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No. 46479
1,8 MB, 1500 × 1489
482 kB, 1000 × 1000
39 kB, 309 × 408
Old thread is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. In case you're new: The best stream is The Weekly Album stream, the others can be ignored.

Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

There's also a chat and a discord where you usually find people talking about gay porn and penguins during the streams.

http://ernst.bplaced.net/chat/blabax.php (You can register with an email or make a guest account which will tie your name to your IP. If you have a changing IP and want to keep your name register with email)

Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 2 and the infos on the radio page itself for additional details. Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything on your mind, there are lots of people around who have working streaming setups running and will be glad to help you out. You can see at the top of EC (below the banner) if a stream is on.

Happy listening/streaming!
No. 46480
654 kB, 1800 × 905
184 kB, 1425 × 1425
118 kB, 1068 × 1076
140 kB, 599 × 598
This weeks winner is "Skull Snaps - Skull Snaps".

Like it was anounced many moons ago, this will be the last Album Stream as we know it.
Both streams will be merged into one and in the future it will happen on Sunday at 16:00 Germany time (time can still change in the future).

The following Albums have beed added to the poll:

Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies (Their firt nameworthy release where they are still Punk and not Metal)
Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco After All These Years (A remake of Suicidal Tendencies they made in their Metal days)
Both Suicidal albums will be played as a double feature since they're around 1 hour long when taken together.

Gorillaz - Demon Days (Not my favorite Gorillaz album but still nice to listen to)

Peter Tosh - Bush Doctor (One of the best Peter Tosh albums out there)

Twista - Runnin' Off at da Mouth (At that time actally still Tung Twista and world record holder for being the fastest rapper)

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10604882

For the last time we start at 12:00CET.
Join the chat if you feel like joining the chat.
No. 46481
116 kB, 1080 × 1256
>Snoop Dogg
No. 46483
34 kB, 600 × 398
Going live in ~5 minutes with a show that's all about exploring the Australian psyche. Be sure to tune in.
No. 46484
31 kB, 371 × 272
I'll be there!
No. 46485
23 kB, 320 × 400
Alright, let's fucking go. Beware, might be loud as fuck but I have it loud and trust those who want it quieter to not be retarded and turn it down for themselves. Easier than trying to amp up something that's too quiet on the source end when you think it's a banger.
No. 46487
I'd just like to confirm that my stream is on 16:00 CEST / GMT+2, which is 2 hours from now.
No. 46488
67 kB, 511 × 784
Looks like it. Posting the schedule again for convenience too.
No. 46490
200 kB, 618 × 581
Yep, it is! Maybe we should use GMT next time when there are so many international streamers involved. Probably easier for everyone, since it's also /int/ time.
No. 46491
I also was thinking if it is good to have small breaks between the streams. My first thought was that everything should be as seamless as possible, so that the listening experience won't be interrupted, but maybe a few short breaks (10mins or so) are actually good, to take a piss, to get some food or whatever, without missing anything. What do you guys think? If we ever do something like that again, what is the better option:

  1. Plan for continuous streaming
  2. Plan with breaks
No. 46492
I like breaks. Could put elevator music on or some shit :-DDD
No. 46493
32 kB, 428 × 486
Forgot to post in the thread, but better late than Never :D. Maybe Elvis, Maybe Not(but definitely some Elvis) is Live now.
No. 46495
Loved the broad variety of cover styles!
No. 46496
Thank you. I wanted to get a wide variety, but still tried to avoid any jarring switches between genres. The result was a mix that leaned toward the faster Elvis songs, as well as punk/psychobilly covers.
No. 46499
If you want to call into my show when it starts, here's a discord link to the channel where I'll be accepting the calls:

If there's more than one caller (unlikely), we will figure out the order of callers right in the chat.
No. 46502
Also, current stream is tight as fuck.
Love them 16 bit tracker sounds.

Is this outlast?
No. 46503
27 kB, 480 × 360
There was Out Run - Magical Sound Shower just a few minutes ago.
No. 46504
Yes, outrun, outlast, always confuse the two.
Great tune.
No. 46506
9,2 MB, 426 × 240, 3:52
Another SID masterpiece.
No. 46507
My stream is starting approx now.
No. 46508
80 kB, 551 × 762
>while you are listening to the music, I get kicked out of my apartment
That is sad but also funny!

Based Jeroen Tel!
No. 46509
I hear rosegum but not the brickster. So only one .... ah, there he is!
No. 46515
Those already were some pretty serious discussions. Nothing less had to be expected.
No. 46516
Dang, now I feel like I missed something important.
No. 46517
i's ok, it's being recorded/
No. 46518
Excellent, you can use some memes and slogans in the future.
No. 46531
here's a recording of my stream.
Super rough cleanup, so forgive the noise and stuff. Maybe I'll clean it up better later.
No. 46533
44 kB, 405 × 348
Got it, thanks!
No. 46537
I fell asleep a bit before Iwan came on to Brickscast but it was a good day all up, had lots of fun.
No. 46538 Kontra
I missed those voices during the RPG session in the morning, man. Thanks for recording it, I'll try to find the time to listen to it in my ipod during my upcoming hiking-vacation, if I can manage to take my headphones with me, that is (they are rather spacious and would take up part of my travelling bagpack).
No. 46539
I've spent this morning working on a solution for such occurrences in the future. When it's matured a bit, I'll talk about it in the tabeltop gaming thread.
No. 46541
35 kB, 512 × 342
95 kB, 1024 × 1024
For everyone who couldn't be with us, and for everyone who wants to repeat the torture: Here are the recordings of the Radio Ernstiwan Birthday Marathon. All streams have been captured, but there were a few issues:

  1. The first stream (weekly album stream) only starts at minute 22, because I forgot to press record. Not that big of a problem, since it was the full album Offspring - Americana, so you simply can reconstruct it on youtube. More important: DJ Ulle has been captured in full glory!
  2. During Prostmusik, I couldn't record my own calls, since in the heat of the moment I could only record either stereomix or my mic, but not both, so those parts (1:20h) are missing ;_;
  3. Bricks stream is the only one in ogg format, because it's his recording and not mine, because mine would have been fucked up again, reason: see 2.
  4. At the very beginning of Alt's stream my mixxx blew up in my face and I had to restart, so the first few minutes are quite chaotic. After that, it was fine.
  5. We splitted Alt's playlist, because we were behind schedule on sunday evening, but we also didn't want to leave anything out. So there are two parts of Alt: 1:45h before and 1:15 after Kosmonauten.
  6. I might have switched out one of Alt's songs in the second part with a very badly produced german song by a guy who shouldn't ever be allowed to sing. So don't blame Alt when you encounter it :DD
Here's the link, all in all 1,09GB: https://mega.nz/file/EFFlDarS#AM9QOUT1hALPCsyQKfuID7D87kmdAhJtia3Ao7i0SSY
No. 46579
37 kB, 1278 × 949
Small reminder that you can still vote if you didn't do already.

No. 46627
140 kB, 745 × 645
Because of a little timing issue the stream will happen 1 hour early today.
So we start at 15:00 Germany time.
No. 46628
137 kB, 600 × 600
This weeks winner is "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication".
In the poll it will be replaced by the Album where The Who really sold out, "The Who - The Who Sell Out".
Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10608203

The stream is going to start 15:00 Germany time
No. 46712
33 kB, 1323 × 889
Small reminder that you can still vote if you didn't do already.

No. 46748
80 kB, 400 × 400
Gonna do a stream either tomorrow or sunday, that is just a playlist of Ween covering other peoples' music. Should be fun.
Not sure what exact time, probably around the time of the other streams so I can poach capitalize on the viewership.
No. 46754
Just now for an hour old electronic music. Afterwards another episode of Prostmusik with illustrious guests and modern electronic music.
No. 46755
Prostmusik is live!
No. 46756
Should we switch to english?
No. 46757
985 kB, 640 × 356, 0:16
So be it.
No. 46767
Streamin some Hip Hop.
Atmosphere - God loves ugly
Atmosphere - Seven's Travels

Maybe more let's see
No. 46771
Gonna stream at least one more Album. Also a Rhymesayers release from the early 2000's
If you liked the stream so far I'd suggest checking out newer Atmosphere releases too. Slug is one of the few Rappers from back then who still releases good stuff.
Fun Fact: Tom Waits beatboxed on one of their songs.

Next up:
Sage Francis - A healthy distrust
No. 46772
Gonna continue with that altrap.
Aesop Rock - None shall pass
No. 46775
Okay one more
El-P - I'll sleep when you're dead
No. 46776
One last album before the ween stream:
No. 46778
37 kB, 600 × 589
Based War Pigs cover!
No. 46789
36 kB, 600 × 600
58 kB, 592 × 600
Todays winners are "Suicidal Tendencies" und "Still Cyco After All These Years" from Suicidal Tendencies which we play as double feature.

New in the poll: "Hypercaffium Spazzinate" and "I Don't Want To Grow Up" by the Descendents. As well a double feature.

Next weeks poll://poll.fm/10611752

Stream starts at 16:00 Germany time, pre-stream is already going.
No. 46797 Kontra
39 kB, 404 × 257
FYI: Fixed some minor things on the stats page: The sorting on the streamer view was faulty, and I joined the entries for "stream" and "stream.ogg", so "stream" has a few hours more now.
No. 46899
498 kB, 1500 × 1500
I have the intent of streaming the NOFX - Backstage Passport DVD via Discord tomorrow at around 18:00 Germany time.
If someone is interested please let me know, otherwise i just pretend that i never had this idea.
In case i stream the bonus material as well that would bring us to around 8 hours of content.

No. 46914
133 kB, 796 × 500
2 kB, 320 × 432
Some ebin trolling going on at the public stream. Damn, this is bad. That means I have to open the statistics database in a hex editor and manually flip the bits to clear the troll stream data, because that is how databases work. I will probably be busy for several long, painful hours seconds.

I'll stark working on that immediatly, and by immediatly I mean that I will wait until he put some more effort into it.
No. 46915 Kontra
>ebin trolling going on at the public stream

<when the board you wanna troll is so small that nobody reacts to it :DDDDD
No. 46920
93 kB, 770 × 577
Starting in 45min on Discord.
Depending on the interest i will stop after 1 episode or keep going, we'll see.
No. 46937
Gonna stream Air - Moon Safari in 8 Minutes
No. 46948
361 kB, 1500 × 1500
99 kB, 1024 × 673
Todays winners are "Hypercaffium Spazzinate" und "I Don't Want To Grow Up" by the Descendents which we play as double feature.

New in the poll: "Propaghandi - How To Clean Everything"

Next weeks: https://poll.fm/10615390

Stream starts at 16:00 Germany time, which is in a little bit over an hour from now.
Pre-Stream will probably start a bit later than usual because i have to do something our tribe calls "Kehrwoche". Which is kinda fitting to the title of the new album in the poll.
No. 46999
62 kB, 302 × 389
I'm glad that my testing of foo_vorbisstream has yielded results to the point of getting two whole listeners.
No. 47002
167 kB, 1236 × 639
Holy shit, it's you? We actually thought it was some guy trying to spam the statistics frontpage, but then we noticed that the songs are actually decent and that it's no trolling, and now I'm listening whenever I catch it :DDD
No. 47003
Thanks for the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack. Lovely organ play full of turmoil. The movie is online as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6-K-arVl-U
No. 47004
That's not the usual aussie.
t. my ISP having ans stroke again
No. 47011
Just now streaming 3 hours of wave and dark wave and some goth rock. Finally overcame technical issues and stream stabilized.
No. 47061
Some electronic Stuff till 10pm
No. 47074
22 kB, 474 × 592
Hoping to increase the number of listeners the time of future album streams (including the next one) will be moved to 19:00 Germany time.

If you didn't vote yet:

No. 47076
Streaming the new four tet album now
No. 47079
Next up: The new Pantha du Prince album
No. 47081
Next up: Tourist - Everyday
No. 47082
Now playing: Shlohmo - Heaven Inc.
No. 47088
Gonna do a stream today. Probably after whatever stream's on this evening again. If there's any.

I have two things prepared, feel free to vote on which one sounds better:
Hipster thrash metal (warning, harsh vocals)
Sad, whiny songs about unrequited love and other sad things (warning: super whiny)
No. 47090 Kontra
alternatively I could do it a few hours before the weekly album stream, whichever's more convenient. gonna have to hash this one out.
No. 47091
>Sad, whiny songs about unrequited love and other sad things
I vote for this.
No. 47092
ok, my memory's playing tricks on me, so I can't quite remember.
Have I ever streamed anything by okkervil river or frightened rabbit?

It feels like I have, but I might have just imagined it.
No. 47093
2,4 MB, 2:38
338 kB, 760 × 504
I'll go with the hipster thrash metal option! In case of a tie I suggest going with the vote by >>47091 because it was first, and because it's probably what more people can relate to.
No. 47096
Well, there's still 3 hours til the weekly stream (I think? timezones are confusing), so I could probably squeeze a thrash metal album in there.
No. 47099
>Well, there's still 3 hours til the weekly stream (I think?
Yes, I think so. But also:
>timezones are confusing
So I could also be wrong.
No. 47103
546 kB, 1075 × 1080
Aight, I'll stream just one album before the weekly stream, as a taster. It's 35 minutes long.
If the weekly stream starts sooner, I'll stop mine.
No. 47104
435 kB, 1500 × 1500
Todays winneris "Radiohead - Radiohead - OK Computer" - A great album, i'm sure you will enjoy.
New in the poll: "Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes "

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10620135

Stream starts at 19:00 Germany time, which is in a little bit over half an hour from now.
No. 47105
501 kB, 1400 × 1400
for posterity

Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
No. 47106
280 kB, 1200 × 1200
Next album is Vektor - Terminal Redux.
Tech thrash space opera.
No. 47108
Oi, I missed the stream, but the album cover is so damn cool that I had to checked out the music and then I had to come back here to thank you. Good stuff.
No. 47141
53 kB, 410 × 640
83 kB, 600 × 800
Eddie van Halen died, so I will make a Van Halen-stream tomorrow at 17:00UTC.
No. 47255
230 kB, 1059 × 1600
Will be streaming Horror Punk and Psychobilly music from now on for 5 hours. In between any moment one hour a german radio play for an hour. In case you wonder. It is about the man in the attached pic.
No. 47256
33 kB, 630 × 420
You want one of my selfmade lampshades? :DDDDD

I gave a presentation about this guy in english class, 9th grade or so
No. 47259
Nah, I'll got with one of those funny masks.

Now onwards with the music.
No. 47284
Time to fill the void with some austrian instrumental Hip Hop
Brenk Sinatra & Fid Mella - Chop Shop 2 - Singende klingende Unterwelt.
Starting in about 10 Minutes.
No. 47307
161 kB, 560 × 560
Todays winner is "Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes"

To avoid the newest album being the winner every week, we will have a load of new albums every few weeks instead of one new album weekly from now on.

We start 19:00 Germany time, which is in around 1 hour and 20 min from now.

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10624857

To find the perfect stream time we will move the stream to saturday 18:00 Germany time. Starting next week.
No. 47418
Gonna play some Vinyl starting in 1 hour. There will be Jazz and maybe Rock and Blues but I will just pick some Vinyl randomly and play at least one song.
No. 47420
419 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47421
Do you stream with Mixx?

I streamed some Vinyl a while ago but used Butt, now i plan to do it again but want to use Mixx. Just don't know what's the best way to do so.
No. 47422
I use Butt. Never tried Mixx.
Not sure what the best way is but this setup works fine for me.
No. 47423
375 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47424
323 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47425
400 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47426
328 kB, 1536 × 2048
416 kB, 2048 × 1536
No. 47427
328 kB, 1536 × 2048
416 kB, 2048 × 1536
No. 47428
Okay we played all of that too slow so far but damn it sounded so good.
No. 47429
362 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47430
380 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47431
378 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47432
369 kB, 1536 × 2048
343 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47452
273 kB, 800 × 800
Time for some reggea with todays winner, "Peter Tosh - Bush Doctor"

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10629947

We start 18:00 Germany time which is in around 1 hour from now.
Join the chat and listen to the pre-stream.
No. 47453
581 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47454
399 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47455
398 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 47467
60 kB, 680 × 451
I hope this doesn't conflict with any existing schedule.
At 16:00 GMT+0 (which is approx 2 hours from now), I will be streaming a horror movie on the RE discord.
I have Devil's Rejects (trashy serial killer flick), Exorcist 3 (very slow), The Fly (needs no introduction) and Videodrome (another Cronenberg body horror)
Feel free to express your preference in response to this post, since I couldn't find a javascript-free poll making website.
No. 47474
watched Exorcist 3 all by myself's.
Fantastic movie that is unfortunately hurt by having to be tied to the Exorcist franchise.
Works well as a standalone movie anyway, though.
No. 47476
137 kB, 780 × 820
14 kB, 530 × 444
32 kB, 439 × 290
I'll be streaming some classy tunes to get drunk to at 00:00 UTC+3 (which is Istanbul/Moscow time zone).

Feel free to get a drink and give me some company. Nothing spectacular, mostly slow Blues, some Jazz and Soul might be thrown in as well.
No. 47477
45 kB, 600 × 600
To ruin get into the vibe I'll stream some cheesy power metal until 21:00UTC 23:00 UTC+2 00:00 UTC+3 then.
No. 47480
We're live
No. 47485
243 kB, 540 × 540
Great stream, thanks!
No. 47635
161 kB, 560 × 560
This weeks winner is "Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?"

Next weeks poll can be found here:

We start at 18:00 Germany time which is in around 1,5 hours from now.
Join the chat and listen to the pre-stream.
No. 47646
Just some more music. 5 albums, 5 genres:
KLF - Chill Out
Grobschnitt - Solar Music I&II
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Stone Witch - Order of the Goat
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
No. 47647
532 kB, 1366 × 2443
I'm listening.
No. 47687
137 kB, 780 × 820
14 kB, 530 × 444
32 kB, 439 × 290
Since I believe CEST has been changing clocks an hour backwards today to CET, we'll start the show one hour later than we did last week.

Blues, Jazz and generally chill tunes to end the weekend and get mentally prepared for the week to come.
No. 47691
We're live
No. 47697
Great show, thanks!
No. 47698
73 kB, 770 × 576
you're welcome

also, pic related the playlist I promised to upload this time
No. 47768
119 kB, 642 × 722
I need your opinion. I was asked if we can have notifications when a stream goes live. I think this is feasible via an RSS-Feed. I'd create a file on the server when a stream goes live and you could read that file with the RSS reader of your choice. I tried that out with a manually created file and my cell phone, that would likely work. I'd integrate the necessary code into the statistics module, because that already runs every 5 minutes and has access to the stream data.

I wanted to ask you what would be a sensible way to create the notifications. Should it be created as soon as a new stream goes live? That would be simple to implement, but it would also mean a notification for each test stream. Or I could generate it after the second or third time I see the same stream running? That would reduce the teststream alerts, but it would also delay the notification. If the notification is generated after the 3rd time the stream was visible, that would mean an average delay of 2,5 minutes until the first occurence + 10 minutes until the 3rd, plus on average 50% of the poll interval of your reader, that seems to be quite a lot.

There are also other options: We could define that all streams that contain the word "-test-" or something like this don't create a new feed. But that wouldn't help if someone is trying to troll us and is creating new streams all the time. We could also say that only the public stream doesn't create a message, but right now the public stream is also used by regular streamers, so in that case everyone should have their personal account first.

What do you think is the most sensible way of implementing this?
No. 47775
165 kB, 1600 × 1043
To keep it simple I would create a notification as soon as a stream goes live, but also add a feature which blocks notifications for any stream with the word " test ".

As long as it won't disrupt my audiobook stream of the Old TESTament :D
No. 47778
Prostmusik will start 17:55 mesz
I'm gonna stream the new Autechre Album "Sign" and after that the electro playlist I made for october.
Gonna be in the chat too.
No. 47779
216 kB, 333 × 285, 0:02
Yeah, that sounds sensible, thanks for the input. I had another idea in the meantime: I could limit notifications for a specific streamer to for example 1 per hour, so that the same streamer wouldn't spam the feed if he starts new streams, let it be by accident or (bad) intentions. I think this goes together well with the "test" block. In that case, notifications would be fast, but still kinda safe.
No. 47785
But what is if someone does two different, serious streams after another?
Like the best stream we have on the radio, The Weekly Album Stream, often ends the stream after the pre-stream and then starts a new one.
How about that?
No. 47787
29 kB, 620 × 336
I'll mess around with the stats module for a while to test the RSS stuff I've written. Streams will work normally in the meantime, but stat tracking might act funny. I'll post when I'm done.

Would be fine I think, since one notification will be generated, so everyone will know that the undoubtedly best stream ever is live. We also could change the threshold to 30 minutes for example. In this case both streams would create a new notification.
No. 47790
414 kB, 800 × 1328
It is done. The following has implemented by our stronk force of socialist code worker monkeys:

If a new stream goes live, there is a check if there is either the word "test" (not case sensitive) in the stream name (the description isn't evaluated) and another check if there has been a feed notification for the current streamer in the last 30 minutes. If both conditions are NOT met, an update for the rss feed is created. The feed is a flat xml file which should be readable from any RSS capable application. I myself tested it from my cell phone using an Android App called "RSS Reader" and got it to work. The link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madsvyat.simplerssreader&hl=en_US&gl=US

The feed itself is located at http://radio.ernstchan.xyz/feed.xml - this is the URL you have to add to your reader. I also added an RSS link to the radio status page - but that just displays the xml file instead of triggering my app, right now no idea why, so you might have to add the above link manually. The length of the feed is 1, so if there is a new stream and then another new stream befoer you polled the other one, you won't get a notification for it. That's because it was much easier to rewrite the whole file instead of juggling with old entries.

The feed just contains the UTC date it was found, the name of the streamer, a direct link to the stream (which has a 99.9% probability of being wrong) and the stream description. Obviously, this is a cutting edge alpha version and I'd be surprised if it works as intended. So please report any unusual behaviour in the thread. Also please be aware that the settings of your RSS reader are also a factor, especially the update interval.

At the moment it contains an old entry of Prostmusik which I used for testing. This should be overwritten when a new stream goes online, so feel free to try it out.
No. 47804
18 kB, 575 × 318
59 kB, 500 × 637
Seems to work! Still, my app only displays the alert when I press the wake up-button on my phone. But that is most likely a local configuration issue of either the RSS app or my phone, the feed itself looks good.
No. 47805
63 kB, 800 × 450
This weeks winner is "Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything"

Next weeks poll can be found here:

We start at 18:00 Germany time which is in around 1 hour from now.
Join the chat and listen to the pre-stream.
No. 47811
To end the glorious radio day, some Halloween related songs at start and end, in between Krautrock, Psychedelic and Prog Rock. Show now for about 3 hours.
No. 47814
Man that photo really brings me back to better times, before weak and craven men created the current bad times
No. 47834
There's music, don't miss it.
No. 47835
81 kB, 576 × 1014
3,4 MB, 555 × 480, 0:05
>don't miss it.
Never happening again!
>Stream started: 9:07UTC, alert received 9:10UTC
No. 47865
137 kB, 780 × 820
14 kB, 530 × 444
32 kB, 439 × 290
Sunday night, comfy time.
Blues and Jazz on radio.ernstchan.xyz
No. 47873 Kontra
Not into blues at all, but I'll take a closer look at Johnny Cash discography thanks to this track. Off to beda, but I'll try to poke in more often. Good night
No. 47874
good night Ernst. thanks for joining us anyway.
No. 47879
Great stream, I'm enjoying it!

No. 47880
66 kB, 768 × 517
thanks for tuning in, see you next week
No. 47930
161 kB, 560 × 560
I guess there aren't many reasons why anyone here should be interested, but i still inform you /int/ people.

Der Weekly Album Stream™ presents the German Rap Special™.

Friday at around 18:00 Germany time i'm going to play 4 German rap albums.

11 albums are going to be in the poll, the 4 albums with most votes will be played.
If less than 4 albums get voted or more than 4 on the top have the same amount of votes, i will be the decider.

The following albums can be voted for:

Audio88 & Yassin - Normaler Samt
DeinEltan - JA MAN
Favorite - Harlekin
Hiob & Morlockk Dilemma - Kapitalismus Jetzt
Hollywood Hank - Soziopath
Morlockk Dilemma - Circus Maximus
Prezident - Limbus
Kollegah - Zuhätertape Vol. 1 (X-Mas Edition)
Westberlin Maskulin - Battlekings
Beatfabrik - Wortshots
Rhymin Simon - Mit Pint Und Pegel

The poll: https://poll.fm/10647033
No. 47951
187 kB, 600 × 592
258 kB, 720 × 720
163 kB, 1079 × 720
Today at 18:00UTC there will be a power metal stream, featuring Grave Digger. Most songs will be from the period from Heart of Darkness (1995) to Excalibur (1999).
No. 47996
Fuck it. Gonna do a short stream in a few, music probably representative of the state of my brain today.
No. 47997
13 kB, 350 × 350
Oh, and in case people are actually enjoying themselves. Album is pic related.
No. 47998
74 kB, 574 × 1019
Aah, saturday noon, beautiful weather, time to go out and for Radio Ernstiwan! Also: [ad]RSS really does it's job. No way I'll ever again miss a stream, unless I'm not home.[/ad]
No. 47999
Sun is shining, birds are singing. Time for some Beatdown fueled by cold (also dark) East Germany :-DDD
No. 48000
Thanks, I thought the stream description was in reference to your state of mind, but it's just the band's name. My gym doesn't open for another 45 minutes, and some rage music is perfect to fill that gap.
No. 48001
Band is Words of Concrete. May put on another album if there's interest.
No. 48002
119 kB, 720 × 657
Ay, whatever. I'm still feelin shit and chasing my fix of audial escapism. Might as well go for another one.
No. 48004
53 kB, 650 × 400
>May put on another album if there's interest.
I'm not going anywhere, and I already did all my chores and my share of sports during the week. I'm in!
No. 48005
I had a 50/50 shot at getting the name right, and I blew it :D. Fun fact: it turns out there is also a Polish punk band called Negative Vibes.
No. 48006
Last one though. Much as I'd like to do more, I'm fucked up enough for this to be making me sleepy :-DDD

It happens. I could have been more clear anyway. For the record, the stream name was intended to do double duty as a description of my brain this weekend so far, and the album.

Fun Fact: Before changing the name, the last one was still Audial Shitposting from the 24 hour stream. That was a 3 album dive into Aussie shitcore noise. Was ebin and surprisingly well received for what really was audial shitposting tbh.
No. 48007
36 kB, 580 × 417
>Was ebin and surprisingly well received for what really was audial shitposting tbh.
That stream was fuggin legendary, man!
No. 48008
Thanks for listening. Cut the last bit short since the outro is about 7 minutes of that flat white noise, and I'm kind of tired now.

Also, just gonna leave this sumbitch here to help hype up the krautrap stream later on.
No. 48011
142 kB, 600 × 590
119 kB, 1400 × 1388
135 kB, 1200 × 1200
187 kB, 950 × 950
Todays winner is "Hüsker Dü - Warehouse: Songs And Stories". Great Album which completes the bands journey from Punk to Alternative. Sadly it's also their final album.

New in the poll:
Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising
The Roots - Things Fall Apart
Poison Girls - Songs Of Praise
Alice in Chains - Facelift

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10649509
Like always we start at 18:00 Germany time which is in around 1 hour from now.

Visit the chat and listen to the pre-stream.
No. 48013
239 kB, 535 × 882
No. 48048
137 kB, 780 × 820
14 kB, 530 × 444
32 kB, 439 × 290
It's again Sunday night folks. I hope you had a great week and even better weekend.

Let's prepare for the coming week together and enjoy some good old Blues. In times like these, we sure need it more than ever.

Meet me in the chat, if you like.
No. 48054
504 kB, 900 × 900
Love the show, Colin, thanks!
No. 48056 Kontra
14 kB, 353 × 351
Good job, fuggin saved!
No. 48074
61 kB, 659 × 536
thanks, glad you're enjoying it
next week I'm thinking about throwing some Blues Rock/Southern in as well, to spice things up

also, playlist attached
No. 48142
166 kB, 970 × 970
247 kB, 1200 × 1200
85 kB, 500 × 500
59 kB, 640 × 480
I experienced some severe technical outages which took the lífe of one of the hard drives and one memory block. I will still try to stream some music today, four concept albums and then some turntable action.

The concept albums will be space and science fiction based:
17:00 - 17:35 Flash Gordon by Queen
17:35 - 18:17 Journey to the centre of the Eye by Nektar
18:17 - 19:01 Olias of Sunhillow by Jon Anderson
19:11 - 20:46 Jeff Wayne's Musical version of the War of the Worlds

So starting with some classical rock followed by tthree experimental and progessive rock albums.

After this from 20:46 on something modern, turntable action by DJ KOCO aka SHIMOKITA, a live set of 45 Live w-45 Songs Vol. 1&2. If you want to see the DJ showing off skills on the tables with ease and high energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGywYSt4OOM & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FphMGsUttH8

Watching this alone made me tired.

See ya at 17:00 UTC.
No. 48159
479 kB, 356 × 200, 0:01
>Jeff Wayne's Musical version of the War of the Worlds
That was amazing.
No. 48160
565 kB, 800 × 420
And amazingly close to the original story. Well, at least some major incidents are used to compose songs. Inspired me to read it again, H.G. Wells nailed it there. And Jeff Wayne created a timeless version. Forever Autumn is somewhat known, but to play the whole was a must for me now. And the computer, though battered and beaten, helped to bring it into the radio.

Now the turn table action of the mad Japanese DJ KOCO. I like this live version more than the mixtape version.
No. 48178
57 kB, 801 × 700
Since Neil Young turns 75 today I will be streaming 2 hours of his songs from 19 UTC onwards. Be prepared for some folk rock and long guitar solos.

As a minimal pre-stream a German cover of Rockin' in the Free World by Gerhard Gundermann, Alle oder Keiner.
No. 48180
Starting stream now.
No. 48219
71 kB, 960 × 663
I'm sad to announce that todays stream has to be canceled.
Do you want me to have the stream tomorrow at the same time instead?
In case you want to listen but can't do so on sunday let me know and we play todays winner next week instead.
No. 48220
While I can't replace the album stream (time zone fuckery), I was thinking of doing a kind of open table diskurs over some wargaming tonight (local). Might start in around 2 hours on the Radio Ernstiwan Discord. Even if the stream ends up choppy as shit and unwatchable, hopefully the serious discussions autistic rambling holds up.
No. 48221 Kontra
Going live in about 20 mins.
No. 48228
19 kB, 268 × 268
>In case you want to listen but can't do so on sunday let me know and we play todays winner next week instead
Tomorrow is bad for me. I have some family nonsense which I can't get out of ;_;.
No. 48242
30 kB, 450 × 450
>The Micheal Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight.
OK, now that made me laugh.
No. 48248
113 kB, 553 × 512
Nice stream, man. Glad I made it to the end, especially the last few songs were amazing.
No. 48250
my only regret is that I spent 3 hours listening to sad, romantic music with a bunch of internet dudes instead of a girl or something.
oh well, maybe next time.
No. 48287
112 kB, 1200 × 899
504 kB, 900 × 900
137 kB, 780 × 820
220 kB, 962 × 702
>bunch of internet dudes

did you mean
>your /b/rothers


oh yeah, Midnight Blues starting in two hours, so 9:00 P.M. UTC check current UTC time here https://time.is/en/UTC on Ernstiwan. Additionally to the usual slow Blues tracks, I've thrown in some dirty, more Southern/Blues Rock tracks as well this time, as I had promised here >>48074

Meet me in the chat if you want or just enjoy the show.
No. 48351
73 kB, 600 × 704
Going to do another stream on Saturday since the last one was pretty fun. Thinking of doing War in the Pacific AE, and talking a bit about related topics. Got some good reviews last time I did this kind of thing, so show up. I promise it will only /probably/ give you autism.

Name: Wargame Chats: War in the Pacific
Time/Date: 21/11/2020 @ 1100Z
Where to go? Radio Ernstiwan Discord
No. 48390
Just two hours of psychedelic rock in half an hour, just before the Prostmusik starts.
No. 48400
Monthly electro/instrumental Hip Hop Stream on air
No. 48419
120 kB, 740 × 610
Live in 25-ish minutes.
No. 48422
84 kB, 1920 × 1080
Currently the radio host server is offline. That's also the reason why EC is loading slow: The polling of the radio status data runs into timeouts. Seems to me like a problem on our provider's site, can't really do anything except wait and hope they fix it soon.
No. 48423 Kontra
64 kB, 500 × 374
Seems to be fixed now. All hail to our shady provider.
No. 48429
273 kB, 800 × 800
Todays winner is "Alice in Chains - Facelift".

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10662776
Like always we start at 18:00 Germany time which is in around 1 hour from now.

Visit the chat and listen to the pre-stream.
No. 48461 Kontra
sorry guys, tonight I'm not down for streaming

kinda feeling low

self-Kontra for baw