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Hide No. 4624 Systemkontra [Reply]
126 kB, 1000 × 563
211 kB, 1160 × 653
631 kB, 1920 × 1080
200 kB, 1199 × 628
Also computer hardware and a little bit programming.

There we disscusing videogames, videogames companies, share gaming news, additionally disscus PC and console hardwarem share news about other software.
No. 7213
I don't remember that. I do remember the Homeworld series for example getting lots of critical praise for it. I thought that style was really really good.

Yeah I was also thinking of Warcraft II. Especially since back then, like HoMM III cinematics tier looked so absolutely awful.

Pillars is not that good. Which is a shame because it has all the elements of what should make for a good game, but it's really tedious and just not that interesting. The story could be improved but then most of the time you're either being distracted from it or don't give a shit about it because you'd rather rebuild your castle. The lore itself is incredibly dry and uninteresting and overall it just feels like a soulless version of an Infinity engine game.
No. 7215
>Pillars is not that good
i find the pillars lore also not as interesting as baldur's gate/forgotten realms, however poe and poe ii deadfire in particular is really, really beautiful, the artwork and cgi actually beats even baldur's gate. gameplay is extremely well done, too. definitely in the rpg top 3 of all time imo.
No. 7217
>like HoMM III cinematics tier looked so absolutely awful.
...and warcraft 2 cinematic movies if we not talk about briefings are actually same and even worse than heroes 3 ones. And you can get used to late MM style if you slowely go thought MM6 which one have transitional style that used a lot 3d renders, but also bright colors, phototextures and a little bit of FMV that help situation.

I kinda may say that for my absoluetly personal opinion I have PoE style not that catchy and bor me it feels more or less bland. It one of things that just not mine, one of styles that hard to me to get get into not even early 3d-rendered cinematics, but modern middle-class vidogames with a lot of not most expansive digital art and 3d graphics. Something make for me this style of games like PoE, upcoming bard's tale 4, underworld ascedant, legend of grimrock not so eye-candy compare to even older styles that similar games used.
No. 7225

Hide No. 6905 [Reply]
259 kB, 1366 × 768
252 kB, 1366 × 768
176 kB, 1366 × 768
238 kB, 1366 × 768
Economy-related stuff is big enough to have its own thread, such studies about economic/social stuff are constantly being made and it would be interesting to have a thread to share such articles. Let the history & sciences thread be a history-anthropology thread, since this is what is almost entirely being discussed there, and in the future if someone feels the need to create hard sciences specific stuff they can go ahead. Plus, the kind of discussion that this causes is different from history-related stuff, it is kind of news, but it's not news, it's still academic in the end. Economy, political science, sociology, geography, business stuff, urbanism, urban issues in general, infrastructure etc, all of this now belongs to the social sciences thread.

Rate this brave new world of services economy, globalization and increasing rural exodus where everybody flocks to some few global cities while the rest of the country dies.

No. 6955
Yes but other countries are profiting even less or nothing at all from this new globalized services economy. I'm well aware that this shift has its toxic sides to all national economies, including USA, but USA in the end supposedly still loses less. One would expect economic impoverishment and even political instabilities to happen in other countries before this issue becomes a national issue in USA.

It's specially weird if you compare it to other anglo countries, because they were all pretty enthusiastic about letting their industrial bases die and embrace globalization so that their cities could become global financial capitals, yet you don't hear much about problems of impoverished countryside in these countries becoming national political issues that turns into a major aversion to globalization and deindustrialization. I know that such problems do exist in England for example, brexit can be seen as an anti-globalization movement too, but London is so strong in finances that it can actually compete with NY (the only city that can do it), so in the end England also got its trade-off building a strong financial global city while losing an industrialized countryside, meanwhile other anglo countries didn't manage to be so successful in building financial or IT centers. So the pattern here seems to be more about the countries that were actually successful at building a post-industrial economy but for some reason decided to revolt against globalization.
No. 6958
Well I mean you're still forgetting two things, one of which is the massive entitlement complex of Americans (meaning their mentality of feeling entitled) and the second being that we have massive wealth inequality here.

So the question to ask is, which Americans are actually benefiting? Because the poor in this country aren't really benefiting. We've all be totally shafted. Like I said all that wealth is only being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands here. It's like confusing raw GDP with PPP. The national average does look good, but most Americans aren't making those figures. It's the super rich treating the whole country like their personal playground that pisses us off. I mean yeah, for the super rich everything's just fucking dandy. Meanwhile the rest of us aren't making much money and have fewer opportunities. It's tied into the same problem as us having this huge wave of opiate addiction.

The real measure of stability is honestly the health of a middle class. We do not have the same healthy middle class we once did and it has steadily been getting worse. This really doesn't jive well with people who grew up being told they'd be astronauts and movie stars either which is why that affects white people so much worse and why things like white suicide rates have been rising.

Like I really don't think you understand just what's going on in my country right now. Globalism did indeed serve us well in the 90s, I'll grant you that. But ever since Reagan we've just been getting angrier and more unstable and a lot of that has to do with class and ownership. People try to bring up race and frankly the racial tensions (which are nothing new at all) are just an extension of and intertwined with class tensions. So I will say it again, the people you are talking about benefiting are not ordinary Americans. Ordinary Americans are sitting in bathtubs with a shotgun in their mouth and ODing on heroin right now. Any sense of optimism we had evaporated with the budget surplus in the mid-00s. Most of us haven't seen that recovery yet as upper class continue looting the country and lining their pockets. Is it like Russia? No it's not as bad as Russia. But it keeps reminding me of it. You keep acting like those gains are being shared and distibuted around society--they are not.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 6960
>Singapore is a special case because of its location and its size, it can't be reproduced elsewhere

I'm not so sure about it. You could very well transform important cities into a kind of private states for whatever reason, it might be unlikely know but maybe not in the future. They would still drain the countryside around it. It's just that it's not old national territory anymore.
Or lets think about half private zones at least like special economic zones. You could push these into a more authoritarian direction if it is needed.
No. 6975

Hide No. 6054 Systemkontra [Reply]
353 kB, 1920 × 1276
You know the game. Share your daily sufferings.
No. 6973
132 kB, 1023 × 727
>amphibious landing at Leningrad.
This and also I am going to execute a multiple step plan that is hopefully going to seal the fate of the Russian army.
1.Weaker forces are going to be positioned along the black line to bait the AI into attacking me.
2.At the same time, I will concentrate a lot of forces near Kaliningrad Konigsberg and try to encircle the troops that Russia has in Poland.(red arrow)
3. >an amphibious landing at Leningrad
4. Brown forces will encircle the Baltic provinces and, after meeting up with the defending army at Petrograd, launch an offensive in the direction of Moscow. The Yellow force's job will be mostly cutting off Finland and Murmansk from the Russian heartland.
5. Meanwhile, the combined red & black armies are occupying Belarus and providing minor assistance to Austria-Hungary, if necessary.
6. Lastly, once the black and red amy reaches Smolensk and Orel and the Brown forces set up a front at the Opochka- Novgorod - Tikhvin line, a combined push towards Moscow begins.

Sadly, unless Lenin is sent to Rush-ka there is no way to make peace so I will consider taking these two cities by the end of 1914 a victory.
No. 6976
The Baltic pocket is too big to sustain an advance alongside. I'd break through to Riga ASAP and try and make it more of an Estonian pocket. It'll take fewer troops to keep closed so you'll have actual formations able to advance further rather than a hodge-podge pile of divisions pulled from all over the place. Also, phase lines are life, don't plan an operation without them. Theatre strategy is about having large formations working together and phase lines are a way of making sure that forces are in support of each other at all times. If one army does well and streams ahead but then another army gets bogged down then both armies are in danger, the former of being cut off and the latter of unsustainable attrition. With phase lines being respected, they'd remain in supporting distance of each other and ensure that both formations are operating at maximum strength with their flanks secured. It mightn't be as big a deal in HoI though. I don't remember how difficult logistics are exactly but I don't recall them being particularly damaging to an op.
No. 6977
suffering due to lira value go down. I had plans for holidays now all of them cancelled. I know it's first world tier problem, but because of some unrelated person that I didnt vote, my life getting worse. People always say you should take responsiblities of your actions, in all of my life I had to take responsiblities of other people as well.

I'd go in further rant but most likely I'd accused for being edgy.
No. 6986
But these will bitch about somebody crashing their car anytime, so don't bother this commonplace wisdom. It's just a phrase with a pinch of truth, just a pinch since you are obviously often enough not responsible for what is happening to you, as if the world is not inhabited by billions of people who take action everyday

Hide No. 5748 [Reply]
53 kB, 308 × 475
What are some phrases, ideas, aphorisms or passages that've influenced your worldview?

Jim Goad has always been my continuing source of inspiration. Few people have the guts, gumption and grit to live the life he's experienced, and even fewer have the talent and tenacity to write about his past in such magnificent prose. I'd call him a 21st Century Henry Louis Mencken or Friedrich Nietzsche, but frankly, the comparisons would only go so far in encapsulating his scintillating style.

My favorite passage comes from The Shit Magnet, his personal memoirs he wrote while locked up. There's lots of prose, so I'll edit it down to the most poignant parts.

>Guilt is the idea that we are finite, that we are mortal, that we decay, and such notions dampen one’s life instinct...Humans typically try to cure themselves of guilt by infecting someone else. Guilt becomes something you wish on your enemies. When you can make someone feel guilty, it’s easier to control them...When a society feels guilty, it starts to decline. When it can isolate its guilt outside of its borders and punish the scapegoat, it prospers.
>When you look at heroes and villains throughout literature, the only real differences seem to be that the heroes wear brighter costumes and are better at killing. The biggest killers always declare themselves saints...all viewed their acts as purification rituals.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 6383
91 kB, 720 × 720
70 kB, 960 × 960
8 kB, 502 × 103
Lord Acton's 'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. just something that sticks in my mind. Seldom do I find good quotes. my favourite is definitely the buddha's 'when you like a flower, you pluck it. when you love a flower, you nurture it.' something I hadn't realised before I first read it, but it is obvious now. the last 2 pictures related has shaped my thoughts from time to time.
No. 6576
435 kB, 755 × 961
Nick Bougas who did comics for Jim Goad's infamous magazine which stirred up a lot of trouble in the 90s turns out to be A Wyatt Mann
No. 6582
Actually, the idea "I myself am more capable of finding out the truth than anyone else, including organizations and systems who are working on it since centuries" is symptom of a juvenile mind.

As long as you aren't an overachieving prodigy who already has secured his entire life, you apparently face obstacles and difficulties that will turn out to not be unique to your life.

>B-but they just want to enslave you!
What doesn't? I'd rather consciously choose what is important enough for me that I start organizing my life around it, than being driven by nominous influences from who knows where.
No. 6592
532 kB, 606 × 602
you misinterpret me a bit. i never wanted to say "i am more capable than anyone else" - just that i am trying to find the small drops of truths within this sea of propaganda. i know i do make mistakes; i'm human after all.

about the religious stuff: it's fact, that e.g. christianity only got so big because they slaughter everyone not joining them.

a lot of people within these abrahamic cults are actually genuinely trying to help. but it doesn't change the history.
and i don't like this argument of "b,but those were the people of the past. now it is totally different."
you do not here anyone say "But those were the Nazis of the past. The current Nazis are totally different." → it's still the same core philosophy.

Hide No. 1826 [Reply]
42 kB, 500 × 375
I can no longer abide by this absolute Chinese. Fucking. FILTH. Two separate headphones and I can tell both of these pieces of shit are the exact same goddamn chinese manufacturer. They sound like fucking garbage. Where can one find Western goods that aren't absurdly expensive luxury prices? What about Sweden? Do the Swedes make decent headphones? Where to buy exclusively NOT CHINA MADE This is absolutely ridiculous. It sounds fucking terrible! FUCKING TERRIBLE!
No. 6534
93 kB, 720 × 405
Headphones are for plebs, of all the bad things in the world because of globalization and the protocols of zion you're complaining about headphones?
No. 6536
488 kB, 800 × 767
Everything is made in China, from the finest and most absurdly expensive of electronics to the most bottom of the barrel, tinplated garbageware.
You've chosen the later.
No. 6541 Kontra
Earbuds are like socks. They break eventually and you constantly have to buy new ones.
No. 6546
I've really expensive monitors for music production and they are made in china. Engineered in Germany tho.

So >>6536 is the analysis to go here

Hide No. 4878 [Reply]
2,3 MB, 2560 × 1920
1,2 MB, 4800 × 6000
That feel when drug-addled degenerate. Anyone else?
No. 5637
What work do you do?
No. 5650
Admin and communications in some thinktank. I'm actually writing an article about heroin currently :-DD
No. 5668
You snort it so it is less potent?
No. 6370
I did try to smoke it but it hurt my lungs :C

Hide No. 6225 [Reply]
543 kB, 943 × 1400
give me old kaycee webm with jihadi hamster pls

Hide No. 5999 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 6055
Choose Banana Pi, Orange Pi or another cheaper RaspPi clone and leave worries.
No. 6072
161 kB, 1210 × 796
114 kB, 1086 × 769
56 kB, 518 × 345
Soldered molex to the points of voltage measurings. Red for GPU voltage and yellow for memory voltage. Now I don't have to hold multi-meter's sticks with my shaky hands.
Found more or less decent cooler, drilled a couple mounting holes in it and soon it was installed on my little 8600 gt.
And now comes the best part. Overclocking! I went for GPU overclock first and to my bad surprise software tool known as MSI afterburner was limiting maximal clock with just 702 MHz. I pushed voltage to 1.5 volts on GPU and went for 702 MHz. Videocard was stable and after benchmarks in Portal 2 I tried to overclock memory. And here was the problem. No matter what I tried card wasn't stable with 430+ clocks. I even put small radiators on the memory chips thinking it was a temperature problem. Pushed memory voltage to 2.1 V. Nothing. 2.15v. Nothing. 2.2, 2.25, 2.27. Same nothing. So I gave up and blamed it on bad memory. But situation was even worse. Videocard couldn't pass a Portal 2 benchmark with 430 MHz so I had to lower it to 424 MHz. That's a real shame I have to say. Memory is a huge bottleneck in this card. 8600 gt usually comes with gddr3 memory and this one got ddr2 so overclock could really improve performance.
Anyway, GPU clock limit wasn't reached so I searched for similar programs as MSI afterburner and found its successor RivaTuner. Clock limit of this tool was higher and after voltage push to 1.57, it was achieved as well. 810 MHz. After such a huge milestone I was ready to rise clock limit even further but another problem went in my way. Temperature. It was close to 90 degrees of Celsius which means cooler isn't sufficient for overclock any longer.
So here comes end of my overclock story. Later I might use a bigger cooler but it needs long thinking about how I will attach it to the videocard. For now I stopped at 810 MHz for GPU and 424 MHz for memory. Performance boost is ~30% more fps in Portal 2.
No. 6130 Kontra
BananaPi: >30€
RaspberryPi A: 22€

BananaPi is only good when you go for the bigger models like the router board. (for example, to built a small series of 10-20 custom routers for a big-assed asterisk/VPN setup, etc...)

No. 6140
But what about Orange Pi?

Hide No. 5947 [Reply]
24 kB, 207 × 310
How do you understand proverb "Bread is everything's head"?
No. 6079
Comfy chaos is fine, we all reconsider our posts. You did a helpful thing. Good man.
No. 6080
No. 6095
345 kB, 1756 × 2480
Thank you Poland.

It's that I thought about this artist because he talks a lot about aesthetics.

IIRC the guy was from the Garo collective.

Recently I knew this material, which is impressive. I thought Tatsumi might be the best from that collective but oh no, no. This one is incredible.
No. 6126
There are basic necessities and priorities everybody needs to be covered before he can strive for more advanced objectives.

Hide No. 5000 Systemkontra [Reply]
74 kB, 800 × 577
Blog time. Tell us about your highly important daily sufferings.
No. 6033
I would suggest running instead of going to the gym, no time limits, few excuses, you can always do 100 pushups, squats, sit-ups.
One advice I had previously when I was unhappy/depressed after neeting for a few years, I blamed myself but when I had a real job, I could at least blame all my troubles on my job and I think that is what 70% of ppl do, work sucks, but that is life, if was a great relief to join reality and blame something else and not yourself.
Who knows what will come tomorrow, but will you cry if it rains, i doubt it, take life as it is, a bunch of organisms competing for resources.

Alcohol makes you lucid and allows you to think, it also digs a hole, you keep digging a hole you feel warm and safe after a number of years you might not understand the world but you know you will feel warm and safe in your hole.
So any stress, anxiety or boredom brings you back.
However life is full of anxiety, stress and boredom.
No. 6042 Kontra
get politically active
No. 6048
SSRI withdrawals ain't nothing to fuck with. I missed one day, and now I feel like shit for two days straight.
I think I will do both.
Jogging on off days.

The reason I like going to the gym is because it's fun. Lifting heavy objects and seeing how heavy an object you can lift is like a game. It's engaging on a level that bodyweight exercises are not.

Also, swimming, too, sounds interesting. It sounds very cozy to spend whole day splashing in water, and reading books while you're tired, then going back into the water again. Just some place to relax, instead of sitting at the computer all day.

I've always wanted to form an underground kazakh nationalist pagan terrorist group slash doom metal band. We'd play songs praising tengri and burn down mosques, beat up muslims and russians, etc.
No. 6053
85 kB, 472 × 562
i have it the other way round. i think it is more engaging if you work with your own body as weight. gives me a better feeling of "body control", the illusion, that i know my body's limits and strength.
climbing, parkour, running and swimming; those are activities where you only move your body, no other weights.

don't want to convince you of my interpretation/motivation. just felt like sharing