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Hide No. 17353 Systemkontra [Reply]
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Didn't realized old is deda and made giant wall of text but nobdy cares, however it helps me to understand that I need to make a new one so here it is.
No. 20566
Yeah. There was specific projects and ports, re-editions of some games, but there was no like ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL BUILD PORT thing like Doom engine have.
Ion Maiden use Duke32 or something, right?
No. 20567
I want to play new game Hades from creators of transistor. But devs moved on epic games. I guess I'll buy the game on piratebay.
No. 20577
Oh crap. Long words short: Stalker Call of Chernobyl development in deep shit. Very sad.
No. 20579

Hide No. 3645 [Reply]
25 kB, 350 × 274
I just discovered something pretty important. I won't go into details for obvious reasons but the knowledge that I have, if released on the internet, can help people but also do an awful lot of harm if other people use it wrong. But at the same time I have this urge to make my mark in this world and affect it. So I'm torn on whether I should just keep this information I have to the grave or release it on the internet regardless of the consequences.

What do I do, ernst? What would you do in this situation?
No. 3662 Kontra
inb4 OPs information just drowns in the ocean that is the internet
No. 20496
Perhaps the safest thing would be to kill oneself, just to make absolutely sure the information won't ever end up in the wrong hands.
No. 20498 Kontra
Why the fuck is there so much cancer on here all of a sudden?

I sincerely doubt you're the first to have thought of this, moreover unless it's some kind of astounding technical breakthrough someone somewhere else in the world has likely come to the same conclusions.

>if released on the internet, can help people but also do an awful lot of harm if other people use it wrong
Anything released into the wild like that WILL eventually find its way to the worst actors. So the assumption should be that awful people find it. Since you're posting on a *chan odds are the awful people will be first to find it. If you post on cripplechan or came from vierkanal, you are the awful person likely to use it wrong as evidenced by
>But at the same time I have this urge to make my mark in this world and affect it
since this statement clearly implies that you don't actually give a shit about the consequences of your actions, only that there are consequences.

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No. 20526
10/10 delusional

Hide No. 6905 [Reply]
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176 kB, 1366 × 768
238 kB, 1366 × 768
Economy-related stuff is big enough to have its own thread, such studies about economic/social stuff are constantly being made and it would be interesting to have a thread to share such articles. Let the history & sciences thread be a history-anthropology thread, since this is what is almost entirely being discussed there, and in the future if someone feels the need to create hard sciences specific stuff they can go ahead. Plus, the kind of discussion that this causes is different from history-related stuff, it is kind of news, but it's not news, it's still academic in the end. Economy, political science, sociology, geography, business stuff, urbanism, urban issues in general, infrastructure etc, all of this now belongs to the social sciences thread.

Rate this brave new world of services economy, globalization and increasing rural exodus where everybody flocks to some few global cities while the rest of the country dies.

No. 6960
>Singapore is a special case because of its location and its size, it can't be reproduced elsewhere

I'm not so sure about it. You could very well transform important cities into a kind of private states for whatever reason, it might be unlikely know but maybe not in the future. They would still drain the countryside around it. It's just that it's not old national territory anymore.
Or lets think about half private zones at least like special economic zones. You could push these into a more authoritarian direction if it is needed.
No. 6975
No. 20452
No. 20484
City States like Tringapore or Liechtenstein mainly profit from the fact that those are autonomous entities jurisdically, so they can attract companies to settle there as letterbox branch and save a huge amount of taxes and since the population is so little the few % taxation do not seem like much in global comparison, but really matter gdp per capita wise.
You can not reproduce this model on the scale of countries like lets say China or Russia. But, those entities have cities that have first world status and a countryside that has third world status.
Arguably I would say that the US is a special case, since it is not a nation that grew and developed organically.
Also Urbanisation is a thing, in the future all of our children will probably live in megapolis. Even in Germany, which is very contra-polis itself. Even our biggest cities look more like small towns stretched out over a large area. Munich for example even forbids the construction of skyscrapers, a silly thing if you ask me.

Hide No. 20083 Lock [Reply]
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611 kB, 1920 × 816
>It is forbidden to upload any files that violate the law!
>inb4 I get banned for shitpost
No. 20088 Kontra
Hello and welcome!
If you have general questions about the functions of Ernstchan, you can ask them in /meta/.
We have a culture of "general threads" here, to keep it clear and compact. If you think that your topic doesn't fit in existing threads, then open your own with a meaningful OP, so a discussion can arise from it.
Thank you for your understanding and have a great stay!

Hide No. 19269 Systemkontra [Reply]
269 kB, 1280 × 1024
...be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

and don't forget to post your daily hassles with life
No. 20047
The tall, conventionally beautiful secretary girl who is my age, and is crushed on by every male in the company is flirting with me.

But I am actually attracted to the shortstack with an attitude middle manager lady who is 5 years older than me. Her confident and mean demeanor with her short stature awaken something perverse deep inside me. Especially when I'm leaning over her while she's reviewing my paperwork, angrily telling me off about my poor handwriting, I have this primordial urge to pick her up and do unspeakable things to her (lovingly).

My extended family would be so disappointed if I brought an older lady home. Buncha conservative bigots.
No. 20048
That combination seems interesting. I'd need to figure a way to make it intuitive since mismatching dice pools are typically a bit weird to wrap your head around without mechanical backup to break it down (see: FFG narrative system as a decent example) but I do like it. Though I don't know if I prefer it to just 3d6 unless I figure out something neat with the different dice.

The project started as a GURPS splatbook on the period (and I may still do it since GURPS would still run it excellently). The newer version is its own thing though. Essentially the core mechanic that I'm working on runs on the assumption that generally when you set out to do something you're either pretty sure you can do it, pretty sure you can't, or just dunno. This factors pretty well into a 3d4 distribution because you have a nice section where you go from ~75%->50%->~25%. Then I think about how you typically approach problems, you look for things you can either turn into helpful things for yourself or at least make them less of an issue (opening a tight jar can be tricky, but get a rag to help your grip and it can become pretty easy). So I decided that I'd work that into a narrative mechanic where negative modifiers are either reduced, neutralised or turned around by player interaction and/or use of items to make a target number that's more viable. The harder the initial obstacle, the craftier you need to get with planning it out and even then you might just make it into an iffy situation if it's a very dangerous task. It has similar uses in contested rolls where relative skills and attributes would act as modifiers in a kind of tug-of-war to determine attacks vs defending. Unfortunately, the same curve that makes those little modifiers impactful and interesting has the problem of limiting the way they can be used because of low granularity meaning there aren't as many in-between goldilocks zones to make TNs. As it stands, I'll probably end up stripping it down into something a bit less out there and go back to 3d6 where I initially began, but I want to explore my options first. See if I can't work something out. It's a fun little timewaster either way.

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No. 20050
I am being rude to a customer and nobody can stop me.

I started intentionally trying to piss off that fucker because he kept pestering me during non-work hours and being rude. In retrospect, bad idea. He seems like a vindictive fucker.
No. 20060
1,0 MB, 1280 × 720
> I have this primordial urge to pick her up and do unspeakable things to her (lovingly).
I can't stop laughing because you had to add "(lovingly)" at the end there :DDD

Hide No. 19980 [Reply]
695 kB, 865 × 10243
185 kB, 539 × 606
335 kB, 1280 × 600
there are some odd choices in the 2019 mercer quality of living ranking.

  • personally i wouldn't rank munich 3rd and not above berlin and hamburg, however i can understand to a certain degree why they put it there.
  • why on earth are düsseldorf and frankfurt/main this high? frankfurt/main is germany's crime and drug hot spot, but it has at least nice surroundings and more than decent nightlife. düsseldorf has... i don't know. i've been there once and the only thing that i found somewhat interesting was the big german-japanese community. i have nothing against düsseldorf, but what has düsseldorf (6) to offer regarding quality of living that puts it above the other german cities in the ranking berlin (13), hamburg (19), nuremberg (23), stuttgart (27) and leipzig (60)? nrw-ernst pls explain!

  • paris (39), lyon(40), london (41), milan (41), barcelona (43), new york (44) and rome (56) should all rank higher in my opinion.

-cape town barely making it to the top 100 seems odd.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 20004
You saying dumb shit like this makes his point look a lot better founded
>with a couple reddit spaced sentences t
They're line breaks. It's a form of paragraph formatting used online. Every time I see someone use that term I realize they're probably borderline illiterates. It's used in online journalism all the fucking time https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2019/03/14/Former-UK-soldier-to-be-charged-for-1972-Bloody-Sunday-massacre/8331552566990/ the only people who seem to use that phrase are poltards who are literally too stupid to read or write anything longer than 240 characters.
No. 20009 Kontra
>You should have been the one who could have provided us with the methods of the Mercer ranking
i could have done that, however i did not create this thread with the specific intend of bashing mercer or, even more specifically, publish a critical essay on how mercer employs or not employs certain criteria in their rankings (although i wouldn't mind if the thread would go in that direction). the thread was supposed to be a rather broad /int/ topic.

>It's a form of paragraph formatting used online.
>It's used in online journalism all the fucking time
it's also characteristic for reddit and line breaks after every sentence don't make posts more readable on chans.
>the only people who seem to use that phrase are poltards
i'm not a /pol/tard nor a right winger and i have no idea how one could come to such an assumption by reading the op and my other posts itt. i fucking hate politics on chans so god damn much.
No. 20014 Kontra
>i could have done that, however i did not create this thread with the specific intend of bashing mercer or, even more specifically, publish a critical essay on how mercer employs or not employs certain criteria in their rankings (although i wouldn't mind if the thread would go in that direction). the thread was supposed to be a rather broad /int/ topic.

As I tried to show with my last reply, I have nothing against such a broad topic of cities. But my impression was that you were more interested in Mercer and ranking than cities. Hence my rather rude replies.

Anyway, I don't want fight or argue about this anymore. Probably just misunderstandings.
No. 20016 Kontra
>Probably just misunderstandings.
yeah. the thread doesn't seem to be interesting for ernst anyway. i'll probably better stick with lurking and replying to threads i find interesting.

Hide No. 19918 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,0 MB, 1200 × 675, 0:06
871 kB, 2714 × 1784
Hello Ernsts.

Do you like my OC?
No. 19922 Kontra
43 kB, 756 × 514
And yet you come here to open a shitty thread every other day, your life must be even more boring than erntchan...
No. 19923 Kontra
It's trash
No. 19937
Don't post without epilepsy warning >.<
No. 21094
310 kB, 600 × 338, 0:37

Hide No. 18981 [Reply]
93 kB, 600 × 600
Something has been missing so far from KC, and I seem to find what.
Whatcha drinking tonight, Ernst?
No. 19728
So I drank some Baltic beer drinks.
They were pretty sweet, though I don't think that sweet alcohol drinks are very good.
No. 19738
I left home 24 hours ago. Got a few hours of sleep here and there. Been drinking hard all afternoon so I can pass out on my trans-Atlantic flight. See you on the other side, Ernst.
No. 19817
>Been drinking hard all afternoon so I can pass out on my trans-Atlantic flight
This seems like a horrible idea.
I actually had a pretty vivid dream where all I could remember was I supposed to go to a wedding in I think Turkey, but wound up drinking at this small airport somewhere in like Abu Dhabi and getting filthy looks from the locals and then woke up in the wrong country.

I am to this day not altogether convinced that I didn't share a memory with some alternate dimensional copy of myself who had an unexpected life changing even from trying to travel between countries while getting hammered.
No. 19819
It all worked out ok. I had just enough to sleep well and avoid jet lag.

Europe is pretty cool.

Hide No. 19769 Lock [Reply]
24 kB, 640 × 360
I love horror game but I just can't deal with fucking Mr X. He is everywhere I want to go. He is in my fucking way and then there are also 2 lickers in the tiny ass corridors so there is no way to sneak by them. They will always spot me. So yeh after getting chased around the map for ages and constantly having Mr X on my ass I am calling it quits. This isn't even fun anymore. He is always where I am and that way I can't even explore stuff anymore. I am just escaping non stop.
No. 19776 Kontra
I think there are already existing threads that would fit your post, instead of making a new one.
Thank you for your understanding!

Hide No. 19178 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1092 × 1023
Endchan is down, now with a backend failure. The problem might not be small, in the morning it was reachable via Tor, now that doesn't wörk either. Management can't be found nowhere. Don't stone me for double negative.
On the page that loads an error message says the bunker is at 2hu-ch (on .org domain), but we on /kc/ are looking for some other place to crash when the need arise and a potential new home if End is at it's end, since ernstchan - which was the original candidate - is no more. We didn't decided yet, we know we don't want 8ch, and someone recommended we should ask on sportschan which ain't that bad idea - where I might make a similar thread probably on /meta/ - but wasn't big enthusiasm for it.
I think what I really want to say that this is just an announcement that I can be reached here if anyone has this particular crazy idea for some mysterious reason, and we might want to use this thread in the future if downtime finds us again if this is possible.
To give a purpose for this thread for Ernst himself, it could be used as discussion of other chans and boards. Along this line I put forward a question: what Ernst would think would be a good imageboard for us to move?

No. 19379
.xyz and .net loads slow. Sometimes takes a minute. .org is fine, I think because it is "accelerated" by Cloudflare.
Maybe the site is DDOS'd I dunno. No news.
No. 19381
On the other hand sometimes it loads fairly fast. Zero idea what's going on.
No. 19388
I've alread switched back and forth from .xyz to.org over the last year. When I use.org photos thumbs won't show.
Sometimes thing run very smooth though, but not in last 2 weeks.
No. 19757
Well, we got a board on sportschan. Or rather on carchan.wrigel.xyz if you want to see correct flags. No proper CSS yet but I hope we'll fix it soon.
They didn't have an /int/ type of board so we might be a good addition for them, however we only plan to use it as a bunker for now.
Also Endchan is fixed. Well, the loading speed is.