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Hide No. 68756 Lock [Reply]
440 kB, 1080 × 2312
I read a thread that most germans on int over at kc are not real germans.

There's one who was a total rager at me and hence why i'm banned. I think he knows Helmut.

Another possible feature of this guy is he is obsessed with trashing Drachenlord. Why this interests me is Kohlchan began a campaign to call me schizo which succeeded. This is where Zioshit, turkroaches and Balkanfags also played their part.

Who is this aggresively lying german on kc? The impulse to aggresively slander opposition is very strong with this guy, and he's obsessed with establishing that and he gets away with it in the exact same way the state gets away with collaborating against Drachenlord. Why this pdece of shit is never attacked doesn't make sense.

A sidekick mod is someone called Tjark who appears to be a US-Chinese asian in Ukraine.

One "German" known is apparently a half Brit who is bald and is never banned, but tries to run the int site. It could be the same guy.

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No. 68797 Kontra
>thread about Kohl mods
You might want to keep stuff like this on Kohl. If they don't allow it: Go figure.

Hide No. 68187 [Reply]
761 kB, 252 × 264, 0:08
Why y'all sound like pretentious college kids?
No. 68196 Kontra
My "thread-hiding finger" is getting a lot of practice lately.
No. 68199 Kontra
Thank you for letting us know.
No. 68227 Kontra
This. Your heda must be BA level or higher. I thought a number of people here had Masters or Doctorate degrees.

Protip most people who like to use the word pretentious like that are, in my experience, ignorant Americans trying to conceal their overall lack of knowledge and low IQ inferiority complex. It's a way of trying to shut down higher order conversations and topics entirely so they don't feel small, but while attempting to do so in a way they think makes them sound smart.
No. 73422 Kontra
t. American

Hide No. 67454 Systemkontra [Reply]
100 kB, 700 × 331
Previous >>66735
No. 68116
I think fascination is the right word, because that is how I feel on a daily basis.
No. 68118
Well, reality is subjective, so it's a miracle people are able to understand each in other in the first place.
No. 68124
>people are able to understand each in other
Not actually guaranteed fact :-DDD

We could actually be speaking totally different internal languages but with identical grammar, syntax and vocabulary (etc.), and getting completely different meaning out of our posts, but have no way of verifying :-DDD

What if one of us is talking about X, but the other is talking about Y, but we both think we're talking about the same thing because the data in the medium by which we communicate is the same, BUT, our internal interpretation of the data is different?
No. 68240
No it's not. Gravity is not subjective; it is an objective fact. That you are such a solipsist you think gravity only matters when you perceive it acting on younote: perceive, as in, just because you stopped noticing it in orbit doesn't mean it stopped acting on you or see it only in relation to yourself doesn't suddenly stop making it an objective and irrefutable fact. And no don't try and give me any bullshit about frames either.

I think were I to tell people of the future two objective facts about this reality here, as concisely as possible about its people, it would be this: they are a trivial and self centered people.

That is why all their empires fell. People will tell you many reasons and theories as for why the modernists collapsed, why the entire modern civilization fell apart; some of those things are true and some are blatant lies. But at the end of the day I want you to know this sole truth about them: they were a trivial people, with trivial interests, and trivial passions, and trivial concerns, and trivial goals, and trivial mindsets, and trivial lives. One can argue all they want about the different cultural crosscurrents and technological reasons for why they entered that morass, or try and come up with a million different reasons as to why this modern world fell and took all its people with it more or less, but that's the truth of this matter. These are a people who will literally not have kids because they instead pursued useless "careers" making sales for useless companies selling useless products and receiving paper in exchange to trade for equally trivial and useless objects, and then they died. And then these people will say that because they are not having kids they do not care what happens after they die.

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130 kB, 1052 × 813
Hallo Ernst,

was hältst du von DDos Attacken gegen Russische Fernsehkanäle wie z.b. mit dieser Seite :

Hast du vielleicht sogar bessere Ideen wie geholfen werden kann?

ein ernster Bernd
No. 68051 Kontra
Wrong board?

Hide No. 49280 Systemkontra [Reply]
76 kB, 1024 × 768
Here's a thread where Ernsts may share their dreams.

Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me before or after sex. But I have the luck to dream a lot, so sometimes there are strange pearls.
No. 67857
A couple of days ago I dreamt of being in 2018, it was a very weird dream and I've never had a dream of this kind before. I knew it was 2018 because I had a computer in front of me and I could check the date. Very weird dream, I've been having some weird dreams like this lately and it's gotten to the point where I am almost excited about going to bed just to see what kind of mind fuckery my brain is capable of dishing out during nighttime.
No. 67882
275 kB, 1920 × 712
3,0 MB, 220 × 242, 0:05
229 kB, 1200 × 900
Okay so I had the most mental dream ever last week and I can still remember it perfectly, it was pretty lucid shit

I was on a ranch and I could see overhead there was fighter jets fighting UFOs in the sky. A UFO burst into flames and landed on my ranch, all these heavily muscled dudes got out and started freeing the others in the wreckage, they kinda looked like a mix between the engineer from prometheus and gay muscle mods from Xcom2. I asked one where he was from, he said Brazil [x] doubt, I helped free another and I asked him where he was from and he looked confused and said Saudi Arabia, I was like you're a shit liar m8 and he said look we're not supposed to be here.

Then all these muscled fags walked off to the north.

A UFO landed and these little people in robes got out, they looked like ewoks but I could tell they were all female and they were real sassy with me when I asked them questions, they all started walking north after the musclebros

By this point my ranch was a hive of activity and a man approached me, he was narrator of the dream if you could call it that and he started talking to me about karma, saying that it was basically a points system. Each person has karma and they gain or lose it based on what they do, he said that Native Americans had +3000 karma to begin with because of the shit they've been through, I was like cool story bro

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No. 67887
25 kB, 500 × 375
Exactly six months from now, eh? Ominous.
No. 68249
Pretty sure it's all a metaphor for Londonderry

No seriously though they used the word contract for a reason it's because they're demons. Fuck the coughing is getting worse

Hide No. 67518 [Reply]
29 kB, 747 × 530
Semyon Skepakov, a famous satirical singer, has created a new music video about vaccination against COVID-19. Absolutely priceless, as far as the political situation and public opinions in Russia go.


Hello, brethren,
Hello, sistren.
I want to tell you:
The life isn't easy now.
Take me, for example:
I'm guarding the doors
In our ugly
City hall of Pyatigorsk, (Hey!)

Overall everything is fine,

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No. 67524
2,3 MB, 352 × 640, 0:43
> corona in Russia
It mutated here and started to turn people into zombies.
No. 67552
110 kB, 544 × 800
"zombi apocalipsis" xDDD

Zombies. Bringing cultures together!

Hide No. 66735 Systemkontra [Reply]
189 kB, 1080 × 1317
My tip of the day: buy the dip, Ernst.
No. 67451
The way you describe it, dying of alcoholism sounds more enticing.
Hell, what would make for a better story?
Another unremarkable life of a third world loser, or a third eorld loser who dies puking up blood and freezing to death drunk on a park bench? I know whose biography I'd rather read.

It's in your interest too, you'll have way more entertaining posts to read on EC.

Human agency is a delusion. To say that humans can choose their fate is like saying that raindrops can choose the patch of land upon which they land.
No. 67453
>I was surprised when I found out there are more unemployed biologists than historians.
Well, biology/life sciences used to be a big meme ten years ago (hurr durr genetic engineering) and probably still is (or will even get more people because of hurr durr RNA drugs), so you get A LOT of absolvents, but obviously jobs are not as numerous, so if you're not one of the best you won't have THAT much choice. With historians and other humanities people have made jokes about the philosopher/taxi driver for decades, so people are more aware of that. (Life) Science still seems to be akin to magic to some people, everyone thinks they'll be the next Craig Venter.
It's the same phenomenon with people choosing paramedic for their civic duty because
when in reality it's mostly driving people to the doctor and back home, treating Kopfplatzwunden im Altersheim, the most infuriating call you can get, and getting a skin rash from all the disinfectant.

>I always thought this is a promising field of industry and thus good pay.

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No. 67457
>muh fate

It's called rationalization and legitimizing doing the easiest thing in the world: drinking, there is nothing easier than drinking, if I want to describe somebody what is easy it is sucking the bottle like a baby sucking tiddies, both even have the same effect, but one is a poison that ruins you while calming your nerves, whereas the other is calming you through nurture and human warmth/intimacy, a reaction nature "wisely" implanted.
You chose the path of least resistance to your environment in all its individual historic shades (your biography basically). And you chose to rationalize your drinking and you chose to defend your drinking. Why do humans have the capacity to use self-reflexivity, or reflect on their reflexivity to estimate and plan the future through this? Completely useless if everything is running on tracks.
No. 67472
You think that most of these are first world standards? As I mentioned I have an alcoholic friend, he has nothing of what you think is mandatory here. He just doesn't live in Kazakhstan. Your mum doesn't drink, does she? How did she do it? I never said you should climb the ivory tower, I said you should stop drinking. Or is Kaszachstan a nation of alcoholics? Third or first world doesn't necessarily decide if you drink or not. Being poor doesn't mean you have to be an alcoholic. I very well understand that alcohol has a certain effect for you. And it being easy was not a joke or meant in a mean way, because it is true, drinking is easy and it is no surprise that the number of alcoholics is the biggest in Germany concerning substance abuse for instance. It is understandable that you want to numb yourself, but it will turn out horrible in the end. Third world or not. Being miserable and putting yourself into even more misery. Maybe it's because I realized my own twoering misery with substances and once I got rid of them I felt better, I never felt good for long after stopping. But it definitely is better than still using substances to "ease" my misery, because the misery will multiply with substance, regardless how "well" they seem to work. The worst is that you are probably quite deep into the addiction already and stopping won't be easy. If you don't want to stop, you won't anyway, and so far you don't sound like anything near wanting to stop, on the contrary, you try to argue with me that it is a reasonable thing to do.

Hide No. 59645 Systemkontra [Reply]
261 kB, 960 × 586
3,9 MB, 314 × 236, 1:51
No. 67416
189 kB, 1024 × 608
333 kB, 1011 × 788
I watched "Come And See" again. Good film, go figure. Nothing to mention, I think it is very EuroAsianimageboard lore, I figure everyone knows it. Apparently the plane in pic is the one that flies over Fiora. Silence. Industrial death. Savagery and barbarism. Soundtrack rules, BTW

Pic 2: it did not make my dick hard. Was OK buuuut
No. 67417
239 kB, 1920 × 1080
120 kB, 1920 × 1080
247 kB, 1420 × 1080
255 kB, 1420 × 1080
Still Life (2006)
My second Jia Zhangke after A Touch of Sin, this one with two subplots about a man and a woman who are looking for their estranged partners, and end up visiting a village that is being demolished to allow for the building of the Three Gorges Dam. Some amazing imagery contrasting the vast nature and the tiny people in their decaying village. Some beautiful cinematography, that often flows over tableaus of people in much the same way it does over natural sites. Nonetheless gets a bit tired in the second half, as it deals with all the same social faultlines of poor vs rich, man vs woman etc., and somewhat heavy-handedly at that so it ends up feeling more like festival bait (it did win Golden lion and many others) rather than genuine artistic expression.

Double Indemnity (1944)
Classic noir about an insurance salesmen who plots to kill a client after he falls in love with the latters wife. I'm kind of annoyed by Billy Wilder's verbose and fast-paced dialogues, also not a fan of the trope where a character retells the story through voice-over. Still a fun watch, but not really my type of noir, I like 'em more hard-boiled and violent.

>I watched "Come And See" again.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 67448
I did not know Dirlewanger was active in Belarus. The lunatic Apocalypse Now vibes "Come and See" has make more sense now.
No. 67498
New thread here >>67497

Hide No. 66814 [Reply]
949 kB, 1920 × 1080
Is there an efficient way to store links, notes, and files? I use a computer at least 10 hours a day, and I have plenty of things to save - books, notes, article links, youtube links, etc. Simply saving them doesn't help because at some point you have too many of them. I'd like to have some kind of app/website to organize my stuff(files, links, notes), with the possibility to give them some hashtags and, maybe, priority or other metadata. Can Ernst recommend me something that suits my needs?
No. 66819
Thank you. Obsidian looks like something I'd like to use. Also, yeah, I should have posted in the technology thread but I forgot about that thread.
No. 66821 Kontra
For books - goodreads & calibre (for ebooks)
For links I just use browser bookmarks (with a couple different folders)
Obsidian I mainly use for note-taking, but I feel like my note collection is too messy and I'm not really using it to its full potential. It takes some time/effort to get into it.
No. 66841
I use Obsidian, it potentially should work for notes and links equally well. But you need to build a system of order in which you can orient yourself. I have a problem myself even though I link entries together I lost sight of my more than 250 notes already, maybe they are just too dispersed, at least I come back to certain entries again and again.
No. 66853
Bookmarks inside folders in the same browser, but without being too exhaustive

Notes in a file in the root of the respective project

org-mode concept (but unless you are ultra hardcore don't use the emacs approach, it's for emacs maniacs that approach). Just consider the org-mode concept

youtube stuff inside youtube. make your own "playlists"

all the different data has to be organized the same way.

Hide No. 56447 Systemkontra [Reply]
92 kB, 794 × 1060
Hardware, software, tech news, programming, operating systems, retro computing, we've got it all.
No. 66800 Kontra
I'm not the one who started it. The nice people who coined the term AI did. Anyone who wants to define intelligence are welcome to specify the context in which they define intelligence and then artificial intelligence.
No. 66862
Hey guys, version 15 of slackware has been released!

They now support Python3! Also they've adopted Qt5 and PAM!

Sarcasm aside, the world would be a better place if all software was distributed at this speed and more people were as chill as Volkerding. Imagine silicon valley cults would release new versions only once every 5 years, we could be that much closer to the myth of stable software!

No. 67348
Chromium's font configuration and fallback mechanics are so much worse than firefox's. And none of the extensions I tried works.
No. 79710
and up