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Hide No. 23023 Systemkontra [Reply]
102 kB, 794 × 543
169 kB, 765 × 450
35 kB, 1280 × 720
89 kB, 1280 × 720
Because old one is over.

John Romero released his semi-official new episode for original doom - Sigil https://www.romerogames.ie/si6il
With two versions of soundtrack from awesome composers. WAD requre some sourcport that bybass limits of 128 visible flats same time, but recomended to play of cource without mouselook, jumping etc. This is very asshole set of levels that aimed towards doom veterans.
No. 25051
I was just wondering if it's a thing because the Slavic choice of ghosts and demons being in post-apocalyptic games is a really odd one to Western viewers. I guess if theme is more like XFiles then it kind of makes sense. It's just that Western media seems to portray a completely materialist reality with no spooky stuff at all outside of horror and fantasy.
No. 25052
129 kB, 592 × 906
226 kB, 989 × 1200
794 kB, 1024 × 768
201 kB, 1280 × 982
Well, if you'll end up in wonder land of Vvardenfell, just ask in threda, I'll describe how to install all best stuff properly to get best experience without bugs and problems.
No. 25054
No. 25057
Witcher 3 is pretty good, you just need to go in with a different mindset. It's an RPG with a pregen main character. You get to flesh out the finer points but the general concept is set in stone. I remember your concern from earlier about having to play as Geralt the randy old man. Just go in with the knowledge that you are going to control how he navigates the world (several different ways are entirely in character and plausible) rather than who he is.

And yes, I agree that Fallout 4 isn't the best in the series but in many ways it came close. It just never really fulfilled its obvious potential. Combat was far better than it was in 3 and NV but it used DPS calculations instead of shot-based damage which made semi-auto weapons just plain better than automatic ones. Weapon customisation was also pretty nice and had a lot of options but base weapon options were limited and despite the variety of weapons, they felt less varied than in say NV. Then settlements which was pretty fun, and was cosy for a while but lacked anything to really do with them. They just sort of felt like padding rather than an actual game mechanic that meshed with the rest of the world. Levelling is a matter of preference rather than something that is binary good-bad, but I personally didn't mind its removal of skills, but did prefer Horizon's version where skills operated in the background by using them and perks tended to add a large lump sum to the relevant skills in addition to their usual benefits.

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Hide No. 24384 [Reply]
56 kB, 600 × 600
With the news of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and the probable implication of many other rich and powerful Americans, I’m reminded of why I’ve always found the decades of these rumors completely believable—the “Dutroux incident” in Belgium.
Marc Dutroux is a career criminal, multiple murderer, and serial rapist/pedophile who was convicted of abducting and sexually assaulting several young girls in the 1980s, but was released after only 3 years in prison.
He went on to reoffend almost immediately, keeping captured teenagers in his basement until they starved to death and even killing one of his own business associates.
The notable aspects of this case that make it unusual in comparison to the average serial-killer-type tale are Dutroux’s high-level connections to the upper tiers of Belgian society and the notable “incompetence” involved with the investigation.
For example, at one point, police actually inspected Dutroux’s home, HEARD the screaming of the starving young women in his basement, and appeared to decide they had simply “come from elsewhere.”
They also seized videotapes that depicted Dutroux building the cell in his basement, but never even viewed the tapes, and then RETURNED them.
It is certain that children died due to this unforgivable police work, but it’s also quite likely that this was something more sinister than mere incompetence.
Dutroux, it transpired during trial, was involved with pedophile/trafficking rings which implicated vast swathes of the Belgian govt., police, and civil service.

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No. 24927
This is ironically one instance where I sincerely hope the guy didn't get hurt too bad because I want to see him leave to testify and strike some kind of a plea deal where he can bury all his rich and powerful associates
No. 24928
Btw I used the word "unresponsive" because a different article says this:

>The situation was so dire, that at one point, Epstein appeared to have lost consciousness and was unresponsive.

>He was “carried away” by staff, the source said.

No. 24930
Pure coincidence
No. 24934
51 kB, 1000 × 540
Seems that he intended to testify against persons of the American oligarchy. e.g. Trump oder Clinton.
Hence Epstein needed a friendly reminder that he should not do it.

Hide No. 7662 [Reply]
59 kB, 640 × 560
If a cancerous cell line from a vertebrate becomes established as a venereal or otherwise transmissible disease (eg Devil Facial Tumor Disease, Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor), does this represent a new life form distinct from the species that cancer developed in originally?
No. 24870
I'm glad you liked it
No. 24886
I meant at macro and micro levels and I find it interesting that seemingly both death and increasing local entropy in the surroundings while requiring free energy are all things that have to be glossed over for that definition to work. But I'm not very good at physics so frankly I haven't got much business arguing the matter to begin with. The German was focusing on definition 3. I was focusing more on definition 2 and you on definition 1. Also the only reason the system can even exist is by a constant stream of energy from our nearest star. I see the system as being inherently unstable and still think you need a bit of mental gymnastics to try and keep this exact theory but whatever.
No. 24907

I take back what I've said in >>24853 after reading the linked wikpedia article. My view has changed to: I understand the concept(s) of entroy much less than I thought.

Lots of food for thought, I guess I should thank you for that.
No. 24909
I'm not exactly an expert on it myself. I only know what I know because it was required to get at least a little bit familiar with the concept for the Basics of Information Theory course at my uni. And even then, although the professor insisted that we read Shannon's Mathematical Theory of Communication, I kinda took a shortcut and read Wolkenstein's Entropy and Information instead. It was a good read and I managed to pass the exam thanks to it, but I feel like my knowledge on the matter is still kinda insufficient. Maybe I'll get to Shannon someday, just for the sake of self-education.

Hide No. 23428 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,9 MB, 2560 × 1920
The old one is dead.
No. 24659
>Or do works like The Time Machine by H.G.Wells match the criteria?
I'd consider it theory fiction (as most sci-fi really is to some degree). But it's a pretty loose term anyway. Check out https://thewastedworld.wordpress.com/2018/11/03/a-theory-fiction-reading-list/ if you're interested.
No. 24670
Will check it out, thanks.
No. 24673
I wonder what kind of theory The Soft Machine professes. Or The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman. Or Gravity's Rainbow and Foucault's Pendulum.
No. 24676

Hide No. 12198 [Reply]
47 kB, 344 × 494
No. 24346
The first pass is mandatory for every academic field. But since coming from the humanities the argument and relevancy [/spoiler]correctness and contribution you could say[/spoiler] is what counts in the end. There are "categories" (tho differing from the ones mentioned) and stuff like clarity, a context is always needed to classify the paper in a discourse. Also I didn't read the pdf further because it is about STEM. Yet I can account for the general part that it's the way to check/read any text of any (academic) field: paper, any article or a whole book. Structure is always the same more or less.
No. 24383
No. 24531
34 kB, 540 × 960
Do OECD papers and briefs have a distinct bias or is that just a diffuse assumption based on the suggested anonymity and complexity of said institution? As far as I can see it, they have researchers from around the globe but also voices from the industry and politics, yet it's clearly marked as such. Just lately I grew out of the hostility and thought it might be a good way to see how governance and the future is partly driven by such expert papers and what I can extract from that for my own info in addition to that of seeing how policies are somehow made at least partly due to such papers.
No. 24532
146 kB, 768 × 1152
I check for the last author first. That gives me an idea of how to tackle it.
But normaly just figures first. If interesting enough a few parts of results. If interesting enough again, I read more of the discussion (often merged with results).
If there are no figures, I will scan for interesting mathematical models and start from there.

Introductions I never read and abstracts neither only very briefly sometimes when I'm not sure if the paper is actually about the specific topic.

Hide No. 24404 [Reply]
33 kB, 202 × 249
I really can’t do anything right, should I honestly just kill myself Ernst?
No. 24475
1,2 MB, 3529 × 2436
3,1 MB, 409 pages
I am not >>24449.

I do not view happiness as something very important. Happiness is temporary and very rarely (if ever) exists for extended periods of time.
The way that happiness is viewed in the modern world as a prolonged state of existence rather than a temporary emotion like anger is a problem as it leads to people striving for something that they can never truly achieve. This is very easily open to abuse within the current economic system of the western world.

There have only been a few moments in my life so far that I have thought made me truly happy (as in crying tears of joy). These moments were always involuntary, and characterized by
by their pure existence "in the moment". I can give no rational reason for why I felt this in certain moments as opposed to others, as the activities and the environment were no different to "regular" moments.

Pleasure is even less important to me, as the pleasure I gain from activities such as food, sex, physical exertion, and entertainment is quickly lost and I am brought back to a baseline state of existence.

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No. 24476
*I meant that God is omniscient, although such a god is necessarily omnipotent as well
No. 24487
610 kB, 1862 × 1036
Can this even be called life?
No. 24494
96 kB, 500 × 303
11 kB, 480 × 360
Since some fucking idiot closed production of STALKER down for reasons I do not understand, what you should do is move to Poland and get in on the Polish video game racket. Your head might not be square enough and they might not let you into the inner circle but I'm pretty sure that is what you should do and work for the Polish elders.
You should also form an Eastern European cartel to challenge all the fucking retards in Hollywood only making the purest absolute trash and superhero bullshit. I haven't even watched any Hollywood garbage in many years because it's all terrible. Don't worry about the Jews and Scientologists. The eternal Anglo has already been working on taking it over, and you should too.
> "More than a simple adventure or romance, The Warsaw Conspiracy is a heartstopping journey through post-Napoleon Poland as another generation of freedom-loving Poles resists the domination of a hostile neighbor. Martin's uncanny insight into the Polish national psyche and his vigorous prose make this a compelling page-turner
Soon your neighbor will be richest country in whole of Europe. You must escape the grasp of Pidoroshenkos and Blyadovichs. Come to Poland. Take Communion and receive your secret baptismal name. This will be your password into Polish community. Priest himself will elevate you to vidya developer. I can tell you, that soon moves will be made on perfidious anglos too. Dont worry you won't be trafficked as long as you tell the password https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/05/world/europe/uk-modern-slavery.html

Hide No. 24296 [Reply]
218 kB, 460 × 386
72 kB, 500 × 242
Recommend me some deep soulful mangos

Also general manga thread; what have you read, are comic books a respectable medium etc
No. 24304
73 kB, 553 × 285
Most of what Asano's done is high-tier. It's been a while since I've read much so I'm going to be watching this thread. Though I'm about to read Kokuhaku by FKMT.
Comics are respectable in the sense that good things exist in the medium. If you refer to "respectable" in the sense of public opinion, things get complicated.
The issue with respectability is that certain media have specific kinds works as their "face" rather than the actual majority of works.
This is understandable since the majority of anything is going to be a bit mediocre, but it leads to some skewing.
For example, a lot of books printed are generally not very good (sex novels, generic fantasy, fucking boring memoirs, etc) but the "face" of literature is very highbrow and held in high esteem (insert your favorite dead writer here). If you say that you read, people will think you're an intellectual even if all you touch is paperback Star Wars rip-offs.
Comics have a weird issue in that the degree of respect they get varies per culture.
No. 24349
162 kB, 728 × 1060
239 kB, 678 × 717
164 kB, 616 × 463
258 kB, 615 × 666
Been re-reading Fuan no Tane lately. It's a horror manga made of short stories which are built on jumpscares, kinda like that infamous Korean webcomic about a ghost lady and her baby. It usually goes something like this: nothing happens, maybe only a little bit of suspense like stuff happening out of sight or far away, and then suddenly a SCARY FAAAACE! Sometimes even as big as TWO-PAGE SPREAAAAD! Jokes aside, it works surprisingly well. I'm not very big on mediums using means of expression which are generally associated with other medium (in this case, cheesy horror flicks), but Fuan no Tane manages to be "cinematographic" without becoming shitty. Also, those faces really are kinda creepy. They may not haunt your nightmares, but they sure give you a good scare.
No. 24354
I've read two manga in my life
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
I'd say that it's on par in quality with the anime an the movies. The art is breathtaking, and the story is amazing, a true page-turner, but not in the pleb sense. It's an excellent work. I'd recommend it. It's 14 volumes long.

>The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai)
The premise is incredibly Japanese. We have a "loser" who does nothing but play dating sims on his PSP 24/7, but accidentally makes a deal with the devil (a dramatic misunderstanding on both parties' ends), and he now has to "conquer" girls in real life to get out the spirits that possessed the girls' hearts.
It's like a little encyclopaedia of Japanese "fetishes" and manga tropes and archetypes. Definitely worth a read. Though it's not lewd at all, if that's what you are looking for.
The MC's personality is I think relatable, and the story itself is pretty good.
I think it's only 27 something volumes. Worth a read.

Hide No. 24254 [Reply]
167 kB, 720 × 721
Servus Ernstl :3

i'm looking for a textwall by some american who made some convincing arguments againt legalization of weed, eg state meddling with private growers.
i tried to look but all yout thredas are kinda long and for the most part not properly named.
so.... can so help me?
t. from that other chan
No. 24284
Wish I could help you but I can't. If it came from another *chan I definitely can't help you. Funnily enough though that sounds vaguely similar to something I could write except that part about the state meddling in private growers etc. since my argument for legalization is more civil liberties minded. That, and it's part of an anti-freedoms and downright anti-American police state here and I think it's an absolute travesty of justice to waste as much tax dollars as could send a kid to college just to warehouse a nonviolent pothead with a bunch of hardened criminals.

To me it sounds like nothing but a recipe for recidivism and ruining peoples lives for one of the least dangerous drugs out there. But then again, I don't believe in jailing any drug users to begin with. Not even the heroin users. It's one of the worst perversions of justice in our society that's been completely ruining our sense of justice and morality by completely divorcing the law from justice and morals and thus sending the message that such a thing as objective morality or actual justice doesn't exist.

I'd rate the stupidity, gross indecency, and overall outright hostility to justice and morality of the drug war right alongside putting children on the registered sex offender list because they took a whiz in front of some other kid.
No. 24285
I think you're looking for the thread about the opioid crisis. That had an interesting discussion about the legalization of marijuana:
No. 24300
thanks, that's what i was looking for

sounds spot on

Hide No. 716 [Reply]
32 kB, 480 × 360
When I watch old TV transmissions, strange feeling doesn't leave me.
These transmissions seemed to be sharper.
Guess it's just our brain which makes a lot assumptions, so when I saw some picture, I could imagine more clear image than it is.
No. 24002
This is so nostalgic. Reminds me of the holidays I had with my mother 20 years ago. The photos we have from back then are more vivid than my memory and I associate film-photography, even if crisp and sharp, with the feeling of being a well protected child. Good times. I wish I could be 10 again.
No. 24036
290 kB, 900 × 600
Overgivings, comrade. Providings through.
No. 24037
Ha ha, for me there not that much SOUL because it's litterlay what you can see still today around russia/belarus/ukraine lol and my dad used his old analog camera untill he got tablet with decent built-in camera.
I have some of his photos in late80s-early90s Argentina and Netherlands and they looks liknd of nice and soul. Don't want show them thought, since don't want to show father's face on internet.
No. 24223
It is out of focus because cheap disposable cameras wasn't very good at that focus thing.

But never mind. Sometimes a picture is better then none. But I don't buy into that "feel" or nostalgia. I have bad pictures of for example friends who are long gone but are they good pictures? Hell no, but I keep them because they mean something to me but to others they are just piss poor photos take by an amateur.

Hide No. 16306 Systemkontra [Reply]
227 kB, 500 × 492
Old one systemkontra'd
No. 24208
Lately I've been listening to my (quite bloated) music collection on random again, and this pop-punk tracked popped up:


Gave me some good laughs with the lyrics:
>I don't mean to say it but somebody needs to put an end...to them
>I don't mean to say it but somebody needs to put an end...to girls
No. 24209 Kontra
273 kB, 596 × 600
>lately I've been listening to
>Lately I've been listening to
No. 24210
Lately I've been listening to Judas Priest. I don't know how do they do that but they still keep being THE metal band in my book.
No. 24227
New threda