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Hide No. 38325 Systemkontra [Reply]
811 kB, 750 × 1084
Last one systemcontra'd
No. 39305
>Funny thing that Spar recently leaved russia.
That's not true - there were two different Spars.
No. 39306
1,9 MB, 360 × 213, 0:03
I think I moaned about this before - I didn't want to do leaving drinks at my job because I hate the attention. Eventually I was badgered into organising something and booked somewhere cool at a £125 deposit because I'm bad at not caring.
>Now cancelled and refunded because plague :^)

Unfortunately some genius will organise a teleconference for my leaving presentation where everyone says goodbye and speeches etc.

>Chainstore imperialism :DDD

No. 39308
26 kB, 640 × 477
Got a mail yesterday evening that exams got cancelled, so I could focus on finishing the project work today. All according to keikaku.
Picked up Disco Elysium and proceeded to get drunk while playing it, to get into character so to say. Excited how exactly I'll manage to waste the next month.
No. 39323
59 kB, 975 × 720
>Realise that I don't have to take the test I've been postponing for months
>Realise that the path to redemption is now closed and I'll forever have anxiety whenever I think about this

Hide No. 25432 [Reply]
57 kB, 576 × 382
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 37711
I think you're replying to a troll there, mate.

On topic: I noticed that my RAM usage has gone down since the update to kernel 4.5, not sure if this is just placebo but I'm deligted. It's at 137MiB after login with X server started. I'm used to seeing over 200MiB after the login.
No. 37717
Honestly, I use to feel more comfortable with windows 7. But lately trying out ubuntu and enjoying it mostly. I don't dare to try archlinux, gentoo or so, I will sure gonna mess up.
No. 39286
Run Arch, with a KVM Windows 10 image that has a dedicated GPU as a backup for a few things I cannot easily accomplish without Window (proprietary media applications usually).

Also have a FreeNAS installation on my old PC, which is based on FreeBSD.

>Occasionally I run into issues with it, but usually I can fix them fairly quickly.
Agreed, over time it has been less and less of an issue. Most of the time Linux just works as I expect it to, along with any of my automated scripts and such (Youtube archiving, etc.)

However, I have ran into an odd issue recently after trying to play Minecraft for the first time in nearly a decade.
The framerate was miserable (~10 FPS at worse on multiplayer), but the system hardly seemed resource-constrained by hardware requirements, and can otherwise run most of the ported games Steam library at full max settings without issue. After prodding around, I noticed a similar lag in glxgears, even though the reported framerate was well in the thousands. So it appears to be some issue with MESA (used by both Minecraft and glxgears). I'll try disabling TearFree in for AMD drivers and see if that fixes it, but even if that works it will probably reintroduce tearing on my desktop. Such cases.
No. 39288
If other games run fine then it's not simply mesa, though.
Not sure what to think about glxgears, but minecraft is widely known for abysmal performance alround.

Hide No. 38421 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 962 × 642
Share Scary stories that you personally experienced or heared about.
No. 39086
i've suffered of sleep paralysis a couple times, but never felt any sense of pressure on the chest. it was basically all nightmares involving getting trapped and being unable to move in front of an immediate threat or danger. i don't remember details except one time i experienced something that's called "lucid dream". while dreaming i was running away from something, got somehow trapped in and couldn't move. then it occured to me that the situation wasn't reality but a dream. i concluded that it must be a lucid dream. it is said that inside lucid dreams one can actually command what happens by just thinking e.g. it's possible to get "superpowers" in dreams or resolve a problem using the mind only. i wanted to be able to move my legs/arms again, but woke up instead. since sleep paralysis is actually a protective function that keeps the limbs from moving in reality while dreaming i must have triggered an emergency function that prevented my dreaming consciousness from unlocking the function "move physical limbs in sync with virtual dream limbs", causing me to wake up (with full functioning limbs).
No. 39087
>which I "knew" was sent by satan to suck my soul in
That's what made it so terrifying for me, too. It wasn't just that I saw something and couldn't move-but I could also sense a real "presence"- and an evil intention. That doesn't happen to me in ordinary dreams. It's interesting that even though your conscious mind doesn't believe in those things, the religious narrative still occupies a part of you're unconscious mind. I think we all have some instictive awareness of the "unseen world" as children. and gradually learn to frame that awareness in common religious/cultural terms. Even if those terms aren't completely accurate, they're still how we try to understand these experiences, and how we later describe them.

>your conscious Will during sleep
Yeah, I don't think you could be corrupted, or make a bargain with/surrender to an evil spirit while you were asleep. You would need to be fully aware for that.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 39132
This story is more disgusting than scary.
My first ever sleep paralysis it felt like someone was raping me.
Now whenever I have sleep paralysis I'm able to control a big part of the hallucinations.
No. 39133
I am not sure if I had a lucid dream before or if I dreamt that I had a lucid dream.

Hide No. 38851 Systemkontra [Reply]
41 kB, 430 × 619
Why all your threads are just 4kanal tier generals without original topics?

t. kohlchanian tourist
No. 38877
Do you have a platinum account.
No. 38929 Kontra
>EC is literally the exact same sort of place as KC was back when it existed
this is false. EC is way more autistic
No. 38981
how so
No. 39005 Kontra
bc absolutely no fun allowed, duh...
EC really is autistic whereas kohl is just shit throwing with autistic splinters

Hide No. 38858 [Reply]
13 kB, 400 × 432
66 kB, 414 × 317
372 kB, 990 × 742
92 kB, 1068 × 603
No. 38861
59 kB, 474 × 632
Why would you post this?
No. 38880
1,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:22
No. 38881
4,3 MB, 220 × 288, 2:30
No. 38904
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:28

Hide No. 25325 Systemkontra [Reply]
4,7 MB, 4000 × 3000
Old one yellowed and crumbled under the sun.

So Ernst, share your reading adventures with us once again.
No. 38748
It's in youtube, "Thomas Bernhard - Monologe auf Mallorca", but no subs. But, there are some long text interviews he did while living there translated to English and Spanish, easy to find. Robert Graves was also living there at the same time, as did the ghosts of George Sand and Chopin.
No. 38791
50 kB, 3 pages
After a two month hiatus, I looked through this again, and fixed up some of the text. I'd say it's readable now.
(But still, I'd like to hear the opinion of a native speaker as per usual.)

About the work itself:
Babits published a volume titled All over my life in 1939. It's a collection of autobiographical essays.
This here essay is the seventh in the book, and deals with imitating a made-up image.
It's a short, but interesting piece in my humble opinion.
Tell me what you guys think!
No. 38794
That first German translation, particularly the 2nd and 3rd quartets, blows the other German one out of the water, not to mention the English one. Interesting how some subtle changes can make such a difference.

>Thomas Bernhard - Monologe auf Mallorca
Watched this, had some good laughs

>manic sonata style
That's a fitting description! :D
No. 38796
Thanks for posting; I enjoyed this, and it was an excellent translation. In 2 1/2 pages of dense text, I only noticed a few small things:

apocryph ==> apocryphal
We immediately begun creating ==> immediately began
This sentence:
"We imagined as people storm some popular book stores to get Jeopardy’s books".
Could be changed to:
"We imagined people storming popular book stores to get Jeopardy’s books." Here, using "some" with plural "stores" is acceptable, but sounds a little unnatural.

Finally, a few typos which I spotted and only mention so that you can easily Word Search and fix them:
There was an inconsistant spelling of Jeopary/Jopardy/Jeopardy
our fellow writes ==> writers
on multiple occasion ==> occasions

Hide No. 38722 [Reply]
122 kB, 776 × 600
If there was a non-religious confession box as a service: would you personally try it after you did something stupid or shameful and do you think it would be helpful to people to cope?
No. 38739
Would I personally? Fuck no. Got forced to do that shit enough in primary school. Teacher would make you go in, and priest wouldn't let you go back to class until you at least made some bullshit up.
No. 38743
> without the added/perceived spiritual benefit.

Maybe not spiritually, but getting things of your chest because conscience. But I guess guilt is a deeply religious concept that went into our veines so to speak, it became more secular/everday but still it's rooted in religion, some people might claim it's a natural thing..perhaps it is.

Well reading the thread I came up with something. The internet confession is less of a ritual, don't know if a non-religious confession box would have a ritualistic dimension since history and contexts are missing. But a ritual oftentimes is about transcendence in the meaning of exceeding a line. So that could be a difference, a ritual means crossing a border or a threshold which is not the same I hope I translated Grenze und Schwelle adequately, you come out different after it. Not sure if an online confession has the same effect, maybe the impact would be/is less intense because a physical presence is missing.
No. 38744
>The internet confession is less of a ritual, don't know if a non-religious confession box would have a ritualistic dimension since history and contexts are missing. But a ritual oftentimes is about transcendence in the meaning of exceeding a line.
This is somewhat was I was going for, because I think that rituals are to some degree rooted in humans but with secularisation have changed in character and are in a way less obvious.
No. 38759
Hell no absolutely fucking NOT
God what garbage. Well I pretty much view therapists the same way and look down on it for those very reasons. I tried it. I used to just think it, but now I am convinced of it. It is stupid and completely fucking useless and the real scandal of bullshit like Scientology is that their retarded blackmail confessionals are no more or less anti-scientific or useless than "real" therapy.
>b-but my therapist
Yeah, and you probably could have benefited just as much by going to a retarded cult and holding those cans.

I similarly look upon it with such suspicion that so far as I'm concerned they are nothing but blackmail file generators to begin with, with the added audacity of robbing me blind for the privilege of being in the room with them sitting on their fat asses. It is for people who only know and hang out with dumb people and various spray tan bleached hair level bydlo whose friends are all as shallow and useless as they are retarded, or who have no friends at all (like my parents). In that case it is more indicative of an overall structural failure of society as a whole of what's been produced by the modern Capitalist system, and more than likely, was equally true of the Soviet Communist system as well. It is the result of modern alienation and cosmopolitanism and a certain layer of pitiful I feel bad just saying the word pathetic to describe it. I mean fuck, if you joined a cult at least you might make some actual friends ffs. A therapist is just the stranger beside you of course, I am probably paranoid PD or schizoid PD level of touchy about anybody getting to know me without my explicit permission or getting close to me, touching me, or most of all probing my spiritual and mental insides so the very concept of this is probably far more revolting to me than on average.

[Show 1 more line]

Hide No. 36727 [Reply]
161 kB, 640 × 415
170 kB, 1024 × 768
74 kB, 700 × 467
110 kB, 940 × 627
I would like to have a thread to discuss various types of architecture.
There are lots of oddities out there, and many interesting things to talk about.
I think that I will make some stream-of-consciousness posts.

Earl Young was an American architect who, without formal training, developed his own regional style in the midwestern united states.

Earl used nothing but local materials, and his homes look very romantically medieval, but with modern fixtures. They have been called "mushroom homes", or "hobbit homes".
No. 38720
96 kB, 889 × 556
122 kB, 885 × 626
88 kB, 684 × 912
Those are very cool!

I personally fancy this supposedly upcoming mixture of brutalistish block buildings with green elements a lot.
No. 38721
No. 38724
I will have a look, thanks!
No. 38735
You probably never even met a Türk in real life. neither ever been here.

Problem with our architecture that it has been under reccession since ottoman times. Almost every mosque mimicing hagia sophia is one of the problems. Seljuk and Artuklu architecture is more diverse and better.

These are just distburbing the natural view. I don't think they blend in quite well.

Hide No. 12195 [Reply]
19 kB, 583 × 293
So,now that the dust has settled, which ideas of Marx have stood the test of time proving him right?

Is it even possible to have a conversation about marx without political shitflinging?

I'm too dumb to give articulate thoughts to this but I'd be interested in hearing what you super smart dudes on ernst think

No. 13797
No. 18346
The only cure for the West is democratic Socialism

Russia is incurable
No. 18363 Kontra
Your short-lived opinion does not qualify for an ernste Diskussion. Please be more elaborate in your daily life on image boards.
No. 38719
>When Marxists say talk of human nature by their political opponents is idealism, what do they mean?
That "human nature" is in fact not materialistically preventing mankind from shifting towards an economically socialist society. The idea that capitalism is somehow rooted naturally in humans is not based on any actual facts, but is widely spread due to anti-communist propaganda.

>Aren't there aspects of human behavior that are not determined by social conditioning?
Yes, of course there are. But they don't determine the political system.

Hide No. 3110 [Reply]
167 kB, 778 × 585
What role do imageboards play in our time?
Are they comparable to the secret societies of old days?
No. 38156
To the contrary, the flood of newfags beyond what the old filters could process is what lead to the death of 4chan. My biggest "oh" moment was when I was arguing with a polfag, and instead of getting something like "lol fuck off you niggerlover" they responded "haha OMG you tard I was only pretending xD".

That sentence is etched in my memory forever, and I repeat it near verbatim. Moreso than virulent unironic racism, talking like that - like a 14 year old girl on facebook - would have led to a an immediate, vicious dogpile back in the good ol' days. Instead, it wasn't even worthy of notice.

Imageboards died when they got flooded with so many normalfags that the old methods of integration were inadequate. Only a few rare spaces that implemented especially draconian enforcement of social norms were spared. I never browse /a/, but as my friend tells it, they've mostly kept polshit out of their board due to the zero tolerance modding policy that began when they banned any discussion of Naruto.

Zero tolerance severe bans of certain kinds of retardation are necessary. By this point, if someone wanted to revive 4chan, they would have to implement a blanket permaban for anyone who's made more than X number of posts on /pol/.
No. 38158
I find "lmao xd I was only pretending" completely inoffensive, and old 4chan was so vehemently against talking like a 14yo girl because they were all 14yo boys who just had fun making fun of people (moot was 15 in 2003) it wasn't sincere bizarre moral principle that you seem to have against all joy, just making FUN(and I use the f word literally). I find the sincere racism that led to Christchurch and the various other cripplechan shootings extremely offensive, because (1) innocent people died and (2) it created bad pr for its imageboard to a degree that actually caused it to be attacked and lose DDOS protection (thankfully the one that got destroyed this time wasn't worth saving). Dogpiles are just like reddit downvotes but without the built in mechanic and anything that is a serious problem should be handled by mods alone. /a/ is a no fun allowed board to the point that there's not even meaningful discussion of anime and manga, and the mods are too bitter to let things change.
No. 38168 Kontra
Mystery solved. Stop bumping garbage threads Nebraska.
No. 38718
I would plead for them to have played a roll from ~2007 until the Trump election, but agree that by now they are post their peak.

Also holy shit I thought EC didn't exist anymore for several years.