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586 kB, 1996 × 1728
Previous >>78920
No. 81988
33 kB, 587 × 552
He is kidding.
No. 81989 Kontra
They are a solutions, unless one adheres to your mental constraints that seem to be only considering unsuitable solutions to a problem :D A pointless debate indeed.
No. 81993
1,7 MB, 1024 × 1024
Lifehack from patriotic blogger Puchkov:
After Chernobyl disaster his coworkers were mobilized to contain it. He hid in toilet and after he came out, bus with other workers already left.
No. 81994
The first SMR isn't projected to be running until 2029, so we'll probably have to wait at least a decade to see if they're economically viable.

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Number in title edition

Previous >>63116
No. 81091
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
Currently playing DUSK, which is basically "What if Quake, but Blood".

I have just finished the first episode.
Movement feels almost Quake-like, gibs are satisfying, albeit the guns are kinda "eh". They lack something, but I can't really say what. Maybe it's been the encounters so far, because those certainly lack a bit of punch. I am playing on I can take it, which is basically the middle skill level, maybe I will do one on the higher difficulty and see if it changes anything or it's just bullet sponges. Encounter design is adequate, certainly better than ULTRAKILL's, since you're not locked in an arena until you can continue, but you get more enemies as you progress (and you don't kill them) and areas you have already cleared might be repopulated. I also encountered a boss enemy now as a regular enemy.
The "story" so far is something with a cult and experiments with the military somehow involved, but then again, who cares about the story?
The second episode seems to be indeed the techbase episode. The wheezing gas mask dudes are already irritating me because you hear them breathing, CONSTANTLY. WHEEZZEEEE CHHHHHHHHHH. Speaking of sounds, the ambience apart from that really adds to the atmosphere.
I had to turn off the music though, despite being made by ANDREW HUSHULT, whoever that is supposed to be, but having a Quake-like background dark ambient soundscape disrupted by some YEAH BRO BFG DIVISION METAL is something I find extremely irritating, especially since it's always at those kind of encounters you can see coming from a km away.

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No. 81339
Finished Dusk tonight. Will buy, it was good. Not great, but good enough to support the devs.

My points of critique from the first episode still stand, especially encounter design. It's mostly underwhelming. Either you're picking them off one by one or you're put inside a small room with a bunch of them so they instantly start infighting.
There is even one level that could be described as a slaughtermap, which I am not really fond of.
Also, I have read, more than once, that the level design is really great, or even the best level design in any fps. I personally don't feel it. It's serviceable, but it's rather linear and in combination with the encounters seems not 100% thought through. For example there was one room inside a house where a rather big floating enemy basically got stuck behind the doorframe. There are many encounters one can just cheese by popping in and out of a doorframe.
Also, shit gets dark in the third episode. I know it's supposed to be atmospheric having everything pitch black but the light cone of the flashlight, but come on, if that cone is like one meter wide on the other end of the room it gets a bit annoying.

What clashes a bit is the completely grimdark story told by evil voices and graffitis saying stuff like WE CALLED THE DARKNESS and such, and the really cartoony artstyle. There is one enemy that's basically a small version of GROND (you know the one), that had me actually laugh out loud when I encountered it the first time and still had me chuckle every time after.

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No. 81899
131 kB, 1280 × 720
New gameplay of the upcomming Amid Evil - Black Labyrinth


Can't wait. I'm currently playing the main game for the second time. Good stuff.
No. 81953
I recently revisited it and tried to finish it in Duskmare difficulty. I stopped at the final mission because I didn't felt like getting through the pain of affronting two bosses in a row in those conditions (one shot = death). Getting there wasn't particularly hard, just really tedious. I guess it's more for speedrunners and very experienced Quake players. I personally can't bunny hop or aim for sh*t

I might compare apples to oranges but finishing Hedon Bloodrite twice in the course of the year really set the bar high for other retro-shooters to give me the same lasting impression, not to mention all the incredible Quake fan maps I played before.

It's a well-polished game with tight controls but I wasn't really impressed. That said I'm still looking forward to play Gloomwood

Hide No. 56533 [Reply]
150 kB, 1080 × 723
To discuss ottoman industrial output, among other topics. Now with less soviet union posting maybe
No. 78132
An interesting analogy I read today in terms of colonial history:
>The Pacific Ocean is a mirror with three pairs of mirror images.
>SEA corresponds to LATAM
>Australia to the United States
>New Zealand to Canada
SEA and LATAM have large number of indigenous population and well-organised pre-colonial society. But LATAM aboriginal population plunged due to old world diseases. So SEA is still dominated by Asians while Latin America became a mixed society.
Aus and US both have pleasant climate and vast landscape (and gold). Both attracted huge number of European immigrants and both have infamously harsh native policies.
NZ and Canada attracted less immigrants and have
been less hostile to first nations. They were threatened by their stronger neighbours so in contrast resort more to indigenous history in nation building. The narrative is: our neighbour is strong but vulgar and tyrannical; we are weak yet civil and mild (nod really).
No. 80316
49 kB, 512 × 472
25 kB, 340 × 340
78 kB, 427 × 640
53 kB, 680 × 538
I'm reading a book on the history of information. It's quite interesting. The notion of entropy in the 19th century is "solved" by information later on. What that really means I cannot say since I did not read all. Yet as far as I can estimate entropy or disorder is countered with information, order.
What is really interesting though for now is that the thermodynamics and the concept of entropy together with statistics was used to philosophize and understand society, so the proletarian masses, their poorness and decay and rising amount were seen as expression of the laws of thermodynamics. And in that following we have decay theories like Spengler. Basically the notion of entropy was a window for cultural pessimists to tip out their thoughts on society and culture through the gaze of a physical concept.
No. 81490
102 kB, 640 × 904
57 kB, 750 × 400
169 kB, 566 × 542
77 kB, 760 × 428
The "15th of March uprisings" - as named by the national regime supervised press, now generally known as the north Angola uprisings of 1961, were a conflict that lasted for 6 months, started by a sudden and unexpected incursion by UPA (União dos Povos de Angola - more known by its later title FNLA) from Congo-Léopoldville that had completely overrun the meager Portuguese military presence in the northern coffee making provinces of Angola. At its height it threatened the very city of Luanda and UPA forces had established control* of near all territory north of the city.

Holden Roberto, former accountant in the Belgian Congo ministry of finances turned UN envoy, was the leader of UPA. Previously, UPA was UPNA (Union of the People of North Angola). This was the name of the organization when its goals were limited to recreating the Kingdom of Kongo. Roberto recounts talking to Habib Bourguiba, and how the latter convinced him that he should set his aims to a national scale. It was arranged for weapons belonging to United Nations Peacekeeping corps to be lost so they could be used in a righteous struggle of anti-colonialism. Through certain cultural-ideological centers which I will name in my next post, and with the personal intervention of a cold war leader that I will name at a later date, Holden Roberto managed to create a type of praetorian guard in exile that would lead the Kongo people to a larger insurrection. He worked to create networks of fellow travellers. He spent months scouting the landscape, travelling through Angola, sending coded messages through pamphlets, all preparing for the Day. On 15th of March 1961, he began his crusade. In towns that UPA took, they showed truly no mercy. Deaths, rapes, torture, and so on were all inflicted on the colonialist. As Holden explains - the colonizers isn't only the Portuguese, "often, blacks are the worst colonizers". And in the towns, hamlets and village he took, the fate of the >whites, mulattos and the assimilados was sealed - the real Africans could prove their worth with allegiance to Holden Robert, but if they didn't then they were surely colonizers and dealt with accordingly.

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No. 81728
667 kB, 1334 × 1732
Nabob's resentment


At the end of September 1941, Lord Beaverbrook, in the world known as Max Aitken, Churchill's confidant, arrived in Moscow. His task was to agree on the spot the amount of assistance to the USSR from Great Britain and the United States (Harriman represented the American side in Moscow).

Beaverbrook's visit was extremely honorable for Stalin and symbolized his promotion in the bureaucratic hierarchy of the British Empire. The Moscow nabob organized a royal reception for his dear guest and, knowing about his preferences, singled out a sex pearl from the Kremlin harem - a handsome boy with a charming ass. When the visit ended, Beaverbrook affectionately said goodbye to the General Secretary and unexpectedly added:

- And I'm taking the baby with me. Such a smart little boy.

Stalin threw himself on his knees, trying to pray for his moon-butted peach, the delight of the eyes and the joy of the universe. Nothing helped. The Englishman loaded the booty into the plane and flew away.

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Hide No. 81361 Lock [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1200 × 980
Slept for 7 hours last night. For some reason my weekday alarm went off and woke me up even though I cancelled it :(
Stupid buggy app...

Last night I had some yummy sardines for dindin and this morning I cooked a big batch of spicy vegetarian chili :3
Do you want a bowl anon?
I like to put a little sour cream on it – the contrast with the hot spiciness is amazinggg. It's super spicy and the flavour explodes on your tongue!

After that I got some dumb chores done. My neighbor's dog was barking all day today and it was really annoying :/
My allergies have been bothering me today too.

I'm pretty tired tonight because I have a lot of sleep debt from a hectic week. I'll probably try to go to bed early...
I just took some cannabis oil and now I'm gonna eat a little hummus :3
Might play some video games afterwards if I have the energy. I really am tired though...
No. 81641 Kontra
Please use the today thread for blogposting, thank you.

Hide No. 60632 [Reply]
181 kB, 673 × 438
A thread to discuss China and greater Chinese civilization.
just no anime
No. 81101
795 kB, 3972 × 2670
No. 81377
22 kB, 227 × 191
No. 81475
297 kB, 1706 × 1279
I became interested in it after reading this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/pretentiouswhat/status/1550292538736918528
But reading academic literature all day on that topic is starting to melt my brain

Sounds fun, gonna put it on the list.
No. 81724 Kontra
抱歉,我不太了解这方面的情况……我的印象是,现在不同地区农村的面貌差别很大。江浙沪的农村看起来比日本的还要好,而像河南这种地方的说的难听点还是shithole :(


Hide No. 78920 Systemkontra [Reply]
113 kB, 750 × 1009
Previous >>77207
No. 81386
104 kB, 694 × 448
Once again it is time to unlearn russian.
How can anyone fall for this shit. Glad my grandparents from Sovietistan died so they don't have to watch all this crap.
No. 81387 Kontra
Either this or babushka tier clothing, choose your poison.
No. 81402
2,6 MB, 854 × 480, 0:18
It just might be that Russia starts focusing more strikes on civilian infrastructure to try to force Ukraine into signing a peace treaty. If heat and power plants get blown up all over the country it's going to be a really nasty winter. Probably related to why Ukraine is in a real hurry to get NASAMS and other AA systems.
No. 81407 Kontra
>How can anyone fall for this shit.
When you're inclined to, you will. And you will likely be inclined when living in Russia and having the TV always on.

I'm generally against capital punishment, but witnessing the hanging of Skabeyeva would be a real delight. These propacondoms are f***ng with the mind of the whole country. I'm not even half that mad at Putin.

Hide No. 80494 Systemkontra [Reply]
2,7 MB, 2953 × 2953
No. 81343 Kontra
Beer hall chanting, dangerous chanting.
No. 81345 Kontra
Always have to have the last word, hm?
No. 81347
Bumblimit reached. Germans, arbaiten!
No. 81348 Kontra
99 kB, 960 × 640
What an embarrassment. Get to it Germans!

Hide No. 52408 [Reply]
150 kB, 300 × 660
Which nails do you like more?
No. 52497
At later stages? Armor
No. 52967 Kontra
After seeing the results, I guess everyone thinks just like you, yet they are afraid to speak up.
Me too.
No. 81221
Because you're a man, duh.
No. 81526 Kontra
It's a bit sexist to claim that just because he's a man he can't maintain a proper hygiene when having grown nails, no?

Hide No. 61007 [Reply]
334 kB, 1920 × 900
347 kB, 1920 × 900
784 kB, 2150 × 1523
146 kB, 700 × 394
Hello, I am a new in this place and I didn't find any real estate/housing thread so I'm creating one here. I will post some thoughts and updates of my journey on finally acquiring my own place. You can see this thread as my blog and use it as your own blog too.

I have a dream to live in my own place, so I dont rent a flat and saving up money. Since flats are too overpriced and I have a piece of land in the city, I'm planning to build a house. There is already a one bulding on that piece of land - a garage, but its not legalized yet. The piece of land is not connected to electicity(and a whole bystreet) but I believe that its a solvable issue. 2 weeks ago I found an architect who will make a house plan for me. He asked me to send him pictures of houses which I like and make a draft plan of the floors. Pic related are houses that I liked the most. I want a one-storey house with an attic and a semi-basement. If everything goes right, I can have a house plan with the needed documents and construction permission till the next Spring.
No. 80589
Is flat enough for you? Are you planning to start a family later? But you can not care about this because re-selling real estate in Germany seems to be not so hard.

In my opinion, taking loans in developed countries is nice because you don't really care about inflation in this case.
No. 80591
The thing about owning a flat in Germany is that you still have to cooperate with the other tenants, especially if it's about things that concern the house.
With your own house at least you don't have to care about other people as long as you're doing what you're doing more than 3m away from their ground.
No. 80592
That's the main reason why I want to live in a house instead of a flat. Imagine making a nice interior and then some old man from upstairs floods your flat.
No. 81206
I sent my application to get a construction passport again. Now, with an added red line. I will have an answer in 2 weeks. Then I'm going to apply for electricity from the local electricity supplier. Also, I'm currently looking for a construction crew to start building. I saved up some money, so I can start building this autumn or(preferably) in spring.

Hide No. 76497 [Reply]
308 kB, 715 × 365
2,4 MB, 1164 × 1320
JOG conspiracy theory

>Join CERN in a historic week for particle physics
Tune in to celebrate ten years of Higgs research at the LHC with CERN on 3 and 4 July. If your hunger for physics hasn’t been satiated, stay to witness the start of Run 3 at the LHC on 5 July

>Don’t miss the live stream of the launch of Run 3!
On 5 July, after more than three years of long shutdown, the physics season will start at the LHC with a new energy world record



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No. 76500
No. 77774
21 kB, 480 × 360
No. 77809
2,0 MB, 320 × 395, 0:02
Somewhere between 2012 and 2016, we actually did
No. 81092
can we dump our castor radioactive waste into dat dimension hole ?