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No. 48669
815 kB, 640 × 360, 0:07
Lately I've been nostalgic for the good ol days of the original KC. Can we have a thread dedicated to threads/posts from the good old days?
No. 48670
143 kB, 469 × 875
157 kB, 999 × 437
74 kB, 722 × 269
27 kB, 528 × 358
No. 48671
57 kB, 665 × 537
57 kB, 1001 × 304
575 kB, 1196 × 502
9 kB, 236 × 101
No. 48672
82 kB, 645 × 500
26 kB, 325 × 440
93 kB, 703 × 599
8 kB, 619 × 118
No. 48673
72 kB, 564 × 264
5 kB, 627 × 84
24 kB, 606 × 266
16 kB, 1166 × 170
No. 48674
35 kB, 1230 × 258
4 kB, 605 × 73
27 kB, 1274 × 165
28 kB, 865 × 214
No. 48686
164 kB, 787 × 231
4,1 MB, 1150 × 3664
106 kB, 1458 × 285
99 kB, 810 × 275
No. 48687
26 kB, 1095 × 805
596 kB, 1920 × 2560
1,8 MB, 1423 × 9739
29 kB, 657 × 267
If i have to
No. 48688 Kontra
206 kB, 1044 × 784
1,1 MB, 1500 × 2472
6,0 MB, 956 × 444, 0:52
154 kB, 608 × 293
Also some newer stuff in it, so strictly spoken not all of it from the "good old days".
No. 48689 Kontra
181 kB, 803 × 977
1,3 MB, 1310 × 7928
140 kB, 745 × 645
19 kB, 736 × 125
No. 48690
15,0 MB, 1903 × 32747
5,3 MB, 920 × 24533
4,5 MB, 1571 × 15849
2,6 MB, 1335 × 12129
No. 48691
3,0 MB, 1464 × 16743
1,7 MB, 1982 × 1041
1,0 MB, 1263 × 7472
159 kB, 405 × 1620
No. 48692 Kontra
1,4 MB, 1644 × 6654
1,4 MB, 1680 × 6592
1,4 MB, 1680 × 6592
1,0 MB, 983 × 3805
No. 48704
Can you delete second image? Thanks
No. 48744
453 kB, 511 × 720
396 kB, 1000 × 1011
62 kB, 490 × 367
102 kB, 432 × 485
Rest in Piss old Krautchan /int/, the abomination that is Kohl could never compete nor compare.
No. 48745
54 kB, 370 × 365
For some reason this KC screencap always makes me have a good laugh
No. 48746
41 kB, 703 × 720
If Ernst could just have an extra 50 posts per day it would be the perfect replacement
No. 48747
14,6 MB, 640 × 360, 2:48
Ah well what can you do? I should probably leave this place too.

Anyone remember this on old KC and the menes that followed it?
No. 48749
No. 48751
1,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:04
No. 48758
1,1 MB, 356 × 460, 0:12
>If Ernst could just have an extra 50 posts per day it would be the perfect replacement
I'm already doing everything I can :DD. Same problem on /b/, though. It's all good and stuff, but it lacks a little in manpower, so it's hard to find topics for new threads and to keep discussions alive. I guess there is a critical mass of regular visitors which is not much higher than the current visitor numbers, where this all happens by itself.
No. 48766
42 kB, 746 × 288
20 kB, 807 × 293
59 kB, 446 × 288
22 kB, 200 × 200
Nostalgia is a sickness.
No. 48830
Does somebody have the image of kinder surprise eggs cooked in energy drink?
No. 48832
500 kB, 600 × 800
And we thought we had it hard back then...
No. 48833 Kontra
128 kB, 1024 × 768
144 kB, 1024 × 768
156 kB, 1024 × 768
98 kB, 1024 × 768
No. 48834 Kontra
96 kB, 1024 × 768
No. 48841
Also see >>48586 – sorry for the bad jpeg, I thought I had a better threadshot of it, but now I'm afraid that wasn't the kinder eggs but the Ukrainian glans soup / "poverty soup" which I might post in a couple of weeks.
Also, I predict this thread will balloon to a KC museum.
No. 48843
My one sibling apparently likes soup and was shocked that I don't. It was brought up over Thanksgiving where I explained that it is neither a liquid nor a solid food and therefore an abomination, and that soup is what you get when you've got a starving Irish family of ten and only one potato between them. I will say again fuck soup. However that lad created slightly a stewish concoction as the gummy bears never fully dissolved iirc.
No. 48845
Pls post urinian hot dog soup now!
No. 48847 Kontra
ty m8
No. 48854
664 kB, 1600 × 1200
369 kB, 2272 × 1704
wtf I love soup, I make soup and stew all the time, it's the best food for you
No. 48894 Kontra
Zis.. soup is great
No. 48903
Stew is not soup m8 and I'm well aware that Irish people love stew. That one potato to feed a family was half joke. It's probably a vestigial cultural artifact from the soup lines of the Great Depression here.
No. 48905
We'd call that a soup
No. 48916
151 kB, 1000 × 667
Stew is not a soup because it has way too much chunks in it. It's basically food. Like if you look at here
that image on the right hand side is clearly just food in some kind of broth or watery substance aka stew. I wouldn't call sloppy joe soup. I would not call turkey with gravy soup.

This is soup. This clearly looks like something where the cook simply ran out of ingredients and is trying to stretch his handful of leftovers into what superficially appears to become "a couple of meals."
No. 48917
Still, everyone I know would call it a soup, we call it vegetable soup. You could cut those potato chunks a little smaller and add more broth of course, but the ingredients are what makes up a vegetable or chicken soup.

What you posted is also a soup, but another kind, I'm not sure if there's names to distinguish them.

What makes a stew is the thickness of the broth. When I make stew I put lots of vegetables in a pot with very little water, I want the potatos, or I like to use pumpkins, to dissolve somewhat in the water, also I add tomato paste for extra thickness. A soup is more watery.
No. 48918 Kontra
1,2 MB, 1458 × 768
I actually wanted to post proofs.
No. 49025 Kontra
This is EC, let's not rush.
No. 49189
20 kB, 372 × 439
Remembers anyone the game that bernds used to play - can't remember much more than it was a race type thing with roles and powers such as necromancer?
No. 49190
199 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 49192 Kontra
52 kB, 539 × 479
Awesome, thanks dude.

>tfw we'll never get enough ernsts together to play
No. 49197
Of course we will. We will play a game tomorrow at 5pm Ernst time.
No. 49201
>Steel Reserve in a movie theatre
That's something I haven't done to the best of my knowledge and I've done spectacularly degenerate shit while drunk although to be fair I was probably hammered before I got there or using vodka. Fuck man. That's bringing back some real bad memories. I'm pretty sure that's litetally the worst thing I ever drank and I was do undiscerning I've vountarily drank orange and vanilla extracts, grain alcohol, 4Loko, MD 20/20, every malt liquor, Manischevitz, and even more shameful things, and that's still the worst. I never had a hungover like it.
No. 49227
17:00. Be there or be square!!
No. 49237 Kontra
22 kB, 200 × 200
No. 49244
room name/link?
No. 49245
Nobody wanted to play so there isn't one ;__;
No. 49246
Fug, I would've played but I just woke up.
No. 49248
1,5 MB, 2480 × 3508
I may come next week. :DDDDD

The only problem is, I have no idea how this shit works. I made an account and came at 17:00 German hour. But I stressed and didn't dare to ask in the chat if anyone was here or how this worked.
No. 49249
Ok next Sunday at 17:00 we will play a game. Please join
No. 49250
702 kB, 2048 × 1367
Personal catastrophe unfolded, I'll be there next week. Sorry, Ernst.
No. 49252
I'll be there, but may i suggest saturday 18:00?
That would make sure that i don't forget it.
No. 49367 Kontra
Got a lot of work. I’m really sorry but I will have to cancel.
No. 49643
No. 49668
Wait okay so which is the time for Saturday?
No. 49669
Oh fuck the hats! I remember the hats. I wish us ernsts could have holiday hats like we used to have on KC.
No. 49680
142 kB, 888 × 806
66 kB, 1700 × 285
248 kB, 1284 × 574
110 kB, 659 × 504
No. 49681
94 kB, 620 × 362
38 kB, 746 × 330
7 kB, 1021 × 104
3 kB, 424 × 69
No. 49682
10 kB, 984 × 130
5 kB, 401 × 129
147 kB, 1640 × 822
8 kB, 630 × 149
No. 49683
1,2 MB, 2988 × 1681
I remember this KC Classic moment. Do you?
No. 49684
668 kB, 2000 × 1500
No. 49701
Yes and Nein. But I remember more the lawyer from the US that married khohol girl
No. 49702
18 kB, 670 × 579
25 kB, 811 × 579
31 kB, 811 × 579
42 kB, 925 × 579
>classic KC
Ernst, plz

That said, I still don't know what happened to this comic's author. I have all Episodes up to 7, but wasn't there more?
No. 49703
yes and i'm sure i have them somewhere. But where?
No. 49704
214 kB, 1280 × 721
It was a frenchball that made these, right?
Was zis in 2014 or 15m
No. 49705
824 kB, 90 files
1,3 MB, 124 files
1,2 MB, 129 files
11 kB, 236 × 217
Have some of the good stuff.
Come in, have some of that 2012 /int/ feel right here.
No. 49706
It was 2016? The years slip by me, thought it was from early 2014 at most
No. 49725 Kontra
Well according to what can be seen on the screen, yes, it's 2016. Although 2014 is also hardly classic KC anymore.

According to the file data, the pictures I have are from 2012-2014, but I remember them already being older than that before I saved the whole collection.
No. 49743
324 kB, 1007 × 754
I consider post-2011 era end of classic KC.

t. ultra rare oldfag
No. 49745
They were entirely right though and India and Iran were a couple of our best posters, in fact the retarded wave of Breivik spam happened precisely because 4kankers /new/ went down and they flooded us. Many stuck around which led to the gradual decline of KC until it became the nuKC of 2017 that was almost indistinguishable from 4kanker. It also went into a terminal decline right after mods stopped doing their jobs entirely. Even with shitposts it was at least bearable while kebabs got removed from premises. K*hl is exactly what happens without that: a place ruled by pedophiles and shitposters. in terms of asshurt at mods funny fact I don't remember the context but I once called Trump a fat Jew and got banned for it. I also saw someone start an IWO thread and they also got banned for it and thread deleted. So you still got stuck with shitty capricious mods banning people but it became even worse.

Mods probably also should've given warnings about shitposting and then had all the apu posters lined up and shot.
No. 49746
162 kB, 1000 × 617
174 kB, 1920 × 563
108 kB, 926 × 550
60 kB, 1616 × 172
it says 31/12/2016 on the screenshot
>Although 2014 is also hardly classic KC anymore
Yes we get it, you're a KC gatekeeper and elite imageboard user, well done
What year did KC begin?
t. 2011 bernd
No. 49751
I think that the first time I found out about krautchan was probably 2008, although iirc they didn't even have an int board yet just /b/. I vaguely recall popping by a couple of times in like 2009 or 2010 or something. All I remember is it was around 2010 I made it more permanent residence, although it was some time right around when we still had Anonymous in the name field and just before countryballs had been invented. So basically "bernd" itself actually only was borned in like 2010, 2011 iirc, but KC itself as the international hangout we knew predated it, and actually early KC felt much more like EC does now than anything. We had more of an actual community forming back then. But basically the shitpost KC everyone rags on as an oldfag didn't really even exist for more than like a couple of years or so. Bernd itself was largely a like 2009-2017 sense of "I post on casey" with continual raids reshaping its character, much like an early Britain. Finnish shitposts became incorporated to the culture around circa 2011 or something like that after nonstop ylilauta raids, often resulting in a stray Finnish bernd or two getting caught in the rangebans against Jonnes. The decidedly Slavic character just barely predated it, and formed when the dvach/sosachers kept mixing with britfa.gs to form early /int/. Later years saw it trashed by more and more anglosphere shitposters, generally Americans and a few Canadians from 4kanker after about 2012 but that started with 2010-2012 because /new/ and /r9k/ went down, who were the pregenitors of wizardchan and poltard tier shitposting though they had some kind of backup board somewhere that kept it somewhat managed alongside bans until about 2014 which was the real tipping point. 2015/16 was the point of no return, following the destruction of pure love cozy feels after the Ukraine happening between the Slavs.

I guess that in some sense the US elections merely finished off what Putin's invasion of Ukraine started a couple years prior, and provided the nutrient bed of shitpost and hate from which the latent /new/pol/r9k cancer could grow wildly unchecked, like an immune system sabotaged by AIDS getting overrun by its own microflora.
No. 49763 Kontra
>Yes we get it, you're a KC gatekeeper and elite imageboard user, well done
Why are you such a shitposter?

>What year did KC begin?
>t. 2011 bernd

KC was born in 2007, I got there shortly after. And we really oldfags called people coming after 2011 "Winnendenkrebs". Of course, since you came to /int/ that's not entirely valid, but 2011 was when we got the first real influx of edgy cancer kids. Until then, KC was basically like EC now, just a bit faster (due to /int/) and with less baggage, especially with regards to what can diffuse from 4kanker.
No. 49766
39 kB, 540 × 367
>but 2011 was when we got the first real influx of edgy cancer kids
I can confirm that. t Winnendenkrebs.
No. 49771 Kontra
9,1 MB, 640 × 480, 2:13
No. 49782
I was that cancer. I remember seeing the link to KC some Finn posted on 4chan /int/, i wish he didn't.
No. 49785
23 kB, 534 × 864
260 kB, 1000 × 1487
198 kB, 794 × 520
265 kB, 862 × 498
I saw it on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I only lurked on 4chan at that time, and my first reaction was "How stupid, an imageboard for germans who can't speak english, that must suck badly". But then I checked and quickly realized that I was wrong, quit 4chan and stayed on KC until it's death.
No. 49786 Kontra
39 kB, 400 × 401
>Encyclopedia Dramatica
I remember the entry for KC. They called /b/ a "friendlier, more helpful" version of 4chan /b/.
Of course that was still in the 00s. Just to give your newfriends and kids an idea how things used to be.
No. 49787
1,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:34
>but that started with 2010-2012 because /new/ and /r9k/ went down, who were the pregenitors of wizardchan and poltard tier shitposting though they had some kind of backup board somewhere
fug I remember that, and 4chon, the early days of 4chon were actully pretty decent but I left it after about a year because of all the insane Christians there who ranted about Jesus in every thread and kept screaming about how Portuguese / Irish / Italians and any other nationality they had a hard on for weren't white. Because we all know God fearing Americans on imageboards are the deciders of who is and isn't white.
>I guess that in some sense the US elections merely finished off what Putin's invasion of Ukraine started a couple years prior
Yea I would agree with that, the Ukraine / Russia shitshow destroyed all comfyness, and then within 2 years it was 100% /pol/ copypasta and 4chanfrogs everywhere

>Why are you such a shitposter?
I'm not a shitposter but I definitely don't take imageboards as seriously as some here. And I find people who try to play the ''oldfag'' card to be tedious.

Me too, but I can't remember where I saw the link from, it might have been 7chan or bbw chan (for the faps)
No. 49790
I remember I first started on Casey in January 2014 and was banned immediately for making a
>tfw no gf
Post with a reason of 4kanker. How quickly things changed

Also couldn't agree more with you about not taking IBs so seriously. Like I understand it to the point of barring complete shitposts but to act like poasting on ernst means some sort of responsibility is gay
No. 49792 Kontra
>I'm not a shitposter but I definitely don't take imageboards as seriously as some here. And I find people who try to play the ''oldfag'' card to be tedious.
And that is exactly the attitude why imageboards have become as cancerous as they are now. Because LURK MOAR used to be a thing and retards just making lowest effort threads and bringing their 4chong cancer over without even taking a minute and at least TRY to adapt to other customs make things worse, always. Might be you have changed now, might be you haven't, I can't tell, so I won't blame you personally, but this attitude is simply not a good one.
No. 49794
Oldfag tier. But we all know that /b/ was always shit. It was every bit as mean spirited as poltards and the only reason we remember differently is no one took themselves seriously like they do and would get trolled off the board, so it had higher IQ and better sense of humor but in retrospect I cannot honestly say that 4chan wasn't ever shit. It did get hell of a lot dumber and cringier though and its real sin was opening the floodgates to destroying every single other chan in existence, and some of those were actually genuinely good (like 99).

I still think it's funny in an especially spiteful sense how buttfurious reddit makes them to this day, because it was right around the godawful year of 2009-10 that the rest of the huge "old"fag influx hit reddit, and they fucking hated it. It's funny because many of these were still what any oldfag would see as cancerous shitposters but they still were like the retarded little brother of the last real 4channers, and they completely trashed reddit with stale memes. The result of this is the memes they forcefed vomited into reddit the redditors didn't understand and then vomited right back into the mouths of all the /b/tard rapefugees in a glorious Aristrocrats joke circle of life. Reddit is and always has been godawful to a degree but that was some real cringe shit and I've never said this before but I'm happy to know those two groups ruined each other permanently like some everclear fueled ill thought out night in the mobile park. I hope reddit spams the fuck out of vierkanal and continues this beautiful circle of life.
No. 49809
208 kB, 780 × 438
What could be considered the Krautchan veteran cut off point? Pre 2016? 2014?
No. 49814 Kontra
Depends on how you want to define "veteran". If we take the definition of "has been in active duty", then everyone who partook in KC (i.e. before 2018) could be considered a veteran.

If you take the original roman definition of an "old guard" 20 year duty legionnaire, you would certainly have to set the cutoff point before 2011 or even before KC /int/'s inception, iirc somewhere around 2009. When did Britchan die? It's been too long.
No. 49818 Kontra
Bernd is T6. Even on the internet.
No. 49824
What is T6? Back in my day it only went up to T5.
Ernst got T2 with a crooked back, bad eyes and weak stamina.
No. 49840
I discovered KC on 2012. I think my first thread was asking Bernd what he thought about feminism. That thread got 200+ replies before it was abruptly deleted by a mod, although my favorite reply was, "This is like asking the Muslim Brotherhood what they think of Zionism." Still makes me chuckle to this day.

My early days were complete and utter shitposting, particularly my infatuation with Dana Scully. Other threads of mine included American Power Hour threads for my fellow Americans to discuss their week, events / culture / politics in South Africa and gourmet stool / fine urine from female celebrities. Yes, my early threads were thoroughly puerile (although the South Africa ones were made in good faith; sincerely miss SaffaBrit) which led to wearing out my welcome, but I soon discovered several Bernds shared my taste in music. Around the end of 2013/2014, I dedicated several threads to Metal and Punk. The keinmetal scum were an unwelcome presence, but they all fucked off at the end of 2014 which made discussing extreme music much easier. That's when I dedicated several threads to RAC/Rechtsrock and never stopped. Two of the pals I made along the way was Metalpunk Catalan who now posts here and a gay Jewish dude from the Midwest who I haven't seen since the collapse of old KC. Neither of them shared much of my taste in Rechtsrock, but they certainly liked the non-political or lefty Metal I'd occasionally bring up.

We've gone over this before, but if you really want to blame any source for mainstreaming memes, Encyclopedia Dramatica would be the culprit. That site along with trash like forumwarz, Attack of the Show and other meme-based "entertainment" completed the imageboard-to-reddit-pipeline. Then came Know Your Meme and other such sites.

As to what led to KC's decline, the death of pure love was the first and most visible fracture in the facade for me. The annexation of Crimea accelerated the hostility on the board, and each subsequent year led to more enmity and less coziness.
No. 49841 Kontra
I would say 2012 is the latest anyone from KC could be considered an oldfag or veteran. I was very much on the cusp of being between oldfag and newfag, and my shitposting lent myself to being classified as a newfag. If you remember pure love threads, you're an oldfag.

Actually, fuck everyone who tries to shame me for funposting. Funposting is not a crime. Although yes, you can overdose on it, so it needs to be kept in check lest you wind up like ylilauta
No. 49874
79 kB, 1200 × 1200
At least i was called a newfriend when i joined somewhere around that time (give or take).
No. 49920 Kontra
Good to know you were always a shitposter.
No. 50058
Anybody have the screenshot from the guy that took in a female junkie and tried to detox her in his bahtroom?
No. 50060
I do somewhere but it's on a much older hard drive. Hang on let me see if I can find it
No. 50061
550 kB, 1309 × 4038
1,1 MB, 1308 × 1862
228 kB, 479 × 872
1,1 MB, 1500 × 2472
No. 50063
168 kB, 800 × 641
171 kB, 719 × 661
104 kB, 1868 × 715
110 kB, 1167 × 544
No. 50065
82 kB, 1207 × 419
3,0 MB, 1348 × 11631
261 kB, 1298 × 653
1,7 MB, 1472 × 16653
Oh damn not a whole lot on this drive either. Oh fuck it I'm not rooting around through the even older shit probably none of it is labelled. I totally forgot about the Spanish bernd who did gayporn too.
No. 52000
16,8 MB, 640 × 360, 7:06
No. 52002 Kontra
4 kB, 180 × 320
I love the Earthbound-music from 0:19 to 0:42

No. 52015 Kontra
I had completely forgotten that old kc was so good. God, why did I lurk on fucking kohl for years, it is worse than 4chongs /b/ was in 2009.
No. 52052
Because there needs to be a balance between shitposting and serious discussions. Having one or the other is hardly anything I would call fun.

Kohl is far from anything resembling the old days of KC yet the community is extremely active which is why posting there is addicting. The 100mb filesize limit is also very amenable to filesharing, so there's that, too. If there were fewer unfunny shitposters and pedoscum, KC would be perfect.

bernd.group is promising, but needs more activity.

EC, on the other hand, is much slower and considerably less fun as a result. There are a few legacy posters from Old KC who've taken up residence here, namely Metalpunk Catalan and Thicc Mick, which is why I occasionally haunt this place. Still, this place is way too stuffy and boring.
No. 52107
That's one of the reasons I stayed here. It's easy to waste many hours a day on a fast board and why would I waste my time on these shitposters? Wasting my life on KC was one of the worst choices I ever made and over time it will warp you and your perspectives. I cannot imagine how mentally damaged the actual perpetual virgins now are.

This place is at least slow enough that it forces me to either engage with something mentally and really think about it, or to go and watch documentaries instead or hell even clear my backlog. It's nourishing. It's like the difference between eating buttered brussels sprouts versus subsisting entirely on dollar menu KFC. It might taste good but it's going to ruin you quickly on imageboard shitholes. If you're not used to it on a good board it'll leave a stale taste at first until your mind starts to crave it over time.

The real issue with EC is just there isn't enough of us, which is probably why it is good. When you get too many people you approach ruining the hobby tier, who inevitably bring in all their worst shitposters until it looks like ylialauta, sosach, or k*hl, who in turn bring more people on until it is like 4kanker which is literally just a reddit clone at this point filled with cranky Fox watching literal 60 year old boomers. The only other evolutionary pathway to the IB is either irrelevance and coziness, or degeneracy until the point it is only not shut down by the feds because it's turned into a honeypot like cabbage probably is.
No. 52775
No. 52778
>over time it will warp you and your perspectives
I think anyone who has been through the imageboard ringer will know exactly what you mean. That's why imageboards are particularly damaging these days because of the huge number of impressionable young people on them getting warped into taking hormones or god knows what else.

Personally, after being on imageboards since about 2005 I no longer feel influenced by them at all. I don't hold any imageboard as part of my identity (I don't see myself as a bernd or ernst or anon or anything, any of these boards could die tomorrow and it wouldn't affect me)

But I do know how easily these places can turn people into useful idiots, especially considering something like 60% of posts these days are bots, shills or paid influencers on popular boards.

>Still, this place is way too stuffy and boring
It can be, but it's miles better than old EC. I got banned from that place like 3 times just for having the wrong opinion (I wasn't even rude). In my opinion EC is at least fairly unique in that it's a polite board, other boards that are just as sparsly populated as EC are often full of shit flinging even though there's like 30 people on them.
No. 52781
No. 52789 Kontra
I'm going to make money off these rubes someday. Make one stupid thing that validates their stupid kulturkampf opinions and they'll buy it. The sole thing they're right about is trannyism really is a plague, but these people are equally detached from reality if not moreso. Imageboards became like what happened to 9/11 truth Ron Paul tiers becoming the Fox "news" Sarah Palin Tea Party Express. They're radical establishmentarians now and useful idiots to suck the cocks of the wealthy elites and everything is a race to the bottom.

But kids though, man. I worry too about what pornography has done to people hell I mean you can legally do super degenerate shit if you were born in 2003. People born in 2003 are doing porn. Everyone is getting scammed, everyone who's a kid turned into some useful idiot or another. The system is rotten through and through and rather what some of us hoped, that a free and open internet would make the world a better place, it actually managed to make it infinitely worse. All that happened is we marched into an even worse dystopia ruled by a tiny circle of billionaires faster than before.
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