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No. 46074 Systemkontra
137 kB, 512 × 512
New news thread.

Got any interesting articles or breaking stories? Someone wrote a thoughtful editorial that resonated with you? Read some one-sided opinion piece that cements your current understanding of the world?

Post it all here.
No. 46076 Kontra
10 kB, 225 × 225
I just glimpsed into a anti-corona protest live stream in Berlin again.

The megaphon speaker
>we are not not extreme, only extreme peacefully

People wanting to make politics with peaceful foam around the mouth, bad idea.

t. can't count the ideologies anymore.
No. 46077
14 kB, 350 × 350
I really like to read stories about the german company wirecard (and everytime i'm happy that i didn't buy stocks of it like i considered a while ago)

If you read some news articles from the very beginning to now it feels like it slowly turns from some idiot hiding that his company doesn't work out to super huge conspiracy.


No. 46085
I'm sorry my dude but it has taken me an extraordinary bit of willpower and restraint just to not make fun of you guys and not make shitposts about having the interior of your continent populated by Germanics. I don't remember what it was but I saw an article the other day about an exceptionally fucking retarded protest in Berlin the other day comparing masks to fascism and, interestingly enough, a lot of bilingual signs in English and German about it too.

Why are you doing this???
No. 46086
Every country has loud retards.
We have a facebook group for called "in favour of bringing back normal life" and it has like 100k members in a country of 10 million.
(Though no protests because these people here are the type that talks shit on facebook or argue with the telly but won't do shit IRL and will wear the masks.)
No. 46087 Kontra
Also "Berlin isn't Germany".
No. 46088
It was in the news because nazis got on the stairs of the Reichstag waving flags. I watched live streams from professionals and amateurs. The protest was mixed, it's very much a continuation of the peace movement of the 1980s, a lot of cringy singing and esoteric bullshit, but also frustrated middle class and nazis, also on the full spectrum are conspiracy believers: anti vaccine, rothschild, gates, new dictator ship, mind control via 5G etc. Robert Kennedy Jr. was the VIP guest.
Wearing a mask when you have to walk in the restaurant or buying groceries is too much for these people. AND SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
Things are going wrong but it's definitely not just Merkels and Bill Gates fault, raging against "dark powers" don't help to clarify what is going on either. The diffuse words coming from these mouths is astonishing. I often heard the word freedom, but it became an empty phrase within minutes to me.

I'm not super strict with not meeting people and such, but putting on a mask for several minutes a few times a week is ok for me and not a massive burden as these people think even at work it's alright. I don't have to cry because I can't see mouths anymore. In the beginning the strict social distancing was uneasy for me though.
I think it is not just the masks but a general feel that people get bumfucked by a badly located power structure, which manifests in politicians and people like Bill Gates. Let's just say the analysis of these structures lacks behind academic rigor.

Most people came from outside of Berlin, from the whole country and also other european countries as well.
No. 46089
No. 46101
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 1:52
>Couldn't help but laugh out loud in my hostel as I read this.
I know what you mean.
No. 46128
The Youtube algorithm gives me videos of Jens Spahn (minister of health) getting shouted down at state election rally stations in different cities in the Ruhr-Valley every other day.
There is a funny one from Bottrop where people yell and blow into whistles constantly. He then takes up a question and wants to answer it and says he thinks it is important to listen and having a dialog
>But you (here) only want to shout and blow the whistle. I wonder do you do it at home like that, everybody blowing into whistles?

:DDDD I genuinely had to laugh with that image in my mind


Some it is true though, politics have become exclamations by the populus for that people, good night, future politics if it goes on like that.
No. 46153
Man, the Russians are really lacking in creativity when it comes to poisoning their enemies these days. Novichok again?

No. 46159
The idea is probably that it was an implied threat to all of the other critics just to be sure that they know it.
No. 46160
True, it's just that the KGB had a kind of artistry to it. They used all kinds of crazy shit to poison people that could only mean 'shiet, KGB got him' but did it with some flair.

If you're gonna do some grim as hell spy shit at least take some damn pride in your work, you know? It's still a grim as hell waste of life, but at least it's slightly less grim than making it routine and formulaic.
No. 46236
Update: Moscow's new party line is that the wect poisoned Navalny with novichok to make Russia look bad. They demand proofs that Germany didn't poison him.
No. 46237
This would be so funny if it wasn't so sad.
Trump calling dead soldiers loosers.
No. 46238
KC literally died for this too. I can't believe anyone was a dumb enough sucker to shill for him.
No. 46241
Oh shit, even Fox is confirming it. Get the popcorn, this meltdown is going to be spectacular.
No. 46249
This is interesting. High self control isn't a good thing all the time.


At least he isn't Obama.
No. 46259
lol there's probably people that genuinely think this
No. 46269
Based Marxist-Leninist Trump spitting on the dead stormtroopers of U$-Amerikkkan imperialism
No. 46278
142 kB, 1536 × 2048
Came across a post about this advert in the biggest sports paper.
It was made by a think-thank, called Centre for Fundamental Rights. It's close to the government.

The caption reads:
>Justice, Strength, Ascension
>We make the Carpathian-basin great Together!

The name of the site (keszuljetek.hu) at the bottom means "prepare" (second person plural; imperative).
It contains a short text with gems such as:
>Our survival-ability widened our horizons to the length of millenniums: our accomplishments entitle us to continue our history
>We see the gravitational force of the Hungarian nation ever increasing, and our responsibilities point beyond our own destiny.
>It is our responsibility to make the Carpathian-basin great again in cooperation with the peoples living with us.
>It's the coming generation's task to fight the deciding battle, so that every jewel of St. Stephen's crown may shine again

I'm starting to suspect that people saying that our government has far-right tendencies might be right. But it's just a hunch really.
No. 46420
It's funny because yeah if you were a hardcore tankie Stalinist who despised America there's probably a lot to vote for here.

It's really depressing that we have long since lost 4kanker and just about the rest of the chanosphere to boomers and glowing ones because had we not and still had the original /b/ trolls he's the spitting definition of an attention whore with unwarranted self importance and a lulzcow who'd be easy to troll the shit out of.
>he was also afraid the rain would make his hair look bad
This isn't even the first time he's said stupid shit like this about his hair. Do you remember his post-Soviet dictator remarks about how we should do something about laws regarding shower water pressures because he thought it made his hair look bad? If ebaumsworld still existed you could troll this shit out this guy just by making him paranoid about his hair. Which come to think of it is the most weak effeminate male thing I ever heard of. Why does anyone think the guy is strong again?
>oh no my hair might look bad! Nah fuck the soldiers they're dead losers they can deal with getting rained on it might ruin my perm
No. 46462
I always wonder what they mean by "make it great". With what and how are they going to make it great?

100 years ago you built factories that made tank and steamrolled your neighbors until the banded together and ran you into the dirt. After that you made factories that made shit people wanted to buy. What market are they aiming for?

Are they going with farming and forcing everyone to become farmers? That went great for countries that tried it.

Are they going with high tech industry? Good luck, you need to pay an awful lot of money for someone to even consider moving there that isn't from the country and hasn't already left to someone who pays an awful lot of money.

Or are they just going to march up and down the square singing patriotic songs?

Or is it a call to arms?

I'm really curious as to what?
No. 46466
It's meant to be just like Reagan's "morning in America" theme of making a bunch of vaguely optimistic statements and offering blind hope in sentimentality rather than policy platform, like "hope and change" because dumbass bydlo love that shit and eat it up like slop from a pig trough. The difference is most presidents have an actual plan besides loot the shit out of the country and literally run the presidency solely as an illegal profiteering operation. He and his family break the law on pretty much a daily basis and they're also routinely abusing a loophole where he can claim it's his kids owning the family business and making money. It's all just a great big rackrt
As for the average person who actuslly believes him it means one of two things, which is either that he's bringing jobs back--yes, every job, definitely your job--and is the result of us being a decaying empire that's been rotting from the inside out since the early 2000s probably around the dotcom bubble bust, or they interpret it to mean making America white again which is comoletely impossible anyway.

It's basically the result of some of the most insane and psychotically divorced from reality propaganda that Fox has been spreading for the last 15+ years which literally are lies half the time because it's basically become just an extension of talk radio, combined with rubbing up against legitimate insanity like the psychotic bullshit from the other identitarians becoming more shrill and mainstream like feminists and trannies. So they are also in reaction to that and disenfranchising the trannies, feminists etc all culture war bullshit that's been going on since Reagan and that Goldwater warned about how the day would come that this crap would bury the party.

The problem is people are incredibly stupid and often not self willed so they intuitively know that something is wrong but are not properly equipped to make those decisions to fight it. Some I don't understand like them dismissing the hotel hallway shooting and it's difficult sometimes to divorce the person inside the thin blue line shirt from what I actually see which is a future enemy combatant. Those people I do not understand at all. It's not just racism. I don't get blue line faggots.

But anyway I was thinking about it today and I think the thing I hate the most is the fact I don't necessarily think it's hard to get along with people of wildly differing political views or that I could unite with my fellow countrymen but fueled by this literal clinical psychopath and his retarded nurgle death cult on top of the psychotics chopping off their own dicks or whatever the fuck you call that I'm walking on eggshells constantly. Any slip up feels like being a Jew in Nazi Germany and you're going to out yourself as not part of their Nazi woke legbeard groupthink shitfest whichever one it happens to be. I wonder if this is what being Syrian felt like in 2011.

But I think the thing I resent the most right now is how much that obese literally 89IQ balding fat faggot has turned all my countrymen into enemies at this point. It's just something I got reminded of at and immediately after work today talking about gun rights with a female coworker and talking go another guy who was wearing an "I can't breathe" face mask (I actually thought he might be Republican voting tbh, he's an older white guy) about how Walmart workers should unionize.

See the thing is in spite of the fact the country can be moronic these are not all bad people and it isn't even like we can't generally agree and get along across the political spectrum, even if we approve or disapprove of certain world views. I'm today holding out this slim hope that Trump is actually going to be fucking stupid enough to finally unite this country again into one people through our sheer hate and revulsion with him. A lot of the people here are just under this totally I don't know how to describe it but complete and utter lack of information like I would imagine it to be as a Saudi or Soviet Russian who just watches the same stupid propaganda and believes it.

There is no fucking plan here. There isn't even a policy platform. The GOP is literally two months away from their elections and their sole campaign platform is BIDEN MAN BAD.

I've written at length about the madness gripping my country but I saw some real flickers of hope today. See the thing is I deal with the general public on a daily basis and while I cannot get into any politics or religion or god help you "protected class" citizens stuff which is virtually everybody these days and can easily get me fired for saying the wrong thing or wrong jokeI clearly DESPISE both sides of idpol retards and must suffer them in various ways and while I don't get too close I am able to overcome my own inner ec tier/berndom through sheer repetitive violently assaultive force to act like an extrovert I get to have some rough idea of people. And really while they are bydlo it's often like I do get it it's just they're trained to be selfish narrow minded uninformed dickheads by the same shithead oligarchs who run everything everywhere and are fucking terrified of us ever joining hands as one people internationally and realizing how much they've been oppressing and ripping us off all these decades, hence controlled anger porn like Alex Jones and loose cannon probabou controlled opposition candidates like Trump who still managed to make all the rich people ungodly amounts of money.

So to answer your question what is great again? Ripping off everybody while pretending you're actually enriching white poor people and not killing off the middle class anymore as opposed to robbing everyone in exactly the same situation as Putin and his thieves guild.

All you have to imagine is every vatnik retard cheering because Putin said "we will make Russia beautiful." What the fuck does he mean? Who knows who cares fuck you pidor we're making Russia beautiful again etc etc
No. 46467 Kontra
19 kB, 400 × 320
Oh yeah and one other thing that stood out to ke today was this black girl who was wearing an OES mask with the FATAL star. She definitely had this whole different friendly, idk how to describe it kind of vibe but I guess similar to what that guy was saying about white and Asian middle class culture
That just stood out to me and struck me as strange today partly because I didn't know there was black women Masons in much quantity and yes people have gotten to the point where they typically wear something like the extension of a designer tshirt on their face and wearing designer masks these days.
No. 46482
It ofc means nothing specific. A vague statement, because the PR teams or thinktank in that case knows that it might be enough grounded in the believe that politics can be rooted in cheering or booing, basically exclamation. Carl Schmitt said this would be democracy but it more resembles a dictatorship with leader. A democracy would actually have policy content discussions and such, but people seem to be less likely to acurately voice their problems tbh. The protesters asked at the anti-corona-policy protests in Germany often just said they are their for "freedom" or other vague bullshit. They don't know how to actually voice what they want and I think it is because they don't know hat they want but the term freedom catches it because it can be filled with so many shit people think they want but can't voice it because it is to vague even inside their mind. Instead they believe in marketing and showbusiness tricks or simple rhetorics, complexity is an alien term, that is also why you have conspiracy believes. Yeah, elites are a thing but Bill Gates is not at fault and administrating the world almost entirely.

MAGA can mean more jobs, can mean more military power, less mexicans etc.

>But it's just a hunch really.

Just look up far right slogans from the past and present... maybe then it is not a hunch anymore. The tendency is there, but no racial motives as far as I can see.

>deciding battle

Really, against whom or are they battling with themselves?
No. 46558
28 kB, 600 × 400
No. 46559
1,6 MB, 5066 × 3299
Tbh, I'm not even sure it's one of those 'true but being used in bad faith' moments that politicians sometimes have. I believe that US Military Acquisition is still the absurdist quagmire that it's always been, where generals want stuff that works, and Ordnance gives them lemons and says 'these work, now shut up'.

Retired officers gone politicians? Yes, they're definitely a significant feeding demographic for the MIC, but the active duty guys don't have that much direct power of acquisition to my knowledge.
No. 46560
Nah in this case he literally installed the generals and personally pushed for and then gloated about getting them another $2 trillion funding. It's just been some pretty funnt moments.
No. 46691
I was wondering what that haze was today. I saw it and got the weirdest most ominious feeling about it, a feeling I'm not quite sure I can put to words. It seemed like a really bad sign of horrors yet to come. I looked at it and wondered about the wildfires but thought to myself "nah it can't possibly be from them" but apparently it actually is.

Our entire continent is blanketed by the smog of the other third of the country burning down right now and it's traveling as far as the Eastern seaboard I guess. Watching that made me imagine what it could be like if the whole Western seaboard got nuked, and you were standing there in Washington DC watching the clouds and haze rolling in knowing that it's their ashes.
No. 46692
How 'bout them aliens?
No. 46693
125 kB, 900 × 900
The funny green ones that smoke weed and say ayy lmao or the ones that speak Spanish?

For the latter:
Oh wow! The USA disrespects human rights? Never heard that story before. What? They also committed the exact same crime the accused a foreign enemy of doing (forced sterilization).
What a story.

People will forget it in two weeks. (In the US. This won't be a topic outside the US in the Western Sphere.)
No. 46695
Honestly the shit coming out of Washington at this point is so bad it's getting impossible both not to say anything at work nor here because I despise US kulturkampf pointless political shitposting almost as much as I despise idpol, but the latest thing is the dumb motherfucker who was supoosed to be in charge of our health messaging went on some psychotic rant including something about "leftist hit squads if Biden wins." The interesting thing I discovered about all this is you can anticipate their moves with an exact certitude by what they accuse others of doing so at this point it sounds to me like they've somehow been training trumptard hit squads for when he likely loses and then contests the results. I haven't voted dem since 2004 and I'm going out of my way to do so this year I just need to make sure to register hopefully tomorrow.

This includes various gems like him literally saying the planet will magically "cool down one day" he used the exact same statement as claiming the pandemic would magically go away. This is interestingly relevant because he not only knew but more importantly personally believed that this was a deadly virus as early as late January and early February while saying diametrically the opposite in public. This is because he was afraid of rattling the stock markets whose numbers he pegged as his entire personal political value, and was stupid or shortsighted enough to understand the stock market hit was inevitable but with effective response it would be short and somewhat painless. The reason this worries me more is because of what chicanery theyve been doing to inflate the stock market for years in just throwing fed cash at literal worthless garbage and what that means for when the bubble finally pops.

I have never in my entire lifetime been so worried about the future of the country and the planet at large. The thing is we're also well beyond the point where we can fix climate change. It has now entered a positive feedback loop. We can at least try and ameliorate some of that but it's like an entire sector of the country is following the antichrist to hell and it baffles me. Even failed on gun rights. That was the one thing I said to myself in 2016 "well at least even if he is shit at literally everything else he won't be a gun grabber" but just recently made a statement about "you have to grab their guns first due process second."

The problem is he has a core that's a literal cult and gaslit them to the point of total psychotic break from reality. It reminds me of the scene from Chernobyl where he says "the real danger of so many lies is that we end up no longer knowing what the truth even looks like." People having pizzagate protests to this day.

See the thing is I don't just think it's about power at this point, but also fear. When I saw McCenneny try to explain Trump's statement "I always wanted to downplay it" when he knowingly lied to and gaslit everyone especially his own followers that it was "just a flu bro" while personally seeing it as a deadly plague, I saw a reaction of panic followed by guilt. All of this is making me question to what degree all these people are guilty of what crimes that they're all acting this way, and not even little crimes, but serious, existentially threatening crimes.

I'm sorry for the rant but I've about had it at this point, and it has gotten to the point where I am now facing economic, political/social i.e. physical threats from violent retards, and biological threats impending. All that is ignoring the multiple natural diasters engulfing my country other than the pandemic and because both sides dropped the ball on the next stimulus I am even more worried about the economic existential threat. This is quite literally the worst I've ever seen America in my entire life and due to this corrupt idiot's mismanagement now have to consider on a daily basis not just a pandemic for my moment by moment decision making, not just the economic impact nationally and my personal week by week financial anxieties, but now also the country erupting into violence and on top of that constant idiotic bullshit that personally impacts me on a daily basis like my mail being fucked up and it's starting to stress me the fuck out.
No. 46702
81 kB, 992 × 558
51 kB, 350 × 500
>I'm sorry for the rant
Don't be. Any response I type will threaten to drag the board into our political sh*tshow, and so I'll refrain. I do wonder though, if Trump actually transformed the Republican party into this hollowed out shell filled with sycophants, or if he simply removed the mask and revealed the true face of Party Politics. For a large part of our population, politics is just another sport; you pick your team and cheer them on regardless of any underlying principles or actions. Pic very related. 1/3 of the people approve of Trump's response to the virus, and that number wouldn't budge even if the president was spotted running through Washington coughing on school children.

On a lighter note, I'm cautiously optimistic about the life on Venus. The chemical detected may also be created by geological processes, so we still need more evidence before popping that champagne cork and toasting the end of our cosmic loneliness.
No. 46704
55 kB, 800 × 285
Just read that we're going to send a man to the ISS by 2024-25.
Basically the government agreed with Russia that in exchange for our technical support the Russians would send a Hungarian astronaut to space again, just like in the good old days.
The projects to which Hungary contributes will officially be joint Russo-Hungarian space projects.
No. 46705
Hey yurop especially England, if you see a hazy sky on your horizon that's my country on fire

Honestly there's just something about both Venus and Mars that has long spooked me. They just look too much like our planet, like failed Earths. I think it's more terrifying to me because I often think what would happen to our planet and what this planet would look like if we somehow did something stupid enough to blow away our atmosphere or trigger enough of a greenhouse feedback effect to boil away our oceans. If we actually kicked up enough into the atmosphere it may even be theoretically possible to turn the planet into Venus.

I know this isn't a real major possibility but I just look at a place like Venus and sometimes wonder if an advanced civilization had ever started there and killed their own planet we would never even know. Similarly Mars was actually much like Earth once upon a time before they lost its atmosphere from lack of strong magnetic fields.
No. 46824
You know the really interesting thing about this story with Trump wanting to swap Puerto Rico for Greenland is that it's implicitly saying that much like SARS-CoV-2 he knows for a fact that it is real, it's just that he wants to keep lying to the public about climate change.

I meam when you really boil it down this is not actually a bad plan and that is because Puerto Rico is an entire island of climate refugees waiting to happen and climate change is now a factual daily reality, not just something that's going to happen.
A lot of that island is going to be underwater. Neverminding the probably added fact that by stripping millions of people of their citizenship he'd be ensuring that they don't legally have the right to come to the mainland, it's an island in the middle of hurricane alley which means even the parts of it not underwater are going to be barely inhabitable by the end of the century. This makes it basically a financial dead weight and a lost cause. Meanwhile Greenland is going to get terraformed into one of the last good habitable zones and a massive piece of valuable real estate in the coming climate wars which should rightfully belong to somebody other than the Danes with the sole exception being that you can't quite use that land for farming because it's agriculturally borderline useless.

I just find it a very interesting fact to connect that I assumed to be the case back when he said it but in light of all his remarks where he knew for a fact that coronavirus was an existential threat yet purposefully not only lied about it but openly mocked it and encouraged it becoming a debate of whether to wear masks or not. I think he's been doing the same thing with climate change where he knows full well it's an even greater coming existential threat but for whatever reason has chosen to blatantly lie about it while covertly trying to acquire Greenland and unload Puerto Rico, since he would also know full well the magnitude of that crisis we face as even if he's ignoring his briefs the Department of War is full well aware of it as a critical national security threat.
No. 46825
Shit are any of these not paywalled
Somehow that only further emphasizes my point which is that Capitalism is at this time an enemy ideology so far as I'm concerned.
>The adrift may yet find purpose, for a new corporate clergy has arisen to formalize the remote work life. They go by different names: ritual consultants, sacred designers, soul-centered advertisers. They have degrees from divinity schools. Their business is borrowing from religious tradition to bring spiritual richness to corporate America.
I cannot even begin to tell you how thoroughly repulsive that sounds to me. Really ironic that my pathway towards considering modern Capitalism a spiritually dead thing that should be cleared away to make room for a third position began with something so trite as video gaming.
No. 46847
11,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:09
In response to Ryssia
>America loses an entire area the size of Rhode Island
>many dozens dead, many many thousands lose homes and become climate refugees
>sky so black part of country looks like hell, rest of the country drops several °F from the smoke blocking out the sun
>instead listen to a few shills telling you to pay attention to the complete nothingburger that was Kenosha
Ivans might not care though because their country is also increasingly on fire.

Also Australians hey thanks for the assists mate.
No. 46848
118 kB, 359 × 600
You're welcome :-DDD
No. 46850
257 kB, 1280 × 720
184 kB, 285 × 460
But eucalyptus grow extremely fast, that's why we planted a bunch here. They are enough of a fire hazard and an invasive species that the government has set up limits on how many you can have.
No. 46865
First up, it's a joke since eucalyptus aren't really even a major boost to Cali wildfires. Secondly they do take a long time to mature. They grow quick but it's just shortlisting about the time it takes a eucalypt forest to properly mature.
No. 46866
217 kB, 1200 × 3362
17 kB, 480 × 360
>entire US sky darkened, dozens killed, worst fires in American history
>get thanked by clueless American online for token gesture of sending a few firefighters who fail to contain the blaze anyway
You cheeky cunts
No. 46877
How can California burn? Isn't it a desert?
I live in semi-desert and there are landfires several times a year, but nobody cares because nothing grows here.
No. 46880
187 kB, 1230 × 1296
70 kB, 748 × 420
93 kB, 920 × 613
California B-I-G and moutiany, and have very different regions.
San Diego and San Francisco for example located in very different regions
No. 46881
614 kB, 1565 × 2220
This. It reminds me also of that Russian who didn't realize that while Fallout was indeed a wasteland it had also been in some senses stylized version of what some, though not all, parts of California is like.

To give you some idea of just how diverse and absolutely fuckhuge that state is
A lot of the southern parts of it are borderline desert and scrubland particularly further east but while basically those places look like something between Fallout and Tattooine (I think they shot Tattooine there honestly) there's also the central valley which is pretty much one of thr largest agricultural industrial zones in the entire country and where a great deal of all fruit, wine, nuts, vegetables etc comes from, as well as the rockies running up the state like a spine and the northern half is pretty much redwood forests.

Honestly though flying into California is a bizarre experience and one of my favorite things because you're pretty much flying over vast tracts of nothingness and desert and then for like several minutes you're going over some mountains and then boom you just hit this vast sprawling green metroplex area from out nowhere. Of course I would not recommend leaving California. It very much has the sense of adventurousness territory for those moments you go past mountains followed by "here be dragons" until you reach alleged civilization in the starports of Chicago or DFW. From there you can reach the corrupt seat of the empire after going past numerous barbarian outposts but I personally wouldn't recommend it.
No. 46885
Just so you guys know, whenever people talk about "California burning", they mean that relatively uninhabited forested mountains burning. 99% of the people live in the plains where fires never burn.

And these forested mountains are supposed to burn - some of the plant life literally can't reproduce without regular fires. But we unnaturally suppress fires in most parts of the state to protect the small number of people who build their houses up there, which then makes the fires unnaturally severe when they do happen.

Droughts caused by El Nino cycles and perhaps climate change play a roll as well. But practically speaking, fires don't affect you unless you have asthma.
No. 46886
The whole country dropped by several degrees Fahrenheit from it. It also cut power to hundreds of thousands of people in California. Just off the top of my head. And it's not "just if you have asthma" btw it's pretty toxic to be breathing all that stuff in if you live close enough to California/Washington/Oregon and are outside a lot
If you live in a place like say Nevada or Utah these are relevant happenings; some car dealership getting burned down in Wyoming or wherever the fuck Kinosha was is not.
No. 46901
Yeah, it's arson and Obama blames climate change for it.
No. 46902
Yeah you push those pallets, you heroic Tactical Logistics Forklift Operator.
No. 46904
I like your sentiment and all, but disparaging the working man like that is pretty low. Forklift operator does more to keep things moving than a fucking investor or banker does. Don't be a damn snob, it's unsightly.
No. 46905
I was calling him a tile painting poge in case it wasn't obvious
No. 46907
Yeah, I noticed, but you use language that disparages against labourers as 'stupid' which is really fucking obnoxious. It's a stereotype that holds back the labour movement, and helps nobody except the bosses.

This snobbish bullshit about how book smarts are all that matters for someone's mental worth needs to go femme.
No. 46913
Decided to check out the local news today since I've been ignoring it for my mental health. Second biggest bank got done not bothering to check that dodgy transactions were actually payments for child trafficking in SEA. On the same day, the Tories rolled back most of our GFC-era protections against predatory lending in a time where people are more vulnerable than ever to predatory lending.

Dog bless Australia.
No. 46918
It has completely nothing to do with that. It's the fact that some of these guys will sit around bases like Rammstein trumping themselves up to be great heroic warriors while they're in fact nothing but a bunch of poges.
No. 47037
4,3 MB, 854 × 478, 0 s
Listened to the first presidential debate.
They said that the '16 election was ugly, but this actually feels like things are getting out of hand thanks to social, economical and political pressure.
I don't think they managed to uphold a single rule of conducting a proper debate.
No. 47041
Oh you think that's bad just you wait until November 4th and the two months after. It doesn't even matter who wins at this point. It. Will be. A shit-show. To quote the wise Buckethead. Like, that may have been partly why every was in such a bizarrely foul mood at work today? Dunno but gauging the national mood based on the everymen and women I deal with is interesting.

All that being stated I'm calling it now that if Trump manages to stay in office--which he'll stop at nothing to do at this point including litigating every state and packing every court while trying to cast doubt on the results--that imageboards, which are pathologically contrarian, will start to turn full blown Communist over the next 4 years.
No. 47058
139 kB, 1200 × 1200
Lol hahaha oh shit Trump and Melania got rona'd
I overheard something today about "yeah he and his wife had it but who knows these days what's true or not" and was wondering who they were talking about but wrote it off as eh probably some dumb celebrity shit or something
No. 47059
9,0 MB, 640 × 352, 1:22
513 kB, 691 × 689
>Irina Slavina, editor-in-chief of the online publication Koza Press, set herself on fire near the Interior Ministry headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod [on October 2]. Before that, she wrote [the following] post on her Facebook page: “I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death.”
>“Today, at 6:00 a.m., 12 people entered my apartment using a blowtorch and a crowbar: Russian Investigative Committee officers, police, SWAT officers, [official] witnesses. My husband opened the door. I, being naked, got dressed under the supervision of a woman I didn’t know. A search was carried out. We were not allowed to call a lawyer. They were looking for pamphlets, leaflets, Open Russia accounts, perhaps an icon with the face of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. I don’t have any of these things. But they took what they found—all the flash drives, my laptop, my daughter’s laptop, the computer, phones (not only mine, but also my husband’s) a bunch of notebooks that I had scribbled on during press conferences. I was left without the means of production. I’m completely okay. But May [a dog?] suffered a lot. They didn’t let him go outside until 10:30.”
No. 47060
So it's Weimerica time?
No. 47064
No. 47065
622 kB, 962 × 1487
80 kB, 571 × 585
129 kB, 913 × 747
51 kB, 761 × 563
That fucking idiot. He made things worse and then stood there gawking like some Chinese idiot. All he had to do was take a coat and hold it over the flame to smother it. Why the fuck do people do that with fires? Do they just panic?

M8, it's been going in some direction anywhere from just a decline to a full on Syrian war and I can't even be quite sure what a bunch of Qtards, proudboy rahowa types, and other forms of degenerates and idiots are gonna do if and when the president dies/loses. I actually don't fear whatever dumbfuck shit people like to say about rioting from BLM or whoever if he wins. The thing I'm most afraid of is a large enough amount of his supporters, backed by commercial interests, splits off inside the military and starts a civil war. Otherwise I get to look forward to cops enacting more of a literal police state here in either scenario while fearing waves of terrorism. I do not fear any terrorism from BLM. I do fear terrorism from Qtard tiers.

I think that what's actually going to happen is that our system is doomed. If you've got any sense of macro system scales this country is pretty much doomed without substantial changes and reforms which is most likely going to end up like Russia with the elites stealing fucking everything they can at the bitter end and that is most likely because real change is not in the shorter to mid term interest of all those in power many of whom have legions of MBA holder Capitalist apparatchiks and who themselves have MBA tier long term self destructive and short sighted low IQ thinking and approaches to things.

We're probably going to enter a terminal decline and with the only difference being whether it's a spectacularly dramatic crash between 2020-2024 or a gentler downpath glide into being a fragmentary collective of states. You already pretty much saw how this is all gonna play it with the way various governors formed ad hoc unions with other regional states. I don't even care if it's on fire I wish I lived in Colorado or Oregon.

Meanwhile the ch Chinese will buy out everything here and literally own this country. They'll ascend as a superpower and it'll end up being down to them, Russia, EU and whatever the LatAm cone states decide to do about global issues like security and climate change.

Although quite frankly I think I should give Americans more credit than I do in spite of how shitty and positively surreal it is to be living in late Rome or Byzantium again. They're going to be a mess but I do still see these faint glimmers, flickers of light in them like an old alcoholic remembering his long lost love. I'm just hoping enough of them can seize that flame of remembering we're all still Americans to not collapse but what you're probably going to see is a wildly dramatic divergence between reactions of Trump supporters and Trump haters about the guy being sick and possibly hospitalized which may divide and raise tensions further.

Honestly foreign intelligence must be having a field day with us. The Chinese and Russians among others are our barbarians at the gates and Neron let some of them in or looked the other way.

Well I guess at least on the plus side this whole series of events towards catastrophe has been generating ebin memes, as per usual.
No. 47066
The sad thing is that by the time they will manage to overthrow them, there will be nothing left. Everything worth anything has moved abroad to London.
No. 47067
>and, interestingly enough, a lot of bilingual signs in English and German
This. I get why businesses use as little German as they can get away with, but why do so many people write even their protest signs in English? And it's not just this camp, mind you. You see this across the political spectrum.

I understand it's a serious matter, at least to you, but you made it entertaining to read, thanks
No. 47068
185 kB, 1440 × 1313
185 kB, 480 × 320
Oh no hahaha I actually literally almost wrote
but decided not to for some reason. Lack thereof probably added to whatevertf I wrote.

I just swung back here to post this
That American saying how cancerous Discord is, I mean, lad, have you ever tried reading this shit on an actual monitor? Somehow it looks even more pathetic, unhinged, and cancerous than on a phone. Actually I wonder if that plays any role in their own shitposting.

That comment section alone is a goldmine. Old anon would've trolled the shit out of these morons.
>spends literally MONTHS denying, downplaying, mocking mask wearing
>literally two fucking days ago the guy ridicules Biden for "being 200 feet away and he's wearing the biggest mask I ever seen"
>his whole family comes in and flouts social distancing and mask rules for the debate, as his entourage always has done
>after tons of packed rallies
>fanboy base routinely calls it a hoax
>I literally have to listen to this shit in my personal life about how the virus isn't real lol it's just a leftist hoax lol
>suddenly Trump and his wife get pozzed
>liberal media put shit in my pants

Honestly I don't actually think of these as human anymore. Whether they're lying on purpose or so mindfucked they can maintain that kind of doublethink is irrelevant; in either case it's at a level in those comments where I cannot envision a real human bean saying that. I mean it's sad to say but they're literally not people to me anymore. How do you even engage an NPC bot that is programmed like that?
No. 47069 Kontra
Oh yeah shit in case anyone didn't get that reference with the Biden Imam meme it's because at one point Biden tried dabbing all over Trump
>when inshallah
He didn't use it in full KC tier splendor but good hustle.
No. 47080
After negotiation between government officials and the Hungarian Chamber of Medical Doctors, it has been decided that the wages for doctors working in state hospitals will be increased 100%.
In exchange for this huge increase, doctors gave up the institution of hálapénz, or "gratitude money" that patients would give them in envelopes from time to time.
From now on it will count as bribery, and both the doctor and the patient will be held accountable for it in theory. Whether this will actually become practice, or the doctors will be raking in even more cash through these gifts of gratitude until the attitude of the population changes remains unseen.

Some say this was done as a last ditch effort by the government to save the healthcare system from total imminent collapse because of the possible strain the epidemic and the brain drain that has been going on since the 90s.
In the long term, the government wants to use these grants as a way to lure back home medical talent and expertise that left for Vienna, Berlin and other major cities of the EU because of the crumbling state of the state healthcare service.
No. 47100
>"gratitude money" that patients would give them in envelopes from time to time.
Do you know if this practice led to a shortage of doctors is poor areas? If the salary was the same, I would expect more doctors would want to work where there was an oportunity for larger gifts. So it wouldn't just be a brain drain to other EU countries, but also from the rural areas to the wealthier cities/neighborhoods.
We have that problem here, where rural towns don't have enough doctors. Part of that is economic, and part of that is because of geography-where the population is spread out over an extremely large area.
No. 47101
I don't think this was the main contributing factor to the rural flight of doctors.(Or people in general.)
Most rural towns and villages lack GPs primarily, even though a lot of places hand them a free office, a car and even a place to stay on top of their salary. (There were like 1k openings last time I checked.)
The rundown state of a lot of county-centre hospitals and the fact that you already had to move to either Budapest or Pécs to get a medical degree probably contributed more to people leaving the countryside. (Generally speaking, there are more and more ghost-villages, because young people leave for Budapest or another larger city.)

Basically its a combination of urbanisation (why move away from Budapest in the first place?) and the abysmal working conditions (why would I want to work in a third rate run-down clinic that hasn't been properly renovated since the 70s where I have to treat a lot more minorities?).
The thing you have to remember is that unlike the US, Hungary is very small. If you want to be part of the "elite", you'll eventually want to settle down in Budapest and study and work there in your field.
It's a beacon of civilisation and everything else in the country feels provincial compared to it.

There's also the fact that in the countryside you can't just open a private clinic because it lacks the infrastructure oftentimes. A lot of doctors in Budapest have a side gig where they run/work at private clinic where you have to pay to supplant their income. (And for this reason, some of them even refuse gratitude money. And of course there are also people who refuse the envelope for ethical reasons too.)
The countryside lacks this too.
No. 47192
What can you say about the recent special commission of US congress report about Google, Amazon, Facebook, and some other companies identified as monopolies on a dangerous level and that they should be divided into smaller companies and de-monopolised, in general, to remove threat from market? Would congress actually do this, or this report will stay just a recomendation and Google will continue to rule the world.
No. 47193
It has been done before. Standard Oil[1] I think is the most known. But Amazon and Google is already split in smaller companies. Facebook might have a harder time. Also they should kill of Oracle just for fun.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Oil
No. 47194
Yea I also forgot to metion standart oil case. But it was 100 years ago. Hope they still have some teeth to do it again.
No. 47195
Dunno. This is actually a very special case of not sure, because on the one hand Republicans are largely in control at minimum for another month, and they are almost universally pro-corporate to an extent their "moderate" platforms and policies would be considered far right and market liberal anywhere else in the world. Normally they'd pretty much universally side with corporations as "hurr derp durr muh pro-business" but of course on the other hand, Donald Trump is in charge. And he is pissed with them. Particularly Amazon but I forget why. Jeff Bezos did something that made him butthurt he'd never forgive him for and so there's kind of a personal grudge aspect to it, similar to why my country got thrown into Iraq and murdering the upper echelons of their military and political establishment last decade.

Me personally? I don't care. They're all just a bunch of faggot billionaire oligarchs so far as I'm concerned so their petty squabbles are as irrelevant to me as I am to them. Each is an evil data corporation but all of them with the possible exception of Amazon are hooked into the intelligence-industrial complex and I fucking hate them and wish they hadn't existed and played a major role in ruining the internet. I want Twitter destroyed too but that's basically USAF's intelligence and psychological operations property so like that's going away. I hope Russians fuck with them and make them butthurt. Chinese and Iranians too. I hope they fuck with them real good on Twitter.

By the way, this is the real and valid reason why those corps are practically banned in China, because they're basically like NSA data farms. I hate having Chinese shit including Chinese spyware backdoored into games too but at least chinks are on the other side of the world and not my problem. It's part of what's going on with Oracle and Walmart of all fucking things and tiktok, but again, like I could even give a shit about them or Discord.
No. 47276
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
280 kB, 1920 × 1080
DPRK 70th anniversary military parade

They showed new "big rockets" and there was fatty.
No. 47277
Or crap, no, this video is the old one, wrong link
Here is a new one https://youtu.be/w8dZl9f3faY
No. 47323
I read a bit about this but the news cycle in Peru still buried that later on. Some are treating it like another case of Chinese provocation, though I guess they want seafood to compensate for the pork shortage?
No. 47328
I don't think it is a provocation. They need the food. They have apparently destroyed the waters near china to the point that there is nothing left.
No. 47329
Let's have a 1.5 billion population, what can possibly go wrong.
No. 47332
It isn't a problem in it self. The problem starts when there isn't enough food because reasons. They could be 10 people and still starve if there wasn't enough food.

But enough food is a global problem. There is enough food but it is very badly distributed right now. But if flooding and drought continues there will be less.
No. 47338
I generally loathe Malthusian arguments based on resource consumption partly because it logically follows to kill off the upper class of developed countries first in that case who consume on orders of hundreds of magnitudes more than the poor people who those arguments are largely directed towards in the third world, however the sole exception to it is food (somewhat; a lot of obese fatasses could stand to lose a few hundred fucking pounds so the class dimension still holds true somewhat for food albeit by at least a hundred times smaller). This is because the average human still has a pretty basic standard nutritive requirement along with at least passably clean water to survive. You don't need to burn any gas (we've been not doing it for 200,000 years after all) but food actually is a pretty hard limit.

Of course I also sympathize with smaller organisms far more than I do humans at this point so I'm admittedly biased, and doubly so for the fact I don't understand non-human language nor must I deal with them on a routine basis that would make me detest, so there is also that full disclosure. But nevertheless this creates a real problem because you just can't get around that hard limit for the food web and a bunch of shortsighted Chinese traveling around like locusts is exemplary of the problem, which is compounded by population density.

When you really get right down to it that is the problem with the Chinese and Indians. It's not necessarily that there's too many of them, but that there's so many people concentrated in such a small area. This really does make any kind of agriculture supremely difficult to maintain.

Added into that is the fact that Chinese are big meat eaters, and that there's a pride and class component in it. This creates a multitude of other problems from deforestation in the Amazon accelerating to magnifying their methane output which is far worse than CO2, and on top of that it's well the Chinese which means they're literally stirring Nurgles cauldron over there every damn time they open up a farm. We've already blown through some of our last lines of defense against microorganisms because of the incredibly reckless, bydlo, and outright retarded manner with which they spray last line antibiotics on everything and shoot tons of it into their livestock.

Quite frankly we lucked out on coronachan because it was a comparatively mild shot across the bow to get ready for a real once in a century and once every 500 years plague, which largely thanks to globalization and compounded by Chinese cultural, economic, agricultural, and other practices and shrieking towards us at breakneak speed. Quite frankly I am astounded by the fact we even managed to get this long without having a real disaster in disease containment yet and for whatever reason God took pity on us and only let SARS-CoV-2 through for now.

Regardless disease is a well established component of species homeostasis, as is famine. I always laugh when I hear hunters use the excuse "we have to or they'll starve" as if they're doing random deer or gators a favor by shooting them, like what you're not going to apply the logic to Man? Well guess what with climate change that's also going to happen soon too because things like Arab Spring was fueled by bread shortages and food price hikes.

We're heading into a very dark period where growing crop failures are going to be compounded by reckless behavior, retarded societal dietary habits, natural disasters and other problems including mass droughts and things like the plague of locusts that just stripped the whole horn of Africa the beginning of 2020 in case you guys forgot.

I pretty much fault Brazil, my country, and China for being among the worst offenders in these and other areas.

Of course not that it will matter for long because like I said, that plague likely to start in China or India is coming sooner than later and this time it'll throw the world into some very real chaos and easily knock off 500,000,000 of us. SARS 2 never actually scared me but there are things out there that scare me. There are things out there that scare the shit out of me. If only these maskless retards knew not just how bad SARS 2 is but how legitimately fucking terrifying these diseases are. Hemmhoragic fevers, last line antibiotic resistant pneumonias and previously vanquished bacteria, Nipah and other viruses if they manage to jump species. MERS was a good example of something that I think is terrifying, and all these things are problems compounding each other with the unique exception that climate change causes epidemics and food and water scarcity, but a solid enough pandemic will hit multiple issues like the collapsing food web, climate change etc. in the very near term.

Like I said though, the bigger problems are waste (America is particularly horrible with that a third of our food gets landfilled and another third doesn't need to be fed to obese people) and densities. China and India are so densely packed along with the rest of SEA that they can strip an entire landscape so nothing grows or breeds again and won't recover for hundreds of years. That and the volume of pollution.
No. 47339 Kontra
>shit source
Yeah yeah I know but
China has been pulling this kind of shit for awhile and these people are basically the sort who will keep pushing and pushing until met with force. You can't have good faith discussion and agreements with certain actors. Were I in charge I'd tell them to stay the fuck out of my nation's waters and the next moment they inevitably violate it again soon after I'd have their ship fucking sunk. Then I'd order my navy to continue firing upon every vessel that hadn't immediately turned around. Then I'd have the Chinese diplomat told in our own typical Chinese fashion "we are so terribly sorry, we could not tell the difference between those unmarked ships and a hostile foreign armada. Hopefully we can work together to take steps in ensuring this kind of incident doesn't happen again)))"

I've little doubt though that countries like Peru will do nothing and let their local fisheries be destroyed and get pushed around.
No. 47354
You do know that they choose countries that can't do shit. The french islands around Africa they leave alone but smaller countries and countries who's leaders just takes the money are fair game.
No. 47600
More news from retarded world:
Pooland prohibiting almost any abortion, even if the baby forming inside is critically sick, like has no brain.

Social workers in Texas are now allowed to reject clients for being LGBT or having a disability, per Gov. Greg Abbott’s recommendation. Governor himself in a wheelchair, which makes this joke of redneck state even more pathetic.
No. 47603
How is abortion different than eugenics
No. 47606
It isn't. If you ban abortion only the rich, who can always work around bans for anything, get them and the poor are left with getting punished for trying.

So basically it is about producing cattle for the elite and control.
No. 47607
Well, abortion is a cessation of a pregnancy by artificial means. Eugenics is a complex of measures aimed to improve the human genotype whether by eliminating the negative traits or by promoting the positive ones (or both). These two are completely different things.
No. 47618
No. 47625
Not really breaking but pretty obvious to me this is what's going on
I can't imagine being as dumb as a qtard. Shame it didn't get brought up in the debates and probably never will be in any other country either including England although lately she's been angrily banging her fists on the table so much her lawyers had to calm her down. I think Guiffre was probably right and that Maxwell thought she was doing these kids a big a favor. I also think they probably procured lots of street kids and more than one was disappeared.

Likewise I think that ICE is abducting kids for these people. Wouldn't surprise me if Kushner and friends shuttled some of them to Russia or wherever.
No. 47674
79 kB, 986 × 553
Just because I'm feeling really freaking lazy right now and not going to link it interesting headlines in today's news for discussion:

°Kyrgyzstan second worst stan after Uzbekistan will hold national vote on January 10th amid unrest and turmoil

°Duda got pozzed; I also didn't realize how bad it's actually been getting in Poland as they're up quite a caseload since last I checked

°tropical storm Zeta forms off the Atlantic; thus we have officially ran out of letters even in the Greek alphabet for naming storms already

°in other global warming terraforming earth into an inhospitable shithole news, the Wect of USA continues to get absolutely wrecked by massive forest fires, killing people and leveling whole towns at a time, thus also ensuring our ongoing supremacy against another forest fire stricken country, Russia, in the ongoing joge arms race
No. 47692
In other news while Venezuela was successfully at least plunged into chaos (a lot of things like power failures there were due to CIA sabotage) the standard neocon policy coups against more South American countries have failed utterly, thankfully
Musk and his lithium bullshit can get fucked.
No. 47696
448 kB, 1800 × 1200
That's good to hear. The Bolivarians in Venezuela created most of their own problems (that the USA then dogpiled on), but Evo and his movement are probably the best thing to happen in Latin America in our lifetime.

Git fucked lowlander cunts, the Andes are back in charge.
No. 47702
96 kB, 936 × 622

it's a 5min read. Makes me hate rich people even more, buy yourself into science and decide at minimum indirectly what science will research, instead of a common good (Science for the people!) these filthy rich actors decide what the common good might even be, their vision of the common good, if at all; welcome to postdemocracy, the future is now.

>In short, academic plutocracy – governance by the wealthy and those who must court the wealthy – undermines democracy and the pursuit of knowledge.
No. 47704
> hate the rich
Why? You allow them to do it. Yes you. If you truly hate the rich, make them irrelevant.
No. 47709 Kontra
one person won't do it, sadly. I would like to believe the enterpreneurial impetus, the YOU can do it (alone). What I can do is engaging in a dynamic that transforms this shitty system which allows things like that to happen and I'm hoping the process is already taking place, where it terminates, if it terminates and when this will be lies outside of my knowledge.
No. 47711
It requires most likely armed struggle considering the disunity of the masses, also by their own design. It's why I've been rooting for homeschooling this entire time. I hope most schools get shuttered this winter speaking of which wtf is wrong with France?! 52,000 cases in a day! That small country is getting close to hitting our numbers.

But yes this is why there will never be freedom under Capitalism. I've finally come to terms with that this year. Freedom and democracy under Capitalism are as impossible as under Lenin and Stalin.
No. 47712 Kontra
101 kB, 275 × 313
No. 47720 Kontra
He's wrong. He sounds British so he probably doesn't understand any better himself.

I deal with these people on a daily basis. Yes they are dumb. Yes they are being lied to, but a toddler should've been able to figure that out by now in fact I routinely see children in this country acting smarter than their own parents.

Moreover the idea that you'd have these concerns and support the guy is stupid beyond belief, because he's literally more of the same shit as Bush. His admin just spent the last 4 years trying to launch the same coups throughout LatAm. They've wanted to start other wars too and almost did against Iran, and supposedly Trump was likewise trying to attack DPRK until his generals talked him down from that one too.

There's a few of them who maybe in 2016 because yes they were dumb did not foresee the guy being another Bush tier lying fuckup, but in that first video I disagree on virtually every point and it's the usual attempt at false equivalence which is exactly why the corpos managed to push the overton window so far towards their corporate feudalism for decades. I'm honestly not even sure what to say at this point. We're being directly and actively gaslit and lied to on a daily basis because the neoliberals would rather poor white people die than shave half a percentage point off their portfolios. I think what confuses that man is he's unable to separate certain specific valid grievances as the emotion behind it, from the full retard reaction which is in the diametrically opposed opposite and which is fueled specifically by the fact Trump is yet another globalist neoliberal who's managed to gaslight the fuck out of these people because, again, they are dumb, and the lies they use aren't sophisticated, subtle, or nuanced in the same way the usual corporate media outlets need to resort to lying. This is just bald faced open lying to our faces. The guy is telling us the same thing he has been for 9 months now. It'll all just go away. We're rounding the corner. It's not a big deal anyway. And the pandemic is something where the poor people suffer the most and the poorer you are the more you will suffer from it. Then on top of it just in case I need to say it explicitly, their main grievance of being left behind, is then perverted into the reaction of supporting a guy who uses lies and empty flattery to get them to support the very systematic policies that fucked them so hard in the first place, and will fuck them harder this time around, and thanks to things like the pandemic have been fucking them harder than ever before.
No. 47726
>I would like to believe the enterpreneurial impetus, the YOU can do it (alone).

Not believing it is a step further, because rich people can't do it alone. They need supporters or at least someone who buys their shit.
No. 47727
President of the Hungarian National Bank announced today that "A New World Order is Being Born" and that Eurasianism will replace Transatlanticism within two decades.
Makes me feel like I'm living in a meme-country.
No. 47728 Kontra
Did you listen closely? I don't even know what you are attacking here.
I mean he never said he is pro Trump but attacks liberals for their attitude now and after Trump got elected. But Trump coming into office is their fault.That is pretty mich what the first half of the video is about before he talks about actual political change as giving up the indvidualism of liberalism. Neoliberal nihilism is the breeding ground for authoritarian and probably facist neoliberalism that Trump stands for.
So now that the main point of Curtis in the diagnosis part as been highlighted by me in bold, in what way does your post react to that? I don't see it.

>Not believing it is a step further, because rich people can't do it alone

Well yes, my post was some rhetorical move hinting that, dunno the technical term. I recently read an article that argues for why billonaires don't derserve their wealth, and its about pointing out why they did not "do it alone".
No. 47729 Kontra
The part after the quote refers to Swedens post ofc.
No. 47732 Kontra
The part in the bold is directly what I am attacking. I am saying that he is a foreigner and he does not understand my country or its people and is wrong and would I think similarly have been incredulous and flabbergasted that I would even imply my country would react so stupidly under that man during the pandemic which, again, ironically reminds me quite a lot about how the Politburo reacted to Chernobyl so far as I can tell. They only did not get farther because America is decentralized without any strong central institutional power by design but nevertheless did things like try to make all health data and statements routed through Pence, and have consistently attempted and failed to silence reports about numbers and deaths in spite of trying to create that ad hoc information control bureau with the Pence corona task force.

I really want to emphasize that key point here and get the impression that, again, were I to say that to this Englishman he'd likely try leveling the similar bullshit. Trump is a neoliberal globalist through and through. He owns properties all over the world. His family has global business interests and has used the office to cement their own financial positions, including shit like Ivanka and her clothing company deal made with the Chinese. They run their huge mouths to tile painters who are gullible and naive enough and who have typically been part of the problem, including being the same jackasses who put dubya Bush into office. These militant bydlo enhance that power structure and they do it because they are misinformed, stupid, or more commonly both. Having to put up with it as an American in the pandemic and dealing with Americans on a daily basis is something I wish that man and anyone who says otherwise could be subjected to for a solid 9 fucking months. I positively guarantee you you wouldn't be saying stupid shit
>let me tell you about your country
like that English twat was chiming on about. He's correct insofar as the corporate media lies about shit, which is a centre right coalition of Capitalist oligarchs, guys like Trump and the pidor who owns rosneft, Bezos and Buffet. But like I said, they use more nuance to their lying and twisting of information than the adamant rejection of the very concept of truth, which insofar as any false equivocations the guy made between them--which is a very standard tactic psychopaths use in lying btw because they know people assume the truth is in the middle so they make sure to tell the most extreme and outlandish lies they possibly can for that and other reasons like gaslighting and normalization of deviancy--the one equivalence could be that the SocJus wing of neoliberal globalism aka Capitalism had likewise rejected the very concept of objective truth and the coof worshipers are merely following along. Regardless it only highlights my utter contempt for all of it and equal only in worthiness for doctrinal hatred of them both as being neoliberalism attempting to divide and rule by forcing cringey cancerous idpol bullshit down everyone's throats, which includes the faggoty domestic terrorist buzzcut SJWs like the proudboys, all of whom are useful idiots i reinforcing the system.

The guy at least has some benefit of the doubt for having clearly said that soon after the election and again being a foreigner who literally didn't know any better for that awful analysis when the plain facts is that Trump himself was a radical establishmentarian and nothing more this entire time. I'd go so far as to say it lowered my estimation of other people by a couple orders of magnitude partly by seeing also their numerous flaws, vulnerabilities but most especially character defects which led them to believing it other than the majority rationale which is quite simply theyre the same superstitious ignorant angry peasant bydlo as the shitheads with whom I'd be for forced to deal during the black death and likewise get killed it, and I say this with the brutality of clear minded pragmatic conviction having witnessed what I just witnessed these last nine months and that's because the simple fact is neoliberalism is neofeudalism and requires exactly the same dumb disposable peasants by design, as any Capitalistic system would with only the barest minimum underpaid expendable pajeet technicians to keep the apparatus from immediately imploding. Hence my other remarks as to my prayers that homeschooling is the norm as even unis became indoctrination centers for useful idiots and with my routinely reinforced conclusions for decades now that the core destroyer of the people is in fact the public school system, and that the ubiquitous propaganda, surveillance, and censorship of a late stage Capitalist society is merely a reinforcing rather than the indoctrinator for why you get the end result that quite frankly foreigners are entirely correct in remarking
>why are Americans so stupid
because they are. This is likewise true of those godless redditor fedoras. Do not misunderstand me. But the other half of the American bell curve is a breathtaking thing and by God you mark my words, if you wish to dispute this may you rue that day as this pandemic drags on and your protest signs in english wielding countrymen force you to increasingly bear the americanization of the European epidemic this winter and then you will understand but a fraction of the sociocultural poison in which I soak on a daily basis.

I am also salty whenever an Englishman like Piers Morgan or this guy starts telling me about my country

Trump himself is just a caricature, living ameribear and physical embodiment of everything wrong with this country taken to its logical extreme. It's also made me realize how extra paranoid I am now that they're going to kill any healthcare stuff passed last decade and shaft ys even harder. His problem and why oligarchs don't like him is because he's too stupid to do anything but put on public display everything wrong with the people like him rather than keeping on appearances. But this whole idea that jackass is using is the carefully curated and nonstop shilled image of this controlled opposition candidate as being "resistance" or "an outsider" rather than a typical lifelong insider just like people such as Kushner.

I'm just going to end this tiradeI'm always more butthurt than usual on weekdays don't take it personally by saying that idk why but literally my last thought before deciding come to /int/ was my epiphany after watching a Chernobyl clip and some subconscious thing about my country being that if you ever really wanted to manipulate people and twist them with your lies for their whole life the only thing you have to do is marry that lie to making them feel something. This is because no matter what you do or anybody ever rel
Oh jesus thank god that thing was not rabid. Sorry possum crept up on me
No. 47733 Kontra
basically because most people put their feelings as primacy before fact hence that problem with Reason is that because their feelings are real to them, any disputation of utter parodies they believe will be dismissed as "fake" for conflicting with how they feel, and because people like Trump and Bush seize on that to tell neoliberal lies it keeps that system reinforced by making you feel like he's an "outsider" or "one of us" and thus you're dealing with tile painters who approach it as you invalidating their feefees. A guy like Trump is 100% the problem by reemphasizing exactly what Capitalist propaganda and neoliberal softcore nihilism which is ultra atomization of the individual to the point where not even facts are relevant anymore, but solely how the individual feels about it. Hence why something as psychotic as trannyism even exists in the first place.

It is not his overarching point that is incorrect, but his woeful misapplication of it to a country and its people which he patently does not understand. Are these people doing it because their ignorance and tile painting is being encouraged? Yes. And that is why it is them more than anyone or anything in the country trying to pozz me with their maskless indoors asses trying to sacrifice us all in a death cult before the throne of Moloch's stock market figures for those neoliberals. AHHH FUCK POSSUM YOU CUNT FUCK OFF! RUN OFF YOU CUNT sorry hissing ugly prick crept back but anyway in case it's not flagrantly clear yes I am also more than a bit salty from a personal bias having been directly told not to wear masks because it would make customers more skittish about spending their money and it's been made clear in no uncertain terms we're all expendable, customers, workers, everyone to make an extra dime and the useful idiot bydlo this guy tries defending as "they are not stupid" are the biggest force driving it.

I hope to God all the public schools get shut down this winter.
No. 47740

I'm still puzzled what you are actually mad about and what it is that is the problem with his statements, quotes would be neat at this point I guess.
So for one thing, living in a country does not make you an expert on it in every sense, dispute between countrymen about the country will make that evident. But this is not really important.

As far as I can understand it, you are most butthurt about his statement that liberals say "the stupids are in control now" (Trump) but he accuses the liberals of being the stupid people instead and not Trump and his voters. I think this is nothing wrong to say, liberals have been the stupid people, because they weren't able to prevent Trump by being a valid alternative, their outlook is horrible as well and the current election is not much better it seems.
Trump and the likes weren't "stupid" because they seized power unlike liberals.
This is not about how to cleverly handle the pandemic as statesman, it's about getting into power in a liberal-nihilistic society and how people did it or not. Curtis would not think, that Trump handles the Pandemic well or clever, but that isn't the point here anway, which lets me think you are attacking a strawman in the end and that is why I probably don't understand what you are actually attacking in Curtis, because I don't see where he says things you are going on about, mainly Covid and a society full of stupid people. They are stupid enough to foster the pandemic - power and large masses alike, simply said - but they were clever enough to get into power, unlike the oh so intelligent and well educated democrats, and that is everything that Curtis says, it's not about stupid people in general or that people believing in America First aren't stupid in a lot of ways. It's foremost a bashing of liberals and their stupdity in regards to not handling well power and letting authoritarian (or even fascists) capitalists seize power...why? because these people nurture from the void left by decades of (neo)liberal nihilism. People like Trump provided answers, and stupid people, which your country is largely made of according to you, believe it. But they provided answers that catched people while liberals have nothing to say except for putting up the old record again and again, but it does not seem to work anymore. Biden instead of Bernie, they learned nothing, they try to rescue the neoliberal empire, Trump is worse, but he successfully simulated being anti establishment, neither Trump nor Democrats present an alternative to neoliberalism, it's just a question of rightwing regime or bourgeois center regime with left idpol that perfectly fits the capital mode of production, a black capitalist remains a capitalist, surely more people of color or non-hetero sexual orientation in high position are beneficial for exactly these people, but for large parts, their socio-economic position remains the same, regardless of color of other markers of identity. The structure remains, just like under Trump, needless to say his politics on ethnicity etc are/will be more oppressive and discriminating.
No. 47741
Tl;dr his assertion that the people supporting him are not stupid--they are

He did not provide any answers either as my endpoint clearly outlined, which was blowing hot air up their asses for 4 years. Like even right now they literally do not have actual policy being offered. Their sole argument consists of
>Biden is a leftist extremist who wants Socialism
>we will make america great again, again
No. 47744 Kontra
>his assertion that the people supporting him are not stupid--they are

Where does he say so? He says the liberals who call these people who 'stupids in control' are the stupid ones because they failed to seize power (again), especially after 2008 bail out, lying to people and letting them alone in crisis, the US went downhill before Trump already, him winning the election is a reaction to that what happened before when democrats ruled the country and maybe even further (likely so)
He only says they are not stupid for actually winning the election, well their tactics or strategies where "clever" in a sense, this could also mean behaving like a retard. unlike the liberals, btw who lost and that the liberals deserved that, harvesting the fruits from the seeds once planted with their politics, people turned away from politics and Trump comes into play.
You turn it like he his in favor of Trump or something, but he just claps liberals for their shitty politics, he never said Trump is doing a good job or something along the lines.
No. 47755
13 kB, 400 × 208
This week in the colony: The Victorian government destroys indigenous sacred site in the dead of night to make room for a highway. Premier says that they acted 'respectfully' because the federal investigation (who has a vested interest in the highway) determined that the 'real' sacred site was 10km away.


>first world
No. 47766
232 kB, 938 × 483
415 kB, 640 × 709
94 kB, 464 × 541
More road news.
Large sections of undeveloped US land are protected under the "roadless rule", which bans new road construction. There is currently logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest, but only where roads already exist. That is about to change:

>President Trump will open up more than half of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest to logging and other forms of development, according to a notice posted Wednesday, stripping protections that had safeguarded one of the world’s largest intact temperate rainforests for nearly two decades.
>As of Thursday, it will be legal for logging companies to build roads and cut and remove timber throughout more than 9.3 million acres of forest
>Alaska Republicans — including Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Sen. Dan Sullivan, who is locked in a tight reelection race — lobbied the president to exempt the state from the roadless rule on the grounds that it could help the economy in Alaska’s southeast.

Trump to strip protections from Tongass National Forest, one of the biggest intact temperate rainforests

The Forest Service has said that removing the "roadless rule" won't result in more logging, but only change where that logging occurs. Do I believe that for a second? No, I don't, but their arguement is covered in this article:

Trump's new Tongass rule doesn't mean more logging

The rule change will be challenged in court, and it's expected Biden would reverse the decision should he win the election. So this may amount to nothing.
No. 47767
Create in Alaska an alternative Russia for people who hate the current political regime, like Taiwan for China
No. 47772
Russia should have a special economic zone like Hong Kong where capitalism is practiced.
No. 47773
You seem to be under the impression that todays russia is not capitalistic. That's incorrect.
No. 47774 Kontra
It's an oligarchy with crony capitalism and managed democratic you pseud retard
No. 47777
But he's right though. Russia switched to neoliberalism and it fucked them hard for decades. They still have just barely recovered from becoming Capitalists.
>crony Capitalism is not real Capitalism
>any difference from what we have
>real Capitalism has never been tried
No. 47791
More of the usual, sadly

We hit at least 99,000 new confirmed infections yesterday

Feds arrested another right wing domestic terrorist

Meanwhile earthquake in Turkey, we got hit by hurricane Zeta which rekt the South, and numerous European nations are locking down including Belgium and France whose clogged roads of people flying to the countryside is reminiscent of the black death and bourgeois fleeing while the poor were left behind. Little changes. Actually nothing at all changes except the technology.
No. 47793
Germany goes into a month long lockdown, albeit a bit lighter than at the beginning of the pandemic, for a month.

>bourgeois fleeing while the poor were left behind.

I got several recommendations on YT about people fleeing nyc and numrous people declaring nyc is dead and will never return etc. despite it being horribly "knowital" pretenious attitude, it sounds like gentrifiers lost their city, which I like, and I hardly doubt cities lose their magnetism. It will take some years and the pandemic must be over, yet prices are still way to high for renting easily like it was back in the 60s or so. If online work and home office continue after the pandemic, and it is quite likely that it will make its fair share long after the pandemic, maybe the reat estate business collapses and speculations have and end and the city can finally become a place for all kinds of people again.
No. 47794
No. 47795
7 kB, 211 × 239
No. 47801
You are blinded by ideology you leftist
No. 47843
You say that like it's a bad thing. Poltards are what the right wing looks like now. Rightards are literally not even people.
No. 47846 Kontra
Maybe leave political discussion at all?
No. 47847
Learn to speak English you retard

(User was banned for this post)

No. 47850 Kontra
I thought the news threada is the political trash bin of this board. And yes I'm frequently attcikng low effort threads.

Proclaiming not having an ideology is ideology 101
No. 47863
>I thought the news threada is the political trash bin of this board
To some extent it is, but even the trash bin should be regularly cleaned.
Politics is the very dangerous topic which can lead to the quick downfall.

No. 47864 Kontra
True. Sorry for my shitty contributions also. It becomes harder for those of us fatballs to not give in to our instincts and not lose the great self control it takes not to shitpost as it is now within the November 1-3 window.
No. 47866 Kontra
Well, aslong as there are arguments, a discussion can be heatening

Posts like
contain nothing, there is no argument in them. As they are answers, this is even worse.
No. 47906
No. 47913 Kontra
I've got about another 12 hours before a third of the country starts flipping out on the other third. I say thirds, because of the only ones who said anything two of my coworkers simply didn't vote, which is because we have historically lower voter turnout in Africa because so many don't think voting matters (hint: structurally it really doesn't). So there's probably like a third more ambivalent, since total 100% of votes counted represents far less than 80% of the country but those other like two thirds...
No. 47914 Kontra
72 kB, 200 × 250, 0:00
>Texas is fucking blue at 50% reporting in
No. 47915 Kontra
33 kB, 444 × 331
622 kB, 962 × 1487
475 kB, 1080 × 1322
1,4 MB, 306 × 132, 0:01
I really wish we could chill around with ernsts for this. I don't want to resort to the tile painters at /pol/ or the literal pedophiles of cabbage, 7 is dead, 420 is literally Canadians, 99 is dead, the chans are all destroyed more or less as I figured they'd be except I didn't expect mouth breathers to become useful idiots there not realizing they're establishment tools now and have been since 2010.

Does anyone have any streams? I have work tomorrow morning.

>Texas blue at 50%
>Republicans go out of their way to sabotage all the efforts Bush had at building a faith and family values based coalition with hispanics
>POTUS entire platform is basically just trolling Mexicans

Like I said before this is the first time I voted straight blue since 2004. Trump fucked up bigly. He had nine months, he could've made it his legacy, but instead he went full retard. And then after his epic failure at addressing that created other problems he immediately inflamed those problems like stoking public unrest to the point I don't talk to people. I realized I am interacting with Americans literally the same I would interact with people with covert hostility and suspicion under worst Communist regimes. Everyone is a potential threat or enemy right now. I've never seen the country like this, and while he plays to his base well everyone including swing voters like me he's pissed off and alienated.

At this point it's gotten so bad that as much as I hate trannyism and the idpol the corporatist Zion controlled Dems cater to I've learned my lesson. Even if it's all a sham and my vote is totally irrelevant anyway I'm never voting red again after this complete and utter fucking dumpster fire and am horrified beyond belief at the sheer perversion of what American Christianity has become. They're all money and power hungry con artists here, bereft of any thread of morality.

My sole objective right now is to make it through the pandemic and coming chaos to somehow save enough money to make it to a first world country, which will be as exceedingly difficult to save for and get the papers as my ancestors who came here. Let the Germans and the Mexicans keep it.

It really is just absolutely fucking insane though. Like what the fuck? Keeping Americans safe from the coof could've easily been his legacy. He made his legacy the pozzed impeached guy. It's not like it would've been hard back in January he simply didn't want to hear it and to this day is gaslighting us to such an extent literally one of his only policy platforms and the election promise he made the day before was firing Dr. Fauci, probably partly because he's butthurt Fauci has higher approval ratings and we trust him more not to blatantly lie to us and blow smoke up our ass every day.

But none of this matters because the winter will still be long and dark and full of terrors. He'll be president no matter what until January 2021 even if he loses, which is going to be the key period the virus fucks us.
No. 47918 Kontra
He'll win Georgia and NC which leaves NV and Alaska being definites and then he'll pick up Pennsylvania. I figured there's a win win scenario to whoever the tribe backs since he'll either torch this country further and hopefully not do something profoundly stupid like a nuclear exchange in the next four years, or it'll make boomers butthurt if he loses. Likely all the rigging and cheating they did to help him keep helping Israel has already paid off but let it also serve as a stark and terrible reminder to every democratic voter to stop trying to blame Russia or blame this or that and instead take responsibility for them fucking up their own chances with yet another neoliberal literally fucking nobody was excited to vote for. Had they ran a guy like Bernie they'd have only inflamed everyone who would vote against him anyway but he'd also get people to vote who otherwise stayed home or voted third party yet again. I found that particularly hilarious as a public health crisis and poverty in America during this would've made Sanders a very easy guy to run, but the Democrats are the least democratically ran of the two parties so the DNC pretty much picks who they have to vote for every year. I hope this lesson sinks in their thick skulls if they want to ever win they'll need to run someone people want to vote for. People wanted to vote for Obama. No one wanted to vote for Biden, they just wanted to vote against Trump.

That being stated it is true that Trump calling it is massively irresponsible because as of this morning not all the votes are in and there's many tight races where either Biden or Trump could win. I'm basing this on Bidens loss of Pennsylvania being likely. His only shot is the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of mail in votes that haven't been counted yet. I'd also like to add there's clearly nothing wrong with mail in voting. Trump himself usually did it. It leans heavily Democrat because lots of dems move to cities, often as yuppies, upwardly mobile transplants etc from the countryside. Keyword--countryside. They can flip counties from red to blue because of that since a lot of them haven't changed their address and voting station. In this election mail in voting is especially Dem leaning because obviously first of all old grumpy people don't like change and show up in person and lean Red Team, but this time president pozzed gaslighted them into thinking there's no virus so they'll come out on Nov 3rd. Blue Team voters meanwhile are highly likely to have mailed in more than usual because they unlike the majority of their counterparts are trying not to get pozzed. Can't remember if I said this but I voted early and on a rainy day.
No. 47919 Kontra
Went to bed early, expecting an easy Trump victory after he took FL(because his win indicated there was another 2016 level polling error in his favor). This morning I check results and Biden was closing the gap with possible victories in Wisconsin and Michigan to maybe pull off a comeback. I've been F5'ing around the internet for hours, and need a break.

>No one wanted to vote for Biden, they just wanted to vote against Trump.
100% this. He was a placeholder, a generic Not-Trump candidate.
No. 47920 Kontra
I'm eager to see then, what will happen in 4 years. I mean the dems will put Biden in for reelection automatically, won't they?
If the US will continue their downhill path, it will be interesting to see what people will do once they realize a liberal president is not the solution either. They probably already know it.

Also I hoped to see a result by now.
No. 47921
Small DW video explaining the messy construction of Berlin's new airport which took decades
No. 47922
Funny, I never considered to actually see it opening the gates. It is used as joke reference for long time projects or money sink very often.
No. 47929
It seems there's a lot of silly bullshit in the vid. I think the main problem is that they (politicians) decided to expand the project when it was already being executed, leading to the whole substandard fire safety thing, that then the politicians tried to overlook.
No. 47933
>I mean the dems will put Biden in for reelection automatically, won't they?
There was speculation earlier in the campaign that Biden may only serve a single term and not seek re-election(if he wins, ofc). But he walked that back, indicating that he might:

>Biden has said he sees himself as a transitional figure, leading many to predict he will serve only four years if elected
>Asked if he was “leaving open the possibility you’ll serve eight years if elected”, Biden said: “Absolutely.”


So who knows? Since presidents were limited to 2 terms in 1951, only Truman and LBJ left office without seeking re-election. So while it would be unusual, if I had to wager on this question I think he only serves four years because of his age.

>the whole substandard fire safety thing,
There were going to hire people to watch for fires :DDD. Unbelievable. The mismanagement of BER reminds me of Boston's "big dig" highway project which went over-budget and finished way behind schedule.

>The Big Dig was the most expensive highway project in the US, and was plagued by cost overruns, delays, leaks, design flaws, charges of poor execution and use of substandard materials, criminal arrests, and the death of one motorist.


What did we get for all that trouble? A really cool underground highway! Cozy driving video with infographics:

I-93 Boston, MA (The Big Dig Night Tour)
No. 47934
ARTE has a good documentary about it:

(Only available in German and French though, maybe YT has English generated subs?)
No. 47935
The architects hate airport shops and gets to design it (he is cool though). Politicians chooses shit locations. Most work is spent sound proofing houses because shit location.

It is like a kindergarten, only the children are in charge.

We have something similar. The newest hospital in Stockholm. It costs so much they can't afford to staff it and seriously was trying to fire nurses and doctors only one or two months ago. Before that they tried in January, that didn't turn out to be such a good idea.
No. 47936
What do you mean? Oh I sincerely doubt that, if he loses, but they might pick another dark horse candidate like Obama again which took away her turn after basically everybody expected her to be the candidate in 08 and thank God that didn't happen because it would've meant 4-8 years of absolute retards running the country which since the 1990s we haven't had the chance to go more than 8 years one party without a very real chance of serious violence and ironically a fucking nough that was also the last time I considered a pandemic, economic collapse, and sporadic violence if not outright civil war as very real possibilities. I'm pretty sure we all expected Hillary then. Jesus what is wrong with these retards.

But anyways Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both indicative of some of the very real late imperial problems America has and is still facing which like I said earlier, one of the only times I let my real views slip to a coworker was almost exactly a year ago when I offhandedly said how America right now (fall 2019) really reminds me of late stage Soviet Union. I'm sure 98% of Americans would interpret that to mean "hurr durr how dare those communists ruin muh murica!" but what I actually mean is that it's been showing all the stress fractures of a dying superpower for years and years now, and like some guy said iirc different thread there is a conviction from a Russian who traveled to America years after USSR fell that America will fall soon too, except that Russia fell gracefully, and America most decidedly will not.
>how tf is that related
Because Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both a couple of Capitalist Andropovs. They're these elderly borderline senile geezers who've effectively not got much of anybody to replace them. Both parties are filled with Capitalist apparatchiks aka MBA holders and party Yes Men like that toad Gaetz who looks and acts every bit as a character in a parody and reminds me why a phrase like "cruel, porcine eyes and features."

There's really nobody left who can actually lead this country anymore and that's partly because of its scale. We have built layers and layers on top of the apparatus of State until nobody really knows how to run it effectively anymore and the few who did are dying off soon, with the future highly unlikely to have the slightest clue, and with nobody left who actually believes in America anymore or its ideals. It's nothing left but ideologues and scam artists. A guy like Joe Biden is probably one of the last people who actually believed in this country in that dopey sincerity which foreigners often remark upon with the almost childlike naivete some of even our most seasoned diplomats and politicians frequently display.

This is meanwhile much like it was in Russia, towards the end, towards the dark times when nobody believed anymore.
>but what about Trump voters
Lmao no I can tell you most of them do not. I found a channel called All Gas No Brakes and this guy
That is sadly what theyre like IRL. Rules for thee but not for me. They don't give a fuck about the rules, about freedom, about gun rights or free speech for everyone, about freedom of worship or much else. Trump is just the naked expression of it. It's a cynicism and a rot that's been overtaking this country since the mid 1980s and a dopey guy like Biden is effectively a relic of the past.

If you really want to understand the actual geopolitical reality on the ground here now you only have to look to how the states themselves rapidly formed ad-hoc unions with eachother. Those are the simplified political realities in the sense that zones of Iraq were prior to Gulf War 2. Meanwhile it'll actually go county by county, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street with any collapse in civil authority being used as the excuse to get even with each other, literally hundreds of splinter groups forming I mean it'll be a mess.

The GOP is effectively dead in the water with basically the closest thing left to a coherent core the Midwestern televangelists and other complete charlatans (Jerry Falwell Jr is the rule not the exception this is a money votes and power game for them along with black hucksters with a gleam in their eyes, and Falwell watching some young Cuban fucking his wife is tame for what theyre like leading me to) and also the Cubans, as seen in people like Rubio and Ted Cruz. After this they've torched their chances at having a big tent with Mexican Catholics.

The "left" meanwhile is mostly latte liberals including the trannies pol hates, but also people they'll be in for a very rude awakening when they Chamberlain tier esjays and milquetoast white people give way to militant black groups and whatever embers of actual leftists are here. I have known one sincere leftist, as in apologetics for Stalin tier. He was bipolar and had some fixation on Buddhism and Christianity, not an unattractive guy either, just a bit odd, and that guy I'm convinced would use violence. Actually there's a few more I can think of, and there's enough actual leftists who could probably resort to very real violence if things fell apart quickly enough.

Perhaps Gorbachev was right after all. Maybe he did avoid a civil war.

I don't personally think we'll get to that point though. Some of the Republican vanguard have already turned on Trump's bullshit. Like I intimated earlier, he isn't that smart. He's a classical psychopath, the type who'd be in jail most of his life if he didn't have generational wealth to shield him, an impulsive guy with below average intelligence who's immensely self destructive as described by Harvey Cleckley in The Mask of Sanity. Like, to the extent that he's the first bonafide classical psychopath I got to observe and not just a typical sociopath or a cunning psychopath, but the guys Harvey talked about in his book.
No. 47937
Before anyone whines at me about that you'll have to read the book and contrast with the downright dumbfounding self destructive tendencies Trump has consistently displayed including his picking fights nonstop with his Republican allies, which had he not done we'd be in a real starkley dangerous situation but frankly he's gone out of his way so consistently to antagonize everybody that not even Fox News or Senate Republicans are willing to put up with his shit right now and he never managed to turn them into cowed cucks like Lindsay Graham and Carl Tucker (or Falwell Jr. who he'd been blackmailing through his agent M Cohen) in spite of his fierce 4 year campaign to gut the GOP and fill it with nothing but yes men.

The result of course is that there are some that can take over still, but the GOP is decimated. The problem with Trumpism is the same issue with any dictator or monarch, which is he will be gone at some point. Without Trump, all the Trumpist politicians he helped elect are going to get slaughtered and scattered, and they replaced people who otherwise could've been party operatives.

The Dems meanwhile are clearly out of ideas and have been since Bill Clinton. They're likely going to lose control of the DNC sooner or later at which point all the soft consumer latte Socialists like AOC will get in charge, which will fuck them in the longer term because fucking nobody wants to back idpol but retards and the left isn't exactly known for the sort of lockstep herd mentality of the right, so just imagine if the Judean People's Party was also composed with a wide variety of different hispanic mutts arguing over "what defines being LatinX" "isn't LatinX with its primacy on masculine gender patriarchal" "why use X anyway" and that's just one part. Protip Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and "Mexicans" don't actually like each other, and the "Mexicans" are over a dozen different countries Germerishtalian mutts can't tell apart. So without a real classical workers party the center in the left will fall through, which pol would exploit if they're smart and try to kill both major parties this decade (like I said from trannies to POCs to actual leftists to boomer progressives no one actually likes Biden and they all consider him anywhere from a racist white guy to a whore of the bankers and corps).

I'm just trying to give you guys a more objective appraisal of what's really going on here because I know for a fact you sure as shit won't get anything like that from either poltards or the media, and almost anywhere else you're unlikely to easily find that real stark and sober estimation of America's late stage superpower suffering from terminal cancer problem which Russia eventually had and while some problems are unique if you compare a lot of the problems of the two theyre pretty much the same, except it's more lopsided against GOP because Trump basically just had 4 years of peaceful Stalinesque purges of "his" party while Dems are just going to keep purging themselves until they get their shit together about not acting like the easily butthurt Christian fundies they used to hate, which is likewise what's really been killing their popularity with the youth alongside the astroturfing by people like Bannon. As an aside, I find it interesting how the Zionists embraced the far right because the left had become for decades now effectively the anti-Zionists. /pol/ will never admit this or understand it but the few Jews who have real money and power would rather keep seeing right wing governments for multiple reasons and are likewise utterly terrified of Socialists and real leftists ever attaining power because those people will seize their owned shit and nationalize everything elite Jews own, and on top of that most leftists hate Israel for pretty much all the same reasons they hate every other nationalist or ethnocentric state or ideology. You can see this most clearly in Britain where they did all in their power to destroy Corbyn while trying not to be too public about things like the EDL. It's the same situation in many other countries like Russia where Jewish oligarchs likewise own everything as private property.

I am not sure what the future holds but there's so many structural problems with America it really boils down to two options: a slower, gentler decline under Biden, or the kind of spectacularly dramatic and violent implosion like you just saw happening under Trump for 4 years. This includes problems in our corporate sector because likewise we are increasingly ruled (and really corporations rule and dictate our lives more than any politician does anyway) by nothing but useless MBA majors who know fucking nothing about their companies or products, just like you saw with how every corp just shuffles the same MBA shitheads around. They are Party Men for Capitalism. They're incompetents who will enable the death of us in the private sphere alongside the senile elderly like Trump and to lesser extent Biden.
No. 47940
Seems interesting, not too long
Did they get their jobs back later on at least?
No. 47943
Somebody realized that it sort of was a bad idea. But they will loose their jobs once the pandemic is over. When there is money to be saved nothing is safe.
No. 47944
I always assumed it was some kind of "building infrastructure in Russia" tier scheme
No. 47948
They're guaranteed work for the rest of winter at least.
No. 47952
There is a risk that they all will just quit because of under funding too. What would the politicians do then? They can severely overpay for a hospital that isn't finished yet last time I heard but they can't afford to staff it. The region is run by the conservative party and the party on a national level are not very happy with them because they act like a caricature of conservative party members.
No. 48015
It's been called. Biden is new POTUS in two months. That is all.
No. 48016 Kontra
95 kB, 750 × 712
I wonder what his foreign policy will be like if Trump can't manage torpedo the results.
No. 48018
This image is unironically exactly how I feel.
No. 48019 Kontra
>torpedo the results
It's honestly looking less and less likely he can torpedo the results through any legal avenues available but I'm not a legal expert. His efforts at packing the higher courts have been effective but the problem is he lost so bigly on popular and electoral votes that he'd pretty much have to surgically invalidate multiple states and then get people to go along with it, which while the former everyone expected him to do for months now the latter looks like he's barely got a shot in hell at this point with everyone from Fox commentators to his own party refusing to go along, and he's batting 0-6 losses on legal challenges in Georgia. The whole thing was clearly planned since the summer to sow doubt and confusion, separate mail ins from his voters, and somehow eliminate the mail ins but they still largely came through. Personally I feel less and less at threat since I also forgot how many of his boomer tacticool LARPers won't do shit. 21st Century Roman Republic may stand for now. I think a lot of even his core supporters realize it's over.

As to the other question which I'm more interested in responding to is the question that BoJo now faces, who just recognized Biden as new Head of State. This puts him in potentially a real bind here as his Brexit strategy can no longer rely on a Trump. Bolso likewise backed away from Trump, with the sense I get being more like the way people try to avoid speaking to a drunk making an ass of himself. They're not fools in theory and BoJo knows that whole pivot to US trade is now in doubt.

I'm honestly starting to think Brexit can be turning into a real disaster.
No. 48021
16 kB, 553 × 204
Heh, that's funny

>Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter that the news conference would be held at a landscaping business in Philadelphia at 11:30 a.m.
>The business, Four Seasons Total Landscaping, says on its Instagram that it is a “woman-owned, minority business,” and offers a motto: “Trying to make America green again!”


Did they try to book the four seasons hotel and made a mistake?
No. 48022
526 kB, 839 × 830
17 kB, 601 × 147
58 kB, 473 × 1024
3,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:18
>Did they try to book the four seasons hotel and made a mistake?
Yes, yes that is exactly what they did. And now you can start to fathom what kind of incompetence and godawful mismanagement we had to put up with over the last nine months of pandemic that made the country so butthurt, well in addition to the usual reasons of battxept. Apparently even japmoot tweeted at him that he was fired.

Ah hell you know what this is already basically at the top so I might as well not kontra purely on the grounds that this made a variety of ebin memes.

I wish I still had the spurdo version of him

And this this is his Evangelical pastor praying for his victory apparently
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_pZ01V1F30 make of it what you will which I'm sure his disappointed far right supporters had a field day with
So I guess just for sake of the sheer memery I'll not kontra. I think that in the end (so far at least) he's become a rather pitiful, Shakespearean sort of character.
No. 48024 Kontra
50 kB, 645 × 425
And US! We tried so hard to please Washington and Trump by increasing our NATO commitment and it's now probably down the drain, because Biden's cabinet will be full of people who dislike Orbán's government.
This is terrible!
No. 48026 Kontra
This is really fucking us up and I don't like it. As much as I am prone to bitching about America nonstop I cannot help my Americanism and muh gunswhich is likewise something pissed me and a lot of other white male voters off about this guy by the end and while I strongly disagree with the imperialism and world police and give credit he at least tried and would be lauded as a leftist, he in combination with everything else going on thoroughly not just tarnished our prestige but absolutely trashed our reputation as anything resembling an international partner, which is likewise exactly why Ukraine refused to go along with his quid pro quo because they had to think of it in the broader terms of what happens when he's gone and someone else comes in who's butthurt about it. Though to be fair Orban is a massive cock.
No. 48051
304 kB, 800 × 500
148 kB, 1280 × 800
584 kB, 1200 × 799
couldn't find a fitting thread to post this and i doubt that any ernst cares at all, anyway i'm putting this here.

today the 9th vendée globe has started. it's a single man yacht race around the world taking place every four years. the skippers are going to sail about 3 months mostly through the stormy southern ocean far away from immediate emergency response. this year 33 skippers have taken on the challenge, including 2 german skippers, who hopefully both manage to complete the route. i'm kinda rooting for british skipper alex thomson though, he loves attention too much for my taste, but i like his boat and he can certainly beat the best french sailors with a bit of luck, which would be a welcome change after all races have been won by french skippers so far.

No. 48075
187 kB, 1090 × 772

A longer article on Zoom and its impact on the users, it is written quite personal, not academically, also witty
>you wake up and realize you’re back inside your own sad version of The Brady Bunch opening credits.

The last sentence is painting no rosy picture, but indeed would be a nightmare, I just imagine education will stick to online sessions only in the future, out of cost cutting reasons etc.
>We need a strong collective commitment to reconvene ‘in real life’ – and soon. For it is no longer self-evident that the promise to meet again will be fulfilled.

tele work as new standart looming as new stage of atomization
No. 48079
64 kB, 1000 × 500
Oh hey! Wait a minute! Maybe this will make kids to fucking hate youtube and being narcissitic vlogging attention whores the same way school taught them to hate reading! It seems like every day I discover something new and wonderful about coronachan.
No. 48083
No. 48098
162 kB, 800 × 1041

So apparently after weeks of fighting, the Azeris and the Armenians managed to broker a peace through Russia and Turkey.
Essentially Armenia lost a lot of the region and will be forced to give up even more.
The Azeris are celebrating the victory, while the Armenians stormed their parliament and looted the president's office.
No. 48099
There is the suspicion that all of that is the result of the Armenian revolution. Putin doesn't like Pashinyan and wanted to remove it from its power. Azerbaijan is the good option since peace in the Karabakh was mostly managed by the fact that Armenia in ОДКБ - so protected by Russia technically. And now, Russia basically ignored conflict, showing that they are disappointed in the new Armenian premier. However, on other hand, Russia just another time shows its weakness towards its allies and another time gave up to Turkey or Turkish proxy, now inside its so-called "influenced region" which is ultra lame.
Also, I'm a bit sad for Armenians. This conflict is ultra dirty but I more on Armenian side, and not because of the politics.
No. 48100
With a gazillion hours of screen time in my life some of my friends from the days of team speak refused to use the term real life and prefered AFK. I think they were right, of course whatever they discussed and shared on the internet was a part of "real life" but now I realize why I allways refused to call real life just afk.
No. 48105 Kontra
208 kB, 907 × 495
>Government declares state of emergency
>Immediately uses emergency power to amend the constitution
>"The Father is a man, and the Mother is a woman" is now written into the constitution
>They also quietly change the definition of public funds
It was eastern Europe tier
No. 48106
Russia-Belarus tier. You already have a "forever glorious leader"?
No. 48107
In 2018 after the election Orbán said that his party is planning ahead until at least 2030. (So 3 more election cycles.)
I guess that counts as glorious forever leader.
No. 48108
41 kB, 475 × 475
A few years ago I would have written off Hungary as a lost cause for something like this, but I'm increasingly coming to believe that a rational middle ground can't be expected.

In the West today, the choice is between leftism that sees nothing suspicious about female-to-male "trans" youth increasing by several thousand percent (and these youth being able to get hormones and surgery without their parents even being notified), or cringe-y boomer conservatives like Orban. If I have to pick one brand of shit, I'm leaning towards the one that isn't obsessed with radically restructuring society around an insane utopian vision.

Granted, in America the conservatives are just as insane as the lefties. But I have some sympathy towards Eastern Europe-tier cultural politics considering how crazy Western leftists are becoming, and how slippery that slope has proven.

RIP old-school socdem left
No. 48109 Kontra
311 kB, 473 × 640
>In the West today, the choice is between leftism that sees nothing suspicious about female-to-male "trans" youth increasing by several thousand percent (and these youth being able to get hormones and surgery without their parents even being notified), or cringe-y boomer conservatives like Orban.
Stop being online so much. Making you think there are only two caricatures to choose from is what ideologues want and you're extremely gullible if you actually fall for it. The entire modern political "discussion" landscape is geared towards instilling this idea on people, it's bad enough living under officials elected by people who really think it's either glorious leader or mass transgender brainwashing or the opposite idea that complete and total earthly liberation is being held back by meanings without having to read this on EC. The election is over, pls go.
No. 48113 Kontra
64 kB, 864 × 648
No. 48114 Kontra
This. You can fight for the workers to seize the means of the production without having 10 men in dresses and badly done boob jobs doing it. In fact nobody on the left side likes identity politics because it is and should be about class. Americans are so conditioned to attribute anything bad to communism and because of this you will always be slaves.
No. 48115 Kontra
Orbán is a corrupt kleptocrat who enjoys the support of the oligarchy he propped up and a large part of the population. (He initially got elected in 2008 with a supermajority because the liberals made a colossal shitshow the year before that they essentially made them or anyone associated with them virtually unelectable.)
He's by no means a perfect statesman, but out of all the possible candidates he's probably the only one who enjoys enough popular support and has the ability to actually govern. (Any of the neoliberal opposition parties would crash the country in 3.5 seconds like they did in the 2000s when we almost became a second Greece.)

Basically the Hungarian saying holds true, that Among the blind, the man with half an eye is king. Orbán is the man with half an eye in the world of Hungarian politics.
No. 48116
I know from your posts that you spend no more time outside than I do. You can't dismiss how insane the left is becoming simply because you don't want to sound like Fox News. Broken clocks and all.

>The entire modern political "discussion" landscape is geared towards instilling this idea on people
And it's worked. American politics is becoming increasingly polarized and extremist, and the left is starting to rival the right in terms of political mania. Unfortunately, the trends point towards things getting worse on both ends.

Even without the special case of social bifurcation that we see in the US, common-sense populist leftism seems to be losing out to bourgie bullshit everywhere I look. It's an inevitable result of the bourgification of the left, and its cultural separation from the working class.

>You can fight for the workers to seize the means of the production without having 10 men in dresses and badly done boob jobs doing it
You can, but we aren't. The old left is completely dead over here. The only representative of it with any major political cachet was Bernie, and he's done now. The AOC generation cares at least as much for identity politics as they do for economic redistribution, and the Biden-Kamala wing of the Democratic party is happy to double down on identitarian shit if it means they can keep governing like good neoliberals. Even if they had a supermajority in Congress, Medicare for All would be given grudgingly, if at all.

Will Europe be any different? Didn't one of your dedicated old-school leftists defect to the Sweden Democrats, because the supposedly left parties were too far up their asses? I hope you guys escape it, but Europe is culturally downstream of Blue America.
No. 48118 Kontra
There is a left that does not buy into "(liberal) identity politics alone will make the way free for a better world", the issue of race and gender is not to be ignored as it is inextricably linked to capitalism but poses questions for other modes of production as well. I mean you will like Jacobin, if you are not a listener/reader already. Race and gender representationalism or what it is won't stop capitalism from happening, a black transgender CEO won't abolish classes.
No. 48120
The left that isn't obsessed with race and gender is irrelevant. My ideal party would be something like the American Solidarity Party, but with less autism about gay marriage, basic trans acceptance, and early-term abortion. Alternatively, a populist leftist party with a balanced outlook that isn't hostile to even the most basic social conservatism.

You probably haven't even heard of the American Solidarity Party, and such a leftist party doesn't exist - at least not here, anyway. Pointing to the small and irrelevant minority of sane, principled leftists is like pointing to a token Armenophile in Azerbaijan and going "see, they're not all genocidal loonies!". Yes, you're right. But you're not going to see Azerbaijan declare Armenian an official minority language anytime soon.
No. 48122
You know, I find it really telling that when you get right down to it, ultimately the entirety of the right wing argument at this point, most especially of poltards, consists of one word:
Nobody but the more uhinged and softly nihilistic of the left would dispute this but--and I really do get the impression you don't talk to any of these people personally and privately much--most of whatever you mean by "left" doesn't accept them as women so much as basically messed up people who have the right to be left alone. Kind of like furfags or whatever. Regardless I find it telling the degree to which the entire right wing globally in general but most especially in America is entirely out of ideas, both intellectually and morally bankrupt, and whose sole merit at this point seems to consist of
as if we could not find dozens of examples of equally deranged, doublethinking, sociopathic, hypocritical, and/or outright psychotic tenets and memes. Moreover this isn't really the left so much as well basically just what places like /pol/ was before being taken over by boomers from Fox and Reddit, so much as a bunch of bougie middleclass white guys with some paraphilias and fucked up psychology that has nothing at all to do with leftism.

But again, for emphasis
That's the whole right wing argument at this point because as of this writing with the pandemic they've been thoroughly discredited across the globe as liars, hypocrites, retards, and amoral walking projectors that are more importantly thoroughly incompetent in a crisis because they're all self centered manchildren. Actually come to think of it's rather ironic I came here just to discuss the eating of Bernd and asking what was wrong with Germans. It ultimately amounts to pointing at a few random freaks and asking us to wholly forgive every psychotic inanity and vicious stupidity of the last several years that actually does personally affect me because some dude is taking hormones and larping as a lesbian which does not. If your problem is philosophical, said larping lesbians are not the ones spewing absolute asinine bullshit like "alternative facts" and asking me to live in a "post truth" society.

Some things are objectively inferior, and at this point right wingism is objectively inferior by several orders of magnitude even accounting for the most psychotic diatribes against reality coming from idpol Progressives.
No. 48124
I find it rich you spout the same tired trope "GO OUTSIDE" when, a few posts later, we get this:

Bitching about poltards is the symptom of being extremely online, and impotently screeching about their overused memes even more so.
No. 48127
First of all, this is Ernstchan. Please try to extend good faith until it is absolutely clear that you will not get any in return.

>Some things are objectively inferior, and at this point right wingism is objectively inferior by several orders of magnitude even accounting for the most psychotic diatribes against reality coming from idpol Progressives.
poltards and identityfags are mirror images of each other, and the identifyfags are largely responsible for the number and virulence of poltards, not to mention the election of Trump.

You can't separate the problem of the degenerate right from the degenerate left. Our best hope at this point is some coalition of populist economics with moderate cultural conservatism (Sweden Democrats seem like a good model from my distant position, but I don't know enough about Swedish politics to say more).

Not that I think this is possible in the US - we're just fucked. But Europe might have hope.

Also this >>48124 is not me, though I appreciate the support.
No. 48130 Kontra
16 kB, 300 × 256
You lot got it arse backwards. Society isn't in crisis, our current society is the crisis. The problem isn't that the frogs are gay, it's that the frogs being gay is a problem. The solution is a fundamental shift away from existing hierarchies. You cannot resolve fundamental inequities in a capitalist social order while retaining the privileges you have become accustomed to. The change is not about us, but about putting a foundation in place to benefit a future that we will probably not see. Reformists against the wall pls with the rest of the reactionaries.
No. 48131 Kontra
Kill yourself
No. 48132 Kontra
no u
No. 48133
How to level hierarchies? At the moment I think more strongly about actual accountability and not the postdemocratic state we are in now, where for instance companies driven by profit motives decide on climate change and its outcome. And I don't mean acountability in a capitalist society, that does not seem to compute anway, maybe what we have seen in that regard was just an anomaly.
Yesterday while taking a walk I listened to a Zizek lecture and there he stated he is not interested in debating the kindergarden for their kids in a smaller community every second day, but an alienated bureaucracy that is accountable. Does anarchy scale? Or do we have to buy into dramatic changes concerning organising society. Well, we will have to anyway, but if you take the world as a quite complex dycamic system, I don't see that going back to smaller communities will work out that easily, what will a transition look like?
I understand the problem of hierarchies, yet not everybody as the skills to do this or that, I cannot be a professional engineer, therapist, craftsman, care worker, grower and cultural theorist at the same time. I would like to, but a professional level takes time.
No. 48134
5,2 MB, 2382 × 3000
>what will a transition look like?
That's a good question. I don't have all the answers there, but imo that line of thinking is infinitely more productive than trying to make the current system work for everyone when it is designed at its core not to. The reason that there isn't really a definitive answer is imo that in a sufficiently anarchist society, there is no answer. There are solutions to the problems faced by communities. What works in Germany may not and probably won't work in a different country. Any anarchist international needs a philosophy regarding membership that is as anarchist as any of their civic philosophies.

Either way, I think asking and answering questions of how to move past our current status is far more useful than asking how we can maintain a status quo that isn't working for a vast number of people.
No. 48135
Well, I agree, the status quo has to be dealt and get over with. As you said, it does not work for many people. Currently when I speak to people IRL or within non-imageboard media I try to make clear, that we lost the imagination to even think about an alternative and that an alternative is possible, ofc an alternative to capitalism and not a shitty one that stays within the current mode of production and its affiliated social relations (one example would be the AFD or Alternative For Germany, which is not really an alternative, just rightwing/conservative capitalism).
But the transition has to be more plastic and I try to look into it more, like alternative energy production. Also can we maintain a certain living standart on a climate crisis ridden world and lastly the question of organization, I mean we have big cities, so how to make the community thing happen there? Or kill off the cities? Does the scale work, or can we have it quite globalized and big scaled yet worker friendly/non imperalist and ecologically "balanced" (not interested in nature or "wild" life as purity)? All this is ofc also understood as process as in anarchism btw. nothing is carved in stone here and then went for without any revision on the way.
Anarchism provides some important insights about inviduality, you cannot just dismiss it, yet the anarchist scale is not really attractive to me. Another big question is if the state can be made more accountable, if such a form is inherently oppressive, but if oppression means a certain cut in freedoms this could even happen in anarchist socities. With the anti corona regulations here, I see a lot of libertarian spirit, how does anarchism on the left put together indviduality and collectivity?
No. 48137
My own personal philosophy is something of a chimera. I take ideas from Classical Republicanism, especially of the radical parts of the American branch, municipalism and syndicalism and smash them together, I think that Anarchy's brand is weakened by obsession with the branding of extreme individualism and is better represented by it's literal meaning, 'no ruler'. To me, this means that the sovereign individual does not exist without responsibility. A community in anarchy cannot exist outside the will of the governed, and must exist as a literal extension of the governed. This means that say a direct democracy that exists OF the people and not FOR the people is anarchist, while a direct democracy that is the opposite is not. The former reflects the will of the people inherently while the latter must be changed in order to exact the same outcome. This does not make the latter undemocratic, for they can still be truly held accountable, but they do exist as rulers of a group and not a manifestation of a group ruling itself. In my opinion, one of the goals of a revolution* would be to forge the first of these manifestations and have them work as examples for direct action by those to follow.

Again, it's not a total answer, and it's unrefined. I think you're on to an excellent point though that we have yet to imagine the alternative properly. We are grasping at it like when you're trying to remember something in the front of your mind, knowing what we're looking for but not really seeing it. I think then that we should be putting things into motion for, as I said previously, a future that we probably will not see. When they do have the vividly imagined alternative, they can then enact it on the back of what we do today.

*I speak of an event, but refer rather to a perpetual process, which is another branch that I discussed for several hours last night with brick and don't really feel like typing out here :-DDD
No. 48138
42 kB, 720 × 540
Human society is not a problem with a solution. Human beings are inherently flawed, and our flawed social systems are an inevitable result of that. There is no possible configuration of a society made up of human beings that will not have involuntary hierarchy and all sorts of other shit. The best we can hope for is to limit the bad and promote the good within the limits imposed by human nature.

Every revolution that has sought to radically reconstruct society has just made things worse for the common people. The price of clearing out the dead weight is mass death and/or impoverishment, and the revolutionary utopia is always replaced by a Bonaparte or one-party system. With such a large sample size, there is no reason to think that the next one will be any different.

Search for meaning elsewhere, because the revolutionary struggle is a lie.
No. 48139
Revolution becomes a process in which utopia is ever shifted with the motion/progress itself, so there is no real end goal but it under constant revision in a sense (is that an atopia?), I could very well think that the imagination here think of an asymptotical behavior, but that might not fit since within the motion the goal could again shift.

I will answer later I think.
One thing that comes to my mind is the "permanent revolution" and pedagogy of enlightenment, where the masses still had to be educated and thus governed. It's really funny how these liberatory thinkers did not want to go all the way. They had doubts about the proles and a democracy of the people still raises the question of influence on individual decision before the actual democratically made decision by a community. But I guess this is not to be eliminated from any democracy, even a property yet also major cryptonite as democracy can always democratically abolish itself. I can't fumbled it together but yesterday I saw a scene in a documentary that was about democracy and the foundation in violence via the "killing of the tyrant".
No. 48140
I won't frame this in terms of building a society because I speak only for myself, but on a personal level.
Suffering is not a deterrent to a goal, neither is it an opposite to "happiness" (or fulfillment, as I prefer to call it). I'd rather experience more suffering in my life, and end up in a place of meaning and fulfillment, rather than experience none, and finish empty handed.
What if the same applies to societies? Maybe there's a way for a society to be more just, more "right" more fulfilling and more happy, while resulting in more suffering.

Of course, there's hypocrisy in this. If I were to be tortured, I'd break immediately and betray all my ideals just so
the suffering may end. But which person's opinion is more trustworthy? One made by someone who is sober, sane and of clear mind, or one coerced under torture?

Know what I'm saying bruh?
No. 48150
I chose that picture for a reason.

What were the fruits of Russia's revolution? A small minority of the population got to play righteous crusader. At least 10 million died in the civil war and the aftermath. People of an intellectual bent like those of us here were especially likely to be shot for arbitrary reasons by murderers hyped up on righteous purpose. Cambodia was even worse.

The positives (for Russia; Cambodia was pure unalloyed horror): Rapid industrialization, education, and social reforms. A couple decades of optimism as the people see rapid improvement. Then stagnation, then total social collapse when the post-utopian order inevitably fails, because people stopped believing in it. The end result is a country that lags behind the Western world in wealth, technological advancement, and social equality - which is what the communists were originally after.

One thing the communists did succeeded at is keeping out Western liberalism. In a way, we have Lenin to thank for Putin and Orban. So if you're a devoted right-winger, maybe the Russian Revolution was a hidden gift from god. I think we'd have been better without it.

>Maybe there's a way for a society to be more just, more "right" more fulfilling and more happy, while resulting in more suffering.
>But which person's opinion is more trustworthy? One made by someone who is sober, sane and of clear mind, or one coerced under torture?
How many people defect from North Korea to South Korea? How many people defect from South to North? The ratio must be 100:1.

You have a point. Grand struggles and narratives make life fulfilling, which is more important than material comfort. But in a utopian revolution, you have a short peak of conflict, meaning, and (more often than not) mass suffering. Then once the dust settles, and people find out that the dream was a lie, they experience a profound enervation. If they dodge the full malaise of modernity, it's only because of their persistent poverty.

If you take your argument to its logical extreme, Aztec Mexico or the old steppe come to look like ideal societies, full of meaningful struggle and suffering that gives life meaning. You will tend to find, however, that societies optimized for meaningful suffering have very little care for justice.
No. 48151 Kontra
And yes, on a personal level some people may find the most fulfillment by throwing your life into the revolutionary meatgrinder. But if you care about more than yourself, it's shit.
No. 48152 Kontra
>some people may find the most fulfillment by throwing your life into the revolutionary meatgrinder
Obviously a typo, but true regardless. I lose patience for lefties when I see them casually talk about sending people "to the wall", because they're exactly the same as poltards who gleefully joke about helicopter rides. If you fantasize about murdering people, don't talk to me about right and wrong.
No. 48154
>If you take your argument to its logical extreme, Aztec Mexico or the old steppe come to look like ideal societies, full of meaningful struggle and suffering that gives life meaning.
Maybe they were, for their inhabitants.
Shame we can't ask them, since their way of life and culture were destroyed by whitey.
What a shame. Guess there's no choice but to stick to western liberalism now :-)
No. 48155 Kontra
It's posts like these that make me wish I could punch your teeth out through the screen. And this is from a guy who was endlessly fascinated by Mesoamerican civilizations.
No. 48156 Kontra
You present it like the October Revolution and all that followed is the inevitable outcome of any revolution that is not a right wing one today
>Look what happened in Russia, look what happened last time when people wanted to overcome a certain power structure

Yes, it was horrible and I don't defend neither Lenin nor Stalin, but the horrors of the 20th century (Hitler and many conflicts included) are not an argument for defending liberal capitalist stagnation and global imperialism going on unhampered. Capitalism can continue its killing spree one might want to say, why defend that? Why not look for something else, another way, you either take risks or nothing will ever change. And risk here means that the outcome is not determined beforehand, cannot be absolutely calculated in the insurance business I guess they have mathematical models and statistics to calculate to a certain degree. Why is everything going to be Soviet Union 2.0? With this narrow mind (btw common argument anyway) the status quo is the only option, the best solution; And no, it's not, just because some of us won the lottery and can park their asses relatively safe while being alife.
Besides the SU was threatened by the US all the years, all the military spending could have gone somewhere else, education, planing more about consumer objects, healthcare etc etc etc
No. 48157
41 kB, 604 × 436
This thread is a dumpster fire.
Looking at this, I understand why our world is total garbage.
No. 48158 Kontra
>This thread is a dumpster

That's its purpose to a certain extent.
No. 48161
225 kB, 2000 × 1270
75 kB, 1200 × 600
>And this is from a guy who was endlessly fascinated by Mesoamerican civilizations.
Good for you! I'm sure they'd deeply appreciate your genuine fascination with their now extinct civilization :-).
I hope that a few hundred years from now, my extinct culture will be thoroughly documented by the civilization that destroyed it. So that some self important fuckhead in the future can feel all lofty about being "deeply fascinated" by it.
Thank you for your service.
No. 48163
Shut the fuck up.
No. 48165
If it makes you feel any better I've been hateful and butthurt all day and this made me laugh out loud.
No. 48166 Kontra
2,4 MB, 3500 × 2072
>Maybe they were, for their inhabitants.
Did I say otherwise? My main point was to refute/clarify your earlier statement:
>Maybe there's a way for a society to be more just, more "right" more fulfilling and more happy, while resulting in more suffering.
A suffering-for-meaning society will not be just. The two are mutually exclusive goals - we're essentially talking about the dichotomy of Good vs. Bad contra Good vs. Evil. Care for the suffering of others is an inherent part of justice, and if you callously cause death and suffering just so that you can feel something in life, you're not serving justice.
"justice" has different definitions of course, but I believe this conversation is based around the notion of "justice" as idealistic concern for the downtrodden. Certainly that's what the Aussie means by the word.

>Shame we can't ask them, since their way of life and culture were destroyed by whitey.
Actually, it was a Russian-Qing tag team that tamed the steppe, and you can't really blame them. They did nothing that a proper horde wouldn't have done.

>You present it like the October Revolution and all that followed is the inevitable outcome of any revolution that is not a right wing one today
To be precise, mass suffering is the result of any revolution which violently divides a society, and all utopian dreams are doomed to fail. I hold these to be sociological constants.

These being held as sociological constants, any attempt at utopian revolution is - as I put it above - callously causing death and suffering just so that you can feel something in life. Kazakh has said before that intent is irrelevant, and in most cases I would agree. Certainly here. As such, I am viscerally opposed to the concept of utopian revolution, and judgemental towards those who advocate it.

The natural progression of this conversation would be to argue over whether or not those are actually sociological constants, but this conversation is rapidly degrading the quality of EC. So let's just agree to disagree and leave it at this. I wouldn't have even bothered with a comment if not for this guy >>48155

Speaking of >>48155
I don't know who you are, but don't say anything if all it can do is degrade the discussion. Especially if people will think I'm you.

t; >>48150
No. 48167 Kontra
Hence the snarky OP
>Read some one-sided opinion piece that cements your current understanding of the world?
No. 48173
>Did I say otherwise?
I assumed so, because what I was implying was that you're imposing your own conception of justice, or even the notion that justice is desirable, on a hypothetical different culture that does not share your values.
It's not even that there's different definitions of justice. Definitions are too small. As in, there are different definitions of "justice" within the western value system. But a different culture could have a different concept of justice. Also with their own different definitions.

For example, imagine a hypothetical society that deems it just to suffer for the opportunity of the future generations to live in a superior society. Utopian revolutionary acts would, for them, be examples of enacting justice.

Also, you allude to this demographic of, so to say, "impartial bystanders" who are just trying to live their lives, and the people trying to cause change as causing it TO them. I kind of suspect that this idea of an impartial member of society is a western liberal construct. Or at least a construct specific to certain types of societies. The idea of a "citizen". Sure, there were humans impartial to the ideological or political or, I dunno, religious narrative of a society resided within, but they were not considered "members" of it. Slaves, for example. But this idea of an impartial resident that pursues his own goals, unconcerned with the narrative of his "society", that he nonetheless is part of, it feels aberrant. How can you be impartial but at the same a part of something? I can imagine a society where each member lives "through" the society, rather than merely being "part" of it. A society where impartial members don't exist because being "of" that society explicitly means having a certain role in that society. Say, of a warrior. If every member of a society is a warrior or a to be warrior, then there is no "bystander" class to be abused. Nobody is "innocent" because nobody is expected to be. Or rather, everyone is expected to suffer, one way or another, for one cause or another. In such a society, internal ideological turmoil would not be "injustice". Because everyone is culpable. Everyone is culpable because they by definition must be, to be members of that society.
No. 48174 Kontra
>just so that you can feel something in life

Revolution changed societies, even the democratic revolutions, which ofc were more often violent than not. Nobody here expects a magical place of utterly abundance, were chicken wings are teleported to your mouth and life extends endlessly in excessive joy. It's about not knowing exactly where it will go but that an alternative might be a better option than what we have know, that there is something better than global capitalism (wage labor and imperialism, oppression and killing in the name of profits). If people would all be like you, we still would have christian dominance, serfdom and everything else that comes with middle age societies. I don't think about it, just because "I want to feel" I feel enough already, thank you. I would like to feel different.

Has capitalism been a success to you? Or did it utterly fail because it did not provide wealth to all and people die in the constant capitalist revolution?
What you say is:
>Guys, status quo, let's keep it while it's utter shit, everything else will fail, let's not discover the unknown, I know that it is shit because in the dark undetermined there are only sociological constants to find.
No. 48175 Kontra
also, since we're veering into semi-utilitarian territory with the argument that preventing suffering is a virtue, and causing it is bad, for any reason whatsoever, I'd like to make a utilitarian argument for the sake of discourse (personally I don't believe in utilitarianism)
Say a revolutionary change that causes massive suffering, has a chance of creating a society where people suffer less in general. If such a society is maintained for a long enough time, the total amount of suffering prevented will, at some point, outpace the amount of suffering caused to create the society. Would it be worth it then? What if the suffering prevented is astronomically higher than the suffering caused? What if the chance of a successful revolution is high, vs low? There would be some point on that graph where it becomes "worth it".

I'm not saying that there's a side of the trolley problem that should be picked, but rather that framing prevention of suffering as the ultimate goal, forces you into a trolley problem. And both sides of the trolley problem are basically ridiculous when taken to their logical conclusions. If one decides that all harm, regardless of consequence, is to be avoided, then we have a situation where pricking someone's skin to inject a vaccine is immoral. On the other side, we have a sociopathic "ends justify the means" viewpoint, where you start contemplating how many dead babies is a justifiable price for how many people experiencing joy.

There must be more parameters in the equation than just "amount of suffering" for morality to make any sense.
No. 48185
>any revolution which violently divides a society
Society is already divided, it just becomes visible in a revolution.
No. 48190
I am actually starting to get really worried about this
Theoretically, the acting US president can order a nuclear launch at any time by himself without any checks or balances, and the sole thing that would be stopping him is if SACOMM or whoever is in charge of authenticating and relaying the orders simply chooses to ignore him. With his constant sacking of military and intelligence officials right now that becomes one of many dangerous possibilities, and one which I think neurotypicals are largely way too retarded to consider, particularly in consideration of the fact he could easily choose to do it solely to be vindictive towards China and ultimately us and everyone in HATO who he blames for his downfall.
No. 48202

In unrelated news once again we are at risk at loosing our rights. Both this and that fucking anti encryption thing working its way in parliament. Better try it now when people are looking in other directions and are not easily convinced that this is worth fighting for.
No. 48204
Does anyone else find it kinda ironic that it quite often feels like the EU and not the USA that is doing more to protecting our global freedoms?
No. 48206
>Some things are objectively inferior, and at this point right wingism is objectively inferior by several orders of magnitude even accounting for the most psychotic diatribes against reality coming from idpol Progressives.

I realize it's an exercise in futility trying to address this because ultimately your values and mine are at an impasse, and neither of us will be able to make any progress because our priors are fundamentally unaligned. What we likely can agree with is that, in any environment, one ideological side that accrues enough clout and influence can hurl civil discussion carte blanche into the toilet and dictate what's right and wrong. Overtime, civility dies and said discussion space just turns into an echo chamber where participants parrot locally popular views in an endless loop. We've seen this on the left and right. In any case...

You cannot make sense of the New Left's actions if you assume they actually want to implement socialism as their primary goal. It is my firm belief they have abandoned any pretenses to bringing about the redistribution of wealth altogether even if they make token gestures to left-wing ideology. That priority is anti-Whiteness, a goal that is paramount to the Left that they're willing to marry themselves to existing institutions of capital to bring it about.

The Left and especially the Decolonize movement is operating off the belief that White people's existence is an obstacle to achieving socialism and they must first disenfranchise, marginalize and diminish White ethnic groups in a managed decline. Any White person is, in their eyes, no different than the Pied Noir, Haitian French or Ulstermen, a permenant reactionary settler class that cannot be rehabilitated unless rendered politically irrelevant at best or softly sunsetted. To the Left the members of White ethnic groups around you aren't your family, community and loved ones; they're just the material basis for reaction. They're a threat to be neutralized by any means necessary. Everything that comes from Leftist cooperation with Capital is based off the belief that your very existence is a problem to be solved. And yes this applies to every single relevant socialist in the West working today especially in North America.

If you are White, then you have nothing to gain from joining left-wing causes unless you are a spiteful mutant, alcoholic, drug addict or some type of terminal fuck-up who can cloak your degenerate lifestyle in righteous idealism. Anything wrong with you will be overlooked if you are sufficiently anti-White. Truth be told, right-wing causes and movements are just as bankrupt and even more so when you consider their utter incompetence. They fail to build parallel institutions to address the problems mainstream institutions in turn fail to address; the opioid crisis, lack of job opportunities / work outside the gig economy, food banks for impoverished rural communities, et cetera. If the past 30 years have proven anything, the New Right has only produced propagandists incapable of much else, but I will never identify as a leftist so long as they continue to be dedicated to blaming me and enabling others who blame me merely for existing. And I especially will never join them if they want to take away my right to speak freely.
No. 48207
14 kB, 180 × 216
Can we close this thread, please?
It smells like 4cancer.
No. 48209 Kontra
Politics on EC.

Not even once.
No. 48223
You don’t have to like it but it’s important
No. 48226
It is very very cringe stupid in general, and we for this like have already 2.5 threads.
No. 48230
20 kB, 480 × 360
Before, I was reading the news everyday and from several resources. Just because I had this feeling it was important to keep myself informed or whatever. The older I grew, the more I understood that, at least personally, I get emotionally invested into stuff I really don't care about or which turn out to be much more irrelevant than it has initially been framed. Also, the amount of speculation, biased assumptions and sheer propaganda became a real nuisanse for me and worked against my actual plan to keep myself informed. This is particularly true for scandals and armed conflicts when they have just emerged.
I want facts and I want well-founded analysis by experts on their field.

So I quit reading the daily news. If it doesn't make it into my weekly paper, it was probably not that important afterall.
No. 48236
I never read newspapers. Maybe because I'm too young. But from political discussions come only disappointment of people around and humanity in general. It feels like some stupid popular normie topic that you can just abandon, like other things you may count as stupid or irrelevant. But in the end, politics is sadly is something enforced in your daily life by your and surrounding country and it is impossible just to escape it compleatly.
No. 48237 Kontra
kinda cringe a little every time an american brings up "the left". there's no such thing as "the left" in american politics. leftism largely died out as a prominent political ideology, and is now mostly confined in the realms of philosophy.

what's happening on the unitedstan right now is one group of neolibs arguing with another group of neolibs about which ideology makes for the best kool-aid.
No. 48239 Kontra
Well, honestly when I see in the post "left" "lefty" "leftist" "neoleftist" "right" "alt-right" "far-right" etc. I know that this post is not something worth to get into disscution with.
No. 48247 Kontra
Part of the trick to it is to be informed generally "something happens." The problem is said happening may not even be brought up depending on source. US corporate burger news has never even made it a headlining topic anywhere that both Bolivia had an attempted coup that was resoundingly defeated by democracy in favor of a leftist Indio gov, and likewise that the Guiado coup against Maduro failed which was hilariously always reported here as "...which is the officially recognized government by 42 countries" or what the fuck it was which was amausing to me because while it might trick the tile painters fuck it's seriously only a matter of time before I call somebody a tilepainter at work anyone not an imbecile realises it's the tacit admittance that the vast majority of the world considered Guaido the illegitimate and illegal government attempting to install itself via foreign backed coup.

The problem with all this is clearly that it takes effort, and thus why these dumb bydlo hold the opinions they do and why their neolib propaganda shapes them so easily, because it is not enough that men are stupid, but rather that they are lazy also, and even where the former not so the latter shall always be triumphant over it by reason of sheer indolence.

Largely speaking if you want to become informed of any topic you'd wish to find different primary sources to interview (i.e. not listening to some random chucklefuck American spouting his opinion about "how things are in their country" on an IB for example, but someone who witnessed/participated the event) alongside real experts on the topic, and preferably a high degree of them. This is also quite true for news and "controversial" topics where you are better off contrasting the different parties, like for example CNN, Al Jazeera, Jpost, RT etc.

Along those lines one of the interestig and a bit hilarious things was the degree to which all our media had gone into full proofster mode when Russia announced a vaccine, and trying to make it sound like 92% was some snakeoil bullshit being peddeled by Putin, but then all these weeks later Pfizer or whoever announced their vax and now they're all tripping over themselves at announcing "our vaccine is over 90% effective!" I would also just like to point out that while he is clearly a murderous thieving corrupt jackass I find it interesting how much more frequently that Russian king of pidorans is on point than not, which butthurts our establishment to no end despite the fact they're not even shittalking a real threat like Gaddafi or Kruschev but someone whose differences ultimately seem minor to me from our oligarchs. The stealing Russian synovial fluid DNA thing comes to mind.

So in short if you want the truth you have to work for it unless you're willing to just accept what you're being told is biased and not the whole truth, and that more importantly it's not a bias to what you're being told about a story, but how many other stories you're totally unaware of because they never thought to bring it up to begin with.
No. 48273
Now I remember why I don’t post here
No. 48275
You posting to remind that you don't post here
No. 48276 Kontra
173 kB, 3035 × 387
>If it doesn't make it into my weekly paper, it was probably not that important afterall.

Interesting approach, sounds quite valid.
I prefer longread analysis, these can be found on various websites scattered over the internet and I use a webpages that curates me a feed with AI and humans alike, but also lets me see als choices of the week for certain topics. https://www.the-syllabus.com/ I have put my filter preference on journalitsic texts.
Atm I sometimes check the news on Germanies "Querdenken"-movement or watch their vids in order to make something of it als political and social phenomenon. Generally news come to me by accident or because of the YT frontpage.

Politics is a trash bin and it is everywhere, it seems like a huge waste of energy but that does not make it generally unimportant or irrelevant, quite the contrary. Ofc argueing with a stranger online on an imageboard is not much but shit adds up and that can become big politics with big shifts, that can lead to personal consequences.

RE: EC policy

That is also why I want this thread to stay, I was against politics spilling out in every thread, because everything can be turned political, but you can seperate it ofc. And that is why a dedicated thread to political discussion that still tries to be rather civilized, while still being heated is ok for me for now, I was initially against the news thread when it first came up, but this is the thied or fourth, or even fifth and I think it did not hurt EC, really. Better keep it here, in the trash bin that politics is, the big surplus of everything, than having it in other threads instead because people cannot hold it back.
No. 48277
I would however state that it remains dangerous, like a non-metastasizing tumor. That's really not a great argument because this is but one thread which is less effort to post away from than a board, and both /n/ and /new/ had similar dynamics until moot founded /pol/ under the same reasoning. Of course part of their problem was not strict enforcement of "keep polshit in pol" but I guess what it really boils down to is the nature of the participants, and trying to make sure the idiots feel as thoroughly unwelcome as possible. 4krebs never really did that all the way back with constant n'wah spam which led to stormtards who in turn would finally lead to it being nothing but a boomer hugbox. I guess what I'm saying is so long as we have good moderation and a culture of providing actual arguments rather than
>ur a faggot
the board can survive it. Most of the people who claim they "want to argue" really don't which is probably part of why they don't stay long.
No. 48308
I wonder how other countries' healthcare system handles the pressure.
We have 106k active cases, 1.08% of the population.
A few week back they started recruiting volunteers from medical schools for conducting testing and administrative work.
Now it's no longer voluntarily, but rather, they're ordering 5th and 6th year med students to go and test, issuing them PPE and tasks.
They're only doing the sample gathering and the driving, but it's scary to think that they need to resort to this to keep the system afloat.
No. 48314
A lot better than we're doing and we're also drafting med students and people who retired, and my local area hospital is having volunteer drives for other positions
Imagine these retards getting put on a vent and their last angry words to the doctors are "this is all a hoax!"
No. 48346
I'll be satisfied when the shitbags are executed, or at least put in a hole and never let out, and they have so far only been recommended to the feds, but the outcome of our War Crimes Inquiry has been surprisingly potent, with the military scrapping an entire formation from our special forces orbat for being too cancerous to save. Never figured this shitheap of a colony would actually value the lives of foreign civilians over their reputation as 'le civilised first world country'.

We still got concentration camps for refugees but this is a start at least.

No. 48349
>"If we do not hold ourselves, on the battlefield, at least to standards we expect of our adversaries, we deprive ourselves of that moral authority, and that element of combat power.
This is actually a very interesting point but frankly it is also one being made which makes me think that man has been incredibly insulated from reality, unless he's merely lying for purposes of psyops and PR aka propaganda. I wouldn't think that anyone outside a few of our 5 Eyes countries legitimately thinks things like that and quite frankly all the troops we had stationed in Iraq were and are objectively valid targets morally speaking. Afghanistan is a fuzzier area.

It should also be pointed out that we've still got two months to go and already Trump has been planning on bombing Iran for his usual Zionist reasons and possibly some other scheme to either stay in power or sabotage the next admin. I'm not sure how far Iranian reach extends but surely they'll be bombing the fuck out of Western targets in Afghanistan and Iraq should that happen and, mercifully, also KSA and Israel.

I often get the impression that the full scale of our warcrimes are deeply buried, and when I say deeply buried I mean actually buried, because in many instances the crimes of these different powers are well documented it's just few people know or care. They've pretty heavily censored the media partly for it though I remember late 2000s seeing troops doing shit like killing puppies, wiring POWs mouths shut but calling them "noncombatants" etc. It was immediately clear to me with ISIS they were making a point with those orange jumpers that I think a majority of people were way too retarded to understand.
No. 48352
It's high level military theory. It makes sense and it is regularly practiced. This is where the three estates of war come into play (my wording). You've got the tactical level of war, and the strategic level of war. The former is about winning battles, the latter is about winning the war as a whole. In between creating the interface of the two is the Operational Art, which is about the Campaign essentially.

Strategy is very different in form and function to Operational and Tactical thinking. One of your biggest things is the Clausewitzean idea of war being politics by other means. So strategy is always done with the context of political goals. Therefore, even in cases of total war, the battle over hearts and minds is a key piece of a good strategy. It does act as a force multiplier. For example, consider the difference between the fighting in Western and Eastern Europe in WWII. The former had a certain degree of 'civilisation' to it at the highest levels. Prisoners were to be treated fairly and humanely. This meant that surrender became a real option for forces and could be leveraged by either side for propaganda wars or just in the execution phase of an operation because you didn't necessarily have to defeat them in detail to be successful. You just had to spook them enough that going to a POW camp was preferable to the outcome of fighting.

However, by the end of the war in the East, the desperation with which the Germans fought was in large part fueled by the knowledge that all bets were off. Just like when they burned their way across Russia, and the Soviets put up a stiff resistance when by all accounts they should have crumbled. Defeat meant hell on earth and existential threat, so it was in fact a strategic detriment for them to have stooped to that level of fighting. It meant that the amount of force required for victory was higher because fighting became the only reasonable way out.

I agree that the guy's slimy and probably full of shit, but it is a theoretically sound statement, and isn't the origin of that opinion.
No. 48356
This really sums up just ahout everything that is wrong with my country and if anyone has some good pro union propaganda to plaster in walmarts, gas stations, supermarkets, and other wagie shitholes I'd gladly post it
>nurses on strike during pandemic
>doctors complaining how it's run solely as a for profit corporation rather than giving a shit about actually treating people
>Texas prisoners being forced to load corpses on the freezer trucksironically like a fitting end to consumers
>nurses bailing on hospitals entirely because they can make an extra six bucks an hour someplace else
>meanwhile retards are still in denial they're hospitalized with rona because they think it doesn't exist, and medical practitioners still being harassed by bydlo
If my society survives this shit we're possibly in for a real serious talk about the role of neoliberalism as the core value of society. I've realized how totally mercenary I am now. I don't give a shit about anything but where to get more money for as little effort as possible. Discussed it with a family member. Nobody has any sense of loyalty to anything at all. It's a shitshow and what you get when you structure society around Mammon worship.
No. 48357
Union literature is very contextual. The Radical stuff (esp. industrial unionism and syndicalist unions) works only when you've got an audience for it, but will actually turn people away if they aren't interested and you probably won't unionise a workplace other than yours. Find a local union that suits your needs, and ask if they've got literature for you to take to work. Usually they will have booklets with application forms and crap that you can sit on a table in the staff room or something and have people get educated by curiosity. Having the easy access of an application form and an introduction in one breaks down the barrier to enrolling that is it being a hassle to get everything together.

If you're looking at retail, your best bet is a workers' union since retail is up there with hospitality in terms of weak mainstream unions, you're better off going with a broader labouring union even if your industry isn't going to be their top priority since they tend to have the membership and funds to do anything at all. I don't know the American landscape for organised labour all that well, so you'll have to do some research of your own there.
No. 48377
927 kB, 1920 × 2500
>tab out to find directions on building some character in pathfinder
>oh huh let's see what's in browser homepage news headlines
[desire to organize the workers intensifies]
No. 48380
1,0 MB, 1800 × 1152
58 kB, 968 × 645
23 kB, 600 × 315
82 kB, 682 × 928
>Not posting his own homegrown radical unionists instead
No. 48398
No. 48623
I don't understand how something so corrupt and stupid could possibly be able to feed itself, let alone keep itself from getting coup'd in a position of power
No. 48662
47 kB, 1280 × 720
So a bunch of former troops and jingoists (see pic) had a massive chimpout over a meritorious unit citation being stripped from a unit that had 39 counts of war crimes. Apparently, their ribbon, awarded to the unit, not them, is more important than setting the record straight that a deployment marred by such acts is not meritorious.

Government is now trying to step in and prevent the Inspector-General from doing so, despite distancing themselves from the investigation, calling it the ADF's job.

No. 48675
That seems a little one-sided to just focus on the war crimes and not on the good things.
No. 48681
65 kB, 862 × 485
Unit citations are just that. Unit citations. I think elements murdering civilians discounts a unit from being cited for meritorious action. These are not minor infractions, these are full-scale war crimes and should be treated with due respect. These are one step below crimes against humanity, and 39 (known) cases shows that it's not isolated. In fact, there's credible sources (Afghan locals) saying that there were more than 39 actual murders.
No. 48683
What's the expected number?
No. 48684
39 are considered strong enough cases to take to court. There were others without enough hard evidence to go with (doesn't mean they didn't happen, just that they can't reliably prove it). Afghan nationals apparently consider the report incomplete.
No. 48707
>and not on the good things
Yeah because murdering people after invading their third world country is loaded with good things to be proud about. This is partly why I just don't bother the soldier worship "thank you your service" b.s. They volunteered to do a job, most of whom aren't frontline combat, and essentially serving as a bunch of mercs for Israel and the major corporations. They already got not only their government welfare gibes but also a lifetime of having their asses kissed and all kinds of added perks to make up for the fact frankly the population as a whole is two faced and uncaring, and treats the soldiers like shit just like it treats everyone like shit. I've actually seen guys in the military with some funny reactions when others buy their coffee. It's a whole populace brainwashed into thinking they "defend our freedoms" when clearly they do not and have not done so in two generations, which even if they did I have no clue what the fuck freedoms they even think there are left to defend.

Sorry for the aside but it's been seriously getting under my skin this whole pandemic that we've not had the same balls burnishing of people volunteering to be in harm's way like firefighters and medics who unlike the dumbasses with guns (mainly talking cops here) routinely do a great service to us that's utterly thankless, and who at times get interfered with by some idiot with guns. My main respect for the military right now is the fact that they are effectively an overfunded social relief organization that's been helping to prop up our medical system from total collapse. It's kind of funny that the main effective uses of the military in this country have nothing to do with strategic military purpose or planning and instead bailing the country out of numerous disasters and emergencies like floods, wildfires etc.

I mention the medical personnel because they unlike almost all soldiers in the country right now are risking their lives, but more importantly risking what no soldier ever does which is health of friends and family back home, and had to put up with a lot of people in the country not just disbelieving the virus they're fighting daily isn't real, but openly attacking them as "Soros shills" or some shit. This pandemic has made me view a specific subset of the country with a really passionate hatred and it's always the same low IQ group of assholes, many of whom themselves are too cowardly or fat and lazy for mil work to begin with.

I sincerely doubt that lighting up civilians was isolated things in the Iraq II and Afghanistan wars. Like Abu Ghraib and some of the other torture prisons are known to have been picking up journalists and random civilians off the streets. Media reported it like all they did was make them naked and pour water on them when you had cases of guys having their legs beat so severely nothing was left but mush and they died of shock. Interesting to note that wikilieaks actually used to publish real reports and pdf files including a lot of photos and stuff leaked from that, before getting coopted by either CIA or the Russians to being the piece of crap it's been ever since then.
No. 48739
Schizenu, coronavirus is a hoax.
No. 48740
1,9 MB, 996 × 1332
Is this post satire?
No. 48742 Kontra
It always makes me laugh when parasitic leftists, supposed champions of the working man, will laugh at the death of a (in their opinion, obviously uneducated) working man because they said something that is disagreeable
No. 48753 Kontra
2,9 MB, 291 × 300, 0:06
No. 48760
>believing the lies about Corona
>Wearing the facial mask like a good little CUCK
Pathetic. I thought such dumb sheeple only exist in Cuck-land aka GERM-many.

It's a scheme to destroy the economies of first world countries, mainly small and mid-sized businesses. There are no other means for kikes to increase their profits, so hook-noses instructed ZOGs to just shut down the competition.
>Amazon: operational
<Family-owned stores: on lock-down

>Mcdonald's: open
<Family owned restaurants: on lockdown

Universal wage-cuckery/poverty is what they want, and sheeple just go to the slaughter.

'climate change' and 'diversity' wasn't enough to pull it off, so they invented a fake pandemic.

It's worse in Cuckmany than anywhere else, though. 95% wear the face-diaper and just give away what little freedom of speech they had. 0nly Muslim immigrants disobeyed the orders because Germans are too weak and pathetic.

Heil Das Merkel!
No. 48761 Kontra
134 kB, 1024 × 702
POTUS Biden is still your president too :-DDD
No. 48764 Kontra
That election was so rigged.
No. 48765
Little shit leftist tell me when you love the working class so much, then why are you so arrogant and act all superior? Is it because they see through you?

Leftist are just pathetic weak losers and ugly fagots. Like you. You can't make it on your own, that's why you want 're-distribution' and 'solidarity'. Whenever I see leftists, theory are weak, skinny and ugly.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 48769 Kontra
27 kB, 474 × 248
118 kB, 1151 × 470
If leftists are the losers then why did Trump lose? :--DDDD
Did you pedophiles have your board taken down by the feds again?

We aren't mocking "the working class" we are mocking selfish arrogant ignorant retards who pose a massive public safety risk whose bug chasing is putting everyone else at risk and whose stupidity has landed them in the hospital and then the morgue and they absolutely deserve to get ridiculed for dying of their own stupidity, probably not until after they pozzed a bunch of other people.

I'd also add I've long since realized there's something wrong with Germanics. Why is this pro-coof Nurgle rally mostly a problem of a specific ethnic group? You don't see the French and Irish going full retard.
No. 48780
>we are mocking selfish arrogant ignorant retards
Look in a mirror (this applies to every human being on Earth).

>they absolutely deserve to get ridiculed for dying of their own stupidity
You extend basic human decency to others so that you are worthy of it yourself. Yes, even when they act like shitters, because you have and will act like a shitter yourself.
No. 48782
371 kB, 1080 × 664
423 kB, 566 × 627
You try to act high and mighty when someone you personally agree with gets cut down by their own stupidity that, unlike normal Darwin Award tier stupidity, is actively harming people around them. And then you cry and whine about it when you get rightfully mocked for acting like dumb cocksuckers.

It's only funnier when you consider the fact someone, like you, actively make jokes about people you dislike getting murdered, terrorist attacks on places of worship with "saint tarrant" and other murderers, advocate race war or genocide, and even on this board have some idiots encouraging the mentally ill to kill themselves while gloating about it (I have absolutely no idea why you guys seem to assume people you disagree with are hurt by posting tranny suicide rates like wtf why do you think we care or this affects us?), and then you come and cry like a little bitch when someone dumb boomer self owns by acting like a retard.

>because you have and will act like a shitter yourself.
It's your own medicine. They deserve to be laughed at mercilessly. Remember this the next time you want to act like complete cunts. It's a lesson everyone from the CSA to the NSDAP had to be taught brutally and ruthlessly. They are filling up tractor trailers full of corpses in El Paso and throughout the midwest because of retards like this
who also present a risk to actually worthwhile people to medical staff and everyone around them in their community, coofing on the innocent. They are faggots who committed bleach drinking levels of stupidity. You are used to dealing with neolibs who play softball with you and used to not having your face smeared in your own shit by people too spineless to say how it is. Don't like it? Wear a mask and shut your whore mouth while we try and fix the catastrophic damage you just did to my country.
No. 48784 Kontra
>can't laugh at a Darwin Award winner
Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by /pol/ kiddies.
No. 48840
The weak shits caved. I'm hardly surprised, between the military deepthroating that happens here, and the (imo) deliberate misrepresentation of the removal of a Meritorious Unit Citation as stripping individuals of medals, that it was only going to end one way. Even so, it's disheartening. On the plus side, the willingness of service members and veterans to let war criminals keep medals if it means that they don't lose any should serve to open a few eyes for once.

No. 48844
Doesnt that ultimately impugn the entire military though? Because with that one decision now I can see there's no distinguishing between a war criminal and regular Australian soldier.
No. 48848
86 kB, 650 × 1000
What you mean? It's one of the better Australian news sources, but it still uses the loaded language of removing "veterans'" medals (emphasis on the possessive).

If you mean that 'innocent' (as innocent as you can be being an invader in a country that posed no real threat to you) soldiers are being lumped in with war criminals and punished, then you're wrong. The actions of those few, brought shame to the unit (one of which is being disbanded) and so the unit's citation is being revoked on the grounds of "if we were aware of this shit at the time, you never would have gotten it in the first place". No person that isn't being charged is having their personal decorations taken away. You don't get to keep awards that you didn't earn just because it only came out that you didn't earn them a decade after the fact.

If instead you mean that the lack of accountability for the unit as a whole for actions that they should have been aware of through internal observation and auditing undermines trust in Australian military? I agree. China is even trolling us on Twitter lmao(pic related) and is probably going to get a propaganda victory out of it too.
No. 48853
>It's only funnier when you consider the fact someone, like you, actively make jokes about people you dislike getting murderer
I made a post calling for basic Christian charity, and you immediately assume I'm a fucking nazi.

>They deserve to be laughed at mercilessly. Remember this the next time you want to act like complete cunts. It's a lesson everyone from the CSA to the NSDAP had to be taught brutally and ruthlessly.
Mockery and scolding never converts or convinces people. It just furthers the downward spiral into bad faith and division. Save your brutal lessons till the point of armed conflict, because that's the only point at which the lesson won't backfire.

If the liberals in this country didn't immediately default to "haha dumb rubes" when faced with the ugly side of the other tribe, Trump would never have won in the first place. The margin was so close that, literally, that one "basket of deplorables" speech was enough to lose the election for Clinton. Nobody is beyond redemption, every shitty branch of mankind can be pulled closer to divinity. Abandoning the most basic tenets of rhetoric and diplomacy and essential human empathy just to be a smug self-superior cunt degrades you, and brings you down closer to the level of those you despise. No, it doesn't make you as bad as them. But the slope is slippery, and anyone who chooses degradation over improvement is part of the problem.

See above. You saw one dissenting opinion, and immediately assumed that I glorify child murderers. If some rando started a thread with a post like that, but with opposite political valency, the thread would be locked and the poster would be banned, after several of us told them to go back to KC or pol.
No. 49321
18 kB, 432 × 417
Yesterday Haim Eshed claimed that the USA and Israel are in contact with the galactic federation.
No. 49322
419 kB, 1280 × 640
>the galactic federation.
No. 49323
>Israeli who has a book coming out soon
>implying Trump wouldn't tweet about it
There are other reasons I find it suspicious including "galactic federation." I'd question what ties he has to NAM groups.
No. 49324
Even if you want to believe it's not so big.
Sure now we have the simultanious erractions of these utah-monoliths, but apart from that it did not even involve into a cool story when Paul Hellyer 'disclosed' the ayys.

What are NAM goups?
No. 49325
New Age Movement
It's a group of occultists and probably the second most retarded group of people I've ever encountered on the internet.
No. 49326
I could have guessed the abbreviation but take some time spelling it out. This is a serious community!
No. 49480
338 kB, 1800 × 1801
How to make a vaccine nobody wants to take: Make it so it has to be stored in sub-zero freezing temperature so it hurts like hell when you take it, then make it so you have to come in for a second dose a couple weeks later. Oh and by the way you still have to wear a mask even after you take it because while it protects you from getting the symptoms, you can still be a covid carrier and infect others.
No. 49481
So who benefits?
No. 49482
I've wondered what our mask protocols should or will end up being in the months that follow because we'll end up having tens of millions of people vaccinated and hundreds of millions that aren't with the dumbfuck half of the country trying to march around saying "oh I've been vaccinated." I think we should give everyone scannable IDs after they get vaccinated, that way I can have these mouthbreathers kicked the fuck out of wherever I am for trying a new way to pozz everyone around them.

You and literally everybody around you by taking one more log of human fuel out of the way for the virus to burn through. You know, like how vaccines normally work?

The problem is I'm not sure if this experimental RNA vaccine which itself is pretty exciting is going to offer sweeping protections for how long, or if in 10 years you'll lose immunity or get hit by a novel strain. I don't know how the vaccine works for that but am aware the world is now going to have a cold flu and covid season.
No. 49487 Kontra
> I think we should give everyone scannable IDs after they get vaccinated, that way I can have these mouthbreathers kicked the fuck out of wherever I am for trying a new way to pozz everyone around them.
Go fuck yourself you statist sissy faggot woman.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 49489
No. 49493
567 kB, 1346 × 585
The pandemic is literally why I stopped calling myself a staunch libertarian, among other reasons for me drastically reevaluating certain other views. I mean just look at this shit
These are the kinds of people I'd normally have been caucassing with. They don't support FREEDOMS at all, in fact if they got their way we'd be living in an even more dystopian shithole than we do now. The sole "libertarian" "anti-statist" positions they even support are those that support massive corporations getting to do absolutely whatever the fuck they want, and not even in a "just don't interfere in muh free market bro" sense but rather in a "we're going to fuck the average person over and we're going to make the taxpayer pay for it, oh also we're going to use state power at the behest of corpos wherever available."

The sole reason masks and the other stuff became an issue in this country is because it would visually bring attention to an epic failure on the part of this administration, coupled with the fact that all of these various measures would harm rate of income on companies by some people seeing the mask and deciding to just stay home like I've largely been trying to do since the beginning of March, in fact I am well aware of multiple companies in my area that even after CDC recommended masks decided that both the employee and the customer is easily replaceable, but a thousand dollars is not. In fact the only reason there ever was any push by the corpos themselves to enforce mask wearing in their stores was because it got to the point where they realized a majority would not want to be surrounded by maskless coofers and thus would blacklist any store that was not enforcing it.

And PROTIP guess what you're still probably going to see some shit like that with vaccinations--being done as STORE policy, because the big thing I realized is in this country no one has any fucking problem with tyranny when a corporation does it. That complete scumbag politician I linked who's supporting an outright breach of the redline which is upholding our Constitution along with over a hundred other bottomfeeders has no fucking problem with mandatory genetic testing provided it's corporations that are doing it, but god help you if you want actual sensible policy. This also outlined to me why any anarchism from right to left is a horrifically bad idea and that is because the existence of large masses of tile painters in a society necessitates hard law existing regardless of any other element of the composition of society, and that will likewise be entirely true if your society is ethnically homogeneous or heterogeneous. We clearly NEED laws and leadership apparently and this pandemic has become a very painful lesson to me in those two facts, which is exactly why certain not-retarded states like NY got their overall infectivity to close to the bottom of the country while tile painter states like South Dakota run by a tile painter governor have had it through the roof. It's also probably why we should continue to do things like ban heroin from being a free market commodity and continue having licensing and registration and background checks for firearms, and how my previous stances on topics like that were probably misguided at best and a horrific nightmare if made into reality at worst we should still decriminalize all drugs and support gun rights though, just within reason to account for said tilepainters having access to them.

I also think this is workable if we just set a high enough bar that low IQ people have too much difficulty over the hurdle. For an example, in many states all coofers need to do is state "I have a medical reason for not wearing one" and employees cannot do shit about that person not wearing one. At the same time, most of the people so fucking low IQ to actually argue about something that dumb are simply not smart enough to figure out loopholes, and most of the rest that can figure out those loopholes will simply cave to peer pressure over time, although clearly it's a stupid loophole and no one who actually has the sort of health condition preventing them from wearing a mask in a store for ten minutes would want to wander around crowds of people in pandemic and certainly not without PPE.
No. 49556
118 kB, 822 × 680
>A West Virginia school district wants to make sure its students and their families are taking in the wonder of the first snow of the year - without worrying about classes.

'Go build a snowman': School district cites snow, year of loss for canceling school

I used to love snow days and building snowmen.
No. 49564
88 kB, 887 × 1024
My vaccination arm has been sore all day, and I haven't even got the shot yet.
No. 49567
Ok coofer
No. 49581 Kontra
>and I haven't even got the shot yet.
Oh no, I'm sure you will die very soon! It's so dangerous to go outside! Just imagine having a major cough!!

Stay home! Stay safe!
No. 49586 Kontra
This is EC, itself a partial succesor to KC. Why the fuck would any of us go outside anyone? You're lost. Please return to your shithole with all the other tile painters, pedos, and terrorists, and/or keines thanks.
No. 49587 Kontra
woke bro

I don't disinfect my shopping cart nor do I wash my hands when I come back home from the groceries, what do I win? Your mental companionship?
No. 49607 Kontra
187 kB, 1600 × 1155
>touch shopping carts
>come home
>don't wash food
>don't wash hands before eating or cooking
Yo mamma didn't raise ya right, ernst. That's completely disgusting even without a pandemic. Christ how gross are people. Do people just take a shit in public bathrooms and not wash their hands ei--oh god they probably do
No. 49609 Kontra
I wash my hands after going to the bathroom or if they are dirty/sticky whatever.
No. 49612
re: pandemic
Ok, I try to avoid political bullshit because philosophy > politics, or whatever, but here's my 5 cents:
I don't think it matters whether Covid is the Big Satan or "just another flu". I think it's courteous and virtuous to try and do anything in your (very small) power to not indirectly kill someone's grandma. I don't get those "mommy's individualists" who treat wearing a mask or washing your hands as equivalent to putting on a chastity cage or shoving a dildo up your ass. It's such a small commitment that you'd have to be a total no-life retard to treat it as some threat against your individuality. Like, a mask costs like 0.14 USD here. If a third world poorfag like me can afford one every day, sure can you. "Buh-buh covid is just a flu!". So what? I wear a mask during flu season anyway as to not spread the flu, and to not cause someone the inconvenience of feeling like shit for a week, or infecting other people on public transport.

I find it baffling that it's the "right wing" that protests against Covid containment measures. The same people who will lecture you about the importance of community, taking care of each other, and tribal, communal mindsets, are the same people willing to put their fellow man at risk because of "muh individuality". What the fuck? Are your brains scrambled to shit due to modern politics? Why is it the liberals who are advocating for communal self-sacrifice, and the conservatives who are advocating for self-destructive individuality? This is the true meaning of "clown world". "Clown world" is mostly used as a way to highlight "dem libruls being retarded", but the true clown world phenomenon is the surreality of everyone being retarded at once. Because Ideology(tm) took over their brains, to the point where opposing ideological parties adopt viewpoints that should be opposite of their own.

In a world that makes sense, it'd be the right wingers who go around virtue signalling about wearing masks to "protect the community", and liberals who protest against sweeping measures. Shit don't make sense.

Me, I wear a mask because
a) it's not that hard
b) I don't want someone's grandma/pa to die because of me
simple as.
No. 49619
36 kB, 720 × 540
>[Behaving a certain way] is such a small commitment that you'd have to be a total no-life retard to treat it as some threat against your [anything, for the sake of argument].
Exactly. But what puzzles me is this: Before the pandemic, I've observed that there are other behaviours for which you could argue exactly the same way, for example not being noisy if you have neighbours, (ethically motivated) veganism, and (before 2020) making sure that you aren't blocking access to any empty seats when you sit or stand in a bus, so that the bus can be filled to capacity and nobody outside needs to wait for the next bus only because people inside chose to ignore their surroundings and failed to move up. Yet in those cases, it's even more obvious that a lot of people apparently aren't ready to sacrifice the slightest bit of their own comfort for courtesy to strangers, or sometimes even their flat neighbours. In the case of veganism, it's even the majority of people who isn't ready for that small commitment that would prevent much suffering by others. That's why I'm actually surprised that the masks are so relatively well accepted here. (Not 100 percent of course. I still see people in buses and subways without a mask, or even smoking.)

>>49482 made me wonder if this is going to change for the worse as more people feel immune because they've either already had it or have been vaccinated and hence no longer wear it for their own health as well, but only to avoid getting fined or indeed as a courtesy to strangers. (I think this is what >>49482 was about, although my reading comprehension is so bad that I'm not sure whether that post was about people who really have been vaccinated, or about people lying about this in the hope of getting exempted from being expected from wearing a mask.)
No. 49620
What's the joge on the image?
No. 49624
Are you asking for a translation or asking what's supposed to be funny about it?
1: Long legs hat pird asks for way to train station.
2: Suitcase human tells way to train station.
No. 49625
I understand that part, but why is the man getting fed on the third panel?
No. 49627
I guess it's a "thank you"?
No. 49635
210 kB, 2221 × 1666
23 kB, 474 × 270
637 kB, 1040 × 585
26 kB, 474 × 391
People that are trying to intellectualize and overanalyze it are missing the point entirely. These are no mere hypocrites and selfish amoral assholes, but are nihilists. These people are quite simply scumbags. There's nothing more to it.

At some point between their butthurt in 2010, and 2015, 2016, and 2020, they abandoned even the pretense of having principles, values, or belief in anything. This is a pure, raw, unapologetic power grab, a stroking of the ego, and an effort at assuring dominancy over others, and they merely thought this was the vehicle to do it, and dropped the facade. They do not believe in gun rights--those commie meme images about Marx and Reagan are true. It was Reaganites who started gun grabbing, and nothing was resisted with Trump's "grab their guns first, due process second" remark. It's purely an "ideology" if you could even call it that is me first and fuck everyone else. It is what happens at the fall of empires in the final bitter days. You'll see how their naked power grabs aren't even just hypocrisy anymore, and every word that leaves their lips is false assurances and lies. They even got hit by their own rules during the impeachment and couldn't do much about it, and during this and last month did everything they could to overturn democracy legally, complete with mostly empty threats of civil war and violence if they didn't get their way. There is no underlying substance beyond that, and because big daddy dear leader told them it's a hoax, it's a hoax, but moreover the very existence of facemasks was a visual cue that Dear Leader had fucked up somehow and could possibly be capable of any flaw or defect in judgment, that he was, in fact, a self absorbed moron boomer and not some 4D chessmaster with a grand plan, and since the loss some have retreated deeper into that fantasy world but regardless they only believe to begin with because his own narcissism and psychopathy resonated with theirs.

But it goes more than even that
We want them infected
These coofer death cultists were doing it on purpose. I'd said before it's like a Nurgle cult, except that they weren't clued in.

But the thing here is that I've heard this rumor from different places since the very beginning of the pandemic that their whole attitude was "they didn't vote for us fuck em" when it was hitting California, Washington, and NYC pretty bad, complete with anyone wandering to their shitholes seeing back then and even right up to now poltard tiers saying "only spics and fat niggers are dying who cares the virus is doing us a favor"
They also were busy shipping our PPE out to places like China and Israel at the start

The suspicion I and others have had is that they were hoping this could be an opportunity for biological warfare against the blue states. I'd find it equally logical and plausible that, for whatever reason, they were deliberately trying to get their own older, white voters killed. Those in charge also simply thought they could keep downplaying it to keep the almighty Molech of the stock market from being upset and so kept shoveling their own bodies into it. Obviously they did not know that their own leaders were doing this and lying to them, and by far most still don't, nor are even aware he admitted on tape in the beginning it was "a deadly virus, much deadlier than the flu" and "I always liked downplaying it."

The problem with being a self absorbed asshole rather than that communal spirit of sacrificing five minutes of annoyance in a store not to kill people is it invariably self destructs, and the moral lessons of religious texts like the Bible do not merely extend to the supernatural, but a simple how to guide of the kinds of shit behavior that eventually brings about the downfall of a society. One would find it bizarre these same people claim to adhere to those texts until you realize, again, that it's simply that these people are all nihilistic lying scumbags. They don't actually believe in almost any of the shit that comes out of their own mouths and act surprised that you didn't fall for their lies, which if you knew anything about actual psychopaths is a known trait of theirs, and which goes straight back to the idea of political ponerization
It amplifies all the shit traits within its own followers, enabling the worst of them, allowing them all to cluster together into a large malignant tumor, and when allowed thorough enough power over society institute a system where merely telling the truth or showing compassion for others is deemed abnormal and an outright hostile act. I'd go so far as to say the first sign is when people no longer care about facts or the truth.

But with all of that being said they are, again, assholes and nihilists who don't believe in anything, and without any further extrapolations. They adored the coofer in chief precisely because he gave them permission to be assholes, normalized being an asshole, and made them feel like they had every right to be as big of an asshole to everyone around them as possible, and I am convinced that they started blocking state aid early on as a form of warfare. To that last part, statements actually had been made by them to the effect that "it's hitting our states too now [so we should start to care]"

This is not new. We've seen it in totalist movements time and again too, and just like the saying goes there's nothing new under the sun, this is coupled with terminal stage empires. Yet for all those words it really does come down to the same fact no matter the angle you try and look at it:

they are assholes who don't believe in anything and lie like it's breathing
No. 49636 Kontra
609 kB, 1140 × 641
105 kB, 500 × 403
Actually brick this thread contains a very great example of that ethos, or rather anti-ethos
I think the other post got deleted or something but I remember this guy immediately switching from that post to some discussion on the nature of work and labor immediately switching to "you must be some uneducated blue collar piece of shit." I can't bother to look for it now but I'm sure some ernst remembers seeing that series of exchanges. It is utterly insincere and done in bad faith, just like trying to negotiate with people like the North Korean regime. There is no such thing as "negotiating" just like with the NSDAP, you squeeze their fucking balls until they cry and knock it off and realize massive amounts of pain will immediately follow their faggotry because while I wish we didn't have need for a penal system at all and think ours goes way too far as a Soviet tier police state, clearly it's a certain sort of people that's why every society has some kind of penal system to deal with them. The fact a huge number are also not merely stupid, but dangerously so, only puts it to a finer point.
No. 49698
No. 49707 Kontra
You're on an IB so the only way to react naturally: a meme to troll the British. It super butthurt Moggs. He did have a point though what it's really doing is pointing out the structural failures of our societies as they pretty much wholeheartedly have been embracing the path to full cyberpunk dystopia for decades now.
No. 49755
You can read all news on FT if you install bypass paywalls addon.
European countries ban travel from the UK due to a new virus mutation. England now is the sick man of Europe and its future is colonial: a continental leper colony.
I loved adaptations of his works. Saw the BBC TV series, the Tinker Tailor movie, the Most Wanted Man and the gardener or whatever was its tile.
No. 49760 Kontra
228 kB, 800 × 1155
> cyberpunk
If any it would be steampunk. They sold ARM to the Japanese and their internet isn't good.
No. 49773
Eh, doesn't surprise me. If anything I have an 'about time' reaction. We're pretty blind to poverty in the first world, and it took covid fucking things up even further for the poorest to open the eyes of many. When I was living in New Zealand, there were similar stats for people struggling to send kids to school with lunches and shit, and here in Australia it's similar even before you go to the really disadvantaged communities.
No. 49774
I'm kind of amazed we still have borders open actually. I mean, who the fuck is doing lots of international travel right now? I'd especially have expected low infection countries to have blacklisted us along with Brazil, India, and the UK.
No. 49780
The Constant Gardener, terrific book and film.
And 'A Most Wanted Man' was also really good, yes.
No. 49783
Travel with exception of neighbouring borders should have been restricted for the whole year in my opinion. But it could be that I would have had a different opinion in summer too.
No. 49796
We especially need to slam the entire country shut into a lockdown like, literally right this very instant. Our hospitals are fucking full. They've already sheepishly started admitting to hitting triage situations in various places like SoCal, but without actually explaining on the news what that means which is basically that it gets to the point you let people with health problems and old age die to save the younger and healthier. Not only that but I'm sick of the full retard in this country. I hate it. Half the country will end up traveling for Christmas and probably a majority too stupid to understand that even if they could get the vaccine now--they can't--that it's a preventative, not a cure. I guarantee you between now and March we're going to lose 30,000 people of this cause alone being that taking a vaccine after getting Dx'd with covid is like asking for a condom after the little stick says you're pregnant.

Everything is still packed everywhere including our hospitals. This is going to be an incredibly long, brutal, and dark winter.

They should've just rammed that stimulus through like a man having his first cup of coffee and cigarette after night of drinking hard and eating burritos and then shut down everything while using the stimulus to float the country for the like month we're trying to put things under control. I absolutely guarantee you because no one values anything here but muh dollar muh mammon that they'll leave the economy and everything else pried up as long as possible, and until finally forced to do shutdowns at which point it won't do fucking anything. They're all going to wait until it's so out of control that things like testing and shutdowns are basically irrelevant.
No. 49817 Kontra
We don't need to shut anything down. You're probably a fatfuck worried that you'll die if you get it. Not the rest of the nation's fault you can't control yourself.

Let the young get it and develop herd immunity.
No. 49833
You're certifiably retarded
>muh herd immunity
Literally debunked and our hospital system is already starting to teeter on collapse. You better hope you don't need medical care for something like a car accident, broken ankle, or anything like that either nor anyone in your family because you ain't gettin it now. They've already moved to triage in many areas. At least in the start of it you could shuttle nurses and medical personnel across the country to hotzones to buffer them. Now if a hospital in any area needs help they also won't be getting it.

Seriously what is it even like to be as low IQ as you? Do you stay frustratrd and angry all the time, or do you just wander around in an amused haze like an idiot like Mcculley Culkin?
No. 49835
>Literally debunked and our hospital system is already starting to teeter on collapse
Where are your sources schizo?
No. 49837
Holy shit dude and you're calling me a schizo? Have you not been paying any attention at all? Countries like the UK that tried it backtracked on it. A fuckload of hospitals are already starting to triage patients
Not that you're going to read any article I post.

That was a genuine question by the way. What is it like to be you? I've watched people this whole pandemic and been mystified what it must be like to experience life like that.
No. 49986 Kontra

It's shit like this that's why I voted straight blue this year
No. 50168
We're already getting hit with a new virus in the form of the "new mutant strain." That's happening, right now. The whole process of the coronavirus is being started over again. This new process will start to slow with another vaccine in several months, and then things will start up again with something else.

This process will probably just keep going on and on, indefinitely, even after they've taken all of the wealth of the middle class, driven everyone into poverty, and stripped them of all of their rights under a New World Order global government system.

Basically, from the perspective of the ruling class, there is no reason not to have one of these virus hoaxes going at any given time. It not only gives them control over everything, but also keeps the masses in a state of confusion.

Why not have a constant virus state? They don’t follow the rules themselves anyway.
No. 50170
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>Why not have a constant virus state?

Agamben tier constant state of exception

>new mutant strain

are you talking about the mutation detected first in the UK or what is it that is preparing us for a new wave of hoax governance?
No. 50171
Tinker tailor is a really good movie. The night manager is good too. I really need to read some of his books, feels uncultured not to have.

Also https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5900008/?ref_=nm_flmg_wr_1
No. 50172 Kontra
I legitimately start to question if you're a Chinese bot. Some of what you said is word for word the talking points and speech pattern of these spambots. In fact letme check

That thing is literally not a person. It's a CCP spambot. Can mods check the IP address it is posting from? I've seen proofs that there's CCP spambots rampaging across forums and especially imageboards. You'll notice the same speaking style, same talking points, very little direct addressing of anything it is responding to if it's a response post, and more often than not clumsy understanding of the finer nuances of American politics as it blasts out posts like
>in America it used to be the government feared the middle class, now the middle class fears the government
>when they take your guns, your cars, your freedom of speech, and your ability to blacksmith your own kitchenware will you weep as slaves
Shit like that. You sometimes have to read between the lines of the dumb shit it says and you'll see they're vague generalities about muh freedom muh gov muh elites in a way that American chatter probably sounds to a foreigner. Shit like that'll sound like
>when you have to bring a gun to church then will you realize you're a slave to the NWO?
It'll sound like it makes sense to a foreigner but an American will think that sentence sounds strange as fuck.

>In just 11 months, more than 333,000 people have died from Covid-19. That means more than 1 in 1,000 Americans have died from coronavirus.

>One hospital in California may soon have to ration the limited number of ICU beds and treatment equipment, meaning some people will get treatment and others won't, infectious disease specialist Dr. Kimberly Shriner said. At this rate, Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena is preparing for the "ultimate triage" she said.
No. 50176
>can a mod dox this new user for me? i don't like his viewpoint. anyway here's some more scaremongering from the MSM
your a joy to post with
No. 50177 Kontra
I'm not asking for your dox. I am asking if your IP is a proxy or a real address. I don't give a fuck about having it but yeah I'd be interested to see if the mods look at your IP and it leads to a real American address or if it's running off some proxy server. You posted word for word copypasta getting spammed on the internet by CCP psyop bots.
No. 50178
Some scummy looking bogan cunt stole a Germanic made Audi and took it for a joyride, the vehicles dashcam was turned on throughout the entire ordeal and uploaded to YouTube.


No. 50185
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Ebin how little that surprises me.