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No. 2301 [Reply]
484 kB, 2048 × 3072
Cell phone operators were expensive when they were new, and their prices eventually lowered.
But at some point prices started to go up.
What was that point, in your opinion?
No. 2690
What you really say is this:
>Fuck yeah, it kills people. But no one gives a shit about it as long as you can get rich from it!
No. 2691
>But no one gives a shit about it as long as you can get rich from it!
How you ever read this? There wasn't any word about getting rich from it.
>but safety is not the priority when it comes to technology.
Not entirely true. It's true for military, but for civil applications you must handle safety requirements.
No. 2708
>muh safety requirement
Like fading out leaded gasoline 70 years after it had proven to be deadly in the pre-production run?

Yeah, your grandchildren will get safe mobile phones. Won't do the much good, because all your decendants will be drooling mongoloid retards, because you and their mother cooked your gonads with a portable microwave.
No. 2711
>because all your decendants will be drooling mongoloid retards,
Well, but what about yours?
There will be none?

No. 1915 [Reply]
588 kB, 1280 × 1283
Have you ever felt after reading anonymous post "Oh, what a cool poster that is", but later remembering that it was you?
And vice versa - at first you were "It's my post", but later - "Wait, it couldn't be my post"?
In short - have you felt depersonated on imageboards?
No. 1919
never happened to me because I'm not a schizo.
No. 1921
It happens semi-regularly. There is also revisiting posts that are up from times of peak autism and show a depth of knowledge and recall of said knowledge that I simply am incapable of doing outside of peak autism periods.
No. 1944
But it happened many times that i saw posts i made on forums and other sites that save posts for longer many years afterwards and tought "maaan, what a retard my former me was".

I wonder if i will think the same thing about my present personality in 10 years or so. I probably will.
No. 2636
Yeah actually I have seen old screencaps and gotten completely confused if it was me or not, or saying hey that's a great plan or on a rare case God what a retard only to realize later it was me.

No. 2593 [Reply]
34 kB, 501 × 213
what's the general opinion on makeup in your country?
No. 2598
Slavic women do take the piss when it comes to makeup. I would even suggest that all the stuff they plaster on is the chief cause of young babushka syndrome.

>general opinion on makeup in your country

It's not something men talk about here. I don't think they wear it just for us anyway.
No. 2599
This. And it isn't just to feel good about how they look. It's also about female social competition. Same thing goes into shoes, dresses etc.
No. 2600
> I would even suggest that all the stuff they plaster on is the chief cause of young babushka syndrome.
You're completely wrong. Slavic women have access to normal makeup and skincare for less than 30 years. Young babushka syndrome came exactly from that time, today even 30-40 year old women can be hot
No. 2601
None, it's an individual thing, really not a country related question.

No. 2202 [Reply]
234 kB, 595 × 547
Have you at any point had a countryboo phase? (If you feel that way still there's no shame).

Who was it and what exactly did you like about them? Your reasons can be complex or shallow, it doesn't matter.

I'm way more interested in your posts because mine is going to suck. I only did this in high school.

First it was Scotland and this honestly wasn't from muh heritaging. I started to play as them in Medieval 2 total war and the style of their units really appealed to me. I remember thinking the voice actor that informed me of things was the only one in the game that didn't sound like a faggot, and he sounded so mean whenever we won.

Then I really liked how they formed pike walls against English cavalry. We watched some documentary about the French and Indian war, and there was a very costly battle for the English where they tried to capture this fort all day and were getting slaughtered at the wall, the video made it a point that a unit of Scotsman managed to actually make it inside the fort and hold their position for hours. Well that made me tingle in history class. It was overall really shallow, I think my angry insecure metalhead teenage self just found them masculine because of a videogame. Thankfully I never even watched Braveheart until after this phase was over.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 2397
I think their are similarities. Swedes like their queues, so do brits. But in Sweden, they queues are more subtle and not as readily visible to the outsider. Swedes aren't as direct and in-your-face as Germans, same as Brits. You can talk bullshit in it's purest form and voice the most retarded opinion, and a Swede or a Brit won't call you a retard. The Brit will pretend to agree and backstab you later, the Swede will offer a foul compromise.
No. 2398
>The whole mentality around things being clean and tidy was also, I think, a reaction against the austerity and horrors of war
This is an angle I hadn't considered-why American pop culture was so squeaky clean. Viewing 'Father Knows Best'as a finger in the ears denial of complex emotional issues is worty of more attention (later, I don't want to derail the thread any further.)
Your point on America and Germany seen as post war victor vs vanquished also has me thinking about how they both moved to change. The Civil Rights Act was looking within to demand better of ourselves(for Americans); while rolling across borders can be viewed as Germany looking at the outside world as the problem. Again, I'll have to think more on that later.
I appreciate your response to my elaboration, as well as your original post calling out my knee jerk thoughts on history. If I can get away with lazy analysis, it's a slippery slope into sh*t-posting.
No. 2399
>Swedes aren't as direct and in-your-face as Germans, same as Brits.
Swedes are (or maybe used to be, i don't know if they have changed recently) overly polite, Anglos only appear to be overly polite.
>The Brit will pretend to agree and backstab you later, the Swede will offer a foul compromise.
Backstabbing vs. seeking for compromise. That's pretty different.
No. 2420
>Etiquette (/ˈɛtɪˌkɛt/ or /ˈɛtɪkɪt/, French: [e.ti.kɛt]) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.

British etiquette is largely based upon the same formalities as Swedes such as personal space, silent disapproval, overly elaborate dinner party ritual etc. This is why our humour is similar as we both enjoy the farcical elements that result, hence why British comedy remains popular in the country (https://www.thelocal.se/20061219/5854).

I also object to our class system being presented as something it is not. Workplaces have hierarchy but our social contract centering on the jury trial has always been anti-authority and brimming with protestant frugality. You have fundamentally failed to grasp the intricacies of British class relations or why British and Swedish societies remain divergent over the question of individual/communitarian thinking.

So to summarise, you're either trying to get my tits or you really are this thick. Neither of those option btw is a good look as you're expecting me to fight you over who is Sweden's bf.

No. 2341 [Reply]
44 kB, 650 × 730
What's fair price for weed? I want to get some, but I am totally unexperinced here.
No. 2385
Buy Cyanide instead, degenerate.
No. 2393
Who's gonna feed the cat then?
No. 2394
>Here it is only per gram
why not in imperial units?
No. 2456 Kontra
I tried to explain imperial(+customary)/metric and why medicines (usually) use international standard in a coherent post but now it's 3am and nothing makes sense to me anymore.

Kitchen scales tend to use grams and ounces. Any further questions/observations you may have are because of wizards.

No. 2289 [Reply]
69 kB, 700 × 525
Are hole sizes important for the taste of noodles?
No. 2291
No. The only thing it might change is cook time and the sauce. A large zitti is going to taste different in that regard because it will be full of sauce as opposed to fettucini which will have less sauce taste.
No. 2294
I exclusively eat spaghetti.

Only when I find myself doing a pasta casserole I use Penne
No. 2297
Damn, like a year ago I had a guide talking about the advantages for different noodles styles for various dishes but I can't find it.

Just do your thing it doesn't matter that much more than how well the noodle holds stuff together like >>2291 said.
No. 2300
137 kB, 800 × 800
124 kB, 1200 × 900
Yes very, the air is what makes the taste.
Maccaroni has the best tasting holes.

No. 2006 [Reply]
337 kB, 1920 × 1080
remember cyberman.fi?

I did so I looked him up and he has no nose and wears sunglasses a lot.


and found this video of him (unavailable in UK so accessed via proxy) with huge grotesque looking nose. he had some cancer on his nose or something?


nevermind looked a bit more
>Im weird looking because i had nosecancer but i dont miss my nose too much. I hope that i get prostetic nose soon but im just hoping.
No. 2027
I thought he died when he passed out on one of the streams and you could see emergency personnel come through his door on stream. good to hear he's not dead albeit that nose cancer thing sounds pretty heavy.
No. 2057
dunno, I thought he looked like he'd been in a fire before I saw his nose in second vid.
No. 2071
204 kB, 934 × 627
This is why you need to get frequent checks for skin cancer. I had a small basal cell removed before it got bigger and saved myself from the fate he suffered.
I spent my entire childhood in the sun at the beach everyday, surfing.
No. 2184
yeah he had nose cancer

No. 983 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,3 MB, 1536 × 1238
Does new Ernstchan have much less posters than the original? It looks much slower to me.

And jeez, Kohl is such a shithole. It attracted all the cancer that killed KC. Even some stray sosachers. Absolutely disgusting
No. 2019 Kontra
Well, go back to kohl then, "not sosacher", what are you doing here? Shoo, birdie.
No. 2021
Looks like the shitposter that killed KC and EC has come here too. Well it was a nice try.
No. 2022 Kontra
How about ignoring them and closing the useless thread?
No. 2068
Christ you people are sensitive prats. I was just parodying the sort of /pol/-tier shitposters that he was describing.

No. 17 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,5 MB, 1993 × 2514
How has Ernst spend the day so far?
No. 1979
Oh boy it has reached the limit
No. 1993
I remember all fires are forbidden usually (especially on the summer)
No. 2004
Not wanting to upset my usual routine of doing nothing, I did nothing, just like every day for the past year.
No. 2013
Usually its not controlled by OMON teams at night. Shameful that 1500 years old tradition died that way

No. 1627 [Reply]
32 kB, 200 × 200
I feel impelled to ask, how many of the founding members of ec/int/ are still around?
No. 1882
301 kB, 1800 × 1447
The mood is just different. The shadow of EC's death lingers very heavily here. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but it just feels off to me.

Probably not but I can't say I'm one of them. People complained a lot about it being a 'chat room' and I recall a lot of butthurt from certain posters about it, but that environment fit well for me. It was nice to be able to touch base with people I basically knew without the commitment of usernames and accounts. Without a hint of irony, it was my social life. EC2018 was just another imageboard.
No. 1884
>Without a hint of irony, it was my social life

That's exactly how I felt about EC2018 and more so imageboards in the olden days. I hate the long-term commitment of real social bonds, but IBs at their best cater to my intermittent desire for conversation. I appreciate purpose EC served for you but it seems contrary to the structure of IBs which are more conducive to the type of sporadic posting I described.

But ultimately it's a pretty unimportant matter.
No. 1904
Getting more sleep. Reading books I had lying around for ages. Practicing the guitar after years again. Cleaning up after me instead of living in filth. Cycling. Going for walks. Started a morning and evening routine of simple exercises. I spend time shopping for groceries and cooking, instead of just ordering pizza and boozing in front of the pc. I am also more chilled at work and get much less easily annoyed by interacting with my coworkers. If I really feel up to nothing much I watch a movie. But nowadays just go to bed afterwards instead of argueing about it on the webs for double of its length.

I feel much less depressed and on edge all the time. I might even get gf if I stay away from imageboards. It was great while it lasted, but to be honest, lurking is just as toxic as any other drug.
No. 1908
145 kB, 1024 × 1024
>It was great while it lasted, but to be honest, lurking is just as toxic as any other drug.
Don't blame lurking for all of your problems. Almost everything is bad if you do it all the time, even playing guitar and cycilng (by the way: are you me?). You just need a healthy mixture of hobbies in your life. If one gets annoying, do something else. If it's late, just go to bed, don't take this stuff too seriously. Enjoy the opportunity to talk to people from around the world and to share your interests with them without the need to show your face. If this causes any harm to you, then it's maybe just your habits, and not the thing itself.