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It is about Horror Punk, starting from The Misfits, then the two samples This is Horror Punk 1&2 which tried to give a good overview of what emerged after the reunion of The Misfits end of the 90ties (without Glen Danzig of course) and after this some random pieces of the genre. To be honest, some psychobilly and othere familiar genres are within this playlist. by Horror Punk & Psychobilly


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A discussion for all things related to music.

Discuss musicians and their discographies, inspirations, careers, image, impact, artistic integrity and raison d'être. Sharing links is fine, but also discuss what particularly moved you about a given song or composition.
No. 34923 Kontra
Ah, I see. I'd been extremely busy this week, so I've only dropped in sporadically.

Carry on, then.
No. 35090
>RAC sperg spergs out
Glad to see he at least listens to music beyond shallow skinhead smegma sniffers.

But otherwise, is anyone else a fan of zeuhl?
No. 35140
>RAC sperg spergs out

I am the OP of this thread, you dolt. I care deeply about music.

To answer your question, I like Prog Rock, but I could never get into Magma or anything like that. Shub-Niggurath and Eskaton are interesting, though. Couldn't sit through an entire album of either, but they've got atmosphere.
No. 35214
>fan of zeuhl
I've listened to Magma's self-titled album, Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh, 1001° centigrades, and Magma live.
Zeuhl is a pretty small genre, so I don't know if that makes me a "fan" of the genre. I know that some zuehl was made in japan though.

Sorry for the late response. I love Henry Cow! In fact I was the poster who started the "Marxist Music" threda on .com with Henry Cow. I especially like Fred Firth and have delved into his personal projects:
Massacre live:
A relatively unknown album of his that I like:

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4,7 MB, 4000 × 3000
Old one yellowed and crumbled under the sun.

So Ernst, share your reading adventures with us once again.
No. 34763 Kontra

I doubt that she is really butthurt about him. Since he is not 34 years old but way older and political incorrect, hence the butthirt. I'd say it's just a twitter pun targeting "american girls" and their supposed illusions about a cultured europe and is the same frame nails french culture as politically incorrect. The later is probably not even well researched. I read his book on Islam taking over as state religion or whatever it was exactly but the protagonist likes the patriarchy that comes with it. So it was not without discussions but nowhere was written that arabs are subhumans. It's also not implicated in his description of arabs in that book.
No. 34902
No. 35094
Is there an autismo who could recommend which warhammet 40k books to avoid and chase after?

Lately I've been rereading Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra. Excellent booger that really picks the mind and it goes well with Spinoza's Ethics.
No. 35180
236 kB, 400 × 649
62 kB, 480 × 640
42 kB, 480 × 640
Last week I finished reading this excellent novel from 1913 by Hungarian writer Mihály Babits.
It tells the story of a gifted, well to do young man who lives two lives. Whenever the protagonist, Elemér Tábory goes to sleep, he wakes up in the body of a carpenter's apprentice. And when that day is over too, and the apprentice goes to bed, then Elemér wakes up and goes about his day as a gifted schoolboy.
The novel tells how he tries to cope with and rationalise how he has reverse schizophrenia, that his soul has two bodies.
He feels that this other life of his casts a shadow on the idyll that he is supposed to enjoy. That it somehow destroys his innocence.
Meanwhile, his other self feels that this rich, gifted and educated life he has is giving him unreasonable goals that he'll never be able to reach.

The contrast is great, and it's a really interesting read and I'd recommend it. (It's also extremely short, clocking in at around 130-140 pages if that's any help)
It was published both in English (Titled:The Nightmare/King's Stork) and German (Der Storchkalif) translations.
The German title is a literal translation of the Hungarian, which is a play on a short fairy tale written by Wilhelm Hauff in 1825 titled Die Geschichte von Kalif Storch.

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93 kB, 600 × 400
233 kB, 449 × 317
Also S-P-A-C-E since the last thread is on systemkontra

It's old news but apparently there's a planet thought to be made out of graphite and diamonds. I am old enough now that both the frontiers of the internet and this small blue world feel small to me, like the length of our yard and driveway once did, and my hunger only grows

I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
No. 31935
55 kB, 678 × 720
Thank you! At least a quantitative response.
Thank you too, but this I know. Interesting for others perhaps.

I'm down to questions like "Where the hell comes electrons energy from in the first place?" so I have to conclude, that my questions are way too broad.
No. 35095
1,1 MB, 2250 × 3000
1,2 MB, 2250 × 3000
939 kB, 2258 × 3000
1,4 MB, 3000 × 2263
As part of a Space Flight Awareness program, NASA produced ISS mission posters featuring the astronaut crew. To make these more fun, they began to stage the images to imitate popular movies.
Enjoy the lighter side of NASA:

No. 35100 Kontra
1,1 MB, 3000 × 2258
147 kB, 753 × 1000
Forgot to include context for the NASA program:

>the posters serve both an external and internal purpose. They advertise the expeditions to the public and are hung within NASA facilities and the offices of other US government organizations. And the charming kitschiness of the posters give the ISS crews, who train together before living in close proximity, a chance to participate in something fun and goofy when they work with the graphic designers at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.


No. 35179
NASA also released a neat little barebones sim game on Steam
It's pretty sad honestly that they have to resort to this. It's making me unironically miss the Soviets.

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69 kB, 300 × 300
Dear Ernst. It has come to my attention that I am completely lacking material goods in my life to satisfy my empty heart.
Have you, in recent times, grown excited for any piece of technology (phone, ereader,etc) or car or anything costing money that has piqued your pea brained attention span?
I can't think of anything besides wanting a modern smartphone without android or ios, running with a physical keyboard and such a thing simply will never exist in today's vapid consumer market.
No. 35104
Ah I see your one of those people. You do realize you can grow and procure lots of legal analogues for just about everything right? Fuck I'm still pissed my dad threw out those San Pedro cuttings all those years ago. I probably also still have that bottle of chloroform stashed somewhere. Why you might ask? No not for getting high but because it's a solvent. A damn good one too. I tried everything getting that fucking glue residue off my dishware some utter twat decided to leave due to stickering it and not even acetone or isopropyl got it off but lo and behold just a dash of chloroform and that glue came right off. I suppose it would be a really effective way to extract alkaloids from plants because I don't trust using butane or whatever but then again I probably trust myself with a chloroform extraction even less.

You also can easily grow psilocybin you know. You can seriously just buy a spore print kit offline legally at least here because the spores themselves aren't illegal only the drug containing plant matter.
No. 35112 Kontra
Note to Kiwi, since you are new: there are at least three, possibly more ameriballs on EC
No. 35163
1,1 MB, 720 × 980
1005 kB, 720 × 955
I told you before mate growing plants is hella easy. You really don't need to worry about much except drainage and watering the things mostly, and sometimes not even that. Like I told you before just keep them from getting too much frost damage or sun damage depending on the plant and your local climate because some can get sunburned but look at this for example. That window isn't too drafty so they aren't even being harmed by it and those are all tropical plants though pothos is pretty hardy. I got that one as a tiny shitty overpriced walmart hanging basket and after a few years and dozens of cuttings I've got this and tons of others everywhere. If I put them all in one place it would be enough to make a solid wall barricading my windows. Cacti I do actually really miss. Oh! OP you should try buying a cactus growing kit. They didnt make it because I was really going and didnt know what I was doing but I got my cacti seedlings pretty big. Growing plants is an excellent and inexpensive hobby. You should also consider going into bonsai. Now that, that one is actually pretty difficult. I got a few on super discount this fall and I'm trying yet again to grow them though I've repeatedly failed to grow saplings I've dug out of the woods.

Your idea on carnivorous plants makes me think I should try that again. I have a venus flytrap as a kid but couldn't keep it alive. I'd also recommend spider plants which I've always loved but oddly can't seem to find them anywhere. I had to get a cutting from a relative. It's weird because I used to see them absolutely everywhere as a kid even in grocery stores and sometimes hardware stores but now I haven't seen them anywhere in like a decade. Not sure why.

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No. 35166
I mean this is seriously what you're spending your day doing? Haven't you noticed the last time you did this that everything was restored as if you were never here? The sole evidence you even existed was me pointing this out. When a post is deleted the thread goes back to its proper order here. This means if you bumped a two year old thread the moment that your post gets deleted it goes all the way back down the catalogue to the hundredth thread or something. Our blessed mods also have it backed up so you can't crapflood everything off the catalogue and 404 it either. This is what you are doing with your life. While everyone else is out raising kids like Ireland or working a government job like Britball or doing art like the brick and American or bird watching like that other American, this is what you are doing with your life.

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79 kB, 640 × 1071
159 kB, 748 × 1200
179 kB, 1200 × 727
152 kB, 1199 × 704
Chemical warfare exercise in Istanbul before the WW2

19 August 1939
No. 21353
90 kB, 1028 × 660
Relevant. On this site you can find photos from between 1900 and 1990.
"Fortepan is a copyright-free and community-based photo archive with over 100,000 photographs available for anyone to browse and download in high-resolution, free of charge. The images are free to share with the appropriate credit given as FORTEPAN / NAME OF DONOR. Please do provide the full credit at all times as it is a tribute to the selfless contribution of the donor.
This website was launched in 2010 by Ákos Szepessy and Miklós Tamási and it initially contained photographs found randomly in the streets of Budapest.The archive has expanded since then through donations from families, amateur and professional photographers, along with public collections. The images on the website are selected by editors. The descriptions attached to the images are compiled and edited by volunteers, utilizing information contributed at the Fortepan Forum."
No. 21354
75 kB, 994 × 660
73 kB, 1004 × 660
No. 21355
65 kB, 405 × 300
111 kB, 640 × 440
54 kB, 597 × 448
Officers and soldiers of Kornilov's shock regiment in South Volunteer Army durig civil war
No. 35165
I don't know if you realize this shitposter but once your images are deleted all our threads get restored and to the proper order.

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260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 34295
NZ has some bretty gud dumpsters at times.
Sadly this morning I found nothing besides genuine scraps.
No. 34318
What were you looking for?
I nabbed a pair of 10x50 1950s Carl Zeiss binoculars at the local dump a few weeks ago.
No. 34908
Sadly I have no money at all for such an extravagance particularly when Christmas is showing up in only two weeks. Oh shit that's right oh no wait I did my math wrong but still Christmas eve is literally exactly three weeks away to this day. I have to think about Christmas presents and traveling costs alone would be at least a thousand dollars. I don't think you can do traveling Europe or elsewhere as an American for under two grand.
No. 35093
Mainly food. I do it for fun despite having the appropriate funds to eat well and better than most.
I hit up the same dumpster last night and it was packed beyond belief with plastic rubbish, a search would have engulfed me or made a mess. I may be a vagrant and a dog, but I know someone has to clean up a mess that's made.

Also my next stop will likely be India. I need to properly learn some yoga and I've heard tales of their over the counter drug availability, which could please my frail heart until my wallet flutters in the wind as empty as my brain is.

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