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I lately got caught up in a circlejerk of right wingers.

They went on raving about how our beautiful culture is replaced by immigrants.

One got all riled up that everything is full of kebab vendors nowadays and how he would never decide to eat a kebab.

"No", he said, "I would rather have nice traditional cevapcici".

It completely escaped him that these two were literally the exact same thing and concept.
No. 4580
I'm talking about the way business links are maintained. In China businesses tends to be cutthroat* but in Africa the focus is instead on maintaining trust and long-term relationships in the absence of law-bound written contracts. Think of it in the same fashion as how important honour was to people in old American westerns.

You see it throughout the film when, for example, he deals with farmers supplying food with constant accusations of them selling him sick animals (the documentary is a comedy remember). The ending saga especially makes this clear when Yang must get supply chain information from his gravel contact which he is reluctant to provide for fear that Yang is trying to fuck him. Only Eddy is able to save the day by giving his word that they aren't out to cut him from his business.

The ending scene then has Yang, after securing a big contract for stone, deciding to measure the shipment on site being convinced the guy is cheating him. Even after they mend his lorry. Nevermind Africa, if you did that nonsense in Britain the guy would tell you to fuck off and I've seen that happen with builders when investors decide to get involved.

*They are after all regarded as the "Jews of Asia" especially in areas with a large expat community like Malaysia.

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No. 4587
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91 kB, 1271 × 466
98 kB, 1281 × 546
I was actually just thinking this last night after watching crime videos, that thing often isn't so much why would somehow think to accuse you of a thing, but rather why it even occurs to the accuser that is a thing to do to begin with. I particularly see this with for example a certain cancerous board's shitposters who are well known for loosely flinging accusations around when a lot of the time they themselves are guilty of that very thing.

So just the fact that this guy is so paranoid they are trying to cheat him already indicates at the very minimum he comes from a culture where corner cutting, lies, and cheating are rampant and normal, if not that he himself would think to do such a thing. And it is in particularly poor judgment as well as poor taste because it makes people start to think in the back of their mind "no of course I am not trying to cheat you...wait why, are you thinking of cheating me?" I'm trying to remember the exact phrase but something along the lines that one of the first things a con artist does is making some talk about being afraid people are trying to con him. You treat people how you expect to be treated and largely model others on an internal model of yourself and your own motivations. This creates that "I'd have done the same to you/you'd have done the same to me" mentality which fundamentally undercuts a certain sense of trust outside of extremely high risk high margin activity like the black market, which is also more likely to involve people who will straight up kill you even over something comparatively petty so you plan accordingly. Meanwhile bringing a gun to a contract negotiation in Western business would be absurd, and much more likely to look like you're trying to threaten them rather than you feeling threatened.

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No. 4602
>And literally anybody who's dealt with the Chinese in any way ever can confirm this.

I don't entirely agree with it. There's a specific way of dealing with Chinese manufacturers, it involves repeatedly asking the same questions over and over again. They'll often try to hide an answer in Chinglish, and they'll know what they're doing. Generally they wont specifically lie, but they'll try to imply things that aren't true.
t. deals with chinks and problems usually aren't
No. 5375
It's different because of who made it.

Hide No. 4846 [Reply]
81 kB, 580 × 604
Anglos pls help. What is the proper variant:"injustice critic" or "the injustice critic"? It is a title of the russian youtube channel. And i have an argument with the woner.
No. 4851
No way to translate it with an article since it doesn't exist in Russian. Whether or not it'd be used would depend on context. If I was to write a sentence about it, I'd probably go with "... the 'injustice critic' youtube channel..."

I'm referring to a specific thing, that channel, so I use the article but I don't use it as part of the name itself since it is probably wrong to translate a name with something it cannot have in the native language.
No. 5006
I may be wrong, but I think hippocrate or cheerleader.
You need to be more specific.
No. 5007
"the" typically designates singular or a title.

For example:
Jesus Christ is THE son of God


Jesus Christ is A son of God

Do you see how the different article renders those subtly but completely different meanings? If Jesus is simply "a" son of God it implies that there are or could be other sons of God. It denotes more a type of status or categorization. THE indicates it as more of a title, for example "the heavy weight champ" specifies a specific individual, "a heavy weight champ" is more general and categorical. Saying about a specific day that "the day was rainy" indicates that that specific day was rainy. Just saying "a day was rainy" doesn't indicate which specific day. "injustice critic" unless it is a specific name or title as in channel "InjusticeCritic" would sound like "an injustice critic" as in a job or profession. "the injustice critic" is referring to a specific channel or person. If you were speaking generally, like "the job of the injustice critic" is speaking in that case specifically of the professional in that profession.

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No. 6335 Kontra
the proper term is 'critic of injustice'. otherwise it would be 'injustice critique'

Hide No. 3712 Systemkontra [Reply]
76 kB, 640 × 640
You know the deal, Ernst.

In the old one, russia noticed it is Friday the 13th, so how was you day?
No. 4957
154 kB, 729 × 638
You don't get it.

Would you have a one night stand with a fat person? No? A childless relationship? No?

Well, I don't want to have either with a woman of the wrong phenotype.
A woman with the right phenotype, however, is good for marriage.

My sexuality is unconventional.
No. 4983
102 kB, 252 × 265
Haven't worked on my translation at all.
Went to the pool instead and watched some anime.
My mind is so set on this that I keep imagining the English subtitles in a reworked Hungarian fashion as I'm watching.
There was a heat alarm, so I couldn't get any gardening done either.
I planned on drinking some alcohol but decided against it.
Because I've lazed around today, I've just missed the deadline I've set for myself. At page 150 by the end of the week. I was one page short.
But it was too hot to work, not to mention there were people around.
I've arranged a student job for myself for the week after, and I want to be mostly done by then.
Shouldn't be so hard on myself with this. Translating the text doesn't mean anything, since I'll have to rework the first 66 pages because I've changed a bunch of expressions along the way because I was an inexperienced retard and didn't do it properly.
That'll be nice.
I'll print it out, and read it. Then I'll see what has to be reworked.
Hella fun.
I wish I had a healthy concept of fun
No. 4996
18 kB, 236 × 402
Be that as it may you should stop drinking so much m8

I've seen it destroy a LOT of people especially bernds ernsts
No. 7726
43 kB, 650 × 366
I have two old bags of coffee: Harrar Organic, and Peaberry

I want fresh coffee NOW but there is no roaster near me, so I have to order it online

Hide No. 4570 [Reply]
51 kB, 700 × 522
Post fat kots
No. 4611
221 kB, 900 × 1200
No. 4632
76 kB, 800 × 533
203 kB, 1600 × 1067
725 kB, 1920 × 1440
35 kB, 500 × 377
No. 4727
553 kB, 1227 × 1416
No. 4741
2,0 MB, 332 × 263, 0:07
Fat kot is fat

Hide No. 4621 Lock [Reply]
31 kB, 550 × 367
Community is the core of the site.
Now it's time for you to decide how Ernstchan will develop.
We invite you to the thread on /meta/, where you and us will set out new clear rules, with their dos and don'ts.

Hide No. 537 Systemkontra [Reply]
25 kB, 1068 × 662
Can we have a nice E3 thread?

The first presentation starts in ~45min Sadly only EA





Saturday, June 9

Electronic Arts (EA Play) -- 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST (4 AM AET on

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No. 4614
27 kB, 650 × 646
> I must say that your wrighting system is compleatly shit - words not written like they sound, every second word have letters that you need not spell, every letter have like 5 sounds in different positions, articles are things that so useless you even will not say why things like "the" actually needed, same time english has no so many simple words or constructions, like this old dropped "thy" "thou" etc.
We know. A perfidious language for a perfidious people. You should try finding American cities. It is absolutely GLORIOUS
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_most_common_U.S._place_names You will have things seemingly at random like Jupiter in Florida, Germany in Texas is not far from Buffalo in Texas (not to be confused with Buffalo in NY which is also near Amherst in that state) and Texas so big it even has town called Moscow and town called Asia in it etc. Kansas City is in Missouri, and they are rarely ever pronounced the same way, like Ar-can-saw not Arkansas. This is partly how anyone here immediately knows I am from out of town even just in the next state.
No. 4622
11 kB, 259 × 194
76 kB, 800 × 600
107 kB, 1280 × 720
Yeah, I heared about American cities. I like playing geoguesser sometimes and discover such towns as "scream", "ugly", "paris", etc. Saint petersburg is florida is probably most known of them.

To stay on-topic
Fuck, I played a little bit of addon for Quake 2 The Reconing made by Xatrix entertaiment (this guys who made Shitty-meh redneck rampage game but then growed up as company, made Return to Castle Wolfenstein and addon for Call of Duty 1 United offencive.

However if Reconing is not as bad as original Redneck Rampage I now think that starting playing this at night right after Q2 was kinda mistake and same time not a bad idea. First of all you will see dstinct change of style and leveldesign from id one - this levels are far more confusing for players, they tried to make some areas more "realistic" and provide to player new experience with new textures and enivorments. But some of this textures and enivorments not quite work.

Like you start in swamp area with some swamp monsters. I like idea that you need to bypass thought giant sewer comples to go to actual complex because stroggs actualy have laser fences on perimetr to keep remnats of stroggos fauna outside. Sewer complex have consistant style, that much more separate itself from different complex - by dedicated doors, pipes and all that things. However this all looks... kinda cheaper by design side. New swamp textures, new swamp creatures that feels like retexture of mutant with abtlity to shoot from mouth and yellow glwoing blood (this addon have a lot rextextured enemies with more hp/different weapons. Like a lot. Three new low level guars with now much more dangerous weapons and more hp, New versions of a lot regular enemies - beta-gladiator, beta-iron maiden, beta-supertank etc. From all this only beta Brain (Brain, that I called in previous post doctor for some reason, flashbacks from childhood) is interesting, because his new attacks it feels like much more interesting enemies than Brain from original, which was pathetic). And walking around dark swamp and than dark sewers - this game feels dark as fuck for no reason and while I can absoluetly moderate brown style of original, even Reconing is almost identical to original I think I don't like most of new graphics already. I have some Witcheaven flashbacks for some reason. But Redneck Rampage was ugly game to so no surprise.

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No. 4623
looks like threda systemkontra.. will make a new one
No. 4625

Hide No. 4507 Lock [Reply]
84 kB, 700 × 467
148 kB, 940 × 627
51 kB, 700 × 467
The world cup ended 1 days ago and the stadium is already falling into the Volga river.

Volgograd (Stalingrad) gets rains which cause flooding: https://youtu.be/9UHNm5Vl0O0?t=768

There were some during the England game but the rains stopped in time and tourists didn't see the water level rise that far.
No. 4537
Can you stop making one-line OPs for every new video you've seen on Youtube? They don't provide much space for discussions, and most of them would perfectly fit the News thread.
If you think that your thread doesn't fit any existing thread, please make a thread of broader subject, so similar videos would fit the new thread as well.
Consider it a warning.

Hide No. 4448 Lock [Reply]
20,0 MB, 640 × 360, 4:41
Please make this into a webm

No. 4523 Kontra
Stop posting the same garbage over and over again.

Hide No. 4248 Lock [Reply]
46 kB, 1024 × 576
for Russian immigrants

Average American neighbor harassment:
No. 4443
143 kB, 319 × 200, 0:02

Hide No. 372 Systemkontra [Reply]
4,5 MB, 400 × 249, 0:05

>“Russia should be in this meeting,” Trump told reporters in Washington as he left the White House to fly to Canada. “Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?"

I find very interesting that the president of the only world superpower promotes the interests of the hostile country, whose economy is equal to half of India's GDP and whose exports were surpassed by the Netherlands. Have you ever seen anyone talking about the Indian significance in the world?
No. 4433
>Turks in Germany shouldn't vote for that guy because you don't have to live under his rule.
As if they would care about non-Turk opinion.
No. 4536
251 kB, 1920 × 1037

A delegation of 30 South African farming families has arrived in Russia’s farmbelt Stavropol Region, Rossiya 1 TV reports. The group says it is facing violent attacks and death threats at home.
Up to 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land, according to the delegation.

“It’s a matter of life and death – there are attacks on us. It’s got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence,” Adi Slebus told the media. “The climate here [Stavropol Region] is temperate, and this land is created by God for farming. All this is very attractive.”
No. 4566

Texas will overtake Iran and Iraq as world’s #3 oil producer in 2019. I'm surprised to hear that Texas will produce half as much oil as Russia, for me it's just another proof of inefficient Russian managment and the need for reforms.
No. 4596
17 kB, 595 × 173
Can Trump tweets be considered news? If yes, this one made me giggle.