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Hide No. 16233 [Reply]
29 kB, 620 × 413
29 kB, 620 × 413
Talk to me about the future of European Union.
No. 26273
Shame this caught him a ban. I have no idea about this part of German history or who these people were.
t. Interested
No. 26283
65 kB, 450 × 600
You can google this shit.
He makes interpretations of historic events and processes thru a person as if one person is fully responsible for history. It's kohl tier brainlet style posting, ban was right. Good to see the mods still care and ray away the cancer.
No. 26299
I'm not really arguing banning brainlets just I want to know more on this topic and what happened, preferably from an intelligent perspective
No. 26305
Google Willy Brandt, the wiki should give info about his foreign policy including the Ostverträge, agreements between Germany and SU countries including the DDR and giving up the territories of 1937 Germany, today it is Poland etc. historians noted that Hitler sold these territories by going to war and loosing it, nobody needs these territories anyway
Not sure when the turkish "guest workers" came, but afaik they came later then the greeks, spainiards and italiens .

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19 kB, 544 × 288
122 kB, 1280 × 694
58 kB, 704 × 528
39 kB, 712 × 564
Let's talk about kino

Old thread: >>44
No. 26148
In alm honesty I've seen two capeshit things that were good, and those are The Dark Knight and a couple XMEN movies. Days of Future Past was really good, and the one set in the Cold War wasnt bad either. I do remember seeing one that was terrible though. Or maybe it was a few and they blur together into one capeshit mass.

Speaking of comic book stuff, has anyone seen Preacher? Is the show any good?
No. 26177
237 kB, 367 × 357
193 kB, 716 × 480
Just watched this adaptation of a Kafka short story. It was okay, really nothing special. The main point was the animation itself, which was Experimental, but I just probably don't get it. (Or it's just simply not my cup of tea. It's gritty and intentionally crude, it reminds me of some Pilotredsun animations, weirdly enough.)
Besides the wacky, surreal animation, it follows the source material word-for-word.
Honestly, if it wasn't Kafka, I wouldn't really care for it.
No. 26184
What’s your deal? Why do you come here to harass via shitpost an actually decent poster?
No. 26187
I remember watching when it was paired with Walking Dead, and I liked Preacher more. I would recommend it.

>A Country Doctor.
Since I like experimental animation, I searched for this on Youtube. It's definitely surreal. I think the director was trying to create a dream-like feeling, where there the viewer had no solid and reliable visual footing. Maybe that was to convey the doctor's lack of control; they were the new priests and people expected them to magically fix things. At least that's how I interpretted it.

Hide No. 25964 Lock [Reply]
130 kB, 612 × 792
360 kB, 612 × 792
350 kB, 612 × 792
347 kB, 612 × 792
I salvaged these and figured I should spread them. Save them, and spread them in the site's memory.
Okay, that was bullshit. These are counterfeits of the counterfeits. Still, you should save them for reasons.
No. 26012 Kontra
It's because OP is some retard from cripplechan. Please go to shithole like k*hl instead.

Hide No. 25939 [Reply]
248 kB, 818 × 918
I have allergies to animals like dogs and cats. They have been acting up again. I have trouble breathing, sneeze all the time, and cough.
I'm not going to drug myself in order to live. Mother refuses to put the dogs outside because they are her 'babies' or whatever.
My father will not confront her about anything, because he does not like any conflict.

I understand that this is a very personal thing, so let's make this a thread for complaints about elders generally.

I'm sorry. I don't have friends with whom to speak. Please understand this.
No. 25945
I am trying not to be angry at this

My boomer parents let the one house go completely to shit and I've been on their case about how fucking stupid it is to sell it and the land we own after they paid off the mortgage. It's in a location that'll only increase in value with global warming too.
No. 25949
1,5 MB, 658 × 600
>Because I know the deficit that this has caused, I'm going to teach these things to my kids.
I hear ya, I've bought quite a few books on tracking, hunting, skinning and survival - along with a bow and a bunch of tools that can be used without electricity. I am already teaching my kids the basics of bows, tools and how things work because my own parents basically taught me nothing - in fact they were barely literate and completely uneducated yet walked into careers in the 70s and 80s and had their mortgage paid off within 10 years. by the way you should try explaining to a 5 year old how an airbag works sometime, that's a fucking minefield of endless questions right there. Same with things like clouds

>My boomer parents let the one house go completely to shit and I've been on their case about how fucking stupid it is to sell it and the land we own after they paid off the mortgage. It's in a location that'll only increase in value with global warming too.
boomers have no concept of value, they were basically handed security in a high trust society, they had family, they had inheritance and they probably had a lot more siblings than our generation, and they lived under far more lenient laws and less draconian shit so they did have so many safety nets compared to us. What do they do with all this security? they squander it on absolute bullshit and frivolity when they're in their 60s and 70s.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 25953
Tbh, if my existence offends boomers and/or the establishment in general than I'm winning. They have no power here. I'm an underachiever and I'm not intending to 'grow up' and become another drone in the system. They want to get arsepained about it? Let them. That's their problem.
t. boomer immune
No. 26001
If OP needs a frien, he can mail me at berndlauertdo ät gmail dot com. I can't promise to respond immediately, but I will respondze.

Hide No. 22053 Systemkontra [Reply]
7,1 MB, 636 × 360, 0:45
2,3 MB, 1152 × 640, 0:10
(old one on systemcontra)

Maduro regime in Venezuela cracks down on opposition, killing protestors
No. 25963
>One should overlook the title of the book.

One should NOT overlook the title of the book.

I obviously meant.

Thanks for the nice link.
What do you think the CIA used him for?
Do you think he was a pedophile or he just had to play the role for his CIA duties?
Do you really think that the CIA kills a former operative and not offering him some other way out?

Can you 100%ly preclude what >>25933 writes?
No. 25979
>Epstein was an intelligence asset used by the CIA to collect blackmail on the rich and powerful
pfffffff the rich and powerful command the cia/deep state and governments in every country, otherwise the rich and powerful would be just rich, but not powerful.
on another chan anon posted a doc which was allegedly a list with people linked to epstein. addresses were blacked as well as a couple names. couldn't find trump and clinton on there, but spotted other prominent names such as murdoch, prince andrew, rothschild, bismarck, habsburg to name but a few.
so if epstein really was a pedo provider for these upper upper class super rich oligarch types i think serious investigators will suffer the same fate as witnesses and investigators in the dutroux case.
No. 26053
What if the rich and powerful are trying to receive assets in order to blackmail other rich and powerfuls?
It's like with (other) criminals, where any criminal has to have something in hand to snitch on the other criminals in order to be safe from them.
No. 26059
>What if the rich and powerful are trying to receive assets in order to blackmail other rich and powerfuls?
fair enough. but why do you bring blackmail in? if the guy was indeed pedo provider for over 9000 oligarchs all of his "customers" shared the same interest regarding him after he got arrested: he shall under no circumstances chat about his "job" and relations to them in court. all of his customers have a very strong motive regarding his "suicide".
now the fact that he got arrested in the first place may point to epstein being a tool and/or casuality within a greater intrigue between different oligarchs or oligarch factions. the cia/deep state might be a tool of one of those factions. or there are different factions within the cia who work for different customers. anyway, since a lot of very powerful people shared the interest of him being silent forever a combined effort to make sure of this seems more likely to me than a bunch of secret service personell using someone like epstein as "asset" for blackmailing even more powerful people than him or making politics - only to eventually expose their "asset" to the public.

Hide No. 24675 Systemkontra [Reply]
725 kB, 1000 × 667
Post your stories.
No. 25807
Rain is even fucking worse, because it's never lasting and turns the air really humid and jungle-like.
No. 25813
Interesting, what are you working on?

Here I learned in school that in the rainforest it rains almost all day but it's really hot as well. I never went there so I can't possibly know.

I shouldn't have lagged behind Saturday on studies, now I've lost interest in the chapter I am in. Perhaps going to study something else for the time being - Biology, perhaps. If I do not actually pass the test it is fine anyways.
No. 25814
Also, I came to mom's office today. Her coworker is a rather beautiful young lady, I wish I had something to show her but I've got nothing.

These kind of encounters bother me sometimes because I realize I should be aspiring to better things - which I am - but I may be satisfied with being mediocre. Ach, Bernd. I don't even know anymore.
No. 25908
Mosquitos attacked me to drink my blood

Hide No. 25731 [Reply]
51 kB, 650 × 408
Is ball lightning real? If so, why is there only one convincing video of the phenomenon on the internet?

No. 25760
465 kB, 1199 × 770
I'm not a physics pro either, but as a consumer of UFO videos I want to believe.jpg I think weird electrical phenomena can account for a lot of them(at least the ones which aren't military aircraft like >>25758 said) There is Ball Lightning, and also St.Elmo's Fire (which may have been what WW2 pilots saw and called "Foo Fighters"). Earthquake Lights produce some really odd effects(pic is an example). Those are caused by electric charges which build up as certain rocks shift underground, and can explain the glowing orbs which are frequently reported before and after quakes.

No. 25768
40 kB, 400 × 487

It's apparantly more likely that you see a flying device that you can't identify.
And then again, due to strategic reasons, it's very likely that nobody will give you a statement what it was (Secret new plane) or it was just something trivial (weather balloon).

But ball lightning is, as far as I can tell, so unlikely to appear, that we can just apply okhams razor here. Pic related; Newtons Flaming Laser Sword.
No. 25770 Kontra
Here I'd like to agree. When you observe such things while operating a plane and not watching out of your homes window, then again it would be unlikely that e.g. an Orb following your plane (Think there was such a report, no?) would be a secret-weapon-device.
No. 28817 Kontra
Ball lightning is real but very rare. The phenomenon has been accepted by scientists but as of now nobody has a good idea of how it works. It's very rarity makes it extremely difficult to study.

There is absolutely no reason to associate ball lightning with UFOs. People who have reported it never mentioned seeing a UFO or Aliens or anything supernatural.

Hide No. 25214 [Reply]
3 kB, 159 × 200
120 kB, 723 × 992
Since a long time I strongly assume, that modern trends in architecture, like e.g. lazy facing concrete buildings simply exist, because architects and craftsmen are not able to build things that have been built centuries ago with more simple means of construction.

I believe that notre dame shows this. The most obvious idea would be to just rebuild this quite perfect building. But we can't. We are not able and therefore start to fancy some bullshit.


Rate my onions.
No. 25748
A Prince of Hohenzollern once worked at a drinks shop, stacking crates of sparkling water, lemonade and beer.
No. 25750
>But we can't.
The right answer to that is
>Then find out how
There are two answers I'm allowed to give at my job. One is
>We'll have to find a way to make this work
>We know how to do this, here are the steps
No. 25751
>crawl in the mud
That's exactly the kind of snide, pompous faggot attitude I'm describing funny enough. Not sure why you personally seem to have it also.
No. 25773 Kontra
>grown up in a highly pampered, narcissistic environment of sociopaths who believe they are better than others, because they grew up in a pampered, highly narcissistic environment.
fixed that for you. i don't like your attitude towards people less lucky than you.
>money is nothing
only people who don't ever need to worry about money, because they command over much more money than they could ever spend would come up with such statements, because they are so pampered that they never ran into existential problems.

Hide No. 25432 [Reply]
57 kB, 576 × 382
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 25541
Dont forget OpenSCAD.
It is script based, which means that when you got a bit of brain you do not have to learn anything to master it.

And I am not a programmer.
No. 25568
Wow, somebody is delusional.
No. 25585
When you do CAD for money, the customer usually has requires that a specific software is used.

For electrical CAD, this might for example be Zuken E3, Promis.e or EPlan. What do you tell a new customer who asks
>Can you do electrical engineering in Promis.e
>No, sorry, we use Linux as an operating system, we only do gschem and kicad
And sales will have to find projects where it's OK to use those, which is fine and dandy, as long as the drafters don't insist on getting paid every month. And at this point, we are not even talking about getting part libraries, which for gschem, is spectacularly horrible.

Can you get other stuff than kicad running on Linux with wine etc.? Probably yes, but enjoy telling management

[Show 11 more lines]

No. 25593 Kontra
>When you do CAD for money, the customer usually has requires that a specific software is used
that's news to me. afaik construction bureaus operate using only one cad system e.g. nx, solid works, catia for a number of reasons (service, security and costs to name but a few). and frankly i've never heard customers dictating devs and engineers what specific tools, computers and operating systems they ought to employ.

it's a communication suite for simatic.
>TIA-Portal for Linux.
i pointed to that specific site because there you can see what siemens sps devs generally think about linux being "shit". siemens offers now a complete debian based mini os dedicated to simatic and i'm pretty sure a linux build of tia-portal will be around rather sooner than later, too. meanwhile there's michael büsch's s7 software, which is foss and runs under linux, of course.

[Show 3 more lines]

Hide No. 21775 [Reply]
51 kB, 474 × 669
No. 22331
135 kB, 678 × 999
Didn't like it much, it was often very cringey, especially with its references (like, one dude's name is Weyland, and the other's Yutani — why? Yeah, Alien was a great movie, did they hope that this movie will be a little bit better if they reference it? Or a dude screaming "Shoryuken!" when he shoots a gun — makes no sense whatsoever, but hey, nerdy stuff!). The one good thing about it was Brad Dourif's performance, and only because how entertainingly over-the-top it was.

Hardware (1990) was much cooler, IMO, and it had a kickass soundtrack to boot.
No. 22341
430 kB, 640 × 360, 0:10
>Death Machine
I agree with >>22331 about Brad Dourif's performance. He was brilliant and the movie is worth watching just for his scenes. His over-the-top acting reminded me of a subtle Jim Carrey.
The writer/director did make some bad naming decisions. It was too obvious and the names stood out every time they were mentioned. If he wanted to honor Ridley Scott he should have just added an easter egg, instead of naming a major character Scott Ridley. Maybe he wanted to wink at the audience by adding small moments where the movie was aware that it was a movie. That was the feeling I had when one character said the Terminator line "I'll be back". It seemed like the director wanted to break up the tension by briefly pulling viewers out of the scene. Still, for me these were only a minor annoyances in an otherwise good movie.
No. 22419
The soundtrack is exactly what saved Hardware for me, especially "The Order of Death" by Public Image Ltd. Nice cameo from Lemmy, too. To be honest, the film fell apart after the second act for me. And that sequel hook really pissed me off at the end. I later found out the intended sequel never got off the ground due to disputes over the rights to the script. Oh well.

Still, the film has a great aesthetic and awesome score to boot.
No. 25491
13,6 MB, 470 × 360, 1:40
This webm is what happens when Kohl tries to post on Ernst