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No. 47460
185 kB, 480 × 480, 0:09
Does anyone have that russian elite dangerous webm thnaks.
No. 47462
8,6 MB, 640 × 360, 4:00
No. 47464 Kontra
2,3 MB, 640 × 276, 0:24
No. 47469
4,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:35
No. 47470
Why can't I find this on youtube?
No. 47472
Oh boy the grind in this game. Got 160h in it and have no clue what for. To be able to haul more cargo, I guess.
No. 47475
122 kB, 360 × 270
43 kB, 832 × 630
It's pretty much reminded me of a first person version of Escape Velocity tbqh. Like 99% of that game is just playing Escape Velocity at massively upgraded graphics and literally astronomical proportions from a first person rather than a top down perspective. Which is quite ironic considering the fact that on some level games like Star Sector are way more advanced gameplay-wise than E:D.

If you've ever played EV you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, with the exception being that unlike EV, ED doesn't actually have any kind of a story backing it whatsoever and is multiplayer rather than singleplayer only, but whose entire background with procedural generation and useless bland "factions" provides nothing for the game's emergent story like can happen in EVE so you're pretty much saddled with that. It's a great shame really because the game had awesome potential. Just go play EV and you'll understand why it can be fun hauling crap around and why ED is a bit more advanced in every way but is still basically that game.

All this being stated I actually liked ED a whole helluva lot. It's pretty much a wholly different experience because of its immersion potential and efforts at realism, which on top of that they're updating the gamewith paid DLC that should be a core feature of the base game and actually letting you do things like walk around planets and stations. It's all still going to feel rather bland and Mass Effect 1 tier copypasted because of procedural generation but at least you're now getting that deeper potential to exit your LV and walk around planets and go to space station bars and whatnot. Like, even that is exactly the same as EV, except that you couldn't truly immerse yourself in the Ambrosia game the way it feels to actually begin de-orbiting a full scale planet.

It's a particular type of game which appeals to particular type of people imho. You don't actually have to just haul cargo around although space combat feels janky as fuck with keyboard and mouse. With tons of money I'd really really want to get a thrustmaster HOTAS solely for this game. That's a couple hundred dollars equipment for one game. That's how much I like it. Because I cannot as yet leave this fucking planet and people behind or most likely not ever which thusly means I can only play simulation or try going to Antarctica or the deep ocean left for me since all the bydlo, corporations, crooked order types, politicians, and other such retards and filth have already followed me into the internet and ruined one of my last final frontiers.

I actually do believe this may be a feature in common among us and Russians, which is that of the frontier mentality, and gravely respect Russians for it regardless anything else they may have wrong with them. It is a true yearning and ED satisfies that need to immerse and explore a frontier somewhat. There are many different styles of play here including combat and just trying to be a bounty hunter but you can also make mad dosh just exploring as deeper regions of space as possible in the beginning and selling that data to different stations.

I would say though that it's shitty how much they've pulled a Paradox and broken up one game into three different pieces. Buying the basegame without the landing vehicle DLC is like buying a car without wheels. Dunno how good the next one will be and forget if the landing vehicle DLC is a free upgrade now or what but that's that.

I'd really only personally recommend such a game to select people because it's pretty niche in a sense. It's either going to enthrall you or bore your tits off. There's no real direction, no real story, nothing pointing you towards doing anything at all after tutorial once training wheels come off.

The whole game is basically just a wide open 3D sandbox set in space like if New Vegas had a nearly infinite map and more to do in the open desert but no unifying storyline and no real character NPCs, just a bunch of NPCs to barter and do bland quests with and lots of other players wandering around the desert among raider NPCs if you turn solo mode off. So pretty much if you could see yourself into that sort of thing is where you'll love it or not. Sounds like pure absolute shit? Then yeah you could hate it or be bored with it, but in my case personally FNV was basically just a good game because of that wandering the desert (I think I only used fast travel like twice throughout the entire 80+ hour game, yes I walked on foot in real time everywhere and wished water and rations was harder to come by maybe there's a mod for it making it a real threat and part of gameplay) and not because of the "game" itself, which I found to be poorly written bland and uninspired. I basically just liked FNV as a walking simulator and found the whole rest of the buggy mess of a game built around it to be anywhere from meh to complete shit.

So if you enter ED with that sort of attitude yeah you'll love it. Like I said, very particular. It isn't a shooting gallery. You've got Rebel Galaxy for that. You can still play an entirely combat oriented game but it's really not the point of ED.

So why should you even play it?
In a word, the feeling of Awe.
I have never before played any game that gave me that feeling like this did.
No. 47502
This is one of that multimedia elements that I know I downloaded but I download it one more time just in case.