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No. 48345
789 kB, 2048 × 1020
Other people in lockdown too? Adelaide is not fucking around with that sort of things.
No. 48347
Nah, Dunno how we avoided it tbh. Queenslanders act every bit as spastic as the rest of the country, if not more so but somehow this place has avoided the worst of it.
No. 48348
Not yet and it took me every fibre of my being to not quite work today. I'm getting completely shafted at this point, I felt like shit the last few days with more coughing, tiredness, etc and I'm simply going to spitefully walk off the job right in the middle of the shift next week if ai find out that I'm getting similarly fucked after November. This job can seriously kiss my ass at this point. The sole reason I haven't quit yet is I thought we'd be locking down soon.
No. 48369
Germany is in some sort of semi lockdown. People (except for home office or lockdown'd jobs) have to go to work, schools are open (so parents can go to work) but they closed gyms, nail studios etc. Also there are stricter rules on how many people can meet and where to wear masks. But it's very contradictory (because they can't afford to shut down the mayor economy and not all people are willing to follow hard rules).
No. 48370
>Also there are stricter rules on how many people can meet
(You can meet other people of one(!) other household) Is anyone abiding to that to be honest? Actually I hope not.
No. 48372 Kontra
>because they can't afford to shut down the mayor economy
It's not like they can't, they just won't.
No. 48376
Well, they can't for a longer period without causing further economical problems obviously.
No. 48383
>Well, they can't for a longer period without causing further economical problems obviously.

Money printers go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Update about Adelaide:
>1.5 Million people spent their last days in hard lockdown because of one motherfucker lying about his infection:

>South Australia decided to enter a state-wide lockdown based on a lie told by a man with Covid-19 about his link to a pizza shop, police say.
>But this would have been avoided if the man had told the truth, that he worked shifts at the shop, officials said.
>He said he only went there to buy a pizza.
>This misinformation prompted health officials to assume the man had caught the virus during a very brief exposure and that the strain must be a highly contagious one.
>"To say I am fuming is an understatement," state Premier Steven Marshall told reporters on Friday.
No. 48386
>Money printers go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
That's not how that works.
No. 48387
> He said he only went there to buy a pizza.
Yes. Blame the guy, not the system. He successfully performed a irl DoS attack because the system locked it self and couldn't cope with reality. In IT we call this the normal.
No. 48391
Ayyy lmao
Oi u wan sum pizza cunt?

I just wish we still effectively had control of any chan rather than it just being retards, newfags, boomers, and various other assorted cancers because this whole year has truly felt memeworthy. Meanwhile the Coof House's new Pentagon chief has also been confirmed as pozzed. Frankly I'm just stunned that no one in Washington has dropped dead yet, even considering the fact they've all got access to expensive af experimental treatments none of us have access to, but probably by Christmas we're going to end up having more Herman Cain's. Meanwhile I must actually suffer public transit to get tobacco today while our county's spiralling absolutely out of control and the ghetto ass chinmaskers and red hat maskless coof chasers are all running around like it's not much of a problem beyond cleaning out the shelves of Lysol and arse wipes (again).
No. 48392
137 kB, 977 × 813
No lockdowns here. Our Governor did that once and has vowed to never do it again. Believe it or not, fans would actually be able to file into packed stadiums if teams hadn't imposed their own restrictions.

>Two months after a deadly summer surge and months before a realistic goal to begin rolling out a vaccine, [Gov.]DeSantis issued an order that opened up nearly every part of commerce, ended restrictions on restaurant dining, and barred local governments from enforcing mask mandates and social-distancing rules.
>[It's] an approach that has made DeSantis the target of fierce criticism from Democrats who accuse him of pursuing a controversial and deadly “herd immunity” strategy, as well as from scientists, who usually use more diplomatic language.
>The minimum threshold to achieve herd immunity in a population is around 60 percent, or triple the estimated percentage of Floridians already infected. Public health experts said that means you could expect the death toll — currently at 17,121 — to triple as well, to as many as 51,000 lives
>[Trump adviser Dr. Scott]Atlas...considers DeSantis a standout disciple.
>"The governor is one of the first if not the first governor to understand that the strategy overall is really prioritizing who’s going to be vulnerable here,'' he said. “We feel very comfortable with the policy of Gov. DeSantis because it’s exactly right on target.”

Is Florida a test case for coronavirus herd immunity? Experts warn it’s deadly

Is the strategy working? Eh. Cases rising, deaths rising...but I guess that's part of the plan? On the positive side there are plenty of ICU beds available, and compared to our Summer surge anything short of the black plague seems mild. So the lesson is, if you're going to screw up, do it early so that the people will be grateful for any improvement.
No. 48393 Kontra
Oh shit should've finished the thread first, self kontra

I know even here it might be unpopular due to anti-oldmedia mouthbreathers but you should check out the US news outlets like NBC on this. I really feel particularly bad for our medical personnel, who have to first deal with death threats by Qtards who think they're "in on it" to "spread plandemic propaganda against Trump" and then have to see the same coofers in their ICU insisting they just have a flu because "Covid isn't real" while trying to not get pozzed themselves.

And thus ends the question I had developed over a year ago which is what it would look like for me to go back in time to the plague and try to instruct these superstitious peasant bydlo on what infectious disease is and how to cure themselves, which at the time I'd concluded my only option would be to risk running afoul of the Pope as I told them to take a special euacharist blessed by God Himself which was actually just penicillin infused bread not legitimate Jesus biscuits. The interesting thing is how inadequate to downright aggressively counterproductive the authorities usually are in every epidemic stretching back to antiquity. There's some great docus on the "Spanish" Flu and one of the interesting things is how hard Philadelphia got utterly fucked because they held a huge parade with politicians actively working contrary to itself inadequate health advice (but still accurate policy) and with dumbasses even 102 years ago arguing against masks.

I've come to truly loathe a couple of phrases this pandemic and one of them is "the disease that causes COVID19" which only confused the public more (because it's all fucking SARS-COV-2 COVID19 was just Chinese arse licking because they didn't want to "overly frighten people by using the word SARS" which itself I've grown to hate "we don't want anyone to panic") and "this is unprecedented." Unprecedented means there is no precedent, that it is novel. Not a single damn thing about the situation is novel. We literally had the precedent 102 years ago. There are people still alive today who remember it. The problem is 90% of humanity are complete ahistorical medically and policy incompetent dumbasses.
No. 48394
That's because it is not actually a health strategy--it is an economic one. People like DeSantis, Trump, his lapdog Atlas, and all the others are solely concerned about Kushner's shekels, because a quarter million consumers and employees is easily repleacableespecially with pro-business mass immigration policies you can then blame on Marxists or some silly shit but a stock shekel is priceless.

It's largely the same more or less in every large epidemic. The political and wealthy elites panic about losing influence and wealth and immediately begin downplaying it or claiming it cannot happen here while sending the peasants back to work and die while they themselves all flee to the countryside as the urban centers start piling up with corpses. Somehow a sufficient number of bydlo themselves end up not recognizing that is exactly what they are doing. This is frequently followed by pro-labour policies and reforms. It also often coincides with wars, climatic shifts, and/or famines. Nearly all pandemics happen because of war or trade.
No. 48427 Kontra
And why is that? Because they didn't do it right the first time because of the exact same arguments. This shortsightedness is even worse than the 50s nuclear testing. Fucking bunch of idiots, I hate politicians so, so much.
No. 48431
96 kB, 768 × 1024
I hope that you guys are stockpiled as we've already began slamming into full on shortages, including toilet paper
My kingdom, my kingdom for an arsewipe