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Hide No. 77576 Systemkontra [Reply]
198 kB, 1024 × 651
Previous >>77032
No. 78242 Kontra
70 kB, 1280 × 720
I want a world where I can open a today threda and read the latest adventures of an international cabal of assburgers and not some gommie gobbledygook debate.

Surely that'll be the case once a German makes a new threda.
No. 78246
>We still live in the aftermath of revolutionary justice but that seems to be not a problem for you.
We live in the time leading up to revolutionary justice but that seems to be not a problem for you.

>I don't think that a general goal (something also see profit from which things derive) makes obsolete institutions and their regulatory functions
General goal meaning: all institutions should work towards the destruction of society.

>Ehm, it's tolerated like jokes about women being dumb and emotional as well. I don't think that feminists, both white and nonwhite simply tolerate gangsta rap because these people are oppressed, they will criticize them.
Joke about dumb hairdressers and manta-drivers: why are the funerals of manta-drivers held on mondays? Because the hairdressers get their day of on monday.

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No. 78252
To see what a real theory looks like take a look at mainstream economics: reliance on empirical data and mathematical models. But let me guess: it's pure ideology and propaganda. Unlike "tutoring oppresses me because [link to Lacan]"-type books.
No. 78267
>empirical data
>mathematical models
Disgusting. Those only serve to create pseudo-objectivity. Math is a fetish of classical theory!

Hide No. 56533 [Reply]
150 kB, 1080 × 723
To discuss ottoman industrial output, among other topics. Now with less soviet union posting maybe
No. 73704 Kontra
The whole fringe event of history was ruined when I returned to the book and see that it was Thorwald Proll doing this, not Söhnlein.
No. 76898
good channel! Have watched most.

I believe there is also the idea that there was no actual invasion be "Dorians" or others, but the fact that new tech was unlocked, iron, created more wars between those that knew how to make weapons out of it and the rest.
No. 77020
9 kB, 292 × 134
Ukraine during February revolution, October revolution and civil war

When I saw picrelated in Dovjenko's wikipedia article, I became very interested in wtf happened there. After couple of hours of """research""" I'm ready to share my findings with you.
> On the territory of present-day Ukraine in 1917-1920 there were 16 self-proclaimed state entities.
That's a lot, isn't it? Some of them:

Ukrainian People's Republic (UPR) - declared autonomy after February revolution in 1917. Consisted mostly of socialists. During October revolution supported Bolsheviks. After it UPR and Bolsheviks both planned to overthrow each other but UPR succeeded first.

Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets (UPRS) -- created by Bolschevics after failed coup in UPR. First controlled Kharkov, then conquered all territories of UPR.

Donetsk–Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic -- self-proclaimed autonomy of rusified and industrialized East Ukraine inside UPRS.

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No. 78132
An interesting analogy I read today in terms of colonial history:
>The Pacific Ocean is a mirror with three pairs of mirror images.
>SEA corresponds to LATAM
>Australia to the United States
>New Zealand to Canada
SEA and LATAM have large number of indigenous population and well-organised pre-colonial society. But LATAM aboriginal population plunged due to old world diseases. So SEA is still dominated by Asians while Latin America became a mixed society.
Aus and US both have pleasant climate and vast landscape (and gold). Both attracted huge number of European immigrants and both have infamously harsh native policies.
NZ and Canada attracted less immigrants and have
been less hostile to first nations. They were threatened by their stronger neighbours so in contrast resort more to indigenous history in nation building. The narrative is: our neighbour is strong but vulgar and tyrannical; we are weak yet civil and mild (nod really).

Hide No. 46716 [Reply]
26 kB, 375 × 500
10 kB, 450 × 450
Why are Americans so vile?
Serious discussion only.
No. 77890
I'm so glad this insufferable fuckwad isn't here anymore.
No. 78075
Culture of consumerism and quick buck profit
Anyone who eats trash like that deserves no respect
No. 78085 Kontra
123 kB, 700 × 575
No. 78109
How do you meet a wurscht?

Hide No. 74604 [Reply]
73 kB, 857 × 1200
57 kB, 466 × 571
82 kB, 680 × 684
Only a few months left until the next radio birthday party, it's time to start wörkenings on Ernstalbum v2. Ernst just finished his first song, and he has a few more up his sleeve. The huge success of out first album last year raised the expectations of our loyal fans, so give them something to cheer on!

I do not say that you HAVE to participate, but if you don't I will dab on /int/ the whole show while presenting the album (see pic 3 for details). Anything goes which roughly fits the desription "song", it doesn't matter if it's serious or audio shitposting, just do whatever you want. If all goes well the album will be published during a live broadcast at our next birthday festival (likely the weekend Sep 2-4). You can post your songs in the thread or send them to me via mail (ernstiwan at protonmail ch - if you don't want to spoil anyone before the festival). In any case: Post if you have something ready even if you don't post the song itself in order to raise peer pressure :DD
No. 77006
427 kB, 680 × 744
> only you can[...].jpg
This is literally me.
No. 77294
236 kB, 1400 × 1300
Cover art for Ernstalbum v2 leaked. After the initial Ernstalbum was authentic and artistically acclaimed the second one will be a huge sellout due to the immense commercial expectations and will mark the point where Ernstalbum jumps the shark.
No. 77325 Kontra
228 kB, 1400 × 1300
Someone found a better Fonzie!
No. 78040
35 kB, 630 × 423
One month left until the festival, and at the moment we need 3 more songs to fulfil the minimum number of required songs for an album (8). I heard that a few people are still planning to contribute, but you know how it is with plans. Guess we all planned to get a GF.

I suggest that if you have a song finished then send it via mail (see OP) instead of posting because it's not that much time between the post and the festival, so the effect is probably better now if we have a true premiere of your song during the stream, instead of having it here and then on stream again only a few weeks later.

Hide No. 60632 [Reply]
181 kB, 673 × 438
A thread to discuss China and greater Chinese civilization.
just no anime
No. 77113
64 kB, 400 × 660
I finally beat my ADHD and finished reading Mishima's Life for sale.
It's a good book, but besides the theme of life-death-modern Japan it was completely anything I could connect to my previously existing Mishima-picture.

It's very cosmopolitan. I could really picture the Japan of the 60s as I read it.
Above everything else, I'd characterise it as a fun book. The twists and turns of the story are really exciting as you follow around this man called Hanio who decides to sell his life after a botched suicide attempt, only for every single subsequent sale to become more and more odd as the plot goes on.
It felt really fresh, modern and cosmopolitan despite how Japanese the whole thing is. All the womanizing, the talk of money, the backdrop of the consumer society and the talk of conspiracies.
It's a book that's full of life despite being a period-piece basically.

Loved it, great afternoon read. Would make a good miniseries 2bh.


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No. 77296
26 kB, 318 × 443
Well, this one has been on my bucket list for years now literally, so I spent two days on carefully reading and appreciating it.
Maybe I could have waited a year to read the official English translation, but I thought now is as good a time as ever to do it.
So I read a fan-translation I had printed out and had spiral-bound. (Basically when I print textbooks, sometimes I add in something that's not strictly academic, since it doesn't increase the price that much so I can skim a bit of money from the print allowance.)

This is the second novel I've read by this author, and yet again I have to say that I'm really taken in by the style, even in translation. It's an I-novel, so the plot is related to us by the protagonist.
It reads exactly like something that an university student who has issues with his confidence yet can't help but think highly of himself would write.
It's very pompous. I love it. It speaks to me.

I called it a "novel" but that's a bit of a lie, it's yet again not structured like a novel. You get four novellas, which are variations on a theme, with passages sometimes repeated word for word.
The last one sort of ties the "plot" together when the protagonist gets stuck in an endless loop of of his own room. He basically spends 80 days going from room to room, only to slowly realise that these are all slightly-altered variations of his life, but that most of them lead down to the same path, seeing that while his choices do matter, ultimately there are elements of his life he cannot change. It's less of a plot than a message or theme the author chose.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 77361
557 kB, 13 pages
(Considering that flattery, I'm not even sure the sentences above are entirely correct, but the exams went quite well)

The Mishima book sounds fun, not sure if I'd enjoy the other one though it makes me want to rewatch at least a couple of the anime episodes

I recently read a short story by Kobo Abe about a starving artist called The Magic Chalk. Big recommend, can be read in quite different ways, as political allegory for post-war Japan,the use(lessness) of art, etc., but foremost it's also just really funny.
No. 77946
379 kB, 2360 × 1640
510 kB, 2360 × 1640
Trying out this Oxford classical Chinese anki deck someone uploaded. Browsing it through it’s not that hardcore the first 10 cards with their oversize definition lists and proper names would have me believe. (Really, I just goot a bad batch from the deck)
Really, I’m just surprised how it has more proper names than what we study, plus a lot more binomen.
Still, it’s shocking how it has roughly the same amount of cards my deck has, and this is for two years of study, while mine’s for only one.

Hide No. 76243 [Reply]
27 kB, 316 × 316
991 kB, 864 × 1038
Continuing investigation of their volksgeist.

Previous >>66948
No. 77095
You Ausländers have to post more, then. Go go go!
No. 77798
7,3 MB, 4000 × 3000
The Germans have been here.
No. 77800 Kontra
I invite you to learn about Rastral and Sahm in the today thread to explore a detail about German culture still unknown to you. You aren't really German if you have never drank out of a Rastral or Sahm glass.
No. 77833

Portugal should play it when German tourists are around again. Then you can dance together and sing along!

Hide No. 70141 [Reply]
399 kB, 1200 × 818
320 kB, 1332 × 850
459 kB, 1280 × 854
239 kB, 1280 × 853
Since someone had to start one and i clearly have issues (not an autist).
No. 70308
Damn, that's breddy cheap. Especially considering Finnish purchasing power vs our own. Suomi adopt.
No. 70489
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:15
BING BONG Important service announcement! Please see the attached video for more details.

Indeed, the prices are alright. I haven't looked much into the funding structure but it's funny how especially going up north there are train stops in the middle of nowhere in the forests where no one gets on or off the train. Adoption might be in order to make sure that someone still lives around here somewhere.
No. 77775
83 kB, 200 × 200
No. 77823
53 kB, 500 × 357
656 kB, 400 × 300, 0:02
Being a trains man is hard in this day and age

Hide No. 77811 [Reply]
444 kB, 820 × 3140
I want you to realise there is no monkeypox, you are in the process of being enslaved
No. 77812
172 kB, 836 × 575
No. 77813 Kontra
93 kB, 1000 × 529
No. 77822 Kontra
So we have a decease that is primarily, as of now, spread among men who have sex with men.

The right leaning wackjobs does everything they can to deny its existence. Not using it bash the immoral gays and calling it a new gay plague, like they totally would if there wasn't a catch, but trying to deny its existence.

The only logical conclusion is that they have a very hard time explaining the blisters they got after visiting that nice bath house with all the friendly absolutely not gay men.

Hide No. 76497 [Reply]
308 kB, 715 × 365
2,4 MB, 1164 × 1320
JOG conspiracy theory

>Join CERN in a historic week for particle physics
Tune in to celebrate ten years of Higgs research at the LHC with CERN on 3 and 4 July. If your hunger for physics hasn’t been satiated, stay to witness the start of Run 3 at the LHC on 5 July

>Don’t miss the live stream of the launch of Run 3!
On 5 July, after more than three years of long shutdown, the physics season will start at the LHC with a new energy world record



[Show 1 more line]

No. 76498
No. 76500
No. 77774
21 kB, 480 × 360
No. 77809
2,0 MB, 320 × 395, 0:02
Somewhere between 2012 and 2016, we actually did

Hide No. 66927 [Reply]
246 kB, 956 × 1500
30 kB, 689 × 538
No. 77400
64 kB, 571 × 295
>declassified DSC plan
I didn't know about that at all, thanks. I see it's on Wikisource [0], and there's a Wikipedia article [1] about the plan and the resulting scandal, unfortunately only in Korean; but the English article [2] about the protests in general references two English articles on the plan. Haven't read them yet (especially haven't read anything about the appropriateness of your Gwangju comparison [and even Gwangju is something where, not surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be much consensus on who did or didn't do what], or any involvement on PGH's part), but given previous attacks by violent "progressive" protesters against self-restraining Korean police, I'm not shocked there were plans being made for stronger forces just in case (not to be used against the peaceful majority of protesters, one would hope), as well as plans for monitoring and censoring media content, all just in the event of the constitutional process ruling in favour of PGH. So far I haven't seen anything that would make her government look clearly worse than earlier and later ones, or even my own as far as media monitoring and censoring are concerned.
Just for the record, I've read various bad things about her government which I believe to be true, and I believe she was bad for Korea. But all earlier and later governments seem at least as bad, except perhaps the current one about whose track record so far I've read next to nothing. Speaking of which, I just heard on the radio that it will no longer be illegal for South Koreans to watch North Korean TV, later to be followed by other media. Perhaps Southerners will now host competitions to see who can watch for the longest time without falling asleep, laughing or giving up because it's so bad.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 77414 Kontra
1,3 MB, 2224 × 1668
I learnt all my ROK history from TV series. So I can't tell whether or not Kim/Roh/Lee/Moon is better than Park before MBC shot a 6th republic. :-DD
No. 77715
3,1 MB, 2393 × 3371
Apparently over a million hectares are impacted by drought in Hungary.
This translates into 25% of wheat failing so far, plus most if not all of the corn "wiped out" east of the Danube as the article puts it.
This is just the fields, this evaluation doesn't take into account the hay gathering grounds and the orchards.
(Since this is from a media organ close to the government, the situation might actually be worse.)
No. 77790
1,2 MB, 4274 × 5000
electric boogaloo?