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Hide No. 5137 [Reply]
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Metropoles of the modern age thread.
No. 5335
He states all of what you said in the first chapter and yes humans have always been dependent on energy in some form.
But let's the say the mode of energy is really what makes the difference in how life turns out on this planet, including democracy when you want to follow Mitchells argument.

I have to say I only made it the quarter into the book, it seems to be more interesting in the second half, when its about the age of oil after ww2, so far I got up to the times around WW1 and between the world wars, when oil started lift off more or less. But I have to quit since I have more important things to read and to work on, sadly.
No. 5347
On topic
The world is littered with the bones of dead urban civilizations
No. 17765 Kontra
No. 22750
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

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164 kB, 400 × 275
What is it like dating women who aren't Americans? Or women not from your country?
No. 22608
Protip, they were being polite. Oceanians talk massive amounts of shit about linguistic quirks. If you weren't getting ripped on, then you were definitely noted as foreign.
t. Oceanian
No. 22615
172 kB, 520 × 853
Do Aussies/Kiwis really identify as Oceanians ?
No. 22616
Not in the everyday. Usually it's just by whatever place you're from. It simply explains our local neighbourhood as a distinct entity better than the more common 'APAC' does. I would use Australasian but that's just bound to cause confusion :-DDD. Australia, New Zealand and the South-West Pacific Islands tend to have a lot of contact. It's a common joke to say that at any given time there are more Samoans in South Auckland than there are in Samoa.
No. 22619
>But again, I wouldn't say that the differences were that grave, I'd say the differences between people of the same nation are bigger than the overall differences between two nations.

I'd agree with this. Even when I ended up in a relationship with a Japanese girl she became a normalish working class girl once the local culture had rubbed off on her :^)

I mean, your girlfriend is going to do annoying girlfriend stuff no matter and you're still going to be her assburglary man. You're just trading cultural bonds for interesting conversation by being a xenophile.

Hide No. 22082 [Reply]
168 kB, 930 × 1316
This thread is dedicated to multiple things mainly self defense and improvement of health. One of the major benefits of exercise is that it boosts up your confidence and helps you contain your hatred for the world. I know because it helped me slightly but moreso God helped with that. The main thing exercise should be done for is for the benefit of the individual and for the protection of those precious to him. For while we live in dark times I believe there will be a better future. if you believe in God and I believe taking care of one of the many gifts of God is a good place to start.

A man's body is made in the likeness of God it is supposed to represent the love God has for his creation that he made it in his own image. Thus it should be up to the individual to keep the body up to a respectable standard for God. For God dislikes the lazy which admittedly I still struggle with. If you only lift for women your doing it wrong. Wanting women through exercising is nothing more than a selfish desire to nab a virtous women simply surrender yourself to God and he will guide you into the light.

I advise against using weights. God gave you a body train it through intense bodyweight exercises. Afterall there is no greater tool in a man's arsenal than his own body. Bodyweight has numerous benefits like more flexability, convenience and its completely free unlike weights while yielding similar or even better results if you become dedicated. God will always be with you and he can guide you to a better future if you put your faith in him that he sent his son who died on the cross for your salvation.

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No. 22325
>Another thing we should discuss is dieting. Out of many things this will be the most difficult because of the amount of stress it will be for many for quitting many foods that they enjoy. Either way I suggest eating a large amount of berries, wholewheat bread, dairy products, Meat, fruit and vegetables
I once went from 140kg down to 95kg just from cutting a few things out and going for a walk every evening, this took a year in total. Towards the end of it I never even felt hungry even though I lived on soup and soda-bread snacks and a small homecooked dinner every day. Water was pretty important too, drinking a pint of water the minute you wake up is a very good practice to have.
No. 22337
Weights are overrated. Being healthy is fine but strengthening your body can only be achieved through strengthening your muscles. Hence why I promote bodyweight.
No. 22338
you know this is contradictory.
No. 22339
Weights only increase strength. Bodyweight trains more than simply strength.

Hide No. 21291 [Reply]
24 kB, 400 × 400
I am depressed. I think I might commit suicide.
No. 22217
Oh jesus don't go down that route man. I thought only American fundies believed in young earth Creationism? And those people are often otherwise godless.
It was something like this, which is not hard to see how after a hundred thousand years of mutations could become a sort of land dwelling lizard. The problem is most of these people are frankly just too stupid to be able to conceptualize what a hundred million years would even be like. To them it's just words. 6000 years is the maximum their tiny brains seem capable of imagining and even that I doubt they have any capacity to conceptualize. Stay away from some of the doctrines of these heretics.
No. 22226
You don't even need to believe in creationism to see the ridiculousness of evolution. The idea that millions of the animals evolved to have the exact same features. Eyes, hair/scales/feathers, wings, legs, teeth, spine, similar brain receptors and similar cells. Evolution hampers research into genuine biology. That isn't even getting into the probablity of a successful mutation actually occuring.
No. 22234 Kontra
Please troll elsewhere, okay?
No. 22237
51 kB, 568 × 375
117 kB, 468 × 450
> The idea that millions of the animals evolved to have the exact same features.
It's called convergent evolution. It's believed to be why so many different animals developed poison, because it's evolutionarily advantageous.

> Eyes, hair/scales/feathers, wings, legs, teeth, spine, similar brain receptors and similar cells.
Most of those come from common ancestors you dimwit. Eyes for example developed hundreds of millions of years ago.

I would just like to add, that I'm probably way more of what some might call a fanatic or fundamentalist than I let on. I've probably gone on tirades before here or KC that you've seen, can't remember, and my underlying ideology is apocalyptic Christian fundamentalism that sees Revelation as being literally and metaphorically true (since it outright says things are parable and metaphor in places) and the genuine truth of our future and think no law is valid except God's law.

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Hide No. 20053 Systemkontra [Reply]
93 kB, 640 × 445
Old is systemkontra
No. 20057 Kontra
I mistyped.
No. 20062 Kontra
Yeah I thought it as the new today thread, maybe I should stick to a common title instead of playing around with the concept and opener whenever I open one.

Whatever we keep the next one will come anyway.
No. 20064
Oh sorry I was confused and thought this some thread about medecine
Of cource use as today older thread. Thsi may be used when this metioned thread is systemcontra'd.
No. 22233
1,2 MB, 960 × 950
I want now close cozy company but mine bf soo far away. So basicly I feel kind of looney. At least I have time to finish reading the book, but I watching movie instead because I'am lazy as hell.

Hide No. 21175 Systemkontra [Reply]
113 kB, 683 × 1024
Last on is on autokontra
Blogpost away!
No. 22225
Here is my reasoning. I am thing the guy is one of the types of has sex with women on the sideline while going out with one women which is why I said I may try my luck. Especially if the girl is lost then if I could save her it would help find her way back to Jesus Christ.
No. 22227
>I am thing
I meant I am thinking that the guy.
No. 22228
So far I've wasted this day too. Decided to change my default browser to Palemoon, since Firefox decided to randomly block all of my extensions, and I'm not going to use the internet without adblock.
Though it was a bit annoying to set everything up, since the dictionaries for the spellchecker are out of date, and I had to get a direct download link to the Firefox servers (because on their site only Firefox users can download add-ons), and then modify that to the different locations the dictionaries I wanted were in. (Not to mention I had to use older ones instead of the newest versions.)
But in the end, I got all the dictionaries I wanted. (Though I can't get rid of this English-US dictionary.)

It's still raining. I felt that feeling of anxiety again.

Yesterday my mother offered me some money if I were to seriously go out and clean up the garden for real. 1.5 Euros an hour is really good. She offered me the same "wage" I get while working my data entry job. Turned her down. I can't accept that. I'd feel guilty. (Though I still feel guilty.)

I'd definitely go for something far-eastern (Chinese or Japanese). Or Russian.

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 22230
>I'm learning mandarin on my own
I am actually learning japanese myself.

Hide No. 21886 [Reply]
83 kB, 500 × 504
How come the smartest, most high IQ men are usually radically left politically? I never understood this, is there something I’m missing? History tells us that radical left movements such as communism and socialism do not seem to work, yet these men do not retract their views. Can Ernst explain to me why they are like this?
No. 21970
Pattern recognition = understanding how things work. Your understanding of how things work naturally relates to your ideas on how to solve problems with those things. Lifelong success in pattern recognition where others pathetically fail also leads to hubris, which is why the intelligent so often misjudge things.

>I highly doubt that but it would again show a reaction to complex problems or situations in the most straight forward thus least intelligent manner.
Sometimes the straightforward solution is the best one, but that's not the point here. Nationalism is not synonymous with knee-jerk stupidity because muh country. Depending on your specific understand of the world "nationalism" you might not use it to describe what I have in mind. But humans need some concept of membership in a wider community in order to cooperate at a large scale in a prosocial manner, and nationalism at its most basic is setting the nation state as the level of community.

In the recent past, the highest level of community was the faith, and national distinctions were relatively minor. But if the faith starts to become less important in people's lives, where do you construct the tribal boundaries? Existing national boundaries are often the most instinctive and natural way to go.

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 22041
65 kB, 710 × 710
additional to cleaning up my room i think i need to misjudge more and care less about causes and correlations in order to become more... or should i say appear more... within the capitalist framework.
t. low intelligence
No. 22043
>Your understanding of how things work naturally relates to your ideas on how to solve problems with those things

Both capitalists and anti-capitalists recognized for themselves how "things" work. Yet the have different opinions, how come?
No. 22046
Until I met the post >>21970, which implies (memeing aside, see >>21904 and >>21905) that pattern recognition is intelligence level measurement, I ignored the thread.

So the question stands:
>How come the smartest, most high IQ men are usually radically left politically?
High intelligence quotient, let's spell this term out fully, is based on the idea that pattern recognition determines intelligence level as a whole. In popular mind, high IQ level is equal to "being the smartest".
But let's think, who are usually among proponents of right ideas? These are people, who gained much money, and they can't let themselves to lose the quality of life, which usually drops for them after left ideas realisation, from high social taxes to revolutions. And most of them are businessmen.
What is to own the business? Work skills aren't enough - you've got to sell yourself every deal. For a successful and rich deal, social skills are important as well. And the intelligence quotient as we know relates to social skills indirectly and not so much, as pattern recognition does.
High quotient isn't enough on itself to determine political views. But high quotient isn't enough to determine the level of social skills as well, which is very important for successful business, which gives a lot of money to its owner.

Hide No. 21693 [Reply]
158 kB, 720 × 504, 0:01
Happy easter, Ernsts!
No. 21932
147 kB, 1088 × 667
Happy Easter, Eastern friends!
No. 21936
Well, Hail Ēostre, goddess of fertility. Let's celebrate the most fertile creature known to celts: The hare. And then let's industrialize the stillbirth: Eggs.
No. 21945
Tbh hare/rabbits not involved in easter there.
No. 31794 Kontra
Happy late easter, friend :)

Hide No. 18963 Systemkontra [Reply]
846 kB, 866 × 495
Huawei founder made some pretty confident declarations about his company and USA

>America doesn't represent the world
>no way the US can crush us
Reminder that his daughter is under arrest in Canada.
No. 21766
Goddamnit Poland

Well to be fair, they started it and by they I mean the faggot Likudnik Israelis decided to start bothering us for money then have the audacity to repeat the "Polish death camp" lie so fuck them go bother Germany.
No. 21770
It's an old local tradition, they're burning Judas who betrayed Jesus, not a random jew. It's not the first time Americans are butthurt about it.
No. 21784
Why did you dress him up to look like a European rabbi then?
No. 21792

Burning Marzanna/Morana like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG0yuWTaQKo

is an old, probably pagan, slavic custom. Burning a jew dummy is not.

Hide No. 21467 [Reply]
27 kB, 296 × 445
Suppose you're a member of the secret cabal of major bankers and old royalty owning 99% of property on the planet and you're tasked with saving planet from the multiple threats its facing - from possible asteroids falling on it to resource depletion required to sustain the billions which exist on the planet, from ocean acidification and ecological collapse of marine biosphere to the discontent of the populace withing all the different countries which is threatening to turn into a bunch of civil wars and possibly even in World War 3.

How would you go about it? Preventing wars and asteroids requires you to develop industry to produce goods and develop required technologies but it runs contrary to slowing down resource depletion and reducing ecological footprint of industry to prevent climate change.
No. 21469
You mean all of the above?

Well first of all, I'd be running contrary to the interests of those trust fund bitches so they'd immediately smear me as some Soros type where every knuckledragging mouth breather would hate me. Luckily I already hate most of the anyway and doubt that would change being the elite of elites except maybe I'd be far enough removed to pity them, and truly come to personally know hate for other oligarchs.

Asteroid deflection is not industry intensive. It's also, like a terrorist attack, an unlikely but very emotionally horrific type of a thing so even working on my own I could emotionally manipulate the public into supporting my efforts regardless, and branding as state enemies all who oppose it while sinking the costs into national defense budgets. And if I hear too much shit from anyone about not spending enough money on useless military shit we don't need and instead having the money specifically allocated to asteroid defense their nanny is going to find them dismembered and locked in their own luggage. If it's an existential threat I have no patience for fools and assholes and absolutely will go full-NWO. I'd have a jet liner crashed into their houses if I had to. You can pretend to care about deep concerns of others and humor imbeciles when it's not important or during peacetime. During an existential threat you sink the French fleet with French sailors on board if you have to and let them cry about it after we stopped the Reich.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 21470
Another area to cut down on is packaging. Some strides have been made here. Like you probably haven't even noticed the plastic twist off caps you use for all kinds of beverages like milk, soda, juice, coffee creamer and so on is now thinner, shorter, and uses less overall mass. Always appeal first to a man's greed, never his morality, and when you must appeal to his vacant morality do so in such a way that he feels socially judged for it. In the simple case of these plastic caps it can cost less money to produce the smaller cap and you can pass that on through the supply chain to encourage its adoption. Sorry fat people, I don't care if your fat greasy fingers can't grip the cap as easily. Do what you dont do in losing weight and actually put some personal effort in.

Portion size can also be controlled. In context of this thread I'm no longer mad about it because what happened during the 2008-09 recession was companies simply sold food in smaller containers without telling anyone rather than raising the prices. Oddly enough no one bitched about it. It was baffling. It was like somehow people were too fucking stupid even to notice that a jar of pesto or tub of ice cream was smaller than before but cost the same amount of money. So that is yet another tactic that can be employed, and even if you have to shake that slimy filthy disgusting hand of another person to pass it you can yet again appeal to man's greed and get them on board with selling smaller and smaller portions. In fact spraying cities with appetite suppressants or lacing their drinking water with it instead of fluoride would be a fantastic sounding idea, but we don't need to and it would have unintended consequences anyway. Just sell less food. Push fashions for smaller...whoa you know what o just realized? Skinny jeans are still the fashion. It uses less resources to make and accentuates whether a person is a disgusting fat fuck. Now frankly if you go to any city you will immediately notice how everyone's pants makes them look like complete faggots, but you can get people to wear all kinds of ridiculous looking nonsense especially if you get enough celebrities on board. Have a few musicians and actors wearing this silly shit and spouting off the party line. Get them to wear your faggot jeans so it becomes hip. If I'm the international banker I literally pay their salaries through owning and giving loans to the big movie and music studios.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 21471
194 kB, 560 × 599
Obviously a lot of tactics are being deployed right now, some better than others, and overall a lot less cynical seeming than I probably am but getting a bunch of children to protest against climate change and environmental catastrophe also works.

I can go on and on about this but again the real problem is going to be me dealing with the other oligarchs in your scenario, and how much I can get them on board. It is also frequently the case that no matter how bad the king, his immediate underlings and the toadies of the Court are often infinitely worse.

Good thread topic btw OP I was just reading this lastnight
No. 21519
1.) Ask Elon Musk and Google to launch some AI controlled satellites for shooting down asteroids

After it's done:

2.) Zombie apocalypse by launching some mutated Rabies rage virus epidemies that will kill most of human race.

3. Everything went better than expected.