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Hide No. 46479 [Reply]
1,8 MB, 1500 × 1489
482 kB, 1000 × 1000
39 kB, 309 × 408
Old thread is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. In case you're new: The best stream is The Weekly Album stream, the others can be ignored.

Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

There's also a chat and a discord where you usually find people talking about gay porn and penguins during the streams.

http://ernst.bplaced.net/chat/blabax.php (You can register with an email or make a guest account which will tie your name to your IP. If you have a changing IP and want to keep your name register with email)

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No. 46999
62 kB, 302 × 389
I'm glad that my testing of foo_vorbisstream has yielded results to the point of getting two whole listeners.
No. 47002
167 kB, 1236 × 639
Holy shit, it's you? We actually thought it was some guy trying to spam the statistics frontpage, but then we noticed that the songs are actually decent and that it's no trolling, and now I'm listening whenever I catch it :DDD
No. 47003
Thanks for the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack. Lovely organ play full of turmoil. The movie is online as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6-K-arVl-U
No. 47004
That's not the usual aussie.
t. my ISP having ans stroke again

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35 kB, 393 × 533
73 kB, 535 × 281
Why is there such a strong connection between the moomins and neofolk?
No. 46981
7,6 MB, 640 × 480, 1:40
It's just this comic, it's a translation of an Yli original

He is reciting song lyrics in this panel. And yes of course it is satire/an affectionate parody of crazy stormfag metal fans
No. 46997
On the way to work today it struck me how really thoroughly moronic it is that games like Elite Dangerous, Starsector, I mean virtually any game ever made within the last 20+ years that's set in space insisting that somehow the corporate sector will colonize and rule over space or that corporations even have got any kind of a longterm future, which I guess I will at least get to see debunked in my lifetime. It's not that it hasn't occurred to me before but just sinking in the depths to how moronic it can be be partly because of the fact that no such technology is ever going to be available to us anytime soon which would make space a remotely profitable venture as opposed to something where eccentric billionaires sporadically donate money towards in token and often meaningless gestures towards personal hobbies simply because theyre the ones that presently concentrate most wealth and power. Even the colonization efforts of the new world were at first largely funded by the crown iirc and that at least was just several months of voyages, not the year and a half to three years it would take us just to get to Mars and back anf forgetting the fact you can at least load a fleet of ships up with gold but you can't exactly load up cargo shuttles with shit even from Mars to bring it back here.

>but ernst how the fuck is that even related
Chiefly because of the fact that it's become ky conviction that space exploration and colonization will be solely the domain of governments and religions for the time being, with Mormonism and Scientologists sadly more likely than not being the chief explorators unless as I strongly predict some type of a Catholic or possibly even Eastern Orthodox subsect emerges which preaches the merger of the two concepts for whatever bizarre reason.

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No. 47000
101 kB, 275 × 313
734 kB, 1295 × 1036
>Even the colonization efforts of the new world were at first largely funded by the crown iirc and that at least was just several months of voyages, not the year and a half to three years it would take us just to get to Mars and back
For the record, the first voyages of the discovery age were funded almost entirely by private lenders. The crowns of Portugal and Castile relied heavily on investment from Genoese traders to fund their colonial projects. Additionally, these voyages would very much take a year and a half to three years. Vasco da Gama's first voyage left Lisbon on the 8th of July 1497, only returning on the 29th of August 1499.
No. 47001
Another note is the use of Chartered Coporations in historical colonialism all the way up to Halliburton in Iraq depending on your definitions. It's more like they were never /not/ involved in that kind of thing. Dunno where American is getting his stance from tbh. Plus if you don't think aerospace corporations are making bank off of ostensibly 'public' programs by manufacturing and design contracts then you're just deluded. The corporations don't need to put their name on the program in order to get rich off of it, in fact they get paid whether it goes well or tits up.

Hide No. 45898 [Reply]
686 kB, 2250 × 1741
Adventure time!
No. 46986
Got invited for dinner at a friend's parents' house and got probably the most drunk I've ever been on a Sunday, felt cömpletely fücked yesterday.
Always a terrible idea to drink too many different things, and this time I covered just about all categories of alcoholic beverages, still feeling nauseous when I think about it.

>I handed in my thesis
Hope you'll have some luck with a room too, maybe at least sth. for Zwischenmiete

>I would have to keep track of that and then get tested etc
My roommate actually went to the Netherlands last week and then had to quarantine upon returning since the city he went to got declared a risk area. Finally got his negative test result today. But what wouldn't one do for a Frikandel!
No. 46989 Kontra
69 kB, 600 × 500

Thanks. I'm looking for rooms along the train tracks but they even want more than 400€ for a room in a fucking tiny village wtf?
Tbh, I'm sad and frustrated. I should not take it personal as they say but it's really like those job interviews, ot always feels bad to be turned down because somebody fits it better. I'm not so keen about sharing a flat, I think it is ok and can be fun nonetheless but I was a bit worried, now I don't even have a room or a flat. Zwischenmiete is oftentimes to short, some were for half a year but did not even get an answer, so... I'm even getting the panics again, not finding people or not being liked. The mediocre struggles of semi social people, ugh.

>But what wouldn't one do for a Frikandel!

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No. 46993
Everything is going smoothly. My tests and homeworks keep coming back as As, I know what I'm doing during class and I'm atop of things generally.
Things make a bit more sense each day.
There is one week until the mid-semester Chinese-exams. We have to know the materials from the first chapter of the textbook and that's about it. Should be easy if I prepare properly. (Basically the hanzi, the phrases and the three pages' worth of grammar.)

On the way home I saw a Chinese family get on the bust and I eagerly listened to them talk. After 10 minutes of concentrating I realised that I understood fuck-all (aside from the very obvious particles and words), but it's probably not surprising after just 4 weeks of study.
It's actually a very pretty language. No idea why people say it sounds "bad".

Went to the convenience store to buy some lettuce and bread-rolls for a burger. It tasted fine. Probably one of the better lunches I made for myself during uni so far.

The Oriental Art History lecturer actually went and read the CV/biography I wrote up and gave it a score of 10 out of 10 with the added comment of Thank your for the in-depth and well written introduction. (At fucking 12:36 :D)

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No. 46996
I felt way sicker and worn down today than usual after work. I can't tell if it's the chantix I started taking in small doses again in the evening or what but my left side started going numb and getting dizzy today at work. Yes I'm aware. It felt light in my chest and almost heart problems-ish. Meanwhile I've been increasingly paranoid this whole time that either I'll get reinfected or that I'll end up finding out later I had some kind of permanent damage of which I'm unaware if I indeed got a false negative as I suspect this summer.

Man I felt like real shit and real weird today by the time I got home. I'm really hoping that was from being malnourished after 4 hours of sleep or something. Obviously I'm taking that shitty chantix again because I smoke too damn much and I'm already worried about getting sick as a heavy smoker this fall and winter. I'm hoping I can at least somewhat cut back and start cleaning my lungs out and maybe start taking CBD again

Hide No. 46992 [Reply]
10 kB, 225 × 225
Bune, Bune, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
No. 46994
Im pretty sure most of the Goetia is fake although this reminds me of how much my perception about this country has shifted. I'll see people coming in wearing pentagram facemasks and hats that say Kafir in Arabic on it and it's gotten to where I can't help but wonder maybe the terrorists had a point about calling us the great Satan
No. 46995 Kontra
Nevermind I was wildly wrong
I clearly can't read arabic. I always wondered why it was one letter and not three. (Or is KFR spelled with four?)

Hide No. 46255 [Reply]
221 kB, 640 × 448
1,2 MB, 1280 × 1024
37 kB, 320 × 200
102 kB, 800 × 600
Because we all live in virtual world
No. 46983
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
OpenMW version 0.46.0
I don't think I patched it when I installed it years ago, unless something came with the GOG installer. I have a .rar for Morrowind Rebirth but didn't bother to install it

Also no tweaks, I just set everything to make the water looks better. I tried to increase the view distance[1] to emulate what can be achieved with MGE but FPS dropped drastically and overall it didn't look as good as with the fog of war

The game really looks good with shadows and reflective water. Even with everything maxxed out the game launches instantly on my machine and my productivity really tanked since this last week because of that

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenMW/comments/b7p0ry/view_distance/
No. 46984
How did you increase view distance? By loading exterior cells or by using the distantterrain feature? Loading exterior cells tanks performance, but just enabling DistantTerrain in the config should not decrease FPS too much.
No. 46990
12,0 MB, 14775 × 2657
Actual distant land with LODs avalible with 0.47 builds only (or no, it is in 0.46 already? Forgot compleatly), however I might be wrong. Before that yea, it was full-loading for cell and in more early versions OMW had less optimisation. Back in 0.45 I played with ~2 full cells load but there is no need for that now, of cource.

https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/45096 can recommend Patch for Purists for basicly absoluetly anyone, even for compleatly vanilla build, since it's don't change anything exept changing actual minor mistakes, misplaced items, typos in books, dialogues and scripts and tons of stuff like that.
And even in compleatly vanilla builds I usually install minor stuff like weapons and shields on-characters because OMW natively supports it and it's very neat so why not.
No. 46991

field of view = 60
#viewing distance = 6666.0
viewing distance = 666666.0
small feature culling pixel size = 16.0

exterior cell load distance = 1

distant terrain = True

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Hide No. 38017 [Reply]
204 kB, 599 × 581
Discuss all things related to music from new discoveries to debates about musicians and the impact of their work.

Digging this lately:

Over this land

Over this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteland
No. 46053
Croatian Amor & Lust for Youth - Sister
No. 46156
4,6 MB, 1412 × 1340
Now here's something you don't hear everyday. Potentially patriotic Post-Hardcore:

Sadly, absolutely no information about this band can be found anywhere online: no interviews, no websites, nothing. These German gentlemen released three albums from the mid to late '90s on the controversial Skull Records and later Rock-O-Rama. Considering how wildly different this band sounds from their labelmates, I'm too damn curious as to how they got signed onto those labels. Given, the Schaffelhuber brothers had several endeavors outside Rechtsrock, including distributing completely non-political music through their various labels. Allegedly, they were involved in bootlegging. In any case, their albums were later reissued by Rock-O-Rama Records and billed as "Patriotic Rock", so right-wing sympathies could very well be possible although it's apparently difficult to discern.

I've also asked Germans elsewhere to help transcribe these lyrics or at least parse out their themes, and none reported anything overtly political. Some cringed at how melodramatic their lyrics were, though.

"Drei Kreuze" particularly grabs me. Despite the shaky vocals, the bass tone is infectious and the synths heighten the atmosphere. All the instruments serve the arrangements well. The music takes some surprising turns just when you start worrying it would be too predictable. The shifts work and are far from anything gratuitous or incongruous in the wider context of the music.

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No. 46668
109 kB, 1000 × 1000
1,6 MB, 0:43
I'm listening to the most recent Descendents album at the moment and it's really fascinating how the contents of punk music lyrics can change over a few decades.

Can't have no more juicy burgers
Can't have no more greasy fries
Doctor took my lipid profile
He told me I'm barely alive
No more fat
No more fat
No more chicken pot pies, no more chorizo
I can't have that
Got this problem from my father
Grandpa died at forty-five
Heart attack and a triple bypass
Future's looking very bright

[Show 8 more lines]

No. 46988
Anybody remembers witch house?

Salem just released a new mixtape after 7 years or so of hiatus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWHhV5TDKnA

Also a new MV which is pretty great, mostly just footage of them driving through hurricanes and storms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OldLS3YE04Y

Hide No. 40784 [Reply]
39 kB, 576 × 423
73 kB, 630 × 1200
32 kB, 440 × 342
81 kB, 600 × 450
First with a ref to John Ford because I did not like very much this picture I saw right now. Problem is that is too feminine in the bad sense, the film. It's very nice if you like paintings, but you know, cinema is something else.

The rest of pictures are in my collection of cinema-tv pics but I don't have the slightest idea of which film do they come from.

"Ford was highly intelligent, erudite, sensitive and sentimental, but to protect himself in the cutthroat atmosphere of Hollywood he cultivated the image of a "tough, two-fisted, hard-drinking Irish sonofabitch".[71] One famous event, witnessed by Ford's friend actor Frank Baker, strikingly illustrates the tension between the public persona and the private man. During the Depression, Ford—by then a very wealthy man—was accosted outside his office by a former Universal actor who was destitute and needed $200 for an operation for his wife. As the man related his misfortunes, Ford appeared to become enraged and then, to the horror of onlookers, he launched himself at the man, knocked him to the floor and shouted "How dare you come here like this? Who do think you are to talk to me this way?" before storming out of the room. However, as the shaken old man left the building, Frank Baker saw Ford's business manager Fred Totman meet him at the door, where he handed the man a cheque for $1,000 and instructed Ford's chauffeur to drive him home. There, an ambulance was waiting to take the man's wife to the hospital where a specialist, flown in from San Francisco at Ford's expense, performed the operation. Sometime later, Ford purchased a house for the couple and pensioned them for life. When Baker related the story to Francis Ford, he declared it the key to his brother's personality: "
No. 46529
I didn't think it was as good as it is commonly alleged to be in my country particularly by boomers but that's also probably partly because it was right around the first time that anybody actually started talking about PTSD in my country or even acknowledging that it was a real thing. Prior to Vietnam we pretty much didn't even know it existed and thus there was zero real emotional support for veterans. Other than some meme scene like the Russian roulette nobody actually cares about that movie as a war movie. We only think about The Deer Hunter here as a movie about the veterans coming home and having to deal with PTSD on top of the alienation from American life because you have to keep in mind that what was really compounding the trauma of that war for these guys was the fact on the one hand you had all these cringey Hollywood liberal types screaming baby killer at them and then all the very same faggots on the right who sent them there to begin with suddenly started acting like they were cowards and losers and should be ashamed for losing the war. So this became a real deal for us back in the mid to late 1970s which is where you get things like these guys joining together to form brotherhoods of biker gangs and things like that and them openly flouting the norms of society and despising people on both sides.

In a very real sense our nam vet bikers are the purest Americans that there are in this country.
No. 46571
71 kB, 1024 × 436
133 kB, 1024 × 436
141 kB, 1024 × 436
127 kB, 1024 × 436
> no need to introduce questionable elements like Russian roulette to stress how traumatized the characters are
It just goes together with the whole "one shot" theme that is mentioned at the beginning when they go hunting. Also when Mike and Nick are forced to play against each other and Mike keeps telling Nick to pull the trigger is when he starts suspecting Mike of wanting to kill him and that's what actually leads to his trauma. It probabaly could've been done some different way, but I don't think it's that arbitrary.

>I would rank Platoon, Full Metal Jacket or not-so-Vietnam Apocalypse Now
I've yet to see Platoon, both FMJ and Apocalypse Now are great movies, but they are very stylized and at times too comedic which leads to a detachment from all the terrible stuff that happens, frankly they're too fun to watch, whereas The Deer Hunter is much more realist and had a much bigger emotional impact on me.
I just really enjoyed the whole epic three act structure & the breadth of characters with their own destinies.

>I don't really get the point of making them Russian immigrants

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No. 46892
252 kB, 1920 × 1080
204 kB, 1920 × 1080
230 kB, 1920 × 1080
196 kB, 1920 × 1080
Trailer w/ subs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlfIylxfdbw

About an old school working class macho taxi driver and a libertine saxophonist who develop an odd love-hate relationship after the latter skips out on the bill for his taxi ride, set during the times of perestroika.
Really great movie, it's all there, phenomenal acting, beautiful cinematography (thank god it's been remastered, it kinda looks like shit in the trailer above), awesome jazz soundtrack too. Very underrated movie IMO, or rather it's not as well known as it should be.

There's definitely some (mostly visual, but also a bit thematic) inspiration going on w/ regard to Taxi Driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shpihYx803o
But still the movie very well stands on its own.
No. 46987
1,6 MB, 1480 × 1080
2,0 MB, 1480 × 1080
1,2 MB, 1480 × 1080
1,2 MB, 1480 × 1080
Rewatched Stalker yesterday, it's a phenomenal movie ofc, it's just that personally I find it ever so slightly too indulgent in its solemnity.

Hide No. 46851 [Reply]
0 Bytes, 261 × 193
File deleted
is Ernst interestee in martial arts?

I used to train Karate with my father and recently decided to pick it up again.

And as with all asian martial arts there are a lot of misconceptions and mystique surrounding it, mostly because of movies and such.

Fun fact, the "Chi/Ki" was never supposed to be a mystical inner energy you could draw from to get magic strength.

Rather it's a controlled breathing technique that once you train you can use to give your punches and kicks a bit of an extra oomph.

It doesn't substitute strength training at all.

Another thing people mix up is Zen buddhism philosophy and martial arts. It emphasises passiveness and self defense when in fact those martial arts were much morr aggressive in nature, born out of the need to subjugate, kill and maim other people.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 46919
In my humble opinion, all combat sports are stupid and evil, evenif they look awesome
No. 46921
thankfully a number of hema sword fighting styles are alive and well today, but it would be really cool if the same could be said about hema wrestling/grappling styles, like shown in e.g. talhoffer's manuscript. we could have ju-jutsu/judo vs. hema fights then, although it surely would take a while if hema wrestling masters could rival the likes of kyuzo mifune or shohei ono.
No. 46945
I did a wee bit Karate as a kid, but it was Shotokan and gay as fuck.

Then long time nothing until I started Kickboxing in my 20s. It was good fun, but I am not really flexible.

Then I moved and did regular boxing for a bit, which I really like.

After moving again, I tried longsword fencing. It's great fun, but apart from the trainer there was only one other person who did any sports outside of this and the rest was fat/skeleton nerds of the type you would expect to be into that kind of stuff. Felt bad having to practice with someone like that if you had to take a break after a single lane.
No. 46980
The longsword trainer should maybe introduce warm ups that give basic endurance - and scare away most lvl 82 wizard/warrior dual class players

Why is Shotokan gay? I don't know about Karate.

Hide No. 38798 [Reply]
657 kB, 720 × 781
60 kB, 567 × 610
Last one was good, but it just doesn't bump anymore like it used to. Time for the sequel

Share your literary misadventures & accomplishments ITT
No. 46739
74 kB, 388 × 600
5 kB, 173 × 266
A Geology of Media deals with the materiality of media, minerals/metals and chemistry, a new media history as well, that takes into account temporality of media. Now this already might sound a bit weird, it is written by a media studies guy, so the vocabulary is not easy and also weird to many as it deals with a academic turn that can be summed up under the banner of New Materalism (it is going away from signifiers, semiotics in the humanities). Also art projects are used to explicate the things he dwells on a lot.

Making it super short: The geophysical and geopolitical entanglement of media is the topic here

Basically the book literally grounds media in what is often perceived as immaterial realm of software, gui, virtuality, film and such. I think this quote sums up the books quite neatly:

>Media materiality is not contained in the machines, even if the machines themselves contain a planet. The machines are more like vectors across the geopolitics of labor, resources, planetary excavations, energy production, natural processes from photosynthesis to mineralization, chemicals, and the aftereffects of electronic waste.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 46912
29 kB, 318 × 500
Definitely political science major stuff (institutions, foreign relations, globalization etc). So something outside my usual territory. I read the first 70pages only, as they deal with think tanks in general and not specifically global think tanks.

Maybe you can boil it down to non-government research, gather information (also from secondary sources like government stats or other research conduected outside the tt) and contextualize them in order to gain knowledge for policy-making the realization of a political measures, legally, financially, socially etc and implementation as well as evaluation, as well as networking and "creative innovation" in contrast to safe playing bureacracies in their policy process. Ofc there are also ideologic opinion pusher think tanks and these types can mix.
One interesting bit of the US think tank culture and political landscape was the fact that between think tanks, government and media there is rotation. So a journalist might become a fellowship in a think tank for a year and then later goes into politics. Or a politician going into a think tank, bringing in knowledge from government routines. Or think tank members going into politics when a new administration comes into being. Or if not then just to learn about the actual policy implementation process. Knowledge and skills are shared and that benefits all people participating in it.
The book is not so much about the "evil" think tanks, but wants to make clear that there are valid and also not so valid think tanks. I have mixed feelings about this.
No. 46966
some of these so called "think tanks" are a good thing, because they compile and evaluate all sorts of data, which could serve to make policing better when that data is taken into account by rulers with good intentions. others are just lobby organisations whose only task is to influence journalists and politicians on behalf of certain "elite" individuals (in other words: corruption). and some are nothing short of privately run secret services who engage in espionage, propaganda and deception action as well as manufacturing political scandals and coup d'etats.
when the latter two are allowed to basically form a shadow government by manipulating weak, incompetent and opportunist politicians things can only get worse for the ordinary plebs.
No. 46970
Well the authors would agree to a certain extent, they haven't gone so far as speaking of shadow governments, though the notion might be misleading, it really can have influence on governance but is not one itself really. Yet the authors seemed rather "sober" about it, which was a bit unsettling, they seemed in favor of think tanks and I see the benefits but a critical history is something different, you know. I also lend myself "The idea brokers" which is a critical history of think tanks published in the mid 1990s and as I can sense it, yet it is too much to read, I have to set my priorities, given that the new semester will start sooner than expected.

Hide No. 5999 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 46944
I am currently looking for a sound card. I am totally out of the loop and have been using the onboard for years now.

However, it's a Realtek device and with Win10 there is apparently some kind of bug that mutes Unity applications.
I could workaround that by deinstalling the device in the device manager and letting it find again, but that doesn't work anymore, so I want to ditch the onboard completely and use a dedicated sound card. And since Microshit probably won't fix that in the near future, I at least try to approach it from the other side.
Does anybody have any good recommendations? I heard the Asus Xonar DG was good, but apparently it's really old.
My only stipulations are that it has a digital out and that it is as compatible as possible.
No. 46950
About two thirds the way into the thread this got brought up. I don't know much about modern audio but there are DACs.
>Xonar DG
Oh dear doge that thing's an actual honest to God soundcard XD

>I am totally out of the loop and have been using the onboard for years now.

Real dedicated soundcards stopped being a thing really a decade ago for similar reasons as to why PhysX cards stopped being a thing

What's your actual problem? Is it EM noise or purely a software/drivers issue? Well you could get a DAC but depending the age of your system you could end up running into even more problems just trying to get the drivers to work on decade old+ hardware.

[Show 11 more lines]

No. 46952
Whoah, that's a lot, thanks.

My actual problem is, as mentioned, that I get no sound with Unity applications, AT ALL, and all I found was different people having trouble with their sound drivers, "but deinstalling that bullshit special program that comes with it helped me lol".
Didn't help me, and the Realtek drivers that fit my chip are old and shit.
No. 46964
I'm just curious as to why you would need a sound card unless you work with sound someway. Builtin is fine for gaming or better to get some headphones with a DAC since you won't get noise from the motherboard which is the problem with onboard sound.