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Hide No. 25503 [Reply]
48 kB, 480 × 480
I've recently bought a 1/3 ounce 24k gold ring and also have 25 ounces of silver coins. If I get a chance in the coming weeks I will try to buy a 1/2 ounce gold coin near spot price. The gold ring is 24k because I was kinda butthurt that when you buy any piece of jewellery it immediately depreciates to its metal content. Since I've bought it 2 days ago, it has increased in value by 2%.

I am not a financially minded person but when I look at the economy and labour situation around me I don't feel confident whatsoever.

There are all sorts of things from the US inversion curve to the manufacturing, shipping and retail indexes all showing significant trouble. It really feels like this thing is waiting to explode.

Also I'm Australian, I don't know why EC always shows me as a britbong.
No. 26820
Letgo might be worth a try if you want to sell locally. As for determining the value? I don't know anything about that, but if the set isn't worth much as a whole, maybe you could get more selling individual pieces to people who need to complete their old sets. That isn't a fast process, though.
No. 26832
Did you ever read up on the Oneida community? It was a self-organized social utopia before it turned into a silverware company, quite interesting story.
No. 26857
My gold ring ahs increased in value my 8.2% since I bought it

When compared to when I made my OP it has increased by 6%

Feels god man
No. 26862
It is hard to sell silver. Prices are low.

Hide No. 26775 [Reply]
75 kB, 251 × 223
Sometimes I get such severe secondhand embarrassment / fremdschämen from watching a situation depicted in a film or TV show that I have to stop watching: for instance, if a character is about to disappoint someone or do something wrong and get caught.

does this happen to anyone else
No. 26798
783 kB, 2560 × 1920
It's the opposite, too much empathy and understanding of social taboos. I brought this up once or twice irl and it seems to be common when you're watching something on your own.

Pic related is nightmare mode.
No. 26807
Yes, especially movies, have to take a few minute breather and then continue.
No. 26834
50 kB, 500 × 562
I know that feel. Well, maybe not quite as badly as you, but I had to stop watching Peep Show since Mark was making me cringe too hard.
No. 26837
I feel like it's gotten much better and rarely happens (not sure if I've become less sensitive or because I watch things that don't make me cringe), but sometimes it's still too much.
Recently I pretty much stopped watching The Sopranos, mainly due to Carmela making me uncomfortable.

Oh god, Peep Show is definitely Exhibit A in that regard.

Hide No. 26434 [Reply]
206 kB, 760 × 549
I miss krautchan. I was not on Krautchan for years now, and not even any other imageboard. God i miss it so much.

No. 26667 Kontra
Didn't mean "socially fucked-up wanker" the other thing you wrote. Never mind...
No. 26676
191 kB, 1200 × 600
I came to Krautchan in 2011 from 7chan. I miss it also.
No. 26689 Kontra
I'm not and i don't.
Who do you think i am? Same guy as the American?
No. 26829
33 kB, 397 × 344
don't really miss it.
to me kc died in 2014 when axel stoll passed away, because axel stoll was the last real /b/ meme. i miss old kc /b/ and /int/ 2008-2011, also 4chan 2005-2009. i'm not sure what exactly caused it, but in my opinion imageboard culture had slowly deteriorated on kc since winnenden, more rapidly since 2011 and was non-existent in 2014. in 2015 kc looked already like kohlchan today.

Hide No. 3001 [Reply]
18 kB, 757 × 723
Willkommen! This thread is for the sharing and discussion of short-films of all kinds.

I would like to start with two films directed by Russian filmmaker Andrei Khrzhanovsky that are of importance and demonstrate the technical level Soviet/Russian animation once operated on.

>The Glass Harmonica (1968)

The first (and allegedly only) animated film banned in the USSR for its depiction of totalitarianism and censorship of the arts. Inherently it has an anti-capitalist message in the role money plays turning people into monsters but you can obviously see what is really at work.

What is interesting about this other than the on the nose message is the use of historical artwork in a surrealist format. It was a very daring film even for life in the Khrushchev Thaw.

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No. 22534
Salad Fingers got a new part this year, the guy is still active and succesfull
No. 22536
Is part of it missing?

Somehow this was really cozy. I wish life was as slow today as it was then and there.
No. 22537
It's a movie consisting of various short movies, all following the same theme.
I would recommend you watch the whole thing.
No. 26545
A cat can't allow a bird to die. Chaos ensues.


Story told in the form of puppet theatre of man's arrogance. Mostly style over substance.

Hide No. 26482 [Reply]
26 kB, 220 × 230
On the internet one may run into communities of second wave feminists or catholics who insist that the consumption of pornography promotes sexual violence against women. My question to Ernst is straightforward: has there been any decent empirical research into this question?
No. 26535
There's a small kernel of truth in your post buried under shit tons of incel rage.

"Nice guys" supposedly made up the backbone of society, but I don't know a single woman who ever liked them. A woman tolerated a nice guy if his career prospects were promising or if her woman's parents like him, but women always preferred men they were more in awe of. The fantasy has always been Prince Charming, not some clodhopping farm boy or a stuffy manager with a steady office job. Women also weren't given a choice in those days, so they put up with the charmless dorks to avoid being disinherited.

To be honest, I don't blame the ladies. It may seem that these women exercise more rational thought picking shoes than they do men, but there's always a primitive part of the brain that instinctively knows charming bad boys trump nice guys when hard times hit. They're likelier to survive a nuclear holocaust than any slovenly obese neckbeard or testosterone-drained, small souled bugman. In fact, some of these self-described nice guys are devious and abusive in ways Colonel Chad could never even fathom. Even a rich CEO or successful lawyer / doctor doesn't have the same charm as a hardened criminal or a soldier who killed fitty men.

Anecdote: I went to school with a guy who showed off his mid-semester report card scoring a 0.85 GPA during his freshman year. He couldn't have been a worse student if he tried, and he prided himself on his lack of scholarly ambition, but he was very much in shape and athletically inclined. He was also quickwitted and possessed a solid set of street smarts. I doubt he was truly stupid, but he was certainly not interested in learning. After graduating, he went into the military and spent a few years overseas before becoming a project manager at some company. Meanwhile, he married a very gorgeous looking girl and had two kids with her. She even acknowledged he was (and still is) a bit of a punk ass, but she's convinced he's changed for the better.

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No. 26542
>Women don't want to be abused,
sometimes they do, sometimes they want you to not hold yourself back. the key word is sometimes. don't be an obsessed retardinho.
No. 26543
Probably gonna delete this thread because it quickly went off-topic
No. 26565 Kontra
Yeah, can't do no harm, regarding the angry virgins in here.

Hide No. 12643 [Reply]
21 kB, 303 × 303
Some time ago I wanted to banter at USA on topic being them a third-world country because water is more expensive than cola. I didn't find the pic and I still haven't :DDDDD, so I didn't post anything at all. Later, during the act of bowing to world imperialism making an order in one fast food chain, I noticed that water is more expensive there as well, what's more - usually everywhere simple water branded bottles are more expensive than cola at Pepsico or Coca-Cola Co. They make us drink sweetened water, they consciously make our bellies bigger so we would want to eat more and more.
Any initiative fire to stop this nonsense and force companies to make carbonated drinks more expensive than pure water because they'd never make pure water cheaper will be extinguished with piles of money, so I just came to outrage.
Thanks for attention.
No. 26357
Asking for carton of water is priceless, actually.
No. 26380
644 kB, 1291 × 752
>I thought everyone in usa have water from wells.

US have a notoriously bad water supply system.

Just think of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_water_crisis



I experienced it myself, when I was for 3 months in the US. I was living at a suburb for well-offs. Water out of the tab you couldn't drink, as it was of such poor quality that they had to chlorinate it heavily so that the people could use it at least for showering without getting sick.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 26381
61 kB, 500 × 375
634 kB, 620 × 470

Well-off is maybe a little mistakable, as it is a matter of definition.
Lets say upper middle class. Or middle class till lowest upper class. It was not a neighborhood the likes of Floyd Mayweather junior are living
But is was residential district with considerable big houses, middle sized gardens, where the Latinos gardeners came to do the gardens, most of the houses had fancy ornaments, e.g. pillars the houses' front.
No. 26390
Yeah that's called being well off. Well off doesnt mean rich neccesarily, or certainly not oligarch rich, but if you live in a fancy house in a nice neighborhood with stone pillars and a gate at the end of your driveway and hire crews to do your gardening and landscaping then you are lost definitely well off. Landscapers aren't cheap. I was at this one job where the guy wasn't just well off but actually rich. He spent $100,000 on landscaping that year. This is the equivalent of blowing $100k to do your gardening and yard work. If you can afford to pay twice the median income just on your yard work, you are rich, maybe even obscenely rich. If you spend even $30,000 on landscaping in a year, you are probably really rich. You don't have to be rich to have a maid or gardener, but you definitely have to be pretty well off.

Hide No. 13753 [Reply]
922 kB, 990 × 1200
When communicating in English do you sometimes make mistakes because you often see native speakers make them? Which ones get you?

Grammar and spelling mistakes are really common in with native Englishers online, I imagine that must really mess with people trying to learn. Please discuss this topic.
No. 26358

A chair
An armchair

A, E, I, O, U, Y --- "a" before vowels as first letters in any noun mutates into "an"
No. 26361
Except Y generally.

A young bird. A Sea Urchin. An Urchin. Generally speaking it's a cadence thing. A urchin is awkward to pronounce, whereas an urchin allows an-urchin to sort of roll together whereas a-urchin requires a stop. English, particularly American English, is a very clippy language. We like saying things in the shortest possible amount of time, with the exception of our overreliance on articles to begin with (I can see how Slavic and other languages drop the/a/an so much because it's really not always necessary). A yogurt. A hundred yogurts although some people or maybe it was archaic English didn't pronounce the H making it an hundred yogurts.

A good rule of thumb maybe is if you can pronounce it like it's part of the same word without breaking your cadence, use an. If the next sound is consonant not a vowel use a. A-cow, a-youth, an-ox. Notice how all these could basically just be pronouned single words. A-ox, an-youth, an-cow, not so much.
No. 26364

I think I shouldbrew ale andcallit it Hundert
No. 26366
Sounds like a good ale or probably stout brewed by a trustworthy Irishman in a cottage tbh

Hide No. 26161 [Reply]
202 kB, 787 × 646
> joints - moving parts that take most of the load in human bodies
> cartilage - connective tissue in the joints is not regenerating - once it's worn out, the joint is done

It's not an intelligent design at all. Who the fuck would design chassis like that? It's like if you made it impossible to change oil in your car or replace bearings.
No. 26256
>Yet we are the dominant form of life
because evolution and our brain. lots of humans wasted and still getting wasted while we reach this form. it's not intelligent design at all.

even discussing this is very stupid as it's just an excuse to confirm pseudo scientific (read religious) studies.
No. 26264

>we are the dominant form of life on this planet

I still think that's rather all sorts of bacteria than us.
No. 26310
but we are the bacterias
humans are superorganisms (taht means a bunch of bacterias)
No. 26322
>It's not an intelligent design at all.

Just shat, I can confirm, it is not a intelligent design, but a smelly one.

Hide No. 26227 [Reply]
373 kB, 948 × 1280
I just cant put myself into using Opera instead of Chrome. And i really dont need anything at all beyond simple browsing.

Which browser is best and why? Also which vpn and why?
No. 26252
I'm not doing anything particularly spoopy. Really I just need something that'll make it not worth the effort to hassle me over the occasional illegal movie or some shit, and to avoid most of the dragnet that goes into the 'warrantless access' pile. Chances of it ever being accessed are slim, but it's still not really something I'm interested in putting a name on if I don't have to. If you're really doing shady shit, then it's above my level to advise you on.
No. 26253
>Which browser is best and why?
I read http://spyware.neocities.org to choose the browser.
>Also which vpn and why?
I don't think there is widely VPN service which you can trust. I guess some VPN through VPS in Somalia would be not a bad choice, but still one must be aware that provider sees where you connect, and VPS hoster can provide logs where your VPS accessing to.
No. 26274
browser waterfox

vpn none/tor
No. 26307
It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If "you got nothing to hide" it doesn't matter what you use, just use the thing you like, you are getting fucked anyway. They can probably drive a freight train into your ass by now, sideways.

Only to protect against Hollywood based attacks. Any government backed agency can still get you. They fucking closed down the internet just to catch a guy in Norway who was using Tor so if you are going to annoy them you need some serious OPSEC. First of being, do not post here. Every *chan is seriously monitored since retards started posting manifestos and killing people.

That said, Firefox. Only because of plugins that can clean up your internet experience™. Torbrowser is also good if you need to hide that filthy porn habit of yours from various trackers.

Hide No. 16233 [Reply]
29 kB, 620 × 413
29 kB, 620 × 413
Talk to me about the future of European Union.
No. 26273
Shame this caught him a ban. I have no idea about this part of German history or who these people were.
t. Interested
No. 26283
65 kB, 450 × 600
You can google this shit.
He makes interpretations of historic events and processes thru a person as if one person is fully responsible for history. It's kohl tier brainlet style posting, ban was right. Good to see the mods still care and ray away the cancer.
No. 26299
I'm not really arguing banning brainlets just I want to know more on this topic and what happened, preferably from an intelligent perspective
No. 26305
Google Willy Brandt, the wiki should give info about his foreign policy including the Ostverträge, agreements between Germany and SU countries including the DDR and giving up the territories of 1937 Germany, today it is Poland etc. historians noted that Hitler sold these territories by going to war and loosing it, nobody needs these territories anyway
Not sure when the turkish "guest workers" came, but afaik they came later then the greeks, spainiards and italiens .