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No. 53591 Systemkontra
175 kB, 1024 × 576
236 kB, 640 × 480
391 kB, 750 × 422
789 kB, 3840 × 2160
No. 53593
582 kB, 3200 × 2400
Made a list for myself of some features of X-W T-F games, will add and improve it while I'll remember more things.
No. 53595
>Homeworld remake
Very noice taste. I still haven't beaten HW2 campaign because fucking bug stuck me on eighth level and finally I said fuck it and gave up for years. This was after hours and hours and hours on one level like you wouldn't believe because I stupidly started with max fleet cap and it was damn near impossible not to die. I put so much effort into finally beating that fucking level and some stupid bug prevented me from boarding the station. Needless to say I was pissed and obviously still get butthurt thinking about it. I probably poured 12 hours minimum into that level.
No. 53723
18 kB, 521 × 342
Is the Logitech X56 series of HOTAS controllers actually very good? I'm tempted to push this one through today or tomorrow just because I found a much cheaper one as compared the up to $400+ listings everywhere else. Also because I literally can just push it through a credit card right now and not have to worry about such a large lump sum purchase on something kinda retarded imho being basically just a controller toy for the literally one game and thus costing five times as much as the only game for which I want it. My brain is still saying "this is a stupid purchase for something you do not need when you could be scheming ways to make money instead" but still...it's a nice looking HOTASI do not know what makes something a nice HOTAS or not

Should I just go ahead and buy it so I stop being annoyed by keyboard and mouse while playing Elite Dangerous? This kinda is what I was savoring buying with Bidenbux to begin with and I still haven't done shit about it.
No. 53725 Kontra
Ahhh shit well you know what just fuck it
Because I absolutely cannot possibly find something anywhere near this nice at this "cheap" when considering the fact it's selling $350 fucking dollars on ebay used which means that fuck that I might as well just wait a month and order now. It seems we're having some kind of a HOTAS shortage now or something? The fuck is going on? Everywhere I look it's either expensive as all shit, or some mortar and brick store is selling a cheap ass thing for 80 bucks. I've seen literally the exact same model of HOTAS going for anywhere from $80 to $200+. Apparently it also seems that it's not just newegg; things are pricey as shit on Amazon. I thought Amazon was supposedly cheaper? eBay is the same problem more often than I'd thought, such as even more absurd GPU and HOTAS prices, but everything else being cheaper. I think they killed my old account. Oh well. Might as well start anew.
No. 53727
4,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:13
4,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:16
I seemed to have developed a knack for hitting shitters at range with huge calibre high explosive rounds, setting them on fire, they burn to death and then get salty with me after the battle about how I'm a cheater and they're gonna get me banned

tanks can honestly be great fun with friends, myself and some buddies are playing it lately together and even though one of the guys is in NZ with like 350 ping we still have good fun
No. 53731
I wish more people played Crossout tbh but I guess it's just harder with getting other people because there's such a high variation in power levels you're never gonna get all your friends into the same tier.

It seems to me a lot of people are just playing FtP games these days. Is this just because they're broke or it's easiest to get everyone playing the same thing or what? I remember it was just like CS 1.6 or whatever or DoD, Starcraft Broodwars, and like a handfull of other games which I guess meant we could all play together. It's so sad because I see games like Grey Goo which were clearly made with multiplayer in mind but they never took off because by then everybody had like 50 games in their backlog and fucked off to different shit. It's even more annoying because I actually bought Helldivers specifically to play with a friend who recommended it to me, and while it's great fun on its own I've not once played with that guy. Such cases.

Oh speaking of which yeah Helldivers is pretty great, mainly because the friendly fire and explosions is always on so it literally requires being not a salty Turk. It's super difficult at high tiers and requires great teamwork and skill while at the first like 3 planet levels beating it is a piece of cake. This is probably another reason why I play singleplayer only games, partly because I'm often on Slavic timescales and not using almost decade old hardware is still a wonderful new experience trying actual recent games instead of things I never played in 2010, partly because even newer games multiplayer is often dead.

There's like exactly three MP games I play, Helldivers, Governor of Poker 3, and Crossout, and a shitty phonegame where the Ukrainian developers absolutely fucked me in the few years since I stopped playing where I haven't got the new shit because I'm high level enough basically I need to pay them $100+ to get my base workable or start from scratch so fuck that fuck them. I downloaded WoT but idk if I'll get around to playing it. There's a few other FtP I saw including a spaceship game but idk if I'll try it. I played all of *Secret
World Legends* as a singleplayer RPG. I'll do the same to SWTOR at some point too, at least until the servers go offlineI fucking HATE the idea that while I can still play 25 year old games off CD no problem all this new YOBA shit is literally not going to exit or be playable in five years when the servers go down although I don't know why we don't try and play XCOM2 here. I mean other than it being basically a 2 player game. I'd think everyone on EC has at least tried it. Maybe that's the other problem which is lower barrier to entry because a lot of MP requires either lots of skill or lots of grinding to play with friends.
No. 53736
It's what I use. It's fine, though frankly a bit overkill for something like Elite Dangerous, I haven't seen anything there that warrants that many hats. It's not that kind of simulation. Build quality is alright, one of my cables got damaged when I moved but it still works fine. Ergonomically, it's chonky in all ways. If your hands are on the smaller side, it will be a bit uncomfortable, and the bases aren't economic for desk space. When I set up, I've got to move my keyboard up towards the screen and the mouse down in front, but I've got a smallish desk, so if you've got lots of desk real estate it's a non-issue.

I'd recommend that t-16000m one instead if you're stuck on a HOTAS. That said, I'm pretty sure you'd get a decent enough experience off of a 3d pro stick since it's cheap, comfy, and has plenty of buttons: 5 on the stick, along with a trigger and 8-way hat, plus a throttle axis and 6 more buttons on the base. Hell, I played Falcon BMS for years on a 3d pro, and that's a study sim.
No. 53754
Wow, what a nerd.
No. 53758
Too late I already pushed it through. I saw it going for $400 and $350 everywhere else and finally just said fuck it because I also remembered you saying something about them getting worn out over time and didn't want to pick up some cheap crappy one that will break on me or a used one that's still exorbitantly expensive.

I also am beginning to get salty about a GPU I sold around the holidays. Man no fucking wonder that guy was so happy he gave me an extra ten dollars. I was afraid it would be hard to sell so I took a loss on what I paid for it as I also thought AMD overpriced it. I mean I guess I hadn't much choice at that point because I needed money for the holidays and was in a real financial pinch but damn, I see people selling those for 500, 600 dollars right now.

I also am just astounded what is being charged. Fucking $1200 for my present GPU. I see people doing starting bids at $975 for what cost me $400. GPU pricing and availability will never recover without crashing completely because somehow these things are selling and it would be stupid to not snap up anything near MSRP and flip it even if the card is like 6 years old. I tried bidding on hours old listings for 1050tis and within a few hours more it already surged past $170, and will be way over $300 closer to auction day. Even RX 550, the shittiest of cards, is selling for decent money. Meanwhile the Chinese plague is all over the site scamming people as usual. I have no idea why ebay tolerates this. There is no such thing as an honest chinaman. They'll do things like sell GTS 450 as a cheap 1050ti or GTX 970.
No. 53768
The wearing out thing is not a massive issue. They don't just break, but rather the springs wear out over long periods of extensive use, and just require you to adjust the deadzone to account for any wobbliness.

Realistically though you'll barely notice it unless you have a really shitty stick, or one that's beat to hell, so don't fret about it. I only ever pointed that factor out because it is a minor advantage of the magnet sensor which makes it a slightly better purchase than some other sticks in the same price range.
No. 53769
Well regardless I already pushed through the order, partly because I saw it was so much cheaper on that website than anywhere else including ebay used somehow, which it was on backorder. Who knows, maybe after GPUs and arse wipes the great HOTAS shortage of 2021 is next lel. Really it's just been that one big thing I'd been wishing to buy myself for months on end now which even after getting my tax returns and everything else I still hadn't done and finally just said you know what fuck it I can afford to pay for this right now I'm just being cheap and financially responsible.

The interesting thing about Elite: Dangerous is the fact that it's the first time I have ever played any game where it just feels like I need to play with a flightstick. Granted I haven't played a ton of flight sim or similar games but everything else like that I played with 3D combat felt fine with a keyboard and mouse going all the way back to Chuck Yeager's Air Combat which is like a 1994 game or something like that but for once I can physically feel it's wrong to be using the two.

Also you said something about hats and excessive controls. I never played with or programmed inputs with such a thing before however I can tell you straight up there is an absolutely ridiculous number of controls on E:D all of which are independently keyed for some absurd reason which makes it damn near impossible for me to do simple shit like scroll different menus in game without looking at my keyboard. It's not like some shooter where I can just blithely ignore half the hotkeys. I literally need to use most of them just to play the game. Really thinking on it, I can see how programming all the different hats can feel more intuitively right and easier to use. Like it just feels wrong and bizarre to me to have effectively three separate keys for basically "go faster" meanwhile I have to use all these other keys to physically move. Just controlling the spaceship with a joystick would be a relief and I'm hoping to get it shipped to me in time for Odyssey.
No. 53772
344 kB, 763 × 1079
Whatever works for you.

Regarding HOTAS as a concept (in the real world), though, what you describe is pretty much not the point. That's probably where the confusion between your statements and my reading comprehension comes in. We're talking about different things. Best way I can present it is visually. Pic related is a cheat sheet for the main switches in A-10C, the breadth of actions is actually very low, but instead it's set up to allow an efficient combat workflow that maintains situational awareness. The HOTAS is a process as much as it is an object. So when someone asks for my recommendation on what's a good HOTAS for X, then I'm not thinking about menus and things of that nature since that just doesn't compute with what I hear when someone uses the acronym. I'm thinking "how much systems management needs to be hands on?".
No. 53773 Kontra
And an example from there to show what I mean by efficient workflow.

Let's say that I am using my targeting pod to spot targets before running in. I have a wingman, and we want to hit different targets of the same type. Instead of talking him on manually, or typing out coordinates, I can simply:


and send exactly what I'm looking at to my wingman, who can then

COOLIE LEFT LONG (assuming TAD is left MFCD and not SOI)

and have sights aimed at that same target.

That whole process can happen in under 10 seconds, with 6 finger movements. The reason it's on the HOTAS? Because I want to be heads down and hands off as little as possible once I'm fenced in. Dunno if the example helps demonstrate what I mean by reading HOTAS as a process, but worth a shot.
No. 53783
19 kB, 1302 × 872
Interesting project, of still unnamed but very promising indie game. Guy developing a helicopter simulator in the style of old retro late 80s simulators with EGA flat-shaded 3d graphics
No. 53797
Erm, yeaaah you kinda got me, except you pretty much lost me with the fact I don't know what most of those acronyms mean. But I can kinda picture it better now. It made me immediately think of the weird way of how all the menus are keyed and just using it to scroll through them for instance.
No. 53814
162 kB, 600 × 400
I do like whirlybirds. Weird to fly though. I often feel like I'm consciously doing things rather than just doing them because a lot of things can be arse-backwards with them. I'm mostly hyped for when the Mi-8 in DCS gets multicrew, since apparently it wasn't an abandoned project. I love the flying bus but having extra human crew in that big fuggen cockpit would be ebin.

TMS and COOLIE are names of switches on the HOTAS.

TAD is the Tactical Awareness Display, a moving map that integrates with your datalink to provide limited information from outside source.

SOI is Sensor of Interest, it's the term for the currently 'selected' cockpit sector that the HOTAS is interacting with. You have HUD, LMFCD and RMFCD (the two screens). Depending on what each is currently displaying, and where SOI is, the switches do different things.

Most menu work is going to be done with the red circled bits, as well as the buttons around the two screens though.
No. 53835
8 kB, 640 × 480
8 kB, 640 × 480
10 kB, 640 × 480
6 kB, 640 × 480
Btw aren't this game started as SU-27 flanker from 1995 published by SSI? Want to try this game, flat shaded/gourad shaded models, but already high detail game for its time and SVGA resolutions. Original big box came with big paper Crimea map and game has BUKs so a bit politically controverial nowadays lol
No. 53884
949 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Started getting back into Kerbal Space Program. Building space stations and bases on other planets really hasn't much of an appeal anymore tbh, so I started building small and light aircraft. Especially with the expansion parts you can do some really cool stuff with it.

This plane has 66 parts and a mass of 1,337 kg (without pilot). It uses a push-pull engine setup and can do over 500 km/h at 7000 m. Due to the engines only using electricity, it was possible to make a plane that can theoretically fly forever, as the RTG constantly replenishes electricity, with some to spare (due to the engines being the smallest possible without adding additional weight). Second pic is Jeb on the peak of the small island inside of the huge crater archipelago.
Due to its huge lifting surface area it is a veritable STOL and can glide rather well also. I have made several of these kinds of plane in the past, but I really like this one a lot.

Third pic is the smallest plane I made that actually looks like a plane and actually flies.
No. 53887
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
This is the "Flunder" (german for "flounder"), a rovoplane. It has electrical propellers, sports an RTG and solar panels (for quicker recharging in sunlight after transmission), as well as all sensors usable in atmosphere.
The tail is an extendable piston. Retracted, it makes the vehicle more compact and thus easier to navigate on land, extended is for flying and better pitch/yaw control. It can do over 300 km/h at 6000 m.
The only problem I haven't managed to solve yet is that the whole thing is rather heavy for how much lift is provided and thus landing is really challenging. In 3 out 5 cases I break the wheels, but what can I expect if a fucking thermometer weighs five kilograms?
No. 53908
Yeah, it did. It was published by SSI though, the devs were Russian. The continuity is mildly annoying because there is some weird legacy from Lock On which has weird legacy from Flanker.

I'm really glad that this year their roadmap had a lot of engine-level work on it :-DDD
No. 53909
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
Also, it's pretty wild how far the game has come visually. This is from Flaming Cliffs 3 in the new engine, which is the (design wise) successor to the old Flanker game.

I'd still give my right nut for a full-fidelity Sea Flanker, but the Russian MoD won't even clear documents for a 1970s Su-25 (another on my wishlist). So not gonna happen in my lifetime.
No. 53915
Well, unless Russia will fall again and all that soviet stuff would be unclassified.
No. 53916
How likely is that exactly by the way? Legit question since the Russian social climate kind of confusing. I see a lot of youth agitation these days, but the larger population still seems to be a kicked dog, just wanting to keep its head down to avoid the boot.

Either way, I'd hardly wish Russian 90s v2.0 on anybody for the sake of my own hobbies. I'm not that fucked up :-DDD
No. 53951
>How likely is that exactly by the way?
Minimal, because of the population, but everything turns into total shit with a turbo speed.
No. 53953
Shiet, X3 engine getting a new game? Didn't expect to stumble across this. I stopped following the series after the abortion that was X: Rebirth. I hear X4 is decent, but I just don't really have the same level of love for Industrial Logistics Simulator: Space Edition that I did a few years back.

Not even sure if that's good or bad. I suppose it's good that the country isn't nosediving, but man, remembering the optimism with Russia's potential coming out of the 90s, and how unfulfilled it is makes me sad. Wish we could be boys with the East instead of always needing to antagonise each other.
No. 53964
Do torrents for the DCS simulators exist? I had DCS A-10 years ago and just starting up the plane was cosy. Can't find any more though. Really anything is appreciated. Doesn't have to be the A10 one
No. 53974
1,0 MB, 320 × 236
No. 53982
Awww yes! Thank you so much :3
No. 53985
This is a couple of months out of date, so some of the modules won't be in as good a state as they are now. I'd avoid
If they're there on the grounds that they're early access and noticeably incomplete even at this stage (even in 2.5.6, with a new number on the horizon).

Also avoid the training missions. The manuals are more up to date, and sometimes are correct compared to the tutorials (M-2000C post AdA collab).
No. 53988
Ah, my friend. I solely "play" around with these simulators for starting up the planes and stuff. I'm not really actually interested in the flying part. I just remembered the first time with the A-10 simulator and how you actually have to flick all the switches and stuff. Just the cockpit would honestly be fine for me. But thank you nonetheless
No. 53997
154 kB, 1280 × 720
I recommend Project Apollo/NASSP to you. It's basically all switchology. It's not in a 3d environment though if that's important to you. It's a 2d control panel instead.
No. 54001
Thanks, I'll check it out
No. 54050
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Playing Battle for Wesnoth.
It's turn based strategy, but without boring building. I hate to click through same buildings in each of ten settlements every turn, so it's very cool.
Campaign makes a little sense, but battles are nice (though computer plays mediocre). Plus they are addictive, "just one more battle, just 15 more minutes".
Also it's available on Linux and open source. Peeked on AI part a bit.
No. 54053
I remember playing this when I was 11-12. Had a lot of fun with it, but it's also very frustrating because instead of strategy and tactics you're forced to rely on dicerolls and then you have the Civilisation case of the Hoplite beating the Tank. (Strangely enough, higher level units don't seem to turn the tide of battle all that much if the enemy is outnumbering you. Sure, they hit hard, but their HP melts if they get attacked 2-3 times a turn.)
(Really, there's not much strategy in it in the sense that a lot of the time the battles are determined by who has more money and which faction has retardedly overpowered gimmicks like the undead. Mainly the undead. This and the initial conflict between you and the enemy when you both have fresh troops and money.)

But it's fun. I have fond memories of it and also dusted it off recently.
No. 54057
Well, risk management is a part of strategy, and without it game mechanics would be primitive and boring. You are not guaranteed to succeed every time you choose right strategy but you can manipulate mathematical expectation of your actions.

Speaking about high level units, it seems to be issue from older versions. Now situation is pretty much opposite. Often you attack high level unit with your six units and it ends up with six barely alive units ready to feed enemy with some XP.
No. 54105
62 kB, 800 × 640
Are there any newish decent wargames like the old BCT Commander? Bonuspoints if the scope is global and the scenario current or somewhat in the near future.
No. 54106
66 kB, 1280 × 720
Sort of. A lot of Shrapnel's stuff isn't really replicated 1:1 because people will just play the Shrapnel one instead. However:

>Command Ops/Command Ops 2 - https://store.lnlpublishing.com/command-ops-2-series
Similar pausable real time thing but set in WWII. So not modern in that same sense, but the game is pretty decent. The pricing model is a core engine that's got two scenarios for free which acts as the demo, and then there are campaigns that you buy as per interest. This is imo the closest in terms of gameplay loop.

>Armored Brigade - http://armoredbrigade.com/
This one is a strange beast. It's technically grid based and semi-gamey vs the simulationist aspect of the other games I'll mention but it's not unrealistic, just using more abstracted rules to achieve realistic results vs simulation. Real time pausable, timeline from the 60s to the 90s with scalable maps that you choose from bigger regions. If you're playing games from Shrapnel, you've probably encountered the old freeware game. This is the same guys being given a budget.

>Combat Mission - https://www.battlefront.com/
A series of games, you've probably heard of them. Black Sea or Shock Force 2 probably the most interesting to you. These aren't on the same scale as something like BCT Commander, but the larger missions can get towards regimental size forces, though the bread and butter of the game is a company or two since it's focused primarily on the tactical side and not the operational. The game is highly simulated as opposed to using mechanics, and runs best in its default state of 'turns' being where you issue the orders for your units to take over the following 60 seconds of real time action (that you then need to live with the outcome of).

>Command: Modern Operations - https://www.matrixgames.com/game/command-modern-operations
Another big beastie of a game. Kind of like how BCT Commander is civilian JANUS, this sumbitch is the commercial version of its Professional Edition which is for military contracts (and is used by the Luftwaffe in fact). Timeline wise you do post-WWII through to near future engagements, and can mix and match as you will. Its focus is on Air/Naval operations but ground combat is there albeit not in the same detail. It's got the global scale since the game map is a google earth style globe with NATO counters, though most missions are local in scale. Game is pausable real time w/ optional compression. Simulation level is through the roof. A single aircraft will have every sensor simulated, has subsystem damage and will engage in a simulated 3d environment that everything else in the game also interacts in even though it's not a visually 3d game really. It's fucking amazing, but comes with a hefty price tag compared to the others here.
No. 54123
108 kB, 800 × 786
No. 54276
190 kB, 800 × 1149
2,4 MB, 1200 × 1724
2,4 MB, 1200 × 1724
Not found really quality scan of WC1 box art without issues, so I did a mock-up for myself from the highest quality available sources.
2-my take
3-I need to find the font of "from the creators of" part
No. 54303
I wonder how good things will eventually become. It's a pity things like Microsoft Flight Simulator still don't have completely real physics including wing fracture midflight and physics effects of aircraft breaking into pieces. It would be neat if you could make a crash landing and it realistically simulated how the aircraft would break apart.

Of course in space games they try and act like it only is flying but in space which is absolutely not true given ludicrous speeds. Like if you hit a grain of sand traveling those sublight speeds in Elite Dangerous it would probably vaporize you. The idea you can hit a spaceship traveling at 0.9 C of all things with mass drivers and they're going to be okay is ludicrous. One thing which I wish E:D simulated more was the sheer scale of damage bumping into things and difficulty or complexity at landing and maneuvers, and to rather than just take a few HP of damage colliding with a space station if it showed you blowing apart the station 9/11 style as your craft disintegrated.

I really hope for these more realistical things. It disappoints me about Universe Simulator 2 that colliding planets with each other or even asteroids does not accurately simulate what would happen at all and mass is just converted into particle effects, rather than 10,000 independent gravity field parts of mass raining back down from the sky or forming a circle of debris around planets.

I do know what I am asking is profoundly hardware intensive at a time nothing is available but still. I was surprised to find how weak my Ryzen 7 actually is for when I crank everything all the up in US2. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should have paid more to suffer Intel. Or perhaps someday I can buy EOL highest end 5900x CPU or something and see if simulators actually work better, but in terms of graphics cards now major chip fabs basically are saying they will be backed up until 2022 which means even if miners crash they're not selling for cheap at this point.
No. 54330
15,3 MB, 9248 × 6936
14,3 MB, 9248 × 6936
Arrived my strategy guide for floppy 1993 version of the X-wing game. It is quite interesting 800+ pages book with a lot of stuff including lore and interviews with devs.
No. 54331
819 kB, 1920 × 1080
598 kB, 1920 × 1080
531 kB, 1920 × 1080
270 kB, 1920 × 1080
I found out its pretty fun to play ARMA with an AI squad on custom scenarios using Dynamic Recon Ops and Dynamic Combat Ops. (Those maps generate random missions and campaign for you).
I successfully played a campaign playing as an ukrainian squad on a BMP assaulting a town, YPG forces destroying Turk AA emplacements and super secret SAS operators rescuing hostages from ISIS.
It takes time to master the AI but once it "clicks" its awesome, you can make them go stealth mode, take cover, heal each other, drive vehicles, take weapons from fallen enemies at your command. Also they progress through the map using proper cover tactics. It's pretty awesome.
I used to play online, but it takes a long time to set up online "tactical" missions and there's a lot of drama involving mods so I just gave up and started playing single player. One drawback from AI in ARMA is that they can detect you through bushes and thick forests, so jungle-heavy maps are difficult to play because you're at a disadvantage.
No. 54332
82 kB, 800 × 600
28 kB, 480 × 320
>800 page manual
Amazing how much content they could put in those.
I used to play a game called Shadow Company: Left for dead (Mercenary game similar to Jagged Alliance but real time) and I remember reading about was very fun
No. 54343
30 kB, 400 × 500
It is actually just for the floppy version, there was an even bigger one for the CD version with addons and for TIE Fighter. Want to buy them one day too if I see an opportunity for a good price.
No. 54344
Also yea it is 400+ pages not 800 my bad but this is not manual. Game had manual and "Farlander papers" and this is strategy guide
No. 54350
Back in the day they actually used to be great and make great things. Everyone who bought something like Age of Empires, Starcraft, or Warcraft could expect to find a cardboard foldout with full tech trees, a manual, and possibly a strategy guide and lorebook as well as sometimes a physical poster and all for $20. It's not just 25 years of inflation. They now have the fucking audacity to charge you $60+zeroday DLCs and all for not only shaving physical manufacture costs on the CD and box but also on the booklets and have the audacity to charge you an addition $20-$30 for the "deluxe ultrafanboy muh xtreme edition" edition that gives you the mp3 files separately (as if you couldn't extract it anyway and it still had DRM so it's pointless), some shitty avatar, and a couple of large scale "wallpapers." So it's literally not just inflation because they literally charge you $20 for jpegs that you used to get as physical room posters for free.

And these were often really decent books too. I still have a bunch of old strategy guides in storage somewhere afaik usually giving complete lore.
No. 54356
It was cozy indeed. I remember my old 386 couldn't run the game I mentioned (That time gpus were still called "3D accelerator boards" , and I kept reading the manual booklet which contained the story, weapon descriptions and stats, and even a "Mercenary combat manual" getting super hyped and excited for the game that when my father bought a new computer and I was finally able to play it, the game was still cool but still was a disappointment because of all the things I imagined.
No. 54363
3D accelerators were cards which did 3d acceleration (obviously) and initially voodoo 1-2 were separate boards which requred classic 2d card to work. And I don't think it is possible to pair one with a 386 motherboard.
And GPUs in PCs back then were called "Graphics adapter". For AT-class machine something like EGA card with maybe later upgrade to VGA was the most typical setup.
No. 54382
Odd I don't remember that phrase but I do remember "video card" and "graphics accelerator". I'm still kind of sad 3Dfx isn't a thing anymore but I guess hardware wise it's for the best.
No. 54383
157 kB, 1280 × 511
1,3 MB, 1568 × 811
478 kB, 1414 × 1199
34 kB, 500 × 210
Well all video cards are "accelerators" since technically everything can be handeled by CPU but it will take time and resources from it. Dedicated hardware for specific task is logical solution.

Original IBM PC came with MDA - Monochrome Display Adapter or CGA - Color Graphics Adapter. First was text only producing crisp shap image on monochrome monitors with clear readable text, second had ability to use 4 sets of 4 colors (well there were more regimes but I'll not talk about those). Yea that "ugli" Cyan-pink or Yellow-orange, which were good to build graphs or some visual tabels. Both MDA and CGA cards were of course Buisness-oriented.
Later IBM released PCjr computer with built in graphics chipset which allowed 16 colors at once on screen and then EGA - Enhanced Graphics Adapter with 16 colors per screen from 64 colors palette.
What made PC platform as actual multimedia machine which killed Amiga and become a gaming device is MCGA which later become part of VGA standart (Video Graphics Array) and its 13h regime: 320x200 with easely programmable 256 colors on screen.

Alongside this official development because of open nature of PC platform there were a lot of "extended" graphic adapters from 3rd party companies. For example there were "Hercules" graphics adapters which were compatible with monochrome monitors and MDA but also allowed monochrome graphics, not only text, Plantronics Colorplus which was an extended CGA with 16 colors and its own palette, Series of Tandy 1000 cloned and extended PCjr graphics etc.
After IBM PS/2 "PC clones" overwhelmed the market so much, IBM computers become... just one of these "clones". So there was no new "official" standart after VGA which become foundation for the rest. There were hordes of third party cards which all extended VGA... thus named "SVGA" or SuperVGA. Your RTX3090 is also technically an "SVGA" card. Tho usually when you hear SVGA it means cards from era when VGA was extended, but before integrated 3d Accelerators. Usually they supported stuff like 640x480 or above resolution, with 256 colors as vga or even 16bit color. Very usefull to play 3d games like TIE Fighter or Terminator Future Shock or Heroes of Might and Magic 1 in something above 320x200 which these games really needed (Homm 1 is SVGA-only game like from start for example). But still, all 3d side calculation handeled by CPU. And then came 3d acceleration cards which you might place alongside your SVGA card with pass-through cable and if game has patch or built in support for this card you got a 3d acceleration. And there were a horde of competing 3d accelerator cards, same as SVGA cards and audio cards. VooDoo series was just the most known one. S3 Graphics, ATI, Nvidia, PowerVR, and others. Later become avalible integrated cards with both 2d and 3d acceleratiors like VooDoo Rush after voodoo1 and VooDoo Banshee after voodoo2.
On pics:
1.Original IBM CGA board
2.IBM PC, PC XT and PC AT with Hercules, CGA and EGA graphics adapters and MGA/CGA/EGA monitors
3.S3 Trio (64V+ model on pic) was popular series of SVGA video cards.
4.S3 ViRGE/DX paired with 3DFX VooDoo graphics 3d Accelerator

3DFX killed itself basically with poor buisness decidions and was bought by Nvidia.
No. 54484
441 kB, 1920 × 1080
281 kB, 1920 × 1080
Rate my big fat ass!

Has anyone here ever completed a game with the Watcher? I managed Ironclad, Silent and Defect all in a reasonable amount of time. But Watcher eludes me, I rarely even survive even the first level. I guess the Watcher playstyle doesn't suit me very well, this seems to be largely subjective. For example most people seem to hate Time Eater most, while I have a fairly good statline against it. I regularly receive spankenings from the Awakened One though, which seems to be considered easier by most.
No. 54494
I have absolutely no clue what game this is
No. 54495
37 kB, 616 × 353
It's Slay the Spire, a combination of a roguelike and a card deck building game. Pretty fun in my opinion, but also pretty difficult. Also I find it discouraging that after you complete the game regularly, you unlock extra modes, which are like the normal game but with handicaps. There are 20 handicap levels, but I struggle to even beat the game in regular mode. And with the mentioned Watcher character I never managed to beat it even once.

I guess I just suck at gaming.
No. 54499
>Rate my big fat ass!

>Has anyone here ever completed a game with the Watcher?
Yeah, on 2nd try, first run got rekt by Time Eater. You just gotta abuse Scry in combination with Retain cards to use the different Stances effectively... not sure how helpful that advice is :D
Otherwise just check the tier lists for cards/items if you haven't already, tho wouldn't trust those blindly either
No. 54511
Hey Russia, I wonder if you may actually like this channel or ultimately say it is shit
He mostly does what could loosely be called retrogaming, namely oldschool first person shooters like Hexen and Id tier games. Although I don't really enjoy most of what he reviews I actually enjoy civvie11's channel and this review in particular I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
No. 54513
There are multiple russian posters on this board, but if you asking me, I know about civie for a long time. For me personally he is the type who rides the hype by using this type of "boomer" and this is nothing new in the internet, since russia had similar "young old-ish guy from nearby with a bottle of beer" type guy also since 00s.

What I think about him in particular, is that he is aiming for a more casual and young audience, and while I found some his walkthought-style videos a bit entertaining, there a number of more specific channels on yt which do similar stuff more interesting and in-depth and without "joke scenes". Same as his interests are too limited, and he is more or less incompetent outside of them. Each time he making "joke" about how genius Carmack is it makes me cringe a bit honestely.
No. 54518
In my experience, difficulty 15 is the sweet spot for non masochistic challenge.

Once you learn how relics and cards synergize, you can beat the game on easiest difficulty 100% of the time.
This is one of those games where "exploits" and minmaxing are the intended way to play.

Used to be obsessed with it until I got a job.

Check out Jorbz on YouTube, he has lots of videos and tutorials on beating the game at level 20
No. 54525
13 kB, 407 × 264
Just checked my victory stats:
  • Ironchad 3/11
  • Silent 2/7
  • Defect 2/10
  • Watcher 1/27

Don't know why the game thinks I won with the Watcher, because I did not. Maybe beating 3rd level boss and losing in the final level counts as "victory" for whatever reason (maybe because L4 isn't available until you unlock it), because I'm absolutely positive I never beat the heart with the Watcher.

>You just gotta abuse Scry
I will try. Until now I just tried to abuse the stances, but I quicky run out of either offense or defense to reliably defeat enemies, so I take too much damage, have to heal too much and can't beef up my cards, so I run out of offense/defense even quicker and so eventually get rekt.
>Otherwise just check the tier lists for cards/items if you haven't already
Until now I have not, I wanted to explore stuff on my own. But I'm getting desperate :DD

>In my experience, difficulty 15 is the sweet spot for non masochistic challenge.
Somehow I doubt I will ever reach this level :DD
>Once you learn how relics and cards synergize
The longer the relic list gets, the more I struggle to keep the dynamics in mind. It's embarrassing how often I mess up even simple things like playing a single defend despite owning Orichalcum.
>This is one of those games where "exploits" and minmaxing are the intended way to play.
I guess so, abusing synergies like I did in >>54484 seems to be the key to victory. Also I think it helps to have an idea in mind what kind of deck one wants to build before even picking up the first card. It seems to me that there are not really good or bad cards, but there are good and bad decks. When I got Barricade, I didn't even try to go for attacks any longer and just took any block card I could get my hand on, while trying to get rid of my strikes.
No. 54546
At higher difficulty levels, the map screen becomes more important than the fights themselves. So much so that the map becomes the actual game (managing the probabilities of getting relics/cards, maintaining health, risk/reward, etc.)
If you have the right deck or the right relics, or enough health, you can win any fight. But if you don't, it doesn't matte how good you are at playing cards.
No. 54601
456 kB, 3840 × 2160
725 kB, 3840 × 2160
25 kB, 320 × 200
13 kB, 320 × 200
Ah, one of my favorite times in PC 3d graphics - software-rendered true 3d render with textured polygonal models... without any 3D acceleration. Just SVGA or even a VGA card with bumped memory. Strike Commander is a surprising game - it was made by the creator of Wing Commander. He was not part of the WC2 development team (only a producer) and spent full time developing this monster. It is a true successor to the Wing Commander.

True 3D render with polygonal models and terrain, fully textured and with gourand smoothing! IN FUCKING 1993. And effects of the sun-shadow in the cockpit. Fuck Doom and other overhyped crap, this is probably the most YOBA game of this year. Same as Ultima Underworld 1 year prior to that, it is a showcase of what PC can do just with raw CPU power and creative programming, counter to consoles with cheap dedicated chips. While SNES struggled to render like 4 flat-shaded polygons, with a good i486 and VGA card you may have this. Sadly, being a VGA game, it is 320x200 only, so for the modern player, it is eeh. Honestly, just in general, most true 3d render textured games, and like all of them if they have 3d polygon objects and enemies SVGA resolutions is something necessary, but what can you do in 1993.

The game may be on the arcade side, but it has much more mechanics than WC. It is similarly a story-driven game where you (after some time) become a leader of a mercenary flight group. You must choose offers of sets of missions, get money for them which you may spend on equipment. You may choose your wingman also. Missions include escort, protection, the bombing of ground targets. A lot of WC mechanics like "autopilot to the nav point", splitting non-super-linear plot, unique wingman comments are presented here. The game has a ton of conversations, characters, and stuff like that. Your rivals, people who hire you, your contacts, your wingman, your accounted and mechanic - they are all characters and part of the narrative nature of this rather long game.

Sound and music:
A lot of menu music tracks, dynamic combat music as usual. Have very spicy action tracks, tho good versions of it you'll not find on YouTube. I'd liked to see clear SB or Adlib recordings. The game does not support GMIDI, I guess it was sort of early for that to be mandatory and auto settings for sound blaster IRQ was a bit weird so check them twice if your game crash on start, but it does support Roland devices for the music of course. Also before even CD version, the game came with a separate speech pack. Voiced wingman and some important cutscenes-dialogues are awesome.

Game set in the "near future of the 2010s" after falling of the soviet union and the new Arabic countries raging, prices on fuel get very high. Alaska now an independent state, the same as for example, "new Syberia". All world now in local conflicts and mercenary groups are the dominant type of high tech military force, same as your group located in Istambul. Who doesn't loves a bit of these "near future politics" predictions, eh?
No. 54615
815 kB, 3840 × 2160
658 kB, 3840 × 2160
453 kB, 3840 × 2160
Another "icon" from these types of games is NASCAR Racing, the original. 640x480 SVGA mode is awesome, together with the support of general MIDI. Tho its selection a bit weird but what you gonna do. More than decent software render and graphics, the actual damage model in this game is surprisingly detailed for its time. There a lot of tracks tho since this is NASCAR they all like the same stadium circles, so you only need to turn left
This game honestly actually DO support 3d acceleration, 2 special versions were made specifically for Matrox MGA Millennium and Creative Labs 3D Blaster. But none is owning these early 3d accelerator cards, they are garbage and if I remember correctly, the game does not look much better on them. This is not VooDoo or something. NASCAR Racing 2 supports 3Dfx but this is another question.
No. 54619
159 kB, 800 × 1011
73 kB, 643 × 482
3 kB, 320 × 200
2 kB, 320 × 200
Perhaps I shall have to review this game at some point, which I believe I mentioned once or twice before.
>release date: 1991
Oh wow it's a lot older than I'd remembered; I actually thought it was 1995 or some shit like that. Maybe I'm just confusing it with around the era that I played it, which I played the fuck out of that game as a child. It was pretty ebin back then on my family's shitty powermac PC although in retrospect it's probably pretty jank playing that "air combat simulator" with nothing but a keyboard and single button trackball mouse. I wonder if any of you guys even remember those at this point, the heavy mice with a metal cored rubber ball inside where every week you had to clean out all of the gunk from the internal side rollers because eventually it'd get dirty enough to fuck up the mouse's ability to move.
No. 54632
103 kB, 640 × 400
105 kB, 640 × 400
10 kB, 320 × 200
13 kB, 320 × 200
Well, looking at this game graphics and presentation of VGA clearly visible on 2d elements but still simple and flat-shaded models, it is first in the 1990-1993 appearance. Tho 3d part is not the most advanced, here for comparison the LucasArts' Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe from 1991. This 3d detail looks a bit like some even more early 3D sims with EGA graphics like from 1988-1990 like Battlehawks 1942
No. 54643
43 kB, 640 × 539
Hi did you guys know that this week it is P-O-L-I-S-H games week on GOG?
I'm almost half tempted to pick this up but I don't know how accurate or shitty it is
No. 54650
617 kB, 1920 × 1080
So just so you know, Russia, I finally panic bought Star Wars Squadrons before work today))))

Honestly I should feel much much dirtier than I actually do for paying for that, and giving money to EA and Disney on top of that, but let's be honest here I'm utterly shameless. I am completely devoid of guilt and shame. I once had a fleeting moment where I think for about 1.7 seconds I caught a glimpse of something that could've been almost like self hate people keep talking about after dwelling on smashing old electronics as a child the closest thing to shame I feel, I destroyed an archaic radeo. The thought of destroying ancient computer hardware I think is something capable of making me feel guilt but it eluded my grasp as soon as I thought I had it. Oh well. I won't take a shower after such a purchase even if I should, and I have every intention of gaming the shit out of Squadrons whenever I get my HOTAS in the mail but frankly at this point I think I may take much more glee out of flying and landing jumbo jets.

I think there is nothing in this world more elitist, more bourgeis, more aristocratic than to fly. I have drank vodka a mile over the earth. No medieval or renaissance king has got shit on me. All the emperors of the earth should feel envy, as I envy our hopeful future taking trips to foreign stars, and as much as I enjoy flying as a passenger I think there's next to nothing more anxiety disorder inducing than actually flying and landing the damn thing. As such, I have every intention of sperging out this summer on Elite: Dangerous Odyssey, Star Wars Squadrons, and playing different flight sims flying and landing massive jetliners. Feels good. Very good.
No. 54652
Squadrons is more arcade-ish game even tho it has some drops from lucas arts/totaly games flight semi-arcade flight sims but nothing more. And being in new dismey universe, amount of cringe sometimes too much for me to handle. Maybe I'll play it for couple of hours if I get it free but recently I had enough of this shit after my bf played EA battlefront 2 as a joke.
No. 54653
>had enough of this shit after my bf played EA battlefront 2 as a joke.
Hahahaha I have a feeling I might get along with the lad.
>unironically playing shit just for lulz and trolling someone
Well then again I am not sure shitting in my pants would be so funny just to bother another with the smell. That game looked terrible.

Really Squadrons just looked as though it could be fun from a multiplayer and gameplay perspective and that I could probably just ignore the cringe. It's clearly not a flight sim but is apparently not so arcadey as it looks like, which is allegedly good on HOTAS too which is partly why I got it and because the gameplay itself probably is fun while I can hopefully just ignore things irritating me. At least I hope MP is good; giving EA money is a serious personal transgression. I swore I'd never do anything but pirate anything that would give them money. But, gameplay wise it looks fine I'll have to report back next week/later
Guy is actually using what's hopefully soon to be mine and despite being wildly overbuilt to the task he seems to be getting enough out of it to not call it arcadey, which this guy says also
>it was not arcadey as I expected and a lot more complicated than I thought it would be
But then of course most people playing such YOBA shit tier games made for near bydlo would be expected to say such things, nevertheless left a good enough impression I pulled the trigger before work because why not.

I of course can also see how much Mac shits upon it like he does almost universally, except I don't always agree and think some he shits on are good and others he likes are shite but whatever
I notice he is complaining about it using X52 Pro so I'm not actually as regretful purchasing such an expensive as fuck HOTAS. Hopefully neither game nor HOTAS is shit but honestly I just got it because I wanted to play jetliner aircraft sims which I started down this road solely because of wanting a hundred dollar stick stick and throttle to play Elite Dangerous because the game clearly feels like shit on keyboard/mouse and it was made to be played on HOTAS. I eventually wasted an ungodly amount of money on this venture.
No. 54660
6,0 MB, 2542 × 5785
man I am tempted to buy this game purely because of the amount of butthurt in this review, it's just neither that nor Paradise Lost seems worth it to me. I think I should just get The 7th Circle and got to wörk
No. 54670
8,7 MB, 1024 × 535, 0:40
After nearly 300 battles in this pig of a tank I finally got Ace tanker badge. This motherfucker is an absolute beast when it works but can be real painful when you get flanked and end up isolated and fucked in the A

>thief simulator
I've put a few hours into it, it's not great tbh, very unity-asset-shit kind of game but it can be fun in small doses
No. 54680
15 kB, 474 × 262
I know, I figured it likely wasn't but every time GOG does a "Polish game sale" and I see that one I chuckle and figured you'd appreciate it
No. 54729
116 kB, 1280 × 720
Oh wait what but what the fuck
How in the fuck he actually gets off on criticizing it I liked Singularity I don't even like FPS games hell for fuck's sake it doesn't actually have a save file system and I absolutely fucking hate that checkpoint shit and still liked it and thought how it was such a great game. Hell I would've played computer games back in 2009 and not started back in 2012 had I known about this game.
>huge frame drops
Yeah if you're playing the thing on like a Pentium III
No. 54730
It plays as a fairly mediocre shooter of its time. It learned the lessons of the genre up to that stage, and played them out in a pretty rote fashion. You had plenty of okay stuff in there, but nothing all that special or innovative. It's a fine game, but it's more a well executed snapshot of the 2010 B-shooter scene than something where one should ask where someone 'gets off criticising it'.
No. 54733
This game was unfinished and not managed to properly implement what it wanted to do. It is not 100% Raven's fault and it is miracle this game exists at all but that is it.

>unironically playing shit just for lulz and trolling someone
It was just a fun time like watching a bad movie on purpose.
No. 54738
I have no idea about gamin PC. I ordered the following:

(80cm) Samsung Odyssey G5 C32G54TQWU - LED-Monitor - 144Hz – Curved , 344,90 EUR
Casing: Corsair Carbide Series 175R RGB schwarz - Glasfenster
Power Adapter: Corsair RMx Series RM750x - 2018 Edition - 750W
vollmodular - 80 PLUS Gold
Mainboard: MSI B550-A Pro
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 6x 3.70GHz
Cooling: AMD: Standard Lüfter AMD
SSD M.2 Speicher: 1000 GB Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD
(Read: 2200MB/s | Write: 2000MB/s)
1. HDD / SSD : 1000 GB HDD , 39,90 EUR
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 8GB
OS: Windows 10 Home

rate pls
No. 54740
61 kB, 1280 × 720
1,0 MB, 2000 × 2000
>rate pls
oh do I ihappentobeanexpert.tif whyyesthisismyturboautistichobby.ini

>Corsair Carbide Series 175R RGB s
I really can't say much about this because a) I don't personally like anything about Corsair beyond power suppliesI think a lot of their stuff is overpriced for being so cheap and shitty and take particular issue with their shitty fans ecosystem you can't mix and match with anything else and costs an absurd amount of money and b), I personally don't like that style in case which is not to say you should get an overbuilt case or buy something I like it's just not what I like. Because I cannot deal with not having my 5.25 inch drive bays and muh optical drives I'd never get this and I take particular exception to the fact those front panels are neither muh ARGB bling glass nor are they front mesh for better airflow so I just particularly hate that case design however that being stated it only costs $65 and it's Corsair so it's not going to be a total piece of crap which means basically if you haven't got a problem with the particular design it's fine and moreover there isn't a huge point to wasting tons of money on a case. Why yes I do have an autistic passion about PC cases and motherboards I personally spent $110 on mine and got one of these which isn't right or wrong just what I got for me and personally don't think you should overspend on a case you do not want or need which is stupid if you're not going to get like two CD drives therefore it's exceptionally stupid to spend twice as much for a features you do not need or use, which is the rule of thumb for PC shit.
...I typed all this out and just realized you probably got a prebuilt so my opinion on "choosing your case" is irrelevant oh well

>Corsair 750w
That's perfectly fine and good. Corsair is known for making some of the best PSUs and with a really good wattage you're going to need that for the nuclear plant requiring GPU upgrades in years to come. Nice.
>MSI B550-A Pro
Eh, it's not quite a piece of shit board, and you literally don't need more, and I'd not suggest people do what I do and spend $300 blowing a GPU size hole through your budget just for a board, but it's not what I'd get. See this here is actually how I now know for a fact it's a prebuilt because SI's just love to use motherboards as their dumpstat. I wouldn't totally call it a shitboard but it isn't good. They always try and ram a miniATX tiny ass board as cheap as possible into these massive cases lacking any real features and of dubious overclocking ability. If you want to upgrade in the future that board is probably going to eventually become the limiting factor to your entire system's upgrade path.
>AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 6x 3.70GHz
It's considered to be a pretty good CPU so much so it's now basically considered "standard" afaik, which you're not likely to need more than 6 core/12 thread for quite awhile although I'd question the maximum extent you can OC on that board. Overall that system begins to remind me about my old Dell, which had a not great board and a very limited EOL upgrade path. Rather than get a used 5900x in the future you're probably going to need to build/buy new platform altogether on a new board with new socket. Mind you, it's literally all you need for just gaming and is overall a high end-midrange setup which should last you for years to come.
>Cooling: AMD: Standard Lüfter AMD
>Lüfter AMD
a fuggin what
Uh err I cannot find what they even mean by this but I'm beginning to guess they cheaped out on the fan too. You're going to need to upgrade that to overclock on depending how bad "standard" is, unless it's a Wraith Prism which is exactly what I have and works pretty well on AMD's efficient CPUs.
A definite prebuilt. Actually I'm kind of amazed they didn't completely cheap out on the PSU too because every prebuilt has got some kind of super cheap generic RAM, super cheaply made mass produced motherboard, and cheap shitty PSU. It does not list timings, speed, or brand, which means I cannot say much on this beyond 16gb is the minimum for modern gaming (it's likely a 2x8gb configuration) which is only going to matter on certain games. Flight sims, Total Warhammer III, these are the kinds of games where having fast RAM matters. I have no clue if it's fast or not but you can't mix and match RAM so a day may come in 7 years you may be better off replacing with cl16 3200mhz or something, not sure. It's probably going to be fine for now though even if it is 2666mhz or something.
>SSD M.2 Speicher: 1000 GB Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD
Oh man is this pretty fucking stupid now. Yeah granted that is actually still a tb of NVMe so it's going to be fast regardless, but it's among the cheapest shittiest NVMe they could possibly cram in there which is now making me think I hope you didn't overspend because it's shit for an NVMe. Why it is shit? Because why would you put such slowass storage if you're going to be building an AMD PCIe 4.0 platform? Like literally that was one of the features of 2020 was because Intel didn't have 4.0 speeds. It's super super slow for an NVMe drive and clearly they figured they'd make their selling point "a whole terabyte" while making sure it was the slowest, cheapest storage they could find that's still NVMe.
>HDD / SSD : 1000 GB HDD , 39,90 EUR
No brand, no speed, no matter. You probably should've spent a few extra quid on a 2tb drive though they're something like $54 for 2tb HDD or cheaper. I really do think you should've had 500gb PCIe 4.0 as the boot NVMe instead of that because now you're saddled with this slow ass NVMe you can't even replace as the boot because it has the system on it and now looking at it you see even more why not to get a cheap board because it looks like the cheapass MSI board literally all you can have on it is one NVMe, which is dumber because now you can't use NVMe speeds to swap huge files back and forth to a second NVMe which I guess makes part of the point of having a fast NVMe now pointless.
No. 54741
44 kB, 1280 × 720
Look I gotta say lad at this point I am really super unimpressed with what this System Integrator (or SI) is selling, which makes me thankful I learned to build PCs rather than suffer prebuilts anymore. I spent ten years suffering Dell and putting up with their shit because of that prebuilt which to this very day even with customization I still have got to suffer no overclocking my CPU and that absolute piece of SHIT board with that shitty case and that shitty windows version and shitty slow HDD Windows OS install because had I changed motherboard it'd deactivate Windows which basically that whole thing became an insufferable pain in the ass eventually.

I don't wish to make you feel bad about your system, and accidentally did that with my dad, but well when you know how to do something it's easier to find faultalso I'm a usual overly critical *chan shitposter so thus far what I can say is, yes it is actually going to game spectacularly for 2021 no doubt, but as it ages you're going to have more and more problems and get subjected to further and further insult. Like that boot drive is going to be fine now and way faster than most people's systems, but it's still a very cheap NVMe stuck on a cheap shitty board which you're now going to get stuck with forever and which is going to be fantastic now but over the years each aspect of that is going to just piss you off more and more.

Oh wait a minute what the fucking shit, 4 SATA connectors? Seriously only four? Okay yeah nevermind it's a shit board. It's worse than I thought at a glance/from memory. MSI cheap boards are shit and that is definitely the cheapest board you can possibly get, which put it to you this way it's like putting a V8 muscle engine in a rusted out $500 shitbox with bald tires, and they do this to say "yeah but we got a V8 engine 5600x gibe money plox" and ultimately it's only the GPU and CPU which is actually a valuable component to the system. The thing that annoys me personally is because you cannot even rip the board out without voiding your entire Win10 install, because it's registered to the shitboard 99.9% of the time, so even if you could clone the C drive to a new NVMe you're stuck with the board.

This is the point at which I remind you that there's ultimately no such thing as "a shit computer" just what works for you and what is the cost. Like if that system cost $4000 it's a piece of fucking garbage. If that system cost $900 it's pretty fantastic. In PC hardware what it really boils down to is cost however my strong suspicion is they price gouged the shit out of you and charged you like 2,500 euros in which case it would be shit.

> NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 8GB
Like I said usually SI's will just slam a decent GPU and a decent CPU into a kinda shitty system overall because most kids have got literally no clue about anything beyond "which GPU" "which CPU" "what big number RAM in gb it is" and that's it though lately kids have gotten wise to PSU wattage too and RAM speed but still not timings or boards afaik. In today's market obviously that "$500" GPU is great but it's still a midrange card which is using last gen VRAM capacity among the many reasons I dislike nVidia is because they routinely do this shit 8gb is Pascal tier, they had 3.5gb lawsuit inducing VRAM with Maxwell when AMD was ramping up to 8gb and now AMD is 16gb standard, though it should be added that speed, bus, jayztwocents did a pretty good layman explanation of how VRAM works and how huge VRAM doesn't matter if its overall speed and bandwidth is slow as shit and likely jacked the cost to $1000 of the budget on GPU.

Personally I think that were you to buy today, it would in theory make sense to just get a prebuilt because shit's out of stock and overpriced everywhere provided they're not jacking you. The better thing is to just wait 6 months until shit calms down if it calms down then or if you just really need a gaming PC to deal with the fact shit's overpriced everywhere and build on a much older platform just to game on. It's not hard to get like Ivy Bridge CPUs, get some older GPU, deal with not having beyond 1080p monitor or having to turn down the settings, and just spend like $800 or less to build a really noice PC with 7 to 10 year old parts, get a price gouged Maxwell or something or some ancient pre-Pascal Fermi tier Titan whatever and stick with that, or just build a nice new machine with all new parts and overpay for an older GPU until prices calm down.

>OS: Windows 10 Home
I mean it's Windows. I dislike 10, but 8 was SHIT and 7 is way too old at this point. I have no idea why anyone would get professional.

>(80cm) Samsung Odyssey G5 C32G54TQWU - LED-Monitor - 144Hz – Curved
This looks good to me. I bet you bought this separate. If that's a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor then yes it's actually a fantastic looking monitor although I question pairing a FreeSync monitor with nVidia GPU although frankly it's irrelevant I never use FreeSync or Gsync anyway. A 3070 should power that display plenty. I've never used a curved monitor and can't say a lot on it beyond it's alleged to be really noice playing on large curved screens, but what I can tell you is that that's a FANTASTIC resolution with buttery smooth 144hz framerates for just about anything but like brand new games with RT on ultra settings you're likely to get 140fps avg on a ton of games at very high res. I've got half that display speed. Also, for whatever weird reason mining pay went up this week so that's $10+ per day on that card

Overall it really boils down to cost. You're objectively going to have a fantastic gaming experience on that machine and as a gamer it's all that really matters, so people with autistic hobbyist interest like me you should ignore and just enjoy your PC because objectively you're going to be gaming at the top 5% of humanity if not better than that. Like 96% of humanity is having a shittier experience than you.

You are still ultimately running a much better system than I have which I built last year, a better GPU, a largely better CPUI've got 2 more cores/4 threads but you literally don't need that for gaming and my 3700x is slower and a far better monitor with twice the top fps that I have but my concern is the usual with all prebuilts that they overcharged you for something that's largely valuable in the CPU and GPU department. It's going to remain an awesome gaming system for years to come but it's not going to have legs and will show its age and limited upgradeability within 5 years.

I rate cost/10
It depends what you paid. That's a $400 CPU + $1000 GPU in today's market so I'm assuming it's like $2100 or something like that, which is fine. If it cost a lot more though, eh.
No. 54753
Thanks amerifren. It wasn't entirely prebuild, I could configure it and I showed it a friend who said I should get the bigger SSD (500 to 1TB).
I also could've upgraded the main board for extra monies but I don't know why I should (now I think I know...).
I paid about 1750€ for the rig and another 300 for the monitor.
As I said, I know almost nothing about PCs, played console one generation behind (bc poor family) all my life until I graduated and got a decent job and finally had some expendable income on a computer.

First I fell for the gaming Laptop meme and blew 1.1k € on that , then I got a Valve Index and my Laptop did run Alyx but at the bare minimum and I just wanted to upgrade that.
Maybe next time I will finally bite the pillow ajd buid my own but I'd have to do tons of research to even make an assessment like you did.
No. 54757
> 1750€
Then that's definitely fine and probably a good amount cheaper than what you'd be spending had you built yourself amusingly. Normally building is cheaper but not this year, and also the one really big thing about buying from a company is the warranty. This is really important for people not knowing what they're doing because individual parts may not even come with one, or if they do it's flimsy. Basically you buy prebuilt and having any problem whatsoever you send it back to the SI and they fix your problem.
>I could configure it and I
PC part picker? I can't remember if theyoffer option to put it together for you.
>showed it a friend who said I should get the bigger SSD (500 to 1TB).
I mean he's not entirely wrong and frankly a 500gb drive has the problem of you only have one NVMe slot, but on top of that the board is so gimped you only have 4 SATA ports. It really reminds me a lot of my old Dell prebuilt with shitty board 4 SATA port haver one taken by CD drive. And I mean regardless you're going to have a fast system with that NVMe, it's just that you'd want the fastest boot drive possible because without CDs you have 3 extra ports to stick added storage onto. I guess it's fine it just felt like a waste to meI honestly did something pretty retarded and got a PCIe 3 boot drive NVMe I'm stuck with until or unless I reinstall OS on my Sabrent Rocket

I mean regardless you ultimately spent a considerable chunk less money for a much faster gaming PC than I did last year and you should have warranty. Such is life on the march of tech innovation.

>I'd have to do tons of research to even make an assessment like you did.
Well yes this also is true. I spent a few weeks with simpleminded focus last year on researching every single damn thing about my PC and its parts to make the absolute best decisions I could coming from a state of ignorance I didn't even realize the full extent of such ignorance. Simple shit that only someone that never built could get stuck on. But well I am a man and as such took immense gratification in seeing the finished product of my learning and labors and to this day I sometimes just sit there staring at it. I use it every day and it feels like I'd imagine to stare at a motorcycle whose engine block you tore apart and assembled the machinery together from scratch. Would recommend/10 like building your own furniture, fixing your own car etc.

The one thing I'll say lastly is people don't do it because other than warranty etc people don't want to waste the time and aggravation so if you hate doing it you'll spend a month learning what shit does, why to get one part or another, find some problem or thing to tweak and it'll take all this free time working on it. Of course this was 2020 and I barely had a job so that's where the free time to do that came from.
>gaming laptop
Let me guess, it broke?
No. 54761
>PC part picker? I can't remember if theyoffer option to put it together for you.
Yes they even install Windows (not that I couldn't do that myself but they always do according to their website)
>Let me guess, it broke?
Nah it's still running fine but it only has a 200GB SSD and I'm constantly juggling games because nowadays games are huge and as I said it's barely enough for VR. Also it's super loud ajd was really struggling in the summer because of the heat.
>building yourself
You probably won't believe me but I work as a software dev, I just never had PCs myself aside from old used laptops and thus never really developed an interest in hardware. Now I do have a little, but I don't think I even could find the free time to learn all this. Working full time, keeping my place clean, shopping, learning a new language, frens and hobbies already occupies my schedule. Give me one month off from all of that and I would probably do it. Or if the service I used would've been incredibly overpriced. Then I would have considered building my own. But my friend who actually did build his own in the past said that it's not worth the trouble anymore and as you might have picked up I kinda trust his word there and thus also just used one of these sites.
But I still wanted to get another opinion so I asked you and I am again grateful for your input.
And yeah warranty is a plus.
No. 55568
131 kB, 800 × 1138
49 kB, 1280 × 720
I have a hot take.

Postal 2 is an indie art game, that came out years before the modern indie art game phenomenon.

See: it's an open world walking simulator that uses its mechanics, structure and story to convey a point about an important topic (violence). And it uses gameplay to deliver that point.

It does better what hotline miami 1 was trying to do. Discuss.
No. 55571
Well this game indeed felt like an indie garbage from technical side
No. 55572
Yeah, it was technically terrible.

But it did have that quality of being an audio-visual shitpost that is highly provocative and un-serious, but actually tries to convey a point.
Such an approach to design feels strangely modern, since "sincere irony" is such a huge part of the current internet zeitgeist.
No. 55576
My only technical criticism of P2 would be the fact that most weapons feel floaty, especially the shotgun.

The humour isn't necessarily my cup of tea most of the time, but on a gameplay level it's almost a masterpiece.
The way you, the police and the civilians interact in this open world is something I haven't seen since.

It's one of my all time favourites because of the controls, the kicking and the police-system the game has.
I've played it like ten times now having tried every difficulty except the ones where they outright try to murder you.
The map is also great.
No. 55579
It's super janky, but the jankiness doesn't really distract from the game.

What I like about it is that it does something pretty clever and ebin. It implements super violent and gory mechanics, but they are completely optional for beating the game. All the objectives in the game are mundane and non-violent. The violence happens as a choice from the player. It doesn't force you to be violent like most games, it merely ALLOWS you to be violent. And the controversy around the game was super funny because it was basically an act of trolling, where the people complaining didn't get the joke.

Also, the atmosphere of being in a small town american shithole full of degenerates was super immersive and powerful, imo.
No. 55580
38 kB, 720 × 487
4,5 MB, 640 × 360, 1:18
I kinda felt like it was more an unwitting commentary on what an infernal experience it is to be trying to get by in America, but everything else I pretty much agree with. Also wow how the hell we didn't have any vidya discussions in almost a month?

Well I mean to be fair quite a few of the older titles weren't actual shitposts like they are now. Like you look at the average bland walking simulator or pixelshit or AAA oversaturated trash or some kind of lazy ass shitty untextured blocky game and it's all such completely soulless trash meant exclusively for making money. Like if you actually look at all these older games you can tell that the developers were actually having fun with them by and large, with only a few cashgrab notable exceptions nobody gives a shit about like Quake 1 or a handful of other boomer shooters but otherwise these were games made by people truly doing something they enjoyed and not just waiting for another paycheck or rather ten thousand "units moving." Fallout 1 also immediately comes to mind, as does the earlier Blizzard games even, as well as much more obscure titles and some shock games like the first Postal.

See here's the thing there's a difference between an actual shitpost and a funpost i.e. doin it for the lulz. Newfags cannot understand this. When we made bad posts on say like /b/ back in 2006, it was because it was actually funny and we were blowing off steam. Compare for instance some of the phoneposting we had by yuros particularly after the music thread. Those weren't shitposts, rather they were very lulzy aka a funpost, done at Americans' expense. Now contrast that shit with cabbageposting.

The difference is it isn't funny, and it isn't original. There's nothing soulful or amusing about it. 4cancer in particular is next to nothing but shitposts this last decade. They basically take shit that was actually funny, and beat it into the dirt until it's wildly unfunny. Their wojak and pepe spam is one example. Basically, they're like reddit.

That is what shitposting is. It's another unfunny, unoriginal, soulless short comment made solely for the upboats. In terms of that difference you can even see it within the Postal game series itself, where you have games done for the lulz like Postal and Postal 2 and Weekend Apocalypse, and then just complete shitposts after.

I think that a big part of the problem is a lot of us have the tendency to use the same word shitpost for referring to two separate things. Like I guess this video for example. Some people might even be tempted to call that video a shitpost, but it's clearly lulzy af and done for the lulz. First image is stepping closer to the edge between lulz and shitpost.

In conclusion, I guess it depends how self serious you are in intent and how funny other people think it is? Perhaps Postal 2 really straddled that line on just being shitposts aka shovelware and being funny shockware.
No. 55583
From an industry standpoint it's a commentary on gaming and violence, especially because of how Postal 1 was an edgy "kill cops to progress" shooter.
But narratively Postal 2 is all about living in America in the late 90s and early 2000s.
You can't take America out of Postal.

It's all about being a frustrated retard who has to put up with other frustrated retards in an environment where anyone might have a pistol, a rifle or a rocket launcher. (At least on higher difficulties where everyone becomes an NRA member :D otherwise you can essentially abuse the civilians freely as long as the police officers don't see it. It's funny that with a police baton you can smack everyone in the face as you go down the road and there's zero consequences for it, unless you happen to find a civilian that has a pistol.)
No. 55588 Kontra
>It's funny that with a police baton you can smack everyone in the face as you go down the road and there's zero consequences for it
Inaccurate/10 you're absolutely going to eventually get the shit beaten out of you, get bricked, stabbed, and yes possibly also shot long before the police get there. In fact the main reason you may not actually get bricked/shot/stabbed/batted before the popo shows up is because we're all afraid of the popo. Of course, your best bet is not using the baton, because in a lot of areas it could be argued that's assault with a deadly weapon.

If someone came up and hit me for no reason I may not be inclined towards engaging in violence depending on circumstance because I don't want to deal with the felony assault charge. This all goes away immediately when they have something in their hand and I'm pretty much immediately going to be escalating to lethal violence the minute that baton hits me.

*edit should clarify in case it isn't obvious to foreigners, it's because you actually can kill a man hitting him in the head in the right spots with a truncheon or some weapon and you can say the one magic phrase in America "I was afraid for my life." It's chancey that you can still get criminal charges using physical violence when somebody starts punching you and you'll both catch charges, depending. However, all gloves are off if they have what can be considered a deadly weapon, which in most cases afaik means you can resort to extreme measures to defend your person.

Some states have varying stand your ground laws hence why the Kyle Rittenhouse case went that way. If you start shit you cannot engage in lethal violence in the state, however if you run it resets the situation legally. That is why he turned around to run after provoking those guys before turning back around to open fire because then he could claim self defense again. It varies heavily state by state. Not all states even have Castle Doctrine. Regardless, if a guy has any weapon in his hand, you'll have an easier time fighting it in court if they even try to bring charges. Alternatively, it varies by state using violence to defend another person.
No. 55592
Yeah I know it's inaccurate, but still pretty funny. Really, once you get to a more realistic difficulty where most people open carry in game starting a mass-shooting becomes more of a hassle than it is worth in game.
(And usually the AI starts a mass shooting by itself every few minutes even without player intervention anyway for some reason. You're walking down the street and you hear people shooting at each other and the police moving in. No idea what starts these conflicts but they happen for whatever reason, and it's not just background noise because I see the bodies walking down the street later.)
No. 55593
166 kB, 1440 × 810
At start I thought it would be a nice short light adventure game. And it is sort of. It is like Jorney, but better and actual game. But when I got to the ending and it told me what it was all about I cried a lot and now don't want to see it anymore. Be careful if you are a sensitive person.
No. 55596
Thank fuck! My PC is finally working and up and running yet again--but I dare not to plug my HOTAS in the unit, not at this time, not until my 850w comes in. Christ, you know I probably should have just let it ride out until then because EVGA told me it could be up to three weeks and I didn't want to wait that long ang figured on top of I could get it within days but also that whatever helped kill my power supply maybe I should just get the wattage I originally wanted to begin with because with all the shit plugged in and especially because of wanting to upgrade at some point figuring 750w would be insufficient...but then I just wind up getting my replacement RMA'd unit literally a day earlier than the one I paid an extra $130 for came.

Such cases. Fuck oh well. I didn't even need to buy it after all. But I tell myself, welp I'd never get to run a new GPU or CPU on it anyway and regardless am not sure my HOTAS didn't finally push it to the edge of burning out. But even still, that was literally money I didn't need to spend at all, for less hassle because I also found out they only ship the box, not any of the cables, meaning I didn't have to rip out the cabling either. Thus making the new one not just pointless and expensive, but also a hassle. But I guess on the plus side I should at least in theory manage to slot a 6800XT or 5900x in there with an 850w gold superflower which I'd never be able to do with 750wSuperFlower and Corsair's cabling fucking sucks though they don't even bother to sleeve their SATA and peripherals just the CPU/GPU/MOBO ones

Accurate out of claps harder

It's actually a real problem here too because in active shooter situations the cops don't know who "the bad guy" even is and it's not uncommon for either le good guy with a gun gets shot or for the cops to shoot each other in the crossfire. Or for the cops to shoot a kid while trying to shoot a dog as some poster elsewhere implied
> No idea what starts these conflicts
Freedoms probably. Or lack of freedoms. Something like that.
No. 55597
Nah, that wasn't a cop for a change. That was just a free (as in freedom) American shooting their kid instead of a puppy (not a full-grown dog even lmao).

No. 55598
Which German accent is this?
Because it's hilarious to my American English ears for some reason.
No. 55609 Kontra
It's the one that sounds like he's talking english.
No. 55617 Kontra
If you listen to both they kinda sound like a similar accent, and yes we amerilards who frequent /int/ can actually detect the sound of different German accents.

Actually after listening to that amusingly I'd guessed he was speaking in a Berliner accent, and it appears I could've been right. Also, why do the south German accents sound so incredibly hickish?

My hot takes as an American english speaker: Sachsish sounds like a businessman, Friesich sounds like some kind of country bumpkins speaking German, Voralbergisch sounds intensely hick or like uneducated farm bydlo, Schweizerdeusch sounds the same but at least literate, Letzerbergish sounds like I imagine idle chatter in a 1920s cafe sounded like discussing philosophy and politics, Franksich sounds like also like country bumpkin farmer hickspeak, Kolsch sounds like normal people, Bayrisch sounds like I dunno a businessman or a mayor speaking more middleclass to better, Plattdeusch sounds like I imagine the people I seen in Osti commieblock images to sound like as they sit in some shitty German-Detroit drinking plastic jugs of cheap beer at noon on a Wednesday, and Angelsachsich I don't even know what the fuck that is but it sounds absolutely disgusting. Oh and lastly, Berliner sounds like some meme, like I imagine a depressed nihilistic hipster to sound like emotionlessly playing synth drums in the 1980s while dreaming about weapon designs and feeling depressed and bad about it. Like idk it sounds exactly like these guys but Berlinerspeak conjures up this image to me in my mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQIYEPe6DWY or that guy from Wehrmacht or whatever sitting on a stoop with a building burning in the background, and his hipster grandson.
No. 55627 Kontra
I think you're imagining stuff, or reading too much into it. When I try to speak english and make an effort to keep my dialect's diction, I sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite not living anywhere near Bavaria or Austria.

That said, your hot takes are really amusing, since saxonian dialect is among THE most bydlo dialects the German language has. The only thing worse is that noise people in the southeast make. As for the others, it's interesting how your perception of german accents is almost diametrically opposed to how they are perceived by Germans.
Generally everyone likes their own dialect most, but in my personal opinion, the most bydlo ones are saxonian, berliner and anything south of Franconia.
Also, what they speak in Luxembourg is not german, but their own language, it only sounds similar to German to foreigners. Fun fact: I know a few people from Luxembourg, among which one speaks PERFECT german, like he could be a radio dj, since he also has a nice voice, while another one sounds like he's from the Netherlands.
No. 55628 Kontra
German trying to sound like a sophisticated Englishman
No. 55647
376 kB, 1024 × 768
Is there any other game like this one?

I know there is Jagged alliance, but I played it to death already and its turn based so it doesn't scratch the rts itch I'm having.

Men of War: Assault Squad is a close one, but the size of the battles are too big.

7.62 has smaller squads but everything is open to you, inventory management, loadouts weight, etc. everything matters.
No. 55649
Look up for its developer. 7.62 is only 1 game of 3 or 4. Also there was JA Back to Action (remake with realtime action).

Well, if you like logistics porn then mods for old XCOM are made just for you (Piratez and XCom Files are the most famous), or long war mods for new XCom-s.
No. 55653
22 kB, 474 × 319
119 kB, 1024 × 768
465 kB, 1680 × 945
480 kB, 1920 × 1080
Tactics. It's real time tactics. It's not a strategy game. It's not an RTS. It's RTTyou just stepped on one of my top three biggest pet peeves in gaming which is calling RTT games rtsto be fair part of the problem was Dawn of War 2 which had a crpg/RTT singleplayer campaign and a light RTS multiplayer with some emphasis on tactical elements than base building which is why a lot of younger people mix it upthat and a couple equally moronic devs trying to call their RTT/other game an RTS for probably the same reasons
>doesn't want turn based
Well that does actually through a hardcore number of squad based/singleplayer tactics games straight out the window however there are a few RTT games which are as good or better than the TBT ones.

>Fallout Tactics
This is literally the best tactics game I have ever played, which is a shame that I never got time to play it until multiplayer was dead. You can switch off turn based to partial TB to real time in that game which works by draining your actions points and refilling one at a time.

Critics mainly NoMutantsAllowed pointed to numerous issues making it "not a true Fallout game"(it wasn't, there's next to no dialogue or choices and missions are relatively linear on top of people not realizing the BoS were always complete shitters so the hardcore depiction of them was shocking to most playerslike me who wrongly interpreted that to mean they are the "good guys" of Fallout, which to be fair they often showed up as the least evil among evils). It has an AWESOME soundtrack, six man squad, it's realtime and isometric with all the different skills like setting/disarming traps, lockpick etc. Gameplay wise it's one of my top 20 for all time, I think. Just how good the actual combat and gameplay is especially set to that music is insane.

>Satellite Reign
This one is basically based on Bullfrog game Syndicate from the mid 90s and I reappy enjoyed it, except I took issue with the clones and clone degrade mechanic. It belongs more in a Paranoia game than cyberpunk, although I can see why it would be so hard if not impossible to play as a mind numbing chore grindfest to have permadeath for leveled up characters. I dunno. I guess it's ok since it works.

Satellite Reign is a 4 man squad stealth based RTT. I mean, I guess you could just go in guns blazing all the time, but it's super hard af that way especially earlier on. By the end you can basically just waste everyone though. Hotkeys can take some getting used to which is its main drawback for beginners but once you rebind and memorize them it's awesome especially when you master it. Some called it repetitive, I called it ebin.

This one I haven't tried yet so I can't say much about it but this reminds me I delisted it to boycott steam and never found it on GOG so I forgot about it. I dunno. I've heard some good things. Iirc it's a more roguelite interpretation of Fallout Tactics

>Wasteland 2
I know you said you didn't like turn based but seriously, just play it. It's awesome. The main slump is towards the end of the first act but the entire second act in particular was fucking amazing. Required gaming for Fallout fans and I do mean the real ones the first two plus sorta kinda FT.

Of course sadly Tactics was way in the past when the world was wrapped up in the War on terror or some shit and back before all these indie studios so it largely had never gotten any kind of remakes just like had befallen the famous Jagged Alliance games, and once Firaxis was the first to remake that old shit and did it with XCOM everyone else just tried to copy XCOM EU/2 success instead rather than go back and looking at what other epic games can be remade like Fallout Tactics. The closest anyone even tried in the last 20 years was Dustwind afaik, and that sorta did its own thing too.
No. 55706
Why do people keep hanging off Obsidian's nuts? I'm not even talking about the oversatured mess that was Outer worlds. I was just watching a review for PoE Deadfire and even that the guy had no experience with the first game and actually liked most gameplay but straight up said it was riddled with bugs, poorly optimized, and had terrible load times. It seems they never fixed the problems with the first game and added an even more boring story.

What studios are even good anymore?
No. 55772
1,7 MB, 1543 × 6892
203 kB, 1141 × 746
3,8 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:16
Over at /b/ we have started playing Doom via Zandronum. If anyone is interested, I will post here the relevant data when we're playing the next time. Feel free to join.
No. 55787
E3 is boring
No. 55788
Been so for the last decade, innit?
Basically ever since it stopped being a convention by game developers for game developers, then for the press, and finally and became a marketing show for general audiences.
No. 55789
Well it gets more boring every year
(Same as gaming industry)
But aren't e3 was always for press more or less? Like in late 90s it sort of was
No. 55793
136 kB, 1240 × 700
AFAIK it started as a place for developers to present demos to publishers in hopes of funding, before you could casually send a 500mb disk over internet.

Same kinda shit happened to comic conventions. Used to be a place for nerds to meet comic authors, now it's a place for Disney to advertise avengers movies
No. 55810
Speaking of disney, sea of thives sold to disney and now using "pirates of carribean" characters. What a cringe (as whole microsoft presentation)

https://youtu.be/ehq7cyEzmww thats looks a bit interesting, better than """"stalker"""" 2
No. 55816
Why is IGN so consistently fucking awful?
I can immediately tell that "game" is a worthless piece of fucking shit. Not only, but it's two hours long, and this complete fucking dipshit is gushing over it. That's clearly part of a whole generation of shovelware too, including Layers of Fear which was so terrible I literally laughed in its face at a couple points, while Lust for Darkness was also an awful clone that at least was amusing from a 40K perspective, and only that.

Meanwhile they totally trashed this one which while clearly subpar as a whole looks miles better than everything listed above.

I got to the point a few years ago where literally the opposite of whatever IGN says is what I assume to be true. But what fucking astonishes me is their consistency in being awful reviewers.

Is IGN literally just paid off and bribed? Because that's all the pattern I can make of it. I'll see them gush over games I know to be absolute garbage, while they completely trash games I know are good. They seem to also more consistently shit on Eastern European games while trash Western indie crap and triple A garbage gets better reviews. All I can figure is these companies are directly paying off those so called "journalists" while Easterns naively expect an honest review.

That's why I don't give two fucks what IGN says and usually never bother with it but on a lark decided to see what bad things they had to say about Paradise Lost, and surely enough they shat all over it. What gives? I'm not saying it looks like a good game, but it looks so much better than the absolute burning trash heaps most "walking simulator" garbage is rammed through onto Steam.

Whatever. I'm going back to listening to actual reviewers not worthless paid off corporates.
No. 55829 Kontra
It was 4chongs tier and it was on the Ernstchan.

That said, what do you expect? It's been long known, also online games journalists are the lowest form of the already lowly journalist caste.
The main problem here is that they aren't able - or willing - to separate their politics (because americans have to infuse their politics into everything) from the games, so when an evil russian developer who is probably buddies with Putin and hates faggots makes a game of course it's getting shunned.
And if a western developer makes a walking simulator where all you do is collecting pride flags it gets lauded.
Easy as that.

That said, I found the site "Christian Centered Gamer" to be a really good review site, because they explicitly separate the game's score from their own christian "morality" score. They work solely on donations, so don't expect them to get press kits and all the newest games, but it's funny to read the articles, since at first they talk about the game, say Witcher or God of War or Doom and really objectively review it, just to demolish it then in the morality section because they use the Lord's name in vain and you have sexuality and violence, so it's well possible that a game can have a 90% game score with a 1% morality score. But if you don't care about that stuff you just ignore it and have a nice review.
Please note that I think Christianity is a cancer on humanity (not as much as certain other religions, but still), but I commend their willingness to judge a game indeed by its contents and not its politics.
No. 55840 Kontra
Anything good from E3 already? I'm really interested in the games but the show itself is just too cringey to watch. Makes me ashamed of my hobby.
No. 55848 Kontra
411 kB, 900 × 600
There was nothing in that post that was 4dongs tier except if you really stretch it maybe the implication of journos being paid off, then you go full on into a 4dicks tier rant about pride flags and Christianity blah blah. Other than offering an interesting review channel waht a shitpost I hope you were drunk.
No. 55851
95% looked like the same boring crap
Sea of Thieves sold to Disney and now doing cringy Pirates of Caribbean crossover
Contraband looks interesting but they did not show anything
https://youtu.be/ehq7cyEzmww this looks promising, better than STALKER 2 which is just a modern Unreal engine AAA game for westernies that try blindly to copy some "do you remember?" moments from the original.
Todd Howard looks quite old now. Same as his Starfield cinematic which has not shown anything.
No. 55852
>then you go full on into a 4dicks tier rant about pride flags and Christianity blah blah.
Yeah, a throwaway line about pride flags is a full on rant, sure. Unlike your non-full on rant about IGN and the fact that you are presenting something everyone and their grandma have known for years now as some kind of insightful revelation.
This is a video game thread, so talk about fucking video games, not about the cancer surrounding them.

Currently the game Titan Souls is free on Steam. It's an isometric Zelda-style boss rush game. I tried it out and it seems fun for a few minutes. I am not usually into indie pixelshit, but since this is published by Devolver, I gave it a try. Hotline Miami is one of my absolute favorite games.
No. 55868
667 kB, 1366 × 768
Got a game called Hellpoint on GOG for free, so figured I'd try it. It's a Souls clone in a kind of Event Horizon/Hellraiser vibe kind of space station. Supposedly has a cycle it goes through that warps various parts of the game in real time. Fairly neat high concept, but I dunno. It feels like a B-grade Souls 1 which it is, but where Souls is weighty and deliberate with its combat pacing, Hellpoint just feels clunky, without the refinement.

It's fine. Feels like the kind of game you'd find on the bottom shelf of a game shop. Not bad but not the real deal. First impression is 3.5/5 for me.
No. 55888
I discover this game and looks really good
I actually complete forgot about hearing it after announcement but before early access. It's amazing how many shitty games there are out there which do something asinine like bartender simulator, pizza delivery simulator, or even worse. I wish this game was on GOG instead
For some reason that phrasing "tough life" makes me immediately think it is Slavs, probably Russians. I don't think I've ever heard English speakers using the word tough the way they do.

Other news, The 7th Circle is an awesome game. If you've got an extremely shitty dual core laptop you should be able to play that. I already died because I didn't realize you need to learn spells and that the retreat function wasn't letting me exit battle.
No. 55889 Kontra
You went into some full on 4kanker political tangent that has nothing to do with anything. Other post is at least talking about vidya reviews. Are you such a cabbage tier retard you don't see the difference and can't help yourself?
No. 55904 Kontra
I like the irony in you accusing me of a 4kanker tier rant.
No. 55908
132 kB, 1280 × 720
2,2 MB, 2338 × 1195
226 kB, 1536 × 864
85 kB, 1024 × 640
I can already tell how much freaking fun I am going to have with this game. Just within the first like ten minutes I began to adore it, from the Fallout-esque character creation screen to the somewhere between Wasteland, Insomnia the Ark, and idk Bioshock or something tier setting. It's pretty much some fanatical cult of space Christians began a generation ship and you are born centuries out into deep space during the aftermath of that and the collapse of ship society into warring different factions.

I personally named my first save something along the lines of "Al-Bydori, Christian space commie Jihadist" which is what I fully intend to play it as, with high INT/CHA and long arms handling of course. I want to play a smooth talking Christian space imam, converting all to my glorious cause of settling the space Ummah upon Proxima Centuari's fertile soil. We shall convert them to loyal comrades of The State's official religion, fanatical space Christendom, be it by pen or by the sword shall we deal with these infidels especially the fat corrupt status quo sitting like godless sheiks and those Freemason Illuminatists the Brotherhood of Liberty who space Allah surely closed their hearts to the truth and incited rebellion within them

holy fuck am I going to have much fun with this game
No. 55914
351 kB, 741 × 960
174 kB, 599 × 450
>get a super powerful expensive gaming and multimedia machine
>upgrade everything, can play everything, not even affected by the shortages
>spend an hour and a half playing a game that needs DOS emulator
Such cases. I don't have one but I wonder how many people got a scalped Ampere or RDNA2 card only to spend most of their time watching youtube and playing Rimworld or some boomer shooter. Are super powerful graphics cards even necessary? I'm just floored by what graphical quality of games can still in theory run on an HD 7000 series 1gb graphics card.
No. 55915
I know that feel.
I actually built a new machine in 2019 for playing Resident Evil Remake. Don't get me wrong, it's really good, but I think the only newer game I have played since then was Desperados 3, and that one really didn't need as beefy a graphics card as RE.
No. 55917
>incorect aspect ratio
Poorly configurated dos emulator
>more powerful videocards
My i7-8700 and GPU top thing which they can emulate in 100% in 86box is Pentium OverDrive MMX 166 and VooDoo Banshee. It is of course not enough to emulate something which may count as 99-00s gaming PC. And a number of stuff from this era works like crap on modern hardware and glide/directx wrappers don't help.
No. 55944
1,3 MB, 1047 × 656
And now I buy Amid Evil. Which leaves only Ion though really idk when I'll have time for all these things.

I did actually get a much more graphically intensive gaming taking full advantage of my hardware I played briefly lastnight, and in spite my hesitations really rubbed me the right way. I think I'll enjoy Paradise Lost. Just within the first minutes you can tell it's not just another piece of shit "game" walking simulator like Layers of Fear with the same stock assets. Once again IGN is retarded pieces of shit who don't know what they're talking about.

Clearly it is not mine I'm on 1440p and just grabbed some screenshot. Also my GUI looks like this.
>It is of course not enough to emulate something which may count as 99-00s gaming PC. And a number of stuff from this era works like crap on modern hardware and glide/directx wrappers don't help.
It's true and part of why I hope to be wealthier someday and just hoard a bunch of legacy hardware, but then the problem also becomes finding the original software itself. Sadly despite all the promises and assumptions about the digital era information has increased exponentially, but knowledge has become fleeting with the lifespan of a mayfly and what little even remains is as specious as trying to reconstruct something archeologically.
No. 55992
Unreliable and requre knowledge to maintain. Old stuff will break and die at one point. Sometimes this point is right after power up.
Drivers can be googled easely enough for the most stuff. Games? There a number of places where you can find original cd images and official patches the way they came out originally.
No. 55993
Not the more obscure stuff and not every site. Just think about how much stuff is gone permanently since the 90s. Your very own post just outlined exactly the sort of problems we can have even when you do still have the information somehow, in that either the original code/site is hard to find as it was, the hardware is, or both.
No. 55994
I don't know games I really "can not find". Probably some tape 8bit micros games from early 80s or stuff like that.
No. 55995
So in other words what you're saying to me is, you think every game is available in the original source code and perfectly playable on readily obtainable hardware?

Because also like I said in addition to gaming I'm not just talking about that but also information generally, which a great deal of old news articles I remember are either permanently 404d or literally impossible to find this is partly a problem with search engines; I've routinely been unable to find extremely popular old memes which do not exist anymore online in a quick bing search and I am also talking about looking forwards. You should also bear it in mind how much everything has degenerated into getting sold "as-a-service" and how much gaming is literally tied to supposedly always online servers, which likewise means every last one of those games is going to get knocked offline eventually.

Come the 2050 finding old 90s games is pretty much going to be like finding an ancient baseball card and good luck trying to get it to run on anything. Most things are simply going to be forgotten. The constant editing and remote access makes it so much worse too meaning people will simply have their shit modified without their permission and no hard copies can be found--indeed I am already having that exact problem with Steam. It will someday become the case like if the Stasi could remote access every copy of every film and modify it on a whim.

We need hard copies and older hardware. Anything else might as well just be thought of as ephemeral and easily lost. This is all the more true now that even every album and film and book is just getting not only digital copies but streaming. I look at all of these zoomers and if they even have PC it'll be like one 500mb SSD boot drive and like a hard drive or extra SSD and they'll just uninstall all their games. I literally just wasted money and ordered yet anothermy final hopefully SSD which should round out my ability to keep each one of muh 400+ games installed plus spare room for video editing plus all of the additional space needed for my like 20gb worth old songs, however much shows, pdfs and so onwhich I'm pretty sure I got some through you forget which and even at that I'm annoyed at my own tendency to not just copy music videos like I used to. As a result of that I have already lost access to a whole bunch of songs already. Hell I couldn't even find Jenin al-Nour anymore and I exclusively had it just because I had copied it through some keepvid.com type site as an .flv file.
No. 56005
>So in other words what you're saying to me is, you think every game is available in the original source code and perfectly playable on readily obtainable hardware?

What? Original source code available for a very little amount of games, which are leaked or devs posted it themselves. The most known examples are "id software" games, Games from wolf3d to idtech4 were open-sourced. Later go stuff like Warzone 2100, famously being free and open-source, and some other stuff, but it was always a rarity and still is. Not to say that "leaked" code often "dirty" and can not be used in fan projects because of potential lawyer infringement, like leaks from Microsoft and Nintendo stuff.
The absolute majority of open-source engine replacement projects by fans do not base themselves on original sources, since it is impossible. Not to say that they often lost. Modern reverse engineering and executable disassembly technics allow to reverse engineer code and its logic. Instruments like "Ghidra" do help a lot in such jobs. It just requires patience and people interested in the project. Some projects go as fast as for a year, others take decades, especially if devs want to add extended features and maintain their project. Not to mention that sometimes original code might be something like a 30yo x86 assembler.

99.99999% of video games past mid-80s ever released can be found on the internet the way they were released, like original floppy, cartridge ROMs, and CD images. And an absolute majority of them are at least playable on modern hardware and modern systems. At first, you have emulators of everything available for windows/Linux/android/Pi. Almost everything. I think the only thing I can think about which has no emulator yet is some BREW thing, but who needs that beyond me for one particular version of Doom RPG
PCs from the original IBM PC to Pentium IIs up until VooDoo3 accelerators, and I don't even talk about DOSBox and its forks, all 8 and 16-bit micros I can think of - Commodore computers, Amigas, classic Apple II, and Macintoshes, like all consoles, ever existed, even fucking J2ME cellphones and Nokia SymbianOS - all has emulators and the absolute majority of them at least decent. Things for mainstream systems with a lot of games figured out a long time ago.

And I not even began with it, since in addition to software emulation we nowadays have FPGA systems and advantages of "hardware" way of emulation. People make themselves MISTer and emulate everything on hardware level.

The majority of Windows games, even 9.x, still can be run natively on modern systems or with fan patches, or with universal Glide/DirectX wrappers. The most problems I talk about games which I'd loved if we had more new hardware emulators, like the ability to emulate PentiumIII with dunno, some time-appropriate Nvidia card is for example when "on some idTech3 engine games you need to tweak console to fix brightness and volumetric shadows don't work 100% as they should and it is a bit annoying". Examples of games that can not be run natively, wrappers don't help and emulation not exists is really kind of rare, I can't think right now of any. Most times it is just annoyance - with the game engine itself to begin with or its support.

>also information generally, which a great deal of old news articles
The computer gaming world archive is available. For most of the internet "Wayback" machines works.

>Come the 2050 finding old 90s games is pretty much going to be like finding an ancient baseball card and good luck trying to get it to run on anything.
I don't think so. We are already in the 2020s and it is even more available than the ability to find games back in the 90s themselves.
>We need hard copies and older hardware.
Why? You know that CDs and floppies die over time, old hardware just rot, and you don't need it except for the sake of curiosity and general interest, it is not something super necessary or irreplaceable. All you need most times is documentation and firmware with open-sourced drivers or something. Which a lot of stuff has or figured out already.

>streaming games
Yea, games where part of them are on some company servers are shit, but who gives a shit about them.
No. 56025
255 kB, 1283 × 962
378 kB, 1286 × 939
I finished a playtrough of Fallout 1.
Decided to install the fixt patch. It felt like it broke more things than it fixed sometimes. (Like a caravan run bugged out multiple times or raiders spawned in mountain walls and stuff like this.) It's nowhere near as good as the Restoration Patch for 2.
(I'd have expected the "tell the retarded NPCs to move" function to be integrated from 2, but no, so I got stuck multiple times because during my assault on the military base the paladins would stand in front of a door as we stepped out of the lift, so I had to go back up and walk through force fields until he died. One decided to stay outside Doomguy style and not do anything.)
Generally speaking the recruited followers were a pain in the ass. They'd constantly align with me in a straight line and then proceed to unload an entire magazine into my back or would use weaker weapons.

Don't know if I've just gotten older again or something like that, but this time I managed to make a character that was reasonable. If I had to change anything about it I'd have tagged stealing instead of lockpick, but both were very useful. (Subtract one CHAR and one END)
The endgame was so beautiful with that hardened power armor and gatling laser tearing through super mutants in one shot.

I was also very good with money management. So much so that I was able to amass 40k caps and I was unable to sell anything to merchants by the end of the game. It's really weird after playing Fallout NV, where you're constantly trying to pick up every single gun worth 1k caps or more because you can run out of money if you buy implants or decided to buy a gun instead of hoping you come across one that's good. Some of the GRA guns are so expensive I wouldn't have bought them even after hauling home three gold bars, but here, you have to learn to let go of picking up every shitty pistol, even if they're worth 250 caps.
I love these little mechanical things.

I also liked how the different communities treat the world differently. Up north a deatchlaw is like bigfoot or a chupacabra, but down south everyone knows what the fuck it is.
Everything feels very isolated and limited, adding to the mood of "yes we're 80 years after a fucking nuclear holocaust".
Decided to not use the wiki all that much during the playtrough, unless I was completely stumped. Thankfully I only had to use it like 1-2 times and those were for non-essential quests, so my point-and-click-CRPG experience remained relatively intact.

Still have no fucking idea how stealing from merchants work. I was able to troll the shit out of Killian in Junktown by reselling a statue I found and then re-buying it, but no other merchant gave me the option.

Very good game, looking forward to replaying it again next year.
No. 56156
Farming simulator 22 cinematic trailer
No. 56189
I just realized World of tanks and Warthunder aren't the same video game.
No. 56206
Sonic is 30yo now
No. 56208
I really do not get why so many people play WoT or see the appeal to it. At least with a game such as Crossout you get to manually construct things yourself like Legos, or with World of Warships getting to play with battleships, or with Star Conflict getting to have the cool pewpew spaceship game if you're going to grind a free to play with lootcrate and micro bullshit. But just tanks? I mean eh. I just don't see the appeal in it. I know Ireland is into it, so I guess unless you just want to sit there relaxing while listening to guys talk about lumber after workenings.
No. 56239
209 kB, 2364 × 1330
It's not precisely a game, despite it reminds me of Pokemon Go. But in this app you point camera on plant or animal, and AI determines what specific type is this and adds it to your database (size of which serves as good boy's points). Even if you are not nerd interested in botany and zoology, you'll become one and start to read Wikipedia articles about the bug you killed (after taking picture of) in kitchen.
No. 56257
3,5 MB, 3840 × 2160
4,6 MB, 3840 × 2160
853 kB, 3840 × 2160
Worrisome news that Ultima Underworld 1-2 and Syndicate are removed from GoG by "publisher's demand". EA owns rights to this, so this is sort of scary. Nobody knows for sure why for now, if just rights to sell expired, or EA will try to "remake" these games or move all EA games into Origin, but I know for sure that Origin is not the place for those games (how ironic, knowing from where EA "borrowed" name "Origin")

Also, finally get to beat Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1, on Gamecube. Well, nice but a bit dry diablo clone because of console limitations, a bit limited in some places there and there. But sort of short (~7 hours) and more than enjoyable to play, well, maybe the last act was kind of tideous. For 2001 release date game for sure demonstrated the power of new generation of consoles, using a lot of effects, cool physics, and character animations, etc. which will be industry-standard only after ~2004, really ahead of its time. Ends on a cliffhanger, the second game was developed by internal Interplay's Black Isle studio instead of Snowblind studio, which made the original game.
No. 56260
671 kB, 220 × 260, 0:04
I truly fucking hate EA with a despising passion but there is no reason for us to go over such points on which we all agree.

Fuck do I hate EA. It's all just sports shit like the cocksucking fat cunts of a CEO and board members resent having to actually make or sell videogames. Jesus I hate them so bad. Who gives a fuck is almost my reaction, like it's an EA game fuck are you doing not pirating it to begin with. Spore, just look at poor Spore. Also that guy on the design team who wanted "mass appeal" googly eye shit should be dragged through the streets and shot.

Anyway the interesting thing is EA had actually involved themselves in such a game, and it was total shite. You not remember their FPS game "Syndicate"? So yeah. I am sure they will just fuck it all up and like everything else under our system IP rights and naming is completely irrelevant because we finally did get a Fallout 3 and it was titled Wasteland 2. Similarly, we actually did get a new Syndicate game and it was called Satellite Reign and it was actually pretty good.

The strange thing to me though is why they refuse to publish Alpha Protocol anywhere. That has become one of those rare baseball card tier games where even if you have to pirate it is fucking impossible to find good reliable torrents anymore, much like you have to pirate the real Prey game from 2006 which was awesome and basically directly inspired Dead Space mechanics but never gets such credit.

Aw fuck now I'm thinking what these bastards did to Dead Space with DS3 and I'm only getting mad again
....and Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines...homy fucking shit there is nothing good going on inside our gaming industry anymore literally everything not ruined is coming out of Poland and occasionally places like Germany, France. You will notice I did not say Sweden, because fuck Sweden and fuck Swedes when it comes to gaming. Except for D:OS2 makers. They're awesome.
No. 56277
Well, we got fallout 3 and it's called... Fallout 3. All Interplay/inExile did after Fallout 1 is cash grab garbage which gets worse with every game, from meh F2, to mediocre tactics, to crappy BoS with an illegally used engine. And then god we not got VanBuren, tho Obsidian, other cancer company, crapped unused stuff from all this old Interplay's drafts and made New Vegas which looks good only because Fallout 3 get Todd Howard in the process and not used its potential and after that series get into same tier cash grab Interplay did but now it is Bethesda. So eh, live in a universe where Fallout Extreme or BoS2 exists, or where Fallout 4 and 76 and shelter exist? What a difference, really.

Btw, Shadowrun trilogy is free on GoG https://www.gog.com/game/shadowrun_trilogy
Also, sonic mania and some other racing games are free on EGS
No. 56280
Alleged "Fallout" 3 was basically just Morrowind with radscorpions and machine guns. It wasn't even a Fallout game and particularly at the time that came out gaming was. Such. SHIT. That even a broken fucking mess of a modded Oblivion with laser rifle game and pass/fail checks like New Vegas would get "10/10! Whoa man 10 out of ten!" Gaming industry is and was such unspeakable trash that time. FNV itself only just barely tried to make some vaguely Fallout thing and even then, Caesar's Legion I mean what the fuck was that? It doesn't even make any sense at all in post apocalyptic America.

As to rest yes, F2 got silly with pop culture references, and whole depiction of tribalism often was very cringey. Perhaps that is Fargo problem or other around him I don't know, because Wasteland had same problem with Railway Indians or whatever which was among the least good parts of the game. But as to all else, WL2 and F2 + F1=literally same feel to the game. FNV did not feel or play remotely like a Fallout game.

As to Tactics itself it wasn't actually a bad game. Main problem was mechanics and storytelling was completely stripped out and altogether a jarring experience hence why NMA called it not real Fallout game, and why I just barely consider it one because no open world, linear, nearly no dialogue, weird depiction of things, BoS becomes obvious bad guys, very different much darker style. All that being said F:T stands on its own as perhaps the best RTT/turn based tactics game which I have ever played in my life. Its gameplay mechanics were awesome and well done, far better than XCOM2 even, which was all around amazing and dark, gritty, brutal experience as wasteland should be. It had not same pop culture reference charm or at times "charms" of the real games, but still was fantastic. I think anyone who'd shit on that needs to actually play through it otherwise their opinions is totally irrelevant why the fuck I am slipping into runglish talking to you

But yes anyways, I will never see Bethesda as Fallout games. They did their own thing just with Fallout-ish theme. It would be like if Interplay made some game set in Tamriel or wherever, changed guns to ranged bow/arrow rolls, would you call it real Oblivion game? Of course not. Because not a fucking person involved in Elder Scrolls made it then. Nobody made it true to the games. They make some isometric game with pop culture joke, then would you say "oh look it is new Morrowind game"? No why would you. It would be Interplay making same isometric crpg set in some Elder Scrolls theme.

But yes also anyway I see that and now because so many fucking launchers I picked up multiple free games and different install copies I already bought like Frostpunk on GOGI wish I never paid for it on Steam and also Control on Epic or somewhere free, plus a few free games I get with my new hardware like CPU. Am honestly not likely to play Asscreed Valhalla or Godfall anytime soon though besides benchmarks. Also I have SR trilogy on Steam already sadly but is free, so, why shouldn't I pick up GOG copy? I bought so much ridiculous shit this summer off GOG I think I probably spent something incredible like four or five hundred dollars there this month. Threw few dollars at Steam, may or may not get Slavic/Scandi/other Eurotruck 2 DLC on steam.

As to anyone not played it yet, lots hated Returns but I liked it, lots loved Dragonfall but I thought it was ridiculous and shit. It should be noted the sole example I ever found of actual SJW shit pushed in games was that studio. HBS is that one indie studio where for once screeching right wing SJWs from pol are correct, and is worst in Dragonfall.

Amusingly, it's barely there in third one, which Shadowrun Hong Kong became a favorite and I think was excellent game. They finally turned down all that godawful bloom, turned down the noise level on bright colored cartoony shit, your choices matter by the end for once in SR, and the storytelling and writing is excellent. I don't know what happened but it felt like the first two was HBS first two test pancakes and they got the third one right. I really wish the rest was as well done as Hong Kong. The writing became so good. Just dialogue with Auntie alone was like a real person. It was just great. Seconding Russias recommendation to get GOG account and download for free.

When I have free time I'll probably start posting more again, and go over some of the hundreds of burgers worth new game I just got. Probably try to play Paradise Lost tonight or tomorrow.
No. 56281 Kontra
Before you start arguing I should clarify, I don't mean it's a bad game itself, just that everything else right around and right before that time it was published was so fucking terrible and consolized even mediocre games would look amazing. I don't agree with all mac says frankly 80s was fucking awful I have no idea where people like him get dipshit ideas from 1980s was time of JustSayNo and Satanic panic, literally Dungeons and Dragons had to change names of fucking demons and angels that era because fucking fundies wanted to ban it for being witchcraft, 1980s was so fucking AWFUL these idiot fucking kids I swear to God not even mentioning how atrocious the whole pop culture was reeeee but one thing I do agree on is that particular era was awful for gaming about 2008 to maybe 2015. So in comparison to the absolute trash that existed then, it only looked like one of the best games ever, because it literally was one of the best games made during that time which is when most games were shit. Had FNV come out in a different era for gaming it would have been utterly savaged just like Cyberpunk did and vice versa; had Cyberpunk 2077 been released back in like 2013 people would still be convinced it was one of the best games ever made.
No. 56285
Turns out Russians have made two game-sized mods for the first two Fallouts, Fallout:Nevada and Fallout:Sonora.
Neveda is the older, so I'm trying out that one. So far it feels like a proper fallout game, even if it's a bit janky. (Like the New Reno city layout is absolutely atrocious.)
The translationwork is also pretty good, I didn't notice anything that'd point to the fact that this was translated from the Russian.

Okay it makes no sense lore-wise because it was made pre-New Vegas, but it's still pretty cool to be able to traverse the area between Reno and Salt Lake City roughly just 10-30 years after the war. (Which also means that everything feels pretty desolate. I can't seem to be able to find any shops, but not like it matters because I don't have any money. Basically I'm just running around with the 40 bullets they gave me for the 9mm pistol at the start of the game and that's it.

2bh the more I think about raiders in the early Fallout timeline the less sense it makes. You have very limited communities, that either practice sustenance agriculture or are more urban and centred around trade, like the Hub, but even then, that has farms around it too if you look at the quests.
You as a raider don't do any of these, you KILL the people who produce the food. But because you have a very limited number of communities producing foodstuffs you will probably run out of communities you can terrorise, and then you're fucked, because not only are you going to starve, but you just actually eliminated a good portion of the human race that can actually feed itself and could have built civilisation.
Raiding makes sense once there are a lot of towns around and the existence of the species isn't at stake, but before that it feels like they're just making everything worse by being the kind of people who aren't civilised, but haven't regressed to nomadic tribalism either, so they neither know how to produce food or tools, but they can't live off the land either.
Completely useless retards that do nothing but ruin shit for everyone else.

Banditry only makes sense if there's enough communities to sustainably raid and enough travellers to terrorise. A post-apoc world has neither I think.
No. 56292
>Alleged "Fallout" 3 was basically just Morrowind with radscorpions and machine guns.
No. 56299
I just realized Elsweyr, the khajit region in the elder scrolls is just named after "elsewhere". Probably implying it's very foreign or remote.

>I really do not get why so many people play WoT
Light tanks go "vrooom", artillery goes "boommmm!" et cetera.
No. 56301
I heard boomers like WoT because it doesn't require a lot of concentration and good reaction.
No. 56303
It's free, and it looks kinda good while still running on a toaster. It's definitely a game for the older generation of people who might not necessarily be into gaming as a whole.

I have no problems with the idea that it's the oblivion engine but with guns and milelurks instead of crabs.
We talked about this a hundred times but Fallout 3 was shit because the writing was atrocious and the gameplay was boring, with you shooting at what are basically oversized orcs with slow, non-automatic guns, and because every single orc carries a hunting rifle that's the only thing you have ammo for and parts to repair, so most of the time you're stuck using the most boring bolt-action rifle ever. The only weapon I ever remember being useful (as in, it's not a gimmick or something you have to spend an inordinate amount of time to keep working) is the combat shotgun that was just overpowered.

Generally speaking, I don't think an RPG should have a "workhorse" weapon like an id shooter from the 90s. Even the original Fallout with its limited arsenal understood this and you constantly felt like you were getting better gear until the very last parts of the game, but in 3 I don't remember ever having to use better weapons or armour to progress through the setpieces of the main quest.

(This is also why I think NV is better. It has more guns, and you never felt like you were pressed to use a single one. You don't want to use the Anti-Materiel Rifle? No problem, there's a dozen other guns that will get the job done against any of the enemies you might come across.)

I know lorefagging is cringe and retarded but Fallout 3 would have been better if Bethesda didn't give a shit about the "canon" (Bethesda caring about the canon is like a serial rapist caring about a victim he had in his basement for the better part of a decade) and just said "fuck it" and announced it as a fucking reboot, set it 10-20 years after the war and it would have all made more sense, without all the shitty writing compromises about the BoS being here, super mutants and the Enclave moving across the entire US to serve an AI they didn't know was an AI.
You have some quests (like the wasteland survival guide one, where you have to find food at a supermarket for example) that points towards the fact that this was the case at one point in development, but they chickened out for some reason. Like, fuck, it's been 200 years. The supermarket is GONE. It's been scrapped clean. Every single piece of trash is probably part of some raiding schmuck's armour, why aren't we talking about agriculture and constructing settlement defences instead of a shitty prepper-guide?

Yes, New Vegas wasn't a "fallout" in the sense that it was more of an ARPG with heavy CRPG elements instead of a proper CRPG like the first two games, but for a 16 month long development period, Obsidian still made a really fucking good game, fallout or not. I don't mind the bugs or the cut Legion content, because it was still a phenomenal video game.
No. 56308
I've been playing Spelunky 2 for several months at this point nearly daily, and it's the most fun I've ever had playing a platformer. Actually rarely play games beyond 10 hours, and this I've clocked over 1000 into. Beyond the roguelike map generation though, I can't exactly put my finger on it.

I think part of it is that the actual platforming mechanics are extremely responsive in a visceral way compared to other platformers I've played. Sonic is too imprecise, celeste is very fixed in its movement, cave story is too floaty, and most mario titles are somewhere in between. I'd say super meat boy is probably the most similarly fulfilling, but I haven't actually tried that many platformers and should try more to get a better feel.

Don't really have much else to say besides I give it a 9/10 if one doesn't include the lack of much story, which IMHO isn't needed. Still need to try the OG game.
No. 56313 Kontra
In the lore elseweyr has inherited its name from a khajit proverb about elsewhere.
No. 56318
299 kB, 1278 × 700
Well, Elsweyer and Vallenwood were the last provinces in development for the arena. A lot of names in Elder scrolls are from tes arena, and this game was generic as fuck, a lot of names were randomly generated even. Redguard and Morrowind tried to change and retcon it, but after that series get back to its generic appearance.
No. 56319
27 kB, 474 × 266
One of the main things I have against fantasy Tolkien-esque things I never gave a shit about Tolkien is the fact that it's almost all this really cringey barely concealed romanticism for the European middle ages. Like just look at that. They barely even made any effort at concealing the European continent. Pillars of Eternity reads like some utterly dry, autistic, boring, tedious af slashfic about 13th century Wales or some shit. I've encountered very few things which make any effort at all to be different than that which uses dwarves and elves and crap like that, but then again, as I also said previously I grew up innawoods so it especially doesn't jive with me. All it makes me think of is poverty and filth and retardation. Hitler was basically right about that and guys like Himmler. They're cringey retards larping about our collective embarrassment when they should be embracing our bright glorious dystopian future of space travel or cyberpunk or some shit, something where even when it's awful at least it's something we can be proud about.
>yurop wasn't a just a depressing disease ravaged poor shithole ruled by tyrants 500 years ago, look wizards!
Yeah ok whatever.
No. 56359 Kontra
>Hitler was basically right about that and guys like Himmler
This post gave me diabetes
No. 56360
He is even unrelated to previous post in any way actually.
No. 56361
Tbh, I think Oblivion being 'generic' kind of worked for me. I don't think they paid off on their setups but you could see lots of small details because they weren't obscured behind weird lore. For example, I really liked the cultural divide of Nibenean and Colovian Imperials as a concept. The fertile lowlands having a more knightly order, with the more rough upland Colovians acting as a counterbalance to that.

This wasn't really explored meaningfully, and it's not the only thing. I reckon that's the tragedy of Oblivion, more than it not being weird for its own sake.
No. 56363
285 kB, 640 × 363
But like colovia and nibeny in tes4 are like not very different. Well, I don't think that original cyrodiil, being a Byzantine empire formed on china in south american jungles and spain-portugal with balcanian vibes in northen africa plus some stuff like swamp tribes, sane minotaur socities, telepatic curia, river dragons etc. is THAT wierd. It is not really that crazy to call it something beyound understanding of averege person. TES4 is sort of... most flat? Like this is the most default fantasy template. In world where there already existed region (western high rock) which is sort of played that role already?
Oblivion is like your "insert stereotypical fantasy game" meme. (And it actually did become that https://youtu.be/SY3y6zNTiLs )
However people liked that, it found its audience and was a commertial success so eeh, good for them, I guess. I think there are not much games like modern tes and general audience wants at least something.

Cancelled TES Travels Oblivion was set in High Rock and in my opinion oblivion style fit it much better.
No. 56364
Sometimes, you just want a straightforward, naive fantasy, with none of that weird spiritual shit, or dark edginess. It soothes the soul.

t. oblivion defense squad
No. 56365
91 kB, 800 × 600
Sometimes I want series of movies or games to be at least at some point consistent with each other and don't retcon everything every game. I'm not against "generic" fantasy as a concept.
No. 56366
That was my point. They made the setup, laid down hints here and there and then didn't pay it off. I'm saying that the setup was more interesting to me because it was a specific twist on the presented formula. It made the place feel a little bit more real.

>Well, I don't think that original cyrodiil, being a Byzantine empire formed on china in south american jungles and spain-portugal with balcanian vibes in northen africa plus some stuff like swamp tribes, sane minotaur socities, telepatic curia, river dragons etc.

It's not hard to understand, it's just too much stuff going on. Like it's trying to be 'unique' for its own sake, rather than actually trying to make something cohesive. I'd much rather something flat and generic which carries a specific vibe rather than something unique that forgets to have an identity outside of being a collection of stuff seemingly picked from a hat.

Was Oblivion the way I'd personally translate the old lore into something usable? No. I'd have the Imperial City be a lot more cosmopolitan, with foreign quarters that have specific adaptations of the surrounding architecture to provincial cultures, and then set this big city into a region divided into the Highlands and the Lowlands, who have their rivalries and drive home a specific theme of culture clashes in the heartland of a massive empire. The fantastic stuff like river dragons would be very rare and made to feel special, not just a thing that exists. The key thing would be to ground the setting in gameable information. You overplay your hand and you lose that feeling of the foreign and fantastic into the noise.
No. 56368
Well, the question is, consistent with which game?
Aesthetically, I'd say Oblivion is pretty consistent with arena and daggerfall.

Morrowind is the anomaly if anything.
No. 56369
>with none of that weird spiritual shit
What do you mean? Like, not having a pantheon or something?
No. 56371
6,6 MB, 1920 × 1200
4,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
5,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
681 kB, 1003 × 714
Morrowing is consistent with redguard and partially with battlespire. This is only consistent somewhat games in the series. Arena and Daggerfall inconsistent with each other, same as oblivion with them really. Oblivion do not get back to arena or daggerfall lore or style, it using morrowind lore but changed cyrodiil.
I don't think oblivion ended being real or grounded down. It is (what also was confirmed by some devs) was partially an lotr movies cashgarb, partially very lazy implementations for technical reasons - like scale shrink down like 4 times from morrowind's because they inserted npc scripts and shrinked down cell size to avoid the lag etc.
Problem is that previous view of skyrim and cyrodiil was not just a bunch of random things to make something "cool for cool sake". It was a very consisten picture, created with many details and explained. Nothing was made just out of random and parts of it already was implemented. For example, an invasion of Dagon into nirn was the idea actually created back when this "new lore" started, you may see "oblivion" as one of next games mentioned in redguard and potential basic events like invasion of daedra soon directly hinted in morrowind.
So old lore was not confusing, it was not something being unique for being unique and wierd. It was a working detailed consistend word. And this what allowing modern modders actually re-create it step by step, filling gaps with good ideas from 4-5 games.

I think what inconsistent and out of random is oblivion retcons, since while it base mw and redguard as canon, it doing a lot of things to contradict it out of random. Final oblivion don't feels like something detailed, consistent and have some idea behind region and its history beyound being "a medival land with a bunch of different medival cities" which does not fit not tamriel at the time, and it does not feels like something solid really.
No. 56372
42 kB, 421 × 630
659 kB, 1192 × 631
Btw, what I'm talking about is not "crazy cosmic TES" where happens weird stuff like world time changes differently depending on where you are (Yokuda is the past, Tamriel is Present, Akavir is future, and Atmora is frozen in time because of the north is some sort of time-space blackhole) or some shot about time changes and demiurgic god concepts of understanding that this world not real, etc. What I'm talking about are just simple practical things. And to make TES4 oblivion retcons they used a lot of cosmic TES and "spiritual crap" to explain it - like "8 head Talos", another artificial dragon break that changed existence, and stuff like that.
No. 56385
A certain subset of people wanted to play games like Kingdom Come Deliverance for similar reasons as to liking fantasy settings, which is a misplaced romanticism about the past. It's funnier when they're reactionaries because then you get idiots like Himmler trying to construct a knights of the round table in a castle and not even being able to separate their historical facts from romanticism, myth, and legend. It's funniest to me in that case because as you all well know that same subset of people were happy about "anti-sjw game" in spite it didn't sound very impressive to me, and that even their durr hurrfuhrer would think they're cringey idiots. They're not forward looking, and not even backward looking either, just idiots who want to larp as some Disney version what they think muh middle ages used to be.

As I said before, I associate it with the same things as rural living: poverty, dirt, despair. The whole genre of fantasy is in a sense a very fantastical larp about our collective embarrassment of the dark and middle ages. Witcher I probably didn't mind partly because it had more to do with monsters than some Disney ideal of knights in shining armor, also because it depicted it absolutely as dirty, depraved, and generally awful as it was.

Now that I really sit here and think, I think it's a broader imbecilism of reactionaries who likewise try and glorify the 1950s and 1980s. I'd imagine they are lower IQ, more emotionally reactive, less logic oriented if they fall prey to propaganda and larps so much. One reviewer routinely goes on tangents about the 1980s (meaning US 80s) in spite of how censored and terrible that decade was here.

I must deal with and suffer these bydlo constantly on Western English internet all the time, literally every single damn day because they infest my interests. I noted Tolkienesque because Tolkien himself point blank said these fantasy races were basically just caricatures of different ethnic groups, hence the longrunning /int/ joke about Mordor. I noted this again about places like Oblivion/Morrowind because it's not just them, rather most fantasy game makers take little pains to conceal it's a fantasy version of old yurop, and things like PoE likewise often make little effort to conceal their borderline slashfic tier lore. Some are way better than others about that but it still basically boils down to just coopting elements of the legend of King Arthur and Merlin. I note the further irony of it often attracting people looking for a time they didn't ever exist, whining about the present, and then confusing their escapism with the kind of genuine larping Himmler engaged in complete with trying to make his own knights of the round table that subsequently embarassed Hitler who himself was a Romeboo that didn't want to fixate on an ignoble history of mud huts.

Sorry this is barely related but I concluded I need to play The Last of Us 2 now that I know what happened. All I heard nonstop was screeching about "muh sjws don't play it's terrible" and now it sounds more like the game was actually dark, gritty, and mature that caused tidal waves of butthurt to the same people telling me how wonderful and realistic the bugs and invisible walls of Kingdom Come were. I'm still a bit confused on how that game made people so mad though. I just assumed TLoU2 was shitty triple A consolized stuff.

Anyway I'm going back to listening to the winds of Venus from Venera landing.
No. 56445
3,5 MB, 3133 × 1833
So I have entered the world of Quake Mapping.
No. 56470
Noice... now I feel like installing that again.
No. 56474
You may try alkaline, nice map pack by pro mappers.
No. 56475 Kontra
Nice. You're not making any maps for Violent Rumble, by chance?
No. 56476
This what on pic is litteraly the first and only thing yet I did in TrenchBroom lol
No. 56539
1023 kB, 435 × 158, 0:07
3,9 MB, 822 × 594, 0:03
Does any Ernsts have copies of HOMM II and HOMM III from GOG that I can pirate?
No. 56549
Tho it is probably packaged DOS version, if you want to play H2 via the "fheroes2" engine https://ihhub.github.io/fheroes2/ , you'll need a windows version. Tho original via DOSBox is fine, just check if the aspect ratio is correctly set.

And for 3 don't forget fan "HD" resolution and interface mod
No. 56773
26 kB, 470 × 314
You know what fires up my solipsist "the world isn't real" paranoia?

People who play Ubisoft and EA games. I've never seen ANYONE on the internet praise or even have non-negative opinions about the games they produce. Yet they somehow generate bajillions of dollary doos, and there's more people playing them than the entire "hardcore gamer" crowd combined. Where are these people, who are they? In this age of total internet saturation, how come none of them are a big enough demographic on the internet for their appreciation for those games to be visible?

This leads me to two possible conclusions. Either they don't exist, and all the sales figures are a scam, and those companies are externally funded, or that there are robots / synths / demi-humans / reptilloids among us, effectively human sumulacra who lack souls, who buy those games, yet do not participate in the larger human culture.
No. 56784
707 kB, 368 × 400, 0:02
It's impossible, man. You must only visit some indie games forums.
I personally liked Crysis, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge and Spore by EA and Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft. Those are not some 200 IQ tier games, but they are very fun and look butifel.
And I know many people IRL who also played these games. But they are a bit of normies, so they don't spend time discussing it in internet except mass effect and dragon age have huge community of yaoi girls. If we wouldn't be slavs, we would actually buy those games and bring much money to the companies.
No. 56785
I tried playing Blood. I don't know what exactly it is, but I don't like the way the character moves/handles. It feels pretty floaty and stiff at the same time and I don't feel a 100% in control like when I'm playing Doom.

Not to mention the flaregun is so incredibly shit because of the way it works. A good gun/weapon gives you direct feedback on whether or not you hit or killed the target. You click, the weapon fires, and then there's a sound indicating what happened near instantly, so the player knows what to do accordingly (fire again, look for another target or reload once combat is over)

With that gun I fire and then it's like 15 seconds before it does anything (not even a painstate/hit sound effect to know whether or not I hit the fucking cultist) to the enemy and I think that's just not good game design.

Maybe Blood is an acquired taste and I just need to try again and again until I get used to its quirks and start to like it.
No. 56786
Have you played any other Build engine games? Like Duke, Shadow Warrior or Ion Fury?
It takes a bit getting used to; Ion Fury is from 2019 or so and really "modern" apart from the engine limitations.

As for the flare gun, I don't know what your problem is. It sticks to the dude and burns him. The alt-fire incinerates whole rooms.

Also, roles for weapons are much more strict here than in Doom, for example approaching the fatties with something that is not fire-based is a total waste, whereas two clicks of the aerosol can make short work of them.

But you are right in that it is a kind of acquired taste. I tried the first episode like three times until it clicked, but from then on I really enjoyed it.
Also, you shouldn't play on Well Done or even Extra Crispy the first time around, even if you come from Doom Sunlust UV.
No. 56788
I agree with the Russian. The biggest market aren't involved with traditional 'gamers' all that much. They play games, and don't keep tabs on the ins and outs, or care to discuss it beyond maybe talking about new releases with friends.

Also agree on Mirror's Edge, ebin game. One of the victims of the open world craze though with the sequel. RIP.
No. 56790
What version/port have you played?

Blood has a lot of non direct mechanics and more gimminks than say duke nukem 3d.

Ubisoft and EA are just giant poublishers aiming for most common normie audience. People who not usually spent time talking about games on internet.
No. 56793
I used Fresh Supply. Don't know if that's good or bad, it came with the GOG release I downloaded.

Never played any other build games besides failing to complete the first level of Duke3D when I was like 13.

>Flare Gun
I know how it works but I just don't seem to be able to come to terms with it.
No. 56795
14,4 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:11
I liked Silent Hunter 3, FarCry 3 and FarCry Blood Dragon. I'm playing FarCry Primal at the moment and it's pretty good, kinda just a reskin of FarCry 3 though

I really hate their Uplay shit though, I tend to actively avoid their games most of the time so I don't have to have that dumb shit installed on my PC

Oh yeah and Assassins Creed 2 was also good

I refuse to use Origin but I pirated Mass Effect 1-3 and liked them, most of EA's games are sportsball shit though

Most of Ubisoft and EA's games are consoleshit, that's why people on imageboards etc. never talk about them
No. 56798
Fresh supply is crappy not really finished properly port on KEX by nightdive. For Build games - all build games - I think the best solution is to use GDX.

And you may really start from Duke 3d and move onto Blood and Shadow Warrior later.

With flare gun you'll have indication that you hit someone by looking at flare which is stuck inside enemy. This weapon is not really used as simple pistol.
No. 56802
Far Cry Primal would be so much better if it was three times shorter and dialogs were not translated.
No. 56819
So I not been...fucking reading runglish ruins my brain.

So, I have not been posting or gaming much in awhile but within the first like 15 minutes of Walking Dead and I'm actually yelling at my monitor for the player character being retarded. Like what the hell, there is drama and suspense, and then there is "clearly there's a walking corpse hidden inside that cupboard" so why in the FUCK is this game telegraphing so hard what's going to happen if I can't do anything about that? My PC is a clumsy retard on top of that who can't help but trip and fall everywhere, yell hello everywhere it's like goddamn dude just shut the fuck up for like five minutes. Dude's got no capacity for survival instincts.

Maybe some hominids are just like this. I was watching an interview the other day and the interviewer is like "so you really don't want to get in the backseat if you're a mob guy right" it's like fuck no you don't want FRONT seat. This is just basic instinct. Never let a person walk or sit behind you. Always be off and to the back of them at an angle, so either if they try something funny they're at a huge disadvantage or you're protecting someone and have a clear angled view to hit the fucker attacking or give wide warning to your escort to cover and flee, and you do not walk into an abandoned ransacked house yelling and then stand in front of blood trails clearly leading TO a cupboard, particularly not when you just got attacked by obvious walking corpses but you know what I'll gibe you one freebie and say, maybe zombie shit does not exist in their universe. Okay. But diseases clearly do. Part of zombies as a genre caught on is because they combine multiple instinctual terrors into one that do exist as ancient threats of ours, including mobs of invading peoples marauding, infectious diseases, people very near and dear turning on you and attacking you et tu brutus style, generally avoiding areas with lots of corpses partly for aforementioned reasons as warning signs and so on.

Sorry it's just really annoying I can tell it's a fantastic series of games immediately but also can tell right off the bat it's going to use lots of extra retarded hollywood logic. These telltale games promised to offer me lots of choice in what I do though so far I'm feeling pretty railroaded even by the camera angle.

Otherwise game I cannot help falling asleep in front of for playing late is Paradise Lost. It's a literal walking simulator. It's pretty neat to explore but not a lot happens. I still don't regret the tenbux I wasted. Game has some real artistry, and some people whined so hard about voice acting which is retarded to me because the thic P-O-L-I-S-H accents only added to realism to me of this is about alt history survivors in 1960s POLAND where Nazis got the bomb first and left the continent an irradiated uninhbitable shithole.

Holy Jesus did your computer runs cool. I don't know if it's because I have slightly newer hardware or because it's AMD or I did that much worse a job cooling my case or what but those are better thermals than my zen2/RDNA gets. Of course then again the intakes are kinda choked and the top exhaust weak so I flipped the rear exhaust around under the theory blowing cool air directly across my VRMs, GPU backplate, and Prism downblower would cool it better. This may have been an erroneous theory I should test the other way again. Then again, they also said hitting 105°C junction temps is "fine." Although come to think it's really just my custom OC profile on a demanding game which really rockets it. Zen2 and 3 also is known for idling hot apparently.
No. 56822
>Dragon Age
>Mass Effect
But those are BioWare games though. They're not EA games. In fact if anything the games went to total shit the minute EA began acquiring it. Case in point, Mass Effect 2 was a pile of garbage that was when EA began mismanaging the project.

But then again you are wildly misunderstanding what level of cretins most people are. It's why pol shitposters are NPCs. They don't think. They don't pass Turing test. They may as well be simulcra. This includes anybody who was dumb enough to praise ME2.

The Division unironically impressed me. Don't get me wrong, the cover shooting, bullet sponges, consolization was fucking shit, but if you overlook a couple mechanic things it's one of the better games I ever played and among the best open worlds. Its main problem really was playing as an FPS MMO for the yoba casual crowd of dumb bydlo children because had it been made as a singleplayer RPG instead with real NPCs not just mobs of enemies it could've been one of the best games I ever played.

Also you forget asscreed. AC was one of the most popular series and much older, as was Farcry. I didn't play either but then again I never played Hitman or lots of other games, and I already have Farcry 3 and Farcry 5 installed as well as I forget which asscreed game I got on a discount mainly because I remember it appealing to me thematically over a decade ago but never bothering with it because it was a console game.
>why not get a console
Because consoles are bantha piss m8
Just because those sentiments roughly reflect my own does not mean a) I don't disgree with people like that frequently both for what he likes and hates, and b) that we are somehow the majority.

Kids on their consoles aren't shitposting on chans. It would be like me insisting woke liberals don't exist. They do, somewhere, just not anywhere near anything I touch onlinethe woke right has exceeded furry or SJW levels of obnoxious at this point I can't even go on steam without their retarded virtue signaling yes obviously this had grated on me the whole pandemic, same games for review channels and similarly, such bydlo are unlikely to be anywhere you guys go online. It's like Call of Duty. Among us it's pretty much a byword for everything shit and awful in the gaming industry, but I'll literally see fatass ameribears IRL wearing CoD shirts and calling themselves "gamers."

We have different tribes. I think it would be like if we were all potheads, and calling ourself "druggies" and saying, well clearly none of us knows any junkies. Nobody here does meth or heroin. So who are these people? Some simulcra? Does CIA or DEA just make shit up to scare people for money when clearly no such heroin junkie exist?

Same issue, and as "internet elite" you should know better than to confuse a skewed and biased sample rife with anecdotal evidence with real research data. So of course surely those huge shooting galleries filled of junkies exists playing trash games nobody here likes. We gel because even where all our pet genres are different EC is near universal shitting on certain things, things which its likers never would tolerate being shat on, and which if there was some crowd of console bydlo screeching about whatever the fuck dumb shit sub-zoomer tier children play we would simply avoid those people and migrate elsewhere. This does not change the fact trash gaming like Fortnite, PUBG, EA football/baseball/whatever, Calladooty, Farcry 4 likers etc. do not exist, nor that plenty of us may have our guilty pleasures which we may not as openly talk about because assuming nobody would be interested or somesuch.

No, I think when you don't like thing, proper response is find new thing. I actually watched civvie11s videos on that and it looks like a horrible janky experience only for a very particular type of boomer shooter enjoyer.

Flaregun iirc was called shit weapon by the guy. I do specifically remember him harping on how terrible and useless it was.

As to build engine or some similarish games yeah, I already picked up Amid Evil, Ion Fury, and Dusk, which I think Dusk in particular is going to be easy for me to enjoy and get into.

Yep this. Various normalfags, mundanes, bydlo, casuals, NORPs whatever you want to call them, these YOBA gamers with their shit games will come on, play with their friends, waste $30-60 on a game, forget about it. Of people I knew even back in my day who played games, massive numbers of people actually owned or at least played a console. It was such an extremely rare and few people that even heard of certain games it actually made one guy exceptionally stand out who I became good friends with immediately. Generally speaking you couldn't find such people so far outside DnD or Magic card circles, and more or less this truly is still the case for a great number of not just games but whole genres. Interestingly things like Eurotruck and flight sims are populated by lots of actual boomers, including retirees and people who you'd never see playing an actual vidya game. Like my above example, maybe some stockbroker does cocaine on occasion, doesn't mean his paths ever cross with some acid dropping hippie. It's very separate tribes in some games. Finding somebody IRL who plays such shit and never posts online outside of facebook is a lot easier than finding somebody who plays one game you think is popular to you.
No. 56838
61 kB, 632 × 358
there's your problem, my old AMD card was hitting 99c in Xcom2. This one used to never go over 65 but these days it's hitting 82c for some reason in Warhammer 2, even after a good cleaning
No. 57033
I am not impressed with magic in RPG video games. I created a mage (Or wizard or whatever you call it) learnt some offensive, tactical and healing spells. Yet when I use spells in combat I just don't think it's that cool.
No. 57035
Magic doesn't work well in action games, it just feels like a shitty FPS.
Magic is great in TPS, turn based RPGs, and other such games where you can have a wide variety of spells that interact with each other, rather than being limited to 123456 on the keyboard.

Then there's Arx Fatalis. The magic system in there is fugging ebin.
WoW unironically did magic kinda well. Shitloads of spells for each class, they synergize with each other, and since it's a target based MMO, spells are invoked instantly when you click the button, rather than having a weapon switch system that just slows everything down.
No. 57043
But it's don't.

I mean actually to be fair RDNA got the retarded storyline GamersNexus talked about where AMD claimed that 110C was "fine" but which also to be completely fair I've never really gotten that card to run and stay hot. I tried using it as a space heater last winter because everyone told me it would be hot as shit but much to my dismay ironically leaving the thing running didn't heat my room much, meanwhile an old nVidia card literally did work as a spaceheater despite the fact overall temps reported as being "fine" in Afterburner. Mainly it's just junction temps with my card when I'm really pushing it where it'll go straight up to 105C and more or less stay there particularly trying to do any kind of overclock on a demanding game. Otherwise it seems to stay surprisingly cool.

Also to be fair while it's a much lower TDP my Zen2 is on an air cooler, which apparently was the pretty going-with-the-crowd build that everybody else got within the last two years. Difference is I also have the exhaust fan pointed inwards under the theory that blowing cool air directly over my VRMs, GPU backplate, and towards my Wraith downblower would help with overall cooling of parts while helping to funnel the air up top because my top set of fans are complete shit that barely work considering it's running off that shitty "PWM" ROG fan hub that doesn't regulate fuckall ROG logo or not I got chinked once again and it's a 2 pin to mobo so the one set of fans blows slow I need to fix that too and I've got only two front fans which have to blow across and through first a full drive cage and then a bunch of cables I can't do a whole lot about.

Basically it's fine so long as I don't push the hardware too much because then it starts a thermal cascade problem with not enough heat vented, not enough cooling, not enough cool air in. The back exhaust is particularly retarded because I have positive air pressure that's now pointless. I could probably fix half these problems if I just found a way to get all my fans on PWM and flipped the rear intake into being rear exhaust.

Zen2 is known for idling pretty damn hot though.

There are many efforts made at getting magic to work and look cool in vidya, and surprisingly few such efforts paid off. Arx is one of those that along with I think it was Dark Messiah of Might and Magic had you drawing runes in the air, and idk how well that worked.

I do know that Tyranny was bittersweetly one of the best implementations of magic I've ever seen in a videogame, any videogame, within the last 30 years period. I say both wonderfully and unfortunately because Tyranny just wasn't that good of a game alltold as it should have been, with a world I wasn't particularly captured by, with PDx DLC cut content problems, and with one of the worst uses of swearing for "edginess" I've seen in a videogame outside of CAYNE.

I cuss like a sailor but also as you can see I'm a huge stickler for good writing, and I panned these two games for attempting to use cussing as an effort to sound "gritty" or "more mature" which it fucking doesn't, in fact it usually achieves the opposite. Tyranny's writing just wasn't that good as it should've been partly due to this, in spite of the fact I truly liked that game in fact I thought Tyranny was a far superior game to Pillars of Eternityif you've seen me post EC textwalls in vidya you'll know I often have sincere views against the mainstream bydlo consensus and I have reason for them, which I will not get into here but yes Tyranny in spite of its flaws was unironically a much better, much more fun game overall than Pillars of Eternity. I pulled my hair out with PoE when I wasn't bored and just grinding; I don't even know why I bought Deadfire because I already knew it was going to suck worse than PoE and I am not an optimist but whatever it was on sale so I can get mad about a PoE game all over again in the next several years.

Also, the voice acting of Tyranny was all over the place, with that one obnoxious fucking voice actor who I hate that did Kan'ua or whatever the fuck his name was in PoE marring it further, or that beastwoman or annoying child both of whom I ditched as party members solely for the irritating voice actors, but at the same time there was some of the best voice acting in that game such as the Judge I forget his name, Adjudicator or something or other.

In spite of all these and other flaws or petty gripes about it, I would still highly recommend Tyranny for its magic system alone to just about anybody. See part of the problem is most games just use it as some extra attack or a superpower with varying levels of cool factor. PoE's was surprisingly underwhelming, maybe for the color pallete and how it worked on terrain too. Planescape Torment's had literally minute long cutscenes with sufficiently powerful ones, so that even if it's a 90s game it actually looked and felt cool as all shit when you're doing it, and probably a big drawback in that you can play as rogue or swordsman but why would younot just that but it's literally the wrong way to play both mechanically and due to the interweaving of those mechanics to the whole plot so it's pretty much "playing as a wizard is the only right way to play P:T no matter what the character screen implies otherwise?

The problem being they mainly like to use spells as something you just memorize with no ad-hoc flair, and as a longrange weapon attack basically. I mean even in KOTOR basically your force powers are all just spells being wielded by a battlemage. Some games like P:T can look visually impressive enough and actually make you feel the power getting wielded, but effectively it's all just superpowers and/or long range weapon attack. You could be playing an XMen game and it literally it wouldn't feel any different to being a wizard. In fact ironically enough one of the few games which actually felt pretty neat to use magic wasn't a magic game at all, but just because of how well done the high end Tremere discipline was in VTMB which was on par with using that one gun in F.E.A.R. which simulatneously shocked, burned, and vaporized the flesh from enemies leaving a charred skeleton.

But even still, Tyranny actually did a magic system right for once. You can use all kind of modifiers to customize increasingly powerful magical abilities that look and feel cool to use and feels more like you're using some kind of experimental magic. It's just a really neat system and I wish more games would take inspiration from that, similar to how it's tragic that not one game got inspired by Fallout Tactics despite it being arguably the best squad based RTT game ever made and instead we get XCOM turn based cover clones shoveled at us.
No. 57046
60 kB, 640 × 480
68 kB, 640 × 480
62 kB, 640 × 480
21 kB, 328 × 234
It is too game specific to talk about. A lot games do it very differently. Can't say that "magic in genre x sucks"

Decided to play Archimedean Dynasty, or how it was originally called - Schleichfahrt. It is a german 1996 Privateer-like with interesting twist that it set under water in the world of future, after nuclear war which made life in surface impossible. It is generally very detailed book-like sseting with first person book-like narration from main hero. Graphics with 3dfx support are great, same as pre-rendered cutscenes. Game shows its butget and limits there and there but overall pretty fun. Buildings, stations, "ground" vehicles and big ships are pretty detailed for the 1996.
It is a predecessor of AquaNox series.
No. 57081
Does anyone know of any good ship simulators? As in, maritime simulators.
No. 57168
68 kB, 616 × 353
752 kB, 1920 × 1080
442 kB, 2560 × 1440
Anybody played this?
I haven't played any vidya in a while and got sucked into it for several hours. It's a card based management game with the twist that you need to figure out the rules as you go along & constantly increasing complexity. Tbh I'm not interested enough to sink hours of research into it to figure it out, but it's strangely fascinating.
No. 57175
Yes. It is interesting but first time you play it is very frustrating and then it keeps being frustrating. But even if I don't have the patients to play it often I really appreciate that someone has made a game that doesn't explain everything. If you are lazy go watch some let's play on youtube. There is a lot of backstory. I have only made it to the third gate so far.
No. 57180
Looks incredible for its time (for a computer game - N64 games looked better) and the setting seems really cool, one of the most original seen in vidya
No. 57191
Maybe I'm just that big a complete fucking autistit wouldn't even be surprising at this poing being diagnosed with the highly functional form of the 'burgers but I immediately found an immense sense of satisfaction in it. it could also actually be just because of my exposure to card/board games and the occult as a kid too but it's just this really great and immediately and immensely satisfying game I should go back to it. I will say however that part of if not the entire point of the actual fun is to discover all the rules of the game itself, much of which isn't immediately obvious. I actually even got to retire as a still living cop or doctor who just closed the book on a strange case I will never forget. Getting to actually walk away from that one was fantastic.

I think you do actually need an incredible ability to visualize things though, kind of like how you are reading a book. You can't be told how to play the game. That is why it's fun.

Just think of it this way it's kind of like growing up or doing scientific experiments without having to actually die IRL. You don't know why this rock glows. It just does. You do not know why your hair has fallen out, it just does, but now you have finally figured out it's connected to the two. Could it truly be that it is light exposure which is causing male pattern baldness? Have I discovered the new animal magnetism and a most potent form of light in a rock, a fundamental mechanic of the universe even which light is from which all things are made, and that even light itself is congealed into forming gross matter? Who knows. I just know I am puking and shitting myself a lot all the time now. Does this milkmaid truly have the cure for smallpox? Well then I shall have my aids abduct a bunch of townschildren forthwith, and inject them all with some of the ooze of this cow's teet.
>b-but think of the law!
Ah yes good point my pupil! Let us go contact law enforcers and have them bring us a bunch of men and women convicted to die and study on them instead perhaps we should keep those law enforcers closer to our circle...

You know stuff like that. Only your research is on the spirit world and elder things instead.
No. 57214
>n64 games looked better
Eeh, not much. Especially at launch. N64 is very, very cut down graphical station with a lot bottolenecks in hardware, like texture cache and size limit of its cartridges. Its cool that it had texture filtering, which was nice for its price at the start, but 3d hardware accelerators on PCs were on the run, with all other advantages they had already.
I remember getting into N64 was huge dissapointment for me, having limited library with mostly short games in low resolution (most games worked in 320x240, just a bit better than standart PC cga/ega/vga resolutions games used before SVGA times, which already were standart in 1996 and moved to 3d acceleration era), with very limited amount of assets, voice acting, sound and music quality due to size restrictions. And because of texture cache, most games used mostly like 32x32, 64x64 resolution textures which with bilinear filtering of the time makes games total bluery mess.
Same goes with colors: Internally RDP works with 32 bit color but due to complicated mess results are 15/21-bit wierdness which on practice not far from 16-bit color depth games used before 32bit cards in 1999.

Thing with N64 is that it has a lot advanced technical features for the month it released with a lot of impractical technical limitations on more regular things. And with quick advancements on 3d cards back in the time, its features looked less and less impressive every year.
No. 57314
Reinstalled tf2 last week.
Ended up playing 24 hours in 2 days, neglected responsibilities, didn't shower.

Yeah, I remember now why I stopped playing video games. They reactivate neural pathways in my brain that I've been trying to dampen for the last 5 years.
No. 57386
148 kB, 1280 × 720
241 kB, 1920 × 1080
Spent a good portion of the weekend playing Rising Storm. It's a less serious game than its red orchestra counterpart, but pretty fun.

Commander Tony Blair led us on a final bayonet charge against the enemy lines and we all promptly perished under the blaze of automatic gunfire. I managed to bayonet an American G.I. before being myself cut down by superior firepower.

We lost most honorably.
No. 57405
704 kB, 1024 × 768
880 kB, 1024 × 768
1,1 MB, 1024 × 768
426 kB, 710 × 351
I wish the Pacific got more love. It's IMO the most interesting theatre of the war. Best Pacific War game remains War in the Pacific AE though. Most playable? Fuck no, but in terms of power level it don't get much higher.
No. 57420
232 kB, 800 × 496
283 kB, 780 × 533
93 kB, 700 × 470
>I wish the Pacific got more love. It's IMO the most interesting theatre of the war.
t.pacific dweller :---DD

I think that Karelia front/barents sea is the most interesting and underpresented
t.northen dweller :----DDDD
No. 57424
89 kB, 740 × 615
It's one of those things that's really hard to put into words, but it's as far as I understand it not a regional thing. Just something about the composition of the Pacific Theatre fascinates me in a way no other does. The sum is really greater than its parts here.

If anybody wants my recommended reading list for an introduction to the theatre:
>Pacific Crucible: War at Sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942
>The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944
>Twilight of the Gods: War in the Western Pacific, 1944-1945

This trilogy is to the Pacific what I would say When Titans Clashed by Glantz is for the Eastern Front. A really entertaining work that covers everything, sacrificing some detail for the sake of readability. There is much autism to be gone into elsewhere but ain't no way I'm recommending Kaigun to a novice, no matter how hard that book hits :-DDD
No. 57428
I assume that for someone interested in war logistics the pacific war must be especially interesting.

I was going to make a joke about Portuguese neutrality and therefore no theater is relevant, but I remembered that East Timor was occupied by the Japanese - so the Pacific theater wins.
No. 57442
Yeah. It's also just fought different from most wars seeing as a vast majority of the theatre is ocean. In the long term I swear I will play War Plan Orange which is all the autism of War in the Pacific AE ported to the 1920s, when the war that all the big boats were built for never really happened.

No. 57737
993 kB, 1366 × 706
Indaresting. The AI isn't amazing in John Tiller games, but it still feels real good to do something dumb like an aggressive maneuver on the French Left at Valmy and be rewarded like this. My cavalry is getting torn apart but them raiding the enemy rear has forced the Prussians to split their fires while I am increasingly concentrating mine and squeezing them into a tighter and tighter area. The Right Division coming in from the north will probably nail the coffin shut on them.
No. 57738
13 kB, 337 × 452
>noooo you can't just destroy my professional Prussian army with a bunch of armed peasant degens playing solider

>haha musket go brrr
No. 57911
985 kB, 1600 × 837
978 kB, 1600 × 837
1,0 MB, 1600 × 837
1,1 MB, 1600 × 837
Playing Project Zomboid build 41, it's pretty good they've made a lot of improvements to it, developement is still so slow though

>pic 1
Found a familiar house after days of wandering around, I knew this exact house from playing years ago and took it as a sign to settle down
>pic 2
first character got killed, they broke in the door and got me before I could react while reading a book, rolled a new character and made my way back there in a stolen car
>pic 3
got killed again while scavenging, rolled a new character and started reinforcing the house and burning bodies in a camp fire
>pic 4
died again, rolled a new character, recovered all the bodies of my previous characters and buried them then started planting crops and searching for a proper van
No. 57932
Don't know what it is but those graphics are very charming for some reason.

>still so slow though
As in it runs badly or the devs are slow to put out content?
No. 57938
1,3 MB, 1024 × 535, 0:20
The devs are super slow to put out content, it's been in early access for a decade now.

When I bought it about 8 years ago it was build 27, they're now working on build 41
No. 57945
lol I feel like you backdoored mah computer. I also just recently watched ambiguousamphibian aka sseth among others playing it after I already bought it on sale on steam.

That feels like one of those Neo Scavenger tier games. I played it a little so far though I've got so many backlogged games I need to take Ritalin or something just to get any of them finished, that at least I finally did with both Paradise Lost and Observation because they were incredibly easy walking sims/puzzle games and tried Swarm the City, which is sadly a phoneshit game that could've been a lot greater without the phoneshit. Or the zombie heroes really. I'd rather just start a Z epidemic and watch it expand into hordes of regular zombies, which in fact they quickly do and the only thing stopping it at all is the very gamey alert levels where fences and cop cars with miniguns magically appear, and even then I've found that you can pretty much just wipe out 2/3's the population after turning 5 cops and walking away.

But as to Project Zomboid it seems like a truly incredible game that I'll probably love to play at length. My only complaint so far is it really doesn't seem like there's any surviving humans. I think it'd be much cooler if you started it like the beginning of Dawn of the Dead and had a bunch of mostly unarmed civilians getting attacked, along with a few "last man on earth" holdouts and survival groups which could or could not be a threat. Afaik the latter is a multiplayer feature basically with other players being dicks rather than NPCs.

What Ireland said. It's like this small garage operation that's been worked on since 2013 and which has gotten constant updates. I only just now bought it in spite of knowing about it many years ago.

It also really should be stated the depth of simulation to the game. It's one of the most realistic survival sims ever.
No. 57979
159 kB, 1200 × 900
213 kB, 1200 × 900
155 kB, 1200 × 900
102 kB, 640 × 480
Discovered that WarWind is free on GoG. Not that I need it and not that I need an actual GoG version, but it was additional motivation to the fact that
1.This game is by DreamForge (Veil of Darkness, Ravenloft games, Anvil of Dawn, Sanitarium, etc)
2.This is a hand-drawn DreamForge game
3.This is an obscure 90s RTS game

Started as more or less a Warcraft 2 clone, it is, at least from the description has more complex gameplay, 4 races that do not mirror each other, and an interesting setting of an alien planet.
And also, good hand-drawn art was the strong-ish side of DreamForge games from the 90s, while their 3d pre-renders were among the most horrible ones. So seeing that this game is almost completely hand-drawn makes it potentially a very pleasant experience visually.
No. 58117
1,1 MB, 1600 × 837
1,1 MB, 1600 × 837
>pic 1
I found a small van with a trailer attached, I did a few runs into town to raid garages for van parts and now I've got a heap of spare parts and a few other cars
>pic 2
I've got like 6 cars now including small little runabouts and I've started working on a garage for metalworking and car repairs. I'm going to build an upstairs soon.

I also got a generator and a load of petrol and moved a freezer unit into the house so now I can freeze my grown foods and use the microwave again
No. 58121
69 kB, 680 × 680
I will probably go over other two in brief at some point but:

Paradise Lost
Cozy. Very good mindless walking thing for after work digging ditches as road worker or something.

Also comfy. Puzzles not too hard. Ending was hipster meh to me, took a wrong turn imho. I still enjoyed it though, most memorable was right before ending. Very atmospheric which very good segue into

Prey 2017
Basically this is everything wrong with Deus Ex Mankind Divided getting fixed, from graphical quality to storyline to especially gameplay mechanics, only sole exception being more bugs. Almost finished but not yet so likely will textwall later but I highly recommend. If I were to focus on just one thing it would be gameplay and mechanics.

Much more open world and somehow world feels more expansive whereas DE:MD was in a small space, you have legitimate freedom whereas Deus Ex MD you basically just got "do you use strength skillpoints to move box or do you hack the door?" Here you genuinely can just bypass doors entirely, sneak around, run past, engage in combat build, engage in HIGHLY questionable psyker build using unknown alien DNA injected in your brain, make a hacker build, make strength build, just find some clever trick or using GLOO gun to build yourself a ramp up four stories into a locked and guarded office.

Because of its more open worldy nature it can feel much more unfocused in the middle with rampant side objectives or you can just speedrun main mission but what's the point? There's tons of hidden shit to explore everywhere, and often only thing keeping you out of there is being incredibly cheap tightwad about your skillpoints, which not that it matters because you can literally craft your skillpoints aka neuromods. I've used basically a blackhole grenade to just convert barriers into crafting material because I was too cheap to spend my plentiful neuromods on a lvl III strength feat, and surprisingly it worked.

All in all an utterly fantastic game which made me try first ten minutes of other Arkane game and discovered shockingly I actually enjoyed the Dishonored combat. I'd completely forgotten what genuinely fun first person combat felt like. So Dishonored is strong chance at being next on my list, alongside Disco Elysium or something.
No. 58122 Kontra
Reminds me of that thing in every zombie show or story where the survivor(s) get a pile of shit together and finally everything feels like it'll all work out in the end right before a huge swarm appears forcing them to abandon the place and have to leave everything behind living ill supplied and on the run again.

From my brief experience with it that's not just an amazing game: it's actually truly an inspired one. I've found two types of truly inspired games, and the one is just because the story and atmosphere is so good a la Planescape, VTMB, KOTOR 2 etc, and the other, much rarer one is so good just because of how amazingly detailed and well thought out the game itself is; PZ is firmly in the latter category. I have never seen something which is so thoroughly detailed and thought out before in a simulator. Like it's not just "drink can of goga gola, magically your shotgun wound heals" but the full scale of the developers thought of everything. Want food? Youll need to cook that raw crap. Still hungry? Grow it. Want to grow? Need soil, seeds, all kinds of shit. Want to eat that old cheese? Welcome to food poisoning. Want to drink that water to heal? Enjoy your cholera.

There is no magic gamey crap so far as I could tell, it doesn't tell you up front if you're gonna die and be a zombie from a scratch, and overall my impression was it's one of the most well thought out things ever made with little if any immersion breaking b.s.

If I get on a zombie kick I may try getting deeper into that and playing the TellTale Walking Dead series after muh S-P-A-C-E kick. Shame I can't play Deadspace for the first time again to transition to zombies from space. I can't even think of anything close except maybe Neo Scavenger. Stalker, Pathologic, Starsector all have "this is a game don't think about it" moments.
No. 58128
>Prey 2017
Yep, it was in my to-play list for a long time and last year I finally completed it. What can I say, if a game like that will come out at least once every five years, I will not lose hope for modern vidya. Fun gameplay, lotsa possibilities, interesting sidequests, engaging main plot, nice visual style — definite 9 or 10 out of 10. Also, the game is pretty spooky, especially phantoms with their nonsensical lines, Nightmare with its determination, and of course Apex's arrival. I didn't think that it's possible to make something great in the "desolated space station" setting nowadays, but Prey did manage to do exactly that. And yeah, I also think that I should look into the Dishonored series: I used to think that Arkane lost their touch after a pretty average Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, but Prey changed my mind.

>a blackhole grenade
Recycler grenades is the most OP item in the game, closely followed by the shotgun. I'd say it's better even to spend materials on them than on neuromods, because those little thingies demolish fucking everything except the Apex, of course.
No. 58129
I don't think so. They're a great get out of jail free card but they destroy each other so you can't spam them, probably not as big a problem for ammo if you're just making them but they're useless against flying enemies and more importantly they destroy all loot. I practically never use them for that reason alone. Also because you end up having to soak damage while charging up the aim/throw and if you don't are incredibly easy to wipe out health or kill you.

Dishonored was one of only games in recent memory I got hooked on immediately after starting new game and had to force myself not to keep playing it. Because it was Arkane and Prey (2017) I wanted to see what intro was like and man I can see why Ireland got so obsessed with it. It's not even on my summer to do list but I could see myself sitting there for marathon sessions effortlessly. I've seen it reviewed but haven't played Dark Messiah so can't say anything but seems the real Arkane started with Dishonored series.

It is becoming a life goal of mine to have enough money not to have to work for a solid year or two just so I can clear my backlog.
No. 58133
Flying enemies (telepaths/technopaths) aren't that common in the game, and recycler grenades aren't useless against them — you just have to get the timing right, and the grenade will eat a big chunk of their health. You also don't have to spam them, just throw one, run away or hide, wait for the explosion (implosion?), rinse, repeat. Besides, recycler grenades also take out telepaths'/tecnopaths' minions. And to top it all off recycler grenades also have great non-combat utility comparable to the GLOO Gun. Also, can you name a weapon that is better than recycler grenades? Shotgun is great and I loved it, it may be easier to use, but it's not nearly as devastating, Q-Beam is nice, but only after you upgrade it and take corresponding skills, the rest just isn't nearly as good as recycler grenades, so I stand my ground on them being OP. Although they are probably not the most satisfying method to deal with telepaths/technopaths — that would be Psychoshock + good old wrenching. Nothing is more enjoyable than beating the crap out of these assholes in close quarter combat.
No. 58168
Yeah but honestly it's just not even nearly worth it to me because it destroys all the stuff on them and returns you only a fraction what the loot is worth. That is why I do not really use them except for clearing obstacles or taking a chunk out of health, but I could of course see the merit in using them more as a speedrunner. I'm the kind of person to explore everything and savor my games. Also because you can actually hit dead Talos people and take out nifty lore items iirc alongside whatever else is in the room. It's just not powerful enough for me to use it when I can just sneak up on someone and shotgun blast them a couple of times or just mag dump my pistol into it.

Honestly I think that the most unarguably OP weapon in this game is that zapper gun forget what it's called because yeah you have to be at super close range but you can upgrade it enough to act as a proper pistol and on top of that you can use it effectively Morrowind stunlock boss enemies into oblivion. It doesn't work well on organic enemies like mimics although it does still stunlock them and anything else that's not voltaic. If it actually hurt everybody it'd be a pointlessly OP gun to cheese your way through the entire game and plus at nearing the endgame with the right stats you can one shot corrupted operators with it too at pretty good distance.

>some sketchy psychic power by injecting possibly infectious transdimensional alien biofluids directly through my eye socket
Yea, nah, thanks m8 but I'm not injecting those cunts through my eye even without understanding a single thing about the lore, which now that I know more no fucking way am I putting that kind of shit into my body but then again I'm of the "I don't care what strange magical powers a demon grants me" persuasion I ain't using it I don't trust it. I played nearly the entire game so far and didn't once stick that Typhon shit into my body or contaminate myself with any psychic powers. This is a straight stealth/hacker build which eventually turned into a human combat build; I'll probably get some sort of achievement for it. Even still I used a ton of neuromods so I'm already pretty damn sketched out by that fact. and no I didn't see the ending yet so if what the game is I think implying about me actually being some kind of a mimic experimented on or whatever please don't spoil it although it would make my adamant insistence on remaining an uncontaminated human as possible hilarious if that turned out to be true. So far I'm feel pretty well damn justified at my original instincts not to use it or take out any psychic powers.

OHHhhh also I forgot to mention
STASIS Bone Totem demo
Which as usual was actually incredibly good although like I said with Project Zomboid I sometimes have a problem with immersion breaking gaminess, and Bone Totem certainly takes really bad issue with magically teleporting items to other party members. It doesn't even fucking explain why or how items can be given to somebody with some teleportium mcguffin it just happens. But otherwise, fantastic looking game and one of the only ones I plan on buying at full price on release.

Also played the Swarm the City demo which was super fun but yeesh is it such shit I'm never gonna pay for it. It's some barely English literate Chinese phonegame company, which isn't even tweaked whatsoever for PC it's just a direct port of phoneshit. It's garbage in that regard, I fucking hate the lazy, incompetent, textureless, detailess model phoneshit simple geometry with a fiery fucking passion, and I refuse to give them money no matter how fun the game is. When will this cancer fucking stop? I swear phoneshit is going to ruin PC gaming so much worse than console ever did. That goddamn awful visual shit and total lack of any GUI or controls for phone garbage is going to end up slowly infecting the place until retarded faggot zoomer devs start thinking it's somehow in any way acceptable whatsoever to make a game that looks like Rise of Industry or Swarm the City.
No. 58174
529 kB, 1460 × 2979
I love my computer more than having a girlfriend
No. 58184 Kontra
187 kB, 1000 × 800
No. 58187
20,8 MB, 1024 × 535, 3:19
I went out into a bad storm to find some electrical components and shit got hairy, luckily I've mad shooting skills now and a pistol with a laser sight.

I got drunk last night and took my van with trailer to a gun shop, broke down the walls with a sledgehammer and cleared the place out, now I've got shit like .44 Magnums and Desert Eagle and about 2,000 rounds of pistol ammo and a fuckload of shotguns.

>If I get on a zombie kick I may try getting deeper into that and playing the TellTale Walking Dead series after muh S-P-A-C-E kick
I liked them, I played the first 3 telltale games and also the Michonne one that you can't buy anymore, they were pretty good.
>I also think that I should look into the Dishonored series: I used to think that Arkane lost their touch after a pretty average Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, but Prey changed my mind.
All 3 dishonored games are ebin, a lot of people rage over them because of Billie (the black woman) but she was in all 3 games and is a major character.
>Dark Messiah
it was ebin, what didn't you like about it? that shit way years ahead of its time
wish I could afford 2TB SSds, my mechanicals are overflowing
No. 58196
>I used a ton of neuromods
Well, if you paid attention to the lore (or fabricated neuromods at any point), you should know that neuromods are made from Typhon materia. So yeah, you did in fact "injected those cunts through your eye". BTW, on my first playthrough I never leveled-up any of the "alien" skills either, it's on my second (yet unfinished) playthrough that I decided to try some Typhon goodness.


>Dark Messiah
>it was ebin, what didn't you like about it? that shit way years ahead of its time
The simple fact that it wasn't Arx Fatalis 2. Plus it felt too gimmicky for me, especially if you play as a mage. I probably should complete it some day, because I dropped it pretty early on; maybe I will change my opinion.
No. 58204
17,9 MB, 2536 × 14209
18,2 MB, 2535 × 4187
I'm not really sure what to do right now, rather next. I've pretty much beat Prey (2017) already. It seems a paltry number of games I finished. Meanwhile I waste my time tabbing between youtube and watching complete idiots on place like Steam or vidya reviews, or nonsense about cartoonswhich lowering myself that much felt like it degraded posting about muh "children's games" even more tbqhI really should stick with vidya because idgaf about cartoons anyway

So which games should I play next /int/?

I wasn't really sure how to rate things.
X means I actually finished the game, or consider it basically beat if it doesn't have singleplayer

Red dot means I basically just dabbled in it enough to form a first impression, but nowhere near enough to say anything and probably is two hours or less

Check mark is more difficult because it can be anywhere from I played many hours but nowhere near through to I pretty much just need to finish the game and can rate it regardless

Realizing how few I even played and just started game hoarding in case idk what, in case I want to play any specific game without paying full price. Retarded. I really should just kill my internet connection and play these or at least start setting up a channel or something instead of shitposting here because lord knows I have the hardware for it.

I know exactly what it sounded like and how you'd take it, but it's true. After wasting my twenties on booze, relationships that all ultimately went nowhere, and wasting my life on krautchan I now deeply regret, my computer really is my best friend. Rather, it provides me the kind of sublime satisfaction and joy a man can only know by building and working on something, like a car engine or broken piece of furniture.

I know I may regret this all and say the same thing about my 30s how I wasted a brief life but ultimately after the fickle shittiness of friendships and relationships and toxic people realized what really matters is your personal advancement and doing things that you actually enjoy. That Russian researcher and British government worker has the right ideas at least, unless you actually did start a family to be angsty about instead. To me though, working on a PC, and building one, and looking upon and using what you built, it just brings me a great deal of joy and with none of the drama and life wrecking bullshit attached to it.

oh it never posted
fugg I hit reply lastnight and then went to sleep didn't even realize filesize too big and got an error
No. 58205
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,2 MB, 2338 × 1195
> that you can't buy anymore
God I love GOG so damn much, thanks again rushka for turning me to GOG Galaxy. I now pretty much ignore Steam as a client as well as a store more or less since like 2019. The only issue is its saving grace is its downfall, which is that there's no shovelware but also hard to find lots of indie games. I wish devs would push more to get their games included on Steam because I flat out refuse to buy new games on there.

>rage over them because of Billie
Is this another thing of man bitches crying about the same cringey shit as I said I must suffer, or was it actually poorly written or bad gameplay or something? It's like with TLOU2 I can never tell based on hype or anti-hype whether it's legitimately a bad game, or more of the same crying about how they're literally shaking because the game triggered them for blah blah wokeness hiding under my bad blah blah.

>All 3 dishonored games are ebin,
I literally needed to stop myself from playing Dishonored because how good it was within minutes of starting new game. I do know it's going to be very difficult if not impossible to pacifist run it. The combat is just so good

>2TB SSds
Actually I have hell of a lot more storage than that; I just reflexively edit personal stuff without even thinking about it now. There's like two separate drives including my second 1tb T-Force Deltamax ARGmeme plus an old hard drive bought used for cheap and a couple of 256gb flash drives I was using as my "high speed" removable SSDs back before I could afford it. It was stupid because had I saved excess from paychecks plus an extra 20 bucks I could've just gotten a real SSD for twice the capacity but well now it's just overflow storage.

I haven't even got more than like 500gb of movies or shows and shit but I've got something like 8.5tb of total storage across two USBs, two NVMes, and a bunch of SSDs and HDDs. I actually used Macriumidk why, because I just rememberd I got Acronis free with my Sabrent to clone my OS back from WD Black to Sabrent Rocket which I'd stupidly purchased for an x570 board not realizing it was a PCIe gen 3.0 drive which I'd then retardedly kept as C: drive for awhile thus negating the whole purpose of an x570 board basically.

There's not a lot of point to it for games tbqh I haven't installed a single game on either of them and I'm yet to wipe my 500gb gen3 because fortuitously realized I copied wrong game saves before deleting something and then realized I still had the old save file folder. It is however amazingly fast for transferring downloaded series to longterm storage from an NVMe C drive.

Eventually I'm going to get a second gen4 NVMe when prices fall and basically just use them all for video editing whenever I start using my channel for game reviews. I spend enough time making retardedly long shitposts on EC or the occasional poorly edited review on Steam or wherever so I'm hoping to make it into a personal project. The whole system is basically productive use oriented as much as it is beastly for gaming, but I've done very little productive with it so far. m.2 drives are pretty good for swapping around massive replay files, video editing, stuff like that. It's night and day compared to my old HDD boot drive system.

Yeah I kinda didn't know what was going on with that, because it implied all neuromods are but I wasn't sure if specifically psychic Typhon neuromods were more using their material in a way that was directly altering my brain and my personality. I mean he really shouldn't know that and I should've turned it off in the HUD, but you can literally see "Aleister McShibbincloth" or whatever above some typhons and can hear the sound so my overall impression was that these people were slowly getting colonized by the typhons through the brain until becoming thoroughly infested.

I guess you're right. I guess in the end it was basically just a "well, I'm not REALLY doing heroin if I'm only snorting it and not shooting it" kind of self delusion about all my neuromods.

I guess I may try Colony Ship after this. I forget even if it's in early access enough I can only play the first few levels or what but I just wanted to support the devs and it looks so ebin. I may end up switching between a few crpgs from Prey (2017) and some space based ones, though TellTale's TWD looks mighty tempting. For a cartoon it scared the shit out of me in 15 minutes.
No. 58207
84 kB, 741 × 900
Play the Ultimate General games, they're rad as fuck. Gettysburg seems primitive, but give it a fair shake, there's a lot of depth to it that isn't shoved in your face, and it actually works on proper principles of battle such as "you don't need to kill the enemy to beat them, just deny them battle positions". The low casualty rates outside of major force committals is a feature, not a bug (and goes both ways). Civil War is less wargamey than the first one, having a campaign system with unit recruitment/experience/equipment section and the ability to influence battles throughout a campaign, though personally I found the more in-depth focus on one battle with many potential developments more interesting than the multiple more linear battles in the sequel.
No. 58209
220 kB, 1920 × 1080
289 kB, 1920 × 1080
254 kB, 1920 × 1080
269 kB, 1920 × 1080
i am the cutest gf (goblinfriend) here UwU
No. 58224
Post-cataclysm goblins are ugli imo
No. 58226
284 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'm very qt gf! Don't shame me, pls.
No. 58227
How we got to selfied in warcraft
Also, where is my Troll girls who look like trolls, not blue-skinned British girls, and my Dwarven woman with beards?
No. 58228
No. 58237
I bet many people regret about playing WOW. I'm one of few who regrets of not doing it.
I guess now it's too late since WOW is dead.
No. 58238
No, I meant more about "how this universe got to this shit" X----DDDD
No. 58257
373 kB, 600 × 450
I liked it till WotLK and I played mostly as SP experience. I liked warcraft and blizzard stuff in general and still liked what they did... and more early stuff, more I liked it.
But still, early WoW was a flawed but still interesting and atmospheric adventure for me. Magic and adventure of course long time gone from modern wow
No. 58265
306 kB, 1920 × 1080
> WOW is dead.
They keep telling this year after year, dude.
No. 58279
but it's dead year after year
Good if it works for you. But too late for me to start playing because there is no fun when everyone except except me already has 10 years of experience.
No. 58287
Me and Aussie were planning to do a coop play through of old wow on a private server, no raiding, just dungeons.
You could join if you wish.
No. 58291
284 kB, 1920 × 1080
I got like 2 weeks of wow expirience.

I played linage in my youth, i regret it, simce all my chareacters are dead/removed and servers are offline.
No. 58325
Sounds cool, but I'm going to be too busy at least for month or two. I'll keep it in mind, but don't count on me.
No. 58342
>all this posting about troll gf avatarfagging or whatever
Jesus Christ

Well anyway I woke up angry about something unrelated and petty this morning followed by all afternoon being irritated about trying to get the real version of Disco Elysium to run.

Thank fucking Christ I'm such a habitual hoarder and data saverer, because resulting in me having close to the original release version of Disco Elysium from GOG has saved even more furious butthurt it's just that now I wasted all damn afternoon on it. It took so long just to finally get the slow ass data transfer to completion from an old drive, power going out, taking a shower and finding out copying stopped midpoint from some file directory problem and I FINALLY get my game downloaded.

I don't know whatever the problem is with new voice acting and don't care to find out, don't care how proud the devs are to spend so much time and money on full voice acting, and frankly found it infuriating even as far back as Mass Effect that lore encyclopedia was being read to me I had to turn audio off just to look at my ingame encyclopedia. I am absolutely dreading that DE is going to read non-dialogue to me, which seems to be one of the numerous problems of new version. Jesus Christ it's going to start getting dark out soon because it was stormy all day.

Oh well. At any rate I think it would be appropriate to burn Opium for this game. I now have a very specific Dragon's Blood tied to Prey, which was frankly an amazing game. Due to Mooncrash and certain IRL circumstances I feel my full game nostalgia was dampened but damn it was such a good game.

I think at this point that life is short and I should eat the good cake first because I may never get the chance to eat the better one later.
Besides, vidya is like reading a book. Or cinema. A trash romance novel isn't saving money on a lesser pasta: it's just wasting your time.

So I'm just not gonna even bother with a good number of my discount games for awhile and just focus on some truly great gaming for what precious limited resource my time now is all summer.

Still up I have on my list is Alien Isolation, Colony Ship, The Walking Dead by TellTale, Divinity Original Sin 2, and the rest of the Witcher series among many others. I just have to force myself through W2 which is console shit to get to Witcher 3. I do have plenty of good games and so far as I can tell Disco Elysium is going to be a truly good game all fulla feels.

Yeah I'll take a minute to post about that later. It was truly an awesomely amazing and epic game. The way it went was both what I figured was going on since 2/3 the way through the game only I couldn't quite figure out why, but damn by the time I finished that game it was at the same time so much different from everything I expected to find out.

Prey (2017) is truly one of the top 50 best games made of all time, and as I take time to digest it better is probably going to go on my personal top 25 alongside my classics like Planescape and Tides of Numenera and KOTOR 2 which are among my top 10 list. Yeah it's just that good.

Like I'm such an incredibly negative, cynical, picky individual who practically makes it a mission to find imperfections in things so as to push them along the path of their destiny towards perfectionidk why I think like this it's a finished game since years ago if it wasn't even why tf would anyone give a shit what some faggot gamer like me has to say about their game but oh well can't help reflexively seeing imperfections to make perfect and even still there's basically not much I can say about improving the game. I suppose it could be a bit less, empty yet cluttered feeling midgame, maybe talk with NPCs, strive to create much deeper emotional impressions in the player about some things going on, but overall its only real problem was a few crash to desktops.

Prey 2017 I would strongly recommend.

Tried it, played it a little bit, didn't feel too strongly about it. It actually just felt like a very high quality $10 shovelware game to me, like a cheap hidden gem.

It's not that it's bad at all. It's pretty fun and a good strategy game. Maybe it's just not "big" enough a game, maybe I don't care too much about that particular moment in our historybesides tactical trolling, maybe it needed more what I dunno.

I actually think that the full Ultimate Civil War is probably gonna be better. Gettysburg just felt too lackluster to me for how little it felt as one battle and not even giving the player lots of historical context for the combat mission you're overseeing.

Everything else you say seems spot on though. I'll probably try playing it to be a casual chillax tier game, along with heavier campaign gaming like mah beloved 4x games which I plan to get into like Endless Space 2 DLCs and Endless Legend and finish the Age of Wonders Planetfall campaign I started. Dunno yet.

I'm surrounded by games but often too ADHD retardchild behaving to really stick to a game immerse myself and finish it. There's a few that do that though, like Prey and probably The Walking Dead and Dishonored, which very easily hook you the moment you start unless you consciously are trying to do something else.
No. 58344 Kontra
89 kB, 1280 × 720
Oh God, I woke up and felt exactly like this so many times it's incredible. I watched the first ten minutes of gameplay by a couple reviewers before, but it's really quit another to actually be playing it
No. 58345
Gettysburg is not for everyone. It is the kind of game that requires more than a passing interest in the subject material because it plays out very authentically. You got to appreciate that authenticity for it to really hit. And I definitely am one of those people. I own a game with Mill Springs being one of its main scenarios even :-DDD

Endless Legend is legit one of the only 4x games that I actually find mechanically interesting. I find most entertaining enough but this one actually has an interesting mechanic that makes booming out of every problem not an option, because winters fuck your eco and keep getting worse. Best you can do is mitigate some of it.

Means you do need to engage with the game a bit before the late stages, because by then even doing shit in your own territory is a pain. Also snaking for resources or developing your boroughs is a fun decision point with no correct answer a lot of the time.

That said, combat sucks balls. It's not deep, requires a lot of clicks and is tedious and slow.

Do get the community patch though. Base game AI is very passive. The patch means that on normal, with no resource cheats, the AI will still raid you and generally be a nuisance without being obviously overfunded.
No. 58346 Kontra
5,8 MB, 2560 × 1440
Oh my fucking god, this is amazing
This is legitimately an heavy alcoholism simulator. I've never felt such immediate empathy with a PC within the first 15 minutes in my life.
No. 58366
85 kB, 600 × 600
How is it even possible? I grinded 10 000 gold in wow in less than week.

I remember trying wow in 2009 and quiting because i struggling at grinding 50 silver or so for being able to fast travel to my friends.
No. 58383
>heavy alcoholism simulator
appropriate for a commie game
No. 58406
Is that current WoW? If so, there's no surprise.
No. 58410
32 kB, 474 × 342
70 kB, 550 × 516
I'm not entirely sure what you mean still. What's the joke why because Zizek is a drunk or because Russians? Didn't the Russian commies discourage alcoholism or something hence that meme?

At any rate I never much concealed I used to get blackout drunk years ago and this game is just so amazingly accurate it kinda made me thinkTM. It's funnier when I realized fully roleplaying a legit alcoholic could be game breaking because I'd spend all my time searching for bottles to buy more Commodore Red.

I'm not really sure yet why anyone calls it commie. It's pretty evenly handed so far clearly giving me the ability to go full on racist ethno-nationalist, full commie, full SJW and so on, and seems to poke fun at all of them.

The writing is superb meanwhile. Im fact I don't think it's any stretch at all to say this is the best, most competent writing of any game I've seen in my entire lifetime. The world itself feels a bit emptier than I was expecting, with much more of a puzzle adventure game feel than a straight up crpg. Tons of moments the little time you think there may actually be something more to the world to click on it's nothing but another item description popup. I am quite early into the game and learning to navigate it however, and already I discovered just equipping a plastic bag in my hand suddenly makes all this trash I thought was just hand painted background noise is in fact lootable items so I'm just now wondering whether the game will be made much more alive by equipping different items or having a bunch of high level stats.

It's really not so much a crpg but rather a highly in depth, complex, choose your own adventure visual novel, and by visual novel I mean a graphical novel not that horrendous weebshit comic books which is not visual novels and I refuse to acknowledge hentai shovelware as VNs than what they are which is anime dating simulators/interactive hentai comic books. I will never stop calling Planescape and Disco Elysium visual novels nor start calling anime dating simulators the same.

At any rate it's mostly just reading, which I enjoy, and is enjoyable at large due to the literally novelist tier professional writing. It's just sublime. I can't tell how much rng is really a thing but it's seemingly built on dice rolls, which definitely I would advise not savescumming this game. I don't plan to reload as I usually doI admittedly did to hit Cuno in the face with a crowbar while I was drunk after figuring out how to equip items though

All in all it's just absolutely as grand as I thought it would be. If you hate reading and don't like combat obviously it's not a game for you, but man am I impressed. I should add that I'm using the previous version before the forced updates for my first playthrough though, which sadly spoiled some good will towards the devs by not making lots of controversial changes reversible or a choice like different voice actors people didn't like. I think the old Klassje voice is perfection.

Currently I'm switching between that and The Walking Dead by TellTale Games, which itself is awesome and immediately pulls me in. I'm using musk for that. I may end up losing my attention span and jumping into combat oriented games though, like Gratuitous Space Battles which is also very fun.
No. 58413
I like the idea of the game, but cmon, "the most competent writing"? For me it's more like "literature faculty sophomore showing off". The start of the game, you don't know shit about game world or characters and you are supposed to read something like "These blue curtains remind me of one jazz musician. <5 paragraphs about those jazz musician>". It's just annoyingly verbose. Good when game has deep lore, but only when you explore it by yourself and not being constantly fed by irrelevant details.
No. 58422
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
In any videogame yeah, and also honestly it pretty much doesn't suffer that problem as you describe. To be perfectly honest this is one of the problems which I had towards Tides of Numenera writing, which I did enjoy, however it very much had tendency both to purple prose as well as rambling on about some trivial detail, it's just that all told I was enthralled by the game world as total package and think the writing more often made up for its deficits.

I think there's too much tendency some people have in calling any writing as "pretentious" or "try hard" or "overly verbose" or whatever particularly as semi-literate gamers are concerned whenever anybody actually does bother to put effort into their writing and try to make something that's actually sophisticated or vivid. Maybe some of it is them just being too used to low IQ stuff. Like for example I just tried booting Tower of Time and my God, the writing, I was expecting so much different than the writing but holy God it was so bad. I'm hoping to stomach it sometime in the future but well you should see it and you'll know what I mean. It read like every single thing bad writers tend to do, from trying to sound faux Shakespearean thou mustest to flipping within the very same paragraph to sounding like a modern teenage girl texting. It was enough I closed the game. Meanwhile anime writing is so spectacularly atrocious I can only imagine what such weebs would imagine when confronted by actual writing for once in their lives.

In your case though I don't know what to tell you. It may not achieve the heights of pen and paper luterature however I'd personally rate it as being up there acceptably, and miles above the rest of vidya writing relatively speaking. I didn't notice they tended towards anything overly verbose, merely deftly using them to set the mood rather and to create that kind of vivid atmosphere. It wasn't like say Pillars of Eternity which just prattled on some dry boring stuff nobody gave a shit about as some Welsh historyboo fanfiction in most tedious possible manner.

Maybe I'll need to play deeper into the game to see what you mean. So far as I can tell there's just a few sentence fragment or two long descriptions as popups for some point of interest along with dialogue between outer world NPCs and your own inner dialogue, which I found superbly well done so far.

Like the only thing I even can criticize is their mystifying decision to bleep out the word faggots, then use the Finnish word for faggot unbleeped, and it was totally immersion breaking. I heard some rumour that depending what actions and choices you make it can unbleep it but I don't know. It'd be hilarious and only make the game better imho if by agreeing with enough anti-gay or racial or whatever stuff some words get unbleeped, and if you go full SJW character it bleeps more words, but whatever.

If you didn't like it oh well. My personal estimation of it so far after like two hours of gameplay of however long it was is that this is the best written game ever, in a literal sense. The sole games which ever came close was Planescape Torment and Tides of Numenera, and in the latter case your criticism is entirely accurate unfortunately though I ended up enjoying its writing regardless.

I am very curious however which say top five or even top three games had better writing in your opinion
No. 58434 Kontra
57 kB, 474 × 667
Good lord this game is going to be so much more irritating than I thought it was going to be and after such a great start. If being true to the show was its intention then it wildly succeeded because all I'm doing is yelling at the monitor for them being retarded.

The difference here is that now I am the fucking character which is so thoroughly immersion breaking because I'm at such a fundamental and profound disconnect from anything my character is doing that everything sucked ever since we got to the pharmacy. I don't care about that stupid kid trying to get his dick wet. I had no intention of busting in there after the woman told us to leave. I had zero inclination to run around that motel parking lot, most of which was a beyond retarded puzzle game whose literal every move was contrary to all sense of reality from moving that car to breaking that window to firing a gun into a pillow which by the way does not silence a gunshot at all certainly not in the sound reflecting motel parking lot, and I sure as shit had no intention ever letting that woman have my gun because of the sound it would make and needing the bullet. In fact the sole time in the last hour I felt any connection at all to Lee was one sole dialogue option to tell that stupid Asian kid she was a waste of a bullet. I need that bullet goddamnit, what, do you think bullets just grow on the bullet tree in societal collapse?

Shit it's irritating.

And then to top it all off I'm running around doing stupid shit for saving a guy I hate and hope he dies with his Karen-ish bitch of a daughter I don't trust and end up tripping an alarm to save a guy I would never have chosen to save because he's not just dead weight but an active liability. In fact it got to the point I finally just sat there and started walking around the pharmacy mumbling to myself irl you're a liability she's a liability that kid could be useful he's dead weight etc until I realized basically it's just Clementine, Carly, and Doug I actually care about saving and triaged all the rest as dead weight or liabilities that are gonna get us all killed or untrustworthy at the least.

So meanwhile I now have this derp durr your choices matter game thoroughly railroading me over and over into doing things I never, ever would have chosen to do. It's one thing to use stupid retarded fucking Hollywood logic; it's quite another when it's a videogame. I get that bad Hollywood TV tries making fake drama in horror shows but when I am supposedly actively controlling a character it's just downright stupid, infuriating, and unfun. I'm saddled with that mom, dad, and retarded boy even though I know their retard child will get some of us killed at some point, but that at least I can bear. That fat boomer having a post chimpout heart attack though we should just let him die. He clearly doesn't want or need us so why is he and his daughter in the group? Don't care how good she can be when her father is a package deal that wildly outweighs any benefit to having her around.

But all this pales in comparison to the fact isn't at all reacting like I would have him react, in word nor in deed, and I can't roleplay it. For a killer he sure is a sentimental fuck isn't he. I fear greatly the whole series acting like it's television and just ramrodding me into dumb shit where I'm no longer an active participant at all doing not a single thing I'd do. I think the greatest irony is the fact all my instincts IRL so far are entirely right, like totally ignoring that guy's child and trying to save Hershel's son instead. Meanwhile despite all that I'm saddled with these complete chucklefucks including the player character. I'm going to turn him into one cold hearted son of a bitch after all this pharmacy and motel fiasco every second I get. Hopefully the game will let me choose between Carly or Doug and anyone else later on.

Also, it definitely feels like a console game. Dialogue selection and moving the cursor is wonky af. It's got like, a total of 6 actual keyed inputs and can't even do that right to keyboard and mouse somehow.

I'm really trashing that game now I know, particularly after such strongly positive first impressions, but damn that whole scene was retarded. I now need to figure out being totally trapped by a horde because I got railroaded into getting heart meds by some angry babboon calling us all infected the minute I first meet him and his nearly equally unpleasant air force mechanic daughter.

Sad thing is the more I think about it the more I realize how accurate that probably is in a real crisis with real people acting like total morons. Then I realize precisely why I avoid human beings in this world, because they're dangerous annoying idiots
No. 58435 Kontra
>game does force me to choose immediately after making that post
>is between the only two new people I don't want to die
>immediately after get punched in the face by the boomer I wanted to die
>the same boomer I wanted to have a heart attack but instead got forced into some chickenshit run to get him heart medication
I'm so, so much more butthurt now than I was mere minutes after making that post.

I am actively going to find a way to kill these people
No. 58443
Frankly, I don't understand why did you even expect something good of Telltale shit. And if you were familiar with their other "games" before, why in hell would you try another one?
No. 58445
>Like the only thing I even can criticize is their mystifying decision to bleep out the word faggots, then use the Finnish word for faggot unbleeped, and it was totally immersion breaking. I heard some rumour that depending what actions and choices you make it can unbleep it but I don't know. It'd be hilarious and only make the game better imho if by agreeing with enough anti-gay or racial or whatever stuff some words get unbleeped, and if you go full SJW character it bleeps more words, but whatever.

I really never understood why some people, and especially americans are doing that. It just seems so utterly nonsensical to me.
If you are bleeping out or ****ing a curse word, then why use it in the first place?
You are neutering it that way. You can still imply its effect, but it won't have the effect. And that way you can just leave it out altogether.
Is it because you're scared of the word yourself? Then why use it?
Is it because you don't swear in general? Then why use it?
In short, it's just silly. Sure, it can be played for humor, as in "Mutha'uckas" by Flight of the Conchords, but that was the only time they did that and it was clearly humorous.
As for the finnish words unbleeped, that reminded me of an american exchange student I once supervised. He's a devout catholic and didn't swear, yet he said stuff like "shoot". Now, if you substitute the word "shit" with the word "shoot", it still means the same. Therefore it's the same as simply using another language's word for shit. Or, if we're arguing in the other direction, only the word "shit" is bad, therefore using any other word is ok. So if you're saying "faggot", that's bad, but if you're saying e.g. "Schwuchtel", that's ok, then.
There is also this (in)famous spread from some Marvel story where some dude is ripping some other dude apart. It's basically a double page full of guts and blood. Yet his speech bubble shows something like "*§$%!!". It's completely insane.

Either you use swear words and stand by them or you just don't use them. Everything else is BULLSHIT. And if you get your feefees hurt by mere words you should consider removing yourself from society and humans anyway.
No. 58448
The half censored words might just be the funniest thing, 'f*cking' seems more offensive than a mere 'fucking'. Thankfully it's censored, makes me think of American media censoring the middle finger salute by blurring the finger - I always found it very comical.
No. 58453
Whoa whoa whoa there laddy, this was a game by Estonians or something no muricans imvolved. Best I figure they or their publishers were afraid of EU and Wect yurop audiences with uncenseored faggots. Though still rest of your point is relevant and
Oh. I was going to say again and it didn't bleep out Finnish faggots then I realized maybe the decision was directed at us. Oh well. You're right though.

I don't think that I ever did and didnt know what I was expecting beyond everyone says it's good in first seasons with some disagreement which season is most shit or best. I never played, whatever that game about high school lesbians was everyone liked. Unless they did The Council which indeed stands out as something that both amazed me first season how much fun I was starting to have and good potential followed by immediate confusion about how they could possibly have ruined the last two seemingly on purpose. TC is by far amomg the worst schlocky writing I have ever seen and seemingly was a middle finger by writers to publishers or devs to audience or I dunno what, but I had to write off mentally The Council as abandoned unfinished work because last season was pure deviantart shit where everyone was a demon and it was just family drama. It was just absolutely insane how horrific the writing of that game got after such a promising start seasons 1-2. Somehow even demons themselves they made faggy and nonsensical. Holy fuck it's going to give me writer ptsd thinking about suffering that shit.

Still heard TWD was good though

Yeah now I think about it that's kinda true. Like if they showed blurred middlefingers from Ameribears in a Walmart parking lot the scene is even funnier when the middle fingers get blurred.
No. 58467
> I never played, whatever that game about high school lesbians was everyone liked.
You imply "Life is strange"? It's not by TellTale, it's Square Enix. Very nice game. My friend recommended it, and I tried to play. I thought I'm going to shit with rainbow or start menstruating, which was surprising, because the friend is alpha with super male vitality. After some time I made one more attempt, and I was playing until I completed it. Spent one day and one night.
No. 58469
LiS is actually by DontnoD, SE is just the publisher.

That said, while the writing was nothing to write (hohoho) home about, it was still decent and certainly better than anything any american has produced since that time. Just treat it as some kind of YA novel with already legal waifus.
Also, Kate is the best girl and the only thing I never did different in all my playthroughs was saving her and I will come and cave your skull in if you disagree.
No. 58471
125 kB, 1280 × 1166
Thoughts about Genshin Impact? I recently heard about it and it seems more attractive than WoW:
1. It's 80IQ-friendly. I don't want to think in game, I'm too tired after job, gib me something simple.
2. Graphics. In WoW it's both unrealistic, uncute and unaesthetic.
3. In WoW 90% of userbase got tired of the game years ago and just occasionally return because of nostalgia. Not the best people to play with. and not the worst
No. 58473
124 kB, 1200 × 554
58 kB, 604 × 453
The real commie simulator is DOTA 2.

Everyone except me was playing, so at some point I didn't want to be pariah and started to play as well. At first I played with bots for 30 hours. Couple of times I deleted Dota so it woulnd't tempt me, then reinstalled it again. I started to easily defeat easy bots and middle bots. But hard bots were too hard for me.

Then a friend gave me a lesson. He learned me to "deny" creeps. In Dota you should kill your allied NPC's so your enemy won't kill them and get XP for them. Basically, it's just barrier troop simulator. You stand behind other soldiers while they zerg-rush enemy fortifications and shoot into their backs. No wonder it's so popular in slavlands.

This was so counterintuitive and unpleasant (it looked like a cheat, not actual game mechanic) that I deleted the game the third time and never came back. I could possibly overcome it, but I used this as chance to close this Pandora's Box. I've spend years gaming for days, and I have 200 hours at few of the most played games. Meanwhile my friends (even normie ones) have thousands of hours in Dota alone.
No. 58474
No. 58480
I just spent an hour being infuriated by everything about TWD and how awful the stupid shit I get forced to do is but then I finally found a way to get Larry fucking killed
I am euphoric. That sole moment made everything of my suffering absolutely worth it. In this moment I am still filled with joy and gladness in my heart. I made myself a bowl of mint ice cream on top of piece of lemon cake to celebrate. I shall soon have my victory cigarette, cherishing and nourishing that memory of his ridiculously gruesome and brutal death in front of his daughter which is all while knowing I actively egged it on. Now if I can simply dispose of her in our group which should be set as a lean cohesive grouping of survivors finally.
No. 58487
72 kB, 600 × 782
Been playing Shogun 2 again. Shit's good mang. Finished an Oda campaign today, was really hampered by alliances forming around me, forcing me to partner up with the Ikko-Ikki, which means when realm divide kicks off, you've got to wade your way slowly through their territory and break down armies into occupying forces to scatter across cities until your monasteries and monks can get the populations converted to Shinto and crush the religious discontent unrest. Also had problems with the Chosokabe landing troops all up the coast, which meant that I needed to invest in a few rear area armies which were money sinks 90% of the time compared to border garrisons, but absolutely required to not crumble. Eventually teched into mid-game navy and massed it behind a few years of eco booming to block off their avenues of approach. A couple of big naval battles ended that campaign in my favour a few turns before the game ended.

Shogun 2 is probably my favourite total war. I love how everything has a point, you don't need an entire tree of Ashigaru types, just the main few and have them get better as the game progresses, same with other units. No bloat. The map is also nice because strategic positioning is much more powerful thanks to valleys and such being everywhere. I've held off attacking open cities before because leaving my current place makes my border less defensible (North Shinano can lock down the entire western side of Honshu by itself).

Might do a FOTS campaign next.
No. 58488
831 kB, 1920 × 2048
Is anyone here into fighting games? I know I've previously talked about King of Fighters before, but anyone here play Rival Schools or Project Justice?

This sadly short-lived franchise holds a special place in my heart. Anytime I'd vacation with my folks in Hawaii, they'd shop around while I'd plunk tons of tokens at the arcade which had a Rival Schools cabinet. Shortly after, I heard it was coming out to the PSX, and 10-year-old me couldn't contain himself. Soon as I got it, my friends and I would spend hours playing the game and getting into the storyline.

Despite being only two player, it's a wonderful party game as the gameplay is smooth and easily accessible to even inexperienced gamers. Perhaps best of all, per Capcom's impeccable taste and discretion in character design, is the roster. Each character is full of unique movesets that all have their advantages/disadvantages.

For those curious to see storymode gameplay, here's a playthrough for Gorin High School:

The storyline concerns sudden disappearances of students and teachers in a shadowy conspiracy involving brainwashing and world domination. As the students fight their way through each other, they uncover more details leading to their ultimate confrontation with the principal of Justice High School and the man behind the project. It is up to them to stop the man behind the conspiracy, end the feuding between the different high schools and save those kidnapped by Justice High School.
No. 58492
24 kB, 758 × 644
Not good at fighting games, but I like couch play. Rival Schools is rad as fuck though not my favourite. My formative experience was Street Fighter machines at the fish and chip shop. Most recently (a month or so ago), I was playing Skullgirls though. Small roster, but it feels good to play, and has a pretty ebin aesthetic. Also tbh, if you want to introduce someone to fighting games, there is no better tutorial since it goes through fighting game theory and not just the basic controls.

Also, I will stand by Koei's fighting games. Even DoA. It's visually dumb as hell and makes no sense, but they ironically have a pretty good 'weight' to combat. That remained a thing up to DoA5 even, yet to try 6. Then again, the general world design that Team Ninja has across all their games kind of hits for me, so I can actually look past the stupid sleaziness of DoA as a series. They kind of need to go all the way with what they did in DoA5 and just make a de-titted version and call it Virtua Fighter. I feel like relying on people who actually want to just stare at 3d tits, or who just find the irreverent ridiculousness endearing is not a great business tactic, and lord knows Koei needs a game to not bomb for a change.

Aight, fuck it. I'm going to "acquire" DoA6 and give it a spin. Let it download while I'm at werk tonight.
No. 58493
1,4 MB, 770 × 1100
Also, my favourite (though not the best if I'm entirely real) Capcom fighter series is Darkstalkers. The cartooned-up take on classic monsters and movie tropes was ebin. It's also even more vibrant than Street Fighter (borders on gaudy at times though).
No. 58494
I have played almost all mainstream fighting games.
The only things that stuck are Injustice (which my gf enjoys so we beat each other up from time to time) and Tekken. Shame that 7 is such a DLC mess. I mean, I am guilty of buying a few characters, but I don't think I will buy more.
No. 58502
>the fish and chip shop
You're that Australian behind 7000 proxies, right?

>I feel like relying on people who actually want to just stare at 3d tits, or who just find the irreverent ridiculousness endearing is not a great business tactic, and lord knows Koei needs a game to not bomb for a change.

In the era of porn ubiquity, the first demographic has an obviously fleeting attention span so no business model can be built on them alone, but catering to the latter can produce great works of art. Illbleed is one of my favorite Horror Survival games of all time precisely because it loves screwing with your mind. You are correct that a game needs much more that sheer irreverence to be worth replaying, but you can build lifelong fandoms with craziness.

Yep, Darkstalkers is another great franchise. It's a bit garish, but holy shit, was it a fun fighting game. A shame Capcom let it go by the wayside but at least they incorporated notable characters into other franchises:
No. 58507

My point isn't that the game is lackluster under that veneer, quite the opposite. I'd say that they're as good as Tekken. Problem is that they dress the gameplay up in such a trashy way that lots of people wouldn't give it a second glance, hence why I said they should just make a new Virtua Fighter on the newer engine. They've done it in the past, and DoA5 had some VF crossover. Virtua Fighter is way more marketable in the year 2021 on the basis of 'weird Japanese sleaze' being way less prominent and innoculation to it being way down.
No. 58521
67 kB, 1080 × 577
>In the era of porn ubiquity, the first demographic has an obviously fleeting attention span so no business model can be built on them alone
From my observation, this is actually not the case. On the contrary, less pornographic, but more "personal" material is becoming very successful at attracting an audience and money within certain demographics.
It turns out, selling sex is not as effective as selling a sort of parasocial relationship simulator, with sexual content as the premise. Stuff like onlyfans, dating sims, vtubers, e-thots, streamers, gacha games, etc., are all built to exploit this niche of "digital voyeurism", or simulation of social interaction. Surrogate meaning is the hottest selling product in today's zeitgeist, where existential anxiety seems to be the prevailing mental condition.
No. 58522 Kontra
Did not read the posts before but I like that take very much.
No. 58524
>On the contrary, less pornographic, but more "personal" material is becoming very successful at attracting an audience and money within certain demographics.
>It turns out, selling sex is not as effective as selling a sort of parasocial relationship simulator, with sexual content as the premise. Stuff like onlyfans, dating sims, vtubers, e-thots, streamers, gacha games, etc., are all built to exploit this niche of "digital voyeurism", or simulation of social interaction. Surrogate meaning is the hottest selling product in today's zeitgeist, where existential anxiety seems to be the prevailing mental condition.

I was hinting at that, but perhaps wasn't quite clear. We do agree that sex alone doesn't sell or even sell that much at all and the parasocial relationship simulations offered on platforms you describe are far more enticing. From the little I know about these people, the secret to success is keeping the paying base on the line and never revealing your relationship status. I recall that Hispanic "Okay Boomer" girl having lots of success after going viral until she revealed she was already taken. Suffice to say, that revelation sent the simps packing and the money flow cratering.

All kinda sad if you ask me.
No. 58525
The japanese have perfected the formula with the whole idol industry.
They're not allowed to date, and if they do, they get publicly shamed. There was even an incident once when an idol was revealed to be in a relationship, and her producers forced her to shave her head and issue a public apology lmao.

And why do they put up with that shit? Because the whole industry is economically set up like prostitution. Those "pop stars" don't write their own songs, don't have their own connections, don't have basically any skills at all, and their only assets are their appearance, and the image that the producers build for them. In essence, they have zero leverage or power because they have no skills and can't produce their own labor. They're basically sock puppets. And parents train them from childhood thinking it's a lucrative career.
A lot like the situation with female actors in hollywood, actually.
And once their popularity fizzles out, they're fucked. Sometimes literally, as there's been cases of former idols going into the porn industry.
Some fucked up shit.

I guess one upside of the "virtual idol" industry is that it's less exploitative, lol.
No. 58526 Kontra
Well, I mean nobody is forcing them to do this.
You want to be an actress but don't want to fuck that disgusting producer guy? Well, your call, you can also walk away.
You want to be an idol? It's well known what's going in the industry. If you still want to do that, go ahead.

By the way, all of that streamer/ethot/onlyfans/camwhore/whatever bullshit wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for men who support that.
I really can't blame the whores for taking the money, it's the smart move. But I can blame those paying for it.
If every man would stop thinking with his dick for just a single day, the world would improve vastly.

Kontra for off-topic.
No. 58527
>Suffice to say, that revelation sent the simps packing and the money flow cratering.
>All kinda sad if you ask me.
Yes, it is kinda sad, but I can't help but like it in a way. No one is forced to give their money to internet thots, and it's the peoples own fault to allow themselves to be exploited. I like stuff like this because it begs the question how much self-destructive behaviour should be allowed and which boundaries should be set by the state, or what is considered ethically acceptable. In the videogame context of this thread for example one could make an argument for any game which contain in game-purchases that it should be age 18-restricted, because kids can't be expected to be aware of such exploitation mechanisms. Expanding the topic: You could argue for democracy not being a realistic form of government as long as your people frequently succumb to alcohol, tobacco and porn addiction while eating unhealthy food. This also branches into the whole social credit-topic.

The reason why I like things like this so much is because it shows the weaknesses of human decision making, and I always hope that blatantly exposing and exploiting those weaknesses will help in ultimately defeating them, just like a virus infection is countered by an immune reaction as soon as it becomes well known to the host body.
No. 58544
67 kB, 640 × 640
Kind of ebin that posting about Dead or Alive, being essentially a fighting game with glamour models posing as ninjas and kung fu fighters has gone into socio-economic theory around sexual e-commerce. Never change.

Sex work is work. Unionise e-thottery :-DDD
No. 58617
There's so many things I want to keep complaining about with The Walking Dead but I can't stop playing it. It's barely even recognizable as a "game." I really should be saving this one for just being too tired to even game after work kinda days because it's totally effortless. Save system is complete ass though. At one point I literally had to do the equivalent of rewatching 8 solid minutes of unskippable cutscene solely because the stupid thing needed me to sit there and let all the credits roll before it would update the save file and let me continue to the next episode. It also reminds me why one of the gravest red flags to a high profile vidya is when it looks like flunkies from Hollywood who should've fucked off to Hollywood instead subject us to their failed aspirations in a vidya but I digress. Even still, I sat there all last two days actually playing it. So it is enjoyable.

It has definitely become a solid aspiration to accumulate as much money as possible so as to not work for a year or two and live off the savings to just do this for quite a bit. I'll return to suffering "life" at some point, which frankly given it's still the pandemic might as well be every day is pajamas day right now.

I'll probably end up breezing through this series.
No. 58639
Most likely since noone played DoA 2 which is a pretty good game, at least on the Dreamcast and relatives. Yes it had boob physics but at least it wasn't gay super heros, edge lord brutal, or faggy street fighter. The volley ball spinoff is fan service in its purest form though.
No. 58666
28 kB, 220 × 207
So I come here today with this brilliance
>have to exit the game due to sheer stupidity of it all
>finally come back to slog through episode 5 of the second TWD game
>she's going to freeze to death!
>how could this have happened!
>we should've gone around!
And within literally less than 30 seconds I'm already tabbed out again.

This game is just so fucking bad and so Hollywood and so moronic I'm regretting buying the full TellTale series. Seriously what the fuck? Every single thing obvious from the getgo happens. It happened so badly in such contrived manner they even have all the characters saying out loud everything obvious to me would happen, as if that somehow makes it more believable by having the written characters expressing shock at the obvious.

I really can't even recommend these games at this point. Everyone goes across the ice, Luke drowns, there's no choice, no way to save him, all this happening when I clearly can visually see how we walk around the lake rather than walk across the ice. We fall through the ice, Luke dies. How unexpected. Oh and it's not like being covered in freezing water after the fall of society is problem or anything. I'm sure we can just go get some antibiotics from CVS to treat the pneuominia after sitting around a nice electric space heater.

It's not the characters dying or not dying at this point, but the stupidity of the writing. Like why in the fuck would anybody call down thousands of zombies? I'm not even talking about how evil it is, but rather how senselessly stupid and suicidal that is. No I do not consent to that. Oh well I am forced to by the bad writing? Okay I wonder how many people are going to die now in my group.

I can't even call this alleged game a "game" at this point nor recommend anything about the writing. It's just awful. I think that the sole redeeming feature is the fact it's super high EQ in spite of being one of the lowest IQ games I ever played. The characters themselves are indeed well written for the most part, it's just that their reactions to things are incredibly stupid. I don't know. Judging just by shitposts I see on imageboards or society generally maybe the average person really is multiple marks of dumb lower than I ever imagined. I suppose it is theoretically possible.

However, all that being stated I now have characters echoing the obvious to me of why walking across the ice was stupid, which is signalling to me even the whole TellTale writing team knew what they were doing was impossibly stupid and unbelievable. Again and again I see it.

The only real redemption of the series is that pretty normalfag types wrote characters to appear very human with usually human motivations and suicidally stupid and nonsensical solutions to simple problems. Maybe that's my problem with it at this point, at least if 2020 was any indication. Maybe the average Joe and Jane is orders of magnitude dumber than I expect, and really would react in exactly as stupid a manner in those situations, however
>she'll freeze to death!
>why didn't we walk around it!
>how could this happen!
makes it far more unbelievable when I now know for a fact the entire writing team thought taking the story in that direction for fake drama was dumb.

This game is now approaching Mass Effect 2 levels of bad and retarded, except ME2 still had some gameplay. This is literally just a cutscene where I keep pressing the Q key and then press E to go to the next cutscene. That's it. No real gameplay, no choice. Just the story. All of which means that once the story fails, the whole game does.

I can write entire essays about why TellTale was godawful writers at this point. Narratively speaking this is one of the worst jobs I've ever seen in any videogame by the end of TWD 2. I suppose if they emphasized they're southerners and somehow do not understand things about walking across ice, maybe then I could believe it, but even then at least one person would have said something, which indeed they did, which is why I had the opposition to say the following
>we should spread out
>we should move slowly
or something about zombies chasing us.

I should emphasize here it got bad enough that I'm no longer immersed in the game whatsoever and basically trying to game it against the writers, because now I'm looking at it as a puzzle against the devs themselves and thinking "oh, no don't say spread out because clearly the writers are trying to kill more of the group. I need to stay close enough that I can try and rush over to save them when they fall through the ice." The fact that I'm actually thinking that and responding that way to the game as a player is a wholesale indictment against their narrative ability.

There's now zero organic flow to this story and basically down to me seeing if I can delay the inevitable with the twat hipster Hollywood flunkout writing team as my Final Boss of TellTale's games.

I'm going to emphasize that above line. I really don't care to such a ferocious extent now about spoiling anything because suffice it to say everybody dies. Everybody dying is a foregone conclusion. It's like first person Project Zomboid, if PZ was written by tight jeans and thick rim glasses wearing retards who couldn't get a "real" job in LA. It's not about them dying in ways that leave an impression on you either, or tragedies and tragic accidents. This is exclusively dying for retarded reasons. This is Lily, who I never trusted, shooting Carly who was actually both useful and trustworthy tier.

In fact the only two super memorable moments to me at this point was both finally finding a way to crush Larry's skull as well as having to put Sam the dog down. I grew up with dogs. Yes dogs snap at each other at the food dishes. I think this whole introduction to Series 2 or whatever TWD 2 is called was incredibly poignant and tragic. Every single thing was downhill from there. In fact I felt better finally having an excuse to kill Larry than defeating any boss of a videogame I can remember. I never had any option to rid myself of that dangerous liability until the end.
No. 58667 Kontra
Larry became my Final Boss of TWD 1. The devs are my Final Boss of TWD 2. So in that sense TWD 1 wasn't truly awful yet. It still created a thin illusion of my "choice" mattering. I should point out I have TWD tabbed while writing all this. It's just that infuriating an experience. I can't even go for long without needing to exit the game for an opposite feel of Kermit thinking what a great game, and the intervals between me needing to exit the game are getting briefer and briefer. Any concept of what you do mattering is broken by the second one, and character arcs go similarly downhill. It becomes a nonstop shitfest between seeing what is about to happen from miles off and being forced into doing it regardless.

Like when Carlos and Sarita die in the horde
>how could this happen!
I never fucking consented to that! I am reduced to exclamation points now. It's not even like we can play it off as "oh they couldn't have known" no Luke point blank knew what kind of danger was coming our way and it was obvious the plan would never work. All this is on top of how vicious that is to deliberately draw the dead to get possibly dozens of people killed just because I had a problem with Carver, who I kept wondering why we don't kill the fucker right there.

I will say this, they at least did get it to where it felt totally believable to me playing an 11 year old girl basically trying to undermine a boss man and tell people to kill him. So in that sense the writing is not atrocious. The characters work on their own, and sometimes how they act to one another. But everything beyond that is a complete mess from perspective of storytelling. I never watched TWD the show so I can only imagine how much worse it was which I've come to suspect TellTale made the awful decision to remain "true to the series" which is why the writing is so predictably bad episode after episode. It just flat out doesn't work in videogame format and it is infuriating on at this point a minute by minute basis.

I've seen people talk about translation across mediums and I would have to say this alleged game is a stunning example of that. I can see right through how the show must have used fake drama to keep TV viewers coming back, probably with the gimmick of wondering who will die next this week. I know it was popular for shows of the era like most infamously GoT however the show often made it work in spite of whatever controversy there was about writing taking a nosedive for the final season. Breaking Bad did it; many shows of the 2010s did. This tactic however does not work at all in a videogame where the whole point to a game is there being some layer of choice within the sandbox rules and a distinct sense of consequence for your actions, which may be as simple as character death or losing the game, to where you get a different ending, have different quests available, reputations etc.

Here there is no sense of any of that and it's become really just a custscene simulator. That is how I would describe The Walking Dead by TellTale: a cutscene simulator. I have a massive problem with the laziness and incompetence of the team in how those cutscenes happen though, and now understand the complete failure of adaptations to different mediums.
No. 58668 Kontra
70 kB, 1280 × 682
>I hate this game and write autistic essays on whay I hate it
>But I will still play it to the end
Had to check if I'm not on /v/
No. 58670 Kontra
There's 5 hour and a half "episodes" per each game installment, so considering I'm at least half through episode 5 yeah. I have piles of half finished games. At least I can finally check this off as "beat" game, especially considering I really don't think any review of a game can be fully valid until you have beaten it.

It's part of the reason I think Mac's reviews aren't necessarily helpful. He'll do things like play a 4x game or some huge openworld game for 10 hours max and then give a review on that. It's definitely valid to say what it's like several hours in but to me that's really just a first impressions and not an actual review of the game. I'd say there are first impressions, half done reviews, and fully beaten reviews.

One example that immediately comes to mind is the first ME game. I thought it was tedious as shit halfway through, but the payoff was excellent. Really it was the ending which made that game. Likewise, had everyone simply played about 2/3's the way into Mass Effect 3 nobody would've complained about it. The internet would be littered with "whoa man, 10/10! ten out of ten!" Instead, it was a fun game ruined by EA's triple A bullshit that got shatted on more for the RGB ending than anything else.

So if I'm about 40 minutes away from being done, why wouldn't I force myself to finish? It really wasn't until the ice that became the last straw for me. I thought at least I could power through after so unexpectedly losing a party member by falling through ice TellTale decided I needed to walk on, basically am just a bored spectator at this point, and like a dentist drilling through my teeth without painkillers think I can move beyond it only to hear "oh this will probably hurt I probably should have given you painkillers" at the end of it. Yeah no shit sherlock.

Basically at this point I am venting and collecting my thoughts saving you all the hassle because I think this might be the first video review I upload if my wrath finally bypasses my sloth. At least the first game was, in fact, entertaining. I will give it that. I have a hard time focusing on anything and seeing it through. I did find it really easy to finish the first despite it pissing me off too.

That didn't happen here. There's been no payoff so far. It's all rather rote and predictable.
No. 58671 Kontra
I don't know man, I am at a point where I will simply stop playing if a game sucks. Of course if someone I actually trust (i.e. who I know has a good taste) tells me to power through, I will, but apart from that, fuck that shit, I can waste my time more pleasantly than that.
Same with films or anything. I am not 13 anymore and have to be able to talk about whatever bullshit is trendy at the moment. As a matter of fact, since I don't watch TV, listen to the radio or watch the films everyone else watches, I am about as far behind the moon as my dead grandma, but I don't care. I have enough other interests to be able to have a conversation with people.
No. 58674
My Morrowind-appreciating Russian friend, what mod set-up do you recommend for a fresh experience of the game and Tamriel Rebuilt?
No. 58676
I played a lot of DoA4, and some DoA5 and it still held up. They kind of felt like early PS2 era Japanese AAs but with modern graphics. The increasing fanservice was/is weird (though tbh overstated since most of the real sleaze is in alternate costumes with the 'default' experience being fairly tame), but honestly, the game itself has always remained fun enough for me to just pass it off as a Weird Japanese Thing and simply enjoy the gameplay, which has a pretty nice system of interaction (e.g. strike holds making defending not just a passive action) instead of just moves with different hitboxes like a lot of pure fighting games do.

Then again, I'm also of the opinion that the gaming industry is really prudish these days which may be part of it too. Consider Bayonetta being critically acclaimed when it came out. I see it being considered "coomer shit" today because people see that kind of sexualised tone and nothing else (such as the great combat). Caveat being that maybe I'm just a fuggen libertine degenerate who isn't bothered one way or the other about such things.
No. 58682
I may recommend wait a bit for next TR releases, hope this year, but they are sort of close. One will update imperial towns in their older releases, second is giant chunk of land with 120 quests. I recommend playing on latest build of OpenMW with something which may count as "fixed vanilla". How much fixed is depends on your personal preferences.
No. 58692
195 kB, 1833 × 1458
I can recommend Starsector, had a blast the last 2 or so months, 9/10, I want moar.


First link just download it, second link are all the juicy mods and third link is a "review", at 17.20 you get a key, case sensitive btw.

No. 58693 Kontra
Btw. the "review" contains spoilers so beware, imo just get the key at 17.20.
No. 58695
Welp my save file got fucked last night so
Yeah I see your point, but then this has nothing to do with what other people have to say or think beyond me taking bad advice at face value.

I can't figure out what went wrong. The season 2 menu just has "restart episode" on every single episode, including 5, which I was apparently only 2/3 done with. I wasted much of yesterday trying to unfuck it, which hilariously gave me the most difficult puzzle I've had to solve. I was keeping backup folders for this exact reasonI will never stop doing this, and I was proven right to yet again but apparently my last backup of the save folder was before starting ep. 5, which I also discovered restarting the episode still leaves me with the annoying restart episode option so something is fucked in the menu.

See, this is exactly why I fucking hate checkpoint systems in games, particularly one slot autosaves. The file gets fucked your whole game gets fucked, or you end up having to sit through ten minutes of bullshit to get back where you were.

But then I felt like I solved the puzzle with the genius realization my "OVERWRITE" save folder was still in the trashcan. I still had copies of every single deletion since season 1 to restore, but nope, still fucked. The annoying thing is I still wanted to finish it and there's just barely enough veneer of "game" that I neither can watch lets plays to finish it because it referneces back choices I never made plus my overall annoyance with new choices, and I'd still need the save file to do new seasons if I had that impulse to dig around a painful infected wound just for laughs. I've not been this mad at a game in years. It also makes me wonder how many people played shit like ME on consoles only to realize their save files were fucked and couldn't import anything to finishing teh series. I am guessing probably a lot. I fucking hate console games so bad.

In the meantime I was too irritated and too much tonal shift to really get into DE again. Although it was hilarious and still fantastic the mood whiplash was too great, realized I wanted a space game, didn't want to start up a brand new 100 hour long 4x game, dicked around on Cities XXL and went to bed. It has a lot of stuff I wish C:S had like a fill in tool, but still felt wanting compared to C:S.

Maybe I'll just start up and finish A Plague Tell today which also grabbed my attention quickly and easily within minutes of playing, and is so low IQ I'm sure I'll finish it readily. I guess while I'm put off by basically everything worthabuy says about itmac's opinions are usually valid for everything other than the 1980s and an isolated few instances where he said a good game was shit or called a mediocre game fantastic otherwise he's usually right and am fully expecting exactly the same kind of low IQ, checkpoint, single autosave, consolized fucking bullshit for YOBA game bydlo children, but even still I guess there is something to be said for a game that's just dumb and lazy and easily finished in under a weekend. I actually completed two basically walking simulators this month for that very reason, and they weren't shit. Weren't a lot to write home about but still.

So maybe I'll just try playing that. It may also be a game that actually halfway takes advantage of my hardware too, considering the usual games can basically run on a Texas Instruments calculator powered by potato. Stardrive 2 I liekly will get into again to finish that campaign, but I guess it just felt like maybe I should finish a few more things I actually spent a ton of money on considering I was playing that game long before on a RX 550 and shit tier 3rd gen i5.
No. 58697
8,4 MB, 2560 × 1440
Oh yeah forgot pic.

Like I said it's a wonderful game, already one of the most excellent I ever played in fact, however it's extremely difficult transition directly from playing a little girl constantly watching people she cares about dying and running from the living dead, to well pic related. Probably you could end a truly great game to this, go from Prey 2017 or a Malkavian run of VTMB to DE, but definitely not some super dark heavy theme.

I got it. Saw Sseth's review which made it look almost equivalent to Endless Space 2 in enjoyability. Still haven't gotten into it. The need to use some kind of key/password login stuff is always annoying in a game though.

Also never answered you sorry. No, I don't generally play fightans. I think the last time I actually played one of those was Soul Calibur on the PS2. I probably played a few other ones like some ancient MK game and vaguely recall something else but never got into those.

I do still want to get one of the newest MK games like MK 10 or 11 but refuse to buy it on Steam and it's not on GOG. That, and I have no controller, and really see those as exclusively playing with your friends which I largely play singleplayer only games. Why there's even a MP option in 4x games baffles me.
No. 58700
>The need to use some kind of key/password login stuff is always annoying in a game though.
It's just one time to activate the game, that is it.
No. 58702 Kontra
Oh right I needed to dick around more than once because I was moving it across different systems and drives. My bad. I mean you still need to remember that though.

I am incredibly lazy and forgetful in case it wasn't obvious. I just remember buying something on my card for $15 and then realizing I needed to re-register it like twice, I think. Can't remember well tbqh.
No. 58763
1,1 MB, 960 × 710
Someone watching Gamescom?
I feel ashamed for it, but yes. Yes i do.

No. 58771 Kontra
>I'm not really sure yet why anyone calls it commie. It's pretty evenly handed so far clearly giving me the ability to go full on racist ethno-nationalist, full commie, full SJW and so on, and seems to poke fun at all of them.

I'll be very happy dicussing it in great length once you have finished the game.
No. 58805
> e.g. strike holds making defending not just a passive action
Yes this. So much this. Never played the newer ones because Sega died. But I might try them someday.

> I'm just a fuggen libertine degenerate
Or maybe you just aren't a fucking prude. I blame American evangelical movements that silently corrupts the youth. Soon they will take the fun away and usher in a new golden age for Wisdom Tree and Super 3D Noah's Ark.
No. 58844
9,6 MB, 2560 × 1440
So last few days kept trying to get my old TWD 2 save to work intermittently, and then tried A Plague Tale.

APT immediately felt easily attention holding first fifteen minutes when I tried running it before so I saw how short it was and said why not.

I'm not going to go into all the reasons why A Plague Tale is a fucking awful alleged game, but suffice it to say no you shouldn't play it. I finally put it down permanently midway through when the main character said something about her retarded brother being difficult when he's frightened and it's like that's it.

A Plague Tale is basically like The Walking Dead in every conceivable way except a million times worse. Worse characters, worse story, worse puzzles, worse logic, identical in absolutely every way as a cutscene simulator and on top of that quite frankly its window dressing looks as sole redeeming feature have problems. The hell even is this? I kept thinking it must be some issue with my graphical settings but no, it just looks like that which is fucking distracting beyond belief.

Everything about it is retarded and unlike TWD the sole emotional feature is "I should care about the little boy because he is a little boy. And because he lost mummy." "I should care about the main character because she cares about her sick brother." I already know some ending spoilers so am aware yes it is shit and it's not getting better. Stealth sucks, alleged puzzles are basically extended "press X to continue" and I have to sit there for stupid shit or restarting something that bored the tits off me.

I have no earthly idea why anyone said it was good. It isn't. I can't think of a sole redeeming feature to this cutscene simulator beyond the graphics, and I mean, just look at it. There's so many things about this game that suck I'd have to compose my thoughts into a point by point essay. Is it because of the looks? Is that it? Muh graphiks and stupid redditors swallow anything resembling Hollywood bullshit? I fucking laughed at the rats. Ffs if it was about an actual plague it could be unintentionally interesting.

A Plague Tale is the first game I played in a long ass while I have no intention of ever finishing in my life. So that's two strikes in a row, except at least The Walking Dead, despite its nonstop infuriatingly horrible storytelling as a cutscene simulator, did have its look down and at least had enough character development I kept having this perverse longing to go back and play it, yet I'll warn you right now apparently it was buggy and known for the saves being fucked since like 2013 and TellTale's attitude was literally just "not our problem, we're busy with other projects so get fucked maybe try playing through again in a new game" so yeah.
No. 58846
20 kB, 474 × 266
35 kB, 350 × 495
376 kB, 1920 × 1080
However in spite of all this aggravation I got re-acquainted with some old loves of mine and realized how much time and effort would be wasted on money pits I ultimately don't care about when I already know what I like. SD2 is just such a wonderful game as any 4x/MoO II fan would like, and Aven Colony is a wonderful city building simulator which I may have to restart way back in the save because I only realized at the last minute my gold mine ran out and so we stopped trading without me realizing it thus giving me literally 5 minutes IRL before everyone starts starving to death.This is going to be some kind of a self imposed achievement just trying to unfuck that game because also apparently elections are coming up right when it happens, so it's basically a race between me losing the game because they all starved to death or me losing the game because my surviving colonists voted me out of office because I accidentally starved them to deathI feel like these little oops moments where you accidentally Holodomor your entire colony are brilliant unwitting commentaries on centrally planned economies.

Of course that all is beside the point of that which I hadn't the greatest hope for but came to love so dearly I spent all yesterday playing it on accident: Ruiner

Yes lads this game is fantastic. I was really just meaning to dabble in different games but it hooked me immediately and I spent the whole day just playing that. It's insanely addictive and has quite possibly the best, most satisfying combat of any game I've tried this side of Dishonored series.

In spite of my longstanding antipathy and disgust towards all things anime, as well as hatred for women pretending to be cats, somehow Ruiner manages not to be so obnoxious about it. It definitely veers into using that sort of visual style but I'd call it more of a Hotline Miami kind of game than anything sharing substance with that loathsome stuff, although why I can bear it in truth I do not know. I have no idea why Her has resorted to calling me "puppy" or how long that'll keep up before it starts getting obnoxious. I guess using Korean style emojis from a female hacker handler just fits in the game well enough not to take issue with it.

Otherwise it's pretty much flawless. Haven't gotten to the last level yet obviously, and don't go in expecting much of a story, but it's a fantastic game all around. Would definitely recommend.

Oh and one last game is Big Drunk Satanic Massacre which is in similar style to Ruiner. Haven't tried progressing in it yet but it definitely feels like it'll be a fun and enjoyable experience too. It has a very Postal 2 sort of feel mixed with aspects of Ruiner come to think of it.
No. 58848
165 kB, 600 × 800
12,1 MB, 5:16
13,3 MB, 5:48
3,4 MB, 1:28
I try to figure out BPM: Bullets Per Minute but no matter what i do, in the end it's just luck with those random levels.
The positive thing is that even if you get really unlucky or just suck, the music is great.
No. 58857 Kontra
>I feel like these little oops moments where you accidentally Holodomor your entire colony are brilliant unwitting commentaries on centrally planned economies.
It wasn't an accident, it was something that was predicted by several officials.
No. 58862
Maybe they should have scaled down the UI scale so they could see the notifications:--DDD
No. 58876
468 kB, 1323 × 1204
Ayyy no wonder it was so good. Did you know that this game RUINER was P-O-L-I-S-H? Not sure what's the deal with the Wiccan thing though or whether it's basically just a case of thinking it looks neat or what.

Also and I'm only half joking about this, it seems a lot of French games aren't all that good, I really don't like Japanese games, Americans=triple A shitfests, and then there is blessed Slav games, however I've been starting to notice Scandinavians seem to be pretty good on making city building and management games and various other simulators. I think the top three countryballs for vidya imho would be Scandis for CMS/sim games, Germans for multiple genres sometimes also CMS/sims, and Poles for just about everything else.
No. 58910
44 kB, 500 × 364
>remember always to do the complete opposite of what IGN says

Man I really made one mistake with Ruiner: should've olfa-neuroprogrammed Cherry Blossom in for that. It's refreshing to for the first time in awhile get that true when you just finished a great game feel. I only realize now in retrospect Cherry Blossom itself would've been perfect, and also probably the reason it didn't annoy me with weebism is because the only weeb components fit well and were like the only anime I ever liked regardless which was Ghost in the Shell. Very strong GitS vibes. I even tried sparing the husks because I wasn't convinced there was a point to killing basically unarmed innocent people but sadly the game is basically unbeatable when they swarm you if you don't.

Ruiner is hands down one of the best games I've played all year. It's so well done from top to bottom it amazes me, although I guess a couple things may be weirdly unfinished like campaign stats and dialogue options being irrelevant, plus the sadness that the hub really is only window dressing. As it stands it's nearly GOTY material, but with a more developed hub and RPG elements would definitely be GOTY tier. Looking forward to anything else that Polish studio accomplishes.

As for IGN I only just discovered now only the abject retard they had review it gave 6/10 to this game, but they also gave Alien: Isolation 5.9/10. Seriously they couldn't even stomach a full 6/10 for A:I. I stumbled on that gem after checking the comments for something. Normally I ignore IGN entirely but the idea they gave this 6/10 was just too rich and discovered they said "it's too hard."

Out of morbid curiosity I watched part of that review. I cannot imagine what bellends they hire. I imagine some 95IQ redditor who thinks he's a genius playing these things and giving solid 10/10s to absolute trash or just straight up taking bribery from corpos while being too dumb to even play this. It took me 54 tries to beat the final boss sure, but you die enough you realize what you're doing isn't working and adapt but beyond the end boss I didn't think it was too hard at all.

Then I find the hidden gem of their Alien: Isolation review. Apparently the guy was so fucking dumb he actually sat there with the movement detector beeping right in front of the alien, got killed, and then said "it's too hard" "the AI is broken." The dipshit was genuinely so stupid he couldn't connect the glowing detector's loud beeping to why the alien found him, and acted like he expected the lowbrow formulaic bullshit where if you don't move you're invisible to everyone. It immediately brings to mind that Dishonored review where players were too dumb to figure out just because the guard said not to go upstairs doesn't mean the can't ignore the guard or start experimenting with pushing gamerule boundaries.

There's a shocking lack of intellectual curiosity that's usually summarized as handholdy consolized bullshit and I can't even tell if everyone ate lead paint as kids or because games got so ridiculously dumbed down to "sell more units" that now everyone automatically expects it of any game. To be fair, IGN did give "only" 7/10 to A Plague Tale which is still way too high and a lot of people somehow dumber than IGN staff thought it was unfair but man what an absolute dumpster fire anything connected to them. Dumb staff, dumb company, dumb consumers, great source of unintentional comedy. I wonder what it's like working for IGN in the same way I'd wonder what it'd be like to lose my legs or go blind.
No. 58943
1,4 MB, 1280 × 720
1,9 MB, 1280 × 720
No. 58947
So basically Heretic/Hexen?
What is it with the current "boomer shooter" retro fps boom? Seems like there are ten titles per month coming out.
No. 58952
They are probably a lot easier to program for starters. I picked up Amid Evil, Dusk, and Ion Storm or whats it called because they actually looked objectively good even though I don't play genre much. Probably plenty of 35 or 40 year olds who have actual jobs and money play these games out of nostalgia and can afford to throw fifty bucks at games whenever they want so they actually sell. crpgs had much bigger but similar boom for similar reasons except also fact the genre itself is unironically very good as are a number of legendary titles like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and Planescape Torment among others, so likewise people like me can afford to just throw a hundred dollars at a handful of them when on sale.
No. 58960
Dunno why you compare it to hexen, while it is obvious "Witchaven but not crap".
This is quite old project, not 5 minutes crap. Thing is, it seemed dead for 1.5 years but now looks like author surprisingly get back to life. I followed it alongside Ion Fury way before current "Indie" wave of crap born out of doom mods mostly. Welp, Ion Fury came out being a game made under publisher by compitent team, this took awhile.
No. 58961
Eh, I must admit I just watched like ten seconds of the trailer, upon which I based my post.
And Witchhaven is just Heretic/Hexen: Build version, so...
No. 58968
Heretic and Hexen are not really realted game between each other. One is straight doom clone other is clother to their Shadowcaster
No. 58969
Hexen is literally the sequel to Heretic, towaritsch
No. 58972
Sequel to heretic was heretic 2...

I know heretic and hexen games are "in same universe" but gameplay-wise they were different.
No. 58975
>doom mods mostly
A lot of the new wave of so called "boomer shooters" FPS games are done using the build engine and quite a lot of them take more things from like Quake, Duke Nukem, Hexen and so on. Why Hexen I am not sure because it never seemed as all that great to me back in its day, but then again I also solely played Doom listening to now cringey nuMetal after school and mostly didn't actually screw around with or like anything but Quake II personally.

I did actually just try running Quake 4 which had most atrocious garbage textures until I had to go in and manually fix config files. I remember it being one of the most graphically amazing things when it came out, and looked quite cool overall, but man does it run weird on a modern system. I've got a whole bunch of GOG games now that only support resolutions up to 1600x1200 or something like that, including obvious console game The Force Unleashed. I forget both how old I am and my "new games" which still seem somewhat newish to my mind right until I get to changing video/graphical settings and then get 640x480p which is laughable now. Even I remember people saying such dumb shit "wow 60fps! it will be new standard!" and sharing video clips I am not all that impressed by and looked weird and not lifelike to me somehow but couldn't figure out why.

Then I realize how truly old I am that I think of 60fps innovation as not all that long ago, don't realize StarCraft Broodwars is "eldricht ancient" to zoomers, and then try and play games I remember as new coming out and it doesn't even support my resolution and runs weird as fuck. Like Quake 4 I am getting 58fps and Radeon Adrenalin logs The Force Unleashed as 47fps if any of that is to be believed or some dumb shit where I am running at lower resolution than my panel but not getting anywhere close to 60fps. I forget that many of these games was not even designed for high refresh rates. I guess that childhood trained my eye to see ridiculous few frames .gif tier death animations like in Doom as "normal."

If either of you like such games then Dusk and Amid Evil are genuinely good and not shit. I said many times now how I do not like FPS games but Dusk in particular I know I'm going to play and beat sometime. Probably Ion Fury too just because cyberpunk and such. Never really got into that whole dungeon or medieval theme so weirdly popular among game devs or consumers.
No. 58978
Heretic 2 came out way after the other games. It's a sequel to Heretic as Doom 3 is a sequel to Doom 2 and gameplay-wise it's completely different.
Also, Heretic and Hexen are both running on the idtech 1 engine and gameplay-wise they only really differ in that Hexen has different classes.
No. 58986
11,2 MB, 4792 × 2568
Well I will say again that a lot of it is stuff either inspired by or directly using the Build engine
civvie11 has some pretty good videos on it. OH that reminds me
This guy just did one of the most perfect segments that I have ever seen, which come to think of it is partly why I am so absolutely in love with Ruiner right now especially with simply being on its title screen after having finished the game. It's just this very distinct type of a feel which I think civvie encapsulated better than just about anybody, maybe with few other examples like that supermarket scene at the end of Hurt Locker which I don't think everyone would get or understand. I do think that kazakhstan would probably understand it though. There's this one other specific example I thought of after watching that segment but I forget it right now. It's a specific type of a black hole of perception and experiential knowledge that I don't think can get explained to people, especially not normalfags.

But anyways yeah, Build engine. Ion Fury is literally using Build engine, not something from Id.
No. 58989
121 kB, 900 × 900
Ah shit it is on kontra. Hey Russia do you want to make a new thread? Or should I?
why can I not just discuss vidya and technology in peacealso P-O-L-I-S-H gaming from P-O-L-A-N-D the greatest country with most American cities in the land
No. 59003
You played them even? Hexen is puzzle-infested crawler, with hubs span on multiple levels. Only thing this game directly related to heretic is engine, and it was 2nd of 3 games planned by raven software on doom engine, tho they abandoned the third one. This was but another take on shadowcaster formula in search for the improving it.
No. 59004
>murritard opens shit tuber and thinks he is an expert

Also, Ion Maiden not using original build.
No. 63467
154 kB, 1280 × 720
7,9 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:29
339 kB, 1920 × 1080, 0:01
I'm going to play Vintage Story pretty soon here with some people I met from the Krautchan Minecraft server 10 years ago

Here is our advert post, it's just a small cozy server and I'm posting here to give ya'll the opportunity to play if interested:

Hello Ernst,

A while back I advertised a Vintage Story (https://www.vintagestory.at/) server, we (as in a small group of KC minecraft oldbernds) are playing again for the holidays and to experience the latest update(s).

We will be playing the latest pre-release (as of writing, 1.16.0-pre.6) starting without mods and will keep the server up to date as more of 1.16 is released and mods are brought up to date.

You will have to own the game to play this time around (update: I'm making the server pirate friendly, if you can find an up-to-date pirate client you can join with that, I won't be tracking down the client for you). Anyone is welcome to join, there are a handful of players I've lost touch with who I'd like to see again.

There will be no discord server at least to start with, but you can reach me by my handle sikandar#2264

The IP is

The server is currently on 1.16.0-pre.5 and will be update and reset later today/tomorrow morning. The last map reset before server officially opens will be around 8-9 AM CST/3-4 PM CET