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No. 50186 Systemkontra
87 kB, 1160 × 772
News thread here.

Post articles, opinions and your personal Two Minutes Hate here.
No. 50300
52 kB, 990 × 749
245 kB, 1600 × 800
Good news, everyone! Greyhound racing is now illegal in Florida.

>A little more than 25 months ago, state voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 13, outlawing greyhound races, starting in 2021, and issuing what could amount to a national death sentence for the century-old U.S. sport.

>"It’s no secret, dog racing has been on the decline for several years now," said Palm Beach Kennel Club president Patrick Rooney Jr., whose family has owned the track since 1969. "Dog racing was not long for this world."

>Rooney, the grandson of Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney and nephew of former U.S. ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney, said changing views on animal rights has put greyhound racing on the fast track to extinction.

>Animal rights activists have long opposed greyhound racing, saying the dogs live in cramped quarters and suffer from difficult work conditions.

>"Anything with an animal component to it is going to have a difficult time surviving in this society that we are becoming," said Rooney, theorizing that dog racing, horse racing and the rodeo could someday go the way of the circus. "We are being more sensitive to, whether real or imagined, the feelings of animals and how they're treated."

>With Florida's ban now in place, there are laws on the books in 41 states against the sport, according to Christine Dorchak, co-founder of the anti-racing group GREY2K.

Dog days of Florida come to an end, with total demise of U.S. greyhound racing within sight

Long form article from 2018:


tldr: Animal rights groups hate greyhound racing because of poor living conditions for the dogs, over-breeding, injuries and track deaths. Proponents of the sport feel differently. I side with the former.
No. 50301
This is good news actually. It also helps that there's fewer and fewer excuses for the Chinese to engage in whataboutism.

Also interesting regional news
Somebody was allegedly destroying batches of vaccines intentionally. I do not know if these allegations are inaccurate, or if it was one of our tilepainters who's convinced vaccinations are a NWO plot or something.
No. 50303
Why is less freedom and more laws good news? Is there a point where you will stop or do you plan to go on and declare more and more things immoral and illegal?

Do you want to people to live like medieval peasants? Soon, everything will illegal, only slaving away and shopping will be allowed. WAGEY WAGEY GET IN CAGEY.
No. 50304
71 kB, 1280 × 692
>Torturing and eating man's best friend is good
>vaccinating people against plagues bad
No. 50307
>Why is less freedom and more laws good news?
In most situations it wouldn't be, but in this case the well-being of greyhounds is more important than any economic benefit gained from racing. The loss of any freedom is no small thing, but as a society we need to balance our individual rights with wider ethical concerns. Think of our basic labor laws: We don't employ children and we require a minimum wage. This restricts freedom, but those restrictions allow us to maintain a minimum level of economic morality.
No. 50309
43 kB, 879 × 407

This bill sucked and there's a lot about it passing which is not a cause for celebration. None of it involved a ChiCom plot to empower big tech or whatever the fuck soon-to-be-former President Retard is going on about. He's literally just upset that his Twitter account is likely to get permabanned as soon as he's out of office and no one is willing to repeal crucial Internet legislation to spite them. If Section 230 had been repealed, the entire internet would only consist of Facebook, Google and Twitter. Ergo, we would have even less freedom than we do now.

All those knuckle-draggers going on about how this was "4D chess" to get compromise on 230, how this was never about full repeal or whatever the fuck, here you go. He got tamed by the lame duck. The most pitiful way to go out. The only way this could get worse for him is if he did something stupid in January to try and stay in office and got booked under the Insurrection Act for it.

It seems we can still enjoy a few years more of internet freedom so long as 230 remains untouched. The important thing now is to start regulating the banks. Fair Access to Financial Services proposed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency looks like a promising piece of crucial legislation that will guarantee internet freedom. If signed, it will forbid banks from denying services to people on account of their religious or political beliefs. Banks would have to prove malfeasance, delinquency or criminal activity before terminating anyone from their services:

Of course, if I had things my way, the banks would be nationalized, but that tends to get you shot if you're too loud about it. Huey Long knew this to be true as have others. Since we can't have nationalized banks, this will do.
No. 50330
10,5 MB, 4205 × 2793
I grew up next to the greyhound race track in Limerick City, every Tuesday and Thursday night there would be races and afterwards when the cars would clear off and the crowds would disappear you'd see the ground nearby covered in old needles and shit.

They used to pump the dogs full of adrenalin before the races and just chuck the needles on the ground outside people's houses where kids would be playing. Some knacker stabbed me through the hand with a needle one evening while we were playing soccer because it was the closest thing at hand.

I ended up having to get a series of blood tests to make sure I didn't have HIV and it turned out to be a greyhound adrenalin shot that was in the needle.

It's a dirty sport, the people who engaged in it were all scummy from what I saw and that's not even including the shit they did to the dogs once they were all used up
No. 50338
I have developed a particular loathing for people like dog breeders and a very particular sort of person that involves themselves with animals for scummy exploitative ecomomic reasons. Like I can at least understand having contempt for the underclass as someone like RAC developed, or as someone who's upperclass, or even as another lower class person because our species is frequently so loathsome to deal with, however there's a certain particular hell for people that behave towards the truly helpless and innocent like that. OHHH I just recognized what that feeling is--it's the exact same sort of feeling I have towards pedos trying to explain how they "truly love them" and "the kids were asking for it" and get involved economically pimping kids and selling CP. That is how I feel about them. There's something even more depraved when money is involved so nothing you said surprises me, and I've also come to understand over the last two years why people shit on problem gamblers. As you move closer and closer to self centeredness and self absorption you tend to find not just one Slaaneshi thing but all of them, and gamblers are degenerates because they think they're entitled to win and also think they're smarter than the game master, and the real problem gamblers typically can't take that hit to their ego they're wrong, stupid, or a loser right now, which fuels them plunging the rest of their finances rather than take it on the chin and move on.

It makes me think about breeders. I fucking hate breeders. Some might be passable human beings but the majority are fucking scumbags. The type of people who go to those Thanksgiving dog breeder shows and take it seriously. Sorry I'm just ranting now but yeah, it's not just the culture around animal racers, and it wouldn't surprise me if many of those got involved in the seedier sides of both like gambling on cockfighting and dog breeding for dog fighting. I reserve extra special loathing for the shit about pitbulls. I'm a country boy so I've got a specially warm place in my heart for pits like most normal white people and mournful viciousness towards people that make a business out of breeding them for underground fights.this also probably marks the point I stopped considering poltards human, when they launched a masssive shitposting campaign to try to get pitbulls exterminated because they thought it would make people racist or some astoundingly fucktarded shit

Yknow, I don't typically like doing political shitposts and particular hate what burger politics does to anything it touches, but I have been wanting to post about the stimulus thing, just because it's hilarious to an extent I'm not entirely sure non-Americans can fully appreciate the absurdity of it. I've actually got tabbed links I keep meaning to post then being too lazy or hesitant to expound upon it. We've got Lindsay Graham of all people and a large wing of GOP who fucking hate gibes to anything not named Israel Wahid McShekelstein INC. all now loudly demanding ludicrous gibes because Trump demanded it, and Trump demanded it specifically not just because it makes him look good on the way out the door but also because it would fuck over McConnell and Thune. I mean he's really just squeezing their fucking balls and it's goddamn hilarious. Donald Trump is up there with Bernie Sanders right now and a few others like Hawley and Graham joining with Pelosi and Schumer and they're just squeezin' em so damn hard.

Since you posted this I'll try and remember to make a more well composed post later explaining what's happening and why it's so hilarious because that is directly related and the tl;dr for anyone sane non-retard who tuned out our politics is that after people like Mnuchin and all the rest worked on hammering out a stimulus bill and ironing out all the concessions and compromises, Trump, at the absolute last possible minute shat all over the relief package. His chief bitches were that the checks were too smallhe said that one first and most loudly true but the media ran with it while downplaying the next two demands, that it contained lots of pork and handouts to other countries, and that 230 wasn't repealed. The last he's butthurt about for obvious reasons, but the gibes to foreign countries was dumb because it's an omnibus bill that contained all federal funding and which was approved and many line items argued for by his White House, which it's pretty damn clear he had little to do with the federal budget and probably delegated it to his staff then promptly ignored it so I bet he was genuinely surprised to find out it included millions of dollars to other countries, and quite probably was confused the difference between the Covid relief and the federal budget, and didn't know what is an omnibus bill.
No. 50339 Kontra
Oh shit and I forgot to add, for the rest of the context despite all that may be rightfully said about the guy let's not forget the budget his own administration argued for included a whopping $500 million to Israel he conspicuously didn't mention instead preferring to complain Egypt or Panama or whoever got $10 million here and there, for starters but he truly has been on our side with the checks this entire time. Whether it's because he liked signing his name on them is irrelevant to me. He's argued for 1200 plaguebux all fall.

Now the context is that the Republicans didn't want to cut any stimulus checks period, and it was the Republicans particularly Senate Republicans who forced Dems to compromise on $300 enhanced UI and $600 stimulus checks which is half what they wanted, except guys like Bernie Sanders who'd been arguing it should be a couple grand since the Spring.

Now the reason why for all this is because Mitch McConnell and Thune, who opposed plague gibes, instructed their colleagues to confirm Joe Biden. McConnell has always just barely tolerated Trump. When it became clear there was no path forward and seemed like GOP base backlash would be minimal he finally signalled Biden was the legitimate successor. This absolutely infuriated Trump. So the entire stimulus drama was specifically Trump retaliating against McConnell and all the establishment poorfag hating neocons specifically calculated to make them look like absolute shit around the holidays because it put them in the position of telling the American voter "it was Mitch McConnell's GOP that refuses to let you have Trump's $2000 Christmas present."

Now what is the other relevant piece of context? There's two Georgia senate races happening right now that, if they both lose, will effectively give Dems control over the Senate because it would split 50/50 with Kamala casting the tie breaking vote, and McConnell would lose his job as Senate Majority Leader and all the power with it. As such, what Trump basically just did was twist the fuck out of Mitch's balls and say, fine, but if I'm going down you're going down with me while threatening to burn down the whole GOP with him. This is partly why Trump probably doesn't give a shit if the checks are a separate vote that forces Senators to vote on that and only that because their choice then is either make Trump look golden at the end as every non-richfag American gets a new $1400 check with Trump's name on it, or burn down McConnell and all the Republicans he sees as traitors to him.

Likewise, McConnell tried bundling it with the other stuff because he knows it has no hope of passing and is an easy way out for him to get the huge corona checks killed without having to risk his own position and blame Dems for it failing instead.

Sadly, this all amounts to these guys playing poker against each other with our money in the end.
No. 50348
Good analysis. It's all very frustrating. I'm starting to entertain the idea of Liquid Democracy being better than both representative and direct democracy.


But in the end, I think most people are afraid to be free and handle the moral responsibilities that come with it, so we'll have to outsource this job in a way that just limits party politics damage.
No. 50354
50 kB, 1200 × 675
I guess it's finally just gotten killed by Mitch. The other interesting thing to note is apparently the guy is married to a Chinese woman with literally tens of millions of dollars of suspicious money coming from literally CCP linked companies and bank accounts, so I question whether an investigation of McConnell would happen at this point. It would be interesting to see how Trump behaves the next couple of days and whether he just says fine fuck it and lets the GOP flounder as a way of saying "fine, you want to make me look bad and be ungrateful for all the campaigning I did to get you reelected in Kentucky and help all you guys? Then enjoy a Dem run government. You're fucking nothing without me!"

Sadly this all of course means I don't get muh muhfuggin plague gibes but! on the plus side I am hoping I can catch some more hot unemproyu layoff action, which if it happens in January every a few weeks could almost effectively hit that point. On top of that, Biden, unlike the rest of Washington including Trump and everyone around Trump, didn't go to any elite schools and has more modest background so he's probably destined to be more sympathetic to poorfags and has already signalled those checks are a "down payment." Which tbqh even though in my immediate interest makes me nervous how used to printing money these people are now and it reminds me of John Bagot Glubb's Fate of Empires essay. I do believe we're in that terminal decline/implosion phase however this is a situation where like you're stranded in a foreign country, robbed, have no cash, no passport, gangs roam at night, and all you've got is a credit card, so is your priority really going to be figuring out how to pay off your credit card debt right then?

We're heading deeper into the pestilence jungle here right now, it's getting real bad and it will get worse, so I guess we should be fine to just brrrr our way out of this one and worry about paying the national debt bills in 2022. I'm much more optimistic about the fate of my country right now however, as I feared back even several months ago, though had I twenty grand lying around I'd still definitely sink some of it into gold and euros however right now I'd actually start picking up devalued American stocks. I no longer fear the economic implosion, knock on wood. I'm just hoping we manage better this year. With McConnell in charge I'm not sure how Biden plans on passing more stimulus checks though.

You have to understand the level of tile painting though. This is something I greatly underestimated prior to the pandemic which taught me better. We need a professional and expert class running things, particularly if education is shit. I really wouldn't trust these idiots to run the country, be it direct democracy, worker councils, whatever, though clearly the "professional" class proved itself even worse tile painters so your point stands.

Some of it may be superstructural and impossible to overcome. All empires suffer this. Tech helps a lot, but the user at the terminal you have to keep in mind isn't even that many generations out from literal peasants. As I began reading about commie societies I came to understand this great burden of any modern society, which the Chinese know well, namely that a bulk of people are peasants suited literally for tile painting and that it takes generations to cultivate non-peasant modes of thinking and requires great sweeping transformations to cultivate non-bydlo cultural habits. PRC still fights rampant superstition, spitting on buses, bat munching stupidity on a daily basis. This is why democracy totally failed in places like Iraq. You can't just give them the vote. It requires a great deal of socio-cultural infrastructure, intellectualism, and broad education as an edifice before you can even dream of a functioning democracy, and when you let your guard down you'll rapidly discover what barbarian savages with whom you share the country.

The crucial lesson the pandemic taught me is until you achieve something advanced dreamed up by the secular humanists, the Western liberals, or the Communists, democracy cannot be achieved, and society requires a state to function prior to any utopian mirage. The fascists and national socialists and all those understood likewise what brutal matter was Man, but created a brittle and inhumane system instead and vested their cause of whatever they deemed creating the Neu Man, that brownshirt Homo Novo Sovieticus, in as equal if not more retarded and depraved fool for leader of their new order.

I think the bottom line is you need a professional class vested with upraising their countrymen to sophistication and a State superstructure while teaching a new generation to fulfill that society before you can think direct democracy. The worst lesson of this pandemic is the critical importance of one thing: leadership. Ours has been terrible more or less from all sides specifically because it is a decadent and decayed late stage empire where the whole infrastructure upon which the democracy is built have degenerated, so it's debatable whether eliminating the corrupt Roman Senate we have would do anything but pave the way for a Crassus or Caligula or Nero or Turkmenbashi to seize that moment.

In truth, I'm at a total loss how to fix things, and keenly aware of the fact that my total disengagement from it to play vidya instead is only symptomatic and contributing to my society's overall downfall.
No. 50388 Kontra
3,9 MB, 400 × 373, 0:08
No. 50399
While fears of imminent downfall or collapse tend to come along all the time and be overplayed, it's still possible and likely to happen sometimes. The US in 2021 are certainly looking like a real candidate.

Watch out for McConell trying to block cabinet nominations and other important positions, the Sanders/AOC left becoming increasingly frustrated with Biden, a butthurt Trump sniping at everybody from the outside. It can only get worse, really.
No. 50540
Ohhhh I think I now know why
I could not for the life of me figure out why the hell anyone would be offended by such a thing let alone tens of thousands but then I remembered that Australia is infested with China-first Chinese
No. 50560
No. 50561
75 kB, 876 × 605
130 kB, 900 × 600
97 kB, 876 × 584
No. 50562
These retards have zero opsec lol. All going to get vanned
No. 50563 Kontra
40 kB, 476 × 595
I don't want the American government to ever lecture us or any other country on how to run a stable democracy ever again.
No. 50564
Consider this entire shitshow Saddam and Gaddafi's revenge.
No. 50566
Dark times are coming to this planet. From now on you will remember your worst moments as yours' best in comparison to what is coming. Heed my words.
No. 50567
No. 50568 Kontra
Lmao USA are now officially third world tier.

Don't be so melodramatic, Vanya.
No. 50569
587 kB, 500 × 787
136 kB, 736 × 569
>These retards have zero opsec
They actually think they're the good guys. If you've seen their MAGA echo chamber, they've been builing up to this moment since the election. Pic related really gets the the Q crowd riled up. All John Wayne, saving the world. Unbelievable. A nation of Christians with no discernment.

Once Trump is gone we'll just say it was all his fault, and then get back to calling ourselves the Shining City on a Hill®.
No. 50575 Kontra
140 kB, 658 × 1024
If they were black they'd have all been mowed down by the cops. Frankly it's time to stop humoring these dumbfucks and respond with brutal and overwhelming force.

Russians would have reason to be scared tbh. After their latest massive hack they're going to absolutely have their shit pushed in by the Biden administration. I do feel bad for those few normal Russians though. The sanctions will make even moloko and borscht flammable this time. I hope their stronking was worth it because unlike our retarded MIGA bydlo the security establishment considers that last hack a rather big deal.

Honestly that MIGAtard movement is probably going to splinter between people trying to claim Trump was a liberal plant sent to destroy the Republican party all along vs the Qtards who will quadruple bypass down on their psychotic delusions. The funniest damn thing is that the bitchfit between McConnell and Trump resulting in sabotaging stimulus negotiations, followed by Trump spiting Mitch with $2000 gibes and McConnell reflexively blocking it, may well have cost them control of the entire Senate.

The funniest thing to me is if these people weren't so fucking incompetent Trump could've rode out the pandemic smelling like roses and cemented it as his first term legacy so much even the most ardent progressive would grudgingly admit it, but he didn't, and the GOP didn't, because they're all useless fucking dumbasses and this pandemic and subsequent cascade failures proved that fact.
No. 50576
They found pipe bombs and shit too. Imagine if they were Arabs lmao. The fucken army would probably be deployed.
No. 50577
Imagine that you try to be serious but your government just goes. "Daawww, how cute" when you try to overthrow.
No. 50578
Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying tbh. Very nice vector for confused laughter.
t. appreciator
No. 50579
The HamQBeast was shot like a pig.
No. 50580
7 kB, 300 × 197
No. 50581
Gotta admit Americans just know how entertainment works.
No. 50582
247 kB, 635 × 1006
It’s over
No. 50583
I don't get it about soap box.
No. 50584 Kontra
The idea is that public speakers would stand on soap boxes.
No. 50585
95 kB, 828 × 573
337 kB, 640 × 360
This in particular is irritating me this morning. Looks like we won't need to burn Atlanta to the ground again but by God we might need to march on the south and midwest at this point, or better yet set up a creatura tier containment wall around them and let them all succumb to disease.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. They're lucky only one of them got plugged for that level of faggy antics. I was hoping the inevitable r/thedonald chimpout would be semi-contained by the cold weather. They have no values or principles at this point. A lot of them know he most they just don't care and were hoping some bizarre hail mary would work like having Pence reject the ceremony because they also legitimately do not understand how anything works. In true poltard fashion they were celebrating it as a great victory yesterday oblivious to how all normal people perceive them or that a whole slate of resignations around Trump got kicked off right now due to that and they even managed to whittle down senate objectors from 12 to only 6 one of whom was Ted Cruz. Even Loeffler refused to object after that shitshow.

The funniest thing is it reminds me to how they patted each other on the back after the dumpsterfire that was the UTR rally, because likewise they cheered on that woman getting plowed over and resorted to absolutely bizarre tactics like claiming "she died of a heart attack not getting hit by a car" and for some absurd reason talking about how she was childless. Likewise they're screeching over that plugged woman that "we conservatives never made jokes or mocked the death of George Floyd and look how they act!" I do not even understand the point of lying in their own echo chambers because the only people who would see those lies know they're blatant lies. I do not have any sympathy for these insurgents getting gunned down at this point.
No. 50586
Very entertaining Trump season finale, would watch again. Biden season is gonna be less entertaining, but increased chance of war with foreign country. Looking forward. Maybe actual civil war like tensions will ensue in this decade in the US. Means it's gonna happen over here soon, too.
No. 50587 Kontra
>but increased chance of war with foreign country.
Let's hope not. If they go to war with Russia, we'll be right in the middle. I don't like that.
No. 50589
I think the US elite moved on from trying to rally against Russia. (Though the dems seem to have a fetish for trying to destroy Russia for some reason.)
Biden will just send more drones to the Middle East and probably continue the Anti-China campaign on "humanitarian" grounds instead of nationalist/economic ones.
The only issue the Biden Administration will be harder on in foreign policy will be Iran and North Korea.
(And maybe keeping HATO and EU countries in line with the values of liberal democracy.)
No. 50591 Kontra
This sounds like a Cold War scenario, but the GDR is long gone, we are not at any front/ in the middle there really. Poland might be.

Why is a civil war like disruption in the US a sure sign for it happening here? Quite different countries with quite different point of possible depatures.
No. 50592 Kontra
Ernst, one of their most important overseas bases is in Germany. What do you think gets bombed first in the worst case scenario?
No. 50593 Kontra
That's true.

a surgical attack on Rammstein or whatever is far away from my safely parked ass, so that would be "ok"
No. 50595 Kontra
67 kB, 416 × 545
>Rammstein or whatever it is
>or whatever it is
Fuck, I thought people posting here had at least a modicum of general knowledge.
No. 50596 Kontra
Nah, Russians love Rammstein, they won't bomb them. XDDDDDDDD
No. 50597 Kontra
77 kB, 1024 × 564
56 kB, 1024 × 593
892 kB, 900 × 595
69 kB, 720 × 960
It's not "a fetish" any more than it was when Republicands did under other neocon admins. This is because Russia remains a rival and you'd have to either be truly stupid or flat out compromised by them having serious dirt on you to not understand that. They just launched a massive cyberattack against us. I mean, who the fuck os actually dumb enough to think Putin is the good guy?

That's not our only base and you better hope to fuck not. Our German bases getting hit would most likely be due to small nukes which good luck being anywhere downwind from that.

The simple fact of the matter is Putin wanted to inflict on us our Yeltsin, and it succeeded marvelously. Those last four years have done more to damage us than anything I can think of. It damaged most of our foreign relationships, emboldened our enemies, sabotaged a lot of our last remaining good will, destroyed our global prestige, and left us weak, poor, isolated, and humiliated. Afaik Russia still blames "the deep state" of USA for Yeltsin, true or not, and regardless if they're justified or not I'm not going to simp for some rival or enemy state attacking us just because they have a good point about US foreign policy.

The idea Dems want war with Russia is ridiculous and more of the usual poltard lies and shitflinging which the GOP also had recognized in spite of them largely abdicating their responsibilities lately. Moreover I definitely believe a lot of the stupid shit during corona was specifically because of Russian and Chinese psyop teams trying to get as many Americans infected as possible and to keep our epidemic going as long as possible which further damaged us in the eyes of the world and economically every single day it wasn't under control and that includes the stupid antivax bullshit.

Probably even worse is the fact that so little was done about all this it made us look even more weak anf vulnerable and invites attacks on us from the rest of the world right now. They fucking hate the idea of Biden because it means party's over everyone go home. I also strongly suspect it's Chinese psyops trying to push idpol from both sides as much as possible although I know Russia was already caught doing exactly that. It doesn't help we have a literal craven buffoon who's damaged us in that same direction.

This reaction is exactly what countries like Russia and CHYNA would be going for and why 4 years of Trump was such a boon for them. However sadly I need to remind you we've still got two whole weeks of this shit. Trump is allegedly moving towards concession which so far as I'm concerned if he actually goes down fighting to the last day and tries pulling something crazy it basically proves he really did fuck kids at Epsteins and Russia, Israel, the Italian mob, our IC, or all the above and then some were aware of enough of it that he's terrified of his legal exposure. You'd have to be either a legitimate psychopath or heavily compromised with more than the usual filth to not simply concede and start a TV network or something by the holidays.

Oh yeah
>third pic
I legit want to find out the hurritage of these people for meme purposes. Literal barbarians stormed the senate. Third Rome is falling. It's seriously going to be up to EU to keep the flame of Western democracy rolling. After this shitshow no one is taking America seriously anymore. January 2020 to January 2021 destroyed us as the credible global power and the retarded bydlo savages in third pic related would see us physically destroyed and turned into a continent wide Syria, who if they succeed at that are going to find out real hard and fast why that was not a great idea. They'd also definitely start massacring other Americans, which again, will precipitate a Syria situation and they'll find out rather quickly what happens when you're caught massacring civilians when "American insurgent tortured and burned to death.mp4" starts getting circulated online in 2022.

I am clearly not happy about them trying their damnedst to materialize Scenario 3.
No. 50601 Kontra
>The idea Dems want war with Russia is ridiculous
Is that so? I remember when in 2016 they (i.e. OUR media) ramped up anti-russian news coverage because everyone was sure Clinton would win and then they could have instantly switched to war mode. That was actually the main reason why I was happy that Trump won. Him icing TTIP was just the cherry on top (and the first definite proof that he's really a 89IQ retard).
No. 50602 Kontra
anti-russian sentiments in the media are not really the best indicator for a full blown war, at least it should not be the only thing taken into account. Likewise the anti chinese propaganda is also running as well ...why? Because the EU as entity is one of the powers in a multipolar world, where China is getting more traction, Russia still has ressources and something to say bc of that, Russia interested in destabilizing the EU in return ofc, pretty normal business, thus not the best indicator. Proxy wars, new war strategies or lets say different modes of war are more likely than some nuclear strike or WW2 like battlefields and (perhaps) already taking place. I don't really think anyone is really interested in a classic war as long as there are still other options left, more efficient options I mean with this as well.
No. 50603
True, but it was really obvious how suddenly everyone was talking about evil Putin etc.
China is much too far away, but Russia basically stands outside the door.
No. 50605
>they said mean things about Russia
Clearly proofs the nukes were about to fly surely. That pidoran deserves having mean things said about him.
No. 50611
The maga mob retards are starting to get vanned now lol
No. 50612
This shit is fuggen surreal. Quality television right there.
No. 50613 Kontra
I an wondering - is this already treason? Will they all get punished capitally? Or won't they do it in any case as to not make them martyrs?
No. 50614
Depends on the person in question. Most charges will likely be sedition related because it's way easier to make stick in this kind of scenario.
No. 50615
96 kB, 500 × 330
658 kB, 600 × 536
423 kB, 566 × 627
They're insurgents and effectively domestic enemies but no treason is a rather specific thing pertaining to betrayal of your country to a foreign power. So, no, no treason charges, unless Trump or someone in his orbit is blackmailed by Putin or Bibi or someone with kiddie diddler pics, and doing that country's will, then yes it would be treason. Being a traitor, insurrectionist, or domestic enemy is not the same as treason.

Sorry I know I'm normally rather pedantic about things but when it comes to the law particularly such a serious accusation words have meaning, and definitions of words matter. Likewise I can't fucking stand people calling every form of extortion blackmail. Blackmail and extortion are not the same thing. People are extorted with blackmail. Being threatened to do something or coerced not with revealing damaging information is extortion, as in, extortionate prices.

>Or won't they do it in any case as to not make them martyrs?
MIGAtards are trying to do that with the retard who got shot who funnily enough was another of those retards plastering thin blue lines everywhere, and she fucking gets shot by a cop lol. In reality nobody outside their cult backs this outside their fart huffing echochamber but they're too dumb and brainwashed to recognize it. There's no martyrs. It wouldn't even be a factor. The DC cops were just trying to keep it from descending to a worse shitshow, which is really what they should've done with BLM protests too, and any confrontation. This is one of the few instances where our cops tried to deescalate the situation rather than immediately escalate it, probably also in part because who fucking cares if a used car store or a Costco gets torched but cop aggression at the most important gov buildings sparking a massive fiery riot is a different sort of shitshow entirely.

It's been stated before but really race and politics does factor in and had these been black people not MIGAtards they'd have all been shot. The reaction of everyone else? Well what the fuck did you expect. You stormed a government building with molotovs, extended mags, and pipe bombs sitting in your car, zip ties on your person after publicly saying you were going to abduct and execute Congress and Senators, and you act surprised someone got shot? I'm surprised there's not more of them dropped.

While I still shit on a lot of our media I'm goddamn proud as an American to still be the entertainment capital of the planet.

Yeah, they're still such dumb fucks they seriously do not understand the gravity of it, and are unable or unwilling to admit to a loss, but a lot of them don't care. Some know they lost legitimately and are liars and hoping to convince others of the lie, and find a way to steal it. MIGAtards literally are trying to stage a coup and got btfo after every legal avenue of coup or stealing the election failed. The fact Barr publicly turned on Trump is lost on them. Even the traitors in the Senate went from 12 who wanted to object to certifying Biden down to 6. Their chimpout halved the already tiny number of Senators supporting this stupid shit, but this is all the result of Republican retarded strategy for years now. It's basically backfiring on GOP strategists in a similar way how ISIS backfired on Saudis and their Wahhabist funding of Sunni Jihadists.

People around Trump have been mulling over invoking the 25th now, which I think is stupid because it's less than two weeks left. I just want them to keep him distracted with shitposting so he doesn't unilaterally do something disastrous like ordering a nuclear strike on Beijing or Tehran. I'm not even sure who hasn't rejected Trump at this point other than his cult bydlo. Pence, Barr, Loeffler, no one is on his side really.

Meanwhile the actual reality is Donald Trump has just basically done a controlled demolition on the GOP. The whole party is torn apart and plunging to its own civil war which is basically what I expected.

Regardless I'm just sick of hearing screeching about some stupid identity politics in my vidya no matter where I go at this point and am sick of these retards generally. They're coping hard and in abject denial of reality right now, and remain a small core of fanatics and retards who will be removed from premises if they try anything more stupid than what they just did. It's the most spectacular self destruction of something I've ever seen.

I really don't like talking politics too much but that's how it is, and personally I stand to gain a ton of money because Mitch McConnell has been removed from premises also which means that the Democrat controlled Congress, Senate, and Executive is going to be able to pass more stimulus this Spring and there's not a damn thing any of them can do now but screech about it, so clearly this pleases me and I'm already planning to buy myself a HOTAS for Elite Dangerous and start investing what gibes I don't need for bills on the stock market. So yeah, this personally affects me and their shitstorm has sucked all of America into it, and the vast majority of us reject these delusional faggots.

Meanwhile as a final note need I remind you this was the deadliest week of the entire pandemic, consistently with the highest numbers of deaths per day each day. I keep hearing ambulance sirens. This is also all distracting from their epic failure of containing the pandemic. That is still a thing. The UK strain apparently is all over the country now. I expect to have known at least one person killed by it by this time next year.
No. 50616 Kontra
Also just as an aside I like most don't support this all for various reasons but I personally am of the stance "after all the bullshit and the useless shitheads of 2020, you want to abduct and execute the only fucking people who helped me through it? Get fucked." Congress swiftly passed me not one but two checks. I built a brand new computer system because of Congress. I wasn't terrified of being evicted or my heat turned off because of Congress. I support Congress. I even think it's a psyop saying "everyone hates Congress" because my founders explicitly gave CONGRESS not the president the power to declare war and balance the budget, and elite Jews fucking hate that fact and can't control all of Congress like they can some executive figurehead. All this while senators, governors, CEOs and everyone else basically just told me to get to work making them money and get pozzed and fucking die or wake up from a coma with $53,000 in medical debt.

You know what know fuck that I'm not using my usual spoilers because this is important enough even if I hate talking about myself or things non-conceptually and abstractly but this whole year and a half radicalized me liek clearly it's done to other ernsts and a majority of poltards and MIGAtards albeit for slightly different reasons. They wanted to go and shoot the only fucking people who helped me and displayed any competence whatsoever in a national crisis other than a few national governors. I like others here and elsewhere don't care if those stupid fucks got shot in service to the dumb Zionist faggot they want to crown as monarch. They've got no right to run their whore mouths about 1776. Yes, they're traitors. They're soulless traitors to my country, and it's interfered with my general enjoyment of videogames and vidya reviews and they're still way too dumb to understand the scale of how much people have turned on them. They legitimately lost the election because they're fucking retards, and this latest chimpout was one great big cope. They can't even get their story straight if they're going to blame antifa "false flag paid actors" or whatever, or lionize that dumb woman who got shot by the cops she spent her life cucking for. They went in there with their flags of enemies we defeated that CSA faggot and put their filthy boots on the desks of the only damn people who materially and otherwise helped me. They are incapable of admitting one single mistake or being wrong about anything, and that's why they're such consistent fuckups almost like they do it on purpose.
No. 50617
Weird definition. Here treason is hostile action while sedition is hostile rhetoric and incitement. Like a lot of Irish agitators got deported here when we were a prison colony under charges of sedition, but those who actually attacked something usually just got the noose for treason.
No. 50618 Kontra
Also, don't be baited into going beyond lower-end sticks for something like Elite. My set put me back AU$350 or so (mid-range) but I had specific requirements that made cheaper sticks less viable (a need for a bunch of hats and wanting a split throttle). The interactions in Elite are nowhere near complex enough to warrant the full hands-on setup that you want with A-10C (being a cockpit rebuild centred on the real world HOTAS concept).

There's a Thrustmaster kit that's in the mid-upper $100 range that'd be about as far as I'd go. It's got a decent sensor in it for longevity. I've got spare springs for when the ones in mine wear out, but cheaper sticks can get a bit of wobble after a while as theirs do. The only point at which you get to a vast difference in sensor quality is way beyond what is needed for Elite. Cheapest there is the A-10 HOTAS from Thrustmaster which is around AU$600 last I checked, and is pricey enough that spare parts are sold, and it's what I'd consider upper middle shelf. There are guys making extremely high-quality sensors that cost that much (not even including a shaft, let alone a grip).
No. 50619
*vidya being a separate thought from the happenings btw that was just me going off on a tangent how even I watch worthabuy or sseth and they can't help themselves but go on a monologue about muh sjaybuayoos. I am aware how petty and juvenile that sounds packaging general disdain between ranting about my country getting rekt.

Sedition is basically what they did. Here treason is more used in the sense of betraying your country to a hostile foreign power, typically in a wartime context. As to the specific question, no, they'd never be tried and executed for that alone. Our spies don't get executed. However that being stated our decaying superpower tier cops tend to go Judge Dredd so while you wouldn't get capital punishment through the courts your behavior resulting in such charges is more likely to get you killed on the spot by cops. Really Americans do need to stop throwing the word treason around so casually just because someone does something they don't like.
hey mate are you on steam? I see tons of ernsts in the group but don't know who like 97% of them are. You rose something?
No. 50635
Oh shid I just realized something. Those sticks wear out right? Would you say that it is inadvisable to buy one off craigslistour version of gumtree or ebay?
>600 hundred koalabux
Holy shit mate do you think I shit gold? It's essentially for just one game, maybe another one or two in the future, so $200 would probably be my upper limit, maybe 230 tops.
>doesn't need that many controls
I dunno, E:D sure feels like it needs an awful lot of control buttons to use stick and throttle effectively rather than switching back and forth with keyboard. I seriously have no idea why so much crap gets an independent key in certain games. Ironically The Division suffers exactly the same problem which baffles me when movement is clearly designed with a shitty controller in mind, because for example there's 6 different kinds of grenades and to use one each is independently keyed. This baffles me further because it even has a control wheel but I can't use a grenade without holding down its own key on keyboard which means until two days ago I spent over a month just using the G key for frag grenades and not using any others.
No. 50652
Lol they just banned Trump from twitter and hit him with a ban again several times when he was trying to evade the ban.
No. 50653
Christ just let the senile boomer shitpost his last days in office so he's distracted



The alternative literally is
>haha but in all seriousness he should have the nuclear and viral codes
No. 50654
185 kB, 750 × 557
Whack a mole
No. 50656
295 kB, 566 × 800
148 kB, 1092 × 1038
Wear is only a big deal over a long period of time. A few years will get you the need for some extra deadzone with a cheap stick. Nothing too massive. The $600 one is all metal, built to the same specs as the actual stick and throttle of the aircraft and is a real work of art tbh.

This one is the one I recommend if you don't want to worry. I've heard nothing but good things about it as an entry level rig. The sensor isn't spring-based so it has basically no degradation from use. There exist cheaper ones too if you don't mind a bit of wear. It should have more than enough hats. Keep in mind that when I talk about needing hats, it's not for convenience, it's for basic cockpit operations. This is the cheat sheet for just the 4 main hats on the A-10C HOTAS (you are using these constantly), there's also a bunch of other things you want on hand like the airbrake switch, mic switch, slew axes and so on. A lot of these don't have other forms of cockpit control, at least not ones easy to use. The thing is designed around going heads down as little as possible.

For visualisation, second pic is what I use, and in A-10C I use all of the things on the grips and regularly, and most of the the switches on the throttle base commonly. From what I've seen of Elite Dangerous, those who use sticks like mine are usually using a lot of convenience bindings rather than there being that much system management that needs to be at your fingertips.
No. 50657
57 kB, 1280 × 720
Okay, fine, I'll admit I'm actually laughing IRL at the thought of the president of the United States getting banned for ban evasion
No. 50667
Possibly unrelated, but how experienced are you in flight sinulators and how comfortable do you think you'd be flying an actual aircraft? There was that sky king character who managed to fly a commercial plane with such training.
No. 50668 Kontra
109 kB, 1280 × 720
Sigh it's still at the top but oh well might as well contribute since it's such pertinent happenings and we've had civil discussion so far minus the one burger mocking them and me getting overly emotional remembering how pissed and abandoned I felt early in the pandemic untio Congress helped us for anyone wondering why it is a big deal if you get your news from the perps lying and downplaying it

This is why it is a big deal and not just "peaceful protesters" "just standing in a congressional corner, mindin their own business millin around, not doin nuffin"

In case you haven't realized and for those asking about treason, murdering a cop actually is a capital offense. While their rioting wouldn't get as serious a charge or killed for "treason" or anything like that, you actually can get the death penalty for cop killing. The fact that he did this in context of the riots themselves and the other charges tacked on means that the cop killer will face the most extreme consequences and this is also why it's open season on them. One thing you do not do is assault a police officer without expecting a violent response and the book thrown at you. Chris Dorner should come to mind. It's practically like hitting a made man while you're not in the mafia yourself.

Interestingly the guy they killed was a Virginia resident, which as you may know is next door, and the perhaps irony that had they been on soil some hundreds of meters away that guy would be executed

>6. The willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing of a law-enforcement officer as defined in § 9.1-101, a fire marshal appointed pursuant to § 27-30 or a deputy or an assistant fire marshal appointed pursuant to § 27-36, when such fire marshal or deputy or assistant fire marshal has police powers as set forth in §§ 27-34.2 and 27-34.2:1, an auxiliary police officer appointed or provided for pursuant to §§ 15.2-1731 and 15.2-1733, an auxiliary deputy sheriff appointed pursuant to § 15.2-1603, or any law-enforcement officer of another state or the United States having the power to arrest for a felony under the laws of such state or the United States, when such killing is for the purpose of interfering with the performance of his official duties;
It should also be notedand I just found this out which is why I am posting it here is that apparently the crowd had stormed the front entrance while chanting "hang Mike Pence." It's just amusing how quickly they turn on each other. Hence, this is the real reason why everyone reacted as they did. It was a violent riot, an attempted insurrection, and a premeditated attempt to abduct and murder a bunch of politicians including apparently their own.
No. 50686
Low end of moderately experienced. I've got a decent amount of virtual flight hours, but I treat them like a genre of game that I enjoy rather than the entirety of my hobby as some do, so I'm really not that good at them in the grand scheme of things.

I could start some aircraft, but anybody who says they could actually fly one from takeoff to landing from a simulator alone is full of shit. You don't get any of the physical aspects to flying in a simulator. Even air forces with multi million dollar training equipment still risk actual airframes to get trainee pilots their wings.
No. 50687
Oh shit...
No. 50689
I think it was a Capitol Police officer who got killed no? IIRC they are actually legally feds, so it's even worse consequences than killing any old pig.
No. 50694 Kontra
Alex Jones loses his shit and starts yelling at Qtards lol
No. 50697
Now that is kind of funny in a way. "My conspiracy theory is better then yours!"
No. 50698 Kontra
No. 50727
Proves he is a shill/controlled op :Ddd
No. 50741 Kontra
AJ and Qtards both supported a fascist takeover of democracy and implementing a dictatorship they're just pointing fingers at each other for it failing and competing for conspiracybux of who has the more compelling narrative though at least AJ is rooted in fact. Regardless neither has the right to ever say 1776 again.
No. 50819
Someone actually got caught poisoning people to save money.

No. 50824 Kontra
It's literally the political alignment version of Stupid Evil, and all their voters are the same way.

This chucklefuck
is going to jail now for rioting in the capitol and he apparently already was in trouble with the law and I guess left the state while out on bail to do said rioting, which he may have done while positive
It's pretty funny thinking about how many boomers might've been pozzed so far. They installed metal detectors, which now a certain party whines nonstop about it so much that other Republicans apologized to security "I'm sorry my colleagues are being assholes."

It's basically just Cartman the political party at this point. It's funny that guy also started up some healthcare product company before helping poison Flint.
No. 50964
No. 50966 Kontra
106 kB, 958 × 1024
71 kB, 485 × 1024
17,6 MB, 405 × 720, 0:59
It's reached a hilarious new low of sad and desperate. I've been laughing at these chucklefucks for so long now I think it's making me lose weight. Oh yeah right and on top of that after he trolled his retarded followers the vast majority of whom are Qtards into launching a failed coupwhich counting Venezuela and Bolivia Trump's batting 0-3 for coups Casey you absolute madman he promptly dropped them lack a hot sack of shit and fed them to the wolves then went on and pardoned Jewish swindlers and Israeli spies instead. Trump was literally the worst president we ever had. The Qtard cope is phenomenal. Some of them are just downright mentally ill. Also one of them was a 22 year old woman who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop and tried to sell it to Russian intelligence. You don't need me to tell you the magnitude of deep shit they're in, and he didn't even pardon them lol
No. 50970
190 kB, 1020 × 573
>LISBON, PORTUGAL -- Portugal's new daily COVID-19 cases jumped to more than 14,600 to set a new national record Wednesday, as the country weathers one of the worst pandemic surges in the world.

>Health authorities officially reported 14,647 new infections -- about 3,600 more than the previous daily record set four days ago.

>Portugal has the highest seven-day average rate in the world of new cases per 100,000 population and the second-highest rate of new deaths, according to data collated through Tuesday by Johns Hopkins University.

Fug :DD
No. 50972
Ive been reading about American families torn apart by the Qanon shit on reddit, had no idea it was that bad but still funny and perplexing to read.
No. 50976
I was just thinking about this yesterday but did any of "Qanon's" predictions ever became true?
No. 50977
860 kB, 2000 × 1333
132 kB, 940 × 528
79 kB, 1200 × 788
222 kB, 1300 × 1271
That shit is even swapping over to Germany.
I don't even understand how and why, i never really cared about it so up until a few month ago it just seemed to be something a bunch of imageboard neckbeards who jerk off to underage anime girls can identify with.
No. 50982
Found some linked in that article. It is... I don't even... what!?
No. 50983
Seriously, what? Those images are hands down the funniest thing I've seen this year :-DDDD

I guess it's time to finally read up what this Q-Anon thing actually is.
No. 50985
It's just surreal
No. 50986
My apologies. I don't know why my country's shitposting spreads to you and this is proving to me the real magnitude of the responsibility every American citizen actually holds in making sure we haven't shitted up the place for everybody else. On the plus side our twitter shitposter in chief is gone and I have to admit watching his heli fly away was like coming out of a bad memory or some hallucinogenic haze and waking up to a trashed apartment with pieces of dead animal strewn everywhere.

No they didn't. I am unclear on where the hazy borders are between a psyop by people like Kushner and the Trump sons, where it is just LARPing, and where it's a few pedos like Jim Watkins just psyoping gullible boomers.

I probably should be careful what or how I say it at this point because they're becoming a domestic terror organization but basically Qanon became nothing but one huge cope and an institutionalization of sophistry to make every stupid thing you said, did, or believed sound like a win and not a retarded loss. It's just a massive ego shield. Why actually get something right or accomplish anything tangible when you can just argue in bad faith how you were right all along with 5D chess?

What I will say though is in terms of their real incoherent beliefs they forked some of the source code I'd been working on for over a decade, which itself got forked from some bullshit in the 90s and even 80s like "satanic panic" that frankly I personally believe is real and pisses me off because people like Qtards had a real golden moment to go after pedos in politics and high finance and they spoiled it so badly no one will take it seriously.

I'd rather not shit up the news thread with it which itself being a shitpost thread should tell you what low calibre we're talking about but I could explain a number of things, including the different sources on alleged trauma based mind control, pedos, and a Satanic "deep state" of 13 Illuminati bloodlines. You will notice the last part of that sentence is one reason why poltards despise Qtards because it is a Christian conspiracy theory that blithely ignores basically every Jewish elite other than the Rothschilds.

A big part where they went wrong is turning a normal God fearing schizo conspiracy theory about the elites into legit messianic worship of an incompetent buffoon who is himself blatantly a part of those same multigenerational elites, and claiming the person who was in power was the one conspired against, which is where everything falls apart even internally because why would they let someone that big a threat into power to begin with and if they did why wouldn't they just JFK him?

I'd expect the conspiracists to eventually start calling Trump controlled opposition and his family multigenerational incestuous elite Satanist pedos, which is a hell of a lot closer to what I privately wondered about them, but will likely cause a split within Qtards because too many of them turned it into a literal charismatic cult and it would require them wholly rejecting what they just believed the last 4 years.

It is however a convenient and especially virulent meme weapon that cannot be destroyed so it's not going away.
>trump lost? That was planned
>trump didn't kill the deep state? He was the deep state
Like right now they're accusing Q itself of being a deep state psyop, which is a hilarious level of self recursion. You'll never fully eliminate stupid shit like that because it simply reforms around the damage like putty in order to not question that the original basis was idiotic to begin with, and provides convenient, religion like excuses for why anything happens.
No. 50987 Kontra
83 kB, 960 × 651
Also what really pisses me off is the absolute tile painter shit of protesting against masks and lockdowns etc. Like they do realize this all happened because the Trump admin dismantled our pandemic preparedness team and had no PPE stockpiled, placed stock market shekels and quarterly returns for oligarchs over lives of your countrymen, and the masks were a visual admission Trump failed or was wrong about something, right? The anti-mask shit and reopenings showed me the full extent to which America basically "cucked" the world so to speak, and essentially the rest of the world kept blindly following our example expecting us to have some kind of a plan.

Well we did at least. I actually thought that Trump gave a really nice speech at the end. He probably didn't write most of it, but it was conciliatory and just a nice speech. But even still, he ended it by saying "the world respects us again now. Don't. Lose. That. Respect." This was some real let them eat cake shit showing the full extent to which elites like Trump are insulated from the daily realities of their citizens and the world at large. "They respect us again." Jesus Christ.

Do you think we're ever going to get the rest of the world to respect us and want to work with us again like they did before 2016-2020? Or is that pretty much a done deal and everyone else particularly EU is just going to abandon us and create their own central EU milcomm and everyone will be going their own way now?
But then

Of course at this point my longer term goals have legitimately been shifting toward becoming a naturalized EU citizen. The extent to which the bulk of the country is useless is now apparent to me, particularly the white people here. I've got zero faith in my country getting its act together. You've got Qtards on the one hand, and trannyism on the other. Objectively speaking they both are useless retards and the only people who'd show the kind of hardwork and competence would be Latinos and pajeets that got suckered into the American scam and keep the ponzi scheme afloat for two more decades. It's hard to quantify what I just witnessed and experienced here, but I do have words come to mind: incompetence, selfishness, short sightedness, mammon worship, decadence, degeneracy, hatred, inqiuity, normalized violence, stupidity, mass psychosis. It very much feels almost exactly like what countries such as Greece and Rome felt like towards the end. The only people who still believe in America are the very old and the very new. Biden tiers believe in America, as do all the people who only knew about us because of our propaganda blarring around the world and basically came here just based on memes. Poltards want to make it about race and while terminal stage empires do tend to fracture from cosmopolitan heterogeneity towards the end that's typically just an end stage mechanism and not the root symptoms or the rot itself. I've seen this firsthand. America is an ideal, and at least the pajeets for instance practically worship those memes. I find it interesting that the very guy who did the stopthesteal rally was some half-arab half black guy, or maybe half Indian half black not sure. I mean hell even on here it's interesting to note that the most right wing burger is part Pakistani.

No, the problem is people not believing the national myth, and it decaying into entitlement and selfishness. The mask thing kept making me think of my grandfather, who got shot down over Romania when he was half my age, and got forced to go back up and fly a bunch more missions. It makes me think of my grandparents who did not bitch when they had to sacrifice their nylons so the boys had paratrooper materials. Contrast this with the typical Karen or other entitled white boomer screeching that her haircut and his lawm fertiziler is more important than the lives of 400,000 Americans. That is where we're at. I've hated them over the last year and it is the passionate hatred an older generation would feel for a selfish, spoiled, weak, effeminate, flabby, nation wrecking generation that is the white boomer, and frankly among the absolute worst are middle class white Republicans.

In terms of tribalisms there is total disunity, and it's not along racial or ethnic lines. It is cosmopolitanism in part, but the strife is equally across religious and cultural divides, as well as my obvious sin of across generational ones. The disharmony here is total and I frankly have little in common with someone of my own racial group but across that vast gulf of culture and values, which on the one hand is trannyist millenials, and on the other a bunch of foul Qtard boomers. I'd more easily get along with an ex-mil 40 year old black dude than some screeching le mass shooter face kekistani half that age, which speaks volumes considering at least we both share imageboards although frankly that latter point is why I'd want to shoot them in a civil war, in a Hutu/Tutsi sense.

It makes me want to write a book as primary source eyewitness material for what the implosion of an empire looks like on the ground in the moments leading up to the collapse. Not to put too fine a point on it, but when you really look at it they reserve an especial hatred for other whites for example, typically relishing more the thought of hanging white liberals first than anybody else. This is likewise more fractured than a foreigner might realize in the countryside, as just as at minimum 10% of dense urban areas vote people like Trump if not up to a third, so too do you get those fractions out in rural areas. It's not black and white, but more nuanced, with likewise a good number of those rural liberals resenting the urbanites.

All in all I'd say John Glubb's work was phenomenal as a primer for the fate of empires. I'm not sure why it seems to happen with that regularity, but Biden's generation makes me wonder what the Great Patriotic War gen were like in USSR.

Regardless, I'd hope that EU gets its shit together and people there start to believe in EU itself, and not some absolutely insane asinine bullshit like Qtardism. It's sad to say but with the exception of gun rights I likewise would have more faith in EU defending my freedoms than here.
No. 51024
190 kB, 375 × 500
I hear the sep labour relations board is trying to once again get rid of Scabby. What the fuck man? Say it ain't so.
No. 51047
142 kB, 652 × 367
Is there any fun conspiracy theory on why Trump used the YMCA-song? There must be one right?
No. 51048
602 kB, 2048 × 1397
626 kB, 2048 × 1365
171 kB, 1280 × 756
269 kB, 916 × 2048
>Marching for Navalny Defying warnings from police, demonstrators across Russia turn out to show their support for the jailed oppositionist

Seems like kinda big deal tbh, wonder what'll come of this
No. 51049
427 kB, 1280 × 720
It's the internet. Why not make one? This is real btw

I mean hell you might as well call him a false flag deep state Communist antifa agent who caught covid from his homosexual soldier liason at this point
No. 51051 Kontra
Just going to have a test post
No. 51057 Kontra
65 kB, 594 × 576
Serious question: Why do you invest time in this?
At some point those posts will be deleted and that's it. No one really cares, people only wonder why you waste your time with such childish stuff.

This is a serious question and i'm actually interested in a serious answer.
No. 51063 Kontra
Or it will just turn out like BLM where after several riots nothing happens but some companies change their logo for you or whatever.
No. 51068 Kontra
Well I missed whatever it was posted
but just so you know I spent all day in bed smoking CBD weed and watching Jimmy Kimmel make fun of the mentally unstable Dotard. It's still kinda hard for it to sink in we really did end the era. Dotard. Kim really got a good one in. I wonder if it's yet sunk in to the Qtards themselves how much they actually lost. Ah well. There's that even deadlier strain floating around Bri'un and other strains appearing all over the world but I'm feeling pretty good about the future right now. It's like watching the fire engine wailing up the street and the dumpster's still on fire but at least you can now visualize something being done about it.

What is scabby?
No. 51086
6,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
Another protests that endend more on the passive note. For the views and attention original video recived, it is kind of weak start. IIRC, anti-Medvedev ones was much, much more massive. Well, I'm awaiting the next week one, but I don't have much belives in anything in russia.
No. 51088
Scabby is the giant rat. Unions put him outside of striking workplaces to remind any scabs what they are.

No. 51092
135 kB, 768 × 1024
Distinct lack of beating HOMO brigade with Russian Federation flags, 7/10 for fighting spirit of that man. Also remind me of these bus stop FBI wanted posters going up everywhere, just because of how much it reminds me of XCOM2

>but I don't have much belives in anything in russia.
Isn't this a major factor in why the USSR eventually fell? Maybe you can still believe in Russia without thinking of its bydlo or retarded government.
No. 51116
> But it has also scrapped plans to build a new £1m warehouse in Macclesfield employing 20-30 people.
> "Instead we might end up employing French workers and paying tax to the EU," Mr Spurrell said.
> "I left the EU as a UK citizen but now they are suggesting I rejoin my company to the EU, so what was Brexit for?"

No. 51118
>what was the point?
In the end, from me across the pond? Memes. It pretty much just looked like a bunch of memes. I don't have it on these drives but that countryball comic of Britain telling the EU to piss off and its right to independence in one panel and then talking down to Scotland "we're better together" comes to mind.

It's all just so funny to me right now because while BoJo and Trump got along afaik after Nigel dropped off the face of the earth that always just felt incredibly shortsighted to me, and now they are going to have to deal with a rather finicky US that's now going to make demands about upholding the GFA while exporting them chlorinated chicken.

I do still get it though. They hated that EU was importing Turks and Syrians etc. and due to open border laws they couldn't do a thing about it, however it's still memes because they never stopped whatever you call their system from ex-colonies to where they're simply importing more Indians and Pakistanis and fewer Poles. Most probably they're now going to have a pro-EU leaning POTUS for 4-8 years.

I do still hope EU can get its shit together though. On a meta level I hate EU out of murican tier suspicions muh NAFTA muh Amero and North American Union muh NWOthat NWO that basically just means the USA order but at the same time I really like EU and want to believe in EU and wish they'd get a better job done at integrating all armed forces into a central European command to replace HATO. They simply need to be less retarded and work more for the common man, and less for the bankswhich might be the original point of EU to begin with? and not try to copy us in everything because EU is never going to be America. I think Brussels bureaucrats need to get that through their heads, and that America wiped out the natives and enforced cultural assimilation and a common tongue among other things as a central union, not a basically confederation of "ancient" peoples on their own lands. I do wish you guys luck though. Hopefully EU can stand on its own two feet, and UK at least stays close to your side and able to combine its economic, political, and naval/nuclear/other armed forces power despite Brexit.
No. 51122
USSR fell from its own incompetence, from outside pressure and because its elites dissmissed USSR themselves. This goverment will survive, no matter how rotten it is and the country.
No. 51127
927 kB, 859 × 1250
Ok, enough of this politics shit.

I have a question/request. Does anyone know of any blogs / content aggregators that deal with developments and news in various fields that AREN'T politics? Like, sites and blogs that deal exclusively with tech, art, music, culture, video games even, but still in a pop-culture manner?
I want to know what's happening in various niches, but still retard accessible. I don't care about politics and social media drama.

Image to grab attention.
No. 51196
> tech
Eventually will have to deal with politics.

> art, music, culture
Eventually will have to deal with politics.

> video games
Oooooh boy.

If it isn't pissing of someone, it isn't meaningful, it doesn't say anything.

News isn't. Once it hits the aggregators it is old and new doesn't mean interesting. What is news for you isn't news for me.

But if you like to watch an Aussie explain 555-circuits go watch eevblog on Youtube.

Or maybe you like type faces and semiotics

And a very interesting study
No. 51198
Well, here's a video game blog that's been going on for more than a decade and it's got no politics in it. Deliberately.
It just deals with autistic game analysis essays and some forays into programming.
No. 51199 Kontra
That guy is almost my mom's age
Fugg :--DDDD
No. 51231
137 kB, 1080 × 1350
I don't think there's a single aggregator that will fit all your needs, you'll either have to use RSS or some Social Media site to aggregate it yourself. I use twitter, but if you want to avoid politics at all costs that's definitely not an option for you.
Some single sites that are fairly politics-free though that I can recommend:
https://www.rpgsite.net/ (mostly jrpgs though)
https://www.sputnikmusic.com/ & https://rateyourmusic.com/

For art, specific music genres or other niche stuff mb specific subreddits?
No. 51244
78 kB, 274 × 256
73 kB, 444 × 440
Look what I just discovered while watching the nightly news
That is hilarious.
>at THE hotel
>I'm gonna call my lawyer!
No. 51249
The "very interesting study" report reads like a joke, in case that wasn't already Sweden's and Sarah Glynn's point, and that of whoever bolded the punchline in the article:
>Prof. Rouillon used a slide rule and a caliper […] to carefully measure changes in breast features of hundreds of women over a 15-year period […]. All his volunteers were between 18 and 35 years old. […] In order for these “preliminary results” to become “definitive”, Rouillon says he needs to recruit a much larger sample of women, and to conduct further research on the subject.
No. 51255 Kontra
At least he admits that his data is insufficient, which is something that other fields, e.g. social "science" doesn't care about (in addition to tools like questionnaires being inherently flawed).
No. 51259 Kontra
That's not what I meant; just for the record, I do think that research into the problem would be time and money well spent, because it potentially benefits so many.
What I meant is you could read it as: "Yes, yes, bring me more boobs research material, for sceinc! drool"
I thought that was obvious, this being an imageboard and all, but apparently Ernst is so assburger that I must explain my attempts at being funny.
(To his credit, perhaps the article's last quote was his answer to a – possibly leading – question rather than something he came up with by himself, and the article doesn't say that he even says he should be the one to carry out further booby measurings.)
No. 51277 Kontra
Oh, I see. Well, I mean it's certainly true, maybe he's shooting for an IgNobel price. And outside of maths/physics when you explain how you formed your formulas, it is common practice to use personal pronouns.
No. 51278 Kontra
*NOT use them, sorry
No. 51314
120 kB, 1600 × 1066
Heavy rain caused a section of California's Highway 1 to collapse into the ocean. It's too soon to say how long repairs will take.
That was our best road ;_;.

Drone Footage Shows Collapse of Highway 1 Near Big Sur
No. 51319 Kontra
>That was our best road ;_;.
But was it also an important road?
Near where I grew up there are several roads that bring all the commuters to their workplaces, but they are the only roads in their respective areas, which means that if something happens, chaos ensues.
Happened to one of those a few years ago because the highway crossed a bridge that turned out to be unstable. They had to reroute traffic through everywhere and it took me about an hour for a way that usually takes 15 minutes at most.
Then they just shaved off like half a meter of the top of the road on the bridge and reopened it, and it's been like that ever since; I don't even know if there are plans of building a new bridge.
No. 51321
This is part of why I fully support political violence now
I support a military option. I want to see one of them get beaned right in the head with a tear gas cannister at nearly point blank range. I want them to get sent to the hospital with a shattered orbital socket and get triaged and forced to wait there for 8 hours bleeding out of their eye socket because the hospitals are too full of dying people, and then getting told they have to go to another hospital to be seen after those 8 hours. It wouldn't surprise me if the asshole who intentionally destroyed hundreds of vaccines did it because he's a sympathizer with them.
>people waited in their car for hours to get vacccinated before the site got shut down

>A post on social media described the demonstration as the “SCAMDEMIC PROTEST/MARCH.” It advised participants to “please refrain from wearing Trump/MAGA attire as we want our statement to resonate with the sheeple. No flags but informational signs only.

>“This is a sharing information protest and march against everything COVID, Vaccine, PCR Tests, Lockdowns, Masks, Fauci, Gates, Newsom, China, digital tracking, etc.”
I am completely serious. I want to see the police and military light them all up.
No. 51322
He talked about it like we are all supposed to know or care about California's roads but what gave it away for me is that scenic view. FYI op no one other states knows or gives a shit which interstate or thruway another state has in fact I don't know all my own and I'm pretty sure Route 66 is the only one anybody from another state or country knows.

But that being stated, I think that rt 1 might be that one really famous West coast road and that it is famous for its windy oceanline vistas. I'm pretty sure he's talking about the one that winds all the way up California's massive coasts and through Oregon into Washington. I have no clue if it is an important road because all the media I've seen of it has it pretty empty while people drive on it, as opposed to the usual California gridlock, so I am assuming it is not a super important road and that you can just take an interior one north which btw I'd forgotten how massive it is because I once visited someone in LA and called someone else like "oh I'm in California and you guys are in SanFran maybe I can swing up there to visit" and they were like "uh you do realize that's 4 hours away right?" Things look shorter on maps. I think that state is something like an 8 hour drive from south to north.
As an addendum, I still basically see California as a foreign country for some reason. I don't even see Texas or Texans as much as being a foreign country like I do California. Meantally I always pictured moving there to be like uprooting yourself and living in a new country where they have lawns made out of rocks and cacti for front yard trees. I really wanted to steal one and bring it home somehow.
No. 51327
124 kB, 800 × 1647
375 kB, 1080 × 1080
>But was it also an important road?
Not really. It's more of a landmark road, popular with tourists etc. There are other routes for locals to get from point A to point B, but none are as beautiful.

>Then they just shaved off like half a meter of the top of the road on the bridge and reopened it
A creative solution.

>I think that rt 1 might be that one really famous West coast road and that it is famous for its windy oceanline vistas.
Yep, that's the one. I should have included some context, or at least used it's common name: The Pacific Coast Highway. I spend too much time in my own head, and tend to assume people know what I'm talking about. Always a mistake.

>Johnson & Johnson vaccine 57% effective vs. South African variant
That's...not good. The Moderna vaccine is less effective against that strain as well. Dammit.

>It wouldn't surprise me if the asshole who intentionally destroyed hundreds of vaccines did it because he's a sympathizer with them.
The Wisconsin pharmacist? Yeah, he also thought the vaccines were unsafe. I miss the old days, when a person who had insufficient knowledge could still be informed with facts. When 'flat earth' blew up it became clear that a large part of our society was ready to check out and just make up their own reality.
No. 51335
>Meantally I always pictured moving there to be like uprooting yourself and living in a new country where they have lawns made out of rocks and cacti for front yard trees. I really wanted to steal one and bring it home somehow.
>where they have lawns made out of rocks and cacti for front yard trees
That's more an Arizona thing, really.

But as a lifelong Californian, I can confirm that everything east of the Rockies is a foreign country (as we are to it). It's easy, living in California and being immersed in media which is overwhelmingly biased towards the state, to think that it represents true Normal (at least for America). But then I spent a summer in Michigan, in a small town that felt like a good enough representative of Midwestern Normal. And it was fucking weird.

Everything was green, in the summer. The green co-occurred with things being hot. The heat was wet, like I expect the tropics to feel. Also like the tropics, the greenery was lush like you never see here, even in the heart of winter, and there were easily 10 times as many bugs and crawly things.

And when it rained, it rained! I could barely breathe while walking through it. Being outside for 10 seconds got you as wet as jumping into a swimming pool.

The people were less weird, but more unsettling. Like I had walked into a mirror universe version of America, or Canada or something. There was nothing marked about their accent or behavior - they just talked and acted like normal people. But it was a different kind of normal, and there's nothing weirder than a normal which isn't your normal. Like all the Savemarts and Safeways being replaced by Krogers. I realized that one of my automatic assumptions about the universe was that mid-market grocery store names should start with the letter S. "Kroger" sounded like the name of a hardware store.

Also, I could go to a restaurant and get a meal for just $6. Fuckin' weird, man.
No. 51357
In terms of Cali it's actually more of a Santa Barbara or LA thing actually, but SoCal has more similarities in climate to Arizona then northern California.

I do also remember that one Russian who was going on about the dying world in Fallout but as a foreigner didn't seem to realize large stretches of California already basically look a lot like Fallout. California is probably our most diverse state in the union though, which is why the film industry is able to use it for setting basically any kind of film scene, from Tattoine to the Midwest to New England or Switzerland, a desolate frozen Himalayan mountain peak to a Spanish coast to the Rhine. Does California have swamps?
No. 51399
64 kB, 449 × 597
Alexei Navalny returned to Russia two weeks ago after he was poisoned by the Russian intelligence service in 2020, fell into coma and was forced to relocate to Germany for treatment. A couple of days before his arrival to Russia he released an unpleasant surprise for Putin: his organization's investigation of Putin's $1 billion worth palace in Russia and how he acquired those money. Navalny lists there Putin's extensive corrupt links, friends channeling his money and Putin's 2 mistresses (which he had while he was still married) which acquired their wealth entirely through sucking off Putin's dick.There are English subs and good music to keep you entertained. Overall, the production values of the video are really high

Bad news: today the Russian court SENTENCED NAVALNY TO PRISON for leaving Russia. Navalny is being jailed for breaking the terms of his old parole by leaving the country for medical treatment he wasn't going to get in Russia. So, in Russia, surviving an attempt at murder by the state is an offence punishable by imprisonment.
No. 51404 Kontra
258 kB, 1280 × 720
165 kB, 256 × 256
Yes, of course california as whole world is giant sandy desert
No. 51450
Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition figure known for embezzlement schemes and ties with the CIA and MI6 is going to face the court on the case of DEFAMATION OF THE WWII VETERAN. He got 2.5 years of prison recently because of his unwillingless to comply with the terms of suspended sentence. A case against his partner in crime, Leonid Volkov, was opened not long ago because of his efforts to attract CHILDREN to the UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLIES which erupted into mass anti-police violence and transportation problems. I don't understand why some people like Ukraineball pity this known criminal and embezzler.
No. 51456
I don’t particularly care about Navalny but I can’t imagine being upset by fake crimes like that. More reasonable basis to dislike him is that he’s hardly any different from Putin ideologically.
No. 51479
One person is trying to build stronk Rushka with Western foreign investments, technologies, low corruption and democracy while the 2nd one is interested most of all in keeping his family & buddies warm and ready sacrifice anything for the sake of it. How is it not difference? Putin has no ideology aside of serving his own interests. His daughter is literally living in the Netherlands on his corrupt money while his state feeds the Russians disinfo about rotting West.
No. 51510
38 kB, 420 × 280
Wait, are you serious or this is irony?
No. 51517
Didn't he defame the veteran who was spilling blood for our existence? Didn't he give two heart attacks (one by his vile spitting and another yesterday in the court) to an 95-year old man? There wasn't an massive informational attack on our children in TikTok? I can't get any more serious.
No. 51518 Kontra
23 kB, 375 × 330
I really thought the first post was ironic.
No. 51520
How a bag of piss like you actually posting here? Never thought pootine proofsters will come to the EC. Shoo shoo back to your drainhole.
No. 51521
2ch is now full with liberal propaganda bots who flood you with "+15" for not supporting CIA agents, someone on Telegram recommended me this imageboard.
> proofsters
I laughed really hard when realized that you mock people who ask you to provide some base for your claims.
No. 51522 Kontra
So go back to your 2ch, it was sold as polygon for your kind. You spread like cancer that already rotten what left of russia. To belive in bullshit you posting you need to be well paid for that or have serious brain ingury at that point. No one has neither here, putridity.
No. 51524
80 kB, 818 × 282
594 kB, 813 × 811
> To belive in bullshit
You still didn't disprove any of the points I made. Didn't Navalny defame the veteran? Didn't his partners call children to participate in the riots?
No. 51525 Kontra
>Telegram recommended me this imageboard.

He lied, Kohlchan is where you want to go.
No. 51527 Kontra
19 kB, 1021 × 149
No. 51531
Can we keep it and study it? I haven't seen a wild sosacher in years. I can adopt as pet. I promise to feed it shovelbread and take good care of our subject.
No. 51533 Kontra
4,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
>I promise to feed it shovelbread and take good care of our subject.

But it's not housebroken and never will be.
No. 51534
You can't contain it if it will spread, believe me. Don't want this board to become 2nd sosach.
No. 51535
It looks like a better board, thank you.
No. 51536 Kontra
You're welcome.
No. 51563 Kontra
8 kB, 250 × 250
No. 51649
No. 51650 Kontra
87 kB, 640 × 934
188 kB, 606 × 585
208 kB, 742 × 839
Ha! Ha! Time to post AnCap balls!
No. 51655
168 kB, 547 × 402
TIL that despite all the regulations and lockdowns, casinos are still open.
No. 51663
Anybody know how this differs exactly from these economic zones in China or the arabic peninsularThough I don't know if these projects of buliding a city and turning it into an economic power area have actually been successful?
No. 51666
Special economic zones are just administrative areas in which different business regulations apply, this seems like the government services would be provided by tech companies. The former were very successful in China.
No. 51672
665 kB, 1280 × 720
3,3 MB, 1288 × 720, 0:30
Since we were talking about space stuff in the other thread... Maybe there's hope after all...


I'm kind of genuinely impressed but I also can't stop laughing
No. 51677
>EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Tuesday he will propose the bloc's 27 member states impose sanctions on Russia after Moscow rebuffed his attempts to renew a dialogue.
It's interesting that when he visited he was trying to avoid sanctions and did not encourage them at all. After being informed during a meeting with Lavrov that Moscow will kick out diplomats, he changed his mind and it seems that on 22nd, a new round of sanctions might actually come through.
No. 51678
Hope it will be something more useful this time. Like actual bans of oligarchs families.
No. 51679
Nah, the biggest thing they might possible do is to ban some military or KGB officials who had no right to leave the R*ssia in the first place
No. 51681
Today is truly a good day
No. 51696
This really is His plan for us as life and as a species
To become spaceborne and becoming like spores drifting across the universe spreading the very garden itself and we've made countless barren deserts bloom
No. 51697
Alternative theories.
  1. Governments like big dick statements like space programs
  2. The emerging theory of 5th generation warfare is stateless and frontless, having your own satellites is quickly becoming the equivalent of having border fortifications in the past
  3. Existing 4+ gen warfare is networked, and a closed network with your own carriers is harder for other nations to disrupt, not having to rely on NATO for their BNet gives turkey another chip to bargain with when they want to break with NATO leadership on something. Strategic importance backed by network independence.
  4. Space programs are great covers for long range missile programs because the technologies are virtually identical
Tbh, world's pretty unstable right now, and resources are just getting scarcer as the climate collapses over the coming decades. Makes sense that those who can get things in motion right now, are making things happen right now.
No. 52008
To be fair, I also like big dick statements like space programs
No. 52044
2,0 MB, 3500 × 2330
It appears the EU will actually go through and sanction Russian officials over the Navalny jailing*.

5th Feb - During Borrell's visit to Moscow, a visit that was hoped to ease tensions and possibly secure the Russian vaccine for deployment in the EU, Russia kicked out diplomats from Germany, Sweden and Poland over alleged participation in the Navalny protests.
Borrell was surprised with this information during a meeting with Lavrov, additionally Lavror called the EU "an unreliable partner" following these discussions.
Initially it was clear that the EU wasn't ready to do anything over Navalny but proclaim deep concern, but after this trainwreck of a visit it seems things are rapidly moving towards a break in relations.

17th Feb - The European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday ordered Russia to “immediately” release jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, saying his life was in danger in prison.
Russia is legally bound by this court, but it's obvious that they weren't going to release Navalny. This seems to be more of setting the ground for sanctions.

Yesterday, the EU met again with members of Navalny's team to discuss implementing sanctions and today they should come out and announce a new round of sanctions.

It's impressive how Russia managed to chessmaster its way into getting sanctioned again. Presumably Russia will then sanction the EU, further crippling its economy.
No. 52650
To give you an idea, these are the kind of absolute subhumans and NPCs with whom one must deal in those alleged idyllic small towns and farmer states
Maybe we should deprioritize states like this from vaccinations
No. 52651
>To give you an idea, these are the kind of absolute subhumans and NPCs with whom one must deal in those alleged idyllic small towns and farmer states

Wait until you here about what they did to the Capitol in Washington DC...
No. 52723
This made me laugh
>In 2018, she wrote a “letter to my brothers” on her blog, outlining her concerns about the deference she was expected to show male leaders, going as far as wearing flats instead of heels when she was serving alongside a man who was shorter than she was.
No. 52726
>She still loves the things Southern Baptists believe, she said, and is determined to stay connected with a local church. Moore hopes at some point, the public witness of Southern Baptists will return to those core values and away from the nationalism, sexism and racial divides that seem to define its public witness.

I recall seeing Beth Moore on one of the Christian TV stations. She was a good. This was years ago, and I've forgotten the specific messages, but retained a postive image of her. I'm glad to see she's still got a backbone.
No. 52727
It's part of a general national decay that's been happening for decades and I strongly empathize with her absolute shock at discovering these people willing to lionize antichrists out of petty kulturkampf but really I just came to share it because the manlet thing made me start laughing IRL. Sadly I cannot find the original video and don't feel like booting up and rifling through old drives but remember that webm "why you are so short?" and that guy repeats the question on a Russian or Romanian park bench and acts like he's going to hit the guy then doesn't and looks depressed? Images such as that came to mind.

Yes I know. I'm sorry for being such a shitposter. It was just so totally unexpected for me to find out the Baptist Southern convention actually enforces rules against manlets not being made to feel more inferior by wearing heels.

As to the rest of it yeah there's this real serious crisis of faith happening in the country between sincere Christians and posers just using it as a vehicle, who in turn are trying to eject anyone who points out those kinds of problems. It's a totally godless movement that's been growing within Evangelicalism for awhile and that over the last several years people like Moore had to confront directly and rejected it because it rightly disgusted them. But sorry I took a chance with US bullshit just because that thing about the flats was so hysterical to me.
No. 53000
248 kB, 640 × 480
hi East Slav mates, any comment on Putin's threat on Twitter? I loathe Twitter but I'd like your opinion regarding the political mood and the like. Cheers.

BTW best of luck to all wishing peace for everyone. If I can do something please tell
No. 53028
>Putin's threat on twitter
Which one? Also I just realized the irony of that comment.
>Vladimir Putin
>threatening people on twitter
What an absurdist timeline.
No. 53044
He wasn't threatening people on twitter (I don't think he has one), he was threatening to shut down Twitter in Russia if they don't comply with Russian regulations.
(Though he did ask Biden for a zoom Rap Battle)
No. 53056
Where's the picture from?
No. 53059
Roscomnadzor trying to block more and more internet in Russia, now going for big social places. Nothing new.
No. 53060 Kontra
"Everlasting Summer Ulyana cosplay girl" shooped into a still from the Russian movie "Bespredel"
No. 53061
No. 53062
9,3 MB, 512 × 384, 1:35
Wat nou
No. 53063
1,8 MB, 256 × 256, 0:26
I'd vote for rape, pillage and overall panic.
No. 53064
This is Ernstchan's opportunity to retake the throne
No. 53065
1,5 MB, 512 × 512, 0:33
great, cant this happen when i wörk or sleeep?
No. 53097
>out of nearly 7 and a half billion people, if you died of SARS 2.0 odds are one in five you're an American
That's so goddamn embarrassing

>big social places
And nothing of value was lost
No. 53100
150 kB, 704 × 659
what Hungary said
thank you. So I guess Twitter would get good image from this given the circumstances. Bad because I absolutely hate Twitter, they are evil and to tell you the truth, they throw the level of discourse to the dogs, with all that Twitter stars God knows who they are, retweets, likes, gaslighting, blatant manipulation, curated timelines, shadowbanning, political aggressive agenda, outright immorality and hypocrisy. They have their hands stained in blood. Sorry for the rant.
thank you, that was a pro answer, I thought it was cosplay
No. 53238
13 kB, 450 × 240
>takes an entire global pandemic screeching things to a halt to kill our supplies of TP
>only needs one beached ship to fuck our supplies of arse wipes
No. 53359
Twitter is okay because I don't give a fuck about politics in it, especially USA politics and other retarded shit.
No. 53360 Kontra
Twitter is bad because you can only upload compressed image formats.
No. 53361
Twitter is great. I am stalking bitches there.
No. 53366
Twitter is a USAF bot farm and that is why it was so heavily promoted here. It later became a bot farm for many other actors. This is because it's way harder to farm sockpuppets and use them for influencing people on FB which is itself a data farming total information awareness project. I have never had a twitter account not even because of that, but because it is stupid beyond belief and seemingly directly intended to undermine the intelligence and knowledge of the masses.
No. 53367
110 kB, 280 × 277
No. 53496
120 kB, 900 × 506
64 kB, 1208 × 684
Ever heard of phosphogypsum stacks? Phosphogypsum is an industrial byproduct, created as phosphate ore is processed into fertilizer. Big business in Florida. Well, the stuff can't be used for anything, because it's too toxic, and so the mining company stores it in huge piles. On top of these stacks is a retention pond, which can hold hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water. Seems safe, right?

Well, one of them is leaking. Again. The last time this happened neither the mining company, nor the government, informed the public. This time they used the Emergency Broadcast System. Told locals to evacuate. So, small progress there.

Anyway, they're pumping water out as fast as they can. This will likely lead to algea blooms in the Bay, fish kills, etc. Probably won't be a catastrophic flood, though. That's a positive. Mosaic is the major industry player here, but the stack that's in the news now isn't theirs. That company filed for bankruptcy 20 years ago. They're gone, but the environmental disaster remains.

tl;dr: Florida things.

Florida declares state of emergency over toxic wastewater leak

Good long-form article from 2017:

The Clock is Ticking on Florida’s Mountains of Hazardous Phosphate Waste

>Drive through much of the Florida peninsula and the land you see is flat—flat as a pancake, flat as a billiard table..But at the Mulberry plant, and everywhere else the phosphate industry operates, you’ll see mountains...
No. 53509
>building a giant lake on top of a pile of toxic industrial waste
For what purpose
No. 53515
The ponds are part of the original phosphate mining process. Phosphogypsum is produced as a by-product, and transported to the stacks in pipes. At that point, it's wet, like a slurry or sludge. As it dries, the water pools, filling those ponds you see on the surface. The ponds are also used to store other waste water which the phosphate plant produces.

As a side note, after the original mine closed the site was purchased by another company. They actually used the ponds to store more waste water from a nearby construction project. Obviously that wasn't a good idea. Other than that, the ponds don't serve a purpose anymore, and the long-term plan has been to permanently drain them. That's become a lot more urgent now.

Manatee County evacuation: Sky 10 flies over Piney Point reservoir
No. 53517
Florida is a fantastic example for why this bizarre new trend of pro-nuclear zoomers is a terrible fucking idea. I have no clue why it gets spread so much on cancerous imageboards but nuclear plants create even more problems which eventually includes allowing Floridians to be in charge of nuclear waste and not giving us a Chernobyl. Also DeSantis is a fucking idiot.
No. 53528
14 kB, 480 × 360
The last proposal for a new nuclear plant here didn't go well. That was made by Progress Energy. They were able to finance the construction by adding a surcharge to their customer's monthly bills. Then, years later- and after Progress merged with Duke- the project was cancelled. $1.5 billion collected from customers and spent, for nothing.

People were furious, but it really was for the best. Now Duke is building solar farms. I drove by a solar farm last year. It was the first time I'd seen one in person. Kinda cool.
No. 54256
No. 54279
I dont get the point of that whole recognition of the armenian genocide idea.
Whats the point of it? The only effect it has is to make Armenians happy and piss of the turks.

Are they going to go through all of history and recognize all the countless genocides that happened in human history?
No. 54280 Kontra
Shut up Mehmet, pay reparations
No. 54302
Sometimes thinks don't need an ulterior motive beyond just accepting the facts regardless of Turkish proofster butthurt. In Biden's case he's just broadly on an anti-hate campaign.
No. 54384
95 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 54489

People don't panic, the elite does and then makes bad decisions. More or less.
No. 54491
>border tensions in central Asia complete with massacre of unarmed civilians
>nobody reports on it, nobody cares
Feels irrelevant man
No. 54492
370 kB, 1334 × 1673
Just a Steppes people thing. I wonder who will increase political influence by negotiating peace there, China or Russia?

Like usual, odd border making left much room for tension and water again is a major factor of the occurance.
No. 54617
Hey we're no longer the worst country for plagues
We are now not as bad as India when it comes to dealing with disease
No. 54628
26 kB, 285 × 393
8,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 4:40
Liveleak is kill ;_;

I didn't really visist Liveleak much over the last few years, but i still remember it being a nice site.
Sad that it became mostly a source of gore videos for most people.

No. 54629
Is there a statement why?
No. 54630
Probably too difficult to monetize chinese industrial accident videos.
No. 54631
592 kB, 1171 × 1588
Looks like the owners wanted to move on to the viral video business. It's strange they didn't just hand Liveleak off to someone else to run. Maybe non-corporate websites can't outlive their creator's personal interest.
No. 54633
>Maybe non-corporate websites can't outlive their creator's personal interest.

This is rapidly becoming the case for pretty much every single website that's not sucking corporate cock. The Internet we knew and loved couldn't be deader. The Wild West that enraptured us is gradually and suddenly disappearing, and soon, it'll be nothing more than a memory.
No. 54634
In memory of the hours spent watching Brazilian liveleak videos.
No. 54636
>Maybe non-corporate websites can't outlive their creator's personal interest.
4chan would be a counterproof, though it lacks the esprit it used to have
No. 54641
Vierkanal is effectively the same thing at this point
No. 54644
429 kB, 1168 × 1573
IMHO it was Christchurch. After Christchurch, Liveleak removed comment section (it was too brutal) and the videos were toned down.

BTW in NTD they were talking about how the Cadillac Chinese equivalent is a terrible car.

Liveleak... Salute! If you see the Liveleak logo in the sky... Duck and cover!
No. 54649
I think that part of the problem is all these got older and while you'd think they wouldn't give a shit about allowing extremists a platform for basically propagandizing honestly I think a big part of it is let's be honest, these are mostly young white dudes on the Wect and it's one thing when it's "just third worlders" and very far away, and quite another when it becomes your neighbor. That I think was part of the turning point with all this shit because the mentality was who cares if it's someone in Syria or Brazil but when things pop off at home, eh. Of course, when they do happen here that also makes the authorities take more notice too. I wonder if nydaily or whatever it's called will remain.

One way or the other I miss a much simpler, innocent time of gore and shock images like we had back in my day on ogrish and our SA and TOTSE. I feel like every single day the internet somehow just finds a way to get much shittier and shittier.

Fuck this place I need my moonbase, under ocean base, cabin or Colorado, or anatarcic base but for fuck's sake thanks to global warming I'm sure all of these faggots are eventually just going to follow me to Antarctica anyways.
No. 54676
Dunno, if we refer to gruesome violence, US police bodycam was quite usual in LL. It was quite the...

China: road accidents, terrible construction and no safety
India: don't remember
Brazil: violence and vigilatism
Russia: road accidents
USA: road rage and police bodycam
Syria: war war war ISIS

No. 54683
192 kB, 1360 × 765
Navalny is once again classified as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.
I think it's just his worsening condition, saying racist shit a decade ago will negate being arbitrarily gulag'd, but you'll regain if it the state starts slowly killing you.

I hate amnesty international, what a bunch of clowns.
No. 54743
>saying racist shit a decade ago will negate being arbitrarily gulag'd, but you'll regain if it the state starts slowly killing you.
>I hate amnesty international, what a bunch of clowns.
I don't actually know much about the guy. What I know is just that Wectern establishment is still butthurted at Putin and many young Russians also justifiably butthurted at Putin and embraced Navalny though I failed to understand how the guy is supposed to ultimately become that much better than Putin as opposed to just another typical Russian ruler if he got installed. Like I understand that Putin is a shithead but I don't know a lot about Navalny or get why he's supposed to be "the change Russia needs" than another guy who'll just slide into being a Luka tier after being in power several years.
No. 54747 Kontra
I've only heard the racist/ultranationalist critique levied against Navalny from tankies/MLs so far.
2bh based on that Navalny's Russia in the long run wouldn't be any better for the West, it'd just mean that in the transitional/chaotic phase the EU and the US wouldn't have to worry about Russia much. (I guess that's the point since after the utter fucking failure that was the Yeltsin-era nobody really thinks in the west you can turn Russia into a democratic progressive fairy-land, you can only weaken it periodically if you try hard enough.)

I'm reasonably sure that Navalny would change some things, but otherwise he'd probably have to cooperate and try reigning in the oligarch/create new oligarchs to have a solid power-base for himself just like Putin.
The only thing I can see that would change is that he'd probably be harder on minorities judging by some of his comments, but I don't think a nth Chechen-war is what Russia needs.
No. 54752
After Navalny got arbitrarily imprisoned, Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience. Upon Navalny's old racist 2000s post being translated and spread by RT, Amnesty International removed his prisoner of conscience status. They qualified him again as one. My personal opinion is that they fear he'll drop dead in gulag, and it'd look real bad on them.
>Like I understand that Putin is a shithead but I don't know a lot about Navalny or get why he's supposed to be "the change Russia needs" than another guy who'll just slide into being a Luka tier after being in power several years.
The hope, on his supporters part, is that Navalny will be in a position to change the system, it isn't just exchanging tsars.

Chechnya really is an interesting case as a future source of problems for a Russia that moves out of Putin's 'vertical power structure'. Any leader that takes after Putin will either have to allow the same free reign to the Chechen despot as his predecessor if they are to avoid a costly conflict. Ideally, they'd just cut off that gangrenous province, but this would be paramount to grand treason - especially for a western-leaning leader.
No. 54755
No. 54756
>Then one of the landlords started to tell the story of what he called an “involuntary eviction” that had happened a few weeks earlier in Albany, where a landlord had become incensed after trying and failing to evict his tenants for months. The landlord had broken into his own apartment early on a Sunday morning, held the tenants at gunpoint, restrained them with zip ties, hauled them out of his apartment, and then deposited them at a cemetery 30 miles from the property.
No. 54758
I am pretty sure telling churkas go to hui is just going to create a southwestern Afghanistan for them which now will just be launching continuous jihadist attacks into Russia but now without any of the control or monitoring. I see it as a kind of wolf by the ears situation. Or holding a bull by the horns, however you say it your languages. Namely, that you don't want to keep holding on, but you really don't want to let go either. I don't think Russia has actually any good options beyond Putin just using Kadyrov as his beard.
No. 54768
>his own apartment
>his own
He's not living there. Look I get where some of these guys are coming from and many people are pieces of shit, but most people aren't like some poor poor poor [insert third world] immigrant just chasing muh murican dream. These are often people that have lots of money to start with and just see housing units as another money making scheme so I really don't give two shits about these people. It's made worse by the fact that article tries being evenhanded and making that one dude sound sympathetic, who likely is the most sympathetic person they found, and he's riding around in his Mercedes Benz posting information on homeless shelters to families. You'll notice he didn't sell his fucking Mercedes did he. It should also be noted that state like many has something like a one week eviction proceeding, meaning that the landlord can start processing paperwork on your eviction if you're even one week late on rent.

Of course the whole American economy is just beyond retarded at this point so that whole "tenants don't pay rent, landlords don't pay taxes or bills, cities don't pay for services and everything collapses" also is true and it shouldn't be. This is not to say I agree with the "cancel rent!" idiots either because they are like I said ignorant shortsighted imbecilic shitheels with no solutions and no idea how things work. It reminds me of the incompetent retards that got shit degrees they can't pay for and demand "cancel our loans!" because they're fucking retards and obviously have no solution how to pay for rent, medical care, and education either.
Hint: it's the people rubbing their hands that own all that who are in markets where they can price gouge and the solution is to cap how much they can charge and peel back their rates. If they want to fucking cry about it they can all leave my country and go back to China or Israel or India or wherever, but they won't, because they still would make more money here even with those price controls.
No. 54788
> I've only heard the racist/ultranationalist critique levied against Navalny from tankies/MLs so far.
I've mostly heard critique from far-lefts and far-rights. While former say that he is fascist who will exterminate minorities, later say that he will flood Russia with migrants. Obviously, the true motivation for such speeches is "I hate America, so some anti-American corrupt dictator must be good guy" and all those reasoning is secondary.
I hate useful idiots so much it's unreal.
No. 55661
292 kB, 715 × 744
91 kB, 709 × 428
3,7 MB, 356 × 200, 0:12
The Great Filter tier

The worst thing to me is that retard Elon is wasting all that lithium for his retarded freedom hating carsthe ability to drive your own vehicle when or where you want without computer, remote, corporate or State interference should be enshrined in the Constitution as an amendment along with right to privacy is we could have actually used that lithium to create giant industrial battery farms for storing the electric from geothermal, solar, wind, and tidal, and we could even sell it as an international commodity to foreigners.

Also shocking absolutely no one, Intel is confirmed backdoored to hall and back through their CPUs' microcode.
No. 55690
14,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:07
No. 55923
67 kB, 1024 × 576
176 kB, 948 × 474
292 kB, 1200 × 675
There's a long going fight about a house in Berlin that's full of leftwing extremist squatters.
After they managed to get around it for a long time (thanks to the help of the left leaning politics of Berlin), there will be an safety inspection tomorrow.
Right now it seems that war has already startet.


No. 55925 Kontra
Despite not knowing anything about the Berlin situation, I can't help but feel naturally inclined to feel that these people are unreasonable and the police should evict them at once. Perhaps I am projecting my national prejudices onto a foreign situation, perhaps it's the same and equal situation.
No. 55926
You are totally correct in with your feeling.
No. 55929
Looks like more or less the usual dialectics of Berlin housing politics

I don't feel particular solidarity towards squatters, but you gotta consider that gentrification & housing in general are a perennial problem in Berlin, with more and more real estate buy-ups by foreign investors who jack up rents and the recently cancelled rent freeze ("Mietendeckel") policy resulting in lots of frustration at best and homelessness at worst
No. 55930
6 kB, 184 × 184
>left wing extremists! Fire! Rocks! Firecrackers! Violence!
>article says fuckall about what makes them extremists and what the argument is about
Yeah I'm going to guess this is somehow about a bunch of greedy Arabs and Jews trying to get more rents. I side with the protesters and against the landlords. Make with the dealings.
No. 55933
>gentrification & housing in general are a perennial problem in Berlin,

I dont see why this is considered such a big problem. People there always talk as if they had a god given right to live in the same part of town with rents from the 80s for all of their life. Things change and people need to move from time to time if they cant effort rent in a certain place.
No. 55934
>The Social Democrats, Greens and the Left party, which were behind the Berlin law, indicated that they would seek federal legislation to cap rents -- 54% of Germans support such legislation, according to a survey by real estate service provider Objego.
>By contrast, Merkel’s conservative bloc and the pro-business Free Democrats welcomed the decision. It’s “a good thing” that the rent cap is gone, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, a member of Merkel’s conservative bloc, said.
>“It created uncertainty in the housing market, slowed investment and didn’t create a single new apartment,” Seehofer said in an emailed statement. Building more homes “is and remains the best tenant protection.”

Interesting. I was thinking why they would do this right now but its with the intent to kickstart construction. How have jobs picked back up in German cities? Seems fucked too, a 5 year rent freeze scrapped suddenly.
No. 55935
The problem is what new apartments will be built? The state should build them themselves instead of relying on market incentives, because usually, these apartments are expensive, more lucerative for making profits than building apartments for people that work in that city but have less well payed jobs.
The question that looms over this problem is the following and it is a political question that has a longer history, part of many cities histories: to whom belongs the city? what should our city be like?

You can answer the question yourself if you want housing to be part of market behavior or if it is better that such a fundamental thing is protected from market behavior/logics.
No. 55936
I have no idea how much Berlin spends or doesn't spend in public housing, and dunno how German home assistance works so I can't comment on if they should spend more or less. That said...
>to whom belongs the city?
Gentrification and associated worries seem almost comical to me. City's identity and people claiming a right to live in a city because urbanites fear being forced to a second rate city or god forbid, the countryside.
Living in a social democratic state should guarantee you freedom from homelessness, but there should be no guarantees that you'll be living in your hip ancestral neighborhood.
my passion for this is just proxy butthurt at lisbon's housing settis
No. 55937 Kontra
If you work in the city you should be able to live there, not be forced out because apartments are empty for speculation's sake, or only for the professional class. In general, the community is to be prioritized before someone's economic interests, if that is a legal body or a person with much wealth that is to be multiplicated. I mean gentrifying and area destroys the reason why it became a goal for gentrification in the first place, people are forced out because there is money to make. If you think it is ok forcing people away because of private interests and money making it possible then ok, but I don't understand that.
No. 55938 Kontra
I like how Berliner are talking exactly like the rightwingers they so, so despise.
Why don't you welcome the immigrants with their diverse culture and their warm ways? Those poor Swabians just want to make a living. What about the solidarity? Berlin is there for everyone, times are changing, what is a "Berliner", anyway? It's just a hollow term, like "German" or "gender".
Berlin, yuo are all of nazi.

That said, my suggestions is as follows: Just leave Berlin to the Berliners. The problem will solve itself in a few years. Erect a wall around it and shoot everyone trying to leave this Garden of Eden.
No. 55939 Kontra
Just like in Munich or Hamburg the rents and prices for land around the city are constantly rising btw. It's not an inner-city problem as it is framed here. The city should be for everybody, but again it's a political question that has different ways of solution. More affordable apartments, less tension I'd say. Ofc you like the tensions this city has to endure as it stabilizes your worldview, but you just make fun of the situation, you neither care about the way it became like that nor a useful solution for the future. And I also think that nobody here really knows all the factors anyway. But then again some developments can be seen in every bigger city around the world. As I said, in Germany, and this is the case in nearly every city, even in my hometown, the rents and land prices have risen over the last 15 years, quite noticeably. Will corona and telework change that? Probably not so fast.
No. 55940
Yeah seems my instincts were completely right. It's basically a bunch of greedy Jews whining about not getting to charge more astronomical fees every year and making your countrymen homeless in favor of some rich Dubai sheik hiding more of his assets in an empty property overseas. The degree to which the media was slandering these people without even going in depth about what it was all about pretty much told me everything I needed to know. I side with these "leftist extremists" whoever they are, godspeed and may you set fire to the property on your way out.
No. 55943
If the problem isn't gentrification or people merely pushed out of certain areas, but instead being able to make rent more affordable for people working in Berlin, there are better policies than rent freezes.

>If you think it is ok forcing people away because of private interests and money making it possible then ok, but I don't understand that.
Near where I live, not too long ago, you could own a place in what became a coveted area for burgissi home owners on a fisherman's wage. With housing prices going higher, as more infrastructure is built and the desirability of this specific area explodes since it's such a great place - a lot of people are "forced" out. 'forced' because the majority of people there were homeowners Is it really a net loss for the state or its inhabitants that these areas became wealthier and more gentrified? Certainly not, I'm sure it sucks for renters but I see the citizenry as a whole greatly profiting for this - if for no other reason than house taxes ensuring the gains are spread around the pooulace.
Rent freezes and social housing projects in downtown Lisbon have made it so that you have some people paying paltry sums in areas where the ordinary person would pay tenfold in rent. Older contracts become more valuable and it becomes impossible to move into the city on a new rent. We had this to an absurd degree not too long ago, in which you'd have old people who've been renting for 50 years paying 57€/month in an area where Ernst would pay 450€ for. Obviously they live in poor conditions as often the entire rent collected on a building was under upkeep cost, landlords merely waiting until their tenants would finally die.

I guess it's two different things, one is ensuring your working populace can afford to pay rent in non-central areas to render services within the city. The other is the gentrification angle. The first seems likes a fair concern, for the second who cares.
No. 56093
In line with European directives, Portugal has passed our own Digital Rights law. Most of the alignea in this bill are fairly agreeable and for the most part, the fundamental rights protected within are already accounted for in national law.
One exception is article 6, which for the greater cause of fighting misinformation, gives state support to 'creating fact finding structures by media structures' and calls for the attribution of 'seals of quality by trustworthy entities with public utility status'.
It's unclear what direct consequences this will lead to or how exactly the law will be interpreted and applied practically, but it seems that the legal legwork for establishing state sanctioned truth is here.
My only hope is that our bureaucracy will fight it before it gets thrown out by the judiciary. Freedom is held up by our last line of defense, lazy government workers.
No. 56101 Kontra
It's interesting how the 19th but more so the 20ths century was kicking off an epistemological crisis, where (absolute) truth was called into question, making damage to science or the imaginary of what science is/should be.
But on the other hand now that people try to fight fragmentation of truth, people come out to say that this is totalitarian. If you skip interpretation and relativity, you will have to deal with truths that are in a way totalitarian because it does not accept anything else than yes or no. If the state does not engage in fighting or institutions like truth, who else will do that? The science community seems to block it off with their status of autonomy, trying to separate themselves from the public and politics. And the market surely won't solve the problem but could be claimed as the problem in the first hand, a market of ideas/truths, a market wherein not the truest info wins, but the one with the best appeal.
No. 56102
423 kB, 13 pages
>If the state does not engage in fighting or institutions like truth, who else will do that?
Primarily the citizenry, then the state through means besides creating a Ministry of Truth, and other institutions. For the state to get involved in the business of deciding which information is factual and which isn't under the guise of 'fighting misinformation' - that is, preventing the citizenry from being exposed to 'lies' - is a gross over extension of whatever truth defending powers the state should have. If the state was particularly concerned about any truth, it has all the conventional means to fight it. It can command all sorts public media structures to broadcast this truth. A system that has worked well here, and in my view there is no immediate emergency that necessitates the creation of a committee to ascertain what is okay for distribution and what should be kept from the citizenry.

The European Union has already outsourced a great deal of work in preventing misinformation to social media corporations who are forced to perform this laborious process of ascertaining truth from fiction and preventing fiction from reaching greater audiences. Now this process has reached the national level here, with the state seeking to use established media structures to see through this process of fact-finding. It's unclear what ills this policy prevents or what grave emergency necessitated its passing, but it's very clear how this policy can be a step towards further restrictions of rights. Last time we had a committee of truth, they were very open about their stated purpose of preventing dangerous and disruptive ideas reaching the populace. Now, we are heading towards the same but in a democratic context.

It seems to me that either we accept that the populace must be trusted to be responsible while being exposed to a plethora of conflicting information - as it has been, or if the populace is just that gullible and lacking in critical thinking - then why hold up democratic values? We must at least pretend that the citizenry's opinions and beliefs can be relied on in order for our system to work.

In a wider European context, this is a tool to fight foreign backed influence and disinformation. It seems however unclear how this applies in any way to our national case or if countries that are indeed subject to Kremlin misinformation campaigns would benefit from this. It's not like censoring outlandish beliefs will do anything to deescalate their proponents or make it seem less alluring.

From the EU's action plan against disinformation, the highlight being mine:
>Disinformation is a major challenge for European democracies and societies, and the Union needs to address it while being true to European values and freedoms. Disinformation undermines the trust of citizens in democracy and democratic institutions. Disinformation also contributes to the polarisation of public views and interferes in the democratic decision-making processes. It can also be used to undermine the European project. This can have considerable adverse effects on society across the Union, in particular in the run up to the 2019 European Parliament elections. Strong commitment and swift actions are necessary to preserve the democratic process and the trust of citizens in public institutions at both national and Union level. The present Action Plan sets out key actions to tackle disinformation in a coordinated approach of the Union institutions and the Member States. It also highlights measures to be taken as a matter of priority by different actors ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections. Member States should step up their solidarity and defend the Union against hybrid attacks, including attacks using disinformation.
I seriously doubt any of these measures are "necessary".
No. 56105
You say that as though it doesn't already exist. The governments pick what gets taught in schools by setting the curriculum, and teachers often have not so much wiggle room, especially if there are standardised state tests that test very specific knowledge. Kids here don't get an education on this country that represents the current historical understanding, let me tell you. They get the state-sponsored version that serves their purpose. States defining 'truth' is entirely within their wheelhouse as is accepted by people until now.

I don't get why people are acting like it's a recent, worrying development. As a global order, we dug this grave a long time ago. Time to lie in it.
No. 56107
The curriculum presented here in regards to history is at best myopic and at worst deceiving. It is so in a multitude of contradictory ways, from not fitting national events into greater world history to whitewashing certain events. I suppose whatever the academia in charge of setting curriculum decides can always be questioned, despite the need to agree on some standardized framework by public schools.
I still see this question as fundamentally different than a committee created with the purpose to ensure citizens only get Truth(tm). At least texts outside the classroom aren't subject to the approval of higher authorities and you'd be wholly free from their tyranny once you graduate. This new committee has the legal authority to oversee everything from publications to social media shitposts.
No. 56108 Kontra
Note that I don't think it's as straightforward as an immediate march to tyranny, as there are provisions in national law that are contradictory to these EU guidelines. Still worth opposing these measures.
No. 56112
230 kB, 1200 × 800
10 kB, 474 × 266
No it's worse. You don't underrstand the insiduousness of the purpose that is coerced compulsory schooling. The point is to make it not even occur to you there would be any different texts, and that even if you did, you'd be wholly uminterested in learning it to begin with.

Also if they really just had something like PBS it'd be fine. It's more if they clamp down on all broadcasting in which particular way. The flipside of this being a corporate group like for example Murdoch's media empire, which successfully fought lawsuits attesting that they, as an alleged news body, are not compelled to report only the facts. The result of this is on the other end you get these psychotic mass media outlets primarily interested in stoking the masses to fighting for their own and allied corporate interests. At this point I find it nominally less terrifying what governments do provided they have indendependence from corpos because they at least nominally have the mission purpose "representing the country's interests" wherever corporations do not even have any such pretenses.

Obviously, if the corpos own the EU then it just becomes the worst of all worlds.
No. 56113
The other problem being the false narrative that hard sciences aren't impacted. Who gives out the grants? Who funds which studies? There is a massive private sector with a vested selfish economic interest in pushing forward certain views and in burying the others, and they legitimize that through the sciences and educated professional classes like say doctors. The OxyContin fiasco immediately comes to mind, with me distinctly remembering seeing television ads as a kid for oxy and even then saying "that doesn't sound right" when they tried pushing "marketing literature" to claim you can't get addicted to it if you only use it for pain.
No. 56114 Kontra
>No it's worse. You don't underrstand the insiduousness of the purpose that is coerced compulsory schooling
I must not as I think it's a good thing, no, a great concept. Worth nothing that I don't think at any point did I assume there were no other texts, so if that was one of the purposes of public education, it was a solid failure. In making children and teenagers uninterested in additional texts, I think despite the efforts of teachers to arouse interest in such things, they were successful in their perfidious goal.
No. 56115 Kontra
157 kB, 1066 × 1600
We have enhanced global competition, there is a contradiction between global market/free market rhetoric and improved state interference. The EU is a global power block that perceives Russia etc. as threats, and while the EU is not innocent ofc, why should Russia not try to wage an info war? You simply care for EU stability and not for the citizenry and their individual capacities modeled after enlightenment ideals. Because obviously there have been shifts in the media landscape, engineered environments (both online and offline), oftentimes interested in subconscious triggering. We live in a technosociality: (designed) online spaces and so called offline world are in superposition to use a metaphor.
The image of the self-conscious and critical citizenry backs down as cognitive science and other sciences make clear the human is not the autonomous being that it was once proclaimed to be. But (western) society are built on that, the present seems to deny that more and more, yet clinging to it in light of no alternative.
The whole free world thing got out of hand again and now the time for enhanced state interference is once again ripe.
No. 56116 Kontra
So what you're saying is the time is right for a new Führer, gotcha.
No. 56117
AI and automated social credit systems will encourage prosocial behaviour in the east, while the west will get more alienated and individualist and IQ decreases further.

Praise Xi.
No. 56118 Kontra
I did not give any advice on what is to be done. Merely stating that the role of the state is noticeably shifting.
No. 56119 Kontra
I think it is interesting that non-chinese states tend to cut a slice of China and move towards greater state control, at least it seems so. And people, libertarians especially, say communism is coming. We are far away from that, some people don't remember that there has been phases of greater state control, even in the country of united free markets will fix it.
No. 56120
68 kB, 1200 × 630
I don't get where this demonization of corporations comes from (probably from Marxism). Like if they are intrinsically evil structures interested in spreading misinformation and if government does something bad that must be because of their corrupting touch.

In opposite, usually corporations are interested in long term development of countries where they operate in. They need functioning economy to operate and impelled relocation (in case of national troubles) is a big loss which can put them out of busyness.

Plus we are get used to think in abstract categories such as "class will", "corporation's interests", yet those abstractions consist of people. An official can damage his country for bribe from foreign state or because of his personal struggle for power. Or corporation owner can transfer some money to charity instead of gaining more profits.

Bigger problem is that state is monopolistic and has means of enforcing it's will through violence. It's just a too powerful structure to give it control over "absolute truth".
No. 56122 Kontra
26 kB, 800 × 450
>corporations are interested in long term development of countries where they operate in. They need functioning economy to operate

Doubt. While they need a stable state that can guarantee corporate operativity and working logistic infrastructure that does not necessarily mean corporates are interested in long-term development, which can mean many things btw. Foremost a corporation is interested in making profit, which can include investments in a country, ofc. It's about good conditions, that can be under autocratic leadership or something else, as long as operativity seems safe and risks are calculated.
Another problem would be sub-contracting that is left out of sight. Nestle can have sub-contracts with smaller corporations that don't give a shit. Nestle does invest in these, not a country, which makes it easier to withdraw investments and be flexible. Ofc there are limits to this depending and what products you facilitate and what goods are needed for that.

The relation between abstract and concrete is very interesting, you cannot eliminate one of those terms and be satisfied. Abstraction is a powerful and useful instrument/practice. Abstraction could also mean subtraction, ofc it's not the same as the concrete messy reality, but one has to use filters so to speak.
No. 56129
It is not Marxism it is just as day fact. The sole purpose of the corporation is in extracting profit for shareholders. If a corp was an individual as Citizens United ruling contends, then it would be an utterly amoral sociopath. Indeed, the whole fundamental philosophy of free market econ is "muh enlightened self interest" which, when taken to its logical extreme in the corporation, is basically a psychopathic Patrick Bateman tier individual. The corporation is, in and of itself, a semi-autonomous governing structure. It is a defacto government which simply does not have the the authority to wage warfare and claim a monopoly on violence as the State does, which it regardless relies upon to utilize violence so as to conduct its business.

>corps want higher development
This is laughable. I don't know where you get such an absurdist idea, Ayn Randism I guess))))) but history has proven the opposite in many cases. Highly developed countries means higher wages, more costly regulations. It is part of why so much manufacturing and even service jobs like technical support all got shipped out from here to second and third world countries like India, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Costa Rica, while pretty much the only jobs left you physically can't remove from premises like food servers and doctors but boy do they still sure try, or failing that, do they still sure try figuring out how to automate it.

Just go look at the history of United Fruit Company's massacres in South America. They want all the resource and production regions as poor, uneducated, backwards and disunited as fucking possible and if they cannot succeed by God they'll turn you into another Libya or Iraq or Syria or Salvadore.

Do you really want to know what an operation whose sole motivating factor is money looks like? It looks like the mafia. Now imagine with even less code or honor or tradition than Italian mafia or Russian mob and there you have perfect corporate rule.
No. 56130
One of the most obnoxious things to me about lolberts trying to push their nonsense through gaming is when they try and make it sound like businessmen are pacifists. Of course they fucking are not. It's just that wars and revolutions and general Somalian chaos is often not conducive to virtually anything provided you are not in the business of profiting off that situation. It has long occurred to me that one of the best ways to make money and cement your own power base is simply to start up a weapons manufacture as well as a banking and loan company, and to through various means of influence and guile collide the different peoples and nationstates against each other, and to subsequently sell them weapons which they now need as a vital tool of existence, which you then provide loans to pay for them.

By the time the rubble is being cleared you will now be owed and thus in a sense own these peoples, who you continually squeeze for juice money while offering to lower their vigs in return for special favors, like for example going after another power who's become delinquent on payments. I can probably smash all of Europe and Asia apart doing this until I literally owned them and their children.

The primary thing I think naive idiots and utopian dreamers get wrong is that it is never about the money, it's about the power. No one who amasses a billion dollar fortune gives two shits about filching an extra billion because he needs even more expensive things. Beyond the 7 figure range it is now solely about the power. I do not know how any of these idiot kids got it into their heads that companies just want to innocently give you great products and have a little extra money to buy themself nice things, except these are children and/or bydlo who are so far from fulfilling material wants all they can imagine money is for is buying things, rather than people.

It should also be added that already for many years now corpos themselves have had an entire career path called industrial espionage. They functionally run their own intelligence operations against each other, limited solely by State having laws they all need to bow down to and even then because the people of which corps are composed are almost always shielded from personal liabilities, it becomes a simple arithmetical matter of "are the lawsuits, fines, and other consequences of our actions exceeding the profits?" If the answer is a mass recall and class action lawsuit settlements are anticipated to be far less costly than fixing the problem, you simply let people burn to death and pay out the settlements later.
No. 56132
They kind of are. A good amount of research money comes from the state, and goes through a board that decides what's in its interest to fund, and most academic work is partaking of grant money if it can. Also consider what is defined as 'truth' by state institutions like the selection of public holidays. For example in Australia where since 1994 (something that not so many people know) Australia has had the public holiday for Australia Day as the national founding holiday. This ignores the very real fact that the first nations were here for tens of thousands of years beforehand, and that the 26th of January represents dispossession and genocide to a lot of them. Only one of these perspectives is given the weight of state recognition though, which allows the myth of a clean Australia an air of truth, while somewhat hiding the ugly side. And it works, we still have no treaty with the first nations, and they remain excluded from our constitution, and rectifying these remains a 'controversial' matter in Australian Politics, since the manufactured 'truth' of us all just getting along is so powerful.

I'm not saying that this new measure is a good thing, just that it's a natural continuation of the status quo that's existed for decades, so only now getting outraged over it and it alone is being a bit late to the party.
No. 56136
45 kB, 800 × 505
>just that it's a natural continuation of the status quo that's existed for decades
If taking your example, in which the Australian state attempts to create a common national myth for their own reasons - then this has existed here for longer than decades, longer than our nation as our founding King claimed that Christ himself appeared before him and told him to start his own realm.
The state endorsing truths is fundamentally different than what's going on here. What is a constitution if not a state endorsing a series of truths or at least implied truths in the form of assorted values?
Public holidays, speeches from elected officials, symbolic actions that are endorsements of views and ideas are fundamentally different than what's going on with this particular point in this particular bill. I don't think a nation exists or existed in which the former didn't happen so it seems silly to imply a censorship committee is the natural conclusion of what seems to be a universal phenomenon.
No. 56137 Kontra
Another more historical conclusion would be that the state has been interested in regulating its territory and the flows within it (and incoming) for some centuries now. I don't say it's natural, but why not also regulate information flows, if circulating information is perceived as a threat? I could imagine that the state used to tackle information circulation long before the notion of information came into being, given that the state (or the EU as global power bloc) as an institution has an interest in self-sustainment.
No. 56138
> It is not Marxism it is just as day fact.
But for me it's obviously false. You (or other American) said that USA is ruled by corporations. And yet it's one of the most advanced and prosperous countries in the world with which only Western Europe can compete. yes, I heard about infernal horrors of paying 12.5% percent fee to ebay

> The sole purpose of the corporation is in extracting profit for shareholders.
And if shareholders use corporation for something except extracting profit, what will happen? Adam Smith will emerge from grave and eliminate them with lighting strike?

> If a corp was an individual as Citizens United ruling contends, then it would be an utterly amoral sociopath.
It's convenient for human brain to imagine abstractions as some anthropomorphic entities, however if you use this way of thinking carelessly, it may lead to wrong conclusions.

> The corporation is, in and of itself, a semi-autonomous governing structure.
> It is a defacto government
Wat? You could say that about East India Company which had their own army but about anything from 21-st century? I struggle to find any corp's trait which is common with government and non-trivial (unlike "they both have hierarchy").

> which simply does not have the the authority to wage warfare and claim a monopoly on violence as the State does
So unlike state they can't just enforce laws on people, jail and execute them or involuntary extract money from them? In worst case they could try to influence State to do something of this for them. And in general they just offer goods and workplaces. Oh yeah, such an insignificant nuance.

> which it regardless relies upon to utilize violence so as to conduct its business.
This sounds so terrifying and amoral, however this is what everyone of us does. When I commute anywhere, I rely on violence which police applies to criminals, otherwise it wouldn't be safe for me to leave house or even stay in it.

Then you cherrypick examples of corporation's misdeeds like United Fruit Company and draw conclusions based on them. With same success I could cherrypick examples of crimes against humanity committed by state (Stalin-Hitler-Mao), then conclude that state is intrinsically evil and psychopathic structure, so fuck it, let's build Ancapistan. But I won't, this would be untrue and demagogic as well.
No. 56140
or they'll enjoy the infrastructure, development and buying power of western countries, created by the public sector, while using third world shitholes for labor.
Best of both worlds.
No. 56141
So, you are in favor of Russian oligarchs too because they could decide to do something which benefits the Russian population every now and then?
No. 56142 Kontra
>And if shareholders use corporation for something except extracting profit, what will happen?

What would they use them for?
You usually buy shares to get return. Nobody buys shares if there is not a chance on return. Some are more risky than others. Shares are sold with the promise of future returns which means a corporation has to make profit, otherwise your shares don't yield anything and you wasted money/investments
No. 56144
These two are fair conclusions, that the state has a general interest in expanding its influence over popular opinion via the control of information and that the state has a self preservation instinct. Sometimes, some state's actions fly counter to both these concepts, but as a general rule - yes.
However, it doesn't mean that these actions naturally lead to a better chance of survival. Plenty of states have, with the desire to ensure their survivability, all but ensured their collapse. It isn't clear that these actions will ensure a greater robustness in facing foreign or internal threats.
No. 56150
Ah, same demagogue. Like "You say state is a good and necessary thing? Then you must be in favor of Pol Pot!"
Anyway, on your question Russia is where bears and oligarchs =D. Owner of company I'm working in has contributed a lot to education and science. Meanwhile many of huge yacht's and mansion's owners are employed government workers, modest proletarians like you and me.
No. 56151
>Owner of company I'm working in has contributed a lot to education and science
Good for him, so did Bill Gates. Both need to step down none the less, because they as private persons should not hold this power to decide what kind of money goes into education and science.
No. 56155 Kontra
>It isn't clear that these actions will ensure a greater robustness in facing foreign or internal threats.

True, if it really helps to keep it all robust is another question.

As the other German said, charity and funding is nothing unusual for those people. I was granted a scholarship that was partly financed by a company/from a pool of companies. A scholarship can be financed in different ways, funding can be organized in different ways. To say that capitalists fund education and science and are therefore the best choice is very much debatable. As the German already said, private persons decide and are therefore not accountable, but probably can decide paths of science and education or have influence on them nonetheless. It's not very democratic, but that is one of the greater contradictions of liberal democratic capitalism.
No. 56157
>surely Russian so call "oligarch" is all good people funding science and education, not private citizens that stole everything belonging to public in collapse of USSR
>pensioners is real oligarchs
God bless Putin thank doge he stole all that money from those evil pensioners to give to good science man.

This. In essence what he is saying at this point is it's fine and better to live under an aristocracy because some barrony or duchess contributes a gift to some university sometime. I have not seen one oligarch let us play golf on the moon.
No. 56166
I don't get why peoples' self-determined actions have to be conflated with the systems they are under.
Positive contributions have been made under any system, so this variable can be excluded as superfluous. Rather, why not evaluate those systems in themselves?

"Good things happened under X so it's not all bad" is a "Hitler ate sugar" type of argument.
No. 56174
But raisins are natures candy!
No. 56177
>they as private persons should not hold this power to decide what kind of money goes into education and science.

>God bless Putin thank doge he stole all that money from those evil pensioners to give to good science man.
This company never got money from Putin or pensioners (except if some of them decided to buy it's services). In opposite, it pays taxes which go to Putin's palace and old people's pensions.
No. 56183
Because it's not in any form a reasonable or democratic way of decision making, just a manifestation of private power. It's essentially the same as aristocracy.
No. 56197
And should it be democratic? I don't think it's reasonable to demand allowance of 51% of voters if someone wants to do some research on his own money.
No. 56198
>I don't think it's reasonable to demand allowance of 51% of voters if someone wants to do some research on his own money
It's not as profane as buying a snickers bar at the store after work.
No. 56205 Kontra
Interestingly, the politico-power aspect of money, how it was acquired and how it is used, is completely neglected here. Self-creation, cool!
No. 56238
You imply that busyness owner "stole surplus value" from his employees? I have no desire to argue about this, but let's look at the situation with common sense. On one hand we have kids whose lives and health were saved by vaccines. On the other hand we have some vague thing like "manifestation of private power of Bill Gates" which is bad because... ah, once you'll read enough Hegel and Zizek, you'll understand.
No. 56242
>but let's look at the situation with common sense. On one hand we have kids whose lives and health were saved by vaccines.
How is this common sense? This is just stating "thing x happened", not a justification of the underlaying power structures. It's not like someone is denying that rich company owners can do useful things with their money and power, sometimes even without a financial gain. So what?
No. 56243
>collectively all these rich fuckheads spent pandemic gaslighting people about justaflubro because they didn't want their dividend payouts to decrease
>but it's okay because one random Russian said he was donating some of his money
I swear there has to be some kind of a term in Russian for people like you that would loosely translate to "man who defends his new master" and office plankton.

Also you already pretty much said "so what" about aristocratic power structure so I don't care. It really wasn't enough to kick them off this part of the continent. We should've funded paramilitaries against moanrchists throughout Europe after muh 1776.
No. 56248 Kontra
>but let's look at the situation with common sense.

The phrase of every liberalist defender ever.

>ah, once you'll read enough Hegel and Zizek, you'll understand.

Sorry but you make yourself look dumb, you don't need to read Zizek and less so Hegel to understand what is mean by what is said in


Equality and freedom are not en pair in liberalism, instead freedom rules over equality, even the crippled equality before the law can be influenced with money, buying good lawyers. I'm not able to influence scientific research, I don't have the money to decide what will be a field of further research, what education gets funded, and which not.
People like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, but also smaller fish have a certain decision power that affects the many not the few, one private person or institutional body makes decisions with greater reach while not being really accountable for it, which is undemocratic. Thus the democratic ideal is threatened, even out of order to a certain degree these days tbh.
No. 56251
My fault, I just misunderstood what "step down" means and thought that you say that Bill Gates should stop science funding (in current real situation) because of <read Hegel>. But instead you were just arguing for socialism where he wouldn't own anything in the first place.

OK, but how do you imagine ideal scientific funding? Soviet system had a flaw that it had a single point of denial. If comrade Stalin decides that Lysenko's theory is right and "weismanists-morganists" are wrong, the former are fucked. And if instead of comrade Stalin you have guy elected by voters same situation can arise. But in capitalistic system you still can find private investor to support your research.

There are terms for "guy who isn't commie", but they are used only by few schizos from Sosach /po/.

There is also term "греча" (buckwheat) for a typical factory worker. He always works overtime when asked, if he isn't payed wage then he can patiently wait for years and continue to work. He considers all these things normal and also he votes for Putin. At least that's what stereotype says. They usually love USSR, but not because they hate their boss or corporations or something, but because of nostalgia and bootlicking fetish.

And there is a term "creacl" (from "creative class"), which was invented by polittechnologists to mock anti-Putin protesters who were mostly middle class office workers. But it's mostly forgotten now and even then was used mostly by propagandists and creacles themselves (ironically).
No. 56253
> Equality and freedom are not en pair in liberalism,
There are never en pair.

> one private person or institutional body makes decisions with greater reach while not being really accountable for it, which is undemocratic
You don't need to be rich to do that. Linus Torvalds wrote his OS and changed our lives, but did he asked us for permission? Or some famous actress started a new fashion, and now all the people around me look not like they used to. Or Perelman who proved his theorem and influenced science development. Again, I was not asked for that. So I don't think "I'm control freak" is a good argument against private corporations.

> Thus the democratic ideal is threatened
What is "democratic ideal"? Tyranny of the majority? Just imagine if any American had equal part in decision making, and 40% of scientific funding would be going to Christian studies, 40% more percents to Gender studies.
For me democracy (not in any abstract sense, but as we know it) is just a heuristics, a good system which is preferable to others in many (but not all) historical conditions.
No. 56256 Kontra
>You don't need to be rich to do that.

I think you did not get that being rich is exactly a problem, because that allows for expanded capacities. Ofc you don't need to be rich to make an impact, a terrorist also changes something, just like a peasants revolt. But decisions don't happen in a vacuum, capabilities vary. Also, it's not about permissions but about debating if it is alright that way.
It's like our rich people can do good things argument. Non-rich people can do make an impact, who would have thought!

>What is "democratic ideal"? Tyranny of the majority?

Accountability for what you are doing, for the power you have over others and use to make decision and change things concretely.

And maybe you should read some philosophy, then you might understand your own arguments from a more abstract angle and can trace conflict lines that go behind the mere concrete by which you devalue "abstraction" in calling some "common sense" (which is abstract anyway), it's liberal realism.
No. 56261
110 kB, 640 × 960
>man licks bootheels of his boss, surely just common sense
>anyone who finds flaws within our own system is schizo commie
You really remind me of Russians here who became so bootyblasted by own system they become completely irrationally opposite, view vaccines as "communism" and generally act as retarded as the self hating white SJW tranny or whatever it was I think it was you who described, or person who becomes butthurt at own system flaws to such extent they become tankies or such stupid shit. In your case I especially do not understand because Russian zoomers literally did not even exist in Communism, and 30 boomer Russians had childhood marred literally by the effects of liberalism, not of Communism.

Sorry but yes that is what you begin to sound like to me here ITT. Like
Fucking what? Because people want institutional bodies dedicating research grants for scientific advancement and betterment of all through better education rather than some rich elite giving more money to his rich elite prep school and pet projects somehow we advocate some totalitarian despot charismatic leader? Even funnier to me still, if such a person then would go ahead and say Putin or Trump or someone should make all decisions. Like you do realize in advocating that system of research by oligarch, you are effectively promoting the same thing as letting Stalin decide whose research should be funded right?

It's undemocratic. We should have broad research fanning into numerous different areas through public research grants. Some random fuckhead like Bezos is more often than not just going to try and promote drones for his Amazon deliveries. Gates is a good case in point: he pushed all this charitable aid to Africa, a great deal of which involved just giving them Windows machines, which in turn creates a large future customer base for Microsoft. It is self serving and relies on alleged self sacrifice of among the grubbiest, greasiest, most self interested individuals and hoping we just get some kind of good as a side effect to them directly benefiting themselves.

Similar thing happens by corporations pushing research that gives perceived legitimacy to their products while burying any criticisms or research finding flaws or dangers in their products. Excellent case in point: the pharmaceutical industries and chemical industries, which in turn tend to control the FDA and EPA here.
No. 56264
>Soviet system had a flaw that it had a single point of denial. If comrade Stalin decides that Lysenko's theory is right and "weismanists-morganists" are wrong, the former are fucked. And if instead of comrade Stalin you have guy elected by voters same situation can arise.
There needs to be some kind of democratic approval, however also a sort of quality check to filter out obviously unreasonable bullshit to become a mainstream position.

>But in capitalistic system you still can find private investor to support your research.
Only if there's money to be made (or positive image gains) usually. Or if some powerful dude by chance believes in the same things you believe in.
No. 56265 Kontra
No. 56676
> There needs to be some kind of democratic approval, however also a sort of quality check to filter out obviously unreasonable bullshit to become a mainstream position.
And who are the people who decide whether something is "obviously unreasonable"? Are they also democratically elected? If no, you have some unelected guys who decide what plebs is allowed and not allowed to think. Quite far from your democratic ideal. If yes, people can just elect populists to these positions and the problem remains (or should candidates also be filtered for "obviously unreasonable" ones"? by who?).

You see, neither country on earth is some kind of utopia, so it's extremely easy to criticize current order of things. However such critique is valuable when it's possible to propose a cure which is not worse than the disease.
No. 56682 Kontra
>Are they also democratically elected?

Not him but the "demos" do not need to be elected, in a representative democracy that is the case.
Anyway, populists could still be accountable, private entrepreneurs that own infrastructure are not really, and this is not hypothetical like your imaginary.

>However such critique is valuable when it's possible to propose a cure which is not worse than the disease.

I know some German conservative did exactly this move in the 1970s/1980s. Funnily, we have gotten their "cure", worked totally fine, no? As you said it's very easy to criticize our shitty present.
May I ask how to prove something that is abstract? Future can never be concrete, it's always risks or even total uncertainty.
No. 56722
>a sort of quality check to filter out obviously unreasonable bullshit to become a mainstream position.

Western societies are currently failing quite hard at this.
No. 56723
Are things really that bad? We have lost the golden era in which the acceptable political programs were flanked by social democracy on the left and christian democracy on the right, but I don't think things have fallen that out of order.
No. 56736
35 kB, 650 × 271
I think people had a point here where they kept trying to pin it on this liberal market thinking of "market of ideas" which became bastardized with democracy into this totallh erroneous falsehood that all ideas are opinions and all opinions are created equal and therefore opinion can be tantamount to fact, only competing ones. I think much more ruthless amoral individuals exploit this psychopathic mainframe couched deceivingly in false "compassion" or "empathy" when is really psychopathy and narcissism, that therefore any and all ideas should be heard and given equal consideration.

This results in such literally suicidal at species level concepts as climate change denial, anti vaxxers, trannies, and young earth creationism among others. The result is then you've got these mentally ill guys getting treated like somehow their viewpoint is valid, to where it's a sin to "invalidate" someone. Same problem, right or left, which is literally designed to bog down real journalists because then they spend all this time sifting through literal bullshit and having to pretend there is any reason to consider it at all. Trump is one of the greatest spokespersons for this poison, as if somehow his lie after lie bore consideration. It does not. Climate change denialism bears no consideration. You are simply fucking wrong. Your opinions are not facts. Your feelings do not matter. Fact is a cold immovable stone, pitiless and utterly unwavering through the aeons, it does not change, like God. Their very concept has become so polluted now fully majority of the population pretends we need to consider not facts but feelings and sentiments, the basis upon which the market founds itself and thrives, where any fool can be easily deceived through flash and pizazz and therefore parted from his money.

I think the sympathizing with hard regimes itt is an unconscious reaction to that, because the human mind just cannot bear such self deception for so long without snapping back to say "A is A. Deal with it." A guy like Trump only got popular because he promised to do exactly that, while in fact usually doing the opposite. The idea to become a state functionary is mired in this miasma of softcore nihilism, of wanting something, anything, with solidity.

It has no become where some of the alleged more educated or "internet elite" attack those very bearers of facts, no longer even perceiving truth in any of them, nor in any thing.

We did have real journalists who believed in facts, people like Shephard Smith and Megyn Kelly, whose jobs indeed had become untenable because their network pretty much told them not to bother with the real facts, and that is why a guy like Shep left.

There are facts. They are not hard to find. As every lie erodes a fact stands steadfast, iconoclastic, defiant against the sands of time and lies of vain or greedy and weak men.

For these people do not dwell in facts, but dwell in lies, and in order to dwell in deceit requires them to destroy the very notion of the truth, for no mountain of lies no matter how seemingly insurmountable can stand against one single contradictory fact.

That job of that journalist is specifically to sift through all those webs of lies and agendas and to simply just give you the unbiased known facts of what has happened. That many fail or err in their jobs is not a besmirchment of the profession as a whole, but rather a testimony to the solidity of fact, for no journalist, be he Martin Bashir or any other, if he should choose to abuse his position as journalist and lie, will ever be safe from that fact and from the truth. It is, indeed, as much an academic matter as it is one of the courts and of Law, that the community as a whole can puncture that lie of another like a stilleto through vestment, just the same as any academic or scholar can uproot that falsified data of another, and that is why also we have a scientific basis of understanding and do not simply put leeches on ourselves for cholera.

Fact is, the problem is the slow erosion of notions like objective fact, because we have no longer this human concept of objective morality either, least certainly not as the deeper cultural narrative, and that is what is poisoning us and what all are ultimately reacting against, witless and self defeating though it at times may be

The clear solution is to buttress those instutions, to speak the truth freely, to uproot and tear down deceipt where it be found, and go back towards that truth and not against it. But men are vain, and weak, and petty, and greedy, and cowardly, and the truth cuts like a knife or a spoken sword. And so most fear truth more or less, for it exposes them all pitilessly, and so they conspire in secret, to let the darkness hide them, until the whole of society becomes merely the cloak of concealment for the instutionalization of deceipt in spycraft and in war as it is in business. This cannot be allowed, any more than any other rot, and the vain, and the weak, and the greedy, and the craven, will take lives to defend the comfort they carved out of the womb of reality for themselves, like a bloated, rotted cow.

That problem is not and never has been journalism, any more than it has been the application of a fair and just law, or of the unearthing of nature's secrets, but rather the impediments to their practice as such. For it is not a problem of journalism, but the lack of it, as seen clearly by wecterners as Russia, but in truth it is a rot becoming all pervasive, like an autoimmune disorder attacking the healthy host, because the rest is so diseased that the last bastions of truth seeking and truth telling are under assault, and with legions of the blinded to champion that assault on.
No. 56740 Kontra
87 kB, 1006 × 762
>You are simply fucking wrong. Your opinions are not facts. Your feelings do not matter. Fact is a cold immovable stone, pitiless and utterly unwavering through the aeons, it does not change, like God.
What the fug :DD
No. 57716 Kontra
38 kB, 497 × 399
I'd just like to remind once again what inferiors the South are, underneath me as is the natural order of things. I cannot even imagine what hell it must be to be from some retarded state like a Floridian, Texan, Oklahoman, Alabama, Missouri, North Dakota, or any of those other third world shithole states.
No. 58301
Rather than seeing today thread go to hell and I am sorry for contributing to that effort here's a bump to our designated communal toilet.

As to exactly what I was talking about
What happened with the Kurds is something I thought was unforgivable with Trump. What is happening now in Afghanistan is what Biden is doing that is unforgivable. No one with a higher IQ than potato is going to want to work for us and justifiably so. Loyalty counts, more than anything else.
No. 58308 Kontra
Saddam Hussein did nothing wrong.

Fuck k*rds
No. 58309 Kontra
380 kB, 556 × 553
Humanitarian impact aside, the US leaving the Afghan government to collapse shows a huge "ideological" problem, and I don't think the US media and public is going to be able to handle an ideological question, since they believe their values to be above ideology, to be the correct way of thinking, capitalism is anti-ideological because it claims to be rationality itself.

Basically the question is, why where NATO troops in Afghanistan in the first place?
Was it to kill Bin Laden?
Why didn't they leave after Bin Laden was killed? Why did it take 15 years to kill Bin Laden in the first place?
If it was to bring democracy to the middle east why abandon the Afghan regime? If it was to control the resources (minerals and the OPIUM TRADE) and to privatise more federal funds trough the military industrial complex then why lie and say it was about muh democracy?

Leaving Afghanistan just proves that the American establishment has no values and definitely no moral high ground to preach down to other nations from.

Be it for business or for the interest of capital, the US just proved itself to be untrustworthy in the eyes of its allies, even if you think that the US had no business to be in the region in the first place.
The American establishment lied to millions of Americans and millions of Afghans, and at best now seems like a schizophrenic ally who can't commit and at worst an untrustworthy, self-interested, soulless machine that will throw its allies under the bus the moment calls for it.

This will embolden the US' rivals when pressuring other nations and expanding their own spheres.
Why would the American commitment to defend Taiwan be any more than a piece of paper at this point?

Ultimately, the error was made 20 years ago, but then repeated each year by staying there, implying you're trying to reform the country.
It might be said that even the US itself was unsure what it wanted to do, so it became a mix of a punitive expedition, imperialism, and an ideological crusade for the 21st century, neoliberalism against "islamic barbarism".
The Military-industrial complex surely got out of the conflict what it wanted. Fat contracts, billions in money. The American people are left wondering if they wanted anything in the first place. Was it worth it to kill one man who allegedly masterminded a terrorist attack? Probably not.
For most Afghans it's back to business as usual I guess. The educated class will get decimated by the Taliban because of their collaboration with the Americans, but it's not like they care. (Here the they stands for bot the Americans and the Talibans)

It's an ideological mess, and it'll be very hard to conjure up a narrative that'll allow both camps in the US to cope with this objectively huge failure in foreign policy. (That or everything will just get worse and they'll attack each other more rabidly, blaming the other for the failure.)
No. 58311 Kontra
I think you're putting too much weight behind this. I don't see a great ideological shift or a weakening of the foundations of the American Empire over Afghanistan. The fall of Saigon didn't cause a great crack in the ideological foundations of America.
I don't even think an ideological explanation is necessary, and depending on the actions of the Taliban, it might only reinforce American jingoism. Might be projecting my own apathy towards it all, but I don't think great change will come from this.
No. 58312
One thing is for certain: Israel won't be getting their American military bases in Afghanistan as a strategic location against Iran for Greater Zion. It seems Israel is going to have to cope with Iran being untouched.

The Hungarian is right. This entire fallout is potentially presenting United States with a legitimacy crisis. You seem to be forgetting what happened to the American psyche after Vietnam. It was only with the fall of the Soviet Union and First Gulf War that American overcame Vietnam Syndrome and the War on Terror really bolstered popular support for foreign wars, but now, it is returning and the American economy no longer carries the same prestige it used to.
No. 58313 Kontra
80 kB, 700 × 585
>Israel won't be getting their American military bases in Afghanistan as a strategic location against Iran for Greater Zion.
Thank you for your insight.
No. 58314 Kontra
How's he wrong? Are you implying America's wars in the greater Islamic world aren't for the benefits of both Israelis and Saudis?
No. 58315 Kontra
Well I think this one needs further discussion against your "nothing will change"

>the War on Terror really bolstered popular support for foreign wars, but now, it is returning and the American economy no longer carries the same prestige it used to.

Afghanistan reveals cracks in the superpower, the bookkeeping for the government is devastating. These might just be temporary, though. Yet it could also hint to problems of foreign operations that are not backed by people. On the other hand, I don't think that ideological explanations on why you invade a country or at least operate in it militarily for reason x will change. But perhaps it will be harder to convince people of the necessity and perhaps that is what Hungary meant.
The US is not to be trusted, but people will still ally for their own benefit, if they can, perhaps knowing well that there is no real trust. I think the Kurds are a good example. Nobody believes in humanitarian reasons for intervention.
No. 58316
Imagine being so self loathing you support the Turks and Saddam Hussein over the best allies we've ever had in the Middle East. Do you support that other BestAllyTM nuclear rogue state in MENA too?

Taliban themselves clearly knows this. When they duped Trump and cut that deal with him when he used to be president they already knew what's what. I just saw an interview where a Taliban commander boldly claimed how we wasted so much money and so many lives there, and realizes that we're a fat decadent and ultimately weak and selfish country whose very people are unwilling to waste more resources there.

Two trillion. We just wasted two trillion dollars there. We have sentient CCP owned turds like McConnel crying about spending $600 billion to Americans that actually need it the most in a crisis and yet he and his ilk are completely willing to throw our lives away and two trillion dollars at it for their sponsors and their fat juicy Mr. Warbucks contracts. Just imagine all we could have done with two trillion dollars sinking it into our economy.

I think the broader problem was that past Ameribear showed us baldly, nakedly for what we really are. Joe Biden is never going to be able to fix that because ultimately he and the people around him are just more of the same and essentially like Trump only they're way better at lying about it and projecting an image. POTUS Biden had the same wild incompetence and untrustworthiness as POTUS Trump and just like him his administration was way more concerned about optics than human lives.

Optics itself yas become the fundamental and defining feature of Americanism itself at this point at the instutional level, and like Hungary said all that's happening now is the rest of the world has called our bluff. We should've put our own interests as a people first but we never did. It was always about optics, tribalism, crooked networks, and making money for transnational interests. All Trump basically did was handle it so incompetently and lie so baldly and badly that the thin veneer of instutional respectability was torn off.

There is a deep rot to American society itself right now, and the top is no different in that aspect. Moreover we've truly entered the schizophrenic and self interested bloated decay of failing empires, the final stages like Glubb said in his Fate of Empires treatise, and basically Afghanistan completely melted away because we signalled as a society that we're a nation of mercenaries who are abandoning them.

It's one thing to sit on the sidelines bitching about it of course and quite another to leave the armchair and go about fixing it, but I truly do not know how that can even be accomplished. It is like some vast machine that's dead and moving purely of its own inertia.

Of course the question really is, why would we even have stayed? Fact of the matter is the clusterfuck was because of a bungled evacuation that was coming one way or the other. In situations like these you only have two real options, to leave or to stay as an occupying power with some far flung province of the greater empire, and the latter option is fundamentally incompatible with American neoliberalism. We had a brief imperial stint just to act like our big brothers in Europe that we soon lost interest in because Americans are naturally an isolationist favoring people who only want to send care packages overseas once in awhile. We have never wanted to go on imperial adventures as a people, and our leadership has always been at a disconnect from our wishes for that reason, but moreover as a people within the last century we stopped believing in objective principles overwatching us entirely and have fundamentally taken on a soulless ideology of mammon worshipping, the national ethos replaced by get rich or die tryin gangsterism, and all our adversaries now know this. In fact I'd even go so far as saying Bin Laden won in the end, because he recognized this and that he exploited our tendencies to waste money and lives. I think ISIS tried and failed to bait us into doing the same.

The crack was already there. The stupidity of the pandemic likewise only showed those cracks throughout our society. A strong people come together in times of crisis. A fundamentally weak anf corrupt society falls apart and turns on each other in a crisis. Right now people are more interested in stabbing each other over masks than higher principles. They may say it's for some vague, almost out of Protocols of Zion tier ephemeral concept like "freedom" with no defining what it is, purely as a means to control people who themselves with no fundamental beliefs solely take the word freedom to mean an excuse to act as big and reckless self interested assholes to each other as possible and instead transition "freedom" to mean total disregard for their fellows and a striving to attain power and tyranny over each other, and to call that tyranny of the self freedom instead. The result of this of course is backstabbing gangsterism and the dissolution of society, and I think that is why Afghanistan fell because it is in the face of a very strong and clearly defined ideology such as Islamism in opposition with basically zero mission from civilian to military command or attempt to instill our values in an alien culture. There never was an acculturation process in Afghanistan which would actually make the people fight for something.

It should be stated though some still did, and that many Afghanis died with unreliable or no pay as soldier and security forces, and who selflessly did put themselves and their families at risk fighting for some vague notion of freedom and opportunity and equal justice which the people they fought to protect clearly themselves didn't believe in as their president looted the country and fled with the money in absentia.

They had all the tools but none of the ideological and morale strength to prop up what was effectively a semi autonomous puppet government. I think that the very same thing happened not just in Iraq but also when Saigon fell because we lacked any clear vision of the mission against a highly motivated oppositional force moved to self sacrifice by a strong and clearly defined ideology such as Communism.

In short we simply stopped believing in ourselves and what we were doing and it signalled to everyone working for us, in similar manner I think as to how Communists signalled to Eastern Europe the people themselves stopped believing in their own USSR and it was ineffectual gangsterism not Lenin and Marx or whatever.
No. 58317
I don't think the US invasion of Afghanistan was a Zionist plot or primarily motivated by potential benefit to Israel.

Perhaps it will indeed mark the beginning of a turning inward of American foreign policy. The withdrawal itself definitely marks a new period, the wounds of 9/11 have been tapped dry and they no longer carry enough appeal to justify another decade of attempting to prop some anti-Taliban government.
>But perhaps it will be harder to convince people of the necessity and perhaps that is what Hungary meant.
I agree with this, but I suppose I interpreted the post differently.

>in similar manner I think as to how Communists signalled to Eastern Europe the people themselves stopped believing in their own USSR
Deeply, deeply different cases. For a more apt analogy you need look no further than Afghanistan itself.
No. 58318
>over the best allies we've ever had in the Middle East

Citation absolutely needed. How are k*rds allies? Also, your suggestion that I would support Yidland is absolutely laughable.
No. 58528
> OnlyFans will ban porn after 553% revenue growth during the pandemic.
So, they are going to die in a same way as Tumblr. I guess the reason is "those billions make no sense if neighbors from your elite gated neighborhood consider your porn tycoon and don't invite you for dinner".

> But I can blame those paying for it.
Blame for that? Those fools are giving their money to other people and give them opportunities. The only ones whom they can damage are themselves, but my life is not good enough to care about such things as cumbrains wasting money on bullshit.
No. 58532
535 kB, 1407 × 1325
>So, they are going to die in a same way as Tumblr
They want to go big by way of searching for a big investor player that has enough resources to implement a long-term strategy to attract more customers and rip them off their money. No big players want to do pimping as its marginal increase in revenue is as little as the brains of those who think it's a good business. It indicates that they are up to step up beoynd the webcam-alike model of business that is sure to fall down as it's bound to become yet another porn site.
No. 58536
188 kB, 1130 × 840
All this OnlyFans banning porn thing is a social media campaign to make us talk about it, they make no plans to actually get rid of it - only hinting at this as a genius plan to make everyone talk about their brand.
You have all been played by reptilians.
No. 58537 Kontra
The actual reason is that, just like with e.g. Pornhub, there was a lot of questionable content. Underaged, animals, and so on, which is why e.g. Pornhub was given a hard time by the feds.
Now everyone else is getting their panties in a twist because they don't want to get v&.
Just like with facebook and that "hate speech" stuff where you could just denounce anyone and they would ban them in order to not risk any legal repercussions.
No. 59884
The Chad France withdrawing their ambassadors to the rogue state of Australia :-DDDD

EU, please stand by your allies and fuck up our trade with the entire continent. Watching our dipshit fundie jingoist have to actually deal with consequences for setting up a deal for nuclear subs while he can't set up a deal for enough vaccines would hit super fucking hard for me.

No. 60539

workers in transport are overworked and had to suffer during corona. their organisations say the global logistical infrastructure might collapse. dunno how realistic that is, but more striking to me is that this sector sees how important it is yet the workers only demand free movement and vaccines, not more money or better conditions. Are they payed that well at work or why they don't make use of their importance? Altruism of the industry? is it because the FAZ newspaper is a bourgeois paper and there are other voices more pressing?

Anyway, logistics is a cool topic.
No. 60541
Afaik truck drivers are relatively well paid, at least here. The downside of the job isn't the pay, but the hours and the fact that it's harder to have a family or much of a life because of the distances you travel.

They already need to have a ton of paperwork done during their travels, I kinda understand having to have another fucking piece of paper (which hasn't even been standardised between countries in a lot of cases) is making them mad.
No. 60544
Probably also the stress. There's a certain distinct feel to 2020 and it was basically that realization everyone had that this could be it, we could be spending our last days at this shit company with this shit pay and shit conditions, and the distinct feeling of corporate literally not giving two shits if they get us killed because we're that essily replaceable. Certain things like transport not so much, but basically large sectors got the memo that they're not shedding one red cent for keeping customers or staff safe. It was the original reason all the companies in the area wanted to downplay it 18 months ago because they were worried if the public got spooked it could impact sales and Q2 earning statements. A lot of businesses around here flat out prohibited workers from wearing masks for instance.

The added irony of all this is a lot of people most at risk got paid shit and meanwhile everyone relied on them, from walmart workers to city bus drivers to nurses. 2020 was the year it finally dawned on me Capitalism is fucking cancer and I haven't seen anything in the world the same way since. To the Russian asking about that, yeah btw nearly a third of all deaths are in Texas and Florida, probably majority of the rest concentrated in the South.

Personally my reaction has also been different because among many other factors I already caught an illness with nonexistent case fatality rates, which you could use the logic "nobody dies from it bro" and tell me to just breath that sickness in. I'm one of the two Americans on here who had Lyme disease. It was absolutely fucking debilitating. In fact I even know someone who got so depressed he killed himself after getting it. So yes, I had no interest catching yet another horrible illness at work, and at this point I think those people became complete massive faggots over it. I don't know if they secretly worship the lord of decay or what, but one of the things I thought was spooky is how closely certain aspects of long haul Wuhan virus is how much the neurological symptoms were similar to Lyme, except unlike Lyme it might give you permanent heart and lung damage or kill you which I'm not in the position to take on that kind of medical debt while also getting fired for being sick or out for a month.

The problem is these bunch of simps don't realize it's in corporate best interest to downplay it and keep people producing and consuming. Basically maintaining your health is against a lot of people's bottom lines, so I think that is why certain people blew so much smoke up our asses about it. There's going to be a lot of very sick and damaged people after all this. Personally I'm at the point I don't give a fuck what anybody else has to say I'm protecting the health and financial wellbeing of me and mine first and corporate can suck my damn dick.
No. 60565
Romanian government just got dissolved by the courts. Not many details yet but sure as shit interesting.

No. 60566
Interestining indeed, thanks for posting.
No. 60567
>by the courts
Dog, this scared me. Thought it was the constitutional court or whatever their equivalent was dissolving the government. Seems it's just a governmental coalition falling apart.
No. 60568 Kontra
Let's hope it stays dissolved forever
No. 60569
That was the impression I had at first too, the article when I posted was three sentences long, that's how hot the presses were :-DDD
No. 60686
I live in Latvia and have Latvian IP
but this site and others think i am from Sweden.

feels like occupation