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Hide No. 2006 [Reply]
337 kB, 1920 × 1080
remember cyberman.fi?

I did so I looked him up and he has no nose and wears sunglasses a lot.


and found this video of him (unavailable in UK so accessed via proxy) with huge grotesque looking nose. he had some cancer on his nose or something?


nevermind looked a bit more
>Im weird looking because i had nosecancer but i dont miss my nose too much. I hope that i get prostetic nose soon but im just hoping.
No. 2027
I thought he died when he passed out on one of the streams and you could see emergency personnel come through his door on stream. good to hear he's not dead albeit that nose cancer thing sounds pretty heavy.
No. 2057
dunno, I thought he looked like he'd been in a fire before I saw his nose in second vid.
No. 2071
204 kB, 934 × 627
This is why you need to get frequent checks for skin cancer. I had a small basal cell removed before it got bigger and saved myself from the fate he suffered.
I spent my entire childhood in the sun at the beach everyday, surfing.
No. 2184
yeah he had nose cancer

Hide No. 983 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,3 MB, 1536 × 1238
Does new Ernstchan have much less posters than the original? It looks much slower to me.

And jeez, Kohl is such a shithole. It attracted all the cancer that killed KC. Even some stray sosachers. Absolutely disgusting
No. 2021
Looks like the shitposter that killed KC and EC has come here too. Well it was a nice try.
No. 2022 Kontra
How about ignoring them and closing the useless thread?
No. 2068
Christ you people are sensitive prats. I was just parodying the sort of /pol/-tier shitposters that he was describing.
No. 16459
I apologize for going off topic, but who painted that portrait?

Hide No. 17 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,5 MB, 1993 × 2514
How has Ernst spend the day so far?
No. 1993
I remember all fires are forbidden usually (especially on the summer)
No. 2004
Not wanting to upset my usual routine of doing nothing, I did nothing, just like every day for the past year.
No. 2013
Usually its not controlled by OMON teams at night. Shameful that 1500 years old tradition died that way
No. 13655

Hide No. 1627 [Reply]
32 kB, 200 × 200
I feel impelled to ask, how many of the founding members of ec/int/ are still around?
No. 1882
301 kB, 1800 × 1447
The mood is just different. The shadow of EC's death lingers very heavily here. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but it just feels off to me.

Probably not but I can't say I'm one of them. People complained a lot about it being a 'chat room' and I recall a lot of butthurt from certain posters about it, but that environment fit well for me. It was nice to be able to touch base with people I basically knew without the commitment of usernames and accounts. Without a hint of irony, it was my social life. EC2018 was just another imageboard.
No. 1884
>Without a hint of irony, it was my social life

That's exactly how I felt about EC2018 and more so imageboards in the olden days. I hate the long-term commitment of real social bonds, but IBs at their best cater to my intermittent desire for conversation. I appreciate purpose EC served for you but it seems contrary to the structure of IBs which are more conducive to the type of sporadic posting I described.

But ultimately it's a pretty unimportant matter.
No. 1904
Getting more sleep. Reading books I had lying around for ages. Practicing the guitar after years again. Cleaning up after me instead of living in filth. Cycling. Going for walks. Started a morning and evening routine of simple exercises. I spend time shopping for groceries and cooking, instead of just ordering pizza and boozing in front of the pc. I am also more chilled at work and get much less easily annoyed by interacting with my coworkers. If I really feel up to nothing much I watch a movie. But nowadays just go to bed afterwards instead of argueing about it on the webs for double of its length.

I feel much less depressed and on edge all the time. I might even get gf if I stay away from imageboards. It was great while it lasted, but to be honest, lurking is just as toxic as any other drug.
No. 1908
145 kB, 1024 × 1024
>It was great while it lasted, but to be honest, lurking is just as toxic as any other drug.
Don't blame lurking for all of your problems. Almost everything is bad if you do it all the time, even playing guitar and cycilng (by the way: are you me?). You just need a healthy mixture of hobbies in your life. If one gets annoying, do something else. If it's late, just go to bed, don't take this stuff too seriously. Enjoy the opportunity to talk to people from around the world and to share your interests with them without the need to show your face. If this causes any harm to you, then it's maybe just your habits, and not the thing itself.

Hide No. 29 Systemkontra [Reply]
61 kB, 1280 × 720
277 kB, 2560 × 1440
How long until the summer sale? Is there anything in particular ernst is hoping for?
No. 1871
Ideally children would be segregated into their own internet with their own storefronts and where everyone under 18 can't interact with anyone over 18. This would solve a lot of the problems brought up ITT. I'm sure once the whole world is a police state like what we've been slowly marching towards this will become a reality eventually.
No. 1909
Whoa, a Summer Sale event in Steam that is actually good? Am I dreaming?
No. 1913
Doesn't look much different from last year.. or two years ago or wherever they had that silly little game to play.
No. 2037
Shit. This thread almost makes me want to go and buy Fallout 3 and newer and actually enjoy them just to piss people off.

Also HL was good but HL2 was better.

t. not a under-age whiner

Hide No. 816 [Reply]
79 kB, 900 × 531
106 kB, 1000 × 667
I have moved to a different side of town and this summer am now dealing with tourists daily.

So many of them are old white boomers with these dumb looks on their faces. All the women have the same haircut.

I went to the liquor store today and there's just this wall of fat that won't move, some of them are breathing through their mouths and just look so dumb while obstructing my path. I left after 10 seconds and didn't buy anything.

I get talked to in public all the time now when I've had privacy downtown all year.


>Ya headin ta' work or headin' to have some fun!?
>I am going to get lunch

[Show 18 more lines]

No. 1343
>except I don't know wtf a bookie is.

Betting shop, you go in and place bets at the counter, watch races etc. Do you have those in the US?
No. 1404

Oh, we definitely have those but nowhere near where I live. The only gambling in my state is bingo and pulltabs. Waste of money imo
No. 1409
Ah, I see. The ban on political betting had thrown me off as it is a growing industry here.

I guess it is one of those things you can never really tell by looking from the outside of a culture. You can hardly show gambling as a normal activity on television these days after-all much as third worlders can be shocked that we smoke.
No. 1725
We get lots of french canadian tourists in my city and they tend to drive too slow but are otherwise invisible unless you happen to work/live on the beach or in an airport. The only time i've seen someone have a public freakout at an airport was a french canadian screaming "FUCK YOU" at a ticketing counter when they wouldn't give him some discount.

Hide No. 1410 [Reply]
63 kB, 398 × 684
Do you perform any regular activities to order your thoughts and think things through? For example do you talk things out with a trusted person or write your thoughts out on the walls using your own shit like a crayon.

I ask because I wonder how we all manage to stay sane given most of us seem to have varying degrees of social isolation. I'd say what really helps me is hiking which tends to force me to think while being physically distanced from life - I've even been known to pace the room when I don't get that release and you can tell I'm troubled by the state of my feet.
No. 1634
>one of our homes

Christ, how rich are you?
No. 1639
Come on, niggers in the US are way worse than the migrants in Europe yet yanks have done nothing to the nigger problem. Quite the opposite. Not to mention that USA is way ahead of Europe when it comes to 3rd world immigration. EU is just trying to mimic USA in that regard.
No. 1646
Not really. You don't know a damn thing about USA Polfinn. We for instance don't have massive terrorist attacks. Unless you count mass shootings.
No. 1698
I can't think of a single massive terrorist attack. Maybe that paris shooting was descently sized but even that was tiny compared to 9/11 for instance. Either way such attacks are nothing compared to the ongoing demographic shift and other phenomenons brought by mass immigration.

Hide No. 1460 [Reply]
71 kB, 645 × 430
Dear Ernsts,
I'd want to play "Jeopardy" clone with you (Svoya Igra), but there is no pack of questions in English.
I'd propose to make such a pack.
Though I don't know if there is English version of the game.

There are three rounds, there are 30 questions united in 6 topics in every round. Questions in topics are rated with 100n, 200n, 300n, 400n and 500n points, where N is the number of rounds. Some questions are either "Cat in the sack" (Pig in a poke) - this question is unrelated to the topic and is given to other player; or "Question-auction" - this question is unrelated to the topic as well, but players bid, and the player with highest bid gets right to answer the question.
Final round - players are proposed seven topics, and every player takes out one topic he wouldn't like to answer, until there remains one topic. Every player places a bet, and every player is given 30 seconds to answer the question. If he answers right, he gets amount of points he placed, if he doesn't answer right - he loses that amount of points.
Player with the highest amount of points wins.
No. 1462
23 kB, 340 × 66
337 kB, 1608 × 998
254 kB, 1582 × 996
Oh wow, what a coincidence, I made stuff like that for KC /b/ some time ago. I used a software for this which you can download for free on the net: https://www.pftq.com/jeopardy/

You can just edit the questions and settings. I then just let Bernd pick the category and posted whatever question was next. It was fun, but it had it's downsides: Dollchan users had an advantage, since time was crucial, and in most cases the answers came in after 15-20 seconds, I even had a correct answer 9 seconds after posting the question, which raised lots of suspicions that there was cheating involved (which never was). Still, it was fun just playing it inside the thread. Do you also want to do this, or are you planning on using an external site?
No. 1488
Good idea this sounds like a lot of fun
No. 1491
158 kB, 220 × 164, 0:04
No. 1636
Hi Bernd, thanks for your work and the fun memories. Take care!

Hide No. 1588 [Reply]
403 kB, 769 × 1000
What's the biggest item you shoved up your ass?
No. 1590 Kontra
Serious answer: A penis

I wonder how long this thread will go unmoderated?
No. 1593 Kontra
Is that a real answer though? It's not like you did the shoving yourself.
No. 1594 Kontra
Fair point. But what if someone squatted down onto someone's penis, would that count as the receiver shoving it in then?

Hide No. 1545 [Reply]
588 kB, 711 × 400
Have we reached plateau of ernstposting?
No. 1557
no, this is past the plateau, this is the slow decline.

WOTLC was months ago, we're now beginning mists of panderia
No. 1566
62 kB, 515 × 329
> there is no way to revert to a more Ernst state.
Is that supposed to be some kind of challenge? I haven't even started posting complete with citations to academic papers as part of casual posting, nor have we yet argued about which is the superior style APA or MLA.
No. 1571
62 kB, 483 × 483
>I haven't even started posting complete with citations to academic papers
Of course you haven't. It wouldn't make sense, since the words we have available to express our arguments derive their meaning from the subjective experiences we have with the entites which are described by the words, and this experience can greatly vary between individuals. So until we have not defined a shared set of words with well defined meanings, any argument you make will inevitably be wildly misunderstood.
No. 1584 Kontra
Waders of the Lost Canal?
Wankers of the Last Cuck?