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Hide No. 86813 [Reply]
381 kB, 818 × 1288
lörs opiniones on the makeup of the GDR?
No. 86821
63 kB, 390 × 390
le smug Kahane face
No. 86910
wow freedom to the formerly oppressed, #respekt

Hide No. 86909 [Reply]
679 kB, 1232 × 3337
Pornography industries worldwide have normalized violence that has inspired generations. Blatantly injurious erotic ano rectal violence—anoreceptive activity involving a combination of rapid thrusting, considerable girth, and a prolonged duration—is rampant in pornography and far too common outside of it as well, facilitated by widespread (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation. It is impossible for resultant ano rectal injuries and serious/chronic/permanent health consequences to be uncommon due to ano rectal fragility relating to anatomy and neuromuscular physiology [References: Anorectal Risks 1-3].

Violent pornography can have numerous effects on a substantial proportion of viewers. Those include inspiring them to emulate what they see, even using coercion; conditioning them to be aroused by suffering; and promoting development of related (self-)destructive mental pathologies including sexual sadism and sexual masochism disorders [References: Trends & Associations]. People with such inclinations are having a field day spreading disinformation and engaging particularly in ano rectal violence: unrestrained hedonism contributing greatly to societal decadence.

This is occurring because the vast majority of humanity likely never will highly value the good health of another person's anus at least; far too many people do not wish to think seriously about ano rectal matters despite the anus being one of our most important body parts. Erotic anoreceptive activities should therefore be universally discouraged. Furthermore, perpetrators of ano rectal violence against another person—especially those who inspire countless others—must face justice by any means necessary. Justice has not been served in far too many cases, and may be out of governments' hands after too much time has passed; people worldwide who were/are in a government position with jurisdiction to uphold it yet failed (e.g. current & former California politicians) also must be held accountable.

Hide No. 85851 [Reply]
7,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
160 kB, 2324 × 1255
olde >>84497

>4 minute readNovember 10, 202212:07 AM GMT+1Last Updated 44 min ago
>Russia orders retreat from Ukrainian city of Kherson in major setback for Moscow

>Biden urges Republicans to work with him as control of U.S. Congress unclear
>Republicans also could engineer a showdown over the debt ceiling to extract major spending cuts, and could pare back aid to Ukraine.
Well, seems like the Republicans (Republicucks) don't want to finance Ukraine, nothing new.
No. 86902 Kontra
Russia is winning because it hasn’t won yet.
Russia’s victory is continous this way.
Trust the plan.
No. 86903 Kontra
Working Cunningham's law again, are we?
Literally, it would be 'größter Brückenbauer'. A translation that hits closer to the original meaning is high priest in English or Hohepriester in German.
No. 86904
Ratzinger might have remembered similar teachings from his Hitler-youth days.

The average Russian is a little stupid, but a kind soul. He is ruled by bolzhevik Jews. The brutal goons those bolzhevik Jews use are the swarthy and yellow asiatic hordes...
No. 86908
We need a based pope who calls out the heretical demon worship that is the eastern orthodox church

Hide No. 57224 [Reply]
270 kB, 721 × 985
106 kB, 1080 × 585
205 kB, 907 × 1360
90 kB, 750 × 750
No. 86849
38 kB, 325 × 500
Currently reading the most recent instalment of the Children of Time series. It's still some great science fiction, I think I preferred the earlier two books (although I think it just got good with crows) but there's still some moments of sheer scale for the universe and speculation of how sentience would express itself differently across species. This one is more grounded in humanity trying to eek out an existence in the extreme of a planet without biodiversity.

The world building involved is something else, if you've not read the first then it covers spiders on a lost terraforming project and their crawl into their own civilisation over multiple generations with adventures in each era in a universe where human civilisation had destroyed itself barring a small remnant trying to traverse the madness of the distances involved without FTL.

It's still one of my favourite books of all time and I love how Hesse's work changes as he aged and with the times. There's so much in every page of this book that I remembered devouring it almost in a sitting - the sheer feeling of the time he evoked was hair raising stuff alone without getting into abraxas and the analogies of the path to being a man.

Next on your list is Narcissus and Goldmund. It has some very similar elements to Damian despite being written when Hesse was more mature and there's lots of naughty sex :DDDD

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No. 86880
>Next on your list is Narcissus and Goldmund
I have already read it. Sinclair reminded me of Goldmund and Demian of Narcissus. Very good book as well!
No. 86906
I liked Rosshalde. Normal literature for normal people to read. Steppenwolf? Infantile brain-farts of a man in midlife-crisis going through second puberty, borderlube insane. Glasperlenspiel? Oh god, why is it so long. Insufferably tedious.
No. 86907 Kontra
Hm I was wondering about the Hesse praise. I read a few: Peter Camenzind, Demian and I think the glass beads. They get one blob in my memory, melancholic boys going ways and ending badly?. It was ok but for the themes and ways of storytelling, I would look for people that did it better. So in conclusion I don't understand the Hesse "hype".
all your Ernsts are free to like Hesse

Hide No. 86694 [Reply]
134 kB, 640 × 853
No. 86891
Well it's correct, since love was invented by medieval chivalrous culture and later of course Goethe
No. 86895
> I guess what is very pragmatic these days is marrying someone because you passed the 30.
Is that a thing in Germany? All Ü30 I know who married did so because they have been together for 10-15 years already.
No. 86899 Kontra
I probably extrapolated from my own thoughts, though these are not very serious. None of my close friends is married or seems close to it, nor has been in a committed relationship for the last 5 years (including myself). And they all hit 30 this year or have been above that already.
So I think about making kids and needing a family-suited woman for that, but in the end, I wouldn't get with a random woman to fulfill that but with one that I can imagine a future with.
No. 86901
1,6 MB, 300 × 226, 0:04
It's over. We won.

Hide No. 82350 [Reply]
364 kB, 1847 × 1002
271 kB, 800 × 968
3,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
Video games thread - my turn edition.

In a daring dash, a friendly AI secured valuable assets deep within the borderlands.
A unit without supply needs is powerful for deep commando operations, but this border region is yet to be reinforced against the close by Panzermark.

The mistake to declare an applied science director to early was made, still a lot of regular research to be done before they can do anything at all.
The budget cuts were mostly taken like a champ.

The OOB for now excluding militia consist of the usual MG regiments for overall needs, but this time 8 regiments of regular infantry were raised too, they are planned to be expanded into offensive battalions to better assist armored assaults.
Larger militia formations proof useful to quickly grow new borderzones when disbanded.
No. 86712
31 kB, 483 × 483
No. 86853
3,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
174 kB, 314 × 259
Playing Total war Medieval II. Finished campaign for Spain. Moors and Portugal clashed in a protracted attritional war against each other since very beginning, so I had a good start. Next time I'll play for Denmark or for one of Italian meme states. Or better for something difficult and exotic like Egypt.

I don't understand how this game works. Later games of the series have their mechanics explained straightforwardly, but here buildings have descriptions like "better roads and trade" how much better? or "food production +3" +3 of what?. Also amount of micromanagement is insane. Automatic militia maintenance and unit replenishment sine Rome 2 is a very good thing.
Yet I still like Medieval II more, because of baby duck syndrome.
No. 86874
>I don't understand how this game works.
See the info tab on the left once you open the village? Inb4 you closed it. If you hover over the icons and expected profits you can see everything, even greyed out soon to be build effects, profits, what the change does to unrest, corruption, growth and so on.
+1 to farmland will be listed in growth AND revenue: It is +0.5% pop growth and further down about +60 or +80 or something coins on average per "+1 farmland thingy", see also the corruption icon and fluctuating harvests.
t. pro
No. 86897
Thanks, I'll look it up when I start new campaign. Thoughts on Stainless Steel btw? Any other interesting mods?

Hide No. 86862 [Reply]
540 kB, 884 × 663
And goodbye world
No. 86879 Kontra
World doesn't care.

Hide No. 76668 [Reply]
38 kB, 413 × 550
Have you noticed the die-off Ernst?

So many people I know are becoming seriously ill lately, a few have also dropped dead.

My 23 year old nephew developed severe epilepsy after getting vaxxed because they took his rights away until he was vaxxed and boosted. My neighbour's niece who is 8 years old now has leukemia after getting the vaxx. My coworker collapsed after getting his booster and spent the last 10 weeks in hospital. My other coworker's father dropped dead after getting his booster .... the list goes on and on

My facebook feed is full of obituaries to people in the locality dropping dead, or famous musicians, football players, local celebs etc. just dropping dead

I've never seen such a wave of illness in my life and I've been around 40 years. The die-off has begun I think
No. 86856
68 kB, 390 × 391
>What branch of medicine is this exactly?
An Aryan form of medicine pioneered by Prof. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hammer, father of 1970s model Birgit Hamer, brother of economist Prof. Eberhard Hammer. After his son Dirk was shot by the king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele IV, on the island of Cavallo, Prof. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer developed a new theory of sickness. He found that any sickness, including cancers, is caused by inner conflicts. It is nature's attempt to heal that conflict. A tumor is not malignant, but a purposeful special program of nature running in the body.
No. 86871 Kontra
No. 86873 Kontra
mRNA essentially acts like viruses, forcing certain cells to produce the desired antigen in large amounts and self-destruct. Then the immune system has to deal with the released antigen as usual. The main shortcoming is that the immune system isn't exposed to all the antigens naturally associated with the original virus, which somewhat limits the effectiveness of the immunization. The benefit is that usually there is no other way to efficiently expose the immune system to the same (relatively large) amounts of the target antigen.

Not sure if I'm not feeding an army of trolls.
No. 86905 Kontra
That's what the vaxx-mafia tells us. Why would you believe that?

Hide No. 86855 [Reply]
59 kB, 640 × 853
They named Monkeypox into "MPox" because it's "racist against monkeys". Why not call it R162pox? It would be a better name. That's R 16:2 pox if you want a hint.
No. 86868 Kontra
Is this the usual shizo or another one?
No. 86893 Kontra

Hide No. 67497 [Reply]
112 kB, 1200 × 675
Going back to "Come and see" the director told (more or less) "I would not want a professional actor... I wanted a 14 YO unexperienced boy... With that kind of film we had to train him that by the end of the film he would not get into an asylum!"

Fug yes. Like a cretin told, "how great is cinema".

BTW, you won't tell me you have not seen the anime version of this picture, ha ha. This is the stuff that makes the good part of the internet great, too :DD. The bad part of the internet can crash and burn
No. 86471
433 kB, 3840 × 2160
933 kB, 3840 × 2160
477 kB, 3840 × 2160
457 kB, 3840 × 2160
There is an urban legend going around the town that if you find an empty bottle on a bridge, blow in it and think of the Empty Man, then on the first night after that you'll hear him, on the second night you see him, and on the third night he finds you. A group of high school kids try it and after three days simply disappear. James Lasombra, an ex-cop and a friend of Nora Quail, mother of one of disappeared teenagers, sets out to find her daughter, Amanda. He manages to get on the trail of a weird apocalyptic cult that may have had something to do with the disappearances.

It's a very decent horror movie. It's not brilliant, not memorable, not that scary and it's full of Lovecraftian cliches, but it somehow works nonetheless. It manages to keep the mystery well until the twist, it has quite a foreboding atmosphere and its ambient score is really great (created by Brian Williams of Lustmord fame). It has a lengthy prologue (about twenty minutes), but it integrates into the story well and it's pretty spooky in its own regard. Overall it's a horror movie just how it should be, in my opinion: atmospheric, suspenseful, almost no cheap jumpscares, and no happy ending. It may not be terrifying, but at least it's interesting, so it's worth checking out.
No. 86695
73 kB, 1482 × 598
So apparently Amazon has just bought a bunch of nigerian films.

On the one hand I find it cool to have actual african films with actual african people without any american bullshit, but on the other hand those films don't seem anymore exciting or worth watching beyond the novelty (kind of like french films).
No. 86775
110 kB, 1273 × 716
145 kB, 1273 × 716
94 kB, 1273 × 716
91 kB, 1273 × 716
In the future, a valuable mineral called berynium was found on the planet Sirius 6B. The corporation New Economic Bloc started mining it, but it turned out that the process is lethally toxic and radioactive. The workers and scientists involved in mining formed an alliance and rebelled against NEB, but the corporation bombed the planet into oblivion and then sent ground forces to wipe out the survivors. As a desperate measure, The Alliance developed autonomous factories producing little war robots, called "screamers". These screamers are very adept at killing and are capable of learning and self-upgrading. They turned the tide of the war for The Alliance, but now they may become far too advanced and can become a major threat for both sides of the conflict, and possibly for the whole humanity.

It could've been a really good adaptation of PKD's "Second Variety", if not for it's low budget, overall mediocrity and the ending that for some inexplicable reason was changed from the very bleak original to "oh, but what if the robots could develop empathy and learn to love" which made the whole plot quite moronic. Special effects are cheesy (although I kinda dig the stop motion reptile screamer), and that makes the action scenes look silly, mainly when the robots are being destroyed (the starting scene with the NEB soldier being killed by robots, on the other hand, looks OK). The movie isn't as bad as the other B-tier stuff that came out in the eighties and early nineties, but looks pretty sad compared both to other SF action horrors like Aliens or Predator and to other PKD adaptations like Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly. Oh well, at least Peter Weller is pretty cool.
No. 86842
Just watched two episodes of "Cabinet of Curiosities", presented by Guillermo del Toro.

He enters the scene like Jonathan Frakes in Fact or Fiction, then talks a bit and then the story begins. It's kinda c&a because I have never seen him walk before and he actually waddles, that typical fat person waddle. I mention that because I still haven't forgiven him for that piece of shit Crimson Peak. Anyhow, I digress.

The first episode I watched was "Pickman's Model", based on that Lovecraft story; coincidentally the first one I ever read. This episode really did not impress me. You have your bog-standard Netflix optics with Netflix sfx, Netflix lighting and Netflix feel. Crispin Glover is good as Pickman, but that's it. The rest is pretty silly and apart from the title and the very silly looking ghoul it has not much to do with the original story and instead becomes about how his painting drive people insane or something, plus some really pointless "shock" moments, that are, due to the Netflix sfx, pretty anemic, despite trying to be visceral, and it drags on wayyyy too long.

The second one was "The Viewing", directed by Panos Cosmatos, and you can say, he certainly has his style. Colored lighting, chromatic aberrations of all kinds, a synth soundtrack, set in '79. I loved Mandy, so I went into this a bit biased, but then again, I liked Pickman's Model. But this one really does btfo the other episode. It's unconventional and the craftsmanship is not boring, unlike the other episode. Sure, it's way more style than substance, but it doesn't even try to appear "shocking" or "creepy" like the other story (which fails in that endeavour), and it (mostly) keeps its mystery (unlike the other story). It's also fun inbetween and like with Mandy the influence of 80s schlock is palpable. It even has Peter Weller (greetings to the Belorussian) as some mysterious old rich dude. Oh, and it has Sofia Boutella who is always hot.