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Hide No. 11014 Systemkontra [Reply]
50 kB, 504 × 351
649 kB, 1280 × 720
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430 kB, 640 × 831
Previous deda. Maybe add something to Op post, like some infor or news in next threads so OP post would not be so empty?
No. 13723
Funny thing that it was not retcon - it was just event, and happened only in 2nd addon. If they going to RETCON it even in warcraft 3 remake - this is new level of retardation, seriously.
No. 13736
545 kB, 1025 × 960
Funny fact if you wonder, why in Half Life and addons all glasses or black, or have texture of eyes on them - Goldsource engine can not shot transperant surfaces on separate 3d models, only on map brushes. However with adittional .dll-s that was added with retail version of Day of Defeat game, it become possible to do transperant things. All modern versions of goldsource games in stem have this feature, so you can do transperant elements on models for your mod on gldsrc as much as you want.
No. 13741
366 kB, 2404 × 910
664 kB, 2085 × 960
337 kB, 860 × 530
234 kB, 1536 × 768
In case anybody interested - evolution of HECU soldeirs models from Half-Life.

1.Original Half-Life soldier models. Pretty low poly and sometimes pretty funny, I'd say. Black marine guy that smoking is head from cuted model of cool sergant with gatling, when his model was scrapped because was not serious enough for more final desighn concepts. I like original half life faces textures, they drawed in some... kinda strage way. Most of this faces in later games and addons and models will mostly be redone to level when they not recognisable - like barney, for example. For their animations, complections and overall look in-game they always reminded me "ninja turtles with guns"

2.Models from Oppsoing Force - OF, since it centered around soldeirs, redesighned them in slightly more high detail and there also much more variation exept this four, like two guys (medic and engeneer) I posted above. Possibly, the best model varaints in my opinion. Yes if you get close they slightly done in different style from way valve did original HL1, but this is in all aspects really better - more detail, more elements of equipment that much more logically look like some real life military equipment, and faces look like faces, but yet that still have proper detalisation to not be out of place from Half Life level of detail and engine capibilities.

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No. 13746
170 kB, 1280 × 961
Hey should I finally try Stellaris and pirate it?

Hide No. 77 [Reply]
77 kB, 574 × 522
No. 13640
No. 13642 Kontra
103 kB, 1306 × 354
No. 13677
120 kB, 1000 × 1434
No, just entertaining OCD I guess.
He seems to be quite a cool chap.
No. 13682 Kontra
>Can I say "nigger" here?

If this is the only thing you can say, then no.


Hide No. 10070 [Reply]
31 kB, 602 × 492
do u like classical music, and if yes, which types? do you attend live concerts? with what frequency?
No. 13386
Why didn’t you just write an email to the station asking about it?
No. 13389
I did, but got no reply. It's owned by the state so I ended up having to e-mail some helpdesk for ministry of culture.
No. 13536
21 kB, 260 × 320
182 kB, 599 × 595
38 kB, 1280 × 720
8 kB, 300 × 180
i like the classical and romantic periods the least, although i do like schumann a lot, his piano works in particular. i prefer early music and neue musik. minnesang, renaissance, baroque, expressionism, serialism, musique spectrale, musique concrète, minimalism etc. bach and vivaldi remain my absolute favourites, loved both as a kid already.
No. 13634
I know it isn't classical but this is my favorite listening right now

Hide No. 12301 [Reply]
2,0 MB, 4608 × 3456
Are there countries which are better to live in as a tourist but not as a local?
No. 12685
I think he was trying to say the equivalent of gg well played or have fun but I have no idea what KU stands for
No. 12701
>but I have no idea what KU stands for
Ku-universal word for anything, but mostly used for "hi". From the soviet sci-fi comedy kin-dza-dza. Also can be used for emotional expression, sign of respect, pointing, swear word and pop songs.
No. 13587
Most of east Asia I would imagine from visiting Japan and Korea. Korea was even better to work in as a foreigner than as a local. I out earned my Korean colleagues by almost 2x their salary and had all my living expenses, save for electric and gas, covered by my employer.
No. 13613
that is a rather broad range of meanings

Hide No. 394 [Reply]
0 Bytes, 632 × 1420
File deleted
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File deleted
Kohl is an deds
No. 13551
does this ulanovsky trump fag lurk on kohl /int/? if so he's probably that one incredibly annoying ukrainian shitposter who would shit every thread up with /pol/ drivel on old kc /int/. hope he never finds his way here.
No. 13554 Kontra
I never did such a thing, you seem to confuse me with someone else.
I better leave this place until the flood of edgy 15 year olds is gone again, good day.
No. 13555 Kontra
2,7 MB, 800 × 450, 0:22
I don't think this discussion is going anywhere bogdan, and I'm not one to waste my time.
Have a nice day, Kohl should be up sometime today.
No. 13557 Kontra

Hide No. 13434 Systemkontra [Reply]
305 kB, 1600 × 1200
I was banned from kohlchan for 5 days, saying to return back to this place. The things is...i've never been on this chan before, but i will follow mr moderator advice.
No. 13523
35 kB, 761 × 215
31 kB, 367 × 500
FYI, repairs hopefully in progress...
No. 13612
37 kB, 474 × 280
No. 13648 Kontra
>making fun of right wing ideology is a bannable offense on kohl.

Is this true? It's officially incel /pol/chan?
No. 13698 Kontra
Worse. It's the same shit as cripplechan. You also get banned for pointing out Trump is a Zionist.

Hide No. 13390 [Reply]
22 kB, 937 × 474
so, anyone want's to talk about overclocking?
No. 13397
Long ago I was excited by overclocking, but I've never managed to build cooling, so I never overclocked.
No. 13399
What's the point in 2018?

Hide No. 13299 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,2 MB, 1006 × 1200
Liru is a miracle of the universe.
No. 13312 Kontra
Ugly bitch wouldn't drink tea with

I also want to strongly suggest that this is not the best imageboard for your thread. The match is wonky at best.

Instead, let's talk about what you define as miracle of the universe; it's a concept foreign to me and I am interested do know what you mean by it. Is a miracle by its own nature an unpredictable phenomenon? This would imply a non-deterministic universe. I have my own theories about how deterministic this universe is, but let's hear your thoughts on that first :3
No. 13315
The biggest miracle of the Universe is that it exists at all. How unlikely is it for something to be instead of not?

We're all miracles of the Universe.
No. 13316
So you define a miracle as something that is possible but extremely unlikely? Is a miracle only a miracle as long as nobody understands how/why it occured?
No. 13318
Well, if we're going approach it from an empirical perspective, a miracle is an event the cause of which is impossible to know. Which I think the mystery of creation is. Simply being unknowable puts it outside the scope of empiric knowledge and into philosophy/mysticism.

From a metaphysical perspective, there is no reason for anything to be rather than not to be. "Nothingness" is a false concept (as explained by parmenides), but that is an empirical reservation at its core: non-being is impossible simply because we happen to live in a reality that happened to Be rather than not be. WHY existence is the default rather than non-existence, I think we'll never get to know.

Hide No. 13145 [Reply]
295 kB, 1170 × 680
I'm not sure where to put this so I guess I'll just use it to talk about zines at least at first. Thoughts on this?

>A ‘zine to inspire truth seeking and soul searching amidst the modern age of nihilism and despair, promoting the ancient principle of the last true rebellion: to be dead to this world and alive to the other one.
No. 13233
Well then what are some good sources to learn about the split between the RCC and Byzantium Orthodox Christian churches and the development of the Eastern Orthodox throughout Greece/Macedonia and into the Rus lands?
No. 13240
good stuff
No. 13251
>and the development of the Eastern Orthodox throughout Greece/Macedonia and into the Rus lands?
Primary Chronicle.
No. 13269
You are telling it to american, where religion is one of the columns of freedom
Orthodoxy was already dead by the time of revolution. People didn't believe in it and the original idea was long lost.
What many western people don't get about the soviet times that it was a form of anarchy. You could kill people you don't like by letter and take whatever you want by force. Stalin and lenin didn't list all people they want to kill by names or personally shooting at people. People did it to each other. The church was devastated by its own hands, property was taken from it because people wanted to. Religion was too corrupted already by 18 century.
I might agree that byzantine orthodoxy wasn't bad, there are many good ideas. But in here and Ukraine it was more of an national identity and in Russia church was more of a kid for tsars they didn't want to have.
Also Belarus isn't orthodox in a way like Russia. We had uniat church and our tradition still borrows a lot from paganism.

Hide No. 13112 [Reply]
1,2 MB, 854 × 480
201 kB, 1178 × 1500
108 kB, 453 × 640
31 kB, 421 × 453
What do you think is a good philosophy that just simply accepts Man for how he is and actually accepts the world for what it is without actually imposing its own rules and laws and observations upon the observed? Do you think that there is any philosophy which is actually objectively truthful and neither attempts to change the nature of the Man or that envisions some "answer" like Salvation to the actual state of affairs, but quite simply observes the natural order of things without necessarily any judgment or cloudiness of vision from personal biases, assumptions, principles, and conclusions? Do you think such a thing is possible?

Do you think that there is any actual philosophy that truly can tell you not to change the nature of a man, or offers some utopian ideal or grim pessimism, but quite clearly sees things for how they are?

And yes I am aware of Sartre though admittedly don't actually know a whole lot about existentialist thought. And I don't just mean Mankind and the self centeredness of much philosophical conjecture but an accurate depiction of simply the world/universe/reality devoid of hopes expectations or fears, and quite simply in utter naked boldness declares "this is how things are" without biased flaws?
No. 13201
Cioran is basically everything OP said.
No. 13202 Kontra
>the famous triangle of nietzsche - postmodernism and endless deconstruction

The "there is no truth" truth?

treda can be glosed :DDD
No. 13211
I'd say these are more questions of biological limits to perception than about philosophy?
You'd end with a machine or mechanism that counts all molecues, electrons, positrons, photons and writes a log about their positions in the universe at a given time if you want this kind of "objectivity".

Your best bet as a human for seing (at least some) things "as they are" is probably some form of meditative praxis.
No. 13215
>of there being a philosophy to follow
will you anglos ever learn what philosophy is? it is, like math, a SCIENCE. you can't "follow" "a math". neither can you "follow" "a philosophy". you may agree or disagree with statements and theories different philosophers have issued. however, the fact that individual philosophers also deal with matters within the usual domain(s) of religion and/or ideology doesn't mean that religious or ideological beliefs or politics become "a philosopy of x". philosophers are neither priests nor politicians nor yoga mentors. philosophers are scientists and philosophy itself is simply the most universal science. which does not, unlike other sciences, seek to assess, describe and predict rather specific sets of phenomena such as numbers, quantum mechanics or sociology, but basically everything. richard david precht said it basically links all sciences together - i do basically agree with this, however i'm more with the old greeks here, i'd describe it more as an umbrella for all sciences, in mathematical terms that would be a set of (yet?) unknown cardinality.