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Hide No. 11412 [Reply]
357 kB, 2261 × 1565
159 kB, 900 × 698
Ernst, I pretty much hate green politics.

Look, I'm a quite green person myself. I want to save the planet from fucking up it's weather cycles, I want to clean oceans, fresh air and water for people and animals, especially in asian regions. Meanwhile I life in one of the countrys who have all the means and status to help humanity to achieve this.

But what do we do? Green politics. And people don't even get how much bullshit wellness circle jerk politics it is for some 'innovative' companies nobody really needs in countries like Germany.

If we would take the meme CO2 'production' as a benchmark, we can clearly see how we just contribute something like 2%. This clearly correlates with the wealth and technological competence of a nation. Especially countries which are on the way to become somewhat first world tier, contribute massively to climate change and especially sea and air pollution.

So what do we need? Sure! More solar panels and pinwheels in countries like Germany which don't fucking contribute to le climate change whatsoever. Meanwhile India is fucking up the environement beyond repair (because they don't have a choice to make it different, silly) and we don't think for a second that the green policy with the most impact would mean, that we have to send e.g. air filters or osmosis filter to india and with that the personal to teach them how to maintain such tech. For free! Tax paid! That would the only thing that would help Le Planet, but nooo, that's so uncomfortable. I mean sure I like earth and shit but buying fair trade ginger aloe vera latte gotta be enough right? Let's jerk off together some more be like totally green and stuff and care about what kind of fucking fuel our cars use.

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No. 11588
it's not a cult nor it's existence depend on 'cults' as you mentioned.

and they don't do shit about enviroment as they are ignorant about enviroment since they are not nature scientist nor get their facts from them.
No. 11604
Additional info. China's decarbonisation programme is immense. They will put more renewable energy capacity in over the next five years than the total energy capacity in the UK from all sources. India will do it's bit when it can, no doubt under pressure from other countries that have already implemented carbon reduction. The Trump argument that "it's just us doing it" is false.

Another thing to note is that the industrialising countries are likely to skip the most dirty stages. For example, African countries are rushing to solar and biomass to meet their energy needs instead of passing through coal. This makes sense because they lend themselves to decentralised energy and putting in a national grid is very expensive.
No. 11605
I honestly believe the new major power bloc is going to be in Africa in a couple centuries. Once they capitalize on their own resources with their own industrial capacity which China is building up for them and acts China semi collapsed in on itself and retreated into it's own shell after their period of global ascendance will see them as a waning power. In this time both Europe and USA would've been too factionalized and messed up from their own problems. It will eventually be like seeing Spain going from world power to Iberian irrelevance today.
No. 11609
147 kB, 1920 × 2552
>and they don't do shit about enviroment as they are ignorant about enviroment since they are not nature scientist nor get their facts from them.

Funny thing is the first thing Greenpeace bring to mind for me is their repeated work in forcing my government to release facts on environmental issues. Fracking was and remains a major one, not as I’m entirely opposed but simply that government reflexively seeks to hide the impact of planning decisions. The organisation is too large to think in terms like this. Some bits of Greenpeace do good and others...At least give the police an excuse to knock some sense into the self-righteous bongo-enriching filth, it's like the post-office or Godzilla.

>For example, African countries are rushing to solar and biomass to meet their energy needs instead of passing through coal.

Personally I'm quite sceptical about this given the continents history of making hot-air. Africa certainly pledges building renewable power but it’s energy markets are a mess that hamper investment while East Africa is only ramping up coal mining. Europe and China will certainly lead Africa by the nose if need be on this but renewable energy, even hydroelectric, has faced trouble on the continent by bad government.

Hide No. 11482 [Reply]
47 kB, 624 × 351
What are interesting old tech shows?
Not shows about old tech, but old shows about tech.
I found Micro Live, and I want more. Any shows from that time period? Preferrably in English or English subtitled at least, but any language goes.
No. 11483
Tomorrow's World would be the lead British show in this area. It's very comfy from what I remember and full of absurd futurist predictions like a rail tunnel to Europe.
No. 11597

Not 100% related but I found this parody of such stuff very hilarious.

Hide No. 11397 [Reply]
108 kB, 1080 × 720
"The second great evil of a Tramp's life - it seems much smaller at first sight, but it is a good second - is that he is entirely cut off from contact with women. This point needs elaborating. Tramps are cut off from women, in the first place, because there are very few women at their level of society. One might imagine that among the destitute people the sexes would be as equally balanced as elsewhere. But it is not so; in fact, one can almost say that below a certain level society is entirely male. The following figures, publishes by the L.C.C. from a night census taken February 13th, 1931, will show the relative numbers of destitute men and destitute women:

Spending the night in the streets, 60 men, 18 women. (this must be an underestimate. Still, the proportions probably hold good -G.O.) In shelters and homes not licensed as common lodging-houses, 1,057 men, 137 women. In the crypt of St Martin's-in-the-Fields Church, 88 men, 12 women. In the L.C.C. casual wards and hostels, 674 men, 15 women.
No. 11572
>can't deal
Its really overblown because those are the people you hear talking about it a lot and is especially more true of younger people. But you look at married couples raising kids together and walking all the time and well there's the joke that when you get married your sex life stops. It is a bigger fixation point for permavurgins than anyone else although I do agree a lot of people annoyingly make things about sex in general. Still though the very idea that somebody would even think to say "the biggest problem with being homeless is not having sex frequently" speaks volumes about the person saying that and how utterly divorced from reality they really are as well as the overall unhealthy obsession.
No. 11573 Kontra
*working all the time
I was specifically thinking of young Americans being new parents. Americans don't walk.
No. 11583
I don't know about other countries but here man become homeless mostly because of divorce, those who have head on their shoulders quickly find a new place to live. And well it has many things to do with berndism in slavlands. Girls marry someone because of flat or their husband moves from his parents to her. Than kids, common flat, alcoholism, small salary, divorce and young mother ends up hating man for the end of her life, while father is forever gone. She projects all of her hate on kids(in a disgusting loving way) so her daughter repeats after her and her son becomes a sonbasket or alcoholic. Probably a story of 80% of homeless people and more than a half of slav bernds.
I am actually dislike to say it, but nuclear family implies that father should have opportunity and duty to earn atleast double as his wife, buy a house in 30s and a car. In other cases nuclear family becomes dysfunctional and so is a whole society.
No. 11586
Scary shit. Never gonna marry. It's better to be a permavirgin alcoholic with a flat, than a divorced alcoholic without one.

Hide No. 11227 [Reply]
42 kB, 454 × 325
30 kB, 455 × 321
I'm trying to self-teach myself piano and it's not going well (no surprise there).
I have basic knowledge on correct hand position and movement also I know elementary music theory.
Currently, I'm trying to learn a new piece - Aquaria Ending
and I've doubts about correct fingering for the left hand.
The problem starts right at the start when I need to jump from A to B flat (pic 1)
I've tried to land on 5th finger, but it is quite thin so it slips very easily from a black key;
now landing on the 4th finger is more stable but where do I go from there? If I play F with the second finger a lot of tension is unavoidable.
Playing F with thumb and then going over it with 2nd on B flat and finishing with 5th on F (pic 2) sounds fine but feels overly complicated since I need to move my arm a little up and to the side from the shoulder to complete the thumb over motion.
Sure there is a simpler solution that I'm not seeing.
No. 11258
>I've tried to land on 5th finger, but it is quite thin so it slips very easily from a black key
Train fingers. Black keys are better to push with a little finger. Play pentatonic scales(i might misinterpret this) and accords for 5 minutes everyday.
Here is a good example, but in russian, but you can see her fingers, so just repeat after it
The first year of piano classes should be about pure mechanic
No. 11445
Does anyone know of any good (free) online resources for jazz piano and jazz theory?
I know of Kent Hewitt and Mark Levine, but that isn't exactly what I'm looking for. To self-learn guitar I liked using Justin Guitar's website because it was methodically organized into different lessons that would tell you exactly what to practice, when to move on, how much time you should spend on each exercise, etc. It was almost exactly like having a teacher.

Does anyone know if there exists anything of this kind for jazz piano, or really piano in general?

Hide No. 10065 Systemkontra [Reply]
322 kB, 1920 × 1200
Since previous one systemkontra'd.

So, conquerer of all russia from previous threada, do you have some vision, ideology, or goal? Or you just waked up and after some histry books thought that you want to be A LEADER and make something GREIT again? I ask since I sometimes have feelings kinda like that for myself but it obvious that all this is just meme dreams.
No. 11391
Just got "Like the Roman: The life of Enoch Powell" in the mail and I am really enjoying the book so far. What makes it wierd though is that the lifestyle young Powell leads is similar to that of some people on this board - he is alone most of the time and does very assburger things - for instance, one of his dorm neighbours recalls seeing Powell sitting in a chair, dressed as if he was going outside on that winter day. As Enoch later explained to that guy, the way the fireplace burned made him less productive and he had a lot to do.
No. 11392
C-U-T-E what is the kїttens name? Give it lots of strokes and playtime for me by proxy. Kitten purrs are the best :3

>btw I don't like kots all that much

Heresy. The kot has already taken a liking to you and wants to share many days keeping you company while peacefully sleeping on that chair in the background. Kots love reclusive autists because they can relate to our nature.

I might share some pictures of my lovely kitty tomorrow if I can find my camera
No. 11396
Why are cats cute?
I don't care about their cuteness, but I can recognize the fact that they are unmistakeably cute. It's perplexing to me. Cats don't look like babies or an attractive mate (biological selectors for cuteness), yet I find them cuter than both (much more so than babies, which are in fact ugly).

It seems anomalous. What do WE look like to cats? Do they find us similarly peculiar, or do we look like giant babies?
No. 11399
I'm pretty sure you've aleady done so, but if you haven't go and read The Lord of the Rings right before or after you read Beowulf. And if you've read it already, please do tell how it compares to Wagners epic now that it's fresh in your memory.

Hide No. 5626 [Reply]
468 kB, 2048 × 1370
221 kB, 1227 × 1817
Now as far as I know, Linux can update on the fly because it only runs a process with an actual hard copy of the data the process needs.

This means you pretty much never have to restart a GNU/Linux machine.
Why is not every other OS doing the same? It's embarrasing.

Is there a good reason not to do that or is it impossible to implement it into your OS even after a quazillion of updates (which you can count because they lock you out of your pc every time :DDDD)

I think this can be an OS - general, but please eggsblain.

Pic 2 is IQ 89 but still true on most levels
No. 11078
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
Ahhh, WindowMaker, very cute, last time I ran it I got somehow confused with all the old desktop concepts..., then I thought having a vertical and a horizontal dock (or panel, or both) with a modern DE would be the recent interpretation of the NextStep desktop.

I also finally managed to install compton compositor today and so I can have transparent menus on xfce now :3

Now I just need to learn to configure Compton Blur effects to make xfce really modern.
No. 11082
262 kB, 1366 × 768
Oh, it's good to see that this thread still lives!

Check out the guides at https://www.winehq.org/ (especially the
https://appdb.winehq.org/ appdb and wiki for specific advice). Another good
resource is the arch wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wine

If you have a specific problem, I can try to answer it, but it's best to first
get a basic overview over how you use it; then you'll be able to phrase most
questions in a way others will understand and help you.

In other news, I've recently re-discovered that I had set up qutebrowser to
spawn an nvim instance for writing into text fields (such as this post). Feels
incredibly good and has motivated me to write more on Ernstchan again. It's
like the difference between a great pencil and a shitty IKEA pen.
No. 11089
sudo apt-get install wine

wine yourprogramm.exe

That should do the trick.

PlayOnLinux is the GUI-Version I think.
But its been years since I was using wine.
No. 11373
44 kB, 600 × 450
My nerdness levels have been increasing

From Vim to Zsh to now Tmux

Now the most logical step would be tiling wm

I got very confused too

But it ruled

P.S. I don't like MATE either

Hide No. 11290 [Reply]
29 kB, 539 × 412
How do not revert to being overweight?
Right now I am overweight, and the only solution to slim down is lower calories consumption. Whenever I reach my desired weight, I can greaten calories consumption, but not too much. How long should I follow calories consumption, so my weight wouldn't blow up again?
No. 11339
I lost weight by simply having better sleep schedule. Eating late night is really really bad, I lost weight by simply going to bed earlier, which keeps me from eating during the night. I'm actually sleeping more than I used to, and probably eating the same since I'm eating more during the morning now, but I still lost weight in the end.
No. 11359
Read the introduction and already like it. Thank you.
No. 11363
Has anyone tried low carb diet?
No. 11364
Exercise, eat more vegetables and drink water and tea.
Overweight here, maybe 105-110kg, can get back to 90kg in 3-6 months but too lazy to exercise.
Currently bought Monster^tm and chocolate milk at 3am bc I have two sleep cycles.
Didn't drink alcohol for 5 days, but only because my tolerance was making me buy vodka instead of beer, but Saturday is the end of my work week and do not think I will last the weekend sober.

Remember, it is normal to feel hungry, key to weight loss and maintenance is routine, eat at regular times, have cheat meals once or twice a week.
Small changes make a bigger difference than big changes, for example not drinking soda or 500ml of fruit juice, not adding sugar to tea, having vegetables with your dinner.
Than big changes such as running 5k every two days or only eating 1500kcal every day for a month.
Small changes will be longer term.

Never lost weight without exercising but biggest difference when I went from 105 to 85kg, was eating 300g of veg every night with 70-100g or raw rice weight, the veg was way too much in retrospect.

Hide No. 11260 [Reply]
81 kB, 500 × 450
Far, far beyond the island
We dwelt in shades of twilight
Through dread and weary days
Through grief and endless pain


R.I.P. Power Metal. You will never be this good again.

Hide No. 11141 [Reply]
420 kB, 853 × 937
Things foolish people say about geopolitics:
>Russia is weak because it has a smaller GDP than Italy
>China will surely overtake the US as the great world power
>Trump/Kim/Putin might start a nuclear war because he's so crazy
>We're going to run out of oil soon
>Don't them ISIS, call them Daesh because they hate that
No. 11145 Kontra
>Assad must go
>Israel is America's closest ally
>Trump is a puppet of Putin
>India will be a world superpower by 2040
>War is always unnecessary and avoidable
No. 11155 Kontra
Things retarded cocksuckers say
>Things %ad hominem, no argumentation% say
No. 11156 Kontra
>Things ppl say when kohl is down
No. 11180
249 kB, 1293 × 728
>sushi was invented in Japan
>Russia will invade Europe

Hide No. 10810 [Reply]
1,6 MB, 57 pages
2,4 MB, 440 pages
552 kB, 192 pages
832 kB, 398 pages
Hey I just realized we don't have an ebooks thread. ebooks threda? ebooks threda.
No. 11142
2,6 MB, 80 pages
A FOSS all in one machine tool.
No. 11153
557 kB, 116 pages
83 kB
200 kB, 78 pages
1,0 MB, 124 pages
Some German classics for the Germans or those of you who want to improve their German.
No. 11154
10,6 MB, 720 × 480, 1:37
>those books
Comic book kid turned bullied kid turned creepy loner edgelord with homicidal revenge fantasies tier
No. 21381 Kontra