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Hide No. 28543 [Reply]
326 kB, 467 × 263
It seems no coutry other than Azerbaijan and Pakistan loves Turkey. Why Turkey is so hated amongst world?
Not even Arabs love them!
No. 28548
75 kB, 800 × 600
Love-hate relationship in Australia. They're kind of like 'the' bad guy of WWI for us and the Dardanelles Campaign in particular has culturally scarred the nation to the current day for both good and bad (we have this weird pseudo-brotherhood thing with Turkey regarding war dead since most of our bodies never made it home, and Ataturk is the only enemy commander honoured on Anzac Parade which is as close to holy ground as secular society can make it). Then there's also the Armenian Genocide, and more recently just being massive faggots on the international stage because of their strategic position.
No. 28554
195 kB, 2002 × 1073
361 kB, 904 × 4794
The magic of truly obnoxious levels of national chauvinism will do that. There was also the whole slow-burning chimpout about not being allowed into the EU so Turkey has decided to go the route of Neo-Ottoman empire now.

Turkish breakfast is nice though.
No. 28591 Kontra
1,2 MB, 1099 × 922
Says it all
No. 28605
61 kB, 720 × 540
I doubt Latinamericans feel very strongly towards it either way, since there's isn't much history there, but it might interest you to know that Turkish soap operas are exported to them, dubbed and all.

As for the regional animosity: that's quite obvious, the Ottoman Empire waged war on Europe, islamized part of it, and had that practice where they kidnapped boys from Christian families to serve in the Janissary army. As for the Arabs, they were ruled by Ottomans, and finally attained indepedence during ww1 through British intervention who excerbated and aided their revolution, these sort of relationships always breed bad blood between the two; and i do remember hearing the Saudis began their rebelion, when they were under Ottoman rule, in order to free themselves from the Ottomans who had become too westernized in their eyes. How do the Stan countries feel, do they view them as their Turkic brothers?

Had Turkey simply been another nation in the region, it might not be as disliked, but alas, it was an Empire! This hate is the fate of former Empires. As for Americans, if they even know where Turkey is located, they probably only think it rather backwards on account of Erdogan's rule, a man who's censored wikipedia.

As for me, there's a qt Turkish asmr girl i watch on youtube, i'd say two if the other hadn't stopped making videos, both live in Germany though.

Hide No. 25916 [Reply]
11 kB, 400 × 500
For the past three to four months I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with me; I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.

I've been getting vision problems, stomach and testicle pains, and joint pain so much I just kind of live with it now. But I already got so much stuff crossed off the list, I currently have no lead. Not Lyme, not hypothyroidism, not nothing. My hands sting from typing because the skin has peeled off so far; I'm pretty ill, I have to say.

Everything is affected, it really affects my confidence in just going about my life for I have no idea if I should just retire inward and prepare for death, go to confession, I don't know. Just now I got a localized feeling of pressure in my chest that is often referred to as ''MS hug'' it can't be many other things.

Also, general health thread, since this the nature of EC.
No. 26052
1,8 MB, 325 × 244
No. 26128
> I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.
alopecia universalis
No. 26129
High test
No. 28467

I've tried a bunch of exercises for back pain which didn't help much but this workout is the real deal ( & it helps that you can just follow along with the video). Been doing it every morning for a couple of days and already feeling much better.

Hide No. 28351 [Reply]
205 kB, 420 × 314
if I have a set of size n, how many unique arrangements can occur if every item in the set must be paired with one other item? for instance, if I have ABCD, there would be three unique arrangements of pairings:
  1. (A,B)(D,C)
  2. (A,C)(D,B)
  3. (A,D)(B,C)
Is there some kind of general combinatorics equation that could be used to calculate the number of unique arrangements of pairs for a set of any size? n! / r! * (n - r)! doesn't work because that's for calculating number of combinations, not for calculating number of possible arrangements of pairings where all items in the set are paired.

thanks and sorry for being retarded
No. 28363
Given a set of n elements where n is even, there are (n-1)!! (look up double factorial) possible pairings. I can't elaborate cause I'm taking a shit.


t. "Bogdan"
No. 28365

To elaborate slightly, basically you have n-1 ways to choose the first pair, n-3 ways to choose the second pair, n-5 ways to choose the 3rd pair, and so on, until 3, 1.
No. 28371
Gave it a shot, might be wrong. I don't know how to formulate it mathematically, but after solving some cases by hand and staring at a graph of resulting sequences, I think the problem can be solved recursively.
With 2 letters, there is one combination:

3 letters, there are 3 combinations:

With 4 letters, it's 3 again:

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Hide No. 28119 [Reply]
2,0 MB, 2760 × 3450
4,7 MB, 854 × 480, 2:05
102 kB, 769 × 396
Haplogroup pros at Hebrew University of Jerusalem reconstructed what Denisovans (of which we have very little well-preserved skeletal remains) likely have looked like, by comparing their gene regulation to that of Neanderthals and modern humans, and interpolating most likely features.

>"We provide the first reconstruction of the skeletal anatomy of Denisovans," says author Liran Carmel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "In many ways, Denisovans resembled Neanderthals, but in some traits, they resembled us, and in others they were unique."
>Overall, the researchers identified 56 anatomical features in which Denisovans differed from modern humans and/or Neanderthals, 34 of them in the skull. For example, the Denisovan's skull was probably wider than that of modern humans or Neanderthals. They likely also had a longer dental arch.

>The evidence suggests that Denisovans likely shared Neanderthal traits such as an elongated face and a wide pelvis. It also highlighted Denisovan-specific differences, such as an increased dental arch and lateral cranial expansion, the researchers report.
>Carmel notes that while their paper was in review, another study came out describing the first confirmed Denisovan mandible. And, it turned out that the jaw bone matched their predictions.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 28123
68 kB, 988 × 297
>Carmel notes that while their paper was in review, another study came out describing the first confirmed Denisovan mandible. And, it turned out that the jaw bone matched their predictions.
They guessed 7/8 traits right by this method in the case where additional material evidence was procured after they already ran their model. While their model is an empirical one and doesn't have very deep understanding of how and why, it seems to be reasonably accurate.
No. 28128
Indresding, but it can only be a hypothetical working basis until better proofs are being found.

That Denisovans were morphologically close to Neanderthals has always been assumed by most scientists.

I'd also like to see a comparison with the same tools to Homo heidelbergensis/rhodesiensis/antecessor.
No. 28143
81 kB, 478 × 478
648 kB, 723 × 402
I find it somewhat interesting that the model does show, a couple East Asian traits could be of ancient Denisovan origin. Compare wider dental arch (it's also been shown before that the genes that cause sinodonty are likely of Denisovan origin – https://www.pnas.org/content/116/30/14806), and general eye and nose shape on the reconstruction – especially in specimens like picture related.
No. 28161
53 kB, 800 × 354
Me on the left

Hide No. 25207 [Reply]
27 kB, 800 × 600
20 kB, 800 × 600
17 kB, 800 × 600
I've been reading the red mars series, and they definitely got the space elevator wrong.

What do you think is the most efficient space elevator? Please include technical diagrams like so
No. 25265
There's the halfway option where you build an elevator that takes a launch pad to the edge of space so that traditional launch methods become efficient and economical. It's still pretty fantastic but it's considerably more plausible than building something that goes to the clarke belt, especially a non-areostatic populated clarke belt like what Mars has.
No. 25268
Uh, no need for a diagram: The station itself should be the weight and the elevator should be placed somewhere on the equator.
No counter weight anywhere, the elevator must be pulled by motor alone. Either one motor on the elevator itself, or two motors with one on each end of the rope.
No. 28071
2,0 MB, 245 × 245, 0:04
this is also S-P-A-C-E suitable
No. 28073
46 kB, 400 × 191
56 kB, 433 × 600
65 kB, 922 × 546
great series, stayed with me for life because it was such an epic story. As for the elevator, it was written in 1996 so give it some slack.

As I recall the elevator was basically a stretchable construct of tubes connected directly to Phobos that was relatively simple in its construction, but when it comes down it wipes out everything along the equator from its impact - like a whip hitting at full speed across the planet.

megaprojects become less daunting when you can reach a point technologically that you can automate things. If you can build a machine (or factory) that can in turn, build two of itself then basically building anything is only a matter of time and raw materials.

btw have you got the third book yet? It's not as good as the others, it's kinda a space-matriarchy-slutcore society where women run everything for some reason and travel around the solar system getting fucked

Hide No. 1225 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 352 × 240, 0:38
What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

1. The earth is flat
2. 9/11
3. Chemtrails
4. Aids doesn't exist
5. Dave Chappelle is a clone

"But it's all true" incomming
No. 26180 Kontra
Christ, the more I read this article, the more annoyed I get. Imagine how fucking shitty he had to be at his job to be fired by Democrats for villifying right-wingers. This is when the Dems had Congress, so yeah, this Salon article doesn't add up. We're also talking about the Obama Administration which kept tabs on various patriotic groups, particularly those connected to the Tea Party movement. This Daryl Johnson must've been let go for sheer incompetence because he's still be employed if he were half as talented at tracking domestic terrorism as this Salon article claims he is.
No. 28066
112 kB, 1920 × 1080
42 kB, 480 × 360
2,3 MB, 1290 × 1024
40 kB, 640 × 735
Wow the antichrist certainly is trying to move at quite a clip these days


It doesn't make sense to me why they'd be trying this shit now though unless it's just memetic seeding. I am now as I was before pretty much convinced that whatever this dumb "storming area 51" thing that was being talked about before is also a psyop that was pitifully being seeded into some communities. If it started mostly on twitter and shitbook then I am also 100% confident that it is nothing but a psyop.

I can, if ernst likes, elaborate on my genuine beliefs in why I think that unveiling a New Age global cult is one of the final pieces to installing the heinous NWO, which to me perfectly does NOT make sense to be doing it now. Why? The world is totally disunited, the various councils and economic unions haven't even coalesced into any regional governments other than the EU, and no great battle was waged first between the fanatics, and against the atheists, and against the nihilists, until finally, exhausted, the nations of the world come to accept that some unifying spirituality is necessary--and that that one true religious authority for mankind is Lucifer.

But why would they be pulling this UFO shit now? The NAM groups are also pretty weak and disrupted afaik atm.
No. 28068
>I can, if ernst likes, elaborate on my genuine beliefs in why I think that unveiling a New Age global cult is one of the final pieces to installing the heinous NWO, which to me perfectly does NOT make sense to be doing it now. Why? The world is totally disunited, the various councils and economic unions haven't even coalesced into any regional governments other than the EU, and no great battle was waged first between the fanatics, and against the atheists, and against the nihilists, until finally, exhausted, the nations of the world come to accept that some unifying spirituality is necessary--and that that one true religious authority for mankind is Lucifer.

Go ahead and elaborate. I probably won't know what to make of it, but I'm all ears.
No. 28069
Well I guess which part of it, for starters. I think the thing to keep in mind is the direction I'm coming from, which is mainly the Book of Revelation, because I see it as truth and all things proceeded from that direction

oh hey there's a spider on my keyboard
I'm not sure how much good or bad juju this is but I let him in and I'm not sure how he got here from the kitchen

Hide No. 26967 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
Old thread is kontra. Share your daily grind: Autumn haiku edition


Goldenrod in bloom
Gathering winter stockpiles
Squirrels scurry forth
No. 28024
45 kB, 638 × 638
Grandma came over today. Basically half of the day was spent on a long story time about what life was like "back in the day". It was okay I guess.
For a moment I got lost in this wonderfully idealistic description of an sporting event organised by the military on a Saturday, where students did exercises paired up with soldiers (Standard stuff: running, grenade throwing and shooting.)
This wonderful little tale of "a 17 year old girl with a rifle wins the race and gets a cake and a box of chocolate".
For a moment I even felt the colours. To be cringe-y, I'd say it was like as if I was watching an anime.

I managed to complete a small presentation. Made a powerpoint for it, and collected some materials, and then sent it over to the other members in the group.
The subject was a series of seminars at a university in the early 20th century, where nearly all of the young intellectual strata of the time assembled. They discussed aesthetics and styles, contemporary artistic developments, and they routinely criticised one another's works in this series of gatherings best described as truly intellectual. It made me feel rather sad. Currently, there is no great cause, no great idea, no great movement that's sweeping through the world. It's the same as with Mishima and Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky was sad, because he missed out on the glory-days of the Napoleonic wars, where the ideals of the French revolution clashed with the Ancien Regimes of Europe. His whole body of work is trying to deal with this emptiness. Mishima was sad because he missed out on fighting in the Second World War. (Though, in the case of the latter, he almost actually fought in the war, they just misdiagnosed his cold as tuberculosis during conscription.)

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 28026
Worked 16 hours yesterday, I'm trying to learn Verilog with a Vidor 4000. Hoping to get more skills for the labor market, I think if I decorate this with C/C++ (kernel-side) I might become very interesting to certain employers.

My current line of work (Python, JavaScript, SQL, ERP System) was never what I wanted.
No. 28030
50 kB, 576 × 432
47 kB, 576 × 432
40 kB, 576 × 432
43 kB, 576 × 432
>Sure it would be better to actually witness it at the opera but I'm not sure whether I really want to know what post-modernist regisseurs do to his work.
Based Syberberg has you covered, his cinematic adaptation is absolutely nuts. It's positively post-modern but also keeps all the pathos inherent to Wagner.
No. 28366
Reviewing my thesis draft. Fuck it's hard slogging through all these chapters.

Hide No. 25424 [Reply]
31 kB, 400 × 571
>Is it appropriate to say free market economics is like an untamed jungle?
Thousands of species intermingling, co-existing and being co-dependent on one another. Predators and prey in some kind of larger cyclical relationship. Completely chaotic yet will last for eternity undisturbed.

>Is it appropriate to say communism is like a manicured garden?
Cultivated, orderly and thought out. Completely planned. Devoid of life and spontaneity. Chaos is one misguided gardener away.
No. 27912
y'all are dumb as hell arguing whether the statist oligarch should be nice to you or mean to you.

statists, not even once.
No. 27913
A representative of the State, even if the State is shit, is still not necessarily an oligarch. The only societies where this tends to be true are monarchies, Capitalism, and other forms of imperialism and dictatorship. The irony with Capitalism is that in this alternate history it somehow coincides with democracy, where you can at least theoretically be any random person and run for office, but now just to register in small local races costs $10,000 so while a representative of the State doesn't have to be an oligarch and being an oligarch is neither his job nor his power, in practice just about everyone who runs for office is one. Well, except Obama and Carter for example. Bush and Trump are examples of multigenerational establishment oligarchs. Obama is an example of non-oligarch who happens to kiss the asses of oligarchs. Putin is an example of an oligarch who's king of thieves through probably agent of State connections and organized crime ones, whereas the old Soviet regime afaik the Politburo could not actually be said usually to be oligarchs, just oppressive dickheads.
No. 27957
193 kB, 403 × 403
>Bush and Trump are examples of multigenerational establishment oligarch

The difference is, that Bush, especially Cheney, worked just for the other 500 most powerful US-families, whereas Trump really tries to do that, what he thinks will serve the American people at whole width.
No. 27983 Kontra
At least it's easy to see why you're here and posting pattern. Everything that hes been doing has been to the benefit of himself, his immediate family, and especially his family businesses. Kill yourself.

Hide No. 27900 [Reply]
103 kB, 1245 × 1280
113 kB, 678 × 954
62 kB, 709 × 709
133 kB, 950 × 950
Is that true that Putin used to be drug dealer and taxist for Sobchak? (famous Russian oligarch)
Was 1998 economic crisis one of the biggest triggers for Putin to come to power?
How fast Putin got all the power in the Russia and even got to expand to entire post-Soviet?

Also here some memes
No. 27949
If you know Russian, read "Вся Кремлёвская Рать" book. It is avilable online as I know.
No. 27952
>if we got stuck with a new corporate/mafia state loosely organized and coordinated through intelligence agencies who would be the defacto successor government

That's how it worked all over former communist countries.
No. 27955
>That's how it worked all over former communist countries.

That's how is is in allegedly free and democratic countries like USA, GB or India.
The deep state has the control.
No. 27984 Kontra
go back to /pol/

Hide No. 27153 Systemkontra [Reply]
233 kB, 960 × 639
121 kB, 1000 × 993
89 kB, 835 × 512
38 kB, 318 × 414
Hi everyone at /int/! We, some guys from /b/, have set up a radio server for Ernst, it is called Radio Ernstiwan, the name being a pun derived from the popular "Radio Eriwan" (or Radio Yerevan for some). Now anybody can share his music, feelings or thoughts about the industrial output of the Ottoman empire during WW1 with his fellow Ernst brothers.

The address is: http://radio-ernstiwan.tk:8000

For listening just employ your favourite software which is able to play network streams and use the links in the upper right corner when a stream is on (pic 3 related, this is the "server status"-page when a streamer is active, otherwise it's empty). If you wanna start a stream yourself you will need a streaming software. I use "butt" (not kidding), which is a lightweight stream client without much configuration: https://sourceforge.net/projects/butt/. You'll also need an account. For testing purposes I created a test account which everyone may use (IP, Port 8000, mountpoint "stream", Icecast-User source, passwort teststroem), pic 4 related. Later, you'll need a personal account, and since there is no front end for this, you can just send me a mail at ernstiwan at protonmail.ch with the username you'd like to have, I will then generate an account for you. This is also the mail address to contact me outside of EC, in case you feel the need for it.

[Show 8 more lines]

No. 27958
I'll be streaming a playlist I put together of random songs. It might be good, it might be bad. The play time is about 45 minutes.
No. 27961
new thread pls.
I keep missing stream announcements.
No. 27966
You didn't miss much, just me trying to organize my music pile into some logical structure.
I was also able to look at my settings more closely and figure out why BUTT only works when the microphone is active. When I was denying access to the microphone, this also blocked access to ALL audio input devices-which of course included Stereo Mix and Microsoft Sound Mapper. So access to the mic has to be on, which is the bad news. The good news is that the computer is a desktop and I don't have to leave one plugged in. That way BUTT will work, and there's no danger of my karaoke accidental ambient noise infecting the stream :DD.
No. 27970