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Freelance frontline journalist, reporting from the russian side.

He actually goes to the people, talking to them and reporting. He is crowdfunded, so consider donating. The guy is a fucking hero!

What all the refugees from Mariupol he interviews confirm is that AZOV is shooting at civilians and army that try to surrender, that they are holding the civilians hostage and that many of the shootings of buildings were done by AZOV.

That came partially through in a german broadcast too. Back then from Kiev. The German journalist was telling the people how Russians and Ukrainians were shooting at each other and the Ukrainians kept hitting residential buildings every now and then. But he kept explaining that away with their not up to standard weapons.

I don't think so anymore. I think that's strategy to play the victim and get more weapons.
No. 71980 Kontra

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Here we discuss:
  • Upcoming German-Polish war.
  • African-Americans leeching off labor of Russian workers.
  • Gayropeans having sex with elephants.
  • Anarcho-communistic putinism.
And so on.

In this thread it's forbidden to:
  • Be brainwashed by neoliberal propaganda.
  • Discuss long-term consequences of abusive parenting.
  • Mention m*ds.
No. 71932 Kontra
One thread dominated by russian shitposting is plenty.

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Previous >>70251
No. 71574
Yesterday, the news of Finland seeking to join NATO surface.

Today, Russians invade our airspace, online services of banks, foreign ministry and defence forces taken out by denial of service attacks. Like clockwork!

Sure, but that was a long time ago. I expected you to realize not to take that post with face-value.
No. 71577
35 kB, 529 × 336
4d chess. In the event the Finns had some reservations about changing their foreign policy towards NATO, Russians remind them why they should :DDD
No. 71609
Austrian military academy analysis:
War in Ukraine: Status after 40 days:
No. 71751

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This is the only rule?
What does it say?
The guide says the same thing.
No. 71516 Kontra
There was an error during the handling of this request.
Powered by Phutaba.
No. 71518
At OP's resolution it looks like "powcrcd by phutaba"

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Do anyone know what happened? All brazillans IBs and even 4chan and endchan are inaccessible to me. I changed DNS and still not working, later I'll try with Tor. I think it is a Cloudflare issue because non IB related are not working too
No. 71198
That's really strange, everything is working on Tor.

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Previous >>69724
No. 70933

Russian convoy drove around in THE ZONE, unprotected, without Geiger counters or anything, kicking up contaminated dust.

Difficile est satira non scribere.
No. 70934
17 kB, 262 × 263
Dat article.
>Difficile est satira non scribere.
Yes, yes indeed. I hope it is fake, god fukken dammit.
No. 70942
There's now a video of some ukrainian militia accusing a guy of having ties with russia and then stabbing the guy in the eye.
No. 70945

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No. 70904
keke, those personal announcements are golden.

Once I was working for an Amt/local government agency and I had to park inner city where you have to get a parking ticket everywhere close to where I was doing my work. Weekly I had to obtain data for the agency from that place, takes maybe 10min to gather. During that time representatives of the Ordnungsamt (public order agency) were looking to fine people for not having a ticket. I had a paper in my car saying "just here for obtaining data XY" + my car visibly showed that I work for a city agency btw. They did not fine me for lack of a parking ticket but standing wrong in in a one way street :DDD so an agency was fining another agency basically: Ordnung muss sein!
No. 70906
7 kB, 220 × 320
No worries! True words indeed, but I feel we have many similarities when it comes to this sort of culture. We have a concept for a person, "kyylä", who is someone who dedicates their life to observing that everyone is acting according to the rules and laws, and snitching every time a possibility emerges. For example there was many such cases of people calling the police to give a ticket to a car that was simply parked wrong way on the side of the road(facing opposite way of the direction of the lane's traffic). As only milk trucks are allowed such privileges. Of course, milk trucks have probably not existed since the 60s. Finally the parking laws got changed recently so this doesn't happen anymore. Though I'm not sure if I like the change as it's very displeasing to see vehicles parked facing different directions. I'm sure you can understand! :DDD

Of course the culture goes much deeper, creating disputes of causing too much noise, dusting carpets on non-allowed days, too tall hedges, leaves dropping from neighbor's tree to one's yard, selling snacks for some sort of a small fundraiser - taxes will be paid right? May I have a receipt for purchasing this cookie? etc, etc... Order must be maintained.

Yes. I'm a lifelong student of the human condition and this brings me one step closer to enlightenment. Very nice. Very important! :D
No. 70910
Ah yes, that "kyylä" almost exactly encompasses what defines a Blockwart.
By the way, is it related to "kylähullut", which, afaik, means "village idiots"?
No. 70912
In short, Finns are assburgers who drive very fast on unpaved roads with a co-driver calling the shots

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I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back.

And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.
No. 70601
EC is not KC, EC-verwaltung actually keep this place clean.
No. 70604
4kohl uses cloudflare and it's been inundated with CP for years now on a daily basis
No. 70652 Kontra
Thread should probably go on the meta board
I only use a few slow blue boards there anymore, but I'm not seeing it. However, I can readily believe that more than one person with nothing better to do spends their free time on the most infamous boards specifically trying to automate obfuscation of the hash and visual data of images, along with any sort of automated blocking, simply because "fuck you you can't stop me from posting it clean it up."
I bet whatever tools are in place it makes a decent gatekeep at least.

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Previous >>69268
No. 70249
No. 70252
No. 70254
Kohl reflexes?
No. 70656
But this is what you wanted now, no burgerposting, only posts about burgers. You got exactly the EC you asked for
Now your mother eats schnitzelposts in hell

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Previous >>68814
No. 69749
>I'm puzzled tbh that classifying human beings into races is not a necessary step to racism to you though
It is, but then that logic gets somehow reversed and racism "becomes a necessary step" for racial classifications. Makes as much sense as calling a man who has lighted a fire an arsonist.
No. 69750
>Racism builts on the claim that discrete races or ethnicities exist.
Race =/= ethnicity though and while you can acknowledge that "races" don't exist (at most merely "subspecies" if you want to call it that, albeit extremely imprecise, but that whole concept of "europids" and "negroids" and such is built upon 19th century anthropology shenanigans in the first place), you can acknowledge the existence of ethnicities, can't you?
No. 69763
> you can acknowledge the existence of ethnicities, can't you?

Yeah, but might then be a matter of discreteness and the essentialism that is put forward with it that turns on the question of "racism"
No. 69783
>but that whole concept of "europids" and "negroids" and such is built upon 19th century anthropology shenanigans
Partly, yes. Many of those are still preserved simply for the sake of convenience, though.