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Hide No. 8344 [Reply]
324 kB, 1640 × 909
648 kB, 1920 × 749
975 kB, 1604 × 1200
1,1 MB, 1247 × 1014
Please, post some good artwork with dinosaurs. Here, I'll start. Thank you.
No. 8443
80 kB, 520 × 750
Dinosaurs never existed before Jews, Steven Spielberg made billions of Jurassic Park. Kids are obsessed with dinosaurs around the age of 5 when they should be obsessed with being created by god.
No. 8444 Kontra
Pls go back to kohl
No. 8513
401 kB, 502 × 546
So is this the art thread? You know, I hate smoking pot and haven't done it in many years, but there was this one time I got the purple stuff. I mean the whole plant was purple, from the buds and the leaves down to the stem to the roots. Whole plant. And by God, the purp was something like the ambrosia or manna of the philosophers. It was like that pic where some spede is imagining himself a great philosopher versus reality of shitposter. It was a clear, inner world thing, almost like an LSD headspace, which had no anxiety or paranoia or body high. And I have never found it again. But when I was on it, I could draw perfectly. I am in awe at some stuff I've done. And sadly some was lost. I'd really like to get back into art but it looks like shit and I feel like I've become more impatient, distractible, uncreative, and retarded lacking the basic discipline to do art which requires a nearly assburger focus.
No. 9541 Kontra

TED talks are pretty blasé but this one's pretty interesting.
Basically there a lot of "different" dinosaurs because the rush and "clout chasing" of early paleontologists wanting to discover new different kind of dinosaurs.
This guy cut open a lot of samples of dinosaur bones he had and found a lot of things, like the Allosaurus was really just a younger Tyrannosaurus and etc. because one day he started to wonder where the hell the baby dinosaurs were.

Conflicting sage cause shit thread but I like dinosaurs.

Hide No. 5461 [Reply]
457 kB, 2048 × 1536
Why on God's green earth did I have to find ernstchan.xyz?
When KC went down I thought I was free, until I found EC... and then it went down as well. Then, I thought, finally I am free. Surely this is the end.

I can go out in the world and be the productive person I've always had the potential to be. No more will I slave away at a job I don't care about. I will start my own business, even invest into stock & forex. Live life for its own sake; enjoy my time on this earth and treasure the memories of life actually being lived! And when I look back, I will see my former life as a shadow of my current self—like a dream or a second gestation.

Curse my rotten luck!
No. 5501 Kontra
You are arrived here from Kohl?
Why there so many human trash from here recently?
No. 7645
296 kB, 634 × 684
This board cost me a lot of money, I need to make up for lost time.

How do we get rich or die trying if we're not educated, not smart, not good looking? Playing lottery cards?
No. 7646
I meant KC not EC
No. 8512
Well, I do generally feel much healthier having found and posted here

Hide No. 6994 [Reply]
1,3 MB, 731 × 988
Do you think there is a network of human minds independent from the Internet which exists on the Earth? Can it be that our minds traverse there, as we lose our bodies?
I was watching "We are number one" videos, though I didn't think to. Later I learned that this guy has died today.
What can you say, Ernst?
No. 8162

More like You are a gypsy
No. 8163
Good post ,but a bit lost in context, don't you think?
No. 8483
What do you mean? I think I use a thing called, non-lateral thinking is it?--to explain or analyze or think on some things. Which, imo, is critical to understanding the non-human or mystical and to attempt to step outside yourself to the greater reality perception. It is like using LSD all the time, except having the stereotypical legend of the monk reaction to it like "oh that's kind of interesting" https://www.quora.com/Is-it-true-that-LSD-doesnt-affect-Buddhist-monks that you hear as an apocryphal tale sometimes.
No. 8484 Kontra
68 kB, 540 × 534
Wait no that is not what I meant apparently https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateral_thinking
hmm http://chuckslamp.com/index.php/2009/04/11/non-linearthinking/
It is like there are spiderwebs of neural connections from which each starting point is only linearly subjective from its own non-objective viewpoint, ergo necessitating the usage of all points of light on the spectrum in order to see and analyze a particular situation or object of inquiry. It is a process by which you are not so easily duped by your own inherently flawed and subjective perceptions whereby multiple blindfolded people would touch a part of an elephant and come to wildly different conclusions as to the nature of an animal. When you see a hologram you are only looking at it from one vantage point, and likewise, a person on the other end of the room would see a very different static image from which only a vague conjecture and stipulations are possible based on predictions of what you expect the other side to look like, which is necessarily subjective. As such, this is the problem with looking at both God and the self, or Soul, and is a problem with understanding what is the geist of life and creativity and reality generally. In other words, you have to look at the system as a whole, which the main problem is looking at a puzzle and knowing the ultimate picture you're going for, it's just the tedium of finding the right pieces to fill it in.

>Thich Naht Hanh compares such instances of knowing God, or becoming enlightened, like a dialogue between a land turtle and a fish. One might represent enlightenment/believing in a God and the other perhaps with their own way of seeing the world and obtaining enlightenment/God.

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Hide No. 7151 [Reply]
729 kB, 5000 × 2819
475 kB, 5000 × 2819
Does anyone else have this assburger hobby? Also, feel free to criticize my place-names if they sound silly in your language.
No. 8434
Yeah that's why frost wyrms have a birth animation just like spirit wolves and other summons. Something normal units normally lack. You can find quite a lot of cut content simply by toying around with the world editor. There's even some hidden models not shown on the unit palette like that skeleton with a burning bow string etc.
Like when you check the path of unit
> Units\Demon\ChaosOrcRange\ChaosOrcRange.mdl
Its in the "Demon" folder instead of orc/creep/whatever. Demons were supposed to be the 5th playable race at one point but I guess balancing 4 races was already hard enough so they ditched the idea. I think that's even confirmed in some interview.
No. 8454
>Its in the "Demon" folder instead of orc/creep/whatever. Demons were supposed to be the 5th playable race at one point but I guess balancing 4 races was already hard enough so they ditched the idea. I think that's even confirmed in some interview.
They scrapped idea of Burning Legion as playable race immideatly when they turned from RPG to RTS game. As they said, it was kinda wird that super powerfull ultimate force as burning legion need to harvest gold, wood and build low level units. They dropped chaos orcs in demon folder just because in campain they are allied with demons.
>You can find quite a lot of cut content simply by toying around with the world editor. There's even some hidden models not shown on the unit palette like that skeleton with a burning bow string etc.
Sadly there not actually mutch that remaind as files, like inside game there only two unused proper finished models, including this skeleton, but very similar burning skeletons aready presented in campain, so this is not interesting that much.
A lot "cut" content was adopted in different way in campain as unique units or they changed roles from what they was to begain with, so a lot things we may only suspect what they origginaly was for.
No. 8463
Yeah, that too, but even that 3rd person Warcraft Legends game was still originally going to be a role-playing strategy game like Sacrifice. But also the reason why they decided to not add any more races was due to balancing issues. Goblins were supposed to be a playable race in RoC too but they decided to not add anymore races because it would've been a mess to balance.

>Sadly there not actually mutch that remaind as files, like inside game there only two unused proper finished models, including this skeleton, but very similar burning skeletons aready presented in campain, so this is not interesting that much.

Nah there's even some recorded audio there with Arthas saying something like "Jaina, no!" etc. It's still there in the game, just unused, and even the official strategy guide says that jaina died. Exactly like I said before in this thread but you didn't believe me. Here I even got an interview with a blizzard developer:
> Jaina was supposed to die in a very early draft, but that idea was squashed pretty quickly. Arthas didn't need any more motivation to chase Mal'ganis than he already had, but that was planned to be a main story element. There was supposed to be a love story between Arthas and Jaina, but that didn't work out. It was a bit too Raynor and Kerrigan again, because Jaina was going to become a banshee or something... I don't remember very well, but that plot point obviously got moved to Sylvanas Windrunner. There were a lot of similarities between the Starcraft and WarCraft 3 plotlines, to the point where the first few drafts got sent back multiple times.
No. 8470
123 kB, 314 × 294
30 kB, 576 × 768
35 kB, 278 × 310
>Exactly like I said before in this thread but you didn't believe me. Here I even got an interview with a blizzard developer:
I not sayed you was incorrect, I said that there was like 9000 different variants of plot, characters and events, and most of changes come from technical stuff. One of Alpha versions of Warcraft3 included actual Lord of the Clans plot in them (most probably one that was still more RPG than RTS) that slowely moved to events of Warcraft 3. There was other Alpha plots, but about them knowed much less exept some facts, like that games also focused on goblins and exept them as race had fully playable campain and related locations. Also there renders or Garona done for example, but there absoluetly no clue what she suposed to do in this early drafts of story.
It also suspection, but they may have multiple options for player when game was more RPG-like, where for example, you may choose who die or who become traitor.
And don't forget that this is only information of late RPG-early RTS part of development. There also was beta,that was much clother to finish, but still hell lot of things was changed during it, like music was comleatly changed
My favorite beta track is this one
It like full of atmosphere of warcraft between 2 and 3, in times of Lord of the Clans, I really like this atmopsphere.

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Hide No. 7965 [Reply]
22 kB, 1200 × 640
Agricultural societies provides humans with large amount of food that they can store. Since they are able to do that they can produce more offspring. As more and more humans come into existence a strict hierarchy is necessary to control the people. As humans place more and more social chains on other humans it causes many problems within the societies.

As agricultural societies produces more and more food it allows other humans to pursue other activities. These pursuits consists of many things but they all contribute to increasing the complexity of societies. As societies become more and more complex it means more and more social chains are introduced thus causing the humans to lose more freedoms.

I think from this we can see that large scale agriculture societies are the seed that will produce the many illness that we now face in modern society today. I think that for the price of abundant foods is not worth having if humans loses more freedom.

Agricultural Societies may not seem evil if you look at the immediate benefits but if you look at the big picture you will see that Agricultural Societies results in Overpopulation, Environmental Degradation, and Advances in Dangerous Technologies.

That's the price for abundant foods. Humans were too short sighted to see the disaster awaiting them when they decided to go for the easy route of Agriculture over hunter gatherer.
No. 8421
127 kB, 830 × 562
>But they probably just have responsibilities like children or just don't want to die of hunger or life on the streets in absolute poverty. Way better reason to keep in track than some stupid lottery dream.

This man gets it. The current power structure simply needs to, at a bottomline, present itself as a better alternative to what a governmental collapse in the first world would entail. And I think it does this job very well, for all of its sins. In spite of living in a relatively shit country, a very corrupt and poor one, if I take an honest look at what successive Portuguese governments have done, I can't entirely complain. They have ensured that the citizens of this Republic have their basic human rights provided for, a bare minimum of wealth, and they provide safety. Even though I will be the first to talk at length about all sorts of macabre kleptocracy level fuckeries within the current state apparatus, the truth is I am lucky to have been born into this semi-first world shithole, in this particular period.
This alone is enough to keep myself from considering any sort of revolution or anti-government action. And I believe the same applies to reasonable people as well.
Additionally, as far as I am concerned, the stick of this stick and carrot game of governmental stability is what could realistically come out of a revolution and any of the current political forces that stand against the "system" taking power. It wouldn't get better in any realistic analysis. It would get worse, worse in ways I am unable to truly imagine since this "modern day slave society" has shielded me from the hardships and suffering that any other form of government in any other period would impose upon me. One may say that this modern man is nothing but cattle, but any sensible historical analysis will show you why he became cattle in the first place.
No. 8440
The current modes of governmentality mostly neoliberalism or authoritarianism are tricky. They kill of any alternative to the present. Nobody imagines an alternative besides the apocalypse and the regress into the middle ages or even further again.
I have it well here even tho my future is less safe and stable than my parents sometimes I think, my future degree is often based on project works in working life. I'm tempted to dwell into alternatives to spark the images and hopes again that it can be different without getting shittier.
The revolutionary subject of the 20th century often implied to annihilate the former and I have that in mind. Reforms can make it worse for people but revolutions will definitely won't go without disruption for certain circles of people and I'm not just talking about the former power apparatus. But then: today people loose or vegetate, struggle to survive, too. I'm lucky now but I have to die one day.
No. 8467
it was armchair anthropology and it was on the EC
No. 8468 Kontra

vague term and pretty much a US thing. I argue with what has been written under the banner of continental and US theory sociological, philosophical and political + history

I don't get the armchair meme, everything on the internet is armchair in the end. Maybe live streams are an exception. Also don't forget writing is a praxis itself. But I'm probably just talking to the kohl burger.

Hide No. 8330 [Reply]
9,5 MB, 628 × 354, 1:21
does anyone know the song on this ancient webm?
No. 8404
No. 8408
Lucky bastard, neither do I know the movie nor did I knew the song before but I immediately realized it was a song by Crim3s.

No. 8452
Good golly, I've had this webm lying around as "frens on the ukraine.webm" (such found on old EC) and had wondered what song this is and where the video is from. Never bothered to ask, though.

Thanks to the title of your file and to >>8408 I can now mark this mystery solved.
No. 8466

nice, thank you

Hide No. 6987 Systemkontra [Reply]
583 kB, 747 × 1024
715 kB, 1151 × 867
A new day, a new dawn.

make your blogpostings
No. 8321
Was he as metal as this? https://youtu.be/linB7C5TmCs?t=874
No. 8366
97 kB, 1312 × 984
1,1 MB, 1066 × 1417
pure alphaness
No. 8551
Ist das Schnurer? Nicht sicher wie ich mich darüber fühlen soll, den zu erkennen ._.
No. 8553
89 kB, 700 × 1000
>Nicht sicher wie ich mich darüber fühlen soll, den zu erkennen ._.

Sehr, sehr gut.

Hide No. 7886 [Reply]
43 kB, 600 × 339
"Socialism with Chinese characteristic" is an often repeated phrase from the Chinese Communist Party. What is Chinese characteristic?

Well, if you take a look at the current chinese society it'll reveal a lot of things. You see in China today there are many millionaires and billionaires, this would have been unacceptable under the old CCP. Not only that Chinese people in general are no longer the socialist of the old CCP but back to the old greedy simple chinese. So you can see that Greed is obviously a chinese characteristic.

So if I change the phrase into, "Socialism with Greed" we now know what the CCP meant. Socialism is just sugar to cover up the actual Chinese trait, so if I remove the socialism you are basically left with Greed. So China is just like many western Countries but they are willing to take extreme measures and sacrifices to become rich.
No. 7974
61 kB, 600 × 391
17 kB, 300 × 225
118 kB, 536 × 409
226 kB, 1024 × 767
>what socialism does to 'Chinese characteristics'
No. 7975
22 kB, 422 × 403
>Half-remembered Chinese joke
I've heard an extremely similar Russian joke about Soviets.
I wonder where it could appear from...
No. 8195
Byldoness is incurable. It reminds me same thing as any witch burnings, looting of libraries, shariah Islam etc.

More and more I realize the only true form of government that's good for us is one almost entirely ruled by philosopher kings, a not necessarily technocratic society but one where the leadership is principally concerned with wisdom, knowledge, and ethics. You will never have that in a democracy or dictatorship. You will likewise not have that in something as shitty as Communism or a theocracy.
No. 8212
Destroying past cultures in a new regime is a Chinese characteristic, there is nothing contradictory here.

Hide No. 3777 [Reply]
35 kB, 356 × 105
hello Ernst and Ernadette,
ima got stupid questions lots of much. lately i was doing thinking 'bout the new EU privacy data laws. i may have to go far afield to explain question:

if I create data via a physical action like a simple click, there is an algo analyzing/interpreting this physical action. e.g. if i do my click, this is the first data point i create. now an algo is checking "where on earth/GUI dat click be?" and if i happen to hit a like or dislike button, this is another data point i created. today algos do not stop there; they generate more data and interconnect all data points they could gather, including bought data points from 3rd parties.

the key point here is:
you need algo to interpret physical human action as data point.

now, a while back, there was a threda about alphabets "here you can get »all« data we collected about you" and i was curious and checked it. i noticed a hard cut. they no sent all data algo generated out of my physical actions. they just sent data of the first layer algo. (e.g. there was no data explaining how pic happend)

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 8039
39 kB, 560 × 400
you need lots energy to empty area. energy for material light enough and strong enough to withhold the pressure difference. (do we even have something like that?)

if you empty a balloon, it crumbles and you have way higher mass per area as if you fill it with material/gas lighter than air.

>why doesn't vacuum float?
how can something, that doesn't is, do anything?
if anything, the object encapsulating the vacuum may float up, if the material + vacuum combined is lighter than the air. (thou, it would be more correct to say "it gets pushed up by the substance surrounding it")
No. 8094
>material light enough and strong enough to withhold the pressure

This is the main problem.
No. 8199
yeah, was thinking it may be possible to "produce" some material like that, but would be super energy expensive to do so. maybe some carbon fiber thingy or some super high tech plastic.

i don't know of a single "natural resource" which could possibly do that (thou i might be wrong).
No. 8206
The simpler design is a helium balloon. Vacuum wouldn't cause all that much of an increased lift. Arguably it wouldn't create more due to need for the material to be extremely strong.

Hide No. 7873 [Reply]
6 kB, 281 × 180
I was detained last night at a store and a cop was called. Cop only gave me a court date two weeks from now.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I don't know if this is worth getting a lawyer for.

The store security and cop pitied me bc everything I took was for my new job. I guess that's why I'm not in jail right now.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
No. 7934
125 kB, 1024 × 768
>steal shit
>spend times more money for court expenses and fines
No. 7936
It was boxes of granola bars, oatmeal, milk, undies, socks, a notebook, some shower stuff, yogurts, calendar.. yeah. I'm surprised it was that much too.
No. 7948
I have heard that SOME stores don't bother prosecuting unless someone attempts to steal something big, or someone is repeatedly stealing but they'll have some pretty sophisticated loss prevention and security equipment. Like cameras, snapping photos etc. My one friend's brother said Target would do that when he worked there that they'd basically start a file on someone when they stole, and if it went beyond a certain amount to the point where they could hit em' with a felony they'd call the police next time they were in and get them charged with everything.

Now I always took that with a grain of salt because the guy's a bullshitter. But most corporate chain type stores have a non-confrontational theft policy unless they have an actual security presence because detaining someone could result in a lawsuit, and an employee or other customer getting hurt could result in a lawsuit, not to mention causing a scene and making customers think they're in a ba part of town or some shit.

How was all that stuff for your new job though? You're supposed to go commando to job interviews. It inspires confidence and a sense of danger in yourself.
No. 7962
>I'm not even sure "I panicked" is the right wording per se, but pretty much something along those lines of your judgment maybe being impaired from overworking or whatever.

Note on impaired judgement:
Do not say you were drunk or anything that is the result of you taking something – not even medication. Voluntary intoxication invalidates your state as taking something involves you acknowledging potential risk. Nothing that can specifically be YOUR fault. The classic case here involves a woman with depression absent-mindedly committing shoplifting as her mental awareness was reduced, she got off as their was no intent.

I use panic as a primer as that route is impossible to argue against and not the result of any conscious decision of the defendant. It's not magic but it mitigates.

>I've been reading anything I can ever since. From what I understand it's out of the store's hands, and now completely up to the police? Which confused me. I should look into that more. Thanks man

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