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1,1 MB, 1280 × 720
r8 my spider fren
No. 89154
Dios mío. I can't imagine he is catchable; has fire been deployed?

Feel bad this guy is probably dead. Also, it's probably not a guy.
No. 89155
Unironically it was :-DDD
No. 89185
67 kB, 500 × 667
No. 89224
Nothing so dramatic. There was a funnelweb living in a door jam that we noticed when I had a less arachnophobic visitor flick the huntsman outside with some cardboard (Victorian funnelwebs aren't aggressive or as venomous as the sydney ones but fuck em regardless). We burned the entire hole out with burning spray oil :-DDDD

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704 kB, 1780 × 1176
1,6 MB, 3500 × 2332
41 kB, 334 × 500
135 kB, 1024 × 460
Alright. I will open a thread on infrastructure. Generally this one can be used to think about infrastructure, admire its aesthetic potential and beyond this ponder the network existence and its different modalities that we may lead in this world that we inhabit right now.
These introductory words need further elaboration, ideally, it will be done over the course of this thread.

Paul N. Edwards wrote a general article on infrastructure in the early 2000s. In that he cited the U.S. President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection from 1996 that shall be our gateway to what infrastructure is commonly referred to

• transportation
• oil and gas production and storage energy production in general would be more suitable these days with renewables being a thing
• water supply
• emergency services
• government services
• banking and finance
• electrical power
• information and communications

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No. 89208
A video on China's Railway. Nothing deep but I think it is quite fascinating that China makes such use of rail. When will Europe follow? Or Germany. We really should build more rails.

No. 89215 Kontra
>We should really build more
We should maybe first stop tearing out old rail.
Problem is that we have destroyed so much that it will be very hard to bring the network back to the level it was at in 1914.

So many branch lines and narrow gauge lines have been disconnected and many lines that were meshs in the network have been broken up, in particular since the late sixties. But we also never rebuilt what was taken as reparations after the war. We still have lines that are single-tracked because second track was shipped to France or Russia. In the 1990s, they sold of all the real estate that once had tracks and stations. What was stock-yards are now hypermarkets.
There was a time when many companies, even small companies, had direct railway connections right into their warehouses. Impossible to go back to that, even as just-in-time-madness is waning.

And while all this was happening, the rail-bosses and ministers of traffic (former daimler bosses, about half of them) preached to the cameras about the importance of railway.
No. 89216
>When will Europe follow?
Likely, never.

>China is 0.94 times as big as Europe

>Most railways in Europe use the standard gauge of 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in). Some countries use broad gauge, of which there are three types. Narrow gauges are also in use.
No. 89218

yeah, yet it would be beneficial for Europe to foster train traffic (we are speaking with a changing climate in mind I guess)


Yes but many Eu countries have the same. Some workaround solutions exist.

--- quote

Several technical solutions for the different gauge widths have been implemented. Between Belarus and Ukraine, and Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, passenger trains still have to be lifted and bogies changed. This operation requires two hours of downtime for the trains.

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108 kB, 718 × 1013
Next year I will have sex
No. 88992

When I gave in to a suggestion that a hooker sticks a finger into my arse while giving a blow-job, it felt like having a finger in my arse and nothing else. If anything, it felt distracting.

I'd recommend not putting fingers into arses unless fingers belong to a physician and there's a medical reason for having physician's fingers in your arse.
No. 88993
I sometimes have problems with my hemorrhoids. So I don't have any positive association with butt stuff. I think I will pass.
No. 89190
123 kB, 1280 × 720
Who cares about having sex right now when America is about to be wiped off the map by God?

Look outside your window and think about this for one second.

-Faggots and pedophiles are running your schools teaching your kids to identify as a kitty cat.
-Middle school girls are throwing their pussy for every dude they happen to meet on Discord, Valorant, and Omegle. Your days of finding a qt virgin wife trad life and starting a family is over
-Young men are sitting at home playing video games all day yelling at randoms on the internet, playing video games, and watching porn all day.
-Women are in your military
-The globalhomo is rising up and injecting that snake bite into your arm and preparing to slaughter the world population as you're reading this post.
-No one cares for each other. Friends and family ghost you over a dollar, and everyone is in their own little world competing with each other over facebook and instagram likes, tiktok followers, and job offers.

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No. 89261 Kontra
Why the fuck would I look for meaning in the randomly collected ramblings pf some ancient goatfuckers? That have been used for millenia to oppress people and keep them stupid and easily governable?

You fight for misery and ignorance, there's no freedom, love or truth that way.

Hide No. 85851 Systemkontra [Reply]
7,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
160 kB, 2324 × 1255
olde >>84497

>4 minute readNovember 10, 202212:07 AM GMT+1Last Updated 44 min ago
>Russia orders retreat from Ukrainian city of Kherson in major setback for Moscow

>Biden urges Republicans to work with him as control of U.S. Congress unclear
>Republicans also could engineer a showdown over the debt ceiling to extract major spending cuts, and could pare back aid to Ukraine.
Well, seems like the Republicans (Republicucks) don't want to finance Ukraine, nothing new.
No. 89134 Kontra
I think the values west keke is very clever, they force gender-evironmentalism and social justice dictatorship on its people, parading as weak yet behind the surface you have men and women in mainly toned-down colors that deliberately try to weaken Russia as regime and military power. The US fought an expensive war in the middle east for the last two decades but they probably lost only a small percentage of what Russia lost within less than a year trying to install a Russia friendly person as top of the Ukrainian state. Russia will suffer from this war in different ways and one is certainly the diminishment of its military power. The west is supporting its shield and can attack once Russia is left standing on one leg, missing two eyes.
No. 89135
So what? Life of a Russian is worth nothing. When to many Americans die, there will be revolution, it is known from Vietnam era. But in Russia, mothers will be proud when there son died as a hero in special military operatio against fascist nationalists.
No. 89136
8 kB, 645 × 773, 0:00
>one leg, missing two eyes.
This war revealed Russia to be weak, so you have Russia with one leg and no eyes right now... Russia is going down the pooper, soon all limbs will be amputated.

Btw. Germany is doing okay: https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/info/Gasspeicher-in-Deutschland-So-steht-es-um-die-Fuellstaende,gasspeicher120.html

>GeRmOnEy is FrEeZinG's
No. 89139 Kontra
26 kB, 390 × 220
>be proud of unusually warm winter that saved your ass, like it is your achievement
Do you fart so damn much from all the soy that your farts made climate change, soyboy?

When the fate of an economy is decided by the weather, it should no longer be considered an advanced economy. Germany is officially a third-world-shithole now. Took Merkel&Scholz two decades, but they finally managed to do it! Heil Anal-Lena! Heil Habeck!

Heil der fetten Presswurst Ricarda Kurz und Breit!

Hide No. 65600 [Reply]
320 kB, 1300 × 833
I don't want to disgrace the suffering today thread with more of this.

I'll start by translating selected passages of PCTP-MRPP's official line on its participation in the bourgeois electoral sham known as the 2022 Portuguese Legislative Elections.

>[...] The Party has a political line on (the question of) participating or not participating in bourgeois elections, being that this is not the Party's main task. Our agitation, propaganda and political struggle is not stored for the electoral season and does not require elections to be carried out!
>This participation has as primary goal the strengthening of the Party, in terms of organization, whose configuration is dependent on political circumstances and situation. This participation is also a fight for the survival of the Party. And this is how it must be seen.
>This is the meaning of presenting a candidacy in a moment of intense atacks and struggles against all sorts of opportunists and traitors who have only, as we all can see, the only and main purpose the criminalization, fragmentation and destruction of the Party, appealing constantly to desertion, undermining and denying the study, the ideological struggle, and the organized political intervention -- Marxism is our strategy, as so brilliantly defended comrade Arnaldo Matos -- wanting, even still, to impose from their armchairs and the comfort of their home, their points of view, believing, perhaps that their escape gives them the status of uncompromised and independent ideologues.

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No. 88442
No. 88445 Kontra
The most shocking thing is finally knowing the truth about North America. Truly the lore goes deeper than they'd have us think.
No. 89100
138 kB, 289 × 892
No. 89101 Kontra
49 kB, 219 × 212
868 kB, 1273 × 770
When you realize that the next 4 hours will be spent amazingly.

Hide No. 61655 [Reply]
402 kB, 1200 × 1536
Thread for personal artwork, critique and discussion

Useful books and resources:

Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook

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No. 89045
>Something big.

A big collage made out of scraps of paper and cuttings from books I don't read?
No. 89055 Kontra
14 kB, 505 × 414
Sculpting with clay? Could possibly be done by hand feel alone. I have no idea of the logistics involved though. Could try it out with playdoh first.
No. 89063
Sure, that's one option, but whatever project or technique you choose don't quit if it turns out badly. Make art for fun, without any expectation for the end result. Getting good at anything takes time, and you'll only put in that time if the process remains enjoyable. No one is looking over your shoulder judging, so make one thing then put it away and make another thing.
No. 89083
>with clay

Sounds fun, and messy. Which might explain why one day ceramic courses seem all cost over 100€ ...

Hide No. 89074 Lock [Reply]
2,6 MB, 1329 × 1742
They're killing KC, either through pedo content and/or moderation.

We need to organize and we need to create a sensible alternative, without pedo content, without this moderation.
Any American schizo willing to chip in? And Ihor?
No. 89080
Please use one of the numerous threads about the subject already in existence.

Hide No. 88705 [Reply]
172 kB, 974 × 974
No. 89024
Same. Yay!
No. 89040
58 kB, 640 × 640
yeah its working against
No. 89056
44 kB, 1280 × 720
seems even faster than it was before
No. 89059
because there are less users.

Hide No. 88160 Systemkontra [Reply]
96 kB, 477 × 477
No. 89018
Go on /meta/ and report the useless fucking mod who actively encourages Kohlposting.
No idea what else to do, without mods doing their job we are rather powerless.
No. 89020
Like shy kids, Ernsts don't want to play in front of strangers.
No. 89021 Kontra
Went to the library today. Wasn't as refreshing and revolutionary as I thought. Maybe because I didn't sleep enough.
Finished reading Sorokin's Snowstorm, had lunch and also spent some time just thinking about this essay. Gotta be like 5 whole pages but with sources. I guess I will write the most clueless essay about contemporary Russian politics and its relation to history known to man.
Just shit it out and be done with it. Then prepare for the next exam.

Yeah. Plus nothing interesting really happened.
No. 89039
I fucking hate the whole process of moving up the career ladder. I have until midnight tonight to submit an application with updated examples of my past behaviours in a box ticking exercise. This being despite the fact that as soon as they recognise me from my details they will find every reason to give me the offer and they'll be unlikely to see any competition. But still I must craft false stories that fit the description and basically act as a long-winded boast. I'm not the kind of person that thrives in these exercises and I'm sick of doing them every year couple years.

There's been interest in seeing me go for a level-transfer to a diplomatic posting in Eastern Europe for a couple years. Minimal bullshit, list your cv and provide a solid personal statement. The temptation to therefore fuck off my current life and come back at 35 with no wife, house etc. is enormous. I mean I'm not totally irrational to still want to go galivanting on adventures am I? I'll be 35 but that's more like "oh fuck I'd better get settled" rather than missing that train, right?

Also on the way to the shops yesterday I felt myself become unbalanced and nearly collapsed - like I was intoxicated for 10 seconds or so and couldn't feel the floor below me. No idea what that was but I managed to keep myself together as I walked past people.

And how do you feel the death of regional news titles ties into this? Or rather their absorption into behemoths that barely cover local journalism? There's an opposite trend equally at work imo where accountability in local government has entirely collapsed.

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Hide No. 88745 [Reply]
88 kB, 1000 × 950
Happy new year.
No. 88758
7 kB, 271 × 186
Happy New Year, fren ! :3
No. 88760
Happy new year
No. 89017
134 kB, 794 × 668
You too fren.