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Hide No. 59853 [Reply]
98 kB, 728 × 593
Which part of Europe would you like to be in during the absolute deepest pit of the Dark Ages?
No. 59881 Kontra
I thought about it and watched a clickbait youtube video about european city population and constatinople seem to have lost 3/4 of it's population the century prior. Probably due to some great historic plague.
No. 59890
Probably somewhere in the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy. Live that Ceorl life of being a dipshit free peasant degenerate.
No. 59893
I find the question why would you want to be in the absolute deepest pit of the Dark Ages more interesting.
No. 59910
Pretty sure that was the plague of Justinian which was y. pestis iirc. There have been many others taken down by smallpox. It's amazing to me how dumb people were to oppose the smallpox vaccination and elimination campaign. That one virus did more damage to us as a species than all our wars combined, and it along with plague are two of our species most mortal enemies that always had been holding us back.

Really the entire bedrock of modernity is a combination of fossil fuels and modern medicine, and you needed both. If you have one without the other you basically just plunge back into a more comfortable medieval era. Empires were frequently stricken by one pox or another, and often one calamity followed in footsteps of another which is why Pestilence's companions were famine, war, and death. Spanish flu and black death both followed war which helped incubate and spread them everywhere, followed by surging through economic routes like arteries into every major urban zone and outpost. Where a pestilence began first, often food supply would collapse, it would trigger the roiling strifes to boil over into open war. Any one of these things could take down a decaying empire, but the combination of all three will often spell the doom of the old order.

Now that I think about it I dont know what took down different caliphates and Islamic empires. I do know for sure though that the Black Death was the second major plague epidemic, with most scholars seeming to agree that the 7th or 8th century Plague of Justinian was the first known recorded outbreak.

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114 kB, 601 × 900
anybody heard of velvet underground? is he out of consription yet?
No. 59894
I think he did the only sane thing when krauthchan went down and didn't move else where, at least I hope so. Imageboards are mostly cancer these days.

Hide No. 59839 [Reply]
166 kB, 1200 × 800
Those of you who took part in the radio festival 2 weeks ago likely are familiar with the Ernstalbum. This is a collection of songs performed by Ernst - usually by picking an instrumental version of a well known song and singing your own lyrics to it. The idea started after Ernst recorded a fun song, and that song was in german, so the whole thing went to be an all-germ affair. Since Ernstalbum v1 is now complete and Ernst on /b/ has already started working on new material we were thinking about including /int/ for a potential second album, maybe even making a virtual 2-side record with one german and one international side.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to such a project? If yes: There's absolutely no need to rush anything - work on the Ernstalbum took about 1.5 years with various periods of inactivity inbetween, so take all the time you need. Also there are no restrictions on what (or how much) to deliver. It can be any genre, obviously it doesn't need to be properly produced and it can be serious or audio shitposting, anything is fine. It can also be instrumental as well, so if you don't wanna sing that's fine, too. So in case you're in on the project, do your thing and then either post the result in the thread or keep it for yourself as a surprise entry until the whole thing is presented. Either case it would be nice to announce a potential contribution in the thread so that other people see things are habbening. Presenting Ernstalbum during the radio festival was a fun event and we'll probably aim for something similar again, so there's no timeline yet.

Ernstalbum v1 is available for download (with one exception the songs are all german though): https://mega.nz/file/sRthQQIS#Lce6to4D_BdTV3jkIn8zK5Rhr5h5kM-MiFgiF9GiBZE

Hide No. 5452 [Reply]
127 kB, 1500 × 960
What websites does Ernst frequent other than EC?

I used to spend a lot of time on different topic related internet forums and websites but then i got a slave to chans somewhere around 2006 or 2007 and i left the other internet behind.

Nowadays are Nu-EC, Youtube, Wikipedia and, as a guilty pleasure of mine, Reddit the only sites i regularely visit (next to some porn sites)

I have no idea where the hate for Reddit comes from by the way, if you ignore the comments underneath the content there are some pretty fun subreddits.
No. 59723 Kontra
Also, the entire front-end functionality of twitter and reddit can be implemented without a single line of javascript, holy fuck.

AND the user experience improves. What the fuck do silicon valley people get paid for?
No. 59725
>What the fuck do silicon valley people get paid for?
My guess would be to make people addicted and to milk as much data out of them as possible.
No. 59726
No, the addictiveness is there, I just tested it lol. That would be the backend peoples' job anyway.

First time surfing those sites in months after they literally barred me from using them, and went into several rabbitholes already. In fact, they briefly broke my addiction by not letting me use their websites, or making it a big pain in the ass lmao.

I just don't get it.
No. 59732
Well, at one point I broke and actually made a Twitter (tm) account just to avoid this. Luckily I ended up deleting it and am now free from that hellish site. I only check a single account, but I can make do without an account.

Hide No. 52263 [Reply]
79 kB, 617 × 385
66 kB, 690 × 477
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Do you like (or liked) Lego, Ernst? I used to be a huge fan since 1994, when dad brought me my first set — 8818 Dune Buggy — from Germany, and up until 1999, when I bought my last set — 8204 Sky Flier. Then I started losing interest somewhat because of electronic entertainment like videogames becoming more popular, then Lego started to produce licensed themes like Star Wars which I've seen as betrayal and selling-out, and then Lego went into a direction which killed my interesting in it completely by introducing Bionicle, which didn't really fit either System or Technic (and I don't care what some people say, I still don't consider Bionicle a subtheme of Technic). So, I gave all my Lego to my cousin and for around twenty years I pretty much forgot about it. But a couple of months ago I went to my aunt's and found out that my cousin (who also got bored with Lego a couple of years after me) started getting back into Lego: he bought several new Technic sets (42093 Chevrolet Corvette, 42107 Ducati Panigale plus several smaller ones), and they impressed me quite a bit. Nostalgia hit me hard, and I started checking out new Lego myself out of curiosity. I found out that there are actually some new themes that are of interest to me, like Creator, Ideas and Architecture, and finally I gave in and bought this 31109 Pirate Ship.

So, Ernst, share your Lego stories if you have any, meanwhile I'll be building my ship and maybe post some photos. If this threda wouldn't be of interest to you, I'll just let it die and won't post about Lego anymore.
No. 59718 Kontra
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,6 MB, 4160 × 3120
  1. Ugh. Not gonna apply them.
  2. Cute little buggy, looks good even without stickers. It has that skateboard-like wheel-turning system, but the turning radius is a bit small. Also, the wheel holders are somewhat unusual, so it would be hard to reuse them in MOCs.
  3. These new City vehicles are considerably bigger than the ones I'm used to. Like this SUV looks fatter than my 6445 Emergency Evac, despite that the latter is supposed to be hold a patient on a stretcher in the back. It's for the best, I think, these new cars look much better.
  4. The whole thing. A good set for a kid to play, I think.
No. 59719 Kontra
1,6 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
  1. That's what I'm talking about. No stickers or prints, all the decor is made with pieces. This is why Creator is superior.
  2. The build is actually quite interesting and unusual, and quite a lot of pieces are used in curious ways.
  3. Ooh, a V8. Now I can combine these cylinders and the ones from the buggy and get a V12.
  4. It sorta reminds me of Ford GT40 with its shape and finish. This set basically aims to look like a downscaled Creator Expert set. Also, to my surprise, it can actually fit a minifigure, although that dude will have major problems with his field of view.
No. 59727 Kontra
1,3 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,2 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,2 MB, 4160 × 3120
  1. Cute aylium.
  2. Prospector drone or something.
  3. Cozy. This space dude has everything in his rover: a bed, a sink with a faucet, a cup to drink tea from and even some plants (probably to experiment upon).
  4. Spinny thingy, yay. I always dreamt about it as a kid but never got one.
No. 59729 Kontra
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,2 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
  1. A pretty good suspension for a non-Technic set.
  2. They used to print controls and screens on flat 1x2 tiles, now they use slanted ones instead. I always liked those little prints.
  3. Pretty rare wheels, as far as I know. I think they are better than ones they used in space sets in the nineties.
  4. Looks really good, I think. The detail is nice too and a lot of stuff can be opened up in order to put or remove things inside.

Hide No. 45215 [Reply]
191 kB, 1280 × 960
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 4:33
129 kB, 500 × 738
266 kB, 1377 × 975
And space etc. Old one died.
No. 59642
17,6 MB, 640 × 360, 4:20
>dat license plate
ayy lmao what are you some kind of a poorfag lmao you need the newest highest end nVidia® graphics cardTM what you don't even have a basic RTX 4090 or something
No. 59643 Kontra
Seriously though fuck nVidia. No, I can't help it, I need to autistically screech about something.
I generally come to detest them as a company and what I can gather is a supremely toxic corporate culture that is really the ones directly responsible for fucking us in the ass. nVidia on their own probably contributed 20% mindshare towards me growing so jaded with Capitalism, as well as other tech companies and just the videogaming industry in general. They've been consistently trying to normalize utterly absurd price gouging every generation, and now due to the market being totally fucked and people being complete idiots paying for it anyway, between silicon shortages, scalpers, cryptomining and all the other bullshit, we are never going to see a $500 midrange graphics card again.

Also just everything about them kind of sucks and people only put up with it because of certain productive tasks and their decade long streak of great raw performance that just ended. The problem with that is, nVidia always played this con on people to come out with "the fastest GPU" like some shitty Titan or 80ti cardin terms of actual price to performance 2080ti is trashit had driver issues and bugs on release too so between a $400 AMD card and a $1100 nVidia card, I'd be a lot more upset about the other card being fucked with higher expectation of general quality just so they can say "we have the fastest GPU" because they knew the average gamer was dumb enough to associate a 60 level card with "being faster." In reality, AMD had a strong hold on the segment most people buy cards at for years.

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No. 59667
I'm laughing right now. It isn't like this is a major surprise for anyone. Also TL;DR.
No. 59740 Kontra
468 kB, 1400 × 1104
482 kB, 570 × 2045
2,1 MB, 3024 × 4032
1,1 MB, 2856 × 2142
oh, right it was just a second technology thread where topics converged

Well I wrote a textwall again and never ended up posting it but yes anything art, technology, computer/vidya etc. topics tl;dr textwall is my default posting mode, and believe it or not I often read other textwalls regardless if I have anything to say to them or not.

I can rant on that and what bad value Intel or nVidia but I want to add that, suffice to say my dream rig was actually an Intel and nVidia build just because I wanted to have "the best" someday, but by the time I actually got around to the upgrades and building my own custom system it was a very weird moment in time when Intel went to complete shit and so did nVidia. I had every single intention of going with Intel until after going online a lot people talked me out of it, because I stopped paying attention and didn't know how far they'd fallen. People still spoke of nVidia with this weird conviction, as if that green logo was all that mattered, until I finally came to realize that my custom dream PC rig with muh shiny fancy brand new nVidia card was...an absolutely retarded idea.

I even was considering SLI as "a feature" at that point with a positive checkmark next to 2070 Super when I started looking to build. Yeah. That is how out of it I was at the time. A feature that lets you pay more money so you can then pay more nVidia money later.

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Hide No. 59589 [Reply]
5,3 MB, 720 × 406, 0:54
No. 59590 Kontra
35 kB, 266 × 265

Hide No. 48382 [Reply]
160 kB, 2000 × 1000
Hello Ernst,

could we please forget about all the hypes about Bitcoin etc. and just focus on the technical aspects?

Which cryptocurrency has the best specs? I'm talking in terms of actually using them as payment form, not this whole blockchain contract thing.

Which currency pays fast, is secure, anonymous(?), environmentally-friendly....

I just stumbled across Digibyte and I guess that one is just one of >9000 Altcoins. But its payment speed is 400x faster than Bitcoin and also much faster than Litecoin.

Currently I'm also paying my new VPN subscription using Bitcoin. First I had to convert my remaining Moneros to Bitcoin which took me about 20 min. Then I sent the Bitcoins and after 30 mins I only have 2 confirmations. Yes, I didn't want to spent much money on the fees.

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No. 57822
The technology is useless
No. 58148
No. 58166
In case no one said it yet, tradeogre, and you should definitely write down your actual address somewhere and keep it safe.

Market's been up again too btw. Not sure if graphics cards ever coming down in price again since it's still assuredly profitable to be mining particularly if you bought around MSRP. I've actually aready more than paid off my graphics card which I didn't even start mining until March or April although all I did was sunk it right back into a bunch of shitcoins.
No. 59548
Oy what do you think you are doing you can't just introduce competition to our usurious financial schemes

Oy it pains my heart just thinking about all these innocent people thinking they can just go out loaning investment money to each other without our middlemen and financial control taking a cut

Hide No. 54992 Systemkontra [Reply]
347 kB, 720 × 384
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
932 kB, 1280 × 720
527 kB, 960 × 720
No. 59469 Kontra
>It means something a bit different. Interesting how they translated the rest of prison jargon.
"Anarchy" is one of the definitions I could find in this old Russian-Hungarian Slang Dictionary I own for some reason. The other two are the act of "Treading on the Law", as in deliberately breaking it in a kinda jerkish way, and the last one is "Convict (who was convicted for acts of indecency)"
Guess based on the synopsis the "Treading on the Law" definition is probably the more fitting one if it's about prisoners betraying the thieves' law.
No. 59470
My understanding is "Lawlessness" is the closest translation.
t. fenya enthusiast
No. 59494
This. Nobody is truly transgressive anymore. They just want to nod their heads along mindlessly to their own retarded little groups no matter how wildly unfactual or psychotic the bizarre shit they adopt to wear as some lapel button. I think that in very real sense even if they did not break new ground that at least all the furries and pro-anorexia groupies were ahead of their time. Now everybody just exists within their own mainstreamed parallel bubbles of unimaginable retardedness.

I for my part keep wanting to spam a certain well known shithole's board about how "motherboards" and "daughterboards" with 2666 RAM is some kind of Satanic pedo code and drone on and on endlessly about how you will notice sites and terms like Curse, hex, avatar, sigils to summon demons disguised as "circuit boards" all is proofs it's a Jewish Illuminati conspirach to defile us, with the explicit objective of trying to get these people to permanently quit the internet. I know I have an added advantage because things like microchips, computers, Bill Gates and so on have been fixtures in Illuminati theories for so long that the first few people will think I am only pretending to be retarded, but as we'll see just like flat earthers and Q retards anything no matter how completely fucking stupid can become enforced dogma with an echo chamber once you hit a small enough critical mass.

I want to convince these people that burning their computers and phones or what the fuck ever they have is the on pathway to true spiritual liberation or some shit. Considering how resoundingly toxic and corrosive to the human soul those sites are, it's not as far from the truth as the trolling would seem. Regardless, if and when I am successful it will be more retards self selecting for elimination from our general pool.
No. 59588
44 kB, 298 × 475
Accidentally caught it on TV while in the living room and watched it because I'm interested in epics.
Though I have to tell you, that I didn't have a fun time with the actual poem when I read it, and I consider Beowulf a subpar literary work that was only hyped up because of British-sensibilities. (Though it's linguistic value is unquestionable.)

The good parts are the music (It'd drum'n'bass) and the design. The costumes while trashy and dated at times are very charming. Same goes for the set. Just don't think about the functionality of some of the weapons.
Generally, it's a medieval fantasy world infused with sci-fi, and it looks good. (Except for maybe the MC who looks like a weird lovechild of Dante from DMC and Geralt from the Witcher, but with a short hair.)

What a fucking shame that this music and set and costume design isn't put to good use. It's two hours long. But for like three fourths of it nothing fucking happens. The plot doesn't advance, we learn nothing about the main character or any of the side characters. The monster just goes around killing people randomly and then the MC ominously says how "things are getting serious" and then there's another killing.

But it's not even scary. So it's bad plot, bad horror, and all that could be forgiven if the fighting scenes were interesting but from the first combat scene to the last one it's incredibly retarded, littered with trashy cuts and camera angles that shows that this is an overly ambitious B movie. But that ambition doesn't show in anything besides the bad CGI. Don't know what the budget was, but most of it was blown on the monster transformation and combat near the end, but it's just so badly put together it's not worth it.

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Hide No. 59383 [Reply]
677 kB, 1920 × 1080
Been watching old live election night coverage from the BBC recently. Going through the decades. Each time they do coverage they also have a little short less than a minute long sort of opening credit/montage to set the mood and get you excited for election coverage I guess. Most of them are pretty much what you'd expect from a news broadcast trying to make an engaging short about an election and coverage of it. A little bit of music and the faces of the leaders and party colors, sometimes some 3D effects in the 80s.

But this one from the October 74 election blows the rest of them out of the water completely. It's moody, sets the tone of suspense, it's down right cinematic! Check it out, it's too much of a pain to download a multi-hour youtube video just for the first 1 minute of it. Anyways honorable mentions go to the 1992 election coverage opening, it's pretty solid but nothing like 74. Dishourable mention goes to the 2001 opening, absolute trash boring and they got rid of the theme song they used from 79 onwards(though they readopted it in 2005 and 2019).