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Hide No. 77789 [Reply]
205 kB, 1333 × 1000
152 kB, 1734 × 845
Soon it will be that time again, Ernst: Radio Ernstiwan will celebrate its 3rd birthday on the 3rd of September, and of course we will have a streaming festival on that occasion. Since this will be a weekend the obvious date for the festival is Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th of September. The propaganda ministry already created this cheerful advertising, I can already feel the party starting just by looking at it. Put your stream announcements in the thread, the more flexible you are concerning date and duration, the more easier the planning process will be. For now I plan with the following assumptions:

Please note that the schedule is UTC+2 #justGermanThings

- One streaming channel, no two parallel streams. If this will not result in sufficient slots it can be changed during planning.
- The Weekly Album Stream is locked for saturday, and if Ernstalbum happens it will again be broadcast on sunday evening.
- No planning for graveyard shift and early morning/noon, unless someone insists. I think early afternoon is a good time to start on Saturday/Sunday.
- Bernd will be invited to participate, just like the last time
- Base duration for a stream 2 hours. Of course you can also have more if possible, but priority is that everyone gets a slot, so if you have announced a longer stream and the schedule is tightly packed, then expect me to nag at you if you can shorten your stream.

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No. 80518
28 kB, 550 × 444
For some reason I thought that Ersntalbum is supposed to consist of songs made by Ernst. But actually it's like usual streams, but many of them at the same weekend. If I realized this earlier, I would participate.
No. 80521
458 kB, 609 × 800
Well fug :DD To clarify: Ernstalbum is a virtual music album which indeed does consist of songs made by Ernst. And it is traditionally (like, second time now) presented during the radio birthday streaming festival, but otherwise those two are independent. Ernstalbum is just one of the 20 or so streams during that weekend. So contributing to the festival (and the radio in general) can be done by becoming a radio streamer and doing a stream during the festival, and contributing to Ernstalbum can be done by performing a song.
No. 80528
I didn't observe any technical problems and it was really nice that when a stream ended and the next one started, there still was intro music so you could tune in a bit late and not miss anything. Ideally it would be nice that listeners get transferred automatically like you said.

When the event starts and the plan is (mostly) set, I would create a new threda that has the final planned timetable in the OP and a clear indicator that it's happening NOW. If you look at the OP of this threda it doesn't really invoke urgency when the even is already unfolding, unless you read the dates and chances are you don't when you've seen this threda on the first page for time and time again. We probably don't yet live in a timezone-less world when the next festival rolls around, so perhaps time-retards such as myself could be accommodated a bit better by providing a timezone map in the threda or something.

I don't have problems with Germans but would wish for more international programming and more talking, but both depend on the streamers themselves rather than the festival. Even a couple of words relating to the music or absolutely any topic would be great. If you don't want to speak (English), Text-to-speech is fine too. This is completely a personal preference.
No. 80574
>I would create a new threda that has the final planned timetable in the OP and a clear indicator that it's happening NOW
Good idea, we can do that. Though there will always be last minute changes to the schedule, but at least it will be more up to date than this time.
>We probably don't yet live in a timezone-less world when the next festival rolls around
Maybe I should just do two schedules, one with UTC for /int/ and one for the /b/ with +1 or +2. I agree that timezones suck, I don't have a good solution for it though. Of course I could make a calender somewhere which automatically calculates the timezone, but as soon as I make screenshots of that for the thread, it's all moot again.
>but would wish for more international programming and more talking
Yes, I also think that would benefit he thing as a whole. As I said, maybe next time there will be an /int/ talkshow, that would be nice.

Hide No. 78912 [Reply]
23 kB, 310 × 475
I'm currently reading a dating advice book because I want to get off the dating ride and back into a healthy relationship. This time without ending up in a relationship with a woman where either I'm not interested or she's not interested. As cringe as it is to even be reading such a book it gave me a thought exercise to do in narrowing down the kind of partner you might want to attract and where they might be found.

You might enjoy taking a stab at it and seeing what you end up with.

>What I recommend to every man before he even begins talking to women is to sit down for a while and ask himself some questions:

>A. What do you value in a woman? Honesty? Affection? Intelligence? Curiosity? Similar interests? Education?
>B. Women with the traits that you value, where do they frequent? Where are you most likely to find them?
>C. What do you enjoy doing most? Do you love to read/write? Do you play music? Do you enjoy sports and competitions? What are events or organizations that you can become involved in that explore your hobbies?

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 79165
The girls I got along with best in life had nothing in common with me at all and I wouldn't have predicted I'd be into them. Self help books suffer from that flaw that no one really knows what they want
No. 79175 Kontra
>Is that grey symbol a downwards arrow?
>Remember that Kontra is not a downvote, just not a bump.
In case of more questions we maybe should move to the computer technology thread altogether.
No. 79336
1,5 MB, 540 × 304, 0:01
This was before tinder, things were a bit different then
>you were obviously born with superior genetics
I wasn't, but things get easier for men as you approach your 30s, women have all the advantage until they start approaching the wall
I have never used tinder but the stories I hear about it are nightmare fuel. When there was 10 different dating apps there was some niches you could fill, things are different now
No. 80565
72 kB, 3000 × 1000

Hide No. 79533 Systemkontra [Reply]
174 kB, 1600 × 900
International Friendship Edition

Previous thread >>78847
No. 80515
they are not baseless but since you are not able to elaborate on your personal feefees that make you bring it up whenever possible we won't get anywhere anyway.
No. 80526
>they are not baseless
Then elaborate on those bases, please.
Oh wait, you can't. Too bad.

Also, fix your warped perception
> that make you bring it up whenever possible
>whenever possible
I don't think I have mentioned anything pertaining to this in over a year or so, so either it's not "constantly" or there is more than one person thinking the same.
Then again, while everyone was having a normal conversation it was you with the obviously hurt feefees responding in an overly confrontative way.
No. 80529 Kontra
>I don't think I have mentioned anything pertaining to this in over a year or so

You have a warped perception or indeed there is another German having the same obsession but no, I think it is you for various reasons, since I'm pretty sure we are the same people arguing every time more or less.
No. 81241
>International Friendship Edition
The anorectal end of this thread somehow doesn't fit the title, how could this happen?

Hide No. 24062 [Reply]
85 kB, 750 × 515
86 kB, 1280 × 960
49 kB, 1200 × 635
21 kB, 480 × 360
Do any Ernsts enjoy birding here? Recently I've been getting into it. About two weeks ago I bought a cheap bird feeder at tractor supply and hung it in my backyard. At first nothing bothered with the feeder, but slowly a number of birds began to take notice. Now I have chipping sparrows, house sparrows, house finches, northern cardinals, and gray catbirds visiting the feeder. I also leave a bowl of water on the ground for american robins and european starlings, which I change every morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a decent camera so I cannot provide images of my backyard visitors. Here are some photos I found using google images.
No. 53675
Good shots. Do they normally just wander around roads like that? Don't they get hit by cars?
No. 53689
2,5 MB, 2130 × 2840
1,5 MB, 2696 × 2022
2,5 MB, 3264 × 2448
737 kB, 3264 × 2448

Sandhill cranes cover a lot of ground looking for food- they walk, stop to peck at the grass for a while, then walk somewhere else. So, yeah, they do end up crossing roads regularly. Drivers are good about stopping to wait for them to cross, though. Some people honk their horns to speed the birds up, and I've seen people try to slow roll up to them hoping to encourage the cranes to move faster. I hate that. They always move, if you give them time. It's not much different than a line of ducks crossing the street. Usually they take a straight line and are only in the road for a minute or two.

So they don't get hit by cars often, but it does happen. Side streets like this one are a lot safer than the main road. You can see the speed tables. Those keep the road racing to a minimum. Even so, a couple times a year I hear about a neighborhood crane getting hit. It's sad, and usually followed by angry social media posts looking for the driver. One time a guy hit one, and got into a public back-and-forth about whether it was his fault or not. He had some kind of Youtube channel, so his car was somehow known. On those occasions when sandhill cranes are hit, there are local rescue groups that come in to help if they can. They're not left to fend for themselves.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 79940
8,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
Mallards were an unusual site back in Florida but dominate Buffalo's duck scene. The only large wading birds I've seen thus far are grey herons. They fly about but never stop to chat, so no pictures.

Necro bump.
No. 80001
I discovered ernstchan by stumbling upon this thread, glad it's still around. I need to up my birding game, I just have a pair of 8x40 binoculars, no idea if it's optimal for observing the little critters

Hide No. 64284 [Reply]
613 kB, 1090 × 1266
674 kB, 1602 × 1484
32 kB, 640 × 558
59 kB, 640 × 609
In this ITT thread I will post edgy things.
Puerile, edgy offensive (to some).
Why? Because fuck you, that's why you double nigger faggot.
No. 79873
Man, this thread takes me back. I swear the internet was edgier 10-15 years ago, or at least you could post such things without being banned from various places or be reported on social media and lose your job.
No. 79876 Kontra
If you watch a movie from the mid-2000s you will see how "edgy" these were and how that has changed and nobody will make such a movie anymore. It's like beating women was normal and seen as an adequate reaction in a 1940s movie.
No. 79884 Kontra
192 kB, 768 × 739
>being "edgy" on the internet/tv is the same as beating women
Nice framing you got there going.
No. 84882 Kontra

Hide No. 76369 [Reply]
8 kB, 256 × 256
O meu grande medo é que nunca, sob qualquer circunstância, alguém irá perceber o Finlandês.

De qualquer modo, que comece a experiência.

Proponho que comecemos por discutir: Gatos
No. 76562 Kontra
>Eu sabia que não ias perceber 'nunca' nem 'lixo' :DD
Ils étaient aux même endroits dans la phrase que poubelle et jamais, je crois.
No. 76567 Kontra
Oui, mais pas respectifment, hon hon hon!
No. 78814
.אני יהדי. אני לומד עברית
No. 79802
Vamos a ver, muchacho!

Hide No. 70141 [Reply]
399 kB, 1200 × 818
320 kB, 1332 × 850
459 kB, 1280 × 854
239 kB, 1280 × 853
Since someone had to start one and i clearly have issues (not an autist).
No. 70489
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:15
BING BONG Important service announcement! Please see the attached video for more details.

Indeed, the prices are alright. I haven't looked much into the funding structure but it's funny how especially going up north there are train stops in the middle of nowhere in the forests where no one gets on or off the train. Adoption might be in order to make sure that someone still lives around here somewhere.
No. 77775
83 kB, 200 × 200
No. 77823
53 kB, 500 × 357
656 kB, 400 × 300, 0:02
Being a trains man is hard in this day and age
No. 79791

Hide No. 76975 [Reply]
5 kB, 300 × 100
I need to record any disk write operations without exclusions (file, inodes, sectors, any bit and byte).
How can i make this?
I prefer something used wide, no exotic or obscure things.
No. 76979
>I have this rare need that is only relevant to a very limited amount of users, but I want to use a common tool to address it.

Maybe audit can do that with the appropriate filters.
It is not obscure, ships with RHEL, is somehow related to SE-Linux, but I am happy enough to keep SELINUX running, so don't ask me-This is an anime forum.
No. 77059 Kontra
iotop and the sysstat related tools
No. 77080 Kontra
Try the computer thread if you are serious, which i highly doubt you are.
No. 79774

Hide No. 76098 [Reply]
257 kB, 1006 × 1753
The lack of Anime displeases God, post Anime.
No. 76144 Kontra
9,9 MB, 320 × 180, 3:34
Alright I'll post my fav anime.
No. 76162
345 kB, 600 × 680, 0:00
Good taste detected.

From the source. The anime/manga/doujin/visual novel/light novel/game often tells the age. If it is an original then the chance is high that the creator gives additional information to their creation.

Good one, Suomi. A classic indeed.
No. 76163
151 kB, 857 × 635
Imagine opening an anime thread on /int/ and accidentally finding out that the gung ho anime haters never had the clear majority one would have expected.
No. 79770
anime !

Hide No. 52263 [Reply]
79 kB, 617 × 385
66 kB, 690 × 477
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Do you like (or liked) Lego, Ernst? I used to be a huge fan since 1994, when dad brought me my first set — 8818 Dune Buggy — from Germany, and up until 1999, when I bought my last set — 8204 Sky Flier. Then I started losing interest somewhat because of electronic entertainment like videogames becoming more popular, then Lego started to produce licensed themes like Star Wars which I've seen as betrayal and selling-out, and then Lego went into a direction which killed my interesting in it completely by introducing Bionicle, which didn't really fit either System or Technic (and I don't care what some people say, I still don't consider Bionicle a subtheme of Technic). So, I gave all my Lego to my cousin and for around twenty years I pretty much forgot about it. But a couple of months ago I went to my aunt's and found out that my cousin (who also got bored with Lego a couple of years after me) started getting back into Lego: he bought several new Technic sets (42093 Chevrolet Corvette, 42107 Ducati Panigale plus several smaller ones), and they impressed me quite a bit. Nostalgia hit me hard, and I started checking out new Lego myself out of curiosity. I found out that there are actually some new themes that are of interest to me, like Creator, Ideas and Architecture, and finally I gave in and bought this 31109 Pirate Ship.

So, Ernst, share your Lego stories if you have any, meanwhile I'll be building my ship and maybe post some photos. If this threda wouldn't be of interest to you, I'll just let it die and won't post about Lego anymore.
No. 75176
706 kB, 1600 × 1065
747 kB, 1600 × 1065
So, some moons ago I got all the stuff transported here and now I've started unpacking it...

I have started to sort all the manuals based on the series and date and I'm planning to assemble the stuff one series at a time to see if all the pieces are still there. Will post updates when I build something.
No. 75177
80 kB, 352 × 594
that feel when not enough space for real LEGO so I have to play with virtual stuff.
No. 75183
Cool, looking forward to it. I still haven't tried alternative builds for my 31120 and 31107, so I gotta get to work too.
No. 79765