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No. 47353
1,1 MB, 3826 × 2603
No. 47358
>God I wish I lived in Santa Monica
You could make it happen someday. Unshakeable faith that the elusive "good life" is just around the corner is an American tradition, right?
That video brings back memories; I had the pleasure of spending a day in that exact area once and my only souvenier is a pencil I 'liberated' from their library. I was going to donate a dollar to 'pay for it', but honestly can't recall if I actually did so. I do vividly remember reaching Santa Monica, though. The moment where Interstate 10 ends and turns into the Pacific Coast Highway. At that point there's a short tunnel which immerses you in darkness, before opening up to reveal an endless sky and the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful.
Someone made a video which concludes at that spot:

13-46 Los Angeles #12 of 14: I-10 West, Santa Monica Freeway
No. 47359
I want to visit this two towers one day.
No. 47360 Kontra
I plan on reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mathematical_Experience, maybe this book will open up mathematics to me a bit.

I got turned down for another room, they overslept the date and then the next day sent me a video of the flat, today one of them announced that they already made a decision. Fucking hate this room search, capitalism has to die, so that I can live in now vacant apartments for speculations sake.
No. 47366
This m2 SSD cost almost the same price as same spec SATA SSD. I bought it for 5999 roubels in local store (~78 usd).
SATAIII variant is 5750 roubels in the same store - 3,23 usd difference.

Yea, I guess Serial ATA format and it's connectors soon be a memory of the past, in same grave with a paralell ATA, big flat wires and controller cards.

Inserting a tiny card in a small slot like RAM is much more modern way of doing it, I imagine all hard drives of the near future will be in a multiple motherboard slots. It is feels much better than have in your computer wrapped two million five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night
No. 47368
Working and studying in tandem is kind of hard actually. I'm very tired.
Got the exam results. 87/100 points. It's a B.
I'm not satisfied. I only needed 4 more points for an A. It wasn't that I fucked up one exercise completely, but rather that I lost half-points throughout the test because my hanzis were either a bit ugly or I messed up a tone.
(Apparently you also get half point subtracted for writing in a tone when it's not necessary, which is frankly bullshit imho, but I guess they're right and I won't fuck this up next time.)
But then again, I think most people did terribly, because the lecturer actually tried to reassure us that this isn't the end, you can still correct this!.
God, I hope so.

Picked up the Shostakovich bio I ordered. It's very small and very short.
Read through like a quarter of it, and it's more of a soviet propaganda publication than a proper biography.
It talks about how great the man is (because he was still alive when this was puiblished!), how he's compassionate and talented.
Basically, it's the official story, uncomfortably tip-toeing around the denunciations and such.

Tomorrow's work again. More money. Then I come home and try studying for after tomorrow.
At least next week I'll have time to rest properly, because work will be over for this season.

I have to confess that I've only seen the anime in whole. The I have a pdf of the novel's fan translation, but I only read the first few chapters, because it's a quite low priority target. (Or I'm just a lazy cunt :D)
Though I wouldn't have written a sequel to Tatami Galaxy. The ending was worded in such a way that it implied that there's no point in continuing the story. (I think the MC said that nobody cares about what happens after the happy end)
But hey, if it ever comes out in English (or I actually bite the bullet and learn Japanese for my master's) or gets an anime adaptation like the original or the other novel of the author, I'm gonna read it/watch it.

I don't know much about sinofuturism because I'm more drawn to the past than the future, but the accounts I heard of contemporary China's developments in technology makes me feel jealous.
Fast trains, completely digital payment systems, digital integration and so on.
Made me realise how I'm living in the periphery.
No. 47369
>Made me realise how I'm living in the periphery.

Yeah, that's the interesting thing. In a multipolar world, it could be a model for future developments, at least some things going on there could be of importance for the rest of us so to speak. That's why sinofuturism is a nice field to engage in a little bit.
No. 47370
> I imagine all hard drives of the near future will be in a multiple motherboard slots
Yeah then enjoy your murican sized EXXXTRA Large BigAss BoardTM with Super Duper Double Full size case to go with your LXXXBATX board because they're gonna have a hell of a time cramming all that much in there. I've got something like 5 hard drives and SSDs just plugged into my SATA ports right now. Well I mean maybe not the case per se if you wipe the need for drive cages but those things get fucking hot which means you're gonna need to think about that and on top of that for me to have just six m.2 drives plugged in I'm gonna need extra space all over the fucking board.

Honestly it's the kind of thing where I'd want to have 3 drives tops and on top of that--and here's the actual reason you're not gonna see anything like it in the next decade--each of those is hogging way more bandwidth out of your PCIe lanes. Which while you can say something about using USB more it's messy and fucking annoying and plus it will needlessly eliminate things like my optical drives which they can pry from my cold dead hands. This is an added problem because of the way the PCI lanes are running directly from the chip itself and then another however many like 16 or 12 or 20 lanes you'd be getting added from the chipset. I've got a Ryzen 3000 series chip so it's by default got 4 lanes dedicated to a gen4 NVMe drive support and another 16 lanes dedicated to the GPU (top two slots generally) with the final four running to the chipset which is where I'm splitting all my extra SATA plugs, some random shit added into my x1 and x8 slots which I would put on my second x1 slot but I'm stuck with cards being made too fat and x1 not spaced out enough so it's all ultimately saying there's limited board real estate at this point and I've got a nice board too. You're pretty much going to be stuck with something like EATX boards minimum to do that and while needing a lot more PCIe lane support from new chips.

But honestly though I wouldn't want that regardless because while zippy the lifespan of an SSD is finite, not just in terms of overall read/writes but just in terms of the data storage. I can probably still access data on a hard drive that I haven't touched in over a decade; I cannot do that within something ridiculous like 2-3 years with an SSD before the data storage degrades without having it constantly hooked in and error checking. It's the primary reason why I generally disdain SSD type storage for data.

I will say though that damn are they zippy. I can see why anyone trying it the first day would instantly fall in love with not having to wait two fucking days to back up all their data instead doing it in like 15 minutes or something. I also can't believe the excruciating load time bullshit I put up with for years and years. It makes me think my god how many precious hours of my brief life did I waste sitting there looking at loading screens honestly a tiny fraction of time spent at work and I'm considerably more butthurt on an hour by hour basis about that
No. 47372
From what I understand modern SSDs will not lose data when run out of power. Same as amount of their re-wrights now become numbers so high it's irrelevant.
HDD quality is often russian roulette gamble. It was back in times of old MFM drives all of which now probably are dead, used or not, same as it happen with modern WD drives.
No. 47373
Also m2 drives is really tiny. Remove sata connectors and you'll have room for 2 more.
No. 47374
273 kB, 1000 × 800
Oh wait you mean the really small SATA m.2 not the whatever it's called 22800 or whatever form factor. I was thinking about NVMe drives. I mean on some level when it comes to SATA SSDs you might as well just because there's more air inside those plastic cases than a bag of Doritos but still I don't want to waste PCIe lanes and I am not compromising on my blessed optical drives, whose lack thereof is severest heresy. I just cloned my Fallout 1 disc from 1999 or whenever I got it just in case it somehow degrades enough physically in the next 10 years to be unusable. Well, in the case of Fallout it doesn't matter because I did the whole Humongous 600+mb installation (remember when that was half your HDD? :--DDD ) but I do still need it to play my cloned Broodwars disc. So that right there is at least one SATA port I'm never going to want to part with. On top of that I have a lot of old drives laying about, most of which I got into my case and had every intention of reusing which shouldn't degrade like if I had SSD. Hardware is made nowadays like software which is the basic expectation you'll not be using it in five years so I feel like they don't even bother working on long term storage potential hence part of why I picked up a few M-discs (which are expensive af btw) and for which I'll also still need an optical drive and no, I do not feel like trying to find some sort of stupendously janky ass solution to it rather than putting it directly into my case and that includes having to either spend over a hundred dollars that I do not need to for putting drives in many enclosures or switching between a couple of them on top of the needless mess of having half a dozen drives lying around my desk, and yes this includes my distrust of NVMe longevity until proven otherwise which is the sole reason I'd use up something so fast as a gen4 PCIe lane on an m.2 drive. I mean as it stands I already have a couple ancient drives I don't use anymore because they're IDE which means I have to hook up an adapter cable and an AC adapter I need to plug in the wall. I'd rather cram as much old stuff into my case as possible. I know that's not everyone but that's definitely me and why I can't live without SATA on my PC.
No. 47378
65 kB, 708 × 600
16 kB, 491 × 376
Well, if you want an additional storage and an optical disc/diskette drive it's all come as external usb solutions. And with usb 3.0 they are pretty fast to acces.
Size of m2 ssd you may see in first post of this conversation, I did photo of this thing on my hand. But CDs rot, damage and die from age also. They might live long but not infinity amount of time.
No. 47380
They tried? Oh no, they did scammed me :DDD

>Trash talk the company loudly and start petitions to get people to switch service.
Wew, if only this operator was the only one with scammy practies.
Anyway so, it's not that hard for me to file a complaint into Federal Customer Service.
No. 47381
Just scalded my hand with coffee from an overflowing moka pot, very annoying.
Now that I'm established in my new room I feel kinda bored, I guess I need to start some new project, or maybe rather finish some of that translating stuff I started...

Maybe interesting for you, there's a recently published journal with a bunch of articles on sinofuturism: https://sfrareview.org/50-2/ (under Special Issue)
I only read the one article titled Sinofuturism as Inverse Orientalism: China’s Future and the Denial of Coevalness, didn't find it that interesting though tbh.

>Working and studying in tandem is kind of hard actually. I'm very tired.
Make sure to take some rest, you sound like a prime candidate to get burned out tbh :D

Btw not sure if you already know him, but wanna recommend you this blog by this Canadian guy who ended up living int Tokyo and becoming a Chinese translator: http://www.dylanleviking.com/
Lately he seems to be mostly writing about old Chinese movies, but mb you'll find something else that's of interest on his page (I recommend his "About me" as a starter, it's pretty wild)
No. 47382
304 kB, 1600 × 1035
>recently published journal with a bunch of articles on sinofuturism
>Amy Ireland

I know her from Urbanomic podcasts, she has a nice voice.
There is also a book from Anna Greenspan about China and the remaking of modernity.
Too bad Paypal denies me 2FA sms again, I would have bought Blockchain Chickenfarm by now for 14€! Can anbody tell me if Authy is a good and trustable programm for 2FA so I don't have to rely on SMS anymore, second time now that PP is making problems with that.

>new room

I hope to say that soon as well. Have another talk soon, but my energy is rather low, getting turned down often enough makes you expect nothing else. Better not be prisoner of the past, eh?
No. 47385
593 kB, 800 × 533
46 kB, 690 × 459
I read this one https://sfrareview.org/2020/09/04/50-2-a15zhang/ as it is short (15-20min) and grapples with the western sinofuturist writings (Land, Greenspan etc) from where I know the term. It contextualizes them (speculations, also some kind of western fantasy in light of declining and impotent west in a sense?) and puts another branch of sinofuturity forward, that of the urban-rural zone. Which somehow resembles meaninglessness, a kind if cruel nihilism, in contrast to modernity, there is no aim or move towards something. Time dies or becomes irrelevant, as exempliedfied by the lockdown experience, which is not as easily gotten by as imagined in the west, where the numbers of infected is what counts, at least my impression. And a time that is irrelevant, not linear is not the time of classical western modernity.

Thank you for the link btw. I won't read the others as they mostly deal with scifi, which I'm also quite interested in but have no time for atm.

The article reference this (contemporary) art project
No. 47386 Kontra
Maybe the author of this text exemplifies in a sense, that Land etc are doing reverse orientalism, but China remains the "other" as I see it. Even for me, who is interested in that country.
No. 47387
I fucked up my new watches wrist band trying to modify it to my wrist size myself. Now the pin keeps falling out. Oh well, guess I have to go to the jewellery or a watchmaker now to get it fixed.

Since China is somewhat the topic right now: this is not really about sinofuturism, but Palladium mag (they are liberal, but have creative views) had an interesting article on it.

No. 47388
been keeping track of my mood and motivation through a spreadsheet and chart.
s far it looks like a -5 -5 -5 -5 flatline, with some bumps every week.

I think I need another column, for mind fog. Sometimes I just find it difficult to think, and I don't know why.
No. 47389 Kontra
>Sometimes I just find it difficult to think, and I don't know why.

Overstimulated brain maybe? I think more clearly when I remove all factors that are known to increase agitation and restlessness in one's head. Mainly getting caught up in a whirlwind of chasing various internet ephemera (imageboards, youtube clickbait, consumerism, porn too but I quit that shit), but also stuff that overstimulates your senses, like eating and watching a TV show at the same time.
No. 47390
I have a very poor short term memory, so if I have to think about too many things at once, I get confused and start spinning in circles, losing grasp of one thing when something else comes to my attention.

I think I need to organize my day in such a manner that I'm only doing one thing in a single day, and remove all other distractions.
No. 47394
if my little brother is in 6th grade, and can't solve basic arithmetic equations, or even understand math notation, does that put him under the mental disability threshold?
No. 47398
Do you guys ever feel like when you're out and about that you wish you could inflict violence upon someone randomly without impunity?
Like kicking in the teeth of some schmuk listening to hardstyle with a fucking bluetooth speaker or the dickhead that doesn't know that the left side of the excalator is only for people who are in a hurry and want to walk manually on top of taking the escalator and not for standing around.
Don't know if these feelings are healthy or not. (Or if they're natural or not.)

I'm in pain. Physical pain.
There is this weird duality. There is mental/soul pain where you can say, I want to die, because that's the socially/culturally accepted response. But when the body gives you the chance and starts aching, you immediately start looking for any thread to hold onto.
People want to die metaphysically, but not physically.
I thought that's weird.

Anyway, I feel like shit, so I'm embarking on an epic quest to get cured through the Hungarian healthcare system during the time of covid.
I'm getting a bloodwork done tomorrow.
The thing is, I' don't have six months to go on a little holiday in one of the country's hospitals and recover, so I think it's time to step in in advance and prevent a bigger problem.

I think it will be very fun to attend classes with a vial's worth of blood missing.
Then going to work.
Gonna pick up a selection of Sinology essays. It's a book I've been meaning to buy for years.
Strange how work changes your perception of money. It's 1500HUF, roughly 4 euros, and now that I work semi-regularly, it's nothing.
Kinda wish I could stomach a burger. I'd actually pay for one.

Most kids have "strengths" and "weaknesses", often-times influenced by their environment.
It could be possible that he's stupid, but it's also possible that he had a no-good son of a bitch maths teacher.
Just try finding out if he's doing well in any of his other subjects.

My sister is good with maths and the visual arts, but can't for her life learn history, literature or a language.
I'm the complete opposite.
People are people.

I'm gonna burn all right :D
Recently I looked it up and even my fucking last name means "restless". Un-fucking-believable.
Really, I'm trying.
Thankfully my "job" is seasonal, so I'll do it this week and maybe next Monday and then nothing until summer.
Weird how I've been doing this job as a student for roughly 4 years now.

Sinofuturism for me actually shows how little I think of the future of the East. I guess that means that even with all the respect and care, my perception is still orientalist, so romantic and probably stuck in the past.

Thanks for the blog. I'll take a look at it during the weekend probably.
(I'll also try getting a copy of blockchain chicken farm, but I don't know how the post fucking works so I'm a bit anxious because I can't order packages to my mother's workplace any more.)
No. 47401 Kontra
>Do you guys ever feel like when you're out and about that you wish you could inflict violence upon someone randomly without impunity?
Yes, deeply. Although I find this is often magnified when I'm stressed or feeling volatile.
No. 47403
14 kB, 612 × 612
>when you're out and about that you wish you could inflict violence upon someone randomly

Sounds like J.G. Ballards dignaosis about the consumer society was right :DDDD violence of that kind was one if his themes
I'm bugged by some of my fellow city dwellers but rarely had violent fanatsies about them, that is reserved for other people.

>I guess that means that even with all the respect and care, my perception is still orientalist, so romantic and probably stuck in the past.

Probably :DDD
You know there is nothing wrong in being interested in the past but overt melancholia for what is more or less long gone is an unhealthy distraction, rather work on creating something/ a new epoch that can be romanticized in the future :DD

I hope you don't buy the exemplar I want to buy of Blockchain Chicken Farm but Paypal still won't provide me with 2FA reeee

In other news the girl who wanted me in her flat tried to convince her male roommates that a third male can be just as good as a second female. But I would have to rush for a personal meeting, considering it was not really possible long long train ride and missing out on a friends 30th birthday party I declined, a bit sad but hoping I might get the room I had a meeting for yesterday. She said she really likes me (quite a strong statement given we only had video and whatsapp chats), I was a bit surprised, I mean she messages me at times but often rarely tries to push the conversation when it is in jeopardy to fade and even though I say things she could pick up on.
No. 47406
>romantic and probably stuck in the past.
To be fair, being romantic and stuck in the past just makes you the same as most Chinese intellectuals throughout history.

>I'm in pain. Physical pain.
Obviously you should still see a doctor, but >90% of the time when a young and otherwise healthy person experiences some genuinely terrifying symptom, it turns out to be nowhere near life-threatening.
No. 47408
>Don't know if these feelings are healthy or not. (Or if they're natural or not.)
Not sure if that's healthy but I have an inkling that they're natural or far more common than we think. I feel the same way pretty much all the time, especially around the obese. I don't let it affect my rationality though, I just try disconnect from others and fantasize.
>People want to die metaphysically, but not physically.
Maybe some people want to detach themselves from the modern sense of life, detach themselves from responsibilities, debts, self-destructive passions and addictions, and people who are almost always meaningless and not worth remembering. Maybe that's why Buddhism goes trendy every now and then.
No. 47413
The 'rona pisses me off more and more every day. I'm getting to a point where I wouldn't give a flying fuck if 2% of world population die and we just move on ffs.
No. 47415
8 hours without cigarettes.
Btw i vape
No. 47416
Congrats. Not super long I know but it's a good start. For me it's always been about the one month mark that I relapsed. I really should try quitting again

It'd probably take out more uncontrolled but whatever. I'm more concerned about reinfection potential. It's also inconvenienced me but frankly I don't really care. I don't drink and I don't go out and party and don't need social contact so it's actually affected me very little. It probably did the world a net good. At least now people could be more ready for an actual disastrous pandemic that kills 30% or something.
No. 47417
Normally I light one up every 20 minutes so for me it's a milestone.
I have no cravings thanks to the higher concentration nicotine fluid, so I'm optimistic about it sticking
No. 47433
The corona virus is unironically the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life.
No. 47434
75 kB, 680 × 645
It's not only about violence in my eyes. It's also about exerting your completely arbitrary and subjective justice upon your fellow city-dwelling vermin. (The rest of objective existence that's compromised of the arbitrary justices and perceptions of the participants, essentially.)
Telling them they get this punch on the nose for being loud and obnoxious. Teaching them a lesson.
It's an important part of these "fantasies".
It might be a yearning for omnipotence.

>I hope you don't buy the exemplar I want to buy
Nah, I'll probably get a copy from Bookdepository.

>Maybe that's why Buddhism goes trendy every now and then.
Exactly. Even if it means pop-buddhism with American characteristics.

But unlike me, those intellectuals were able to dedicate enormous amounts of strength to studying the past, which is commendable.
Sometimes my existence feels like a colossal but half hearted 19th-20th century LARP.

>it turns out to be nowhere near life-threatening.
It happened before, so I'm just being cautious. It'd be a colossal disappointment to everybody if I were to die right now. Or even if I were to just get sick.
We're on the verge of greatness.

If something that spreads like Covid and has a 30% mortality rate actually comes about, then there's no fucking way we're going to prevent it.
If anything, the fundamentalist evangelical retards and conspiracy nuts will be our undoing.
The only think covid showed us is that we're unable to put up a prolonged (if any) united effort as a society and you actually need to harass people to follow crucial advice.
No. 47435
Today went well. Got my blood drawn in the morning. Having a medical expert come to your house is fucking sci-fi tier.
Anyway, my left arm hurts a bit.
A few of the values they looked at are a bit off, but nothing alarming. (Yeah, I got the results the same day. Double-plus sci-fi tier.)

Greek went well. I got two B's. One for my homework and one for my test from Tuesday.
The lecturer's comment was, "You aren't always necessarily precise, but still, good job none the less".

This language is like German on steroids. Everything is fucking gendered and has at least three declinations because of that. And even if you are armed with all the rules, this carefully constructed house of cards collapses two sentences in because of some regional quirk the given author has.
Babits was right. Now, I'd like to honour the God of translation by quoting this paragraph in full:

>Reading Greek is always a laborious task: Your French and German can be "perfekt"; but can you understand "perfectly" the language of the Hellenic writers? There isn't one such language: For almost every author, you have to learn a new one. The wrote in Greek from maybe 800 before Christ (When did Homer live?) until, let's say 1453 after Christ. And they wrote in Greek in Athen and Asia Minor, in Rome and in Egypt; Theokritos was a Sicilian, Lucian might have been a Syrian Jew. What distances in time and space! Two millenniums, three continents and how many countries, how many different societies and cultures from Mycenae to Byzantium! How many dialects, argots, literary manners and stylistic conventions! You could know Homer back to back, and yet Nonnos will still puzzle you; you can read Plato fluently, and you'll get stuck on the first sentences of a Plutarch biography. When you're learning a modern language through books, there's an entire library's worth of works at your service until you're able to swim freely, without a kick-board and a dictionary atop the sea of letters. The number of Greek tragedies that have been left to us barely make up four-five Teubner-volumes[1]. Scarcely enough for the language - for this hard, sophisticated poetic idiom - to be etched into your mind. After you've read it all: the last page might still humiliate your.

[1](famous German edition of greek and latin works)

Work was uneventful. This time they calculated my pay correctly.
Finally figured out how typing in Chinese works on a keyboard. Actually it's kinda intuitive.

Before I went to work I picked up a that collection of essays I talked about yesterday.
I started reading it on the bus and I realised how much these 6-7 weeks have changed my perception on some things.
Reading the non-pinyin transcriptions makes the whole text feel worthless and clunky.

Also forgot to mention that yesterday I finally got a Chinese name.
It's interesting how many names a person can have. I was baptised under a completely different name than what I am officially, because for everyday use, I have a pagan/ancient Hungarian name.
Then there's the fact that I use a nom de plume while writing sometimes to "get into character", and then there's also my online handle.

I'm going to bed, and I don't care if I'm going to sleep until 11, I'm going to get a good night's rest and erase the growing circles under my eyes.
No. 47436
>I'll probably get a copy from Bookdepository

That's the one I want too! :DDD

>It's also about exerting your completely arbitrary and subjective justice upon your fellow city-dwelling vermin.

With Ballard it is more about random violence, theurge for violent action, I think justice and order are less emphasized there, that might make the difference.
No. 47438
>Sometimes my existence feels like a colossal but half hearted 19th-20th century LARP.
Every modern wastes a good deal of their potential because of all the distractions. Reading the Babits quote from your other post, one gets the feeling that the old men of letters would, as a casual pastime, learn whole languages from scratch with nothing but a dictionary, source material, and (maybe) a grammar book. But what else would they do with their time? There just wasn't anything intellectually stimulating they could do that wasn't productive.

However, though our trial is greater, our ceiling is higher. We have an infinite source of easy distractions, but we can also read almost anything from anywhere in the world, most of it at anytime, for free. And we can experience art forms that the ancients couldn't even imagine. What I try to do is minimize the worthless parts of modernity (Youtube videos, endless time-waster games like what Paradox makes) and binge on the worthwhile parts (good movies, shows, and narrative closed-end games) when I must give in to the desire to consume. So even if I'm not spending enough time reading history books or learning languages, at least I can experience those parts of modernity that the old greats would appreciate if they were here now.
No. 47441
5 minutes after contemplating whether I should take a day off from jogging after experiencing some soreness in my shins, I walked outside and sprained my ankle on flat ground like a retard. I guess this settles it then.
It's nothing serious, I can still walk fine, but now there's even more soreness and I probably shouldn't stress my anatomy too much.

I guess I'll move on to stretches.
No. 47443
Do you go jogging on the asphalt? From what I've heard, if you're overweight, jogging on hard surfaces can fuck up your joints pretty fast. It's better to do that on a specialized running track or just forget about jogging and do some other exercises that aren't that harmful instead, like swimming.
No. 47445
I was running a bit the last weeks, sometimes every night (I did it before bed) and I twisted my ankle on cobblestones, rested a good 4-5 days before it went normal again.

Heard that high intensity workouts might be good, this one does not annoy with talking

I did not all of them, only the once that are not crazily loud in a flat, you get warm very fast, I combine them with calisthenic muscle building excercise, 5-10min twice a day, morning and evening. Dunno how easily you can do them, I'm quite a bean-pole already, but I need exercise since I have back pains and lay in bed most days, university or non heavy manual labor or even office work does nothing to keep you moving in a healthy way. Does the job quite good tbh.
No. 47449
I do run on asphalt.
High impact exercise is pretty bad, yeah, but my joints have been fine. It's my shins that seem to get fucked up if I over-exert myself.
But I do till prefer jogging over other forms of exercise because having a tangible physical metric to strive towards (distance, time) keeps me motivated. Whereas with stuff like squats, it's not that exciting to stare at a wall while counting to 25.

Interestingly, it seems that my back is getting the most benefit from jogging. Legs are already used to carrying around my fat body, so they can take a beating. But my back gets a pretty good workout holding my torso stable while rocking back and forth. I've been walking and standing straighter since going back to jogging regularly.
No. 47450
>I wouldn't give a flying fuck if 2% of world population die and we just move on ffs.
This sentiment but applied to everything in general is how I feel about wectern liberal "compassion". Can't they leave the wretched, sick, debased, etc. to their own devices instead of worshiping them and expressing their quasi-catholic guilt over their existence through weirdo self-flagellation?
Especially considering that the vast majority of such "expressions" are nothing but hot air, and do nothing to help anyone?

It's not that I'm judging, more like I feel alienated completely. I have no one to share the same "reality" with, everything I interact with is at an insurmountable distance of being "outside" my own private world that does not seem to agree with anything else. There's two options for why this is the case, either I am deeply wrong about everything, or the world is insane and stupid and I'm the only one normal. Naturally, having a huge, bloated ego, I staunchly maintain that the latter is the case, but it's been wearing down on me recently.

I can appreciate the beauty of reality, but only when I'm thinking about it. When I have to directly interact with things I've previously admired in my thoughts, I feel mildly disgusted. I guess that puts a seal on me having a "schizoid personality disorder", if that label even means anything

anyway, I actually feel pretty good recently, so I'm writing these things retroactively, trying to remember how I felt at the time. results might not be accurate. Just cleaning up my EC shitpost backlog.
No. 47451 Kontra
We should never take into account intentions when judging one's actions. I once intended to fart, but it came out wet. Intending to fart, I have shitted myself instead.

Intentions are meaningless.
No. 47456
Had a stressful morning after the native Chrome browser on my tablet repeatedly crashed. My annoyance turned to panic after a drawing app also began to crash. I raced to back-up all personal files, half-expecting the device to die on me(~3 years old, so it should have plenty of life left). I reinstalled Chrome, rolling back to the initial factory version. I also rolled back the native email app, because that kept crashing too-even though I never once used it. I just saw a notification on the screen that it had stopped- I didn't even know it had started :D. Those were my only changes, and everything seems fine now.
No idea what caused the problem, an errant update or something. Either way, I lost about 1000 bookmarks, because I stubbornly refuse to sign in to Google. Feels weird not to have them, but I screencapped what I could between crashes.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions :D
No. 47457
That's what you get for not using Firefox
No. 47459
83 kB, 640 × 424
That I lack a large social network to interact with has been a permanent fixture of my life. I had come to accept, be content and accept the few meaningful interpersonal relationships I have.
With time, these relationships have withered and become increasingly distant. I find myself in a position of near complete isolation, this is only exacerbated by feelings of being disconnected from the world around me. Work provides me with no opportunities to engage with other people in any meaningful sense as I lack any co-worker, my social interactions at work being reduced to transactional exchanges with clients and suppliers. It seems my last true dependable friend is moving away from my region, which only adds to the emergency of this situation.
Despite many futile attempts to disregard the necessity of interpersonal relationships, I find myself needing to take action and do something about this, as this has taken a great toll on my mental well being. However, I can't seem to be able to do anything about this - social outlets are either closed or limited due the present global circumstances.

It's entirely possible that under normal conditions, I would be able to deal with this a lot better even if I remained my usual shut-in self. However, not finding any form of way out of this is causing me great despair. The nation is finding itself in the beginning of a second wave of cases and I'm sure it's a matter of time until curfews are put in place. This is all causing me a great deal of distress as I'm not sure I'll be able to maintain my current living situation without a worsening of my mental state - and it's already at a low point that I hadn't reached in years.
No. 47466 Kontra
Looks like I've got a room. I'm pleased yet I shit myself at the same time, for this means a new chapter in my life, new people and a form of social control I'm not really used to. Despite this, I'm glad I got a room there, the price is reasonable, the thrid flatmate has been picked as well, wonder who it will be, the other two seem to be relaxed and rather cultured/interested, but we had quite some laughs while talking for the first time, I enjoyed that in the end. I just hope it will work out in a good way and we fit together to a certain degree. My fears are that it will be the opposite. Anyway, right now I'm still a bit hesistant. They told me I can move in, but not now sadly and I haven't given my signature for a rental contract ofc.

One of my fears I think, also the fear of many other people. Is there nothing you could engage in where you could meet people that you would be interested in? volunteering where only old people might become new friends might not be what you are looking for, for instance. I have no concerete advice of what can be done, but there might be opportunities you don't think of now that could solve the threat. I also had to find out that I'm dependend on a certain form of social interaction, otherwise my mental stability goes to hui over the course of a just a few weeks. I always wonder if the friends I have no won't wither at some point, because I'm moving, because they do other things etc. etc. over the last years, it changed noticeably, but we still met regulary one could say.
So I wish you the best and luck that you can find a way, the outlook is gloomy, I see, but you can meet somebody out of the blue and it might work, it happened to me twice in the last 3 years, not much but something.

kontra because I don't feel like bumping and generating attention.
No. 47478
I listen to some 90s Trance again, digging through old playlists. Melancholic yet very uplifting. The MDMA fueled sound, Ecstasy.
Most people would find the music trashy or naive in a sense. It seems totally out of place for todays world. And I wonder does this music encapsulate the love and thus trust of an MDMA trip while pointing to the time back then itself. Like people could still imagine a good world, opportunities and unity, after the Cold War ofc.
Also quite interesting that Trance and MDMA made their way during the 90s after the Cold War was over.

Beware the cheese rompler piano:
No. 47479
No. 47481
Sleep like shit, wake up and my rego is due. AU$750 for 12 months. What a rort.
No. 47484
What do you want to say? That I should switch to psytrance, because it's not that trashy? Joges on you, I went to my first goa party more than 10 years ago and was into it, yet I listened to 90s trance as well. In the end I did not fit in with the goa folks and drug consumption became a mind twister, yet I still like the music and sometimes think back about how I danced for hours.

Isn't Anneli from Sweden? Actually have been there that night:
No. 47486
Man I was supposed to go grocery shopping today because I'm almost out of food but I just plain didn't feel like it. I'm trying to nurse that one day off where I don't have to get up early tomorrow either. Whatever slivers of job morale I had left have been obliterated by basically getting up at night hours before dawn to work for a company I don't respect anymore and it's killing me the rest of the week. I no longer have enough resources to feel totally comfortable either given the mountain of expenses I still have to deal with. The one good thing--I hope--is that I hope to hang on long enough to see my hours cut because business is dead and maybe then I can pick up a couple weeks of unemployment once they inevitably slash my hours again. Who knows what will happen. Different places around the country are gettig virus wrecked apparently and the clock ticks down the inevitable chaos in the aftermath of our elections with more plausible shutdowns looming. Meanwhile I'm feeling too damn lazy today and frankly tired all the time lately to march to Walmart with a dufflebag to pick up a couple hundred dollars worth of food which I'll have to force myself to do tomorrow. My stockpile for when I thought the next wave would start is evaporated and now the wave is starting to hit everywhere so I'll need to grab that soon to be cozy into November. I just fucking hate doing food runs. I'm also too tired for it lately. Not sure why.

So instead I've done nothing real productive today and just tried staying inside playing Alien Isolation trying to keep my router turned off because it's a real addiction, especially if you own anything like a laptop, tablet, phone etc. These days I come home too tired to even videogame so just having the day off for that feels like a blessing and that gaming is now a project, whereas I just want to lie in bed and watch videos and shitpost after work or don't have time before work to do anything on later shifts. I fucking hate it and get why everyone in this country is a lazy ignorant slug that just watches TV all the time.

I also need to quit or cut back on smoking. Some Ukrainian fitness guy around my age just died from the rona after denying it existed. You can find the trending news story. I waste so much time smoking cigarettes and then I go back and shitpost and the day is gone. I do vaguely remember the amazement with how much more free time I had when I quit before. Maybe I should stay on top of taking chantix again. Waste of time, bad idea in a respiratory pandemic. Oh well. I should unplug my router again. I'm paying the equivalent of a triple A console game a month to waste my life arguing with idiots and consuming trivialty. At least there's a lot of great space videos, interviews with interesting people, science stuff, but it's a horrible waste of time. Fuck. I have ice cream, beans, brownie mix, and rice. Everything else is gone. I'll have to suffer Walmart tomorrow.

You know, I really wouldn't mind that extra $1200 pandemic neetbux check right about now. I'll get to almost 2021 without an income stream right now but that's about it, and not even. I've just about run out of time to do any project before the weather turns cold and my hours already are dropping it's just the ones I have are quite shit and spaced out too much to collect unemployment. Really not feelin it with this job anymore either which has dropped below livable at this point. It's going to be a brutal winter and I just need to get some food stockpiled and extra cash to face it right now. I hope to turn off my router and play my backlog the next couple months. Probably no holiday plans either but I really resent being asked what I think my holiday plans are right now when I'm also expected to give at least a month notice before doing anything and I'm not even given a full weeks notice what my hours will be on a week to week basis. I need to bail on this job but this is a really poor time to plan a new career strategy.
No. 47492
I was at a 7/11 after dark. Aside from me in the shop were the shopkeeper and a large disheveled man who appeared prematurely aged. The dirty-looking man was trying to make a purchase with a debit card and giving some cock and bull story about how he didn't know the PIN because the card belonged to his friend who was in the hospital who had lent it to him. "Friend" turned into "brother" as he repeated the story instead of giving up after his first failed attempt. Wondering if he intended to rob the store I reached into the pocket of my heavy coat and placed my hand on my revolver. From within my pocket I aimed it straight at the man's back and rested my finger on the trigger. I prepared myself to gun him down, watching for signs of aggression. Just then a man in baggy clothing entered the store and said a friendly greeting to the man trying to use the stolen card. One of his hands was hidden so I had to assume he had a gun of his own. Here was the accomplice! Everything was falling into place in my mind. I planned my counter-attack: two rapid shots into his friend then the rest into the hoodlum with the baggy clothing.

Of course none of this ended up happening. The man's friend paid for him and the two left. But it was fun to pretend and this scenario wouldn't have been the same if it hadn't been Winter and I wasn't wearing a heavy coat with room for my to aim a gun from the pocket.
No. 47494
I understand crushing alienation and the desire to validate your existence through violent justice, but Taxi Driver isn't the kind of story that you're supposed to emulate.
No. 47496
>Then it turns out the guy was actually just nervous as shit, and his friend was happening by and helped him pay.

Dude, I forget my own damn pin all the fucking time, it happens, hell it happened this week to me. Glad to know that there's an ocean between me and insect 'macho men' like you, whose first thought is to shoot a motherfucker in the back to fulfill some perverted hero fantasy. There's a whole lot of ground in between that would resolve the issue without people needing to get killed, you know?

Go get in a fistfight if you want some blood. It'll do you a lot more good than escalating from zero to lethal force that quickly in your head.
No. 47497
1,0 MB, 1200 × 2133
1,0 MB, 2133 × 1200
835 kB, 2133 × 1200
1,2 MB, 1200 × 2133
this is the path I take when walking and jogging in the evening. normally it's dark as shit and creepy due to all the harsh, cold fluorescent light, but I decided to have a walk at noon today and it's quite pretty, I think even the old industrial buildings in the background give it a bit of charm.
No. 47499
476 kB, 1500 × 1087
>I was at a 7/11 in Ginza after dark. Aside from me in the shop were the shopkeeper and a large disheveled man who appeared prematurely aged. The dirty-looking man was trying to make a purchase with a debit card - and began to cry. S-semimasen, hazukachi-desu~, he said, and ran away from the store, as fast as if he had robbed it. A silly American tourist tried to shoot him, but then he became aware of that he couldn't bring a gun into the country X---D
Back in '45 I would have ended this!1 Don't they have Burgers in this Chink store?
No. 47504 Kontra
82 kB, 749 × 499
>dirty looking
>baggy clothing
>supposed contradictory statements

You know since everything turned out very different, you should consider having made quite a poor judgement guided by predjudices, which brings me to the question if carrying a firearm with you is a good decision afterall.
No. 47505
My shooting him was always contingent on him attempting to rob the store. My prejudices made me prepare for that event but they did not lead me to shoot because he did not do it. I do not see any reason to do things differently in the future.
No. 47507
No, they put you in a position where you were ready to shoot someone, and in fact in a position to easily do so accidentally because your finger was resting on the goddamn trigger when you had no immediate intention to shoot. Someone bumps into you next time and you ND into some guy just buying a pack of darts, then what? Gonna say he had a gun too?

There is a lot of room in that scenario between nothing happening and you executing someone by shooting them in the back with no given option of standing down. There is a lot of reason to change the way you do things.
No. 47508
I'm afraid his cunt is africa tier by now.
No. 47510
Tbh, if he wants to carry a piece? Go ahead, it's perfectly possible to be armed without being John Wayne. I'd be all for an armed society if people could refrain from being buttholes about it even.

But it does piss me off when people don't treat lethal force with the respect it deserves. Every time we handled guns in high school, whether that was through school or at someone's house, it was the same two rules.

  1. This gun is always loaded, even when it's not. It never points at anything you don't intend to shoot.
  2. Finger off the trigger unless you intend to squeeze it.
They're pretty simple, and ignoring all the 'not giving someone an opportunity to stand down and just going for lethal' cowboy shit, implementing them would honestly have made that whole scenario a lot less concerning.
No. 47511
First day of early voting here. There were a ton of political signs around the library parking lot-which is an early voting location. It looked like Democracy threw-up in the parking lot :D.

People wear winter coats down here, even though it never gets cold enough to justify them. Maybe they carry and just want the extra room. It is Florida, so I assume everyone has a gun.

Beautiful. Did you prefer walking and jogging during the daytime, or is it better when the streets are dark and creepy? I prefer the dark myself.
No. 47512
102 kB, 598 × 175
Almost got in a brawl with a drunkard on the way to work, but thankfully I was able to control myself.
It was a very intense shouting match.
He called me a dirty Jew and asked me for money after threatening to beat me up.
I told him to fuck off to hell and suck on a horse dick, because he isn't getting a red cent out of me.

Then along came an officer in uniform and threw the fucker off.
I could've easily beaten up the bastard, but it's not worth it to go to jail/pay a fine and get kicked out of university because of some low-life trash's shouting.

I'm incredibly tired.
Balancing work and studying wouldn't be all that hard if balancing my health wouldn't make it a three-way act.
Is 30 another euros really worth not sleeping and lagging behind? (I mean, the 6th or 8th payment of 30 euros.)
I'm thinking about cancelling work for Wednesday and sleeping in.

On the way home I think I even hallucinated a shortcut to the next street that wasn't there.
It's amazing how some people seem to have a near limitless pool of life force.
>tfw wasn't born a Stakhanovite
No. 47513
>tapping a guy with a concealed gun through your coat into his back
Dude I'm pretty sure that's illegal even in Texas. It has to be Utah bernd or someone. No one else is seems angry all the time and lives in a state with those kind of carry laws.
No. 47514 Kontra
I hope you made this story up.
No. 47515
Oh, you have the fall the same time as I get the start of the winter. Cute!
No. 47519
120 kB, 300 × 300
No. 47522
401 kB, 1108 × 831
Absolutely ebin :DD
No. 47523 Kontra
92 kB, 500 × 750
No. 47524 Kontra
59 kB, 1002 × 668
No. 47525
Fucking ebin.
No. 47527
It takes me 5 minutes to construct an idea in my mind, and ten times as long to wrangle it into sentences that roughly approximate what I actually meant. I'm beginning to think it's not really worth it. I'm content with just having these thoughts.

I most often walk and jog at night, but only because it is convenient for me to do so. I also like the privacy. But I admit, daytime makes for better photos.

I would advice you to watch this video then read Crime and Punishment, and then also Don Quixote.
No. 47529
103 kB, 1298 × 737
>It takes me 5 minutes to construct an idea in my mind, and ten times as long to wrangle it into sentences that roughly approximate what I actually meant. I'm beginning to think it's not really worth it. I'm content with just having these thoughts.

I guess thats normal, there might be a training effect, not odd to assume so at least.
It might be that the idea is intuition which is not "clear rational expression" (meaning it's not really thoughout), which takes time. Some people have an idea that develops into an edifice of ideas over years. Had a lecture last week where the guy said he develops the idea(s) he is presenting for a good 5 years now. There is a reason why not everybody can or wants to write a book, and one reason boils down to it being a lot of work. Reaching a certain level of coherence is damn difficult.


I bought Blockchain Chicken Farm, there was another exemplar available at bookdepository, in case Hungary wants to buy it as well.
Hoping to finish a book on Reason quickly, so I can start with the Mathematical Experience, just hope it's readable.
No. 47530
My problem is that language as a tool is not very good at expressing certain thoughts. Language is only a subset of thought, and there;s things beyond it.

And I wouldn't say they're not thorough. I can imagine a visual picture in my mind that would take me lots of words to describe, yet here it is, in my mind, in more detail than language can express.

Same with "ideas". Relationships, systems, associations, spatial arrangements, that are pretty clear, but would require wrangling with language to accurately describe. It's still amazing that language is capable of bridging this gap at all, but it's still unwieldy.

Actually, I'd even say language is not "thought" at all. It is a way to index thoughts. Like cell coordinates on a multi-dimensional spreadsheet. The contents of those "cells" are the thoughts. You start with a blank page, which encompasses the search space of all thoughts. Zero information. With each word you add, you slice off dimension, and narrow down the set of thoughts that those "coordinates" address. And you get closer and closer to that singular cell, the thought you actually have in mind. But the search space is colossal. Sometimes, it takes a book to pin down a single, solitary idea and present it.
No. 47532
It's probably RAC. Sounds like him.
>prejudice against them
What poor people? You're retarded my dude.

I also can respect this Aussie but not that meme tier American who had to come from some shitty HOA or gated community in the suburbs. This guy gets it. I grew up in the country. We ALL follow those rules. We all knew this since basically childhood. Meanwhile we've got to put up with people acting like assholes usually tourists from around wherever this guy is from who've never learned how to use a gun before doing stupid shit like that and barrel sweeping people. My dad actually once almost shot a guy because the stupid motherfucker came onto our property hunting because "he had permission" and then gesturing angrily about how "it's all just woods" barrel swept him and my dad cocked it and pointed it straight at that man and said "you ever point a fucking gun at me I will shoot you."
Wait a minute fuck. I alwayd thought the males in my family were laid back but come to think of it he also instructed a gentleman caller to a female relative on the finer points of being genteel and ended it with "...and if you ever do anything wrong to her I'll stick a shotgun up your ass and right when you start to like it I'll pull the trigger."

Thankfully I've managed to avoid being in that position too much and try to avoid carrying for that exact reason. Even just with me noif some guy made a remark to an ex as we were passing him, said something in reply, guy turned around and right when he was about to start something suddenly looked pretty shook and waddled off after he saw my hand disappear into my pocketthankfully he left despite easily being big enough to kick my ass because he stepped forward I was about to sever his carotid with the switchblade I was holding in my pocket. Fucker saved me a possible lengthy jailterm.

Such is life on the murica.
No. 47534
We're not so different after all. Holding a knife preparing to stab someone in the neck if he steps into your personal space is psychotic, I'm sure many would say.
No. 47535
Day 5 of cutting smokes. Feeling the pressure a little bit.
The cravings are getting stronger. Maybe over halfway as strong as the first day.
That's funny. I'd expect the cravings to get weaker over time, not stronger, and I'm more nicotinated than I've ever been in my life, but I still just want to take a nice, long drag off a cigarette.
No. 47537
It should settle down eventually, but in the short term they will be stronger because your body/brain is going 'fuggen smoke already cunt, it's been 5 days, shit' and so is amping up the cravings to get you back into routine.
t. armchair addictionologist
No. 47538
No see here's what you don't understand and the key difference to us in those moments, which is I did not want to do it. I've known quite a lot of guys like you. A good number work out while calling their pushups "training." They get a gun or some other weapon and are just itching for the chance to do it. They do it because they're all Marios in their little world saving Princess Peach no matter how disastrous their actions and the situations, like you did in gunning down an innocent man. They want some guys to try to rob them because for them it is an ego thing.

When you know you're capable of killing you generally don't want to do it because you have the presence of mind to consider the consequences of your actions and the degree to which you're plausibly wrong and acting on erroneous data and wish to avoid it entirely. It is the difference between some guy who's got something he feels the need to prove, and a guy who knows it and is for lack of a better word, afraid of it about him. I maybe subconsciously empathize with guys like soldiers and ex-mobsters for that reason, because I get what they're saying that someone might want to fuck with them but they know what they have to lose. You should listen to guys like John Alite and Michael Franzese talking.

I don't mean to say I'm any kind of tough guy or leagues near them, don't get me wrong; I'm not and that's part of what made the sensation of fear in the man so odd because I didn't see myself that way. But everybody is capable of killing given the right circumstance. Nor does this make me any less hateful, wrathful, vengeful, or occasionally in that mood like Hungary or whoever just wanted to smash some cunts face. We all get that way time to time.

I guess what I'm trying to say and impart to you is like the great 20th century poet said about gangsta ass niggas and flexing nuts, is that once you walk from a situation like that you get a different mentality. And that mentality is "would it be better to let the guy hit me than sin that badly against Jesus and fail a goal of mine to leave life without blood on my hands and go to prison for something bydlo and stupid." It remains to this day a great fear of mine and part of why I deliberately remained single and tried to keep distance from people, because I know also someone can Dexter like set me up. It's the mindset of knowing that, I would not hit someone to prove myself or feel macho, or hit his face, but a silent white calm rage where there is a threat to be neautralized and you realize you smacked a guy's head so hard bouncing it off the ground he's doing that death twitch cause you caved his cerebellum.

I see videos of guys who got murder charges for bar fights and just that fistfight somehow killed a guy with the wrong punch, and it scares me. Like some other things it looks easy but takes real controlled skill to use enough force without causing real injury. Not to mention it isn't like fighting can't turn deadly for you too.

Watch John Alite. You figure out it's sometimes better to let people talk shit and walk away and bridle your own impulses and instincts with self control. Nor clearly does this mean my self control is the best. It's not. But killing a guy isn't cool and to be glorified and as was pointed out itt you shoot a guy in the back depending where you are especially a concealed piece can make your life effectively over and it'll be over nothing, just something stupid like a homeless guy or whatever he was yelling at a clerk and walking away.

My mind does stray to this thought occasionally of whenever I get into a relationship again if ever, a lot of the woman here are shit and products of the society or simpy not my pointless tastes that one of my first thoughts is going to be am I gonna have to kill a guy over this.

You realize some of what's stupid and not. I'm thankful I didn't knife him or another couple people or situations I was blessed enough to avoid. Realize what you'd rather do and who you'd rather not put up with.

Sorry for the rambling post but I suspect you understand my point about that thin disconnect, if you really were holding at that moment. Your last desire when you really have every intent to use it is to have to use it, and that somebody is going to make you.

Fuck I am lucky.
I guess God kept him around for a reason too. I think I'll eat my fried egg sandwich and watch him. Too dark, tired, rainy out for anything else. Anyway take care.
No. 47540
102 kB, 561 × 793
2,0 MB, 2495 × 3753
>Sleep 3 hours because I stay up late to copy hanzis
>Go to Greek class
>Prepare in the 40 minutes before the class for the test
>Test is cancelled because printer machine broke
>Instead the lecturer asks us to conjugate
>Get humiliated 8 in the morning because I didn't look at the conjugation at all

I made a flask of Zhen Mei tea to keep me awake, but I suspect it did nothing besides maybe making me yawn a bit less.

Chinese class went fine. Remembered all the words during the test, though I probably fucked up the sentence we had to translate into Chinese. Probably will net me my first F. It's not that I fucked up the grammar but I screwed up two hanzis, 都 and 师.

After classes I visited the uni's bookstore. Had a nice chat with the guy running it.
They didn't have the book I wanted to get on the spot, but they promised to get it by Thursday. (I couldn't place my order online so I actually went there in person to ask about it. Turns out the webshop is broken and they have no funds to fix it.)
Made an impulse purchase and bought a New Testament Greek-Hungarian dictionary for 15 euros.

Cancelled work for tomorrow. I want to sleep.
Actually, I slept 7 hours no trouble after coming home. Didn't make me feel any better, but it's a good start.

Next week starts the autumn break. But Friday is already off because the 23rd is a national holiday.
No. 47541
Started copying a bunch of poems I like by hand, maybe it'll help me learn to actually recite them, my memory with song lyrics is notoriously bad, can't even remember lyrics of songs I heard dozens of times.
Matched some egirl on t*nder, actually tempted to write her but I've no idea what & at this point it just seems like too much of a hassle. Should probably uninstall it again and focus on other stuff.

>Looks like I've got a room.
Congrats, finally!
>I just hope it will work out in a good way and we fit together to a certain degree. My fears are that it will be the opposite.
It's perfectly normal to be nervous I think, I'm sure it'll work out fine, even if there might be some amount of conflict at times.
Atm I'm a bit pissed at my roommate as well for having his lady friend over all the time :D

Maybe you could try joining some sort of small club/meetup, there's bound to be some stuff that isn't cancelled. I haven't tried it myself, but mb worth looking into, sites like meetup.com or sth like that...
No. 47542
I find it interesting how your class focuses so much on writing hanzi. Of course most Chinese/Japanese do this in school too, but by the time they're adults they often forget how to write even basic characters, due to how easy and ubiquitous digital input is. It's definitely satisfying to write out arcane glyphs, but handwriting hanzi is only slightly less practical than brush calligraphy.

I've always thought classes were the worst way to learn a language, and with some of the digital resources out there (including pirated PDFs) I think they're more or less obsolete. Well, for modern languages at least - I don't think there's very good resources for Ancient Greek or Classical Chinese.
No. 47547
>Congrats, finally!


>It's perfectly normal to be nervous I think, I'm sure it'll work out fine, even if there might be some amount of conflict at times.
>Atm I'm a bit pissed at my roommate as well for having his lady friend over all the time :D

Think so either, conflict will surely arise sooner or later I guess. Do you hear them? Sounds like it, kinda the worst, when you need it yourself and can listen to others living the life :DDDD
I was contemplating dating apps again, on the weekend a friend tried it while the other said it's shit and he only ever met once and turned out to be nothing. I'd need a good photo.
No. 47548
Apparently it's a first-semester thing and they have a point to it.
It's so that you on one hand drill the most common characters into your mind, and to make you realise that hanzis aren't arbitrary, but rather work like lego-blocks and the radicals and components are in them for a reason.
Really, the handwriting thing is just homework. During class the Hungarian lecturer teaches us grammar and quirks of the language, and the Chinese lecturer teaches us how to pronounce syllables, words and sentences correctly.

>I've always thought classes were the worst way to learn a language
Depends heavily on what type of person you are. I think classes are good, because they give you feedback and you can always ask the lecturer the questions your textbook might not always answer.(Not to mention how it sort of "coerces" you into studying.)

>I don't think there's very good resources for Ancient Greek or Classical Chinese.
Well, this is to be expected because these two have no "real world application" (as in, you can't use them to make money = so it doesn't real!!!!)
Though interestingly enough there's a Classical Chinese reader-textbook in Hungarian (written by one of the lecturers of the Chinese faculty and published by a small press 17 years ago. Sadly I can't find any copies be it physical or digital.)
(Even then, Classical Chinese isn't the focus of the BA, the goal is to just give us a taste to see whether or not the Sinology MA is for us or not.)
No. 47561
Man I'd really make a terrible businessman. I think that a real keenness for business requires a certain lack of honesty and forthrightness, which is probably part of why I look down upon businessmen and mercantilism so much in general. It really does require a sense of Imho borderline scamming people and I fucking hate to no end that the grubbiest people like that are the ones largely in charge of society right now. I can't imagine that this is a longterm sustainable model for anything at all.
No. 47564
It's endlessly amusing how the people who are obsessed with INSERT_ETHNIC_GROUP_HERE always display the same characteristics that supposedly define the group they hate.

There's a great old comic of a neckbeard wistfully dreaming of his glorious viking ancestors raping and murdering. The next panel is him thinking about black people doing the same thing, and calling them fucking niggers.

if anyone has the image I'm talking about on their computer, please share. It's impossible to find with google
No. 47570
6ths day of trying to be "organized", and my first stumble.
I'd been in an obsessive and procrastinating mood for the last few days, and it culminated yesterday. Went into an internet rabbit hole, didn't notice that it was already 2 am, took my sleeping pills, pills didn't work because I was in an elevated, manic mood, took some more, and then passed out and slept the whole next day and night. Epic.

Unfortunately, my habit building calendar now has a hole in it.
No. 47578
I’m in the process of changing my legal name, any suggestions?
No. 47579
Böner McFÆGson the IVth
No. 47581
Max Power
No. 47587
79 kB, 800 × 600
Ari Pieti Uolevi Vatanen.
No. 47588
40 kB, 368 × 368
I got a revolutionary idea to save healthcare on the eastern Europe.
Every year post-rona we're going to actually make up some epidemic disease and then we tell the elderly to stay at home. The result is that the babushkas will stay at home and won't go to the doctor as a hobby.
I was actually able to go to a hospital, get two examinations done, get the results and then a prescription for my ailment in less than 5 hours instead of multiple days, simply because the old farts aren't out and about.
Ultimately, I was satisfied with the performance of our healthcare system today.

I picked up a few books, mainly related to China and Japan.
>Artificial Naturalness - Studies on ecology in Asia
>Chinese Dream - Chinese reality
>Umemura Yuko - Japanese and Hungarians on each other
The last one I picked up out of pure curiosity. I hope to extract a few funny anecdotes and stories out of it.
The second one I got because it seems to have a bit of everything. Writings on contemporary art, geopolitical ambitions, economics and military.

Tomorrow autumn break starts. Holy shit, there's so much to read.
No. 47589 Kontra
Finn Perkele
Spurdo Sparde
Au Tism
Dick Black
No. 47590
I was thinking ”Jonne Suomalainen”, very much like John Doe.
No. 47591
Nah, you should go with Dick Black
No. 47592 Kontra
Jonne Spärde :D