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Hide No. 58939 [Reply]
95 kB, 1280 × 720
hello therr!

Was absent of /int/ for few months

What happened to kohlchan?

Where is everyone?

Is this a new KC?
No. 58954
There is something much bigger than just the Ruskies having issues as implied here ITT >>58014.
Just read the stickie on Kayceys /int/.
This was anticipated and Helmut gave you a way to circumvent your governments actions.
Not only were you Ruskies BTFO by your own gov there, the rest of Kaycey is compromised imo as the canary on the Kohlmine was culled as well.

t. otally not a p*do poaster
I only poasted a handfull of lolis on new Kayceys /int/.
I lieked how p*dos were not allowed where Bernd is identified on a poastermap and were segrigated onto /b/ on old Kaycey.
Still tho, a couple of canaries just died.
Tread carefully.
I would gib moar details but this threda will be here for yrs to come and I would rather my poast self destruct within 24 hrs.
No. 58955 Kontra
>inb4 just delet it yourself
And use JS on ANY IB?
Fools, the lot of you.
No. 58956
Also, nver Just Suck on an grills ass if she has Irritable Bowels.
Would be foolish.
No. 58976 Kontra
Last one wants is a shitty outcome.

>still lurking on KC in read only
This is painful for me.
Knowing I can't comment or reply hurts.
I can lurk for days or even weeks on end without making a single comment but at least I knew I could if I wanted to.

-Ruskie makes containment threda because of their Gov forbiddinening them from their
>Lock containment threda where Ruskies can gather their thoughts and themselves
No need for that but then again, I am not Ernst and am surprised you haven't b& me yet.

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Hide No. 36727 [Reply]
161 kB, 640 × 415
170 kB, 1024 × 768
74 kB, 700 × 467
110 kB, 940 × 627
I would like to have a thread to discuss various types of architecture.
There are lots of oddities out there, and many interesting things to talk about.
I think that I will make some stream-of-consciousness posts.

Earl Young was an American architect who, without formal training, developed his own regional style in the midwestern united states.

Earl used nothing but local materials, and his homes look very romantically medieval, but with modern fixtures. They have been called "mushroom homes", or "hobbit homes".
No. 52471
5,1 MB, 1844 × 2618
1,1 MB, 2018 × 2691
67 kB, 640 × 480
719 kB, 2816 × 2112
Art Nouveau
No. 58393
I honestly think that Art Noveau is better for interiors, exteriors all get that... gingerbread look in lack of a better word.
No. 58397
179 kB, 1024 × 807
160 kB, 768 × 1024
I think it depends how far the architect went with the floral elements.

The Jugendstil buildings which have faces on their facade are my favorites.
No. 58444
210 kB, 1671 × 1920
>2nd pic

Hide No. 48414 [Reply]
8 kB, 189 × 266
How do we find the kingdom of Heaven from within, as Jesus spake? me have deep and tumultuous psych problems which are affecting my body adversely and more specifically the gut (IBS), and medication is just making me suffer too. I am thinking if we accessed our kingdoms from within, we could conquer our personal demons which afflict us all, and yes I am willing to believe this thing but I do not know how to access it and Jesus is kinda vague, so, I humbly request your help Ernst.
No. 51334
>The problem is that the very material realities of our world and the biological realities of being a human being are two never ending sources of suffering. It's unavoidable.
This is nothing contrary to the Christian view of the world ("biological realities" which lead to human suffering is just a secular description of "fallen human nature").

Gnosticism is fine and all, but the Brahman pill is greater. There is no self or other, all consciousness is manifestation of the same being. This applies as well to any possible creator being. Hating him is as not-right as hating your fellow man, regardless of their deeds. But obsessive concern with the desires of such a being is also not-right.

Furthermore, concern with the afterlife is not-right. As consciousness embodied in animal form, we are of course concerned with death. But being continues regardless, and if you glimpse the divine reality, you see that your animal fears are unimportant.
No. 51351
A strong sense of humour is the soul's transgression against the normalization of evil
No. 58351
I am currently living in Heaven figuratively speaking and I am still not happy. I feel like everything could be absolutely perfect in my life and I still wouldn't be satisfied. I am seeking serenity, I want to find my kingdom within and as I read about religious texts I remain convinced that the way my soul works concludes that heaven isn't a place for me because the abrahamic books says that everyone in heaven will always be happy. Does this mean I will get to hell? Then I started to question if heaven in the afterlife is absolute or just relative. If it is relative then obviously I can stop worrying because a heaven to me would just be an interim state, like soul sleep or what the muslims call barzakh. My soul will be void of feelings and I wont feel anything so I wont be happy nor miserable.
No. 58360
>my body
>I am thinking
>I am willing
Who are you?

Hide No. 43390 [Reply]
305 kB, 960 × 700
88 kB, 1137 × 1500
35 kB, 250 × 280
608 kB, 972 × 648
I’m in some idiotic department store again, with my friend looking at headphones. It’s not a gaudy looking mall at least, it’s street level and well lit but still there’s nothing to do but consume. I leave my friend to whatever he’s up to and motion towards the clothing aisle where Trotsky is looking at a Guayabera. He shows it to me “Look, you think this’ll do?” Is he foreshadowing his move to Latin America with this? His hair is already white, it must be time. He reverses the shirt and shows me the label “JF” in stylised letters with the smaller text saying “Jomon Faudi”. But it won’t do. “Leva, you won’t stop being recognisable just because you have changed your style. You haven’t even shaved off your goatee yet.” I also haven’t parted with my facial hair, even though it’s getting ridiculous. “You need to stop wasting time with this shit and move to Mexico”. I know what’s going to happen to him in Mexico, but we all have to play our parts in history. It’s more interesting than Spain anyway. The track on the store speakers change: "Here's to you Nicola and Bart..."

I see that right next to us my friend managed to get a seat in the cafe section right next to us, just a few metres away. We both sit down and I keep yammering Trotsky on what he needs to do - and I add “Look, we’re trying to help you we’re not the fucking Spanish Inquisition”. At that instant I look at my left and standing next to us is… the Spanish Inquisition. They are wearing blue though. I say hi, but they appear to ignore both me and Trotsky - when my friend says Hola they do get talking, I guess they don’t give a fuck about two foreigners. My faceless friend motions to his wallets, and seeing what he does I mimic him and give the dudes a $2 silver coin from my pocket. Of course, religion has become a travesty of itself and it’s no surprise the ominously dressed dudes were in fact just begging for money under the excuse of some charity or whatever. For the “donation” they give us the fried pieces of chicken they’re selling - it’s just a tiny strip of breaded chicken, but anyway it’s in front of me and I’ll eat it. I taste it and it’s the exact same taste as the perfectly fried pork cutlet I had in that Michelin starred tonkotsu place in Tokyo. I inhale the aroma and feel that just so slightly vinegary apple sauce contrasting with the perfectly crisp meat on my tongue.

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No. 58136
78 kB, 954 × 742
Sadly I only saved this post of hers
No. 58139
But I actually like smaller tits though. Between B and C is basically perfect, more on the side of C. Even A is better than double D.
No. 58320
It's okay to be a beta male
No. 58324
You're fucking retarded and probably never handled a woman's breasts. B-C is just a lot more fun to play with and suck on. They're visually less appealing too tbqh. Do you think some massive fat assed black woman looks better than someone curvy and petite? I'd find it hilarious if you're saying this and had sex with less than three women, let alone handled less than three women's boobs to compare.

Hide No. 58243 Lock [Reply]
294 kB, 1069 × 1920
What happened to kohlchan? i can't access it for like a week already
No. 58266 Kontra
see thread >>58014

Hide No. 57885 [Reply]
765 kB, 1080 × 1253
I recently deleted all my social media accounts because I realized it’s just a waste of time, no debate, nothing interesting, no old kc love.
So I mostly post on niche image boards like sushi and lain and sometimes here but there must be more out there.

I’ve heard about Gemini and I like the idea - is there any Gemini pro who can give me links or pro tips on how to find them?
Any other quality places the internet elite frequents?
Bitching about the state of the modern internet is welcome too.
No. 57886
There is a similar thread >>5452
Nothing was found so far
No. 57892
I know there’s at least one German Bernd, I mean Ernst that uses Gemini
I’m counting on him
No. 58161
> Gemini
Techno hipster trying to solve a problem by creating something that can't be "abused" because it isn't "extensible" instead of just doing http and messing around with RSS and other XML. It is funny because most of the creators has RSS feeds on their sites using http.

Anyway it has content unlike most professional sites out there today and if the creator hasn't bothered to do a gemeni site the html site in it self is usually interesting.

I hope you know about https://gemini.circumlunar.space/ otherwise you are doomed to not find anything.

https://webring.xxiivv.com/ might be a good start since the community, to use a popular word, the site is part of is heavy into strange and interesting stuff. But the thing is that it is supposed to be like the internet used to be before it went to shit (TM), so finding stuff will take time like in the good old days (TM).

Hide No. 57393 Systemkontra [Reply]
880 kB, 3400 × 2037
No. 58154 Kontra
'one' being a side mirror that got broken. I posted about it earlier this week somewhere.
No. 58155
Oh right this link

Why is this in a Christian evangelical collection?

So I was playing Prey and found some slavic saying had to look it up and found out it came from this. I was utterly confused by who held it in their museum.
No. 58158
1021 kB, 500 × 500, 0:03
I'm fascinated by ability to be butthurt about non-important or even good things.
It's great that normies appreciate science, because it's the reason why they live long, work few (if sitting in office can be considered work) and have a lot of fun. Also for them it's like religion, but THE ONE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. [tips fedora] It's miracles are seen IRL, not like "desert herders wrote about it in their book, it must be true".[untips fedora]

> If you think geeks are so sexy or cool, bang one. Go to any university and find a computer or physics lab at 2AM and take your pick. Until then, go commit cultural fraud someplace else, and take your phony "I fucking love science" group with you.
Once a girl considered me normie and a complete disappointment and lost all interest to me because I preferred easy $$$ career instead of being fundamental researcher (unlike her). But I really had my reasons.
Also this crazy bitch had nazi fetish (while being afraid of intimacy irl), liked fashion tv shows (while dressing up irl like a nerd boy) and was into shoplifting. The comparison with Asuka is obvious, and she mentioned it by herself.
Ahhh, sad, sad, sad. I wonder how she is doing now.
No. 58165
Wow does she not sound like a keeper.

Also I think your main thing is spending too much time on the internet especially around fatposters. There's not that much of that meme irl im spite of what 4kanker retards like telling you, and where it does exist is pretty much nothing more than cultural Americanism turning everything into cancer that it touches. Religion, politics, video game industry, food, pretty much everything about that meme is only cancerous solely because of crass lowbrow commercialism infecting literally everything else here.

I once saw someone here talking about how turbo Capitalism looks in a country where Communism already utterly destroyed its cultural legacy. I think ours is what that looks like when you didn't have much of one to begin with, the result of which is turning everything into some faggoty identity and every faggoty identity merely being an extension of brand name affiliation. Case in point, you are clearly talking about a very specific type of annoying normalfag redditor spouting Rick and Morty memes, which is funny because then the person is so toxic and annoying some people end up hating the show even though nothing is wrong with it, in similar manner to them hating Christianity even though there's nothing wrong with it because how cancerous and vile many non-Catholic American Christians are.

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Hide No. 58014 Lock [Reply]
46 kB, 727 × 1166
Sup, Ernst. Bernd from Kohl is here. I'm going to open an embassy ITT, if you don't mind.

Roskomparasha (Russian public authorities responsible for censorship on the internet) has blocked Kohlchan today in Russia. Beeline and MTS providers already closed gates in Moscow and Muscovites can't post from now. Blocks from another providers and provincial Bernds just a matter of time.

So, I decided to come here and collect all Russian refugees ITT to prevent my compatriots from shitposting on /int/. Let's discuss things here in English and don't disturb friendly Ernst.
No. 58075 Kontra
Participate in other threads like usual users, get used to local posting.

There is no need for a special thread of the board which is not even closed.

Hide No. 38017 Systemkontra [Reply]
204 kB, 599 × 581
Discuss all things related to music from new discoveries to debates about musicians and the impact of their work.

Digging this lately:

Over this land

Over this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteland
No. 57859
My favorite Russian Metal bands: Apия [Aria], Acпид [Aspid], Кoppoзия Meтaллa [Korrozia Metalla], Кpyиз [Kruiz], Macтep [Master], Лeгиoн [Legion], Apкoнa [Arkona], Чёpный oбeлиcк [Cherny Obelisk], Pseudogod, Walknut, Spitehowling, Forest, Branikald, M8Л8TХ [M8L8TH], Коловрат [Kolovrat], Россия [Rossija], Jedem das Seine, Киборг [Kiborg], Родосвет [Rodosvet]

No. 57862
> is more of a meme than an actual band
Moreover, rage comics tier meme. Everyone forgot about it and if someone accidentally remembers it, he dies from cringe.
I just posted the pic because it's funny and related to post. By the way it also mentions "Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Mother Raw Earth". Would recommend. Many of their songs are officially considered extremist so you can be bottled for publishing them. Also youtube deletes all their best clips:

> What do you think of true kings of Russian thrash metal — Kuvalda?
You wanted to say Bredor?

[Show 1 more line]

No. 57865
Wow, you actually responded seriously to my shitpost. That's RAC Murica for ya.

Anyway, I didn't listen to most of these bands, but I gotta admit a couple of them are actually pretty good.

Favorite band of my best buddy in high school. I never was much of a fan, but I do like some of their songs. Also, Kipelov > Berkut.

This one's about a terrorist. Pretty fun song: "heroin at night, hexogen in the morning", heh.

Somewhat Christian (but not really) song about heavens. I like the chorus for some reason.

[Show 17 more lines]

No. 57894
>Neofolk flirts a bit too much with neonazism to my taste.
but Flowers from Exile by Rome is more Republicano imo

Hide No. 33080 [Reply]
244 kB, 1280 × 1280
  1. Where did/does Ernst study?
  2. What did/does Ernst study?
  3. Are you happy with your study choice?
  4. Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
  5. Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
No. 56250
>uni bullshit and politics will ruin science and everything related for you
Good to know that is not only a brazilian phenomenon.
No. 56252 Kontra
>Why don't you do a trade and end the bs? The too old argument, but does that really apply in the trade you want to do?
Because if you closely read my post, you will notice that I have been involved in university stuff for over ten years now and I most certainly will not start an apprenticeship when I have a PhD. It's not like I don't like my line of work or don't earn any money, but with respect to what amount of work I had to put in, it wasn't worth it, but the major point is simply that university is not like it was decades ago. Having a (rather worthless) bachelor's degree is like having Abitur twenty years ago.
With the need for more university degrees they didn't do anything to have better education, they just lowered the standards. Trades are not glamorous, and every half-brained monkey needs to go to university.
That leads to people - born and grown up in Germany - not being able to form a straight sentence. I don't even look for orthography and punctuation anymore. You get people who would probably be overchallenged pushing a button in a factory. I mean, we were already pretty dumb, but those people I had the misfortune of having to supervise are really not fit for anything beyond the very simplest tasks. Once I had to show one of them how to use a sponge to clean something (practical lab course). And that is only one factor; the other is uni politics in general, especially over the last year we could perfectly see how everyone wants to cover their ass and not take any responsibility whatsoever, so all the institutes were left on their own. I could also never be a professor because that means having to play by those politics and kissing asses and attending all those bullshit meetings and events. Of course you have those cases were someone is built from the ground up, doing their Diploma, their PhD and then they get fast-tracked to Junior Professor. Or when a woman is being passed around as an example of women in science just because she's a woman. I mean, she's smart enough to grab all the goodies that come with it, but she also damn well knows why she's being presented everywhere.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 56305
FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg Ernsts hier? Would be glad if someone could share their experience with it
No. 57774
What about getting self employed?