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No. 50729
21 kB, 593 × 517
>banned from 4chinz
>banned from kc
Welp, guess I'm here now. Tell me about this place.
No. 50730 Kontra
I can't understand why people don't want your presence.
No. 50731
I got banned from kc for "Obsessive thread creation disorder". I think I'm banned from 4chan for making a soyjak post on /int/.
No. 50732 Kontra
>banned for obsessive thread creation
>creates a thread on a slow board to lament about his ban for obsessive thread creation
No. 50735 Kontra
The catalogue should help you discern the mysterious soul of Ernst.

I want to say it's ironic, but the technical definition isn't quite appropriate. Of course in the colloquial use of ironic, this fits.

It's Finally Ironic: We rewrote Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" so that it's finally ironic!
No. 50736 Kontra
Do you know how long it will take to make your thread disappear?
More than a year
No. 50737 Kontra
>I think I'm banned from 4chan for making a soyjak post on /int/.
Good, you are cancer and cancer must be destroyed whenever encountered.
No. 50740 Kontra
Your shitposting must have been impressively terrible to get banned from cabbagechan and vierkanal.
No. 50742

wtf is this?
No. 50743 Kontra
If you don't know, don't ask.
Or visit any thread on a popular 4chan board and I guarantee you will find one among the first 20 posts.
No. 50747 Kontra
4,0 MB, 548 × 398, 0:44
> Tell me about this place
No. 50777
7 kB, 150 × 196
This is a good board, with high effort thoughtful posts of relevant intellectual subjects,...and a some fun too.