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Hide No. 70907 Systemkontra [Reply]
587 kB, 2432 × 1867
No. 72268
I like "Granny Smith" apples. Do you know that all "Granny Smith" trees are clones of one tree?
No. 72270
>Do you know that all "Granny Smith" trees are clones of one tree?

I didn't, but I do know that in the London botanical gardens there is a clone of the apple tree that Newton sat under. Even though the story of the apple falling on his head is bogus, there was indeed an apple tree that he liked to sit under. And one of its clones can be found in the botanical garden in London. And because the british are very british it is forbidden to take apples from that tree that haven't fallen to the ground by themselves.
No. 72277
>This is pretty much worthless without knowing what routes they had to take.
>Was it a 20 minute e-bike drive over flat land? Was the local place to get groceries close enough?
I checked if I paraphrased correctly. I did.
The author told of her experience living in a home in the literal woods of Brandenburg without a car.
Here is a link, as far as I can tell taz is down, otherwise I would have posted it earlier.
How is it different when her one-way-trip to the shop was 15km instead of 10km? It is not like it would have any implications for you or anyone else. She having a grocery store next door won't move another one further away from you or the other way round.

>If you want people to drive less, give them an incentive to do so.
The article did not argue one way or the other.
My personal opinion: I do not think that the government can or should try to guarantee that long commutes or even personal car ownership remain viable under all circumstances. History has shown that government can and will not guarantee that you are fed under all circumstances, for that matter.

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No. 72285
Oh god what a trite slog. Is there a school where those people learn how to write in the most annoying way possible?
But it is as I suspected: They really don't actually need the car. She even says both have home office compatible jobs. And the electricity just comes from the plug, so it's all good, isn't it?
The main problem of public transport being neglected is only mentioned en passant. How the author FEELS and how her boyfriend has no driver's licence is more important. And it's telling that she accepts her parents SUV right away because she knows that hauling shit around with a bike has its limits.

So the first point, which this article doesn't really talk about is how shitty public transport outside of cities is. And I am absolutely convinced that the government SHOULD improve public transport if they want people to drive less.

>It is not cities that are loud and dangerous, it is mostly cars that are loud and dangerous. The noise we associate with cities is mostly the noise of car-traffic. The dangers we associate with traffic are the dangers of car-traffic.
Cars driven by city people? So yeah, it is cities and frankly I don't understand people who live and work in the city and still have a car. I would ditch mine the instant I could. If they don't want commuters to drive into the city, why not create more park and ride places outside the city? You drive to the city, not inside, and then use the public transport.

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Hide No. 71625 Systemkontra [Reply]
171 kB, 1080 × 810
Previous >>70960
No. 72237
88 kB, 489 × 423
Seems like the long awaited eastern offensive started.
No. 72238
You saw it on TV, right? But all and everything on TV can be cut, taken out of context and staged. Maybe these people really starved and we're crying for help, maybe it is even true. But maybe they deserved to starve?

>One wonders how Russian society will increasingly fracture if the war isn't brought to a speedy close ahead of victory day.
It will not. A few more people of the kind they call bleeding-heart liberals in America, but dissidents when they come from Russia, will emigrate. And that is that. As far as your average Russian is concerned, war on victory day will only emphasize the need to double down. NATO and fascism must be defeated like they were defeated in 1945, threat to the Rodina, glory to the victor, Russia stronk.

There is no way this war will end but in total defeat of Ukraine. Russia will not stop for less, and they have nukes, so even total defeat of the Russian army in the field can be turned into a victory.
No. 72246
>It will not. A few more people of the kind they call bleeding-heart liberals in America, but dissidents when they come from Russia, will emigrate. And that is that. As far as your average Russian is concerned, war on victory day will only emphasize the need to double down. NATO and fascism must be defeated like they were defeated in 1945
You mean, in the manner they were gloriously defeated in one day by Idi Amin in 1975?..
To hell with the liberals. It will be the communists who will actually contest the power. All they're missing is the Russian majority actually realizing its pragmatic group interests.
No. 72258 Kontra
>But maybe they deserved to starve?
Powerful question.

Hide No. 72153 [Reply]
97 kB, 787 × 787
EC might be one of the last polite places left on the internet, it might be one of the last places where you can disagree with someone without the namecalling, meme replies or gaslighting that goes on.

You ever hear of dead internet theory? It's the idea that the internet basically died around 2012 and what we have now is basically a dead internet populated by bots and autoresponses, and only a handful of real people left on it.

EC is one of the few places that feels actually alive in a dead internet even though it is slow and often quiet. I often don't agree with a lot of opinions here be they in the today thread or Ukraine war thread but at the same time it feels like I'm reading things written by actual people, instead of bots going through the motions

So you guys should cherish EC, because it is a candle in the dark
No. 72159 Kontra
607 kB, 1324 × 1101
>what we have now is basically a dead internet populated by bots and autoresponses, and only a handful of real people left on it.
Things are a little bit more complex than that.
It's not the internet that is dead. While bots are a real thing, undeniably. It's the people themselves that have turned into primitive individuals acting out based on their current emotional state. It is not a coincidence, emotional people are easier to manipulate, to control. The rulers LOVE emotional people, the corporations also love them.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to help these people or change the way they think. If you want to help - be a teacher.

>t. pizzaman
No. 72172
I thought this was gonna be a thread where we discuss the nature of love as a human sentiment. Would have been an interesting topic to discuss on EC in my opinion.

>It's the people themselves that have turned into primitive individuals
The internet had a point in time where it's availability and usability made it possible that enough people could upload images and videos which was a noveltiy at the time and lead to a creative surge along with a certain lack of overall regulation that allowed it to be some kind of big playground. It is not the people that have changed so much, it is that the internet has become more normalized, regulated and professionally commercialized by now.
No. 72173 Kontra
No. 72179
Maybe. Which is the reason why i stick to the imageboards. I miss the anarchy of the old internet. Nowadays it's too regulated.

Hide No. 71595 Lock [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1263 × 710
22,7 MB, 720 × 480, 8:56
19,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 8:25
13,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 5:29

Freelance frontline journalist, reporting from the russian side.

He actually goes to the people, talking to them and reporting. He is crowdfunded, so consider donating. The guy is a fucking hero!

What all the refugees from Mariupol he interviews confirm is that AZOV is shooting at civilians and army that try to surrender, that they are holding the civilians hostage and that many of the shootings of buildings were done by AZOV.

That came partially through in a german broadcast too. Back then from Kiev. The German journalist was telling the people how Russians and Ukrainians were shooting at each other and the Ukrainians kept hitting residential buildings every now and then. But he kept explaining that away with their not up to standard weapons.

I don't think so anymore. I think that's strategy to play the victim and get more weapons.
No. 71980 Kontra

Hide No. 71909 Lock [Reply]
103 kB, 900 × 760
36 kB, 790 × 144
Here we discuss:
  • Upcoming German-Polish war.
  • African-Americans leeching off labor of Russian workers.
  • Gayropeans having sex with elephants.
  • Anarcho-communistic putinism.
And so on.

In this thread it's forbidden to:
  • Be brainwashed by neoliberal propaganda.
  • Discuss long-term consequences of abusive parenting.
  • Mention m*ds.
No. 71932 Kontra
One thread dominated by russian shitposting is plenty.

Hide No. 70960 Systemkontra [Reply]
107 kB, 1051 × 694
Previous >>70251
No. 71574
Yesterday, the news of Finland seeking to join NATO surface.

Today, Russians invade our airspace, online services of banks, foreign ministry and defence forces taken out by denial of service attacks. Like clockwork!

Sure, but that was a long time ago. I expected you to realize not to take that post with face-value.
No. 71577
35 kB, 529 × 336
4d chess. In the event the Finns had some reservations about changing their foreign policy towards NATO, Russians remind them why they should :DDD
No. 71609
Austrian military academy analysis:
War in Ukraine: Status after 40 days:
No. 71751

Hide No. 71515 [Reply]
127 kB, 1280 × 640
This is the only rule?
What does it say?
The guide says the same thing.
No. 71516 Kontra
There was an error during the handling of this request.
Powered by Phutaba.
No. 71518
At OP's resolution it looks like "powcrcd by phutaba"

Hide No. 71197 [Reply]
422 kB, 1800 × 1200
Do anyone know what happened? All brazillans IBs and even 4chan and endchan are inaccessible to me. I changed DNS and still not working, later I'll try with Tor. I think it is a Cloudflare issue because non IB related are not working too
No. 71198
That's really strange, everything is working on Tor.

Hide No. 70251 Systemkontra [Reply]
3,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:44
2,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:28
2,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:30
Previous >>69724
No. 70933

Russian convoy drove around in THE ZONE, unprotected, without Geiger counters or anything, kicking up contaminated dust.

Difficile est satira non scribere.
No. 70934
17 kB, 262 × 263
Dat article.
>Difficile est satira non scribere.
Yes, yes indeed. I hope it is fake, god fukken dammit.
No. 70942
There's now a video of some ukrainian militia accusing a guy of having ties with russia and then stabbing the guy in the eye.
No. 70945

Hide No. 68927 Systemkontra [Reply]
180 kB, 1108 × 805
No. 70904
keke, those personal announcements are golden.

Once I was working for an Amt/local government agency and I had to park inner city where you have to get a parking ticket everywhere close to where I was doing my work. Weekly I had to obtain data for the agency from that place, takes maybe 10min to gather. During that time representatives of the Ordnungsamt (public order agency) were looking to fine people for not having a ticket. I had a paper in my car saying "just here for obtaining data XY" + my car visibly showed that I work for a city agency btw. They did not fine me for lack of a parking ticket but standing wrong in in a one way street :DDD so an agency was fining another agency basically: Ordnung muss sein!
No. 70906
7 kB, 220 × 320
No worries! True words indeed, but I feel we have many similarities when it comes to this sort of culture. We have a concept for a person, "kyylä", who is someone who dedicates their life to observing that everyone is acting according to the rules and laws, and snitching every time a possibility emerges. For example there was many such cases of people calling the police to give a ticket to a car that was simply parked wrong way on the side of the road(facing opposite way of the direction of the lane's traffic). As only milk trucks are allowed such privileges. Of course, milk trucks have probably not existed since the 60s. Finally the parking laws got changed recently so this doesn't happen anymore. Though I'm not sure if I like the change as it's very displeasing to see vehicles parked facing different directions. I'm sure you can understand! :DDD

Of course the culture goes much deeper, creating disputes of causing too much noise, dusting carpets on non-allowed days, too tall hedges, leaves dropping from neighbor's tree to one's yard, selling snacks for some sort of a small fundraiser - taxes will be paid right? May I have a receipt for purchasing this cookie? etc, etc... Order must be maintained.

Yes. I'm a lifelong student of the human condition and this brings me one step closer to enlightenment. Very nice. Very important! :D
No. 70910
Ah yes, that "kyylä" almost exactly encompasses what defines a Blockwart.
By the way, is it related to "kylähullut", which, afaik, means "village idiots"?
No. 70912
In short, Finns are assburgers who drive very fast on unpaved roads with a co-driver calling the shots