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Hide No. 62835 [Reply]
67 kB, 768 × 418
Vaccine Enthusiasts answer my questions about all the sportsball people dropping dead suddenly in these plaguetimes

No. 66562
I don't know a single person who suffered any lasting effects from the vaccination (and I don't know a single person who refused to get vaccinated, only second hand accounts of two people).

Either you're full of it or Ireland is being sold something other than the vaccines we get here, or your doctors are incapable of setting a shot properly.
No. 66582
>I don't know a single person who suffered any lasting effects from the vaccination
Same. Only people who have been knocked out 1 - 3 days by it. I know people with long term effects by Corona (got infected before vaccination was available) however... inb4 anecdotal evidence and all that; true
No. 66587
Had to run to my nearest vaccination center to get a second dose because somehow rules have changed, I’m not allowed to perform without a new dose anymore and I learned this 45 minutes before the beginning of the show. I will be late.

There’ll be no policemen and half euronations have stopped restrictions. Wouldn’t have minded someone not being vaxxed 3x if I was part of the checking crew. Pissed off.
No. 79719

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107 kB, 580 × 434
491 kB, 900 × 839
163 kB, 1400 × 960
374 kB, 923 × 1294

Let us begin. It seems that this is a topic which interests a good many people here and seems to frequently bleed into places like the dreams thread. Come let us gather to banish the evils and further the EC tier monkish order.
No. 66378
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
No. 66393
>These two virtues are the two ills most commonly associated with catholics.
Funny, I've always been told by my protestant surroundings that catholics were filthy fetishists who only had to do Ave Maria and Pater Noster when they did something wrong to take the shame away. While us protestant had to bear the guilt of our deeds forever and nobody could forgive us but ourselves while we roamed the earth.
No. 66407
What you are describing is more like "humility" rather than shame and guilt though, in line with:
>Matthew 7:5 [Thou hypocrite,] first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
>>66393 is pointing in the right direction that catholics have a weird fetishistic relationship with sin, which leads to a viewing sin as a forbidden fruit that is cyclically indulged in and abhorred.
In fact I wonder how that came about to be justified theologically, considering
>Matthew 5:30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
to me reads like an imperative to resolutely do away with sin rather than abuse God's forgiveness by feeling guilt or shame about one's sins.

Though the protestant view of an insurmountable eternal sin is also weird to me if it's driven to an extreme, after all the New Testament does stress forgiveness and repentance

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No. 79713

Hide No. 79118 [Reply]
116 kB, 1077 × 780
Ernst, let's have a thread about the small things that happen or that you do that you still feel like sharing.
Small-scale celebration of the seemingly insignificant is the name of the game here.

Penis joges allowed but looked down upon EC style

I'll start just to give an example:

When I empty a glass of jam there usually is this feeling of not wanting to waste the scraps that I can't get out with a spoon. A small annoyance, certainly.
But I keep those around for a day or two until the next time I make myself a Müsli, then I pour milk in the mostly-empty glass of jam, shake it wildly and pour the sweetened concoction over my Müsli instead of just fresh milk.

A small annoyance turned into a small joy. I bet I have a smug grin while doing it, too, but I've never done it infront of a mirror.
No. 79163
88 kB, 1080 × 1296
Approaching red lights that turn green just in time for you. Now that's some good shit.
No. 79575
I enjoy putting peanut butter on peanut butter flavored snacks. Peanut butter and cheese crackers, peanut butter granola bars, peanut butter wafer cookies- these are all better with a layer of fresh from the jar creamy peanut butter spread on top.

I tried peanut butter powder in coffee once, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped. Probably needed chocolate to balance the flavor.
No. 79657
No. 79701
It's still a nope

Hide No. 61521 [Reply]
28 kB, 720 × 720
Do you have a reputation, accurate or not, that influences how people perceive and approach you?

I seem to be seen as a liar or bullshitter. My own mother didn't believe me when I told her where to find the pepper in the kitchen. Granted, it was not my kitchen, but one I've been using often over the past six years.

Also, people who meet me the first time (or even years later) online, often react with "really?", no matter what kind of mundane things I post.

Inb4 multiple posts of "really"

Both of these things hit me especially hard, since my memory is just about the only thing in my brain that works the way it's supposed to.
No. 61532
> Do you deserve this reputation in any way?
No. I'm honest to a fault and I have no need to invent any fake stories whatsoever.
No. 61536
I'm not so sure :Dd
No. 61540
You should have said "really?"
No. 79676

Hide No. 5452 [Reply]
127 kB, 1500 × 960
What websites does Ernst frequent other than EC?

I used to spend a lot of time on different topic related internet forums and websites but then i got a slave to chans somewhere around 2006 or 2007 and i left the other internet behind.

Nowadays are Nu-EC, Youtube, Wikipedia and, as a guilty pleasure of mine, Reddit the only sites i regularely visit (next to some porn sites)

I have no idea where the hate for Reddit comes from by the way, if you ignore the comments underneath the content there are some pretty fun subreddits.
No. 61249
I prefer libredd.it (more stable instance: libreddit.silkky.cloud) to teddit.
No. 61257
> Reddit and Twitter are archived repositories of useful information that is often linked from elsewhere

> There only ever needs to be one search engine, and Google is it. And so on and so forth.
Can we please have at least two imageboards or 4chan will be enough? =D
I think it's a strange logic: "if two organisations provide same product, they should be one organisation" -- why? Don't you want to have one world monopoly producing cars or bread, for example? I bet you do, damn commie =D
And for sure Reddit is not a place for discussions, even by design. I think Livejournal would fit into such role much better. In addition to that, while theoretically subreddits act like separate websites, practically they can be banned by woke partisan moderation. This could be regulated by government by declaring such websites public platforms where administration has no right to ban anything except spam and illegal content like CP but there is no hope for that as in 2021 1-st amendment is considered harmful atavism left from 18-th century slave owners.
No. 61265
They're basically content parasites that link to other places. They're almost like an extension to google, since you google something and what you get is a post on reddit that compiles and links the information you need.
No. 79663

Hide No. 59755 [Reply]
47 kB, 640 × 640
(I know that this thread might look like it's made by an immature specimen that does not know how humanity works, which is absolutely true.)
I want to ask Ernst about attention seekers and about the ways to effectively deal with them.
First i wanted to describe what sort of person i usually call an attention whore.
An attention whore:
>Talks a lot about meaningless stuff and himself.
>Will start an argument over nothing.
>Will gaslight you and play a victim.
>Will troll with stupidity and shitposts.
>Surrounds himself with weak-minded people who are somehow impressed with his behavior.
>Extremely materialistic and superficial.
>Has masochistic tendencies.
Now the last point i would like to elaborate on. An attention seeker LOVES when someone beats the crap out of him. He likes being a victim, he likes being insulted, assaulted, he literally enjoys it. Such a person will commit a mass shooting or a suicide or both, with one sole goal: to get noticed.

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No. 60117
15 kB, 200 × 200
Guys i figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this type of person is called
>histrionic personality disorder
I came to the conclusion that the best way not to get triggered by attention whores is to
1) ignore them completely
2) laugh at them
3) never take anything they say seriously

You see apparently they have this massive ego that needs to be fed constantly and like i said before it's irrelevant what sort of attention they're getting.
They love when they are loved and they love when they are hated.
If you don't give them any or dismiss them and threat them as little children they literally die inside. The only dangerous thing about them is that IRL they might resort to violence when they are ignored.

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No. 60120 Kontra
69 kB, 604 × 453
>Before EC reboot, we used to have a philosophy that the hallmark of EC is being able to turn any thread into serious discussions, regardless of OP post.
I like this approach a lot. It creates an inviting atmosphere while still upholding the spirit of the board. Also it is a good shittest for new users to see if they are compatible without resorting to low blows or premature bans.
No. 60243 Kontra
Is that image original content? If so, thank you for the effort. And thanks regardless for sharing it, as it has lightened my mood.
No. 79659

Hide No. 78847 Systemkontra [Reply]
324 kB, 1558 × 876
Other germans = slow
Me = fast
No. 79531
Many political actors recognize the importance of the Ernstchan think-tank and naturally desire to influence it.
No. 79532
Sehr hilarious, ja.
No. 79534
73 kB, 500 × 500
NEW! thread
No. 79535
KC has been dead for years, but it seems the K*hl is going the way of all flesh, hence all the refugees.

What is the poverty line in Germany?
Do you not get any Bafög whatsoever? Are you living alone or in a shared flat? Do you have any expensive vices?
I am grateful I could study more-less in peace - my parents were just above the line for me getting Bafög (well, I think I would have literally gotten 2-3 Euros or so :-DDD), so I stayed at home. Even going by car daily was less expensive than moving out for me, also that way I was always available for doing chores in and around the house, but well, that was fair considering I didn't pay rent.
But I also took every job I could during the semester breaks, assembly line, shelf stocking, Hiwi was rather cozy, I preferred that.
When I started my PhD I actually moved to one of the most expensive cities (back then) and paid already over 400 Euros for just a single room 20m² apartment, at literally minimum wage (50% E13, amounting to barely 1100 Euros net). At that time I managed to live on only around 130-150 Euros per month (in total), so I even could save some money. In fact the first thing I stopped doing when I started to earn more than bare minimum was not caring about food prices anymore. That is the one luxury I am allowing myself. When I see cheese I fancy, I buy it. When I feel like eating steak, I get a steak. But if necessary I can also survive on cabbage, potatos and onions.

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Hide No. 78893 [Reply]
907 kB, 1022 × 745
Have you ever tried to collect rocks?
I've been thinking i might wanna start collecting them because i have nothing else to do with my pointless shitty life.
If you have any suggestions which gems should i start with it's welcome.
Also post your collections even if it's not rocks.
No. 79210
270 kB, 650 × 520
Hm, apparently we have the same as rest of post sovok.
I like this one.

All post sovok countries' governments copy each others' homework or something. There's probably a github repo somewhere out there with all of the resources and laws needed to run your own post-sovok government, that every post sovok country pulls from.
No. 79212
104 kB, 968 × 592
101 kB, 900 × 600
207 kB, 550 × 1207
You triggered my curiosity. There is a joke about Belarus being testing ground for Russia. This time it turned out to be Kazakhstan.

4 October, 2012
Different pictures.

≈ 29 April, 2013
Same pictures.


[Show 12 more lines]

No. 79213 Kontra
> ≈ 29 April, 2013
Oh, it mentions 4-th of July, 2013.
No. 79387
In the US this might work, but in Germany I have to pay for smokers getting hospitalized for smoking, so I am all for less smoking.
Next target should be the fatasses, they also cost the health system a lot.

Hide No. 77207 Systemkontra [Reply]
83 kB, 960 × 640
Previous >>74309
No. 78909
85 kB, 596 × 1008
No. 78911
9 kB, 507 × 430
It's good, my boypucci approves.
Tips fedora.
No. 78954
8 kB, 194 × 123
So there are some cleanup shenanigans happening in the SBU (Ukr intelligence), someone higher up was found dead, apparently he was shot.

Albania arrested 2 Russians, one Ukrainian and 4 Czechs near military factories...

According to Ukraine: Several attacks on different fronts were repelled by Ukraine.
No. 78960
Thx Rubro for telling me, I didn't notice the new thread.

Hide No. 78243 Systemkontra [Reply]
398 kB, 2167 × 1547
Just because
No. 78844
I really don't see a problem with denying mentally ill people certain professions.
In fact I think it should be expanded to sociopaths, cholerics, power-tripping assholes and so on. Imagine bureaucrats who don't get off on having power over people just for requesting a new ID or something.

I agree though that going into treatment itself shouldn't be brought into consideration for that, since as the other german said, the person with the untreated trauma is potentially more dangerous than the one who actually got some kind of therapy.
That of course would also warrant getting a better therapy system in the first place, which would also mean accepting certain kinds of mental illness as such and removing others.
No. 78845
Fuck's sake why am I bavaria again? I am not on mobile.

Also, I bumped the thread to Kontra, that should be worth something, shouldn't it?
No. 78846
>power-tripping assholes
But who will issue the approved for work stamps? Really shot your own project in the foot there, Sepp.
No. 78870 Kontra
778 kB, 1053 × 642
It could be worse. This website is convinced I'm American.