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>Since there is no philosophy threda
here it is.

i was lately toying with a little idea and wanted to hear Ernst's input on it.

As you all may know we have a serious problem with plastic pollution. We developed some genetic engineered fungi capable of breaking down plastics and reintroduce the parts into the "normal" biological cycle. I'm not aware of some genetic engineered bacteria capable of doing such, but let's suppose we have some.

would you introduce these into the wild bio-cycle?

I would tend towards "yes". First, let's try to imagine/determine all possible consequences. Ya, yaha. I know impossible task to do so; just look at what fuckery we did to the australian bio-cycle.

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No. 27358
>Libertarian vs. Authoritarian

Authoritarianism vs. Libertarianism is a false dichotomy that needs to end. You can't just pick and choose this kind of shit or that kind of shit; this isn't a grand strategy game or D&D. An Anarchist movement that fails does not allow for "more freedom" than a Stalinist one that succeeds. Likewise, a Black Bloc riot in Greece that burns down a police station and beats up Fascists is more authoritarian than the Cuban government allowing certain bureaucrats to own more land and have access to luxuries most of the population doesn't. Right-Libertarians aren't really wrong that AnComs are "closeted" authoritarians, for the same reasons we shouldn't be surprised when these self-proclaimed guardians of individual liberty (the Right-Libertarians and AnCaps) embrace Fascism at the drop of a hat.

This freedom/authority dichotomy is derived almost entirely from bourgeois Liberal political philosophy and European enlightenment deontology about the transcendental rights of the individual as opposed to the government. In reality, neither the government nor the individual really exist in this idealized sense; only networks of material relations and the immaterial relations produced by them. These relations are mediated by social infrastructure. This infrastructure is everything from a highway to a parliament to an arrangement of the family.

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No. 27370 Kontra
>It's like asking why Rand and Ron Paul refuse to just get along with Hitler and Mussolini.

There's a much vaster difference (I say an ocean's worth) between American Constitutionalist Libertarians and Fascists than there is between Communists and Anarchists because those philosophies were founded on entirely different principles. Germany and Italy were never Liberal societies historically and are only "Liberal" now because American Liberalism drives much of the discourse post-globalization.

Today's crop of White Nationalists feel differently about Hitler, but in the initial post-war period, even the staunchest Segregationaists and Klansmen would get intensely leery if you started promoting Nazism in their presence. They ultimately saw themselves as Americans, not Germans.

On another completely different note, here's an interesting essay speculating on a figurative dialogue between Kropotkin and Marx:
No. 27375
The Enlightenment, which literally is the basis of all liberalism, literally started in Italy. More recently, Germany was literally one of the most liberal countries and Berlin was the most gay friendly city in all of Europe before the Nazis came to power, and even before that it's entirely valid to argue that both the Nietzcheans and the Protestant Reformation are derived from strictly anti-Conservative and anti-traditionalist sentiments.

Why do I feel like this is copypasta. I swore I read it somewhere else unless I somehow read it right before falling asleep and dont remember
No. 30259
saving from raid

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104 kB, 720 × 1280
what is your highest level achieved in academia?
No. 30148
Hm. Maybe I should just go to trade school after undergrad. I don’t have any debt due to scholarships and I’m still young.

No. 30150
I just don't want to waste my money on stupid shit that won't do much of anything for me, which is what my BA was ultimately except I at least got the most excellent chance of spending four years hanging out exclusively with 17-23 years olds and doing young adult things. I won't actually get that as a Master's student however at least I'd plausibly be surrounded by people above the level of complete dumbasses during that time frame, but like hell am I piling more debt on. Of course on the other hand, having a MA in some field much actually get me a well paying job. Fortunately I had no such illusions about a BA doing that. I sorta feel bad for all the people who didn't realize it was a scam ahead of time though.
No. 30155

Thanks Mr.PhD, but I knew that already. It anyhow all comes back to "do you want to be hired?" or "do you want to self-employed?". I just want to live my life with enough money to survive + a few bonuses. So far so good and that without ever paying taxes (and no, I am not a criminal in any kind, just using loopholes.) I am considering the Masters next to the self-valuing obviously because of the credentials. Academics became inflationary, no news here unfortunately. PhD is the new Masters etc. But I think I will just continue how I do, since I am always able to find a (okayish) job, but I simply dont want 99,9999% of them. Fortunately I have the wealth of long-term friendships with smart and honorable friends, who will support me when I am homeless!
No. 30162
MSc in a top tier brand name uni in anglo land

Should have listened to my mom and stayed for a PhD instead of trying to rule over third worlders tbh

Hide No. 28028 Systemkontra [Reply]
36 kB, 501 × 500
old deda
No. 30142
314 kB, 2400 × 1600
154 kB, 1280 × 720
There are IHOP's in Germany aren't there?
If so, they're pretty much the same.
No. 30157
91 kB, 1190 × 1007
On US Bases perhaps, no chance of ever getting in.

I want hashbrowns and sausage or a steak with egg and toast for breakfast and a delicious pancake with whipped cream and some sirup or choco or whatever is put on it. Fucking hell, the closest you can get when it comes to non-frenchy breakfast here is British breakfast. We don't have many chains anyway and when you go to a café the food is way too fancy, I want tasty trash tbh.
No. 30158
85 kB, 931 × 524
>With that concluded, I've voted in every type of election there is.
Good for you. I've only voted in national elections, which is strange because those are the ones where your vote has the least impact. The smaller local stuff is decided by much thinner margins, so you can feel like you were heard, and potentially even make a difference.

The Waffle House isn't fancy, but for a greasy diner they make pretty good food. I've only been there a few times, and it was always really early or really late. Maybe it's common for some people to visit regularly for lunch and such, but I always thought of it as a waystation when you just need a place to crash.
No. 30161
50 kB, 550 × 348
50 kB, 550 × 348
69 kB, 550 × 412
Try this place sometime. It sounds like they may have what you're desiring.
They're called "the Denny's of Germany."

Hide No. 29033 [Reply]
155 kB, 329 × 500
Thread about techno awaraness, techno realism and techno skepticism
No. 29523
You might stop the party, but you can’t stop the future.
No. 29538
Lot of buzzword drivel that equals just connecting dots, which is nothing convincing, sorry.
Anyway the last sentence is interesting as insofar as you could make a divide of indentificable and non-identificable, clearly imagebaords belong to the latter and are a problem in a logic that seeks to make everything identificable. Big Data is also part of the state and not just relevant for commercial interests. the state is concerned with security and therefore engages in biopolitics. KC and such could be identified as a threat, since you don't know it, you cannot really identify its elements.
No. 30089
I'm techno sceptic. When it comes to freedom of expression and even propeert rights it will be worse and worse, because of big tech giants.

I'd actually like them to. I don't know that they realise it but I'd like them to, at least.

I'm not a huge tech consumer myself. I actually don't buy tech products like tablets, laptops, anything which is on the market, except for a few very expensive watches which I wear for various reasons. So I don't think I can buy a £1000 luxury watch on a normal price basis.

Maybe I'm way of thinking too much. It's very easy to get on the bandwagon of tech companies. They don't have an obligation to support free speech. I understand that they might. I know a bunch of them who are really passionate about free speech. It's pretty funny that as far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as the 'right' way to criticise Google, or Apple, Microsoft or Google
No. 30117
for all the techno skeptics: techno exists, I was at a techno party recently

Hide No. 13298 [Reply]
65 kB, 400 × 400
How does one make money online that doesn't involve crypto/SR/camwhoring? like for example, how does one actually start a blog and make money from it? Do you need to set up all kinds of things like bank account, a paypal or whatever, and have advertisers pay you or what?
No. 30051
108 kB, 442 × 253
destroyyin 3 beers ayyy
No. 30055
The answer depends on what you are trying to do. You need to know how to make money online before that will mean anything. For example if you are a writer, you know online publishing means your articles need to be read by a lot of people. If you are a business then your products are worth a lot to the customers who buy them. If both you and your business are trying to make money online, then they are both very similar.

The first step in making money online is to pick something that interests you. That something could be a website, blog, or an application. If that niche is too broad to fill then you have to look for something specific than that.

Take a trip to the mall to try out one of that niche but there is another website worth your attention and that is the one for which you are writing the article.

Now that you have picked one you want to fill with content that you can take to market in the near future
No. 30079
That you can make a lot of money without having to be a crypto/SR shill by having a well placed "buy now and sell later" type of website that's built for the same userbase/engagement (and a low conversion rate)? Or, that your "selling" site is a legit business trying to make some money that way?

I think the first of these answers isn't going to work.

What's the second answer?

I'm trying to think of an online business I'm interested in because I don't think it's a scam. That it's a legit business that has a few things going for it:

They use crypto for their revenue sources (includiing camwhoring, sr/camwhore, p2p purchases etc.) They have a highly engaged and engaged user base They manage a marketplace of goods and services
No. 30096
I sell things in my local ebay aka mercado libre. Im studying so i work like 10hrs a week on my store and get like 400Usd in profits. And when im collapsed in studies i just pause the pause. I import the things from China using a virtual prepaid Credit card so i dont have to go to the bank and caring about paying bills every month

Hide No. 28187 [Reply]
24 kB, 450 × 300
proccia ernsts pls give me images and descriptions of what russia is like at it's heart, or just generally the slavic east, ukraineposters, belarus etc, what do your deepest most treasured childhood memories consist of, what is your home like in your mind, what do you remember seeing in history books, or glimpses of memory, etcetera; what is so overcharacteristically, stereotypically russian in a positive sense that it might come to mind if your country would come across in a major motion picture or something, even a rural part, that it might be recognizable to people of alls the worlds? thnx
No. 29657
Not really eastern slav here but I have childhood memories of early 00s Poland if that helps.
Streets all fucked up, when the car of my family (I was born in germany but we've visited our family over there every year) bumped over the deep holes in the streets my used to hold my head so it wouldn't bang against the seat.
Most of the cars were from soviet days still, only a few had western cars from the 90s.
Music was super cheap and cheesy disco polo with epileptic high-pitched beats and on parties there usually were 3L fake Coca Cola bottles for the children.
My mom's family was raised altogether on a small farm, so we usually spent most of the time there.
I played with the other kids of the family outside, we fed rhe rabbits in their rusty cages and played family in the barn. There was an old tireless car stranded on the field, we used to sit in at warm summer evenings.
In winter we would go to the higher points of the fields and take plastic bags with us on which we would glide down through the snow.
At christmas eve all the family gathered and had a meal, presents were given out and the children were told that over at the barn jesus christ would make the animals talk tonight.
Also there was my great-grandmother, the matriarch of the family. Always wearing a headscarf, she was said to have never ever in her life worn shoes and came to southern-silesia from eastern-galicia. In a train together with all of her 13 children, she always used to say that the germans were saints compared to the ukrainians.

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No. 29683
You can look it up.
Power inevitably changes, and the next one over would try to fulfill the demand, whatever the demand is. Otherwise it won't become "next power". This is the demand that I feel.
There isn't even a moderately right-wing party in Russia atm, not even the fake one. Does that mean there's no demand for nationalism and local self-government? No, it doesn't, it only means that the system is artificial and fake, and the right-leaning crowd is least represented even by the shitty representation standards that are in place.
No. 29710
No. 30083
Russia is cold also dark and full of suffering. Russia is the land of blood, death and suffering. Its people have endured many years of starvation and war. However, Russia has become a great power once again. It's economy has transformed into one of the world's foremost economic giants and Russia still remains strong within Europe and Asia

Hide No. 14283 [Reply]
48 kB, 380 × 436
What things do you lads recommend for getting over a cold manflu, other than the passage of time? I had to go home sick from work today but the office is really too busy for me to be taking the whole week off.

I assume that eating half a tin of Christmas chocolates just now was a mistake.
No. 14555
I think I had the Java flavored one. It basically just tasted like some kind of slightly grainy chocolate and coffee hard candy. It also last forever I could take just one and keep it in my cheek for like 4-5 sessions without needing to swallow it and it killed the cravings better than gum ever did.
No. 29960
Scarfs, also neckwools
No. 29996
>Man flu
wtf is wrong with Anglos?
No. 30078
Want to avoid flu? Well, consider this: The CDC just released new data with more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting the fact that the flu vaccine actually works — it's just more effective for those with the flu.

And the best possible way to avoid the flu is... a good old fashioned flu shot!

Hide No. 11781 [Reply]
3,1 MB, 427 × 240, 1:24
9,8 MB, 450 × 360, 3:45
13,6 MB, 500 × 281, 5:05
3,2 MB, 360 × 360, 0:54
Well I guess no one else is doing it so who feels like a webm threda?
No. 30014
3,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:15
No. 30018
Nice OP. Cold War themed synthwave is fucken kino. I kind of want to play Armored Brigade now.
No. 30020
Riga, 1991 January happenings.
No. 30021
669 kB, 640 × 480, 0:10

Hide No. 29992 [Reply]
340 kB, 493 × 493
Does anyone have the video proof web of the Russian general/garch ranting on about how they will manipulate the gravity of the earth to pull the oceans to sink america?

Many thank and kind regards
No. 30001
No. 30007

Hide No. 29432 [Reply]
67 kB, 613 × 387
1,5 MB, 20 pages
5,7 MB, 19 pages
Reversed electrodialysis (RED) is a method of extracting electrical power out of salinity gradient energy between seawater and freshwater. It functions similar to any other electrochemical method, effectively it is a fuel cell that uses ions from seasalt as fuel. Ions are exchanged through selective membranes, so that cations and anions flow in opposite directions, effectively creating an electrical current that is balanced by opposite-equal flow of electrons through the electrical circuit it feeds.
How much energy is available for harvesting this way?
>In the Netherlands, for example, more than 3,300 m³ fresh water runs into the sea per second on average. The membrane halves the pressure differences which results in a water column of approximately 135 meters. The energy potential is therefore e=mgΔh=3.3*106 kg/s*10 m/s2*135 meters ca.= 4.5*109 Joule per second, Power=4.5 gigawatts.
What's Ernst's opinion on this readily available source of energy?
No. 29438
Seems like you need a small house full of machinery to produce the same power as a car battery.
No. 29445
Yes, it's not a technology that works on small scale... but it might be a viable alternative industrial energy source if you have a river you can utilise.
No. 30002
So if you were able to redirect every drop of water that reaches the shores in the netherlands all you get is about 1 nuclear powerplant?
No. 30006
I have serious doubt in the practicality on a greater scale. How are the Nerherlands supposed to put a membrane between the land and the sea? Maybe they could put a membrane over one or some arms of the Rhine delta, but that would cover just a percentage of the supposedely 3,300 m³ fresh water/4.5 gigawatt potential. Also I see a problem with keeping that membrane free from debris and penetration by same debris.

As practical applications ocean power plants that generate energy from waves and tidal
power plants that generate power from tidal streams seem to make more sense.

Given that higher salinity provides higer energy densities, preprocessing the seawater using solar desalination should provide a higher energy generation per square meter of membrane,
so for the time being my conclusion is Reversed electrodialysis (RED) might rather have a potential for countries that already generate drinking water from desalination, and therefore already produce huge amounts of brine as a waste product of the desalination process
(Arabs, Australia, Israel, Singapore etc.).