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Take it outside boys, let's not shit up this fine establishment
No. 58606
>Ultimately, I think racists played the long game and won.
They really truly didn't. Everything after the UTR rally was a total disaster.

Moreover they weren't playing the long game and were pretty damn low IQ for "5D chessmasters." Trump was a short term sacrifice for long term victory. In Tarot it would be described as a reversal
>A seemingly total victory that hides within it the seeds of crushing and final defeat
Likewise for liberalism, when Trump when it clearly was
>A crushing and seemingly total defeat that hides within it the seeds of final victory
The smart thing to do is always take down your enemy like the rural folk wisdom how to take down a barn: cut a small hole in the roof and stand back and watch.

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No. 58610
Perhaps I wasn't clear by my last line. It was the racists on imageboards that steadfastly held the line and kept their messaging consistent throughout the years which drove away non-racists and even embarrassed liberals who were unprepared to respond to them. The only boards on 4krebs that happen to be liberal or left-wing these days are /his/, /mu/ and /lit/, and even /his/ and /lit/ still happens to have racists from time to time.

I disagree with the notion that "pretending racism is over" would be the winning move because, if the respective careers of anti-racist activists like Tim Wise, Jane Elliott, Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi and others I can't be bothered to recall are any indication, fighting racism is an evermoving goalpost. They have redefined racism to mean literally anything that puts colored people in a disadvantageous position even if its in done entirely according to the rules of equality. This is why they have now shifted the discourse away from equality to equity. It's why conversations with anti-racists ultimately end in failure when you play by their rules. Blowing up the game and saying "White people have interests" is a far more viable strategy.

In terms of actualizing real life political goals, you are correct that the right got high on their own supply and impulsively took an opening when everyone should've hesitated and carefully calculated the next big move. Complacency is death, and that was another critical error on part of the right. Instead of playing like they're losing, they got reckless. No one argues that UTR wasn't a total shitshow, and ironically, the fallout couldn't have divided the right more. There was the era of infighting known as the Optics War which Groypers / AmNats openly feuded with alt-righters / WNs over who ruined everything when it should've been the opportunity where differences were put aside and resources pooled together to fight common enemies.

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No. 59916
Looking at >>59843 I thought about how easy must be job of Chinese agent in modern Burgerland.
All you need to do is "decolonize quantum physics research", "introduce neurodiversity into Air Forces" and so on.
Also I got unironically paranoid about colleagues
No. 84856
5,0 MB, 7:18
46 kB, 400 × 279
973 kB, 768 × 1024
>why do Chinese repress the Muslim minority in its west?
Beijing represses every non-state association and every collective identity besides "citizen of the PRC", or subdues it to the point of it becoming an entirely state-puppeteered farce deprived of all agency.

I think the level of repression depends on who the Party deems you to be, and in some cases also on where you are. Smaller non-muslim rural ethnic minorities tend to get reduced to the role of docile, simple but happy people providing colourful background to propaganda and exoticism to Chinese tourists [0]. It's different with identity groups that are sufficiently large and poorly integrated to be classified as a collective potential threat. Imagine you are a young male member of a sizeable group that lives largely separate from the Hàn, you communicate among yourselves in a language they cannot understand, and some members of your group have recently been implicated in violence against Hàn.

The Manchus are probably too integrated and invested in larger Hàn society to be a fertile ground for separatism, except of course for the odd wewuzzer (>>79221). They are a minority in much of their heartland [1] and – after peaceful self-Sinicization while they dominated China – no longer cause suspicion by speaking a language among themselves that state agents might not understand.

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Hide No. 83516 Systemkontra [Reply]
207 kB, 527 × 554
old >>82709
No. 84495
> it's 18° in my Altbau room without heating
For reference (again): 18° in a room is really cold for Russians. If I remember correctly, the Soviet sanitary minimum for living rooms (which has been preserved in Russia) is 19°, while the normal temperature in apartments during winter is typically 21-25°. Everyone has "Euro windows" now, so even a cold wind right into the windows is not an issue anymore (I still remember how people used to thoroughly fill the gaps with foam rubber and cover them with adhesive tape for winter, though).

Now if that has been presented as something new that has occured because of the conflict, it's a different matter.
No. 84498
I reckon 16°C-21°C is fine...

>The World Health Organization in 1987 found that comfortable indoor temperatures between 18–24 °C (64–75 °F) were not associated with health risks for healthy adults with appropriate clothing, humidity, and other factors. For infants, elderly, and those with significant health problems, a minimum 20 °C (68 °F) was recommended. Temperatures lower than 16 °C (61 °F) with humidity above 65% were associated with respiratory hazards including allergies.[9][10]

nu threda >>84497
No. 84503 Kontra
>With the next turn of a second you will attack mirgrants for not having a job though, pathetic flag in the wind.
Well, healthy adult males are normally expected to have some job and not live off the state (= other taxpayers). It's not like it is an obligation in Germany (for a good reason, too), but it's moral. On the other hand, if a woman doesn't have a job, it's generally viewed as something much more normal (though in that case it's presumed that she mostly stays with kids and does other supplementary duties).
No. 84544
>25°C in a room in winter is normal
Now, compare to pathetic, poor Gayrope! 23°C was considered the maximum even back in the eighties! Still, we get constant propaganda
They blast it on government TV and Radio 24/7
But the more they say it, the more I know it is a lie!

Hide No. 84240 [Reply]
242 kB, 2039 × 1543
The news of blackouts in Ukraine makes me wonder, how well prepared is Ernst for 3-4 hour blackouts? Especially periodic episodes where you might lose power during peak hours over weeks. The worst case scenario raised here is 5-7pm on weekdays in January and February which is lighter but should make commuting interesting.

I think my laptop should be able to survive on battery for a few hours but I'll have to work out power banks which appears to be its own hell when it comes to AC connected laptops. I'll also need to think about storing media for when I just want to zone out for an hour or two given the internet would likely be down or at least stuck on mobile internet. That said, I live in a well insulated flat so cold shouldn't be a problem and I'm a big guy so I reckon I'll just murder panic buyers this time.
No. 84360
I'd just die.
Individual self-sustainability is a delusion and also a reactionary ideology
No. 84368
>The news of blackouts in Ukraine makes me wonder, how well prepared is Ernst for 3-4 hour blackouts?
What's the problem? I have candles and portable gadgets. But if it's a prolonged lack of electricity which would last days and months, we are f***d pretty bad.
No. 84381
801 kB, 1080 × 2514
No. 84382
Die because of 3-4 hour blackouts?
But in case of some apocalyptic scenario I agree. What matters for prepper is not amount of canned food, but a social capital, which will ensure that these cans won't be immediately taken away by a nearest warlord.

Hide No. 83416 Systemkontra [Reply]
352 kB, 982 × 700
William Blake edition
No. 84286 Kontra
See meanings 3 and 4.

I am an amateur filmmaker btw, when the remains of oily meals go for a bath in my porcelain. Nobody recognizes my talent.
No. 84289
171 kB, 1200 × 855
musste munzeln.

No. 84306
1,6 MB, 200 × 150, 0:09
>I am an amateur filmmaker btw, when the remains of oily meals go for a bath in my porcelain. Nobody recognizes my talent.

Actually had to laugh, well done.
No. 84389 Kontra

Hide No. 61007 [Reply]
334 kB, 1920 × 900
347 kB, 1920 × 900
784 kB, 2150 × 1523
146 kB, 700 × 394
Hello, I am a new in this place and I didn't find any real estate/housing thread so I'm creating one here. I will post some thoughts and updates of my journey on finally acquiring my own place. You can see this thread as my blog and use it as your own blog too.

I have a dream to live in my own place, so I dont rent a flat and saving up money. Since flats are too overpriced and I have a piece of land in the city, I'm planning to build a house. There is already a one bulding on that piece of land - a garage, but its not legalized yet. The piece of land is not connected to electicity(and a whole bystreet) but I believe that its a solvable issue. 2 weeks ago I found an architect who will make a house plan for me. He asked me to send him pictures of houses which I like and make a draft plan of the floors. Pic related are houses that I liked the most. I want a one-storey house with an attic and a semi-basement. If everything goes right, I can have a house plan with the needed documents and construction permission till the next Spring.
No. 84189
This, very much this. I've seen it all along, all those people who got a house and said: Well, I need to do this and that, and then I'm done. No. You're never done. When you're done doing one thing, the next one comes up. The garden shed, the pond your wife wants to have, the roof, the garage, the lawn, the swing for the kids, the trees that need to be cutted, the heating, the gas/oil, the driveway, and everything the city administration throws at you. Also most people had tons of people helping them on their house, so prepare to be trapped in a neverending cycle of saturday helping, where you visit your helpers and help them out with their garden, shed, pool, driveway, you name it. You will get grilled meat, beer and watching football together in return, though.

I'd say that if you actually like doing stuff like this (working on your property surely is more rewarding than working for some Shekelberg company you don't care about), it's ok. But if you prefer sleeping late, slacking off and gaming to working on your house, then you're fucked.
No. 84192
You have to be careful when talking about houses and lots of downstream work because you have to make a distinction between stuff I want to do and stuff I have to do.
And if you build a new house and the workers are doing their work properly, the stuff you have to do will be substantially less.
However, moving into an old house (in Germany the worst case is something built between the 40s and 60s), definitely WILL make you work for it constantly.

I can even provide examples:

The house I grew up in, it's a bit over 100 years old or so, no right angles, but at least built of stone, but apart from that horribly insulated and the proper course of action would be a complete gutting and having an armada of craftsmen rebuilding it. But who has money for that? Just this week my mom wrote that some radiator broke and some roof tiles seem to be missing.

Other example: My dad and his wife had one of those readymade houses erected 20 years ago. The house itself, while having thin (i.e. sound-propagating) walls, just stands there. Literally zero upkeep outside of the odd repainting. But my dad is constantly working in the garden, but that's entirely on him.
No. 84195
>you got any idea how long it's going to take you? a lot of "maybe"s around with the current situation, i assume?
Due to my estimations, I need 4-6 years to move in. It's enough for me to save up enough money and finish the construction. Actually, it can be done in less time but I'm doing conservative estimates. I live in a region, far away from the frontlines and I don't see how this may change at all. The only big thing is that I can get drafted into the army. In this case, the construction process will be postponed. Everything may change multiple times but since I can't predict or change this situation, I just adapt when changes happen.
No. 84196
>You have to be careful when talking about houses and lots of downstream work because you have to make a distinction between stuff I want to do and stuff I have to do.
I understand what are you talking about. Fortunately, I have a father who has some experience in building stuff(not professionally but for himself though), he just knows such stuff so I can rely on him.

Hide No. 80223 [Reply]
840 kB, 1080 × 1920
I gave in to the propaganda and I got myself some tasty insects. They cost a whopping 500 €/kg, cheap protein my ass.
No. 83641

It's called Denglish.


I laughed, what does this even suppose to mean? Are Hartz-IV people hiddenly excluded by such a phrase or are they also Alltags-Performer? I never get out of bed so this is not for me.
No. 83659
2,9 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,9 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,3 MB, 3120 × 4160
Meanwhile Persinglish.
No. 83663
I'd like to go on some fresh orginal dates.
No. 83671 Kontra
And then you keep your dates In the Refrigerator (0°-5°).
Reminds me of a certain online community, heh.

Hide No. 81773 [Reply]
2,7 MB, 1920 × 4160
2,2 MB, 4160 × 1920
3,4 MB, 4160 × 1920
2,5 MB, 4160 × 1920
How is the life in the countryside in Europe?
i have been in different imageboards, like Krautchan, Kohlchan, Ylilauta and 4chan /int/ in his early days, but i have almost never seen a thread made by a western european about life as a farmer or in the countryside at least.
Do these people have special benefits from their goverments for pursuing such a life style there? or they are impoverished as for example farmers in the Americas?
Here life in the farm is mostly for people who are either too ignorant to have a job in the city, or people with lot of money who work in the farm just for fun. My family falls in the second category, thought when my parents were young they definitely were in the first.
No. 82127 Kontra
204 kB, 854 × 480, 0:02
Ebin car, I want to drive it. Prrt :DD prrt :DDDD
No. 82128
792 kB, 1337 × 807

here soviet Ladas are also the cheapest running cars you can buy (500000 are close to 500USD here)
you can also buy some old nissan/VW from the 80s with no parts available for that price
No. 83629
No country has managed to reverse or even stop rural exodus and the death of the countryside. Urbanization is such an absolute and scary phenomenon, no culture has managed to avoid it.
No. 83639
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Nonsense, the Khmer Rouge managed it with aplomb!

Hide No. 83637 [Reply]
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:58
Was Donbad bombed yet today?
No. 83642 Kontra
Ukraine war threda is here:

Hide No. 82709 Systemkontra [Reply]
202 kB, 983 × 1280
214 kB, 2371 × 1324
/int/'s worst threda is back

A Russian musician, MC Ivan Petunin, killed himself. Fearing the next rounds of conscriptions, he made a video explaining that he didn't want to kill in the Ukraine or be sodomized in prison for a decade.
>“I’m not ready to take up arms and kill my own kind. Forgive me, those who love me, but sometimes you have to die for your principles. And my final decision is how exactly I will die: from the people we attacked, (in order, – ed.) to remain forever in history as a person who supported what is happening, or to express his final protest,” he said.
No. 83507
6,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:53
I really don't get it for the reps, finally their old weapons can be used to slaughter some Russians and they want to back out of it.
What better advertisement can there be for their military-industrial-complex?
No. 83508
Foreign policy is domestic policy by other means.
No further analysis needed.
No. 83509
Republicans are the most pathetic contrarians. Arming a friendly nation begging to be an ally to fight against Russians trying to expand their empire should make them cry tears of joy.
No. 83517
nu threda >>83516

Hide No. 82221 Systemkontra [Reply]
4,9 MB, 4160 × 3120
No. 83412
Ideology is not being able to let go of a story someone else put in your heda. And the excuses you come up with to hold on to that story are your remixes of it.

If you want to get rid of ideology you have to learn to look at your own thoughts as if they were someone elses opinion ~~and then not judge them~~.
No. 83414
2,2 MB, 2000 × 3000
Whatever you do, just don't think about a rainbow flag covered elephant in your fridge.

You just have been ideologized.

Now let's talk more about anatomically incorrect drawn girls.
No. 83415 Kontra
14 kB, 505 × 414
Your ideology is powerless for my fridge only has pictures of cats on it.

No. 83428 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>Now let's talk more about anatomically incorrect drawn girls

That artist spent so long drawing the detail of her anus that he forgot to make her lower left leg a proportionate length.