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No. 46074
137 kB, 512 × 512
New news thread.

Got any interesting articles or breaking stories? Someone wrote a thoughtful editorial that resonated with you? Read some one-sided opinion piece that cements your current understanding of the world?

Post it all here.
No. 46076 Kontra
10 kB, 225 × 225
I just glimpsed into a anti-corona protest live stream in Berlin again.

The megaphon speaker
>we are not not extreme, only extreme peacefully

People wanting to make politics with peaceful foam around the mouth, bad idea.

t. can't count the ideologies anymore.
No. 46077
14 kB, 350 × 350
I really like to read stories about the german company wirecard (and everytime i'm happy that i didn't buy stocks of it like i considered a while ago)

If you read some news articles from the very beginning to now it feels like it slowly turns from some idiot hiding that his company doesn't work out to super huge conspiracy.


No. 46085
I'm sorry my dude but it has taken me an extraordinary bit of willpower and restraint just to not make fun of you guys and not make shitposts about having the interior of your continent populated by Germanics. I don't remember what it was but I saw an article the other day about an exceptionally fucking retarded protest in Berlin the other day comparing masks to fascism and, interestingly enough, a lot of bilingual signs in English and German about it too.

Why are you doing this???
No. 46086
Every country has loud retards.
We have a facebook group for called "in favour of bringing back normal life" and it has like 100k members in a country of 10 million.
(Though no protests because these people here are the type that talks shit on facebook or argue with the telly but won't do shit IRL and will wear the masks.)
No. 46087 Kontra
Also "Berlin isn't Germany".
No. 46088
It was in the news because nazis got on the stairs of the Reichstag waving flags. I watched live streams from professionals and amateurs. The protest was mixed, it's very much a continuation of the peace movement of the 1980s, a lot of cringy singing and esoteric bullshit, but also frustrated middle class and nazis, also on the full spectrum are conspiracy believers: anti vaccine, rothschild, gates, new dictator ship, mind control via 5G etc. Robert Kennedy Jr. was the VIP guest.
Wearing a mask when you have to walk in the restaurant or buying groceries is too much for these people. AND SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
Things are going wrong but it's definitely not just Merkels and Bill Gates fault, raging against "dark powers" don't help to clarify what is going on either. The diffuse words coming from these mouths is astonishing. I often heard the word freedom, but it became an empty phrase within minutes to me.

I'm not super strict with not meeting people and such, but putting on a mask for several minutes a few times a week is ok for me and not a massive burden as these people think even at work it's alright. I don't have to cry because I can't see mouths anymore. In the beginning the strict social distancing was uneasy for me though.
I think it is not just the masks but a general feel that people get bumfucked by a badly located power structure, which manifests in politicians and people like Bill Gates. Let's just say the analysis of these structures lacks behind academic rigor.

Most people came from outside of Berlin, from the whole country and also other european countries as well.
No. 46089
No. 46101
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 1:52
>Couldn't help but laugh out loud in my hostel as I read this.
I know what you mean.
No. 46128
The Youtube algorithm gives me videos of Jens Spahn (minister of health) getting shouted down at state election rally stations in different cities in the Ruhr-Valley every other day.
There is a funny one from Bottrop where people yell and blow into whistles constantly. He then takes up a question and wants to answer it and says he thinks it is important to listen and having a dialog
>But you (here) only want to shout and blow the whistle. I wonder do you do it at home like that, everybody blowing into whistles?

:DDDD I genuinely had to laugh with that image in my mind


Some it is true though, politics have become exclamations by the populus for that people, good night, future politics if it goes on like that.
No. 46153
Man, the Russians are really lacking in creativity when it comes to poisoning their enemies these days. Novichok again?

No. 46159
The idea is probably that it was an implied threat to all of the other critics just to be sure that they know it.
No. 46160
True, it's just that the KGB had a kind of artistry to it. They used all kinds of crazy shit to poison people that could only mean 'shiet, KGB got him' but did it with some flair.

If you're gonna do some grim as hell spy shit at least take some damn pride in your work, you know? It's still a grim as hell waste of life, but at least it's slightly less grim than making it routine and formulaic.
No. 46236
Update: Moscow's new party line is that the wect poisoned Navalny with novichok to make Russia look bad. They demand proofs that Germany didn't poison him.
No. 46237
This would be so funny if it wasn't so sad.
Trump calling dead soldiers loosers.
No. 46238
KC literally died for this too. I can't believe anyone was a dumb enough sucker to shill for him.
No. 46241
Oh shit, even Fox is confirming it. Get the popcorn, this meltdown is going to be spectacular.
No. 46249
This is interesting. High self control isn't a good thing all the time.


At least he isn't Obama.
No. 46259
lol there's probably people that genuinely think this
No. 46269
Based Marxist-Leninist Trump spitting on the dead stormtroopers of U$-Amerikkkan imperialism
No. 46278
142 kB, 1536 × 2048
Came across a post about this advert in the biggest sports paper.
It was made by a think-thank, called Centre for Fundamental Rights. It's close to the government.

The caption reads:
>Justice, Strength, Ascension
>We make the Carpathian-basin great Together!

The name of the site (keszuljetek.hu) at the bottom means "prepare" (second person plural; imperative).
It contains a short text with gems such as:
>Our survival-ability widened our horizons to the length of millenniums: our accomplishments entitle us to continue our history
>We see the gravitational force of the Hungarian nation ever increasing, and our responsibilities point beyond our own destiny.
>It is our responsibility to make the Carpathian-basin great again in cooperation with the peoples living with us.
>It's the coming generation's task to fight the deciding battle, so that every jewel of St. Stephen's crown may shine again

I'm starting to suspect that people saying that our government has far-right tendencies might be right. But it's just a hunch really.
No. 46420
It's funny because yeah if you were a hardcore tankie Stalinist who despised America there's probably a lot to vote for here.

It's really depressing that we have long since lost 4kanker and just about the rest of the chanosphere to boomers and glowing ones because had we not and still had the original /b/ trolls he's the spitting definition of an attention whore with unwarranted self importance and a lulzcow who'd be easy to troll the shit out of.
>he was also afraid the rain would make his hair look bad
This isn't even the first time he's said stupid shit like this about his hair. Do you remember his post-Soviet dictator remarks about how we should do something about laws regarding shower water pressures because he thought it made his hair look bad? If ebaumsworld still existed you could troll this shit out this guy just by making him paranoid about his hair. Which come to think of it is the most weak effeminate male thing I ever heard of. Why does anyone think the guy is strong again?
>oh no my hair might look bad! Nah fuck the soldiers they're dead losers they can deal with getting rained on it might ruin my perm
No. 46462
I always wonder what they mean by "make it great". With what and how are they going to make it great?

100 years ago you built factories that made tank and steamrolled your neighbors until the banded together and ran you into the dirt. After that you made factories that made shit people wanted to buy. What market are they aiming for?

Are they going with farming and forcing everyone to become farmers? That went great for countries that tried it.

Are they going with high tech industry? Good luck, you need to pay an awful lot of money for someone to even consider moving there that isn't from the country and hasn't already left to someone who pays an awful lot of money.

Or are they just going to march up and down the square singing patriotic songs?

Or is it a call to arms?

I'm really curious as to what?
No. 46466
It's meant to be just like Reagan's "morning in America" theme of making a bunch of vaguely optimistic statements and offering blind hope in sentimentality rather than policy platform, like "hope and change" because dumbass bydlo love that shit and eat it up like slop from a pig trough. The difference is most presidents have an actual plan besides loot the shit out of the country and literally run the presidency solely as an illegal profiteering operation. He and his family break the law on pretty much a daily basis and they're also routinely abusing a loophole where he can claim it's his kids owning the family business and making money. It's all just a great big rackrt
As for the average person who actuslly believes him it means one of two things, which is either that he's bringing jobs back--yes, every job, definitely your job--and is the result of us being a decaying empire that's been rotting from the inside out since the early 2000s probably around the dotcom bubble bust, or they interpret it to mean making America white again which is comoletely impossible anyway.

It's basically the result of some of the most insane and psychotically divorced from reality propaganda that Fox has been spreading for the last 15+ years which literally are lies half the time because it's basically become just an extension of talk radio, combined with rubbing up against legitimate insanity like the psychotic bullshit from the other identitarians becoming more shrill and mainstream like feminists and trannies. So they are also in reaction to that and disenfranchising the trannies, feminists etc all culture war bullshit that's been going on since Reagan and that Goldwater warned about how the day would come that this crap would bury the party.

The problem is people are incredibly stupid and often not self willed so they intuitively know that something is wrong but are not properly equipped to make those decisions to fight it. Some I don't understand like them dismissing the hotel hallway shooting and it's difficult sometimes to divorce the person inside the thin blue line shirt from what I actually see which is a future enemy combatant. Those people I do not understand at all. It's not just racism. I don't get blue line faggots.

But anyway I was thinking about it today and I think the thing I hate the most is the fact I don't necessarily think it's hard to get along with people of wildly differing political views or that I could unite with my fellow countrymen but fueled by this literal clinical psychopath and his retarded nurgle death cult on top of the psychotics chopping off their own dicks or whatever the fuck you call that I'm walking on eggshells constantly. Any slip up feels like being a Jew in Nazi Germany and you're going to out yourself as not part of their Nazi woke legbeard groupthink shitfest whichever one it happens to be. I wonder if this is what being Syrian felt like in 2011.

But I think the thing I resent the most right now is how much that obese literally 89IQ balding fat faggot has turned all my countrymen into enemies at this point. It's just something I got reminded of at and immediately after work today talking about gun rights with a female coworker and talking go another guy who was wearing an "I can't breathe" face mask (I actually thought he might be Republican voting tbh, he's an older white guy) about how Walmart workers should unionize.

See the thing is in spite of the fact the country can be moronic these are not all bad people and it isn't even like we can't generally agree and get along across the political spectrum, even if we approve or disapprove of certain world views. I'm today holding out this slim hope that Trump is actually going to be fucking stupid enough to finally unite this country again into one people through our sheer hate and revulsion with him. A lot of the people here are just under this totally I don't know how to describe it but complete and utter lack of information like I would imagine it to be as a Saudi or Soviet Russian who just watches the same stupid propaganda and believes it.

There is no fucking plan here. There isn't even a policy platform. The GOP is literally two months away from their elections and their sole campaign platform is BIDEN MAN BAD.

I've written at length about the madness gripping my country but I saw some real flickers of hope today. See the thing is I deal with the general public on a daily basis and while I cannot get into any politics or religion or god help you "protected class" citizens stuff which is virtually everybody these days and can easily get me fired for saying the wrong thing or wrong jokeI clearly DESPISE both sides of idpol retards and must suffer them in various ways and while I don't get too close I am able to overcome my own inner ec tier/berndom through sheer repetitive violently assaultive force to act like an extrovert I get to have some rough idea of people. And really while they are bydlo it's often like I do get it it's just they're trained to be selfish narrow minded uninformed dickheads by the same shithead oligarchs who run everything everywhere and are fucking terrified of us ever joining hands as one people internationally and realizing how much they've been oppressing and ripping us off all these decades, hence controlled anger porn like Alex Jones and loose cannon probabou controlled opposition candidates like Trump who still managed to make all the rich people ungodly amounts of money.

So to answer your question what is great again? Ripping off everybody while pretending you're actually enriching white poor people and not killing off the middle class anymore as opposed to robbing everyone in exactly the same situation as Putin and his thieves guild.

All you have to imagine is every vatnik retard cheering because Putin said "we will make Russia beautiful." What the fuck does he mean? Who knows who cares fuck you pidor we're making Russia beautiful again etc etc
No. 46467 Kontra
19 kB, 400 × 320
Oh yeah and one other thing that stood out to ke today was this black girl who was wearing an OES mask with the FATAL star. She definitely had this whole different friendly, idk how to describe it kind of vibe but I guess similar to what that guy was saying about white and Asian middle class culture
That just stood out to me and struck me as strange today partly because I didn't know there was black women Masons in much quantity and yes people have gotten to the point where they typically wear something like the extension of a designer tshirt on their face and wearing designer masks these days.
No. 46482
It ofc means nothing specific. A vague statement, because the PR teams or thinktank in that case knows that it might be enough grounded in the believe that politics can be rooted in cheering or booing, basically exclamation. Carl Schmitt said this would be democracy but it more resembles a dictatorship with leader. A democracy would actually have policy content discussions and such, but people seem to be less likely to acurately voice their problems tbh. The protesters asked at the anti-corona-policy protests in Germany often just said they are their for "freedom" or other vague bullshit. They don't know how to actually voice what they want and I think it is because they don't know hat they want but the term freedom catches it because it can be filled with so many shit people think they want but can't voice it because it is to vague even inside their mind. Instead they believe in marketing and showbusiness tricks or simple rhetorics, complexity is an alien term, that is also why you have conspiracy believes. Yeah, elites are a thing but Bill Gates is not at fault and administrating the world almost entirely.

MAGA can mean more jobs, can mean more military power, less mexicans etc.

>But it's just a hunch really.

Just look up far right slogans from the past and present... maybe then it is not a hunch anymore. The tendency is there, but no racial motives as far as I can see.

>deciding battle

Really, against whom or are they battling with themselves?
No. 46558
28 kB, 600 × 400
No. 46559
1,6 MB, 5066 × 3299
Tbh, I'm not even sure it's one of those 'true but being used in bad faith' moments that politicians sometimes have. I believe that US Military Acquisition is still the absurdist quagmire that it's always been, where generals want stuff that works, and Ordnance gives them lemons and says 'these work, now shut up'.

Retired officers gone politicians? Yes, they're definitely a significant feeding demographic for the MIC, but the active duty guys don't have that much direct power of acquisition to my knowledge.
No. 46560
Nah in this case he literally installed the generals and personally pushed for and then gloated about getting them another $2 trillion funding. It's just been some pretty funnt moments.
No. 46691
I was wondering what that haze was today. I saw it and got the weirdest most ominious feeling about it, a feeling I'm not quite sure I can put to words. It seemed like a really bad sign of horrors yet to come. I looked at it and wondered about the wildfires but thought to myself "nah it can't possibly be from them" but apparently it actually is.

Our entire continent is blanketed by the smog of the other third of the country burning down right now and it's traveling as far as the Eastern seaboard I guess. Watching that made me imagine what it could be like if the whole Western seaboard got nuked, and you were standing there in Washington DC watching the clouds and haze rolling in knowing that it's their ashes.
No. 46692
How 'bout them aliens?
No. 46693
125 kB, 900 × 900
The funny green ones that smoke weed and say ayy lmao or the ones that speak Spanish?

For the latter:
Oh wow! The USA disrespects human rights? Never heard that story before. What? They also committed the exact same crime the accused a foreign enemy of doing (forced sterilization).
What a story.

People will forget it in two weeks. (In the US. This won't be a topic outside the US in the Western Sphere.)
No. 46695
Honestly the shit coming out of Washington at this point is so bad it's getting impossible both not to say anything at work nor here because I despise US kulturkampf pointless political shitposting almost as much as I despise idpol, but the latest thing is the dumb motherfucker who was supoosed to be in charge of our health messaging went on some psychotic rant including something about "leftist hit squads if Biden wins." The interesting thing I discovered about all this is you can anticipate their moves with an exact certitude by what they accuse others of doing so at this point it sounds to me like they've somehow been training trumptard hit squads for when he likely loses and then contests the results. I haven't voted dem since 2004 and I'm going out of my way to do so this year I just need to make sure to register hopefully tomorrow.

This includes various gems like him literally saying the planet will magically "cool down one day" he used the exact same statement as claiming the pandemic would magically go away. This is interestingly relevant because he not only knew but more importantly personally believed that this was a deadly virus as early as late January and early February while saying diametrically the opposite in public. This is because he was afraid of rattling the stock markets whose numbers he pegged as his entire personal political value, and was stupid or shortsighted enough to understand the stock market hit was inevitable but with effective response it would be short and somewhat painless. The reason this worries me more is because of what chicanery theyve been doing to inflate the stock market for years in just throwing fed cash at literal worthless garbage and what that means for when the bubble finally pops.

I have never in my entire lifetime been so worried about the future of the country and the planet at large. The thing is we're also well beyond the point where we can fix climate change. It has now entered a positive feedback loop. We can at least try and ameliorate some of that but it's like an entire sector of the country is following the antichrist to hell and it baffles me. Even failed on gun rights. That was the one thing I said to myself in 2016 "well at least even if he is shit at literally everything else he won't be a gun grabber" but just recently made a statement about "you have to grab their guns first due process second."

The problem is he has a core that's a literal cult and gaslit them to the point of total psychotic break from reality. It reminds me of the scene from Chernobyl where he says "the real danger of so many lies is that we end up no longer knowing what the truth even looks like." People having pizzagate protests to this day.

See the thing is I don't just think it's about power at this point, but also fear. When I saw McCenneny try to explain Trump's statement "I always wanted to downplay it" when he knowingly lied to and gaslit everyone especially his own followers that it was "just a flu bro" while personally seeing it as a deadly plague, I saw a reaction of panic followed by guilt. All of this is making me question to what degree all these people are guilty of what crimes that they're all acting this way, and not even little crimes, but serious, existentially threatening crimes.

I'm sorry for the rant but I've about had it at this point, and it has gotten to the point where I am now facing economic, political/social i.e. physical threats from violent retards, and biological threats impending. All that is ignoring the multiple natural diasters engulfing my country other than the pandemic and because both sides dropped the ball on the next stimulus I am even more worried about the economic existential threat. This is quite literally the worst I've ever seen America in my entire life and due to this corrupt idiot's mismanagement now have to consider on a daily basis not just a pandemic for my moment by moment decision making, not just the economic impact nationally and my personal week by week financial anxieties, but now also the country erupting into violence and on top of that constant idiotic bullshit that personally impacts me on a daily basis like my mail being fucked up and it's starting to stress me the fuck out.
No. 46702
81 kB, 992 × 558
51 kB, 350 × 500
>I'm sorry for the rant
Don't be. Any response I type will threaten to drag the board into our political sh*tshow, and so I'll refrain. I do wonder though, if Trump actually transformed the Republican party into this hollowed out shell filled with sycophants, or if he simply removed the mask and revealed the true face of Party Politics. For a large part of our population, politics is just another sport; you pick your team and cheer them on regardless of any underlying principles or actions. Pic very related. 1/3 of the people approve of Trump's response to the virus, and that number wouldn't budge even if the president was spotted running through Washington coughing on school children.

On a lighter note, I'm cautiously optimistic about the life on Venus. The chemical detected may also be created by geological processes, so we still need more evidence before popping that champagne cork and toasting the end of our cosmic loneliness.
No. 46704
55 kB, 800 × 285
Just read that we're going to send a man to the ISS by 2024-25.
Basically the government agreed with Russia that in exchange for our technical support the Russians would send a Hungarian astronaut to space again, just like in the good old days.
The projects to which Hungary contributes will officially be joint Russo-Hungarian space projects.
No. 46705
Hey yurop especially England, if you see a hazy sky on your horizon that's my country on fire

Honestly there's just something about both Venus and Mars that has long spooked me. They just look too much like our planet, like failed Earths. I think it's more terrifying to me because I often think what would happen to our planet and what this planet would look like if we somehow did something stupid enough to blow away our atmosphere or trigger enough of a greenhouse feedback effect to boil away our oceans. If we actually kicked up enough into the atmosphere it may even be theoretically possible to turn the planet into Venus.

I know this isn't a real major possibility but I just look at a place like Venus and sometimes wonder if an advanced civilization had ever started there and killed their own planet we would never even know. Similarly Mars was actually much like Earth once upon a time before they lost its atmosphere from lack of strong magnetic fields.
No. 46824
You know the really interesting thing about this story with Trump wanting to swap Puerto Rico for Greenland is that it's implicitly saying that much like SARS-CoV-2 he knows for a fact that it is real, it's just that he wants to keep lying to the public about climate change.

I meam when you really boil it down this is not actually a bad plan and that is because Puerto Rico is an entire island of climate refugees waiting to happen and climate change is now a factual daily reality, not just something that's going to happen.
A lot of that island is going to be underwater. Neverminding the probably added fact that by stripping millions of people of their citizenship he'd be ensuring that they don't legally have the right to come to the mainland, it's an island in the middle of hurricane alley which means even the parts of it not underwater are going to be barely inhabitable by the end of the century. This makes it basically a financial dead weight and a lost cause. Meanwhile Greenland is going to get terraformed into one of the last good habitable zones and a massive piece of valuable real estate in the coming climate wars which should rightfully belong to somebody other than the Danes with the sole exception being that you can't quite use that land for farming because it's agriculturally borderline useless.

I just find it a very interesting fact to connect that I assumed to be the case back when he said it but in light of all his remarks where he knew for a fact that coronavirus was an existential threat yet purposefully not only lied about it but openly mocked it and encouraged it becoming a debate of whether to wear masks or not. I think he's been doing the same thing with climate change where he knows full well it's an even greater coming existential threat but for whatever reason has chosen to blatantly lie about it while covertly trying to acquire Greenland and unload Puerto Rico, since he would also know full well the magnitude of that crisis we face as even if he's ignoring his briefs the Department of War is full well aware of it as a critical national security threat.
No. 46825
Shit are any of these not paywalled
Somehow that only further emphasizes my point which is that Capitalism is at this time an enemy ideology so far as I'm concerned.
>The adrift may yet find purpose, for a new corporate clergy has arisen to formalize the remote work life. They go by different names: ritual consultants, sacred designers, soul-centered advertisers. They have degrees from divinity schools. Their business is borrowing from religious tradition to bring spiritual richness to corporate America.
I cannot even begin to tell you how thoroughly repulsive that sounds to me. Really ironic that my pathway towards considering modern Capitalism a spiritually dead thing that should be cleared away to make room for a third position began with something so trite as video gaming.
No. 46847
11,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:09
In response to Ryssia
>America loses an entire area the size of Rhode Island
>many dozens dead, many many thousands lose homes and become climate refugees
>sky so black part of country looks like hell, rest of the country drops several °F from the smoke blocking out the sun
>instead listen to a few shills telling you to pay attention to the complete nothingburger that was Kenosha
Ivans might not care though because their country is also increasingly on fire.

Also Australians hey thanks for the assists mate.
No. 46848
118 kB, 359 × 600
You're welcome :-DDD
No. 46850
257 kB, 1280 × 720
184 kB, 285 × 460
But eucalyptus grow extremely fast, that's why we planted a bunch here. They are enough of a fire hazard and an invasive species that the government has set up limits on how many you can have.
No. 46865
First up, it's a joke since eucalyptus aren't really even a major boost to Cali wildfires. Secondly they do take a long time to mature. They grow quick but it's just shortlisting about the time it takes a eucalypt forest to properly mature.
No. 46866
217 kB, 1200 × 3362
17 kB, 480 × 360
>entire US sky darkened, dozens killed, worst fires in American history
>get thanked by clueless American online for token gesture of sending a few firefighters who fail to contain the blaze anyway
You cheeky cunts
No. 46877
How can California burn? Isn't it a desert?
I live in semi-desert and there are landfires several times a year, but nobody cares because nothing grows here.
No. 46880
187 kB, 1230 × 1296
70 kB, 748 × 420
93 kB, 920 × 613
California B-I-G and moutiany, and have very different regions.
San Diego and San Francisco for example located in very different regions
No. 46881
614 kB, 1565 × 2220
This. It reminds me also of that Russian who didn't realize that while Fallout was indeed a wasteland it had also been in some senses stylized version of what some, though not all, parts of California is like.

To give you some idea of just how diverse and absolutely fuckhuge that state is
A lot of the southern parts of it are borderline desert and scrubland particularly further east but while basically those places look like something between Fallout and Tattooine (I think they shot Tattooine there honestly) there's also the central valley which is pretty much one of thr largest agricultural industrial zones in the entire country and where a great deal of all fruit, wine, nuts, vegetables etc comes from, as well as the rockies running up the state like a spine and the northern half is pretty much redwood forests.

Honestly though flying into California is a bizarre experience and one of my favorite things because you're pretty much flying over vast tracts of nothingness and desert and then for like several minutes you're going over some mountains and then boom you just hit this vast sprawling green metroplex area from out nowhere. Of course I would not recommend leaving California. It very much has the sense of adventurousness territory for those moments you go past mountains followed by "here be dragons" until you reach alleged civilization in the starports of Chicago or DFW. From there you can reach the corrupt seat of the empire after going past numerous barbarian outposts but I personally wouldn't recommend it.
No. 46885
Just so you guys know, whenever people talk about "California burning", they mean that relatively uninhabited forested mountains burning. 99% of the people live in the plains where fires never burn.

And these forested mountains are supposed to burn - some of the plant life literally can't reproduce without regular fires. But we unnaturally suppress fires in most parts of the state to protect the small number of people who build their houses up there, which then makes the fires unnaturally severe when they do happen.

Droughts caused by El Nino cycles and perhaps climate change play a roll as well. But practically speaking, fires don't affect you unless you have asthma.
No. 46886
The whole country dropped by several degrees Fahrenheit from it. It also cut power to hundreds of thousands of people in California. Just off the top of my head. And it's not "just if you have asthma" btw it's pretty toxic to be breathing all that stuff in if you live close enough to California/Washington/Oregon and are outside a lot
If you live in a place like say Nevada or Utah these are relevant happenings; some car dealership getting burned down in Wyoming or wherever the fuck Kinosha was is not.
No. 46901
Yeah, it's arson and Obama blames climate change for it.
No. 46902
Yeah you push those pallets, you heroic Tactical Logistics Forklift Operator.
No. 46904
I like your sentiment and all, but disparaging the working man like that is pretty low. Forklift operator does more to keep things moving than a fucking investor or banker does. Don't be a damn snob, it's unsightly.
No. 46905
I was calling him a tile painting poge in case it wasn't obvious
No. 46907
Yeah, I noticed, but you use language that disparages against labourers as 'stupid' which is really fucking obnoxious. It's a stereotype that holds back the labour movement, and helps nobody except the bosses.

This snobbish bullshit about how book smarts are all that matters for someone's mental worth needs to go femme.
No. 46913
Decided to check out the local news today since I've been ignoring it for my mental health. Second biggest bank got done not bothering to check that dodgy transactions were actually payments for child trafficking in SEA. On the same day, the Tories rolled back most of our GFC-era protections against predatory lending in a time where people are more vulnerable than ever to predatory lending.

Dog bless Australia.
No. 46918
It has completely nothing to do with that. It's the fact that some of these guys will sit around bases like Rammstein trumping themselves up to be great heroic warriors while they're in fact nothing but a bunch of poges.