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Hide No. 304 [Reply]
44 kB, 744 × 687
hello frens, what are you dong right now?
im eating an zopiclone
No. 308
a drug that feels like benzo but isn't as cool as bezmzo
No. 314
We already have an today thread.
No. 363
89 kB, 680 × 633
>We already have an today thread.

There's 19 entries on the catalog. It may have been difficult to locate
No. 393 Kontra
Why not post it in today threda? Why you creating so many thredas?

Hide No. 274 [Reply]
15 kB, 400 × 262
Do kots have intelligence?
If so, when I will be able to talk to him about industrial output of Ottoman Empire before World War I?
No. 317
>I thought that's the correct way in english.
That is correct, but I like referring to pets appropriately to its sex. Also, I saw that English native speakers sometimes do that as well (if they know animal's sex, of course).
>HE's dead by now.
Did he die on your hands or just went out and never returned?
Have you got a new cat later?
No. 319
1,4 MB, 399 × 249, 0:04
He had a reasonable age of maybe 12 years and his kidneys started failing so he was put down.
I did not get a new cat as he was my parents', and I personally don't like all the downsides of having pets.
>and so on
No. 320
>age of maybe 12 years
Not that much for a domestic cat, IMO.
Yeah, there's a lot.
I don't know, I got used to it.
No. 14333 Kontra

Hide No. 299 Lock Systemkontra [Reply]
28 kB, 1387 × 123
27 kB, 686 × 297
Which way, Bernd man?
No. 303
Bernds, as Krautchan refugees, are welcome here, as long as they feel fine with the way Ernst behaves.
Considering recent events, would anyone come back, if they weren't comfortable with the Ernst way of posting?

Hide No. 201 Lock [Reply]
935 kB, 1365 × 1931
A warm and friendly welcome to Bronnen from us. Bronnen is a spiritual successor of Ylilauta's int, third int in existence after Krautchan and 4chan. See you at bronnen.net!
No. 306 Kontra
Mods you missed a spot