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Hide No. 25432 [Reply]
57 kB, 576 × 382
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.

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No. 25541
Dont forget OpenSCAD.
It is script based, which means that when you got a bit of brain you do not have to learn anything to master it.

And I am not a programmer.
No. 25568
Wow, somebody is delusional.
No. 25585
When you do CAD for money, the customer usually has requires that a specific software is used.

For electrical CAD, this might for example be Zuken E3, Promis.e or EPlan. What do you tell a new customer who asks
>Can you do electrical engineering in Promis.e
>No, sorry, we use Linux as an operating system, we only do gschem and kicad
And sales will have to find projects where it's OK to use those, which is fine and dandy, as long as the drafters don't insist on getting paid every month. And at this point, we are not even talking about getting part libraries, which for gschem, is spectacularly horrible.

Can you get other stuff than kicad running on Linux with wine etc.? Probably yes, but enjoy telling management

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No. 25593 Kontra
>When you do CAD for money, the customer usually has requires that a specific software is used
that's news to me. afaik construction bureaus operate using only one cad system e.g. nx, solid works, catia for a number of reasons (service, security and costs to name but a few). and frankly i've never heard customers dictating devs and engineers what specific tools, computers and operating systems they ought to employ.

it's a communication suite for simatic.
>TIA-Portal for Linux.
i pointed to that specific site because there you can see what siemens sps devs generally think about linux being "shit". siemens offers now a complete debian based mini os dedicated to simatic and i'm pretty sure a linux build of tia-portal will be around rather sooner than later, too. meanwhile there's michael büsch's s7 software, which is foss and runs under linux, of course.

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Hide No. 21775 [Reply]
51 kB, 474 × 669
No. 22331
135 kB, 678 × 999
Didn't like it much, it was often very cringey, especially with its references (like, one dude's name is Weyland, and the other's Yutani — why? Yeah, Alien was a great movie, did they hope that this movie will be a little bit better if they reference it? Or a dude screaming "Shoryuken!" when he shoots a gun — makes no sense whatsoever, but hey, nerdy stuff!). The one good thing about it was Brad Dourif's performance, and only because how entertainingly over-the-top it was.

Hardware (1990) was much cooler, IMO, and it had a kickass soundtrack to boot.
No. 22341
430 kB, 640 × 360, 0:10
>Death Machine
I agree with >>22331 about Brad Dourif's performance. He was brilliant and the movie is worth watching just for his scenes. His over-the-top acting reminded me of a subtle Jim Carrey.
The writer/director did make some bad naming decisions. It was too obvious and the names stood out every time they were mentioned. If he wanted to honor Ridley Scott he should have just added an easter egg, instead of naming a major character Scott Ridley. Maybe he wanted to wink at the audience by adding small moments where the movie was aware that it was a movie. That was the feeling I had when one character said the Terminator line "I'll be back". It seemed like the director wanted to break up the tension by briefly pulling viewers out of the scene. Still, for me these were only a minor annoyances in an otherwise good movie.
No. 22419
The soundtrack is exactly what saved Hardware for me, especially "The Order of Death" by Public Image Ltd. Nice cameo from Lemmy, too. To be honest, the film fell apart after the second act for me. And that sequel hook really pissed me off at the end. I later found out the intended sequel never got off the ground due to disputes over the rights to the script. Oh well.

Still, the film has a great aesthetic and awesome score to boot.
No. 25491
13,6 MB, 470 × 360, 1:40
This webm is what happens when Kohl tries to post on Ernst

Hide No. 11412 [Reply]
357 kB, 2261 × 1565
159 kB, 900 × 698
Ernst, I pretty much hate green politics.

Look, I'm a quite green person myself. I want to save the planet from fucking up it's weather cycles, I want to clean oceans, fresh air and water for people and animals, especially in asian regions. Meanwhile I life in one of the countrys who have all the means and status to help humanity to achieve this.

But what do we do? Green politics. And people don't even get how much bullshit wellness circle jerk politics it is for some 'innovative' companies nobody really needs in countries like Germany.

If we would take the meme CO2 'production' as a benchmark, we can clearly see how we just contribute something like 2%. This clearly correlates with the wealth and technological competence of a nation. Especially countries which are on the way to become somewhat first world tier, contribute massively to climate change and especially sea and air pollution.

So what do we need? Sure! More solar panels and pinwheels in countries like Germany which don't fucking contribute to le climate change whatsoever. Meanwhile India is fucking up the environement beyond repair (because they don't have a choice to make it different, silly) and we don't think for a second that the green policy with the most impact would mean, that we have to send e.g. air filters or osmosis filter to india and with that the personal to teach them how to maintain such tech. For free! Tax paid! That would the only thing that would help Le Planet, but nooo, that's so uncomfortable. I mean sure I like earth and shit but buying fair trade ginger aloe vera latte gotta be enough right? Let's jerk off together some more be like totally green and stuff and care about what kind of fucking fuel our cars use.

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No. 25446
191 kB, 591 × 483
2000 what? I don't get what you're trying to say
No. 25448
Didn't work with the USSR last time.
No. 25451 Kontra
I know!
No. 25869 Kontra
You can also fetishize science, and this is definitely happening today. How many of these people who "fucking love science" and "have The Science™ on their side" have read a scientific paper on the topic they are interested in? How many could? They don't believe The Science™, they believe whatever somebody told them is The Science™, which means that the scientific part is the least important one. Science is a religion or a brand in the eyes of the public, a mysterious authority to appeal to in a (usually political) debate, and this is more and more the case with supposed scientists as well.

I've seen so many shit studies that do completely invalid statistical dick pulling under ridiculous assumptions to arrive at nonsense conclusions you wouldn't believe it. Oh, but it has a p-value under 5%, that's like really sciency!! No, I don't know what a p-value is, why do you ask? But the study says what I want to hear, so clearly it's true.

The eco faggots and the general "left" have a really bad case of this fetish, but I think that's just due to the political make-up of academia. It's everywhere across the political spectrum, you can see it with /pol/ types and economic liberals as well.

Hide No. 25346 [Reply]
128 kB, 1440 × 1080
I often feel jealous of people who live like this, in a trailer or caravan even though I know I couldn't stomach it myself. It seems like they're so free to live on the road as they do.

It's a lifestyle I can't imagine having for myself, but it's something that I want to live vicariously through others and seems full of adventure. There's something especially cosy about videos made by these people in snowstorms, or when they're snowed in and trying out a new stove or some such thing.

I reckon if I were 20 years younger again back when I had a cushy job before all the labour in the 1st world became worthless and careers were starting to become a thing of the past, I would have saved up for some kind of A-liner or RV and lived out of it. It would have been a hell of a blast in the 80s and 90s Ireland.

Seriously, watch a few of these videos and tell me it isn't maximum comfy


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No. 25438 Kontra
>98% of people are like that

You mean Unterschicht is Unterschicht? Ofc rich people will show off their class, but they will do it differently. They could go on vacation in a tiny house, but it's an expansive one. Living in an Altbau flat in Berlin-Mitte is more desired than some big 7 room house in some shitty Neubauviertel. What you leave out here is the crass individualization, that is not so refined with the people you seem to deal with on a daily basis. I'm sorry your working mates are bydlo average joes, but you shouldn't take them as the template for every human bean, that is your mistake. Take me for example, I don't care if you go by bike thru Poland or hang out at an Egyptian hotel pool. Probably Poland is more interesting since I'm bored by Egyptain hotel pools.
No. 25440 Kontra
Sorry for just reading the first two sentences of yours, but you are retarded. Clinically perhaps.

Best regards,
Not the other Ernst; also someone being most definitely way richer than you are
No. 25443 Kontra
Elaborate on me, rich boy. Your post without arguments is pretty much useless filler.
No. 25445
55 kB, 200 × 200
Are you somehow implying that's a bad thing?

Hide No. 25362 [Reply]
203 kB, 674 × 506
USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand... anything goes. Any attitude or anything in general you hate about native English speakers?
No. 25388 Kontra
It's highly likely that this thread was opened by the darwinist realism German who spreads his ideological thoughts even to other threads. The cause for this cancer cell is him getting cornered by an US-Ball and who took him apart very vividly and in anger. The remarkable thing is, that all this will prove his own theory to himself. More than that, he actually even engages in it, enjoys being right by adjusting his behavior and make it visible for all of us. The neurotic compulsive repetition, whop.

/end disease mongering
No. 25390 Kontra
I think that this thread is a bit low-effort, don't you?
There's nothing wrong with pointing out possible flaws and giving criticism, but I think you've laid this out in a crass, shitposty way.

I see Ernstchan as a home, and I don't enjoy watching people shit on the floor of my home.
No. 25391 Kontra
13,1 MB, 540 × 360, 6:03
Good thread
No. 25796 Kontra
33 kB, 184 × 184
9 kB, 339 × 231
ahh Francis E. Dec

Hide No. 24848 [Reply]
184 kB, 1000 × 1400
I've browsed imageboards since I was 11 years old, which may have given me an odd perspective on certain things. Among them was a peculiar view about how men and women are supposed to interact: that is, owing to time spent on /r9k/ around 2012, I came to believe that if I had a platonic relationship with a woman who was not a family member, this made me a "cuck" somehow, who was being exploited in an essentially unfair transaction. As a result I never had any female friends in high school since I was always guarded and paranoid when interacting with women (perhaps excepting a girl I briefly dated).

Now that I'm in college I realize that I made a serious error in judgement.This attitude may have stunted my emotional and social development. Furthermore, I realize now that women can be worth interacting with for reasons other than sex. More than anything, I'm mad that I sought out and received such shitty advice at such a young age. I wonder how many other guys my age have had their lives made slightly worse by internalizing incel views as a teenager.
No. 25306
A racial preference implies that I actively prefer a race and have a "type" like that, which is different from saying I've got a weird bias against Chinese women and is probably because of some strange pseudo-nationalist sentiment or something, plus all the bad things I heard about dating Chinese women. I guess that that one Brit can offer his counter argument to this.

I will state however that I've basically only ever dated or kissed white people Jews are also white but that's largely because I think I've almost only been around them and never really in a hugely multiracial community. Dunno why, but that's just how it is. This still isn't a bias though because it's a lack of opportunity. When I was down in D.C. before I saw some of the most amazing black girls ever and hell yes I would. To this day I still sometimes see them although I guess I am too shy, unmotivated, and generally apathetic about dating and sex now to actually approach them.

Plus I don't drink anymore and I don't smoke pot or do illegal drugs really so I think I'm pretty much limited on the kinds of people I can even date or approach or be around now because of it. I think the last time I had opportunity for sex was some half Asian heavily tattooed well, stereotypical halfie Asian woman I guess who was approaching my coworkers while we were out drinking, failed to nab my female coworker's bf, and eventually got around to me, at which point my female coworker pretty much saved my ass from disaster and just looked my thoroughly trashed ass in the eye and said she's about to go and implied I should get a ride. Which was a good thing because I know damn well I would've gotten laid that night and complicated my life, woke up hungover with no idea where I am or how to get to work and not be fired etc.

[Show 8 more lines]

No. 25311
>partly because I have the most horrible combination ever of Irish and Slav genes
I've seen so many Americans having a weird relationship with ethnicity that I can't say if this is a joke or not
No. 25313
When you see an American say something cringeworthy about nationality or ethnicity, you can assume 9 times out of 10 it was sincere.
No. 25320
This one is actually true though and has some scientific basis in fact. The Irish and Slavs are well known for being prone to alcoholism. It actually runs in my family at the very least back two generations before me. It is like saying, oh, shit, I've got native American genes in me so I cannot drink. Such a thing isn't even unreasonable or meme or cringeworthy to say because it's a genetic thing
Yes I know it's just since cringe worthy seeming american blog but seriously just read it.
This I actually found a little surprising though
Psst check it out, that's also nih.gov so it isnt just some retarded murican bullshit.

Hide No. 16419 Systemkontra [Reply]
66 kB, 550 × 550
Old one is kontra.
What are you reading, Ernst?
No. 25231
I read a few passages from Fashionable Nonsense by Bricmont/Sokal, their 'critique' of 'postmodernism'

Since my own knowledge on STEM is sadly super thin I believe them, that the use of scientific concepts in STEM made by some french thinkers is not correct. Yet their expectations on that philosophy/theory differs greatly with what these people had in mind, whats even worse is that they have no clue of what these people want to say or think about yeah it's not easy to find out, yet it's not nonsense what they philosophize about, so they take a quote out of context and critique the use of mathematics or the speed of light or the Moebius strip without considering what the philosophy is all about. What it does, or what it serves for is not of interest. So they are right to critique the use of concepts when it's not a metaphor the authors are no real experts in but otherwise the missed the point completely, which stems from their point of view which can be sort out by reading the introduction. The late or even mid Baudrillard e.g. had a theory in mind, that is far of any 'classic' scientific codex. Theory becomes operational here, but not in the way of critique in a normative sense.
No. 25291
21 kB, 218 × 346
So, I finally finished reading it. It's really good. Hiawatha feels like a proper culture-hero who embodies the values of his people to lead them forward.
He gives them safety, food, writing, and rituals. The only strange thing is how this all takes place very close to today.
The penultimate song basically takes out the whole work from this "epic" void where it could take place at any time, or simply be a series of events that differentiated from reality over time, bearing little resemblance to what actually played out.
(Just to bring up the Nibelungenlied again, that takes place entirely in this "pocket dimension" where Attila (Etzel) the Hun reigns, but the Romans don't exist. It's an amalgamation of a probably true rivalry between two queens that somehow merged with the Sigurd/Völsung-mythos down the line. In essence, it takes place in a void. It turns into mythos and legend.)
Longfellow kills it by mentioning "the white man" coming to the Americas in the second to last episode, and Hiawatha's predictions about the ruination of his people and what he built makes the ending quite bittersweet if not sad.

Otherwise, the rhythm is pleasant, and the stories Longfellow tell are quite entertaining and bear the necessary heroic qualities that make an epic good.
I especially liked how deities, plants and concepts are anthropomorphic, and for example Hiawatha's defeat of Mondamin in a fight means that he successfully subdued corn into a domesticated plant that feeds his people.

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No. 25297
26 kB, 333 × 499
Reading this book made me think Putin was somewhat right saying that "collapse of Soviet Union was the biggest catastrophe of 20th century".
Not because something good was lost with its collapse, but because policies and decisions made during 80 years of existing of this monstrosity were so illogical, amazingly inconsistent and retarded that it literally programmed dozens of countries, regions, peoples, nations to be poor, corrupted and full of hate towards each other and their very selves. The formal end of central authority in 1988-1991 simply uncovered to the West a part of tragedy we have to survive through
No. 26234
just finished Varoufaki's Adults in the room.

Hide No. 25251 [Reply]
81 kB, 960 × 721
Is anyone here Masonic? I seem to recall that some British guy was, and possibly also a Dutchlad. What is your opinions on it? Can you actually do good charity work through it? Of course the thing is, I am East, and where I want to travel is West
No. 25275 Kontra
Dunno ;)

Hide No. 25066 [Reply]
98 kB, 1080 × 852
No. 25230
Dum-dum Pesterners don't know about muh Tiszanekeresd.
No. 25243

lol you gypsies stole this one from Romanian, who stole it from slavs (byvolŭ)
No. 25244
>I'm sure English has more expressions for such a concept, even if they are archaic or quasi-dead.
Maybe truly archaic terms of which I am unaware, but no, as American above said we really dont have much except boonies, the sticks, middle of nowhere, bumfuck nowhere, east bumfuck etc. We have no such expression anywhere near "place behind God's back" with sole exception of "godforsaken [noun]" like "this godforsaken shithole" or "that godforsaken operating system."

Actually I don't know why we call these things bumfuck to begin with because street bums are almost entirely a city thing.
No. 25245 Kontra
>Languages intermingling and taking vocabulary from each other is stealing
You'll be a brainlet forever, Bogdán.

Hide No. 23757 [Reply]
72 kB, 500 × 500
SRather than cluttering vidya discussions I figured why not make a new thread for everything PC and PC building, programming, or other tech stuff related thread.

So I've just been looking through and a lot of stuff on my wish list or I'd had my eye on requires better specs. My machine is apparently now hopelessly outdated. I knew it was getting pretty old but figured I'd just need a better GPU, but nope, apparently after looking around even my quad core CPU isnt powerful enough. I think I have officially hit the hard limit on what my machine can do for new releases. Not just shiny new ARPGs either I mean even just things you wouldnt think are intensive or that are now pretty old wont run. How should I go about this? Have you guys ever built a PC? I'm looking at it and now realize yeah, even with a new GPU and what I thought might just be a new stick of RAM tops it's pretty old. I don't even know the difference between USB3.0, DDR3, or any of that other stuff at this point or if I bought even just a new GPU would it have the wrong pins or somehow be incompatible with my other hardware. How do I even go about checking all this? My hard drive is so old now I bet that might be ready to fail too. Should I just buy a new computer? Build my own? Upgrade it? How to spend the least money and be as little frustrated as possible? Are used GPUs and CPUs a scam that could fail?
No. 23823
Oh stupid question but a dual core 3.6ghz CPU is inferior to a quad core 3.1ghz right?
>feel guilty
Don't. I'm not even sure if I remember you in particular doing so but everyone was raving about how good Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2 was at the time iirc and I simply grabbed it on a sale which I think might have been longer than a year ago. I also might have been drunk spending at the time. Regardless it was my fault for spending money on a game I knew I couldn't run without an upgrade not realizing I'd be too tight on money to blow on a GPU for basically one game for so long but now it is a great many games including multiple I already own, so at this point simply buying a new GPU alone is going to be the equivalent of buying 3-5 games for me (since 3 wont run and 2 did work but now the fucked driver won't boot them).

>If I find more time later I can elaborate why a slow CPU will be a huge bottleneck for games from the last 5-7 years no matter how fast your GPU is and how much RAM it has
This is now my other biggest concern where PC upgrades are concerned. I thought it was still pretty good but now, eh. Also, would putting new thermal paste on achieve anything? Don't you need to do that if it's been running almost nonstop for like 7 years?

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 23824
Brother is opening a gayming pc store.
I'm tasked with creating pc builds for the main lineup. Had to do a lot of research into new hardware, which I haven't cared for for years.
Apparently, you can build a pretty competent 1080p gaming machine for about $350, and you won't even need a gpu.
And it will be on par with my ancient i7.
A thousand bucks is enough for comfortable 1440p play. After that, the prices get ridiculous.

I'm having tetris effect from looking at spreadsheets all day. The choice of computer cases is pretty limited on the kazakhstan, and you need to rice the shit out of your products if you want to appeal to the gaymer demographic. Other stores we looked at have all the same generic cases. In order to stand out, we'd have to either find some chinese vendors (tech fetishism is really big there), or get a partnership with one of the big manufacturers. Doubt we'll have the clout to get corsair on board any time soon, but maybe some smaller brand.

The worst part of doing this is having to sort through mountains of redundant parts. I understand if there were a couple of models for every chipset / GPU, but no. Every manufacturer has dozens of versions of the same form factor motherboard / graphics card, with imperceptible differences. What's the difference between HyperX ROG Auros OC GAMING X and ElitePower TUF Mortar Tomahawk OC Gamer X? Fuck if I know. Makes it really hard to just stock up on shit and start selling it.
No. 24184
149 kB, 825 × 510
You are the artist right? Make your own gaming cases, you are not bad, man. Use a blower, I see beautiful Mad Max yet graceful designs
No. 25217
689 kB, 680 × 425
Right now I'm thinking about upgrading my ram from 8 to 16 to run ganoo slash loonux on my second monitor. I think I'm going with Fedora this time around.