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Hide No. 60098 [Reply]
289 kB
These people, among many others, need to die:
• Rocco Siffredi, plus many more violent criminals like him who perpetrated brutal anorectal violence against many others
• John Stagliano, along with many other criminals like him involved in Evil Angel and similar companies worldwide (LegalPorno springs to mind): anyone doing one or more of aiding and abetting violent criminals, profiting from their crimes, and directing their actions
• Kamala Harris, California's Attorney General for many years: Did she do anything whatsoever to rein in California's out-of-control pornography industry? It doesn't seem so.
• Xavier Becerra, another former California AG (now heading the U.S. DHHS, which oversees the NIH, despite having no public health nor medical background); Gavin Newsom, California's current governor; and Jerry Brown, California's former governor: See above.
• Anyone who was involved in the 2008 obscenity prosecution idiocy against Evil Angel, which just made things worse — and I wouldn't put it past the likes of the George W. Bush administration to have desired such an effect. Who in the FBI was involved? Who was involved at higher levels, up to and possibly including Bush & Cheney? They all need to die.
• Stephanie Dunn (California & Maine), one administrator of AdultDVDTalk (username "Janitor," formerly "Steph"): aiding and abetting violent criminals and their crimes (and likely profiting from them as well)

Hide No. 59965 [Reply]
162 kB, 1169 × 1391
No. 60080
>I found that strange at first but it's probably a good sign.

I don't want to burst any bubbles that might have formed along the way until now, but one thing that is possible would be her not knowing people, and thus she seeks you out to not be alone in a very platonic way. This really is decidable only upon other action that will happen.

Uni is still some weeks away. I'm going to be tutoring people it seems. Too bad the pay is bad but at least I can see how I like being in front of a class and talk about texts with them and I perform doing so. Shitting my pants tbh.
No. 60092 Kontra
Went to inter-workshop general meeting.
The only lesson I can take away from this is that I should never attend one of these ever again.
If this is what politics in practice is like then I don't want any of it. This is horribly boring and tiresome, and no amount of fancy words like "committee" or "annual report" will change this. Three hours spent on basically nothing besides electing a new cabinet where there was only one cabinet standing for election. And that cabinet only different from the current one in the person of the president. Though I'm sure Sir Humphrey would consider this to be hours of fruitful work.

>I don't want to burst any bubbles
Please do.
No. 60093 Kontra
There are lots of those tbh. You find them outside of academia as well. It's bureaucracy. I for the first time agreed to get myself in such a situation a few months ago, now in my master program. I've heard it before and it was just like described and most people know what you and I experienced. Sometimes interesting decisions are made though.

Concerning the Bubbles I said what I said. You can't safel say anything rn. Might be another chance, might be just an I don't want to be alone under 1000s of people and they all seem to know someone else.
No. 60097
Is it possible to not fall in love with a woman the moment you enter a permanent social group like a workplace or uni, etc?

I look back on the times when I've entered a new social environment and immediately had a crush on someone, and cringe. Do normal people experience this? Do women?

Hide No. 49280 [Reply]
76 kB, 1024 × 768
Here's a thread where Ernsts may share their dreams.

Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me before or after sex. But I have the luck to dream a lot, so sometimes there are strange pearls.
No. 60071
Woke up like 3am hearing two knocks. Shook, fell back asleep. Felt my flight bank vertically before going fully inverted. Told family loved them, started talking to God. Turned out to be flight simulator. Physically shaking. Woke up realized I was sleeping at 45° angle which is probably why I noticed sharp bank angle. Aready primed for anxiety because, can't remember forgotten something or some reason in dream was more anxious than normal before flight. Writing down to remember last scraps of receding dream. Scariest shit in awhile last thought when feeling us going upside down was wondering if this was going to hurt then being utterly confused why I wasn't dead yet.
No. 60081
I dreamed my glans was white and moist, then my parents divorced because mom accused dad of cheating and finally some girl I know irl was showing her boobs to other men but not me. Combo!
No. 60084 Kontra
>finally some girl I know irl was showing her boobs to other men but not me.


In my last dream or the one before a friend told me I suck and I said I know. Sadly I don't remember the other dream parts from yesterday and today.
No. 60096
95 kB, 500 × 457
112 kB, 1537 × 546
I had a dream where I flew a helicopeter to the most perfect valley imaginable, it was like a little slice of paradise in the middle of a velley.

In the middle of the valley, standing out amongst the shrubs and bushes was my old car, my Renault Megane mk1 which I wrote off in a car crash last January, I got to fuck around with it and check the glove box and under the seats and say goodbye properly I guess. I had the car for about 10 years before the accident.

Then some friends arrived, severeal female friends of my wife and their host of kids who all started playing together. Some milf with big tits tried to seduce me when my wife was gone with the kids, she was showing me her big tits and her hairy bush and asking me if I wanted to be her husband in my next life.

I said ask me after I died, but her milkers weren't as big as my wife's and she wasn't gonna make me cheat on her just yet and she laughed and walked off, but I did cop a nice feel of her tits before she wandered away

Then a portal appeared and I walked into what appeared to be the back door of a pub or hotel bar, through this bar I walked out the front and saw what appeared to be a fight on the street, it was some kind of goblina, American or Mexican creatura giving birth on the side of the road, I was suddenly in a medium size town watching this 5 foot tall brown goblin giving birth and I looked at it with disgust and uttered the word ''demon'' and then I woke up

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Hide No. 59005 [Reply]
372 kB, 650 × 593
257 kB, 1920 × 984
27 kB, 512 × 384
556 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 60004
>Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time I see your posts :)
No. 60011
Sir I wish to discuss the digital industrial output of the 21st century Republic of Poland

The share of phoneshit now eclipsing both console and PC gaming revenues is a worry trend indeed.

Of course as to gaming compared to cinema, the profit margins on games is so much better than movies that it's part of why half of modern cinema is basically just CGI and has been for a couple decades. The difference is movies have far deeper and wider market penetration because everyone from children to elderly third world couples can watch a film, but not nearly as many people are into games and of those far fewer can afford all the kind of bullshit cost that goes into running modern games. You pretty much need a thousand dollar+ system to run cyberpunk above 768p. At the same time this also likely correlates to the explosion in phoneshit, because even boomers play those things.

My fear is these shitty things having wider appeal is going to drag down PC and console gaming both to its level, and indeed I have already seen this. A great many games are being pushed through Steam now which are clearly nothing more than phoneshit, including that untextured, detailless trash "aesthetic" of stuff like Rise of Industry and trying to make it sound like "an aesthetic choice" when what really it is was first hardware limitations, and then laziness and incompetence mixed with greed. They are trying to make it appear not just acceptable but fashionable to basically have untextured raw pre-alpha models and not even bother with development at all anymore.
No. 60091
No. 60095
59 kB, 600 × 600
After 40 hours of Civilization VI I can safely say it is soulless zoomer shit.

He's right, cartoons are for children, and Anime is for faggots.
>What alleged common agreement?
the common agreement that everyone else on planet earth doesn't give a shit about it except you (including me)
wtf microprose still exists? can't they just let the greatest dev house of all time lie in peace with resurrecting it to sell shit? wasn't the Julian Gollop fiasco enough for them?

Hide No. 60094 [Reply]
441 kB, 1920 × 1920
Hitch a ride, to Vaporchan.


Hide No. 59645 [Reply]
261 kB, 960 × 586
3,9 MB, 314 × 236, 1:51
No. 60043
26 kB, 474 × 646
>unrelated shit added at insistence of the producer so as to cash in on a trend
And that is why I write textwalls ranting about those kinds of people ruining art.

Something I wonder if you might like is House (1986) and House 2. Pretty great lowket gems of 1980s b-horror.

It's funny, I spent so much time as a kid in the horror section of the VHS rental stores begging to get this or that and finally by time I was an adult or at least old enough with my own money to rent whatever the hell I wanted VHS itself was pretty much out the door. Sometimes I still miss that VCR/mini-TV I used to have. It makes me wonder if zoomers even have a clue where certain stylistic choices originally come from like VHS artifacting added to games or music video because muh aesthetics.

The 1980s to about early 90s was absolutely kino for the genres of horror and scifi. I really think something fundamental was lost just in the switch from great special effects artistry to downright cheesiness in the switch from models and props to doing everything CGI. Just imagine what complete ass a series like The Walking Dead would look like if they used CGI instead.

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No. 60044
It is absolutely true that Grimes is a troublemaker.
No. 60045
But the trendy stuff helped him to develop a style loved by thousands. I ended up loving Fulci for his visuals. He was impressive in this area.
No. 60086
2,0 MB, 2265 × 1308
25 kB, 474 × 300

Here we can see Rick Grimes, who even in aftermath of his behavior is still asking freedom loving Americans for their IDs :-DDD

Hide No. 48443 [Reply]
50 kB, 940 × 300
151 kB, 500 × 580
231 kB, 1000 × 993
55 kB, 640 × 579
Hello, I will post here some jokes I collected over the years way back on KC /int/.
Feel free to add your own.
There are way more than fit in one post, but I won't necessarily be able to post regularly.

Jerusalem's highest rabbi is on an official trip in England. On one
morning, he wakes up really early. It is Jom Kippur. He steps on the
balcony and sees the hotel's golf course.
He thinks "It's so early, nobody will see me". He grabs his golf gear
and steps on the green.
Up in heaven, St. Peter says to god "Do you see what the highest rabbi
of Jerusalem is doing? On Jom Kippur? Do you not want to punish him for
God nods. The rabbi drives off and hits hole in one, a perfectly rare
St. Peter: "I don't understand - you wanted to punish him!"

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No. 59915
2,9 MB, 320 × 240, 1:08
Jews were popular characters of antisoviet jokes.

- Comrade Rabinovich, - says the secretary at a meeting of the party bureau, - do you have an opinion on this issue?
- I have an opinion, but I do not agree with it!

Rabinovich every morning goes to the newsstand, takes
"Pravda", looks around the first page and returns the newspaper,
beer. A few days later, the salesperson asks what he is looking for.
- obituary.
- obituaries are placed on the last page.
- the obituary I'm waiting for will be on the first!

In the company of Jews:
- Guys, enough about emigration. Let's talk about women instead.

[Show 10 more lines]

No. 59917
Heh, I already knew the last one. And I really like the second one.
No. 60082
102 kB, 800 × 800
Why do they build churches on top of hills?
So runners can thank God when they get there.

Joke I thought of while running :DD
No. 60083
Why do swedes keep empty bottles in their fridge? So they can give something to guests that aren't thirsty.

Hide No. 53829 [Reply]
927 kB, 636 × 848
Should they be abolished? They wield immense power and are basically unelected antidemocratic power structures, which outlive elected officials. There is no control, they majorly fuck up all the time, e.g. in the case of terrorism either by looking away, getting caught with their pants down or even supporting them, like the NSU in Germany or Al Qaida in the US.

Then there are the military intelligence services, you always hear about the CIA, NSA, Mossad, BND or whatever, but basically every country has three branches of intelligence services: foreign, domestic and militaric. And theres almost never any good OSINT on them. Which makes you start to think what they (yeah) are doing.

If people would know what happens beyond the tidbits, which sometimes flow to the surface, I think there would be constant rioting for months. There is no way that they are compatible with a transparent democracy.
No. 58431
Destabilizing foreign countries and creating waves of refugees because it's more profitable to certain industries

Creating the illusion of safety for the populace

Maintaining aspects of a US-centric world order

Creating fodder for numerous entertaining conspiracy theories by their very existence regardless their capacity to competently carry any of them out or not

Seriously though the real problem of being an intelligence asset is no one ever notices or congratulates your successes as you're forbidden to secrecy while the whole world gets to blame you for your fuckups. It's one of the most thankless jobs in the world in a sense. I think that The Good Shepherd was one of the best movies ever made about life in the intelligence field during the Cold War in terms of encapsulating the experience of it, minus added layers of paranoia and smoke and mirrors although it made them look kore professional when Cold War was a wild west. Nowadays they're mostly more tame and orderly.
No. 58441
>such as the fall of the USSR taking them completely by surprise
To be fair, it also took the KGB by surprise.
No. 59099
The mere fact that they failed in their functions prove that they were necessary in first place. A failure of something doesnt precludes its existence, if anything shows that it needs to proper function instead
>said something the current leadership didn't want to hear and were completely ignored (when they told Bush that Iraq didn't have and wasn't trying to produce nuclear weapons
Exactly, this proves how intelligence gathering and security services are needed. The failure resides in the political leadership.
No. 60072
307 kB, 1460 × 937
22 kB, 470 × 470
Finished Shadow Warriors a while ago - it's amazingly researched but for a relatively casual reader perhaps a bit too detailed at times. Also it really only covers the history of the OSS with its more or less successful WW2 operations (pic related for another fun anecdote). There's very little on its predecessors and successor organizations, particularly almost nothing about the CIA (despite its mention in the title).
Still some interesting takeaways, e.g.
- just how much bureacratic squabbles there were among different US intelligence/military/political organizations (and their other UK & USSR counterparts), as well as more personal intrigue btw various staff
- the roots of the Cold War already being sown by some of the conservative hardliners towards the end of the war (again to some extent Allen Dulles' influence, but the implications for broader policy shouldn't be overestimated)
- the extent to which the OSS (and later I suppose also CIA) were a personal project of "Wild Bill" Donovan (and his eccentricities)
- the connections between the Research & Analysis division with academia, and the "old boys network" between former OSS memebers even after it was abolished

Hide No. 56533 [Reply]
150 kB, 1080 × 723
To discuss ottoman industrial output, among other topics. Now with less soviet union posting maybe
No. 60059
They seem to acknowledge capitalism is bad for them. But are stuck due to ideology and for many there occur problems because of a double role they fulfill within their work: they are told to do things and tell people to do things. Which makes it complicated and they cannot be counted as working class, though without production property. Btw. students were counted into it as well. An alliance with the workers is necessary, but the revolutionary subject(s) are others. They do notice that the "intellectuals" are growing fast (some statistics for France are displayed) and will be very important for the fight though. Too bad it fizzled out. I think they did acknowledge well what was going on, but they did not accomplish their goal as we all know.
No. 60060
Yeah, generally those old books can have really cool covers (they aged well A E S T H E T I C) and the best is, they usually are quite cheap. I think it was 1.5€ plus a postal fee. Many of them can still be interesting, it's not too far away timewise and as a source for Zeitgeschichte/contemporary history, they have a stronger bond to the present and can thus be enlightening about the present.
No. 60063
Damn, they really want to work from sharashka =D. Or even better, be beaten to death by Red Guards.
Dealing with well-fed but bored and therefore unsatisfied contrarians is an interesting problem, I wonder how firsties will solve it.
No. 60065 Kontra
What are you even talking about?

Hide No. 53437 [Reply]
39 kB, 309 × 408
482 kB, 1000 × 1000
100 kB, 970 × 970
Old thread is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. In case you're new: The best stream is The Weekly Album stream, the others can be ignored.

Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

There's also a chat and a discord where you usually find people talking about gay porn and penguins during the streams.

http://ernst.bplaced.net/chat/blabax.php (You can register with an email or make a guest account which will tie your name to your IP. If you have a changing IP and want to keep your name register with email)

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 59897
161 kB, 560 × 560
8,8 MB, 960 × 544, 1:26
This weeks winner is "Gang Starr - Moment of Truth".

Next weeks poll: https://poll.fm/10922638

Like always we start at 18:00 Germany time which is in a bit over 1 and a half hours from now.
Listen to the pre-stream, join the chat, vote in the poll and rate the album.
No. 59969
4,6 MB, 2000 × 1302


TOMORROW! 19 CEST! We will again play some elevating music before starting the main programme at around 19:10.
No. 60013
537 kB, 1000 × 618
76 kB, 667 × 395
74 kB, 668 × 426
114 kB, 959 × 547
Since we recently noticed that it would be nice to have a function for announcing upcoming streams which would also integrate into EC I patched something together. It's fresh from the Ernstiwan coding labs and in alpha stadium, so funny things could happen. There's a new menu point "Calendar", here you can login with your radio account and announce a stream. The time zone is UTC, I think that is the most friendly solution for users from different time zones. This page also shows all streams that have been announced by you, includig a delete-button for each one. There's no edit-button though, that seemed much workenings for those few inputs needed.

On the statistics page the next 3 upcoming streams (smallest start date which is still larger than the current time) are shown. I shitposted there so that there is some content. This shows 2 starting times: A germoid one and a UTC one. Maybe we don't even need the end time, not sure yet. What do you think: Should the end time be included or not?

In the next phase I would ask Ernstadmin if we can integrate the next upcoming stream on EC, just like live streams are shown. I'd create a json file with the necessary infos. To prevent misunderstandings: It's just for marketing purposes, it doesn't do anything technically, like blocking resources or whatever.
No. 60047
38 kB, 776 × 192
I inserted a duration field now instead of the end timestamp because I didn't want to have 4 timestamps in a single row. Also there's some basic input validation happening now, like for example you can't submit an end time which is smaller than the start time, and the description will cut off at 255 (old school) chars.