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Hide No. 69473 [Reply]
262 kB, 1123 × 785
When I read the MIGs should depart from Rammstein, I almost had a heart attack! I thought the Americans had commanded it and Germany had to obey.

Then half an hour later the Americans declined and I finally figured out that the Poles are no idiots and actually saved us all! Holy shit!

Thank You Poland! I will never again question your intelligence!
No. 69509
Blinken was trying to push Poland into letting ukrainian pilots starting from polish airbases, with the polish MIGs. That's what the Americans wanted.

This in change would have served as a pretense for the Russians to declare war on Poland, because as Lawrow and Putin have pointed out before, the use of an airport/airfield would be considered actively participating in the conflict.

In a rare case of mental clarity, the Poles didn't fall for the american bait and instead played the ball to the Americans, who immediately shat their pants and declined.

They didn't even give it a few hours of consideration. The americans acted within a few minutes...

Maybe now more of the butthurt belt will finally figure out what game the Americans and Brits are playing. They will happily feed you and your countries to Russia and force the entirety of Europe into a nuclear exchange. I am just absolutely impressed by the Poles. I really didn't expect them to finally figure out what is happening.
No. 69512
Huh, I missed that foreplay. Good to know.
No. 69581 Kontra
44 kB, 399 × 398
Poland proposed that their migs would be flown onto an American airbase and then moved to the Ukraine. The pentagon shut this plan down.
No. 69602 Kontra
The usually pro invasion trolls.

Hide No. 67933 [Reply]
135 kB, 506 × 661
218 kB, 2048 × 1289
Since Ernsts in general seem to have problems to condense complex thoughts into a more digestible, i.e. concise and precise form, let us try in this thread to hone the skill of laconic rhetorics.
In order to practice, we will try to produce short texts by abiding one of the following rules:

>Two sentences with a strict storytelling element, can be dialogue.
>One sentence with a strict storytelling element, i.e. no aphorisms. Also, no long clause/accesory sentence constructions.
>Haiku with the classic 5-7-5 pattern
>F-Scheme, follow a 8-5-3 pattern, thus warranting a progressively stronger condensation

The topic is free, it can be serious, but it can also be funny. Please refrain from Dadaism though, as it would be directly antithetical to the task.
Since I made up these rules, I will also start with some shitty examples; I am not really creative at the moment:

"Why can you not be more like your brother?", my mom used to say. I never liked visiting his grave.

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No. 68037
Watching stars from my balcony
But clouds will hide them
Please come back!
No. 68038
This is a very German thread, but i will try my best to follow the rules. Now let me think hm.

Fat man attempts to run.
He trips over and falls on the earth.
The earth crashes into moon.
No. 69311
In order to reinvigorate this thread, an F-scheme pulled from the current Today thread:

My gf does not respect me
Which is rather bad
Yes, indeed

Hide No. 68814 Systemkontra [Reply]
64 kB, 457 × 887
Previous >>67995
No. 69263
45 kB, 620 × 349
>Nothing really new during the last couple of days, apparently. It's holidays anyway, March 8. I never watch TV myself (cannot stand propaganda, and especially Russian state media).
Alright thanks for the info. I would've just wanted to see what the state media is saying. In my view that doesn't at all align with reality but provides interesting insights still.
No. 69264
Every politician is talking about 8 years of destroying Donetsk and Luhansk.
No. 69265
Seems like a fake.
No. 69329
That seems excessive, I think they will be able to dot it in the next 8 weeks

Hide No. 63116 Systemkontra [Reply]
190 kB, 634 × 833
21 kB, 540 × 362
5 kB, 200 × 200
43 kB, 1096 × 682
New one, because nobody made one.
t. unpaid janny
No. 69240
186 kB, 640 × 640
No. 69252
Sorry to derail, I'll stop after this post.

Yes, but I didn't mean those. Good to see you know how to use IPA, maybe we can have a language threda some day if there isn't one already.

>German has almost no weird pronounciations
Haha, you know everybody thinks this about their own L1, right? I think few languages have as many different surface vowels as German. Do you know how much most learners struggle to copy the quality of German [eː] even when you pronounce it for them, same with schwa elision in words like "gucken" or "schreiben", or just generally predicting how to pronounce (or not pronounce) the letters R and E depending on context? Everybody (except Dutch and Danes?) struggles with German pronunciation, it depends on each learner's L1 what gives them the most trouble.
No. 69255
What the fuck are surface vowels?
Also, I thought it was obvious that my post wasn't being entirely serious.
Although, can you give some examples for
>Do you know how much most learners struggle to copy the quality of German [eː] even when you pronounce it for them, same with schwa elision in words like "gucken" or "schreiben", or just generally predicting how to pronounce (or not pronounce) the letters R and E depending on context?
No. 69828
47 kB, 1085 × 781
58 kB, 1027 × 793
154 kB, 1018 × 767
119 kB, 1019 × 765
Ernst now has his very own Quake3-server which is hosted on the Radio Ernstiwan server. Back on Krautchan we also had our own server with a somewhat active community, let's see what we can do here. If you're interested:

How do I get the game?

1. ioquake3 download and unzip: https://ioquake3.org/get-it/
2. pak0.pk3 copy it to the baseq3-folder of your ioquake3-installation: https://github.com/nrempel/q3-server/blob/master/baseq3/pak0.pk3
3. pak9.pk3 for the custom-made Ernst models (mostly old Krautchan-/b/-stuff) get the pak9 and put it also in base3q: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/quake/pak9.pk3

How to play?
Choose Multiplayer => Specify => radio.ernstchan.xyz, Port 27960 should be preconfigured. Or open console (^ or Shift+^) and enter: \connect radio.ernstchan.xyz:27960

Remember to store the server in your favourites (when on the server: ESC => server info => add to favourites).

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Hide No. 68120 Systemkontra [Reply]
367 kB, 1024 × 960
German stupidity gets banned ITT :<
No. 68915
You're basically now arguing the opposite at this point, when I was also pointing out concepts are not tied to words. Fuck are you even trying to say? Concepts can and do exist independent of language. You don't need words to understand what love is, in fact the more abstract and esoteric the concept the more likely it is language will fail to describe it especially experientially. Anyone with half a brain can easily understand this and come to a point where he says "I don't know the word for this in my language." I have this happening rather routinely and find bits and spare parts from other langauges useful for that very reason, even if it can never capture the full extent of it grammatically. Hence this is the importance for having concrete defintions of words that we all agree on, otherwise even learning another language becomes pointless because everyone then tells you the student a million different contradictory meanings for those words. That is one reason why Americanisms and Russianisms are in particular useless because they're often so full of shit politically that "liberal economic policies" loses all meaning, and hence you as a foreigner end up having no idea what the fuck I am talking about, much like broad strokes of the country have no idea wtf they are even talking about.

A word itself is near completely independent of the concept. I'd argue that the concept came first, and that concrete definitions of words that came after to describe those things are thus important to conduct that target mapping
No. 68916 Kontra
240 kB, 46 pages
For an example see attached, read on actual anthropology, developmental and evolutionary psychology, linguistics and evolutionary theory on linguistic development etc. It's not pedantry, rather the existentialist stubbornness of the goat from Grendel still clinbing the mountain anyway, a futile effort against entropy. Yet we can still decide to let a painting be destroyed in 500 years or 5, or allow a statue to get destroyed in two thousand years or three. It's a distinct reason why it's necessary to maintain meanings of words, which are independent of concepts as you now are bizarrely arguing what seems the opposite.

By making words in one language as meaningless as in 1984 you ultimately would render meaning meaningless throughout all languages and as equally pointless as all things in a room equalize their thermal gradients to near null. That's how language can bridge the gap, that's why words have dictionary definitions, and that's why any half aware person quickly realizes "the words elude me" in explaining a truly extraordinary experience, and which is one higher form reason to learn another language because odds are yours are failing to capture it, if any language can be found at all. God and religion are excellent examples of this, and partway why religious scholars tend to be polyglots, not just out of the pragmatism of reading source texts themselves, but to truly try and understand what on Earth they were truly talking about.

As such you can't quite try to grasp what esoteric concepts a person is trying to convey through the invention of words in another language when your approach to language ultimately becomes "yeah, well, those meanings are just like, your opinion man."
No. 68921
I'm afraid you're putting the cart before the horse here.
  • the list of grammatical statements is limited by grammar only.
  • It by far exceeds the list of possible meaningful statements ("my lurid red amazement is blue, very blue and blue" is perfectly grammatical but unlikely to bear any meaning).
  • The level of formal semantics is primary. That's where all the possible meanings lie.
  • When we percieve a phrase, we merely attempt to reconstruct the underlying semantics. Note that the process doesn't need to be unambiguous, as humans frequently use inufficient means of expression.
  • Any language has some means to express any given semantic statement, however inefficent those may be.
No. 68926
P.S.: What it means is that some concepts potentially may take nearly infinite time to express, but there's no meaningful concepts we fundamentally cannot talk about just because our language doesn't allow us to do so.

Hide No. 67995 Systemkontra [Reply]
293 kB, 1122 × 829
The madlads are doing well, Ak47s for everyone.

I was talking to a friend of mine from Poltava and he is saying that Kharkov is pretty serious right now and they've knocked out entire columns of Russian vehicles on the roads into the city

I will dump all footage I find itt
No. 68847 Kontra
I said something before about this. Now lemme ask you something, who do you know that you even exist? And now fuck off to isolation and write your mediations, Descartus.
No. 69001
>(Mostly) unarmed little green men standing around chatting
I don't understand Russian, what's going on there? Thanks
Also I apologize for the edgy behaviour of some German posters in this thread, shameful display, sorry you had to see this.
No. 69006
>Also I apologize for the edgy behaviour of some German posters in this thread, shameful display, sorry you had to see this.
Oh ffs just shut up you bootlicker, nobody cares.

t. not even any of the k*hl/fefe retards
No. 74850
A perfect illustration that even for the West this war is largely just a tool in internal conflicts.

Hide No. 68756 Lock [Reply]
440 kB, 1080 × 2312
I read a thread that most germans on int over at kc are not real germans.

There's one who was a total rager at me and hence why i'm banned. I think he knows Helmut.

Another possible feature of this guy is he is obsessed with trashing Drachenlord. Why this interests me is Kohlchan began a campaign to call me schizo which succeeded. This is where Zioshit, turkroaches and Balkanfags also played their part.

Who is this aggresively lying german on kc? The impulse to aggresively slander opposition is very strong with this guy, and he's obsessed with establishing that and he gets away with it in the exact same way the state gets away with collaborating against Drachenlord. Why this pdece of shit is never attacked doesn't make sense.

A sidekick mod is someone called Tjark who appears to be a US-Chinese asian in Ukraine.

One "German" known is apparently a half Brit who is bald and is never banned, but tries to run the int site. It could be the same guy.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 68797 Kontra
>thread about Kohl mods
You might want to keep stuff like this on Kohl. If they don't allow it: Go figure.

Hide No. 68187 [Reply]
761 kB, 252 × 264, 0:08
Why y'all sound like pretentious college kids?
No. 68196 Kontra
My "thread-hiding finger" is getting a lot of practice lately.
No. 68199 Kontra
Thank you for letting us know.
No. 68227 Kontra
This. Your heda must be BA level or higher. I thought a number of people here had Masters or Doctorate degrees.

Protip most people who like to use the word pretentious like that are, in my experience, ignorant Americans trying to conceal their overall lack of knowledge and low IQ inferiority complex. It's a way of trying to shut down higher order conversations and topics entirely so they don't feel small, but while attempting to do so in a way they think makes them sound smart.
No. 73422 Kontra
t. American

Hide No. 67454 Systemkontra [Reply]
100 kB, 700 × 331
Previous >>66735
No. 68116
I think fascination is the right word, because that is how I feel on a daily basis.
No. 68118
Well, reality is subjective, so it's a miracle people are able to understand each in other in the first place.
No. 68124
>people are able to understand each in other
Not actually guaranteed fact :-DDD

We could actually be speaking totally different internal languages but with identical grammar, syntax and vocabulary (etc.), and getting completely different meaning out of our posts, but have no way of verifying :-DDD

What if one of us is talking about X, but the other is talking about Y, but we both think we're talking about the same thing because the data in the medium by which we communicate is the same, BUT, our internal interpretation of the data is different?
No. 68240
No it's not. Gravity is not subjective; it is an objective fact. That you are such a solipsist you think gravity only matters when you perceive it acting on younote: perceive, as in, just because you stopped noticing it in orbit doesn't mean it stopped acting on you or see it only in relation to yourself doesn't suddenly stop making it an objective and irrefutable fact. And no don't try and give me any bullshit about frames either.

I think were I to tell people of the future two objective facts about this reality here, as concisely as possible about its people, it would be this: they are a trivial and self centered people.

That is why all their empires fell. People will tell you many reasons and theories as for why the modernists collapsed, why the entire modern civilization fell apart; some of those things are true and some are blatant lies. But at the end of the day I want you to know this sole truth about them: they were a trivial people, with trivial interests, and trivial passions, and trivial concerns, and trivial goals, and trivial mindsets, and trivial lives. One can argue all they want about the different cultural crosscurrents and technological reasons for why they entered that morass, or try and come up with a million different reasons as to why this modern world fell and took all its people with it more or less, but that's the truth of this matter. These are a people who will literally not have kids because they instead pursued useless "careers" making sales for useless companies selling useless products and receiving paper in exchange to trade for equally trivial and useless objects, and then they died. And then these people will say that because they are not having kids they do not care what happens after they die.

[Show 1 more line]

Hide No. 68034 Lock [Reply]
130 kB, 1052 × 813
Hallo Ernst,

was hältst du von DDos Attacken gegen Russische Fernsehkanäle wie z.b. mit dieser Seite :

Hast du vielleicht sogar bessere Ideen wie geholfen werden kann?

ein ernster Bernd
No. 68051 Kontra
Wrong board?