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Hide No. 54247 [Reply]
207 kB, 1241 × 1241
No. 54749
Why I must feel like every single week I must just try and unfuck something on top of having usual chores to eat up my time.

Also realized yet again today I'm tempted to just make know your countryballs.

> I'm talking about doing everything in a conscious and willing state, not experiencing social immediatety without any thoughts put into it.
Which is what I'd basically preempted as the caveat to that when you said
>the reason behind me watching it is that I fear to live my real life.
i.e. the intentionality behind it mattering in that certain specific sense.

Of course all that being stated I am still largely a kind of utilitarian. Ultimately when it comes to getting things done I really don't give a shit that you're a shit person with shit intentions if the outcome is positive. "all things are rectified by the Lord" and all. Meanwhile some really great people can have these really positive intentions and all it does is just fucks somebody's day up. I'm exceptionally outcome oriented which means that if the outcome is the same, intentionality is of lesser concern to me. Like if you are fearing to live and that is why you watch NetFlix, as opposed to some other dude banging bydlo or raising kids and building a career or whatever and he comes home to watch his same show on Netflix as you are watching, at the end of the day you two are still watching Netflix. I fail to see the relevance to any of this behind some sort of meta philosophical commentary about the ways in which you mean to lead your life not just outwardly but also inwardly, and if your self criticism is a perceived failure to live life internally with conscious intentionality then so be it and go do that.

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No. 54750 Kontra
>So my apologies if I came across as being a dumb fat cunt to you.
You didn't noworries. Also, Ernstchan shouldn't be a safespace even if it is a bit as things are rn.

And you are right the phrases "being yourself" and "living your life" have become consumerist formulas to define more or less the contrary of the comportment I was refering. I am sorry not to be able to answer with the same amout of attention than you did.
No. 54751 Kontra
45 kB, 376 × 183
901 kB, 1106 × 830
Update: no most shit is still fucked. At least got one thing done, another thing just didn't get mailed since like two days ago, and FedEx remains fucking dickheads. Really I think I'm just getting ready to act like a dick because FedEx. God they're fucking awful why in the fuck does anybody use FedEx it costs more and is the absolute worst carrier. I need to stop making lists because I'll have like half crossed off and need to do it again week later anyway then it'll take a whole month and like a handful of shit still isn't done on the list.

No worries like I said I am prone to being quite dickish online. Also the usual EC tier post is in longform as you can see the very first post in this thread
Of course normally I either dwell in vidya/tech shit or am complaining about something trivial Today.

What exactly did you mean by that anyway? It sounded like you had some vision what you wanted to do but was not doing it.
No. 54754
134 kB, 1200 × 848
Finally had my meeting with a wise elder of the central committee.
We discussed the teachings of the great educator, the future of Marxism in the 21st century and the problems facing the party - as well as the Marxist left as a whole.
A pretty sober and self aware conversation for a couple of hours. It was pleasant, really. Despite on the outside the party being your average ultra-left 'class war cosplay' movement that stands against revisionists, in his later years, their main theoretician espoused views that could only be considered revisionist. Notably that the Russian revolution and the Chinese revolution were doomed to fail since [abbreviating tl;dr marxist diatribes], you guessed it - there were no material conditions.
This comrade asked me to reconsider my decision to leave the organization, even dangling the prospects of central committee membership in the very near future - as we were in agreement in our disdain of those blinded with petty ideological fanaticism and the need for Marxism to update itself. I suppose he also took a personal liking of me.
I was handed another book written by the great educator and the party's guidelines. After this pleasant and interesting conversation, I open the party's guidelines to see the calls to take arms and prepare for the class war among other tone deaf revolutionary word salad. This 'party' is a great microcosm for the 21st century marxist identity crisis.


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175 kB, 1024 × 576
236 kB, 640 × 480
391 kB, 750 × 422
789 kB, 3840 × 2160
No. 54738
I have no idea about gamin PC. I ordered the following:

(80cm) Samsung Odyssey G5 C32G54TQWU - LED-Monitor - 144Hz – Curved , 344,90 EUR
Casing: Corsair Carbide Series 175R RGB schwarz - Glasfenster
Power Adapter: Corsair RMx Series RM750x - 2018 Edition - 750W
vollmodular - 80 PLUS Gold
Mainboard: MSI B550-A Pro
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 6x 3.70GHz
Cooling: AMD: Standard Lüfter AMD
SSD M.2 Speicher: 1000 GB Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD
(Read: 2200MB/s | Write: 2000MB/s)
1. HDD / SSD : 1000 GB HDD , 39,90 EUR
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 8GB
OS: Windows 10 Home

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No. 54740
61 kB, 1280 × 720
1,0 MB, 2000 × 2000
>rate pls
oh do I ihappentobeanexpert.tif whyyesthisismyturboautistichobby.ini

>Corsair Carbide Series 175R RGB s
I really can't say much about this because a) I don't personally like anything about Corsair beyond power suppliesI think a lot of their stuff is overpriced for being so cheap and shitty and take particular issue with their shitty fans ecosystem you can't mix and match with anything else and costs an absurd amount of money and b), I personally don't like that style in case which is not to say you should get an overbuilt case or buy something I like it's just not what I like. Because I cannot deal with not having my 5.25 inch drive bays and muh optical drives I'd never get this and I take particular exception to the fact those front panels are neither muh ARGB bling glass nor are they front mesh for better airflow so I just particularly hate that case design however that being stated it only costs $65 and it's Corsair so it's not going to be a total piece of crap which means basically if you haven't got a problem with the particular design it's fine and moreover there isn't a huge point to wasting tons of money on a case. Why yes I do have an autistic passion about PC cases and motherboards I personally spent $110 on mine and got one of these which isn't right or wrong just what I got for me and personally don't think you should overspend on a case you do not want or need which is stupid if you're not going to get like two CD drives therefore it's exceptionally stupid to spend twice as much for a features you do not need or use, which is the rule of thumb for PC shit.

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No. 54741
44 kB, 1280 × 720
Look I gotta say lad at this point I am really super unimpressed with what this System Integrator (or SI) is selling, which makes me thankful I learned to build PCs rather than suffer prebuilts anymore. I spent ten years suffering Dell and putting up with their shit because of that prebuilt which to this very day even with customization I still have got to suffer no overclocking my CPU and that absolute piece of SHIT board with that shitty case and that shitty windows version and shitty slow HDD Windows OS install because had I changed motherboard it'd deactivate Windows which basically that whole thing became an insufferable pain in the ass eventually.

I don't wish to make you feel bad about your system, and accidentally did that with my dad, but well when you know how to do something it's easier to find faultalso I'm a usual overly critical *chan shitposter so thus far what I can say is, yes it is actually going to game spectacularly for 2021 no doubt, but as it ages you're going to have more and more problems and get subjected to further and further insult. Like that boot drive is going to be fine now and way faster than most people's systems, but it's still a very cheap NVMe stuck on a cheap shitty board which you're now going to get stuck with forever and which is going to be fantastic now but over the years each aspect of that is going to just piss you off more and more.

Oh wait a minute what the fucking shit, 4 SATA connectors? Seriously only four? Okay yeah nevermind it's a shit board. It's worse than I thought at a glance/from memory. MSI cheap boards are shit and that is definitely the cheapest board you can possibly get, which put it to you this way it's like putting a V8 muscle engine in a rusted out $500 shitbox with bald tires, and they do this to say "yeah but we got a V8 engine 5600x gibe money plox" and ultimately it's only the GPU and CPU which is actually a valuable component to the system. The thing that annoys me personally is because you cannot even rip the board out without voiding your entire Win10 install, because it's registered to the shitboard 99.9% of the time, so even if you could clone the C drive to a new NVMe you're stuck with the board.

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No. 54753
Thanks amerifren. It wasn't entirely prebuild, I could configure it and I showed it a friend who said I should get the bigger SSD (500 to 1TB).
I also could've upgraded the main board for extra monies but I don't know why I should (now I think I know...).
I paid about 1750€ for the rig and another 300 for the monitor.
As I said, I know almost nothing about PCs, played console one generation behind (bc poor family) all my life until I graduated and got a decent job and finally had some expendable income on a computer.

First I fell for the gaming Laptop meme and blew 1.1k € on that , then I got a Valve Index and my Laptop did run Alyx but at the bare minimum and I just wanted to upgrade that.
Maybe next time I will finally bite the pillow ajd buid my own but I'd have to do tons of research to even make an assessment like you did.

Hide No. 50186 [Reply]
87 kB, 1160 × 772
News thread here.

Post articles, opinions and your personal Two Minutes Hate here.
No. 54683
192 kB, 1360 × 765
Navalny is once again classified as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.
I think it's just his worsening condition, saying racist shit a decade ago will negate being arbitrarily gulag'd, but you'll regain if it the state starts slowly killing you.

I hate amnesty international, what a bunch of clowns.
No. 54743
>saying racist shit a decade ago will negate being arbitrarily gulag'd, but you'll regain if it the state starts slowly killing you.
>I hate amnesty international, what a bunch of clowns.
I don't actually know much about the guy. What I know is just that Wectern establishment is still butthurted at Putin and many young Russians also justifiably butthurted at Putin and embraced Navalny though I failed to understand how the guy is supposed to ultimately become that much better than Putin as opposed to just another typical Russian ruler if he got installed. Like I understand that Putin is a shithead but I don't know a lot about Navalny or get why he's supposed to be "the change Russia needs" than another guy who'll just slide into being a Luka tier after being in power several years.
No. 54747 Kontra
I've only heard the racist/ultranationalist critique levied against Navalny from tankies/MLs so far.
2bh based on that Navalny's Russia in the long run wouldn't be any better for the West, it'd just mean that in the transitional/chaotic phase the EU and the US wouldn't have to worry about Russia much. (I guess that's the point since after the utter fucking failure that was the Yeltsin-era nobody really thinks in the west you can turn Russia into a democratic progressive fairy-land, you can only weaken it periodically if you try hard enough.)

I'm reasonably sure that Navalny would change some things, but otherwise he'd probably have to cooperate and try reigning in the oligarch/create new oligarchs to have a solid power-base for himself just like Putin.
The only thing I can see that would change is that he'd probably be harder on minorities judging by some of his comments, but I don't think a nth Chechen-war is what Russia needs.
No. 54752
After Navalny got arbitrarily imprisoned, Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience. Upon Navalny's old racist 2000s post being translated and spread by RT, Amnesty International removed his prisoner of conscience status. They qualified him again as one. My personal opinion is that they fear he'll drop dead in gulag, and it'd look real bad on them.
>Like I understand that Putin is a shithead but I don't know a lot about Navalny or get why he's supposed to be "the change Russia needs" than another guy who'll just slide into being a Luka tier after being in power several years.
The hope, on his supporters part, is that Navalny will be in a position to change the system, it isn't just exchanging tsars.

Chechnya really is an interesting case as a future source of problems for a Russia that moves out of Putin's 'vertical power structure'. Any leader that takes after Putin will either have to allow the same free reign to the Chechen despot as his predecessor if they are to avoid a costly conflict. Ideally, they'd just cut off that gangrenous province, but this would be paramount to grand treason - especially for a western-leaning leader.

Hide No. 48382 [Reply]
160 kB, 2000 × 1000
Hello Ernst,

could we please forget about all the hypes about Bitcoin etc. and just focus on the technical aspects?

Which cryptocurrency has the best specs? I'm talking in terms of actually using them as payment form, not this whole blockchain contract thing.

Which currency pays fast, is secure, anonymous(?), environmentally-friendly....

I just stumbled across Digibyte and I guess that one is just one of >9000 Altcoins. But its payment speed is 400x faster than Bitcoin and also much faster than Litecoin.

Currently I'm also paying my new VPN subscription using Bitcoin. First I had to convert my remaining Moneros to Bitcoin which took me about 20 min. Then I sent the Bitcoins and after 30 mins I only have 2 confirmations. Yes, I didn't want to spent much money on the fees.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 54567
To what degree is buying a high cap hard drive in case Chia takes off stupid?

Nocoiner tier. It's a chance poor people have to actually get ahead. It's a chance for middleclass people to make big money. The whole game is fucking crooked and rigged from end to end, and now people decide to suddenly be butthurt at this? Go be butthurt at the oligarchs wasting ungodly amounts of resources. This is the one time it's not just oligarchs making money off it. Why is crypto suddenly some sort of liberal whining point? I don't hear all this crying when the people at Apple rake in billions of dollars and open another lithium stripmine to get the latest iPhone even though their present iPhone is fine.
No. 54570 Kontra
> Bbbb...but what about other stuff that is bad!!!
Yea, you go on and make an awful lot of money but since you didn't read one of the links about I will leave you with this.

> There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cryptocurrency scams and ponzi schemes
> trussed up to look like some kind of legitimate offering. Even if the project you’re
> working on is totally cool and solves all of these problems, there are 100 other
> projects pretending to be like yours which are ultimately concerned with transferring
> money from their users to their founders. Which one are investors more likely to invest
> in? Hint: it’s the one that’s more profitable. Those promises of “we’re different!” are
> always hollow anyway. Remember the DAO? They wanted to avoid social arbitration
> entirely for financial contracts, but when the chips are down and their money was
> walking out the door, they forked the blockchain.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 54744
And yet I'd literally just doubled my money if I liquidated now and if I'd just gotten hundreds of dollars worth of dogecoin like I'd intended to a week earlier than I was planning on it I'd have gotten to sell it for thousands of dollars.

Which yeah you're entirely correct, because there ARE scams, many of which are operated by either ching chang scammers or retards at 4krebs which is a nice place to go and laugh at fucking idiots because all of /biz/ is nothing but just a bunch of scams and cheap plastic Chinese copies of everything.

Meanwhile I also happen to agree with you because I personally think that a legitimized site like coinbase is eventually going to turn everybody off to crypto as they realize ethereum is garbage and so is every single one of these retarded Eth token based forks and scams. I automatically distrust anything based in shitty ETH tokens.

But meanwhile lots of this shit actually do serve a purpose, namely things like Ripple and Lumens, because fuck wire transfers and fuck Western Union. Like seriously why the fuck would I use any of these financial services when I can just use a stabler crypto? It's a globalized financial world now and that alone is a use case, as is privacy coins at least until crackdowns on tax evaders etc. get harder which complicates moving money into and out of the country but regardless it's always going to serve a purpose now. See also

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 54746 Kontra
I should add I am now actually butthurt about this because never take bread off another man's plate. I'm now down $5 on my AMD stonk and none of these people running these companies in their boardrooms or hodling millions of dollars in bluechip stock need that money. They scam the middleclass out of their savings and retirement here, they scam poor people out of what little money they have in massive taxes on shit like cigarettesit costs fifteen fucking dollars for a pack of cigarettes in NYC or whatever while richfags practically pay no taxes through loopholes, they scam these poorfags out of up to thousands a year in lottery tickets, and now here sits this next wave of the future which is digital transactions in a globalized economic situation. Here is an actual chance to make some extra money especially before inflation really hits, because I'm not even sure on the legal mechanics behind them confiscating everybody's gold in the early 20th century after richfags fucked us all yet again. Anybody who bought into bitcoin earlier on made fuckloads of cash so now they don't have to be serfs basically owned by other men doing shit they hate because they have kids to feed or they need a roof over their head, and here you are bitching about it.

You know I actually contacted someone I knew back in the day to float something and first thing out of his mouth was almost verbatim some of the shit you said. Very first thing. It made me realize I turned my back on these tranny enablers long ago for a reason, and it wasn't just because I couldn't trust them on certain things. Their whole head was in a different, retarded direction, with no realistic approach to anything imo. They'll sit there and bitch about wealthy elites, and bitch about $15 minimum wage, and have no realistic approach to anything at all, say forgive all loans on their basket weaving with no idea how to pay for any of it, and cry like faggots about shit I wouldn't even expect them to be butthurt about like crypto and act like you're a bad person for investing in it while they all run up their credit cards and waste their money on stupid shit, and then get in the way of anyone actually trying to better themselves.

[Show 2 more lines]

Hide No. 47690 [Reply]
139 kB, 800 × 543
466 kB, 894 × 613
347 kB, 368 × 519
Posted about Happiness, but threda autosage'd so here's v4 of the best thread. Here's the repost:

Watched Happiness (1935), a silent movie about a yokel with this stronk wife who live and work a farm, being bled dry by the classes of old Russia - Priests, kulaks, military, thieves, etc. The movie itself really isn't that good save for its historical context.

Our yokel attempts to perform his own funeral which makes all the parasites who live off his work terrified because if he dies, "Then who will feed Russia?". The clergy accuse the fool of sacrilege - the military takes him and they sentence him to die 7 times in the Carpathians. His strong heroic wife joins a kolkhoz, leads a shock worker bridge and scores a bountiful harvest. The collective farm awards her applause, praise and even sheep. There is still trouble in the kolkhoz as remants of the old classes try to steal from the collective and start acts of sabotage. Alcoholics and 'loafers' are shown to be the reason why the collective isn't doing EVEN better.
The evildoers attempt to steal the grain stockpile, the main character who was demoted to standing guard fails to keep safe the people's grain and those damned reactionary forces steal both the warehouse and our protagonist. In the end, the collective DESTROYS them by shucking melons at them because their harvests were so incredible and bountiful that they could assault food thieves with them. After this victory by the shock workers of our collective farm, the couple goes shopping in a fashionable and well stocked clothes store in a nice and organized city.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 54668
649 kB, 1000 × 1000
This film is human and has dignity believe it or not. Here, learning about the subject.

>Error: File type or format not supported. (blood-beach-poster-art-tv-.jpg)
No. 54689
I've watched it now. I liked it as (nearly) expected. A movie I will remember, the blur around the characters is a very good and affective technique to make clear the difference between self and environment (also this distinction is important for the elephant). Overall the cinematography and dialogues (spoken and non-verbal) are well done the music as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKDS3cscp8M is on repeat. The despair is quite close, yet I really like the ending, a really beautiful relief. Again I think this is a feeling that many people might know, at least I do, and I think "let's have a look" is the way to go in the end. Pondering rn the movie reflects the drift, the in-between, the path(s), loving the processual aspect of it. This film finds a glimmer of beauty and hope in all the mess. What else can you hope for?

Makes me also think about "Benjamins angel"
>A Klee painting named Angelus Novus shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned toward the past. Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them. The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress
No. 54715
Watched Dr. Strangelove again. I did not like very much the military music. I laughed more. I had less tension bc I perfectly remembered how it ended. My memory tricked me again. I thought Dimitri the Premier was with a woman. Or it was from another film?

Misteri misteri
No. 54737
105 kB, 960 × 520
246 kB, 1918 × 799
203 kB, 1920 × 1080
129 kB, 1280 × 694
La Haine (1995)
Pleasantly surprised by this one, it's blatantly political, yet also just a great fucking movie in its own right. Nice cinematography, fast-paced editing, stylized yet also authentic acting.
Made me reminisce about hanging out with friends after you've missed the last train home.

Boogie Nights (1997)
First things first, I fucking hate Mark Wahlberg.
Some cool steadicam shots that make you feel like you're right in the middle of things (e.g. the opening in the nightclub), Julianne Moore was pretty good, but I couldn't really care for the story much, too formulaic. Also despite critical moments towards the porn industry, it still felt too whitewashed.
The ending shot is notoriously ebin, but I'm not gonna spoil it :D

Network (1976)
Some very energetic acting and memorable writing that shines in many monologues, but weirdly anti-climatic plot that just seems like it's there to tie together the many iconic speeches.

[Show 15 more lines]

Hide No. 38017 [Reply]
204 kB, 599 × 581
Discuss all things related to music from new discoveries to debates about musicians and the impact of their work.

Digging this lately:

Over this land

Over this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteland
No. 54645
Holy shit, it's Patrick Bateman.
No. 54648
55 kB, 900 × 513
I know dude I burst out laughing IRL after reading the first couple sentences and had this exact image pop into my head. You'd think I'd be used to his posting by now after all these years but I still can't help reading it in Patrick Bateman's voice. He's a true imageboard treasure.
No. 54716
Never made this analogy although is very clear lol.

Main difference for me is that by reading the book, the reviews Bateman make, after a brutal killing... They are horrifying. It's such a big contrast, dunno, it's pure horror.

I'd appreciate someone made a photoshop of your pic with a genuine Rock Against Communism CD because I like portraits of my heroes :D Because it fits: so elegant! :D
No. 54726
>showing yiour record collection is so passé, let's show your CD-R and DVD-R collection instead

It's comfy as fug now that I have the setup complete, even more practical than cassettes ha ha. Like 30 records in a DVD. And people is throwing DVD spindles go figure. Now listening to Aube Reworks Maurizio Bianchi.

Hide No. 54693 [Reply]
67 kB, 680 × 510
Dear admin: I like lurking here via tor. That has become impossible of late; the connection always fails. If that's an intentional change, then I ask you to please reconsider. If you want to block tor users from posting, that's understandable. Please don't prevent us from viewing this place without jumping through hoops though.

No. 54718
He asked about being allowed to lurk, not to post via tor.
No. 54721 Kontra
Dude, this is a fucking super small obscure chan on an /INT/ERNATIONAL board. What possible fucking reason can you personally have to be coming here with tor except a), you are a cabbagechan shitposter that got banned multiple times already, b) a pedophile from there trying to post sick shit. Yes I absolutely support banning untraceable proxies here until any pedo immediately has his real info reported. Meanwhile there's not an actual reason for people to use tor here unless they're being extra shitty people. I could understand you trying to argue something like that to shitpost on 4kanker or something, but not on here.
No. 54722
13 kB, 225 × 225
> What possible fucking reason can you personally have to be coming here with tor
I maintain a chan list. I also kinda like(d) this place, even going out of my way to contribute a few times via proxy.

a) I'm unsure what chan you mean by cabbagechan. I'm not a shitposter in general.
b) I'm no pedo, and I don't post sick shit.
c) Not all tor users are pedos ("torpedo" pun notwithstanding) or <insert label here>. I use tor often, because I care about anonymity. In this day and age of widespread and obvious data harvesting it's only sensible to be careful.

FFS, I'm only talking about lurking via tor besides. If doing so is undesirable here, then I'll unbookmark this chan in my browser and avoid this place from now on. There are plenty of more-tor-friendly chans I can spend my time perusing. It's as simple as that.
No. 54745 Kontra
355 kB, 245 × 170, 0:02

Hide No. 13298 [Reply]
65 kB, 400 × 400
How does one make money online that doesn't involve crypto/SR/camwhoring? like for example, how does one actually start a blog and make money from it? Do you need to set up all kinds of things like bank account, a paypal or whatever, and have advertisers pay you or what?
No. 52894
114 kB, 400 × 400
Hey britlad, not sure wherever you went but I just wanted to formally apologize to you about that and how you were right last year for telling me to invest. That is literally the fourth fucking time in my adult life I missed a rather major, epic chance to cash in because I was retarded and/or too poor to do anything about it. When you told me I should stop paying my rent and just invest you literally told me that right before this huge crypto bull run, judging by the charts. I mean yeah I eventually ran out of money anyways by new years. Yeah it was actually quite noice to push myself so far ahead on bills and rents that for once in my life I knew I could quit my job and live with myself playing vidya for months on end without any job and not even so much as get pestered with a bill in the mail. It was actually a noice feeling, but I should have listened to you. Had I actually taken that gamble back then I'd of had thousands and thousands of dollars extra now per just a few hundred which I could've easily written off as a loss, and I think a huge part of it is in being both stupid lazy. That, and because I pretty much just did not think it could justify sinking into investments then.

I would also just like to point out in the medium to short term I am absolutely expecting to be getting hosed, which is fine by me because I don't think anybody should ever actually invest money in anything particularly this volatile without mentally and emotionally having already written it off as a loss. I still consider my financial exposure well within acceptable limits, with say 5k junkcoins for $5-10 being at once the lowest possible financial exposure as well as the rather unlikley chance of it going up being the maximum returns for such a small bet.

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 52958
My thinking has continuously been evolving for months now and it has occurred to me I think the most efficient use of my time would be forking a blockchain somewhere to try and create my own crypto. My main problem is not even the ineptitude with code afaik but rather the legal exposure I could plausibly incur particularly given that it is now "regulated" and depending how I do it could be running afoul of the Securities Exchange Commission. I think that ironically the best bet for ass covering is fortuitously also the laziest, in that I could just release some shit into the wild and buy into what I made like crazy after announcing it rather than promising anything at all nor in having any actual stake in it whatsoever outside of being just another investor. I have already figured out exactly what to do and how I could do it minus the actual part about learning to use Putty or some shit like that, and also because ETH forks like what I was looking at wanted a facebook account. like seriously just what in the absolute fuck? Why. The fuck. Does anybody. Keep pushing crypto like it's some grand solution. So far as I have seen they are rapidly accelerating the New World Order cashless society dystopia they've been ranting at me about for years now. So far as I have seen immediately following the wild west crypto phase we'll have a total Chinese style control over everything linking to your social credit score. It's beyond retarded.

Like, I am pretty sure what I have in mind is actually workable, especially if I could set up some kind of cheapass home server on a Pi and just set up my own website. All of this takes way more technical acumen than I have but luckily at pre-birth character creation while I did use a bunch of retarded things as dump stats and took a few negative perks to free up more space I pretty much just rolled on a high /INT/ character under the assumption I could work my way out of any jam the negatives cause. I know I can do this if I overcome my own laziness and enforce the strictest of discipline to singlemindedly pursuing this project.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 53766
Where in fuck even it is
Oh right it's a spider not a stock market chart or whatever.

Anyway well let's see I guess I should actually keep a tight eye on my 3770kwhich I absolutely shouldn't be wasting my money on right now but otherwise good news today I finally jumped through hoops to get into stonks. It is actually quite irritating to have my privacy intruded upon to that granular a level but oh well. At least now I can have a real stock portfolio and not just shitcoinseven though one of them for some unknown reason did a 1000% profit just now and so I liquidated a good amount high and shifted it towards other coins thus leaving me like 20% profit in a month on that account.

However the irony is that the real stonks are actually imo much less valuable and far more risky to get into right now because I swear to God it's an overinflated bubble in every area of the economy and it is going to crash. I seriously consider myself at higher exposure trading on the US stock market right now than just investing into shitcoins. Yeah fuck it dude I'll see your $140 and I'll raise you cunt
No. 54711
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218 kB, 1024 × 769
How I buy Polish and Hibernian stonks?

Hinernia REIT and Hibernian bancorp idk about and I do not wish to give a bunch of Dublin landlords my money, however I would very much like to move at least some of my money into the EU. I'd also like to have a stack of Euros but have had surprising difficulty in acquiring Euros.

But most importantly, how I buy Polish and Hibernian stonks and what are good Hibernian and Polish stonks to buy?

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Really just this is because at least one ernst has a hardcore interest in it and because I don't want to keep shitting up threads. These are some epic bants
No. 54145
This is a really cool channel and I have been binge watching it. I hadn't realized how many crashes and airplane emergencies there actually are/were.
No. 54194
I digged the people that send info from black box info to a simulator. This one is ultra brutal, be warned:https://youtu.be/D2eJkJBwxsI
No. 54202
Dear lord. Jesus how drunk was this guy. Not terribly brutal though I did chuckle
sorry. I've heard a lot more brutal flight recorders than that. True terror in their voices. The best last words was probably that one pilot who said "this is it baby!" I feel like he should've been flying Southwest.

One of the absolute shittier ones was it was the F/O who pretty much was responsible at least partly for the mistake that killed everyone--except him. He survived. He ended up with brain damage and in a wheelchair missing a leg, but he lived, and turned into an alcoholic.
I think he sounds cringey as hell in interviews though, as if he's somehow the biggest victim.
No. 54682

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Here's a thread where Ernsts may share their dreams.

Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me before or after sex. But I have the luck to dream a lot, so sometimes there are strange pearls.
No. 54635
I thought it was more like defragmentation.
No. 54642 Kontra
For me it’s just a manifestation of my frustration. Most of the time...
No. 54671
Last night I was dreaming about camping in a landscape swept by winter's wrath. My tent was untouched, as was I, but I recalled feeling soaked despite being visibly dry. Then I began caring for two young children and we travelled down the pathway until everything turned into a city and I woke up to go to work.
No. 54681
>a landscape swept by winter's wrath
Honestly among the best settis. I know I should like a place like I'd imagine summer mediterranean nights to look, but it just seems too comfy and happy and that makes me wildly uncomfortable among an alien land and alien peoples. My idea of a perfect climate is kinda like the grey wastes but torn apart by storms, just a perpetual gray tortured landscape twisted by nonstop winds and bathed in fog always, with a nice night looking like thunderstorms at night. All I want to see is grey and jagged rocks and wind and fog, forever.