Frequently asked questions

What is all this? is a spiritual successor of, founded in 2018. Please note that it is neither a source of serious information nor your personal self help club. If you cannot deal with sarcasm and black humor, you should leave right now.

What is was a German image board, founded in 2010.

Is original team here?


Is this antifascist imageboard?

Ernstchan team doesn't have any political preference.

Can I say "nigger" here?

If this is the only thing you can say, then no.

Where do I register?

A classic image board like Ernstchan does not have user accounts. Usually everyone is posting anonymously. If a board has a name field, a tripcode can be entered into that field only.

Which domain names does Ernstchan have?

Ernstchan is reachable via

How can I format text in posts?

These BBCode tags are available:

Input Output
[i]italic[/i] italic
[b]bold[/b] bold
[u]underline[/u] underline
[s]strikethrough[/s] strikethrough
[spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] spoiler

Tags can be nested. Improper nestings are ignored. A tag cannot be opened multiple times, without being closed before. Inside of code blocks no tags will be interpreted.

Why do I have to enter a captcha before I can submit my post?

In order to prevent spam, IP address ranges from certain countries need to confirm every post with a captcha.

How can I contact the administrators?

For general questions send an email to
For reporting illegal content, please email to administrator.

What software is used to run Ernstchan?

Ernstchan uses Phutaba, a modification of Wakaba. The latest version of Phutaba used by can be downloaded free on GitHub, it is under no particular license. Some icons made by Yusuke Kamiyamane (CC BY 3.0). JavaScript Tooltips by Walter Zorn (LGPL). Additional functionality provided by jQuery (MIT License).
Latest version of Phutaba used by will be published later.

Where can I get your logo?

Please click here:

Phutaba logo

May I be a moderator?

Try your luck.