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Hide No. 15052 Systemkontra [Reply]
181 kB, 600 × 381
Dear diary,
No. 15855 Kontra
I'm more worried about my pets honestly. I'm bracing for that misery of having to put them in the freezer after losing them. Idk wtf happened

Also I stopped puking. And why would I call 911? I dont have $600 and I'm not dealing with more debt and collection agency cocksuckers.
No. 15857
955 kB, 1174 × 819
that feel when no qt yakut gf in 2019

No. 15860
23 kB, 474 × 355
Well her eyes are now fixed and dilated. Still surprisingly warm, but she's definitely gone. I think the worst part is hearing their constant wheezing and suffering for hours and hours and hours over a couple days.

At least you can still dream about leaving Latvia, and imagining that all your problems can be fixed by simply changing countries. I have often thought the same, maybe Santa Monica or Ireland. But I already know the truth is awful. You do not stop living because of this. You simply squat on the ground in the cold like I do and smoke bitterly.
No. 15861
now is your time.

Hide No. 15786 [Reply]
5,1 MB, 5678 × 1941
I want to improve my piss-poor calligraphy. I know it takes time, so I'm in no hurry. Any textbook recommendations?
No. 15792
Bumping for interest. I've been doing duolingo's Chinese program for a few days now. If you have any general advice about learning Chinese feel free to share.
No. 15794
Japanese have Nintendo games for this. Maybe communists do too?
No. 25514 Kontra

Hide No. 15695 [Reply]
322 kB, 800 × 759
How are you supposed getting euphoria and fun on New Year celebration if you've got no alcohol?
No. 15705
65 kB, 604 × 453
Alternatively, you could get drunk to the point that you are unable to talk anymore. Assburgers are usually bad with nonverbal communication, and so, due to gestures being the only mean to get your points across, your capabilities of weirding out your relatives will be severely limited.
No. 15706
Can't celebrate Christmas on real day, can't celebrate NYE on correct day.
Ohh Russia, we love you.

I might not even drink on NYE, I only get one day to recover and have spent >15 years intoxicated, maybe I just have 4 beers in a bar in stead of going to the moon.
No. 15746
Don't know about Russia, here you could just buy it in a store or order it on Amazon.
No. 15754
I have actually ordered chloroform from Amazon before. I've actually still got that huge bottle of it in storage too somewhere afaik. Yes I was completely amazed at well anybody simply allowing me to buy something like a liter of it with no checks whatsoever and to then ship it through the mail (which I had thought was also illegal, or at least everything from toxins to bullets to butane lighters to radioactive and car batteries etc aren't supposed to be shipped but everyone does it anyway?). Which if I ever locate it I may have to at least air out if not dispose of because apparently the shit can release phosgene as it decomposes.

To be fair, I had actually gotten it for use as a solvent and largely just ended up using it when acetone or ethanol or whatever couldn't strip something like glue off. Or to try and use in making tinctures and extracts since I heard you can with butane didn't want to use that or alcohol until realizing I didn't trust myself with trying to extract herbal remedies with it.

I have no idea if you can still buy all these sorts of things on there though.

But as for the gas, I have discovered that apparently some North Americans get high from air horns in this way. As in, they blow the air horn in their face and huff it

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Hide No. 15222 [Reply]
21 kB, 600 × 384
Ernst, do you know how to make compliments?
Let's try and make a complement to Ernst's post above you.
Just imagine someone you love/admire.
No. 15324 Kontra
Oh wait fuck forgot sorry, autism. Funny thing is I thought I was laying the sarcasm on way too thick and obvious.

Anyway I like and admire your sense of brutal realism. Also there is something C&A about the way Russians try to speak English.
No. 15327
Damn, I should've been less particular in my previous post. All I wanted to say is that skill in killing people isn't exactly considered commendable universally. Still, it prompted you to write an interesting post, so I don't really regret it.
No. 15343
Oh, my bad. I haven't been on chans for too long and missed out on what EC has become, and if people here are capable of something more than KC 2018 shitposts..
No. 15345
193 kB, 480 × 360
Your sincerity should certainly be complimented.

Hide No. 15307 [Reply]
57 kB, 640 × 480
25 kB, 474 × 316
41 kB, 474 × 409
62 kB, 900 × 660
Is there even such a field as Theoretical Xenology? I would propose creating this possibly prone to pseudo academic field with the sub-fields of:
▪theoretical xeno biology
▪theoretical xeno linguistics
▪theoretical xeno materials sciences
and so on and so forth. Do note this is not all as regards intelligent life, as I am ultimately actually much more interested in divergent evolutionary pathways and biology than our own. It only just occurred to me how in any possible human/alien interaction it is probable that a misunderstanding is going to lead to immediate violence in the off chance fear and greed doesn't. For example, when encountering intelligent life for the first time (or any life really) I think that a much more universal thing to do is to slowly and calmly squat down and sit in the lotus position with palms raised. This is or should be considered as the universal grating of "we come in peace" since any hand gesture is much more likely to be interpreted as threatening. This especially includes the "I've got my hands up I'm unarmed!" approach because you will look like this. Of course it is also highly dependent on things like their own articulation since Slav squatting could look like a predatory pounce.

I could only find this sadly

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No. 15316
Intelligent alien life is probably going to be disappointingly similar to us. Considering the vast amount of evolutionary niches to exist since the development of complex multicellular organisms, and the fact that only humans have developed scientifically advanced cultures, the human model is probably the most likely one for productively intelligent life to follow.

>Since language will be impossible with other life forms at least for a time
Assuming we aren't trying to kill each other, it probably won't be substantively harder to communicate with them that it would be with an uncontacted human culture. Our primary methods of communication (speech or sign language) will likely be utterly incompatible at least as far as production is concerned, but worst case scenario we can learn each others' written languages and use those for communication.
No. 15317
Gesture-wise what about putting your palms together about chest high while pointing elbows to the sides a bit. I think it would be obvious that the form can be aggressive in any way. It should be clear that one’s hands are unable to do anything at that state. The open hand method is good as well. Also sitting on the ground with your butt and putting your legs straight forward should be very non-aggressive. If you have 5 seconds to take a look at the human physique you’ll immediately recognize it as a passive stance. Would of course look quite dumb but maybe function is the only thing we should be considering.

For communicating we probably should start with similar ideas as the golden record features. On a spaceship to spaceship level that might be a bit difficult though.
No. 15320
You mean like the prayer kind of stance? Maybe, except we do know Pistol shrimp and Praying Mantises use it when hunting. Also open palm may not always work but is primarily to show you have no tools in your hand and thus no weapon. It is also an appearance of being smaller and more passive and gentle. This could backfire of course if mistaken as a showing of weakness to be taken advantage of.

I have noticed that this stance in general appears to make most wildlife less edgy. If you immediately sit when you see a wild animal but do so calmly and slowly they are less likely to give a shit about your presence.

Hide No. 15236 [Reply]
54 kB, 683 × 1024
I am bored and have nothing better to do.

side note; do you know any other good international/European sites/forums?
No. 15262
What's Korea's relationship with its neighbours? What do people think about China, do they feel some kind of cultural connection like we do in Europe? Is there still a grudge towards Japan? Do you think that they handle their past accordingly; If no, what needs to be done?
No. 15263
It's nice to see someone who's interested in Asia!

I understand North Korea is probably the most bizarre, interesting in a morbid way to many people. We are just so used to it after 60+ years of the same old repertory. When you think about it, gravity or evolution is truly interesting and amazing but how many people do you know that are fascinated by them after they graduate high school? And we aren't totally ignorant about them. We are ignorant about the same repeated state of North Korea. The Korean summit this year brought a lot of attention to Koreans because it was something very different. It's very rare that North-South say the same thing about the future and peace so we were very hyped.

I will be honest and say that I have too little information about Trump to judge him politically. I don't want to bandwagon and say he's incompetent because everyone else says. Not that I don't think some of the things he said or did wasn't terrible, I would just rather look at the numbers and results myself and criticize according to my own judgement. Some say that North Korea and US could have a talk because Trump is unpredictable and emotional. I agree it doesn't look very promising, but I want to be hopeful. Let me invest in North and become rich.
No. 15273
How hard would it be for a foreigner with initially poor Korean to find a job in Jeju that isn't teaching related?

Have you ever been to Ulleungdo? It seems to me the coziest place in the world, even more cozy than Jeju.
No. 15275
I like kimich and Korea beer.
Korean BBQ is my favourite dinner.

But tell me about Korean beer.

Hide No. 15003 [Reply]
4 kB, 387 × 320
Is this board an actual spiritual successor to KC or something else?

Is Krautchan board culture welcome on Ernstchan?
No. 15006 Kontra
This is meant to be a better place than KC.

Pure love and serious posting are still alive here. If you stay here, please try to keep it that way.
No. 15012 Kontra
367 kB, 610 × 886
Lurking the catalog should give you a good idea of EC culture.
Unrelated to that, but very related to pic, I Can Read books are available as audiobooks. So we found a solution for parents who get tired of re-reading the same stories, and I get that not everyone has the time to do that, but it seems as though children will be losing something.
No. 15024 Kontra
If you mean frogposting and shitposting then no, that is vierkanal culture and isnt welcome. It is a successor to EC which got killed by nuKC aka the cancer from 4chan just like they killed KC. It is ironically more similar to exactly what KC used to be like which wasn't similar at all to what it became.
No. 15049
This is clearly the sbiritual suggessor to northpole t: imageboard pro

Hide No. 14091 Systemkontra [Reply]
48 kB, 768 × 960
The old one will vanish in time, so let's continue once more.

My life does not continue any happenings worth mentioning atm.
No. 15038
995 kB, 624 × 352, 0:01
I spent many nights last week writing an important report that many important people will read. It took so long because I made sure to use very specific wording with clear and exacting detail so that whoever read it understands perfectly what is going on. This includes people who will read the document in future who might also want to know what is going on at this moment in time and may be missing certain points (students doing essays primarily). I'll add the very reason I was chosen to do this was that I wrote guidance with similar clarity a few weeks back to bring everyone up-to speed on a subject area only I had the skillset to go into.

Of course despite it being my report this is an office that makes use of collaborative software so over the past week everything has been pulled apart and reduced to a more primitive state. There is an older report I used as a template that has now become more detailed. Just people sticking their oar in for no reason because the civil service is full of shiftless morons with too much time on their hands. Shiftless morons who have spent too much time talking to other shiftless morons where no new information is imparted and any innovation crushed by the drone conciousness.

Needless to say I am absolutely seething that I work in such a fucking circus. My boss wants to do a meeting in a couple days about how it's all going and I'll have to grit my teeth and talk about how much I'm learning of new styles rather than just reverting the report back to when it was correct.

[Show 7 more lines]

No. 15040
Today was kind of terrible.

One thing I learned before and always tend to forget - it is also my very sincere advise to you, gentlemen:

A good night sleep helps with anxiety.

Yesterday I slept at 03:30AM and woke up today at 08:30AM and my brain was ready to work somewhere around 01:30PM. I had a lot to do today and I could not achieve all of it just because of paralyzing anxiety and stress.

I tried simulating a solution today in a lab, and while I have had experience in configuring devices, I do not have any experience in this lab environment, so I started configuring things and none of the basic commands were working (because I fucked up the device selection), and this made my anxiety flare up fully to the extent that I kept repeating "I need to go home, eat something and sleep" beneath my breath. Granted, I finished one half of my task today solely on logic, but sometimes logic with rusty concepts is not enough - and this played a part in my anxiety as well.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 15048
Living next to old people in an upper middle class neighbourhood can be quite annoying... Yesterday they were complaining that the hedge was to tall and they said I had to remove it because it's over what the council allows, I rang the council to check and they said it's just a guideline and they can't actually do anything about it. This isn't the first problem with have had either, we have received two letters from the council about the neighbours complaining that I am living in the garage...
No. 15053
Directly engage your neighbours to distract them from their bullshit by playing checkers with them.

t. old-neighbour-pro

Hide No. 14848 [Reply]
257 kB, 675 × 1000
How is it to grow up with christmas propaganda films and songs that bring christmas in direct connection with winter and snow while you have sunshine and heat outside?

Also: General christmas thread if you want
No. 14865 Kontra
Same here. As I grew older it just became the day everybody is out in the night. Still a new year beginning feels like a turning point every time. Maybe it's just because you grow older and are more aware of it. Another year again.
No. 14878
I have either worked or stayed home every single new year for the past decade so the day is completely and utterly irrelevant to me.

As for the other holidays they have all generally decayed in meaning or relevance. This is even more true now that I dont drink.
No. 14917
It has no effect. All Southies cherish Christmas as the time to eat seafood, drink chilled wine and go swimming
No. 14960
Summer vacation spirit is stronger than christmas spirit. Once in a while people will remember that it's christmas season, but since we're a cathol country this mostly means eating good stuff in family, the shopping habits are not very strong, instead people spend more money traveling to beach.

Hide No. 14664 [Reply]
800 kB, 2362 × 1509
Do anglos really believe in Mackinder's World Island thesis? Do they really believe that Germans would become world super powa if Germans managed to have access to the "heartland" of Eurasia, AKA Russia? I always thought this thesis was silly but I could see why Brits would be thinking like this in late 19th and early 20th century, Germany seemed unstoppable in their growth except that it lacked resources, Brits controlled the seas but lacked direct access to Asian's heartland, it could only try to keep coastal regions from accessing it. One can see why Brits would be worried about anyone having access to the big piece of land that they couldn't, specially if this someone was the fastest industrializing country of that time and if this country stood in between Britain and the "heartland" geographically. Still thinking that Germany would become world super powa by controlling the "world island" seems to be a bit of a stretch, it seems to me brits were merely thinking on how to stop German growth and expansion.

And what about today, is USA really trying to keep germans from doing business with Russia based on the same idea? NATO seems to be more and more a project of polarizing Europe against Russia, but why would USA be so hellbent on that after the collapse of USSR? Sure USA is also resource rich and it all can be seen as an attempt to make of Europe a market reserve for USAian commodities, but they can't seriously expect that Russia will accept being eternally alienated from Europe, which is where it historically belongs.

I don't know, maybe I'm missing something about this thesis, but reading about recent happenings regarding Russia you always stumble on references to this thesis, apparently a good deal of Russian strategists also believe in it or at least believe that this is how USA and England try to keep them away from Europe. But the thesis to me seem to be silly and outdated.
No. 14936
>Hitler actually got the German economy back in order despite his many obvious problems
stealing money of citizens just like communist venezuelo brings short term wealth, that's nothing new.

The only reason of the illusion is killing people and giving ethnic germans 'free gibs' and jobs, in long term germany would be fucked like venezuela, there is a reason why they wanted to finish the war very quickly and couldnt afford long war unlike anglos.
No. 14946
America is taken over by oligarchs
No. 14950
Could also be related to this https://www.businessinsider.com/new-knowledge-oxford-reports-russia-disinformation-campaign-senate-intelligence-committee-2018-12
I actually vaguely remember back when things were being spread and they still used "Internet Resesrch Agency" as a citation too, but this was years and years ago. I also remember the hilarity that was the sudden confusion and panic of trumptards when Trump had Syria bombed and like clockwork the bulk of memeing immediately turned against Trump. Of course to be fair, this really isnt that different from what we've been doing to Russia.
No. 15425 Kontra
Germany was hard-working, Venezuela was lazy oil-exporting.
There is a big difference in work-ethics.