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Hide No. 40546 [Reply]
6,7 MB, 35 pages
107 kB, 1748 × 1240
3,5 MB, 1748 × 2480
Hello, frens! It's time for another issue of the fable Kohlzine. This one, like we all expected, has a very distinct apocalyptic and viral flavour.
We have uncovered another sura from the depths of a Mossad secret base on Kiev, Bernds wonder how would affect this epidemic to various strata of out society, typical shitposts and confessions and a review of a (let's hope not) prophetic game in these end-times times.

For any doubts or if you want to see the previous issues go to https://kohlzine.neocities.org/
You can also fine information on the last page of this edition.
We hope you have fun with it.

You may enjoy it, Ernsts. Maybe even contribute one day? We aim at having contributors from all over the KC diaspora.
No. 56128
20,7 MB, 80 pages
Hallo, Ernst. It has been a while since the last issue was released but, fear not, we are here yet again to fulfill your reading needs.

This issue consists of:
New Discourse on the Roman-German Emperor
German political autism

Virtual Invasion
To what degree do the tools condition the craft?

Rise and Fall of a Third World Arms Industry
The story of how a Brazilian company tried to become a big fish and ended up drowning

Ceterum autem censeo Anglos esse delendam
Article in English complaining about how English is a shit language

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No. 56145 Kontra
>For example, I've never seen Krautchan use scripts that start cryptomining without my consent
What is this about exactly?
No. 56159 Kontra
The closest thing I can think about is kohlcash. Tor and proxy users need to give proof of work in ordert to post, pretty much like mining bitcoin.
No. 56164 Kontra
I thought about that, however, calling Kohlcash "cryptomining without consent" wouldn't even be a stupid reductionism, but plain old disinformation.
Cryptocurrency is one practical application of proof-of-work (hashcash, which was originally devised to stop mail spam), but not all proof-of-work is crypto mining. The source code for Kohlcash is open, it's a simple brute force that does not provide anything at all for the server owner. And it never just "starts mining", you need to inform your consent not once, not twice, but on three different occasions: completing a text captcha, then clicking a link which takes you to the Kohlcash page, and finally clicking a button on that page which starts the PoW.
In that sense, it's no different from Komturcode, except you take matters into you own hands instead of waiting on IRC for several minutes to a few hours.
I don't think Ernst could deliberately spread disinfo, and he is not a Tor user as there is no whitelist process for Tor on this site, so I assume he must be referring to something else.

Hide No. 41834 [Reply]
399 kB, 1000 × 667
This is going to be an odd thread, but I don't really know what other imageboard to post this on(especially with that other place full of horrible people) but I want to be able to talk about this. How many here are old enough to be fathers now with their own kids? Or at least would want to one day? After many years of struggle I finally found a gf and two months ago she gave birth to a healthy baby boy I am very proud and happy to call my son.

It's been a real rollercoaster of emotions ever since, feeling highs of joy and despair at the same time. It's quite unlike anything I've ever experienced before, on one hand I'm really proud and happy to have a son but on the other hand I'm now suddenly terrified by this fear that I might end up being an inadequate father and end up with a fucked up human being. How do I not fuck this up? Parenthood is fucking terrifying, I've already given a lot of thought to not repeating my own father's mistakes, what else should I keep in mind?
No. 55844
The problem isn't the retards and bydlo breeding ike rabbits so much as the rest of us are not. My whole family is college educated and none of us had kids, with it looking increasingly unlikely for all of us.

People always like to talk about the negative eugenics but they never think of pro-eugenics. Why would we not just offer incentives to good people to breed instead? Off doctors, diplomats, Polish game developers, intellectuals huge tax incentives to have kids, and after the second kid the State pays you to have more. Set up batteries of tests and make it a felony punishable by sterilization to cheat. Let wealth not buy it because Lord knows there's some complete fucking idiots and useless sacks of flesh walking around this country with tons of money and we don't need that breeding either, which I suppose is also interestingly telling that class is someehat divorced from wealth here, or at least intellect. We should make life as easy as possible for decent, intelligent people to breed prolifically because at the end of the day, if you sterilize a bunch of stupid people and assholes the world is still full of other stupid people and assholes and those decent intelligent people still aren't breeding.

I guess the worst case apocalypse scenario could be simply drug and increase the flow of alcohol/other drugs into higher IQ/successful people and deny them birth control. Or/and start huge fearmongering media campaigns in bydlo communities about cockrot if you don't wear a condom. Start rumours among kids kids are stupid. Although I guess on some level we have a bit of this now with the anti-vaxxers but it's not killing them off fast enough.
No. 55960
3,2 MB, 1:42
> Now I want an entire army of kids, I just make sure I indoctrinate them thoroughly so they don't develop a mind of their own.
As I understand, you speak Russian.
No. 55965
>мы их будем держать в черной тиле
что? :DD а хорошая песня, спасибо Эрнст

Hide No. 55962 [Reply]
187 kB, 2571 × 3691
24 kB, 658 × 370
Over a year ago i tried to promote a Steam group for Ernst so we can play CSGO (and lesser games) with eachoter.
That worked great on /b/ and we had a few really fun games.
/int/ wasn't such a big fan for whatever reason.

I will try again now:

All multiplayer games are possible, right now people mostly play CSGO or Rocket League but sky is the limit.

Skill doesn't matter, everyone is welcome.


Hide No. 55089 Systemkontra [Reply]
212 kB, 1031 × 1280
Praise be Sunday
No. 55790
Moving sucks. Cleaning, sorting my pile of meager possesions into a smaller pile of meager possessions because why do I even have(random item), everything is in the wrong place, more cleaning. On top of that, there will be a three day gap between my internet getting shut off here and when it gets turned on at the new place. I know, the world will get on just fine without my attentive gaze, and I'll be plenty busy, but I'm a creature of habit and like to make my daily digital rounds. I guess it's time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and all that.

>back in my day, cats were content with regular old milk.
Maybe he'll go for milk after it's been flavored with breakfast cereal or oatmeal. My sister's cat loves the last sugary dregs left in a bowl. I never give him much, though, just a taste. He has a delicate digestive system, and I don't want to mess it up.

>Best news was that they fired the librarian I got into an argument with over her being a retarded lazy cretin. 
To my surprise, this actually pleases me. I must have adopted a vicarious hatred for her poor job performance.

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No. 55791
Rated, very nice.
No. 55792
No. 55794
64 kB, 460 × 690
Very nice, good job!

Hide No. 55755 [Reply]
3,2 MB, 1608 × 960
I think many Americans, even white nationalist ones, seem to not understand the concept of "Honorary Aryan". On the "compilation of wacky WW2 Leaders" Hitler gets criticized for calling a random native american tribe "honorary aryan", "despite never meeting them and refusing to do the same for Italians". You can only declare this as wacky and critize it, if you actually think that declaring someone "honorary aryan" means they are aryan now.

I once watched some white nationalist american cartoons, where one of the protagonists was obsessed with asian women and his friend encouraged him that it's fine to be with her, because they are "honorary". (Murdoch Murdoch before you're asking)

Because of this and other incidents I presume Americans actually have no idea what honorary titles in general are. I think Americans actually think that Nazis declared them as aryans.
No. 55759 Kontra
You don't need to create a new thread for this. And also, why do you care about "white nationalism" when that is completely burger tier.
No. 55766 Kontra
The real questions in the room would be: Why should anyone care who is consiedred "honorary aryan"?

Hide No. 55062 [Reply]
628 kB, 1032 × 1566
Gab es in der Geschichte spirituelle Vorgänger von "Dungeons & Dragons" und ähnlichen Rollenspiel Brettspielen? Und ich meine nicht ein paar Jahrzehnte davor, ich meine Spiele, die Jahrhunderte, vielleicht Jahrtausende zurückliegen.

Man braucht eigentlich nur Würfel, eine geschriebene Sprache um die Regeln aufzuschreiben und Phantasie. Mehr braucht man nicht. Aber trotzdem wurde diese Art von Spielen erst letztes Jahrhundert erfunden. Wieso eigentlich?

Ich habe gelesen, dass es davor Kriegsspiele gegeben hat, aber das ist ja eigentlich schon etwas anderes als quasi gemeinsam mit anderen Leuten eine Fantasie-Geschichte zu erdenken, wo jeder einen Character spielt.
No. 55187
36 kB, 637 × 208
Google translated so I probably don't get the best translation.

>Aber trotzdem wurde diese Art von Spielen erst letztes Jahrhundert erfunden

The original version of D&D was an evolution rather than a revolution in design. Keep in mind, that in the first few editions, D&D was very much about logistics with characters being more akin to avatars to interact with the world, than the focus of the game. The very first version actually being intended as a companion to Chainmail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chainmail_(game)). In fact, the combat system that went on as the standard was written in the books as the 'alternative' combat system, with combat intended to be run with Chainmail. Chainmail itself was derived from rules based on the work of other early medieval wargame designers in the 60s. Dungeons & Dragons took Chainmail's wargaming, and created a new context outside of traditional wargaming by making it both fine scale and campaign oriented (campaign wargaming existed, but not in the kind of granularity for troops that D&D did). This is reflected in the original game's title, pic related.

Basically, the 'why were RPGs invented when they were?' question is better framed as 'why did hobbyist wargaming develop when and how it did' because the two aren't really separable.
No. 55727
Why did the Moderators of Ernstchan move my thread here? What the hell? I was wondering why I didn't see the thread on /b/. There is an ever so slight chance that I made a mistake maybe.
No. 55731 Kontra
As far as I see it the software doesn't even support moving threads between boards. Maybe Ernstadmin has some dark magic moves up his sleeve that can accomplish such a feat, but even if: Then he would have moved your thread TO /b/, not from /b/ to here. You can be sure that no malicious intent by our staff was involved here. Maybe just delete and reopen it on /b/?
No. 55747
I kinda enjoy having a random DnD thread entirely in German on the front page of /int/ honestly

Hide No. 55595 Lock [Reply]
3,5 MB, 480 × 360, 1:51

Ve haff ways to make you post
No. 55599 Kontra
mocking other people does not belong on Ernst

Hide No. 54884 [Reply]
46 kB, 528 × 1019
Dear Ernst,

is there anything you can do, be in practically or theoretically, that you want other Ernsts to learn?

Be a teacher and write a guide.

Ideally you keep up some quality and write more than 2 or 3 sentences. Pictures would be great and staying around to answer possible questions would be even greater.

To keep this thread alive, i will post some how to's later, and i know that someone from a far away place will post one very soon, too.
No. 55279 Kontra
Just shit on a plate, authentic German food xD
No. 55280 Kontra
88 kB, 800 × 800
And then we can deep fry it and call it American, how about that?
No. 55281
>flesh salad
Also kartoffel sounds like such a dirty word. It makes me imagine old rotting meat marinating in feces or something.
No. 55305
you're really into feces. what an odd taste.

Hide No. 55197 [Reply]
175 kB, 1500 × 1000
I lost $45,000 last year on a BTC scam. Don't believe the hype. If you can't transfer to your crypto wallet then it is a scam. Learn that first before you give a stranger somewhere in the world your $. Even if a friend or co-worker recommends it. They lost far more than I did.
No. 55203 Kontra
*go, not know
No. 55208
35 kB, 404 × 500
investing in a pyramid scheme 10 years after its glory days means you're blind to begin with
No. 55218
BTC probably, at least it's dumb during a boom. Others? Nah. I think globalism makes crypto have genuine use cases.
No. 55240
There is no "scheme", everything about Bitcoin has operated completely openly from day one
It's only the third parties involved that bring any shadiness to the business, but these days there are harsly any hardly any shady actors in that sphere of things either

Hide No. 54247 Systemkontra [Reply]
207 kB, 1241 × 1241
No. 55080
1,0 MB, 1920 × 2869
Another day consisting of research/reading, grocery shopping, and food preparation with a few breaks and a bit of wasted time + some EC posting. What have I done in the last 10 hours? I will have to start my draft tomorrow and face that my research is not very good, I cannot acquire the information I really want and I wasted at least 2h reading an article that did not yield any info worth processing/noting.
No. 55082
Yeah but at the same time you are at a complete fundamental disconnect from these people on multiple levels. I have a feeling that the Kazakh internet isn't like ours. Or maybe it is. Regardless you're sort of a special case.

You also could have had a faulty test. I forget how much those things are inaccurate but it's certainly possible. Either that or you're such an ernst that being EC tier is basically kryptonite to communicable diseases which it literally is if you generally avoid other human beings as a matter of lifestyle like I wish I could because I'm pretty sure that you getting antibodies is what happens when you're exposed to any pathogen.
No. 55087
There's no kazakh internet any more.
There was a pathetic attempt in the mid 2000s, but nowadays, everyone, in every country, is on IG, twitter, tiktok, etc.

There's even children filming tiktok videos on the streets sometimes.
No. 55088
To know I'll have to live without experiencing kznet.