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Hide No. 55962 [Reply]
187 kB, 2571 × 3691
24 kB, 658 × 370
Over a year ago i tried to promote a Steam group for Ernst so we can play CSGO (and lesser games) with eachoter.
That worked great on /b/ and we had a few really fun games.
/int/ wasn't such a big fan for whatever reason.

I will try again now:

All multiplayer games are possible, right now people mostly play CSGO or Rocket League but sky is the limit.

Skill doesn't matter, everyone is welcome.


Hide No. 55089 Systemkontra [Reply]
212 kB, 1031 × 1280
Praise be Sunday
No. 55790
Moving sucks. Cleaning, sorting my pile of meager possesions into a smaller pile of meager possessions because why do I even have(random item), everything is in the wrong place, more cleaning. On top of that, there will be a three day gap between my internet getting shut off here and when it gets turned on at the new place. I know, the world will get on just fine without my attentive gaze, and I'll be plenty busy, but I'm a creature of habit and like to make my daily digital rounds. I guess it's time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and all that.

>back in my day, cats were content with regular old milk.
Maybe he'll go for milk after it's been flavored with breakfast cereal or oatmeal. My sister's cat loves the last sugary dregs left in a bowl. I never give him much, though, just a taste. He has a delicate digestive system, and I don't want to mess it up.

>Best news was that they fired the librarian I got into an argument with over her being a retarded lazy cretin. 
To my surprise, this actually pleases me. I must have adopted a vicarious hatred for her poor job performance.

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No. 55791
Rated, very nice.
No. 55792
No. 55794
64 kB, 460 × 690
Very nice, good job!

Hide No. 49280 [Reply]
76 kB, 1024 × 768
Here's a thread where Ernsts may share their dreams.

Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me before or after sex. But I have the luck to dream a lot, so sometimes there are strange pearls.
No. 55780
Tonight I had a dream where my penis detached itself from my pelvis, crawled up my body like a snake, then forced its way into my mouth, and down my throat.
After a while, I felt my stomach rumble, as if I ate tacos the day before. I went to the toilet, and the penis plopped down into the toilet like a live turd. It started speaking from its urethra in a language I did not understand. But despite that, I somehow understood its words, as if they were resonating in my mind. It foretold the end of time.
But the thing is, the end of time would start only, when the whole word, would know about it. And whoever I told, would tell another, until the knowledge of the end of the world spread through the entire world.
Horrified, I promised to myself, to never tell anyone, and be the sole bearer of the truth. I did not know how long I could keep the secret. But I knew it would bear down on me like the weight of the heavens themselves.

Anyway, then I flushed the live penis down the toilet, and never saw it again.
No. 55782
Why did you post this forbidden knowledge here, fool? It should have died with you.
No. 55783
>Tonight I had a dream where my penis detached itself from my pelvis
Did the same tonight. My penis decided to go inside my body and my private part zone looked like a disgusting vagina.
Also I was scared to walk on a ancestral chinese bridge over a very deep void. And a giant ancestral half vegetal robot chased me. But none of this mattered too much.
No. 55785
30 kB, 512 × 512
We should translate this into Russian and then post it onto the sosach so as to hasten the end of the world with no one ever being able to trace it back to its origins here or to The Prophet That Failed.

Hide No. 55755 [Reply]
3,2 MB, 1608 × 960
I think many Americans, even white nationalist ones, seem to not understand the concept of "Honorary Aryan". On the "compilation of wacky WW2 Leaders" Hitler gets criticized for calling a random native american tribe "honorary aryan", "despite never meeting them and refusing to do the same for Italians". You can only declare this as wacky and critize it, if you actually think that declaring someone "honorary aryan" means they are aryan now.

I once watched some white nationalist american cartoons, where one of the protagonists was obsessed with asian women and his friend encouraged him that it's fine to be with her, because they are "honorary". (Murdoch Murdoch before you're asking)

Because of this and other incidents I presume Americans actually have no idea what honorary titles in general are. I think Americans actually think that Nazis declared them as aryans.
No. 55759 Kontra
You don't need to create a new thread for this. And also, why do you care about "white nationalism" when that is completely burger tier.
No. 55766 Kontra
The real questions in the room would be: Why should anyone care who is consiedred "honorary aryan"?

Hide No. 55062 [Reply]
628 kB, 1032 × 1566
Gab es in der Geschichte spirituelle Vorgänger von "Dungeons & Dragons" und ähnlichen Rollenspiel Brettspielen? Und ich meine nicht ein paar Jahrzehnte davor, ich meine Spiele, die Jahrhunderte, vielleicht Jahrtausende zurückliegen.

Man braucht eigentlich nur Würfel, eine geschriebene Sprache um die Regeln aufzuschreiben und Phantasie. Mehr braucht man nicht. Aber trotzdem wurde diese Art von Spielen erst letztes Jahrhundert erfunden. Wieso eigentlich?

Ich habe gelesen, dass es davor Kriegsspiele gegeben hat, aber das ist ja eigentlich schon etwas anderes als quasi gemeinsam mit anderen Leuten eine Fantasie-Geschichte zu erdenken, wo jeder einen Character spielt.
No. 55187
36 kB, 637 × 208
Google translated so I probably don't get the best translation.

>Aber trotzdem wurde diese Art von Spielen erst letztes Jahrhundert erfunden

The original version of D&D was an evolution rather than a revolution in design. Keep in mind, that in the first few editions, D&D was very much about logistics with characters being more akin to avatars to interact with the world, than the focus of the game. The very first version actually being intended as a companion to Chainmail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chainmail_(game)). In fact, the combat system that went on as the standard was written in the books as the 'alternative' combat system, with combat intended to be run with Chainmail. Chainmail itself was derived from rules based on the work of other early medieval wargame designers in the 60s. Dungeons & Dragons took Chainmail's wargaming, and created a new context outside of traditional wargaming by making it both fine scale and campaign oriented (campaign wargaming existed, but not in the kind of granularity for troops that D&D did). This is reflected in the original game's title, pic related.

Basically, the 'why were RPGs invented when they were?' question is better framed as 'why did hobbyist wargaming develop when and how it did' because the two aren't really separable.
No. 55727
Why did the Moderators of Ernstchan move my thread here? What the hell? I was wondering why I didn't see the thread on /b/. There is an ever so slight chance that I made a mistake maybe.
No. 55731 Kontra
As far as I see it the software doesn't even support moving threads between boards. Maybe Ernstadmin has some dark magic moves up his sleeve that can accomplish such a feat, but even if: Then he would have moved your thread TO /b/, not from /b/ to here. You can be sure that no malicious intent by our staff was involved here. Maybe just delete and reopen it on /b/?
No. 55747
I kinda enjoy having a random DnD thread entirely in German on the front page of /int/ honestly

Hide No. 52263 [Reply]
79 kB, 617 × 385
66 kB, 690 × 477
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Do you like (or liked) Lego, Ernst? I used to be a huge fan since 1994, when dad brought me my first set — 8818 Dune Buggy — from Germany, and up until 1999, when I bought my last set — 8204 Sky Flier. Then I started losing interest somewhat because of electronic entertainment like videogames becoming more popular, then Lego started to produce licensed themes like Star Wars which I've seen as betrayal and selling-out, and then Lego went into a direction which killed my interesting in it completely by introducing Bionicle, which didn't really fit either System or Technic (and I don't care what some people say, I still don't consider Bionicle a subtheme of Technic). So, I gave all my Lego to my cousin and for around twenty years I pretty much forgot about it. But a couple of months ago I went to my aunt's and found out that my cousin (who also got bored with Lego a couple of years after me) started getting back into Lego: he bought several new Technic sets (42093 Chevrolet Corvette, 42107 Ducati Panigale plus several smaller ones), and they impressed me quite a bit. Nostalgia hit me hard, and I started checking out new Lego myself out of curiosity. I found out that there are actually some new themes that are of interest to me, like Creator, Ideas and Architecture, and finally I gave in and bought this 31109 Pirate Ship.

So, Ernst, share your Lego stories if you have any, meanwhile I'll be building my ship and maybe post some photos. If this threda wouldn't be of interest to you, I'll just let it die and won't post about Lego anymore.
No. 55676
387 kB, 1250 × 1150
2,2 MB, 4160 × 3120
>6541 the small sea port
Heh, I could only dream of a "small" set like that as a kid. It would probably cost my dad's monthly wage back in the nineties. And I never saw trains actually being sold in stores, possibly because no one would be able to afford them anyway. I personally never was a fan of trains but the collage picture in 1997 catalogue was top-tier, and I could just stare at it in fascination.

>starting without a plan or any idea what the final assembly would look like
Yeah, that's how it went for me often, too. You want to build something, but you're not sure what, so you just go with whatever comes to mind, and the end result may end up being pretty surreal.

Meanwhile, I got my old legos from my cousin, and built some of them. Some parts are missing, some parts are broken, and some break right in my hands, but I still manage to complete most sets. I think I could order missing pieces from Bricklink someday.
No. 55678
30 kB, 600 × 458
I have also looked at this exact same image several times. I think my dad had a small lego train set, like a track, a station and a little hook claw platform. I never played with it since I was like 3 or 4, and therefore my dad feared I'd ruin his train. I've stared in awe at that exact same picture an decades ago.
No. 55679 Kontra
63 kB, 517 × 322
Fug yes, I remember a dial like this.
No. 55695 Kontra
The only thing I remember is that I didn't get one. Such was life.

Hide No. 28187 [Reply]
24 kB, 450 × 300
proccia ernsts pls give me images and descriptions of what russia is like at it's heart, or just generally the slavic east, ukraineposters, belarus etc, what do your deepest most treasured childhood memories consist of, what is your home like in your mind, what do you remember seeing in history books, or glimpses of memory, etcetera; what is so overcharacteristically, stereotypically russian in a positive sense that it might come to mind if your country would come across in a major motion picture or something, even a rural part, that it might be recognizable to people of alls the worlds? thnx
No. 55614
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:43
It may be a bit more a direct and different thing in Russia, but here at least no business is actually truly independent in fact simply registering a new business requires going through this absolutely byzantine process. Like you cannot simply incorporate yourself, which everyone would do to take tax breaks from living expenses for example as a "cost of personal business." It often requires all manner of registration fees and licensing agreements and so on, particularly the more closer you get to challenging the monopolies or duopolies of any of the real powers in this country.

I will take take examples for you.

For starters, my one relative could not register his farm as being "organic." That is because the label itself is "Organic" is a registered trademark and therefore requires licensing fees. The mark itself also allows for a variety of different chemicals to be used, which most typically are also used by the major industrial farms. In order to simply apply for the registration and the licensing fees it costs something like $1200 for that alone. As a result of this, because he is only this tiny small little farm trying to sell tomatoes and eggs or some shit he's literally banned from legally calling his fresh produce which had literally nothing applied to it but chickenshit who themselves had no hormones or anything "organic" because the fee alone would make his small operation utterly unprofitable, which in turn eliminates even the small town farmer as competition to the major agribusinesses which constitute a major power bloc in our midwest. So even with something so simple as calling literally organic produce "OrganicTM" he can get sued and shut down by the state for breaking the law that ultimately protects the major agricorps whose votes every president also wants, especially Republicans.

[Show 7 more lines]

No. 55616
Well, what you describe seems standard for most places. The Russian case is far different and has its roots in the the peculiarities of the Soviet incomplete dissolution.

Also, I had parked my car in an empty field and was having a cigarette as I read your post. An unmarked car pulled up, some guy got out and walked towards me. He identified himself as a cop and asked if everything was alright, seeming genuinely concerned if I was alright. Feels good living in a peaceful nation.
No. 55621
Nah, he assumed I was sad/depressed - probably looked that way. After all, truth is stranger than his hypothesis, given I was just browsing a German autism support forum.
He wasn't trying to interrogate me, didn't even ask my name, just asked me if I was alright then said some stuff about keeping your chin up and being pragmatic.
[Spoiler]This might come as a shock for an American, but not all cops behave as occupying forces [/spoiler]
No. 55623 Kontra
Ah you responded before I realized and killed the post. Yeah I realized you meant, he cared how you were feeling. It's just such a foreign concept to me, because here you will notice all these cop videos start with "are you distressed" "are you having a medical emergency" so they don't get sued before tasing you or whether to ask for med transport which they still can get in trouble for punching you while you're handcuffed to the medical gurney.

This isn't to say there aren't good cops, I've dealt with some of them, but the attitude and mentality is so utterly foreign to me.

Wait what the fuck
> me if I was alright then said some stuff about keeping your chin up and being pragmatic.
Okay, I guess some cops despite being on the job can stop and say stuff like that but
> didn't even ask my name,

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Hide No. 55595 Lock [Reply]
3,5 MB, 480 × 360, 1:51

Ve haff ways to make you post
No. 55599 Kontra
mocking other people does not belong on Ernst

Hide No. 55499 [Reply]
5 kB, 304 × 166
Are there any good magazines or similar things you follow?

I got the idea because i'm currently reading this and i like the idea:


Wikipedia says:
"The Journal of Controversial Ideas is a cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to allow academics to publish using pseudonyms if they request it.[1][2] Established in 2018 by philosophers Francesca Minerva, Jeff McMahan, and Peter Singer, the journal began accepting submissions on 20 April 2020.[3] According to McMahan, the journal is needed because of the fear among academics about publishing articles that support certain contentious positions.[4] Minerva came up with the idea after experiencing death threats and difficulty finding employment because of an article she wrote on the ethics of newborn infanticide."

I hope it's not getting too /pol/ tier, but for now i stay interested.

[Show 5 more lines]

No. 55540
There is a German podcast called Methodisch Inkorrekt (Methodical Incorrect) where two physicists try to explain recent scientific papers of all fields, not only physics, which is quite entertaining. Its episodes are quite long though, so I didn't listen to it for a while now. I don't know if there is something similar in English?

Hide No. 55516 [Reply]
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
Take it outside boys, let's not shit up this fine establishment
No. 55539
Without revealing too much about my personal life, my day to day circumstances are extraordinarily different from the average person. Having never truly lived alone for any extended period of time, I am the archetypal sonbasket. Throughout my entire adult life, I worked for the family business which is in the process of slowly folding up. My real life human interactions are solely with my mother, customers seeking to buy things, the clerks at the checkout stands and people at the gym. The only truly emotionally fulfilling human contact I have is with my mother, and with everyone else, the relationships can be described as varying degrees of transactional. I occasionally get an attaboy from others who notice me at the gym, but that's about it. It is an unhealthily reclusive lifestyle but one where changing seems unimaginable.

Your analysis of the song has given me much to ponder. My message was a bit muddled, but that song just annoys me in terms of aesthetics. There are certainly other anti-male numbers (hello, Taylor Swift*), but that one wasn't quite it. The song is less anti-male and more just women, ironically, expressing misogyny among themselves in competition for the affections of other men. The whole "frenemy" concept is even more grossly foreign to me. Why the hell would anyone tolerate someone they have no regard for makes absolutely no sense unless they truly have something to gain in the long term, and if that were the case, what could be so important that you would have to go through this massive charade? Why not just express yourself and be honest? I understand that people "wear masks" so to speak because public decorum frowns upon going "mask off", and oftentimes, expressing how you truly feel can cost you in the long term especially if you are not in an advantageous position, but it still doesn't make any sense to me.

[Show 11 more lines]

No. 55550 Kontra
You completely missed the point I was trying to make. "That asshole" is to you as "that skank" is to her.

>>"women only liking assholes"
>This is something I've come to appreciate from women with time.
Maybe I did not phrase it clearly enough but the implication being that phrase is the kind of retarded stereotype of what incels think. It's utterly untrue.
I'm sure this is going to fill you with ragequite frankly most of these videos are pretty cringey, niche, and I only ran across this seeing if I could find a psych major video not just a bunch of e-thots and by god are they cringey and at times misleading but here
This is the best succinct explanation from the woman's point of view, and while every time I woman verbalizes what "she wants" it should be taken with a grain of saltit goes back to that woman saying "I'm fine" then flipping out why you didn't figure out what's wrong, they will say the complete opposite of what they mean on occasion so you need to have a massive amount of attentiveness, empathy, personal skills etc. in these moments and a good many basically expect you to be the sturdy rock in the maelstrom including not being overly emotional, note that's not the same as emotionless or unempathetic but all that being stated this is one of the best most accurate ways of saying it in as few words as possible.

[Show 14 more lines]

No. 55555 Kontra
1,8 MB, 245 × 180, 0:04
>The whole "frenemy" concept is even more grossly foreign to me. Why the hell would anyone tolerate someone they have no regard for makes absolutely no sense unless they truly have something to gain in the long term, and if that were the case, what could be so important that you would have to go through this massive charade? Why not just express yourself and be honest?
Because women. They get butthurt and jealous among each other while at the same time being much better friends in a sense. It's complicated. You look at the difference between male and female jails and you can kinda tell the massive differences between the genders on that alone, where sex is largely used as an expression of power in male prison and it's more of a socializing/nurturing/building an emotional family thing with women. Plus women feel the need to constantly revisit things and not let anything go, which is by far the most aggravating element. They just don't fucking drop it. Guys it's like you get in a fistfight and that's often it plus because we're more direct physical violence and physically imposing types women don't just act as poisoners to take somebody out, they actively look for the worst, most hurtful, most psychologically scarring thing they can do to somebody, which tends to make their rivalries even more butthurt.

Like imagine if a dude fucked you in the ass with a broomstick and sent the pics to your family and kept finding ways to degrade you. Or did something to really physically, mentally, and emotionally degrade you. Fuck no you're not gonna want to let it go, but that's frequently female weaponry.

[Show 7 more lines]

No. 55574 Kontra
Especially around the 3:00 mark this also is a good primer on what women actually think like
You'll notice she basically sounds like a bernd ernst when prattling on about this CO she had a crush on, right down to freaking out because he brushed past her shoulder once. Moral is, women are just people with ovaries.