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Hide No. 9081 [Reply]
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1,1 MB, 640 × 640, 0:20
>Since there is no philosophy threda
here it is.

i was lately toying with a little idea and wanted to hear Ernst's input on it.

As you all may know we have a serious problem with plastic pollution. We developed some genetic engineered fungi capable of breaking down plastics and reintroduce the parts into the "normal" biological cycle. I'm not aware of some genetic engineered bacteria capable of doing such, but let's suppose we have some.

would you introduce these into the wild bio-cycle?

I would tend towards "yes". First, let's try to imagine/determine all possible consequences. Ya, yaha. I know impossible task to do so; just look at what fuckery we did to the australian bio-cycle.

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No. 18464
11,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:31
I as of currently being epistemologically relativist picked up reading TLP by Wittgenstein. My god I just barely got through the first chapter and it's so boring. I can't see myself picking the book up like I usually do with other books and it's because I don't understand it I think. I see no common thread and what's worse not only do I not identify the premises I don't even identify what Wittgenstein is arguing for. What other philo books do I need to read in order to understand it or is it just wittgensteins way of boring you to death?
No. 18467
afaik it's formal logic, you aint good at math either I suppose? Everything is deduced.

t. had sames with TLP
No. 18468
The TLP is supposed to be as brief as possible so he doesn't really give any explanations, just lays out the structure of "logical" propositions that build upon each other in a self-contained manner, so it's really not like other books. It'd probably help if you're acquainted with formal logic but I wouldn't bother with it unless you're really dedicated.
IMO there's not much of a point in trying to understand it by yourself, so it's probably best to just read some secondary source on it, e.g. the English wiki article would be a good start I think. And also Wittgenstein himself later criticized the ideas he puts forward in the TLP.
Disclaimer: I too only waded through half of it with some momentary epiphanies before I put it away.
No. 18474

I've had a course on formal systems, perhaps I am bad at math, it is just I understand the deduction etc i just don't understand what the hell he is trying to tell. Like it's not something new deducing facts from premises he set up himself. I am just too bored to get through this.

Hide No. 16419 [Reply]
66 kB, 550 × 550
Old one is kontra.
What are you reading, Ernst?
No. 18454
Started reading some of Robert W. Chambers' other short story collections. They're fine. They don't capture me like The King in Yellow though. The peaks of cryptic and mildly unsettling weirdness in that book just creates a far more interesting read than what amounts to symbolist/art nouveau short stories. The titular story of the one I'm currently reading 'The Maker of Moons' is interesting but it's just not as impactful as The Repairer of Reputations. The rest is as I said, fine but also not really my thing.
No. 18457
Alright. I will look out for these books at the antiquarian before I order something online. Will keep me from buying to much books that collide with my limited time at the moment.
No. 18470
Haven't heard of this Herrndorf before, besides being vaguely aware of the Tschick movie. So I ended up reading about him a bit (there's some German in memoriam website about him*), and damn he had a quite tragic life story. Will definitely put some of his books on my reading list, I'm always glad to stumble upon some interesting contemporary German author.

No. 18471 Kontra
Btw, especially for the German Ernsts who want to buy used books online I recommend trying https://www.eurobuch.com/
It's a metasearch engine which crawls through amazon, booklooker, abebooks etc. and it works surprisingly well
If you scroll down on the page there are some off-shoots for other countries as well but I can't vouch how well they work.

Medimops can also be pretty good, as they have a decent selection & prices, though often not the cheapest. But they also offer free shipping over 10€ which can lead to some good deals if you're looking for multiple books.

Hide No. 12195 [Reply]
19 kB, 583 × 293
So,now that the dust has settled, which ideas of Marx have stood the test of time proving him right?

Is it even possible to have a conversation about marx without political shitflinging?

I'm too dumb to give articulate thoughts to this but I'd be interested in hearing what you super smart dudes on ernst think

No. 13017
That channel tho
I am convinced this is all part of an elaborate psyop to make me think the Masons and the Illuminati or whoever else should get my undying support against the teeming masses of retarded fucking bydlo
No. 13797
No. 18346
The only cure for the West is democratic Socialism

Russia is incurable
No. 18363 Kontra
Your short-lived opinion does not qualify for an ernste Diskussion. Please be more elaborate in your daily life on image boards.

Hide No. 3001 [Reply]
18 kB, 757 × 723
Willkommen! This thread is for the sharing and discussion of short-films of all kinds.

I would like to start with two films directed by Russian filmmaker Andrei Khrzhanovsky that are of importance and demonstrate the technical level Soviet/Russian animation once operated on.

>The Glass Harmonica (1968)

The first (and allegedly only) animated film banned in the USSR for its depiction of totalitarianism and censorship of the arts. Inherently it has an anti-capitalist message in the role money plays turning people into monsters but you can obviously see what is really at work.

What is interesting about this other than the on the nose message is the use of historical artwork in a surrealist format. It was a very daring film even for life in the Khrushchev Thaw.

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No. 17347
52 kB, 504 × 459
It is not just mall stereotypes. There are also at least two movies referenced, Short Circuit and Gremlins. Maybe I missed others. Are those from 1984 or why are they in there? I thought Short Circuit came later.
I really like this synthwave stuff like Mitch Murder, even though this is by far not my favourite artist. With the 80s being my childhood and despite neither the decade or my childhood having been close to fantastic, the time since alone and the good memories you have, give a warm feeling of nostalgia when reminded of it.

The title of the movie instantly made me think of a short documentation(?) about mall life of the 80s but I seem to be unable to find it. It has the same vibe as the video a few guys took at a tank stop one early morning. If I stumble upon it, I'll post.
Meanwhile have this covering the topic on all levels instead: https://youtu.be/w6Q3mHyzn78
No. 17356
50 kB, 590 × 885
Gremlins was in 1984, but you're right about Short Circuit coming later. I also noticed a Batman movie poster and an Andre the Giant sticker, both of which took place in 1989. 1984 was probably chosen because, as the decade's middle year, it was numerically peak 1980s.
>a short documentation(?) about mall life of the 80s
>have this covering the topic on all levels instead
Even if you didn't find the film you were looking for, that Tiffany video was well chosen. It truly is a time capsule.
No. 17359
t.borned in 1988
No. 18341

Just discovered this guy (Alan Resnick), hilarious but also unsettling at the same time. Somewhat reminiscent of MDE, particularly this other short of his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg29TuWo0Yo

Hide No. 15089 [Reply]
19 kB, 544 × 288
122 kB, 1280 × 694
58 kB, 704 × 528
39 kB, 712 × 564
Let's talk about kino

Old thread: >>44
No. 18310
71 kB, 947 × 531
86 kB, 948 × 530
67 kB, 947 × 533
I was thinking maybe it has something to do with DVD/BluRay capacity but that didn't seem right as they are both capable of storing ~2hrs. So I stumbled upon this article which concludes that according to IMDb data movies aren't actually getting longer. They got longer from 30s to 60s (possibly to differentiate from TV) and stayed more or less sames after that. But read for yourself, it's a rather short and informative article:

No. 18314
Thanks! What struck me right away was the mentioning of an intermission. I only ever had one when watching Dancing with Wolves as a child. I was really confused back then because I had never experienced such and at first thought the movie had just suddenly ended. Even though I got a soda during the break I was pretty annoyed by it.
Also the graph Average feauture film length proves my perception right. The "Top" movies have indeed increased in length on average. With exception of the bump during the early to mid-sixties and then steadily on from the mid-eighties. The graph even goes further up as it leaves the scale.
Another interesting point in the article is the mentioning of LOTR in this regard. That might indeed have been the start of a new fashion and the moment when the movies makers realized that there is a high demand for lenghty films.
No. 18318 Kontra
No. 18321
I remember a lot movies from 80s and 70s and 60s that was around 2 hours. Some of them are director cuts of cource, but I never spotted too much change in movies size too

Hide No. 6586 [Reply]
2,4 MB, 4096 × 2304
Let's have a thread about various monetary reforms!
You can save here various materials about monetary reforms, that happened over the world.
No. 18232
54 kB, 800 × 400
>now there is fashion on "euro-style money"
That Russian note really does look like a Euro. I suppose it's natural for currency designs to follow trends, and banks actually have a reason to design notes we'll find beautiful. Studies have found a positive correlation between the aesthetic appreciation of a note, and knowledge of its security features. Banks try to make money beautiful so we'll look at it a little longer and, as a consequence, will remember things like microprinting and watermarks.
No. 18237
Ours were printed in EU, so it's no wonder. The coins look Euro-ish too. I think that our current bills are the best-looking of all we ever had, so I don't really mind.
No. 18296
I think previous ones was okay, but I think all people love 1993 ones with animals
No. 18304
831 kB, 1721 × 1651
Only people who was already adult enough in 1998-2001 to have personal pocket money will remember those ones I used mine last one to buy Tempo, I still remeber what an idiot I was

Hide No. 18260 [Reply]
15,0 MB, 640 × 274, 2:59
Kohl is currently getting hacked by a Georgian, he deleted all threads except his

No. 18263 Kontra
why the fuck should we care? Also third post
>cp flood incoming
So in other words the whole site is not only a shithole, but literally a haven for pedophiles. Great. Let them rot.
No. 18274 Kontra

Hide No. 17978 [Reply]
43 kB, 630 × 400
I will start by asking can somebody please teach me how to set up a blog?
No. 18114
You describe a vicious circle there. Right now it is actually pretty cheap to advertise on facebook and also easy to target a very specific audience there. So more and more people and about every new startup gives them their monies. If this continues and nothing will ever get people driven away from that cancer, Zuckerberg will get a complete monopoly on web advertising, which will also probably be the only way of advertising that reaches anyone anymore. Well, aside from Google of course.
No. 18131 Kontra
223 kB, 1366 × 768
People are already trying to jump ship from FB though I think. Who knows maybe someday, godwilling, it will go the way of myspace.
No. 18137 Kontra
Well, web advertising is not the same as it used to be anyways. The most successful campaigns are those that people don't recognize as such. So it wouldn't even matter if FB would monopolize the regular text/display ads (which it de facto does). Though as you say it has to share the pie with Google for the most part, and for certain niches other channels still work better.
Eh, FB had a bit of a slump some months ago, but it's recovering now (see stock price). It's not going away for now I think.
Though the whole online advertising field is bound to crash some time, it already seems way too bloated. On the other hand there are still tons of small businesses out there that don't really use digital advertising so in many cases there's an opportunity to leverage it.
No. 18233
2,4 MB, 3264 × 2448
Help! I got BSOD'd and worst now for whatever fucking reason the option "boot from USB or CD" no longer appears. I have no idea wtf I am even doing. I cannot boot from CD for some reason and no system image or restore points are being detected. Can I run my recovery CD from the command prompt? The option simply vanished from the repair screen.

Hide No. 16938 Systemkontra [Reply]
48 kB, 768 × 616
Good Morning Euros, it's a new (to)day.
No. 18175
7,7 MB, 400 × 240, 3:07
No. 18184
I read an article by Quention Meillassoux on speculation and correlationism basically Kants transcendental philosophy, the latter is object of critique. It's funny but frustrating at the same time when university taught you good pattern recognition in difficult texts, like: what seems an important statement to mark and which is uninteresting, strains of an argument that don't need to be marked. I cannot say I really understood what he wanted to say other than it's possible to abandon correlationism. Correlationsim means that we cannot think an absolute or outside of thought because our thoughts are always in relation to the things, they are relational and not separated from us. Meillssoux says it's possible to think an outside, for him, a naive proof would be to say that science has a subject that deals with data from a time before humans came into existence, so there must be something that exist without thought. But I got lost on the way from where he leaves this naive argument behind and unfolds his rather complex argument.
No. 18185
You are awesome reader. Sad that I don't have that much time nowdays to read too much. I want try to read some english books on original language to improve my english, if only I'd had time for that.
Anyway, Happy Birthday.

About thinhs stuck in my head - oftent I have some thoughts in my heda that preven me from normal sleep. I go to bed - close eyes and untill 5AM thinking about some crap.
No. 18194
>you need to stay below 70 degrees celsius
Thanks, I'll remember that. I did a test this morning and the temperature of 1 cup of boiling water, left to rest for 3 minutes, dropped 30°F(17°C). If I put the black tea in first, and then wait a few minutes before adding the green, that should work.

Hide No. 8462 [Reply]
48 kB, 480 × 320
Since we have a Short-Film Club, maybe we can also have a thread discussing music videos?

Share exceptional music videos (or any other video connecting visual art with music) that left a notable impression on you!

Please make sure you don't share a video just because you enjoyed the music, use this thread then instead >>594
No. 15330
As a kid i really liked this video, especially because i also really liked playing Tomb Raider on the PS1. It has something special i would say.

No. 18116

Weird Akira-inspired MV that uses different animation styles from the makers of the infamous Galo Sengen video
No. 18128
302 kB, 960 × 615
You know it from the Sopranos. They play the Chosen Mix in the intro. The original has a nice spoken word intro. There are some very weird (I wouldn't say good) techno mixes on Exhiole from Cold Harbour Lane.

The acoustic version is the best.

Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning
No. 18146
5 kB, 404 × 399
>ESPECIALLY the part about fucking magnets.

I decided to look this up on Reddit briefly and picked the imo best answer.

"Physics cannot answer "why" questions on a fundamental level. We live in a universe that works according to some (not necessarily known) laws of physics. We could also live in a universe where the laws of physics are different.

Magnetism can be tracked down to quantum electrodynamics (QED), the most fundamental description of electromagnetism we have. On that level, it is well understood - the calculations based on QED are in incredibly precise agreement with all measurements done so far, with a precision of up to 13 decimal digits."

The first part is standard (maybe little bit pretentious) wisdom. I don't believe the author has a PhD or is close to it, but the whole answer is rather decent.

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