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Hide No. 39870 [Reply]
535 kB, 555 × 601
What makes people join criminal gangs?
I can understand why someone would join a terrorist group because he thinks he is doing the right thing, but Gangs are clearly being the ones in r wrong
No. 39872
Never been in a gang, but I always thought people joined them because they wanted to be part of a family, or community. These would be people who didn't have that-either at home or among their peers, and a gang was simply a ready-made group of friends. So joining wasn't primarily motivated by the 'criminal' part.
Of course that raises another question: Would the people who commit crimes as part of a gang-drugs, robberies, home invasions, etc- still be criminals if they were alone? Or are a lot of them heavily influenced by the subculture they have chosen to join? My guess would be that the latter is true, and that for better or worse, people tend to become like their friends.
No. 39874
rip thread
No. 39881
Unironically the exact same thing that makes somebody a poltard, or any ideological extremist. The ideology often comes secondary, with a sense of belonging, identification with an in-group and forming an identity for someone feeling lost, a sense of purpose even, as well as an overriding sense of power while also giving carte blanche to mischief are among the reasons why kids join these things. An official group like the military, or an underground terrorist organization, all ultimately prey upon the same psychological levers.
>but they're clearly in the wrong
Says who? One couldve just as easily said as much about calling yourself a Stalinist or a neonazi.
>but there's no greater purpose
It's a false and petty one but it gives people an objective in life and a purpose regardless, namely of loyalty to one's group and advancing their goals of money and power, which is ultimately the very same basic premise of any extremist or political group: to accumulate more wealth and power for the group. Criminal organizations simply don't hide what they are. I'd say that an organization like the Italian mafia is principally operating under the same concerns and concepts as any other. It's about making money and getting more power for your crew and yourself via the organization. This is fundamentally what someone like say a poltard is doing except they're trying to use race as a way to forcibly recruit a broader army but it's the same thing.
No. 39886
I would assume the obvious, it's about poverty and lack of options, simple as that. Why would you search for a deeper meaning when people are simply pursuing the basic needs of sustenance and safety?

Hide No. 39091 [Reply]
92 kB, 611 × 404
In an ideal communist society free from inequality and oppression, who would do all the dirty work?
No. 39748
There's a reason the word "Robot" is etymologically Slavic
No. 39750
No. 39757
Robots, but equality is not well defined. For example you could give people who have to do unpleasant tasks certain major benefits. The community could agree that this is fair.
No. 39806
Dumb people, it's just that there would be no fatcat billionaires making them live like shit. It would be the party apparatus that makes them live like shit.

Hide No. 37538 Systemkontra [Reply]
142 kB, 1024 × 697
64 kB, 780 × 438
This is the side of the virus outbreak that interests me the most. How would/will the spread of the virus affect the global economy assuming the Chinese government is unable to deal with the Coronavirus? I'll start off with some extracts from various articles that I found interesting and other Ernsts are free to extrapolate their onions. For example, here in the Far East of Russia some people are already reporting a shortage of chinese-grown vegetables in the stores

>China’s economic growth is expected to slip this year to 5.6 percent, down from 6.1 percent last year, according to a conservative forecast from Oxford Economics that is based on the impact of the virus so far. That would, in turn, reduce global economic growth for the year by 0.2 percent, to an annual rate of 2.3 percent — the slowest pace since the global financial crisis a decade ago.

>Returning from a long holiday for the first time since the coronavirus’ threat became clear, Chinese investors sent shares in China down about 9 percent on Monday morning. Stock markets around the world have plunged in recent days as the sense takes hold that a public health crisis could morph into an economic shock.

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No. 39855
Okey, your truth, but it is still so strange.

> Such is life in neoliberal transatlantic-orientated country.
Maybe, maybe...
No. 39856
71 kB, 640 × 960
>your truth

D-do you really think that my name is THE GUARDIAN?

>Maybe, maybe...
Deal with the plain facts. Or be drawn into a lively discussion, as I am delivering triggering statements since 1917.
No. 39860
> my name is THE GUARDIAN
I dont know, but maybe you are superhero, whose name is The Guardian.

> Or be drawn into a lively discussion...
There is no necessity to discuss that, bcs i think i agree your pose. My Maybe, maybe was be like So, i think i wanna anwaser this words, but dont wanna enter somemthinf like +++

Hide No. 39680 Lock Systemkontra [Reply]
884 kB, 1920 × 1080
Don't strategy videogames promote communism? They're basically games in which the society is totalitarian, you the player control every action of the units, but most importantly you also have total control of the economy. You control what is built, what is researched, control all industry, direct economic policy in more complex games, and all resources get back to you. So don't people who play these games for a long time walk away with a warped perception of the economy, thinking that it's a command economy, rather than a capitalist one? There really is no private ownership, capital or investment of capital in these games, you as the player have everything and control everything. It's implied there's some social stratification based on units' roles but this stratification exists in communist societies as well.
No. 39726 Kontra
I have the same thought, yet I will not just call him out but try to reveal how badly the OP is constructed. I know it's a waste of time, so I hope the mod will clean the mess up. There you have it, the mods are doing the dirty work in Ernstunism. sighs

Hide No. 39307 [Reply]
144 kB, 1191 × 670
Is the end state of globalism inevitably a single world nation?

As an east-coaster I am physically just 8 hours away from my English friend. Mentally? I can talk to him all day if I want.
Everything we understand is built out of information. If everyone around the world is drinking from the same well of information, what does that say about culture?

Increasingly, everyone is speaking the same language of iphones, mcdonalds, Hollywood films, and coca-cola. Regionalism is on its death bed in the west, and cultural celebrations are being reduced to symbols.
Language and distance are the two largest barriers, and they are too eroding.
Religious belief facilitates unique cultural identity, but globally religion is becoming more liberal and atheism continues to rise.

As cultures step into the information age, they lose what made them unique. Because these things are not efficient. Participation in the global chain of capital and demand necessitates that people give things up to stay competitive. Grass skirts are given up for denim pants and bland vernacular cuisine is usurped by hyper-efficient and monstrously calculated fast food joints.
No. 39440
I think the greatest irony is that, barring spectacular collapse, we are now always going to be in a globalist age, it's just dependent on what flavor you want. Poltards are themselves globalists. I'll never forget the absolute irony of a bunch of poltards coming to an international discussion board to sling their shit about how butthurt they are and demanding a pan-global nationalist alliance (like what the fuck?) Apparently their board now has flags like KC /int/ did.

So it's really imho up to the flavor of globalism you want with the sole alternative being anarcho-primitivism which I've stated elsewhere is what I truly believe to be the coming alternative edginess that'll be embraced by kids who are like 10 year olds now, with the pandemic and global warming likely only to fuel such sentiments.

The only other sole competitors would be one of the at least two religions which posit a globalism eschatology--Islam and Christianity--taking on a primitivist flair, which would itself be ironic because both of them are universalist ideologies and thus de facto globalist ones. Thus the only alternatives to primitivist sentiments are the competitors of "globalism"--that is to say, the global centre right neoliberal order of the international Capitalists--are the other globalist ideologies of Islam, Christianity, and Socialism.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 39442
Well, you can say that people from /pol/ are globalists if you want. But does this really discredit right-wing thought as an alternative to globalism? Because often it seems to me like you just equate /pol/ with all kind of reactionary thinking movements.
No. 39444
They're an excellent crystallization of why most aspects of right wing reactionary movements run anywhere from completely retarded to dangerous, and more often both. The only people capable of matching their level of stupidity or just flat out mental illness and self absorbed denial of reality are trannies.
>does it discredit it
Well to answer the question that OP posited I would say that yes, it certainly does. Moreover it shows the futility in it because virtually all the last batch of right wing leaders from Bolsonaro to Boris Johnson to Trump are themselves neoliberals anyway, and all their economic plans ultimately rely entirely upon globalism with the only difference being their appeals to populism and half baked notions of increasing local industry because of sheer greed. Like what do you think is going to happen to all that Brazilian timber? Or Made in USA industrial goods? None of those things are explicitly for internal markets but rather finding ways of dealing with foreign trade imbalances.

Moreover it has also explicitly revealed how dangerously retarded they all are for us to now be in the middle of a global pandemic, with them wishing to reap the fruits of globalism while doing fucking nothing to shield us from the fallout. Trump actively fucking us with his minor spending cuts to literally the only nice things we have like the CDC, NASA, scientific particularly global warming related budgets such as his moronic dick waving with the weather service all of all things, while giving tax cuts to the exact same globalist billionaires such as himself and ballooning our entirely globalist oriented military, is as very nice shining example of that. It should be noted that Trump in particular is a globalist who has properties all of the world and has been counting on the sheer ignorance of rubes with his lies and emotional appeals while enriching himself and his family with globalist deals all of the world from China to Saudi Arabia to Scotland.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 39450
I'd take you much more seriously if you weren't so small minded and spiteful despite your pretenses of being erudite and sophisticated. You so desperately want that snarky put-down that will totally humiliate a perceived enemy because you're an imageboard guy with an imageboard personality. Lots of people who hang out on imageboards for as long as we have do, but you're not fooling anybody.

Russia was onto something when calling these posts out as "polshit" because it features the same blindered fanaticism just from a different angle. Imageboard politics has become an exhausting exercise in rhetorical flexes that go nowhere except to flatter the vanity of the communicator and perhaps keep up with the latest talking points. Of course, imageboards may never have been good forums to discuss complicated ideas, but anyway...

Your thesis that right-wing thinking self-discredits by putting neoliberals into power ignores that the same phenomenon also afflicts the presumed left just as much. A good share of the self-described leftists (communists, socialists and anarchists) were quite invested in seeing Barack Obama get elected as a way to undo the legacy of the Bush Administration, but then immediately turned on him when he turned out to be Black Bush with insurance companies pulling his strings rather than Halliburton. That's not to say he was completely awful, but he effectively continued Bush's policies. Likewise, many got quite despondent and "black-pilled" after the Green Scare decimated green anarchists and Occupy Wall Street fell flat on its ass. After awhile, you learn to cope and work with the systems you have because impotent whinging doesn't pay the bills and obscurity sucks shit. The revolutionary left forms the same impotent padding for the people like the aforementioned Barack Obama or Justin Trudeau. To me, it's often the fate of these self-described radicals that grow tired of being disenfranchised and marginalized that they'll accept anything to get "their guy" into office because it'll move the needle even just an inch towards their goals.

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Hide No. 38325 Systemkontra [Reply]
811 kB, 750 × 1084
Last one systemcontra'd
No. 39305
>Funny thing that Spar recently leaved russia.
That's not true - there were two different Spars.
No. 39306
1,9 MB, 360 × 213, 0:03
I think I moaned about this before - I didn't want to do leaving drinks at my job because I hate the attention. Eventually I was badgered into organising something and booked somewhere cool at a £125 deposit because I'm bad at not caring.
>Now cancelled and refunded because plague :^)

Unfortunately some genius will organise a teleconference for my leaving presentation where everyone says goodbye and speeches etc.

>Chainstore imperialism :DDD

No. 39308
26 kB, 640 × 477
Got a mail yesterday evening that exams got cancelled, so I could focus on finishing the project work today. All according to keikaku.
Picked up Disco Elysium and proceeded to get drunk while playing it, to get into character so to say. Excited how exactly I'll manage to waste the next month.
No. 39323
59 kB, 975 × 720
>Realise that I don't have to take the test I've been postponing for months
>Realise that the path to redemption is now closed and I'll forever have anxiety whenever I think about this

Hide No. 38421 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 962 × 642
Share Scary stories that you personally experienced or heared about.
No. 39086
i've suffered of sleep paralysis a couple times, but never felt any sense of pressure on the chest. it was basically all nightmares involving getting trapped and being unable to move in front of an immediate threat or danger. i don't remember details except one time i experienced something that's called "lucid dream". while dreaming i was running away from something, got somehow trapped in and couldn't move. then it occured to me that the situation wasn't reality but a dream. i concluded that it must be a lucid dream. it is said that inside lucid dreams one can actually command what happens by just thinking e.g. it's possible to get "superpowers" in dreams or resolve a problem using the mind only. i wanted to be able to move my legs/arms again, but woke up instead. since sleep paralysis is actually a protective function that keeps the limbs from moving in reality while dreaming i must have triggered an emergency function that prevented my dreaming consciousness from unlocking the function "move physical limbs in sync with virtual dream limbs", causing me to wake up (with full functioning limbs).
No. 39087
>which I "knew" was sent by satan to suck my soul in
That's what made it so terrifying for me, too. It wasn't just that I saw something and couldn't move-but I could also sense a real "presence"- and an evil intention. That doesn't happen to me in ordinary dreams. It's interesting that even though your conscious mind doesn't believe in those things, the religious narrative still occupies a part of you're unconscious mind. I think we all have some instictive awareness of the "unseen world" as children. and gradually learn to frame that awareness in common religious/cultural terms. Even if those terms aren't completely accurate, they're still how we try to understand these experiences, and how we later describe them.

>your conscious Will during sleep
Yeah, I don't think you could be corrupted, or make a bargain with/surrender to an evil spirit while you were asleep. You would need to be fully aware for that.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 39132
This story is more disgusting than scary.
My first ever sleep paralysis it felt like someone was raping me.
Now whenever I have sleep paralysis I'm able to control a big part of the hallucinations.
No. 39133
I am not sure if I had a lucid dream before or if I dreamt that I had a lucid dream.

Hide No. 38851 Systemkontra [Reply]
41 kB, 430 × 619
Why all your threads are just 4kanal tier generals without original topics?

t. kohlchanian tourist
No. 38929 Kontra
>EC is literally the exact same sort of place as KC was back when it existed
this is false. EC is way more autistic
No. 38981
how so
No. 39005 Kontra
bc absolutely no fun allowed, duh...
EC really is autistic whereas kohl is just shit throwing with autistic splinters
No. 41424
Because apparently it's what works for this board, it's slow and the posters seem to be disciplined, there is no point of making multiple similar threads that get few or no replies (one of kohl's problems) and you'd know that if you lurked for at least 20 minutes you hohol retard.

And let's be completely honest, even in the old days kayse was not that good, and after vierkanker copied /int/ everything went to fucking shit. Did you forget the ungodly amount of shitposting old KC had? How many posters there were annoying as shit just for the sake of riling people up? The loss of the spirit of kasey is fucking terrible but then again kc at its best didn't last for long. If you want a metaphor, kc was like a nice local pub, but after 2012 or so the retards started flooding in en masse after the reputation of it being good spread, said new retards rather than behaving and integrating started pissing and shitting on the floor and the cuckmods only made thing worse. I'm positive that there is a lot of diaspora on vierkanker /int/ and /pol/ that has no intention of coming back either. And picture this: the fucking cesspit that is vierkanal /int/ still has a few interesting threads once in a while that are much more interesting than the average shit you find on kohl. Take that as you will.

This. Which is shit to some extent but still better than having a traditional forum. And fuck the poster map, the concept is good, deanonymizing to the extent it does is not.

Hide No. 38858 [Reply]
13 kB, 400 × 432
66 kB, 414 × 317
372 kB, 990 × 742
92 kB, 1068 × 603
No. 38861
59 kB, 474 × 632
Why would you post this?
No. 38880
1,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:22
No. 38881
4,3 MB, 220 × 288, 2:30
No. 38904
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:28

Hide No. 25325 Systemkontra [Reply]
4,7 MB, 4000 × 3000
Old one yellowed and crumbled under the sun.

So Ernst, share your reading adventures with us once again.
No. 38791
50 kB, 3 pages
After a two month hiatus, I looked through this again, and fixed up some of the text. I'd say it's readable now.
(But still, I'd like to hear the opinion of a native speaker as per usual.)

About the work itself:
Babits published a volume titled All over my life in 1939. It's a collection of autobiographical essays.
This here essay is the seventh in the book, and deals with imitating a made-up image.
It's a short, but interesting piece in my humble opinion.
Tell me what you guys think!
No. 38794
That first German translation, particularly the 2nd and 3rd quartets, blows the other German one out of the water, not to mention the English one. Interesting how some subtle changes can make such a difference.

>Thomas Bernhard - Monologe auf Mallorca
Watched this, had some good laughs

>manic sonata style
That's a fitting description! :D
No. 38796
Thanks for posting; I enjoyed this, and it was an excellent translation. In 2 1/2 pages of dense text, I only noticed a few small things:

apocryph ==> apocryphal
We immediately begun creating ==> immediately began
This sentence:
"We imagined as people storm some popular book stores to get Jeopardy’s books".
Could be changed to:
"We imagined people storming popular book stores to get Jeopardy’s books." Here, using "some" with plural "stores" is acceptable, but sounds a little unnatural.

Finally, a few typos which I spotted and only mention so that you can easily Word Search and fix them:
There was an inconsistant spelling of Jeopary/Jopardy/Jeopardy
our fellow writes ==> writers
on multiple occasion ==> occasions
No. 42169
24 kB, 220 × 336
42 kB, 496 × 400
I just don't get Blood Meridian. Maybe I was just meme'd into reading it. The narrative style lacks any internal monologue or sense of coherence so you just drift between violent events that happen for no reason. I can see it having more impact during a time when westerns were quasi-idealistic to the American psyche but now, it's just "women as young as 12 were kept as slaves" this, "babies heads bashed in" that and "puppies abused" which loses any impact beyond general disgust.

Contrast this with Clockwork Orange where Alex is a parody of the moral panic seen in the press. Even then he has humanising traits and, in the novels British ending, he decides to grow up and be a good boy.

The story does get better after finding out that it's based on real events. I guess that makes my comparison slightly unnerving: