Fortnight money will run out and all they will have left is a still unfinished store no one wants to use unless they have no choice.
No. 33444
>you have to throw money at your business

i still fail to see how it's not fair or how it might harm anybody beside the two parties involved in the agreement
No. 33446
64 kB, 700 × 525
100 kB, 1280 × 720
161 kB, 460 × 345
Ernsts, what did you think of Fallout Tactics, Xcom Apocalypse and UFO Aftershock? I found them very comfy games and underrated, but they were all like the redheaded bastard stepchild of their related series.

Makes me think tbh, I am held hostage since I have like 300 games on steam and I don't want to use loads of shitty launchers, that being said the only other launcher I ever used was Ubishit one.

I avoided the EA launcher just like I avoid the Epic one, it's a shit launcher and in Epic's case they're basically a Chinese datafarm. Either way I would not argue against you saying I am held hostage by steam - because I basically am.
No. 33447
at least someone understands me
No. 33448
is there any good turn based rpgs on ps4 that arent embarrassing to be caught playing? too many japanese games have this intense pervert energy that i am too old for
No. 33453
It harms the customers because it denies them the choice of a platform.
No. 33454
84 kB, 800 × 600
Just found an old sacrifice copy and will start it tommorow.
I love this game for its till today absolutely unique artstyle, graphics and gameplay and a surprisingly great story.
Shame it got destroyed by some AAA Title, Warcraft III I think.
Can't wait to bash my enemies with rocks.

t. James fanboy
No. 33459
Reminds me of Warcraft 3 Alpha versions. Interesting thing, I think I should check it out.

>As for Arx I dunno. I don't actually know that explicit feel per se with what you mean although it sounds similar to how I felt about certain survival horrors.
Spoiler he means that whole planet surface is compleatly dead and inhabitale. There no way you can escape undeground or escape anywhere. It is also not magical, but just astronomical event.

I see again arguing about stores. Ironicly, it was first time in recent years when I lanched steam - I played with bf in Resident Evil 5 in coop. Pretty funny. This is compleatly new experience for me, since I not a console player or even in console games, espessialy modern, but after I get used to controls, it was fun experience.
No. 33460
Arent' modern console is last place where you need search for RPGs? Pretty all RPGs exept japanise ones are on computers first.
No. 33466

my computer is too old for most games. skyrim is probably the highest spec game i can run.
No. 33469
Warcraft had nothing to do with its failure, because it came out two years later, and Sacrifice was too unusual to begin with, so instead of becoming popular it landed straight on the cult game category.
No. 33471
18,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:13
127 kB, 720 × 525
Well, then you have amazing world of thousands of old CRPG games!

What I liked about Jedi Knight 1 Dark Forces 2 is scale. Leveldesighn and engine was kind of wierd because was developed iternaly and was one of the first attmpts of lucastarts in full 3d with FPS game (we will not count their plane/space simulators game) and it was really first game which nailed all basic rules for all this linear plot-based FPS games from 1999 to 2005. Many people saying that it was half-life who turned classic shooters to "modern", but honestely, many elements from half-life was not that much cloned. While style of this game narrative was used in pretty much anything from RTCW to Elete Force II.

What I really liked about this kind of wierd leveldesighn this game have is SCALE. Probably Sith engine allowed such things - with 1997 detalisation, but giant squares, superstructures or like on webm - just fcking BFF-1 Bulk Freighter as small part of level in real size in 3d. There many level elements which made computers back then burn if they was made on idTech engine or Unreal engine. Later Outcast/Academy was more closed-corridor games than this. And combined with their view at gamedesighn, it gives birth to really unique experience.
No. 33472
>What I liked about Jedi Knight 1 Dark Forces 2 is scale.
That is not an RPG though
No. 33475
18 kB, 307 × 307
No. 33478
14 kB, 338 × 450
112 kB, 1280 × 720
I had it from a gaming magazine about 15 years ago and tried it many times, but somehow always found something better to play after 5 missions or so.
Then I got it on GOG, but somehow always found something better to play after 5 missions or so, despite it being a really good game.
If you like obscure old strategy games, be sure to try out Hostile Waters too!
This one I actually couldn't finish as a youngster, because it got too hard once the fake ayy lmaos arrived, but was able to slaughter my way through recently.
No. 33479
>XCOM Apocalypse
>UFO Aftershock
Haven't played them
>Fallout Tactics
This however I have and it is an amazing game, although I do remember ranting even back in the day about how it isn't really a Fallout game. Which it basically wasn't, because despite having Ermie as a voice actor and being an overall really fantastic RTT game it was panned by Fallout fans for an abrupt tone change including the jarring way the Brotherhood was portrayed (though to be fair the BoS always was dicks it just wasn't as obvious they're not the good guys before) and forcing you to play a Saud for these guys who are pretty much just blatantly evil and no better than any raider, and on top of that having such drastic changes like being completely railroaded into a linear plot with no open world, no real freedom of choice in anything, and no real RPG elements like dialogue and choices for the most part among other things. It was different and in spite of this it was still a fantastic game imo and sadly and bafflingly nobody else ever seemed to use their mechanics for some strange reason because frankly it was the best real time tactics I have ever played and not only that but you can switch it off to partial or full turn based although I never used it except as real time.

It was a great game I think I started in high school and didnt finish until like 2013. Also maintained some really excellent sound design. All in all it was a great quality game.
No. 33482
And... so? This part of the post was not reply for you.
No. 33483
I remember the times when my PC wasn't able to run FO Tactics smoothly :3
Recently I played thru it until to the beastlord arc, then I saw that there is a elaborate mod that ties into the main game and I didn't want to start again from scratch, since then I'm waiting to give it another go.
When I got that Fallout 1+2 collection after beating Tactis, I quickly discarded them for being nothing like it and it took another half year until I gave them a second chance and discovered that they are actually even better than Tactics, despite the already aged looks in 2002.
Such were times.
No. 33487
giving customer a choice is basically willingly drop yourself out of competition. you would be a very bad entrepreneur
No. 33510
796 kB, 1280 × 720
43 kB, 620 × 423
No. 33515
797 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:03
Hideo Kojima got consumed by his own hubris a long time ago, DS lets me think that MGSPP would not have been a great game if it had got finished like Kojima had in mind.
Let's just enjoy our next pleasingly-freakish Japanese video game director in the form of Taro Yoko and at least the next 3 games he creates until he will suffer the same fate as the last pleasingly-freakish Japanese video game director the next next one is already born.
No. 33522
Considering watching a cutscene compilation of this. I'm told the story is interesting but 11 hours of cutscenes feels more than a little daunting.
No. 33525
Honestly I take all of Mac's reviews with a very heavy grain of salt. I personally think he's kind of retarded and prone to injecting his own personal retardation at times but he's a good reviewer with a large breadth of games so I tend to watch him anyway regardless of the fact I find myself strongly disagreeing with him a third or more of the time. Like some of the games he seems to adore are so casualized or such bullshit I cannot believe how much he likes them, except maybe it's because he puts 7 hours tops into games. He's panned some very great games and praised some rather shitty ones, and at times in a really shitty dumb way. I think that Hatred stands out as one of his more idiotic reviews. Like the game itself is fun but it doesn't even achieve edgelord status. Now, if you shot up a school or stabbed a baby or something, at least it could be redeemed for truly being edgelord, but it isnt even that. It pulls so many punches and basically doesnt do anything--nothing at all--thats new since back in the 90s, and yet he praises this game in such a way it makes me think he is an idiot. That's just one example.

I basically knew Death Stranding was going to ge shit since it was announced and I am yet to ge convinced otherwise. It's just going to be yet another triple A shitfest. But then again, I don't have a horse in this one way or the other.
No. 33528
I enjoy Mac's reviews and find that his views often align with my own.

For example, he's the only major reviewer I came across who rightly panned all the fetch quests, copypaste environments, and annoying female characters in The Outer Worlds.
No. 33538
94 kB, 801 × 1024
1,4 MB, 360 × 360, 0:29
238 kB, 1920 × 1080
Sounds like the greatest postman game is still unchallenged then
No. 33539
73 kB, 789 × 1013
287 kB, 1100 × 757
>Haven't played them
they're both great but no idea how well they've aged. I think UFO Aftershock is still basically unwinnable

>panned by Fallout fans for an abrupt tone change including the jarring way the Brotherhood was portrayed
The Midwestern Brotherhood are an offshoot of the West Coast Brotherhood that left on giant blimps because of a schism and their radical ideas. They end up fighting for their life and are brutal out of necessity.

>like being completely railroaded into a linear plot with no open world, no real freedom of choice in anything, and no real RPG elements
that's because it was a linear action game and not an RPG?
No. 33540
Apocalypse is being re-made/re-coded from scratch:
No. 33548
One of the other things I've now come to disagree with Mac on is Banished. I know Ireland iirc also really liked Banished but I've come to the conclusion it's like a really sad, flimsy, flabby, £1.00 Tesco steak sprinkled with peppercorns. Hell it might even be horsemeat. I mean it looks good. It doesn't cost too much iirc. The presentation here is phenomenal especially for what I understand to be a one man game. For that alone kudos to him. The soundtrack is excellent. It feels, at the outset, like a real steak. But then you bite into the fucking thing and what the hell is this? It just feels and plays shit mechanically. I saw some other reviewer, I forget who, who was complaining about this. You'll routinely have like one house absolutely brimming with 200 units of food while the rest of the village starves. Every single time. And when the next villager goes to drop off 3 measly fish at the barn what does he do? He goes over and takes the last fucking fish.

It's sad because I really want to like this game. I really do. But it's like a number of indie projects that I've seen where they can manage to slap on a thick enough coat of polish to sell you what amounts to a gilded turd. I cannot rightfully call Banished entirely a gilded turd, but after many hours of playing this game that's what it is because so many things feel to be lacking the basic fundamental mechanical gameplay and no, it's not my town's layout. This is happening with just a few houses all bunch right up with each other and a town population of two dozen. Well, at least it used to be two dozen because it's been emptying out pretty fast. I even demolished the main starving house where everybody was dying. I built a new house on the other side of the cluster. On the one hand, it is satisfying watching those fuckers all starve to death after shafting their kin for years, but on the other, it has exposed a central flaw in this game. The actual underlying system is kind of complete shit. It's not a hard game. It isn't at all. What makes it seem hard is because of the bullshit coding to where you always end up with one or two houses no matter how small the village hoarding all of the food. You end up with other houses always starving to death. This isn't even artificial difficulty this is just stupid.

Unless there is something I've not yet found to adjust it then it's a pretty shit game at a fundamental level. You have to actually have a well enough written underlying system for the player to pass or fail on their own, not one that is scripted so incredibly badly that any player wins up with this.

I tried changing the food limits and this doesnt affect houses. I cannot find anything that tells the villagers to stop swiping food you have enough or to create some hierarchy of need and order within the village for rationing resources. If it happens like this on some small map then it's going to be a severe and crippling problem on anything bigger and I really don't feel like having to put up with going for such bewildering overcompensation in food production just to jury-rig some stupid ass backwards solution to the problem of having so much food that it is literally impossible for any one house to have so much more and another so much less that my village just starves to death.

In similarly disappointing news I have discovered that apparently the fucking devs for Workers and Resources actually sell the soundtrack separately. They seriously decided to sell background music as a separate DLC. I don't care how much this is indie or EA or they need money or whatever. That's such a central component that if it isn't there then you have a woefully incomplete game to be integrated later, not selling it as some bullshit DLC. And the game isn't cheap too. It's like $25 for the base game, in apparently early access, and they are actually selling background music as a separate $3 DLC. Considering how absolutely central a theme is to city builders this pisses me off immensely and immediately makes me regret my decision to get that game at all. It's just general principle. What the fuck are they going to do next? Sell cutscenes as DLC? Sell the ability to save your game as DLC? Sell sound effects as DLC?
No. 33556
23,6 MB, 1152 × 720, 0:16
24,5 MB, 1152 × 720, 0:21
24,0 MB, 1152 × 720, 0:34
Welcome to the world of no animation interpolation! Fells odd that this game came out in 31 october of 1998, but have graphics more of mid-1997 standart. However well, of cource, there was games that was much weaker on technical side (cough cough Might and Magic 6) and it interesting to see how far was pushed XNgine. However, almost all people who worked on this games was really "no name" people. All bethesda core team left after Battlespire, so developers was mostly new. Todd Hward as project leader and Michael Kirkbride as new loremaster and world desighn is probably most notable people. On technical side it's really wierd - it kind of windows 9.x game with windows installer, but in reality it kind of run under dos (which was built in and was foundation for the system untill home windows OS switched to NT core with windows 2000). Same as it asks for sound device like dos games, and have a lot very wierd stuff with files, installation and how it works. I guess this is because main engine developers actually left studio, and this is also main reason why betheda abadoned XNgine compleatly and decided just buy third-party engine for Morrowind and onwards. But well, at least we finnaly got 3DFX support! It will be lame to not have 3d acceleration in 1998 (cough cough Might and Magic 6)
It's ironic how modern TES games trying to become Redguard - compleatly remove RPG system, but keep openworld and do voiced dialogues with limited topics, so Skyrim gameplay-wise actually closer to redguard, than to Morrowind in many ways, since morrowind still had a lot things from TES2 on this side. But unlike Skyrim it not trying to pretend to be an RPG, with "Adventure" word even in title. And yea, lore, plot and style-wize Redguard-Morrowind was best time, highlight of TES universe which will be quickly dropped down with TES4 and onwards. Lore in game, big manual with maps, comic book and guide to empire with art created magic world of late 2nd era tamriel and become basis for best things morrowind had.

And yes, I really like graphics like this, 1997-2001 was best time of 3d graphics for me, and looking at tihs game I immideatly have cozy feeling.
No. 33559
430 kB, 1001 × 651
My Battle of Stalingrad career pilot is making a good start on his soviet body armour. Rate.
No. 33570
249 kB, 1600 × 838
235 kB, 1600 × 838
201 kB, 1600 × 838
>Actually hey Ireland have you been paying attention to this at all?
Epic exclusive, might pirate it down the line maybe but for the moment I've enough of a backlog.
You don't understand Banished, I didn't like it at first until I learned how the game works. You are getting into the starvation cycle where your people are living hand-to-mouth. You need to be of the mentality that you have to stockpile for for AT LEAST one year ahead. The trick is often down to placement of logistical buildings like barns, markets and stockpiles.

It's honestly a great game, but you seem to dislike it a lot along with Fallout New Vegas which really makes me just think you just have poor taste in general (no offence), and you seem to play a game for like 2-3 hours then decide it is shit and move on to the next, which I could understand for indie shovelware games, but not for games like NV and Banished which have superb reviews and cult followings.

I will decide if you simply have terrible taste after I play Final Theory and Blackguards which are two games you recommended me!
No. 33572
i liked banished but it definitely feels incomplete. very little variety and no long term playability once you get the rhythm down. the game becomes pretty easy and just a relaxation clicker type game. banished would be good for cell phones
No. 33573
So I think I have finally found my new city builder to get into. Cliff Empire is also supposedly EA but frankly it's got a stunning amount of polish and already feels like a complete game. As I tend more towards scifi settings generally this also pleases me but it just looks and feels absolutely fantastic with most things being pretty intuitive and a relatively complex enough economy to toy with, as opposed to the uber autism of Workers and Resources or the casual basically map painting and road planning style of Cities Skylines, with that great orthographic view I've come to really appreciate in my city sims except that it gets..a bit out of focus. It's a bit much in this game although you can turn it off, which is probably less fun but it does feel like constantly pointing a cell phone camera at everything trying to get it to focus.

I would definitely rate Cliff Empire highly. Right now I'm trying to figure out how long I can leave it unattended without any super catastrophes happening since I already basically fucked my first game economy with being in a constant crippling cycle of virtually no income and a boom bust cycle on both water and food,which I have discovered that yes I do indeed require both to keep people from leaving/alive and not just a base mechanical resource for trade or making machinery function or whatever. It is a bit odd though that manufacturing appliances and furniture needs to be constantly replaced as if they were eating food.

It just pissed me off so bad with the weird behavior of villagers. It makes no sense to me that a tiny, tight knit medieval community would tolerate one guy or a couple households filling their house with everybody's food and just letting themselves starve. It's just really bad design is what it is.

>The trick is often down to placement of logistical buildings like barns, markets and stockpiles.
See that's the thing though the houses were all right next to each other. Like I can understand if this sort of bs happens with the pathing of characters because one house is on the opposite side of town to the barn, but they were all literally next to each other bunched up. So when I see something like that it becomes clear to me it's just poor coding. I do understand that getting the AI to behave appropriately is supposed to be one of the harder parts of making these games, but this is just kind of ridiculous. It's bad coding.

>for only a few hours
Huh? Did you not pay any attention to me talking about playing through it? I beat that game and spent tons of hours on it. I really don't care what the reviews say or what people supposedly think. I've heard the same sort of argument for ME2 and that was the biggest steaming pile of shit I ever played. Fallout 76 even got great reviews and so did the latest CoD pile of shit, meanwhile I've seen fantastic games get bad reviews for no other reason than one had the massive marketing budget of a corporation and the other did not, like for example Tides.

Like I said before FNV wasnt a shitty game it just wasnt that great and is one of the more terribly overrated games of the decade imo. It simply fell beneath my expectations is what I am saying. What I'd rather say is that it's a really great survivalist simulator. The best part about that game is never using fast travel and just skulking across the map from one end to the other, but as an FPS it wasn't so great nor as an RPG.

The other thing is I think the bigger reasons I many people spoke highly of the buggy messes Bethesda and in this case Obsidian out out was because of modding. I literally almost never mod any of my games. My view on that is if you have to sell a game by saying how it's great for modding that's basically like saying your game itself is shit and to basically just be selling a naked game engine for the community to create their own content for free. I do know that factored in a lot to why so many people said Fallout 3 was supposedly this great awesome game.

>Final Tactics
If you like board games and turn based strategy simplicity yeah. I cant remember if I oversold it but it isnt like amazing, just a really fun game if you like the kind of turn based tactical combat of say XCOM or like board games. The reason I think I ended up liking it so much is for how surprisingly complex it feels for being minimalist. I mean it isnt and the AI can be pretty retarded in the lower levels and unbelievably strong and pretty smart at higher, but I just liked it. You can only move one fleet per turn so you have to plan way ahead where you're moving which gives it this really odd feeling to me of the essence of playing chess, checkers, and Go at the same time.

All these games are what I would consider hidden gems. They're very cheap and for some reason not as well known about. I was kinda disappointed that in BG2 by me saying I'm not crazy made my story arc the sane one, which come to think is pretty hilarious because I was anticipating saying "no, no I'm not crazy" at every opportunity to be the best way to ensure my character was going crazy. Well, I didn't go crazy because I said I wasnt apparently. I mention that one because I had more fun with the storyline but it's casualized.
No. 33574
Neither is a triple A obviously but I thought both were pretty fun and Blackguards 1 has a reasonable amount of autism involved in stats and character creation which I guess was too daunting for most people so it got casualized in Blackguards 2. I forget when I mentioned these or if I did side by side by both games you just listed are turn based. It's a kind of thinking and playstyle I like sometimes that makes me think a bit harder about what I'm doing but being easily able to get up and have a smoke or take some break and pace around. I guess the overall feeling is probably pretty similar in terms of what parts of your brain you're using to play either FT or BG but they're both like, simple turn based strategist games with the exception that BG has a fun story set in the DSA/Dark Eye universe.

Are they GOTY? No. But they're both pretty fun and not terribly committal feeling so you can easily finish them both in a semi reasonable amount of time and iirc they both are usually on sale for like $2.

If you're going to go all "you have shit taste" on me though those really aren't a strong metric. Like I've said before games I think are unequivocally excellent are more things like KOTOR2, Tides of Numenera, Planescape, VTMB2, Master of Orion 2, Endless Space 2, Darkwood, things like that. Final Theory and Blackguards are just nice things to play without the same immersive obsessive focus as other games for a non-pricey fun time but it really depends on tastes. Given how much you liked XCOM2 and the earlier XCOM series I'd imagine either of those games would suit your playstyle. I'd also say there's a difference between a fun game, a truly great game, and a game someone personally would actually want to play.

In the case of a game like Banished I can just tell immediately that something was shoddily done in the code for how AI behaves. It reminded me weirdly enough of Pool Nation. It's not a bad game at all but I could quickly tell the person coding Pool Nation sucked at making the AI in a similar way to how Interplanetary the person making the AI originally sucked at it because it would never miss a shot. There are certain things where you can just tell the flaw in the artistry and in the case of those two games it's because the AI was good, too good, which meant the programmer didn't bother or didn't know how to code plausible human error or human traits into it so it simply felt like you were fighting a machine. It takes a certain artistry to tone down the AI and to make it both challenging and to seem frail and capable of being vulnerable or making errors like a human would. What this has to do with Banished? Because there's certain problems inherent to coding any certain genre that a novice routinely struggles at and in the case of CMS games as well as to an extent RTS trying to get the AI's pathing and behavior to not look like it's retarded. It has to do with the scripting and with Banished it's just an infuriating weak point when everything else about the game is so good, but the behavior of the NPCs is so clearly and blatantly retarded. There is a difference here between them and like Tropico for example. You can actually get down to ground level and follow them around--and I have. They act very human. They still do dumb stuff in that game and insist on certain weird things like living in a house on the opposite end of your island just to fuck up traffic that much worse but all in all you can sit there and follow them around the island as they go to church, go to work, go and hang out in a bar after work, and you can sit there watching them drinking on the roof of a bar or restaurant. It's a type of scripted behavior that's harder to actually do right in a game and make it all look natural. I was following my villagers around in Banished and half the time I didnt know what the fuck they think they're doing. Given how limited the game is that's a sad thing because of how core it is and it just strikes you immediately how hobbled the game's code is.

I think that wmm Banished sadly needs is to just have someone go in there under the hood and tinker around a bit to make it a truly great game, which is frustrating to me when I see great potential that then fails to live up to it for some fatal tragic flaw this is probably hypocritical but whatever and it's not just their odd behavior with food though that is by far the most conspicuous. I shouldn't have to have half my village die for no reason other than the "X then go from point A to point B" script is so bad that I actually do have huge stockpiles of food but literally every single time the next 3 pieces of fish gets harvested the exact same person from a house just one 3x4 space closer makes sure to grab it first. How am I even supposed to construct a large village then if this is what happens when I've got 5 houses?

So in other words it becomes a matter of artificial difficulty because the player has to compensate for the bad code by trying to make the stockpile so big that from what I can gather it would at some point trip a "do not gather" script but it worried me if that was even absent altogether and they'd go on endlessly like that.
No. 33577
22,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:12
No matter how down I feel, the Super Pershing always make me feel better, we won this match because I held this flank for as long as I could and dished out the pain.

Have you tried the megamods? there's at least 2 of them that add huge amounts of structures and resources to the game.
>one guy or a couple households filling their house with everybody's food
everybody is out for themselves
>but they were all literally next to each other bunched up. So when I see something like that it becomes clear to me it's just poor coding
no you just don't understand the game, you didn't allocate them to the right jobs in the right ratios, or you didn't have a proper food supply in order
>Like I said before FNV wasnt a shitty game it just wasnt that great and is one of the more terribly overrated games of the decade imo
Really? because I thought it was one of the best games I ever played and have over 200 hours in it
>If you're going to go all "you have shit taste
I didn't say shit taste, I said poor taste, and maybe I should have said erratic taste instead, because I have a friend like you who buys games, plays them for 2-3 hours and then claims they're shit games when in fact, he's just bad at them and has an ADHD attention span. I genuinely can't even talk to that guy about games anymore because he goes on autistic ass rants about how shit they are with hardly any first hand experience in said games.
>KOTOR2, Tides of Numenera, Planescape, VTMB2, Master of Orion 2, Endless Space 2, Darkwood
Yes, and while I can say that about half of those games I've played and they're good, you also seem to think Hard West is good and Deus Ex is bad. So like I said, your taste is erratic.
>In the case of a game like Banished I can just tell immediately that something was shoddily done in the code for how AI behaves
the AI is very simple, the game is a resource and logistics management game, you want it to be a game written by 1 dude where the AI is masterful. Firaxis who make the Civ games can't make a decent AI with a huge budget, what exactly do you expect?
>So in other words it becomes a matter of artificial difficulty because the player has to compensate for the bad code
It's not bad code, it's just you don't understand the game. When a house is built the people who move in stock it with enough necessities to last that house at least 6 months. This is literally a case of git gud
No. 33599
>everybody is out for themselves
Which is wrong and stupid for a tiny village. You're not the first person I heard use this excuse to form some headcanon around why they act like they do.

>no you just don't understand the game, you didn't allocate them to the right jobs in the right ratios, or you didn't have a proper food supply in order
Possible but they had food. The majority of my population was fishing, hunting, gathering, and farming. I only ended up with several people doing anything else, mainly like one person each to mine rock, logging and firewood, a taylor once in awhile but that ended up being rarely held and a teacher once just because I wanted something to do with all those useless children but obviously that didn't last long because I needed them elsewhere.

I will say this though I didn't read any guides and only watched I think like two reviews of it before playing it so can't say I knee what I was doing except by trial and error, which I did in that case because of how simple it is compared to other city builders I'm used to so it was incredibly easy to learn. I should note I'm saying easy to learn, which it definitely is and just about everything was very intuitive, though imo the hard to master part is more likely from what it looks like under the hood.

>Really? because I thought it was one of the best games I ever played and have over 200 hours in it
Eh you can see my hours on any games although most of them should probably be cut by at least a third because I have a tendency to do things like walk away and cook something or smoke or whatever so a 280 hour game probably is more like 220h solid playtime. I don't remember what mine was there but I simply wasnt impressed. It was fun but it didnt leave that taste in my mouth like the first time I beat say KOTOR or VTMB or TToN, and it also happened to be quite possibly the jankiest thing I ever played in my life.

I do however think the jank and not just frequency but sheer diversity in bugs wasnt just because of the Gamebryo Bethesda code it was written on top of but because newObsidian doesn't know what the fuck they were doing. You will notice another game I bitch about nonstop despite--or perhaps because of--logging something ridiculous like 300 hours in a singleplayer campaign and only one playthrough is another of Obsidian's recent games, Pillars of Eternity. Even years later that game has at least three game breaking bugs, one of which resets all your completed quests to incomplete partway through the story but without being able to do it again effectively kills it dead in its tracks. Well, FNV may have been marginally more fun to play despite being way buggier.

>plays them for 2-3 hours and then claims they're shit games when in fact, he's just bad at them and has an ADHD attention span. I genuinely can't even talk to that guy about games anymore because he goes on autistic ass rants about how shit they are with hardly any first hand experience in said games.
Most games I rant about I've completed. I generally try not to even leave a review for a game I haven't finished because that's totally unfair to the game and an incomplete picture. In spite of that you do get a good first impression within the first 10 hours for most games, and sometimes tell what's wrong in under. I can't remember how long I played Banished thought it was 5 hours but maybe it was less, though in Banished's case it's because within my short play I felt like I already saw the game.

Planetbase was very similar actually. They're both these indie sort of survival simulator games and mechanically feel similar, and have the same sort of issue although PB might arguably be better even in terms of what's under the hood and a large part of it is pathing and queuing. A well made CMS knows how to queue like the British during even riots and looting, so if something goes wrong it's always the player's fault. A badly coded CMS is like trying to get on the bus in the third world. Those starving villagers are third worlders pushing and shoving each other to get on rather than wait in line. Or sometimes, the problem is itself the qeueing. Maybe it works for the game thematically but I think it's just badly coded. You can see this in Planetbase too where you'll end up in situations where a third of your colony dies of starvation while they're walking all over the base and end up back of the line while some guy who frankly doesnt even need the food so much starts walking. Then you'll have your starving time death colonists standing in front of the food dispenser while some other guy decides he needs to eat and starts walking from the opposite side of the base, but because he ended up in a higher queue position everyone else standing in front of the machine has to wait for him to get there and eat so you'll have a pile of bodies in front of the food machine. At the very least with Planetbase however this is more a problem with the player being stupid and tends to happen with poorly planned sprawling bases so like I said, it ultimately punishes the player for player mistakes more than punishing the player for dev coding mistakes.

Somewhat true. I tend to hop around a lot especially when I recently got loads of new games but it's only to try something out, make sure it runs, get an idea of the feel for it and then wait to see if something grabs me to get fully involved in, although I'd say my real ADHD comes more from playing a game for like 40 hours and then not finishing it before starting another. I have many such cases like that. Never even finished ATOM RPG before hopping around although I spent tons of time playing it. Probably more due to lack of discipline and frustration when I hit a block and being all whatever I don't feel like putting up with this right now rather than forcing myself to push through sometimes.

>Yes, and while I can say that about half of those games I've played and they're good, you also seem to think Hard West is good and Deus Ex is bad. So like I said, your taste is erratic.
I judge games probably weighted a bit more towards story than most people do, and the storytelling in Hard West I thought was excellent. I wasn't so big on their form of cell shading but I guess it sort of works, and was pretty critical of how stupid some things were and how limited things are like the just the sheer laziness of the models being not only the exact same guys over and over but worse then when the "demons" come it's literally the exact same models with one demon head. Because the mechanic of combat was an interesting difference from XCOM at the time and gameplay still pretty fun I was a lot more forgiving towards its flaws especially due to how good the storytelling was. I'm pretty sure I wrote a textwall review also voicing my frustration about how that was yet another game with such solid potential that was egregiously marred by multiple issues enough to make an 8-9/10 game easily into more like a 7/10 tops.
No. 33600
This is how I feel about Banished. The sound design is good and it has a fantastic soundtrack, the visual and modeling is okay to incredible so much I find it hard to believe this was just one guy, and overall it's one of the comfier games I've played in awhile that has one fatal flaw.

I'm probably also not being as forgiving sounding atm because the game got pitched to me as being so fantastic and also really difficult, but it's not unforeseen shortages or catastrophic weather and longer more brutal winters being my problem, it's the behavior of the AI themselves. It doesn't seem like a terribly deep or complex game either so I'm thinking of this in comparison to other CMS. I'd probably be a lot less annoyed had it not been pitched as some sort of super hard game I thought I'd really have to think about and be careful and plan ahead, as opposed to putting up with the AI which go be fair at least one reviewer I saw noted how he'd have this one old man with all the food in the village while everyone else starved. So like I said it's a comfy game but I see that as a fatal enough flaw to not rate it super highly on my first impression.

>what exactly do you expect?
I have ridiculously high standards for everything. Needless to say this is apparent all over my life and not just with games, but quite frankly if they want me to give them my money that I worked hard for then yes I expect something out of it. I can't overlook that just because it has an amazing amount of polish for a one man gig.
>It's not bad code, it's just you don't understand the game. When a house is built the people who move in stock it with enough necessities to last that house at least 6 months. This is literally a case of git gud
I'll have to see how it goes later. Like I said I just started the game somewhat blindly and was not impressed the first several hours by gameplay and was wondering if there was something obscure I was not seeing yet or if the whole game was going to play like that. It'd probably be easier if you noted this at the beginning.

But any rate regarding erratic it's like I said before I have specific tastes and understand others have specific tastes too. I cannot ever be truly fair to for instance shooters. It might be a really great shooter but I'm never personally going to be a fan of it. CMS is a core genre so I'm looking at it more like that and how the pieces work together. As I noted earlier though a soundtrack is a must for Banished and I'm curious how much help the dev had with that because of how professional it sounds.

Out of the three city sims I've tried so far though it was Cliff Empire which has really grabbed me. Lots and lots of polish with a complex economy and fantastic amount of polish, although totally absent is any kind of foot traffic and the sort of thing that is hard for both players and devs to iron out which after this post I realize maybe sometimes it's fine to just have that being absent rather than have the finished product degraded or spending too much time developing it depending on the sort of city game. In Cities Skylines it's traffic though poor road planning and nonstop traffic jams is typically the player's fault. Same with Tropico mostly. Planetbase has qeueing issues. I'll obviously be giving Banished another shot later on but that was the earlier impression I got. I'll try Workers and Resources when I can get the no music problem fixed.
No. 33636
So I've been playing Morrowind for a month, destroying literally everybody there until I got to Bloodmoon expansion and that labyrinth with werewolves.
And I admit it: it made me drop the game (for a while at least), because it was frustrating to see my build being beaten like a goddamn kitten.

So I moved to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, a game I've always wanted to play, but never found time for it until now for two reasons: it looked like to me that it aged badly, and I've never been fond of Star Wars universe.
Well, the game is really good, and the way they handled the universe is amazing.
However, I again got to a moment I can't get through, damn that's depressing.
What the hell with me sucking at RPGs recently?

Should I drop the first part and move to the second game, ernsts? Anybody here played both games?
No. 33642
Both, repeatedly. The second one is in fact much better although I tended to like the first partly because for some weird reason I never saw the plot twist and everything flowed organically.

What part did you get stuck on?
No. 33650
21,6 MB, 640 × 400, 1:57
>Well, the game is really good, and the way they handled the universe is amazing.
They fucked this up really hard, if you knew actual Expanded Universe lore lol

And I continue play Redguard. what can I say:
-on paper it is what skyrim and oblivion tried to do, but 100 times much better
-in reality if we look at tech side and action parts of gameplay it fucked beyound repair
-amounts of lore is awesome, it have more voice acting than oblivion and skyrim combined probably, at least it feels like it. Kirkbdire's loremastering is of cource on top side, plot side and with amount of things, things like Silent Hill which is in similar genre looks absoluetly pathetic compare to Redguard.

Here is compilation of most frustrating moments in first dungon of the game
No. 33651
>I got to Bloodmoon expansion and that labyrinth with werewolves.
Lower difficulty, or abuse Ai or something. Bloodmoon is really hard expantion for really max out players. You played tribunal first? Maybe you may install Tamriel Rebuilt to have more content?
No. 33660
49 kB, 800 × 450
So I've been playing Cliff Empire a lot and this is a FANTASTIC game. It's extraordinarily well polished and aesthetic af, to such a degree that I can completely overlook what should be the immersion breaking interesting design choice of basically making the whole map and look of the game a highly geometric and stylized version of what appears to be more like engineering blueprints or a modeling table of some sort, but with all the buildings themselves being highly detailed. The economy itself is quite complex and requires a great amount of planning ahead and refraining from over expansion because you can fuck your city amazingly easily.

This is a game I would actually call challenging in a way that Banished isn't. You really have to plan out what you are doing and going for and following it painstakingly step by step to maintain incremental expansion within homeostasis otherwise it's incredibly easy to fuck yourself with total cashblock, total resource lock, mass starvation, angry citizens, wanton looting of your treasury, and apparently there are even natural disasters including the rather odd choice of a tower defense mode which thankfully I've not dealt with yet.

I would say that while helpful the tutorial shouldn't be regarded too heavily because you probably should be firstly building everything out of order the tutorial asks and secondly in addition to building things it doesnt ask for way sooner the tutorial mode makes it sound like you can just build those things one after the other--you absolutley can't. You will fuck your city super hard if you even try it.

The game can move at a snail's pace which I would call more "deliberate" than anything else and I can see why some people were complaining about the pace. You absolutely cannot expand super quickly outside of sandbox mode. You'll bankrupt yourself and blow through all your resources and wind up with no water, no food, and your buildings bursting into flames. Just trying to keep everything both in balance and expanding is a real challenge.

It also has the feature of multiple different islands basically, sort of like what it take Calypso/Haemimont/whoever 6 Tropicos to get around to. This means you can boost one island to being self sufficient and stable a bit more easily but at the cost of possibly fucking one or more separate island cities.

It's a super fun game and I would highly recommend it to any fan of city builder autism particularly if you're looking for something amazingly aesthetic.

Only problem I have find so far is the whole camera blur perspective thing is overdone. It literally feels like trying to focus the shittiest of phone cameras every time you move to try and look at anything else from any different angle, but it has basically three camera modes including one where you can move around your city at ground level. This is truly a top notch game and I'm glad I got it. This was one of my top ten games I was hoping to get for summer sale and I wasn't disappointed one bit. It's also still super cheap too for only I think $11-12.

I kind of wonder what you think about the failed Amalur project. I was watching some mini documentary on it which is just sad and it also perfectly exemplifies why I say that winning the lottery and having $150 million really isn't a lot of money. Sure triple digit millions is a fuckton of cash if you're only planning on screwing around in fast cars and buying expensive liquor or whatever stupid bydlo thing but actually using that money to build or influence something will see it evaporate almost instantly and you really need to know what you're doing
Can you even imagine? This guy didn't just piss through his entire baseball career money--he blew through an additional $75 million of Rhode Island state government money on making a video game. So in other words if you won the lottery and tried to open just a game development studio it would be very easy to piss through well over $75 million dollars, lose the studio and not have a lot to show for it.

Although I also hadn't heard a whole lot about Kingdom of Amalur either weirdly enough.
No. 33665
>it have more voice acting than oblivion
That's not very hard to do, they blew like all the VA budget on Captain Picard and Ned Stark and the rest were like 4 per gender. Some of them very good and memorable though, except the female Nord/Orc one. Lynda Carter is awful and only got the job because she's sleeping with one of the CEO dudes.
No. 33666
That bald Sith attacked me at Korriban.
You can't take Bastila with you there so I have shitty squad, and he constantly stuns me while his two helpers kill my team.
I'll try today again, taking Juhani and Canderous maybe
No. 33675
Out of all planets I usually saved Korriban for last, although it doesn't matter much in your case, since Darth Bandon (I assume you were speaking about him) will attack you inevitably on the second (or third? Don't remember) planet you visit. I'd recommend completing Kashyyyk as your first or second planet, because you can get another Jedi party member there plus the best headgear item for a Light Side Force-oriented character. If you're getting stunned too often, consider raising your saves somehow (some items grant bonuses to saves; you can buy a Stabilizer mask, for example, it even grants a complete immunity to mind-affecting statuses, stun included). And don't forget to use stimulators, shields and Force power buffs before difficult fights.
No. 33686
44 kB, 800 × 600
I assume you asking me about this, because one of lead developers was guy who wroked on Morrowind and Oblivion. I don't know about game, maybe try to play it future (however from what I seen, graphical style of this game feels bland. I don't know, for some reason most modern and espessialy late 00s early 10s games often looks like "absolute generic video game" without any personality. But well, I'll check this) but can say that teams behind Morrowind and in more ways Redguard was people who appeared and left. Most of thier awesomness come from plot and universe, created by Kirkbride, and some group of accidental people who also acquired already created desighn and ideas documents about next games from people who left company before. It is or miracle or accident that morrowind become what it is in the end. And we can see immideat downhill and change of direction when after morrowind this "temporary" people from this transitional period of bethesda left.

And even Todd Howard eveyone joking at after Morrowind not part of development team, but Exclusive producer, who did many dumb things, but on level of letting different new devs make some shit compleatly discarding core ideas of previous bethesda titles just because.
No. 33689
This. You'll have to use lots of shields, medpacs, and any items that grant immunity to stun while kiting him around. I beat that game doing this. In harder encounters you basically need to use shields to keep yourself alive and keep healing yourself while kiting the guy around .
No. 33691
685 kB, 1920 × 1080
120 kB, 1280 × 720
19,5 MB, 640 × 400, 1:05
It is Ironic that Emperor in TES2 was really close dude to Patric Stewart - thetrical shakespear-y scene where Patric Stewart be right in place. But in Oblivion they retconned emperor into potato-face king so there was no single reason why he need Patric Stewart voice.
And yea, dialogue and voice acting in oblivion on technical level was made just bad. I'am not even talking about NPC ultra-autistic conversations that now well known meme, but about things like very short phrases, annoying voices, when single character can switch on different voice on every different phrase he says and when you can majority of NPCs tell only like 5 words and nothing more.
In redguard there NPCs who say nothing almost, but many people who say a lot thing and overal it feels like better adventure experience.
No. 33791
4,6 MB, 640 × 400, 0:25
Oh lol, it bulling ultima... year before ultima 9 come out. Well, if both of tihs games was popular and actually good, they'd be direct competitors.
No. 33794
1,4 MB, 244 × 244, 0:04
Cliff Empire is one of the hardest city builders I've ever played. Ironically I think that this ended up giving me a pretty good feel for what the Soviet planners may have been thinking and I ended modeling space Communism because every time things got out of whack--and they frequently did--I'd find myself trying to keep them trapped their within my cliff island's walls thinking "noooo just give me a bit more time to make this thing work you may not leave our island we need your labor" which wasnt hard to do because it requires uranium to come and go via spaceship which typically meant I had to import uranium each time I wanted the shuttle to come. I have achieved full partial automation and even created civilian luxury vehicles all vehicles are civilian luxury items but even then it's easy to hit where your drones simply cannot keep up with harvesting and delivering resources anymore and I'm certainly glad I don't have to deal with planning the air traffic which is starting to get congested.

My people also were frequently malnourished because it takes fish, salad, grapes, and apples to keep them healthy and give them vitamins, which I also had to import as luxury items once in awhile throughout the game even when I finally got my orchards and vineyards and salad farms running, not to mention nonstop famines as I finally let a few too many colonists in who proceeded to crash my food stockpiles, and then when the new farms were up and running crashing my water supplies, and even then I was having routine famines because it's tricky setting up farms in a way to have routine harvests because they take so long to grow. This whole time I'm pretty much keeping people their behind pretty space age barbed wire to keep them from defecting back to the space station as I'm going nooo I just need more time to implement the next 5 year week plan and have our industry further developed for sustainable growth you may not defect to that decadent space station I just need more time to work out the kinks in the system
>meanwhile healthcare and justice have started to drop
>entertainment is low
>fix these things somewhat and now have rolling blackouts at the end of the night because insufficient battery production from solar panels at day because our wind is shitty on that cliff island to compensate the new power surges
"And for my next 5 week plan.."
No. 33795
Even if we ignore the ethic concerns, and the fact that fair competition implies that you should provide a better service than your competitors so the customers will choose you on their own, giving them no choice is just impossible nowadays, especially with products like videogames, since they can be easily pirated.

The strategy Epic is employing seems very short sighted and will end in a loss for them. Which kinda makes your "bad enterpreneur" comment funny.
No. 33796
I started playing yesterday, likewise I'm having all sorts of the same problems. One thing I'm trying to determine is how to crank out max efficiency.
Everyone else seems to be having a bit of everything on each tower, bit of food, bit of mining, bit of production, bit of generation but surely it's better to slap all your miners on 100% matter towers, farms on towers with 100% soil fertility etc. and have each trade with each other...

Well it was a nice idea but like Communism, everything ends in poverty, starvation and failure.
No. 33802
40 kB, 1024 × 576
149 kB, 900 × 1170
122 kB, 900 × 1170
Yeah you would think that but the problem is this: trade imbalances. And even if you manage to get equilibrium somehow, keep in mind that stuff sells for 2-4 times less than its cost so you better get that sorted out and make absolutely sure you don't end up having to buy it back or you'll wind up bankrupting yourself.

I can tell exactly what the devs were going for with all those bridge connections but it just doesnt work. It adds yet another layer of complexity for people who want a nightmare mode because they thought balancing their economy on one island was too easy. I also haven't found as dramatic a difference between each cliff from poor efficiency and you can only even tell which one has which in soil, water, uranium etc after researching a tech that's not even going to happen until mid game because you have to set up your economy before worrying about universities which means more likely than not you're going to have industry on both or maybe all three cliff islands long before you have any clue which one is better at growing food, mining ore or matter but really it's ore and which one has uranium. I was about to stick a uranium mine on my best developed one too until the tech finished research and I found out I had zero% uranium.

The biggest mechanical problems are firstly that everything happens real slow compared to some other games, and secondly that your bitcoins (aka crypto) basically doesn't rule everything around you only because it is so incredibly lopsided with the purchase/sell pricing. Not even high end stuff I mean even for basic shit it'll cost you dearly. You can automate trade both between your cities and with the orbital station but that can also be a pretty good way to lay attention to something else for 25 minutes and look back and find out your just crashed your economy somehow. Well actually idk setting the sell/buy if->quantity probably works but I haven't tried it tbh. Partly because while it does keep things moving at a steady rate with resources, I'd imagine it's a painfully easy way to start running up a monumental deficit somewhere because there is no option "if total crypto reserves ≥#X " and to say "stop/pause trade if currency reserves are ≤#Y " which I have had problems with when I started running it too close to the edge and you're almost always going to be running close to the edge, like double digits or sometimes even less close to the edge which is liable liable to happen once you start unlocking and fiddling with passing laws because it doesn't actually tell you what is the rate of cost for enacting those laws. I do not yet know what happens when you run yourself into a hard budget deficit and I have no intention of finding out soon.

>Well it was a nice idea but like Communism, everything ends in poverty, starvation and failure.
The funny thing is every single city builder ironically enough is a Communism simulator on some level, even strategy games like 4X and RTS because every one of them has command economy. The amusing difference is at least in Tropico it was weirdly enough easy to create a Socialist industrialized paradise with free and fair elections and constantly rising wealth and level of income which otherwise looked almost like runaway inflation IRL because I was constantly paying people more until my wages were easily double Caribbean wages, my class disparity almost nonexistent that game made me hate factions like the Capitalists no I'm not wasting power and ungodly sums of money on your shitty mansion you're living alongside the lower class in apartments and at best a condo which they can also now afford deal with it you fucks and I seldom had food and resource shortages, nor did I ever feel the need to tamper in elections and rule heavy handed because frankly I didn't need to. The funniest thing about those games is they're supposed to make you feel like a shitty third world dictator and every time I found it so easy to have all my people love me, never have to tamper in freedoms, and never have severe money issues or food and medical issues except in the early dirt poor farmer phase and by the 90s I pretty much always had such overflowing coffers I started building condos for plebs to live in just for the fuck of it because I had so much extra money and class only even existed at that point because I needed certain people to make 1 or 2 dollars more or less so I can adjust wages and manage worker preference to deal with certain shocks and adjustments during expansions. The only people who hated me ended up being Nationalists, Capitalists, and rarely Religious factions but who gives a fuck at that point they only complained and held back island progress. Oh, and environmentalists often were pissy because I had no problem with a free $10,000 for a nice sunrise, and by the end nationalists liked me because we had enough workers to close borders and Capitalists liked me because expanding economy made up for them not getting their shitty mansions and by then we had condos anyway. Oddly the one faction I never could win over was loyalists. It's odd to say "but who gives a fuck about them" when your own loyalist faction are the ones most pissy at you. Commies were easy to please only because mechanically they wanted obvious things I needed like healthcare and housing so they pretty much at least tolerated me by default each game. The end result of this was citizen happiness routinely was sky high with 90% often being the lowest of my vote.

This was NOT the case in Cliff Empire. I very soon found myself wanting to surround everybody in barbed wire while I tried making my plan actually work. Ironically enough if I had the option I probably would be using heavy handed policies, secret police, election rigging, and eventually gulags just to make the system work or at least hold it together with duct tape for long enough to pretend it will work eventually and that we are one step closer to achieving full automation space cliff Communism while I had all the uranium and shoot people fleeing to the landing ship.
No. 33805 Kontra
tl;dr this is almost word for word what it feels like trying to run a stable and expanding economy in Cliff Empire
>One old bolshevik says to another: "No, my friend, we will not live long enough to see communism, but our children... our poor children!" (An allusion to the slogan, "Our children will live in Communism!")
this joke is, birth rates actually do exist in this game, so do death rates from disease, fires, and natural disasters, and the birth rate is incredibly slow and takes a long time before it starts happening
No. 33852
How does it run? I've apparently got the right system requirements but the feature where you can walk around in the city and the like seems very intensive.
No. 33863
Well it somehow actually looks incredibly nice without seeming to tax my system at all, and I have a pretty old shitty system with 8gbRAM and an i5 3300 CPU etc as I've mentioned before with the sole nice thing about that machine these days is this nice shing new RX550 4gb GPU which was still basically bottom of the shelf on sale piece of crap which only looks so beautifully shiny and new to me because I'm basically running on Russian technological speed so something 5 years old to everyone else is shiny and top of the line to me. With this system and even with whatever the fuck horrendous job Valve did that I swear to god almost all my previously fine games started crashing since their shit update, somehow Cliff Empire has never yet crashed.

I think that honestly the main part of this is because it only actually looks super nice and highly stylized while using incredibly low poly models on my citizens and without actually having to run intensive calculations on anything like foot traffic, vehicular traffic, realistic water physics and so on which is what slows down most other games like for example Cities Skylines. I cannot get past a 200,000 population C:S game without it freezing and crashing. I suspect this is my old as shit CPU coupled with a RAM problem which for all I know a chip could even be failing right now.

Because CE isn't actually having to model anything and do complex calculations what it actually looks like under the trunk can be incredibly basic, it's just that it delivers it superbly well. See this thing here is key: sometimes you can do more with less. I've taken to watching Mandalores videos to fall asleep and one thing I noticed is his drawing of attention to things like good use of lighting in FEAR and Dead Space, which in some cases can mask really old games made for utterly inferior platforms and abysmal textures with at times bad modeling. So despite being thoroughly unimpressive on a technical level you can actually have a phenomenal looking game using really old or really basic technology at times, and that is part of the artistry that went into CE which I admire.

But like I said, it is capable of playing like a super complex game and has a complex economy while looking polished and utterly fantastic, it's just that a good amount of that isn't running on code. Like the basic limits of the AI here is you just have cargo drones. That's it. So you'll end up having the equivalent of 3-10 citizens with no obstacles to interfere with path finding because they can fly and all the rest is window dressing. Your citizens never seem to actually go in any particular direction or have things they are actually doing except stand around and they're basically just well defined geometric shapes at ground level.

You should be able to run this thing on any old laptop or probably even a tablet without much problem I'd imagine.
No. 33869
As the other chap said, you can run it on a toaster plugged into a baked potato.

Yeah i found that a little disappointing with Tropico, you follow the path of least resistance which inevitably is just being a benevolent politician and running a successful country. You never really have to use all the criminal tools at your disposal as its just not convenient.

As for Cliff Edge, i though i had it figured. All my cities churning out cash, riding out whatever crisis came along, healthy trade, happy citizens.. Then it becomes clear the only way to expand is by building on the radioactive wasteland below, which requires a whole new economy to establish. I'll have to reorientate everything and clear a load of space on at least one of my towers. Only wish i'd put my cliff side constructions further down so i could squeeze drone bays above them.
Ah well!
No. 33871
The old Tropicos had difficult settings like exports prices and so on.
Which level did you choose?
Play it on the hardest settings, with lots of disasters.....
No. 33873
Oh you mean like 1? I've mostly really gotten into the newer Tropicos 3 and 4. Yeah yeah casual tier etc. I tried getting into Tropico 2 but it really just wasn't my thing I don't think and I mean, it just treated barbarity as both something you didn't have a choice about doing and lighthearted in what I felt was the wrong way, plus the graphics and mechanics made it way harder to get into. I'll have to spend some more time on 1. As for disasters, I mostly find these kinds of things to just be an annoying distraction in these sorts of games which don't really seem to add anything or rather not a whole lot that I typically find interesting. They probably could be interesting if it was done better and you get refugees and forced aid camps and on and on but instead what I usually just amounts to is, oh, you got a bunch of your buildings ruined. Ok?
No. 33880
>Oh you mean like 1?

Also Tropico 5 has difficult settings.

There are sliders, which set the difficulty for the economy and political theater.

Tropico 6 I haven't played.
But in Tropico 1, the very hard scenarios were really challenging.
No. 33881
72 kB, 800 × 562
>But in Tropico 1, the very hard scenarios were really challenging.

At least for me.
No. 33892 Kontra
So I started downloading random games off trackers just to see what it's like.
So far I've tried a few deckbuilder roguelike card games. They are addictive as shit, and playing them makes you lose track of time. I sat down for "one run until death", when I was finished, 2 hours had passed.

These things are the devil, I gotta get rid of them. One whole day gone in the blink of an eye. They have something in common with slot machines tbh.
No. 33901
154 kB, 800 × 1246
Well, I finished redguard. This game was broken as hell on basic engine level. I give it 10/10
No. 33907
Slay the Spire? Yeah. It's breddy fuggen good.
No. 33911
I played it for an hour but didn't see the appeal, what's the appeal?
No. 33915
In essence, there are a lot of decision points with enough randomnes to force you to adapt without making everything total guesswork.
No. 33916
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
A bit of that, but mostly Fate Hunters. Similar game, but simpler, and I think I like it more. The artwork is pretty cool too. That edgy 90s style with hard shadows and bright colors. I saw similar illustrations in the tabletop sections of some video game magazines I used to read as a kid. Might even be the same artist, I'll have to google it.

I enjoy the turn based tactical stuff a lot, where a lot of effects interact and you have to figure out the optimal solution to a given situation. Also, the ass clenching moments when you're low on HP, there's 5 enemies, and you have to figure out the exact sequence of events that lets you survive with 1 HP left. Although, I wish that drawing cards was more predictable, so that there could be more planning involved.

I gotta play more tactical combat stuff. I remember really liking the first half of the King's Bounty remake, but they fucked up the difficulty scaling, and the overall system was a bit too shallow. Also, the fact that it's on-rails with no variation didn't help either.

I wish there was an ARPG with that kind of ability and effect based tactical combat. I unironically think that world of warcraft, early on, was exactly that, with complex mechanics and adventure style gameplay, before they hired a bunch of Everquest nerds to design their game, and it turned into a raid based content mill, and then also an esport somehow. But playing that game solo or with a few friends and trying to clear the dungeons with a non-meta party is some real big brain tactical exercise. Like, "how are we going to clear this room with a mage, shadow priest, healer spec paladin and no tank?" And it's real time, which makes for some clutch moments.

WoW, in my opinion, was a nice evolution of the ARPG genre before the whole raiding stuff took over. Classes with many special abilities that you have to use all the time, a real combat system, cooperative experience, etc. PoE, in comparison, is a regression back to the left click simulators. I wish there was an adventure type game like this, with complex tactical combat mechanics and a world to explore freely. But there seem to be only three types of RPGs on the market right now, old school clickers, "immersive" walking simulators like bethesda games, and action-RPGs with combo based fighting combat.
No. 33918
shenmue 3 is out, and it seems like it's exactly the same formula as the dreamcast games
boomers, rejoice!

No. 33919
Yeah, I'm enjoying fate hunters right now.
Compared to slay the spire, the damage and HP values number in single digits, rather than hundreds, which means that the game is a lot more punishing, and unpredictable.
One moment everything is going well, you have a great deck built up, feeling in control. Then in a room of trash mobs you make a single mistake and get completely blown the fuck out in a single turn, and lose everything. A real roguelike experience :-DDD.
No. 33920
I never played it seriously (got it some time ago on Steam out of curiosity), but I'm kinda ambivalent about the series. I liked the calm atmosphere and adventure-ish gameplay, and the series also influenced the fuckawesome Yakuza games, but it also started the QTE craze. QTEs are among the worst gameplay mechanics ever conceived.
No. 33925
Neat. Looks interesting. Might check it out.

I'll throw out some advice that you may or may not need. Basic deckbuilding theory is very important in these games and will help considerably with consistency. If you can burn cards as you can in StS, do it to anything that isn't outright forwarding your wincon. The fewer cards you have, the more likely you are to draw into what you want. This also means that you should get rid of even very powerful cards if they aren't actually working towards the thing you're trying to do. From there it's drafting theory, namely BREAD though not all of it applies perfectly.

>B: Bomb
Bomb is your big stick wincon. The thing that when it lands and sticks, you are basically just finishing the game off. You want this first because you need to know how you're most likely going to win.

>R: Removal
Anything that gets rid of things that stand between your bomb and finishing the match. That can be kill abilities, damage, whatever. It also acts as a way of countering opposing bombs, either stopping them from entering the game, or stopping them from sticking around.

>E: Evasion
Anything that can get in and further your goals without being easy to respond to.

>A: Aggressive cards
Shit that gets in quickly and puts pressure on the opponent so that they have to respond to you instead of the other way around.

>D: Drek (garbage)
If you still have slots to fill up to the minimum, here is where you start looking at picking up things that aren't good, but aren't going to drag down your main wincon neither.
No. 33927
Wait that's right. Bioware didn't develop KOTOR 2, Obsidian did. I kept thinking that at least Sith Lords had some involvement with Bioware but I just saw a review and it made me think about something: just what the fuck IS Obsidian's problem with creating a stable bug free game?

This is something I didnt really notice with KOTOR2 mainly because not just was it relatively bug free mostly due to the community modding it to being playable like VTMB but because I always sort of put it mentally in that category with VTMB where it got rushed due because reasons Valve being shitty, people breathing down Obsidians neck so I always sort of categorized any of the few remaining problems with that game as being entirely due to executive meddling, but apparently it was a buggy mess on release.

This is 15 years ago. Why the hell is it that Obsidian seems to find it so impossible not to create something janky as all hell? Like seriously. I've also come to understand that a lot of "Obsidian" being so great really just boils down to Chris Avellone being one of if not the best writer in the industry, certainly better and more inspired by Drew Karpyshyn. And yet supposedly this game was a mess back the and I don't doubt it but that would make Obsidian's jank track record not just stretching back several years of troubled times, but rather almost to the beginning. Actually come to think of it even Fallout 2 was buggier than 1 iirc, not horribly so, but just enough I can remember it did have a few bugs somewhere.

So what is their problem? I've written at length about this before but it really makes me question what it is about that company that makes it seemingly impossible for them not to release complete jank and a buggy mess that somehow always gets massive praise anyway. Possibly the two most buggy games I have played in the last ten years were Obsidian. Completely different engines, totally different things going on, but same company and both Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity were a catastrophic mess when it came to game stability. Why is this?
No. 33929
I think it's simply that they used to bite off more than they could chew and overextended themselves trying to implement ambitious ideas. I would actually prefer developers do that sort of thing rather than try to play it totally safe, like Obsidian did with the bland mess that was The Outer Worlds. TOW is bug free but it's utterly charmless and far too streamlined.

I do agree that Avellone's writing and ideas were the glue that held it all together. If I'm not mistaken he was the lead behind Alpha Protocol. It's one of Obsidian's less popular games and was received poorly because of the subpar gameplay, but it's one of the finest RPGs I've ever played when it comes to choice and consequence and the world's reactivity. So many of the little things you do, how you talk to people, etc have a meaningful impact on the story.

I actually started playing KOTOR 2 again a couple of days ago. Much to my surprise I enjoyed the first two episodes of The Mandalorian and it's put me in a Star Warsy kinda mood.
No. 33936
> Possibly the two most buggy games I have played in the last ten years were Obsidian
Well, at first Fallout 2 was broken more than this both games, with even full quest parts not worked because script arrors and cut content. Same as it uses fallout 1 assets whatever they felt like.
No. 33937
Honestly I did not see much in Fallout 1 bugs. It could just be because of faulty memory (this was like 16-17 years ago after all) or because of the fact that back then I'd taken it sort of as granted that you may encounter some weird bugs in games, any games or applications, and this was just normal at the time. Either way I cannot actually recall any bugs with F1, but have this vague sense I once had dim memories about encountering bugs on F2 possibly aboard that ship where the aliens were in the basement idk. In any case Obsidian founders and staff partly came from Black Isle which is why I'm wondering about the connection. I had also wondered about TOW and forgot to ask but I guess >>33929 answers my question, which is that theyve now finally fixed the perpetual bugs and chronic jank that is Obsidian by merging into yet another bland triple A shitfest.

I just don't understand it. How could they have possibly pushed out games all these years--and highly rated games mind you--for so long and yet somehow not ever gotten around to what to me looks like basic QA testing? Because in case anybody bothers to read my textwalls and remembers it wasnt just FNV which was notorious for its jank, but Pillars of Eternity. I found the kinds of bugs in PoE which I'd expect from an indie beta and it was STILL unfixed in the finished and updated versions of the game many years later, which is harder to forgive when I've got two minute wait times on a game that frankly I didn't find that good.

Of course mind you, I do tend to like a lot of games which Ireland described as, erratic I think he called it, and one of those is that I am far more willing to overlook problems when I truly enjoy a game like Tides of Numenera, which similarly had a bug so horrendous it was almost PoE tier (inside your mind in a dream scape an entire scene with one of the few battles in the game is missing ALL the text on ALL the things and is clearly so blatantly broken and unfixed you almost wonder that it was a whole section the devs forgot to wall off as unfinished content they originally planned on doing that never made the final cut--yet still is in the "director cut" iirc). It's just baffling to me though how Obsidian can be apparently so consistent in failure on the one aspect, for literally decades, despite being a top company, and simply never bothering to get its shit in order until this year with TOW on the bugs and code end.
No. 33938
37 kB, 886 × 498
I don't know anything about card games, so I didn't understand most of what you said :-DDDD.

But regarding keeping your deck small, I've found that it is the case in Slay The Spire, but in Fate Hunters, the exact opposite was true for me (at least for the first 4 "floors", which is as far as I've gotten). That game really likes putting curse and garbage cards in your deck, all treasure is non-playable cards, upgrades, chests, healing, utility, etc. are all cards that have to be played during a turn, and mobs also like putting curse cards and garbage into your deck as part of their attacks. There are ways of getting rid of them, but again, you lose an action in doing so, and you get quickly bogged down in garbage.
So my tactic has been to hoard as many good cards as possible, as well as saturating my deck with cards that allow me to draw more cards, discard garbage from my hand, wait out a turn, etc. So on any given encounter, there's a decent chance that I will draw a good hand, OR enough discard/draw cards that I can effectively redraw my hand and weasel my way out of any situation. Some abilities (yours and enemies' alike) also force you to destroy cards in your deck or hand, so having some garbage in mixed in there is good for that as well :-DDD.

Although, the card game aspect of it is the thing I understand the least, so maybe I'm playing it wrong :-DDD. I'm basically treating it as a turn based RPG, and trying to minimize the random draw aspect of it as much as I can, so I can autistically plan out the optimal encounter with the cards I have.
No. 33939
>Honestly I did not see much in Fallout 1 bugs.
Well from start core mechanic of supermutans conquring whole wasteland was unfinished and broken, so you will se concenquences only in ending. Some broken quests you can' finish ,engine bugs, but not as much as f2 because f1 was more solid game and had less content.
Fallout 2 was done absoluetly same way as FNV - with making as much content as possible. So it's obvious chunks of game unfinished, broken and implemented wrong.
Whole fallout 1 patch weight more than game itself https://www.nma-fallout.com/resources/fallout-fixt-full-all-fixes-and-mods.8/
If we forget about actual changes and take only patch part that change nothing besides errors, it'd be quite big too.
Here for example, just check list of fixes of just one of the fan patches https://www.nma-fallout.com/resources/fallout-v-1-3-5-patch-by-teamx-unofficial.53/
Fallout 2 with it's restoration patch even much biiger, with entire chunks of game content presented in files but left unfinished and cut restored.

>I just don't understand it. How could they have possibly pushed out games all these years--and highly rated games mind you--for so long and yet somehow not ever gotten around to what to me looks like basic QA testing?
Different priorities. With development you always have limited time and resources. On developers is how to use this resources. One making their dream games - which released unfinished buggy mess, but they don't want work otherwise, since they want at least try to make thier vision. Other companies make polished products, much more grounded and limited, but better prouct to sell to customer.

Honestely I more like first ones - I like when people trying to make something great, and even if it's failed - development story, potential of game and fan bases most often much more fun than from solid, but souless products made for cash.
No. 33940
https://youtu.be/O2W0N3uKXmo new half life and it's for VR.
No. 33946
1,6 MB, 1440 × 861
So I got not, I not got, I thought I was one of the first people who subscribed to get GOG2.0, but looks like there is more people in line than in late USSR in first opened Mcdonalds. My bf got it and passed to me exe and it worked just fine so I now can enjoying it and not wait 31st millenium to do so GOG2.0. Imported all games from steam and origin and now everything in one launcher. Diferent Xbox thing, Epic store, uplay etc. everything here to if you care about it. So yea, it's now UNIVERSAL launcher if you may call it like that. In total I have 279 games. Not much, but I tend not to buy indieshit on sales in thousands numbers, so I think pretty decent number.
No. 33950
4,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:21
7,7 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:17
>Imported all games from steam and origin and now everything in one launcher
how does that work? does it launch the other launcher then launch the game?
>Alan Wake
>Alien Isolation
>Aliens vs Predator
good taste bro
No. 33951
1,8 MB, 1440 × 857
Donno not tried yet. Suspect it may launch like you launch it from shortcut since when you attach account, you log in in your steam/origin account in this launcher.
>good taste bro
Most of games I got on steam was gifted or taken for free long time ago. Ironicly I never played games you metioned. Well I played isolation a bit, like hour or so. I really liked AvP2 but don't have it looks like. I have jewel cd somewhere tho.
Ha ha they used french ubisoft cover for tes Arena. Well you can change covers as you want but funny, very odd choise.
No. 33952 Kontra
Ah, that moment when you figure out the "meta" and a game loses all its mystery and enticement. Some games can last years before that happens, others a few months, most only a week or less.
Always a slightly melancholic feeling, like you just lost a bit of meaning and excitement in your life.
Oh well, onto the next game.
No. 33953
Lol your library looks almost identical to mine except for a few things like Ducktales, Farcry, Final Spam, Flatout 2, Arma II and so on, and if you dont count those and combine my wishlist with few games I only haven't got yet because I'm not rich or it got delisted from Steam like Alpha Protocol and it's basically my library.

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973112890/games/?tab=all I may or may not end up killing the post for this but whatever
I nabbed Alan Wake once it got relisted on Steam again. Not sure why they took that off before or why Alpha Protocol got taken down. On 4kanker /v/ when I was checking threads this year or last (those are the only things remotely tolerable about that hellhole is steam summer sale threads) Alpha Protocol was routinely showing up, but it must've been last year because I saw it before and had it wish listed iirc but it got taken down sometime before the summer sale of 2019.

Of course then there are the games I have taken down from my wishlist just out of principle like Age of Mythology and Dragon Age Origins. I refuse to pay for those games or have any of my money at all go towards Activision or EA. I am on a complete boycott of those companies and will only pirate them. The worst part is when I'd see a nice game and get it a few years ago and find out later it is fucking EA. So I haven't played Age of Mythology, Alpha Protocol, or Dragon Age Origins yet partly because I haven't remembered to pirate them and I only have like 1.5tb to work with. More if I finally went ahead and formatted a couple old drives I have hanging around since I'm pretty sure I already backed up anything valuable it's just I cant remember if I have a disassembled laptop somewhere that's fixable or not for them. Hell I should try that.

I wish I had both my own house and free time. Just lots of free time to tinker with shit. Not a big house. Not even a nice house. Just some place where nobody can bother me and I own it so I can do anything I want. I have vidya so I guess it's an okay tradeoff for not being a retarded boomer owning my own house from a bydlo bricklaying job at 19.
No. 33956
No. 33957 Kontra
Wait...ohhh right because I actually wasnt even plugged in to the internet at that time when I was playing and finished Fallout Tactics. Which, wait a minute then why the hell is PoE so long
I could not have POSSIBLY spent more time in that pos game than it says but maybe I did. That is just one campaign and not even counting the DLC which might be part of why I rip on it so much so frequently because of the sheer amount of time I felt like I sunk in that game without getting a whole lot back. It's almost like playing the slot machines or something, where you just keep hoping to get better and it drags on and saps your time and then every once in awhile it does a cool little interesting thing for just long enough to keep your hopes up and keep you playing. God I can't even imagine how much of that is loading screens. I probably have like a solid 20 hours on PoE which is just loading screens. Can you imagine? I'm not even young anymore. I wasted probably three solid full time job shifts worth of my life minimum on doing absolutely nothing but sitting there looking at Pillars of Eternity loading screens. And it isn't even fucking turn based so you can't just walk away and like cook pasta or have a cigarette as you can on XCOM2 thinking about what you're going to do next or savoring a hard won victory speaking of which why the fuck did they change that in WOTC? I liked watching my dudes sit there shifting around their sits on the drop ship. Now I just get that stupid fucking XCOM badge icon and a blank screen while spending almost exactly the same amount of time on loading times, not to mention how they half assed it to try and improve performance so now all transparent surfaces look like pixelated obnoxious dog shit I swore was a bug. Firaxis really makes some great games and XCOM2 is quite possibly the only triple AAA I bought at full price on release period, but man did they fuck that up with WOTC. Probably the only game I'm going to ever actually do that again and grab it when it's not on sale is Wasteland 3, and possibly also Disco Elysium and VTMB2 if my machine has a chance in hell at running it

Anyway I'm rambling and half talking to myself at this point but the point is times are deceptive. I probably have a third of my game time just on pause while I'm walking away doing other stuff, and others I played the hell out of while I was not connected to the internet or not on steam. DEFCON on it's own by god I cannot imagine the sheer volume of time I wasted drinking beer and watching those little pixel dots travel slowly across the screen for a solid half hour because I actually played DEFCON in its real time mode not sped up.

I also am not sure what I'm going to think of Project Highrise. SimTower was one of those games that was really cool as a little kid and plus I didnt manage to connect it to any awful abuse or anything that makes me depressed like some other games did. I just remember getting into it halfway and not actually managing to make properly functioning buildings but man it was a neat little game.

OH. And Deadlock. Boy did I love that game as a kid but I have never ever managed to find something that's truly compatible with newer systems anywhere, not even the GOG version, and Deadlock 2 runs and looks like shit on my 8 year old rig, plus I have mixed feelings about the air and navy enhancements to Deadlock 2.

I really wish more developers could do kinda what Project Highrise and Firaxis was doing, and Beamdog and inXile sadly now a Microsoft subsidiary, which is to take all these amazing or even not great old games and either fix them up to work on newer systems with some fine tuning or to outright reimagine them because quite a few of the games I really like have just been reimaginings of very old games like Wasteland, UFO, Planescape etc and just expanding upon its feel like Master of Orion 2 inspired games minus the furries. I fucking hate that shit in my 4x games. I want aliens not a goddamn bear or cat wearing a coat. Speaking of which did you guys know that not only are they making a Baldur's Gate 3 but also a new System Shock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVkwfgjnx5k

I mean just imagine it if they remade or reimagined Jedi Knight II Outcast or Academy. Can you imagine it? Because I can and while I can imagine very bad things for it...oh wait fuck never mind I was going to say something hopeful and positive about an even better version of Jedi Knight game being made I just realized that fucking Disney that child molesting terrible company is in charge of it so never mind. Fuck. I wish they would like sell out licenses or something so Disney wasnt in charge or had any say on Star Wars game development at all because all of them, every single one of them without fail from the last many years has been absolutely pure HORSESHIT garbage I can't even fathom it. Going from LucasArts to this was such a sad and terrible thing. But anyway I still like to imagine it'd be cool to have a new Jedi Outcast type game being made in 2020.
No. 34259
> Morality System in ME
> had the conversation option written differently than what Shephard said
God, i'm SO with you for this point. I was pissed of by that shit almost from the start of the game, you could only guess what sheperd actually says. O wait, sometimes he even said something entirely different than the thing you picked, alas for me.
And for the moral-stuff, after playing ~10 hours and reading that you MUST choose a side and/or you CANNOT even answer with the other side pissed me off. Heck, i got me a mod where both were at 100% so i could answer how i liked.
What is this shit? If i want to be nice with some npc and want to fuck with another i will do so. But the logic says "nono, you are good/bad, you can't be the other way!
You mentioned your way of simply killing almost everything later in game. Funny, was the same expierience for me. At first, i tried to understand the motives for each faction or important person i found and thought about how to handle with em. Later on i just thought fuck, they're all spupid, it's the best otion to clear them from the surface and rule it myself.
Of course, that ended up with a wasteland almost cleaned up from human being, leaving only some minor support habitats. Thinking about it, it's an ending that has some ironical logic itself ;)
No. 48464
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