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Hide No. 35744 Systemkontra [Reply]
137 kB, 780 × 820
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482 kB, 1000 × 1000
Old thread >>31377 is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 4 and the infos on the radio page itself for additional details. Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything on your mind, there are lots of people around who have working streaming setups running and will be glad to help you out. You can see at the top of EC (below the banner) if a stream is on.

Happy listening/streaming!
No. 42569
I think discord works the best. Almost everyone has it, and I don't have to remember my old skype login
No. 42574
76 kB, 760 × 1002
Going live in 15 minutes!
No. 42575
35 kB, 600 × 450
My body is ready!
No. 42579
New Thread >>42577

Hide No. 40622 [Reply]
18 kB, 400 × 309
what the fuck is this board even and how it's different from kacey, kacey-2 and 4keks?
No i wont go back, fuck you
No. 42527
I wouldn't relate attention issues with discomfort caused by slowness of EC.
Posting and lurking on KC was pretty fast, you received your replies very fast - that caused yoir brain pumpin dopamine earlier and more often. So your dopamine level on average was pretty high.
And, if we take what's written in Wikipedia,
>and many addictive drugs increase dopamine release or block its reuptake into neurons following release.
KC was helluva drug. And everyone decides for himself how to deal with the issue of the lack of dopamine.
So I can't really blame him for being unattentive.
No. 42532 Kontra
You're bitching about all this while bumping a lone k*hl thread for whatever reason. Maybe the problem isn't the thread, but you my friend. Have you considered trying to engage in any of the other threads going back 25 pages instead of a cabbage tier shitposting thread?

As for the board itself it's a good way to start weaning yourself off internet addiction. I am perpetually embarrassed at how severely I have wasted my life on the dumb shithole that was KC. Anything after like 2014 was complete garbage yet I stuck around for years because you can hit refresh. If you want to see what that garbage leads us you can check out wherever the cabbagetard pedo network moved these days or 4kanker. I'm sure either will be brilliantly edifying and not filled with sick fucks and sad retards.

If anything it has shown me how pathetic IBs not are, not become, but always were. I wasted the better part of my youth on this trash and pity anyone who wasnt at least dating girls or going out to bars like I was, or building careers. I'd imagine anyone who didn't even have that would be fertile grounds for implanting any moronic ideology whatsoever provided it made them feel good or a pretend sense of belonging that's totally fake and based on flimsy pretenses while feeding them nonstop misinformation, hate, and envy.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 42717 Kontra
> As for the board itself it's a good way to start weaning yourself off internet addiction.

Funny that you mention this because I currently try to do this.
With all that free time now I came to the realization that I have no hobbys nor friends.
The past 10 years my hobby was internet and my friend was anon.
Now I struggle to fill me with purpose and stuff I actually enjoy.

Kontra for myself because blog post.
I guess I simply had to get this off my chest the very moment I saw this statement.
No. 44258 Kontra
I still struggle greatly tbh and it's actually gotten so incredibly depressingly bad that my addiction is even interfering with me playing video games.

Hide No. 40928 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,9 MB, 1600 × 1200
Keep rollin'
No. 42149
Hey wow, did you know that Russia so big, it even has American car crash videos?
Is this a thing? Like do you guys really sit around watching American dash cam videos? I don't even know how it came up on my recommended list.
No. 42153
Just some random channel who just releasing videos of different crashes. Not that much views and subscribers, with most popular video of "moto-crashes in russia"
No. 42155
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/42154 made new thread, hop in
No. 42337
Pulled an all nighter to start a sideproject. Kept working on some documentation I'm doing for the company I work for. I do not feel the side effects of sleep deprivation at it's fullest. I feel sorta hypomanic as well, like I should go 48h without sleep again. But I might not do that at all.

Peace, Brents.

Hide No. 33080 [Reply]
244 kB, 1280 × 1280
  1. Where did/does Ernst study?
  2. What did/does Ernst study?
  3. Are you happy with your study choice?
  4. Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
  5. Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
No. 42003
That's cool, I hope the reality of wage work doesn't kill of your enthusiasm for the field.
No. 42021
359 kB, 687 × 485
It's ok, it's luckily not economically competitive, but rather civil service. What coudl kill my enthusiasm there was the wage itself as compared to what other people with that skillset earn on the job market, but I absolutely do not care about that.

But it is so cool, soooo cool. Did you know there is a stackexchange subgroup especially for GIS?
No. 42097
Yeah that's fun. We don't do GIS in a strict sense but we did a lot of satellite image processing and geospatial nerds are a helpful bunch.
No. 42098
I've been through five universities and three diplomas - two of them exchanges

I really miss being a student. But I'm getting too old to do it again and it's getting a bit ridiculous. I mean I've always been good at it and that's fun but after a point you're just fucking around pointlessly instead of changing someting in the world.

Hide No. 41834 [Reply]
399 kB, 1000 × 667
This is going to be an odd thread, but I don't really know what other imageboard to post this on(especially with that other place full of horrible people) but I want to be able to talk about this. How many here are old enough to be fathers now with their own kids? Or at least would want to one day? After many years of struggle I finally found a gf and two months ago she gave birth to a healthy baby boy I am very proud and happy to call my son.

It's been a real rollercoaster of emotions ever since, feeling highs of joy and despair at the same time. It's quite unlike anything I've ever experienced before, on one hand I'm really proud and happy to have a son but on the other hand I'm now suddenly terrified by this fear that I might end up being an inadequate father and end up with a fucked up human being. How do I not fuck this up? Parenthood is fucking terrifying, I've already given a lot of thought to not repeating my own father's mistakes, what else should I keep in mind?
No. 42029
There is no difference between people from both "left" and "right" sides who think that it's right to enforce reduction of human rights based on thier "view of ideal society". If you so don't want "cancers of society" and "ideal world" - build death prison camp for yourself where you will feel yourself happy, don't enforce others live in it just because some people don't fit in your twisted vision of ideal world.

Living in countries where pseudo-socialism and authoritarism is major part of society, you feel only disgust towards anyone who saying how you "should" live. And yes, it's only leed to degradation, even if it present good looking picture from outside sometimes. Living as some sort of retarded herd will never make anything better for making.

Open societly show all imperfections of individuals, but only it allow for persons to evolve spiritually and mentally.
No. 42039
Take comfort in the fact that bad parents (and people in general) will never ask themselves if they are good.
Self awareness is like 50% of the job
The rest of the job is being present in your child's life and being strict and firm ehen you need too.
No. 42051 Kontra
406 kB, 800 × 533
I think hard about what both of you wrote. I don't quite get it, I'm sorry.

>How did university go for you socially?
Not at all, mostly. Pic related is what I never had. Sometimes, someone took pity on me and allowed me to tag along. I walked through the park on my way to uni, and as soon as it was 15°C, it was full of topless dudes playing frisbe or volleyball. I walked by, trying to not look left or right and at least keep an upright posture. I never was able to throw or catch. I was miserably bad at billiards and darts.

I knew a Serbian girl in uni, she used me as a live teddy bear. She always told me about other dudes. One time, she told me
>I really like X. He told me how he fucks another girl every week. He goes to $club, and he stays until they close. Then, he blocks a hot girls way so she has to talk to him, and then he has sex with her. He's so ***honest***
another time, she told me

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 42068
110 kB, 600 × 399
>She constantly told me about her first boyfriend, how great he was, how good it was that they were still friends, and how awesome their recent trip together to a European capital had been
In this case the correct response in my opinion would have been: "Well, why don't you get tit surgery, cook every evening and give me 3 blowjobs a day, then you can make demands" or something like this, just to show her that she's being unreasonable here. People really should be told off when they make unreasonable demands like your old GF, otherwise they will believe that they are right (because you didn't stand up against it, so it must have been the truth, right?). And I actually found that telling such people off leads to gaining respect, instead of losing it, because they notice that they can't bully you around. Of course you risk that she'll pack her bags and leave, but she eventually did anyway. And from what I read here you should be glad that she's gone.

I noticed something that applies to most areas in life: There are people who complain a lot, and then everyone just assumes (even the people who receive the complaints) that the reason for this is that there is a lot to complain about. In reality more often than not the reason is that some people just love to complain, while other people mind their own business and don't care about constantly pointing out others (no matter if real or not) flaws. So if one person constantly complains about the other, it might be for a reason, but it also might be that the complaning person is just very, very, annoying.

Hide No. 24384 [Reply]
56 kB, 600 × 600
With the news of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and the probable implication of many other rich and powerful Americans, I’m reminded of why I’ve always found the decades of these rumors completely believable—the “Dutroux incident” in Belgium.
Marc Dutroux is a career criminal, multiple murderer, and serial rapist/pedophile who was convicted of abducting and sexually assaulting several young girls in the 1980s, but was released after only 3 years in prison.
He went on to reoffend almost immediately, keeping captured teenagers in his basement until they starved to death and even killing one of his own business associates.
The notable aspects of this case that make it unusual in comparison to the average serial-killer-type tale are Dutroux’s high-level connections to the upper tiers of Belgian society and the notable “incompetence” involved with the investigation.
For example, at one point, police actually inspected Dutroux’s home, HEARD the screaming of the starving young women in his basement, and appeared to decide they had simply “come from elsewhere.”
They also seized videotapes that depicted Dutroux building the cell in his basement, but never even viewed the tapes, and then RETURNED them.
It is certain that children died due to this unforgivable police work, but it’s also quite likely that this was something more sinister than mere incompetence.
Dutroux, it transpired during trial, was involved with pedophile/trafficking rings which implicated vast swathes of the Belgian govt., police, and civil service.

[Show 7 more lines]

No. 24930
Pure coincidence
No. 24934
51 kB, 1000 × 540
Seems that he intended to testify against persons of the American oligarchy. e.g. Trump oder Clinton.
Hence Epstein needed a friendly reminder that he should not do it.
No. 40466
The Dutroux network included top politicians, lawyers, judges, policechiefs, bankers, generals, everyone was involved.
No. 41548
So OP you may be interested in this
Frankly I find it amazing that Qtards even exist at this point still convinced the guy us going to lock up all the pedos. Everywhere you turn there's some other member of the elite pedo network connected to Donald Trump, and George Nader isn't even someone alleged but a known and convicted pedophile who he hired onto his campaign. It really starts to look like the reason he's even known all these guys is because he knew them through the pedo network like Barr, Acosta, Dershowitz, Epstein, and now you've got these guys.

Hide No. 39807 [Reply]
84 kB, 960 × 1278
has Ernst enough prepp ?
No. 40140
The problem is Americans are extremely dumb and histrionic. I'm worried about not having a gun because I'm surrounded by stupid as shit Americans. I do not want to be around all these bourgeois soccer moms, hoodrats, rednecks, and other assorted bydlo when SHTF. It's more a "I need guns because other people have guns" type of a thing"but why don't you have guns ernst" because I have typically been too poor to afford one which is like a month's rent to get an actually decent gun or one I'd genuinely want not just a shotgun and because the odds had always been that I am far far vastly far more likely to use it on myself than anyone else which is precisely why I have never bought one, and on top of that I was also an alcoholic and frankly the odds were not zero that I'd hurt someone on accident. "But why didn't you buy one and keep it in storage" because it was a ridiculous cost that I could not afford which is irrelevant because even if I did have one it'd still be in storage anyway just like my bb guns and pellet rifle none of which I have any access to right now in which case I'd still be completely fucked.
You are a moron
>strong you men

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 41447
Halfway between prepping and technologist, this man shows what you can accomplish with just a few good tools
Was just watching some pretty ebin videos about living in cabins, survivalism, and cheap living but ended up skimming over some. Building a cabin on a bakkie sounds like a fantastic idea for cheap living, if you can find a cheap enough pickup truck that is. I'm guessing the main problem is ultimately going to be about power which pretty much translates to batteries.

It's harder to find good videos about theories on development of xenobiology and realistic looks at what making a colony ship or setting a new colony would entail.
No. 41459
I've said it before, but move to Utah if you get the chance. Mormons have managed to preserve decent old-fashioned American culture for the most part.
No. 41461
I'm not going to put up with Mormons. They are creepy as shit and a bunch of heretics.

Hide No. 10100 [Reply]
228 kB, 466 × 700
Fugger (German pronunciation: [ˈfʊɡɐ]) is a German family that was a historically prominent group of European bankers, members of the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century mercantile patriciate of Augsburg, international mercantile bankers, and venture capitalists.


fug :---DDD
No. 41336
As none of the New-'Ernsts' is delivering, Ernst will.

But it is not the gold version. Sorry.
No. 41340
58 kB, 550 × 358
>Such a unique and profound thought.

I smell a triggered Colin.
No. 41341 Kontra
Telling people that your nose works was an old Ernst thing, I guess?
No. 41356
Are you sure that this post isn't caused by your insecurity over your intellectual ineptutude, ironically "triggered" by someone displaying similar symptoms slighted, and exhibited by that excuse of a butthurt response containing what I can only assume is a vague Germanosphere meme of a name because you are not able to re-articulate your idle talk in a complex manner?

Hide No. 35096 [Reply]
8 kB, 480 × 360
Forgive me if one is already present in the catalogue, I'm sober and high on sleep deprivation.

What's your favorite drugs, my dudes?
I'm all about psychedelics every other full moon, with the odd time of weed now and then. NZ has very dear grass prices, with a gram of indoor or outdoor going for twenty NZD and ounces going anywhere from 200 (with the right connect) to 500, while usually hovering around 300 for an "ounce".

I have dabbled with opiates and they're a rare commodity on these islands. Thankfully the Chinese gold miners left heaps of opium poppies around their claims, so later this summer I'm going a hunting for poppies.
No. 41274
You know what I think we're pretty similar. I don't smoke weed or drink though. I'll do Kratom occasionally and have a script for Neurontin for anxiety, which I think that's the new Prozac or something? They seem to give that stuff out like candy in our country right now.

Otherwise no I don't really do drugs. I need to quit smoking though.
No. 41275 Kontra
Apart from alcohol (which I don't even drink ≥ 1 time a week), I'm otherwise straight edge. I have enough problems with food. I don't need drugs. Beer, mead and the occasional cocktail are enough for me.

It's not that I haven't tried drugs. One my former show buddies taught me how to smoke from a one-hitter which left me high as a kite the whole night. Apart from having an inordinately mellow mood and a warped perception of time, my experience wasn't worth reliving.

Besides, personal experience with drug addicts has completely put me off from developing a habit. It doesn't help that I have one blood relative who's a bipolar wreck with a psychedelic addiction. And then, there was my "cousin" whose heroin addiction claimed her life.

I'm not perfect, but a straight edge lifestyles is what works best for me.

Polite kontra because I'm not interested in, ahem, bumming anyone's high.
No. 41278 Kontra
>who's a bipolar wreck with a psychedelic addiction.
He's a what? I thought that psychedelics were impossible to get physically addicted to.

Well like many former bernds ernsts I did have a drinking habit before. A pretty hard one at that. Which god was that a waste of time. I kinda wish I could enjoy weed but that stuff is fucking torturous for me. I immediately get depersonalized and dissociative, paranoid and anxious, in fact it's almost like a schizophrenic kind of feeling, but not even the confident active one like if you use Adderal on exams and overdo it (which I did do in college) but more a horrible, mentally painful, psychically tortuous one. Just the smell of weed kind of puts me on edge for some reason.

I thought your cousin was a junkie who OD'd?
No. 41281
The psychedelic addict is a blood relative of mine. Truth be told, I pity him, but he's so insanely toxic to everyone around him. His childhood was far from ideal, but not what I would call crippling. Still, he never got over the trauma of divorce and coming to America after having lived a pampered, care-free life in Pakistan.

The junkie who died is only a relative by law; we share no familial blood ties. She reminded me of this one Christmas. I don't want to spit on her grave, but she steadfastly eroded any pity I could've had for her.

Hide No. 41199 [Reply]
13 kB, 506 × 484
KC forgot to funpost and it makes me sad.
No. 41201 Kontra
we have a "raid" upon us by one guy spamming popo kaka sex every once in a while if you are looking for that kind of funposting.
No. 41217 Kontra
I have to admit that he made me chuckle when I was it the first time kaka sex :DDD