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Hide No. 47353 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,1 MB, 3826 × 2603
No. 48407
I experienced more than two dozen blackouts in my life, candles are extremely important if you don't want to go insane with no electricity. You can't read, you can't play, you can't watch anything and instead you simply stare into the literal abyss for hours til you grow bored and fall asleep.
No. 48408
185 kB, 480 × 480, 0:02
The general state of affairs on the part of the students is appalling.
It just doesn't feel like people take university seriously.

I don't understand how you can say that "everything they teach us is made up meme bullshit" while being at a humanities department.
I mean, why are you even here if not for the capital H Humanities the average prole on the street considers "made up meme bullshit"?
Why not become a bricklayer instead or something?
Where is the passion? Maybe this is the best way of describing it. There's a serious lack of passion and interest.

Some can't even use a fucking dictionary or a keyboard, or maybe they're just so fucking starved for social interaction that they ask stupid questions to fill in the void.

Nobody takes anything seriously. If everything is so inconsequential, then why not just jump off the operating table right after being born?
Maybe I'm just beginning to lose it.

It just feels like that the 2000-2001 generation is all things considered a failure. People constantly tell us that the class/group coming before us didn't have problems with the things we have problems with.

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No. 48411
>It just doesn't feel like people take university seriously.
If Hungary is anything like the US, most people who go to university go simply because it's expected of them. It's just another bourgeois rite of passage.

>The lesson for today is:
>Stop caring about the retardation of others because I'm probably just as retarded, I just can't see it because of my over-inflated ego.
This is the best attitude to take, but don't loose your chuunibyou seriousness. It's a necessary condition to succeed in anything that matters in life.
No. 52359

Hide No. 48278 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 2493 × 1997
Is the immerwährender Reichstag the perfect allegory for the EU?

Do Germans know of it?

No. 48309 Kontra
I think you're just being rude (which is what I would call Kohlkrebs), but I may be missing something here: Anyone care to point to an explanation of what a "low effort" thread is, and why it is frowned upon? I don't think I've come across this in /int/ when I was younger.
t. Grandpa
No. 48320 Kontra
>Anyone care to point to an explanation of what a "low effort" thread is
I'm not an authority on grading threads, but I would have liked to see OP highlight specific similarities between the Perpetual Reichstag and the EU. Those could then be used as a starting point to discuss how there may, or may not, be historical parallels between the two. On the positive side, wiki gave a decent summary so I'm glad he included that.

To address OP's question: I'm not an expert on either body, but the EU has elected representatives, while the Reichstag was composed of political envoys. This is at least one major difference between them.

Polite Kontra.
No. 48322 Kontra
The low effort comes from yanking random article from Wikipedia and combining it with at topic that raises opinions, like EU.

OP was like hurr durr isn't EU like a perpetual parliament hahahaha hurr durr.

The Wiki clearly state that the reason for it being in session for a long time was that they feared the emperor wouldn't summon it again. So in order to be relevant they continued the session. (The English, my German isn't good enough to read it)

OP hasn't read the article or if he had he just didn't understand. He just wanted to post shit.

Not polite contra and pleas let it die. If you want to discuss it just make a new thread with a not shit post.
No. 48434 Kontra
24 kB, 164 × 164
Thank you, I appreciate you(r?) answering me. I guess when I used EC long ago, I didn't notice animosity towards "low effort" thread starters, possibly because there were none in my sight. Also, I think I have by now noticed that experience has led to politics being seen here as something that can easily ruin a board's atmosphere, and hence being discussed sparingly and carefully compared to, say, early 2010s KC. I'll try to keep it in mind. And no, I don't want to discuss similarities between IWRT and EU either.

Hide No. 48229 [Reply]
49 kB, 599 × 596
Where people do get energy from to get things done?
No. 48246
That is some fuckin impressive runglish. That is like KC 2011 tier.

But anyway a lot of these people are young, and they are also often passionate. Or they eat and sleep well enough. I'm often able to exert a great deal of energy at work but I'm a total slug most of the rest of the time.

Actually you know what come to think of it there's really only two things in life I've ever approached with that kind of violent enthusiasm, and that was schtupping and drinking. All of the rest if I ever did so was rather out of annoyed impatience to get rid of it from my experience as swiftly and at times sloppily as possible.
No. 48252
Sleeping just enough.
Holding undying contempt for most people and their mediocrity.
A relatively balanced diet.
Taking baby steps.
No. 48271
>I don't think that there is a secret to motivation applicable to everyone.
In my experience Ritalin/Adderall can be that, since they boost the reward mechanism in your heda such that normally tiresome/mundane things become engaging.
But this comes with several huge caveats:
  1. You need to actually do the thing you intended to do, otherwise you'll just do something else that gives reward.
2.Insomnia, withdrawal, personality changes, etc. Also risk of mania in some.
3. Eventual tolerance/dependence for some. Not all. I'd compare it to alcohol consumption in that regard.

Like alcohol, this is a mind-altering drug that is often used to cope with an dissatisfying environment, rather than changing the environment. But for many people, the cope is the best they're probably going to realize. The 5+ years I've been medicated have been far more stable and amicable than the former years of my life, at the very least because I actually feel engaged during the day.
No. 48279
Stims are a huge crutch that do long term damage and are not just fucking up your brain and heart but also causing personality warping. Part of the big problem and easiest trap to fall into with stims is because as you said, you need to will yourself to be focused on the project first otherwise you're going to spend like 8 hours looking at porn or reading wiki articles or vidya or whatever, but secondly it is that you'll come to think you need that drug to get shit done. It'll eventually get to the point where you've convinced yourself you can't work without it, and will try less and less. It's like relying on a mobility scooter for force of will. Sure it'll feel great not needing to exercise your muscles at first, but whatever willpower and motivation you already had will start to atrophy. Finally you'll come to realize you are getting less and less done on more and more drugs and that they are beginning to profoundly damage you.
t. Went to college

I probably got less done for more effort on Adderall than had I simply drank a few cups of coffee. Some of the hogwash I created was legitimately fucking schizophrenic sounding too, which after enough time without good food and sleep will happen. I did once write a good paper--after using the literally psychotic rambling bullshit I wrote as a very rough first draft before writing like three separate versions. So there is that approach.

I would personally say that it's outright useless to anybody with an internet connection.

Hide No. 25432 [Reply]
57 kB, 576 × 382
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 47888
>Most serious people use Apple for desktop
Why the fuck do people say or think like this. I've been using Apple basically on and off since childhood and it fucking sucks. Holy Jesus do I hate every goddamn thing about Apple in fact the only time in my entire lifelong experience with those pieces of crap I was okay with it was the constantly crashing PowerMac we had as a kid. That I was okay with. I could even tolerate the crashing even if it gave me a lifelong paranoia resulting in literally gigabytes worth of save files because of my pathological reflexive saving in case I have to go back. It's like an OS PTSD. I hit ctrl s and f5 and go to the menu every chance I get, even in roguelikes, even in ironman modes, and put the save file on a fucking USB, if only because of having to deal with Apple.

Look my dude I'm sorry for the rant but Apple is by far the most obnoxious operating systems which suits it for being from the most obnoxious tech company with the most obnoxiously proprietary hardware in existence.
No. 47897
Reminds me when I tried to open a 5go video with feh by accident, my computer just choked until I had to hard reboot it. I probably already did but try to look for software specifically created to open and edit RAW files. Or maybe you could process it in several chunks with imagemagick.
No. 47898
Apple is pretty but not good for anything else. So for painting pretty pictures it works. It is UNIX though.

Most people doing lectures and talks use Apple. They have deals with universities I think. (Unless they are 1337 haxx0rs. Then they use Linux.)

It isn't a serious post. Don't bother.
No. 47899
999 kB, 669 × 900
Yeah and this is partly why it's used. It also seems to appeal to boomers for some reason, who still flip out and ask me for help which sometimes it's like "I don't use that OS." They made deals with unis which come to think of it that may also be a large part of why so many of these retarded woketard hipsters tend to use it. I've always favored Windows because I'm too lazy and retarded for Linux or any actually good OS and could deal with its acceptability for being very user friendly to non-boomers but that's quickly started changing with everything after XP to varying degrees. Thank God I don't put up with that abomination that was 8.1 but a lot of things about 10 still end up pissing me off like the control panel. It feels less and less like an OS over time and more like a completely locked down console (the gaming type, not the good type of console for commands). iOS otoh has always felt exactly like the shitty hardware which is to make you feel like a serf and the corporation owns everything, and that only their priests are allowed to touch tech you illiterate peasant. Feels just like trying to figure out how to open up and upgrade hardware--and it fucking freezes and crashes all the time even now. Yet Apple users still will say "but Windows crashes."

Hide No. 47639 Lock [Reply]
131 kB, 581 × 568
714 kB, 884 × 874
Who are you voting for? Why?

Yuros, who would you vote for?

I'll be voting for Donald J Trump not because I am particularly supportive of him - indeed I am out off by his demeanor and his style - but I see him as the lesser of two evils. A senile Biden would likely see Harris acting as president and besides they'll continue everything that was wrong about O-BOMB-A while also incorporating the worst aspects of the current left.

It's a lose-lose but I will choose the lesser evil
No. 47678 Kontra
39 kB, 712 × 673
Great arguments right there, shows you know what you're talking about.

Hide No. 40784 Systemkontra [Reply]
39 kB, 576 × 423
73 kB, 630 × 1200
32 kB, 440 × 342
81 kB, 600 × 450
First with a ref to John Ford because I did not like very much this picture I saw right now. Problem is that is too feminine in the bad sense, the film. It's very nice if you like paintings, but you know, cinema is something else.

The rest of pictures are in my collection of cinema-tv pics but I don't have the slightest idea of which film do they come from.

"Ford was highly intelligent, erudite, sensitive and sentimental, but to protect himself in the cutthroat atmosphere of Hollywood he cultivated the image of a "tough, two-fisted, hard-drinking Irish sonofabitch".[71] One famous event, witnessed by Ford's friend actor Frank Baker, strikingly illustrates the tension between the public persona and the private man. During the Depression, Ford—by then a very wealthy man—was accosted outside his office by a former Universal actor who was destitute and needed $200 for an operation for his wife. As the man related his misfortunes, Ford appeared to become enraged and then, to the horror of onlookers, he launched himself at the man, knocked him to the floor and shouted "How dare you come here like this? Who do think you are to talk to me this way?" before storming out of the room. However, as the shaken old man left the building, Frank Baker saw Ford's business manager Fred Totman meet him at the door, where he handed the man a cheque for $1,000 and instructed Ford's chauffeur to drive him home. There, an ambulance was waiting to take the man's wife to the hospital where a specialist, flown in from San Francisco at Ford's expense, performed the operation. Sometime later, Ford purchased a house for the couple and pensioned them for life. When Baker related the story to Francis Ford, he declared it the key to his brother's personality: "
No. 47624
did you like the comic? I loved Russian memes so I made that homage. Old KC, you know.
No. 47626
It's okay, but it's a bit weird seeing Ivan being an office worker, not a dyachok. A lot of humor in the Ivaaaaan comics was derived from Ivan working in a church, that is, being a part of one of the most archaic establishments in Russia and letting his overactive, pop-culture saturated imagination make him see whatever he does from a modern perspective.
No. 47632
783 kB, 2000 × 3000
315 kB, 1920 × 1036
395 kB, 1920 × 1036
214 kB, 1920 × 1036
Possum (2018)

surreal horror movie from the UK
highly recommended
No. 47665
100 kB, 1000 × 560
Thank you very much for the insight. Being from Western Europe I figure I didn't have the guts to make a full adaptation so I changed the placement.

Hide No. 47573 [Reply]
25 kB, 360 × 389
How do I become better at listening? I find that I can't really think and listen simultaneously

t. Might be a literal retard
No. 47574
1,4 MB, 640 × 480, 0:17
>How do I become better at listening?
Short answer: practice.
Really, conversation is a skill that needs to be learned like any other. If, while you're improving, you need to choose between listening and thinking, then always listen first. There isn't always a need to respond immediately during conversation. The content of your words should matter more than the speed by which they were delivered. If a brief pause will allow you to better consider what has been said, then by all means pause. If you need more time, and the silence may be uncomfortably long, simply acknowledge that you're absorbing the new information. If nothing else, that will demonstrate that you care enough about the speaker to consider their words before replying. Caring about the other party, about their thoughts and perspective, is the real key to being a good listener.
No. 47575
No. 47580
I look away and blank my visual field usually. Any visual stimulus is distracting. That includes looking in the eye, watching their mouth, watching hands etc. People routinely do stupid shit like they'll be looking at one object and asking for something in a totally different place so I because I was tracking eye movement grab the wrong thing. Lot of people are put off by not making eye contact etc so just take quick moments to look them in the eye before going back to processing whatever they're saying.

I basically don't process audio information well. There's about a 1-2 second delay in translating spoken words to thoughts and visual data I can process. I've never discoverred why this is but I've got a splitting headache right jow.

Hide No. 41286 Systemkontra [Reply]
45 kB, 500 × 474
made this threada before >>28434

Search my HDD, I have something like 50,000 to 70,000 named files in my imageboards folders I've been filling up for over 15 years

Post a WORD or TWO WORDS and I'll post the first results
No. 47576
>I searched this and Holiday because I would not normally use the word vacation
Thanks. That's just another one of the small differences between American English and the rest of the world.

I don't know if this post will Systemkontra the thread, but let's search for:

No. 47577
124 kB, 1866 × 823
60 kB, 990 × 590
132 kB, 634 × 454
68 kB, 600 × 600
43 hits
No. 47636

Bill Nighy has probably sired half of the new Nighy's in this country. I'd have liked to see the counts associated with these names as well, it seems odd that a surname like 'Chips' could decline by 97% - even if it's a silly name, people tend to hang onto surnames.
No. 51894
110 kB, 782 × 480, 0:06
157 kB, 0:05
79 kB, 0:05
117 kB, 0:04

Hide No. 3248 [Reply]
4,1 MB, 5472 × 3648
I have a question: "Wann ist der Unterricht aus?"
Can I answer like this: "Der Unterricht ist um 10 Uhr aus."?
Thank you for your answers!
No. 46873
Ah, now I'm getting your point.
Not sure if I have a satisfactory answer, but apparently "ein paar" is classified as an indefinite numeral, and as such it is not inflected.
Other examples of that group are "ein bisschen", "ein wenig", genug, viel, wenig.

Notice that viel ("much") can be used non-inflected for non-countable things, but viele ("many") is inflected for countable things. Same goes for wenig vs. wenige.
With a definite article, wenig and viel become inflected even with non-countable things: wenig Regen, der wenige Regen. As mentioned, "wenig" is an indefinite numeral, but in "der wenige Regen" it becomes an adjective. Different grammatical role, different grammatical rules.
No. 46874
Thank you!
No. 47399
Sentence: "Ich habe mich bei ihm über meinen Nachbarn beschwert."
Why I can't say something like "Ich habe bei ihm über meinen Nachbarn beschwert"? What the purpose have word "mich" in the first sentence?
No. 47400 Kontra
might have to something with the infinitive form of the verb "sich beschweren", the sich also is relevant for the mich so to speak, but yeah not agood answer afterall.

Hide No. 45898 Systemkontra [Reply]
686 kB, 2250 × 1741
Adventure time!
No. 47330
Today I discovered that my cell provider deducted about 4 dollars for the subscription I never, being aware, subscribed. First I contacted call center, they said like they can't return the money because "the service was provided correctly", so I said I'm writing an official complaint. So I had to walk to the cell provider office and then they accepted my complaint. Waiting 30 days, as required by law.
No. 47331
Well, they always do sneaky stuff like that, but at least they have now apps for smartphones where you can monitor and turn off all this stuff.
No. 47351
It's a side phone number, I check its balance occasionally. I suspected some wrong things happening, but never got into deeply.
No. 47371
They tried to scam you. It's only fair you try to devise as many additional layers of ways to create more work particularly paperwork for them in retaliation and be sure to find some way yiu create more work for actual management. Trash talk the company loudly and start petitions to get people to switch service. There are many ways to be spiteful in this life.