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Hide No. 1380 [Reply]
137 kB, 1200 × 1600
KC abandoned ship at just the right time
No. 1397
That's ok though, the very best parts have been carried over
No. 1400
My post is some sort of meta-postironic reflection of old posts.
How'd you define best and worst parts?
No. 1402
le not my problems dance
No. 1405
>That Russia

What kind of world cup experience are they alluding to here?

Hide No. 1195 [Reply]
1,3 MB, 3264 × 2448
Just got scammed by a gypsy.

He said he needed 4 euros for the bus because his bike was stolen.
I wouldn't give him the money.
"I will leave my ring as a deposit"
No I won't give you any money
"I will leave my ID card as a deposit"
Still no.
He continued asking and I finally gave in and gave him 5 euros for the bus. He promised "by his honor" he'll bring it back.
He still isn't back. So yes, that's how i got scammed by a gypsy because I thought not everyone of them is bad. They are. At least I only had to pay 5 euros to be protected from gypsy scam for the rest of my life.
Pic related is his "valuable ring". Cheap plastic.

t. IQ 89 gutmensch
No. 1302
>stop being racist
>become climate-change-denying laissez-fair-capitalist instead
At least there's improvement in some areas.
No. 1328
Do they speak German, If not why would you respond I would converse with some parasite who didn't speak my mother tongue in my country.
If anyone approaches me and isn't in my direct line of sight, I tell them to fuck off.
If in direct line of sight or they make eye contact, I say No thanks and continue walking.

Last woman got quite upset as making conversation I told her feeding africans is like feeding rats and they should not have children out of wedlock and where are the fathers.

I get asked by children all the time, as they are raising money for school, If I am not commuting I give them around 5e, 99% of the time I am commuting but If I am having a pleasant walk I give them cash.
Street performers, when I am abroad get a few euros as well.
No. 1330
It's an improvement
No. 12345 Kontra

Hide No. 1053 [Reply]
195 kB, 3039 × 1941
just the flags I collected on EC
No. 1214
which is rather sad. does he meddle with his life and thoughts or does he not know ec.xyz exists?
No. 1215
I remember someone said that he said that he would leave imageboards for good after death of EC.
I am not sure, that there were no bricks on EC, though.
No. 1219 Kontra
*no more bricks
No. 1220
I like to think that it is a bit of both. He has been pretty busy lately with random contracts and has been visiting his uncle in the wop wops too, so between that and not being super enamoured with EC towards the end, it is quite likely he has just missed the memo. It sucks because I really want to hang out with my old mate Kirpish but hell, if things are looking up and he ain't got the time to drop by, good for him, he deserves the break.

Hide No. 563 [Reply]
25 kB, 391 × 269
Are you again? It's time to step down.
No. 857 Kontra
Indeed, Bernds are a virtual rapefugee-gipsy clan of the chanosphere.
No. 901
Croatia is here and the gypsy-expertise gets unrolled :3
No. 939 Kontra
85 kB, 1216 × 526
No. 5400 Kontra
>You guys said that you don't want any Bernd from kohl?

No we didn't. We said we don't want to have shitposters.

Hide No. 700 [Reply]
392 kB, 1000 × 1200
Hey what do you call it when a mirror can be turned on and off with a liquid crystal display, is it called an electric mirror? How much do they cost? I think, it's silverish slightly grayer sheen than a crisper image mirror but it can be turned on and off. Asking from watching a posture video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7ZWPCWv0U and it occurred to me how much nicer it would feel to turn my mirrors off. This does exist right? Or I guess general technology or biomechanics thread. I am also fascinated by this
It is both stressful and relaxing to watch. A full length mirror would be good to check such things but they make me uncomfortable af to have around.
No. 702
No. 712
Also, just to say, maybe five years ago I've seen Chinese dumbphones with semi-transparent screens being sold.
They looked cool but totally impractical.

Hide No. 321 [Reply]
435 kB, 2425 × 1200
279 kB, 1061 × 825
142 kB, 768 × 960
78 kB, 1600 × 720
Scientists all over Europe are attempting to breed back certain European species that went extinct at some point in history as for instance the Aurochs and the European wild horse.

How do Ernsts think about these attempts at breeding back lost European species?


No. 670
209 kB, 887 × 1200
Reading the thread I can understand why it makes sense from a conservation perspective. It's that story of the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone all over again and maybe having a park which shows old Europe would not only make € but allow us to learn more from observation about how the ecosystems of Europe used to operate.

However it is still breeding feral animals the size of cars so you can imagine the chaos that could be unleashed if funding ran low for safety or if mass importing various strains of cattle transmits disease. Then there is the off-chance that we accidentally breed hyper-intelligent cows that enslave us thus leading to much smugness from vegans. The risk seems too great if you ask me.
No. 675
If they get uppity, just shoot them. Fatmasters used to shoot Bisons by the thousand, just for fun. And to starve non-white people.
No. 677
>Cave man science fiction
That comic is a fallacy put in human form. The use of a certain technolgoy not automatically leading to the end of the world does not mean that there are no dangers involved. For example, countless cities actually burned down due to people being careless with fire. Some cities even burned down multiple times, London amongst them.

Also, who ever drew this read the wrong kind of Science Fiction.
No. 688
43 kB, 720 × 842
Could be harder than it sounds. Remember that Britain has had wallaby's hopping around since at least the 1970s like we're some opposite Australia in waiting.

It's a gag about how sci-fi movies consistently feature new technology as a cheap plot device to show man's arrogance. I believe I first saw this when the first of the new Planet of the Apes was released for context. It was attached for the silly reference about man coming under the whip.

Don't have a cow, man

Hide No. 369 [Reply]
13 kB, 300 × 222
No sleep more than 24 hours makes your brain melt.
No, really, you feel very burnt down, barely capable of normal human activities, and yet you continue to not sleep for whatever reason.
What's more unsatisfying, I feel I need like 48 hours of leisure but I can't afford them since I have check-ups every 72 hours.
Are there drinks to not feel brain-melt?
Tea with Panzerschokolade is not the best choice, I think.
No. 470
tingling sensation in your mouth. It's basically a bit pain and your body reacts to pain by getting awake.
No. 487
36 kB, 1103 × 396
>It's basically a bit pain and your body reacts to pain by getting awake.
>our life is pain-ridden and only what is different are amounts of pain
Gotta continue on hurting myself then.
No. 556
18 kB, 280 × 440
I glad he could sleep. I need a kamphy chair, then maybe i'll sleep well for a change
No. 585
>I need a kamphy chair, then maybe i'll sleep well for a change
I recently bought a proper office chair. I found a used one for about 1/3 of the regular price on ebay, those things are ridiculously expensive when new. Still, those supermarket chairs tend to fall apart easily, and are not very comfy. The one I got seems to be really stable, and the back rest doesn't make stupid noises when I lean back. 9/10, would definitely buy again.

I also wouldn't know how to do that. As soon as I'm awake 18 hours or longer I almost fall asleep instantly as soon as I'm resting. I can even easily fall asleep on trains now, I couldn't do that when I was younger. But now, since I'm commuting, I'm so used to sitting in a train being tired that my body doesn't seem to care any more about all that strangers around.

Hide No. 172 [Reply]
3,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:29
392 kB, 540 × 540, 0:03
1,6 MB, 480 × 360, 0:29
Are .webm threads possible in here?
No. 542
9,5 MB, 533 × 300, 1:39
It is surprising how much effort went into some Krautchan material. I hope one day we get the promised sequel to the Apu game.

I liked the idea of demanding that posts in a dump require some discussion or description of every file. It makes sense for a PDF dump to have such a thing to encourage posters to read your posted material and still allows for webms like >>527 while discouraging random file dumps.
No. 576
>I hope one day we get the promised sequel to the Apu game.

The creator of the Apu RPG hasn't worked on a game in quite some time.

t. insider.
No. 583
18 kB, 718 × 480
>It is surprising how much effort went into some Krautchan material
Jesus, that must have taken an eternity to create. Still, I'm not that surprised. There have always been people who were willing to put lots of effort in their content. It was just that they were vastly outnumbered by people who wouldn't. But they were always there.

>The creator of the Apu RPG hasn't worked on a game in quite some time.
Still, Estonia forever btfo.
No. 584
7,2 MB, 278 × 208, 3:56
9,1 MB, 480 × 360, 3:34
We're talking about KC quality content?

Hide No. 498 [Reply]
345 kB, 550 × 367
Is anyone else having problems running .xyz with dollchan? My browser just displays a blank page when I try loading anything with it on.
No. 503
I reinstalled the script using Tampermonkey.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Hit reinstall
No. 505
148 kB, 340 × 340, 0:01
Thanks, it worked. I don't understand why, since it still shows v18.6.3.0, but it worked!
No. 506
Dollchan has subversions, which are changed, when minor edits are applied.
You can check full version number in Info tab of Dollchan settings.
No. 520
60 kB, 537 × 257
126 kB, 981 × 589
Wow, thanks, I didn't pay attention to that.

Also (in case anybody didn't know): For applying the "Gute Informatiker"-style it is enough to just change the domains in the script header, the rest works fine. Which makes sense to me, since it's the same software, and thus the same css classes.

Hide No. 359 [Reply]
307 kB, 500 × 500
What the fuck happened to ernstchan.com?
No. 428 Kontra
I'm sorry for assuming that, it's just, Bernd is still trying to cause drama both here and on Kohl, and your question was so specific it kinda sounded like you knew exactly what happened.
I miss the old times when Bernd and Ernst were like good friends who were very different and had many fights but still help each other in times of hardship... now it's just hate.
No. 434 Kontra
38 kB, 1891 × 354
35 kB, 1025 × 699
23 kB, 407 × 774
14 kB, 906 × 268
>your question was so specific it kinda sounded like you knew exactly what happened.
I had an inkling of what might have happened but really didn't want to believe something so idiotic brought an end to the whole website.

Here's documented proof of the straw that broke the camel's back, for posterity's sake. Never forgetti. :')
No. 462
That isnt what happened. Both literally got shut down due to shitposting. Dergeneral finally said fuck it and EC went down for the same reason. Frankly I would've done the same thing either that or selected a few mods to just ban everybody nonstop. You will notice in both cases it went down right after a high volume of shitposting drowned out any chance for decent discussions. EC mods didn't even want bernds there to begin with and didn't anticipate everyone selecting it as the replacement board.
No. 472 Kontra
it was brought down by shigposting. if you went to kohl/any other casey replacement after ec closed momentarily you basically gave in to the raiders demands and are a bitch nigga