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Hide No. 3720 [Reply]
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Over the past couple weeks there have been some big developments in the UK and it might be worth having a special thread for quality discussions.

The story begins with the government repeatedly finding resistance over Brexit policy within the Houses of Parliament with both Conservative and Labour deeply divided within themselves over the future relationship with the EU. This includes whether there should be a vote on a final deal as governments traditionally have freedom to negotiate international treaty but in this case it also implicates domestic law which would need legislative consent.

To finally put this issue to rest (we're due to leave on the 29th March but nothing has gotten done) Theresa May tried to force compliance by bringing Conservative MPs to her Chequers estate to hammer down a single policy. MPs had their phones confiscated and were bluntly told that if they resigned they would have to find their own way home from a location miles from anywhere. This was meant to be the end of it and ensure that any deal with the EU wouldn't be scuppered within Parliament -something that would likely topple the government and crash the economy.

The result? What looks like a soft-Brexit position along the lines of a Norway model with both the Brexit Minister David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigning a few days later. It could even lead to a vote of no-confidence either triggered by hard Brexit supporters or even Theresa May herself that if it succeeds would entail months of paralysis to do a new Tory leadership and general election.

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No. 3731
>Do you think Trump might, out of nostalgia for Britain, seek to make a trade deal that benefits Britain?
What nostalgia?
Well, he's the US president, and will look for a deal which benefits the United States first of all.
I think Trump has said "Get your shit together and decide where you are going", because it seems like British Government came to understand what benefits it loses but they don't want to say "fuck you, people, your vote means nothing".
I guess that's what happening right now.
Also, in my humble opinion, EU would be better if it consisted of Western European countries alone, but now they can't, or, maybe, don't want to backtrack.
No. 3747
>What nostalgia?

Trump is an Brit-boo raised by a Scottish mother who always made him watch the Queen when she was on television. It shouldn't matter but you can track Anglo-American relations to the American Presidents sentiments so I don't see us getting treated like some banana republic in negotiations.

>EU would be better if it consisted of Western European countries alone

Nah, the EU problems are much more fundamental to do with policy overreach and frankly godshite national governments. The Eastern States are a problem but nowhere near the same intensity as external migration, fiscal crisis, low EU citizen engagement and zero forward planning for whatever the next crisis will be.
No. 3760
I sincerely doubt the guy feels genuine heart felt emotions like that. He bizarrely hasn't even ever had a pet. I don't think he feels anything except anger, greed, and frustration.

Hide No. 2023 Systemkontra [Reply]
231 kB, 1024 × 1365
Old thread is kill.

Tell us how you suffered today, Ernst.

Me, I'm enjoying the fact that it has finally cooled off. Two days ago it was still 35°C here during the day and now it's down to 20°C with 15°C in the night. It's great not to wake up in sweaty blankets five times a night. I actually slept damn well tonight.
No. 3707
1,3 MB, 2048 × 2048
Dear diary, I'm shit tired and fed up with everything again. Post ways to make this feeling go away pls.
No. 3710
Go for a walk or as it's Friday you can get drunk
No. 3711
explains why my day does not turn our like I wanted
No. 3727
absolute beast, I can pin point the exact time my life turned to shit, or I dropped out around this song.

Hide No. 3645 [Reply]
25 kB, 350 × 274
I just discovered something pretty important. I won't go into details for obvious reasons but the knowledge that I have, if released on the internet, can help people but also do an awful lot of harm if other people use it wrong. But at the same time I have this urge to make my mark in this world and affect it. So I'm torn on whether I should just keep this information I have to the grave or release it on the internet regardless of the consequences.

What do I do, ernst? What would you do in this situation?
No. 3646
71 kB, 740 × 982
It's a German website, so Ernstchan isn't really important.

No. 3650
Well, do a balance test on the public good. Does the potential harm override the benefits? Is it something that will eventually become public anyway? Can the harm be mitigated (informing relevant bodies first, redacting points etc.)?

I think as a starting point the answer should always be to share. It can hardly be held as your fault if people misuse knowledge because otherwise nothing would ever get done.
No. 3662 Kontra
inb4 OPs information just drowns in the ocean that is the internet
No. 20150 Kontra
96 kB, 500 × 353

Hide No. 3190 [Reply]
141 kB, 600 × 448
What pets are very easy to maintain? In a way that you could leave home for a few days without a problem.
I was thinking about snails, but then i read that you would need to clean the terrarium every few days from their shit, slime and food-leftovers.
No. 3358
Are you joking? Corvidae are among the most demanding birds maintenance-wise. And you absolutely cannot leave them alone for long.
No. 3360
79 kB, 713 × 511
562 kB, 1578 × 972
Why not begin your adventures in mycology with some magic mushrooms or get a pet rock?

No point in getting an animal if you're not around all the time needing companionship. Maintenance is also a big commitment even for shitty animals once they get old.
No. 3619
Holy shit mods what is going on with the site it went from normal to night time style and now it's just totally busted. What are you guys doing to the site?

Also, if you do enough Ambien the trees will come alive and living shadows will start swirling all around you and you can have several hours talking to your pet lamp for two hours who is now alive and some sort of queen whose dominion is your living room which she illuminates.
t. Ambien pro
No. 3620
What browser? This page may be helpful if you have Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/websites-look-wrong-or-appear-differently

Hide No. 3352 [Reply]
697 kB, 500 × 272
So I had self-diagnosed myself on the internet and I think I did a pretty decent job. I've been struggling with sleep since I remember, staying late at night when I was as young as twelve, mostly because I was not able to sleep early. I'm 24 right now and for entire april and may I'd sleep every one and a half day. I dropped from another uni and I just gave up to my organism and just let it do as it wants, however since three weeks I started eating 3mg melatonin instead of 5mg or 10mg which I did before. I tried so many things for figuring out my sleep, all kinds of benzos, clonizepams to xanax. Getting drunk wasted, getting stoned to sleep, but the only reasonable thing that was kind of helping was microdosing amphetamine the second day but that didn't really solve the problem.

And then I started doing the smaller melatonin 3mg because I read on the internet that it actually helps some people and it did wonders to me. So far I've been sleeping almost like a normal human bean. So I read an article on melatonin and apparently it doesnt really do shit unless you have a Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD), which I actually check on every symptom. So far so good, 3rd week of sleeping 24:00-11:00. I'm trying to cut it to 24:00-09:00 but it just doesnt work and when I force myself to sleep "only" 9 hours I feel like a deadbeat until maybe 4pm and it doesnt really make me want to go sleep earlier. So what I do is I eat 3mg melatonin 40 minutes before I go to sleep, and right before I bed myself I drink a triple Lemon balm tea.


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No. 3471 Kontra
also hydroxyzine had never done anything to me and I never felt any effect be it to mitigate various comedowns or just using it for sleep or day.
No. 3472
I used to smoke about a pack a day before I bought myself an e-cigarette. I feel overall better now (especially the coughing and my throat in general have become much better), sleep has become better too and it's way cheaper.
No. 3473 Kontra
I just can't, it stings and hurts. I tried the 1mg nicotine and 10mg nicotine. Different mods. My party trick is dying from somoeone else's e-cigarette to prove my point.

I could make another thread on why I can't smoke e cigarettes.

t. special snowflake pole
No. 3484
I can self diagnose myself also, but what use is it when doctors cant even give theoretically acceptable help than myself?

Hide No. 3256 [Reply]
1,2 MB, 720 × 1280
127 kB, 461 × 461
>Sometimes, there are some flowers in our rough, barren mountainous terrains.

No. 3282
No. 3295
So Schuschnigg was a slav
No. 3296
1,1 MB, 3000 × 2000
Don't worry, we all know how it really is.
No. 3297
1,8 MB, 325 × 244

Hide No. 3098 [Reply]
233 kB, 640 × 360, 0:05
Gaming e-relationships lead to marriage -_-

This is 21st century girls idea of a romance


the comments may give you cancer
No. 3137
Out of those 9 "women" there are exactly three I suspect might actually be girls.
No. 3143

You're just jealous
No. 3146
Song related to thread

No. 3168
Vicky Pollard is one of them, right?

Hide No. 3094 [Reply]
1,6 MB, 2592 × 1944
Galicia kickstarts portuguese reconquista and gives portugal cultural identity.
Galicia is left out of unified Portugal

Prussia unifies germany and gives identity and governance to modern germany.
Prussia ceases to exist

Savoyard fights to unify Italy and create modern italian identity
Savoy is left out of unified Italy

Explain this phenomenon
No. 3096 Kontra
Galychyna creates Ukrainian identity and still remains the cultural center of Ukraine. Moscow unites Rus and becomes the cultural and financial center of Eastern Europe. Wallachia unified Romania and Bucharest is still in the country. This is a coincidence, you're trying to find a match where they don't exist.
Savoy and Prussia aren't just Nice and Koenigsberg, you greatly underestimate the importance of other regions inside them. Unification of these countries would have occurred in any case, just the role of the leading state would take Sicily, Austria or anyone else.
No. 3107
Retarded answer. I'm not saying that it's a necessary pattern, nor that they are or should be the strongest regions of their countries. If anything, the fact that they're not the strongest regions of their countries actually helps explain why they might be left out> no matter how strongly nationalistic they might feel about certain identity, they're still peripheral to such national identity, and thus can be sacrificed or excluded.

Still, it's a rather weird phenomenon. Germs tend to see prussian unification as the birth of modern germany, yet this same unification is what brought about the end of prussia and pomerania. They lost a big chunk of what was traditional german territory.
No. 3114
Portugal isn't comparable to the two other cases
No. 15143 Kontra

Hide No. 2954 [Reply]
15 kB, 300 × 200
If you feel the need to ease your eyes at night, you can choose Gute Informatiker style in the bottom of page.
No. 2961
much appreciated
No. 2962
274 kB, 800 × 1280
Good. I would have rather it working on Overchan, but it's OK like that too.
No. 3042
The [Return] and [Top] fields still have the old color, as do the buttons for /b/, /int/, /meta/, Rules, FAQ and Guide.

Thanks for your effort :3
No. 3044
Nice, I`m restricted to phone-posting at the moment and that new style really reduces stress on the eyes.

Hide No. 2853 Lock [Reply]
11,5 MB, 640 × 360, 2:10
No. 3041
1,3 MB, 636 × 360, 0:11
world cup > all