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Nr. 48298
292 kB, 1600 × 980
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5,0 MB, 3840 × 2160
I've got this movie Idea about a very high end Escort Service that specifically cater to old millionaire businessmen where the girls who work there are aged from 18 to 23 years old.
the main actresses in it are Sabrina Carpenter & Talitha Bateman who play Escorts named Tiffany (Talitha) and Brook (Sabrina) of course aren't their real names
where both of them meet one night not knowing they've come to service the same client, an 80yo man in the hotel they start to have sex with him both sucking his cock at the same time before Sabrina's Character starts riding him for awhile before Talitha's Character jumps on top of him where she starts getting really into it while he's eating out Sabrina when he starts to ask her to slow down but neither of them hear him from moaning so loudly that he begins having a heart attack and dies only moments after he cums, they realise he's dead long story short they are they in his room completely naked and later find out his the head of crime family and they then have to spend the rest of the movie doing what they can to stay alive and clear their names from being mistaken for his death my any means
it continues from there where he's dead on the bed still amazingly got he's erection, they start panicking and check his coat for anything like ID, Driver's licence passport and find his Driver's licence inside his wallet next to a picture of him with his family long with his personalised desert eagle.
then one of them sees him name, probably Sab's Character and realises who he is and says "oh we are seriously screwed" while looking up at Talitha's Character and she says back to her "why what do you mean?" and sab say "you do realise who this is (saying his name after to her) he's the boss of the (name of the crime family) crime family" then they both looks at each other and start grabbing their stuff before heading towards the door to see if they get out with out being seen by his personal body guards.
they do they are talking down at the other end of the hall and they sneak out of the hotel half dressed with his rubber still suck in her (oh yeah this is going to be a comedy crime drama) then finally out side of the hotel from the back entrance finally getting dressed Sab bends down to put on her high heels and sees she has the condom in her and comments to her about it and then she moves her hand down between her legs and pulls it out and throws it into one of them tall dumpster bins where a bit of cum flings out of it and catches her in the eye making sab's Character laughing before they're dressed and boot on the hell out of there.
They Manage to make it back to Brook's (Sabrina) apartment where they find her on and off again roommate also an Escort (played by Francesca Capaldi) performing oral sex on her old client on the sofa in the Livingroom before she turns around and say's "oh your back, that didn't take long, how was it let me guess you made yet another client cum too soon, you know your pussy really is the tightest in the business" before she sees her walk into the Livingroom with Tiffany and then say's "oh, now I get it was a double team effort huh?" then Brook replies "oh hey didn't know you were working here tonight, oh yeah I, I mean we've just got back" before continuing talk to her bedroom then her (Fran's) client sees that she's not sucking on his cock any more and pulls on her head and pushes her mouth back on his cock again.
Don't know how Much Room there is on here to write everything here but there's a orgy scene midway through the film where you see them in the actual building the Escort business is ran out from trying to find somewhere to hide from the goons who've been sent out to hunt them down, where they burst into a room where they are hearing some muffled noises coming out from to see s massive orgy taking place with a bunch of the girls (Francesca Capaldi character included) to see Daisy (played by Ciara Bravo) fucking two old men where she looks up at both of them and say "hey!, shut the door or if your coming in!!!, come in you're a little late to the party but I guess there are a few guys in the back waiting for their turn" so they both come into the room where the floor is completely socked from all of the sweat and semen that didn't find it's indented target walk past all of the old men fucking towards the back of the room.
where there's a few of them sitting down, not before one of the old guy's pulls out of the girl he's fucking bends down and cums on both of their feet looks at both of them and says "holy fuck you girls here are the best in the city and have sexiest feet" they manage to get to the back of the room not long before the goons barge in so they realistically have no option at this point but to hide and blend in so they start blowing a couple of the men sitting down the goons then proceed to walk through the room right past both of them seeing that they can't find them leave, then they look up to see that they are gone get up to go not before the old men who they were blowing, say "hey where the fuck do you think you two are going?, we paid a fucking lot of good money for this you two ain't leaving till you're done" so they end up being apart of the orgy which actually works out in their favour as it gave them plenty of time to hide out.
they wake up in the room to see some of the girls going again with some of the old men, two of which are fucking Tiffany as she's still asleep on the ground one's fucking on top of her from behind, while the other is jerking his cock with her feet (where the footjob is actually real and unsimulated you see him fully erect rubbing his penis between the soles of her feet and his actual cum ejaculating on her feet) where the sounds of them having sex with her Wakes Brook up to see them ontop of her telling them to get off of her not before both cum and then chased off her, they get up grab their things again and head out.
there's more to this movie though I don't think I'll be able to fit it all in here.
Nr. 48300
271 kB, 640 × 615
Falsches Brett? Auch: Ich schlage Timo Kloy als Regisseur vor.
Nr. 48301
Die Dame auf Bild2 würde Ernst gerne mal genauer kennenlernen.

Zuschriften bitte an die Chiffre:

Nr. 48317
4,7 MB, 3840 × 2160
didn't know which board to use, and I don't know who that is but by your recommending him and from reading the subject matter in this, I'm Guessing he's done these sorts of films before?

Ich wusste nicht, welches Board ich verwenden sollte, und ich weiß nicht, wer das ist, aber aufgrund Ihrer Empfehlung und der Lektüre des Themas in diesem Artikel schätze ich, dass er diese Art von Filmen schon einmal gemacht hat?
Nr. 48318
I don't know what you mean here, could you explain a little more about it exactly
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