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102 kB, 301 × 441
Let's discuss non-electronic gaming. Would prefer it not just bog down in chess and go with nothing else, but we'll see. I know we had at least one German here who played the Dark Eye.

Useful links:

Decent place to pick up .pdf files legally. Also some print on demand. Surprisingly, it's also pretty easy to sift out the average to bad stuff that exists on it.


Great resource. Doesn't have everything, but has most relevant things with some notable exceptions, like GURPS 4e. Mostly exists because those that actually have the power to enforce C&Ds recognise the usefulness of having the first sample free, and the rest either don't care or are out of business or the files are out of date editions .

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No. 30008
Just sent the invite out. Whenever works for you is good for me, within reason. We are only 4 hours apart, with me being 4 ahead.
No. 30088
i think tabletop games are best in a living room, at least with the help of a good video game system. I am still a sucker for an old-style board game when I need it. But if you are thinking of getting into the hobby, I think there are a few things you need to think about before you begin.

First things first, why would you get into this?

Many, many folks started into the hobby for the simple reason that they love to play. They know that the board game and the miniatures on it are a blast for them to play. While in the past it has been possible to get into the hobby, most folks have only played with hobby games of their own devising, or have been playing them for a long time and would like to continue to do so. This is a great point to begin your discussion, because the hobby is the only way we've been able to give back to the community.
No. 30103
I think that who you play with is far more important than where you play. A bad session is still bad even if you're at a table with friends, while an excellent group can make even long-distance gaming far more fun and immersive than an average group at the table might.

Tbh, I started playing because it was fun too. Been around the block, RPGs, Wargames and card games both big and small. I work on my own projects because it's fun to fiddle with, simple as that. There are some ideas of contributing to the hobby, especially in the realm of the OSR, but at the end of the day I am in it for fun.

I think it's a disservice to ourselves to not take advantage of the tide of newbies to make a healthier traditional games scene though. The influx is a great opportunity to diversify the playerbase and make the scene more sustainable, but instead we just funnel them all into WotC and GW's orbit and leave the rest of the hobby out to dry.
No. 30467
435 kB, 1 page
I forgot to mention the other night that our test on Astral was pretty successful and we have our first player in the group. If the other Ernsts that are interested would post their usernames so we can get them in the group too, that'd be great. Since I have only 3 days of work this week, there's a good opportunity to have our first session (character creation and intros) later this week.

Sheets are done in-client but having a 'real' one as a backup would probably be a good idea. Plus, at the end of it you get a memento for whatever it's worth.

Hide No. 5999 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 30373
If I didn't have to use 10 because of gayming and audio software I'd use something like Linux Mint. I used it to recover some files when my 10 installation completely borked itself, and it felt really sleek and efficient - not just in performance but in the way everything was designed.

t. find it it too much hassle to dual boot
No. 30403
Yo, dude.
Ive got a 9800gts(i think) and a 1st gen used i series system.
The main thing is i want to mod their VRM-s.
1.The gpu has a horrific coil whine even though its relatively a low power gpu.(it still has that 3dx/voodo support)
2.When overclocking the server cpu 3,2Ghz+ it starts to coil whine hard.

So i want to know how much can i play around with tolerances etc and what i definetely should not do.
1.Like the aluminium corpus capacitors, if for example i install 2x larger capacitance caps there,with the same, if not lower resistance how much can it change the circuit?
Considering the vrm is some buck boost converter @150-300khz cant i just remove the caps and add an expansion pcb with a larger cap bank?But can the newer connections fuck up the circuit in this case with added contact resistaces and parasitical inductances?
2.How is the ripple current rating/value related to the caps own resistance and how should it be treated as?
3.Any tips on choosing mosfets?
No. 30409
>sell Wii with Wode mod to lady on ebay
>she calls me today
>mister somehow the thing does not work
>oh yeah the lower part?
>my daughter ripped it apart
she ripped the ribbon cable out of the console
>now I have to repair it again
never sell modified stuff to normies anons

they could have had a console that plays
but of course normies must give tech stuff to their children to destroy and then complain about it
No. 30410
Tbh, Im going off of what my computer person workmate said. Though he said that it might not work on non-enterprise pcs to be fair. He gave a workaround with finding and blocking certain servers where shit gets sent but it was a bit fiddly for me.

Hide No. 30354 Lock [Reply]
7 kB, 645 × 773
>kohlchan is dead
>old ernstchan is dead
>new ernstchan seeks to distance itself from krautchan heritage

So, can we pronounce the death of krautchan's spirit?

Mods please don't delete this thread ;_;
No. 30405 Kontra

Hide No. 27131 [Reply]
9,4 MB, 1920 × 1080, 2:15
Do you have any more?

(CC should be toggled on)
No. 27262 Kontra
I clicked and it's some guy in Putin-rocker (Russia wolves or however they are called) outfit being butthurt that they made the Sovietunion look bad.
Tiles falling from the walls and windows being defunct in the hospital, officials calling each other comrade plus using their full last names, drinking vodka etc.
"It's the little details that make it obvious that the main function of the show is making Sovietunion look bad" etc. etc., endless nonsensical lamentation of eternal butthurt.
No. 27332
141 kB, 1280 × 720
You're very desperate to support a lying show that purposely misrepresented the past and the people who cleaned up the disaster.

>How HBO's Chernobyl lie right in your face...
No. 27348 Kontra
---> 4cancer sosach/int
No. 30380
epic butthurt in this itt

Hide No. 30022 [Reply]
31 kB, 300 × 600
Saturday so drinking since early morning. Reached for the can as soon as i woke up. Had 7 beers yesterday after work but called a taxi to shop that works till 2am and bought more beers. The taxi driver said i was his last client and we also got some food together (chicken and a burger) then he took me home.

Drinking 4th can of tyskie now
No. 30328
I had a bad 4 day bender, involving go on a night protest drunk, drinking more, arguing with Mainlanders and a manlet Press guy.
The next 3 days anxiety, night sweats and other things wasn't really worth it.
Result was I missed 2 days of work recovering, a few broken glasses.
Anyway yesterday was only 6 cans and more than half a bottle of Whiskey.
Double label not really worth the price tag when I can get a litre bottle of Famous Grouse for half the price.

PSA, Don't drink
No. 30330

Well done. I don't drink much anymore either. By which I mean I don't drink to get drunk anymore. For about three years I'd be getting toasted every day after work. The best thing about being sober is that you discover an extra two hours in the afternoon/evening that would otherwise have disappeared in a drunken blur.
No. 30340 Kontra
cool blog post
No. 30342
49 kB, 685 × 410
How Latvia can stop russians from drinking chep perfume to get drunk?

Gov. is considering taxing the shit out of perfume products.

Hide No. 3248 [Reply]
4,1 MB, 5472 × 3648
I have a question: "Wann ist der Unterricht aus?"
Can I answer like this: "Der Unterricht ist um 10 Uhr aus."?
Thank you for your answers!
No. 28921 Kontra
Kek, two Germans, one experience.
No. 28929
It's also the diminutive for the female name Alexandra.

t. knower
No. 28935
Busfahrer raus! :3
No. 30338
>It's also the diminutive for the female name Alexandra.
Yes, it is. Thank you for everyone!

Hide No. 11088 [Reply]
165 kB, 762 × 1048
146 kB, 900 × 1259
191 kB, 640 × 894
24 kB, 300 × 450
Can we have quality thread on this topic? I honestely dunno what to disscuss specifically - types of anthropomorphism, your favorite pictures, talk about theoretical anatomy and other possibilities, searching for different media with anthro animals.

I don't like all "furry" resourses where I been - not people that I want to talk with, not people who cares about interesting disscution, just some teenagers who jerk off on mediacore quality hentai pics.

Ah yes, to not harm other posters post nsfw pictures under spoilers. Hope there will be people who interested in this thematics as much, as myself. And maybe we can attract to club more new people.
No. 30271
84 kB, 1000 × 610
Decided to bump it just in case it will sink because of spam
No. 30313
456 kB, 759 × 1024
10 kB, 240 × 300
93 kB, 1280 × 824
Should have picked up drawing years ago, now I can't draw.
No. 30335
You can draw from any age - it's just requre time and patience, depending on your natural skill.
No. 30336
Also we have drawing thread if you interested.

Hide No. 23815 [Reply]
85 kB, 746 × 556
No. 30295
No it's not.
No. 30298
Did you increase the catalog size?
I approve of this.
No. 30301
Old EC had I think 25 hidden pages at the end of the catalog. I dunno if they're accessible to posters but I've seen things come back from it in the past. That said, I'm not sure if they're on xyz.
No. 30312
Old EC hat 50 pages enabled internally, 25 for public use. During quiet times I used to clean pages 40-50 from bad threads so when push came to shove there were a few pages of buffer so we wouldn't lose any quality discussions due to Kohlposters.

Source: Former mod on old EC/int/

Hide No. 19882 [Reply]
114 kB, 640 × 431
611 kB, 716 × 916
I wasn't sure were to post this as it didn't really fit into the today or documentary thread so I just started my own.
I've seen a fair few people post blogs on somewhat unrelated threads, and I thought it was a good idea if people just posted on this thread instead of unrelated threads.
Anyway, here is an interesting blogpost about environmental hypocrisy: https://www.ecosophia.net/the-flight-from-nature

Before anyone responds:
>Ecological Spirituality
I agree that 90% of the site is stupid shit but sometimes the literal resident autist Mr. Greer gives pretty scathing critiques of so-called modern "environmentalists".
No. 26348
i just pick pieces of something interesting and store it into my brain

i don't follow anything special except some random generic bullshit i mean when you read something like some obscure """"tech"""" sites or news or forums or something
No. 26349
btw this is interesting but its just teh classic autism

i read it from time to time when i feel down
No. 30269
No. 30305
43 kB, 917 × 458
The popular online identification of the Joker character with the incel subculture precedes Joaquin Phoenix’s depiction of him—most notably (to me at least) in the “Gang Weed” meme, the origin of the “Gamers Rise Up” and “We Live in a Society” mantras. But whereas the previous Joker incarnations only obliquely relate to the incel—that is, they only really become “incel” when the Gang Weed meme appropriates them, but otherwise are simply witty, violent gangsters—the Phoenix interpretation leans in to this popular online imagining of the character, embracing the “inceldom” of the Joker by way of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver.

Joker fits the character study of Arthur Fleck into the plot structure of a superhero-origin-story. Thus the seemingly “formulaic” plot structure was a point of derision for a number of less-impressed critics, but this misses the point. “I literally described to Joaquin at one point […] like, ‘Look at this as a way to sneak a real movie in the studio system under the guise of a comic book film.’ It wasn’t, ‘We want to glorify this behavior.’ It was literally like, ‘Let’s make a real movie with a real budget and we’ll call it f–ing Joker.’ That’s what it was,” Todd Phillips told The Wrap. But the restrictions of the superhero-origin-story plot formula is precisely what makes “sneaking in” the “real,” the traumatic Real, movie possible, the real that’s so real it must be repressed, the real that must be avoided at all costs. The artificiality of the superhero-origin-story form tolerates this Real, it makes possible this movie in which Oedipus is overthrown, the “Beta Uprising” triumphs—because the comic book superhero-origin formula here demands only one essential characteristic: that by the end of it all, the Joker becomes who he is. The incel loser has to lose; it would be obscene to make a film that glorifies Elliot Rodger, his spree killing and his death. But that’s not the case here. Here the incel is a superhero, a superhero that cannot die.

[Show 6 more lines]

Hide No. 4705 [Reply]
23 kB, 450 × 300
1,6 MB, 1268 × 655
We have a dedicated thread for movies, series and short films but not about documentaries and i think they deserve one.

If we happen to already have one and i just missed it or the moderation thinks this fits in another thread, pls just delete.

I start with this

China´s lonesome sons - The difficulties of finding a wife in China

It pretty much follows a guy who is buying a wife.

Documentary is German with English subtitles.
No. 25801
Thank you so much for that doc about the japanese skater. It's probably a personal thing for me, but this was more inspiring that anything in the last year. I feel like I have the energy to do something creative now instead of just working. So I'll go do that instead of typing more text here.
No. 25808
>Do you skate?

I used to in my youth and today i regret that i ever stopped.
I was thinking about getting back into it for a while but for a fat, close to 30 guy without any friends that skate it seems like a ridiculous idea.

I was a big fan of Rodney Mullen back then because of his THPS skate videos, i could never relate to all those Tony Hawks with their fancy pools and half pipes. Street is where it's at.


(I'm >>25769 and not >>25771 btw)
No. 25921
6 kB, 259 × 194
While it fits the topic:

All This Mayhem

All This Mayhem is a searing account of what happens when raw talent and
extreme personalities collide. In this unflinching, never-before-seen
account of drugs and the dark side of professional skateboarding,
brothers Tas and Ben Pappas' intense bond and charisma take them from
the pinnacle of their sport into a spiraling world of self-destruction.

I would also recommend This Ain't California but it's a fictional film in a documentary style and not really a documentary.
It's about skateboarding in East-Berlin in the 1980s
No. 30283
bump to save from kohl spam