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No. 53362
14,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:53
8,1 MB, 720 × 1280
22,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:13
1,7 MB, 406 × 720
Do you have a local sideshow scene and is it as retarded as it is here? As you can see in the videos, local "youths" here engage in fun activities like going the wrong-way on a highway bridge, dabbing on motorcycle cops half the people doing this are off duty moto cops and their offspring, doing sick burnouts in the middle of the street, drag racing in school zones, and stealing each others' cars.

While associated with the criminal underworld they're uniquely distinct from the other criminal groups here, largely because the latter preys on the mentally destitute who cannot bring themselves to drive a vehicle let alone maintain ownership of one without pawning it for drugs. This could be seen in the 2013 Mesherle riots: there was a big event at the port with over 100+ cars. Eventually local police actually bothered to do something about it (TSA called them, TSA was unhappy. TSA lacks pursuit vehicles), when they announced their operation to each other all the smart cars heard it and bolted while everyone else was trapped as cops shut off the access roads. Great deals at the impound auction a month later.

As you can see there's a lot of illegal guns at these events too, which is notable because it's when the two groups I mentioned interact: the street racers and ricers want non-CA guns that nominally require a police officer to buy from. The latter group are all crazy homeless people who will steal such weapons right from cop cars for heroin. This is a known problem and the SFPD looses about 10-20 guns per year this way. Across the bay, Oakland is better about it and San Jose doesn't have this problem because San Jose kept their asylum open.
No. 53363
2,9 MB, 921 × 1880
3,0 MB, 1920 × 1920
It has a marginal presence on 4chan and reddit, although both have moved most of their activity to discord. Anyway, here is 4chan's s/o/cal kill list. This is not an up-to-date one, the last one made was about six months ago and was double the size. More vehicles than that have crashed since, but this doesn't deter users. S/o/cal's meetups are the largest and, due to tendency of large groups to agree into stupid things, the most accidents.
No. 53365
>kill list
Anyway the bay area is a hellhole and I literally think Satan dwells there, not in LA or NYC or London like he probably did last century. There is a distinct presence of evil in that city I have not felf anywhere else.

>stealing a gun from a cop car
Honestly a part of me is impressed by that level of craziness. There's a certain point where your being dangerous and stupid with a reckless disregard for your own safety and boldness of action crosses that retard territory and into something truly special. Just walking up to a cop car to steal their gun for heroin is one of those. But then again I am an American and one of the only things I fear is the long dick of American law. If I was truly rich I'd probably give much less of a shit though.
No. 53369
116 kB, 1280 × 720
They Mongols aren't playing a role in this hubbub?
Ain't nobody riding with the Mongols anymore? '_'
What happened to the good old time? '_'
No. 53370
Now they even open pleas at gofundme..... oh boy, what happened to the Mongols..'_'

No. 53377


cars destroyed list
No. 53378
> sideshow
Pleas explain the concept. We might have but I do not know what it means so I can't tell.
No. 53381
147 kB, 1500 × 800
Well, I hope not! This stuff you mention is terrible. I know some stuff in the vein you mention, but with a much smaller scale. Like two cars, and years ago.

https://recallgavin2020.com/ I think it's this one.
No. 53394

sideshow = illegal street racing

It's called a sideshow because these things started outside formal race tracks with contestants and fans that were banned from the venue. There's a lot of reasons for this, most common was/is drunk driving and disorderly conduct (due to drinking). So they get thrown out or locked out but don't want to go home, they create a new party outside. It's easy enough since most of these people only care about drag racing anyway.

Anyway, over the years it's obviously evolved far from that. As cars got cheaper, the ability for stupid people to easily get fast cars increased. On weekends liquor store parking lots get swarmed with these sorts of people who then do drifts or drag pulls on the adjacent roads. The term "sideshow" stuck because it's just a distraction for everyone else.

There is a lot more to this as you can imagine. Everything from biker gangs to George Lucas (who grew up in a town filled with these people, which was the inspiration for American Graffiti) has been touched by this. This includes black people and mexicans who sometimes fight each other for dominance. Motorcyclists sit in the center as they're able to easily evade police and often are police since nobody besides motorcyclists want to be a motorcycle cop.
No. 53395
16 kB, 220 × 220

I've already signed the recallgavin petition in person, largely because gavin is a dipshit and he didn't give me the automatic luxury communism he promised. He didn't even try to reestablish relations with the German Democratic Republic or the People's Republic of Crimea. If he isn't going to fight American Imperialism in occupied Germany, what good is he as a leader?
No. 53408
334 kB, 391 × 371
well said, well said. He only got the luxury for himself, I guess (actually it reminds me of a Soviet joke).

BTW I recognize that bul^w^w camo pattern! East Germany, right?
No. 53436
We got that too. Sometimes it is reported on and sometimes there are articles where they complain that they don't have any place to practices their hobby. But it looks like our retards are pale in comparison with yours.
No. 53440
California's problem is it is a big state run by retards and for the benefit of a small wealthy elite, much like our other states except California then manages to throw the worst aspects of full Communism on top of it with none of the benefits. One of the only states worse than them is New York, which press S to spit never gets enough imageboard attention because they're too busy bitching about California because of Hollywood. Of course none of those byzantine regulations ever actually impact the rich people of California and always punish the middleclass and lower class. Californian prison system is some of the worst shit in the country outside literal third world states like Louisiana. It's kind of funny actually, even Louisiana manages to be just like every other mismanaged French colony and be a complete shithole, just like Alabama. Texas showed in spite of being rich and allegedly managing better that they also are an incompetent third world shithole that blames its mismanagement on wind power or some stupid shit.

Basically if you are a big state here you are likely some kind of shithole. If you are a smaller backwater state you are also a shithole. I think that Oregon, Washington, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Colorado are among the only nice states in the entire union.
No. 53545
Nice of you to keep out Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine, asshole.

Fuck Connecticut, though.
No. 53550
160 kB, 648 × 687
San Francisco was nice a long time ago. Things got bad after the 60's
No. 53552
354 kB, 500 × 515
Are there some Ernsts who were or are in a biker gang?
No. 53559
I associate that with heroin
Could be nice, but my understanding it still has the problems of redneck tier idiocy. I didn't mention it for the same reasons I didn't mention Alaska basically. If all I wanted was somewhere cold and remote to fuck off to there's always middle of nowhere Canada and they'll even not bother me about guns.
Full of woke retards. It has some of the similar problems California has although it is much nicer and nowhere near as retarded or incompetent. It's nice as long as you can find somewhere not to be bothered by a man in a dress with "her" hipster friends telling you not to use "the R word." I automatically lose respect for anyone giving me shit about saying retard and yes that happened to me in Massachusetts before. Anything nice about that state can be found in Vermont or New Hampshire with little of the drawbacks.
Same problems as Rhode Island only even more heroin and even bigger divide between the run down rustbelt tier shitholes and the posh gated communities where people like George Bush and John Kerry's families live. Come to think of it it's kind of like a cold Washington D.C.-lite if D.C. was the size of a tiny state, except D.C. isn't as filled with heroin but it is filled with a sea of poverty around some rich assholes plus a lot more spooks. Like, a lot of spooks. Also occultism vibes. Also it's a swampy humid hot shithole just like Virginia but none of the positives of Virginia with the sole exception it has some of the best museums in the entire country.

In summation, I absolutely will shit on any state that is not Oregon, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado, and probably Washington.

An MC is far to completely the opposite of EC tier as you can get while still ostensibly being an outsider in society. Like what the hell, why would you expect any of us to be some outlaw badass who beats people with large flashlights and padlocks in between posting about Chinese tea sets and translating the Epic of Gilgamesh from Kazakh to English?
No. 53560
San Francisco's problem right now is ironically that it's getting hit with some of the absolute worst aspects of Capitalism as well as wokeness. It's a place absolutely filled with poverty, misery, occultism, AIDS, woke bullshit, and all the while being as full on hippity hoppity as possible. Just being in their airport had convinced me that entire city is a if not the core to Satan's plans for this country and the planet. You think I'm speaking in hyperbole. I'm not. I literally believe there is something strange and evil beneath both that airport and that city that were I ever to get big money rich is a place I'd want to contract out explorations to find more what's wrong with it. I knew someone from there convinced they killed themselves jumping from Golden Gate Bridge, who had problems with heroin, into occult/mysticism tier stuff, when asked if they were straight or what replied "I'm from San Francisco."

This is not to say there's nothing good in terms of people--far from it. The aforementioned individual is someone I liked a great deal. There's a lot of people in that city I could probably really enjoy spending my time with over most other places. But at the same time, it is unmistakably terrible to an almost if not quite literally supernatural extent. There is a profound evil in that place and it remains the only city I will never willingly visit so far. It is the asshole of northern California.

In terms of what happened I do not know, but I found it interesting how many occult and Satanic groups are based there or not super far from there, albeit Santa Barbara and San Diego being further than from Boston to NYC or NYC to D.C.
No. 53567
>woke retards
And you wonder why I have bottomless contempt for progressives and liberals. Curious you mention woke retards but won't shit on Oregon, home to two of America's wokest cities: Portland and Eugene. They make Boston look tame in comparison. That said, all of Eastern MA is quite woke. Even the old boomer ladies are keen to adopt wokeism. Newburyport is our small town version of San Francisco. Western MA is a different story. Same with Western RI.

I've only met a handful of troons here despite this region being extremely troon-friendly. They typically congregate in gay villages and hipster-oriented restaurants, shops or venues. Even though they were cordial and stable with me, it's extremely unnerving to interact with someone who couldn't pass to save their lives.

CT has none of New England's positive qualities. Indeed, I can't think of any positive qualities from any state CT could possibly possess. There is nothing mystical about it despite having a town named Mystic. CT is the dullest place in this entire region. It's the Delaware of New England. It serves no purpose than as NYC's bedroom community plus the shady shit you mentioned. At least it's home to Fates Warning, so maybe I'm being too hard.

Providence is, indeed, a shithole full of petty crime and drug addiction, but RI has tons of gorgeous vistas, not the least of which includes my hometown. We also have tons of culture for such a small state, not the least of which includes H.P. Lovecraft and Vital Remains. I just wish everyone wasn't high all the time. Fucking potheads.

The smackhead problem is much greater in rural MA. As you would know, I have personal experience with this.

I can't see myself living in any other region than New England. I rail against the smackheads, woketards and diehard-Blue-no-matter-who partisans, but fuck anyone who would force me to live anywhere else.
No. 53569
Western MA is the woke place. Boston isn't afaik.

I'm also confused because I thought RAC was a Texan unless you are not RAC.
No. 53577
I'm not a Texan. I'm a dyed in the wool New Englander. My relatives are in TX where I went to for a funeral. Beyond that, I have no desire to live anywhere despite being a Hawaii and Dixie respecter.

Fuck the West Coast.
No. 53640
3,6 MB, 1918 × 932
2,0 MB, 1305 × 979
2,1 MB, 320 × 400, 0:41
Got bored and checked vierkanal's s/o/cal thread. Was not disappointed, here are the most recent accidents. This is Amerikan kar kulture in 2k21
No. 53686
59 kB, 590 × 350
I used to hang around the Ace Cafe in London, pretty tame compared to ops thing but still fun. Drag races, revving engines, wheelies, burn outs and trying to avoid getting crushed by the hundreds of mail lorrys driving into the depot next door.
Lots of drug dealing and fencing stolen goods.

About a 50/50 mix of badboys and old farts with flash cars.
No. 53695
do you remember Saudi dritfing? I recall the govt wanting to crush it (no wonder)

Disclaimer antonym: no one died in this video! yay! There's there even a woman with a balaclava, go figure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DSawcQjhjY
No. 53704
Well it is basically just long flat strips of desert and nothingness in every direction so why the hell not

I get the sense that young Iranians may still be cooler, but young Saudis at least some of them are probably pretty tolerable if not likeable. As much as tribalism accelerated after everyone got online and realized we all hated each other, I think that likewise we all basically don't give a shit about the old order anymore.
No. 53717
325 kB, 850 × 1197
Well, because it causes lots of accidents. Many Saudi drifting videos were a massacre, even with dead spectators and the like
No. 53718
It’s literally the first or second cause of death in Arab petrorich countries kek. I saw a lot of vids of cars driving with only two wheels touching the ground an people sitting next to the window in frequented highways.
No. 53721
214 kB, 974 × 629
>It’s literally the first or second cause of death in Arab petrorich countries kek.

>and what else
>well, this world is so brutal that it can be even true

http://www.healthdata.org/saudi-arabia: "What causes the most deaths?"

FFS it's true. It's the 2nd.

>I saw a lot of vids of cars driving with only two wheels touching the ground
yes, and the guy above, yes. You reminded me the death wish vibe that videos had.
No. 53790
2,5 MB, 627 × 1920
more recent kill list