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Hide No. 51735 Systemkontra [Reply]
705 kB, 1450 × 1800

Hand in your papers... I mean blogposts
No. 52768
Have you tried smoking pot instead of drinking?
No. 52769
It's in my plans.
Too expensive for now. I'm going to try growing once I have enough disposable income.
No. 52770
41 kB, 389 × 470
Some movements are within ordinary acceptance, people would look puzzled if I would stretch my eyes with my fingers on zoom all the time though. Yet I think many people move while on zoom, have you ever tried to watch all tiles at once and register the movement of those semi-npc aka digital signals of continous persons? - Ah yes! It's really interesting to register the movements within tiles simultaniously, feels like a constant restlessness.

It's raining here quite alot lately and the wind hits hard, quite cozy tbh.
No. 52772
So apparently the way they passed that stimulus through budget reconciliation means that private debt collection agencies, paragons of virtue and honesty that they are, are essentially going to be able to just send a list of people to judges to garnish it. I think the most likely result is going to be rampant fraud on their part without even bothering to check if the money actually got paid back, if the debt is still within the statute of limitations, or even if the debt exists at all.

The money hasn't even hit our bank accounts yet and I'm already plotting how to file class action lawsuits against debt companies. I'll probably end up this month and the next getting in touch with people to make sure they got the full amount refunded and if they did not, finding out whether they legally owed money or if I can start gathering people together to file a class action against the companies with preferably punitive damages and additional damages.

Hide No. 52680 Lock [Reply]
209 kB, 1340 × 1554
No waifu thread? Let's create one!
No. 52687 Kontra
Please, just go to some other board with this kind of post.

Hide No. 4895 [Reply]
32 kB, 480 × 721
The day finally came this week. I just found out today that my junkie "cousin" fatally OD'ed two days ago. I put "cousin" in quotes because my mother was adopted. My mother knew exactly where she stood as her adoptive parents were quick to tell her, "Blood is thicker than water." After hearing the refrain throughout much of your life, you grow bitter and disgusted, but frankly, we're both thankful to God we share not one drop of blood with these people

My cousin was a malignant tumor given a human shape. Because of this woman's terrible childhood, grandpa pitied her endlessly. Even as recently as a year ago, he kept saying, "She's just a big kid," because she would always be the 5-year-old girl he'd stare at on his refrigerator door. I don't know what inspired her to take drugs, but I can tell you that she indeed suffered the worst possible circumstances growing up. Her father committed suicide before she was six months old. Her mother is a consummate grifter who shacks up with the lowest of low lives.

My cousin's teenage obsession with Kurt Cobain partly explains her inclination towards hard drugs, but she grew up with an endless stream of pain. She either decided early on that her prospects in life would be minimal (her mother did frequently berate her) or perhaps she simply had no interest in being productive, and what better way to explore new sensations than continually ingest newer and newer highs. Getting high simultaneously helped alleviate the pain of her childhood trauma and kept her close in spirit to the celebrities she idolized. Her grandpa would unconditionally support her, so the incentive to grow up simply didn't exist. In the end, grandpa viewed his granddaughter as a child who desperately needed to be nurtured.

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 40119
Is there any alternative though?
No. 40120
I only have the anecdotal evidence of being harassed by African drug dealers in front of cops in downtown Lisbon. Can't say i'm impressed.
No. 52487
Come to think about it, my grandpa wasn't exactly too far from Cotton Hill, although he steadfastly refused to talk about the war. In my mind, he might very well have killed fitty men with his rifle. My mother told me a few tales including the thanksgiving where the platoon was served a maggot-ridden turkey. I tried on a couple of occasions coaxing a tale or two out of him to no avail, but I was able to get him to talk about conversation between him and his fellow soldiers. They mostly talked about girls and jobs they'd be going home to.

To keep this relevant to the thread, it is of no surprise the number of Opioid deaths increased dramatically:

It seems they don't have the numbers from June 2020 to today, so it'll be awhile before we know the death toll for the latter part of the year.
No. 52546
Yeah I saw a guy I knew from AA ashamedly getting a bunch of beers. My real question though is how in the hell have drug dealers managed to still ply their trade through things like quarantines and lockdowns? Once all that started I imagined it would become a living waking nightmare for all kinds of addicts. In fact true story and very depressingly funny one, the exact reason why liquor stores got designated essential services earlier on is because they were bracing for all our hospitals getting swamped, which in the case of drunks would mean the lockdowns would push them past capacity immediately. This is because there's enough alcoholics in this country that were they to not get access to their booze they would begin going into withdrawal, and unlike most other drugs like heroin and crack cocaine the withdrawals from alcohol can straight up kill you. So rather than trigger a worse nationwide health crisis by flooding the hospitals with all our chronic drunks now suffering DTs and seizures they gambled that any drunken accidents would pale in comparison to the flood of alcoholics going into withdrawal, and so it was better to just keep us quiet and happy with our bottles while the authorities try to get the situation under control.
It would've been nice, if the country managed to not go full fucking retard all year long and we were not ran by an incompetent fool, but it is what it is as they say.

At least our countey finally leveled out somewhat, although it's now become an epic national tragedy that we couldn't just sit tight for a few months and swallow that painful medicine and dealt with it so we'd not have the long protracted painful disaster that we do now. Our more retarded states are opening up right now and dropping any mask mandates. Also DeSantis is a piece of shit.

Hide No. 52408 [Reply]
150 kB, 300 × 660
Which nails do you like more?
No. 52486
29 kB, 500 × 374
>What is the evolutionary purpose of nails?
Figernails are multi-purpose, built-in tools. Grabbing, picking, scratching. Toenails only exist to snag on socks.

I find number 6 a bit creepy, but they do serve at least one purpose:

Kramer gets back scratched(Seinfeld)
No. 52490
I thinking about paint them in future, maybe in light pink
No. 52497
At later stages? Armor
No. 52967 Kontra
After seeing the results, I guess everyone thinks just like you, yet they are afraid to speak up.
Me too.

Hide No. 52201 [Reply]
0 Bytes, 410 × 357
File deleted
0 Bytes, 640 × 440
File deleted
Anyernst still play MUDs anymore? There's this neat game called Avalon RPG and it's in need of players.

No. 52255
Odd why'd your files get nuked

To the point no, I rarely even play MMOs or anything.
No. 52284 Kontra
they were frogshit

Hide No. 52161 [Reply]
190 kB, 676 × 752
I have $1500 worth of bitcoin in a gambling site but I have to go through a bunch of hoops to access it, what do you think of these convoluted rules?
No. 52164
1,3 MB, 480 × 360, 0:29
I think they're hoping you'll just rage quit.
No. 52168
Mobster owned casino tier. They don't want you to walk away in the black. They want you to keep gambling until you're losing, and most will.

Hide No. 5999 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 52114
What kind PC has the best price/performance at the moment? I'm considering to get a system around a Ryzen 4350GProCPU/APU, with SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM for around 500€. Is that reasonable bang for the buck?
No. 52115
Eh what is it and what are you using it for? What use cases are you expecting? Because if you were planning on solid gaming forget about it. As a mostly shitposting machine sure. Personally in 2021 that's what I would expect of a really cheap laptop. I mean CPU itself is fine, it isn't great, but it's fine. I don't know what kind of capacities we are talking about here or RAM speed or what, but it sounds to me like just a really basic interneting and schoolwork PC that you could probably get a few really older games to run on. Man, I remember those days, back when you could just expect of an Intel machine to play vidya from integrated graphics just well enough, to where 30fps was standard and we just called everything lag from frame tearing to bad ping and mp latency to massively dropped frames, it all was just "lag" whenever it couldn't do what we were trying to make it do.

It really all boils down to use cases. Because that's an integrated graphics chipset it will work for watching high definition videos and stuff like that but to play any vaguely recent game requires a dedicated GPU. It's not a very strong workhorse CPU which can't turbo for shit but at least its baseclocks are fine and frankly with sufficient rendering power you can still play a hell of a lot of games on even far older and slower CPUs. Apparently its iGPU is Vega 6, so idk how that translates but should probably let you play old stuff, although I have no clue why that chip is stuck on PCIe gen3 when the whole nice thing about even Zen2 was gen4 and lots of lanes.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 52116 Kontra
Oh yeah sorry but to directly answer just the question, yes in today's market it's reasonable bang for the buck, but normally I'd insist on a dedicated GPU even if it was a piece of crap.
No. 52144
The main reasons I consider a new PC is that my 12 years old core2 duo computer doesn't support 64bit guests in virtual machines and VGA passthrough, so I can neither install modern Linux distros guest OS (or other 64bit OS), nor play an old but demanding game on let's say
Windows XP 32bit guest OS.
What makes matters worse is that I'm forced to use Xrender/nouveau driver on the native OS because the newer Linux kernels don't support nvidia-304 legavy drivers anymore. If I try to use plasma-desktop with openGL instead xrender
I get ugly glitches with the noeveau driver, so I'd say my computer reached the end of his useful lifespan pretty much. I can still stream video, play some old PC games (either native, or on guest OS), listen music, shitpost with it, use gimp etc. but thats about it.

Watching some similar yt videos like the one you posted convinced me that the ryzen 4350g pro would cover my ocassional gaming needs:


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Hide No. 20917 [Reply]
79 kB, 640 × 1071
159 kB, 748 × 1200
179 kB, 1200 × 727
152 kB, 1199 × 704
Chemical warfare exercise in Istanbul before the WW2

19 August 1939
No. 51645
Chemical reaction would be my thought too. I'm not an eggsbert but I'm fairly sure I've heard or read somewhere before about old photos being relatively fragile in that respect.
No. 51673
Nice photographies
No. 51733
No. 51905
31 kB, 657 × 486
It doesn't seem to me there'll be such pictures of people made, preserved, and gone over in the future again

Hide No. 23815 [Reply]
85 kB, 746 × 556
No. 35523
you forgot pornhub.com
No. 35553
Actually, pronhub is next to facebook, amazon and maybe netflix the only company with the assets to be dangerous for youtube.

I also heard that they have plans allready to build up a sfw portal?
No. 37596
191 kB, 570 × 268
A man with the perfect voice for reading poetry, reads poetry.

The reader is anonymous, but it's possible he is an actor. In an old article, film critic Roger Ebert wrote this:
>The anonymous reader signs himself "Tom O'Bedlam," a name taken from a 17th century poem about a lunatic. I believe I recognize his unmistakable voice, but that is for you to decide.

No. 51852
38 kB, 600 × 400
I really did have lots of fun binge watching this channel
In thinking about how neet it would be to have my own genetics engineering lab it dawned on me that contrary to megacorps wishes and much to Monsanto's chagrin what we're going to need to do then and should be doing now is having genetic hazard signs. Like if I was to help engineer an especially smart and large subspecies of salticidae to have a large genehazard warning sign with like transcripting or unraveling DNA inside a yellow triangle, which sure we already do have a mutagenic hazard sign which is itself not very intuitive and hence bit of a failure of graphical design imo but it only is about our DNA being corrupted and affected by some chemical. What we should do is put genehazard signs on certain things which should not be allowed to come out of a lab and possibly reproduce in the wild or potentially cross pollinate with wild natural life. In other words Monsanto crops should have big bright red warning signs about being genetic hazards and likewise anything with advanced genetical engineering. I of course would relish the opportunity to put those stickers on the obnoxious fucking GloFish at pet stores but really it should be something about not letting such engineered or altered creatures out of a lab.

But man, would I enjoy giving octopuses and cuttlefish much extended lifespans and perhaps even enhanced intellect. Part of their problem is actually just having such really short life cycles which I suspect is hampering their ability to develop culture and thus pass down their cultural and other learnings to offspring in much the way we do. Being largely solitary predators except some cuttlefish swarms doesn't help matters.

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Hide No. 51387 [Reply]
174 kB, 502 × 311
Mahommedans forbid images of any living thing, and they also forbid venerating Jesus and Mary Theotokos as "gods". Which do Mahommedans find more offensive, images (icons) of Jesus, or images of Muhammad?
No. 51717
You are French. You should know that depictions of Mohammed make them go full HURKA DURKA and flag-burning.
No. 51718
>But Jesus being God is a very important part of Christian theology. God came down to Earth as one of us, he lived, breathed, and suffered as one of us, he was circumcised and went through all the rituals as one of us.
You literally worship a dead Jew on a stick. Pathetic.

>And he was conceived immaculately.
More like some guy 2000 years ago got cucked so hard that he is still remembered today.
No. 51724 Kontra
Let me guess, your haven for pedophiles, terrorists, and shitposters went down again
No. 51758
That's Sunni that do that. Not all Muslims do.