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Hide No. 82221 [Reply]
4,9 MB, 4160 × 3120
No. 82599
498 kB, 720 × 540
1,3 MB, 3024 × 4032
I went out and got some new shirts. Of course they are the same shirt but in multiple colours. Well, just two. Shirts are expensive. Also got a purple shirt with a vapourwave aesthetic which my mother seems to hate but I do not care. I think once I move out I'll probably eventually start dressing like Jon from Garfield.
Also picked up the Hungarian edition of Lüshi Chunqiu. It's a pretty good edition over all, save for refusing to use pinyin. I'm going to send a(n angry) letter about it to the publisher.

Had gyros for lunch and slept a bit in the afternoon.
Checked my mail and had an ominous "official message" waiting for me according to an entirely separate official message referring to it in my mailbox.
Didn't know what it could be but apparently they announced this semester's studies stipends which are calculated using your grades.
Mine somehow got doubled. I'm gonna get 80k HUF every month this semester. Fucking oligarch tier.
This is actually well above inflation.

Also the fucking system says I have a book borrowing expired and then I enter into the separate system of the libraries it says I have no expired borrowings. (Which is good, because this is the system that actually counts borrowings and late fees. If that doesn't record it then everything is fine.)

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No. 82635
671 kB, 1200 × 2033
Slept for 11 hours last night. It felt really good. I had some strange dreams about attending some specialized training school.
Before nightnighttime, I sliced up some tasty brown tomatoes and ate some with goat cheese. I finished them this morning, along with a huge red pepper I cut up. I also diced up a little chili pepper to go with it too c:
I love peppers! :)
After brekkies I brewed peppermint eucalyptus tea :3
Then I browsed the internet and did a little online shopping.

I woke up freezing cold this morning :(
I've been feeling sick all day and it's just getting worse. My throat is sore and I feel feverish :(
I have that achey chilly feeling like when you have the flu :/

Later in the day I had to work, and I ended up working late into the evening. Ugh, FML. :(
Afterwards, I took ~50mg THC orally, and then I heated up a premade meat pie – I tried some and it's actually pretty crummy. I thought there were vegetables in here but it's actually just a bunch of ground pork wrapped in a pastry. WTF this was overpriced...
It's super dry too. Ugh I need to do something to make it more palatable.

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No. 82636 Kontra
8 kB, 250 × 250
No. 82651
2,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
Coping about not having been able to set up wce multiplayer over the internet by playing with myself, by myself.

Hide No. 82601 [Reply]
268 kB, 1200 × 799
666 kB, 1200 × 675
1,2 MB, 2700 × 1790
273 kB, 1200 × 900
For flora and fauna (and even terrain), wild and domesticated.

For connectivity:
Spiders: >>79204
Pirds: >>24062
Wolves: >>82426
Eatable bugs: >>80223
Toxoplasmosis: >>82552
No. 82638
1,8 MB, 4000 × 3000
Would be a cozy 8/10 if not for the pylons.

Reminds me of pic related I took in summer:

Cozy crop fields and trees, raped by architecture and industry.
No. 82639 Kontra
>bavariaball again
I shouldn't be surprised, I am at my mom's where in certain parts of the house there is not even cellphone reception.
No. 82642
>raped by architecture and industry
Muh monocultural agricultural area :DDD

Seriously tho: I don't get why people hate on this so much. In your pic I personally love how the blocks blend into the scenery. I also often like the view of big industry buildings or fields of wind turbines. Or back in the 90s my grandparents village still had wooden electricity poles and I thought they looked super cool. Those things have their own aesthetic and I don't see why they shouldn't mix, except for national parks and such.
No. 82649
>In your pic I personally love how the blocks blend into the scenery.
Are we looking at the same picture? Because they don't blend at all.
They stand out like the ugly concrete cancer they are.
The sand mound in the back literally stands out like a pustule.

> I also often like the view of big industry buildings or fields of wind turbines.
Absolutely disgusting, but you might want to look up "Dyckerhoff GmbH Göllheim" on Google maps, the pictures they have for that place might be right up your alley.
The first time I passed it on the A63 it gave me some diffuse kind of existential dread.

Hide No. 81996 [Reply]
208 kB, 1080 × 887
Previous >>81403
No. 82646
>Pressure mounts on Germany’s Scholz to send tanks to Ukraine

>The warning shots are getting closer and louder. In a heated parliamentary session on Thursday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received stark signals from his coalition partners that they expect him to ramp up weapons supplies to Ukraine at what is becoming an increasingly critical inflection point of the war. While his government coalition bought him a little more time in the Bundestag debate and temporarily fended off a critical parliamentary motion expressing a lack of faith in his military support for Ukraine, it is now looking more and more likely Scholz will have to respond to the calls for Europe’s biggest economy to pull its weight when it comes to arming Kyiv more decisively.

>Witheringly, opposition lawmaker Florian Hahn from the center-right Christian Social Union fumed that Germany was only “number 18 in the world” when comparing its military aid for Ukraine relative to the economic output. Hahn noted that Estonia was far ahead of Germany in supplying arms instead of keeping them for national defense, “even though they have a direct border with the Russian Federation.” The center-right Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) opposition block had requested a vote on a Bundestag motion that urges the government to “immediately” allow the export of German battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. That would have been tantamount to a vote of no-confidence in Scholz’s Ukraine strategy, since the chancellor has repeatedly ruled out such deliveries as long as other Western allies don’t deliver similar heavy gear.

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No. 82647 Kontra
> They probably rented a boat and manned it with navy seals in civilian clothes.
That counts as operating in the Baltic sea and they have no way of doing that. You just can't come to terms with the fact that they could not have done this. But whatever, it was probably aliens.
No. 82648
Not to defend schizophrenia but the US does have ships operating in the Baltic Sea and presumably the Russian narrative on this is designed to coincide with joint-exercises:

You'd have to find some way for the US ships to do covert operations while surrounded by NATO partners but then the US normally provides command and control functions so it might be possible. You could argue the Baltic is one of the most closely monitored bodies of water in the world, so anything would've been spotted and especially submarines after Whiskey on the Rocks, but then the same would hold of any Russian operation.

…Upon reflection the simplest candidate for such an attack would be Sweden. What better way to provoke the other Baltics powers to destroy themselves.
No. 82652 Kontra
> …Upon reflection the simplest candidate for such an attack would be Sweden. What better way to provoke the other Baltics powers to destroy themselves.
I don't think you reflected enough on this matter. Yes we could, no we didn't. Doing so would be considered an attack by Russia and they would not keep quiet about it and they are awfully quite about it. And why would we want the Baltic powers to destroy themselves, that is childish bond villain thinking.

Everybody likes to give the US too much credit. An operation like this isn't something they can pull of in the Baltic without help from a country around it. As you said it is closely monitored waters you just don't hire a boat and go diving, you need to hide your action and even to keep it on a level where you can plausible deny it is difficult. Most likely everybody knows what happened at least on a larger scale but nobody will come out and say it because it would reveal important and secret details of how countries are operating and what capabilities they have.

Hide No. 82643 [Reply]
31 kB, 480 × 800
C.P F.u*c.k



Hide No. 82557 [Reply]
82 kB, 1394 × 1080
I will green text this, because it eases the pain

>be me returning to my trusty Peugeot with 16 cans of lager
>an American Goblina ambushes me
>I know her to see her, she is a former drone operator turned hippy
>I always try to avoid her
>something about her always repulses me
>her gesticulations are completely alien
>her fake facial expressions make me lean back away from her like she is something else wearing the face of a human
>her over the top mouth movements trigger uncanny valley reflexes
>I make excuses because I know she lives next door to Jimmy
>she has some olive looking skin, someone told me she is half Iranian and the other half is Goblina admixture
>I often wonder why she would remotely fly drones against her own kind, but then I remember that the American knows no loyalty

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No. 82594
31 kB, 419 × 483
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
This is the best thread we've had on EC for months.
No. 82600 Kontra
265 kB, 406 × 547
Yet another European life ruined by American small-talk.
Gitler could have prevented this.
No. 82626 Kontra
> She's hyperactive and hyperfriendly
As if something bad...
No. 82637
196 kB, 500 × 333
Is Goblina single?

Hide No. 57870 [Reply]
873 kB, 1400 × 1400
Share any/all musicians and their respective discographies. Discuss music that stirs you and feel free to comment on others contributions.

Pagan Altar - Mythical & Magical

This album might be one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums ever recorded. Honestly, I don't think I could conjure enough words of praise to heap on this album, so I'll leave it to the fine folks at Metal-Archives to do the job for me:

One highlight for me is, ironically, one of the album's less heavier moments "The Crowman". The song perfectly blends Folk and Rock in between all those infectious bluesy licks that transcends time itself and inspires nostalgia for music from eras gone by. And to think this was recorded and released in 2006:
No. 81259

What in the fug is going on in Africa xDDD
No. 81263
3,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
That guy knows how it is done, I should take some notes.
No. 81271
72 kB, 400 × 598
No. 82631

Your guess of which one is which is probably true.

Hide No. 67497 [Reply]
112 kB, 1200 × 675
Going back to "Come and see" the director told (more or less) "I would not want a professional actor... I wanted a 14 YO unexperienced boy... With that kind of film we had to train him that by the end of the film he would not get into an asylum!"

Fug yes. Like a cretin told, "how great is cinema".

BTW, you won't tell me you have not seen the anime version of this picture, ha ha. This is the stuff that makes the good part of the internet great, too :DD. The bad part of the internet can crash and burn
No. 82381 Kontra
Is it the film where a fat guy eats a cockroach by mistake? It traumatized me as a kid.
No. 82399
Frankly, I don't know. According to Schnittberichte.com this was one of the at least more uncut versions and ever since the USK re-rating it's 16 anyways, iirc. At least on ofdb the more recent releases are marked as uncut.
That said, maybe you just got mandela'd?

Yeah, it's the mayor, right at the beginning.
No. 82620
71 kB, 1024 × 433
49 kB, 1024 × 431
515 kB, 1600 × 971
1,2 MB, 1032 × 432
No Looking Back (Russian: Оторви и выбрось)

Relatives decided to watch a comedy and chose this one more or less randomly. There were almost no jokes (let alone funny jokes) and there was decent amount of ultraviolence. "Your stab wound looks like a bleeding vagina" -- 5 years old girl. After a scene where pregnant women was kicked in stomach by her husband and mother in law, everyone left, but I felt intrigued. Ending was disappointing and unrealistically positive. I bet maestro would like everyone to die, but his sponsors wouldn't understand it.

Bad enough to be good /10.
No. 82621
Why do you watch such a degenerate movie? Sounds like it was made by jews.

Hide No. 79204 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1280 × 720
r8 my spider fren
No. 82190 Kontra
:D Alright, I'll believe an Australian's advice when it comes to dealing with spiders. Finally an excuse to bring out the nukes.
No. 82588
1,6 MB, 1280 × 1206
Not mine (fren send me this from his garden) but what does Ernst think about wasp spiders?
No. 82590
We should make united "nature thread". There is a pirding thread, spider thread, Hungarian gardener and also I'm going to shitpost a lot, mostly about botany.
No. 82596
I 'd like that.
Will you open it?

Hide No. 51240 [Reply]
167 kB, 679 × 960
Old one is now on systemkontra. Pretty self-explanatory thread.

Our server is at discord.gg/ZGmpJe9

We've got a group together at the moment, and we've been playing for a while now, so know that it is possible to get into this shit even if you've got no experience. Hell, if you're okay with 0600Z starts, you can play with us. Or start your own group if you prefer.

Otherwise, this is the place to talk shit about analogue games that you've been playing/reading/whatever lately.
No. 82506
Aussie will be around only sporadically tomorrow. He's got BBQ.

But if you wanna help me set up a bunch of LAN games for the future, I'll be around all day.
Should be interesting to see how to get old pc games working through virtual lan across operating systems because most stuff like hamachi is windows only.
No. 82517
Sure sounds interesting, I'll drop by for a few hours.
No. 82587
for future reference.
either do some weird hack with relaying udp broadcasts to another interface
or use a layer 2 vpn and firewall all traffic other than the game
No. 82589
There's also apparently battle net emulators that override the ip addresses of the battlenet regions so you can play on them.
There's also a an already hosted instance: https://eurobattle.net/page/introduction
Seems like some tryhard stuff. Has custom launchers and shit.

There's also other launchers that do the things described in the previous post, as in, they hook into wc3 udp port and somehow route people to each other

Hide No. 72751 [Reply]
38 kB, 584 × 584
23 kB, 946 × 114
After spamming the last one to Systemkontra with a single broadcast, here's the new thread
No. 82200 Kontra
I already have an update from our hoster: They are migrating their hardware and are having some issues. They say it will be fixed in a few hours. That doesn't sound too bad, so we can just wait and see what happens.
No. 82330
12 kB, 309 × 169
FYI: The radio is fully restored and ready for operation.
No. 82513
No. 82584
243 kB, 1429 × 1400
182 kB, 1500 × 1500
320 kB, 1400 × 1375
Today we're listening to "Bronski Beat - Age of Consent" (no homo)

New to the poll:
Type O Negative - World Coming Down
The Upsetters - Super Ape
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in 1 hour from now.