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How do you think, what will be world like in 10 years? In 50 years?
No. 59919
My fantasy or speculation ability is just as blank. I just go back to the 1980s history I was dealing with some time ago and what they imagined the future to be like. Somehow like we imagine our future, but different in the end. So it will be still like now but also vastly different in a sense.
No. 59947 Kontra
> How do you think, what will be world like in 10 years? In 50 years?
> "Races of the USA"

This is why we can't have serious discussion.
No. 60042 Kontra
No. 60074 Kontra
I was confused what you're talking about until checking once again and realizing you meant the fourth pic. How marvelous. It's like such stupid shitposts make my eyes glaze over so much now it doesn't even consciously register and I solely saw the first 3 pics.

Poses an interesting question where the marketing retards finally can do away with even pretense of talents altogether and the corporations can simply maintain high profit margins and control without even bothering to sign IP right deals, however I question how much it would become popular for the same reason people have moved away from everything like Hollywood, the recording industry, AAA gaming and so on. Of course large market segments are always going to be the same mouthbreathers who will believe anything no matter how transparently stupid or psychotic without even questioning it so long as enough critical mass of other idiots takes it seriouslyapparently one of the top news stories is some missing young blond woman like who gives a shit why does anyone care about this but I still question the success of a thing like that even under market liberalism.

You also seem to be assuming things will run smoothly for mostly the rest of this century which is laughable. I fell asleep listening to leutin talk 40K lore which apparently came out with hilariously good timing

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Take it outside boys, let's not shit up this fine establishment
No. 55574 Kontra
Especially around the 3:00 mark this also is a good primer on what women actually think like
You'll notice she basically sounds like a bernd ernst when prattling on about this CO she had a crush on, right down to freaking out because he brushed past her shoulder once. Moral is, women are just people with ovaries.
No. 58606
>Ultimately, I think racists played the long game and won.
They really truly didn't. Everything after the UTR rally was a total disaster.

Moreover they weren't playing the long game and were pretty damn low IQ for "5D chessmasters." Trump was a short term sacrifice for long term victory. In Tarot it would be described as a reversal
>A seemingly total victory that hides within it the seeds of crushing and final defeat
Likewise for liberalism, when Trump when it clearly was
>A crushing and seemingly total defeat that hides within it the seeds of final victory
The smart thing to do is always take down your enemy like the rural folk wisdom how to take down a barn: cut a small hole in the roof and stand back and watch.

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No. 58610
Perhaps I wasn't clear by my last line. It was the racists on imageboards that steadfastly held the line and kept their messaging consistent throughout the years which drove away non-racists and even embarrassed liberals who were unprepared to respond to them. The only boards on 4krebs that happen to be liberal or left-wing these days are /his/, /mu/ and /lit/, and even /his/ and /lit/ still happens to have racists from time to time.

I disagree with the notion that "pretending racism is over" would be the winning move because, if the respective careers of anti-racist activists like Tim Wise, Jane Elliott, Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi and others I can't be bothered to recall are any indication, fighting racism is an evermoving goalpost. They have redefined racism to mean literally anything that puts colored people in a disadvantageous position even if its in done entirely according to the rules of equality. This is why they have now shifted the discourse away from equality to equity. It's why conversations with anti-racists ultimately end in failure when you play by their rules. Blowing up the game and saying "White people have interests" is a far more viable strategy.

In terms of actualizing real life political goals, you are correct that the right got high on their own supply and impulsively took an opening when everyone should've hesitated and carefully calculated the next big move. Complacency is death, and that was another critical error on part of the right. Instead of playing like they're losing, they got reckless. No one argues that UTR wasn't a total shitshow, and ironically, the fallout couldn't have divided the right more. There was the era of infighting known as the Optics War which Groypers / AmNats openly feuded with alt-righters / WNs over who ruined everything when it should've been the opportunity where differences were put aside and resources pooled together to fight common enemies.

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No. 59916
Looking at >>59843 I thought about how easy must be job of Chinese agent in modern Burgerland.
All you need to do is "decolonize quantum physics research", "introduce neurodiversity into Air Forces" and so on.
Also I got unironically paranoid about colleagues

Hide No. 59836 [Reply]
114 kB, 601 × 900
anybody heard of velvet underground? is he out of consription yet?
No. 59894
I think he did the only sane thing when krauthchan went down and didn't move else where, at least I hope so. Imageboards are mostly cancer these days.

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166 kB, 1200 × 800
Those of you who took part in the radio festival 2 weeks ago likely are familiar with the Ernstalbum. This is a collection of songs performed by Ernst - usually by picking an instrumental version of a well known song and singing your own lyrics to it. The idea started after Ernst recorded a fun song, and that song was in german, so the whole thing went to be an all-germ affair. Since Ernstalbum v1 is now complete and Ernst on /b/ has already started working on new material we were thinking about including /int/ for a potential second album, maybe even making a virtual 2-side record with one german and one international side.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to such a project? If yes: There's absolutely no need to rush anything - work on the Ernstalbum took about 1.5 years with various periods of inactivity inbetween, so take all the time you need. Also there are no restrictions on what (or how much) to deliver. It can be any genre, obviously it doesn't need to be properly produced and it can be serious or audio shitposting, anything is fine. It can also be instrumental as well, so if you don't wanna sing that's fine, too. So in case you're in on the project, do your thing and then either post the result in the thread or keep it for yourself as a surprise entry until the whole thing is presented. Either case it would be nice to announce a potential contribution in the thread so that other people see things are habbening. Presenting Ernstalbum during the radio festival was a fun event and we'll probably aim for something similar again, so there's no timeline yet.

Ernstalbum v1 is available for download (with one exception the songs are all german though): https://mega.nz/file/sRthQQIS#Lce6to4D_BdTV3jkIn8zK5Rhr5h5kM-MiFgiF9GiBZE

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No. 59590 Kontra
35 kB, 266 × 265

Hide No. 48382 [Reply]
160 kB, 2000 × 1000
Hello Ernst,

could we please forget about all the hypes about Bitcoin etc. and just focus on the technical aspects?

Which cryptocurrency has the best specs? I'm talking in terms of actually using them as payment form, not this whole blockchain contract thing.

Which currency pays fast, is secure, anonymous(?), environmentally-friendly....

I just stumbled across Digibyte and I guess that one is just one of >9000 Altcoins. But its payment speed is 400x faster than Bitcoin and also much faster than Litecoin.

Currently I'm also paying my new VPN subscription using Bitcoin. First I had to convert my remaining Moneros to Bitcoin which took me about 20 min. Then I sent the Bitcoins and after 30 mins I only have 2 confirmations. Yes, I didn't want to spent much money on the fees.

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No. 57822
The technology is useless
No. 58148
No. 58166
In case no one said it yet, tradeogre, and you should definitely write down your actual address somewhere and keep it safe.

Market's been up again too btw. Not sure if graphics cards ever coming down in price again since it's still assuredly profitable to be mining particularly if you bought around MSRP. I've actually aready more than paid off my graphics card which I didn't even start mining until March or April although all I did was sunk it right back into a bunch of shitcoins.
No. 59548
Oy what do you think you are doing you can't just introduce competition to our usurious financial schemes

Oy it pains my heart just thinking about all these innocent people thinking they can just go out loaning investment money to each other without our middlemen and financial control taking a cut

Hide No. 54992 Systemkontra [Reply]
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No. 59469 Kontra
>It means something a bit different. Interesting how they translated the rest of prison jargon.
"Anarchy" is one of the definitions I could find in this old Russian-Hungarian Slang Dictionary I own for some reason. The other two are the act of "Treading on the Law", as in deliberately breaking it in a kinda jerkish way, and the last one is "Convict (who was convicted for acts of indecency)"
Guess based on the synopsis the "Treading on the Law" definition is probably the more fitting one if it's about prisoners betraying the thieves' law.
No. 59470
My understanding is "Lawlessness" is the closest translation.
t. fenya enthusiast
No. 59494
This. Nobody is truly transgressive anymore. They just want to nod their heads along mindlessly to their own retarded little groups no matter how wildly unfactual or psychotic the bizarre shit they adopt to wear as some lapel button. I think that in very real sense even if they did not break new ground that at least all the furries and pro-anorexia groupies were ahead of their time. Now everybody just exists within their own mainstreamed parallel bubbles of unimaginable retardedness.

I for my part keep wanting to spam a certain well known shithole's board about how "motherboards" and "daughterboards" with 2666 RAM is some kind of Satanic pedo code and drone on and on endlessly about how you will notice sites and terms like Curse, hex, avatar, sigils to summon demons disguised as "circuit boards" all is proofs it's a Jewish Illuminati conspirach to defile us, with the explicit objective of trying to get these people to permanently quit the internet. I know I have an added advantage because things like microchips, computers, Bill Gates and so on have been fixtures in Illuminati theories for so long that the first few people will think I am only pretending to be retarded, but as we'll see just like flat earthers and Q retards anything no matter how completely fucking stupid can become enforced dogma with an echo chamber once you hit a small enough critical mass.

I want to convince these people that burning their computers and phones or what the fuck ever they have is the on pathway to true spiritual liberation or some shit. Considering how resoundingly toxic and corrosive to the human soul those sites are, it's not as far from the truth as the trolling would seem. Regardless, if and when I am successful it will be more retards self selecting for elimination from our general pool.
No. 59588
44 kB, 298 × 475
Accidentally caught it on TV while in the living room and watched it because I'm interested in epics.
Though I have to tell you, that I didn't have a fun time with the actual poem when I read it, and I consider Beowulf a subpar literary work that was only hyped up because of British-sensibilities. (Though it's linguistic value is unquestionable.)

The good parts are the music (It'd drum'n'bass) and the design. The costumes while trashy and dated at times are very charming. Same goes for the set. Just don't think about the functionality of some of the weapons.
Generally, it's a medieval fantasy world infused with sci-fi, and it looks good. (Except for maybe the MC who looks like a weird lovechild of Dante from DMC and Geralt from the Witcher, but with a short hair.)

What a fucking shame that this music and set and costume design isn't put to good use. It's two hours long. But for like three fourths of it nothing fucking happens. The plot doesn't advance, we learn nothing about the main character or any of the side characters. The monster just goes around killing people randomly and then the MC ominously says how "things are getting serious" and then there's another killing.

But it's not even scary. So it's bad plot, bad horror, and all that could be forgiven if the fighting scenes were interesting but from the first combat scene to the last one it's incredibly retarded, littered with trashy cuts and camera angles that shows that this is an overly ambitious B movie. But that ambition doesn't show in anything besides the bad CGI. Don't know what the budget was, but most of it was blown on the monster transformation and combat near the end, but it's just so badly put together it's not worth it.

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Hide No. 59383 [Reply]
677 kB, 1920 × 1080
Been watching old live election night coverage from the BBC recently. Going through the decades. Each time they do coverage they also have a little short less than a minute long sort of opening credit/montage to set the mood and get you excited for election coverage I guess. Most of them are pretty much what you'd expect from a news broadcast trying to make an engaging short about an election and coverage of it. A little bit of music and the faces of the leaders and party colors, sometimes some 3D effects in the 80s.

But this one from the October 74 election blows the rest of them out of the water completely. It's moody, sets the tone of suspense, it's down right cinematic! Check it out, it's too much of a pain to download a multi-hour youtube video just for the first 1 minute of it. Anyways honorable mentions go to the 1992 election coverage opening, it's pretty solid but nothing like 74. Dishourable mention goes to the 2001 opening, absolute trash boring and they got rid of the theme song they used from 79 onwards(though they readopted it in 2005 and 2019).


Hide No. 58156 Systemkontra [Reply]
31 kB, 750 × 519
No. 59039
I am too much of a pussy for that. I made 400$ from ethereum a couple months ago (when it was $1300), but I did not invest more afterwards so I missed the wave to $4000. I also did not buy any cryptocurrency during the dip because I thought BTC would dip to 20k. The same situation happened last year in march for me (I did not invest any money due to FUD). It's funny, because I have an account on an exchange since 2016 (connected with my bank since then as well), but I have barely invested any money because I'm loathe to do anything concrete and lose money. That is a problem for me in general. I have little willpower and can't push myself to take action on anything and seize opportunities available to me. The story of my life in a nutshell...
No. 59055
I'm holding quit a bit more than that right now across different exchanges and at least a little of everything plus more invested into things like Chainlike, Ripple, Celo, Stellar Lumens and so on. I did not expect my one meme eth token to rise so quickly from like 36 cents to $1.50 however I didn't feel I had enough money to gamble with to put more than like $100 on doge initially. I've regretted that since.

It really depends on the type of person you are honestly and what kind of money you can lose, because when I invest I pretty much try to put it out of my mind as if it's gone. For me personally it hurts so, so much more paying a missed opportunity cost than even actualizing investment losses. I can afford to pay $50 on lottery tickets and get nothing, is the mentality. It's dumb if you need the money and need the crypto to go up soon, but if you hate seeing money devalue you're more of bluechips kind of investor anyway. I think it depends on psychological toll too, as much as all the other factors, especially because if you hate losing money you're probably more prone to pulling money out and actualizing losses out of fear of losing more money, only to see it go up again and thus your money is worth less of the asset so you're in a sense actualizing more loss by buying back in higher.

Meanwhile if you're the type of person like me who can watch $1500 of real money go down to $680 and not absolutely lose your mind about riding it down that's another. Personally I think you should never invest in crypto if you hate losing money because it's going to fly all over the place. It's best to ignore it imho. The main two things I'm worried about it is doing when 2017 era coins did where they crashed and never got back up over fractions of cents, and/or that eth tokens will devalue. The fact coinbase largely specializes in ethereum tokens is my biggest problem with it because I don't see ethereum having a longterm future.
No. 59056
Oh and I should also point out in case it isn't clear enough, I have never felt pain quite like the pain of either missing an opportunity or selling some asset even at a gain when it went up higher. Britain was absolutely right but I didn't listen. I still went short on cash back at the end of 2020 anyway but had I actually invested that money even into bitcoin instead of paying rent ahead of time I could've easily turned even just a thousand dollars into ten thousand in less than a year. Although it tends not to bother be I also realize that had I just not been paranoid and also had the willpower to push through all the obstacles of me buying bitcoin back in 2010 I'd literally be too rich to work again. It would've meant me having to not sell by now which never was going to happen anyway, but it's basically my mentality now. I'd rather lose another several thousand along the way that I'd have just spent on something stupid regardless than ever pay an opportunity cost ever again. As such I'm going to hodl things like the doge I bought at 0.05 and the stuff like chainlink, XLM, XRP, Celo and so on for literally years if I am able. I'd rather become homeless right now than have to cash out and wash it down the drain. It took me years to get over the pain of selling some of my magic cards and while not as an asset but just because they were old rare cards had I been thinking about it that way they'd be worth like five times as much now too.

I mean, what are you going to buy? Dining out? Bar hopping? Computer stuff that's a rapidly depreciating assetat least usually this year doesn't count? A new car that is also a rapidly depreciating asset? Rent and mortgage?
No. 59062
20 kB, 640 × 479
I'm definitely feeling more tired. Turns out even a just a quarter of a pill had an effect on me.
Hopefully I'll get another prescription because I don't want to face the semester in this half-dead state.

Started registering for my extra courses.
18 credits a semester is the legal minimum, thirty is the mathematical minimum if you want to get the BSC in 3 years and I'm going to have around ~45.
Guess I'm going on a long march. But thankfully now I don't have to stress about getting into the interpreter training programme. I just have to do well on exams for their own sake and to not lose my scholarship.

Continuing reading Journey to the West. It's very good. Haven't read from it today, because I fell asleep after lunch.

Had this strange daydream about becoming a bureaucrat after getting my degree. Maybe I could save up the money for another degree and then study international relations or something like that and then work at the foreign ministry or at an embassy.
Still, probably just a fleeting daydream caused by too much Chinese literature.

Hide No. 53591 Systemkontra [Reply]
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236 kB, 640 × 480
391 kB, 750 × 422
789 kB, 3840 × 2160
No. 58989
121 kB, 900 × 900
Ah shit it is on kontra. Hey Russia do you want to make a new thread? Or should I?
why can I not just discuss vidya and technology in peacealso P-O-L-I-S-H gaming from P-O-L-A-N-D the greatest country with most American cities in the land
No. 59003
You played them even? Hexen is puzzle-infested crawler, with hubs span on multiple levels. Only thing this game directly related to heretic is engine, and it was 2nd of 3 games planned by raven software on doom engine, tho they abandoned the third one. This was but another take on shadowcaster formula in search for the improving it.
No. 59004
>murritard opens shit tuber and thinks he is an expert

Also, Ion Maiden not using original build.
No. 63467
154 kB, 1280 × 720
7,9 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:29
339 kB, 1920 × 1080, 0:01
I'm going to play Vintage Story pretty soon here with some people I met from the Krautchan Minecraft server 10 years ago

Here is our advert post, it's just a small cozy server and I'm posting here to give ya'll the opportunity to play if interested:

Hello Ernst,

A while back I advertised a Vintage Story (https://www.vintagestory.at/) server, we (as in a small group of KC minecraft oldbernds) are playing again for the holidays and to experience the latest update(s).

We will be playing the latest pre-release (as of writing, 1.16.0-pre.6) starting without mods and will keep the server up to date as more of 1.16 is released and mods are brought up to date.

You will have to own the game to play this time around (update: I'm making the server pirate friendly, if you can find an up-to-date pirate client you can join with that, I won't be tracking down the client for you). Anyone is welcome to join, there are a handful of players I've lost touch with who I'd like to see again.

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