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Hide No. 49125 [Reply]
1,0 MB, 320 × 180, 0:02
>Be me
>Living in Australia
>"Oy craiky, me hard drive is full with porn again"
>"Gonna buy a big usb-driverino to store all me important documents"
>Receive 256 gb usb drive
>Use for two weeks
>Stops working
>Microcontroller is fucked
>No warranty or money-back
>Thanks for nothing, Sandisk
>Thanks for nothing, Australia

Could we please get EU-tier warranty on all electronic products? And maybe some decent Amazon in this here place?
No. 49127
You know the answer to those questions.
t. australian
No. 49129
Could you further meditate on the Australian soul and mind? What makes the Australian people unique? What are their characteristics?
No. 49136 Kontra
> decent Amazon
Hate to break it to you but the reason most things are shit is because of them.

Hide No. 49071 [Reply]
66 kB, 638 × 479
This thread is absolutely random.

Isn't it just funny how randomness works?

Like saying that certain events would happen at certain dates and times.

But I guess Ernst wouldn't want to test the power of randomness with such things.
No. 49089
If somesuch thing was real a strong enough mind could manipulate the rest into his orbit and use their full mass as a force multiplier. It is also called "history."
No. 49091
Is this thread about randomness or a thread which one can fill with random things?
No. 49095
36 kB, 95 × 178
why are their three towers in that graph
No. 49101
>three towers
One of them must be WTC 7 :^D

Good question.

Hide No. 44162 [Reply]
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
3,7 MB, 1366 × 1804

-The protestant war lasted 11 years and had a total of 4.6 million military casualties, I dismantled the Holy Roman Empire during the war.
-I focused most of my development in Konigsberg and Danzig, Berlin is just some irrelevant provincial shithole.
-Moscow collapsed in the most horrible way possible, a big chunk of their former regions have been converted to islam, orthodoxy seems doomed.
-I released an AI kiev a while back from lithuania and gave them a 6/6/6 ruler, they seem to be doing well in pushing back the tatars.
-Protestant Toulouse,
-Burgundy alive and well in the Netherlands
-The UK owned Normandy, Northern Brittany and Gascony for a hell of a long time, only recently did France manage to push them out.
-The Danish-Swedish union alive and well, they might unite into Scandinavia soon.
-The turks ended up bordering me, so I pushed them back and released Nitra and Transylvania.
-Albania somehow managed to join the (now dismantled) HRE, and have thus survived the turks. Austria revoked their guarantee so they're about to get boned.
No. 48967
That's not a lot tbqh. 4X games can easily sap several hundred hours per title.
No. 48975
See the thing like this. I play 4k games for more than 12 years and finished only four campains.
I remember the time when first I discovered Civ games. Some friend of mine had it on his family pc. I was coming to his house only to play it. A point was reached when my friend lost interest in the Game and I continued playing it alone on his family computer while he played in his garden.
No. 48977
I have sames, but the first couple of hours are the most exciting, that's a problem of these games. Those are the hours in which it is decided if you will dominate your enemies or not. After a certain point it's just grinding your opponents out in wars or fast-teching to technological/diplomatic or whatever victory.
No. 48978
If you play with friends the endgame can be funny with the alliance game and different ways of winning. Given you have enough time and patience to play with people till that point.

Once I was playing Civ V and my friend was about 15-20 turn from a diplomatic victory. I declared a war on him where I was prepared and him not, nuked his capital to death, and did a scientific victory (the easiest). I'm still ashamed to this day but the game was fun as hell.

Hide No. 48504 [Reply]
10 kB, 284 × 177
Wow, this board is really slow.
No. 48505
2,1 MB, 480 × 320, 0:02
Sorry for the delay, I got here as fast as I could :D.
No. 48506
84 kB, 800 × 600
I still check it daily.
No. 48509 Kontra
I come here two to three times a day. Snailchan, but as we Germans say
>gut Ding will Weile haben good things take time

Also meta thread of the month
No. 48836
103 kB, 900 × 960
Quality is always better than quantity

Hide No. 48630 Lock [Reply]
50 kB, 1088 × 655
K***ch*n is a plague on Ersntchan, it's a plague on the internet, and quite frankly it's a plague on humanity itself. It's a mockery of a site that encourages sick ideas about race, women, and worst of children.

This sick pedophile and nazi enabling site must be stopped. Enough is enough. Join me in reporting this sick website to Cloudflare for violating terms of service and report it to any other place you can think of.
No. 48806
too late, i am now here.

Hide No. 48595 Lock [Reply]
34 kB, 679 × 582
>Hey Boss
>How about we implement some more efficient ways to communicate within the company, as well as within and between the various teams
>There is Microsoft Teams which integrates nicely into all our Office applications
>Or we could just use some other services that might be cheaper
>There is Slack, Jabber, Flock, Google Meet

<Hello Ernst
<Thank you but that won't be necessary
<Our mailing list does just fine


Get back to work

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 48712
Sometimes I wonder if my employers lucked out or if there's something seriously inefficient and I'm too apathetic to notice.

Hide No. 48472 [Reply]
1,2 MB, 2592 × 1944
Does ligna claire require greater technical skill to execute than drawing styles which feature hatching/crosshatching? Asking because I heard this opinion recently and was surprised by it.
No. 48481
151 kB, 736 × 591
I think cross-hatching is easier because it allows you be fuzzy about the details. A clean and precise drawing style doesn't leave a lot of room to hide your mistakes and weaknesses.
No. 48637
With clean lines then individual line quality becomes much more important. Fuzzier hatching, while needing its own setvif skills, can invoke an almost impressionistic look that's very forgiving on details.

Hide No. 47460 [Reply]
185 kB, 480 × 480, 0:09
Does anyone have that russian elite dangerous webm thnaks.
No. 47502
This is one of that multimedia elements that I know I downloaded but I download it one more time just in case.
No. 48616
Quality post.
I am one of those people who got tired of ED after playing it twice.
too big and bland for me i guess. although i had alot of fun running coffee and other goods from station to staion to make good cash. Maybe if i could've got a handle on the controls I'd have played it more. oh well now its uninstalled and all I play is eu4...
No. 48625
The big problem with it really is partly the controls as an unnecessary extra barrier to entry because there's a LOT of controls to memorize. Mouse and keyboard does indeed degrade the overall experience although the sheer number of controls means that you're probably going to need a keyboard in addition to joystick. Like I'm not even sure a good HOTAS can have enough buttons. Of course the extra unspoken thing is we're all mostly old now. I used to be able to memorize like two dozen different commands for games easily as a kid but I'm not a thirteen year old anymore which makes learning just avout anything new and complex harder and take so much more effort that it really becomes a time sink investment to learn. I'm almost tempted to say a HOTAS is borderline mandatory to get the best experience. I also heard it's phenomenal in VR but to make the VR experience worth it would require a really great headset that in turn requires really great GPU etc and by the end of it you're pretty much paying close to a thousand dollars on playing one game to fullest potential if you don't already have those things.
No. 48636
249 kB, 1920 × 1080
>I have never before played any game that gave me that feeling like this did.
I will say that even in its unfinished state, Star Citizen has given me that feeling more than any other game I've played. It's sort of like the inverse of ED, focusing on autistic attention to detail before introducing even more than 1 star system. But, it captures that magical awe of being a spaceman really well. I launch it once a week or so to do some boring cargo running or braindead combat against AI just to get that feeling.

Hide No. 46790 [Reply]
196 kB, 830 × 521
149 kB, 666 × 354
2,2 MB, 2794 × 1968
251 kB, 800 × 857
What does Ernst know about the lost country of Grand Tartary?
No. 46813
284 kB, 996 × 768
That it's almost certainly bullshit (I don't like absolutes, weird shit happens). What's more likely is that talk of the Blue Turks, Uyghur Khanate, Attila's horde etc. got mixed in with the wectoid lack of understanding of how exactly territory works in that part of the world, to think of a megablob where it was just a bunch of tribe and/or clans in various barely-existing 'states'. Also keep in mind that for a long time, western scholarship considered Turkic people, Tatars and Mongolic people to all be from Tatary or Turkestan. A good understanding of the cultural divides wasn't really there. Hell, there were strange misnomers into the 1920s, like the Kazakh ASSR being named for the Kyrgyz, who were not really part of its territory.

Regarding communist rewriting: true but it was to eliminate the 'counterrevolutionary' bits. They weren't fans of the Alash leaders for example, and in general a lot of the oral tradition was frowned upon for fear of it being nationalist and/or separatist.

Second post. The first one refers to a book I'm only seeing on conspiracy sites at first glance (not a good look) and 2 even they say it's from the mid nineteenth century, so well within the range of having remnants of builders in the area, even back to Timur who brought about a very particular style of architecture whose earliest example is in Kazakhstan (nomad territory) iirc. Assuming a legitimate source, this speaks more to the authors ignorance than anything else.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 46840
I only saw it a couple of times on 4chan's /his/ and I thought a couples of schizos force some meme. Soon the idiots will dig up the mysterious lands of far Turkestan...
No. 46871
Conquest of Siberia is a fascinating period, it was extremely quick for territory as huge as it is. Even if all of the square kilometers of land werent occupied in the military sense until much later (possibly during USSR), the authority still managed to spread from Muscovy all the way to Pacific ocean in less than a century.

Whatever the warbands encountered in Siberia offered such incoherent resistance that even irregular troops and mercenaries and just highwaymen managed to penetrate it, and then absorb in almost no time.

But for all that must have happened there's almost no historic account. Loads and loads of crew and cargo manifests, lists of supplies, weapons, men and animals and money spent, but not much in prose.
No. 48615
you are so fucking annoying

Hide No. 45729 [Reply]
513 kB, 2067 × 1385
Are there separate educational institutions that cater to the four different native language groups of Switzerland? Are there separate German schools, French schools and Italian schools? Do German-speaking children learn French and vice versa?
No. 47071
Also such maps as posted by OP can mislead if you don't know what the colours mean.
I think French and "German" for a large part have a fairly stable linguistic border, with little thoroughly mixed territory. I think there isn't such a clear-cut border for territories with relatively high proportions of speakers of R. vs. almost monolingually "German" territory.
No. 47094
Totally unrelated for the most part but how much are the French and German parts of your borderzone blurred? Because when I went to some family thing a year ago or whatever it was somebody brought up the area of where that part of the family comes from I think? I forget but someone said something and it occurred to me looking at my family how much they all actually looked like they were part French as much if not more than part German. So ever since then I've actually been wondering if we've actually come from a French family that happened to be living inside German territory.
No. 48452
94 kB, 828 × 568
>Totally unrelated for the most part but how much are the French and German parts of your borderzone blurred?
You mean the Romance–Germanic linguistic border in eastern France near Germany, right?

I can't tell from first-hand experience, having only spent a couple of minutes in that area after taking a wrong lane in Basel and accidentally emerging in France, so the following may be wrong.

In today's southwestern Germany, I think there has not been any indigenous Romance-speaking territory for many centuries, and no continuous minority communities either, unless you include urban expat communities whose members either assimilate or leave, never keeping French for more than a generation within any one family, unless perhaps Huguenot refugee communities long ago, if there even were any in those parts.

In today's eastern France, I think the situation in 2020 is very different from 1870. I think in 2020, the Germanic topolects are on the way out. I would be surprised if the 19th and 20th centuries didn't see the educational systems on both sides of the border exerting strong pressure to discourage the use of the "wrong" language or topolect, hoping this will in the long term turn everyone into loyal subjects of the respective nation state. My guess is that in 1870 (and perhaps as late as the 1940s), what would after the war become Alsace-Lorraine consisted of monolingually Germanic-speaking areas as well as mixed areas with varying percentages of Romance speakers, probably with few discernible linguistic borders, plus – in the far west – small amounts of monolingually Romance-speaking territory which Prussia-Germany deemed too economically or militarily advantageous to not annex in 1871, whereas in less important areas, the new border somewhat aligned with the linguistic one of westernmost extent of Germanic or significant Germanic minorities. So, west of Alsace-Lorraine, no significant minorities of Germanic speakers. East of Alsace-Lorraine, no significant minorities of Romance speakers, see above. Romance presence always less significant in Alsace than Lorraine.

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 49267 Kontra
Yes but it’s complicated. There is a core educational bureau in the capital. But most of the power, as often in Switzerland is given to the cantons, our holy political divisions. So there is drastically different educational system inside a linguistic group. There’s some kind of agreement between language group but it’s pretty weak. For exemple, in bilingual cantons, the kids will have the type of educational system no matter their languages.