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No. 44 [Reply]
599 kB, 1613 × 1080
364 kB, 1365 × 2048
Let's carry on with our traditionally films and TV series related discussions.

One series that is rarely mentioned in these kind of threads but I enjoy to watch most of the time is Animal Kingdom. It's about a criminal family clan embedded in the Californian surfer subculture.
No. 10914
77 kB, 219 × 617
BTW it's 2018


-lots of violence
-no mega corporation ruling over states. Many corporations ruling but not over everything (apparently)

Happy 2018
No. 10917
67 kB, 400 × 585
nother one:

Irregular but captivating. Good film, I understand why Fulci has a following, he creates moments of heavy atmosphere
No. 10918
75 kB, 620 × 417
I figure it's because they might be the main characters.

I detest mafia films because they glorify them.

Anyway it'd be a good idea to watch Godfather because of Caan
No. 10972
I just watched Wind River. It was a very good film. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially to everyone who is tired of how action is done wrong in modern films. Besides that, this film puts pretty muche very block buster that I had the misfortune of watching in the last decade to shame when it comes to pacing. A thriller with high tension despite the fact that barely a gun is fired. Think of the first Bourne compared to the others.

And bonus points from me because I love the setting. Not enough films are set in icy mountains.

No. 8462 [Reply]
48 kB, 480 × 320
Since we have a Short-Film Club, maybe we can also have a thread discussing music videos?

Share exceptional music videos (or any other video connecting visual art with music) that left a notable impression on you!

Please make sure you don't share a video just because you enjoyed the music, use this thread then instead >>594
No. 10437
43 kB, 702 × 477
Can Ernsts help me to remember a music video by description? I saw it in early 00's, if I'm not mistaken, it was a hip-hop or a trip-hop song, I think. There was a white dude walking in some slums in the evening/night reading the first verse. Then he tore the skin on his face to reveal a black dude underneath. The black dude read the second verse (or chorus?), then he tore the skin on his face too, revealing the white dude again, who proceeded to read the next verse and so on.

I don't even know why am I looking for that video. I didn't even like the song much. Still, would be nice to remember it. Pic unrealted.
No. 10501 Kontra
Not gonna lie that sounds really stupid and typical of the "genius" found among those you-know-whats
No. 10624
33 kB, 474 × 316
Drive-By Truckers - The Three Great Alabama Icons
No. 10971
52 kB, 600 × 566

No. 3248 [Reply]
4,1 MB, 5472 × 3648
I have a question: "Wann ist der Unterricht aus?"
Can I answer like this: "Der Unterricht ist um 10 Uhr aus."?
Thank you for your answers!
No. 10895
Replace the marked words with synonyms.
1. Wann beginnt die Vorlesung?
Wann hebt die Vorlesung an?
2. Ich öffne das Fenster und beginne mit den Turnübungen.
Ich mache das Fenster auf und hebt mit den Turnübungen an.
3. Ich erwarte Sie am Sonntag um 7 Uhr.
Ich sehe entgegen Sie am Sonntag um 7 Uhr.
4. Punkt 7 läutet der Wecker.
Punkt 7 klingt der Wecker.
No. 10896
Replace the marked words with synonyms.
My answers are in parenthasis.
1. Wann beginnt die Vorlesung? (Wann hebt die Vorlesung an?)
2. Ich öffne das Fenster und beginne mit den Turnübungen. (Ich mache das Fenster auf und hebt mit den Turnübungen an.)
3. Ich erwarte Sie am Sonntag um 7 Uhr. (Ich sehe entgegen Sie am Sonntag um 7 Uhr.)
4. Punkt 7 läutet der Wecker. (Punkt 7 klingt der Wecker.)
No. 10938
>sich rasieren — (I don't know how to make a noun from this.)

Das Rasieren?

>Wann hebt die Vorlesung an?

Wann fängt die Vorlesen an, "hebt" makes no sense. Same for #2.

>Ich sehe entgegen Sie am Sonntag um 7 Uhr.

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No. 10948
Thank you very much!

No. 1225 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 352 × 240, 0:38
What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

1. The earth is flat
2. 9/11
3. Chemtrails
4. Aids doesn't exist
5. Dave Chappelle is a clone

"But it's all true" incomming
No. 10910

It was Iraqis who were claiming it wasn't the real Saddam, Americans were busy cheering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG5gcZH_wX8

But by the time Gaddafi was caught and killed average viewers around the world were doubting the photoshopped images and the official story. It was possibly done in such a shoddy way as to create conspiracy theorists, just like JFK and 9/11 created that. Many doubted Hitler died because his face was beyond recognition. Bin Laden was buried at sea when he was supposed to be flown to the US for a DNA test (the longest war in American history was launched to find him) and not one photo was shown to the public.
No. 10911
4,0 MB, 320 × 240, 2:27
No. 10932
Yeah you remember that time the USA and France got together to overthrow the government of Libya and murder its leader only to replace him with ISIS and Jihadists while destabilizing the country? Yeah that sure was super. Let's do it again to Iran and overthrow their moderate leader and wage another pointless war for Israel and install even more terrorists and chaos and violence under Trump should turn out just great.
No. 10945
3,4 MB, 654 × 480, 0:58

No. 10906 [Reply]
307 kB, 500 × 500
What letter Arabs and Jews are told to say at dentist? They don't have vowels in the alphabet, do they have consonants which are pronounced with wide opened mouth?
No. 10909 Kontra
They steal vowels from goyim and kuffar.
No. 10931
I have you a funny jokes, is funny

No. 8685 [Reply]
943 kB, 1500 × 1001
963 kB, 1500 × 1001
754 kB, 1500 × 1001
I just found out about this board. I am happy. Reposting an IWO from some months ago because happiness
A park in Lima City
No. 10926
You was in russia and was on parade? How was it?
No. 10927
1,3 MB, 2000 × 1500
951 kB, 2000 × 1500
792 kB, 2000 × 1500
891 kB, 2000 × 1500
No. 10928
1022 kB, 2000 × 1500
1,2 MB, 2000 × 1500
740 kB, 2000 × 1500
941 kB, 2000 × 1500
No, I'm just reposting a ru guy's IWO thread.
No. 10929
947 kB, 2000 × 1500
757 kB, 2000 × 1500
1,2 MB, 2000 × 1500
694 kB, 2000 × 1500

No. 3110 [Reply]
167 kB, 778 × 585
What role do imageboards play in our time?
Are they comparable to the secret societies of old days?
No. 10864
46 kB, 978 × 390
Why would I expect anything less than burger posting from someone who asks on an imageboard if joining the Masons is a good idea.
Go take some vitamin D as you obviously do not get enough sunlight, and will join precisely nothing.
No. 10865
37 kB, 752 × 626
>Only one year left to join the USMC

I'm not gonna make it, lads. I have no intention of doing so of course but still.
No. 10875
326 kB, 1238 × 2171
Fuck hold on I'll try and find it later I can't remember which folder it's in. I am finding some pretty funny and also disturbing shit that I saved over the years.
No. 10876
Oh hey look what else I just found in my archives
Or rather, the rars for it, and found that site after binging the site armageddon.org.il

Also go to the /r/books thread (as in /r/ing) if you want me to upload pdfs. Maybe I'll make a screencaps when I get around to it of all the pdfs I have too if I get around to it. I have tons of pdfs on mental manipulation, combat/improvised weapons/militarism, and the occult as well as I think leaked documents from ages ago or something. Plus some screencaps and various archives dating back at least a decade.

No. 10850 [Reply]
45 kB, 760 × 339
176 kB, 1280 × 720
Anyone interested in doing this class together? Seems like a straightforward intro to machine learning.


I chose this old english man for inspiration
No. 10857
9 kB, 598 × 306
It's pretty good, but I only completed half of it so far

Feel free to give an update once you've finished Week 5, I might just pick it up again by then
No. 10866
I like James May, he is very fun but same time a little bit assburger person.

No. 3372 [Reply]
11 kB, 328 × 202
"The archduke was also very satisfied with the development of the order. "Today, undoubtedly, we succeed in reviving the Central European identity. You can see that in our committees and in our growth. "The knights must defend their values, their land and their continent. "Some of our new, newly invested knights are in the front line. Therefore, I would like to welcome two of my recently invested friends from Ukraine here. They are two highly decorated generals who have both rendered outstanding services in defending their European country against Russia. I'm glad you're both here, "the Grand Master explained with thunderous applause."


Why aren't you an imperial European knight yet?
No. 3385 Kontra
No. 3684
Everyone loves Austria and so do I, but every proper Austria bullies Kaiser-tards and that's the right approach tbh.
No. 10782
bumping for interest
No. 10840
The people of big strong countries are evil, people born in small weak countries are good, m'kay. We will defeat them with our moral superiority like Tibet and Taiwan defeated China

t. non-countries

No. 6218 [Reply]
15,8 MB, 640 × 360, 3:47
I recommend you guys get into B-movies (action and drama genres) from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, they are a lot more soulful and much less toxic than the big Hollywood ones with famous actors and cgi like those listed on the other movie thread which makes me want to puke.

These movies often have bad acting but they're based in reality, they have people working at supermarkets and not nonsense. Watching B movies turned my life around, I'd work hard all day then watch them at dinner time. It gives you something to look forward to and something to think about.

Here's a classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpMLbKoD8Vg
No. 6573
> B movie from the 80
I have this on rent VHS

Don't get on my level.
No. 10775
10,6 MB, 720 × 480, 1:37
No. 10802
3,5 MB, 1280 × 544, 0:18
No. 10834
fyi Die Hard isn't a B action-movie, just retro, it was high budget and mainstream.