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Hide No. 86862 [Reply]
540 kB, 884 × 663
And goodbye world
No. 86879 Kontra
World doesn't care.

Hide No. 67497 [Reply]
112 kB, 1200 × 675
Going back to "Come and see" the director told (more or less) "I would not want a professional actor... I wanted a 14 YO unexperienced boy... With that kind of film we had to train him that by the end of the film he would not get into an asylum!"

Fug yes. Like a cretin told, "how great is cinema".

BTW, you won't tell me you have not seen the anime version of this picture, ha ha. This is the stuff that makes the good part of the internet great, too :DD. The bad part of the internet can crash and burn
No. 86471
433 kB, 3840 × 2160
933 kB, 3840 × 2160
477 kB, 3840 × 2160
457 kB, 3840 × 2160
There is an urban legend going around the town that if you find an empty bottle on a bridge, blow in it and think of the Empty Man, then on the first night after that you'll hear him, on the second night you see him, and on the third night he finds you. A group of high school kids try it and after three days simply disappear. James Lasombra, an ex-cop and a friend of Nora Quail, mother of one of disappeared teenagers, sets out to find her daughter, Amanda. He manages to get on the trail of a weird apocalyptic cult that may have had something to do with the disappearances.

It's a very decent horror movie. It's not brilliant, not memorable, not that scary and it's full of Lovecraftian cliches, but it somehow works nonetheless. It manages to keep the mystery well until the twist, it has quite a foreboding atmosphere and its ambient score is really great (created by Brian Williams of Lustmord fame). It has a lengthy prologue (about twenty minutes), but it integrates into the story well and it's pretty spooky in its own regard. Overall it's a horror movie just how it should be, in my opinion: atmospheric, suspenseful, almost no cheap jumpscares, and no happy ending. It may not be terrifying, but at least it's interesting, so it's worth checking out.
No. 86695
73 kB, 1482 × 598
So apparently Amazon has just bought a bunch of nigerian films.

On the one hand I find it cool to have actual african films with actual african people without any american bullshit, but on the other hand those films don't seem anymore exciting or worth watching beyond the novelty (kind of like french films).
No. 86775
110 kB, 1273 × 716
145 kB, 1273 × 716
94 kB, 1273 × 716
91 kB, 1273 × 716
In the future, a valuable mineral called berynium was found on the planet Sirius 6B. The corporation New Economic Bloc started mining it, but it turned out that the process is lethally toxic and radioactive. The workers and scientists involved in mining formed an alliance and rebelled against NEB, but the corporation bombed the planet into oblivion and then sent ground forces to wipe out the survivors. As a desperate measure, The Alliance developed autonomous factories producing little war robots, called "screamers". These screamers are very adept at killing and are capable of learning and self-upgrading. They turned the tide of the war for The Alliance, but now they may become far too advanced and can become a major threat for both sides of the conflict, and possibly for the whole humanity.

It could've been a really good adaptation of PKD's "Second Variety", if not for it's low budget, overall mediocrity and the ending that for some inexplicable reason was changed from the very bleak original to "oh, but what if the robots could develop empathy and learn to love" which made the whole plot quite moronic. Special effects are cheesy (although I kinda dig the stop motion reptile screamer), and that makes the action scenes look silly, mainly when the robots are being destroyed (the starting scene with the NEB soldier being killed by robots, on the other hand, looks OK). The movie isn't as bad as the other B-tier stuff that came out in the eighties and early nineties, but looks pretty sad compared both to other SF action horrors like Aliens or Predator and to other PKD adaptations like Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly. Oh well, at least Peter Weller is pretty cool.
No. 86842
Just watched two episodes of "Cabinet of Curiosities", presented by Guillermo del Toro.

He enters the scene like Jonathan Frakes in Fact or Fiction, then talks a bit and then the story begins. It's kinda c&a because I have never seen him walk before and he actually waddles, that typical fat person waddle. I mention that because I still haven't forgiven him for that piece of shit Crimson Peak. Anyhow, I digress.

The first episode I watched was "Pickman's Model", based on that Lovecraft story; coincidentally the first one I ever read. This episode really did not impress me. You have your bog-standard Netflix optics with Netflix sfx, Netflix lighting and Netflix feel. Crispin Glover is good as Pickman, but that's it. The rest is pretty silly and apart from the title and the very silly looking ghoul it has not much to do with the original story and instead becomes about how his painting drive people insane or something, plus some really pointless "shock" moments, that are, due to the Netflix sfx, pretty anemic, despite trying to be visceral, and it drags on wayyyy too long.

The second one was "The Viewing", directed by Panos Cosmatos, and you can say, he certainly has his style. Colored lighting, chromatic aberrations of all kinds, a synth soundtrack, set in '79. I loved Mandy, so I went into this a bit biased, but then again, I liked Pickman's Model. But this one really does btfo the other episode. It's unconventional and the craftsmanship is not boring, unlike the other episode. Sure, it's way more style than substance, but it doesn't even try to appear "shocking" or "creepy" like the other story (which fails in that endeavour), and it (mostly) keeps its mystery (unlike the other story). It's also fun inbetween and like with Mandy the influence of 80s schlock is palpable. It even has Peter Weller (greetings to the Belorussian) as some mysterious old rich dude. Oh, and it has Sofia Boutella who is always hot.

Hide No. 65600 [Reply]
320 kB, 1300 × 833
I don't want to disgrace the suffering today thread with more of this.

I'll start by translating selected passages of PCTP-MRPP's official line on its participation in the bourgeois electoral sham known as the 2022 Portuguese Legislative Elections.

>[...] The Party has a political line on (the question of) participating or not participating in bourgeois elections, being that this is not the Party's main task. Our agitation, propaganda and political struggle is not stored for the electoral season and does not require elections to be carried out!
>This participation has as primary goal the strengthening of the Party, in terms of organization, whose configuration is dependent on political circumstances and situation. This participation is also a fight for the survival of the Party. And this is how it must be seen.
>This is the meaning of presenting a candidacy in a moment of intense atacks and struggles against all sorts of opportunists and traitors who have only, as we all can see, the only and main purpose the criminalization, fragmentation and destruction of the Party, appealing constantly to desertion, undermining and denying the study, the ideological struggle, and the organized political intervention -- Marxism is our strategy, as so brilliantly defended comrade Arnaldo Matos -- wanting, even still, to impose from their armchairs and the comfort of their home, their points of view, believing, perhaps that their escape gives them the status of uncompromised and independent ideologues.

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No. 86822
671 kB, 681 × 707
Not politics, but I thought it fits.
No. 86826
88 kB, 600 × 297
244 kB, 1280 × 720
71 kB, 893 × 410
Yes, an interesting topic. Further research needed.
No. 86828 Kontra
89 kB, 830 × 1182
Poem about Ukraine as published by PCTP-MRPP last night.
Translation is my own, any deviations from the original are to be understood as bourgeois influence.

- Where's the
between the
And the

It's not an incredible poem, but accidentally they managed to reference "fronteira" (borderland/border) in their Ukraine poem. This gives it some magic.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 86829 Kontra
Absolutely politics. They don't want you to think this is politics.

Hide No. 61655 [Reply]
402 kB, 1200 × 1536
Thread for personal artwork, critique and discussion

Useful books and resources:

Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook

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No. 86745
266 kB, 1622 × 1300
Artist chads, I kneel. Could you please remake this meme in the fashwave style, with appropriate fonts and glitches?

Original images (or use any other if you want):
No. 86762 Kontra
19,3 MB, 640 × 512, 0:04
You can do stuff like that online
No. 86774
3,9 MB, 1798 × 1069
No. 86780
It really did make the turnip meme funnier, wow

Hide No. 53398 [Reply]
9 kB, 597 × 600
7 kB, 375 × 155
12 kB, 355 × 355
This thread is dedicated to discussions and findings about the present, future and history of (digital) media and technology. They can concern culture, society, politics and philosophy. I know we have a science thread and a computer thread, but this thread is decicated to the humanities side of the issue, though this thread should not exclude (computer) science.

I will make my updates here regulary I hope, so this is a personal thread which should accompany my personal studies, but you are invited to post here as well. I will mainly review articles or books, perhaps post personal experience we often discussed imageboards here, which can boil down board culture, but also social composition, so that would be a topic, but also hope to link thoughts together in the future.

More or less: What are the consequences of a digital age in various domains, where are we heading and where do we/it came from?

The thread could contain questions like:

[*]What is the digital, what does this notion imply?
[*]What is media?
[*]The dawning of the notion of networks

[Show 16 more lines]

No. 84048
284 kB, 796 × 783
You might be interested in

^basically: game of life with more complex rules.

but, in all honesty, AI is still soo far away from what you described. It is probably more likely that such an AI couldn't exist. At least not how we try to build one.
No. 84049 Kontra
No. 84051
That’s like “Roko’s basilisk” but instead of getting fucked you are rewarded. Disregarding the time-travel or whatever.
No. 86748
292 kB, 512 × 512
The present state of our cybernetic culture on a global scale is neatly condensed in this article. Highly recommended reading for people interested in the present.


A very interesting article that gives a good frame on how to understand some present ongoings or the at least how things are dealt with in a certain way.
It explains the smartness mandate as a logic that conceptualized territory, population, environment, future in a certain way.

>We call these promises about computation, complexity, integration, ecology, and crisis “the smartness mandate.” We use this phrase to mark the fact that the assumptions and goals of
“smart” technologies are widely accepted in global polity discussions and that they have encouraged the creation of novel infrastructures that organize environmental policy, energy policy, supply chains, the distribution of food and medicine, finance, and security policies. The smartness mandate draws on multiple and intersecting discourses, including ecology, evolutionary biology, computer science, and economics. Binding and bridging these discourses are technologies, instruments, apparatuses, processes, and architectures.

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Hide No. 72751 [Reply]
38 kB, 584 × 584
23 kB, 946 × 114
After spamming the last one to Systemkontra with a single broadcast, here's the new thread
No. 86599
132 kB, 1215 × 712
110 kB, 500 × 352, 0:01
Was solln des. Bin nicht ON!
No. 86600 Kontra
Hab echt alled drin ^__°
No. 86616 Kontra
Port 80
No. 86725
739 kB, 1000 × 997
292 kB, 1251 × 1111
278 kB, 1400 × 1391
Today we're listening to "Johnny Winter - Second Winter".

New to the poll:
Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me
Donovan - Sunshine Superman
DMX - It's Dark And Hell Is Hot

Next poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.

Hide No. 45215 [Reply]
191 kB, 1280 × 960
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 4:33
129 kB, 500 × 738
266 kB, 1377 × 975
And space etc. Old one died.
No. 86687

>The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, makes its hosts bold [...] in rodents, infection generally correlates with decreased fear of cats and increased exploratory behaviour.
>[...] data on grey wolves (Canis lupus) collected intensively in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, over nearly 27 years.
>The team looked at 256 blood samples from 229 wolves, which had been carefully watched throughout their lives, and had their life histories and social status recorded. Meyer and Cassidy found that infected wolves were 11 times more likely than uninfected ones to leave their birth family to start a new pack, and 46 times more likely to become pack leaders — often the only wolves in the pack that breed.

>46 times more likely to become pack leaders

Can we have a study done on humans, please? I would really like to see if there is a correlation between toxoplasmosis infection and choice of career path.
No. 86691
Iirc there has been something about cat people being different from normal people because they got toxoplasmosis from their cats. Or they are cat because of toxoplasmosis, I don't know anymore.

There's also research indicating people getting a HUGE broadcasting compulsion from a diet consisting mainly of wild boar.
No. 86704
Both. They Like cats because they have toxoplasmosis, the cats spread toxoplasmosis. Tixoplasmosis makes mammals drawn to cats and makes the cat stench tolerable. It also make them underestimate risks. For example, cat persons exhibit more reckless driving due to their infection. Toxoplasmosis is the cat's symbiont, it generates easy prey and dumb servants for the cat.
It appears it is also the wolves symbiont, making wolves alpha as fuck and thuzms ensuring their reproductive success.
No. 86705
Only the badass wolves will kill and eat a cougar, and that in turn makes them more badass so they can dominate the weak beta wolves into submission!! Nature is awesome in v the way it eradicates all weak and worthless life!

Hide No. 86072 Systemkontra [Reply]
118 kB, 795 × 470
Last one: >>85229

pls don't rate my today thread, it's not a race and I just didn't want to post in a kontra'd thread.
No. 86688
It averages around 2-3 a week but comes in ebbs and flows on the collective mood of women. Sometimes with a clear explanation like right now it's heading into Christmas so a lot of women both want and have time for a man in their life.

>You trying to repopulate East Anglia or something?

I know from experience to always court multiple women at once as they're notoriously flakey. And sometimes just outright boring or toxic to the degree that it helps to know you have other options so you don't start chasing sunk-cost. Obviously I also have many more options living in a big international city pretty much the sole reason I live here instead of doing the sensible thing and buying a house while I still can.

But I actually cancelled a date set for tonight and deleted my apps as the Chinese girl has developed feelings for me and I don't want to hurt anyone without giving them a chance.


[Show 8 more lines]

No. 86689
Assuming London is full of britons is pretty racist, sir.

>2-3 a week
Two to three what? Dates? Sexings? Meetings of new people?
No. 86690
I doubt that suburbia count as villages. Also economical reason are irrelevant here because poor people have more children than rich people.
No. 86692
England 0 USA 0, but feels like a win tbh.

I have never had to consider the social nuance of Thanksgiving dinner invites; our guest list is limited to siblings and our mother, with all food prepared by the host.

Hide No. 80621 Systemkontra [Reply]
109 kB, 1280 × 720
The thread is dead, long live the thread!
No. 86673
75 kB, 900 × 507
I imagine they have the same cultural lineage as agricultural shows.
No. 86674 Kontra
>So if you know what a Drachenlord fan looks like, I have bad news for you.

I watched a documentary on it once and I have seen pictures of the trial since it was in the news, my little snowflake.
No. 86675 Kontra
I don't see how that changes anything about my point.
No. 86686
642 kB, 1400 × 788
True, I've seen it in documentary movie Midsommar

Hide No. 69373 [Reply]
101 kB, 597 × 482
back with a vengeance
No. 85912
Had a dream that I forgot about my job.

My alarm was ringing and I got up, but for some reason (I think it was because I thought it was aready saturday) ended up doing something else before I noticed it was already approaching noon and I hadn't even logged in today (I wfh).
Then I looked out of the window and in the forest in the back I saw a hunter going after a roe deer. It seemed already hurt, so he was probably trying to put it out of its misery. Since I wanted to help him, I dressed and while I was getting into my boots I remembered that I STILL had to work.
Then for some reason I drove to my parents' place two hours away. The house was now on a hill though.
I got it and the next thing I remember was that I was in my old children's room and because I had my work laptop with me tried setting it up there because I remembered, again, that I was supposed to work, but it was already 4 in the afternoon and I was trying to come up with an excuse why I had been missing today.
I thought about just calling in sick, but I would have done that right in the morning, and just being unconscious wasn't an option.
Then I woke up and realized I was still in my bed and it was friday morning.
I hate work-related dreams.
No. 86081
American humorist Sam Hyde was my new theater teacher, and brought spiciness to the otherwise monolithic and politically correct scenic art scene of Switzerland. He was a surprisingly good teacher, everyone liked him. I didn’t know what to think about him.

The dream had the vibe of the ones where Adolf Hitler was drinking tea or coffee with my parents.
No. 86271
I dreamt I was a judge at a self-driving AI-competition in France. One of the competitors turned out to be my brother, and he had cheated by making his car a remote-controlled battle bot. This made a participating French man so angry that he started to throw CRT-monitors at people. I tried to calm the Frenchman down, I tried to train with him, I told him my brother would be disqualified, he told me I was clearly on my brothers side, pulled out a Laguiole-knife and stabbed me with it.
No. 86608
I went from the cemetary where they sang about remembering loved ones to a beach where I witnessed someone trolling a fat bloke by ringing his doorbell and then running away and him complaining that the food he’s cooking is expensive so he won’t open the door on time. He was making pig’s gut stew.
On the beach I also witnessed a guy breaking up with his second wife because she was too domineering and was ruining his kiosk’s profit by badly managing it. Biden and Trump were there and they occassionally danced and sang to see who’s more popular but Biden always won somehow. He was a borderline mythical figure who could not be hurt.
I was there with a few people. One of them was a beautiful girl who was “looking for a 60s girl”, but then near the end of my dream I kissed her after telling here those are already old and wrinkly and she fell on me as she kissed me back and I asked if she’d be okay with a 2000s boy instead. She said only if he’s as sensual as me. Then the fucking clock rang.