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No. 40546
6,7 MB, 35 pages
107 kB, 1748 × 1240
3,5 MB, 1748 × 2480
Hello, frens! It's time for another issue of the fable Kohlzine. This one, like we all expected, has a very distinct apocalyptic and viral flavour.
We have uncovered another sura from the depths of a Mossad secret base on Kiev, Bernds wonder how would affect this epidemic to various strata of out society, typical shitposts and confessions and a review of a (let's hope not) prophetic game in these end-times times.

For any doubts or if you want to see the previous issues go to https://kohlzine.neocities.org/
You can also fine information on the last page of this edition.
We hope you have fun with it.

You may enjoy it, Ernsts. Maybe even contribute one day? We aim at having contributors from all over the KC diaspora.
No. 40547
I think this may actually be the most coherent and kc-tier of all issues. It's a great, but very anxiety ridden, read. I think it's the first time I've read cover to cover, and not just read articles now and again and in no order.
The Sura is actually really well placed. There's a mystical, really ominous sense to what is going on, a good joke, but it feels like something written a hundred years from now by a religious group seieing Corona as their "Fall From Grace", a reflection of what happened.
It seeps into the two quarantine diary entries immediatly after, which feel again like some historical evidence that's been unearthed by historians looking at a past catastrophe. "Here's a reflection on how the pandemic changed daily living, seen through the eyes of two already isolated people. "Quarantine Column" in particular reads like something that a future historian will mull over.
The two articles following that, which look on the viruses impact on society, have a common thread of seeing the virus as both the consequence and destruction of current society. I like how there are common references (borders, in particular) but different views overall. "The paradigm is now being put to the test and it's failing" is a very apt way of putting it that unites both articles. They are also written very clinically, and if it wasn't for the fact that I wrote the Immunopolitics article, I would have said that the two authors decided to co-ordinate writing. The clinicalness is really rather unenrving, especially immediately two diary entries that are personal, immediate reflections. If it wasn't for the endings, you could almost seem them as two future historians analyzing the virus and how badly our society managed. The endings themselves are really troubling too, with an almost apathetic, pessimistic view on how things are going, an almost bleak stare into the abyss. Troubling.
"A Look Back at the Federal Collapse" is great, and well positioned. It feels like a real journal entry from the future, and it doesn't seem farfetched at all with the author's predictions. Again, this is fantastic editing, because putting this immediately after the two articles above, which follow from quite down to earth, "real" present day journal entries. It feels like the catastrophe analyzed by the above has come to fruition, and now this is how life is. Again, it's really bleak.
No. 40548
The five articles up to this point feel like some joined narrative, which is very impressive. It's something that a future historian, living in the chaotic world after 2020, might put together to explain how things happened.
This alone makes this issue great. But everything after is almost poignant after that, almost like little cuttings that future historian might keep on his desk, somewhere in his or her bunker, as the personal reminders of what happened. "A Miracle of Modern Science" is a really brave thing to write about, even anonymously. It's both a reminder of the genius of what modern science has given us (and how quickly such things might end up going away...), but also a personal account of individual embrassment at your imperfection, that was shared only at a time when such embarassments are being seen for what they are--insignficant to you as a person.
The next three articles are not only entertaining and informative, but again, they feel like little things that would exist in an archive of the event many years in the future. People sharing how to survive, how to stay sane, how to avoid getting diseased. Little information packets provided by people who are increasingly relying on themselves and communities, rather than government (going back to the first five entires, almost perfectly in fact).
The review of World of Horror is great in itself, a good review, but I like how it ties with things. Here's a game where you're living in a world gradually descending into chaos, bodyhorror, infection and so on. It's almost a meta article, an in depth look at the technical aspects of a game that is sort of mirroring siutation we're in now, almost a commentary on the "gameplay aspects" of society under the dread of the virus.
Honestly, best issue yet. Great articles, great editing. Reading these articles in order was an experience in itself.
No. 40551 Kontra
>tries to advertise a half arsed attempt at intellectualism
>advertises itself using that post
Seriously? I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but you're introducing the content with a shitpost like that? Pshht
No. 40552
Well, this is Bernd dichotomy: 50% serious discussion, 50% shitpost.
We come from imageboards and we don't try to hide it.
No. 40554 Kontra
EC is about 90%+ serious discussion. Also talking about your day and how you panicked and stole panties isn't an actual shitpost. That, however, is quite clearly a shitpost and given the degree to which k*hl is synonymous with shitposting it would behoove them to not openly advertise that the interior is probably filled with garbage.
Like I don't want to fucking read these peoples blog posts. Why should I give a shit? It isn't even like a single one of their lives probably even changed to begin with because they're all NEETs and shut ins. I'd be interested reading an Italian, Spanish, or New Yorker describing events for example, or possibly accounts from around the world, but not from them. Any passing carelessness on my part for feeling momentary interest was immediately thwarted by the reminder "oh. Yeah. That's right. It's these people."

I should also point out that k*hl is KC2017 and on top of that it's filled with pedos and every sort of filth who finally got kicked off every other board. It is such an absolute shithole that they banned people for trying to make IWO threads there. It wouldn't even surprise me if it's a honeypot. KC by contrast was a genuinely interesting place to be about, holy shit has it been that long? Fuck me. A decade ago. KC was interesting a decade ago. And I come here because it reminds me of KC from then.

All this is a moot point of course because I am endlessly embarrassed and mortified at having wasted so much of my time on KC and ruining my youth with it.
No. 40556
Don't let the Kohl in the name dissuade you. We are a celebration of Berndhood and we take articles from a lot of different places, not only kohl. In fact it would be nice if some Ernst decided to write something for us.
Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
No. 40557 Kontra
The issue seems not bad on the outside. Tho I guess I won't read because of other readings, but some articles seem promising and actually having a magazine type approach to it.
The Kohl in the name is badly chosen tho the pedo thing really is repulsive and who wants to write for a mag that is centered around a pedo enabling board, besides who is already there or still has the ties?. Given that it's not wholy a Kohl product.
Maybe one day, when I can actually type away what comes more easily in German and I have time to scan some readings of the past for a profound formulation of an idea for an article.
No. 40560
We have discussed this in the past. Personally, even if I agree to a degree, I feel like it would be a betrayal. Kohl mods have actually been very supportive of the zine. Not only that but Kohl still has bernds, and old ones at that.
No. 40561 Kontra
>Like I don't want to fucking read these peoples blog posts. Why should I give a shit?
Same could be said for Ernst. Kohlzine has some genuinely interesting stuff, as well as some shitpost quality stuff. It is not solely connected to Kohlchan.
No. 40563 Kontra
> Kohl mods have actually been very supportive of the zine.

That means what exactly?
No. 40564
They pin the zine threads and they even linked kohl to our, you can see the button under the banner.
No. 40565 Kontra
*To our site
No. 40566 Kontra
So why should I read something which thinks a misogynist shitpost is a good editoral picture?
No. 40567
13 kB, 225 × 225
Oh d*g. Are you going to complain how the articles are not pc too? Ach...
No. 40568 Kontra
You could have that on other boards as well.
The problem is, I guess, that most people still come from Kohl, any other board, for instance EC, is too small for a magazine to spread and contribute to.
No. 40569
There was an attempt to make an Ernstzine that went nowhere >>31235
No. 40571 Kontra
I know. Only a handful of people visit this board. I would write an article but that needs a bit of time and I prefer reading and writing for university as I finally want to finish my degree.
We are a handful of posters, the daily core is <10 I'd say. Kohl are more than or around hundred people I guess.
No. 40572
Well, I don't see that happening in here.
No. 40573 Kontra
84 kB, 1200 × 640
Well, obviously. This board is not the center of the magazine. I'm pretty sure the mods here would pin a thread or link the page, if it was a mag that is less kohlfied. We have a radio, I don't see why mods would refuse pining a thread or liniking a page to magazine on EC. The reason why your magazine is not linked here is simple: It's called Kohlzine and is largely based on Kohl dwellers and still reeks of an attitude like mentioned before by this German >>40566
No. 40575
Well, if it's a case of bad attitude then it's a shame because I don't think we are going to change that sardonic tone in the future.
Anyway, if any ernst wants to participate and maybe have some fun for once he or she can hit us up.
No. 40576
I have now read through this scribbling and it is honestly shameful. It is incoherent, created by lesser minds and has troublesome nationalistic undertones. My time would have been invested better had I simply stared at a wall. This "zine" is an insult to Ernstchans intellect and I seriously consider creating an Ernstzine just to put the Kohlchan buffoons in their places.
No. 40577
But you already tried to make a zine and failed in spectacular fashion.
I think you are just shitposting at this point, can't understand how if those nationalistic undertones existed they would make the zine worst.
No. 40578
Tbh as someone who has read quite a few zines of various genres (subculture, music, and RPG ones mostly), I can say that once you leave their core audience, they lose a lot of their charm. The jokes fall flat, the content becomes less relevant at best, and downright uninteresting at worst and so on. Hell, zines from different areas on the same topic can fall flat.
No. 40580
You are a hateful individual. A pathetic worm, no wonder you do not have the insights Ernst has.
No. 40581
No. 40582
Go back to kohlchan, troll.
No. 40583 Kontra
6 kB, 219 × 230
We had this thread a couple of times by now. It's always the same shit.
>Hurr hurr KC bad
>Hurr hurr EC didn't make a zine
>Hurr hurr
Why must all of you do this?
No. 40584
Because Ernst prefers to discuss people than ideas
No. 40585 Kontra
no thank you
No. 40586
>A pathetic worm, no wonder you do not have the insights Ernst has.
Ernst can be very arrogant at times. Most of Ernstchan is comprised of blogposts (even if Ernst pretends otherwise), with some serious discussions alongside. Ernstchan is not really appropriate if you truly want to discuss a topic at academic level (it is an imageboard after all, although it feels less like an imageboard and more of a discussion board/forum at times).

I read some of it. Nothing was really egregious. Perhaps he got "nationalistic undertones" from the discussion of nations closing their borders (doing what used to be unthinkable). However, there was also one piece about the possible dissolution of the union (not very nationalistic in terms of the US), as well as a piece on how "Capitalism deconstructs itself" during such a crisis.
The only real commonality is the change to society as a result of SARS-CoV-2.

Regardless, it does not matter. I don't care what political persuasion someone has, as long as the work is interesting or fun to read. I enjoyed it.
No. 40587
white nationalist scum would elate at nothing more than if the US dissovled, so that is clearly a nationalist sentiment.
No. 40588 Kontra
>US dissovled, so that is clearly a nationalist sentiment
Maybe the definition of nationalism that I use is more historical or narrow in nature, but to me the sentiment is more particularist than anything. People use words in different ways, and words such as "nationalist" are particularly abused.
Take for example Francisco Franco. He reduced the autonomy that various Spanish provinces had before his rule, stifled usage of minority languages (thereby homogenizing culture through the education system and media), and yet is considered a nationalist, par excellence. What about the Scottish National Party or the Irish Republican Army (both nominally considered to be nationalist)? Are they nationalist? How do they compare to Franco? Is Steve Bannon more or less nationalistic when compared to a supporter of a given state's secession from the union (e.g. Quebec, California, Texas)
The word is used in many different ways to mean many different things.

Here is a how I see nationalism:
The goal of nationalism historically in Europe was to unify the disparate independent states based on language, and so dissolution of such a state is not nationalist in nature. Neither does nationalism have to be "right-wing" or "left-wing" (again, words rife with abuse). If you ask me, I consider nationalism to be fundamentally liberal in origin.
No. 40590
I'm the one who wrote those two summary posts, which was at 2 in the morning after reading the zine back to back when it was released at midnight. It was my way of articulating how I felt about the issue, particularly with regards to how the editors did a good job organising submissions. I'm flattered it was used by the OP, but it's not an advertisment and shouldn't be read that way. It was my response in a kohlchan thread shared with other bernds, and should be read that way.
I'm puzzled about the response, frankly. I don't agree with cross posting, but I think OP and others have tried hard to extend a hand of friendship to you. It doesn't have to be ernsts contributing to the zine at all, in my view, just as an encouragement to you guys that perhaps you can revisit the idea of making your own zine. Of course, you could argue that ernstchan as a board is high quality posts anyway, but you're missing a point here that there is a difference between threads, and a well curated selection of articles that have some relation to the board's "culture". I encourage EC to try making a zine, because I want to read what EC has to provide, and how your editing structures that.
However, the venom a lot of you are displaying is unreasonable. Kohlchan has its issues as do all boards (Lainchan, for example, was notorious for the underage grooming of users. Should Lainzine be condemned because of that?), but it doesn't detract from its creations, and Kohlzine is a creative act. It should be seen as a sign of respect that bernds have for ernsts that bernd wants to share with you this, both as a means to share some interesting stuff, but also to encourage you to do likewise.
Bernds and ernsts aspire to share a common ancestry of "pure love". Kohlzine is a means to do that, but the behaviour of ernsts in this thread suggests scorn. It's a real shame.
No. 40592
It's just that the editor is just lazy and/or uninspired sometimes. Don't mind it.
No. 40593
>It's just that the editor is just lazy and/or uninspired sometimes
I think that's an unfair assessment. Setting up the zine to begin with, which is what the editors did, was a lot of work and I admire them for continuing to produce this every month. I can imagine too that submissions can be slim at times, so they work with what they have.
That's what I made that summary post. I was really happy with how the editing for this issue built on a theme. It wasn't just "here are virus related articles" either, I felt that the arrangement was perfect. It was done in such a way that I did, for the first time, read from cover to cover rather than just dipping in and out over a few days. They're really starting to grow in thier work, and it's good to see. I hope it continues.
No. 40594
7 kB, 250 × 247
>Bernds and ernsts aspire to share a common ancestry of "pure love". Kohlzine is a means to do that, but the behaviour of ernsts in this thread suggests scorn. It's a real shame.

the absolute state, I've seen your posts before and always find them hilarious how you try and act superior when kohl is the lowest imageboard out there, lower than 4chan
No. 40596
I liked your 30+ thread on kc, that was interesitng. How are things going?
No. 40598
Dude, I talk to him almost daily, we are friends. And it's only him. Some people have contributed art in the past but he does the heavy lifting. Not only that but he literally said so, in fact he copied the OP from my thread in kohl lmao.
No. 40599
I got the reference.
No. 40600 Kontra
>, but the behaviour of ernsts in this thread suggests scorn
Aside from the fact a substantial portion of the site are pedos and thus deserve to be executed there's also the troublesome fact that we are .xyz. Do you know why we are not .com anymore? Or why krautchan itself is kill? There's a reason for that longstanding scorn. The fact that I come here and this thread is right next to someone spamming blacked porn is a testimony to why we hate that shithole so much and don't see anything good ever coming out of there. Every once in a blue moon one of them wanders out of their containment site and spams tranny dicks or cats shitting or whatever before getting banned and their posts deleted. It wasn't even all that long ago we found out about a kohltard plan to "raid" us with the only insightful post being some iirc Pole saying "and then you guys wonder why they hate us."

Our board is exceptionally comfy without them.
No. 40601
12 kB, 749 × 470
Hey I don't like Kohl in general but the zine is pretty nice, much better than Kohl board

Thank you Polan
No. 40604 Kontra
Are you antideutsch by chance?

Polite Kontra
No. 40609
You seem to pull shit from your ass. Original KC stopped being a thing because DerGeneral got tired. You can speculate it was because the shit quality or because he was too old for this shit. Still, you can only do that, speculate.

Regarding Ernst, nobody forced the owners to quit. They were outed as antifa and quitted like the bitches they were. To this day I'm amazed about how they didn't try to be the bigger persons and keep the site working. Again, they could have decided to do a lot of different things but chose the one that fucked you on the ass.
No. 40612 Kontra
>Aside from the fact a substantial portion of the site are pedos and thus deserve to be executed

You, the executioner. That's fucking rich. The idea of you thinking you're remotely qualified to try anyone accused, much less be their executioner is hilarious. You're brave enough to tar and feather friendless outcasts because there are no consequences for doing so. A man can talk confidently when he's secure in numbers. Let's see how you would fare administering justice alone.

By the way, I think child molesters are to be dealt with swiftly and unemotionally by a just system with the meticulousness of an angel and the rjgor of a devil, but I'm skeptical you're one to do it. This moral grandstanding only impresses you, and your fanatical rants are done because you know nobody will meaningfully criticize you. Deep down inside, you know you're punching down. And no, just because pedo organizations like NAMBLA exist doesn't mean they have any meaningful clout.

Kontra because every Kohlzine thread degenerates into pointless name-calling. Until you can produce one zine, just one fucking zine, worth reading, shut the fuck up.
No. 40613
Pretty telling that's the only part you focus on.
No. 40615 Kontra
1,6 MB, 300 × 168, 0:04
>yeah we are pretty much directly responsible for destroying and permanently killing two sites in a row but it's their fault not ours
No. 40619
That's not what I said at all. You can only sorta justify ernst but anything else is reaching.
No. 40629
No. 40645
it looks kinda like a 90s underground zine, which does appeal to me. however i'm with this >>40554 burgerball. the frogs put me off. what's more, i'm generally not interested in shitposts or intellectual ramblings of kohlchan users about current events, politics, metaphysics or whatever. i've checked kohl maybe three times over the last 6 months and everytime i've been there i saw the same topics, the same shitposts and the same shitposters who i didn't like when they arrived on old kc 10 years ago.
No. 40648 Kontra
you kohlfags have killed both old ec and nsl. some of you went nuts over ec mods deleting /pol/ shitposting, attempting to doxx them. in response both ec and nsl was closed because the admins/mods didn't want to bother with you further, leaving ernsts and walters who didn't like kohl without a place to lurk. these are the facts. if you don't like it here just stay @ kohl and leave ernst alone. simple.
No. 40659 Kontra
51 kB, 390 × 338
> KC diaspora
Have a appropriate response then.
No. 40661
Stop being such a try hard. This performative hate is frankly pretty pathetic.
No. 40669 Kontra
Performative? This is demonstrative and widely shared.
No. 40673 Kontra
137 kB, 1206 × 564
FFS if you start saging like criminals you won't solve anything, old KC did the same and failed, FFS I repeat what's wrong with OP, FFS, bunch of hystericals
No. 40675
Its just your litle ritual of virtue signaling.
There are more EC-KC crossposters that you would like to believe or were willing to admit, just move on and stop acting silly.
No. 40677
100 kB, 808 × 805
If that's true, and I'm sure there's quite a few, why not let them read their KoHlZiNe over on KC? Why feel the need to bring it here? The Ernsts that go there can read it there, and the rest of the people here have no interest in what the latest gossip of r9k-ver2 have to say
No. 40678 Kontra
60 kB, 420 × 594
368 kB, 1506 × 2400
Every time you share your known disdain for Poles I have the incredible urge to shitpost about my Polish Irish hurritageyou are not making this easy for crypto-kurwas to refrain from shitposting about the greatest country in the world m8

Cabbagechan will never be the real successor to KC. It is a pedophilde laden swamp filled with the worst rejects from 8cancer, wizardchan, and 4krebs. Regardless there is reason for the hostility and it is well justified.
No. 40679
9 kB, 322 × 321
>known disdain for Poles
who do you think I am?
No. 40681 Kontra
42 kB, 1024 × 689
233 kB, 1067 × 1600
We have one Irish poster here and I've seen you bitch about Poles before or having to deal with them in your country. It's just funny to me is all.
No. 40688
Because not all Ernsts are hatefull shitposters?
No. 40689
Pedos and trannies and poltards are well hated on KC too but its a necessary evil due to the principle of free speech adapted by kohlmods.

This is why many Bernds use multiple imageboards. Since the beggining of the zine we had dozens of collaborators abandoning Kohl altogether but remaining the contributors. Our mission is to create space for those who are tired of ceaseless shitposting, because neither Ernst(too serious) nor Kohl(too shitposty) provides the same experience as Krautchan few years before its downfall, when people still cared. It was a mix of shitposting and serious discussions intertwined freely and this is what we are trying to achieve here.
No. 40691 Kontra
3,7 MB, 1400 × 2225
>You can't have a truly free imageboard without allowing the kiddy-diddlers on it
Nonces should be happy they aren't hanged the moment they're found out.
No. 40692 Kontra
>free speech
This board was created for comfort of specific audience. Allowing shit to dwell here will break it and destroy, like previous EC.
I surprised this thread is not removed already.
No. 40698 Kontra
>its a necessary evil due to the principle of free speech adapted by kohlmods
I agree that if you advertise your board as a free speech board you will attract unsavoury types .
However the problem lies with the kohlmods. The mods have left cp threads up for hours and replies to 100 before they've deleted it. I've also heard that the mods share it between themselves and that the owners of the website store it (although I do not know how true that is).
At its core, the culture of the website is dictated by the behaviour of the mods. You get cp on cabbagechan because the mods tolerate it. EC has a high amount of self-policing because the ECmods deal with shitposting swiftly and mercilessly.
No. 40702 Kontra
Except that it literally doesnt have any fucking free speech. I remember when I lurked there two years ago seeing people routinely banned for shit like calling Trump a Jew. You don't fucking have free speech you have retards and pedos and people getting banned who complain about it. It's enforced retardation and sick fuckery there. I even once saw someone get banned for making an IWO thread.
>free speech
It's fucking don't lad
No. 40719
>banned for making an IWO thread

I'm not doubting you, but I've made at least one IWO thread and nothing happened to me. What was the IWO thread about?
No. 40721 Kontra
I don't even remember anymore this was in like early 2018 or something but I'm pretty sure it was a Chilean? Iirc some South American going around his city. That was the moment I recognized the magnitude to which the place was a shithole inherently hostile to bernd life. I havent been back since. It was the weirdest shit just seeing that happen. And no he did not get unbanned that day either.
No. 40722
There were multiple Ecuadorian and Breslauian IWOs in recent months, maybe he wasnt banned for IWO. Though there used to be a /pol/tard idiot mod who would ban threads unaligned with his political views, this was frustrating AF. Dunno if he is still there.
No. 40760
That guy might've banned me a couple times even though I was just lightly shitposting. I was able to get back on after carefully explaining who I was and the threads I'm normally known for. On the other hand, Vegan Chile's ban produced the most hilarious red text: BEE WAS ENSLAVED FOR THIS POST. Fuck that guy and his predictable bait threads.

Kohl will never be KC in its prime as much as we'd all want it to be, but it's the closest facsimile. EC was also the place I first went to after KC's death because it so closely resembled the site in its prime. Kohl was an unusable wasteland populated by yli's spillovers prior to late 2018, and the board culture still hadn't properly developed, so the incentive to use it wasn't there. That changed after EC's closure. It's sad to think that EC dying made nu-KC usable, but it just might've been the case.
No. 40766 Kontra
Your shithole is filled with pedos to this very day. Whoever made that thread was also making a regular IWO thread and was banned for that. It is a toxic shithole filled with sick fucks and abject morons.
No. 40772 Kontra
There are at least three different Chileans over there, so I'm not sure Vegan Chile made the IWO thread in question.

>Your shithole

As if I'm an admin or moderator who decides who posts. I don't like the pedos more than anyone else or their disgusting threads, but sadly, I don't have the power to excommunicate them. For what it's worth, I unsuccessfully petitioned to have them at least walled off to /b/ where they previously called home on old KC. I like funposting and making silly threads as well as serious ones, and nu-KC is the only place I can do it. Nobody uses yli anymore and 8kun is an insane asylum. bernd.group is a ghost town, and literally no other site apart from EC or nu-KC comes close, so this is what we're stuck with until a new imageboard is established.
No. 40962
No. 41116
I've done multiple IWO threads. Never got a single ban.
No. 42739
2,9 MB, 58 pages
12 kB, 200 × 200
17 kB, 121 × 200
New issue btw:

Travel Column
Extortion Industry
Industrial Output Of IIIrd Reich during WW2
pottery corner
Japanese spectrum of apology
Ethnical and phenotypical composition on the Peru
A proper romanization for Proto-Indo-European
No. 42786
dank u man
No. 42847
How do they manage to create quality content so consistently? Last time I checked, they were an utter shitshow.
No. 42878
211 kB, 426 × 575
I figure it's a parallel circuit. unrel pic
No. 42879
Because Bernds who are serious about producing content will do so no matter what. Some of us have been together as a community since the site's very inception. What makes you think we'll give that up now?
No. 43932
21 kB, 1298 × 165
16 kB, 1299 × 113
It appears that a large wave of refugees from Kohlchan may soon arrive here. Over the last few days serious disagreements over Kohlzine have lead to open conflict between KC's posters. If the makers of Kohlzine are not banned soon it is very likely that their detractors will try to make this board their home. Since it looks like Kohlzine is not very appreciated here it is possible that they will fit right in, but I still wanted to highlight this issue in order to help this community prepare to assimilate a substantial number of newcomers.
Here's a link to the current thread about Kohlzine, so that you may better understand the controversy and both factions participating in it:
No. 43933
117 kB, 800 × 800
>super autism
politeness and considered responses is now considered autistic in the current year
No. 43934 Kontra
Fuck off we're full
that sort of posting is exactly what we don't want them here. They never seem to realize the reason every board is garbage is because it's filled with people posting like them
No. 43935
BTW just so Ernst knows, anti-KZ posters have advocated for pedophilia, spammed scat and gay porn, and while claiming that KZ runs a cabal or clique in the form of a public discord server at the same time synchronize their spamming and repost out of context takes from said discord server

See the thread: https://kohlchan.net/int/res/7810837.html

I suspect this group is afraid the zine will bring attention to the board and there will be a crackdown on pedoposting, they are probably a small group sharing CP on an encrypted chat app or the hardcore incel faction of KC that needs to post offensive content in order to maintain their safe space

If you let them take refuge here they will ruin your community, given how much smaller it is
No. 43936 Kontra
They'll manage to at most shit up the board for an afternoon before full scale exterminus falls upon them all and their shitposting. Everyone will end up getting banned and there might be like one spare mental deficient who spams the board for an hour hopping from proxies like that really sad excuse for a Finn used to before realizing people don't sit around here all day and maybe one person would've even seen it in the course of an entire hour before giving up.
Source: I've seen it the last few years every time that pedo infested retarded shithole goes down and one stray imbecile gets butthurt enough to try spamming us before everything gets reset again.
No. 43946
What the fuck is going on in that thread
Why the fuck are they so utterly shit

Apparently Krautchan had to die after all if this is its official successor
No. 43948
8,0 MB, 40 pages
4,2 MB, 299 pages
Lastest issue.

Adding also academic PDF on Libya that some may find interesting.
No. 43956 Kontra
take that rubbish to 4chan, 8kun etc. and settle there. thanks.
No. 43958 Kontra
Fuck off back to krautchan, twitter, and your discord clique.
No. 43959
I understand you've read everything and have criticism?
>Fuck off back to krautchan
If only we could.
No. 43960 Kontra
> If only we could.
You have zero sympathy from me. You created your own shitstorm by setting up the twitter account and fomenting an "us" vs "them" mentality between you and bernds.
No. 43961
What passed my attention here?

Anyway, I'm not so critical about the Kohl ad here anymore.

Hopefully I will finish a small article for the Ernst attempt until the deadest deadline in mid July. I only have to read 70 pages I have to read anyway and then I can write.
No. 43962
This Brit is suffering from delusions, his gang is trying to remove serious discussions from the premises.
No. 43963
Am I the fact only one who wishes we had more people in here who adhere to the simple ruleset?

I mean it's splendid to keep shit out, and one thread per serious discussion is ok, but the fact that about 10 people post here means that the same old literature thread sticks around for two years or so. In OC we had serious discussion about haphazardly chosen topics daily.
No. 43965 Kontra
Not at all. I'm against the discord cliquery/elitism, twitter advertising, and meme forcing the Kohlzine crew engage in. I don't want to see this cosy oasis polluted with your nonsense.
No. 43967
It's already polluted with your nonsense, why won't you take yourself away?
No. 43970 Kontra
More people would be ok with me, ofc I would like posters like Iranian ball or so. Sadly most people who came here, after Kohl got downs again where not adhering to the rules. These days nobody comes hre because they have problem with the strict fun policy. As if they cannot live out their shitty traits somewhere els eif they have to. I don't browse Kohl for nearly 2 years now but I sometimes think you have people posting here who still visit kohl to shitpost. I'm not sure. Kohl is a dump, but nor every board has to be such a dump.
No. 43976
We aren't living in 2003, 2009, etc. anymore

People are going to congregate on discord channels and it has nothing to do with elitism. They may simultaneously browse KC and have twitter accounts and follow others with the same

You can't control what people do with their time or what sites or applications they frequent and to even try is pathetic and childish
No. 43978 Kontra
>browse KC and have twitter accounts
Are they spiritualists? You can't browse KC.
No. 43988 Kontra
>wishes we had more people
i have absolutely nothing against new posters/lurkers, but please not these people.
No. 43994 Kontra
Nah in this case we shouldn't be so hard on Poland. That appears to be an actually published book that's taking things seriously and on the surface perhaps more objectively a study of the Libya conflict and it's collapse.

As for the first pdf...well when you are entirely associated with pedophilia (along with terrorism and stupidity) the last thing you should do is put a post from the board talking about "nubile young things." In any other context that might be funny, but given that it's a post on k*hl I cannot help but wonder that they were talking about actual child pornography being posted. As for the actual zine while I applaud the efforts at least some of them seem to be making towards crawling out of the abyss of shitposting and back into berndom towards the like of being EC tier, the front page coupled with the presumably unwitting irony of some articles cuts the legs out from under them.

In skimming this I couldn't help but chuckle at the rather bydlo analysis of Communism from a pretty unitonically biased and propagandistic perspective being immediately followed by somebody's rather bydlo phrased hot take on peer review that pretty much amounts to bitching about the free market. I do not think that these people have yet come to the understanding that I have, which is namely that a lot of what they and I and many other people from a broad spectrum hate is directly the result of Capitalism itself.

In a short quip, I'd just like you to draw your attention to how the most Capitalistix cyberpunk tier muh market society on Earth is handling the pandemic right now. As an addendum to that, I'd also like to draw your attention to other societies being run by hard right/Capitalistakaneoliberal politicians such as Britain, Brazil, and Russia. I just checked the global SARS-CoV2 toll and the top five bunched together is America, Brazil, Russia, India, and Britain, in that order. Make of that what you will.

As a further note I'd like to add that it's become obvious to me over the past year that poltards are a bunch of discord cliques privately organizing raids against other sites, comment sections they don't like, astroturfing 4krebs, and systematically targeting threads and boards they don't like on foreign IBs that dare to dissent from their stupid narratives. I can only presume their accusations of shilling are done to distract and deflect while attempting to justify their own rampant shilling efforts likely including setting up fake "tranny chapo discords" as a false flag to justify themselves.
No. 43995
7 kB, 765 × 141
38 kB, 764 × 325
Info about the brit
No. 43996 Kontra
I personally have never had nor intend to have or use a Twitter or discord account and in the case of the former I look down upon those that do. It is a valid accusation tbh.

I do not understand nor care to understand what manner of faggy drama you seem to be attempting to import from k*hl to here.

It will eventually grow just like KC eventually did, much to its detriment. The primary problem is that admins and mods stopped caring about KC and let it progressively go to shit and get colonized by the 4kanker starting in 2014 thus allowing its destruction in 2016. We should have kept kicking them out. If you are incapable of having a discussion you shouldn't be here. Just let things take their natural course whilst banning the retards. Eventually those that stay will get the picture and stop posting like idiots.

I too miss Iran and India greatly. People like them and St. Kitts stopped coming there partly as the poltards from Western Europe and N America got progressively worse and more numerous until KC itself was basically similar to cabbagechan minus the pedos and terrorists. I stopped going there entirely by 2017 and well due to this and I suspect those that stayed and migrated to k*hl got progressively more twisted and corrupted into iniquity and stupidity by the Warp that is their general 4/8krebs-esque effluvia.

As for him please leave the cube alone. If that is who I think it is he's not a bad poster or an asshole like the rest of them although I fear both he and Syria got corrupted by the Warp over the years. Cube is cool don't gibe him shit.

Speaking of which I would just like to say that I also sincerely do miss some of the Israelis that we had posting back in the day including autism and pird cube. It's a shame to think of it and I wonder how many bernds have actually died IRL so far due to the various wars and strife happening in their countries, the pandemic, and by suicides. Well except for that one Syrian. It is a shit thing to say and I've been trying to make the effort to not be so black hearted lately which I now recognize is partly due to IB shitholes staining my very immortal soul but well that one guy was clearly an Islamist so it wouldnt surprise me he got stupid and died fighting for ISIS or something, but as for the rest I feel bad for them.
No. 43997 Kontra
I thought that guy was our Brit? I know the one but think we have two. Who is he? Is he not a regular here?

Which if true btw I now vaguely remember that there were three legit pedophiles who eventually got kicked off KC and one of them was a brit; the other two were an Italian and a Brazilian. Also stop calling k*hl KC. KC is and has been dead for years now. That site is K*.
No. 44000 Kontra
74 kB, 1320 × 1350
You've got your signals completely crossed. Just go back to kohlchan and engage in your drama there. Spare EC from the controversy your zine group likes to spread around.
No. 44002
Or else you'll spam this thread too?
No. 44047
ure welcome
No. 44107
267 kB, 1826 × 838
Tired of pedos ruining your board? Longing for the days of serious discussion? Want to have that perfect balance between serious discussions and shitposting as well as the freedom to post anything so long as it isn't illegal?

A Russian Bernd has announced plans to reopen Krautchan. On this incarnation, pedothreads will be instantly deleted and users banned as will attentionwhoring threads. Low quality bait threads concerning some insipid drama on social media will also be purged unless it concerns a major event.

I'm looking forward to this.
No. 44109
>The nigger quota. You get banned if you say "nigger" or "juden raus" less than 5 times per week
The exact inverse of this rule is what is necessary to save KC from the cancer. Looking forward to not visiting another failed kankerchan.
No. 44110
He actually says that he plans to eventually allow CP and that CP is necessary to scare away normalfags. He does not say anywjere in his post that he intends to ban people for cp or even call them scum
No. 44112
In my view the tone of the post makes it clear that he doesn't want any such content and finds it distasteful but believes that saying so outright would damage his ability to credibly position his site as return to the old ways rather than another attempt at "krautchan minus X" where X is racism, pedosexuality, or what-have-you.
No. 44114
The fact that he feels that he needs to cater to the "CP is good" constituency in order for his site to succeed is all the proof we need that old KC is dead, and dead for good.

The permanent division of the community into /pol/ and over-serious discussion wings is necessary and inevitable.
No. 44123
I object to you misusing the term "CP" (as he does) for what is posted on kohl. Prohibition of child pornography is not merely a matter of board policy but of law. Someone who says any openly-operated board allows it is lying.
No. 44135
The shittiest boards I've been always are heavily moderated like this.

In my opinion, good moderation should be almost non-existant and should enforce the rules only, leaving the content moderation to the users. Users can moderate and filter content by ignoring. It's much more effective.

Pedo wouldn't be rampant in Kohl if people just hid and moved on with their life but no, every pedo thread gets 150 replies.

In the end it always boils down to the people using the board, not the board itself. If you have shitty users, no amount of moderation will make your board good
No. 44136 Kontra
>enforce the rules only, leaving the content moderation to the users

depending on what the rules say your statements becomes contradictory.

>In the end it always boils down to the people using the board, not the board itself.

It's like saying a society depends on what people it is made of. Regulating the society in any way seems pointless because it's the people only. But this view ignores the dynamic that comes into being once individuals form relations to one another. A pleasing self regulation might work though, but if it does not, what then?
No. 44138 Kontra
Post this in another thread, you kanker.
No. 44139
The point of rules on an imageboard should be to select for a certai. type of user base.

Consider the so-called nigger quota. The Russian believes that this rule will keep out a certain kind of poster, one he believes to be against the spirit of the board he wants. He is correct - only pol-tier retards will stay on a board with such a rule.

The problem with the nigger quota is that it selects for petty nihilistic retards, and the problem with an inverse nigger quota is that 90% of the old KC community has either degenerated into petty nihilistic retards, or given up on KC years ago. It's simply not possible to maintain a cozy old-kc feeling with modern imageboard demographics. EC is the best we can do.
No. 44140
> ernsts not realising the nigger quota is a joke

Y'all dense or what?
No. 44147
By rule I mean posts that break the law, like. explicit CP, scams and spam.

What I mean is that it's pointless to ban an user because a "forbidden" topic (such as twitter threads) if the general population will keep bringing it up and discussing it anyways.
The difference between boards and real life is that here you are a post attached to a country, disconnected from any sense of personality (except some rare balls). there is only interactions here and those interactions will shape the board, if a certain topic gets ignored, this signals that the board is rejecting the subject. The individual will not feel encouraged to post it again
No. 44150 Kontra
>if the general population will keep bringing it up

You can force that. And people who have no idea of their own regarding content openers or are lazy will just react to it. It's a bit like extensional TV, you have nothing else to do and it kills the time even though you feel bad about it afterwards at times. How selective are the users regarding content really, I don't think the question is that easy. And it's not like all users or the general population as you call it, makes threads and stuff.
When you say leave content moderation to the user you don't have a vaguely democratic thing in mind where people decide on the content but something like the user has to cut out the annoying and sickening ads he does not like but is forced to perceive at least for a second or two for every ad he does not like. A board of monads who receive cp or not, they can only decide after being exposed to it.
No. 44158 Kontra
>zine cunts are here as well
Well, it was naive of me to think they wouldn't spread their cancer everywhere they could.
No. 44165
It sounds like a perfectly normal thing for the nu-KC community. Why would I assume this is a joke coming from a board where CP is normalized as a gatekeeping measure?

>What I mean is that it's pointless to ban an user because a "forbidden" topic (such as twitter threads) if the general population will keep bringing it up and discussing it anyways.
Eventually, the people who are interested in those topics will fuck off. Proper board hygiene requires aggressively pruning the turbobydlo.

And as I think the German is implying, people who would otherwise not be prone to certain attitudes or styles of shitposting can be infected by the turbobydlo if they aren't pruned. This is exactly how KC went from being something like oldschool 4chan with countryballs to being /pol/ with countryballs.
No. 44174 Kontra
>If you have shitty users, no amount of moderation will make your board good

Yes and that is precisely why k*hl is and always will be a steaming pile of hot garbage and frankly the sort of criminality that actually deserves to be a snitch: pedos and terrorists. I don't believe in snitchery and generally find the concept of sending someone to jail in a shithole country like Russia, America, or Brazilsorry but this plague is pretty eye opening, those are the top three pozzed countries still and all three have world renowned shitty gulags to be morally offensive and just flat out retarded that I mostly wouldnt wish on anybody including thieves, but those two deserve to be shipped off to jail and possibly beaten to death there. Considering the large presence of both groups, and the ongoing tolerance of them by the mods and rest of community based on what we've been told here, it is no wonder that it is shit.

K*hl is everybody who finally got kicked off of 8krebs along with everybody who got permabanned from KC while being generally too defective even for vierkanal. Among them are our old "friends" who finally caught a perma on KC like pedo Italy and pedo Brazil I think? I do remember seeing that Italian scumbag during the couple of weeks I lurked that shithole and I am genuinely saddened that they are not in jail right now.

Just to be abundantly clear, I hope you pedos get shanked one day.

So you have these filth and on top of that you have the broader community which is not just the worst sort of fucktarded morons but even worse they're people not just foreign but actively hostile to our culture. They'd not even been assimilated to /pol/tard level of foreigner yet. It was obvious they had no place on KC and they probably came to comprise about half of K* along with the pedos, terrorists/wannabe terrorists, and unconscionable morons on there and the reason KC died is it got utterly destroyed by the kinds of people who in 2013 were routinely not only banned but actively range banned if they were annoying enough and by 2016 the mods stopped giving a shit and stopped modding, the result being the wholesale destruction of our community and they did this trying to use the trojan horse of right wing politics and racism because all they knew was "hey, a German chan, with an iron cross, and countryballs and discussion of whatever the fuck haplogroups are this must be another platform for me to rant about blacks and Jews and white nationalism 24/7 while posting tranny dicks all day." This helped slowly drive away all our quality and interesting posters including Iran, India, St. Kitts etc.

That went on with more and more of these foreigners until Slavic butthurt killed the pure love confiness and what little nice parts of KC was left got murdered by the US kulturkampf which is universally recognized as the leading cause of cancer on the internet.

Am I bitter about losing KC, even if it was for the best and the second of the three worst mistakes I ever made in my life? Absolutely. Has my life started going up as opposed to the downward trajectory of being on KC? Sure. But I'm still real fucking bitter about it and cabbagakrebs is where all the fuckwads who made that happen are concentrated.

It has been proven time and again that the vast majority of these people are beyond the capability for redemption of meaningful discourse. This is proven abundantly clear every time they post here and sadly it has poisoned the few actual bernds remaining which saddens me greatly. I can only imagine their lives will go the same haunting way as a heroin addict or meth head, a harrowing journey into loneliness and self destruction.

Meanwhile EC became that shining city on a hill and they just couldn't have that so the cancer went out of their way to attempt to destroy it. The very concept of quality posting sends them into some allergic reaction, some spastic fit of outraged inferiority. I do not understand it nor do I care to, so long as they stay away.

In short, fuck em.
No. 44176
>When you say leave content moderation to the user you don't have a vaguely democratic thing in mind where people decide on the content but something like the user has to cut out the annoying and sickening ads he does not like but is forced to perceive at least for a second or two for every ad he does not like. A board of monads who receive cp or not, they can only decide after being exposed to it.

Good point.
No. 44184 Kontra
This not heavely moderated. It's only "heavy" to keep shit out of there.
No. 45495
273 kB, 434 × 616
14,1 MB, 76 pages
273 kB, 434 × 616
Sorry for the delay, bernds. Vacation's call and a stronger than usual breed of autism has made us release this later than planned. Worry not though, we don't plan for this to become usual.
Anyway, on with the content:

-Travel column
Borders are love, borders are loife
-A Short Rumination on Killing
Ponders on the philosophical importance of taking life
-The Innsmouth of Finland
What God giveth God taketh
-HoI focus tree
Post-Floydian USA
-Pottery corner
-Pet rye bread
How to create your own breda
-The Secret History of the Katars: The Birth of Nations
Bernd's adventures in Minecraft
-Kon-Tiki: Reexamining Thor Heyerdahl’s Transpacific Journey
Speculated contact between civilizations
-Among the Ruins
On the restoration of art and its associated historical autism

As always you can find how to contact us in the last page of the zine. You can also find past issues on https://kohlzine.neocities.org/ .
I hope you like it.
No. 45499 Kontra
No. 45500 Kontra
12 kB, 480 × 360
>initials are KZ

also like
A bit of adaption in the notes from the editors wouldn't hurt.
No. 45501
Fuck, forgot that.
No. 45507 Kontra
5 kB, 200 × 200
Thanks "bernd", I'll be sure to share it with my twitter followers.
No. 45508
Very supportive of you! Which part did you like most?
No. 50551
13,7 MB, 120 pages
356 kB, 1748 × 1240
18 kB, 256 × 370
Well, hello there!
We are back with the longest, hardest, thickest issue to date.
-Travel Column: The Way Of The Arctic Samurai
by Britball
Bernd travels to Hokkaido to connect with his inner autism and almost freezes to death.
-Datapagan and a Cybervegan #2: Bernd’s Pharmacopeia
by Americanball
Tips and tricks to get the maximum efficiency from things like your normal coffee to hardcore experimental drugs.
-How To Topple A Goverment in Your Pajamas
by Brazilball
Chronology and analysis of 1964's Brazilian coup d'état.
by Poleball
The culmination of years of fascist struggle. Il Duce approves.
-Gretan Paradise
by Cabbageball
What if no fossil fuel existed in Earth. Would we manage or worry on the attempt?
-pottery corner
by Poleball/Onionball/Argentineball/Brazilball
Bernd sharpens his mind through verse.
-Train Your Brain!
by the Editorial Team
Pastimes for old and young alike. Protip: You can use paint.
-bookworm’s hole
by the Editorial Team
What is the main problem with Ukraine? Why do Russian children deserve to be genocides? Nikita "Gold" Sadkov such a character? His new book sheds light into all of this and more. You simply can't miss it.
-All in a night’s work
by Cataloniaball
Furtive and nocturnal, the thieve Garbernd will try to rob blind one of the richest and most eccentric inhabitants of the city.
-Thailand:Glubbian Analysis
by Sloveneball
Thailand has recently been suffering protests much alike much of the western geopolitical sphere. Is the unrest provoked by bectern influence or is there something else to consider?
As always, if you want to check the other issues you can go to https://kohlzine.neocities.org/.
If you want to contribute you can use this threda, the designated one on /make/ or send us the stuff to
We wish you a prosperous new year and long, fruitful serious discussions.
No. 50557 Kontra
Thanks, I’ll take a look! The cover looks nicer each year.
No. 50594
Wow rude
No. 50620 Kontra
Why is kohltrash allowed on this board?
No. 50690
please provide your own articles and how they're superior to what kohlzine has made in 20 issues.
No. 50717 Kontra
>kike shilling for kohltrash

(User was banned for this post)

No. 50719
Can we just ban this idiot?
No. 50776
I think the mods know better than you, what should be allowed on this board.
No. 50813

Ernst, i like you.

Have a hug and a beautifull day.
No. 50830
The top priority is to bring back serious discussions. Anyone is welcome to participate.
No. 50837 Kontra
544 kB, 1280 × 1037
why don't you keep your pedo kohldrama, KOHLzine and oh so intellectual serious /pol/ and incel frog discussions at fucking KOHLchan? i mean you guys bump this thread since ages, but apparently ernst posts in here only to voice disapproval for the content.
No. 50842 Kontra
I don't read it but at least they're trying. You seldom pull yourself out of the morass in a single day.