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Hide No. 14761 [Reply]
255 kB, 1200 × 800
I don't know where to put this so maybe just a random "ask the board" questions thread would work but why in fuck are all my android pictures gone? It's like it is automatically deleting them after a day or few days because everything I saved to my downloads folder mysteriously disappears. My other folders in my downloads folder are untouched including all my pdf files. I cant find any of my downloaded images anywhere from before like yesterday.
Pic possibly unrelated
No. 14836 Kontra
No nothings in there idk wtf is going on
Speaking of technical issues it's starting to get infuriating how useless the internet is becoming. I cant find shit anymore. You get the same useless garbage spammed on the front page. It's hard to put into words right now but I feel like the whole internet is just a collection of ads and complete retards now with no ability to find anything, which always was the conspiracy theory: that The Man doesn't need to erase the truth anymore because he can simply leave the conspiracy truth in broad view but pile so much shit on top of everything that finding it is nearly impossible. This, of course, does not need to happen because what organically happens looks the same.
No. 14846
You think clothed child models are horrifying and illegal? If you want to see horrifying and illegal stuff, go to Triforce or any darknet CP forum, but certainly not Kohlchan.
No. 14881
When old KC existed I accidentally clicked on /b/ several times and let me tell you, the sort of thing nonces posted on there pales in comparison to what onion posters are spamming on Kohl now. Not only is such content abhorrent, but it also endangers other posters.
No. 14891
That too. Although, way back in the day it was like level 2 chemo. Even people like me wouldn't hang around on 4krebs /b/ if it looked like such shit would start flooding. Level 1 was just gore scat etc. the kind of stuff that scares away normal people.

Although you have to ask yourself at the end of the day why you are hanging around literal Nazi pedophiles. I guess if you have to reach that point of lowest scum of the low but personally I am just trying to unplug from the internet a bit in general and find new places or just not internet at all. It's all mostly shit now anyway with complete dumbfucks and assholes everywhere, and I woke up today with a combination of two strange things: on one hand was like some Christian metal group I somehow had a hand in producing or promoting in another life (in some dream) combined with coming back to this one and realizing my unrelenting hate for everybody. I don't loathe ernsts and that's just about it. In other words I need to go outside more.

Hide No. 44 Systemkontra [Reply]
599 kB, 1613 × 1080
364 kB, 1365 × 2048
Let's carry on with our traditionally films and TV series related discussions.

One series that is rarely mentioned in these kind of threads but I enjoy to watch most of the time is Animal Kingdom. It's about a criminal family clan embedded in the Californian surfer subculture.
No. 14895
64 kB, 1008 × 544
Great cast & memorable performances, very stylish thriller by Cronenberg about the Russian mafia in London
The fight scene in the bath house was really something else, very intense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEEfBLmK3Pw

My gripes are with the story not being fleshed out, to the point the movie feels unfinished. I wouldn't have minded if the movie would have gone on for another hour or so. Another thing is that the Russian the actors talk didn't feel particularly authentic since they all talked with accent, but also the vocabulary they used felt a bit limited. And when they spoke English with intentional Russian accent it felt a bit over the top.


Pretty fucked up for a christmas movie
No. 14919

Highly recommended. Seriously, see this movie. Gosling once again stars in the movie of the year, second time in a row. Way above the filler flicks marketed as A-movies nowadays. Buy a DVD or a blu-ray and keep it in your collection, even.
No. 15044
178 kB, 621 × 346
28 kB, 245 × 300
Penny Marshall, sitcom star and hitmaking director of ‘A League of Their Own,’ dies at 75
No. 15453
81 kB, 719 × 960
Correct but it did not make my dick hard

Hide No. 14590 [Reply]
40 kB, 590 × 418
234 kB, 720 × 1104
What is the Ernst opinion on this man?
No. 14657 Kontra
Send me an email: crt@airmail.cc
No. 14684
Here is part of Ted's take on the matter:

(a) It’s true that in many societies the extended family, the clan, or the
village could be very confining. The paterfamilias (the “old man” who headed
the extended family), or the council of village elders, kept people on a leash.
But when the paterfamilias and the village elders lost their grip on the leash
as a result of modernization, it was picked up by “the system,” which now
holds it much more tightly than the old-timers ever did.
The family or the village was small enough so that individuals within it
were not powerless. Even where all authority was theoretically vested in the
paterfamilias, in practice he could not retain his power unless he listened
and responded to the grievances and problems of the individual members
of his family.[7]
Today, however, we are at the mercy of organizations, such as

[Show 47 more lines]

No. 14689
The problem is that he contradicts himself by concluding that
>it will be a world
in which such a thing as freedom will at least be possible, even though
everyone might not have it.

If we apply the same logic to the social structure that he is arguing against, we end up with the same conclusion. If you've got power, you've got freedom. Even if everybody doesn't have it, some do.

He also ignores the fact that the Paterfamilias was empowered by the political parties of its time, and in fact could very well retain a lot of power against the will of the governed by virtue of having undisputed right of life and death to the family under Roman law. Nor was the concept of ID alien to a primitive society, and in some cases ID did exist such as for child citizens of Rome to wear a token denoting their status so they couldn't be enslaved.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 14691
In his main work, he often makes a large amount of generalizations (he often acknowledges this by saying that there exists room for exceptions, but they do not change total trend).
What you read was just a letter he responded to, and not his main body of work.
I think you'd find Technological Slavery>>14636 to be an interesting read, even if just to understand an alternative point of view.

Hide No. 7677 [Reply]
79 kB, 740 × 494
Dachshunds' legs are getting shorter and shorter.
Will we see eventually first mammal snakedog?
No. 7725
83 kB, 568 × 401
15 kB, 425 × 425
But the dachshund's body is different from that of a snake. Snakes are very agile and can move in different ways due to the way their skeletons are while these dogs would be immobile if the legs they rely on for transportation went missing.
No. 7735
They can just roll on their sites like a barrel
No. 7739
208 kB, 1900 × 1439
Think about how snakes and three toed skink evolved then think about how you might propel yourself on your belly without using limbs. At the very least they still might crawl.
No. 14623
2,7 MB, 2104 × 1488
This is because they are bred to be that way, the same is happening with other dog bred. Bulldogs are developing breathing problems because of the short snout that is desired on them, cavalier King Charles Spaniels will often suffer from a condition where their brain is too small for their head due to the small head being desire in them. Often dog breeders will breed related dogs if they both have desired traits too exaggerate them even further.

Hide No. 14374 [Reply]
23 kB, 352 × 550
I think white men are hot, blondes especially.
No. 14533
>mongol genes
Easening your task: buryats may know English
No. 14538
There also a distinction to be made about art and escapism: art attempts to reveal something truthful about the world, escapism is all about escaping it.

I would place anime, porn and gore in the same category of exploitation. It's no wonder there's so much overlap between the three.
No. 14563
Bernd please.
No. 14713 Kontra
where is OP gone?
what if i like asian hoes, fit OP's description and would be down for some fickificki?

Hide No. 14412 [Reply]
27 kB, 620 × 413
8 kB, 203 × 125
27 kB, 500 × 243
Imagine a situation where you have to argue either for or against the assumption that reading books is the superior pastime in comparison to video games, which side would you pick? At first it seems kinda obvious because reading is the ultimate pastime of the educated, while videogames are for nerdy kids with attention deficit disorder. But on second thought I can't find any argumentation to back this up. The argumentation usually comes down to two points which can be rebutted, for example:

>books stimulate imagination, because you have to imagine the things described
You can argue for the exact opposite: Books are completely static and you have no means of influence on the progress, so there is no imagination involved, while in games you have to find solutions for problems the game presents to you, even choices depending on the kind of game, you have to act resourceful, and you learn to act ith precision during stress situations, which is also a good practice for life. Also: Let's say this is true: Then I suppose the best thing to do is to put even the book away, because then you have to imagine everything, which is... good?

>books are pieces of art and represent some of the finest works of human civilization (a.k.a. the Goethe argument). This can't be said of video games.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 14460
There is really no discussion there if you consider applied politics and hands-on diplomacy that can be found (and are to be pursued) in proper MMOs. You might think of "true" modern games as something along the lines of Detroit: Becoming Human, but in fact the cherry on the cake is leading your men to victory.
No. 14461
129 kB, 274 × 220
Videos are the most 'fun'. A combination of art, music, gameplay and sometimes story. In a whole you can say that video games are deteriorating on your attention span and suck away your time, such in the case of shooter games and other, popular fast-paced games, I'd say even Minecraft can be put in that category. The intense stimuli put on all your senses and 'mentally being sucked into the screen' fucks your joy perceptions and normal life will feel dull and meaningless, pulling you back to get your high on video games, addiction, like drugs. Of course there are also more refined, slow-paced games such as strategy or board games that aren't as stimulating on your senses and are more demanding on your thinking skills. In the land of books, it is tough to find any good entertainment books, so it's best to stick to the classics like Tolkien and whatever else. A good book should leave you with the feeling of the book and something to ponder about, if there was a major distinction between videogames and books it would be that when you're done with playing videogames, you won't think about it any longer, whilst with books you will think back on them even hours after you're done reading. On the other side, I am also of the opinion that books should only be made for the purpose of sharing knowledge, and that anything else is heresy. I mainly read books for their knowledge, but when I read good entertainment ones, I was also left with a sense of calm and satisfaction. I think whether it's books or games, you should always pick the more refined options to preserve your mental health, and that all in all refined books trump videogames. Books are more satisfying, and whilst you don't feel the same 'fun' or 'rush' as in videogames, that doesn't matter in the books, as you are immersed in the world within.
No. 14462
33 kB, 350 × 350
Here is a different question: Are image boards or books superior?
No. 14559
This satisfies my autism. That, or I am extremely thirsty for gaming, and the aesthetics are very pleasing indeed.

I'll download it and archive it like all games I have right now give it a try.

sucks having a damaged PC, Ernst.

Hide No. 8007 [Reply]
71 kB, 342 × 427
Spooky stories and assorted information. Does anyone have any good spooky stories?
No. 14406
I have heard countless stories about ghosts and djinn yet I havent experienced any of those myself.

Ghost stories here are developed from urban legends - those rumours that were developed before the email forwarding chains, were they developed from children's tales? I will never know.

I have heard about a story about a building in Alexandria, called the Roushdie building. It is a residential building that has countless stories about why does it have ghosts, and how if someone enters, they will be killed by ghosts. I have heard some hollywood-grade horror stories, starting from blood crosses being drawn on the walls to headless victims wandering around the building, smashing and breaking things to terrorize the - once then - residents of this building. All stories I heard about this particular building are your generic hollywood stories: block was built on a graveyard of mysterious murder victims, partner was killed in a quarrel...etc.

Also, my grandmother told me from her father that he once rented a different flat - also in Alexandria - in a first floor with a friend of his, he was your classic muscle man - those guys who look fat-ish but actually really, really strong. Anyways they heard noises and really did not care, then our hero went to the toilet and saw someone else sitting on the toilet and looking at him. They both ran and jumped through the window.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 14447
>He vividly remembers himself being alone and trying to sleep, and feeling really warm breezes and gusts of wind every now and then -
Huh funny this is the first time I heard such a thing. Always we hear stories about people feeling suddenly cold, never warm.
No. 14449
As far as I remember, he was talking about djinn, as we (as muslims) believe that they're made out of fire, not mud and water like humans. Now we (as Egyptians) believe that djinn inhabit deserted and empty places and spaces, like his place on the border.

ie, sand magic.
No. 14452
I also was wondering how much Copts had influenced these stories, i.e. talking about seeing bloody crosses on walls.

Hide No. 14116 [Reply]
54 kB, 500 × 332
No. 14133
It not speed board and better not create same tier threads multiple times, so there always be place for threads of really new thematics on first pages.
No. 14155
Following the same logic, there are plenty of other places where people can discuss everything, why create ernstchan then?
No. 14159
So we can have a place to discuss slowly, of course.
No. 23101 Kontra

>Wamdue Project - King of my castle [1999]

>old music


Hide No. 12567 Systemkontra [Reply]
421 kB, 800 × 600
Today will be a good day
No. 14090
275 kB, 486 × 453
Why did you say that to her? Also why would that immediately lead to your whole family acting up? Isn't that something you should work out between the two of you? I haven't had a healthy family life myself, so I am not sure how proper families work these things out, but that way doesn't sound right for me.
No. 14130
25 kB, 700 × 586
I was supposed to go to work yesterday and today but I don't feel like doing anything. I don't even feel like living, so I didn't show up there and just listened to moody music in bed.
No. 14163
341 kB, 1344 × 768
The problem is you live in Latvia. But then again why don't you just move? You have several other countries within walking distance and only one of them is shit so just keep walking in the direction of the setting sun. Oh wait I am thinking of Lithuania. Well, start walking towards Lithuania then do that.
No. 14189 Kontra

Hide No. 756 [Reply]
261 kB, 720 × 1280
Can someone enlighten me about industrial?

It seems to be somewhat elitist, but why do they always choose fucked up environments?
No. 13745
Is more than that

Check Mental Destruction, Azure Skies, Esplendor Geométrico, les Joyaux de la Princesse, Laibach for different pictorial approaches
No. 13787
I keep seeing this post with pic name as the title and thinking it's some sort of loading error and it's really bothering me
No. 13792 Kontra
I have no experience regarding drugs in the industrial scene and I was a little bit into it so far.

Drugs you'll find with Techno people. Punk/Rock/Metal people are also way into booze.
The must drug wrecked scene I encountered so far, is the Antifa. toplel. (I was not part of the latter don't worry)
No. 31108 Kontra