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Hide No. 34928 [Reply]
660 kB, 680 × 850
How are you celebrating the holidays this year?

Have you bought gifts yet, or do you even usually buy gifts?

Also, Internet advent calendar for Ernst:

No. 35997
This is my sister. Here you have how christmas was. We drunk a lot.

Typical polish family of the unwashed comming from a commieblock that got wealthy because dad worked in germoney.

No. 36019
She looks Croatian
No. 36020
Wörked today and yesterday and just ate half of my Christmas pizza. It was satisfying. Onions, vegetarian chicken, smoked chipotle BBQ sauce and some seasonings. Man that was satisfying. Will probably eat deviled egg potato salad later and some sweets.
No. 36023
Gifts for me: scratch tickets, imported tea and fancy clothes.

Gifts for Mamá: scratch tickets, Kona coffee, winter vest and a Timex watch.

On scratch tickets, I spent $250 and grossed $280, which would be a $30 net. A far cry from last year, but I shouldn't complain about it. I don't do this often. In fact, I only buy scratch tickets during the holidays. Sometimes, you can win lots of money. Last year, I spent a similar amount and netted $300. A handsome win for a shitty year.

Hide No. 34264 Systemkontra [Reply]
116 kB, 1024 × 817
Blog it!
No. 35900
That seems obvious, and is basically what I meant by "assembling" a few short stories. Collecting the two-three best of what I've written so far and send in those.
If my writings don't represent me, then there is no point in even writing them.
No. 35913
Use a pen name
No. 35937
577 kB, 1641 × 2373
The first decade look backs are being released it seems. I did not click as I'm busy with something else.
The first decade in full consciousness for me. The first 5 years of 2010s are clouded in youthful drug consumption and problems tho :DDD I turned 18 in 2010 and went to my first real goa party a month before that. The later half is studying. I cannot even say what was relevant in the first half, despite analysis of the financial crisis. The last five years are migrants and /pol/itics. We could open a thread just for the 2010s as a decade, but maybe some Ernst want to give their look backs here, every dimension is welcome: personal or societal etc.
No. 35942
Woke up with a cold. It wouldn't be so bad if my nose wasn't running constantly.
Makes it hard to enjoy anything when you have to stop what you are doing just to blow your nose every other minute.
Finally wrapped all the presents. Tomorrow is the big day.

I only have memories of the second half of the decade. That's when I started reading and consciously working towards bettering my life.

Recently I've been looking through youtube channels I used to watch, and it's sad to see that most have either transformed their content for the worse, or stopped uploading at all. (But mostly just stopped uploading)
There's only one channel left from the Glory Days, and it makes me feel really weird. It's like I'm having butterflies in my stomach that content I used to watch is no more.

The weirdest feeling is that I know that my past self was fucking dumb, but I still don't feel an ounce smarter.

Hide No. 21052 [Reply]
138 kB, 1280 × 586
There is some strange shit going on western net media. A new trend of mindless reactionary views have grown. A lot of gomophobic and anti progress statements are made. When the increse in xenophobia is logical, the reactionary traditionalis shitstorm I could not explain. So why you westerners starts to like this traditionaly rectionary shit ?
P.S. I'm a proxie slav
No. 35234
>These are people suffering from perpetual butthurt and the exact opposite of true conservatives who fucking hate people with a victim complex as I do as well.

Since when did you care what right-wingers think?

Also, why did you bump such an ancient thread?
No. 35924
It was started by sociopathic "lefties" and trannies trying fanatically to force their idiotic views on society. It's just a natural
defensive reaction.
No. 35925 Kontra
Alt tards are themselves clinical psychopaths more than anyone else. I haven't seen "leftists" committing any acts of terrorism in the last 20-30 years with the sole exception of Ted Kaczynski. Meanwhile we've had massive amounts of reactionary terrorism since then. It also doesn't seem to matter if they're in power or not. If they're not in power we get the Oklahamo City Bombing. If they are in power we get mass shootings at places of worship every month. If they get enough power we get the holocaust. This is because hardline reactionary ideologies stem from a central defect in personality also known as psychopathy. Hell the president we have right now is a clinical psychopath. Kontra because this isn't k*hl
No. 36080 Kontra
>Hell the president we have right now is a clinical psychopath.

In your dreams, you delusional fucking lunatic. And no, Trump has nothing to do with mass shootings.

Hide No. 35786 [Reply]
267 kB, 850 × 680
KC is not working
No. 35797 Kontra
it's up, thread can be closed
No. 35801
kc = trash.

t. has disease caused of stress, still gets called names or ignored
No. 35808 Kontra
That frog is a shibboleth of shitposting. Wherever I see it I reflexively disregard what the person is posting, so it is no wonder that this also comes in the same thread informing me cabbagechan is down.

P.S. CC is not, never was, and never will be KC. I'm not just talking about the stupidity and pedophiles. You are talking about a board that openly banned people for starting IWO threads. It is an alien and hostile people to us, and every time you call it KC you mark yourself as having become as one of them. [-]
No. 35812 Kontra
74 kB, 462 × 474
I really like the frog and I'm sad that ernst is hating him.

Hide No. 31377 Systemkontra [Reply]
178 kB, 400 × 400
206 kB, 1024 × 1024
39 kB, 309 × 408
482 kB, 1000 × 1000
Old thread >>27969 is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. A few things happened since the last thread: The record of concurrent listeners has been pushed to a whopping 18 by /b/-based host chvk. On /int/ we had our very first call-in show, and subsequently our first caller ever. To everyone's surprise, that worked almost without any technical issues. Our hoster is doing a good job as far as I can tell, until now I couldn't find even a single issue with our server. Frontpage integration is also complete, which makes it a lot easier to notice when a stream is on, thanks again to Ernstadmin for his work!

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/
Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 4 for additional details.

For now we have the following recurring streams:
/int/: Album of the week stream, every Saturday at 18:00GMT+2
/b/: Prostmusik with chvk, usually on Friday 20:00GMT+2, and Kosmonauten every 2nd Thursday (may vary) 20:00GMT+2

Also there are lots of spontaneous streams. If you want to participate either as listener or as streamer and have trouble setting everything up, just ask, there are plenty of people around who have a working setup and can help you out. There is also a howto page on the radio main page, which might answer your questions.

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No. 35605
34 kB, 585 × 600
Is someone interested in Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables by Dead Kennedys after the Ramones are over?
No. 35606
Hell yeah I am. What better way to knock myself out than with a double feature of classics?
No. 35607
Okay, around 5 more minutes for the current album to end and the next to start
No. 35610
Right on, man. Thanks for the tunes. I'm going to fall asleep now :-D

Hide No. 35465 [Reply]
125 kB, 1200 × 676
What are some good alternatives to Communism and Capitalism? Communism obviously doesn't seem to work so well except at industrializing and militarizing agrarian economies and has many of its own well known other problems, but I've been slowly coming to realize there's quite a lot wrong with Capitalism too. So what's the alternative? What are some other economic systems and theories worth trying? Also general econ thread thread I also just realized after typing that last sentence how much of a shitshow this could be so if it does go to hell mods can lock it and delete it but no politics please only as close to objective principles of economics as possible.

Also I think that automation has proven to not be such a miracle cure because you still end up with basically a serf or slave class like all empires and even feudal societies ended up being just without using animals or human beings as slaves and plus it just seems like it'll end up putting people out of work rather than everyone living easy lives thanks to fuller automation. Silicon Valley is a great example of how terrible that idea can turn out to be with fewer enfranchised people, more homeless, and less human control over anything like that terrible dystopian vision everyone seems busily embracing in some areas called "the internet of things." I really don't get the appeal of having a personal car where you don't have control over its operation anymore. That "feature" of mobile devices with less user control is already infuriating.
No. 35551
239 kB, 1417 × 1417
172 kB, 1200 × 1200
I was just looking for an opportunity to post Slavoj.

But I agree. I'm myself are well off and I just can not understand, how there are people who want more. Like what the hell to do with more than 100k/year (Ok, let it be 100k/year and 2Mio. once in your life).
The urge to have more and more is not just alien to me but seems to be the problem in the end.
No. 35555
113 kB, 680 × 958
this reminds me I've heard Disco Elysium described as a Slavoj Zizek simulator and I don't get the joke
The thing to keep in mind isn't even human nature's greed but something far worse which I think is tacit about Capitalism yet literally never discussed: the desire to control or have power over other people.

Actually now that I think about it the deliberate reason why this is never discussed is probably because it completely blows apart the one greatest myth about Capitalism which is that somehow a) any person get get rich if they're driven enough, and b) that being rich doesn't automatically make you have political power because Capitalism has been tried in Western democracies. Of course if you outright state that the real reason for the driving force of Capitalism is having enormous power over others then you're basically admitting that our representational democracy is a total fraud itself as well as admitting the free market ain't free. Both of which are probably true sadly.

Like my mentality is greed over one dollar is too many, because a billion is never enough. I was thinking about it last night and figured out that if I could just work a bydlo job and make $20,000 a year and have affordable housing that would be plenty enough for me. Almost the entirety of the driving force behind getting rich isn't about having things, but about having social status directly, which in America is tied directly to money probably unlike any other society. You can be the most boorish, horrible person and so long as you're richer American society says you're "better" than others.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 35559 Kontra
Zizek always reminds me of the question
>So, where do you see yourself in 30 years?
for some reason.
No. 36903 Kontra
thanks bro, now I have Zizek on my wallpaper

Hide No. 13810 [Reply]
260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 34318
What were you looking for?
I nabbed a pair of 10x50 1950s Carl Zeiss binoculars at the local dump a few weeks ago.
No. 34908
Sadly I have no money at all for such an extravagance particularly when Christmas is showing up in only two weeks. Oh shit that's right oh no wait I did my math wrong but still Christmas eve is literally exactly three weeks away to this day. I have to think about Christmas presents and traveling costs alone would be at least a thousand dollars. I don't think you can do traveling Europe or elsewhere as an American for under two grand.
No. 35093
Mainly food. I do it for fun despite having the appropriate funds to eat well and better than most.
I hit up the same dumpster last night and it was packed beyond belief with plastic rubbish, a search would have engulfed me or made a mess. I may be a vagrant and a dog, but I know someone has to clean up a mess that's made.

Also my next stop will likely be India. I need to properly learn some yoga and I've heard tales of their over the counter drug availability, which could please my frail heart until my wallet flutters in the wind as empty as my brain is.
No. 35424
47 kB, 450 × 310
21 kB, 720 × 720
13 kB, 474 × 474
Dear Ernst, today I crawled out of my cave yet again as my wörk contract starts in under a week.
To pass the time, I decided to look up an old tent (2nd pic related) and suss a new one. Hiking with a 2.5kg tent grows wearisome after 10km and coupled with a rough night's sleep.
So being the silly dupe that I am, my thoughts revolved around purchasing the same old green model to continue stealth camping in urban and remote areas. Besides I used this tent in North American winter with only minor damage to the tarp due to drunken negligence and never had any issues during thunderstorms. At 50£ and 1.6kg, it was my ideal and my love.
Yet the fucking company decided to swap the colour pattern to a black and yellow pattern. Who thought this was a good idea? I could pike the suit's head who believed this was a good move since this tent will absorb all of the heat in any sunny setting making it a portable oven, not that the last version was any cooler but still.
Fuck. At least advance research hasn't changed heir bivy's. And at least Vango has the right idea to keep a green tarp setting for their lightest tent model.
What makes me go bald is the absurb weight of most low end one man tents and the lacking green tarp option. An absolute disgrace.

Hide No. 35096 [Reply]
8 kB, 480 × 360
Forgive me if one is already present in the catalogue, I'm sober and high on sleep deprivation.

What's your favorite drugs, my dudes?
I'm all about psychedelics every other full moon, with the odd time of weed now and then. NZ has very dear grass prices, with a gram of indoor or outdoor going for twenty NZD and ounces going anywhere from 200 (with the right connect) to 500, while usually hovering around 300 for an "ounce".

I have dabbled with opiates and they're a rare commodity on these islands. Thankfully the Chinese gold miners left heaps of opium poppies around their claims, so later this summer I'm going a hunting for poppies.
No. 35216
Freshman year of college I used Copenhagen long cut for a while because my roommate got me into dip. It’s nice but loses its appeal when your gums start to get sore.
No. 35253
You know I had no idea at all that so many young people actually used the stuff. Back in my day nobody ever did. Who the fuck are these people anyway? Are they like jocks or something? Because it seems to me like there's this whole crowd of people in their 20s who do this stuff and I never did and no one I know ever did. The most any of us ever tried was snus and usually that was just a to try it kinda thing.
No. 35254
He was what we sometimes call a “Guindian” here in NJ (portmanteau of guido and Indian). Which is to say he was a Punjabi guy from an affluent family who acted like a white frat guy.
No. 35262
Ah I know the type funny enough. Also funnily enough I know the kind of affluent Pakistani guy who acts like this real sauve cultured badass indistinguishable from Westerners but my god how he acted when he had his parents visit was hilarious. He was pretty cool even though he really had a thing for portraying himself as this amoral mix between like a James Bond villain and James Bond himself but I've never seen a man look so uptight and brow beaten like an obedient child than when that man was walking around campus with his well to do Pakistani parents who were visiting directly from Pakistan.

Hide No. 20917 [Reply]
79 kB, 640 × 1071
159 kB, 748 × 1200
179 kB, 1200 × 727
152 kB, 1199 × 704
Chemical warfare exercise in Istanbul before the WW2

19 August 1939
No. 21353
90 kB, 1028 × 660
Relevant. On this site you can find photos from between 1900 and 1990.
"Fortepan is a copyright-free and community-based photo archive with over 100,000 photographs available for anyone to browse and download in high-resolution, free of charge. The images are free to share with the appropriate credit given as FORTEPAN / NAME OF DONOR. Please do provide the full credit at all times as it is a tribute to the selfless contribution of the donor.
This website was launched in 2010 by Ákos Szepessy and Miklós Tamási and it initially contained photographs found randomly in the streets of Budapest.The archive has expanded since then through donations from families, amateur and professional photographers, along with public collections. The images on the website are selected by editors. The descriptions attached to the images are compiled and edited by volunteers, utilizing information contributed at the Fortepan Forum."
No. 21354
75 kB, 994 × 660
73 kB, 1004 × 660
No. 21355
65 kB, 405 × 300
111 kB, 640 × 440
54 kB, 597 × 448
Officers and soldiers of Kornilov's shock regiment in South Volunteer Army durig civil war
No. 35165
I don't know if you realize this shitposter but once your images are deleted all our threads get restored and to the proper order.

Hide No. 34622 [Reply]
258 kB, 1800 × 747
There are three great realms: the realm of corn, the realm of wheat, and the realm of rice. Of these the realm of corn is the greatest.


An acre of corn yields 15 million calories per year. An acre of rice, 11 million calories per year, but the water requirements are very high. An acre of wheat, a mere 4 million calories per year. So why haven't Europeans adopted the superior staple crop of the New World?
No. 34750
>Eat corn
>Get shot

Sugar will fuck you, man. It doesn't really matter so much on the type but here we've just had decades of diet foods containing truckloads of sugar.

You might enjoy this article:
>So began the war on fat, in which Atwater’s calorie calculations were an unwitting ally. Because counting calories was seen as an objective arbiter of the health qualities of a foodstuff, it seemed logical that the most calorie-laden part of any food item – fat – must be bad for you. By this measure, dishes low in calories, but rich in sugar and carbohydrates, seemed healthier. People were increasingly willing to blame fat for many of the health ills of modern life, helped along by the sugar lobby: in 2016, a researcher at the University of California uncovered documents from 1967 showing that sugar companies secretly funded studies at Harvard University designed to blame fat for the growing obesity epidemic. That the dietary “fat” found in olive oil, bacon and butter is branded with the same word as the unwanted flesh around our middles made it all the easier to demonise.

[Show 8 more lines]

No. 34761
10 kB, 183 × 275
375 kB, 900 × 582
5,4 MB, 2731 × 2731
56 kB, 696 × 464
Unprocessed corn is shit. The best you can do with it is cornbread, which only tastes good if you load it up with sugar and honey (and what doesn't taste good with tons of sugar and honey in it?).

But in the place where people developed corn, and had to rely on it as their only staple crop, virtually all corn was consumed after being boiled in an alkaline solution. It transforms the flavor, texture, and nutrient value of the corn into something completely different. The taste is deeper and subtler, and you can form a proper dough out of it.

The traditional primary forms of consumption are the tamale and tortilla. The tamale is a dumpling of wet corn dough steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. It's usually filled with some sort of spiced and stewed meat, but it can also be filled with cheese, chilis, or even sugary desert fillings. You can make them without any filling though, and back in ye olde Aztec times this was more common. Tortillas are more common as a staple food today, with tamales being more of a main dish in their own right, but it's likely that tamales were actually the primary source of calories during the height of Mayan civilization, as the archaeological record shows scant evidence of the large griddles used to prepare tortillas.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 34762 Kontra
>The thing is, what can you even use it for?

The american made clear that vyou can turn it inot flour like you can do with rice.
What I was actually wondering why you don't take that question for "european" wheat in exchange? It's basically only used processed as well.
No. 34901