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32 kB, 480 × 721
The day finally came this week. I just found out today that my junkie "cousin" fatally OD'ed two days ago. I put "cousin" in quotes because my mother was adopted. My mother knew exactly where she stood as her adoptive parents were quick to tell her, "Blood is thicker than water." After hearing the refrain throughout much of your life, you grow bitter and disgusted, but frankly, we're both thankful to God we share not one drop of blood with these people

My cousin was a malignant tumor given a human shape. Because of this woman's terrible childhood, grandpa pitied her endlessly. Even as recently as a year ago, he kept saying, "She's just a big kid," because she would always be the 5-year-old girl he'd stare at on his refrigerator door. I don't know what inspired her to take drugs, but I can tell you that she indeed suffered the worst possible circumstances growing up. Her father committed suicide before she was six months old. Her mother is a consummate grifter who shacks up with the lowest of low lives.

My cousin's teenage obsession with Kurt Cobain partly explains her inclination towards hard drugs, but she grew up with an endless stream of pain. She either decided early on that her prospects in life would be minimal (her mother did frequently berate her) or perhaps she simply had no interest in being productive, and what better way to explore new sensations than continually ingest newer and newer highs. Getting high simultaneously helped alleviate the pain of her childhood trauma and kept her close in spirit to the celebrities she idolized. Her grandpa would unconditionally support her, so the incentive to grow up simply didn't exist. In the end, grandpa viewed his granddaughter as a child who desperately needed to be nurtured.

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No. 40119
Is there any alternative though?
No. 40120
I only have the anecdotal evidence of being harassed by African drug dealers in front of cops in downtown Lisbon. Can't say i'm impressed.
No. 52487
Come to think about it, my grandpa wasn't exactly too far from Cotton Hill, although he steadfastly refused to talk about the war. In my mind, he might very well have killed fitty men with his rifle. My mother told me a few tales including the thanksgiving where the platoon was served a maggot-ridden turkey. I tried on a couple of occasions coaxing a tale or two out of him to no avail, but I was able to get him to talk about conversation between him and his fellow soldiers. They mostly talked about girls and jobs they'd be going home to.

To keep this relevant to the thread, it is of no surprise the number of Opioid deaths increased dramatically:

It seems they don't have the numbers from June 2020 to today, so it'll be awhile before we know the death toll for the latter part of the year.
No. 52546
Yeah I saw a guy I knew from AA ashamedly getting a bunch of beers. My real question though is how in the hell have drug dealers managed to still ply their trade through things like quarantines and lockdowns? Once all that started I imagined it would become a living waking nightmare for all kinds of addicts. In fact true story and very depressingly funny one, the exact reason why liquor stores got designated essential services earlier on is because they were bracing for all our hospitals getting swamped, which in the case of drunks would mean the lockdowns would push them past capacity immediately. This is because there's enough alcoholics in this country that were they to not get access to their booze they would begin going into withdrawal, and unlike most other drugs like heroin and crack cocaine the withdrawals from alcohol can straight up kill you. So rather than trigger a worse nationwide health crisis by flooding the hospitals with all our chronic drunks now suffering DTs and seizures they gambled that any drunken accidents would pale in comparison to the flood of alcoholics going into withdrawal, and so it was better to just keep us quiet and happy with our bottles while the authorities try to get the situation under control.
It would've been nice, if the country managed to not go full fucking retard all year long and we were not ran by an incompetent fool, but it is what it is as they say.

At least our countey finally leveled out somewhat, although it's now become an epic national tragedy that we couldn't just sit tight for a few months and swallow that painful medicine and dealt with it so we'd not have the long protracted painful disaster that we do now. Our more retarded states are opening up right now and dropping any mask mandates. Also DeSantis is a piece of shit.

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150 kB, 300 × 660
Which nails do you like more?
No. 52486
29 kB, 500 × 374
>What is the evolutionary purpose of nails?
Figernails are multi-purpose, built-in tools. Grabbing, picking, scratching. Toenails only exist to snag on socks.

I find number 6 a bit creepy, but they do serve at least one purpose:

Kramer gets back scratched(Seinfeld)
No. 52490
I thinking about paint them in future, maybe in light pink
No. 52497
At later stages? Armor
No. 52967 Kontra
After seeing the results, I guess everyone thinks just like you, yet they are afraid to speak up.
Me too.

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161 kB, 640 × 415
170 kB, 1024 × 768
74 kB, 700 × 467
110 kB, 940 × 627
I would like to have a thread to discuss various types of architecture.
There are lots of oddities out there, and many interesting things to talk about.
I think that I will make some stream-of-consciousness posts.

Earl Young was an American architect who, without formal training, developed his own regional style in the midwestern united states.

Earl used nothing but local materials, and his homes look very romantically medieval, but with modern fixtures. They have been called "mushroom homes", or "hobbit homes".
No. 52436 Kontra
>from the new Russian Cathedral for the armed forces.
Explain yourself?
No. 52437
291 kB, 946 × 1600
> better
I very much doubt that.

No. 52442
It really doesn't look that ba
>painting in second pic
No. 52471
5,1 MB, 1844 × 2618
1,1 MB, 2018 × 2691
67 kB, 640 × 480
719 kB, 2816 × 2112
Art Nouveau

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File deleted
0 Bytes, 640 × 440
File deleted
Anyernst still play MUDs anymore? There's this neat game called Avalon RPG and it's in need of players.

No. 52255
Odd why'd your files get nuked

To the point no, I rarely even play MMOs or anything.
No. 52284 Kontra
they were frogshit

Hide No. 31886 [Reply]
23 kB, 450 × 300
360 kB, 800 × 1120
Old one autosage >>4705

Some nice music documentary about the German alternative Rock scene of the 60s and 70s, also known as Krautrock.

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany

Here's a little shorter video about Krautrock as well.
No. 52226

A true believer, Beniger not only took society but all of life to be an information pro-cessing system (1986: 32-34, 179-84, 106-18). He saw all physical systems as controlled through three dimensions: existence, experience, and evolution:
>Existence or being, the problem of maintaining organization – even in the absence of external change – counter to entropy
>Experience of behaving, the problem of adapting goal-directed processes to varia-tion and change in external conditions
>Evolution or becoming, the problem of reprogramming less successful goals and procedures while at the same time preserving more successful ones (1986: 65-68).

He thus equated control with programming, which is to say, any act of physical encoding (1986: 41). Once rid of “consciousness, planning, purpose, or any other anthropo-morphic qualities to aggregate levels,” Beniger wrote, programming was free to take over life, culture, bureaucracy, and technology, giving way to genetic, cultural, organiza-tion, and mechanical programming (1986: 39-42, 103, Table 32). The ultimate triumph of the control revolution: that Adam Smith’s invisible hand now reached deep inside all life, or at least that which can be rendered computable by decision (1986: 41, 49).4

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No. 52227
Yes, it does. Basically it calls the "all beings are just nodes in a network"- theorem a scientific fraud.
No. 52241
Those utterly random hyphens are not making my headache better. Lack of paragraphing doesn't help either. I'll finish reading this later but I do agree with the idea, iirc read here, that people are backporting ideas of computers and technology onto themselves in ways that are false, to make them more like computers than other way around. I have long railed against cybernetics and many aspects of technology in spite of being a borderline techno-fetishist myself specifically because I am opposed to the social control, and to the way the tech will fit in the economic, geopolitical, and social order. For example you will likely have an implant that it is illegal to modify your own part's firmware, effectively becoming property of the corporation.

It is a more totality of turning man into slave than has ever before been proposed, with each grafted part not adding to the organism, but rather losing more of yourself, both physically, legally, and spiritually, to the extent that due to neoliberalism and globalism aka international Capitalism, rather than freeing us it will enslave us, just as due to the nature of our society automation and robots will impoverish rather than enrich us. There is no way around this because it is the nature of our awful flawed system itself. Were it another system, having an entire underclass of automatons would provide a life of leisure and scholarly pursuit, freed energy, enhanced production, abundance for everybody, as certain Marxists once proposed, as did the Venus Project; but instead, because of Capitalism all it means is a cyberpunk dystopia with massively burgeoning underclass and unemoloyment and homelessness, itself a self created problem necessitating a vast expansion of the police state and authoritarian powers. They will need even more dystopian methods of control, from blanket surveillance, to brutality, to camps, to something right out of the game Syndicate

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No. 52244
>random hyphens/ Lack of paragraphing

I c/p ofc, paragraphing is like the original, just no empty line inbetween them (but the orginal doesn't have them neither).

Cybernetics proposes solutions by treating things like systems, by treating things digital (discretization) which means as distinct countable data that allow for mathematical operation, computation. Therefore cybernetics is perfect as operative tool.
The 60s counterculture was driven by visions of non-hierachical (anti authoritarian spirit of '68) socities (Fred Turner, 2006), the grass root network seemed the perfect political counter to topdown planning (also communist!), Turner anecdotically puts a quote from Steward Brands diary as kid or teen where he articulates his red scare, propelled by US propaganda we can suppose. Which brings us to the sacred image of individuality with these people.
Dieter Mersch, a German scholar said there are two camps in cybernetics: cybernetics as control tool for stability (of a system) or as bearers of emergence, of novelity (creative camp, counter culture strand).
What is introduced by cybernetics is very interesting as it also deals with question of the real and the symbolic. To this day I'm fascinated by it's operative rigor that we can see and also by the question what is a system, do we know if it is a system or do these people just treat is as system (and somehow successfully), what does this mean in general for humans, how much "truth" is in cybernetics and where are the limits of it as epistemology and its operative execution?

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Hide No. 49280 [Reply]
76 kB, 1024 × 768
Here's a thread where Ernsts may share their dreams.

Mines are mostly boring, mildly erotic where a girl that I used to know or not rejects me before or after sex. But I have the luck to dream a lot, so sometimes there are strange pearls.
No. 51829
>as a feeling of nourishment and my entire day was elated. I wonder if thats what it feels like to be with a gf.
If it's not a toxic one basically yes. On the flipside any longterm relationship or even short and particularly intense one floods you with oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, other endogenous opioids etc to such an extent that it functionally becomes akin to a physical drug addiction, complete with cravings and a horrific withdrawal period afterwards as your brain and body have alteady become habituated to those elevated chemical levels and eventually start pruning off the excess receptors. This pruning and lack of novelty is part of what happens after the infatuation phase with many people, and can lead to a sudden and painful crash if or rather when the relationship ends, so I wouldn't even characterize it somatically so much as a large boost but rather as a waveform. I thought people were silly for it in high school. Actually now I still do on some level but not in the naive view of them being silly as before, but more like how I'd imagine some recovered heroin addicts view others slipping into the addiction. It's an overriding sense of I've been there and it was the only genuine deep happiness that I've known and is necessary for the survival of the species and organization of all human activity but I'd still frankly prioritize getting your PhD or something far past a gf.
No. 52149
Had a nightmare about being stranded on an island à la Lost, but the inhabitants were even more savage and would kill people from our camp and eat them or put their bodies up for display. All sorts of other bad shit happened but I managed to survive for a while along with some other guy.
Then the dream started again, but this time this other guy got killed right away and I saw his blackened corpse before I woke up.
Besides the content the dream was also kind of schizophrenic & jarringly disjointed in style. I think my reading of Ulysses is rubbing off.
No. 52154
>only would his lies be exposed, but taking away resources from a real campaign for a futile endeavor
It's funny because even your dreaming brain lowkey blatantly admitted to lying to you
No. 52205
Last week I was having a wonderfully lush vivid dream featuring jazz music. Eventually ledgers came out and I could read the music, which I began frantically writing down in my dream even though I haven't the frankest idea how to write musak. Good stuff reminding my dream self of Sun Ra and even eliciting an ecstatic dream comment it sounded like Angels and Demons. Fortunately my roommates woke me up to ruin this perfect dream.
t.often falls asleep hearing imaginary music

Hide No. 52161 [Reply]
190 kB, 676 × 752
I have $1500 worth of bitcoin in a gambling site but I have to go through a bunch of hoops to access it, what do you think of these convoluted rules?
No. 52164
1,3 MB, 480 × 360, 0:29
I think they're hoping you'll just rage quit.
No. 52168
Mobster owned casino tier. They don't want you to walk away in the black. They want you to keep gambling until you're losing, and most will.

Hide No. 5999 [Reply]
3,9 MB, 4305 × 2870
Hello Ernstchan. Where is the serious discussion about computer's hardware?
No. 52114
What kind PC has the best price/performance at the moment? I'm considering to get a system around a Ryzen 4350GProCPU/APU, with SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM for around 500€. Is that reasonable bang for the buck?
No. 52115
Eh what is it and what are you using it for? What use cases are you expecting? Because if you were planning on solid gaming forget about it. As a mostly shitposting machine sure. Personally in 2021 that's what I would expect of a really cheap laptop. I mean CPU itself is fine, it isn't great, but it's fine. I don't know what kind of capacities we are talking about here or RAM speed or what, but it sounds to me like just a really basic interneting and schoolwork PC that you could probably get a few really older games to run on. Man, I remember those days, back when you could just expect of an Intel machine to play vidya from integrated graphics just well enough, to where 30fps was standard and we just called everything lag from frame tearing to bad ping and mp latency to massively dropped frames, it all was just "lag" whenever it couldn't do what we were trying to make it do.

It really all boils down to use cases. Because that's an integrated graphics chipset it will work for watching high definition videos and stuff like that but to play any vaguely recent game requires a dedicated GPU. It's not a very strong workhorse CPU which can't turbo for shit but at least its baseclocks are fine and frankly with sufficient rendering power you can still play a hell of a lot of games on even far older and slower CPUs. Apparently its iGPU is Vega 6, so idk how that translates but should probably let you play old stuff, although I have no clue why that chip is stuck on PCIe gen3 when the whole nice thing about even Zen2 was gen4 and lots of lanes.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 52116 Kontra
Oh yeah sorry but to directly answer just the question, yes in today's market it's reasonable bang for the buck, but normally I'd insist on a dedicated GPU even if it was a piece of crap.
No. 52144
The main reasons I consider a new PC is that my 12 years old core2 duo computer doesn't support 64bit guests in virtual machines and VGA passthrough, so I can neither install modern Linux distros guest OS (or other 64bit OS), nor play an old but demanding game on let's say
Windows XP 32bit guest OS.
What makes matters worse is that I'm forced to use Xrender/nouveau driver on the native OS because the newer Linux kernels don't support nvidia-304 legavy drivers anymore. If I try to use plasma-desktop with openGL instead xrender
I get ugly glitches with the noeveau driver, so I'd say my computer reached the end of his useful lifespan pretty much. I can still stream video, play some old PC games (either native, or on guest OS), listen music, shitpost with it, use gimp etc. but thats about it.

Watching some similar yt videos like the one you posted convinced me that the ryzen 4350g pro would cover my ocassional gaming needs:


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Hide No. 48443 [Reply]
50 kB, 940 × 300
151 kB, 500 × 580
231 kB, 1000 × 993
55 kB, 640 × 579
Hello, I will post here some jokes I collected over the years way back on KC /int/.
Feel free to add your own.
There are way more than fit in one post, but I won't necessarily be able to post regularly.

Jerusalem's highest rabbi is on an official trip in England. On one
morning, he wakes up really early. It is Jom Kippur. He steps on the
balcony and sees the hotel's golf course.
He thinks "It's so early, nobody will see me". He grabs his golf gear
and steps on the green.
Up in heaven, St. Peter says to god "Do you see what the highest rabbi
of Jerusalem is doing? On Jom Kippur? Do you not want to punish him for
God nods. The rabbi drives off and hits hole in one, a perfectly rare
St. Peter: "I don't understand - you wanted to punish him!"

[Show 49 more lines]

No. 50175
61 kB, 1280 × 720
Do you not even know where you are? Wait how do I not make that sentence end in a preposition
ernstchan is full-on what KC was like in like, 2009, 2010. It was literally posts boobs and have the whole thread immediately derailed into some discussion on which are the better type of door hinges tier.
No. 50196
The story with the professor on the platform was very entertaining cringe, thank you.
No. 50256 Kontra
11 kB, 338 × 240
>First is a joke about Catholics thinking anal and oral lets them not breach "no sex before marriage"
Interestingly that is a common sterotype about Evangelical Protestants in Brazil.
No. 52001

Hide No. 45215 [Reply]
191 kB, 1280 × 960
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 4:33
129 kB, 500 × 738
266 kB, 1377 × 975
And space etc. Old one died.
No. 51940
Why couldn't you just use quantum entanglement to take measurements and make observations from what is happening inside the singularity of a blackhole?
No. 51952
Has someone said it's not?

My spitball guess would be the same reason that we haven't used it as a kind of turbo morse code. Shit's fucky and theoretically possible at best right now.
No. 51979
811 kB, 1280 × 1994
Why don't you just meditate upon your own atomic structure?
No. 51985 Kontra
I wonder, if we genetically engineered spiders too to be like some kind of domestic companion animal, could we use their web for ship repairs too?