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Hide No. 61203 [Reply]
362 kB, 1200 × 1200
1,4 MB, 2262 × 1600
Hello. I am happy to announce that in collaboration with Radio Ernstiwan, we are launching Ernstchan Cinema. A streaming service by Ernst, for Ernst. Anyone will be able to transmit a movie, or a videogame directly to the stream, and viewers can go to the webpage and watch. Advanced technology allows the stream to be completely real time even with high ping. The stream will be available on the radio website at http://radio.ernstchan.xyz/videoview.php . The video box will activate when a stream is on.
For obvious safety reasons, we can't simply give out the streaming address publicly, so for now, we will give out access to the stream on a case by case basis. Here's how it works: you can leave a post in this thread, reserving a timeslot in UTC / GMT+0 (up to 2 hours in length), what you want to stream, and some contact address (email or something). Alternatively, you still leave your post (so others can see), and send a request to the contacts in the second post. We will serve you a temporary link that will let you stream through OBS. The link will expire after the given timeslot, so be punctual. Later, we will be implementing a script that will allow you to automatically receive links for a given timeslot.

We shall inaugurate Ernstchan Cinema with its very first stream on Saturday 23rd, right after the weekly album stream (around 19-20 UTC). October isn't over yet, so it is fitting that we should stream some horror movies. Look forward to Trick 'r Treat (2007) and Return Of The Living Dead (1985). Don't miss it!!!1
No. 66637
822 kB, 1286 × 724
Finished watching episodes 6 and 7. 6 was the best of season 2, with episode 7 delivering the funniest line. Pic related.
No. 66644
That would actually make a pretty decent sitcom

No. 66646
There was actually a Hitler-sitcom made by the British, but it was so distasteful and awful they didn't even screen every episode. (The execution was shit, so even if it wasn't for the outrcy it would still have been cancelled.)
No. 66831 Kontra
EC cinema video portal will be offline and unavailable until further notice, due to financial complications.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hide No. 66320 Lock [Reply]
8,5 MB, 2939 × 4145
God, I want to fuck Croatia so hard.
No. 66321 Kontra
Please use the today/news threads for shitposting, thanks!

Hide No. 65480 [Reply]
67 kB, 1200 × 360
Do you guys have any good Youtube channel recommendations? I find I watch a lot of YT while playing games and now it's at the stage where YT is recommending me shit I've already watched before

Some ones I'd recommend: Some are camping, some are ships, some are Warhammer etc.






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No. 65917
There are many excellent history themed channels on Youtube, such as
-Epic History TV
-Invicta (for Roman history)
-Historia Civilis (Roman History again)
-History Marche (my least favorite of these)

And many more
No. 66229
45 kB, 700 × 700
No. 66232 Kontra
Newer is always better
No. 66235
If I were to make an imageboard, I'd make it so that new thread appear at the bottom of the catalog, while the older ones appear on the front page.
Helpes with wipes, too.

New threads would be bumped up the hierarchy depending on how long the posts contained within are. That way, effort posts are rewarded.

Freedom ain't free.

Hide No. 65534 Systemkontra [Reply]
352 kB, 498 × 603
No. 66105
Ah, so it's because they are different races and thus have an inherently different understanding of humor?
No. 66107 Kontra
176 kB, 1125 × 1108
I have been rused.
No. 66108
121 kB, 1032 × 739
No. 66172
1,5 MB, 1363 × 603
716 kB, 1920 × 1200
154 kB, 920 × 711
286 kB, 768 × 512
So apparently the goal of constructing the utopian cities of tommorow has been somewhat achieved, at least according to the futurists of the XX century.
Futurama is real.

Hide No. 65910 [Reply]
246 kB, 700 × 450
Ernst is traveling to the USA soon. USA can confiscate your phone upon border entry and demand the pass code. Once they are at this stage, they have access to your whole life.

Ernst is not worried about child pornography and similar, because he does not do this shit. Worst case, they find a random photo of someone smoking a joint. I also used my phone once to download a torrent.

Of course, once border patrol has your phone, it is deemed compromised. But Ernst is no IT security geek. Ernst wants only the right level of protection.

Ernst was thinking of the following:

  • Cloud share services: Use only in combination with 2FA
  • Activate 2FA on Google (Ernst uses Android phone)
  • Lock messenger apps like Signal or Telegram
  • Delete all files on WhatsApp and messages before entering

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No. 65969
> rent something cheap for 5 bucks a month
You have no control over something you don't own. If you need a server you have to own the hardware, otherwise you can't control it. You then configure the server before you send it to the data center. Also you can't have anything remote access like IPMI because those are full of security holes bigger then a gay elephants ass.
No. 65978
Use case and threat vectors. I don't think that's proportionate to OPs situation.
No. 65997
The best phone security is not to have any phone. Period.
The innocent looking phone in your hands in fact change your life in a bad way.
You don't have time to reflect on your life. Why? Because you check your fucking phone every time you get a chance. It distracts you attention from deep thinking which is very important for a human being. You have to have time to think! Not to say read a book. Reflection is an important part of your life and your phone steal it from you.
No. 66077
Why not just use another phone for vacation?

Hide No. 65837 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 3024 × 4032
Does Ernst realise that Mezcal and Tequila is going to be the next whisky? Its becoming increasingly expensive and there are so much more brands now. You can also buy barrel-aged Mezcal or smoked ones. Lots of flavours and lots of potential tasting. Its yammy stuff. Often made from very small farming operations in Mexico, interesting.

Hide No. 64908 Systemkontra [Reply]
86 kB, 680 × 630
No. 65529
I think I read somewhere that fetishes are created at a very young age. And since Kittel-Omas are dying out, that will disappear and be replaced by something else. Probably Arschgeweih.
No. 65530
Joge's on you, I'm pretty sure basically all German pornstars already have an Arschgeweih anyways
No. 65531
I don't watch them.
No. 65533
I have a strange feeling that we're living through the last years of the global internet.
If anything serious happens in the world the entire network will likely be switched off just like that.
Over here they made sure that the local .ru/.su domains will be intact.
But i'm fairly confident that some people are totally willing to trash the entire thing and start over and soon we will have multiple independent local extranet-style of networks.
US will have it's own, EU will have it's own, China, Russia, possibly India, Iran, Israel maybe Turkey.

A lot of countries will be left in the dark zone with no connection whatsoever.
Also when any sort of war will break out, the whole country will be disconnected from the internet and nobody will know what's going on in there.

Hide No. 65500 [Reply]
133 kB, 1655 × 553
Ernst, why is my download speed fluctuating so hard? I'm using Mullvad VPN, qBittorent and high quality torrents. It's running on a Windows 10 laptop with very good Wifi connection.

Shouldn't it be more of a smooth line?

Other internet activites on the same laptop are pretty fucked once I start torrents, however, internet works nicely on my phone.
No. 65502
Australian internet probably.
t. computer dumb but knows that Fibre to the Premises is not what I have
No. 65503
I have Gigabit internet, yet somehow my connection speed was going back and forth between 0kb/s and 100mb/s when torrenting.

I reduced the maximum amount of connections, that helped.
I don't know if i can actually blame my router but it seems to be the most logical thing that comes to my mind as well.
No. 65504
Have you noticed that the peaks and valleys of your up- and downstream match?

That's a sign for traffic congestion due to some node in your network being at its capacity and forcefully reducing throughput to avoid overload. Most likely candidate for hardware is your router or cable modem and the most common cause for oversaturation of those is the number of connections.

Is the same behaviour present when stopping qBittorrent and downloading something with a single-connection protocol such as FTP or HTTP?

If yes, then I'd ask if all of your connections are being routed through the VPN and if the service has a certain burst/congestion policy that might cause this.
No. 65506
47 kB, 1628 × 520
Ernst turned off his torrents and did network tests using Cloudflare Speedtest and DSL Reports. With and without VPN. Network ping was kind of okay but network jitter was >1 second.

Ernst restarted his laptop and the problem disappeared. Ernst started a test torrent and the speed looks much better now.

Ernst did some thinking and testing and realized that this issue appears after the laptop being in sleep mode.

Ernst is furious. Ernst had an important meeting the other day and the connection was not good enough to use Zoom. Ernst assumed it was due to the other party sitting in Quebec and shitty Australian internet. No, it was because Ernst had closed his laptop and opened it again, therefore putting the laptop into sleep mode and doing something that ruins the network connection.

FUCKING WINDOWS. Fucking hate this shit show. And all those fuckwitts out there. All those smart people in their smart jobs, relying on Windows because of Microsoft Office and Outlook calendar invites and Endnote references and Word track mode.

Ernst imagines sending these people off to Gentoo-Island. They are only allowed to leave once their kernel boots correctly.

Hide No. 64847 [Reply]
196 kB, 1050 × 1400
Happy new year Ernst.
No. 64936
Hey man, it was good times, cheers for the company. Would have stuck around a bit longer if I didn't have shit to do around then.
No. 64939
2,1 MB, 198 × 360, 0:36
I was expecting this video.
No. 64940
You were right to, that video is way better!
No. 64948
That Hungarian sounds like a well-educated and handsome man.

Hide No. 64946 Lock [Reply]
47 kB, 700 × 966
I heard you get banned here if you say "nigger".

So i will try it: nigger
No. 64947 Kontra
You don't get banned for it, but opening threads which have no further content than saying "nigger" will get you banned eventually.