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Hide No. 80223 [Reply]
840 kB, 1080 × 1920
I gave in to the propaganda and I got myself some tasty insects. They cost a whopping 500 €/kg, cheap protein my ass.
No. 81006
Ooh ooh ah ah!
No. 81012 Kontra
74 kB, 578 × 535
47 kB, 443 × 600
>speaking American
Speak English ya wanker!
No. 81052 Kontra
bugs are gross
No. 81066
Eh, not my thing. I won't be eating bugs because I'm not interested in wiping exoskeletons off my ass:

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45 kB, 500 × 474
Previous threads


You know the drill, 250,000 files and about 100,000 of them named. Across 675 folders.

Give me things to search and I will search and post the results
No. 80992
1,1 MB, 400 × 400, 0:19
115 kB, 1106 × 522
1,4 MB, 404 × 720, 0:09
9,4 MB, 480 × 360, 2:01
30 hits
No. 80994
69 kB, 960 × 954
1,1 MB, 590 × 646, 0:10
2,9 MB, 640 × 800, 0:20
1,1 MB, 640 × 360, 0:14
1 folder and 109 hits
No. 80998
36 kB, 303 × 280
>2nd and 3rd
No. 81000
2,7 MB, 640 × 640, 0:25
2,3 MB, 640 × 640, 0:22
3,1 MB, 640 × 640, 0:28
878 kB, 640 × 800, 0:10
I have a fit folder with 2,500 files in it, since it's related

Hide No. 67702 [Reply]
229 kB, 625 × 937
Hardware, software, tech news, programming, operating systems, retro computing, we've got it all.

last one >>56447
No. 80587
>bydlo retard
Yeah look, checks out. Won't lie :-DDD
No. 80824
45 kB, 512 × 384
>you're pretentious boogie faggot
I was born this way.
No. 80942
Does anyone know of a free offline calendar/schedule app? I'm struggling to find a basic option that doesn't connect me to a botnet or mass data collection operation.

It frankly gets annoying using alarms and post-its but at the same time most planning apps are now centred on network functionality for business instead of allowing me to plan aspects of my personal life and juggle time. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people who love uploading their schedules to chrome and sharing it with their polycule but I like to maintain some semblance of privacy.
No. 80951
I should clarify that I'm using Borg with ports firewalled but the UI is insufferable for setting personal tasks of short duration.

Hide No. 2880 Systemkontra [Reply]
96 kB, 675 × 432
3,0 MB, 1403 × 1078
103 kB, 750 × 919
607 kB, 1280 × 720
We had a thread on old EC and there were a handful of people trying to lose weight this summer.

Have you made any more progress? Anyone starting to try who wasn't back then?

What are your methods and routines? What is your diet like?

I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here. That was always really fun.

Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea. I don't think there's much health benefit of being that compared to 21 or 22. I weigh what I did at 13 years old now. I'm really happy about that but while it looks good for my stomach it looks worse in other places. I'm probably going to stop here.

I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July.
No. 81121
123 kB, 1440 × 691
17 months later and I weigh 112 kg. not good
No. 81144
Full body workout in the gym: done.
No. 81288
Full body workout in the gym: done.
No. 81851
My gym has become too crowded. It's the only one in easy walking distance, so I'll make with the dealings, but really miss my old gym atmosphere. That place was a ghost town before it finally went out of business. I recall hearing that the landlord increased rent and wanted a long-term lease, so the owner closed up shop. The building is a walk-in clinic now.

We need a new thread.

Hide No. 13810 [Reply]
260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 80835
... of what?
No. 80836
That in sovok world, North America exists TWICE.
No. 80837
More like one and two thirds.
No. 80838
About a quarter of Canada hardly qualifies for "one third of North America".

Hide No. 74619 [Reply]
704 kB, 1780 × 1176
1,6 MB, 3500 × 2332
41 kB, 334 × 500
135 kB, 1024 × 460
Alright. I will open a thread on infrastructure. Generally this one can be used to think about infrastructure, admire its aesthetic potential and beyond this ponder the network existence and its different modalities that we may lead in this world that we inhabit right now.
These introductory words need further elaboration, ideally, it will be done over the course of this thread.

Paul N. Edwards wrote a general article on infrastructure in the early 2000s. In that he cited the U.S. President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection from 1996 that shall be our gateway to what infrastructure is commonly referred to

• transportation
• oil and gas production and storage energy production in general would be more suitable these days with renewables being a thing
• water supply
• emergency services
• government services
• banking and finance
• electrical power
• information and communications

[Show 10 more lines]

No. 79228
I suffer on the island of Finland.

But trains are love, and European current infrastructure is pretty good, and here's hoping for a better tomorrow. Maybe some day I can hop on a train and wake up in Poland or Germany. A man can dream.
No. 79251
>who will pay

Money gets free once you stop tax cuts and other things that are beneficial to the service industry that is travel by air. You can make it a market thing as with all things.

>Also, if you don't just so happen to live near one of those cities that are connected in the first place you will still have to find a way to get there

I don't think you have an airport in front of your house, do you?

>slower, flexible

[Show 1 more line]

No. 79253 Kontra
Oh, I thought we were talking about night trains, not a total mobility/infrastructure reform.
No. 80829
347 kB, 1475 × 1956
663 kB, 1280 × 1280
701 kB, 2000 × 1905

A short video on European rail development of the last decade. The deregulation of national rail service and the question of how to foster international, inter-european train travel and some of its obstacles

two conference videos on the future of European night trains. Will listen now while trying to sleep.


Hide No. 80726 [Reply]
3,8 MB, 280 × 280, 0:13
>Be the change you want to see
Too bad, I'm blind

Hide No. 66927 Systemkontra [Reply]
246 kB, 956 × 1500
30 kB, 689 × 538
No. 80617 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Permanently butthurt, unloved schizos crawling out of the woodwork right on schedule.
No. 80618
PM has confirmed Charles III

>I’m an outsider to all this but I hope the British will take the grief well and stand up ever stronger.

It just feels like another grandmother has died. I think everyone knew it was coming after Philip.
No. 80620
Whenever someone old I know dies, I always say that it’s better to be happy that they lived a long, full life, instead of being sad that they passed away.

>Charles III
No. 80643
And in Russian Prince Charles gets renamed to Karl III in process. The kings of England and France traditionally have Germanized names where possible for the most part. The grandfather of the new king was Georg VI, for instance.

(Louis gets Latinized as Lyudovik instead, though, and Richard remains Richard istead of turning into Rikhard, etc.)

Hide No. 80608 [Reply]
768 kB, 1203 × 682
==Is right a med phenotype?==
No. 80609
it's a filthy g*rmoid

Hide No. 77789 [Reply]
205 kB, 1333 × 1000
152 kB, 1734 × 845
Soon it will be that time again, Ernst: Radio Ernstiwan will celebrate its 3rd birthday on the 3rd of September, and of course we will have a streaming festival on that occasion. Since this will be a weekend the obvious date for the festival is Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th of September. The propaganda ministry already created this cheerful advertising, I can already feel the party starting just by looking at it. Put your stream announcements in the thread, the more flexible you are concerning date and duration, the more easier the planning process will be. For now I plan with the following assumptions:

Please note that the schedule is UTC+2 #justGermanThings

- One streaming channel, no two parallel streams. If this will not result in sufficient slots it can be changed during planning.
- The Weekly Album Stream is locked for saturday, and if Ernstalbum happens it will again be broadcast on sunday evening.
- No planning for graveyard shift and early morning/noon, unless someone insists. I think early afternoon is a good time to start on Saturday/Sunday.
- Bernd will be invited to participate, just like the last time
- Base duration for a stream 2 hours. Of course you can also have more if possible, but priority is that everyone gets a slot, so if you have announced a longer stream and the schedule is tightly packed, then expect me to nag at you if you can shorten your stream.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 80518
28 kB, 550 × 444
For some reason I thought that Ersntalbum is supposed to consist of songs made by Ernst. But actually it's like usual streams, but many of them at the same weekend. If I realized this earlier, I would participate.
No. 80521
458 kB, 609 × 800
Well fug :DD To clarify: Ernstalbum is a virtual music album which indeed does consist of songs made by Ernst. And it is traditionally (like, second time now) presented during the radio birthday streaming festival, but otherwise those two are independent. Ernstalbum is just one of the 20 or so streams during that weekend. So contributing to the festival (and the radio in general) can be done by becoming a radio streamer and doing a stream during the festival, and contributing to Ernstalbum can be done by performing a song.
No. 80528
I didn't observe any technical problems and it was really nice that when a stream ended and the next one started, there still was intro music so you could tune in a bit late and not miss anything. Ideally it would be nice that listeners get transferred automatically like you said.

When the event starts and the plan is (mostly) set, I would create a new threda that has the final planned timetable in the OP and a clear indicator that it's happening NOW. If you look at the OP of this threda it doesn't really invoke urgency when the even is already unfolding, unless you read the dates and chances are you don't when you've seen this threda on the first page for time and time again. We probably don't yet live in a timezone-less world when the next festival rolls around, so perhaps time-retards such as myself could be accommodated a bit better by providing a timezone map in the threda or something.

I don't have problems with Germans but would wish for more international programming and more talking, but both depend on the streamers themselves rather than the festival. Even a couple of words relating to the music or absolutely any topic would be great. If you don't want to speak (English), Text-to-speech is fine too. This is completely a personal preference.
No. 80574
>I would create a new threda that has the final planned timetable in the OP and a clear indicator that it's happening NOW
Good idea, we can do that. Though there will always be last minute changes to the schedule, but at least it will be more up to date than this time.
>We probably don't yet live in a timezone-less world when the next festival rolls around
Maybe I should just do two schedules, one with UTC for /int/ and one for the /b/ with +1 or +2. I agree that timezones suck, I don't have a good solution for it though. Of course I could make a calender somewhere which automatically calculates the timezone, but as soon as I make screenshots of that for the thread, it's all moot again.
>but would wish for more international programming and more talking
Yes, I also think that would benefit he thing as a whole. As I said, maybe next time there will be an /int/ talkshow, that would be nice.