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Hide No. 10906 [Reply]
307 kB, 500 × 500
What letter Arabs and Jews are told to say at dentist? They don't have vowels in the alphabet, do they have consonants which are pronounced with wide opened mouth?
No. 10909 Kontra
They steal vowels from goyim and kuffar.
No. 10931
I have you a funny jokes, is funny

Hide No. 3372 [Reply]
11 kB, 328 × 202
"The archduke was also very satisfied with the development of the order. "Today, undoubtedly, we succeed in reviving the Central European identity. You can see that in our committees and in our growth. "The knights must defend their values, their land and their continent. "Some of our new, newly invested knights are in the front line. Therefore, I would like to welcome two of my recently invested friends from Ukraine here. They are two highly decorated generals who have both rendered outstanding services in defending their European country against Russia. I'm glad you're both here, "the Grand Master explained with thunderous applause."


Why aren't you an imperial European knight yet?
No. 3385 Kontra
No. 3684
Everyone loves Austria and so do I, but every proper Austria bullies Kaiser-tards and that's the right approach tbh.
No. 10782
bumping for interest
No. 10840
The people of big strong countries are evil, people born in small weak countries are good, m'kay. We will defeat them with our moral superiority like Tibet and Taiwan defeated China

t. non-countries

Hide No. 2907 [Reply]
130 kB, 858 × 800
Does ernst keep any exotic pets?

Spider courtship is fascinating. It is also strangely satisfying watching spiders tapping

Look at this poor ernst spider at the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7qMqAgCqME

Let us pet some invertebrates

In my experience bees are especially pettable. They're normally pretty laid back about being pet by humans both carpenter bees and honey bees. Do note: I am talking about actual bees, not wasps. Wasps tend to be way more ornery and like acts will try to attack your finger. Unlike ants they actually hurt. Petting moths and butterflies can be dangerous to the insect because it can rub off all their scales especially wings. You'll notice if you hold or capture one you'll be coated in the sheen of their scales.

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No. 3245
I have nothing to contribute to the thread, but I just wanted to say that your posts are interesting and wish you best of luck with your bees.
No. 3348 Kontra
t-thanks, you too. actually i thought ernst would find it boring af. irl most people seem to find it boring/uninteresting, i rarely get asked about it. though it could have to do with the fact that i'm a boring assburger myself irl, which is nothing unusual among beekeepers here though.
No. 3766
3,8 MB, 2080 × 1560
946 kB, 951 × 717
I truly feel like this is one of the more EC tier of hobbies/pets

I can't believe how much time, money, and effort I eventually sunk into this and just with the lowest settis possible, not even cichlids, loaches, marine or anything.
No. 10781

Hide No. 10579 Systemkontra [Reply]
187 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:02
How many of whom you speak to "online" are mentally ill? Most of them

Since discovering imageboards in 2003 I know from experience every user of every imageboard devolves into this: https://kohlchan.net/int/res/920547.html

Every thread they participate in eventually becomes dominated by this

What's the answer? The internet held no answers for people with "lost years due to internet browsing" and it still doesn't. And people still don't understand time spent on the computer isn't real life, but the time lost is real. So can either people get on with it and make the best of what they have or can they create an online community for people with lost years, to leave boards for those not in a depressed state.
No. 10880
He was a white nationalist who got trolled to fuck and back in life ruining manner by Anons who were unaware of the fact he was flipped into an FBI plant. That only made it funnier. You sound pretty butthurt to find you're a perversion of what Anonymous and imageboard culture actually was before the newfags and cancer ruined everything.
No. 11176
27 kB, 700 × 405
Ladies and gentlemen,

the trannies and cross-dressers of Hollywood: https://youtu.be/DjbOZRMIgz0?t=157
No. 12238
5,7 MB, 480 × 360, 1:10
Lol this is based. 4chan had its time and still sometimes have time. I was a "newfag" and the only "epic win" i remember from those days is 4chan rick rolling MTV Europe tv awards and moot getting on the top of time 100.
No. 14818
My brain started recovering when I stopped reading imageboards for a month

Hide No. 10261 [Reply]
150 kB, 800 × 800
I was sure we already had a thread about math, but I can't find it in the catalogue. So here is a new one.

And I'll just start it off with a question that I have trouble finding a conclusive answer to:
In a vector space the subspace spanned by the rows is perpendicular to the kernel, it is also orthogonal to it; is there a difference between perpendicularity and orthogonality of subspaces?
This relates to: If I have brought a matrix into rref with Gauss-Jordan, I can simply read a basis for the column space from the first r pivot columns (r being the rank of the matrix) and I'm wondering if I can read something about the basis of the kernel from the remaining columns (or rows?).
No. 10595 Kontra
103 kB, 1306 × 354
This is a thread about fucking math piss off back to /pol/
No. 10604
If you don't know the answer to the question about math then shut the fuck up or say "I don't know" no need to post your 4chan and Kohl drama on here. Most fall into "I've never taken math classes in EU/USA so I can't compare" "I use whatever books Merkel/Obama forced upon me"
No. 10608 Kontra
>"I use whatever books Merkel/Obama forced upon me"
>math textbooks
Please fuck off and don't come back
No. 10623 Kontra
They don't teach math right in America, anyone who got a Catholic education knows, or any immigrant

Hide No. 10318 [Reply]
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1920
How do I even start eating this? I can't find the courage to open the first please help.
Open to suggestions on how to put wise limits on myself too, I really can't afford catching diabetes.
No. 10447
177 kB, 1280 × 814
You suffer so much with that chocolate, truly less is more. John Mcafee said he was less stressed after he went from $100 million net worth down to $2 million. It will be a burden off your back to be poor again.
No. 10526
Yes you are right I should give it away.
I suffered from it enough.
Europe Bernsts I want to send dark chocolate to you, but shipping's on you sorry I can't afford (there's a reason why I look for trash behind supermarkets) so speak up and we can arrange something.
No. 10532
Damn. Even the homeless in France get massive amounts of really nice chocolates. Here even the non-homeless eat random half eaten pizzas they found in a Walmart shopping cart.
No. 10537 Kontra
Looking at shipping options without giving out names.
Mondialrelay seems to have good offers but I think they want recipient's name even for drop off at house.
Maybe classic post is better?
I have never sent packages before..

Isn't just culture things?

Hide No. 10376 [Reply]
1,4 MB, 1920 × 2560
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1920
1,4 MB, 1920 × 2560
1,1 MB, 1920 × 2560
Der Faden wurde von kc hierher verlegt, weil der Kadsen-Servierer wieder nicht funktioniert.
250 g Mehl
5g Salz
1/2 Würfel Hefe
90ml Wasser +10ml Milch (lauwarm)
40ml Butter (geschmolzen)
70% von einem verquirlten Ei
...Werden miteinander verknetet.
No. 10396
Thank you Sir!
That's high praise coming from an American!
No. 10397
Looks breddy good. Would eat/5.
No. 10500
Looks like shit. Hope you are well after shoving that down.
No. 10502
172 kB, 1189 × 777
looks great ernst. good job

Hide No. 10282 [Reply]
46 kB, 537 × 435
What happened? Why did it go down? Why is it back?
No. 10388 Kontra
76 kB, 640 × 480
>If you look at the current state of a place like cabbagechan or /kc/
I really hope you ain't talking about endchan/kc...
No. 10393 Kontra
No but having just checked it out it looks like a weeb board and is also shit. I meant the cripplechan board, which was also unspeakably terrible. Protip if the *chan in question has a /pol/ board right alongside it, the /int/ is guaranteed to be absolute dog shit.
No. 10403 Kontra
Would you mind not spreading that and also not bumping this thread, please?
No. 10438 Kontra
Well, our little community severed ties with KC main back in 2016 and we have great many serious discussions in many topics and created many OCs since then. Sadly we also suffered catastrophic events not even once which forced us to move then lost all of our threads, twice. We have a lone poster who has to do anything with /pol/ and he is quite bearable and not /pol/ and not any "weeb" stuff haven't had any influence on us.
With a...
>just checked it out
... one cannot actually form a well founded opinion as a proper conclusion can only be reached by longer period of lurking.
Ernst has many sympathetic posters even if the place itself a little stuck up and gloomy but by your post I can tell that while Ernst didn't, you yourself personally pretty much deserve everything Kohlposters did. I hope you personally will enjoy it in the future as well.

Hide No. 1311 Systemkontra [Reply]
42 kB, 500 × 350
Hello, Ernst.
I'm still looking for volunteers to draw some matches.
I watched yesterday's spectacular display and tried myself if I can do one. Well, here it is. I really liked the first Spanish goal would have been nice to immortalize it but that would too much of a test of my untrained ball drawing skills.
I don't see a World Cup thread so maybe Ernst doesn't follow it, but maybe some does. I'm gonna watch today's Argentina - Iceland derby, you could join if you wish on End.
No. 7665
55 kB, 705 × 322
I'm sorry for posting this here but I won't open a new thread for this.
So endchan.xyz and .net are down due some idiot's tranny spam. However endchan.org wörks fine (with shitty geolocation tho). Access options changed a bit maybe not all of our posters know about it and there's a chance they'll see it here.
No. 10308
69 kB, 634 × 381
56 kB, 634 × 385
(Use youtube setting to play at .25 speed)

>Now we know that the ball bounded on the line and went back to the pitch. The only film that recorded the action was somewhat edited by the perfidious Brits to make the rebound images fuzzy, for that reason nobody was sure of what had happened for decades. But modern technology applied the laws of Physics and recovered the whole sequence and the truth emerged: There was not goal.
No. 11518
31 kB, 640 × 400
1,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:06
Again that time of the year, End is down. Or at least it gives permanent 500 error on every domain. Funny thing I checked with several "is it down?" sites and some says it's up. No news on their twitter either.
Not long ago the Roskomnadzor wrote to the company which provides the server that some loli content on /librejp/ should be taken down or else. Noone cares. Maybe Russian hackers now attacking the server as retaliation.
And again I won't open another thread for this. Maybe it would fit in the Today Thread better but whatever.
No. 11519 Kontra
Oh great, systemkontra. Noone will read this.

Hide No. 2882 [Reply]
64 kB, 500 × 530
Let us have a slang translation and sharing thread. What does сасай mean?
No. 2972
107 kB, 1000 × 800
128 kB, 1280 × 611
>сасай лалка)))000)0)0
Is mean basicly and irony on "trolling" of kids in internet. Basicly, first word "сасай" is broken version of word "соси", that mean "(to)suck, and second word is "лалка" - is broken in same meme-manner word "лол" which is basicly just transcription of "lol". Main thing is when "lol" migrated to bydlo masses of russian internet, looks like they didn't undestood what it mean and thought it was some sort of nickname for dumb or bad.. like for examle they think "lol"~="idiot" or "looser". So basicly if artisticly translate it ignoring broken nature of words, it means "suck dicks, looser!"
A lot of shitty emojes at end is just regular bydlo-speak in internet. Yes, it have kinda same nature as famous "X----DDDDD", but even more shitty that bydlos and kids use as serious. They just spamming same symbol and end "))))))))" - happy "((((((" - sad. You see in this picture in is interupted with numbers because when you accidentaly drop shift, you get other symbol on button. So sometimes you may see in bydlo text messages cunstuctions like "))))0" or "((((9" or "?????77777" (on russia keyboard questionmark, "&" and "7" on same button). This IRONIC interpritation of this constrution made it to obsolete "))))00)0))))00".

As you can see on my example, often such memes illustrated by bad drawed versions of most cancer bydlo "memes" turned into absolute nonsence.
No. 9998
2,6 MB, 1600 × 900
What does jajco kurwa mean?
No. 10034 Kontra
Eggs bitch. Probably popular German question during the war was meant
No. 10110
212 kB, 1218 × 1015
When someone asks you what something is, you say jajco kurwa if you want to be rude and not tell what it is. Most likely when it's super obvious for you, but not only in this cases it can be used.