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No. 12766 [Reply]
252 kB, 1280 × 886
Which of the following careers will be automated in the shortest amount of time? Which has the lowest risk of automation?

Dogtor (medicine)
Dogtor (surgery)
Dogtor (researcher)
No. 12794
Completely wrong. We can replace that easiest which we pay the least attention to when it breaks.
If a doctor screws up even the slightest everyone notices the results. Lawyers, on the other hand, screw up almost by default and nobody wants to be bothered with all the bullshit to take a closer look.
No. 12812

Lawyer will be easy to replace even with current systems. Just program a system with the legal codes and check the boxes to see if the law has been broken or not.
No. 12815
No. 12820
264 kB, 889 × 666
>attempts to boil law down into a rigid system have failed miserably. That's the problem with machine intelligence, it's terribly good at 2+2 but the world doesn't work like that
Commander William T. Riker agrees with you.
The only way lawyers are automated out of existence is if people stop caring about the subtle differences between one case and the next. But what about automated to near extinction, where one person reviews/oversees the work that now occupies 100 people? In that case I would list OP's professions in order of technical streamline-ablity: medicine(most), lawyer, researcher, surgeon(least)
Based solely on the amount of intellectual creativity and intuition I think each requires.

No. 12567 [Reply]
421 kB, 800 × 600
Today will be a good day
No. 12811
83 kB, 245 × 220
I want answer so many posts on EC but I so lazy and so tired of doiung anything
No. 12816
Sometimes I need a drink to remember how miserable I actually am.
Then I need another few to make me forget about it.
Cheers mates.
No. 12817
No. 12818
109 kB, 343 × 600
I was sick for a week. Now that I'm back to work I feel like it's a good deal to be disabled and living on disability bucks.

At least you're not dead tired to read or even comprehend what's written on the screen and just want to sleep. That's how I feel for most of the time and it's not okay. My life's not okay.

No. 12772 [Reply]
1,7 MB, 2100 × 3767
So, today I decided to try meditation again, for the first time in years. It has usually never worked for me but decided to give it a try since my mental state was in disarray after quitting meds.

I listened to a guided mindfulness audio file. Putting all of the mental experiences inside of your sphere of awareness, and simply observing them, something I had already learned to do on my previous tries. But this time, when the session ended, I did something different. Instead of "ending the session", I opened my eyes, and stood up, trying to remain in that state of awareness as I went about my day. And something clicked finally.

I walked around my house feeling not that I am inside the house, but that the house is inside my awareness. There was a half sphere of visual data around me, and an infinite darkness of non visual sensations, such as my body, sounds, and also thoughts. I was observing them all, from the outside, as they emerged and disappeared. I could guide my attention towards any of those sensations, inside this dimension of experience that I was now soaring above of.

Then I wondered, could I do some unpleasant chore, while still being in that state of awareness? And indeed, I could. Reality was now just a window on the wall of my consciousness, that I could look into, or look away from if I didn't want the experience. If before, experience (be it suffering, joy, boredom, impatience, or any other feeling) was like being on the street: within the state of experience, and unable to escape, now it was like looking at the street from the inside: simply observing the experience, whatever it may be, impartially and unperturbed.

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 12807
Today I meditated again, but didn't reach the same heights of awareness as yesterday. I was struggling to expand my awareness to encompass both the visual, aural, sensory and mental fields. I suspect it's because I went to EC first thing in the morning as I usually do (except for yesterday). Bad mistake, engaging with your addiction (internet/PC) first thing in the day seems to program your brain to behave a certain way for the rest of the way, and it's difficult to get out of that condition.

When I browse the internet, or playing video games, I become immersed, in a bad sense. I become wholly consumed by the activity, reality outside of the screen slips from my awareness. It feels a lot like a dopamine seeking addictive behavior, where you hyperfocus on some task, and all parts of your brain shut down except for the reptilian brain that seeks stimulation. It's a very similar feeling to being in the "zone". I don't still know how I feel about being in the "zone". On one hand, it's the condition you must be in to create art (performers, musicians, artists, athletes, all describe being in the zone). But on another hand, if you get in the zone doing something useless, like playing video games, it's very difficult to disengage from that state of immersion.

But even though today's session was lackluster, I think I have made some progress in understanding how I must develop my awareness further. So far the best method of staying aware for me is being aware of my physical body, as well as paying attention to the sight of my own body at the periphery of my vision, whatever else I might actually be looking at. It helps me view my own body from a third person perspective, and detach from feeling like I my body is myself, and losing awareness. But I still struggle with thoughts. Thinking immediately takes me out of awareness, I can not think and be aware of my own thoughts, thoughts consume me completely. Guess it's the consequence of a lifetime of schizo obsessive thinking and intrusive mind wandering. So I try to simply not think. I must now learn to think, and think fruitfully, while at the same time not becoming the thought, being aware of the thought. As of right now I can't do much intellectual activity without getting lost. My method for achieving this so far is practicing easy thoughts (counting, reciting a poem), while being aware of the voice in my head. Hopefully, I will eventually learn to think BIG THONKS and do work without getting lost.

[Show 7 more lines]

No. 12808
32 kB, 202 × 360
With the bodily perception thing, I find that clenching and unclenching my hand in front of my face tends to lead to an element of depersonalisation for me. Might be helpful for you to focus on the articulation of the meat puppet without actively controlling it yourself. Adds to that layer of perceiving the body by having the perceived body do something almost unbidden.
t. unenlightened neckbeard
No. 12813
You are just cultivating mental illness, dissociation and depersonalization.
And that is easier to do for people who have a history of drug abuse, which chemically prepares the path to mental disorder.
No. 12814
I have been saying for long that I do not care about notions of sanity, selfness, preserving my health or identity or whatever. Those things, and "staying yourself" are quite worthless when what you are is not what you need to be. So if I need to cultivate a mental illness in order to shape my brain into something that fits my ambitions, then great.

I am not a selfish person, what happens to the self doesn't matter, what matters is achieving what you deem important.

No. 12072 [Reply]
23 kB, 660 × 371
65 kB, 640 × 363
50 kB, 700 × 467
673 kB, 1920 × 1200
Recent events:
-Brazil gets pro-right president Jair Messias Bolsonaro and current political and economical future is currently foggy. There a lot mixed opinions about him, some protests exist. Some people call him as local version of Trump, however in many ways his rithoric much more argessive and he is much more "right" person in geeral. Most of news you can find is from western sources thought, I dont know Portuguese sadly.

-In Russia situation with Chechen-Ingushetia border still strange. Most of protests ended when republican court said that decidion of Ingushetia goverment to shift border was illegal, but Ingushetia goverment said that kinda it was not, and leader of republic who so want to give land to Kadyrov said that will counter this decidion in federal court, even thought by law federal court has no rights to counter this kind of decidions of republic court.

-In India Builded biggest statue in world, 182 meters high of Vallabhbhai Patel, one of creators of India constitution and builders of modern Indian state

-In vatican was found fragments of bones which was suspected to be bones of girl kindnapped back in early 80s, most probably by Italian mafia. Vatikan already said that will give any assistance to police in this investigation.
No. 12798
>protects our money
>still spends $39 billion
>protects mah jerbs
>no more Poles, more Pakis
>muh security
>still US' lapdog for retarded Middle Eastern wars, no Euro bloc protections
Tories are fucking retards
No. 12800
I think initialy, if it be german-france union, it will not affect smaller EU members and states.
And to other topic - over-unification of USSR-tier not that imporant in modern world honestely tbh. You no need absoluetly united language and one type of assault rifle for everything, espessialy if your goals not to conquer all world by tanks and nukes.
No. 12801
Poland army nowdays better than german tbh as I know. I don't know about modern one, but during soviet times it produced a lot of industrial stuff.
No. 12806
> You might want to take a look at what the EU response was to the Balkan Wars before making such claims.
Not a single local party involved in the conflict(s) was an EU member at the time. Otherwise the situation could have been resolved politically via Brussels, which would have been, put mildy, more in compliance with international law, in compliance with different EU treaties and last but not least in compliance with the constitutions of various different EU member states also. Under such cicumstances a military 'response' by the USA + lapdogs, who were, with regard to US geopolitical interests, certainly not exactly unhappy about how events unfolded there without the EU being a political frame for all parties involved, would have been redundant.

No. 11014 [Reply]
50 kB, 504 × 351
649 kB, 1280 × 720
43 kB, 800 × 450
430 kB, 640 × 831
Previous deda. Maybe add something to Op post, like some infor or news in next threads so OP post would not be so empty?
No. 12718 Kontra
>This is the issue of this board, it needs more brutality and less dick sucking because fags like you are pushing their fallacies in all possible topics having zero fucking knowledge
No, thanks, I already have sosach to see aggresive slav shitposters who hate everybody and only do insults in every posts.

To other posts _ I already said you basis that nobody going to fuck with this on level of "+5% more power!" unless someone don't just fuck with it. And all of this will be outdated after 2-3 years anyoway.
No. 12768 Kontra
You know what else is insulting? Talking and giving recommendations with lack of insight in the given subject and then when called out on it not being able to admit you're full of shit
No. 12804
God fucking damnit that's that second time in a row I failed fucking protect the device mission. First time I didnt even make it to the pod doing the shooting because fuck that I had no cover to get across an open road while dealing with two pods of Mutons, Archons, Andromeda, and Gatekeeper when suddenly reinforcements dropped down right on top of me so no fucking way I'm rushing into a 4th pod. Meanwhile I lost a good grenadier to that mission failure and damn near lost a second one.

So round two and this time I think I have it covered despite my massive misgivings. Of course the stupid fucking thing goes down in 5 turns so i already know i need to rush the objective. Well I had some map mod so this time it's inside a building with pillars. I just sprayed down absolutely fucking everything and wiped the first two pods including the andromeda and its rebound. Of course there just has to be another open street to get there. Well I keep trying to trigger them and I still cant see the fucking thing, not with my guys on the ground, sniper on roof, nothing. But oh did I come prepared this time. Full on WAR suits with grenades and rockets everywhere. So I just said oh fuck this and blew a rocket in the general area. Heard noise like it startled them but no idea if I even hit anything. So fuck this, I just hosed down the entire area in shredstorm just to open up a wall to get a visual and hopefully piss them off enough to stop shooting my device. They even paused from shooting it. [B]Still no visual[/b]. Not even with the massive gaping hole, not with a completely removed wall even with breaking ranger concealment in a terrible position. Somehow they decided not to fire that turn, while still being hidden around the device. I rushed in and actually managed to get the fucking things to ignore the device, then out of nowhere a chrysalid hits the damn thing for 5 damage thus finally killing it and ending in mission failure. I did everything flawlessly and the game went out of it's way to screw me. I dont even understand how you're supposed to do these missions without failing when you've got a meat wall of the best they've got and only 5 turns to get that pod angry at you instead of the device. I have no idea how you're supposed to do this without taking massive casualties.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 12805 Kontra
>I dont even know why XCOM2 seems to be the one game that seemingly proves brain damage.

It doesn't, the game simply requires some luck.
You can beat the game with 89iq by just being a bit lucky and the opposite is just as true.

No. 7555 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1152
95 kB, 719 × 536
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1060
211 kB, 640 × 473
In previous was.. not very much interest in science exept history, so from now it just history thread.
Previous thread systemcontra but before it died, you may read interesting things here (I think it will not be archived, so hurry!):
No. 12682
92 kB, 1000 × 529
The problems the Confederate industry had were scale and quality control. They always had enough guns, even if the logistics got awkward when half a corps had .58 rifles and the others had .55 rifles. They couldn't produce enough local arms to standardise though, this is the scale problem, and it also manifested as the inability to be overly picky with what they did make so some lower-quality pieces slipped through which didn't really happen in the northern factories which had production surplus. They also had some older (but not outdated) production methods such as at Tredegar Iron Works which made artillery. It was modern artillery like Parrott rifles but they were made using workarounds so they were the same design but a bit bulkier than northern designs. Same with ammunition, they were making the same stuff. The Burton bullet that was being used by both sides was invented in Harper's Ferry in Virginia even and the Confederacy inherited that armoury which was one of the most advanced in the world at that stage. It's not like they were making smoothbores and round shot to fight the north. They were using the same technology but with the problems that a less-developed industrial base brings. With things on large-run production you had poor quality control, but their small-run production like in Fayetteville, NC and Richmond, VA, was more known for above average to very high quality armaments with the downside of them being hard to get in large numbers.
No. 12736
202 kB, 1200 × 1737
406 kB, 1000 × 750
168 kB, 1000 × 541
30 kB, 467 × 320
>However, Stalin actually came to power from result of fail of Trotsky with uprisings of Workers in England, and proposed his doctrine of "socialism in dedicated country".
>Stalin won and USSR become isolationist totalitaric country.
>And existance of experience of civil war in russia and becomeing it just semi-totalitaric kinda-empire not played on popularity of stalin-backed commie organisations around the world. Nazis was also not that popular honestely, but was more lucky and more active/aggresive.

If there is one particularly insidious bit of Trotskyism that seems to seep into most of the evaluations of Stalin's rule, from the Trotskyite's rendition of Stalin as a traitor of the proletariat to the most amateur of simplifications that Stalin was merely the particularly most violent of Soviet dictators, it is the one that Stalin decided to throw out the Marxist ideal of proletarian revolution.

It is important that to remember that this is a criticism of Stalin that Trotsky would pen while in exile, far away from the cold pragmatism of running a state. In this position, Trotsky was able to criticise the Soviet Union's present form by appealing to traditional Marxism. It is accurate that under what Marx wrote, the idea of a nation attempting to maintain itself with a "proletarian" regime would be an exercise that would end in failure. As the saying goes, only a worldwide revolution would overthrow a worldwide system.

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 12749
569 kB, 945 × 1170
>Byzantinian Christianity was chosen by Vladimir because it was the fanciest and the richest among Roman Christianity, Islam and Judaism
ebin :DDD
No. 12799
This is from myph of "choise of fate"
In reality it was just most basic politics.

No. 12760 Systemkontra [Reply]
18 kB, 626 × 458
Why is it that, no matter the country, members of the jewish religion/race almost always find themselves at the top/near the top of positions of immense power. It isn't even exclusive to government roles or roles in the private sector - it happens in both! Russia is perhaps the clearest example as so many of the oligarchs are j*was. Now I ain't making value judgements here, but just asking who benefits and why is it so!
No. 12765
No. 12769 Kontra
Long nosa
They merchantilistic
Culture of study
No. 12783 Kontra
This isnt cabbagechan. Piss off.
No. 12819
>be prosecuted throughout history by literally almost everyone
>gotta be creative and clever to survive (very human reaction to threat in general)
>can't trust nobody but my 'own people
>cooperation preferably among people you trust/like

This accumulated of centuries especially in Europe. I am absolutely not surprised Jews are at the top of the world now. And I think they deserve it. Even though most Jews I meet today don't care too much about Judaism, they do still have a very Jewish identity and self-perception and feel very connected to each othee/their 'people' and thus, would support each other.

No. 44 [Reply]
599 kB, 1613 × 1080
364 kB, 1365 × 2048
Let's carry on with our traditionally films and TV series related discussions.

One series that is rarely mentioned in these kind of threads but I enjoy to watch most of the time is Animal Kingdom. It's about a criminal family clan embedded in the Californian surfer subculture.
No. 12737
if it wouldn't have been IP blocked, i prolly wouldn't have bothered watching a 2,5h movie :3
it's a good movie, but i didn't find anything "special" in it. your typical anti-war war-movie. prolly watched too many of that kind to be amazed. (e.g. waltz with bashir)

it somehow reminded me of a docu which actually is banned (can't remember the name, thou. maybe someone can help me out?). The docu focuses on the time directly after ww2; how the americans and soviets treated the german soldiers after germany surrendered. i think it was banned because of "nazi propaganda" or something.
No. 12740
>how the americans and soviets treated the german soldiers after germany surrendered

So how did the film present it? I suppose the burgers were depicted as cruel, arrogant and condescending whereas the soviets were depicted as outright barbarians?
No. 12745
Massive doubts.
>arrogant and condescending
I hope so. Nothing is funnier to me than any group of people being arrogant and condescending to a bunch of Germans of all people. Should also be rude and demand they eat substandard pasta.
No. 12764
I forgot to mention there is the original screenplay adaption, aka the first film made out of the book, from the 30s.

No. 12754 [Reply]
51 kB, 770 × 578
Ich bin Student und studiere Völkerecht. Können Sie mir bitte mit der Hausaufgabe helfen?
Ich habe 2 Fragen, auf denen ich mit 5 Sätze antworten muss.
  1. Woran es liegt, dass die CSU in den letzten Wahlen in Bayern 10 Prozentpunkten verloren hat?
  2. Warum sind die Grünen in konservativen Bayern beliebt wie nie zuvor?
No. 12755
No. 12757
No. 12759
>Woran es liegt, dass die CSU in den letzten Wahlen in Bayern 10 Prozentpunkten verloren hat?
Unionskrach/Seehofers Streit mit Merkel, Seehofer protegierte Maaßen, Söders Eskapaden z.B. mit den Kreuzen.
CSU-Rechtsaußen wanderten zur AfD (+10%).

>Warum sind die Grünen in konservativen Bayern beliebt wie nie zuvor?
Die Grünen sind eine Partei bürgerlicher und konservativer bzw. neoliberaler Besserverdiener, aber nicht so rechtsautoritär wie Seehofer und Söder. Der Zugewinn, den sie verzeichnen können, sind liberale Merkelfans, die nix mit AfD-Positionen anfangen können. Gilt auch für BaWü und Hessen. Der Aufschwung der Grünen wird sich fortsetzen und möglicherweise noch verstärken, wenn Merz und nicht Merkels Favoritin AKK das Rennen in der Union macht.

No. 594 [Reply]
262 kB, 540 × 810, 0:08
Share what you're listening to!

>Los Mirlos - Muchachita Del Oriente
Psychedelic cumbia from Peru


>Ermeneuma - Nothing Changes
Italian darkwave/goth rock cover of the Death In June song


>Carolina Eyck - Reja

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 12641
Now this is what I'd call actual neofolk, not some gay ass nazi shit (just kidding, I like DIJ too).
Ingmar Burghardt made some songs out of poems by Josef Weinheber and Hermann Löns (also by other authors), really great stuff in my opinion.

>Josef Weinheber - Im Grase

>Josef Weinheber - Judaskuß

>Hermann Löns - Irrkraut

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 12700
140 kB, 846 × 570
That feel when I got around to listening to T-I-G-E-R Army's newest EP. It was kind of a letdown compared to the cosy Calicore that they used to have as their calling card. There is definitely some stylistic and thematic similarity, but it just doesn't 'feel' right. Compare the first link to their older stuff below it and see if you can see what I mean.


No. 12747
Very rarely if ever, at least sober. Sounds nice.
No. 12751
Neofolk is the gayest and most nazi genre ever. Can't listen to it, but each his own.

Btw this is a 'poem' by Mr Weinheber:

Deutschland, ewig und groß,
Deutschland, wir grüßen Dich!
Deutschland, heilig und stark,
Führer, wir grüßen Dich!
Heimat, glücklich und frei,
Heimat, wir grüßen Dich!

What is wrong with Austrians?