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Hide No. 2880 [Reply]
96 kB, 675 × 432
3,0 MB, 1403 × 1078
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607 kB, 1280 × 720
We had a thread on old EC and there were a handful of people trying to lose weight this summer.

Have you made any more progress? Anyone starting to try who wasn't back then?

What are your methods and routines? What is your diet like?

I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here. That was always really fun.

Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea. I don't think there's much health benefit of being that compared to 21 or 22. I weigh what I did at 13 years old now. I'm really happy about that but while it looks good for my stomach it looks worse in other places. I'm probably going to stop here.

I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July.
No. 76327
>Impressive mileage; you must be putting in 3-4 hour days

Yep. I'm there 5 times a week where I work out anywhere between 5-7 hours. The sessions get long on account of breaks and occasionally chatting with a few people there I developed a rapport with: a vegan Seventh Day Adventist and his wife, an Evangelical softball umpire and an adjunct art professor. All very nice folks who are pleasant conversation.

I usually burn anywhere between 5000-7000 calories per cardio session, walking anywhere between 10-14 miles at the maximum incline. This week was less intense on account of my poor blistered feet.

The good news: 92 lbs lost from October 2020 to today. By 2023, I hope to weigh 200 lbs.
No. 76328
I need some clarification.
Are you counting calories, kilocalories or dietary Calories (which is the same as a kilocalorie)?
And how are you calculating calories burned from cardio? Calculating the energy expenditure of human locomotion is a nontrivial task.
And what do you mean by "burning"? Just the energy expenditure, or expenditure sans calories consumed?
Do you account for the basal metabolic rate?

If we assume you mean kilocalories, and you eat 2000kcal worth of food every day, and your basal metabolic rate is also 2000kcal (adult male average), then you should be losing roughly 4.5kg every week, since 35000 kilocalories roughly converts to 4.5 kilograms of bodyfat.
No. 76329
>Are you counting calories, kilocalories or dietary Calories (which is the same as a kilocalorie)?

Dietary Calories.

>And how are you calculating calories burned from cardio? Calculating the energy expenditure of human locomotion is a nontrivial task.

I just go by what the machine is telling me which calculates based on the age and weight entered into the prompts. I max out the incline at 15 which presumably means 15%. There is no precise figure for what level 15 means on a Precor TRM 835 which is what the gym has for treadmills, but at any rate, the end result for walking one hour on the machine at 3.1 mph on level 15 is 1490 calories. I usually work a little more into the cool down period which bumps it up to 1500.

Sometimes, I abort the walk midsession to sit down, catch my breath and then go back on and start fresh. As always, I account for the amount of miles walked and the Calorie burned calculated by the machine.

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No. 76522
What helped me was cutting off sugars completely and limiting refined carbs. especially rice, that stuff is evil.
They make you more hungry, and also carb crashes suck.
When I have sweet cravings or feeling peckish, I usually drink carbonated mineral water, or zero sugar cola. The carbonation helps to fill up the stomach and dilute the stomach acids that give the peckish feeling.
I also sometimes eat fruit if I really need a snack. Lots of fiber, and a little bit of fructose to keep me going.

Also, I skip either lunch or breakfast. You get used to the feeling of slight hunger after a while and appetite goes down.

Increase protein, that stuff is very filling. Preferably the bland, low fat, low salt kind. Like curd and stewed chicken breast. When you're hungry, you're usually hungry for protein, it's just that most foods contain very little protein and lots of crabs, so you end up eating lots of carbs to get your daily protein in.

t. lost 13kg in half a year which isn't much, but I worked and didn't do much exercise either.

Hide No. 75632 [Reply]
303 kB, 1436 × 907
Daytime drinking edition
No. 76167
16 kB, 256 × 256
It's midsummer, so drinking is mandatory.

No. 76187 Kontra
Drinking complete. Getting helicopters in bed.
No. 76217
12 kB, 256 × 256
53 kB, 0:02
Drinking time's
No. 76320
I got drunk and ate a lot of ice cream. Today was a good day.

Hide No. 66948 Systemkontra [Reply]
160 kB, 601 × 800
Why are we on a German website? What are they saying on /b/? Why do we shop at LIDL?
No. 76247
It all makes sense now: poor people are paid by the government to disturb him. Because poor people are shit, they do anything to earn some money, and the government is the biggest hoax and bastard to have ever existed. They are the perfect team, both are consisting of evil creatures that penetrate his life and make it insufferable. It's totally personal, they want him to go crazy over them existing. I'm eager to learn about the Lärmtagebuch in which he registers the disturbances made with the following columns: timestamp, sex, number of people, clothing, tool for noise generation, additional info (how close or far was the noise/sound for instance).
No. 76249
I don't like you either, you give off an air of insufferability.
Fugging Germans I swear.
No. 76253 Kontra
Is there anything new under the sun? I cannot think of a time when Germans here actually liked each other.
No. 76256 Kontra
I won't answer more to your post than this.

Hide No. 76098 [Reply]
257 kB, 1006 × 1753
The lack of Anime displeases God, post Anime.
No. 76143 Kontra
How do you know she's late 20s? And single?
No. 76144 Kontra
9,9 MB, 320 × 180, 3:34
Alright I'll post my fav anime.
No. 76162
345 kB, 600 × 680, 0:00
Good taste detected.

From the source. The anime/manga/doujin/visual novel/light novel/game often tells the age. If it is an original then the chance is high that the creator gives additional information to their creation.

Good one, Suomi. A classic indeed.
No. 76163
151 kB, 857 × 635
Imagine opening an anime thread on /int/ and accidentally finding out that the gung ho anime haters never had the clear majority one would have expected.

Hide No. 75510 Systemkontra [Reply]
138 kB, 1772 × 1170
>>74861 is sooo yesterday, new thread here.
No. 76004
>the middle of nowhere
Feel not known, Germany too full
No. 76005
457 kB, 1190 × 917
Population of Finland was less than three million in the start of 20th century and many people in rural areas were still living in "smoke cabins" with no windows or chimneys. A building with one room inhabited parents and their ten kids.
No. 76592
>For example, the fact that any convergent sequence in a metric space is a Cauchy sequence is a direct consequence of the triangle inequality
Is Q| a metric space? Because to me, it looks like it is. Yet, Q| is not complete.
But "Cauchy sequences converge" is equivalent to the completeness axiom.

Sorry for bothering people with calculus 101, but this confuses me a little atm.
No. 76959
what's going on with kc and mintboard?

Hide No. 39956 [Reply]
143 kB, 2044 × 930
Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: 1.15.2)

Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/
Overview map: map.dev-urandom.eu
IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat), #int
Pirate-friendly client: https://tlauncher.org/en/

Basic commands:
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
/home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed like a fag).
/lb tb - Provides a melonblock that can show block changes.

Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players may help you.

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No. 61802
Server is up!
No. 65760
Server updated to 1.18.1 and expanded to [4500,-4500]x [4500,-4500]!
No. 74149
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1200
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1200
434 kB, 1920 × 1200
Opening day, invite your friends here and kill each other!

No. 75918
Server updated to 1.18.2!

Hide No. 74861 Systemkontra [Reply]
278 kB, 1366 × 768
Just to beat the other german to it.
No. 75502
152 kB, 1000 × 713
This is why you should obfuscate all sensitive events in a way that only you understand what it's about. And then be confused about an event that was created years ago and you no longer have any fucking clue what it's about. That's how I do it.

That was still me some weeks ago. Now there's just a puddle left.
No. 75507
The more I hate this job, the uglier the female coworkers get.
Myizard brain knows what's up.
No. 75509
171 kB, 550 × 413
>That was still me some weeks ago. Now there's just a puddle left.
The states of a Finn: Solid, liquid (confirmed), gaseous (probable), plasma (maaaaaaaaaaybe?)
No. 75511
52 kB, 1280 × 454
They are people beyond our understanding.

Hide No. 75197 [Reply]
39 kB, 1200 × 675
Please finish the following sentences:

"Ernst came home after a long day of work and then"

"I'm not gay but"
No. 75242 Kontra
I'm not gay but this thread is stupid and you should feel bad for replying to it.
No. 75243 Kontra
The irony: Those are useful answers.
No. 75253
I'm not gay but i think he's building a bot for EC and uses this thread for input.
So, help him.
No. 75263
39 kB, 600 × 450
Ernst came home from a long day of work and then, alone at last, he slept.

Hide No. 52263 [Reply]
79 kB, 617 × 385
66 kB, 690 × 477
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
Do you like (or liked) Lego, Ernst? I used to be a huge fan since 1994, when dad brought me my first set — 8818 Dune Buggy — from Germany, and up until 1999, when I bought my last set — 8204 Sky Flier. Then I started losing interest somewhat because of electronic entertainment like videogames becoming more popular, then Lego started to produce licensed themes like Star Wars which I've seen as betrayal and selling-out, and then Lego went into a direction which killed my interesting in it completely by introducing Bionicle, which didn't really fit either System or Technic (and I don't care what some people say, I still don't consider Bionicle a subtheme of Technic). So, I gave all my Lego to my cousin and for around twenty years I pretty much forgot about it. But a couple of months ago I went to my aunt's and found out that my cousin (who also got bored with Lego a couple of years after me) started getting back into Lego: he bought several new Technic sets (42093 Chevrolet Corvette, 42107 Ducati Panigale plus several smaller ones), and they impressed me quite a bit. Nostalgia hit me hard, and I started checking out new Lego myself out of curiosity. I found out that there are actually some new themes that are of interest to me, like Creator, Ideas and Architecture, and finally I gave in and bought this 31109 Pirate Ship.

So, Ernst, share your Lego stories if you have any, meanwhile I'll be building my ship and maybe post some photos. If this threda wouldn't be of interest to you, I'll just let it die and won't post about Lego anymore.
No. 64802
>You can always find the manual online if you misplaced it. Just find the set on Brickset, and on its page there'll be several links to the manuals.


>Also, I see three black baseplates. One is from Blacktron, another is from Spyrius, and the third one is from monorail, I guess?

Correct on all accounts. You can see part of the monorail set in the box on the right.
No. 75176
706 kB, 1600 × 1065
747 kB, 1600 × 1065
So, some moons ago I got all the stuff transported here and now I've started unpacking it...

I have started to sort all the manuals based on the series and date and I'm planning to assemble the stuff one series at a time to see if all the pieces are still there. Will post updates when I build something.
No. 75177
80 kB, 352 × 594
that feel when not enough space for real LEGO so I have to play with virtual stuff.
No. 75183
Cool, looking forward to it. I still haven't tried alternative builds for my 31120 and 31107, so I gotta get to work too.

Hide No. 63576 Systemkontra [Reply]
63 kB, 1436 × 907
37 kB, 500 × 382
50 kB, 366 × 488
579 kB, 1920 × 1080
Hi Ernst, in this threda it is all about drinking beer an schnaos. We drink many and we drink gerne. We can talk about drinking, sad and funny things like cats, dogs, tfw no gf or beloved people lost to cancer.

No. 75149
4,6 MB, 320 × 240, 0:08
120 kB, 600 × 500
I secretely hate Finns but I don't openly mock them.

I find it easier to just openly mock Poles for some reason since their stupidity is obvious to all
No. 75153
What drives a man to hate the innocent forest dwelling Finns?
No. 75185 Kontra
34 kB, 410 × 410
mind your own business,,, youngin,,,

What drives a man to hate the innocent forest swamp dwelling Finns?
No. 75631
Drunk in the daytime, someone PRÖST.
Corpus Christi tomorrow!