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No. 11014 [Reply]
50 kB, 504 × 351
649 kB, 1280 × 720
43 kB, 800 × 450
430 kB, 640 × 831
Previous deda. Maybe add something to Op post, like some infor or news in next threads so OP post would not be so empty?
No. 11087
169 kB, 369 × 317
Ebin as fug
No. 11128
The Day of Defeat servers are complete dead :(
No. 11149
Original or source? When I played last time years ago there was a lot of leople playing botg games
No. 11175
Both. Original has one server with like 4 people on it. Source has 3 dead servers. It's sad.

No. 11097 [Reply]
62 kB, 612 × 422
Ernst, a bit more than one year ago, I moved to Germany for work, staying for ten more months. Ask me anything.
No. 11140
>and then he freaked out, telling me to 'go home' and I shouldnt forget Dachau wasnt far.
The eternal Kraut never dies.
Interesting and good thread though.
No. 11158
>And I know from Turkey that export second class products and keep the best ones for the domestic market

I suspected that before, I think turkish market fruits are cheaper because these are imports from cheaper countries, supermarkets usually have european fruit and vegetables, some from greenhouses ofc

Bavaria is different to NRW I could imagine. I rarely take notice of open racism in public transport or public in general, really cannot see the last time I noticed it besides some angry lonesome grandpa in a social housing complex ranting about the ausländer and their kids making it messy there was a shopping cart on the lane. The trams and buses are full of people from or 2nd/3rd generational born in Germany eastern europe, turkey, greece, post soviet countries and so on
No. 11170
222 kB, 1023 × 1701
I never realized there is any kind of essential difference between the vegetables/fruit between Turkish grocery stores and supermarket.
Only thing from Turkish grocery stores I miss are the cheap family packs of black tea.
No. 11174
I can confirm that the food from Aldis is terrible. I mean, Walmart has better food than Aldis.

No. 10065 [Reply]
322 kB, 1920 × 1200
Since previous one systemkontra'd.

So, conquerer of all russia from previous threada, do you have some vision, ideology, or goal? Or you just waked up and after some histry books thought that you want to be A LEADER and make something GREIT again? I ask since I sometimes have feelings kinda like that for myself but it obvious that all this is just meme dreams.
No. 11168
those were good times. we made that :D
No. 11171
It is surprising he was not banned sooner.

Dear diary thread,
Today I was an indolent subhuman all day.
And it felt good
No. 11172
83 kB, 245 × 220
Lol, youtube down.
Exact same second I created webmoney for donate for my channel it lies down in at least 1/3 of the world. Is this a sign from a god?
No. 11173
If you're referring to my post with Christmas countryballs it was to welcome Kuwait. If you're referring to that one super obnoxious American that's Nebraska and he's been banned repeatedly.

Looks up for me. We need a good alternative to that shitty DMCA'd ad riddled Google crap anyway.

No. 9727 [Reply]
23 kB, 642 × 398
74 kB, 1024 × 402
81 kB, 300 × 300
1,2 MB, 2105 × 1909
Sometimes you may feel the urge to share a pic but you can wait for suitable context eternally.
No. 11079
45 kB, 800 × 408
387 kB, 1920 × 1080
446 kB, 477 × 579
126 kB, 1010 × 568
Oh, original pilot episode enterprise model famous photos. Sad thing, I wonder, what if Star Trek Discovery was not shitty show and at least tried to usee original series style. I really belive you can make TOS stuff look futuristic, even if not 100%, it would be at least fun to watch how actor pretend that this is high tech.
No. 11081
842 kB, 1318 × 900
Ah, I knew the style seemed familiar or some. Took me a day to realise from where; until I saw my hard copy of Royal Jelly in the cupboard and it clicked. Pic related, the cover is also from Dorman.
Also a pretty good comic, sadly they have been out of print for a very long time and it's hard to get them.
No. 11164
I'm not going to upload all of them but
No. 11169
373 kB, 1280 × 720
137 kB, 1280 × 720
131 kB, 1280 × 720
Some screenshots from youtube videos with captions.
Second one says: "The psychiatrists don't know anything."

No. 7862 [Reply]
167 kB, 1225 × 735
60 kB, 1225 × 735
5 kB, 192 × 142

>Brazil’s oldest and most important historical and scientific museum has been consumed by fire, and much of its archive of 20m items is believed to have been destroyed.

>The fire at Rio de Janeiro’s 200-year-old National Museum began after it closed to the public on Sunday and raged into the night. There were no reports of injuries, but the loss to Brazilian science, history and culture was incalculable, two of its vice-directors said.

>Rio’s fire chief Colonel Roberto Robaday said the firefighters did not have enough water at first because two hydrants were dry. “The two nearest hydrants had no supplies,” he said. Water trucks were brought in and water used from a nearby lake.

Fucking Brazillians. I am actually mad that they managed to destroy this beautiful museum with a bunch of Portuguese artifacts brought from Portugal by their first Emperor to the ground. The museum was also previously used as the palace of Portuguese kings when they fled to Brazil.

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No. 11146
>Russian church cuts its ties with Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

So Russian church is now a pariah church?
Seems pretty much self destructive.
No. 11147
Nothing new.
Russian church got butthurted broke ties with Constantinople when Estonian church was gaining autocephaly.
No. 11150
Oh, so it's just playing the offended prima donna for a while and then crawling back to the Constantinople Patriarchate silently later? Well, why not. By actions like these at least nobody gets hurt.
No. 11167
Only things that make me this church things EPIN is how they sounds


  • and things like this. This feels like some sort of High Fantasy or Warhammer. In reality this is all lame thing nobody cares about tbh.

No. 1165 [Reply]
522 kB, 583 × 996
What is Ernst currently reading?

Also further planning of the EC reading group.
No. 10726
99 kB, 200 × 296
111 kB, 200 × 304
112 kB, 200 × 297
Can Ernst reccomend reading The Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist? I want read it first, before playing Betrayal at Krondor videogame but don't know if is to worth it?
No. 10729
Last thing I read was an essay on Japanese aesthetics by Junichiro Tanizaki called "In Praise of Shadows". While I would agree with the sentiment that it is nice for things to be unpolished and show wear and tear & dimly lit places have their special appeal, it read like the ramblings of an old writer who is struggling to write something because he just doesn't know how to do anything else. I also read his novel "The Key" by him some time ago and found it rather contrived, though I enjoyed it a bit more. But I must conclude that I don't really like Tanizaki.

Other than that I only listened to a business audiobook recently, "Zero to One" by Peter Thiel. It was really just the same stuff he always says in interviews: technological progress is the most important thing ever, the educational system is fucked, "what's an important truth few people agree with you on?" yadda yadda
It's rather uncanny how he always tells the same stories & anecdotes.

I want to read something good again, but my heda feels too fucked right now.
Actually a few days ago I woke up with an idea for a story and made some notes about the characters in the middle of the night, so I might rather write something. Just thinking about it already gives me a headache
No. 10759
24 kB, 279 × 400
After finishing Walpurgisnacht by Gustav Meyrink (a great and underrated writer, his depiction of Prague is beautifully feverish and intense) I read Die Marquise von O. by Heinrich von Kleist, which was a nice read (even though the long sentences packed with informations are not that easy to read if you're not used to it) but didn't get me as much as Michael Kohlhaas. Other than that I've been reading a practical introduction into journalism today, but only a few pages as a lot of the information is banal but still important. Also occasionally I'm reading Ovid's Ars Amatoria, it's fun and useful but I progress slowly as I generally do when reading non-fiction. Tonight I'll start reading Houellebecq's Submission, I wanted to read something by him for a long time but always had other priorities, but now I feel like I'm in the right mood for it, also it seems like an easy read.
No. 11165
22 kB, 290 × 441
Read two short novellas by Paul Heyse, L'Arrabbiata and Helene Morten. The first one was about a young fisherman and a poor girl finding love, but before they came together he threatened to kill her and himself and she bit his hand and seriously injured him this way. Funny and technically beautiful work, but nothing special. The second one was about a practical tradesman marrying a beautiful and intellectual young girl, after a while she got unhappy so he let her talk to another intellectual friend which made her happy but him jealous so he went away for two weeks without answering her letters. To prove him her love she sailed away to get find some of his ships (I won't explain this sub-plot), but as she'd always get seasick she died after finding the ships only after him coming back, knowing that he lost the one who really loved him. Sounds like kitsch, I know but it really moved me. The whole story was embedded in the narrators telling about staying on the countryside, where he found an old abandoned but beautiful building, in which an old man lived who told him his story - the husband of the famous Helene Morten. Really tragical story, would recommend.

It's as tragical that Heyse is almost forgotten, being one of the most well-known and liked authors in the 19th century. He wasn't only a great writer but also a gentleman, who would often host literary conventions and knew a lot of authors and helped everyone he knew. Everyone liked him, Fontane went as far as to think that after the Goethe-age, there would be a period called the Heyse-age. History truly is weird sometimes.

No. 594 [Reply]
262 kB, 540 × 810, 0:08
Share what you're listening to!

>Los Mirlos - Muchachita Del Oriente
Psychedelic cumbia from Peru


>Ermeneuma - Nothing Changes
Italian darkwave/goth rock cover of the Death In June song


>Carolina Eyck - Reja

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 11148
53 kB, 960 × 540
102 kB, 960 × 540
22 kB, 480 × 360
100 kB, 720 × 529
You might check out Satan Panonski



The way he described himself:

"I am Satan Panonski, by etnicity a punk, by profession a friend"

There are also several videos on youtube:


[Show 1 more line]

No. 11151
Thanks, will look into it
No. 11162
No. 11163

No. 10810 [Reply]
1,6 MB, 57 pages
2,4 MB, 440 pages
552 kB, 192 pages
832 kB, 398 pages
Hey I just realized we don't have an ebooks thread. ebooks threda? ebooks threda.
No. 11124
118 kB
2,0 MB, 49 pages
186 kB, 8 pages
134 kB, 18 pages
Uh...ooookay then
No. 11142
2,6 MB, 80 pages
A FOSS all in one machine tool.
No. 11153
557 kB, 116 pages
83 kB
200 kB, 78 pages
1,0 MB, 124 pages
Some German classics for the Germans or those of you who want to improve their German.
No. 11154
10,6 MB, 720 × 480, 1:37
>those books
Comic book kid turned bullied kid turned creepy loner edgelord with homicidal revenge fantasies tier

No. 11088 [Reply]
165 kB, 762 × 1048
146 kB, 900 × 1259
191 kB, 640 × 894
24 kB, 300 × 450
Can we have quality thread on this topic? I honestely dunno what to disscuss specifically - types of anthropomorphism, your favorite pictures, talk about theoretical anatomy and other possibilities, searching for different media with anthro animals.

I don't like all "furry" resourses where I been - not people that I want to talk with, not people who cares about interesting disscution, just some teenagers who jerk off on mediacore quality hentai pics.

Ah yes, to not harm other posters post nsfw pictures under spoilers. Hope there will be people who interested in this thematics as much, as myself. And maybe we can attract to club more new people.
No. 11152
55 kB, 710 × 542
26 kB, 450 × 300
58 kB, 911 × 619
73 kB, 610 × 933
Looks like I'll be alone in this thread for quite some time, so for bumb I will post interesting examples of anthro animal costumes that was used for movies and videogames. This is kind of thing I was always interested in - in such realistic detailed costumes, opposite to terrible furry suits which looks like shitty chienese soft toy with acid colors.
First is from "Star Trek IV The Voyage Home" movie background Caitian character
Second and third is Kilrathi from "Wing Commander III" cinematic cutscenes
Last one is interesting costume from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV seties which I never watched but may try one day.

No. 7555 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1152
95 kB, 719 × 536
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1060
211 kB, 640 × 473
In previous was.. not very much interest in science exept history, so from now it just history thread.
Previous thread systemcontra but before it died, you may read interesting things here (I think it will not be archived, so hurry!):
No. 10682
>It's important to understand that Muscovy was riddled with a very unique form of clan factionism
I don't say we was THAT unique and THAT isolated. A lot of maariage between european and asian royal families still happened, during different peiod of time many principaties have their connections with Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Byzantine or other states. Same if you look at rzeczpospolita or grand principality of lithuania you may see some similar goverment elements here.

If we talk about state evolution as more big theme of disscution, creation of Rus as state was way different from all other civilisations and for different reasons. Same as you will look at start and reasons and look of our feudal period- concenquences and elements are similar to europe, but reasons and look is different. It sometimes feels almost like it is happened "accidentily" that russian history before Ptere I in some ways have similarities with Europe when there was only accidential similarities, but this question is far more complicated and it was actualy one of the most important political-philosophical quesion in russia in XIX centuary, with Westernizer and Slavophilia factions barking at each other russia is europe or it's unique shit between west and east with it's own path.
No. 10686
>I don't say we was THAT unique and THAT isolated.

I see it as fairly unique. Not that clans and rivalries didn't exist but the Rota system seems to have created a unique dynamic in my opinion.
As far as I know, no other state had to purposely avoid having the royal family marry into high nobility.
No. 11074

Interesting. Is this true? It pretty much claims that Cannabis held a central role in Japan for centuries if not millenia until being stamped out by the US occupation at the end of WWII.
No. 11143
1,2 MB, 2899 × 2019