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Hide No. 52263 [Reply]
79 kB, 617 × 385
66 kB, 690 × 477
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Do you like (or liked) Lego, Ernst? I used to be a huge fan since 1994, when dad brought me my first set — 8818 Dune Buggy — from Germany, and up until 1999, when I bought my last set — 8204 Sky Flier. Then I started losing interest somewhat because of electronic entertainment like videogames becoming more popular, then Lego started to produce licensed themes like Star Wars which I've seen as betrayal and selling-out, and then Lego went into a direction which killed my interesting in it completely by introducing Bionicle, which didn't really fit either System or Technic (and I don't care what some people say, I still don't consider Bionicle a subtheme of Technic). So, I gave all my Lego to my cousin and for around twenty years I pretty much forgot about it. But a couple of months ago I went to my aunt's and found out that my cousin (who also got bored with Lego a couple of years after me) started getting back into Lego: he bought several new Technic sets (42093 Chevrolet Corvette, 42107 Ducati Panigale plus several smaller ones), and they impressed me quite a bit. Nostalgia hit me hard, and I started checking out new Lego myself out of curiosity. I found out that there are actually some new themes that are of interest to me, like Creator, Ideas and Architecture, and finally I gave in and bought this 31109 Pirate Ship.

So, Ernst, share your Lego stories if you have any, meanwhile I'll be building my ship and maybe post some photos. If this threda wouldn't be of interest to you, I'll just let it die and won't post about Lego anymore.
No. 75176
706 kB, 1600 × 1065
747 kB, 1600 × 1065
So, some moons ago I got all the stuff transported here and now I've started unpacking it...

I have started to sort all the manuals based on the series and date and I'm planning to assemble the stuff one series at a time to see if all the pieces are still there. Will post updates when I build something.
No. 75177
80 kB, 352 × 594
that feel when not enough space for real LEGO so I have to play with virtual stuff.
No. 75183
Cool, looking forward to it. I still haven't tried alternative builds for my 31120 and 31107, so I gotta get to work too.
No. 79765

Hide No. 74678 [Reply]
4,7 MB, 6000 × 4000
137 kB, 1280 × 960
Всем привет из России! / Hello everyone from Russia! / Grüße an alle aus Russland!
Отвечу на ваши вопросы B-) / I will answer your questions B-) / Ich werde Ihre Fragen beantworten
No. 74781
Hm... Who wrote it? I don't even know!
No. 74782 Kontra
It was me. I am forced to confess because the shame of spreading fakes about the Russian military is too much to bear! Please, have clemency.
No. 74789 Kontra
1,4 MB, 1278 × 720, 0:28
Thank you <3
No. 79762

Hide No. 19882 [Reply]
114 kB, 640 × 431
611 kB, 716 × 916
I wasn't sure were to post this as it didn't really fit into the today or documentary thread so I just started my own.
I've seen a fair few people post blogs on somewhat unrelated threads, and I thought it was a good idea if people just posted on this thread instead of unrelated threads.
Anyway, here is an interesting blogpost about environmental hypocrisy: https://www.ecosophia.net/the-flight-from-nature

Before anyone responds:
>Ecological Spirituality
I agree that 90% of the site is stupid shit but sometimes the literal resident autist Mr. Greer gives pretty scathing critiques of so-called modern "environmentalists".
No. 65782
What do you write about?
No. 65956
erotic stories hehehe
No. 73941
42 kB, 936 × 506
65 kB, 225 × 225
After the algorithmic stablecoin UST imploded last week (now $.09), more eyes have turned to Tether(USDT). Unlike UST, USDT is supposed to be backed with fiat and equivalent assets. The problem is they are not publicly audited. So, do they have the fiat to handle a mass redemption by users should that be necessary? Maybe, maybe not. Article from October 2021 gives a good rundown of the coin and the characters behind its creation.


>The strange thing is that, at least for now, most participants in the crypto market, including some very large and sophisticated operators, don’t seem to care about any of the risks. Just last month, traders bought $3 billion in new Tethers, presumably sending billions of perfectly good U.S. dollars to the Inspector Gadget co-creator’s Bahamian bank in exchange for digital tokens conjured by the Mighty Ducks guy and run by executives who are targets of a U.S. criminal investigation.

Anyone Seen Tether’s Billions?
No. 79759

Hide No. 69784 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
23,2 MB, 1920 × 1080, 4:52
In three stages:

Stage 1: Nuclear War

Stage 2: Fallout

Stage 3: Nuclear Winter

Was surprised by the temperatures for Nuclear Winter, but I looked them up. An average drop by 20 Kelvin is to be expected. Temperatures in winter can drop to -80°C.

Estimated death toll within 10 months 500 million people.
No. 70085
Warum werde ich zensoriert?
No. 70086
24 kB, 811 × 439
61 kB, 3840 × 2160
>nobody wants to deal with you, especially your neighbours. God willing we won't have to deal with you for much longer because you'll be too busy trying to feed yourselves to cause trouble

You missed recent News, huh?

Koch Industries and Nestle won't leave Russia. Koch Industries is openly opposed to sanctions against Russia.

I have to reevaluate my opinion about Nestle. I will buy their products again. They are helping us right now prevent a nuclear war that the Clinton/Obama/Biden mafia wants.
No. 70089
I suppose they evaluate their long-term losses from leaving the market being higher, ultimately acting for their own profit. Still, it's nice. I am planning to ignore the rats leaving the Russian market now forever.
No. 79750

Hide No. 79171 [Reply]
107 kB, 760 × 596
Herro /int/, I'm thinking about migrating to EC/int/.
What level of assburger should I bring so we can all share this place as our home?
No. 79193 Kontra
1,4 MB, 960 × 720
156 kB, 597 × 600
314 kB, 640 × 480
80 kB, 640 × 480
No. 79195 Kontra
1,1 MB, 1620 × 2000
160 kB, 1000 × 800
109 kB, 700 × 477
58 kB, 547 × 545
That's all for now.

Thanks man, nothing beats a refreshing sip of Ernst on a hot summer day.
No. 79684
And your dream is gone dear spambot.
No. 79745

Hide No. 74604 [Reply]
73 kB, 857 × 1200
57 kB, 466 × 571
82 kB, 680 × 684
Only a few months left until the next radio birthday party, it's time to start wörkenings on Ernstalbum v2. Ernst just finished his first song, and he has a few more up his sleeve. The huge success of out first album last year raised the expectations of our loyal fans, so give them something to cheer on!

I do not say that you HAVE to participate, but if you don't I will dab on /int/ the whole show while presenting the album (see pic 3 for details). Anything goes which roughly fits the desription "song", it doesn't matter if it's serious or audio shitposting, just do whatever you want. If all goes well the album will be published during a live broadcast at our next birthday festival (likely the weekend Sep 2-4). You can post your songs in the thread or send them to me via mail (ernstiwan at protonmail ch - if you don't want to spoil anyone before the festival). In any case: Post if you have something ready even if you don't post the song itself in order to raise peer pressure :DD
No. 78040
35 kB, 630 × 423
One month left until the festival, and at the moment we need 3 more songs to fulfil the minimum number of required songs for an album (8). I heard that a few people are still planning to contribute, but you know how it is with plans. Guess we all planned to get a GF.

I suggest that if you have a song finished then send it via mail (see OP) instead of posting because it's not that much time between the post and the festival, so the effect is probably better now if we have a true premiere of your song during the stream, instead of having it here and then on stream again only a few weeks later.
No. 78875
127 kB, 910 × 709
Two weeks until the festival, and we are still one song short. If you have anything in your queue, it's time to apply the finishing touches. it would also be great to let me know if you will deliver something, because if I get one more song I could at least confirm the Ernstalbum stream for the festival. Any more songs after that will just slightly extend it, which is easier to handle. But knowing if it will happen at all obviously would be a big help.
No. 79692
Also the Album gets a bump :3 Another 100 threads to create.
No. 79741
Not today mr soyjak.

Hide No. 3248 [Reply]
4,1 MB, 5472 × 3648
I have a question: "Wann ist der Unterricht aus?"
Can I answer like this: "Der Unterricht ist um 10 Uhr aus."?
Thank you for your answers!
No. 67818
206 kB, 0:09
Hello! Can you help me with this audio? Can you write what exactly pronounce? I can't recognize it.
"Ja, ich ärgere mich oft über die deutsche Grammatik auf. Nein, ich ärgere mich nicht oft über die deutsche Grammatik auf."?
No. 67823
You are mixing up "ärgern" and "aufregen".

I didn't listen to the file.
No. 67927
Thank you!
No. 79737

Hide No. 67538 [Reply]
332 kB, 1200 × 893
132 kB, 1252 × 879
In your language, what do you think is a weird combination of things that are called the same?

In German, both of these pictures show a Bremse, and I'm sure there are lots more to find if I start looking.
No. 67610
Using chinese would be cheating because it's full of homophones. But I know a rather interesting case:
燕 (yàn): hirundinidae
咽 (yàn): to take into the stomach through the throat. Written as 燕 in ancient chinese.
The interesting part is that english word swallow also has both meanings.

Could it be related? The bird gulping action is pretty eye catching. But verb swallow is from proto-germanic *swelgan/*swelhan while noun swallow is from proto-germanic *swalwon so it seems like a coincidence.
No. 67612
8,4 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:41
How do people with poor aural skills even talk Chinese? Or have they gone extinct in your population due to natural selection?
No. 67614
442 kB, 2020 × 987
These aren't homonyms. The tones are different. They are as easy to tell apart for native speakers as different vowels or consonants. You may find tones mysterious but it's only because Russian language isn't tonal. Vietnamese, Laotian or Thai native speakers will find Mandarin tones very simple.
Tones aren't something special. Almost half of languages in WALS are tonal. And I'm sure there're tonal languages missing in their database, like Limburgian and Central Franconian. Tones are important partly because they encode grammatical information. I'll keep using the 咽 example: if it's pronounced yàn, it's a verb meaning "to swallow". If it's pronounced yān, it's a noun meaning "throat".
No. 79734

Hide No. 53829 [Reply]
927 kB, 636 × 848
Should they be abolished? They wield immense power and are basically unelected antidemocratic power structures, which outlive elected officials. There is no control, they majorly fuck up all the time, e.g. in the case of terrorism either by looking away, getting caught with their pants down or even supporting them, like the NSU in Germany or Al Qaida in the US.

Then there are the military intelligence services, you always hear about the CIA, NSA, Mossad, BND or whatever, but basically every country has three branches of intelligence services: foreign, domestic and militaric. And theres almost never any good OSINT on them. Which makes you start to think what they (yeah) are doing.

If people would know what happens beyond the tidbits, which sometimes flow to the surface, I think there would be constant rioting for months. There is no way that they are compatible with a transparent democracy.
No. 63279
they should certainly abolished from imageboards
No. 66776
36 kB, 244 × 345

Pretty good docu series about intelligence agencies, the whole "deep state" complex and the crimes of the terrorist state of AmeriKKKa. Sometimes it's a bit too conspiraboomer aesthetically with some clumsy Adam Curtis imitations, but mostly rather grounded and well researched.
No. 66795 Kontra

The '90s called. It wants its shitty critique back.
No. 79725

Hide No. 79723 [Reply]
14 kB, 438 × 438
Hello mysterious raiding gentlemen.

Can you please raid britfa.gs instead? They actually deserve it for being humourless, stuck-up, boring gits.

Kind regards,