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Hide No. 18902 [Reply]
598 kB, 734 × 656
Help me, Ernst! I am searching for everything from Biene Maya, Pettersson und Findus, Muumins and other kids cartoons from that time. Also old episodes from 'Wissen macht Ah!' would be nice. I can't navigate the german internet, the language actually isn't important, but I couldn't find any of them on the english.
No. 18928
Torrents are not very popular in Germany. https://gods.lu/ seems to be the private tracker of choice but I haven't used it personally. If you're looking for direct downloads maybe have a look at the sites here: https://toplist.raidrush.ws/

You can try https://s.to/ or https://bs.to/ for streaming series in German

Other than that https://kinox.to/ is the classic for movies. Quality is not the greatest, so there's maybe a better site out there by now if you do some research.
No. 18930
bs.to does not really have children cartoons. I looked up Pettersson und Findus and Biene Maja before I posted >>18903
No. 18934
>Biene Maja
It's on this other streaming page
>Pettersson und Findus
Though looks like there aren't all episodes but I'm not sure. But as you posted it's also on YT
No. 19067
A Pettersson and Findus Vidya? What was it called/about? I happen to have two.

Hide No. 18952 [Reply]
166 kB, 1200 × 800
Would it be moral to select embryos for IVF that have lower polygenic risk scores for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.? What if those diseases had epidemiological and perhaps genetic correlations with traits that we are less comfortable with people selecting for? When does therapeutic use become enhancement? For instance, lower cognitive ability in early life is associated with increased risk of late life dementia, as well as increased risk of schizophrenia. Should people be allowed to select on the basis of such criteria?
No. 18982
That's true.
It doesn't really harm the embryo to get a probe into mommy and collect some skin cells. But it could be problematic that a probe is put into mommy.

So people do pre natal diagnoses which is okay in my book, especially when you are 40 years old and considering the fact that a full gene sequencing is somewhere below 600€ today. It's not even an elite-thingy.
Also I like the thought that you can dodge abortion that way for the case that a seriousness health problem you couldn't handle would be detected. I think it's good to make 100% sure that this little thing will not suffer and is not concious when it goes into the bin (it's below <18 cells AFAIK).

t. Not an expert working in a very remotely related field knowing people doing such diagnostics
No. 18983 Kontra
I was typing too fast. Shamefur dispray.
No. 18996
>It doesn't really harm the embryo to get a probe into mommy and collect some skin cells. But it could be problematic that a probe is put into mommy.
Just to clarify, I think you are conflating in vivo and in vitro. With IVF there is no "probe into mommy", the embryos are conceived and raised in laboratory dishes for several days, and only after that transferred into an actual womb. Also at this point there are no "skin cells" to speak of, cells aren't that specialized at this point of development AFAIK.
No. 19047 Kontra
Uhm, yes I know. I have no idea where you got me that wrong, but as said my sentence was fucked up so that's okay.

Hide No. 18931 Systemkontra [Reply]
464 kB, 2048 × 1152
Greetings from Depreschan.
Come visit us, if you'd like.
No. 19028 Kontra
>Britfa.gs was basically involved in creating KC
It wasn't. But nevermind. Just let this awful thread die.
No. 19031
53 kB, 1039 × 737
No. 19528
we need to bump it up

Hide No. 12211 [Reply]
162 kB, 1024 × 578
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
74 kB, 993 × 559
954 kB, 2288 × 1356
Does Ernst follow any professionally played videogames? To what extend?
From time to time i like watching Quake Live and CS:GO but i don't think i'm interested enough to actually visit any events like many other people do.

Some news:
McDonalds ended it's sponsorship with the German Football Association and instead focuses on eSport now.


The Danish Prime Minister just opened a Counter-Strike event in Denmark with a short speech.

No. 18904
228 kB, 480 × 360
Let's give this thread another try:

The CSGO major in Poland, IEM Katowice 2019, is going on right now and we already had a few nice games.
A new one is about to start so for everyone interested:

No. 18908
It isn't boring if you know what is going on or have EC tier borderline autistic tendencies. I've noted before murican football is the stupidest fucking thing ever and painfully boring even if you do know the rules.

Well, one can argue. You remember Cold War? It could easily be argued what stupidity and toxicity was surrounding chess at the time because of it.

The number of possible moves in chess are fixed. It's a tighter game in general, although I can see how the combination of timing and map like dedust makes it so you pretty much know what to expect professionally like sniper here, dude with pistol and noif hiding here etc. But still, CS is not even remotely like chess.

What does remind me more of chess is XCOM. I'd be interested to see the game played professionally and shared by kings and diplomats if it were one of the only games, which is primary reason why everything from Starcraft to CS to chess got popular. Issue with modern gaming is there's just too many to choose from and ironically kills off many communities because instead of 100k ppl playing one of a handful of games you have 100million playing many thousands of games so the player pool becomes smaller.
No. 18913
>CS is not even remotely like chess.

No one here said it is.
No. 18919
2,2 MB, 1366 × 800
What the actual fuck is wrong with the map? Did Blizzard not even bother fixing their map textures?

Hide No. 2829 [Reply]
37 kB, 279 × 223
Is this chan the legitimate heir of gondola coziness?
No. 18767 Kontra
No. 18892
26 kB, 252 × 200
No. 18898 Kontra
nice shit bump, Kohlgrenzgänger.
No. 18906 Kontra
>Welcome to 4chan

Hide No. 7696 [Reply]
471 kB, 2272 × 1704
I think this topic is interesting for Ernsts, considering pretty vivid discussion that happened in Today thread.
From recent news: Durov's Telegram now collaborates with secret services except Russian, because the resistance continues.
No. 15516
AFAIK not directly but you can probably apply some sort of Youtube SEO techniques to make your videos more appealing to the suggestion algorithm

BTW personally I started using a Chrome extension called DFTube* recently to block the recommended videos column and other unnecessary stuff so I don't waste as much time on YouTube. Very happy with it so far.

No. 15517
What I see that on the Config tab one supposedly can change the language from HU to EN. But in that case everything gets broken.
No. 18889
Does anyone here use picture viewer different from preinstalled on their smartphones?
No. 18891
Web version of first internet browser ever created.

Hide No. 18833 [Reply]
40 kB, 500 × 413
tell me about yourself
No. 18834
I'm gay
No. 18835
I talk a lot and do very little.
No. 18838
I'm boring and have no hobbies
No. 18851
81 kB, 460 × 562
I'm afraid of trying anything since childhood because I'm constantly reminiscing too much about what other people would and had felt as consequence of my actions.
I'm a piece of shit. Years ago whilst being timid about myself and such I could have done something with my free time and youthfulness; energy.
Everyday before going to bed I wish silently that I could go back through time and just put one thing in my young mind: no one cares about you, you don't need to be protective.

Instead, I'm here --- wasted!

Hide No. 16086 Systemkontra [Reply]
567 kB, 1346 × 585
Well I guess previous news thread is on kontra

News Thread
No. 18782
Except there is no ethnic genocide here. Like, at all. You're just broadly trying to stretch the argument to absurd generalities of complete isolationism versus intervention, as if actual legitimate US (or anyone's for that matter including Russian) imperialism and typical bullshit military adventures and CIA antics are somehow the same thing as the international community failing to prevent a genocide. Like I said, it is usually the US behind those sorts of things anyway in SA
I should also point out that the "School of the Americas" is one of if not the most notorious institutes in the US and is literally a school for training terrorists and death squads. Among the many other notable graduates of that program are Los Zetas (who, the story goes, went rogue, though one wonders if they still have US intelligence contacts).

The reason why Abrams is under scrutiny is because of his involvement in that particular massacre, as well as numerous other human rights abuses throughout south America, as well as being one of the architects for the Iraq war, which ad you might recall resulted in civil war, genocide, continued instability throughout the region, and eventually ISIS.

If this was a genuine humanitarian operation of course we would be for it but I don't know why you expect me to believe you it's raining when my leg is being pissed on any more than all of us knew the Russians were lying through their teeth about Ukraine.
No. 18827
>Yes, I think it is given that at some point the international community has a responsibility to step-in or if not that sovereignty is effectively lost beyond a point.
Any "right-to-intervene" is just a shallow excuse to invade for purely selfish purposes. It's a way to justify imperialist adventures in an age where everyone outwardly agrees that imperialism is bad.

Assad is a better choice than the jihadis he fights against, and he's an order of magnitude less evil than our good friends and allies in Saudi Arabia, who are consciously inflicting starvation and cholera on half of a nation of 28 million. Any moral claims from a government which supports the Saudis and goes on a warpath against Iran or Maduro can be dismissed out of hand.

>Well, yes. Acting in complete disregard for international law is more serious offence than exploiting a lacuna.
A rather convenient philosophy for the parties that create the rules.
No. 18863
thank you. i can't remember the name, but that first study must be the one, although it is actually from ireland, not from scotland.
the findings from the 2nd study are quite interesting, they assessed a fairly large number of samples, yielding an overview of genetic variety in that region and they also found that the last auerochs who died in poland was basically a mutt of auerochs and regular cattle.
anyway, there's still a loooong way to go, a full auerochs chromosome set is required for cloning, which does not exist, unfortunately. so breeders still must resort to slowly modify the genome of regular cattle.

>revealed a relationship between the European Bison and the Aurochs
afaik the wisent is supposed to be the result of interbreeding between auerochs and (now extinct) european steppe bison.
No. 18949

Very good infographic about Russian brain drain. Brain drain is bad for any country, but in general immigration is good for the world, because people tend to migrate/work in places where their skills are more needed and will be used with greater efficiency. But while immigration doesn't harm the well-being of people in general, there are things that consume resources, don't increase the productivity of people and don't lead to a more successful economy for Russia or the world as a whole, such as military. Every penny spent on army is a wasted penny. Of course defence spending reduces unemployment and funds research of certain technologies, but if people would spend the same resources on education, healtchare, infrastructure or technology grants they would receive greater benefits for the same price.

Hide No. 18725 [Reply]
217 kB, 2352 × 1321
213 kB, 2354 × 1322
146 kB, 2352 × 1321
135 kB, 2350 × 1319
A male merl was carelessly minding its own business, when..

Hide No. 8462 [Reply]
48 kB, 480 × 320
Since we have a Short-Film Club, maybe we can also have a thread discussing music videos?

Share exceptional music videos (or any other video connecting visual art with music) that left a notable impression on you!

Please make sure you don't share a video just because you enjoyed the music, use this thread then instead >>594
No. 18116

Weird Akira-inspired MV that uses different animation styles from the makers of the infamous Galo Sengen video
No. 18128
302 kB, 960 × 615
You know it from the Sopranos. They play the Chosen Mix in the intro. The original has a nice spoken word intro. There are some very weird (I wouldn't say good) techno mixes on Exhiole from Cold Harbour Lane.

The acoustic version is the best.

Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning
No. 18146
5 kB, 404 × 399
>ESPECIALLY the part about fucking magnets.

I decided to look this up on Reddit briefly and picked the imo best answer.

"Physics cannot answer "why" questions on a fundamental level. We live in a universe that works according to some (not necessarily known) laws of physics. We could also live in a universe where the laws of physics are different.

Magnetism can be tracked down to quantum electrodynamics (QED), the most fundamental description of electromagnetism we have. On that level, it is well understood - the calculations based on QED are in incredibly precise agreement with all measurements done so far, with a precision of up to 13 decimal digits."

The first part is standard (maybe little bit pretentious) wisdom. I don't believe the author has a PhD or is close to it, but the whole answer is rather decent.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 18709
Almost a short film really:

And lately I've been re-watching Remind Me. Interesting video to analyse but mostly I just find it infuriating that she can afford that nice house to herself in London.