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Hide No. 26161 [Reply]
202 kB, 787 × 646
> joints - moving parts that take most of the load in human bodies
> cartilage - connective tissue in the joints is not regenerating - once it's worn out, the joint is done

It's not an intelligent design at all. Who the fuck would design chassis like that? It's like if you made it impossible to change oil in your car or replace bearings.
No. 26174
747 kB, 626 × 960
But I want muh deer legs and cute tail and ears ):
No. 26176
What humans really need is a second thumb and more articulation in the pinky and ring finger.
No. 26178
Where would you put the second thumb? Would you maintain the cylindrical profile of a closed hand, or change the way we grip entirely?
No. 26185
Just make the hand symmetrical.
Imagine all the extra grip strength.

Hide No. 15089 [Reply]
19 kB, 544 × 288
122 kB, 1280 × 694
58 kB, 704 × 528
39 kB, 712 × 564
Let's talk about kino

Old thread: >>44
No. 26148
In alm honesty I've seen two capeshit things that were good, and those are The Dark Knight and a couple XMEN movies. Days of Future Past was really good, and the one set in the Cold War wasnt bad either. I do remember seeing one that was terrible though. Or maybe it was a few and they blur together into one capeshit mass.

Speaking of comic book stuff, has anyone seen Preacher? Is the show any good?
No. 26177
237 kB, 367 × 357
193 kB, 716 × 480
Just watched this adaptation of a Kafka short story. It was okay, really nothing special. The main point was the animation itself, which was Experimental, but I just probably don't get it. (Or it's just simply not my cup of tea. It's gritty and intentionally crude, it reminds me of some Pilotredsun animations, weirdly enough.)
Besides the wacky, surreal animation, it follows the source material word-for-word.
Honestly, if it wasn't Kafka, I wouldn't really care for it.
No. 26183
Fuck off gypsy.
No. 26184
What’s your deal? Why do you come here to harass via shitpost an actually decent poster?

Hide No. 14407 [Reply]
906 kB, 1836 × 3264
Recently, Kazahstan poster had an interesting idea about thread dedicated not to random pics, but for drawing and paiting and other kind of original content. He sadly not created one, but I think this is neat idea - when you learn how to draw and paint it always awesome to have help and critique, and I think with earnstchan quality of posting we can get very good reasults in help each other mastering our skils.

On op-pic I place my night fast drawing because it only thing I have on my phone right now that replated. Please, share with us your creations and ask questions.
No. 26151
197 kB, 480 × 360
Thanks. These are really fun to make, and since the call went out for more Ernstchan material, I have an excuse to indulge myself a bit. I should probably crosspost some of these to /b/, since they made the initial request.
Also, I forgot to color Samurai Ernstwurf's front leg in the bottom panel. Even though it would likely go unnoticed, I felt compelled to fix it.
No. 26179
335 kB, 1200 × 935
‘Cats being Instructed in the Art of Mouse-catching by an Owl’,
Lombard School, circa 1700.
No. 26181
45 kB, 453 × 604
Perhaps it would be nice to change the apple with an ernst leaf?
No. 26182
39 kB, 300 × 100
Speaking of Banners, I made this one about a year ago and never posted it. Props if there are any real motherfuckers who can identify what the original is from.

Hide No. 25053 [Reply]
38 kB, 640 × 400
189 kB, 1893 × 1080
48 kB, 1260 × 780
88 kB, 640 × 480
Old deda - this not yet.
No. 26152
23,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:17
This bydlo Australian simulator is great fun, games look so damn good these days it's unreal. I must remember the 25mb limit on here next time I make a long webm, I've a few that crept over the 30mb mark
No. 26160
The man does have an accent. There are others, but XTRG tends to be my favourite when covering a game because he goes into autismal detail when doing virtually anything. Big turns of his War in the Pacific PBEM campaign take 5-6 hours to complete for example. That series is also quality entertainment if you're curious about what the deep end of hex autism looks like. Him and The Historical Gamer are doing the WitP grand campaign (December 1941-1945, single day turns, down to individual planes, ships and pilots, and battalions on the ground). It'll take years to complete but it's a great experience to follow along.
No. 26173
1024 kB, 1366 × 768
Also, been playing a scenario as GDR vs FGR. It's pretty fun. Mostly been using 2S1 SPGs to pin the decadent wect in the town while moving motorised infantry into the woods on the northern ridge. I went with BMP-1s for transports and the AT-3 ATGMs have been worth their weight in gold.

Now that their main forces have been ground down a bit on infantry forces, I'm sending in my armour (two platoons of T-54s and one platoon of T-72Ms, to roll in from the south and finish them off. So far, I like my chances. I have numerical superiority (it's the nature of how the points balance works in this mission type) and while they have good ground, they've lost a lot of their heavy lifters, and their only real threat right now is what I suspect is a heavy recoilless rifle in the north which is a static weapon and not a threat.

Once they start redeploying to the south to counter my armoured push, I intend to roll my mobile reserve of a second platoon of mechanised infantry in from the north and catch them off balance.

I don't mind the GDR as a faction really. They don't get as many fancy toys as the USSR but your troops are generally of better quality (within the same tier at least) and hold their own under fire better.
No. 26175 Kontra
1,0 MB, 1366 × 768
Assault is going okay. Lost a tank to an infantry ambush as I started pushing up, and lost a squad of my reserve force in the assault up north but the enemy positions have been irreversibly compromised at this point. I knocked out what I think is the last of their armour (a pair of APCs) and am now just having to use my remaining forces to fight house to house and clear out the town with fire support from the tanks.

Hide No. 13810 [Reply]
260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 26166
I know that one of the Russian tank museum holds the only working example of a Hungarian Toldi tank.
No. 26167
Is it Kubinka that has that Kugelpanzer? That thing is ebun.
No. 26171
1,4 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,2 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,4 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
Dunno about working but currently in hungarian part was shown examples of two different toldi and turan, also anti-tank Zrínyi.

Yeah, sadly there was not pz.I and II in desplayed collection - dunno if they don't have it or it was moved in different place for current time, same as Tigers and БТ-7
No. 26172
1,5 MB, 3264 × 1836
737 kB, 1016 × 568
Yes, this is exeact the same Hotchkiss H39 from this famous "Ebin" photo, it was just moved to another hangar X---DDD

Hide No. 25809 [Reply]
211 kB, 962 × 729
Old kontra, new one responder. Share the daily grind.

It got colder now, it's fine.
No. 26147
Why would wandering around London cost money? It's not like you have to buy things while you do it.

Does England even have camping? Or are there some laws against it? Because it's a great time of year to go hiking or camping in the countryside.

If you've got a solid week I'd say visit some friends and family. If on you own I dunno, probably hit some books or videogame backlog or something. Just a day of uninterrupted free time isnt even going to let you finish or get too far in most books or games.

If I were in London I'd go see a museum honestly. Sadly we have no museums and big zoo's and such where I live.

I tried picking what some apparently larger than almost ever collection of tonsil stones and now my whole throat feels swollen and sore. I can already tell this will feel like a mistake tomorrow.
No. 26149
158 kB, 321 × 623
tfw no one to have a cuppa with.

Museums are a good option; that's what I would suggest as well. They're a perfect combination of aimless wandering and looking at things. Two of my favorite activities.
No. 26158
The British Museum and National Gallery are great and free.
No. 26159
If they were stupid enough to go to the swamp full of wild doggos - serves them right.

Hide No. 23815 [Reply]
85 kB, 746 × 556
No. 25644
Michael Beach
He talks about the urbanism of many different cities around the world. His take on it is pretty bad actually, it's always about "walkable city GOOD, car city BAD", but you can still learn a lot about the city's history and its contemporary urban geography.
No. 25659
Kimagure cook
A japanese channel about preparing seafood. If you like watching a japanese guy cutting apart strange sea cratures youve never seen and never thought you could eat, this should be your thing. Many older videos have english subtitles available.

A german Channel from a guy from Berlin doing Trainsurfing, roofing and audacious graffitti tags on places you never thought you could climb.

A classic known for his liquor slams and eating literally everything. Yes, hes still alive.
No. 26157
515 kB, 1634 × 1604
Can Ernst recommend some good youtube channels in German?
While children's books and movies are helpful for immersing yourself in a new language, they are often not well suited to the interest of an adult language learner.
My interests: History, Archeology, Music, Technology, Linux, Gardening. Video games of interest are GSGs and RTSs
No. 26164 Kontra
>I took that photo of that stamp in 2018
Bloody Hell

Hide No. 1225 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 352 × 240, 0:38
What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

1. The earth is flat
2. 9/11
3. Chemtrails
4. Aids doesn't exist
5. Dave Chappelle is a clone

"But it's all true" incomming
No. 26153
I know exactly what Devil's advocate means. I could easily segue into my own personal thoughts at a moment's notice. The entire post wasn't meant to be Devil's advocate, but perhaps I should've been more upfront where it ended. Anyway, my post in sincerity started with the SPLC. Believe it or not, it's entirely possible to believe the Jewish conspiracy meme is a myth AND still think the SPLC is cancer. Those two aren't mutually exclusive.

You may not personally like me, but I'd like to think my thoughts are more nuanced than most. If you disagree, so be it.

>surmise it's also probably because you yourself may have even gone to that disastrous UTR rally, which if anything showed the absolute cancer that is the extreme right at this point and rather than unite the right became yet another wedge both in the right and dividing the country itself even more, as well as being another example of what I meant about terrorism.

I never went to Unite the Right. Glad we could establish that.

[Show 17 more lines]

No. 26155 Kontra
>As for the other part of your argument, Trump has been in office for years dude. You have the president of the United States making statements against the opponents of Proud Boys. You are not marginalized. Having the backing of the president is as full enfranchisement as you can possibly get. Being butthurt that other Americans criticize you for saying we should gas the Jews lynch all niggers race war now 1488 etc just makes you sound like a thin skinned whiny bitch too, like some kind of sheltered kid or a furry or tranny or something who can't deal with the fact there's other people who think their public arguments are cringey or retarded and tells them so.
>This is what the opposite of disenfranchisement and marginalization looks like.

So the President has condemned Antifa. Big deal. Talk is cheap. Ted Cruz has also issued some opinions about them, but he's only a Senator from Texas. One vote in a room of 100. Right-wing media's criticism of Antifa filtered its way up to the Oval Office. Like it or not, Antifa are attacking Trump's supporters including those who are garden-variety Republicans and MAGApedes. Will Trump's words prevent the Proud Boys from being brought up on RICO charges? I think not, but we'll see. There's still time for this entire drama to unfold.

[Show 11 more lines]

No. 26156 Kontra
And just so that we're clear, it's dubious not because it says that certain members of Stormfront have murdered 100 people taken together. That much is true. It's dubious when it claims that it's the fault of white nationalism or a distinct feature of white nationalist radicalization. It would be similarly dubious if I claimed that the actions of the Symbionese Liberation Army were a distinct feature of leftist radicalization.
No. 26180 Kontra
Christ, the more I read this article, the more annoyed I get. Imagine how fucking shitty he had to be at his job to be fired by Democrats for villifying right-wingers. This is when the Dems had Congress, so yeah, this Salon article doesn't add up. We're also talking about the Obama Administration which kept tabs on various patriotic groups, particularly those connected to the Tea Party movement. This Daryl Johnson must've been let go for sheer incompetence because he's still be employed if he were half as talented at tracking domestic terrorism as this Salon article claims he is.

Hide No. 24062 [Reply]
85 kB, 750 × 515
86 kB, 1280 × 960
49 kB, 1200 × 635
21 kB, 480 × 360
Do any Ernsts enjoy birding here? Recently I've been getting into it. About two weeks ago I bought a cheap bird feeder at tractor supply and hung it in my backyard. At first nothing bothered with the feeder, but slowly a number of birds began to take notice. Now I have chipping sparrows, house sparrows, house finches, northern cardinals, and gray catbirds visiting the feeder. I also leave a bowl of water on the ground for american robins and european starlings, which I change every morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a decent camera so I cannot provide images of my backyard visitors. Here are some photos I found using google images.
No. 25777
Spending the weekend in rural PA (Luzerne county). Heard several Great Horned Owls hooting last night but failed to find any roosting in conifers during my morning walk. However I did see a kettle of three red-tailed hawks about 15 minutes ago. Also, yesterday there were a bunch of eastern bluebirds hanging out in the orchard, as well as a yellow warbler and what I think was a hairy woodpecker. Plenty of barn swallows and chipping sparrows around too.
No. 26072
red kite footage:

12 birds of prey and their voices. these are the most common ones in germany.
No. 26078
1,5 MB, 750 × 1334
Great Horned Owl at a sanctuary assuming a defensive posture in response to my dog’s presence. Many of these birds are unreleasable owing to injuries sustained in car collisions.
No. 26150
You can often find owls more easily shortly after dusk I think. During the day they're usually hiding.

I have also just discovered a bird called a Kakapo. It seems like it would make a fantastic dog tier family pet. Does Australia have any similar birds that aren't critically endangered?

Hide No. 25916 [Reply]
11 kB, 400 × 500
For the past three to four months I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with me; I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.

I've been getting vision problems, stomach and testicle pains, and joint pain so much I just kind of live with it now. But I already got so much stuff crossed off the list, I currently have no lead. Not Lyme, not hypothyroidism, not nothing. My hands sting from typing because the skin has peeled off so far; I'm pretty ill, I have to say.

Everything is affected, it really affects my confidence in just going about my life for I have no idea if I should just retire inward and prepare for death, go to confession, I don't know. Just now I got a localized feeling of pressure in my chest that is often referred to as ''MS hug'' it can't be many other things.

Also, general health thread, since this the nature of EC.
No. 26034
I've had acute testicle pain before and ended up getting ultrasound done on me balls twice, nothing was wrong. My doctor basically told me that my balls were in overdrive and overproducing and that was causing me pain and to go find a gf
No. 26052
1,8 MB, 325 × 244
No. 26128
> I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.
alopecia universalis
No. 26129
High test