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Hide No. 38851 Systemkontra [Reply]
41 kB, 430 × 619
Why all your threads are just 4kanal tier generals without original topics?

t. kohlchanian tourist
No. 38981
how so
No. 39005 Kontra
bc absolutely no fun allowed, duh...
EC really is autistic whereas kohl is just shit throwing with autistic splinters
No. 41424
Because apparently it's what works for this board, it's slow and the posters seem to be disciplined, there is no point of making multiple similar threads that get few or no replies (one of kohl's problems) and you'd know that if you lurked for at least 20 minutes you hohol retard.

And let's be completely honest, even in the old days kayse was not that good, and after vierkanker copied /int/ everything went to fucking shit. Did you forget the ungodly amount of shitposting old KC had? How many posters there were annoying as shit just for the sake of riling people up? The loss of the spirit of kasey is fucking terrible but then again kc at its best didn't last for long. If you want a metaphor, kc was like a nice local pub, but after 2012 or so the retards started flooding in en masse after the reputation of it being good spread, said new retards rather than behaving and integrating started pissing and shitting on the floor and the cuckmods only made thing worse. I'm positive that there is a lot of diaspora on vierkanker /int/ and /pol/ that has no intention of coming back either. And picture this: the fucking cesspit that is vierkanal /int/ still has a few interesting threads once in a while that are much more interesting than the average shit you find on kohl. Take that as you will.

This. Which is shit to some extent but still better than having a traditional forum. And fuck the poster map, the concept is good, deanonymizing to the extent it does is not.
No. 56078 Kontra
Test - nigger

Hide No. 38858 [Reply]
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66 kB, 414 × 317
372 kB, 990 × 742
92 kB, 1068 × 603
No. 38861
59 kB, 474 × 632
Why would you post this?
No. 38880
1,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:22
No. 38881
4,3 MB, 220 × 288, 2:30
No. 38904
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:28

Hide No. 25325 Systemkontra [Reply]
4,7 MB, 4000 × 3000
Old one yellowed and crumbled under the sun.

So Ernst, share your reading adventures with us once again.
No. 38791
50 kB, 3 pages
After a two month hiatus, I looked through this again, and fixed up some of the text. I'd say it's readable now.
(But still, I'd like to hear the opinion of a native speaker as per usual.)

About the work itself:
Babits published a volume titled All over my life in 1939. It's a collection of autobiographical essays.
This here essay is the seventh in the book, and deals with imitating a made-up image.
It's a short, but interesting piece in my humble opinion.
Tell me what you guys think!
No. 38794
That first German translation, particularly the 2nd and 3rd quartets, blows the other German one out of the water, not to mention the English one. Interesting how some subtle changes can make such a difference.

>Thomas Bernhard - Monologe auf Mallorca
Watched this, had some good laughs

>manic sonata style
That's a fitting description! :D
No. 38796
Thanks for posting; I enjoyed this, and it was an excellent translation. In 2 1/2 pages of dense text, I only noticed a few small things:

apocryph ==> apocryphal
We immediately begun creating ==> immediately began
This sentence:
"We imagined as people storm some popular book stores to get Jeopardy’s books".
Could be changed to:
"We imagined people storming popular book stores to get Jeopardy’s books." Here, using "some" with plural "stores" is acceptable, but sounds a little unnatural.

Finally, a few typos which I spotted and only mention so that you can easily Word Search and fix them:
There was an inconsistant spelling of Jeopary/Jopardy/Jeopardy
our fellow writes ==> writers
on multiple occasion ==> occasions
No. 42169
24 kB, 220 × 336
42 kB, 496 × 400
I just don't get Blood Meridian. Maybe I was just meme'd into reading it. The narrative style lacks any internal monologue or sense of coherence so you just drift between violent events that happen for no reason. I can see it having more impact during a time when westerns were quasi-idealistic to the American psyche but now, it's just "women as young as 12 were kept as slaves" this, "babies heads bashed in" that and "puppies abused" which loses any impact beyond general disgust.

Contrast this with Clockwork Orange where Alex is a parody of the moral panic seen in the press. Even then he has humanising traits and, in the novels British ending, he decides to grow up and be a good boy.

The story does get better after finding out that it's based on real events. I guess that makes my comparison slightly unnerving:

Hide No. 38722 [Reply]
122 kB, 776 × 600
If there was a non-religious confession box as a service: would you personally try it after you did something stupid or shameful and do you think it would be helpful to people to cope?
No. 38739
Would I personally? Fuck no. Got forced to do that shit enough in primary school. Teacher would make you go in, and priest wouldn't let you go back to class until you at least made some bullshit up.
No. 38743
> without the added/perceived spiritual benefit.

Maybe not spiritually, but getting things of your chest because conscience. But I guess guilt is a deeply religious concept that went into our veines so to speak, it became more secular/everday but still it's rooted in religion, some people might claim it's a natural thing..perhaps it is.

Well reading the thread I came up with something. The internet confession is less of a ritual, don't know if a non-religious confession box would have a ritualistic dimension since history and contexts are missing. But a ritual oftentimes is about transcendence in the meaning of exceeding a line. So that could be a difference, a ritual means crossing a border or a threshold which is not the same I hope I translated Grenze und Schwelle adequately, you come out different after it. Not sure if an online confession has the same effect, maybe the impact would be/is less intense because a physical presence is missing.
No. 38744
>The internet confession is less of a ritual, don't know if a non-religious confession box would have a ritualistic dimension since history and contexts are missing. But a ritual oftentimes is about transcendence in the meaning of exceeding a line.
This is somewhat was I was going for, because I think that rituals are to some degree rooted in humans but with secularisation have changed in character and are in a way less obvious.
No. 38759
Hell no absolutely fucking NOT
God what garbage. Well I pretty much view therapists the same way and look down on it for those very reasons. I tried it. I used to just think it, but now I am convinced of it. It is stupid and completely fucking useless and the real scandal of bullshit like Scientology is that their retarded blackmail confessionals are no more or less anti-scientific or useless than "real" therapy.
>b-but my therapist
Yeah, and you probably could have benefited just as much by going to a retarded cult and holding those cans.

I similarly look upon it with such suspicion that so far as I'm concerned they are nothing but blackmail file generators to begin with, with the added audacity of robbing me blind for the privilege of being in the room with them sitting on their fat asses. It is for people who only know and hang out with dumb people and various spray tan bleached hair level bydlo whose friends are all as shallow and useless as they are retarded, or who have no friends at all (like my parents). In that case it is more indicative of an overall structural failure of society as a whole of what's been produced by the modern Capitalist system, and more than likely, was equally true of the Soviet Communist system as well. It is the result of modern alienation and cosmopolitanism and a certain layer of pitiful I feel bad just saying the word pathetic to describe it. I mean fuck, if you joined a cult at least you might make some actual friends ffs. A therapist is just the stranger beside you of course, I am probably paranoid PD or schizoid PD level of touchy about anybody getting to know me without my explicit permission or getting close to me, touching me, or most of all probing my spiritual and mental insides so the very concept of this is probably far more revolting to me than on average.

[Show 1 more line]

Hide No. 38677 [Reply]
38 kB, 608 × 908
You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation.
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/
No. 38682 Kontra
I never heard of it, but apparently is the onion enough said.

Anyway, what's really interesting is that people advertise their "liberal" islands on the smallest chan existing right now, or that is what I want to believe at least.
No. 38684 Kontra
> free speech
Everything announced that way isn't. If you don't praise Ayn Randmyhole, hate niggers and doesn't like guns. You get banned.
No. 38689 Kontra
banned? no
disrespected, maybe

I am a little sad about 8chan though. There was much more to that website than /pol/; the ability to create your own board was amazing.
Many of the niche boards that I liked (about same pph as EC if not faster) are still e0001.

It is unfortunate cycle:
A site becomes more widely used and becomes shit (or dies): youtube, reddit, 4chan, krautchan, etc.
In reaction, people create alternatives: bitchute, voat, 8chan, kohlchan, etc.
But since the original websites have all the momentum, only the people who are most readily impacted by the shittiness and who are the most invested switch over.
This causes the alternatives to be full of dedicated schizos and autists who create an echo chamber.
For example: I really dislike the policies of youtube, but when I look at front page of bitchute and all I see are conspiracy videos, German Military March #4121, and edgy political commentator #1231, I shake my head in disbelief.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 38690 Kontra
Chomo is much more commonly used where I'm from.

Hide No. 32800 [Reply]
60 kB, 970 × 544
Do you guys take nootropics? If so, which ones, and what is your intent? Are/were you successful with your stack?

I'd like to come up with a stack to promote focus and attentiveness since I tend to be very lazy and unmotivated. Currently I take 2x200mg caffeine daily, but this doesn't really cut it beyond making me feel a bit less drowsy throughout the day.
No. 33317
Thanks i was waiting for this pic to reappear sooner or later.
No. 33329
Agreed. It's not necessarily "enlightening" but my brain felt clear, or I could at least feel something.
t. depressed
No. 33332
I know you're joking but I can imagine someone having that kind of retarded idea because all you'd be doing is ensuring tolerance building and eventually addiction. I don't think any use of fentanyl or other opioids for that matter is safe or that taking a lot wouldnt put you at risk for addiction but still.

This is all it really comes down to. It is taking drugs for people who think they're too smart to take drugs. I can imagine the exact like of vapid Silicon Valley retard who'd be really into this kind of thing, and then try turning it into another retarded dangerous American get rich quick scheme and scamming a bunch of people. Or New Agers doing it.

Considering that a lot of these are probably made in Chinese bathtub labs I highly doubt any of them are safe to begin with and more than likely it's more dangerous taking these things than abusing prescription drugs because I'm pretty sure all these guys are basically just ordering pounds of it at a time off of Ali Baba. You should ask Turkic peoples what the wisdom of Tengri has to say about trusting Chinese merchants or Chinese in general. So yeah good luck with that.
No. 38624
Phenylpiracetam works extremely well for me

I find it stimulating, and am able to really dig in and focus on work like nothing else. I take Alpha GPC with it, that I can't tell if it hurts or helps but is recommended in the nootropic community

I also use modafinil, both together allow me to keep awake and alert for 36 hours

I save them for days where I plan on putting in a monumental effort

Other racetams and nootropics I've tried didn't have too much effect (tried many racetams and noopept, also adrafinil, ashwagandha, etc.)

Hide No. 31235 [Reply]
1,0 MB, 1144 × 2585
Ernstchan is uniquely suited to hosting a "zine", or rather, a journal. The slow pace of the board, with focus on well thought, rational posts, combined with the knowledgeable and intelligent posters here, makes ernstchan ideal as a source of quality content for this sort of endeavour.

As such, I am looking for submissions for this journal. Submissions can be as long or as short as you wish, and can be on any topic of your choice. Artwork, poetry, fiction, puzzles, how to guides, recipes etc etc are also highly encouraged.

I hope to publish the first edition next month, and after that, once every two months, with special editions in between (for example, Christmas).

Submissions can be sent to --


I have not chosen a name for the journal at all. I encourage you to send suggested names to me at the email above. Please also note that I will not immediately respond to emails, but will acknowledge reciept of submissions in due course.
No. 37341

>have > hav

I agree, it could also be said that we could reverse the weird English trend of putting the vowel at the end of word when it occurs in the middle. For example; (The first word is just to show the effect of the the e in the second)

> Hat > Hate > Haet
> Bit > Bite > Beit
> Car > Care > Caer

The latter you might notice already exists in British English as a loanword from Welsh pronounced identically to the first.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 37342
>ban English from ASCII-only usage
Oh noes!
No. 37343
Personally, I'd keep the "silent e lengthens the previous vowel", if only because we already have that rule, and it's pretty easy to follow. Ideally we change as little as possible about the writing system, while removing as many exceptions to the rules as possible.

eth/thorn could be done by instituting dh for edh... but do we really need it? It's not that common a sound, and outside of function words the rule "edh between vowels, thorn otherwise" works.

There are tons of proposals to radically reform English spelling. None of them have ever come close to implementation. The only one that has worked is the American system, and the only ones that have come close were also relatively modest proposals.
No. 38595
Yeah, well my attempt wasn't aimed AT ALL at preserving any othrographic tradition. The aim was to create some kind of a systematic transcription that can easily be applied to any language. I'm not even sure if I can consider it the same script as Latin, or is it merely a Latin-derived script (IPA is in a similar limbo...). Using English and developing an orthography therefore shouldn't be seen as a proposal to simplify English spelling, but rather a demonstration, a proof-of-concept.

Hide No. 38409 [Reply]
61 kB, 700 × 420
How come hollyjew movies like Romper Stomper, American History X, Combat Girls were right about far right groups? They're nothing but self-eating, purity spiraling, cancerous places full of absolute losers and spazzes, and those movies showed this perfectly. I should have listened. I have not once heard of a successful far righter that created something other than pumping his ego about muh heritage. Not once. But I've seen plenty of retards who were ignorant, on the dole/welfare, and unaccomplished. Identifying as far right is basically a cope and larp just like Black Hebrew Israelites. I used to actually think Nazis were cool before coming to imageboards, but my experience with imageboard users has been so negative that I actually retch every time I hear a Nazi military march, or even the German language. Congratulations. 8 years ago I would have never thought of watching anti-Nazi jew revenge porn like Inglorious Basterds, now I think I will with great satisfaction. Also, name some more movies like the above.
No. 38499
90 was definitely the weakest. It was held up solely by the 'oh shit, well that just happened' moment towards the end with Milky and Combo. The rest was very forgettable.
No. 38501
No. 38503
Actually had to look it up on youtube because i alrady forgot but yeah, now it's back and that scene was actually pretty surprising and well made.
No. 38509
I also forgot about TiE '88, but that one was genuinely just a drama that didn't really explore a particular period like the others (Skins, Mods, Raves). It can really be skipped over without missing much. It sets the stage for '90 some more but it's hardly necessary.

Hide No. 38462 Lock [Reply]
423 kB, 720 × 1280
ITT we discuss girls and dating. This is the girl im currently dating Courtney from UK
No. 38498 Kontra
it's discussed at times in the Today thread, but
1) I think I don't want a thread that concentrates such posts (or my posts :DDD)
2) OP is probably a shitposting migrant

Hide No. 37121 Systemkontra [Reply]
117 kB, 744 × 972
Another day has passed

And on to the next one
No. 38324
I've decided to read a book during the weekend, and I picked Vladimir Voinovich's The Hat, a satire of Soviet society.

Yesterday I wanted to write a short biographical note on Attila József, but when I looked at the textbook, I realised it's 7-8 pages long and I decided to play Doom instead.
By the looks, he's a talentless hack who's been over-glorified by the commies.

There is one more hurdle before the matura exams, and that is the fact that a few years ago they introduced an extra requirement to even taking the exams.
Essentially, you need to do 50 hours of community service to even be able to sit down and take the exam. So I'm trying to get paperwork for this bullshit done too.
I'm pretty sure it was some Christian Democrat boomer's idea to introduce this requirement. Seriously: Fuck the ""Christian""-""Democratic"" ""People's"" ""Party"".
Nobody votes for them, but they still get government positions because they're in a coalition with Fidesz on paper, and they usually get the Ministry of Human Resources, which also includes education.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 38330
>50 hours of community service
This was the same in Canada. It was a good thing for me, as the computer store I volunteered at hired me to work there after I had finished volunteering.
No. 38341
The alternative is serfdom or Communism.

What's the 1980's movie war game.

'The only winning move is not to play'

In a mechanical sense, how fast does a play travel if thrown, by a boy on a train travelling 60mph.
Well that depends on who is observing the ball, each observer will see the ball travelling at a different speed, direction vector.
Much as you can to use a word I hate hack your own perception to make life what you want it to be.
Only in this time, in a civilized country could you quit your job, stop paying your rent, serve a penal sentence and in five years get another turn to throw the dice, the die may be cast but it is never the final die.
No. 38342
I swear this board butchers my ramblings, well semi-coherent it is then.