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Hide No. 46479 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,8 MB, 1500 × 1489
482 kB, 1000 × 1000
39 kB, 309 × 408
Old thread is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. In case you're new: The best stream is The Weekly Album stream, the others can be ignored.

Share your musical taste and your seductive voice (no homo) with your fellow Ernsts, and help making this chan not only enojoyable for the eyes and mind, but also for the ears. As always, there are no restrictions whatsoever in what to stream. Just share what you like, every streamer has his own ideas and style, and it only makes the radio more interesting.

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/

There's also a chat and a discord where you usually find people talking about gay porn and penguins during the streams.

http://ernst.bplaced.net/chat/blabax.php (You can register with an email or make a guest account which will tie your name to your IP. If you have a changing IP and want to keep your name register with email)

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No. 53294
Unfortunately (or not) they stared doing line works on my internet again, outside of specified hours too which is pissibg me off. Hence the drop. Such cases.
No. 53295
883 kB, 960 × 541
Well fug! Hope we wil hear the rest of it soon, Aussie Porngoreshitwank is a painfully underrepresented genre on the radio these days :DD
No. 53325
I bet these are as terrible as they sound and are basically not distinct from other genres. Why do so many people insist on coming up with some special snowflake name for what's basically just regular death metal or hiphop or something. Like electronica. There's got to be at least a hundred different subgenres of electronic music and all but like three or four of them sound pretty much exactly the same to the rest.
No. 53342
I'd say you're talking out of your arse, but that'd hit closer to the shitcore wheelhouse than what you just posted lmao.


Hide No. 22870 [Reply]
832 kB, 1200 × 900
1,4 MB, 1944 × 2592
3,9 MB, 1500 × 903
202 kB, 1400 × 844
Since a few of us here are seriously interested in religion, let us have a discussion for all things related to faith, theology, spirituality, metaphysics, et cetera. Virtually everything within the purview of faith is welcome in this thread. Absolutely no restrictions on any particular belief system. Cults are as welcome as major religion so long as they have serious, substantial beliefs. Agnostics, atheists, secularists and the non-religious are welcome, but keep your inquiries and arguments in good faith.
No. 52986
It gets passed on through the ages and morphs over time. Well to start with the Christian God is a Canaanite god and many of the myths relating to the religion pre-Jesus are from Canaanite religion or other regional religions. Regions tend to copy from each other.

But yes, most of the people of the age could not read, particularly not peasants and many of Jesus disciples were peasants so it is unlikely that they actually wrote what is attribute to them. Early on there were many different versions of what would become the Bible written by different people, overtime a few of these became cannon and the rest were discarded(such as the one found recently that has Judas as the only disciple that understood the true message of Jesus while the rest did not).

It's the same with any religion, Greek myths have different interpretations and variants and what we have are just the variants that have survived, the Christians from early on had tried to centralise and unify into one common scripture so they removed much of the variant texts.
No. 52987
>sageing your own thread
No. 53003
I doubt anyone can or could memorize the entire Bible verbatim, not to mention as I said eventually divergences would emerge.
No. 53172
0 Bytes, 880 × 1060
File deleted


Hide No. 45435 [Reply]
352 kB, 1800 × 1800
Hello, I am new here, so I'm not sure whether my post is going to be appropriate or not. Someone sent me here when I asked if there was any imageboard with less racism and rudeness.

I have been very depressed over a single disturbing idea for the past four years, and I need some advice regarding how I can overcome this. I am a twenty-two-year-old Indian man living in India (in case you didn't recognise the flag). When I was about eighteen years old, I started browsing online imageboard communities such as 4chan and Krautchan. Now, a lot of people in such websites have racist and White supremacist leanings. They are generally very impolite to brown/Black people such as myself. Moreover, they justify their racism by citing an ideology known as "race realism".

The idea behind race realism is that darker-skinned races are inherently intellectually inferior to lighter-skinned races, and are hence less evolved in terms of cognitive ability. According to studies conducted by a certain number of IQ researchers, the average IQ of India is around 82, while the average IQ of Sub-Saharan African is in the range 60 to 75. The threshold for intellectual disability in Western countries is supposed to be around 85. Hence the average Indian or African is intellectually disabled by Western standards. This explains why countries with darker-skinned people are poor, and why there has been very little contribution to academic fields from these countries.

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No. 53140
Just ignore them. You should pay attention to yourself before your history and your race. If you are living a successful life and have good social interaction the rest doesn't really matter. Just by being a good influence to others and help your people in the long run. At some point nations that are now powerful were very weak and nations that are weak now used to be superpowers. Things change as time goes
No. 53141
We have a visitor from Ethiopia! Awesome! Welcome, friend
No. 53146 Kontra
It's clearly a proxy from k*hl. You can tell because there's usually a cluster of shitposts and shit threads getting bumped up top.
No. 53690 Kontra
I don't understand why, from looking at the literature, you would conclude white superiority. East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews routinely outperform Whites by a significant margin in IQ tests.
Idk feels like a troll post? Why would you not even mention this?

Hide No. 53067 Lock [Reply]
3,6 MB, 480 × 265, 0:04
35 kB, 1636 × 398
Kaycee murdered on it's birthday - the thread
No. 53104 Kontra
This. Kohl is NOT KC.

Hide No. 49546 [Reply]
232 kB, 1280 × 804
I'm 26. During the periods I feel lonely, overwhelmed by difficulties, faced by hard choices etc, I go online and waste hours, days, weeks in a trance/artificial coma. Mindless scrolling, refreshing, muscle-memory typing URLs. This is only stopped by external stimuli, and when there is none, it doesn't stop.

There were years when I (over)used the internet to study interesting things. News, technological breakthroughs, physics, politics, literature, you name it. I actually became very knowledgeable in some topics. But eventually my interest subsided, and nothing useful was yielded from my time online.

I spend literally years of my life on the internet. Thousand upon thousands of hours wasted completely on forums, communities and imageboards, on repeating, stupid, vile discussions. My ability for critical thought is no longer there. My inner monologue, my ability to think consciously and maintain my focus is crippled. My language skills in my first language declined so much that for some periods I was not able to remember the right words for many concepts in my own fucking language.

Right now I should have been talking to a friend. I should have gone out for a drink with someone. Maybe I should have visited a shrink for an expensive chat. Or I should be sleeping in anticipation of going to work tomorrow. But here I am, typing away my thoughts once again, on an anonymous imageboard. Publishing the details of some of my lowest lows for the world to see. Hoping something will change this time. It's just sad how someone at my age was developed such a deep addiction to something so stupid. Had I spend all those thousands of hours speaking to "real" people, like over Facebook or IRL, I would have had at least something to show for. Meaningful discussions. Continuity. Accountability. Maybe a handful of friends, a girlfriend, or maybe just even just the normal human experience of socializing. It would have been better over what I've been doing so far.

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No. 49560 Kontra
Yeah, now I'm also starting to see you still complaining online at 40...
No. 49626
Longish reply here. Some of the things you wrote feel familiar from my past, so I can relate a little even if circumstances are different. I don't know you or psychology, so my ideas may be all wrong:

>such a deep addiction to something so stupid
It's nothing to feel ashamed about. Internet is naturally addictive, especially interactive feedback loops like Facecancer and imageboards, and especially for people who have no superior stimuli in their lives.

Perhaps it's a consolation to you that you may have wasted your prime years, and any topical knowledge you've accrued may never be useful, but you know there are way worse addictions, like substance abuse or gambling. I'm just saying this so you can hopefully feel a little better by comparing your situation to those people who've had it even worse, and appreciate that your addiction is less destructive on body and wallet.

More importantly, wow you're still young! Don't think: "How can someone so young already be such a failure?" I think your young age is an asset and greatly improves your chances of somehow managing to pull yourself out of your situation. Perhaps not soon, perhaps not on your next try, perhaps slowly, just keep trying.

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No. 53001
34 kB, 500 × 375
I'm 20, but realised the same was true for me at 16. This won't change my planning to get out of it, by doing whatever I can from hereon out. I hope you won't fall for that fallacy. I hope it's true for both, all of us, that it just takes a long time for us to get around to things. All you can do is your best. No reason not to let your thoughts determine your life, for the better.
No. 53007
334 kB, 792 × 1421
Ach ernst... you may get something out of pic related or you may not.

Hide No. 21800 [Reply]
132 kB, 546 × 670
512 kB, 1946 × 960
192 kB, 657 × 800
164 kB, 960 × 960
I dont know where to put this and I guess history thread is on systemkontra
Video is about Russia getting smaller. But my question is, do you think Russia's collapse in early 90s would not have happened if they didn't lose a massive amount of their population? Do you think it was ultimately generational population shocks that killed USSR?
No. 52921
There were actually a few surviving examples of designs like that. They were not usually steel as steel is both heavy and was quite expensive back then so usually they were wood. Of course there is Leonardo's but also their was a German knight who designed one and Hans Talhoffer did as well. Aside from Leonardo's of course, must were horse powered in some way. And then we have siege towers and rams that were armoured boxes.

They are just too heavy, slow and finicky even when made of wood and don't actually serve much of a purpose. So for example, the typical design was to create a huge wooden box filled with cannon and horses to move it. So even if this is possible what have you created and what is the point of it? If you want to protect artillery during a siege build emplacements, if you want protected artillery on an open field build a fort or make a wagon fort. If you want the infantry to move up to a position under cover, use mantlets or a siege tower. It's a novel idea there just isn't much reason to do it particularly give the cost and impracticality of it.
No. 52923
No I want infantry to fire crossbow bolts into the massed enemy with impuni
Ohhh. No, no nevermind I just figured out why not, because all you would have to do is encircle this slowass heavy box and just dump lit pitch or flaming oil on it. I'm guessing it really must've just boiled down to higher maneuverability was always preferable and the extra armor just came later as the gas and diesel powered engines made even flying metal boxes super fast and agile. But then again, our first armored naval ships also were slow af and basically just spent the Civil War sinking anything that wasn't fully plated.
No. 52925
That's what a pavise is for, you would not really fit many crossbowman in one anyway.

And yes, there is that. Though having it be a central strong point supported by the rest of the army would prevent that. But then it is still a huge and cumbersome thing, so just getting it to the battlefield would be a task in itself and it may even be easier to just build a fort(certainly a wagon fort would be easier).
No. 52927
218 kB, 680 × 510
I am starting to get the impression you just like forts

Hide No. 52673 [Reply]
395 kB, 800 × 1182
208 kB, 780 × 438
Hey Ernst how do i quit that shithole entirely? I am addicted to shitposting but that cunt of a website steals my time and has already stolen many years from my life. I don't mind it here on EC because its quiet but it scratches that itch to go back to a faster paced imageboard.

I promise i wont shit this place up, ive been here on and off since the death of Krautchan.
No. 52779
47 kB, 500 × 501
Canadians, Brazilians and Poles are the triumvirate of shitty posters. However about 20% of the time a Brazilian or Pole will make a coherant post - Canadians are something else entirely.

>Canadians on the other hand while less numerous are consistently awful.
No. 52780
They are the worst kind of posters. They are base and vulgar and constantly posts memes all of the time.
No. 52876
I try to quit kohl and be here but I just can't :/
No. 52932 Kontra
8 kB, 128 × 200
I tried looking at the 4krebs and it's like if Canada got in some biotransferance module to server necrodermis and became a website. That whole place is so consistently and unspeakably awful...I'm speechless. /vg/ is just a wall of shitty weeb crap. All their generals is some stupid weeb shit. Their business board is mostly crypto, not even crypto but just outright scams, no one there knows anything about anything at all. It's made me think it's time to open a bunch of throwaways on reddit and post there instead. They actually have their shit together as a site and as a knowledge base. krebs is just mouthbreathing retarded boomers and their abortion dodger children.
Even their porn is bad.
and the irony of this btw which I think speaks volumes about them all is the fact their porn board is seemingly half tranny shit and the other half cuck porn. This confuses me because the obvious fact is black guy on white women porn is a category because black men watch it. Yet I can't help but wonder if poltards in particular are this one ultra degenerate group of white guys who watches BBC porn for reasons I can't begin to understand.no seriously, trannies and black cocks. It really starts to make their bizarre behavior make a lot more sense.

Hide No. 48669 [Reply]
815 kB, 640 × 360, 0:07
Lately I've been nostalgic for the good ol days of the original KC. Can we have a thread dedicated to threads/posts from the good old days?
No. 52775
No. 52778
>over time it will warp you and your perspectives
I think anyone who has been through the imageboard ringer will know exactly what you mean. That's why imageboards are particularly damaging these days because of the huge number of impressionable young people on them getting warped into taking hormones or god knows what else.

Personally, after being on imageboards since about 2005 I no longer feel influenced by them at all. I don't hold any imageboard as part of my identity (I don't see myself as a bernd or ernst or anon or anything, any of these boards could die tomorrow and it wouldn't affect me)

But I do know how easily these places can turn people into useful idiots, especially considering something like 60% of posts these days are bots, shills or paid influencers on popular boards.

>Still, this place is way too stuffy and boring

[Show 1 more line]

No. 52781
No. 52789 Kontra
I'm going to make money off these rubes someday. Make one stupid thing that validates their stupid kulturkampf opinions and they'll buy it. The sole thing they're right about is trannyism really is a plague, but these people are equally detached from reality if not moreso. Imageboards became like what happened to 9/11 truth Ron Paul tiers becoming the Fox "news" Sarah Palin Tea Party Express. They're radical establishmentarians now and useful idiots to suck the cocks of the wealthy elites and everything is a race to the bottom.

But kids though, man. I worry too about what pornography has done to people hell I mean you can legally do super degenerate shit if you were born in 2003. People born in 2003 are doing porn. Everyone is getting scammed, everyone who's a kid turned into some useful idiot or another. The system is rotten through and through and rather what some of us hoped, that a free and open internet would make the world a better place, it actually managed to make it infinitely worse. All that happened is we marched into an even worse dystopia ruled by a tiny circle of billionaires faster than before.

Hide No. 51735 Systemkontra [Reply]
705 kB, 1450 × 1800

Hand in your papers... I mean blogposts
No. 52768
Have you tried smoking pot instead of drinking?
No. 52769
It's in my plans.
Too expensive for now. I'm going to try growing once I have enough disposable income.
No. 52770
41 kB, 389 × 470
Some movements are within ordinary acceptance, people would look puzzled if I would stretch my eyes with my fingers on zoom all the time though. Yet I think many people move while on zoom, have you ever tried to watch all tiles at once and register the movement of those semi-npc aka digital signals of continous persons? - Ah yes! It's really interesting to register the movements within tiles simultaniously, feels like a constant restlessness.

It's raining here quite alot lately and the wind hits hard, quite cozy tbh.
No. 52772
So apparently the way they passed that stimulus through budget reconciliation means that private debt collection agencies, paragons of virtue and honesty that they are, are essentially going to be able to just send a list of people to judges to garnish it. I think the most likely result is going to be rampant fraud on their part without even bothering to check if the money actually got paid back, if the debt is still within the statute of limitations, or even if the debt exists at all.

The money hasn't even hit our bank accounts yet and I'm already plotting how to file class action lawsuits against debt companies. I'll probably end up this month and the next getting in touch with people to make sure they got the full amount refunded and if they did not, finding out whether they legally owed money or if I can start gathering people together to file a class action against the companies with preferably punitive damages and additional damages.

Hide No. 52680 Lock [Reply]
209 kB, 1340 × 1554
No waifu thread? Let's create one!
No. 52687 Kontra
Please, just go to some other board with this kind of post.