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Hide No. 53398 [Reply]
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12 kB, 355 × 355
This thread is dedicated to discussions and findings about the present, future and history of (digital) media and technology. They can concern culture, society, politics and philosophy. I know we have a science thread and a computer thread, but this thread is decicated to the humanities side of the issue, though this thread should not exclude (computer) science.

I will make my updates here regulary I hope, so this is a personal thread which should accompany my personal studies, but you are invited to post here as well. I will mainly review articles or books, perhaps post personal experience we often discussed imageboards here, which can boil down board culture, but also social composition, so that would be a topic, but also hope to link thoughts together in the future.

More or less: What are the consequences of a digital age in various domains, where are we heading and where do we/it came from?

The thread could contain questions like:

[*]What is the digital, what does this notion imply?
[*]What is media?
[*]The dawning of the notion of networks

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No. 53532
I'm not interested in doing 3D art myself. Rather, the question would be, what makes it different to other art, does it "move" differently? Why and how then? What is possible with it, that wasn't before, and if so, why and how?

I don't know much of its history tbh, but recently I've encountered more of it when engaging with contemporary art. It often looks kinda 90s to me, yet that isn't necessarily a bad thing, not because of retro feelings but because I don't think that it needs super realistic 3D models to bring itself across.
No. 53537
>The role of art in the age of digitality, what are its possibilities, are there new possibilities?

Video games were the most prominent of emerging forms of digital art. Interactive storytelling has become widely expanded thanks to them. Plus we have VR becoming more available.

>The impact of the digitality and computation on the environment.

Never really seen this question discussed until recently with NTFs and Bitcoin. But this should in actuality make us ask broader questions about how technology itself affects the environment. Too much electricity being used, might I ask.

>What aesthetics are set up thanks to media and technology?

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No. 53549
19 kB, 400 × 267
>Video games were the most prominent of emerging forms of digital art. Interactive storytelling has become widely expanded thanks to them. Plus we have VR becoming more available.

Yeah I thought about interactivity and art, so the potential that is rolled out in computer games and VR could be stimulating for an art context might have already happened tbh, that perhaps not only focuses on entertainment, though I don't want to say all games are only entertainment, I think it was here that we discussed that there exists are vital niche in game design these days.

>Never really seen this question discussed until recently with NTFs and Bitcoin. But this should in actuality make us ask broader questions about how technology itself affects the environment. Too much electricity being used, might I ask.

The question of power consumption indeed is a main one. I read that the industry within the last decades already made possible less consumptive computers, without that development we might not have been able to get this far as we are know because the energy consumption would be too much. Cooling is a important for that and there have been expreiments with underwater server farms. Which brings us to the energy consumption of data centers.

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No. 53565
I think that the problem with NFTs is it's essentially trying to bottle the artist which everything art related tries to do but by making it so ephemeral into an absurdity that now we see exactly the role and function of art under Capitalism fully realized which is merely a financial instrument for the storage and transfer of capital, which NFTs can do quite well, as can buttcoin or any other crypto thus enabling the wealthy international elite to carry on with greater ease than ever before. This is because you cannot physically reproduce a painting, but you can just screenshot an "authentic" digital art piece. It's kinda the problem with digital art in general which is that people want to have and to hold that art, and to hang it up around their house. I cannot imagine anyone but the biggest twats among the wealthy hanging up a $2.5 million NFT as their desktop wallpaper.

I think it's actually quite nice for the average artist though, in that it can at least in theory democratize things to where they can take a scan of their drawing and put it up but I feel like we've been down this road before and somehow it'll just centralize things further to where the people that produce nothing get a far greater share and control over art in the end. I also think it's abhorrent that they're using Ethereum. Like what the fuck, it's such an unbelievably shitty crypto. People have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on its gas fees. I personally lost $16 on a failed transaction with ETH. It's the stupidest fucking crypto out there and I think actually relying on it for NFTs could become their downfall. Otherwise, Dutch Tulips.

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Hide No. 50621 Systemkontra [Reply]
6,4 MB, 3252 × 1952
292 kB, 680 × 510
417 kB, 660 × 489
97 kB, 800 × 600
Since russian video game Ernst has left EC, I guess I'll do the honors.

Old thread: >>46255
No. 53558
67 kB, 640 × 480
181 kB, 854 × 480
433 kB, 854 × 480
Did a re-drawing of the X-wing front view cockpit sprite from the 1998 version of the game into 16x9.
Here is the original image, my re-drawing, and a quick mock-up on a crappy compressed jpg screenshot.
No. 53573
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
While I can confirm that Prey is good the 2006 one of the same name also is if you like shooters in fact iirc it's the unsung gem that pioneered a lot of the stuff Dead Space would eventually use like walking on walls/zero g iirc however one thing that just keeps throwing me off is all of their faces look just slightly off, almost like it is entirely composed of la creaturas attempting to pass as human. Whether this is deliberate or not idk though I think it's on accident that bizarrely ends up working for the game itself. Just looking at them it's like some South American mutts who are trying to wear human faces and you keep getting this eerie feeling like something is just not right with their faces but you can't put your finger on what it is. This really works to the game's favor the more I think of it.

Haven't had as much time for games though and now I must do wörk bullshit. This has made me realize how much of a waste it is to play games and also how much I wish I had time to play games too, although quite frankly I think if I'd retired from a windfall I'd just start concerning myself with other things anyway like I don't know mergers and acquisitions or something)))

I've been getting used to that first person/third person playstyle again at this point though, which normally I don't do. I wish I had more time for city sims but well you can't just sit down and play one without realizing 12 hours went by and now wörk is in two hours. I think my new objective should be to finalize a bunch of projects and weekly/monthly/other tasks so that I can sit down and play vidya in full. I even picked up a buttload of different new incenses just so that I can sit around and play games while programming my mind to associate each game with each unique scent. I'm on Dragon's Blood right now for playing Prey. White Musk reminds me of Pathfinder Kingmaker, and Sai Baba of Beautiful Desolation although I've been experimenting with trying to program either one game to two smells or two smells to one game, partly because I always ran out of incense.

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No. 53592
No. 53594 Kontra
24 kB, 640 × 480
20 kB, 640 × 480
19 kB, 640 × 480
I've got so much damn fuckin money right now I can afford to buy literally whatever the fuck I want, but I suddenly find myself being too damn cheap to spend any of it on something so expensive as a HOTAS wwhich is actually just a mancildren's toy because I have zero interest in getting anything neat or useful as a pilot's license. Even so, I think I can justify it to myself as putting it on credit with still a few months no interest effectively makes it feel like a lesser purchase stretching it out months at a time. My question is though, what is actually a good HOTAS?




I have absolutely no idea what a good HOTAS even looks like. Is any of these a good HOTAS? Is it each cheap shit that's just going to break on me and waste hundreds of dollars? Should I just go on Amazon and buy a cheap $80 HOTAS instead?

Hide No. 53533 [Reply]
45 kB, 453 × 604
I want to be a creative person and come up with ideas for an animated series, film, comic, book, visual novel, and whatnot. However I always end up disappointed in what I come up with. What would your creative process look like if you had one? I picked up Hayao Miyazaki's book "Starting Point 1979-1996" since I thought reading his thoughts on it would be a good place to start.
No. 53541
>What would your creative process look like if you had one?
For me, it's pretty basic. Start with a general idea of "draw this", then pick up a pencil. Draw a lot of quick lines, erase them and draw slightly better lines. Repeat until a composition emerges, and the details come into focus. Stop when I'm sure I can't do better, or when I'm swallowed by despair. Sometimes drawings just suck and can't be fixed. It's a lot of trial and error, informed by things that have worked in the past, along with studying what other cartoonists have done. But doing is the important part. Creativity is a habit, a practiced skill.

>animated series, film, comic, book, visual novel, and whatnot.
I've had less success in this area. The longer ideas, the narratives etc. I think in small bites, quick intertactions. But I fill notebooks with literally everything. Things I see, conversations I hear, endless 'what if?' questions, or possible settings. This is the 'idea net' which Orson Scott Card described in his book 'How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy'. Everything is a potential story, and writers collect the pieces while most people ignore them. Good book, would recommend.

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No. 53548
First of all, writer's block is an actual thing. You can't fight it off if it happens and have to withstand it as it'll take its toll on you.
Track your interactions within societal circumstances and keep track of your reactions toward others — more often than not, it's the fact that you're being influenced by the mass that affects your ability to "be yourself"; unhinged.
Having picked up Miyazaki was a good idea, I suggest spending some time by yourself and delving deep into your inner persona — what drives you, what puzzles you?
A monologue is more cathartic than analyzing others and seeing what "the world" is doing.
Lastly, a creative process cannot be criticized, it is what it is. Do not thwart it, and instead resort to the stream of consciousness technique (see Wordsworth).
No. 53556
18 kB, 288 × 425
read read read read

>I picked up Hayao Miyazaki's book "Starting Point 1979-1996" since I thought reading his thoughts on it would be a good place to start.

anyway this sure is a very nice start because Miyazaki is a hell of a professional
No. 53557
>The duel
woah I did not know I missed so much stuff there

Hide No. 38798 [Reply]
657 kB, 720 × 781
60 kB, 567 × 610
Last one was good, but it just doesn't bump anymore like it used to. Time for the sequel

Share your literary misadventures & accomplishments ITT
No. 52944
>pages where you can copy a text and then get it presented to you
Don't really like this because that way you can't really go back if you missed something, I don't like the lack of control.

>How does it even work?
What worked for me so far is quickly scanning one line after another with my eyes, but this only works properly if the lines are short enough so your eyes don't have to move too much.
I mostly read with an ereader and it works pretty well there, you can adjust the font size (and through that also line length) to your liking. With a proper book I suppose whether it works depends on the line length. On the web, e.g. here on EC, it often doesn't work at all because the lines are stretched across the whole screen so your eyes need to move a lot to read them.

Also, it probably requires practice, after a while of reading that way I felt rather tired, but that might have also been due to it already being late.

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No. 53382
13,0 MB
3,4 MB
>Would be a big milestone for me if I manage to at least finish it.
I failed, of course.

From my attempts so far, I feel like my lack of imagination (or, maybe rather visalization) is holding me back from just "creating" some character or place in my head and then going from there to describe what I'm visualizing. Next time, I'll try to write a story based more closely on something that has actually happened to me, hopefully my actual memories are vivid enough.

Read a really great book on writing that recently came out called A Swim in a Pond in the Rain by George Saunders. Most of the resources on writing I came upon so far are by hack authors, so I was happy to pick this up. I only read a couple of short stories by him before but being one of the few authors namedropped by Pelevin should be endorsement enough.
He analyzes seven short stories by great Russian writers (Chekhov, Tolstoy, Turgenev & Gogol) in great detail but also in a witty and accessible tone (possibly even too goofy at times). Besides analyzing the meaning & what makes them great, he illustrates many principles of writing & also gives more general writing advice.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 53543
53 kB, 324 × 500
Read the introduction to pic related, the first two chapters also sounds very interesting but I will skip it atm. Hopefully I remember this book.

Cowen starts from the point where logistics as military concern becomes a field of business management after WW2, yet both are still linked together or overlap, civil and military logistics are not neatly seperated today. Logistics shape markets, actors and movements on global levels (which I think also means that it scales differently depending on what is adressed, so it penetrates both micro and macro levels of a globalized system).

>logistics as a business science has come to drive geo-economic logics and authority, where geo-economics emphasizes the recalibration of international space by globalized market logics, transnational actors (corporate, nonprofit, and state), and a network geography of capital, goods, and human flow [@cowen2014, 8]

The second take away for me from the introduction (there is more much ofc) is the concept of supply chain security and which is linked to what as been stated above. So supply chains today are treated as critical for systemic (social and economic) stability, systems that are concerned as "vital systems". This means that

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 53551
28 kB, 256 × 387
Read American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I'm not really sure what to think of this book. On one hand, it's well-written, exciting and entertaining, it has a couple of nice plot twists which for a change don't appear out of nowhere but are actually foreshadowed throughout the book. On the other hand, the book didn't leave much of an impact on me: it's not the kind of book that I would care to remember or re-read, and neither would I recommend it to anyone. It was a fun piece of urban fantasy, but there isn't much else to it: basically Gaiman just takes the idea of all the gods and mythological creatures existing and being nourished by people's belief in them, puts those gods in modern day USA, creates a conflict between those old gods and new "gods" like Television and the Internet and throws an ordinary (not really that ordinary, as it turns out in the end) human right in the center of that conflict. It feels more like an adventure comic book which isn't really a bad thing per se, but it is still a bit disappointing for a novel. Also, the said conflict gets resolved in a very underwhelming way which doesn't add any points to the book either. So yeah, it's a pretty good book, but in my opinion it doesn't deserve all that praise and all those awards that were heaped upon it.

Oh, and concerning the pet peeve of mine: Slavic characters. There are some of them in the book — Czernobog and sisters Zorya Utrennyaya, Zorya Vechernyaya and Zorya Polunochnaya ("Midnight Twilight", WTF?) — and they speak with that stereotypical accent that anglos think is Russian, namely the grammatically incorrect sentences like "copular verb + adjective" ("Is good", "Is wrong" etc.). I'll just say it straight: Russian language doesn't use copular verbs in present tense! Sure, it can be argued that those are Slavic gods and some Slavic languages may use those "copular verb + adjective" sentences, but not in this case, because they are explicitly stated to be Russian. This may sound as nitpicking, but I don't care, I'm just tired of seeing those retarded fake accents and they make me cringe as much as "na zdorovye".

Hide No. 52782 Systemkontra [Reply]
42 kB, 717 × 959
Old one dead.
Long live the new one.
No. 53540
I didn't spend years posting on Kohl, you must be thinking of somebody else. I never said I was an elite either.

Odd weather won't kill of civilisation, poor nations fighting each other won't kill off civilization, people on the equator not being able to cool of through sweat won't destroy civilization. Civilisation is not the kind of things that you can destroy so easily. People dying of hunger in Africa won't cause everybody in Europe to permanently forget basic science and how to read.

You really don't seem to understand just how hard it is to kill off life. This isn't the first huge change in the climate and it wont be the last, life has survived all of them and life back then went through far worse and didn't have the luxury of science. You are being melodramatic and you should stop that, it only makes you look silly.

The DoD isn't expecting civilisation to collapse and all life on earth to die.
No. 53542
This is exactly what I mean by you are thoroughly ignorant of planetary climate science as well as the geological record yet still feel the need to opine about something tou neither know about nor wish to understand.
>it's just some bad weather and people will sweat more
You are a complete dumbass. Please educate yourself.
No. 53546
I seem to know far more about this than you. Where do you get this from? News Headlines?

It is just bad weather(well and climate). Things are going to die, habitats will change, more natural disasters will happen, sea levels will rise, some will do well out of this, some won't. Life will go on.

I never said they would sweat more, please learn to read.
No. 53608
>I never said they would sweat more, please learn to read.
You literally said
You dumb fucking shit. It would appear your memory is as damaged as your cognitive abilities. You continue spouting retardation on a topic you clearly know nothing about.
I watch documentaries and read research papers you retarded fucking cunt. You're at such a low level of knowledge and IQ you're blissfully unaware how ignorant and retarded you are, and let me guess you got all your "knowledge" from imageboards and anime. People like you are stupid beyond belief and exactly the sort of useless bydlo everyone fled to the internet to avoid. Now I find myself fleeing the internet to avoid your kind.

Hide No. 47598 [Reply]
60 kB, 550 × 608
Third thread, here's the previous two


I've about 70,000 named files on my imageboards / random internet hard drive which has files going back as far as 1999, search for One or Two words and I'll post the results

Also, I've about 200,000 in total so random numbers may also yield results
No. 53499
I dunno, he's a buffoon, but he did still kick off the patriot act world order, and started the nearly two decades of overseas war that we've had. I wouldn't rehabilitate Bush so much as emphasise the bit about a slower and simpler world at that time.
No. 53500
135 kB, 1200 × 1200
163 kB, 1280 × 853
72 kB, 500 × 385
>he was fucking stupid

He said a lot of funny stuff, but i guess that was mostly because he talked a lot right from his mind.
What USA president (or top tier politician from any non 3rd world country) can you remember having a speech without a teleprompter within the last few years?

Also, he seemed to have character while most politicians are like robots.
I can't help myself but to like that guy.. maybe because i was too young to care about politics when he was in power.

No. 53508
Bush pretending to talk like a fucktard to pander to his base is no reason to rehabilitate him. It may be funny to you as a German although he's basically also indirectly responsible for waves of refugees you guys had too. Talking like a retard and saying funny things is for a stand up comic, not an important world leader, but moreover you'll notice I said "pretend." That is because George Dubya Bush was a Yale and Andover Academy grade from an East Coast blue blood Connecticut family. His bumbling wasn't all staged but his act was largely just a photo op which he occasionally broke character from. Trump otoh is a legitimate retard who's also a wealthy elite from some East Coast elite family.

It also wasn't a great time either. What you're confusing is the internet jokes and the internet culture, which at the time was largely an escape for us from the retardation happening everywhere outside the internet.
No. 53530
He was never in power

Hide No. 50186 [Reply]
87 kB, 1160 × 772
News thread here.

Post articles, opinions and your personal Two Minutes Hate here.
No. 53509
>building a giant lake on top of a pile of toxic industrial waste
For what purpose
No. 53515
The ponds are part of the original phosphate mining process. Phosphogypsum is produced as a by-product, and transported to the stacks in pipes. At that point, it's wet, like a slurry or sludge. As it dries, the water pools, filling those ponds you see on the surface. The ponds are also used to store other waste water which the phosphate plant produces.

As a side note, after the original mine closed the site was purchased by another company. They actually used the ponds to store more waste water from a nearby construction project. Obviously that wasn't a good idea. Other than that, the ponds don't serve a purpose anymore, and the long-term plan has been to permanently drain them. That's become a lot more urgent now.

Manatee County evacuation: Sky 10 flies over Piney Point reservoir
No. 53517
Florida is a fantastic example for why this bizarre new trend of pro-nuclear zoomers is a terrible fucking idea. I have no clue why it gets spread so much on cancerous imageboards but nuclear plants create even more problems which eventually includes allowing Floridians to be in charge of nuclear waste and not giving us a Chernobyl. Also DeSantis is a fucking idiot.
No. 53528
14 kB, 480 × 360
The last proposal for a new nuclear plant here didn't go well. That was made by Progress Energy. They were able to finance the construction by adding a surcharge to their customer's monthly bills. Then, years later- and after Progress merged with Duke- the project was cancelled. $1.5 billion collected from customers and spent, for nothing.

People were furious, but it really was for the best. Now Duke is building solar farms. I drove by a solar farm last year. It was the first time I'd seen one in person. Kinda cool.

Hide No. 38017 [Reply]
204 kB, 599 × 581
Discuss all things related to music from new discoveries to debates about musicians and the impact of their work.

Digging this lately:

Over this land

Over this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteland
No. 52996
I know Bowie from the soundtrack of Alan Wake. It was Space Oddity and it blew me away instantly.
Shortly after he died, but I haven't even left the 80s yet.

Flight of the Conchords did a great parody of his music styles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8f_XCH3zmM
No. 53341
181 kB, 980 × 513
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy-"Blueberry Jam"

Damn, this is a good song.
Also, scrolling down to the comment section, I found the answer to my question: Yes, the blueberries were infused with THC.

>On January 13, 2018, an emergency alert lit up phones throughout Hawaii, warning of a ballistic missile approaching the island. “SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER,” it read. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Among the recipients were Will and Elsa Hansen Oldham, who had recently arrived at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as artists-in-residence and who were suddenly preparing to spend their last moments together.

>Calmly, the couple ate some THC-infused blueberries that they had been gifted by a friend—why let them go to waste?—and Will began writing a whimsical new song to calm his nerves. “When life is tough and very scary,” it went, “My wife and I/We chomp a blueberry.” By the end of the song he distilled its message to just three words: “We’ll be fine.”

[Show 7 more lines]

No. 53383

Despite this cover, this record is a beast. Reminded me of the "From here to Tranquility series".
No. 53525

Hide No. 53505 [Reply]
10 kB, 220 × 220
The great awakening of world have began ladies in gentlemen.
    Since when the great civilations of the world have hidden a  secret that no man have revealed!
today will be you date to wake up from state of dream you been sleep for many centuries
maybe the goverments of world and the religious of world knows about it?
you are in state of a "DREAM from the metrix"
budda called it a 'illucion" life. reality being perceptual.The creation is holographic,
containing all.The entire creation is Cosmic perception in varying forms of vibrational
sound frequencies,containing octaves of knowledge.and forming dimensions containig that
knowledge Each of these dimensions are ordered by their own universal laws that apply to the
expansive potential of the information within the dimensions.
" Uncounsious mind"=data transfer.01 quatum computing.or autopilot.
The "preconscious" refers to the thoughts you aren"t actively thinking of but can call to mind
given the right trigger."Consciousness" the state of being awake and aware of one 's surroundngs.
"subconsciousness" of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not full aware but which
one's actions and feelings.So you see your whole life is about "thoughts,feelings,emotions.= reality.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 53506
Wow it's like I really am reading a chain email from my aunt in the early 2000s.

I think it's especially funny because I was just watching a video about some girl who became obsessed with both Columbine and the idea being this world isn't real. Hint: just because that's true doesn't mean you aren't also suffering with a dissociative disorder.
No. 53514 Kontra
You know there is something alluring about the preconscious in the manner of potential.

Though sound frequencies and a vibrational universe and it being a computer don't seem to add up so far to me since the first comes from a different dimension (mind=blown). Mayb I should ask
>the goverments of world and the religious of world

What happened to those chain texts anyway? I've also gotten these in the 2000s
No. 53518 Kontra
I think that it's entirely conceivable that individual consciousness and the arising of life is just the emergent property of a universe that is defacto operating as a kind of giant brain. Also this image is incorrect it isn't the galaxy but rather different star clusters. The way matter attracts makes it sure look super spooky though when you consider how absolutely massive a localization of matter has to be to pull entire galactic clusters into thin strands.

As an aside, one of the much more spooky and freakish things I've thought of is what if it's just that false vacuum really is a thing in which case we'd actually have large bubbles of effectively collapsed reality who contain within them other, newer universes, which operate exactly the same as our present universe's big bang merely being the result of collapsing a field https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_vacuum
The interesting thing is that the universe actually could be deleting itself and we'd never know it until exactly the moment this expanding ball of different physics traveling at the speed of light, also known as the speed of causality, finally reached us, or if any attempts at super advanced starfaring ships using exotic matter to create wormholes causes this.

I do think however it is profoundly and incredibly stupid for man to invent himself a machine, and attempt to model it as a basic machine upon his own brain, and then get so deluded and retarded as to mistake himself and his reality of being properties of his own machine. Now, we are not in a giant computer simulation in that sense. I'd posit it more likely if a simulation theory were correct that it'd be closer to a super entity merely dreaming of us and this world, or our existence and arising consciousness being a side effect, but to call it a computer is stupid beyond belief. A computer is merely an extra shitty attempt at facsimile of our own brains and our extra limited understandings of how our own brains operate.

[Show 7 more lines]

Hide No. 52208 [Reply]
163 kB, 1000 × 750
I've been migrating from odd jobs during the last few months. I manage to golden boy every position I take on, but they're all so tiresome.
Dealing with coworkers makes me want to snap my neck. I just want to do my jerb in peace without enduring a lazy slag's workload.

How's it been for Ernst?
No. 53334
Well, I would define "truth" as the least volatile and most stable state a configuration can be in, so to me, a pessimistic view of human behavior is the most "truthful", since the rock bottom is a set point, while "goodness" is infinitely distant and perpetually approachable. In the sense that you can approach it forever without reaching it.

All arrangements will eventually decompose to their most trivial states, and there's nothing more trivial than humans to be benefit-maximizing automata.
No. 53336
I quit my job as a software developer and now I'm driving 3000 miles to work on my parents' newly-purchased farm. We'll see if I regret this or not but right now I feel elated.
No. 53343
truth is absolute lack of contradictions, volatility has not much to do with it.
>since the rock bottom is a set point
things can always get better, but things can always get worse, too. like, when you're on position (-9000) on the real number line you can move to position 0 and continue to eventually reach 9000 or you can go to (-∞), (-∞)-1 and so on.
i'm not really arguing against pessimism though. pessimism can be useful while assessing probabilities of a particular situation. i'm arguing against being pessimistic in an absolute way, such that accepting negative states of affairs as absolute is desirable. this can logically only lead further into negativity.
>All arrangements will eventually decompose to their most trivial states
i think this statement might not be trivial to prove :)

i left /int/ around 2014 since kc became more and more an unbearable cesspool for /pol/tards and the like back then, however i've always been more of a passive lurker and never took part in socializing etc. t. actual assburger on /int/, so i wouldn't know about about irl circumstances of namefags like emokiddeh anyway. i remember iranball as quite an active poster who disappeared from /int/ all of a sudden during a time of turmoil in his country. although i wouldn't necessarily agree a lot with him, i still enjoyed his effortposts, so i was wondering what happened to him.
No. 53355
We are talking about the different metaphysical "levels" of truth. Here.
At the highest level, I see "tokens" proposed by Parmenides. They're like ideas, except more fundamental. They're the building blocks of ideas. Very primitive and fundamental. I could do a math analogy and say that a Parmenides' token is something like "Pi", an "idea" that is so fundamental, it is a lynchpin for the existence of other ideas. But really, it might go deeper than that. Like, pieces of immutable, indivisible information, from which all other information derives its properties.

You are talking about truth in a closer association with the notion of "fact". This definition of "truth" is circumstantial in that it can or can not be truth depending on the existence of an external object. (A contradition to the truth). Not "fundamental" enough for my tastes.

Me, I'm trying to introduce a notion of truth that's not entirely metaphysical, and can exist in a practical context, yet mimics the property of being entirely self-contained and immutable. "Truth" as in something that does not change its nature depending on what is introduced into the system. It does not interact with anything (for interaction requires mutability on part of the interacted), it does not change, can not be further decomposed. That is my notion of truth that is one level of abstraction (or "divinity" if you will) than platonic ideals, and yet can be formulated and utilized in a lower level, "mundane" context.

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