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Hide No. 7703 [Reply]
93 kB, 600 × 400
233 kB, 449 × 317
Also S-P-A-C-E since the last thread is on systemkontra

It's old news but apparently there's a planet thought to be made out of graphite and diamonds. I am old enough now that both the frontiers of the internet and this small blue world feel small to me, like the length of our yard and driveway once did, and my hunger only grows

I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
No. 28193
What are the Russian sources like for small arms? I know that in aircraft technology the sources that exist even for very old airframes are often not that good in either language because of how secretive Russia is on the subject of weapons technology (40+ year old obsolete export models still get classified as state secrets). If anything, NATO sources based on tests of captured aircraft tend to be slightly better than publicly available Soviet sources because that shit gets declassified on the wect while it just sits in a vault forever on the east.
No. 28235
281 kB, 1200 × 1593
127 kB, 1200 × 1557
180 kB, 1200 × 1529
It is really a problem that current regime still hide most of secret documents. Other documents that get published only recently was properly sorted by historians. As was in one of this videos said, even recently published books on some interesting thematics - like about history of mosin rifles by Chumak exists only on russian and there as I know no any plans to translate them onto other languages.

If you interested, long time ago but in same thread I did a couple of posts after reading some sets of interesting articles:

No. 28892

Multi-messenger astrophysics, a long-anticipated extension to traditional multiwavelength astronomy, has emerged over the past decade as a distinct discipline providing unique and valuable insights into the properties and processes of the physical Universe. These insights arise from the inherently complementary information carried by photons, gravitational waves, neutrinos and cosmic rays about individual cosmic sources and source populations. This complementarity is the reason why multi-messenger astrophysics is much more than just the sum of the parts. In this Review article, we survey the current status of multi-messenger astrophysics, highlighting some exciting results, and discussing the major follow-up questions they have raised. Key recent achievements include the measurement of the spectrum of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays out to the highest observable energies; the discovery of the diffuse high-energy neutrino background; the first direct detections of gravitational waves and the use of gravitational waves to characterize merging black holes and neutron stars in strong-field gravity; and the identification of the first joint electromagnetic plus gravitational wave and electromagnetic plus high-energy neutrino multi-messenger sources. We discuss the rationales for the next generation of multi-messenger observatories, and outline a vision of the most likely future directions for this exciting and rapidly growing field.
No. 30004
This seems to me like a sort of standard thing any intelligent race in the galaxy would think to do.

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28 kB, 960 × 540
3,2 MB, 4160 × 2340
2,6 MB, 2340 × 4160
3,3 MB, 4160 × 2340
Hello. Let me introduce me. I used to post on Krautchan, as the bunny chilean bernd. Since it demise a few months ago i decided it was a good time to take some time to do more productive things in my shitty life. Things are going smoother now, so i guess, since i have more time, i could go back and start posting again in some imageboard. After looking wide and long on the new colonies of good'ol KC, i have decided to settle here, for a while. I wish this place was a little more active, since there threads alive from June on the front page, and this place gives me the vibes more than a light version of Northpole than KC.
Since i dont want to waste a thread on a presentation, this is my third bunny. I got it from an old lady who captured her, and gave it to me because she didnt had any space to take care of it. Shes wild, so i had big trouble taking her out of her cave that day.
No. 29645
120 kB, 1000 × 1434
I had mice. They are very cool, but they don't like no touchings.

Now I have a cat. Likes to be touched.
No. 29852
1,5 MB, 4160 × 2340
1,5 MB, 4160 × 2340
268 kB, 1280 × 960
I cant believe that my thread is still up from 1 year ago. This place really is like northpole.

Im happy from all the replies in this thread and hope you all having fun petting pets by patting them in the back

As for the bunny in the OP, she had little bunnies with my main bunny pet. Later i sold them because there was too many and couldnt keep them. Also sold her to another owner since i couldnt keep my eye on 2 bunnies at once because my lack of time.

Pic related, is her, her sons and my main bunny
No. 29890
9 kB, 387 × 429
Happy to see the progression on your bunnies :)
Hopefully the owners of the little bunnies take good care of them
No. 29955
386 kB, 1300 × 1237
Glad you made it back here :) Baby bunnies are c&a too!

Couldn't fall asleep last night so I thought about the room issue. If I switched my current desk to my mother's old desk that is currently just sitting in storage, I could free up to 90cm wall space (pic related). That's enough room for a tall and narrow chinchilla or bird cage, but do you know what else? Ferret cage, provided I let the rascal freeroam the room during the day and just sleep in the cage. How exciting!

Hide No. 11776 [Reply]
49 kB, 950 × 161
Do you know about the "American Nihilist Underground Society"?

"ANUS was started in 1987 by Spinoza Ray Prozak and Chromatic Death, with L.B. Noire, Royal Flush and The Innocent joining one year later. From 1987-1992, ANUS ran a series of highly celebrated free speech/non-taboo bulletin boards that attracted hackers, metalheads, activists and artists.

After several run-ins with the law and others who found the idea of non-taboo/free speech/free thought disturbing enough to censor it, from both left and right, A.N.U.S. regrouped as we tried to find a way to explain our vision. Eventually, the thought process of our founder -- a somewhat unique interpretation of nihilism -- grew into a full-fledged philosophy which we have been trying to explain ever since.

From 1991 to 1995, A.N.U.S. maintained an internet presence through an FTP archive, overlapping a web server from 1993-1996 that was later supplanted by the anus.com domain name. Since 1996, A.N.U.S. has continued growing at its current address and has been busily offending newspapers, governments, wikipedia and keyboard warriors alike." - http://www.anus.com/zine/about/

They have a bunch of really interesting articles - http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/
No. 29854
It was last thread on page 25...
No. 29886
If you don't know about ANUS you are a either a zoomer or a normie.

ANUS is what you get when you mix Varg Vikernes with Metal fedoras. Metal fedoras autistic enough to have made a huge ass library about metal bands, one of the first (if not the first) comprehensive catalogs on the internet of such scale.

All in all there are plenty of articles which are very spot on and are good reads on their own, but you will also find many that are either 3edgy or just tryharding.

Honestly it am(us)azes me that the site is this alive and well.
No. 29888 Kontra
It was one of the first "redpill" sites. Unfortunately the side admin is a schizo and most of what he says is wrong, especially when it comes to deifying extreme metal.
No. 29891 Kontra
What I find most offensive about that thesis is that they eschew or decry metal that actually IS influenced by classical music (neoclassical metal, "shred" metal, Power Metal, bands like Children of Bodom) and instead force some meme that just isn't true, that Morbid Angel and Darkthrone have something in common with Mozart. There were even reviews of death metal bands making references to "sonata form", it was just cringy as fuck.

Hide No. 29880 [Reply]
0 Bytes, 1110 × 737
File deleted

The following passages from Thomas Aquinas “Summa Theologiae” constitute something very close to that which, in the terms of modern philosophical logic, would be called a “theory of truth”. In the course of his presentation of objections and responses in this section of the Summa, that is to say, Aquinas generally avoids simple theological platitudes and sets out to provide a relatively coherent account of the fundamental nature and meaning of truth.

Aquinas view of truth, as is the case with so much of his philosophy, is obviously deeply influenced by Aristotle, whom he refers to throughout the Summa simply as “The Philosopher”.

Hide No. 24653 [Reply]
29 kB, 400 × 400
66 kB, 1000 × 667
Can games compete with traditional mediums like books and movies, if not will they be able to in the future? How does the perception of a story change in an interactive medium? Which games do it well, what works and what doesn't? Is storytelling even important in vidya?
Ernst loves generals so let's make it broad.

I will posts my opinions below, I want to blend into the crowd
No. 29162
Because those things replaced culture in our society. You actively denounce their demigods and fables which give them meaning and entertainment in their lame lives. You attacked the last remnants of their soul.
No. 29443
Max Payne was exeptional in this.
No. 29452
dwarf fortress seems to head more and more in the direction. imagination and some artistic skill (eg kruggsmash) do help.
No. 29463


Hide No. 28418 [Reply]
118 kB, 634 × 423
What other logical paradoxes are there than
-What I now say is a lie
-I know that I know nothing

Only true paradoxes, statements that logically contradict themselves, in ITT this thread please.
No. 28603 Kontra
But you can't stop watching. Se you at pride, homo.
No. 28615 Kontra
Don't worry, reactionary forces all across Europe are gathering to end this kind of madness.
Whether it will work out or not doesn't matter, at some point there will already be enough of us to secede and let them rot in their cesspool.
No. 29041
52 kB, 225 × 225
lol rekt
No. 29046 Kontra
reactionary forces aren't any better either. In fact, all I could hope for is the two completely destroy each other. Both sides murdering each other until no one is left but varying strands of democratic and libertarian viewpoints is the best possible outcome. Nothing left but freedom loving people who value honesty and decency. Reactionaries should be lined up against a wall and shot just as much as the sick fucks who are the reason why that video even exists with those kids. As a matter of fact those two sides basically only exist because of each other and as a reaction to each other to mutually descend into further levels of faggotry. Let them both be utterly annihilated.

Hide No. 28480 [Reply]
94 kB, 1067 × 600
Man, why old school programmers and developers (Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates and those 2 guys who made C) have much better reputation and reception than new age ones (Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and etc)?

Why new age ones have so much scandals and much less inovation and development?
No. 28776
Maybe. Sometimes captcha goes full retard on me and says to click for buses in an image of a giant hill. Or sometimes I fastclick all the traffic lights even though it asks for cars and it lets me through anyway.
It was mostly 30-40 year olds. Most people have a set routine of things they do online so I imagine that anything outside of opening YT is wizardry to them. But it's pretty depressing to see how many of them can't figure out something like Google's password recovery.
No. 28781
That is why I like Android and iPhone. Finally I can blame the user for installing shit.

"Why is my tablet slow?"
"That is because you installed a shitload of apps my dear."
"Can you fix it?"
"No, I don't know that system."
No. 28883
I'm jealous, they didn't let you just ignore it that easily. Though most of their problems were easily solvable things.
But sometimes they gave me smartphone questions. And usually I can fix them but just looking at all their junk data and notifications makes me ill. If those phones were human, they would turn anyone pro-euthanasia.
No. 28946
I first tried to charge people. Turns out people are actually willing to pay so it didn't work. So just playing stupid works better, they understand stupid.

Hide No. 5452 [Reply]
127 kB, 1500 × 960
What websites does Ernst frequent other than EC?

I used to spend a lot of time on different topic related internet forums and websites but then i got a slave to chans somewhere around 2006 or 2007 and i left the other internet behind.

Nowadays are Nu-EC, Youtube, Wikipedia and, as a guilty pleasure of mine, Reddit the only sites i regularely visit (next to some porn sites)

I have no idea where the hate for Reddit comes from by the way, if you ignore the comments underneath the content there are some pretty fun subreddits.
No. 27473
>disscus anti-technologi ON INTERNET
No. 28721

Any Ernsts here who participate in the development of 0xchan?
No. 28732
No. Why would I when there is so many other failed projects?
> bb..but it uses blockchains and IPFS and hava a white paper and dank memes
So? If you want old and tried there is Freenet, various things using Tor, a whole bunch of decentralized communication and federation protocols that is far more mature and don't have edgy kids working on them. There is even that imageboard software using NNTP, what ever it's name is.
No. 28894

Hide No. 28543 [Reply]
326 kB, 467 × 263
It seems no coutry other than Azerbaijan and Pakistan loves Turkey. Why Turkey is so hated amongst world?
Not even Arabs love them!
No. 28548
75 kB, 800 × 600
Love-hate relationship in Australia. They're kind of like 'the' bad guy of WWI for us and the Dardanelles Campaign in particular has culturally scarred the nation to the current day for both good and bad (we have this weird pseudo-brotherhood thing with Turkey regarding war dead since most of our bodies never made it home, and Ataturk is the only enemy commander honoured on Anzac Parade which is as close to holy ground as secular society can make it). Then there's also the Armenian Genocide, and more recently just being massive faggots on the international stage because of their strategic position.
No. 28554
195 kB, 2002 × 1073
361 kB, 904 × 4794
The magic of truly obnoxious levels of national chauvinism will do that. There was also the whole slow-burning chimpout about not being allowed into the EU so Turkey has decided to go the route of Neo-Ottoman empire now.

Turkish breakfast is nice though.
No. 28591 Kontra
1,2 MB, 1099 × 922
Says it all
No. 28605
61 kB, 720 × 540
I doubt Latinamericans feel very strongly towards it either way, since there's isn't much history there, but it might interest you to know that Turkish soap operas are exported to them, dubbed and all.

As for the regional animosity: that's quite obvious, the Ottoman Empire waged war on Europe, islamized part of it, and had that practice where they kidnapped boys from Christian families to serve in the Janissary army. As for the Arabs, they were ruled by Ottomans, and finally attained indepedence during ww1 through British intervention who excerbated and aided their revolution, these sort of relationships always breed bad blood between the two; and i do remember hearing the Saudis began their rebelion, when they were under Ottoman rule, in order to free themselves from the Ottomans who had become too westernized in their eyes. How do the Stan countries feel, do they view them as their Turkic brothers?

Had Turkey simply been another nation in the region, it might not be as disliked, but alas, it was an Empire! This hate is the fate of former Empires. As for Americans, if they even know where Turkey is located, they probably only think it rather backwards on account of Erdogan's rule, a man who's censored wikipedia.

As for me, there's a qt Turkish asmr girl i watch on youtube, i'd say two if the other hadn't stopped making videos, both live in Germany though.

Hide No. 25916 [Reply]
11 kB, 400 × 500
For the past three to four months I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with me; I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.

I've been getting vision problems, stomach and testicle pains, and joint pain so much I just kind of live with it now. But I already got so much stuff crossed off the list, I currently have no lead. Not Lyme, not hypothyroidism, not nothing. My hands sting from typing because the skin has peeled off so far; I'm pretty ill, I have to say.

Everything is affected, it really affects my confidence in just going about my life for I have no idea if I should just retire inward and prepare for death, go to confession, I don't know. Just now I got a localized feeling of pressure in my chest that is often referred to as ''MS hug'' it can't be many other things.

Also, general health thread, since this the nature of EC.
No. 26052
1,8 MB, 325 × 244
No. 26128
> I have lost so much hair, handfuls a day, one could say I was going bald but I don't think high testosterone means you lose your eyebrows, pubes or sides of your hair.
alopecia universalis
No. 26129
High test
No. 28467

I've tried a bunch of exercises for back pain which didn't help much but this workout is the real deal ( & it helps that you can just follow along with the video). Been doing it every morning for a couple of days and already feeling much better.