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„There is no place like home“

Question about German grammar
I have a question: "Wann ist der Unterricht aus?"
Can I answer like this: "Der Unterricht ist um 10 Uhr aus."?
Thank you for your answers!
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Today Thread
Adventure time!
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News threda
New news thread.

Got any interesting articles or breaking stories? Someone wrote a thoughtful editorial that resonated with you? Read some one-sided opinion piece that cements your current understanding of the world?

Post it all here.
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is Ernst interestee in martial arts?

I used to train Karate with my father and recently decided to pick it up again.

And as with all asian martial arts there are a lot of misconceptions and mystique surrounding it, mostly because of movies and such.

Fun fact, the "Chi/Ki" was never supposed to be a mystical inner energy you could draw from to get magic strength.

Rather it's a controlled breathing technique that once you train you can use to give your punches and kicks a bit of an extra oomph.

It doesn't substitute strength training at all.

Another thing people mix up is Zen buddhism philosophy and martial arts. It emphasises passiveness and self defense when in fact those martial arts were much morr aggressive in nature, born out of the need to subjugate, kill and maim other people.

During the Japanese Warring States period, an early form of ju jutsu was developed in in mainland japan, prioritizing joint locks and throws over striking because the armor would generally render striking innefficient.

After Toyotomi rose to power and started confiscating swords from peasants, they were still plagued by bandits and pirates so they needed to defend themselves without weapons.

In the japanese island of Okinawa, early forms of Karate have originated, heavily influenced by chinese kung fu.

After the Meiji Restoration, all forms of fighting were outlawed in an attempt from the Emperor to "civilize" Japan.

The only way the martial arts could still go on would be to distance themselves from a discipline of war and adopt a more passive approach to it. (Aikijujutsu became Aikido, jujutsu became judo) It heavily attached to the Zen buddhism philosophy, which was popular at the time, basically stripped the "fangs" of the fighting styles and adopted a more peaceful approach.

In karate, you can still see some of those "fangs" in some Katas, moves like eye goughing, arm and leg breaks, kicks to the groin, etc.
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Search my HDD pt2
made this threada before >>28434

Search my HDD, I have something like 50,000 to 70,000 named files in my imageboards folders I've been filling up for over 15 years

Post a WORD or TWO WORDS and I'll post the first results
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Because we all live in virtual world
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What does Ernst know about the lost country of Grand Tartary?
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Have you heard of bernd.group? Less pedo and nazi shit compared to kc, less assburgerism than on ec.
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Plague 2020 #3
Posting ITT requires wearing a mask.
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Why are Americans so vile?
Serious discussion only.
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Radio Ernstiwan
Old thread is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. In case you're new: The best stream is The Weekly Album stream, the others can be ignored.

Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

There's also a chat and a discord where you usually find people talking about gay porn and penguins during the streams.

http://ernst.bplaced.net/chat/blabax.php (You can register with an email or make a guest account which will tie your name to your IP. If you have a changing IP and want to keep your name register with email)

Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 2 and the infos on the radio page itself for additional details. Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything on your mind, there are lots of people around who have working streaming setups running and will be glad to help you out. You can see at the top of EC (below the banner) if a stream is on.

Happy listening/streaming!
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history thread 3
I dont know where to put this and I guess history thread is on systemkontra
Video is about Russia getting smaller. But my question is, do you think Russia's collapse in early 90s would not have happened if they didn't lose a massive amount of their population? Do you think it was ultimately generational population shocks that killed USSR?
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Ernstchan drawing and painting club #3
Post your artwork, discuss, give critique in this thread.

Useful books and resources:

Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook
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Last one was good, but it just doesn't bump anymore like it used to. Time for the sequel

Share your literary misadventures & accomplishments ITT
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Where were you on 911?

I was 19 years old and working in a tractor radiator factory, soldering radiators for tractors and commercial generators. I lasted about 3 weeks there because I was too tall for the work place and hunching over the manlet size workbench was causing my back to seize up.

When the planes hit we were all standing around listening to the radio broadcast, and the manager came along and shut off the radio ''out of respect for the 100,000 dead in New York'' he said, then ''back to work you can listen to the radio on your own time''
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Music thread
Discuss all things related to music from new discoveries to debates about musicians and the impact of their work.

Digging this lately:

Over this land

Over this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteland
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Weight loss/Fitness goals diary
We had a thread on old EC and there were a handful of people trying to lose weight this summer.

Have you made any more progress? Anyone starting to try who wasn't back then?

What are your methods and routines? What is your diet like?

I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here. That was always really fun.

Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea. I don't think there's much health benefit of being that compared to 21 or 22. I weigh what I did at 13 years old now. I'm really happy about that but while it looks good for my stomach it looks worse in other places. I'm probably going to stop here.

I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July.
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Ekinshi Tabletop Gaming Tread
We're back since the old one is on systemkontra now.

This thread is for discussing tabletop gaming, though experience shows that it's mostly been tabletop RPG discussion in various forms ranging from play experience, rules discussion and design talk. We currently have a game group ongoing, based out of a discord server here: https://discord.gg/ZGmpJe9 feel free to drop in. We actually play on most Saturdays at 0600 Zulu.

What are you lot up to in this field lately?
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So,now that the dust has settled, which ideas of Marx have stood the test of time proving him right?

Is it even possible to have a conversation about marx without political shitflinging?

I'm too dumb to give articulate thoughts to this but I'd be interested in hearing what you super smart dudes on ernst think

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Pertti 'spede' Pasanen
Let's get an Assburger thread going.
Post your Assburgers
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Cinema and TV series three
First with a ref to John Ford because I did not like very much this picture I saw right now. Problem is that is too feminine in the bad sense, the film. It's very nice if you like paintings, but you know, cinema is something else.

The rest of pictures are in my collection of cinema-tv pics but I don't have the slightest idea of which film do they come from.

"Ford was highly intelligent, erudite, sensitive and sentimental, but to protect himself in the cutthroat atmosphere of Hollywood he cultivated the image of a "tough, two-fisted, hard-drinking Irish sonofabitch".[71] One famous event, witnessed by Ford's friend actor Frank Baker, strikingly illustrates the tension between the public persona and the private man. During the Depression, Ford—by then a very wealthy man—was accosted outside his office by a former Universal actor who was destitute and needed $200 for an operation for his wife. As the man related his misfortunes, Ford appeared to become enraged and then, to the horror of onlookers, he launched himself at the man, knocked him to the floor and shouted "How dare you come here like this? Who do think you are to talk to me this way?" before storming out of the room. However, as the shaken old man left the building, Frank Baker saw Ford's business manager Fred Totman meet him at the door, where he handed the man a cheque for $1,000 and instructed Ford's chauffeur to drive him home. There, an ambulance was waiting to take the man's wife to the hospital where a specialist, flown in from San Francisco at Ford's expense, performed the operation. Sometime later, Ford purchased a house for the couple and pensioned them for life. When Baker related the story to Francis Ford, he declared it the key to his brother's personality: "
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Kohlchan is down.
Hello cousins
Kohlchan is down.
Let's make a KC general here.
Go go go
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How would ernst go about invading modern day Rome?

t.future Rome invader
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Hardware threda
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
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Documentary thread
Old one autosage >>4705

Some nice music documentary about the German alternative Rock scene of the 60s and 70s, also known as Krautrock.

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany

Here's a little shorter video about Krautrock as well.
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New Minecraft Map
Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: 1.15.2)

Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/
Overview map: map.dev-urandom.eu
IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat), #int
Pirate-friendly client: https://tlauncher.org/en/

Basic commands:
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
/home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed like a fag).
/lb tb - Provides a melonblock that can show block changes.

Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players may help you.

Join us now and share your autism, you'll be free, players, you'll be free!

Note: If you forgot your password, join in IRC and we'll reset, assuming we can confirm the identity of the user.
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Radio Ernstiwan
Old thread is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. I'm starting right away with the 1905 show, going live RIGHT NOW (with pre-music)

Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 4 and the infos on the radio page itself for additional details. Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything on your mind, there are lots of people around who have working streaming setups running and will be glad to help you out. You can see at the top of EC (below the banner) if a stream is on.

Happy listening/streaming!
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Wasserknappheit und Meeresspiegelanstieg
Hallo Ernst,

Ich verstehe nicht wie die Wasserknappheit zunehmen kann wenn die Polkappen die ganze Zeit schmelzen.

Hast du Elfenjungen oder Studienarbeiten zu diesem Thema, vielleicht sogar selbst Wissen was weiterhelfen kann?

Ich kann mir das nur erklären durch das ganze Waser was eingelagert wird in Plastikflashcen (allein bei Aldi und Lidl ist es ja schon einiges wenn das mal bedacht wird auf den gesamten Kontinent.)

Elfenjunge der mich dazu veranlasst :



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Vidja genes
Old video games systemkontra
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Birding, Ornithology, & General Bird Discussion
Do any Ernsts enjoy birding here? Recently I've been getting into it. About two weeks ago I bought a cheap bird feeder at tractor supply and hung it in my backyard. At first nothing bothered with the feeder, but slowly a number of birds began to take notice. Now I have chipping sparrows, house sparrows, house finches, northern cardinals, and gray catbirds visiting the feeder. I also leave a bowl of water on the ground for american robins and european starlings, which I change every morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a decent camera so I cannot provide images of my backyard visitors. Here are some photos I found using google images.
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Ernstchan, I need help
I'm about to be a 25 year old virgin NEET incel manchild and all I do is go on imageboards and play vidya. I also drink alot. I've been doing this since my highschool graduation, around 6 years now. My dad has been working to support my NEET lifestyle and I haven't given back, but I want to. So, how do I reclaim my life and get out of this? Furthermore, I think I'm too stupid to perform in real life now (as in work-related activities) due to my sedentary lifestyle's harmful effects on my brain.

Do you think it's too late for me?
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Which is the most abundant animal species on earth? Is there any way to estimate what rank humans hold in terms of total number of individuals when compared to other animal species?
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Paleo threda
Thread for discussion of paleontology, paleo art, geology, etc. I have recently become interested in this topic and would like to learn more.

Oculudentavis khaungraae was described last year as an avialan dinosaur. Then the original paper was retracted when it was shown to be a lizard (following the discovery of a second specimen). But the name & description are still valid according to the ICZN. So now further work will have to cite a retracted paper. It’s unclear why the retraction occurred since incorrect phylogenetic placement is usually not met with such a severe measure. It’s possible the provenance of the fossil (from controversial Burmese amber) was a significant factor in this decision.
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Science and technology threda
And space etc. Old one died.
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non-corporate or anonymous interneting
What are some good alternatives? TikTok is owned by Chinese multinationals. YT is garbage owned by Google. Just creating a new email these days often requires a phone number and it's becoming increasingly a pain in the ass to even find any kind of disposable email or fake vmail inbox to use to create accounts anywhere. Like if I wanted to host videos where am I even supposed to go? Twitch? Twitch is owned by Amazon. Is there even anything left out there that is independent, free, and/or anonymous?
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News Thread
Post any/all interesting articles, breaking stories or whatever stupid opinion piece that cements your preconceived notions of the world.
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Rare Historical Photos
Chemical warfare exercise in Istanbul before the WW2

19 August 1939
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How to undo "race-realist" brainwashing? (Advice needed)
Hello, I am new here, so I'm not sure whether my post is going to be appropriate or not. Someone sent me here when I asked if there was any imageboard with less racism and rudeness.

I have been very depressed over a single disturbing idea for the past four years, and I need some advice regarding how I can overcome this. I am a twenty-two-year-old Indian man living in India (in case you didn't recognise the flag). When I was about eighteen years old, I started browsing online imageboard communities such as 4chan and Krautchan. Now, a lot of people in such websites have racist and White supremacist leanings. They are generally very impolite to brown/Black people such as myself. Moreover, they justify their racism by citing an ideology known as "race realism".

The idea behind race realism is that darker-skinned races are inherently intellectually inferior to lighter-skinned races, and are hence less evolved in terms of cognitive ability. According to studies conducted by a certain number of IQ researchers, the average IQ of India is around 82, while the average IQ of Sub-Saharan African is in the range 60 to 75. The threshold for intellectual disability in Western countries is supposed to be around 85. Hence the average Indian or African is intellectually disabled by Western standards. This explains why countries with darker-skinned people are poor, and why there has been very little contribution to academic fields from these countries.

I have gone through the papers written on the subject of race and IQ, and I find this theory very difficult to disprove. I want to believe that this apparent lack of intelligence is simply a reflection of lack of nutrition and education, and can be fixed by providing better living standards. But apparently it is largely genetic. This is because lighter-skinned people have evolved to have larger brains due to more challenging environmental conditions (cold climate).

I have wasted a lot of time arguing with people on imageboards about this, but it has only made things worse, especially because of the rudeness and hostility that those people treated me with. They keep using words like "shitskin", "subhuman", "animal" etc. to refer to me and my people. Just reading replies like these makes me feel like I'm inferior to White people.

This ideology has caused me enormous pain and sadness for the last four years, and I've been unable to do anything productive all this while. I've underperformed greatly in my studies, and my head hurts all the time from mental exhaustion. I see a psychiatrist once a month, but it hasn't helped me at all. All she does is ask the same questions all the time, and changes the dosage of the SSRIs I'm supposed to take.

I have considered suicide a few times, but obviously I can't get myself to do anything so drastic. I spent nearly all the time when I'm awake performing mental gymnastics about how to cope with these disturbing ideas in my mind. Many people online have advised me to start thinking of it this way: "Your race may be inferior, but you are not inferior". This does not solve the problem. It's not that I consider myself to be inferior, rather I am worried about the fate of my people. I want to believe that all human beings are born equal. This belief may seem unreasonable to some, but the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha are in agreement with it. I really want to believe that, but I can't find sufficient evidence to prove this to myself.

One of the ways I have tried to logically disprove race realism is by observing the historical patterns regarding which racial groups have been more economically successful and technologically advanced than others. Until the age of industrialisation began, I don't believe that Europe was significantly better off than the Middle East or South Asia. I'm not sure if any part of Sub-Saharan Africa was ever at par with Europe in terms of sophistication at any time in history, but it is noteworthy that agriculture began independently in East Africa and Papua, but not in Europe. Could these observations mean that which races are more successful than others is not set in stone? There was a point of time as recent as in the late twentieth century that China was poorer than India, and Poland was poorer than Jamaica. Could this mean that maybe a thousand years in the future, the income gap between the first world and the third world would not be so prominent? According a certain economic study, in the eighteenth century, what is now the third world was slightly wealthier than the first world.


I'm sorry that you had to read through this lengthy rant, but I am really desperate for some help.
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Trigger/Gainax have made some of the most visually appealing amine in terms of art styles and visual direction.

Obligatory anime thread too.
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ErnstGG thread
I couldn't find the old thread. If it still exists please ignore it and pretend this one is the only one that exists, thanks.

For a while now we have a steam group so Ernst can play nice online games with or against other Ernsts.
We actually got a really nice CSGO group going that played regularly with each other.
Sadly we haven't really played much lately so i try it again on /int/ (where i wasn't very succesfull a few month ago) to find fresh blood for our group.
Like i said, CSGO is/was played mostly but it is not a CSGO group, you can ask for players of any other onlinegame, too.
Skill doesn't matter, just have some fun and a good time with Ernst.

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Today Thread
Old one is on Systemkontra
Hungary Replies: 301, Files: 80, Page: 5
Watch Thread
Is Ernst into Watches?
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How to improve writing skills?
I've been trying to write a full-size novel for sometime now, and I've only got past the first thirty pages. I have the plot in mind, but I have trouble in building the narrative. The description of events looks very mundane and dull. I don't know how to use an interesting combination of words.
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What is the ecological significance of carnivorous animals? Why did certain animals evolve to become carnivorous? What if all animal life was herbivorous?
India Replies: 6, Files: 1, Page: 5
How to write (literature) quickly? I took an entire month to just write twenty pages. I have to keep making changes because it just doesn't look right. How long does it usually take for a real author to finish writing a full-length book (like 300 to 500 pages)?
India Replies: 9, Files: 2, Page: 5
Why is lust sinful? When you lust over a woman without actually doing anything to her, for example, while watching pornography, are you actually committing a sin? I am still very confused about this, and I feel that my pornography addiction is coming in the way of my spiritual enlightenment.
India Replies: 21, Files: 3, Page: 5
Are there separate educational institutions that cater to the four different native language groups of Switzerland? Are there separate German schools, French schools and Italian schools? Do German-speaking children learn French and vice versa?
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Plague 2020
Corona Thread #2

Everything related to the virus and it's impacts on whatever goes in here.
Germany Replies: 305, Files: 90, Page: 5
There are four known species of animals that do not require oxygen for survival. One of these is in the phylum Cnidaria (that also includes complex relatively lifeforms such jellyfish), and the other three belong to the phylum Loricifera. Pic related is the Cnidarian parasitic species Henneguya zschokkei, that infects certain species of salmon.
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dis_cord_._ gg/SBdYJeV

Psychic Development Guidance
Server for guided awakening/enlightenment.
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Operating systems thread
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.
If I didn't need a number of win/mac-only programs for my work and hobbies, I would use Linux 24/7.
If someone engineers a solution for better software compatibility, I'll get back on the Linux train.
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Bêafrîka, mbeso tî âBantu
Kîri mo gbû gîgî tî mo-mvenî
Mo bâa pâsi na gbe tî âzo kûê
Me fadësô, mo ke na kürü gô
Mo sö benda, mo bûngbi kûê ôko
Na kusâra ngâ na nëngö-terê
Tî tö ndâ tî finî dutï tî ë sô
E mä gbegô tî âkötarä tî ë

E gbû kua nzönî na nëngö-terê
E kpë ndiä nzönî na mängö-terê
E kinda wasïöbê, ë tomba pâsi
E yâa bandêra tî ködrö tî ë!
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Hello, frens! It's time for another issue of the fable Kohlzine. This one, like we all expected, has a very distinct apocalyptic and viral flavour.
We have uncovered another sura from the depths of a Mossad secret base on Kiev, Bernds wonder how would affect this epidemic to various strata of out society, typical shitposts and confessions and a review of a (let's hope not) prophetic game in these end-times times.

For any doubts or if you want to see the previous issues go to https://kohlzine.neocities.org/
You can also fine information on the last page of this edition.
We hope you have fun with it.

You may enjoy it, Ernsts. Maybe even contribute one day? We aim at having contributors from all over the KC diaspora.
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Well I guess no one else is doing it so who feels like a webm threda?
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question for physics pros
Is ball lightning real? If so, why is there only one convincing video of the phenomenon on the internet?

United States Replies: 17, Files: 14, Page: 6
Religion Thread
Since a few of us here are seriously interested in religion, let us have a discussion for all things related to faith, theology, spirituality, metaphysics, et cetera. Virtually everything within the purview of faith is welcome in this thread. Absolutely no restrictions on any particular belief system. Cults are as welcome as major religion so long as they have serious, substantial beliefs. Agnostics, atheists, secularists and the non-religious are welcome, but keep your inquiries and arguments in good faith.
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The GOP COVID-19 bill includes

$2 billion for F-35s
$1.75 billion for an FBI building
$1 billion for surveillance planes
$375 million for armored vehicles
$360 million for missile defense
$283 million for Apache helicopters

elaborate my American friends
Switzerland Replies: 11, Files: 17, Page: 6
What do you guys think about glue and 'lac?

t. Romanian
Finland Replies: 8, Files: 6, Page: 6
I was banned for this post
I honestly believe some races are superior to others. This is a basic rule of nature and survival. Just take a look at extinct animals.You either hunt or be hunted. But there is another category, cheeky cunts who leech of with eating the rotting leftovers. Today the same thing is happening in our society. These Untermensch, they fear our might and power but we've been poisoned! They've been leeching from us these vermins are sucking our blood alive what do you have to loose! Time has come for us to rise get rid of these irritants.

This is the truth like it or not.
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Big list of imageboards easily sortable


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Random Picture Thread #3
Step 1: Post Random Pictures
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Profit!
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Arhitecture Thread
I would like to have a thread to discuss various types of architecture.
There are lots of oddities out there, and many interesting things to talk about.
I think that I will make some stream-of-consciousness posts.

Earl Young was an American architect who, without formal training, developed his own regional style in the midwestern united states.

Earl used nothing but local materials, and his homes look very romantically medieval, but with modern fixtures. They have been called "mushroom homes", or "hobbit homes".
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Grand strategy

-The protestant war lasted 11 years and had a total of 4.6 million military casualties, I dismantled the Holy Roman Empire during the war.
-I focused most of my development in Konigsberg and Danzig, Berlin is just some irrelevant provincial shithole.
-Moscow collapsed in the most horrible way possible, a big chunk of their former regions have been converted to islam, orthodoxy seems doomed.
-I released an AI kiev a while back from lithuania and gave them a 6/6/6 ruler, they seem to be doing well in pushing back the tatars.
-Protestant Toulouse,
-Burgundy alive and well in the Netherlands
-The UK owned Normandy, Northern Brittany and Gascony for a hell of a long time, only recently did France manage to push them out.
-The Danish-Swedish union alive and well, they might unite into Scandinavia soon.
-The turks ended up bordering me, so I pushed them back and released Nitra and Transylvania.
-Albania somehow managed to join the (now dismantled) HRE, and have thus survived the turks. Austria revoked their guarantee so they're about to get boned.
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Investment & Economic News Thread
Investing Concepts:

Global Macro - Long Term Debt Cycle

Value Investment

Diversification & Asset Allocation

US Economic News:
Rising coronavirus infections threaten US economic recovery
>The Labor Department data emerged as the nation saw more troubling infections. Florida reported a single-day record of 156 deaths, along with nearly 14,000 new cases, mirroring a broader trend this week that has seen the national death rate spike. The seven-day rolling average for new deaths has risen to 730, a more than 21 percent increase from a week ago.

U.S. Job Gains Look Like They’re Slowing or Reversing in July
>U.S. job gains are set to slow sharply or even reverse in July after a resurgent coronavirus and new wave of shutdowns stymied the economic rebound.
>Coming on the heels of a combined gain of 7.5 million jobs in May and June, the trends spell a slowdown or halt to the labor-market rebound.

How are you navigating the current economic environment? Which countries, sectors, and businesses are you investing in?
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Science and technology
Also S-P-A-C-E since the last thread is on systemkontra

It's old news but apparently there's a planet thought to be made out of graphite and diamonds. I am old enough now that both the frontiers of the internet and this small blue world feel small to me, like the length of our yard and driveway once did, and my hunger only grows

I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
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the kooky bullshit thread
I couldve sworn we already have one but don't know where it is. I would otherwise have labelled this the paranormal thread until I can figure out which ancient as shit one to use on the catalogue but really I guess this can be a kitchen sink for what would otherwise veer into godlikeproductions/ATS forums material speaking of which what the hell happened to those sites? They're now heaps of trash about illegal immigrants.

While this is pretty shit (I cannot even imagine how one proclaims himself Christian while being literally so dumb you think that Hebrew is "Sanskrit") however it poses some interesting ideas, one of which involves mirrors.

What are the ideas and folklore in different cultures regarding mirrors? I did not know this about the Chinese for instance however it has always struck me as rather common sense that spiritual beings can use it to push through to this side.
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Radio Ernstiwan: Serious Discussions
Good evening, my fellow Ernsts.

I would like to host a show for /int/, similar to the one currently running under the name "Ernste Folgen" every second Sunday for /b/.
And tomorrow, we'll give it a shot.

I would like to talk with Ernst about beauty; what does Ernst consider beautiful, how beauty may or may not be to the eye of the beholder and how the ideal beauty has changed throughout time and whatever Ernst would like to add.

Ernst is warmly invited to participate in the debate either here by posting in the thread of by calling me through Skype where you would find me as "colmesrey"

We'll start tomorrow, Saturday the 4th of April at UTC+3 00:00.

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New Thread
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Travel and Adventure and Geography
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
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Ernstchan Journal Attempt 2
Seeing the current thread, I'll try again.
All you need to do is send me any drawings or articles.
1.Can be on anything you want.
2.Soft submission deadline is July 1. Hard submission deadline will be two weeks after. Three months. We'll have quarterly issues. Keep sending even after deadline, will go in next issue.
3.Send to ec_zine@protonmail.com along with a suggestion for zine name.
That's all.
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philo general threda
>Since there is no philosophy threda
here it is.

i was lately toying with a little idea and wanted to hear Ernst's input on it.

As you all may know we have a serious problem with plastic pollution. We developed some genetic engineered fungi capable of breaking down plastics and reintroduce the parts into the "normal" biological cycle. I'm not aware of some genetic engineered bacteria capable of doing such, but let's suppose we have some.

would you introduce these into the wild bio-cycle?

I would tend towards "yes". First, let's try to imagine/determine all possible consequences. Ya, yaha. I know impossible task to do so; just look at what fuckery we did to the australian bio-cycle.
First off, we do not exactly know how fast these genetic engineered bacteria would be able to mutate towards something else. That's a big red flag for most, but this could be monitored and analyzed in closed (as in spacial) studies beforehand.
For the Pro's i would list the possibility of saving tons and tons of life on earth (even human life) and long term stability of the earthern ecosystem. Most likely this bacteria would spread far, prolly across the whole globe, since it has plenty of food, aka plastic trash, everywhere. But it is not only plastic trash it also would break down tools and other stuff made out of plastics. The economic infrastructure would have to shift their production towards other materials, if they want longlivity of their products. On top of that most of the current products would need to be replaced. This would create a new short-ish boom similar to when every household "needed" a fridge.
I would imagine a never-seen-before economic boom worldwide because of this. Sure, current market leaders would have to change or be replaced, but such is life. Plus, the long-term Pro's , if no major fuck-up happens because of mutation, would assure a few more generations of human life possible on this little ball before we need to find a new ball to reside on.

I know, I'm quite blind on my one eye which is supposed to look on the cons. That's why I'm seeking additional input.

I have a few other topics I would like to talk about. Like using Newton and Leibniz as an historical example for the problems intrinsic to the idea of intellectual property.

t. dummernst
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Refugee thread
I'm sorry for shitting up your board. Does anyone know what happened to britfa.gs? It has been down for a few days for me.

Is this now the only living KC adjacent board? I feel a bit sad to think of the days I spent posting there, things online feel different now.
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I miss krautchan. I was not on Krautchan for years now, and not even any other imageboard. God i miss it so much.

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Practical consumerism
What things, big or small, have you bought that have had a tangible and positive impact on your day to day life?

Me settis:

ereader - encouraged me to read more and payed for itself three times over in pirated books, also with a stand I can eat and read at the same time which is a very novel and comfy experience
headtorch - makes pretty much any kind of detail work with my hands easier
beaded seat cover - eliminated both the smell and the feeling of swamp ass from sitting in the same chair for too long
erasable pen - I remember these being a shitty gimmick 20 years ago but they've perfected the technology and it feels like you're writing in the future. A dogsend if you're into taking notes but you also have OCD tendencies.
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Interesting Blogposts, Blogs, Articles, Magazines, etc.
I wasn't sure were to post this as it didn't really fit into the today or documentary thread so I just started my own.
I've seen a fair few people post blogs on somewhat unrelated threads, and I thought it was a good idea if people just posted on this thread instead of unrelated threads.
Anyway, here is an interesting blogpost about environmental hypocrisy: https://www.ecosophia.net/the-flight-from-nature

Before anyone responds:
>Ecological Spirituality
I agree that 90% of the site is stupid shit but sometimes the literal resident autist Mr. Greer gives pretty scathing critiques of so-called modern "environmentalists".
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I honestly believe some races are superior to others. This is a basic rule of nature and survival. Just take a look at extinct animals.You either hunt or be hunted. But there is another category, cheeky cunts who leech of with eating the rotting leftovers. Today the same thing is happening in our society. These Untermensch, they fear our might and power but we've been poisoned! They've been leeching from us these vermins are sucking our blood alive what do you have to loose! Time has come for us to rise get rid of these irritants
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Today thread
New one.
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What role do imageboards play in our time?
Are they comparable to the secret societies of old days?
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Dear Ernst!
I've created a map in which you can enter your position on the world. It'd be interesting to see where Ernst lives, how many we are, and there's always a possibility for an Ernstcon.
If you add yourself, please add the current date in the description (in addition to other things you might want to add, for example an e-mail-adress)

The link:

I'm creating backups hourly, so please don't try to troll :3
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I’m in some idiotic department store again, with my friend looking at headphones. It’s not a gaudy looking mall at least, it’s street level and well lit but still there’s nothing to do but consume. I leave my friend to whatever he’s up to and motion towards the clothing aisle where Trotsky is looking at a Guayabera. He shows it to me “Look, you think this’ll do?” Is he foreshadowing his move to Latin America with this? His hair is already white, it must be time. He reverses the shirt and shows me the label “JF” in stylised letters with the smaller text saying “Jomon Faudi”. But it won’t do. “Leva, you won’t stop being recognisable just because you have changed your style. You haven’t even shaved off your goatee yet.” I also haven’t parted with my facial hair, even though it’s getting ridiculous. “You need to stop wasting time with this shit and move to Mexico”. I know what’s going to happen to him in Mexico, but we all have to play our parts in history. It’s more interesting than Spain anyway. The track on the store speakers change: "Here's to you Nicola and Bart..."

I see that right next to us my friend managed to get a seat in the cafe section right next to us, just a few metres away. We both sit down and I keep yammering Trotsky on what he needs to do - and I add “Look, we’re trying to help you we’re not the fucking Spanish Inquisition”. At that instant I look at my left and standing next to us is… the Spanish Inquisition. They are wearing blue though. I say hi, but they appear to ignore both me and Trotsky - when my friend says Hola they do get talking, I guess they don’t give a fuck about two foreigners. My faceless friend motions to his wallets, and seeing what he does I mimic him and give the dudes a $2 silver coin from my pocket. Of course, religion has become a travesty of itself and it’s no surprise the ominously dressed dudes were in fact just begging for money under the excuse of some charity or whatever. For the “donation” they give us the fried pieces of chicken they’re selling - it’s just a tiny strip of breaded chicken, but anyway it’s in front of me and I’ll eat it. I taste it and it’s the exact same taste as the perfectly fried pork cutlet I had in that Michelin starred tonkotsu place in Tokyo. I inhale the aroma and feel that just so slightly vinegary apple sauce contrasting with the perfectly crisp meat on my tongue.

The scents, the songs and the places.
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What do you objectively think of Isis ?
I don't mean as good or bad but rather an objective criticism.
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Vidja genes
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Ernst plays with Ernst
In the last few weeks/month Ernst had a lot of fun playing Counter-Strike with other Ernsts.
Sadly, most Ernsts that take part in those games are from /b/ so i try to do some promotion here again after the last time wasn't very succesfull.


Some quick informations:

  1. We already have people from multiple skill groups in our ranks, this includes people who wouldn't win a 1v1 against my grandma which means there's no reason to be ashamed to be bad, it's pure love in our group :3
  2. CSGO is free, we prefer playing in Prime mode for which you have to pay or you need to play a lot to get it for free. If you just want to try it out we're willing to play non Prime with you a bit.
  3. If you already play CSGO and have a rank above MG1 it might be a good idea to create a smurf account.
  4. The group is not exclusively made to play CSGO with ernst but it is primarily used for this at the moment, you can join and ask if someone wants to play something else with you.
  5. Every reason you think you have not to join is wrong.
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news (new)
New thread for news.

How about that coronavirus, huh? And the Democratic primaries? We can die of the plague just in time to not get universal healthcare!

fuck Ronald Reagan
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Why the fuck would anyone defend an drug addicted nigger who overdosed under police custody? And holy shit, people want to have that poor cop jailed for doing his job on keeping the society safe, only because he have the unlucky of having the nigger dying near him. How can someone look at some shit like this and think its justice? If you support this nigger life matter shit, i must ask you; dont you feel ashamed of being such a distorced morals?

Feel free to delete this thread, cuck mods, this is the only power you have over people who disagree with you.
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Does Ernst follow any professionally played videogames? To what extend?
From time to time i like watching Quake Live and CS:GO but i don't think i'm interested enough to actually visit any events like many other people do.

Some news:
McDonalds ended it's sponsorship with the German Football Association and instead focuses on eSport now.


The Danish Prime Minister just opened a Counter-Strike event in Denmark with a short speech.

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How do I stop being low IQ?
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Geolocation database?
Out of curiosity, what geolocation database does the Ernst use to determine flags like Bavaria?
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Funny/Weird words and phrases thread
Are there any words or sayings that sound funny or weird when translated literally into english?

Some German examples:

When literally translated the German word for bicycle means drive wheel.
The word for manslaughter would mean death punch.
Television would mean far seer/far viewer.
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Radio Ernstiwan
Old thread >>31377 is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 4 and the infos on the radio page itself for additional details. Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything on your mind, there are lots of people around who have working streaming setups running and will be glad to help you out. You can see at the top of EC (below the banner) if a stream is on.

Happy listening/streaming!
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what the fuck is this board even and how it's different from kacey, kacey-2 and 4keks?
No i wont go back, fuck you
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financial treda
How does one make money online that doesn't involve crypto/SR/camwhoring? like for example, how does one actually start a blog and make money from it? Do you need to set up all kinds of things like bank account, a paypal or whatever, and have advertisers pay you or what?
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Today Thread
Keep rollin'
Germany Replies: 303, Files: 113, Page: 10
Academia thread
  1. Where did/does Ernst study?
  2. What did/does Ernst study?
  3. Are you happy with your study choice?
  4. Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
  5. Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
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Having children and being a father
This is going to be an odd thread, but I don't really know what other imageboard to post this on(especially with that other place full of horrible people) but I want to be able to talk about this. How many here are old enough to be fathers now with their own kids? Or at least would want to one day? After many years of struggle I finally found a gf and two months ago she gave birth to a healthy baby boy I am very proud and happy to call my son.

It's been a real rollercoaster of emotions ever since, feeling highs of joy and despair at the same time. It's quite unlike anything I've ever experienced before, on one hand I'm really proud and happy to have a son but on the other hand I'm now suddenly terrified by this fear that I might end up being an inadequate father and end up with a fucked up human being. How do I not fuck this up? Parenthood is fucking terrifying, I've already given a lot of thought to not repeating my own father's mistakes, what else should I keep in mind?
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Linguistics General
There is a thread asking about German grammar, but why not make a languages general?

Why aren't you learning a language in your free time? Go for it, it's a good use of time. In a couple of years, you'll have an interesting skill.

I'm currently learning Russian, it's a horrible language crafted by Satan himself. Cyrillic is bad, but cursive cyrillic is just sadistic, it is no wonder that so many people resisted attempts at Russification.


Here is a link if anyone wants to suffer alongside me with Russian.

C'mon Ernst, learn a language!
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dutroux affair
With the news of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and the probable implication of many other rich and powerful Americans, I’m reminded of why I’ve always found the decades of these rumors completely believable—the “Dutroux incident” in Belgium.
Marc Dutroux is a career criminal, multiple murderer, and serial rapist/pedophile who was convicted of abducting and sexually assaulting several young girls in the 1980s, but was released after only 3 years in prison.
He went on to reoffend almost immediately, keeping captured teenagers in his basement until they starved to death and even killing one of his own business associates.
The notable aspects of this case that make it unusual in comparison to the average serial-killer-type tale are Dutroux’s high-level connections to the upper tiers of Belgian society and the notable “incompetence” involved with the investigation.
For example, at one point, police actually inspected Dutroux’s home, HEARD the screaming of the starving young women in his basement, and appeared to decide they had simply “come from elsewhere.”
They also seized videotapes that depicted Dutroux building the cell in his basement, but never even viewed the tapes, and then RETURNED them.
It is certain that children died due to this unforgivable police work, but it’s also quite likely that this was something more sinister than mere incompetence.
Dutroux, it transpired during trial, was involved with pedophile/trafficking rings which implicated vast swathes of the Belgian govt., police, and civil service.
Once actual victims of said rings began coming out and offering to testify to support Dutroux’s claim of a much vaster criminal conspiracy, the investigation seemed to be hamstrung at every turn. Key evidence was “lost,” over TWENTY witnesses or potential witnesses died under unclear or mysterious circumstances, and the well-liked, crusading judge in charge of investigation was abruptly fired for conflict of interest on the grounds that he had attended a fundraising dinner for the families of the murdered girls.
His replacement dismissed much evidence as irrelevant or incorrect, and in fact a counterinvestigation was even launched against the original judge, who eventually testified that he was forced to travel under armed guard and that contracts had been taken out on his head.
The victims, too, were subjected to a relentless campaign of smears, threats, psychological pressure, and dismissals—such that nearly all of them, even when supposedly protected by anonymity, withdrew their testimony.
In the end Regina Louf was one of the few victims of the ring who did not withdraw her testimony. Instead, the police dismissed it.
Dutroux’s co-defendant, Michel Nihoul, was a high-profile businessman whose involvement in these “sex parties”—widely alleged to include torture and even murder of young children—seemed to have been an open secret.
Dutroux claimed to have kidnapped young girls “to order” for Nihoul—who, as a mover and shaker in Belgian society, was acquitted of conspiracy and trafficking charges, and only served a small sentence for selling drugs. He is a free man today.
In an interesting coincidence, during this same time period, Belgium also saw the rise of the Brabant Killers, a bizarre gang of thugs who committed mass shootings and armed robberies throughout the 1980s, resulting in the death of nearly 30 people. Much evidence points to this gang having heavy links with (indeed, if not being COMPOSED of) the Belgian gendarmerie, some of whom themselves (such as openly fascist policeman Madani Bouhouche) were members of neo-Nazi organizations and linked with Belgium’s version of Operation GLADIO. Throughout his trial, which began 8 years after his first arrest and ended in a sentence of life imprisonment, Dutroux continued to insist on the existence of the pedophile ring and its penetration into the highest levels of Belgian politics, civil service.
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is Ernst a prepper ?
has Ernst enough prepp ?
Germany Replies: 63, Files: 18, Page: 10
Fugger (German pronunciation: [ˈfʊɡɐ]) is a German family that was a historically prominent group of European bankers, members of the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century mercantile patriciate of Augsburg, international mercantile bankers, and venture capitalists.


fug :---DDD
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Cooking & food thread
Why didn't we have this one yet?
Well, post what you're cooking/eating, discuss food and its culture in general and we may talk about diets as well if you want to.

I'm not a big cook myself but once in a blue moon I like to do it if the process is not too hard or needs too much time. I think the last time I actually cooked something was a south-western inspired casserole, it was extremely fatty because of the massive amount of molten cheese and I felt bad after eating it.
Today I found some older frozen asian vegetables in my freezer and cooked them together with some frozen sugar bean pods and some curry powder, I never thought cooked vegetables without any meat or carbs could taste so well.
Germany Replies: 179, Files: 87, Page: 10
Forgive me if one is already present in the catalogue, I'm sober and high on sleep deprivation.

What's your favorite drugs, my dudes?
I'm all about psychedelics every other full moon, with the odd time of weed now and then. NZ has very dear grass prices, with a gram of indoor or outdoor going for twenty NZD and ounces going anywhere from 200 (with the right connect) to 500, while usually hovering around 300 for an "ounce".

I have dabbled with opiates and they're a rare commodity on these islands. Thankfully the Chinese gold miners left heaps of opium poppies around their claims, so later this summer I'm going a hunting for poppies.
New Zealand Replies: 17, Files: 1, Page: 11
KC forgot to funpost and it makes me sad.
UNKNOWN Replies: 2, Files: 1, Page: 11
Some time ago I wanted to banter at USA on topic being them a third-world country because water is more expensive than cola. I didn't find the pic and I still haven't :DDDDD, so I didn't post anything at all. Later, during the act of bowing to world imperialism making an order in one fast food chain, I noticed that water is more expensive there as well, what's more - usually everywhere simple water branded bottles are more expensive than cola at Pepsico or Coca-Cola Co. They make us drink sweetened water, they consciously make our bellies bigger so we would want to eat more and more.
Any initiative fire to stop this nonsense and force companies to make carbonated drinks more expensive than pure water because they'd never make pure water cheaper will be extinguished with piles of money, so I just came to outrage.
Thanks for attention.
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Today Thread
Old sadly passed away, RIP
Russian Federation Replies: 301, Files: 113, Page: 11
The Exchange
You know what I really wish that I could just give ernsts money to get me stuff. Like for example if I wanted a bunch of gobies from the Black Sea area. Or a bunch of Rubles in hard currency without having to fuck with banks.

But you know what I really miss? Djarum Blacks. I hadn't even realized that Obama banned all that shit over ten years ago. I had just assumed I couldn't find any because I wasn't directly in a college town and they simply weren't available. I did find some cigarillos but it's just not the same. Since I did find the cigarillos it hadn't even occurred to me that they were banned, and that I was simply lucky enough to find those in some shitty gas station some years back. I would pay hard American cash for some real Djarum Black cigarettes, plus tip.

I am not advocating anything illegal in this thread mind you. I already checked it out and it's simply to sell them or import for resale, not to acquire or possess for personal use. I've only managed to find a couple of sites that even sell them but they all accept only fucking bitcoin. No wonder BTC is worth so much. Like half of all stores online accept it and a considerable number of them don't even have their credit processors up and running, or they give discounts to people using memecoins. All I want to do is buy a couple of packs of what I used to smoke in college damnit.
United States Replies: 1, Files: 1, Page: 11
Video Games
'cause old systemcontra'd
Russian Federation Replies: 302, Files: 235, Page: 11
Cinema and TV series thread - 2
Billions was good.
But right now I am watching The Americans. Awesome. One of the best series I have ever seen.
Europe Replies: 304, Files: 263, Page: 11
Ernstchan drawing and painting club #2
Post your artwork, discuss, give critique in this thread.

Useful books and resources (mega dump):

Personal recommendations
Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook
Harry Borgman - The Illustrators Guide to Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques
Kazakhstan Replies: 301, Files: 236, Page: 11
Remember like a year ago when the head of NOAA said 5G was gonna fuck up weather forecasting? What ever happened about that? Is that even true?
United States Replies: 10, Files: 1, Page: 11
What was the best moment of your life ?
Lebanon Replies: 4, Files: 3, Page: 11
Hey I came from KC< i left because KC is overrun with pedos.
This problem is not here, correct?
United States Replies: 32, Files: 9, Page: 12
The Opioid Crisis
The day finally came this week. I just found out today that my junkie "cousin" fatally OD'ed two days ago. I put "cousin" in quotes because my mother was adopted. My mother knew exactly where she stood as her adoptive parents were quick to tell her, "Blood is thicker than water." After hearing the refrain throughout much of your life, you grow bitter and disgusted, but frankly, we're both thankful to God we share not one drop of blood with these people

My cousin was a malignant tumor given a human shape. Because of this woman's terrible childhood, grandpa pitied her endlessly. Even as recently as a year ago, he kept saying, "She's just a big kid," because she would always be the 5-year-old girl he'd stare at on his refrigerator door. I don't know what inspired her to take drugs, but I can tell you that she indeed suffered the worst possible circumstances growing up. Her father committed suicide before she was six months old. Her mother is a consummate grifter who shacks up with the lowest of low lives.

My cousin's teenage obsession with Kurt Cobain partly explains her inclination towards hard drugs, but she grew up with an endless stream of pain. She either decided early on that her prospects in life would be minimal (her mother did frequently berate her) or perhaps she simply had no interest in being productive, and what better way to explore new sensations than continually ingest newer and newer highs. Getting high simultaneously helped alleviate the pain of her childhood trauma and kept her close in spirit to the celebrities she idolized. Her grandpa would unconditionally support her, so the incentive to grow up simply didn't exist. In the end, grandpa viewed his granddaughter as a child who desperately needed to be nurtured.

In the beginning, grandpa afforded my cousin a mobile home near some of her school friends. Despite the town being economically destitute, she still wanted to stay in touch with the same circle of shitheads. Meanwhile, grandpa routinely paid for her various expenses, from utilities, phone plan to even toiletries, all while she received welfare. She also solicited under false pretenses so he'd give her beer and drug money for her and her friends to party.

After years of grandpa's support, she caused him absolute grief, from stealing from friends, hanging out with petty criminals and dope fiends, getting in trouble with the law and ruining his credit by running up debt on his cards, forcing him to lie to the credit card company (he claimed ID theft) to protect her.

Within the past five years or so, my cousin became deeply addicted to heroin and started doing anything she could to feed her habit, including stealing some of his antiques, stealing his social security checks and forging signatures to cash them, stealing from friends and even getting one of her dope fiend friend to screech and harass him into giving up family heirlooms, most notably grandma's ring. After allegedly three hours of verbal abuse, he finally caved in and surrendered the ring. She and dope fiend stole his car to pawn the ring and used the proceeds to buy drugs. One time, a dealer even came by grandpa's house to collect an owed debt.

After enough abuse, grandpa finally mustered the courage to call the cops and had his precious heroin addict put in rehab for a month. After she got out, she immediately went back to her old tricks, doing drugs, stealing from everyone she knew and doing everything to keep her heroin supply steady. She even found newer ways to solicit money from grandpa, such as buying pet food for her starving dog, which she would then return for heroin money. As this all happened, she shoplifted, leading to her getting caught one time and pulling a "I DINDU NUFFIN!" After enough grief, he called the cops, had her arrested and got a restraining order.

A month went by without a word from my cousin, but being full of hard luck stories, she came back into his life and continued the drug routine. In that time, he befriended an empathetic cop. One night, she came home after having stole his car to make a drug run, banging on the door and cursing noisily. The cop greeted and promptly arrested her. As she sat in jail, she wrote him a letter, demanding he rescind the restraining order, effectively leading to law enforcement revoking her bail.

She was then sentenced to 6 months (it took two months for the case to go anywhere because her lawyer kept forum shopping) and was finally free around Christmas time. Since that time, she was living in the old bastard's house and continued to live her days partying and stealing from friends.

Then, her biological mother moved in and the conditions of grandpa's house deteriorated rapidly. Prior to OD'ing fatally, she had previously OD'd at a friend's house which put her in court-ordered rehab for three months. In a move that surprised everyone, grandpa finally pressed charges for stealing which put her in jail for about a month. She fatally OD'ed within one week of getting out.

Frankly, I don't have it in me to gravedance. All I can say is what a waste of life.

So tell me, how do you feel about the opioid crisis? Do you know anyone in your life affected by it?
United States Replies: 48, Files: 13, Page: 12
What makes people join criminal gangs?
I can understand why someone would join a terrorist group because he thinks he is doing the right thing, but Gangs are clearly being the ones in r wrong
Lebanon Replies: 4, Files: 1, Page: 12
In an ideal communist society free from inequality and oppression, who would do all the dirty work?
Ukraine Replies: 44, Files: 6, Page: 12
The impact of the Coronavirus on the global economy
This is the side of the virus outbreak that interests me the most. How would/will the spread of the virus affect the global economy assuming the Chinese government is unable to deal with the Coronavirus? I'll start off with some extracts from various articles that I found interesting and other Ernsts are free to extrapolate their onions. For example, here in the Far East of Russia some people are already reporting a shortage of chinese-grown vegetables in the stores

>China’s economic growth is expected to slip this year to 5.6 percent, down from 6.1 percent last year, according to a conservative forecast from Oxford Economics that is based on the impact of the virus so far. That would, in turn, reduce global economic growth for the year by 0.2 percent, to an annual rate of 2.3 percent — the slowest pace since the global financial crisis a decade ago.

>Returning from a long holiday for the first time since the coronavirus’ threat became clear, Chinese investors sent shares in China down about 9 percent on Monday morning. Stock markets around the world have plunged in recent days as the sense takes hold that a public health crisis could morph into an economic shock.

>General Motors last year sold more cars in China than in the United States. Its Chinese factories will be closed for at least another week at the request of the government. Ford Motor has told managers in China to work from home while its factories remain idled, said a company spokesman.


>It's too early to say whether that level of upheaval is on the horizon. Tesla (TSLA) has been forced to close its new Shanghai-built factory temporarily. And Apple (AAPL) has lost production from suppliers in Wuhan. The longer term impact on both companies is much less clear.

>Other sectors might have more to lose right now. Tourism — a multibillion-dollar industry during the Lunar New Year — has been decimated as the government quarantines major population centers and people avoid traveling for fear of becoming infected. Major travel companies, hotels and airlines have offered refunds through most of February, while some airlines have suspended services to and from China.


> IKEA has shuttered all of its mainland China stores and KFC and Pizza Hut have closed thousands of branches. Starbucks has closed about half of its 4,100 shops in the mainland and McDonald’s has temporarily shuttered stores across five cities in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located. Disney has closed its theme parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

> More than 700 miles from Wuhan in northwest Gansu province’s capital city Lanzhou, normally bustling restaurants and bars in sit vacant. Streets in megacities like Beijing and Shanghai are nearly empty. In southwestern Yunnan province, almost every shop in the tourist destination of Lijiang was closed on Thursday—including four out of five pharmacies and a local clinic.

>“Everyone here is terrified, the old city is in lockdown, nobody is leaving their houses,” one restaurant owner in Lijiang tells TIME, asking to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the situation.

Russian Federation Replies: 309, Files: 121, Page: 12
Don't strategy videogames promote communism? They're basically games in which the society is totalitarian, you the player control every action of the units, but most importantly you also have total control of the economy. You control what is built, what is researched, control all industry, direct economic policy in more complex games, and all resources get back to you. So don't people who play these games for a long time walk away with a warped perception of the economy, thinking that it's a command economy, rather than a capitalist one? There really is no private ownership, capital or investment of capital in these games, you as the player have everything and control everything. It's implied there's some social stratification based on units' roles but this stratification exists in communist societies as well.
Finland Replies: 31, Files: 2, Page: 12
Globalism and the world nation
Is the end state of globalism inevitably a single world nation?

As an east-coaster I am physically just 8 hours away from my English friend. Mentally? I can talk to him all day if I want.
Everything we understand is built out of information. If everyone around the world is drinking from the same well of information, what does that say about culture?

Increasingly, everyone is speaking the same language of iphones, mcdonalds, Hollywood films, and coca-cola. Regionalism is on its death bed in the west, and cultural celebrations are being reduced to symbols.
Language and distance are the two largest barriers, and they are too eroding.
Religious belief facilitates unique cultural identity, but globally religion is becoming more liberal and atheism continues to rise.

As cultures step into the information age, they lose what made them unique. Because these things are not efficient. Participation in the global chain of capital and demand necessitates that people give things up to stay competitive. Grass skirts are given up for denim pants and bland vernacular cuisine is usurped by hyper-efficient and monstrously calculated fast food joints.
United States Replies: 19, Files: 3, Page: 12
Today Thread
Last one systemcontra'd
Hungary Replies: 301, Files: 102, Page: 12
Scary stories
Share Scary stories that you personally experienced or heared about.
Lebanon Replies: 51, Files: 8, Page: 12
Why all your threads are just 4kanal tier generals without original topics?

t. kohlchanian tourist
Ukraine Replies: 14, Files: 1, Page: 12
Switzerland Replies: 4, Files: 8, Page: 13
Old one yellowed and crumbled under the sun.

So Ernst, share your reading adventures with us once again.
Germany Replies: 303, Files: 119, Page: 13
If there was a non-religious confession box as a service: would you personally try it after you did something stupid or shameful and do you think it would be helpful to people to cope?
Germany Replies: 11, Files: 1, Page: 13
You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation.
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/
Germany Replies: 6, Files: 1, Page: 13
Do you guys take nootropics? If so, which ones, and what is your intent? Are/were you successful with your stack?

I'd like to come up with a stack to promote focus and attentiveness since I tend to be very lazy and unmotivated. Currently I take 2x200mg caffeine daily, but this doesn't really cut it beyond making me feel a bit less drowsy throughout the day.
United States Replies: 13, Files: 2, Page: 13
The rationale behind the submachine gun was that the gentler recoil of a pistol cartridge allows one to fire full auto while still hitting the target. Pre-ban fully automatic firearms are prohibitively expensive for civilian ownership in the USA, but currently "binary triggers" that fire twice per trigger pull (once on pull, once on release) are available, which makes SMG-like weapons again a viable choice for civilian ownership. However in recent decades the proliferation of cheap and light body armor has led to SMGs falling out of favor with law enforcement and military users with short-barreled rifles becoming increasingly popular. Do imitation SMGs have any place in the current-day USA or elsewhere for that matter?
United States Replies: 27, Files: 2, Page: 13
Ernstchan Journal
Ernstchan is uniquely suited to hosting a "zine", or rather, a journal. The slow pace of the board, with focus on well thought, rational posts, combined with the knowledgeable and intelligent posters here, makes ernstchan ideal as a source of quality content for this sort of endeavour.

As such, I am looking for submissions for this journal. Submissions can be as long or as short as you wish, and can be on any topic of your choice. Artwork, poetry, fiction, puzzles, how to guides, recipes etc etc are also highly encouraged.

I hope to publish the first edition next month, and after that, once every two months, with special editions in between (for example, Christmas).

Submissions can be sent to --


I have not chosen a name for the journal at all. I encourage you to send suggested names to me at the email above. Please also note that I will not immediately respond to emails, but will acknowledge reciept of submissions in due course.
United Kingdom Replies: 51, Files: 14, Page: 13
How come hollyjew movies like Romper Stomper, American History X, Combat Girls were right about far right groups? They're nothing but self-eating, purity spiraling, cancerous places full of absolute losers and spazzes, and those movies showed this perfectly. I should have listened. I have not once heard of a successful far righter that created something other than pumping his ego about muh heritage. Not once. But I've seen plenty of retards who were ignorant, on the dole/welfare, and unaccomplished. Identifying as far right is basically a cope and larp just like Black Hebrew Israelites. I used to actually think Nazis were cool before coming to imageboards, but my experience with imageboard users has been so negative that I actually retch every time I hear a Nazi military march, or even the German language. Congratulations. 8 years ago I would have never thought of watching anti-Nazi jew revenge porn like Inglorious Basterds, now I think I will with great satisfaction. Also, name some more movies like the above.
Finland Replies: 18, Files: 2, Page: 13
Girls/dating general
ITT we discuss girls and dating. This is the girl im currently dating Courtney from UK
United Kingdom Replies: 3, Files: 2, Page: 13
Today Treda
Another day has passed

And on to the next one
Germany Replies: 304, Files: 85, Page: 13
Okay, guys. Because of uni I had to absent myself from imageboards in the last year, I came back and a few things have changed. Now that Kohlchan is dead what good international imageboards are available out there? This place seems fine, but I'm lurking here for hours and not even a single post. Ylilauta has more people there, but it changed too much over the past few years and there's fewer people there than what I expected.

Any suggestions, please?
Brazil Replies: 2, Files: 1, Page: 14
Do you believe in God ?
Why yes and why not ?
Lebanon Replies: 29, Files: 3, Page: 14
IWÖ: Møskau
Since there is nothing to do, I decide to walk down to Moscow city center and show how people leave there. Enjoy.
Russian Federation Replies: 44, Files: 57, Page: 14
Fat Czech
Well can I get those Der General porn shops please?
Poland Replies: 1, Files: 1, Page: 14
Antisemitism in fantasy media
Are the skeksis from The Dark Crystal an antisemitic caricature? Think about it: they’re beaked, hunchbacked, lecherous, alien schemers who drain the life force of innocents in dark rites (blood libel) to maintain their power. They are rootless interlopers from another realm who have seized control of an autochthonous civilization through cunning and treachery. Basically all of the tropes are covered here. Does this matter? Are observations like this paranoid or do you think a clear line can be drawn between characters like this in sci-fi/fantasy and historical portrayals of Jews in western art and culture?
United States Replies: 16, Files: 6, Page: 14
Lüftbaloons über die Moskau

Russian Federation Replies: 0, Files: 1, Page: 14
Search my HDD
Okay Ernst, I've been on imageboards since 2004 and during that time I've religiously backed up everything over the years and now my imageboard folder is 200,000 files strong, about 25% of those files are actually labelled so that gives about 50,000 named files.

So here's the deal, you post a single word and I'll search my drive and post the first 3 results
Ireland Replies: 299, Files: 619, Page: 14
Rude french
Anyone know why the french are so rude to tourists?

Whether it be security, waitstaff, retail store employees or french people on the street.

Is it because they are so sick of having so many ignorant foreigners in the country? I personally could not fathom treating another person the way french routinely treat visitors.
Australia Replies: 18, Files: 3, Page: 14
Hiking/Trekking/Nature threda
Greetings, fellow Ernsts.

I was wondering if any of you is a passionate hiker/trekker whatever (still didn't figure out the actual difference). Anyway, if you love to be out in the nature, this thread is for you. Let's share our experiences, good advice, insights and dreams.

As for me, I am rather inexperienced. I was in the infantry for six years and almost all my long-distance walking experience is related to that. The longest distance I would have walked in a day would have been 65 km (totally screwed afterwards) and the longest time I've spent outside without a roof on top of my head 10 days. I do have some survival training but only the bare minimum skills i.e. finding/filtering water, orientation by compass/map and finding food to survive (stress on survive, not feast).

This summer I am planning to go for a 60 days hike of some 1500 km though. I know it's a long shot but I see it as a challenge I am going to undertake. Somehow, travelling on foot makes me feel human. Therefore any insights of more experienced Ernsts are most appreciated.
Turkey Replies: 17, Files: 23, Page: 14
I didn't really want to start thread with topic and just wanted to post in news thread but I guess this is the only sensible place
So apparently DoD is saying that they anticipate climate change being so extreme, so soon, as to have catastrophic consequences within the next 20 years up to and including the total collapse of the US military in its ability to respond to threats and collapse of US infrastructure.

This worries me especially because I've already had multiple blackouts this year. Has anyone else experienced this? And no I don't live in California either



Hey guys, why do we keep losing power?
United States Replies: 309, Files: 104, Page: 14
Music Thread
A discussion for all things related to music.

Discuss musicians and their discographies, inspirations, careers, image, impact, artistic integrity and raison d'être. Sharing links is fine, but also discuss what particularly moved you about a given song or composition.
United States Replies: 301, Files: 115, Page: 15
Cyber gaslighting
Hello Ernst,

Today the topic also, is unironically, very Ernst.

I got hacked browsing the darknet, my Screen/Microphone on the PC and Camera on my phone have been monitored, etc.

Apparently my Browser had been "fingerprinted", whatever that means. By tracking my IP they poached me on a VoIP program on the clearweb as a group and started bullying and gaslighting me.

I also am often sleep deprived and was in a very malleable state of mind at that time, my mind had in order to cope with the situation come up with a reason for why it was happening;

They were trying to help me, I'm a detestable person and they're helping me change.

I managed to snap out of that "Psychosis" the next day but made the mistake of allowing myself to think that the abuse was also a result of my temporarily altered state of mind. Big mistake.

The first time it happened the belligerents were native english speakers, the second time however, they were german speakers. I speak both languages so I could 100% tell the difference between a foreigner and a native speaker of each respective language. What struck me as more than peculiar was that they knew everything about me, I only found out then that I had been spied upon.

The moment I got this funny feeling inside that I was being gaslit I googled

"Screen and microphone being spied on"

Whilst being in the same channel as them, I put it off as paranoia and continued to look for a film to watch, and then coincidentally one of them gave ma a suggestion. I was amazed at witnessing such a coincidence. Don't misunderstand, I was still suspicious because they were acting strange, but I was putting it off as it being their idiosyncrasies, and I needed the "radio" in the background so I wouldn't become even more asocial, long story short; it happened again.

Afterwards I "ran" into some virtual acquaintances who somehow knew what happened and they were acting weird, like they had been different people for 3+ years all along. Turns out, they were. I tolerated, even liked having them around because of the alternative that would have been solitude. I always thought of them as dumber than average bydlos who couldn't help themselves, didn't know any better, when they insulted one another, displayed cringy tics or attacked me verbally, so I just accepted it. I now understand that they had been pretending to accept me in their circle all along, with something like this in mind and I feel kind of autistic for not realizing it, not wanting to. It was out in the open all along but I couldn't see. I feel really violated.

Had to share this somewhere, sorry

Have a nice day.
Turkey Replies: 39, Files: 2, Page: 15
Fuck image orientation, I shall proceed regardless.

kek I enjoyed seeing my old posts, here are the new watches.

1st Rotary black face
It has a 4th dial which spins the tachygraph, I have no idea why.
I like and don't like this watch, since I had a limited opportunity I wasn't going to let this pass, also apart from the rear of the case outside is all black and back to the thick dial, nice to wear with the extra weight, dare I say great this watch will grow on me cost £95-120 can't recall.

2nd Rotary blue face, leather strap
This may be my favourite, but not going to replace the strap just yet, thick dial, like the look of this one, still prefer the one with Nato strap, cost £95-120 mixed up the prices with these two

3rd Sekonda, two tone, black face.
cost £30, classic British dad watch, price too cheap to say no, strap feels cheap, but does the job and I like the extra variety.

Vote comment describe :)
Hong Kong Replies: 1, Files: 3, Page: 15
'New' way to solve quadratics

Does ernst like??
Australia Replies: 4, Files: 3, Page: 15
Why does Garfield hate mondays, even though he doesn't work?
Texas Replies: 8, Files: 5, Page: 15
The 6th Column

The Ushanka Show

Political Islam - Bill Warner

Bald & Bankrupt - Soviet Hotel

Cynical Historian
United States Replies: 70, Files: 19, Page: 15
random questions that dont go anywhere else
Because the today thread is inappropriate for that
United States Replies: 5, Files: 3, Page: 15
Does Ernst celebrate holidays?
If so, how often and with whom?

I ask because I was thinking about Christmas celebrations the other day, and realized that I celebrate fewer holidays these days. Most holidays I just end up working, especially since my night shift makes the actual impact of a day of socializing, reflection, and rest less meaningful. I also used to celebrate some holidays with my Dad's side of the family, but due to lack of interaction I only celebrate with my Mom and Stepdad's extended family.

I've also noticed that due to work/time constraints by many members of the family, we rarely celebrate the holiday on the proper day, but instead move it to the weekend before or after. This was rarely the case in the past, but is now the norm.

Basically, I celebrate the following:
New Years - Alone/online, the last few years working on Gachimuchi collabs and the like
Easter - With Mom and sometime Stepdad's family
Mother's Day - Mom and Stepdad, and visiting Grandma in the nursing home (she has advanced Alzheimers, visit her regularly regardless)
Father's Day - Sometimes with Dad and Stepmom
Fourth of July - Rarely with Dad and Stepmom
Thanksgiving - With Mom and Stepdad's family
Christmas - With Mom and Stepdad's family
United States Replies: 9, Files: 8, Page: 15
What operas do you like?
Favorite composers and/or librettists?
Favorite singers?
Do you ever visit the opera?

Personally I'm just starting to reach out into this territory, having been hooked mostly by the music of Wagner and his librettos but also by the german Lied. Never been to the opera myself yet but I'm currently looking for a worthwhile (classical, not post-modern deconstructionist filth) staging I can visit this year and meanwhile satisfying myself with recordings and reading librettos.
Germany Replies: 4, Files: 7, Page: 15
What are the best martial arts for self defence?
Hong Kong Replies: 14, Files: 2, Page: 15
kc 14 OUT NOW
Germany Replies: 5, Files: 2, Page: 16
Tabletop Gaming
Let's discuss non-electronic gaming. Would prefer it not just bog down in chess and go with nothing else, but we'll see. I know we had at least one German here who played the Dark Eye.

Useful links:

Decent place to pick up .pdf files legally. Also some print on demand. Surprisingly, it's also pretty easy to sift out the average to bad stuff that exists on it.


Great resource. Doesn't have everything, but has most relevant things with some notable exceptions, like GURPS 4e. Mostly exists because those that actually have the power to enforce C&Ds recognise the usefulness of having the first sample free, and the rest either don't care or are out of business or the files are out of date editions .

Some discussion starters:

>What are you playing?
Recently finished a Schlieffen Plan scenario in The Guns of August as the German Empire which I lost. Had the game continued I think I could have salvaged it but such is life with short scenarios, they're all or nothing. Next time I think I will add a couple of the optional rules to enforce a historical opening, such as forced French attacking in the first few turns to represent their offensive doctrine. Without it, you just get the Somme from day one which is vastly in the favour of the Entente.

>What are you running?
Only one game at the moment, which is a pretty nice indie game I got off drivethrurpg called Dark Stars. Percentile cyberpunk in space with splashes of space opera. Rules aren't really written for a newcomer but it's all there. Just tends to be sparse and use a bit of assumed knowledge. I'm basically ripping off the metaplot of Far Cry 2, but nobody has picked up on it yet :-DDD

>What are you working on?
A few projects, most of which are currently on hold because I'm creatively bankrupt right now. Mostly in the process of reading more rulesets in my quest to put together my 16-18th Century Kazakh Khanate system together. I've been working in the opposite direction to how I have been previously and making a little progress. Been delving into the OSR more, and while I don't think I'm going to go the OGL route for various reasons, I am finding that taking a step back and stripping down a system to its core is yielding better results than trying to simulate a lot of different modules individually while keeping them feeling meshed. Though I am considering looking through Pendragon again and trying to convert their system into maintaining one's camp instead of holding.
Australia Replies: 301, Files: 103, Page: 16
Today treda
Making steps day in and day out
Germany Replies: 306, Files: 70, Page: 16
Israeli military lists Turkey as threat for first time
Is it me or the world is going to the shitter maybe slowly but without any brakes at all?

It feels like US got overextended and after the crisis started retreating, the retreat isnt stopping any time soon and the territories that are being left starting falling into chaos. Shit is happening in the borders of Europe for like a decade now but it feels like its ready to spill over Europe...

Maybe i am too sleepy. Had a somewhat tiring day too.
Greece Replies: 0, Files: 1, Page: 16
Dear Ernst. It has come to my attention that I am completely lacking material goods in my life to satisfy my empty heart.
Have you, in recent times, grown excited for any piece of technology (phone, ereader,etc) or car or anything costing money that has piqued your pea brained attention span?
I can't think of anything besides wanting a modern smartphone without android or ios, running with a physical keyboard and such a thing simply will never exist in today's vapid consumer market.
New Zealand Replies: 13, Files: 7, Page: 16
I've just released the indie game that I've been working on for the last months in early access mode on Steam. Please consider playing it and let me know about feedback for the final release (planned in spring).

The game is about a college student who gradually alienates from the social scene and ends up becoming consumed by his thoughts. His behavior becomes more and more erratic and in the end there is a climax.

Netherlands Replies: 6, Files: 3, Page: 16
EC Community Programs and Events
I think we could use a thread for community events besides Radio Ernstiwan, but in the same spirit.

On that subject, tomorrow at 12pm noon Pacific Time (9pm in Central Europe), I will set up a room in cytube so that we can view documentaries and have serious discussions about them. All suggestions for quality documentaries on Youtube and Vimeo are appreciated, but if possible I encourage you to find a documentary relating to your home country, region, or city. For now we're stuck with hosted videos, but once we figure out a scheme for streaming from hard drive, we'll move over to that.

Ideally, this will be a weekly thing. If Saturdays at 12:00 Pacific/21:00 Central Europe don't work for you, tell us what time does work, so that we can schedule a better time next week.

Currently on Saturday's playlist:
A quaint piece of 1960s Americana, in the form of a charmingly optimistic documentary about my hometown in particular, and the problem of urban sprawl in general. Might be followed up by Fresno: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth.

If the list runs out, I know a few channels with a lot of really good content that we'll never exhaust.
United States Replies: 11, Files: 3, Page: 16
Hello Ernstchan! Also pet thread.
Hello. Let me introduce me. I used to post on Krautchan, as the bunny chilean bernd. Since it demise a few months ago i decided it was a good time to take some time to do more productive things in my shitty life. Things are going smoother now, so i guess, since i have more time, i could go back and start posting again in some imageboard. After looking wide and long on the new colonies of good'ol KC, i have decided to settle here, for a while. I wish this place was a little more active, since there threads alive from June on the front page, and this place gives me the vibes more than a light version of Northpole than KC.
Since i dont want to waste a thread on a presentation, this is my third bunny. I got it from an old lady who captured her, and gave it to me because she didnt had any space to take care of it. Shes wild, so i had big trouble taking her out of her cave that day.
Chile Replies: 75, Files: 40, Page: 16
proccia ernsts pls give me images and descriptions of what russia is like at it's heart, or just generally the slavic east, ukraineposters, belarus etc, what do your deepest most treasured childhood memories consist of, what is your home like in your mind, what do you remember seeing in history books, or glimpses of memory, etcetera; what is so overcharacteristically, stereotypically russian in a positive sense that it might come to mind if your country would come across in a major motion picture or something, even a rural part, that it might be recognizable to people of alls the worlds? thnx
Netherlands Replies: 42, Files: 11, Page: 16
Video Games New
Nu half life anounsed but nobody cares because it's VR edition.
Russian Federation Replies: 303, Files: 175, Page: 16
Christmas 2019 general
How are you celebrating the holidays this year?

Have you bought gifts yet, or do you even usually buy gifts?

Also, Internet advent calendar for Ernst:

Finland Replies: 38, Files: 13, Page: 17
Today Treda
Blog it!
Germany Replies: 302, Files: 94, Page: 17
Reactionary trend
There is some strange shit going on western net media. A new trend of mindless reactionary views have grown. A lot of gomophobic and anti progress statements are made. When the increse in xenophobia is logical, the reactionary traditionalis shitstorm I could not explain. So why you westerners starts to like this traditionaly rectionary shit ?
P.S. I'm a proxie slav
United Kingdom Replies: 10, Files: 1, Page: 17
Radio Ernstiwan
Old thread >>27969 is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. A few things happened since the last thread: The record of concurrent listeners has been pushed to a whopping 18 by /b/-based host chvk. On /int/ we had our very first call-in show, and subsequently our first caller ever. To everyone's surprise, that worked almost without any technical issues. Our hoster is doing a good job as far as I can tell, until now I couldn't find even a single issue with our server. Frontpage integration is also complete, which makes it a lot easier to notice when a stream is on, thanks again to Ernstadmin for his work!

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/
Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 4 for additional details.

For now we have the following recurring streams:
/int/: Album of the week stream, every Saturday at 18:00GMT+2
/b/: Prostmusik with chvk, usually on Friday 20:00GMT+2, and Kosmonauten every 2nd Thursday (may vary) 20:00GMT+2

Also there are lots of spontaneous streams. If you want to participate either as listener or as streamer and have trouble setting everything up, just ask, there are plenty of people around who have a working setup and can help you out. There is also a howto page on the radio main page, which might answer your questions.

Happy listening/streaming!
Germany Replies: 320, Files: 165, Page: 17
econ thread
What are some good alternatives to Communism and Capitalism? Communism obviously doesn't seem to work so well except at industrializing and militarizing agrarian economies and has many of its own well known other problems, but I've been slowly coming to realize there's quite a lot wrong with Capitalism too. So what's the alternative? What are some other economic systems and theories worth trying? Also general econ thread thread I also just realized after typing that last sentence how much of a shitshow this could be so if it does go to hell mods can lock it and delete it but no politics please only as close to objective principles of economics as possible.

Also I think that automation has proven to not be such a miracle cure because you still end up with basically a serf or slave class like all empires and even feudal societies ended up being just without using animals or human beings as slaves and plus it just seems like it'll end up putting people out of work rather than everyone living easy lives thanks to fuller automation. Silicon Valley is a great example of how terrible that idea can turn out to be with fewer enfranchised people, more homeless, and less human control over anything like that terrible dystopian vision everyone seems busily embracing in some areas called "the internet of things." I really don't get the appeal of having a personal car where you don't have control over its operation anymore. That "feature" of mobile devices with less user control is already infuriating.
United States Replies: 11, Files: 5, Page: 17
There are three great realms: the realm of corn, the realm of wheat, and the realm of rice. Of these the realm of corn is the greatest.


An acre of corn yields 15 million calories per year. An acre of rice, 11 million calories per year, but the water requirements are very high. An acre of wheat, a mere 4 million calories per year. So why haven't Europeans adopted the superior staple crop of the New World?
United States Replies: 21, Files: 14, Page: 17
Monetary reforms materials thread
Let's have a thread about various monetary reforms!
You can save here various materials about monetary reforms, that happened over the world.
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ethics of genetic engineering in humans
Would it be moral to select embryos for IVF that have lower polygenic risk scores for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.? What if those diseases had epidemiological and perhaps genetic correlations with traits that we are less comfortable with people selecting for? When does therapeutic use become enhancement? For instance, lower cognitive ability in early life is associated with increased risk of late life dementia, as well as increased risk of schizophrenia. Should people be allowed to select on the basis of such criteria?
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all things Russia
I was going to post this in the commiebloc thread but you know what? We should just have a thread devoted to discussing Russia and Russian things and asking Russian questions since like a third of the board often ends up feeling that way anyway.

So my hypothesis is that Russian cynicism and gallows humor is merely the defense mechanism of a truly deeply idealistic and romantic people. I mean, just look at this. Just look at it. This was commentary from the Slavic dev about making Pathologic 2. You would think with talking "freedoms" well maybe American but no, and I have come to find that somehow this statement in itself typifies a very Russian kind of psychology about everything.

It's kind of hard to explain I think if you haven't just spent the last decade talking to and being around Russians but I think there's something to it. Think about just the Russian experiment with Socialism and subsequent failure. In this statement I somehow see people like Lenin and even Stalin. Was what Stalin said about a people with empty belly's knowing nothing about freedom just a cynical ploy and excuse? Certainly. But I also think it was truthful what he said, and that there is something certain, something nebulous yet discreet, about a Russian mentality I haven't got English words for, a thing I think people may wrongly use the term "soul" when what really they mean by "soul" is just the clumsiness and pretense of jaded apathy and cynicism in direct response to their ideals meeting headlong against reality. This statement here is just something so trivial as about a videogame. What deeper a thing can a Russian thinker truly believe and feel that we cannot perceive?

I think that I need to find a good list of Russian literature and possibly learn to read and speak Russian.
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New today treda
Old died
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Do anglos really believe in Mackinder's World Island thesis? Do they really believe that Germans would become world super powa if Germans managed to have access to the "heartland" of Eurasia, AKA Russia? I always thought this thesis was silly but I could see why Brits would be thinking like this in late 19th and early 20th century, Germany seemed unstoppable in their growth except that it lacked resources, Brits controlled the seas but lacked direct access to Asian's heartland, it could only try to keep coastal regions from accessing it. One can see why Brits would be worried about anyone having access to the big piece of land that they couldn't, specially if this someone was the fastest industrializing country of that time and if this country stood in between Britain and the "heartland" geographically. Still thinking that Germany would become world super powa by controlling the "world island" seems to be a bit of a stretch, it seems to me brits were merely thinking on how to stop German growth and expansion.

And what about today, is USA really trying to keep germans from doing business with Russia based on the same idea? NATO seems to be more and more a project of polarizing Europe against Russia, but why would USA be so hellbent on that after the collapse of USSR? Sure USA is also resource rich and it all can be seen as an attempt to make of Europe a market reserve for USAian commodities, but they can't seriously expect that Russia will accept being eternally alienated from Europe, which is where it historically belongs.

I don't know, maybe I'm missing something about this thesis, but reading about recent happenings regarding Russia you always stumble on references to this thesis, apparently a good deal of Russian strategists also believe in it or at least believe that this is how USA and England try to keep them away from Europe. But the thesis to me seem to be silly and outdated.
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Why commieblocks are bad
I am living in a comminblock build in 1970s and feel ok. So whats wrong ith them &
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Criminal court
Aww shit guys (you'll always be Bernds in my heart).
I haven't posted in a long time but I've just received a mail telling me I'll probably be part of a jury for a criminal trial court in 2020. It's like winning at the lottery except that it will involve either a murder or a rape or maybe a robbery but that would be boring. I know this may sound like a perversion but I'm really excited to do it just to see how justice works. I'm teasing you but I don't know if and what I'll have to judge yet. If it happens then I'll post a thread about the trial but without being too specific because that would be illegal.
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Vidja Genes threda
Old thread deda
New threda not
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PDF test
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Suppose you had to restart your life mostly from scratch. You just got out of jail, or you found yourself without money, family and friends. You might have some marketable skills but your CV is tainted either from the criminal record or for some other reason. What would you do, where would you go, where is life easier for this sort of background?

Countries with a healthy social safety net need not apply, I reckon.
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Quality internet sites
What websites does Ernst frequent other than EC?

I used to spend a lot of time on different topic related internet forums and websites but then i got a slave to chans somewhere around 2006 or 2007 and i left the other internet behind.

Nowadays are Nu-EC, Youtube, Wikipedia and, as a guilty pleasure of mine, Reddit the only sites i regularely visit (next to some porn sites)

I have no idea where the hate for Reddit comes from by the way, if you ignore the comments underneath the content there are some pretty fun subreddits.
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do u like classical music, and if yes, which types? do you attend live concerts? with what frequency?
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2009-10 nostalgia
As we approach the end of the decade, can you remember what were some pictures that made you laugh 10 years ago?

Here are some that made me laugh. Judge me as you wish, I was only 13-14.

There are few I can remember, unfortunately.
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Corporate life
Anyone work in a corporate setting?
Any protips for a bernd/ernst not really meant for the corporate world but willing to try?
I'm about to start a 6 month contract in an entry level corporate role next week at a major Australian bank.
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Do you think that its possible that people can mobilize into war just like before?

I mean i am certainly always afraid that war will happen again but i wanna see how soft people, who sit at a chair 16h a day and are afraid of spiders and roaches, are going to cope with marching and camping and carrying 30kg etc

Also what do you think make people go into war? Hunger? The possibility of hunger in the near future?
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Ernstchan doesn't seem to have much banter or humor.

It's basically a bunch of Boringfinns exchanging small talk on boring topics.
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Did you know that kohlchan was deplatformed?

I came here instead but I heard bad things about this chan.
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Today Happened
Old has passed. Tell your new tales here.
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Can we have a French language threada?
How many bougette-janguage speakers are here?
Will appreciate if Ernst can recommend me good resources that can help studying.

Goddamnit, I hate that language and I have to learn it. It's so frustrating difficult and syntax is so meaningless so I'm thinking that German language way much easier to learn. 11 tenses? For fucks sake!
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Random pics #2
Sometimes you may feel the urge to share a pic but you can wait for suitable context eternally.
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Cave and disappearance distributions
Can any GIS pros share what they think about this? I’m inclined to believe this is a spurious correlation produced by some confounder but I’m not sure.
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(a post of no particular interest and importance follows)

That feel when I love Motorola now (or at least what Motorola used to be years ago).
Fifteen years ago I bought the pic; at first, even though I didn't intend to use it for anything but calling and messaging, I felt pretty disappointed: it had issues with my provider draining my money through GPRS, it had troubles with reconnecting after I'd turn it off or take a ride by metro (all those issues were dealt with later), it couldn't serve as an mp3 player, its cam sucked (the whole process of moving photos from the phone to PC was really FUCKED UP), but then I kind of got used to it.

So the thing survived falling into water and uncountable collisions with all kinds of hard surfaces, and was serving me well for 15 years up until last week when I broke my charger (not the original one, the original got broken some eight years ago).

At first I didn't think it was a big deal until I ventured fourth to find a new charger. Turned out, it's not that simple. Additionally, I wasn't sure it was the charger that broke, not the phone itself.

So, not hoping for much, I tried to charge it via USB-PC. As expected, I failed. Then I googled whether L6 is capable of charging via USB at all. Turns out, it can, but, first, I need special drivers, second, the phone has to be charged at least for the slightest bit (thanks God, it was). Drivers were a misty matter though. L6 got out of production in 2005, I think. So why would anyone update drivers to it (fuck you Asus, fuck you Microsoft, fuck you Gigabyte)? And yet Motorola provided me with working Windows freaking 7 drivers for the phone! They worked smoothly and my 15 year old phone is charging right now just perfectly.

tltr: Jeez, Motorola used to be great indeed.
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old treda deda
new treda betta
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What do you think about Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg which is the tallest building in Europe and made by a Turkish company?

It is intended to become the HQ of Gazprom.
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the new news thread
Ray tracing is a thing now
Granted it's just on Minecraft right now, but still
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Tools for effortless cooking
After some years of cooking with the aim of making it effortless, as little time consuming as it can get, but also with tasty and healthy results, i feel like recommending the following tools (beside pressure cooker):

  • microwave oven, for steaming or boiling vegetables, also for pre-heating food before frying or stir frying it. You can also find other interesting applications for it (like regenerating silica gel, at minimum power but keep always a glass of water to dispose of the extra energy)

  • slow cooker, for stewed or simmered meat of any kind, legumes, sauces and soups, also making broth from leftovers.

  • bread machine, for gruels (i don't use it for bread anymore: for good results you have to grow your yeast colture and it was too much of a bother, despite very interesting and quite rewarding)

  • automatic soup machine: you put ingredients, add broth and start it. In half an hour you get your soup. Problem is, you get about five portions of it, and in the beginning it is quite easy to mess up your meal if you don't follow their recipes. Then you get the gist of it and know what you can do wit it.

Contribute with your own tools or feel free to ask.
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Documentary thread
We have a dedicated thread for movies, series and short films but not about documentaries and i think they deserve one.

If we happen to already have one and i just missed it or the moderation thinks this fits in another thread, pls just delete.

I start with this

China´s lonesome sons - The difficulties of finding a wife in China

It pretty much follows a guy who is buying a wife.

Documentary is German with English subtitles.
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Yesterday, I took a bus to a forest reserve, I chilled for some time, but then I forgot it was a holiday past 17 hours, and there was no transport back to where I live.
I had to walk 4 cities until reaching my place, it took me around 3 and half hours of walking, from rocky intercity roads scorched by the sun, to religious slums (Bnei Brak) where all lights were out, even Petach Tikvah industrial park saw my lonely figure walking there at night.
Have you ever done something similar in your life? Is getting into these types of situations some evidence of craziness? This is not the first time in my life that I had to walk long distances for hours and hours out of necessity.
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What things do you lads recommend for getting over a cold manflu, other than the passage of time? I had to go home sick from work today but the office is really too busy for me to be taking the whole week off.

I assume that eating half a tin of Christmas chocolates just now was a mistake.
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soviet censorship
This is probably a dumb question because I am an ignoramus but: in what way was Soviet scrutiny and censorship of avant-garde visual art / music during the 1930s and onward different from Nazi persecution of "degenerate art"?
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I'm trying to self-teach myself piano and it's not going well (no surprise there).
I have basic knowledge on correct hand position and movement also I know elementary music theory.
Currently, I'm trying to learn a new piece - Aquaria Ending
and I've doubts about correct fingering for the left hand.
The problem starts right at the start when I need to jump from A to B flat (pic 1)
I've tried to land on 5th finger, but it is quite thin so it slips very easily from a black key;
now landing on the 4th finger is more stable but where do I go from there? If I play F with the second finger a lot of tension is unavoidable.
Playing F with thumb and then going over it with 2nd on B flat and finishing with 5th on F (pic 2) sounds fine but feels overly complicated since I need to move my arm a little up and to the side from the shoulder to complete the thumb over motion.
Sure there is a simpler solution that I'm not seeing.
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Radio Ernstiwan
Old thread: >>27153 - radio home page: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000

This is the Radio Ernstiwan thread, the radio made by Ernst for Ernst. If you want to tune in you need a media player which is able to handle network streams, VLC, Winamp and many others do the job. Just go to the radio home page and click one of the links in the upper right corner when a stream is on (pic 4 related). If you want to do a stream yourself, then you need a software which is able to create an audio stream and direct to an Icecast-server, because that is what the radio is running on. The most popular setup is to use your butt :-D (https://sourceforge.net/projects/butt/), and in case you need to have more than one input channel you want to stream (for example microphone and music) to use butt and VoiceMeeter combined: https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/ - with VoiceMeeter you can define multiple input channels and direct them to a virtual output channel, which butt recognizes.

For streaming you'll also need an account. Radio Ernstiwan has a public stream which everyone can use when it's not occupied (see below). There are also personal accounts, which can be used by streamers to ensure that they can't be blocked by someone else. In case you want to get a personal account, write a mail to ernstiwan at protonmail.ch, our dedicated radio helpdesk team will immediatly start working on your request! There is also a calendar for announcing streams, you'll have to create an account at https://zoho.eu/ and then write a mail to the above address and tell me your registration mail, so I can authorize you for the radio calendar. Not the most elegant solution, but so far it's the best we got. Since the calendar is intended for collaboration, everyone who has an account will be able to see your registration mail address, so don't use your private mail (which you probably shouldn't do anyway). The calendar is linked on the radio main page. There are no restrictions in what to stream, it can be music, any kind of readings, podcasts, you while munching on your cornflakes, whatever. You like it: chances are everyone else also likes it!

Connection data for the public stream:
address: radio.ernstchan.xyz, port 8000 (the domain has changed from the initial radio-ernstiwan.tk)
user/pass: source/teststroem
mountpoint: stream

If you have trouble connecting, just post your questions in the thread, there are several people who already have a working setup and can help you out. If you want to help and support Radio Ernstiwan, then your best bet is to listen and stream the hell outta it, since this is what is was made for. Luckily there is no need for financial support. In case you wonder about privacy/copyright issues: Our host flies the flag of St.Tome in the caribbean, the physical server location is Romania, and it is known as "privacy-orientated" and DCMA-friendly, so we should be on the safe side here.

Further development:
- Front page integration: Ernstadmin is wörking on a front page message whenever a stream is on, so that you don't need to check the radio page or the thread to see if a stream is on.
- I'll make a little howto page and integrate it on the radio main page

Thanks to Ernstadmin we already have a link to the radio page in the upper right of the EC front page. Otherwise things look breddy good. We have 2 (former) RfK hosts who are interested in making german-based program, and on /int/ we have quite a few guys who volunteered as streamers, so there's plenty of stuff to listen to, which is awesome, big thanks to everyone involved by the way!
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We’re all frens in the end.

United States Replies: 17, Files: 2, Page: 20
The first computer generated images of fractals were not produced until decades after his death yet Louis Wain’s artwork contains patterns that strongly resemble these images. How can you explain that?
United States Replies: 7, Files: 3, Page: 20
The very purpose of mothers and grandmothers and aunts is to get cuddled to death as a kid so that by puberty you're completely fed up with the very act or cuddling.

This is yet another harmful consequence of the nuclear family.
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I'm sad Ernst.
My life is great in terms of normal standards. I'm successfull, i can afford to buy what i want, i'm respected, i'm one of the most powerfull people in my town, i like my work, i hafe a beautiful gf. Still i feel empty.
I want to be like i was when i was young. Unthoughtfull, unresponsible, free. I just want to be free. But there is no way to be free. You always, always have responsibilities. Always.
I just don't want to get old and die. You can't run away from that. I can't. I still remember Gorbatschov in the news. I'm old.
It's a curse.
I don't want to.
Tell me about your melancholia
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a russian dacha. no water or electric grid connection.

say something nice about it
Germany Replies: 34, Files: 62, Page: 21
Cool websites to share
Hey ernst!
What are some cool websites?

https://news.ycombinator.com/news - Cool news, technology related mostly
http://spaceweather.com/ - Mostly news about the sun. Hot tips on solar spots and incoming flares, information on solar cycle etc.
United Kingdom Replies: 7, Files: 5, Page: 21
Why do intelligence agencies still use torture as a means of obtaining information? Is it that there are no equally effective alternatives for quickly producing information that don’t involve torture, or is it because torture is already institutionally embedded in these agencies?
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Syria Thread !
Can we have a Syria thread or is it against the rules? Many recent developments there with US pulling out, Turkey invading in and SDF allies with SAA.
Israel Replies: 26, Files: 1, Page: 21
What Ernst opinion about Marco Polo?
Ukraine Replies: 4, Files: 4, Page: 21
Just austrian things
Ahh, finally i can go skiing again. Kitzbühel opened two slopes with stashed snow from last year. It's was 25°C outside today.
Austria Replies: 3, Files: 4, Page: 21
Galaxy Trek
Ernst, do you have too much free time? Do you use a browser to surf the web? Do you like sci-fi? Then I have just the thing for you!


It's a browsergame (so, you can play it from any browser), it's mostly text based. You manage planets, they produce ressources, which you use to build ships, to get more ressources. It's a persistent universe which is even active when you're not online, and since it's multiplayer, you can attack other players (and they can attack you). Pictures related, it's the game.

I will register a new account in a few hours, and I'd like other Ernsts to join me (it's way more fun if more people are playing). It's completely free (well, there are paid features, but you can unlock them with one click/day easily). We could form an alliance (to be named, preferably something Ernst-related).

There's also a german version of this thread: >>>/b/6422
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Russian vlogs translated to English?
Do you have any more?

(CC should be toggled on)
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Drinking thread
Saturday so drinking since early morning. Reached for the can as soon as i woke up. Had 7 beers yesterday after work but called a taxi to shop that works till 2am and bought more beers. The taxi driver said i was his last client and we also got some food together (chicken and a burger) then he took me home.

Drinking 4th can of tyskie now
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Anthropomorphic animals thread
Can we have quality thread on this topic? I honestely dunno what to disscuss specifically - types of anthropomorphism, your favorite pictures, talk about theoretical anatomy and other possibilities, searching for different media with anthro animals.

I don't like all "furry" resourses where I been - not people that I want to talk with, not people who cares about interesting disscution, just some teenagers who jerk off on mediacore quality hentai pics.

Ah yes, to not harm other posters post nsfw pictures under spoilers. Hope there will be people who interested in this thematics as much, as myself. And maybe we can attract to club more new people.
Russian Federation Replies: 198, Files: 171, Page: 22
what is your highest level achieved in academia?
United States Replies: 33, Files: 6, Page: 22
Today was a day
old deda
Germany Replies: 303, Files: 117, Page: 22
techno skepticism
Thread about techno awaraness, techno realism and techno skepticism
Netherlands Replies: 10, Files: 3, Page: 22
Does anyone have the video proof web of the Russian general/garch ranting on about how they will manipulate the gravity of the earth to pull the oceans to sink america?

Many thank and kind regards
United Kingdom Replies: 2, Files: 1, Page: 22
Reversed electrodialysis
Reversed electrodialysis (RED) is a method of extracting electrical power out of salinity gradient energy between seawater and freshwater. It functions similar to any other electrochemical method, effectively it is a fuel cell that uses ions from seasalt as fuel. Ions are exchanged through selective membranes, so that cations and anions flow in opposite directions, effectively creating an electrical current that is balanced by opposite-equal flow of electrons through the electrical circuit it feeds.
How much energy is available for harvesting this way?
>In the Netherlands, for example, more than 3,300 m³ fresh water runs into the sea per second on average. The membrane halves the pressure differences which results in a water column of approximately 135 meters. The energy potential is therefore e=mgΔh=3.3*106 kg/s*10 m/s2*135 meters ca.= 4.5*109 Joule per second, Power=4.5 gigawatts.
What's Ernst's opinion on this readily available source of energy?
Slovenia Replies: 5, Files: 3, Page: 22
Due to recent circumstances, please consider the following before making a post:

  1. Political discussions of any kind are not permitted currently.
  2. Problems of resources unrelated to Ernstchan are discouraged from discussion.
New users are strongly advised to check the catalog before creating a new thread.
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Do you know about the "American Nihilist Underground Society"?

"ANUS was started in 1987 by Spinoza Ray Prozak and Chromatic Death, with L.B. Noire, Royal Flush and The Innocent joining one year later. From 1987-1992, ANUS ran a series of highly celebrated free speech/non-taboo bulletin boards that attracted hackers, metalheads, activists and artists.

After several run-ins with the law and others who found the idea of non-taboo/free speech/free thought disturbing enough to censor it, from both left and right, A.N.U.S. regrouped as we tried to find a way to explain our vision. Eventually, the thought process of our founder -- a somewhat unique interpretation of nihilism -- grew into a full-fledged philosophy which we have been trying to explain ever since.

From 1991 to 1995, A.N.U.S. maintained an internet presence through an FTP archive, overlapping a web server from 1993-1996 that was later supplanted by the anus.com domain name. Since 1996, A.N.U.S. has continued growing at its current address and has been busily offending newspapers, governments, wikipedia and keyboard warriors alike." - http://www.anus.com/zine/about/

They have a bunch of really interesting articles - http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/
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Discussion of Truth

The following passages from Thomas Aquinas “Summa Theologiae” constitute something very close to that which, in the terms of modern philosophical logic, would be called a “theory of truth”. In the course of his presentation of objections and responses in this section of the Summa, that is to say, Aquinas generally avoids simple theological platitudes and sets out to provide a relatively coherent account of the fundamental nature and meaning of truth.

Aquinas view of truth, as is the case with so much of his philosophy, is obviously deeply influenced by Aristotle, whom he refers to throughout the Summa simply as “The Philosopher”.
Poland Replies: 0, Files: 0, Page: 22
Storytelling in video games
Can games compete with traditional mediums like books and movies, if not will they be able to in the future? How does the perception of a story change in an interactive medium? Which games do it well, what works and what doesn't? Is storytelling even important in vidya?
Ernst loves generals so let's make it broad.

I will posts my opinions below, I want to blend into the crowd
Poland Replies: 43, Files: 20, Page: 23
What other logical paradoxes are there than
-What I now say is a lie
-I know that I know nothing

Only true paradoxes, statements that logically contradict themselves, in ITT this thread please.
Finland Replies: 18, Files: 6, Page: 23
Man, why old school programmers and developers (Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates and those 2 guys who made C) have much better reputation and reception than new age ones (Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and etc)?

Why new age ones have so much scandals and much less inovation and development?
Azerbaijan Replies: 33, Files: 4, Page: 23
It seems no coutry other than Azerbaijan and Pakistan loves Turkey. Why Turkey is so hated amongst world?
Not even Arabs love them!
Azerbaijan Replies: 7, Files: 7, Page: 23
health and doctóre threda
For the past three to four months I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with me; I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.

I've been getting vision problems, stomach and testicle pains, and joint pain so much I just kind of live with it now. But I already got so much stuff crossed off the list, I currently have no lead. Not Lyme, not hypothyroidism, not nothing. My hands sting from typing because the skin has peeled off so far; I'm pretty ill, I have to say.

Everything is affected, it really affects my confidence in just going about my life for I have no idea if I should just retire inward and prepare for death, go to confession, I don't know. Just now I got a localized feeling of pressure in my chest that is often referred to as ''MS hug'' it can't be many other things.

Also, general health thread, since this the nature of EC.
Netherlands Replies: 19, Files: 3, Page: 23
need maths help helper
if I have a set of size n, how many unique arrangements can occur if every item in the set must be paired with one other item? for instance, if I have ABCD, there would be three unique arrangements of pairings:
  1. (A,B)(D,C)
  2. (A,C)(D,B)
  3. (A,D)(B,C)
Is there some kind of general combinatorics equation that could be used to calculate the number of unique arrangements of pairs for a set of any size? n! / r! * (n - r)! doesn't work because that's for calculating number of combinations, not for calculating number of possible arrangements of pairings where all items in the set are paired.

thanks and sorry for being retarded
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Reconstructing Denisovan Anatomy Using DNA Methylation Maps
Haplogroup pros at Hebrew University of Jerusalem reconstructed what Denisovans (of which we have very little well-preserved skeletal remains) likely have looked like, by comparing their gene regulation to that of Neanderthals and modern humans, and interpolating most likely features.

>"We provide the first reconstruction of the skeletal anatomy of Denisovans," says author Liran Carmel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "In many ways, Denisovans resembled Neanderthals, but in some traits, they resembled us, and in others they were unique."
>Overall, the researchers identified 56 anatomical features in which Denisovans differed from modern humans and/or Neanderthals, 34 of them in the skull. For example, the Denisovan's skull was probably wider than that of modern humans or Neanderthals. They likely also had a longer dental arch.

>The evidence suggests that Denisovans likely shared Neanderthal traits such as an elongated face and a wide pelvis. It also highlighted Denisovan-specific differences, such as an increased dental arch and lateral cranial expansion, the researchers report.
>Carmel notes that while their paper was in review, another study came out describing the first confirmed Denisovan mandible. And, it turned out that the jaw bone matched their predictions.

Paper: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2019.08.035
Slovenia Replies: 6, Files: 8, Page: 23
I've been reading the red mars series, and they definitely got the space elevator wrong.

What do you think is the most efficient space elevator? Please include technical diagrams like so
United States Replies: 7, Files: 8, Page: 23
What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

1. The earth is flat
2. 9/11
3. Chemtrails
4. Aids doesn't exist
5. Dave Chappelle is a clone

"But it's all true" incomming
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Today Threda
Old thread is kontra. Share your daily grind: Autumn haiku edition


Goldenrod in bloom
Gathering winter stockpiles
Squirrels scurry forth
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Communism analogy
>Is it appropriate to say free market economics is like an untamed jungle?
Thousands of species intermingling, co-existing and being co-dependent on one another. Predators and prey in some kind of larger cyclical relationship. Completely chaotic yet will last for eternity undisturbed.

>Is it appropriate to say communism is like a manicured garden?
Cultivated, orderly and thought out. Completely planned. Devoid of life and spontaneity. Chaos is one misguided gardener away.
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Is that true that Putin used to be drug dealer and taxist for Sobchak? (famous Russian oligarch)
Was 1998 economic crisis one of the biggest triggers for Putin to come to power?
How fast Putin got all the power in the Russia and even got to expand to entire post-Soviet?

Also here some memes
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Radio Ernstiwan
Hi everyone at /int/! We, some guys from /b/, have set up a radio server for Ernst, it is called Radio Ernstiwan, the name being a pun derived from the popular "Radio Eriwan" (or Radio Yerevan for some). Now anybody can share his music, feelings or thoughts about the industrial output of the Ottoman empire during WW1 with his fellow Ernst brothers.

The address is: http://radio-ernstiwan.tk:8000

For listening just employ your favourite software which is able to play network streams and use the links in the upper right corner when a stream is on (pic 3 related, this is the "server status"-page when a streamer is active, otherwise it's empty). If you wanna start a stream yourself you will need a streaming software. I use "butt" (not kidding), which is a lightweight stream client without much configuration: https://sourceforge.net/projects/butt/. You'll also need an account. For testing purposes I created a test account which everyone may use (IP, Port 8000, mountpoint "stream", Icecast-User source, passwort teststroem), pic 4 related. Later, you'll need a personal account, and since there is no front end for this, you can just send me a mail at ernstiwan at protonmail.ch with the username you'd like to have, I will then generate an account for you. This is also the mail address to contact me outside of EC, in case you feel the need for it.

In case you are worrying about legal issues (which you should) and streaming copyrighted stuff: Our host (cryptoho.st) is known to be DCMA-friendly (which means they don't care about complaints), the physical server location is Romania, which is also known to be a safe haven for most stuff. Since it's the internet everyone should be aware that there is no 100% certainity, but we sure did everything we knew to set up this stuff in a way no one needs to worry.

Specs of the server:
Hoster: cryptoho.st, physical location: Romania
CentOS7, 1GB Ram, 20GB drive space, shared gigabit, unlimited traffic
7€/month, payment via bitcoin
Streaming software: Icecast 2.4

Sorry for crossposting, but in this case I hope it's justified. Have fun using the radio, and stream whatever you want, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Well, maybe calling for mass murder and the likes WOULD be restricted, but you know what I mean. Just make sure you don't hog up the stream when someone else also wants to use it - üarallel users are limited to 1 by server configuration. I will start a stream for testing purposes at 19:00GMT+2 (german time) or so, it will just be a music loop, so everyone can check whether he can connect to the radio. In case you have any questions: Feel free to ask, I'll help you out as good as I can.

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The Vidja threda
Old deda - this not yet.
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What do you guys think about my shithole?
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Favourite Movies Ever
What are your top 3 to 5 favourite movies of all time?

1) Das Boot
2) Bringing out the dead
3) Master and Commander
4) Pacific Rim
5) Sicario (both 1 and 2)
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Drawing and painting thread
Recently, Kazahstan poster had an interesting idea about thread dedicated not to random pics, but for drawing and paiting and other kind of original content. He sadly not created one, but I think this is neat idea - when you learn how to draw and paint it always awesome to have help and critique, and I think with earnstchan quality of posting we can get very good reasults in help each other mastering our skils.

On op-pic I place my night fast drawing because it only thing I have on my phone right now that replated. Please, share with us your creations and ask questions.
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Today Treda
Old kontra, new one responder. Share the daily grind.

It got colder now, it's fine.
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Any of ernst invest in precious metals?
I've recently bought a 1/3 ounce 24k gold ring and also have 25 ounces of silver coins. If I get a chance in the coming weeks I will try to buy a 1/2 ounce gold coin near spot price. The gold ring is 24k because I was kinda butthurt that when you buy any piece of jewellery it immediately depreciates to its metal content. Since I've bought it 2 days ago, it has increased in value by 2%.

I am not a financially minded person but when I look at the economy and labour situation around me I don't feel confident whatsoever.

There are all sorts of things from the US inversion curve to the manufacturing, shipping and retail indexes all showing significant trouble. It really feels like this thing is waiting to explode.

Also I'm Australian, I don't know why EC always shows me as a britbong.
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Sometimes I get such severe secondhand embarrassment / fremdschämen from watching a situation depicted in a film or TV show that I have to stop watching: for instance, if a character is about to disappoint someone or do something wrong and get caught.

does this happen to anyone else
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Ernstchan Short-Film Club
Willkommen! This thread is for the sharing and discussion of short-films of all kinds.

I would like to start with two films directed by Russian filmmaker Andrei Khrzhanovsky that are of importance and demonstrate the technical level Soviet/Russian animation once operated on.

>The Glass Harmonica (1968)

The first (and allegedly only) animated film banned in the USSR for its depiction of totalitarianism and censorship of the arts. Inherently it has an anti-capitalist message in the role money plays turning people into monsters but you can obviously see what is really at work.

What is interesting about this other than the on the nose message is the use of historical artwork in a surrealist format. It was a very daring film even for life in the Khrushchev Thaw.

>There Lived Kozyavin (1966)

Kozyavin is a simple bureaucrat living in a Kafkaesque world. One day he is ordered by his boss to locate a visitor to the office and proceeds on his mission to find him in the only way a bureaucrat can.

What does Ernst think and does he have any films that he would like to share?
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Pornography and sexual violence
On the internet one may run into communities of second wave feminists or catholics who insist that the consumption of pornography promotes sexual violence against women. My question to Ernst is straightforward: has there been any decent empirical research into this question?
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When communicating in English do you sometimes make mistakes because you often see native speakers make them? Which ones get you?

Grammar and spelling mistakes are really common in with native Englishers online, I imagine that must really mess with people trying to learn. Please discuss this topic.
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Human body has shit design
> joints - moving parts that take most of the load in human bodies
> cartilage - connective tissue in the joints is not regenerating - once it's worn out, the joint is done

It's not an intelligent design at all. Who the fuck would design chassis like that? It's like if you made it impossible to change oil in your car or replace bearings.
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I just cant put myself into using Opera instead of Chrome. And i really dont need anything at all beyond simple browsing.

Which browser is best and why? Also which vpn and why?
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Help me leave KC...
Talk to me about the future of European Union.
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Cinema and TV Thread v2
Let's talk about kino

Old thread: >>44
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The racist 8chan BGC edits
I salvaged these and figured I should spread them. Save them, and spread them in the site's memory.
Okay, that was bullshit. These are counterfeits of the counterfeits. Still, you should save them for reasons.
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Boomer parents
I have allergies to animals like dogs and cats. They have been acting up again. I have trouble breathing, sneeze all the time, and cough.
I'm not going to drug myself in order to live. Mother refuses to put the dogs outside because they are her 'babies' or whatever.
My father will not confront her about anything, because he does not like any conflict.

I understand that this is a very personal thing, so let's make this a thread for complaints about elders generally.

I'm sorry. I don't have friends with whom to speak. Please understand this.
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News thread
(old one on systemcontra)

Maduro regime in Venezuela cracks down on opposition, killing protestors
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