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No. 46596
55 kB, 1000 × 804
3,9 MB, 640 × 360, 4:55
68 kB, 508 × 213
Where were you on 911?

I was 19 years old and working in a tractor radiator factory, soldering radiators for tractors and commercial generators. I lasted about 3 weeks there because I was too tall for the work place and hunching over the manlet size workbench was causing my back to seize up.

When the planes hit we were all standing around listening to the radio broadcast, and the manager came along and shut off the radio ''out of respect for the 100,000 dead in New York'' he said, then ''back to work you can listen to the radio on your own time''
No. 46597
I was 11 years old, my mother took me to the sea for the vacation, I don't think I'd learnt of these events until a few days later.
No. 46598
Watched it live on TV. IIRC Danish TV just broadcasted the CNN feed. The buildings comming down was just awesome, scary and unreal. But the people jumping.... just nope.
No. 46600
I was 6, and I saw something about it on a newspaper after school. A bit before that there was a lot of end-of-the-world going around some tabloids, some leftover millenarianism and doomsaying from the 90's and that stuck out to me when I was a little kid. Yet strangely enough I remember not really caring that much when the planes hit. Like, is this is? Is this the end? Eh. Kids are kind of blunt.
In hindsight the tabloids may have been right.
No. 46603
155 kB, 806 × 886
I was in 5th or 6th grade.
I only remember that my english teacher wanted to have a minute of silence but we were already old enough to wonder why and just kept throwing around shit and screaming at eachother.
No. 46605 Kontra
I was 8 and came back home with a friend from school, me mum was watching TV and my Dad came home not much later than us asking "Have you heard?", the TV was running a lot that day, I remember Ulrich Wickert, the newspeaker, looking exhausted in the evening. I cannot remember if I watched the towers collapsing live.
Not long I got the 2001 feeling by a YT video uploaded uncut from a news camera men were people run away from the towers through the streets, quite haunting and even more so that these pictures are in our all minds, most people know were they have been and remember chunks of that day.
No. 46608
Oh wow I think you're the only person so far who isn't a 30 year old boomer and even then not by very much.

I was in history class funnily enough. We made bad jokes about whether the pilot was high because we hadn't realized how serious the situation was before the second plane hit. After that I kept wondering why everyone was immediately blaming Al Qaeda with seemingly to me zero proofs. I found that day quite strange. Had a surreal movie like vibe, which is how a majority of Americans seemed to interpeet it.

I also remember the country collectively losing its shit. Ironically it was within a few years of that I lost my faith in our political system totally. I wasn't happy about Afghanistan necessarily and didn't see why we couldn't just send in teams to find the guy if indeed it was Bin Laden and abhorred the Patriot Act and Iraq war that followed.

It's pretty funny looking back how little I realized when that first tower was shown smoking at 8:00am or whenever it was that it was that exact moment that America pretty much died. We've been in some kind of shitshow mode as a country ever since then, although I still blame Columbine as much for it.
No. 46630
I was 9 and my 12 year old sister came home from school telling us that she heard something about it, my parents didn't belive her and turned on the radio.
No. 46631
I was 13. My dad took me to get a haircut. In the radio they were talking about a plane hitting a building. At that time I thought it was an accident with a small plane, like a Cessna. When I got home, my mom already had the shocked face.
Then all channels switched to nonstop news, which also meant they didn't show DBZ that evening. I spent the evening reading some kid's horror books I had already read times and times again (Grusel Club).
Next day in school we had a minute of silence and someone had brought a radio to get all the news. I remember it was art class.
All in all I didn't really care. I mean, I still don't care and in comparison to what has happened afterwards I care even less about that event, I care about the consequences.
No. 46632 Kontra
I just watched a video with lots of angles from the second plane crashing into the tower, some of them make it look extra eerie, like a plane just does not belong there.
No. 46634
I only found out about the 911 attacks later as a teenager browsing the internet because nobody here really gave a fuck, it just wasn't brought up.
No. 46648
I really don't understand why so many Western countries did tbqh.

Like this is just unfathomable to me. I cannot for the life of my me see why the German people cared all that much beyond knowing their quasi-occupied country would likely get sucked in to being a large military/airbase for whatever country(ies) America would end up declaring war on for it.
No. 46653
46 kB, 499 × 602
I'm part of the post 9/11 generation, since I have no recollection of the events.
I know the significance of it, but I don't treat it as a sacred tragedy like some people do. Most my age and below usually make a plane joke in the period before classes start and then never talk about it again until next year. (If they even know that 9/11 was a thing. I doubt today's <16 year olds outside the US give a shit.)
No. 46654
One thing is clear. Kids today will never reach the edginess level that is logging in to american CS servers on the 12, join the terrorist side and change name to Osama bin Laden just before planting the bomb.
No. 46655
I was in elementary school when it happened and tbh only a few days later the joge of Bush and Osama playing Chess and Osama having two rooks (literal German translation is: towers) already, was going viral.

I think all the "I didn't gave a fuck" ernsts in here misunderstand that is is not so much acknowledged as a personal and touching memory but the style, scope, aesthetics and political and societal consequences it brought are fascinating and keeping people attached to it, that is what is important about this event and why I give a fuck. I guess the majority of th world did not felt attacked or patriotic about it, why should it? When I was that young I couldn't care much, I was not able to comprehend what it meant that Bush was going to start a war in Afghanistan, yeah terrorist where the bad guys even back then, that is what I remember. Yet it is quite ingrained in the collective memory and when you look at the pictures it is one kind of a terrorist attack tbh, what is a wimpy vehicle going down a shopping street against that? I nearly forgot that a German Christmas market was trucked, even the Paris attacks are nothing against that. Surely, Eupore had a handful attacks since 2004, think Madrid, London and then a few years ago the internet radicalized lone wolfes of ISIS.
But tearing down to towers by plane and killing thousands, we haven't seen that before and haven't seen that again



the music is the intro to Disneys TaleSpin which is about planes and such. There was a German version making its shares during my teens.
No. 46656 Kontra
That is older then Youtube me thinks. I miss copying shit like this on LANs.
No. 46658 Kontra
In the German version when it sings "Unserer Captain, Freunde" Our flight Captain, folks showed a photo of Mohammed Atta :DDD

Yeah, it might very well be older than youtube, this one is not that old I guess, I did not find the German version, must have been deleted. Even before Youtube there have been enough pages dedicated to videos and funny pics.
No. 46685
5,3 MB, 426 × 240, 1:08
I have this version :3
No. 46687
I hope not the Irish neither the brits.
No. 46700 Kontra
It was the first week of school after the summer holidays, I was in 6th grade an playing outside with the kid from upstairs when another neighborhood kid came around and told us a plane had crashed into the Empire State Building, but it seemed more like an accident still. I then went home and saw the crashes on TV, the building obviously being the WTC (which I didn't know prior) not Empire State and both towers being hit making it clear that this was a terrorist attack, not a tragic accident.