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It's mind boggling to me that people lived in these conditions so recently in advanced nations like Canada and Australia. From wikipedia:

The Golers are a clan of poor, rural families in Canada, on Nova Scotia's South Mountain, near Wolfville, known for inter-generational poverty and the conviction in the 1980s of a large number of family members for sexual abuse and incest.

The Golers lived together in two shacks in a remote wooded area south of the community of White Rock, outside the town of Wolfville. Like most other mountain clans, they were isolated from most of the residents of the farming district in the Annapolis Valley and most of the nearby towns. The Goler adults, some of whom had intellectual disabilities, had little schooling and rarely worked. The Golers supported themselves on a combination of social welfare and occasional labor at the many nearby farms, supplemented by fishing and foraging for berries and other fruits.[1] The children were generally forced to perform any menial chores (such as preparing food or removing trash). Garbage was simply thrown into the attic, until it was completely filled, and then the adults would make the children haul it all out.[1]

From about 1980, several of the children had attempted to tell outsiders and authorities about the abuse they suffered, but were disbelieved and returned to their family who punished them.[1] In 1984, one of the children, a 14-year-old girl, revealed the details of a long history of torture and abuse (physical, sexual, and psychological), to a school official. According to further details uncovered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this abuse and forced incestuous relationships had been taking place for multiple generations. As the case was investigated, authorities learned that a number of Goler children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, cousins, and each other. During interrogation by police, several of the adults openly admitted to, and even boasted about, engaging in many forms of sexual activity, up to and including full intercourse, multiple times with the children. They often went into graphic detail, claiming that the children themselves had initiated the activity.[1]
No. 16229
No. 16230
No. 16237
Oh a gift, and what is?
No. 25396 Kontra
63 kB, 800 × 477
Good Thread.

Hide No. 15919 [Reply]
79 kB, 640 × 560
If you were drafted during Vietnam, couldn't you just intentionally score in like the 5th percentile on the Armed Forces Qualification Test to avoid having to go to war? That's what I would do lol.
No. 16115 Kontra
Units of prisoners generally known for excessive brutality, but still effectively a combat formation.

Also, funny you point out others' stupidity while calling for action that trashes the morale of combat forces even more and places logistical burden on your chains for minimal strategic benefit. Tbh, you are very lucky there isn't a eugenics program like you want. Might end badly for you.
No. 16118
758 kB, 1200 × 1539
Confederate prisoners make great mine detectors.
No. 16122
That move was less about mine clearance and more about mine deterrence. He knew that they wouldn't booby trap their own men, so he made it a choice between doing exactly that or putting up no traps. It's different to walking prisoners over mines just to clear them, and even more different from doing it to your own people.
No. 16178
It took me 3 days to realise that Forrest Gump is real.

Hide No. 16146 [Reply]
29 kB, 657 × 527
How are we able to actually see sizes of groups up to a certain threshold?

For example, when you would have to count bottles in crates, I bet that you will use groups of 3. You don't have to count that the groups are allways 3 items but know it pretty much apriori, even if we would use another model where you had to count randomly oriented spheres in a rather high packing fraction. Your only problem would be to get confused by the blurry boundary of your chosen group.

This got to be some kind of algorithm. With a group smaller than n where n is determined by your talent 'seeing' groups we are certainly able to kind of track sizes of item-groups, but when n gets bigger, we have a buffer overflow and have to start to count manually again.

How brain works???
No. 16157
Oh. Well.

I don't know shit about neurology, but I know something about pattern matching. Determining amount without counting is probably pure pattern matching.
You see a continuous blob in your vision, and there's a learned neural pathway somewhere that signals "blob -> object". Similarly, when you see several blobs, there's probably a pathway from your eyeballs that connects the neural structure in your mind that represents a number. So you see four blobs, and your mind immediately evokes "4" without thinking.

And I imagine you could extrapolate that to counting rows and columns as well. Unconscious multiplication, simply because seeing certain visual patterns immediately sends a signal to a part of your brain that holds certain numbers.

t. bullshit expert
At least, those are my observations from lifetime of playing video games, learning the game to the point where some blurry pixels in the corner of my vision activate a complex sequence of responses that would be impossible to do consciously that quickly. ("blurry group of pixels - flick hand towards it -> click -> headshot").

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No. 16166
265 kB, 1048 × 854
No it is not, my friend. It's just a really great meme. Never had any more laughs than about this soulfoul frog.

Thank you, I'll check on it tomorrow.
No. 16169
95 kB, 732 × 872
It was always a soulless shitty forced meme, like the plastic knockoff garbage made in China of memes, and was deliberately spammed by a few idiots who were so pathetically desperate in their lives that they recognized even their own e-culture was dead so they tried to force absolute senseless garbage. It came about at the exact moment KC was finally terminal. Somehow a bunch of the utter fuckwit cattle that came to inhabit the site kept using it. It survived for another 2-3 years purely on it's own inertia before admins finally put the site out of its misery. I actually personally use that as a warning sign that this person is an idiot or shitposter, nearly on the level of anyone saying "cuck" of being an idiot. To me personally, it is the perfect embodiment of the anti-EC: unoriginality, herd instinct, superficiality, embrace of stupidity. I have never saved that image.
No. 16177 Kontra
It's also the among the first widely used mene on EC/int/, along with other 'cancer' like big smile emotes and shitty acronyms.

Hide No. 16124 [Reply]
35 kB, 509 × 499
Can anybody tell me something about them?

I mean unions for graduates of unis, especially in mechanical engineering.

Can foreigner apply to them?
Is membership difficulty during finding new job?

Eastern European frog who wants lower or stagnate wages in DACH countries.

Hide No. 16098 [Reply]
548 kB, 1240 × 1768
So why is Orthodox church called orthodox? This name clearly wasn't given y Orthodox Christians themselves.
What's the difference? Disregarding papism? Use of the Latin language and Gregorian calendar? I don't really know.
No. 16101
749 kB, 960 × 1280

The term orthodoxy for any christian church refers to the Nicene Creed and the Council of Nicaea.


It always means a church is in accordance with the findings of this Council and as it has been laid down in the said Creed.
No. 16102
Catholic means "All-World". It's not a rocket science to understand why the church calls itself "Catholic".
No. 16119
Ancient greeks and slavs didnt like the pope in Rome because he was pidor. That's pretty much the main reason.
No. 16120
Only mongolslavs, we don't mind a bit of homosexuality

Hide No. 9122 [Reply]
120 kB, 959 × 509
Does anyone know how to get published writing maybe short stories? Or how to get paid for writing in general?
No. 16007
Because you would not make much doing it. Although, Patreon might get you something.
No. 16026
I think the thing actually is, most people who read books want an actual physical copy, and a very nicely bound book is more comfortable for most of us to handle. I absolutely hate kindle and pdfs for that very reason, in which case had I the money I would just buy book collections.

So your only actual reason to go to a publisher to begin with is to have an extremely nicely bound book and have the advertising. I would not ever go to a publisher who would treat me like this and only produce some trashy looking paperback.

A famous example of this attitude would be grimoires, which I think is one case where the very exact shallowness of the people who claim to criticize shallowness comes into play. These people want bullshit like "real human skin" or at least give them animal skin with runes and sigils burned into it with a soldering or wood burning iron, all hand made and signed editions. Then you can charge them out the ass. But for regular normal people it is exclusively to hold a nice book and be able to turn the pages, and then to have it actually look nice on a bookshelf.

But content wise yeah, I think that if you're an aspiring fiction writer even just having something written for free online like the equivalent of a garage band playing in bars would be fine. And if you're going to pay $20,000 to some ripoff artist just spend it on advertising. Unless the publisher is actively making large cardboard displays for your novel in book stores there is no reason to go to them or pay the greedy fuckers.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 16031
It is, especially with the less artistic literature, but you need to 1) build a following online, e.g. on social media, because else nobody will read your stuff and 2) have the technicals skills (or know/hire someone who does) to do the editing, layout, design etc. for your book.
These are not exactly trivial tasks, and I'd assume many people wouldn't be able to accomplish them by themselves.
No. 16050
Btw I just stumbled upon https://unbound.com/

It's sort of a kickstarter for authors. I did some highly advanced calculations and it looks like the goal to publish a book is around ~7k€ though I haven't looked into the details.
I'm mildly surprised what kind of books seem to actually meet their goal and get published there, looks like lots of mediocre (ethno)autobiographies, video game books, cheap thrillers etc.

Hide No. 15624 [Reply]
27 kB, 616 × 611
35 kB, 605 × 603
41 kB, 609 × 605
405 kB, 1688 × 1125
i can remember that someone mentioned a while ago that he wanted to play a party go over a nice cup of tea. can't exactly remember who it was.

there is a threda over at /b/ where people are playing chess and i thought it would be OK, if we do that over here with go.

If people are not interested, they could simply use the hide thread function :)

what board size do you wanna play?

Playing against me might turn out to not be a challenge, thou. Just to give a fair warning.
No. 15806
That was a bit unexpected.
My response L-10.
No. 15807
Sorry, I mistyped.
No. 16011
26 kB, 570 × 570
happy new year.
didn't find the time the last days to reply. hope it doesn't matter too much.

if you don't wanna play on l10, i do.
No. 16018
No problem. Let's continue.
I find this quite fun, and doesn't take up too much of my time.
K-9 is my play for today.

Hide No. 15361 [Reply]
2,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:35
Do you want to discuss and formulate the basic points and their extrapolations of Terry Davis' Theology?
No. 15437
Dumb amerisapseg dont derail
No. 15444
It's not a derail. The question was asked about this retarded idea of killing everyone from a country not in the news once every couple of weeks. The origin of this is pure American stupidity and media worship. Fact is Terry himself never had remotely a consistent ideology, because you know he was a schizophrenic. Most of the sensible things he seemed to think had more to do with being Catholic or being a computer programmer.
No. 15456
507 kB, 282 × 504, 0:00
>you'd be a good philosopher or mathematician (if you aren't one).
Heh, I'd like to imagine that I'd do well as a philosopher in ancient greece or something, but that's more because ancient philosophy is about the level at which my expertise ends. The modern philosophical frontier in the subject of the mind as related to neuroscience and the mind body problem are beyond my level of intelligence. Hell, I'm struggling to figure out dialectics, even.

Besides, I feel that in order to be a philosopher / mathematician, one has to have an academic career in the field, which is impossible for me because >academia on the kazakhstan. So I'll have to be content with writing down my ramblings into a personal diary.

Also, interesting thought I had regarding language that I had while writing yesterday's posts. I am becoming acutely aware of the fact that I am limited by my language. The English language played a trick on me that I noticed while formulating my argument regarding the nature of art: there is a difference in meaning between "What is art" and "What art is", that can slip under one's awareness.

The question "What is art" and the statement "This is art" concerns itself with listing a set of objects that are art. It is a linguistic definition, a way by which we define words. So, when we ask "What is a sun" or "what is a rock", we simply point to the sun or the rock, and establish an understanding of the intended meaning.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 15955
Bump interesting discussion.

Hide No. 12072 Systemkontra [Reply]
23 kB, 660 × 371
65 kB, 640 × 363
50 kB, 700 × 467
673 kB, 1920 × 1200
Recent events:
-Brazil gets pro-right president Jair Messias Bolsonaro and current political and economical future is currently foggy. There a lot mixed opinions about him, some protests exist. Some people call him as local version of Trump, however in many ways his rithoric much more argessive and he is much more "right" person in geeral. Most of news you can find is from western sources thought, I dont know Portuguese sadly.

-In Russia situation with Chechen-Ingushetia border still strange. Most of protests ended when republican court said that decidion of Ingushetia goverment to shift border was illegal, but Ingushetia goverment said that kinda it was not, and leader of republic who so want to give land to Kadyrov said that will counter this decidion in federal court, even thought by law federal court has no rights to counter this kind of decidions of republic court.

-In India Builded biggest statue in world, 182 meters high of Vallabhbhai Patel, one of creators of India constitution and builders of modern Indian state

-In vatican was found fragments of bones which was suspected to be bones of girl kindnapped back in early 80s, most probably by Italian mafia. Vatikan already said that will give any assistance to police in this investigation.
No. 15950
>If you're the so called "neo-reactionary" poster then yeah, we all knew what you were trying to do you cunt which is why I said nothing.

No, I'm not that poster. There are several burgers who use this website.

Why do you all assume I agree with Watson? Even if it were shown to be the case tomorrow that these population differences have partially genetic causes, Watson's pronouncements would still have been premature in view of the evidence that is currently available. Furthermore, no hypothetical empiric finding could excuse some of the callous and hurtful things that Watson has said about specific groups, and his failure to judge people as individuals.
No. 15952
We've found by way of GWAS new evidence that supports twin and adoption study estimates for the proportion of variation in some behavioral phenotypes within a population that is explained by genetics. However, this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the cause of between population differences in means, whatever that may be. I think Watson is just stating his hunch here--which, as I said, is irresponsible and premature.
No. 15970
I mean... sources? I'd be highly interested in reading something easy on both perspectives related to (primarily) psychology and sociology because I am educated on the genetic perspective (which data looks grim so far) If not available I am also very happy with some NCBI links and stuff like that. Thanks.

>If you're the so called "neo-reactionary" poster then yeah
I think he did not state anything beyond a report on Watsons opinion so far. We are mature enough to discuss such things on Ernstchan, I guess. If not here then nowhere else on the internet.
No. 15973
>I am educated on the genetic perspective (which data looks grim so far)

Could you cite some of the sources that gave you this impression? To my knowledge there have been few, if any, studies investigating whether racial IQ gaps can be explained by known genetic variants. The closest thing that comes to mind would be some admixture studies looking at proxies for intelligence by Kirkegaard and colleagues.

Hide No. 15837 Systemkontra [Reply]
249 kB, 1136 × 852
is you shitbosting my Bernd ?
No. 15897
Bernd will travel to Brezil and buy some Land ; later on , Bernd will help the new Bresident to establish a Berndreich in ze dschungl
No. 15900
what is the textboard address that was in a pinned thread a couple of months ago?
No. 16128
16 kB, 480 × 360
How did I waste my best years (the past 14-15 years) on something I never enjoyed (imageboards)
No. 30053
Only shitpost.