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Hide No. 74352 [Reply]
419 kB, 1024 × 589
Pünktlich wie die Maurer
No. 74553
> Whenever I open the door for the DHL or Amazon man I am in my leisure clothing, also I think my apartment constantly smells of food.

Depending on how often you order, people will remember you if they are always the same delivery people. I did this job a few years and while I was a jumper (later I knew basically all 16 districts the Post/DHL parcelled and my hub was serving by heart) I still remember some people and houses because I have been there oh so often. These days everything goes so much quicker btw because no signature is required due to Covid. I quit in late 2019. So before that you had some second when somebody was putting away the box(es) and the signed the delivery to check in on the hall beyond the people, the smell and such, also the garden (bonus for Ablageorte, check their living rooms, especially interesting in rich neighborhood). They might not think badly of you, but when I remember all those people and different neighborhoods there is a puzzle to make. Those bodies and faces that open the door for you. Also the role both the receiver and I have. What do they think of me? Certainly this is different from customer to customer in the end. Same felt a bit ashamed for ordering much for example. When you come to their door three times a week.
No. 74554
Where did E go?
No. 74555 Kontra
It’s about my self-perception.
Mom’s fine with whatever.
No. 74556
Perfectionism can paralyze. An important life skill is to learn when it actually makes sense to strive for perfection and when a pragmatic solution might be better.

Hide No. 74309 [Reply]
183 kB, 1244 × 750
Previous >>73172
No. 74514
60 kB, 668 × 580
1,4 MB, 274 × 480, 0:20
Very static. Ukraine might be losing the Lysychansk area in a couple of days or get encircled, unless they're able to reinforce the general area. Time will tell.

>Ukrainians don’t seem to be giving much of a fuck about losses.
What an odd thing to claim.
No. 74525
Transnistrian Prime Minister Alexander Martynov has been dismissed and replaced with one Alexander Rosenberg. The supreme soviet has been dissolved and terror threat level reduced. In tandem with this, a fire that broke out in a transnistrian military recruitment office has been blamed on Moldova.

Sheriff LLC and its state is out of the Russian sphere.
No. 74542
You cannot just move from the Russian sphere when you're Transnistria. But obviously the local elites will do absolutely anything to avoid the potentially fatal conflict with Ukraine.
No. 74543 Kontra
Yes, ultimately they still have a Russian peace keeping force and the Russian Federation is both their main supplier of financial aid and their speaker in the international community.

Hide No. 57870 [Reply]
873 kB, 1400 × 1400
Share any/all musicians and their respective discographies. Discuss music that stirs you and feel free to comment on others contributions.

Pagan Altar - Mythical & Magical

This album might be one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums ever recorded. Honestly, I don't think I could conjure enough words of praise to heap on this album, so I'll leave it to the fine folks at Metal-Archives to do the job for me:

One highlight for me is, ironically, one of the album's less heavier moments "The Crowman". The song perfectly blends Folk and Rock in between all those infectious bluesy licks that transcends time itself and inspires nostalgia for music from eras gone by. And to think this was recorded and released in 2006:
No. 74513
Do you speak Tatar? Was it you who wrote an article about Ernstchan in linguistical paper?

I recently became interested in slavic languages. I like my own language very much and it's curious to look at it's closest relatives.

Neofolk on pomor language (northern dialect of Russian):

Ukrainian 90-s pop music
No. 74522
18,5 MB, 640 × 360, 3:30
>Do you speak Tatar?
Nope. My knowledge of Turkic languages is very general and superficial. I still hope to beat Chuvash, though. Another textbook I bought recently looks good enough. The only thing that puzzles me immensely is why the authors of textbooks (Andreyev, Nikolayeva, Degtyaryov) ALWAYS describe the phonetics of some southern Anatri dialects. It may be arguably easier to grasp for a Russian learner, but it's definitely not something you'll normally hear in songs, news, official speeches etc.

>Was it you who wrote an article about Ernstchan in linguistical paper?
Most definitely not.:3
No. 74524
These clips were popular in webm threads some years ago, they are partly on Russian:
(not from Eastern-European part, but Wikipedia says it's also Turkic languages)
No. 74541
Yeah, the first parody of Tymati's GQ is quite famous.

Hide No. 13810 [Reply]
260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 74441
I don't have any recommendations for Porto, I could only name a couple of landmarks but any travel guide would have more info than me. For 50€ you can go to and from Lisbon via high speed train, where I can be of assistance.
>Sorry for contributing to turn Portugal into a travel shithole.
I accept your apologies for bringing money to our country.
No. 74459
>For 50€ you can go to and from Lisbon via high speed train, where I can be of assistance.
50 € sounds like a good deal, I was thinking about that anyway so I can spend a few days in Porto and then again in Lisabon amd fly back from there on sunday.
No. 74468
615 kB, 1440 × 1440
It's 35€ or so if you don't need a return ticket.
In Lisbon I can point to all sorts of places, all manner of museums, neat bars - even some uniquely Ernstian places and if you got a free day, I'd advise you to go to Sintra. I'm biased, for it is my hometown, but it's a nice little town on a mountain full of palaces and castles. From the first romanticist palace in Europe (naturally designed by a German assburger King) to crusader era strongholds, Sintra really has it all. Beware of tourist traps. I suppose Sintra has changed so much in the last few years that the exceptions are the places that aren't overpriced tourist traps, but I can point you to them.
In Lisbon, many different types of places come to mind, for all types of people. Do you want the truly authentic experience of a small café that smells like body odor and cigarettes? Do you perhaps prefer a more toned down version - hipsterish "authentic" places? In any case, I offer my services as your sherpa, Ernst.
No. 74540
Mental health deteriorating, I must go on my annual hajj. My initial picks are closed due to war, so the question becomes - Balkans or Baltics? The first seem more in line with my preferences, but the baltic states might be worth checking.
I am not financially or spiritually ready to travel to Germany.

Hide No. 72751 [Reply]
38 kB, 584 × 584
23 kB, 946 × 114
After spamming the last one to Systemkontra with a single broadcast, here's the new thread
No. 74507
but atm someone trying to record the streams accidentally the entire server. Streams are still working but the radio frontend is kill.
No. 74508
67 kB, 1733 × 516
And Frontend is liv again. Just hit the play button and music plays.
No. 74511 Kontra
49 kB, 496 × 370
I see. The links on top of the page weren't there so I assumed the show was broadcasted somewhere else. Thanks!
No. 74523
71 kB, 940 × 627
FYI: Had to implement a few measures to deal with the presumed DoS attack on the radio. Should be fine now, at least I hope it is.

Hide No. 74517 [Reply]
27 kB, 350 × 418
Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
No. 74531 Kontra
You should seek Jesus Christ, my friend.

Hide No. 67702 [Reply]
229 kB, 625 × 937
Hardware, software, tech news, programming, operating systems, retro computing, we've got it all.

last one >>56447
No. 72818
64 kB, 450 × 540
all this complicated stuff you are mentioning in order to get into EC or...
No. 72821 Kontra
It's not complicated. I was just too lazy to configure it. EC isn't blocked here, but it helps that I forward some of my outbound dns queries to a DoH proxy based on their GeoIP.
No. 74451
57 kB, 640 × 360
Does anyone use a personal wiki? There are so many different wiki platforms it feels like an impossible task to pick one. I'm looking for something that will be hosted on a server and has a fully featured in-browser editor and supports images and videos, and would be nice if you're able attach arbitrary files to pages.

At the moment I'm thinking of using MediaWiki that's used with Wikipedia itself as it probably has had the most development and use, and does feature a nice in-browser editor and supports at least images and videos. Though it definitely feels like an overkill in terms of the scale it's designed for so maybe there is a simpler alternative.

Software like Notion and the like are just somehow so unwieldy with their stupid goddamn apps that always have some syncing errors and their own quirks regarding everything. Usually they support only text and some basic image formats, which isn't enough. I just want to offload some of my work and hobby stuff somewhere that's well searchable, available and editable on every goddamn device with an internet connection without any additional software or hoops to jump through.
No. 74495
7 kB, 225 × 225
You know what I just noticed.
On my phone, I have notification sounds turned up higher than in-call audio, so whenever I get a notification during a call, Android turns up the global audio volume, and when the notification sound is finished playing, turns it down again.

Linux doesn't have proper audio mixing even under Android.

Hide No. 69854 [Reply]
93 kB, 1280 × 1024
39 kB, 500 × 250
30 kB, 768 × 448
55 kB, 1148 × 714
Number in title edition

Previous >>63116
No. 74462
Never played the first one tbh, tho I think it was also a roguelike shooter, just in 2D.

I've been thinking of this char in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeRRJGfzuSw
But yeah it's pretty cool game regardless
No. 74472
107 kB, 522 × 540
94 kB, 637 × 581
89 kB, 180 × 251
499 kB, 944 × 2966
The gameplay with that character in particular looked great! Now I'm definitely interested. Made me think of the Spider man games too. Maybe another possibility.

P.S. Enjoy some quality Tribes Ascend memes I had saved in 2011.
No. 74491
380 kB, 1920 × 1080
260 kB, 1920 × 1080
163 kB, 1920 × 1080
500 kB, 1920 × 1080
Currently playing Submerged: Hidden Depths. You travel by boat through a flooded city and collect stuff. You can't fall off anywhere or get the timing of jumps wrong because there is no jump button. Only have to press forward. Not every game has to be super hard.

Inb4 "filthy casual"
No. 74492
Well, the 3D Zeldas also have autojumping and Assassin's Creed also barely allows you to jump to your death, but the question is: Is jumping an integral part of the gameplay?
If yes, then it would indeed be a bit weird, like a racing game that steered for you.
Or is it one of those "story-driven" games without any actual gameplay ?

Hide No. 67497 [Reply]
112 kB, 1200 × 675
Going back to "Come and see" the director told (more or less) "I would not want a professional actor... I wanted a 14 YO unexperienced boy... With that kind of film we had to train him that by the end of the film he would not get into an asylum!"

Fug yes. Like a cretin told, "how great is cinema".

BTW, you won't tell me you have not seen the anime version of this picture, ha ha. This is the stuff that makes the good part of the internet great, too :DD. The bad part of the internet can crash and burn
No. 73978
787 kB, 1200 × 500
Just watched Corniche Kennedy from 2016, a French film based on a novel of the same title. It was ok. Story is about a rich girl getting into a group of lower class french youth that jumps from high cliffs into the water Corniche Kennedy is such a place, is exist in RL and the shots were taken there; at least their days revolve around that and ofc hanging around, strolling around. It's also a love triangle story and a coming-of-age in a way. And a police officer trying to get a gangster one of the youth is working for as driver/delivery courier is also part of the story. So all that was ok, not bad but also not out of the ordinary but what was really beautiful about this film is the scenic shots of Marseilles and the town at day and night, the perfect Mediterranean feeling, reminded me of holidays when I was very young and my parents took me two Mediterranean France twice, the film is elevated by the scenery, not by the story that was not bad but didn't invest me as much. I think the love triangle was done rather well though, maybe that could also be noted positively.
No. 74052
127 kB, 1280 × 720
136 kB, 1280 × 720
2019 German production, Giraffe
Lovely film in the tradition of the Berlin School I'd say. Realism with many many scenic shots of nature, infrastructure and transportation, generally the theme of mobility. The story revolves around an ethnographer that documents a place in Denmark (Lolland) that will be turned into the area of a tunnel connecting Germany and Denmark. This Tunnel will actually be built or is already in construction, according to Wikipedia since 2021. So the film is about a fictional ethnographer, but also a sort of real ethnography (of both danish people and polish workers). Another theme is labor mobility and what that means for social and love relationships. The protagonist is living in Berlin (but Norwegian I think), doing work in Denmark. There construction workers from Poland lay fiber optic cable for the construction workers for the tunnel. She mets one of the workers and is having an affair with him.
The film touches upon many broad topics in the end. The shots are great I love those type of movies. Very calm, not so much dialog nor music, but great pictures and the sparse dialog is on point, always enough, nothing more to be said.

No. 74456
A 2009 documentary from France, Time of the Gifts. It deals with agriculture in France. Farmers, retired farmers, agronomic experts and some others are interviewed. It covers the state of agriculture in France, soil depletion and strategies to recover soil, also how agricultural modernization (mechanical machinery, fertilizer, herb- and pesticides, genetic engineering and how they combine) after WW2 got France into that situation and which is a worldwide phenomenon, first the west later the third world (the "green revolution" and its failure basically). And what that modernization did to the landscape and social infrastructure. We get ecological perspectives that are put up against a market/profit goal. Also, beautiful pictures as expected from such a documentary. Makes me want to go to France and look over grains fields that cover the whole horizon, swept by the wind, hearing the noise it generates and the clouds that cast their shadows in a quick movement.

The documentary seems to be so unknown that there barely exist any pictures on the internet it seems, so have a trailer instead (it has the windswept grain fields in it!)
No. 74470
128 kB, 1296 × 1080
110 kB, 1296 × 1080
116 kB, 1296 × 1080
144 kB, 1296 × 1080
An artsy-fartsy (quite literally fartsy :-DDDDDDD) thriller/horror/dark comedy about two lighthouse keepers — Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and Ephraim Winslow but actually Thomas Howard (Robert Pattinson) — stranded in a lighthouse. The story mostly consists of Wake being crazy and Winslow becoming crazy, and the film is actually carried solely by the actors' performances. As a matter of fact, Dafoe's brilliant performance as the "old sea dog" (probably; there's no way to know if he's telling the truth about his career on the sea) Wake is the main reason to watch this movie, although I have to say that Pattinson definitely wasn't a slouch either. The movie itself is just a slightly spooky, slightly surreal, slightly atmospheric and slightly humorous thriller that sorta tries to invoke some David Lynch and Ingmar Bergman, but plays it really safe. I enjoyed it, but I only consider it good, not great.

Hide No. 69373 [Reply]
101 kB, 597 × 482
back with a vengeance
No. 73572
51 kB, 600 × 600
>My mother and aunt did not approve of it, I think. Partially for hygienic reasons.

Mine neither. I guess the one on my way to school was more than once the aim of youth experimenting with firecrackers tbh. My grandma gave me some Pfennig for it to turn the wheel and receive a ball. They were rather tasteless, yet a certain kind of gum and taste nonetheless.

>The bakery

Yeah, now that many have been replaced by SB-Bäcker and other bakery chains you don't have that anymore and I guess the bunte Tüte also vanished from Kiosks mostly? I cannot remember when and where I last noticed the ability to get a bunte Tüte.

>Do you remember the white marshmallow-mice?

[Show 1 more line]

No. 73683
Had a dream that my mom died and I had to confront the abscence of her support and care that I take for granted.
No. 74336
I was back in school and a guy started laughing at me with his friend. I got super upset and attacked him but it only made me look ridicule to all of my class and made him laugh even more. I was too weak to hurt the guy and he didn't even defend himself. The bullying continued for many in-dream days. At least the school had a really strange and cool architecture.

Additional info: I never got bullied in school, but was sometimes an outkast.
No. 74378
I woke up laughing. There was a really funny exchange right before I woke up, I just can't remember what it was exactly.
I think someone bantered me and I bantered back.