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Hide No. 85339 [Reply]
10 kB, 251 × 180
Dentists and surgeons are causing nerve damage.People are stuck with numb unfeeling faces,chests and other body parts.The numbness bothers as much as tooth pain.Suicides.
No. 85341 Kontra
Someone should address these matters.
No. 85342 Kontra
I was just thinking if this thread has something to do with dental violence...
No. 85343
Never go to a denist, only fools and weaklings go and let their dentists "help" them. You don't need help or medical experts, its for pussies. Same with politicians, they are like dentists they are bad. I don't know why I've not committed suicide yet given the outlook on shitmany is so bleak!!

Warning: post might contain reference to other board worms
No. 85345 Kontra
Please post the soaps kill people one.

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16,1 MB, 1080 × 1920, 0:17
19,1 MB, 1080 × 1920, 0:21
17,8 MB, 1080 × 1920, 0:20
Travel, trips, exotic places, interesting facts about where you live and maps are welcome here
Currently i have traveled from Chile center-south to the Atacama Desert to visit some relatives
Im planning to do an IWO next week when i have more free time
In the meanwhile enjoy these videos watching the Andes mountains from south to north
No. 85288
4,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
3,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
4,7 MB, 4032 × 3024
5,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
>And yes, I'm from the area.

Noice, I'm in Southern Ontario and went to Buffalo yesterday for the first time (not counting the 5 or 6 times I went to the Walden Galleria mall back when the Canadian dollar was at par with USD)
No. 85297
4,2 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,8 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,3 MB, 4160 × 3120
Two ernsts in the same city on the same day :-O Nice pic of City Hall. We have our fair share of urban blight, but also a ton of great architecture. I also see that you couldn't help but include a picture of Timmie's :D

Some pictures from earlier today. The historic Erie canal and locks 34/35. I don't know which is which.
No. 85301
4,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
4,4 MB, 4032 × 3024
4,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
>We have our fair share of urban blight, but also a ton of great architecture
Indeed, there's definitely good bones. Allentown felt like Ottawa or Montreal a bit. It's just too bad the city feels very hollowed out; there was hardly anyone on the streets for a Saturday afternoon

>I also see that you couldn't help but include a picture of Timmie's :D
That one seemed to have shut down sadly

>Some pictures from earlier today
Love it!
No. 85407 Kontra
>see through layers of paint
Truly, we live in the future.

I don't know what birth years qualify as boomers, but I think I've seen the person who I suspect is responsible for this particular case, and they didn't look very old.

>why is this in the travel thread?
Because >>82872 (OP):
>maps are welcome here

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Hide No. 84287 Systemkontra [Reply]
276 kB, 1024 × 683
What's the difference between Finns and Swedes anyway? edition

Old thread >>83416
No. 85224
>so you have to move 2-4 boxes of dishes and equipment only.
2-4 boxes (I asume you mean those 30L moving boxes) already warrant 4 trips from the kitchen to the transportation device, which, if you're alone is already twice as much time as you'd need if even just one person helped.
And 2-4 boxes for kitchen stuff is already beyond a single-room apartment and chances that you have as many boxes for each additional living compartment are high, so if we talk about the bare minimum kitchen, bathroom, bedroom (incl. all clothes) we are at up to 12 boxes, which means 12 trips back and forth, only counting boxes and not big stuff like bookshelves and the bed.
Obviously if you only rent fully furnished, then it's easy, but if you actually have own stuff, complexity increases exponentially.
Also, apartments and houses have horror evacui as much as any empty room. If there is room, it will be filled, and each bigger apartment will lead to more stuff unless you are VERY conscious and strict about minimalism.

I have moved 8 times so far and only the very first time was actually manageable alone because I was literally only throwing my rolled-up mattress plus clothes into my car.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 85225
>will lead to more stuff

Yeah, I know that one. I hate moving and all the stuff that usually accumulates.

That said moving 12 boxes alone take what, 45min? (granted you don't live on floor 10 in commie block). Obviously, the packing has been done, just to be clear here, I'm just taking about packaged stuff getting moved from A to B.
Bookshelf and stuff yeah, but a small two room apartment could be done in one day if you start in the morning. Of course there are some factors that can make it difficult and thus longer but one reason to ask
No. 85227
>I'm just taking about packaged stuff getting moved from A to B.
Wait, now from apartment to apartment or just travel time (as in moving from A to B)? Because if the former, you will need to take that time times two, obviously.
So if you manage a frequency of 1 box per 4 minutes (including loading?) you're already pretty good, and probably live on the ground floor.
Then comes travel time, which of course if you're only moving inside the city or whatever won't be that much, then you will have to unload which should already take a bit longer as you are already a bit exhausted.
And yeah, you're right that it should probably be doable alone in one full day, provided there aren't any complications.
No. 85228

Hide No. 75197 [Reply]
39 kB, 1200 × 675
Please finish the following sentences:

"Ernst came home after a long day of work and then"

"I'm not gay but"
No. 85035
R*ssia must be renamed into Copeland

Fucking a man(male) in the ass with a dick(male) is not gay(homosexual), just look:
>It's a punishment
>You gave a payment
>"not by love" and doesn't count.
>Passive gay has female name.
>Traps aren't gays, they are girls
>It's not gay first time
>It's not gay if balls weren't touching
>It's not gay, he didn't came
>It's not gay if another man is of lower rank
>It's not gay if it's a "duty" or order
No. 85037 Kontra
>Fucking a man(male) in the ass with a dick(male) is not gay(homosexual)
The thing is that for the majority (still the majority, I sincerely hope) it is.
No. 85038 Kontra
If you are sodomizing someone, are they really a man?
t. Russian philosopher
No. 85808 Kontra
>ass pounding as punishment
Russia why

Hide No. 74619 [Reply]
704 kB, 1780 × 1176
1,6 MB, 3500 × 2332
41 kB, 334 × 500
135 kB, 1024 × 460
Alright. I will open a thread on infrastructure. Generally this one can be used to think about infrastructure, admire its aesthetic potential and beyond this ponder the network existence and its different modalities that we may lead in this world that we inhabit right now.
These introductory words need further elaboration, ideally, it will be done over the course of this thread.

Paul N. Edwards wrote a general article on infrastructure in the early 2000s. In that he cited the U.S. President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection from 1996 that shall be our gateway to what infrastructure is commonly referred to

• transportation
• oil and gas production and storage energy production in general would be more suitable these days with renewables being a thing
• water supply
• emergency services
• government services
• banking and finance
• electrical power
• information and communications

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No. 79251
>who will pay

Money gets free once you stop tax cuts and other things that are beneficial to the service industry that is travel by air. You can make it a market thing as with all things.

>Also, if you don't just so happen to live near one of those cities that are connected in the first place you will still have to find a way to get there

I don't think you have an airport in front of your house, do you?

>slower, flexible

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No. 79253 Kontra
Oh, I thought we were talking about night trains, not a total mobility/infrastructure reform.
No. 80829
347 kB, 1475 × 1956
663 kB, 1280 × 1280
701 kB, 2000 × 1905

A short video on European rail development of the last decade. The deregulation of national rail service and the question of how to foster international, inter-european train travel and some of its obstacles

two conference videos on the future of European night trains. Will listen now while trying to sleep.

No. 84941
The chances of derailing the thread could be heightened but I think it fights the title


An article on markets as information infrastructure that also serves as model of political organization for (Silicon Valley) libertarians: users using a platform on which politics boils down to information signals. Markets are serving user freedom (choice to invest, consume, buy and work) while libertarian overlords are the ones controlling the technology and that is the markets, since markets are not natural but have to me engineered or made, but I prefer the latter since I think it puts an emphasize on the design aspect that comes from engineering.

Hide No. 23815 [Reply]
85 kB, 746 × 556
No. 83348
68 kB, 600 × 481
I wanted to post this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j80UUgnJ6Cw with commentary "same energy", but turns out it's literally same person and same channel. Didn't know!

The world is too small, there can't be muh 6 billions people:
No. 83503
there are plenty of those channels in spanish too, i like El Mapa de Sebas, google it

You can also learn a bit with Academia Play

These are more like introductory material, thought, nothing too deep, for that you have to learn and write stuff and actually learn something
No. 84889 Kontra
Rampant electromagnetic violence.

Hide No. 55516 [Reply]
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
Take it outside boys, let's not shit up this fine establishment
No. 58606
>Ultimately, I think racists played the long game and won.
They really truly didn't. Everything after the UTR rally was a total disaster.

Moreover they weren't playing the long game and were pretty damn low IQ for "5D chessmasters." Trump was a short term sacrifice for long term victory. In Tarot it would be described as a reversal
>A seemingly total victory that hides within it the seeds of crushing and final defeat
Likewise for liberalism, when Trump when it clearly was
>A crushing and seemingly total defeat that hides within it the seeds of final victory
The smart thing to do is always take down your enemy like the rural folk wisdom how to take down a barn: cut a small hole in the roof and stand back and watch.

[Show 13 more lines]

No. 58610
Perhaps I wasn't clear by my last line. It was the racists on imageboards that steadfastly held the line and kept their messaging consistent throughout the years which drove away non-racists and even embarrassed liberals who were unprepared to respond to them. The only boards on 4krebs that happen to be liberal or left-wing these days are /his/, /mu/ and /lit/, and even /his/ and /lit/ still happens to have racists from time to time.

I disagree with the notion that "pretending racism is over" would be the winning move because, if the respective careers of anti-racist activists like Tim Wise, Jane Elliott, Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi and others I can't be bothered to recall are any indication, fighting racism is an evermoving goalpost. They have redefined racism to mean literally anything that puts colored people in a disadvantageous position even if its in done entirely according to the rules of equality. This is why they have now shifted the discourse away from equality to equity. It's why conversations with anti-racists ultimately end in failure when you play by their rules. Blowing up the game and saying "White people have interests" is a far more viable strategy.

In terms of actualizing real life political goals, you are correct that the right got high on their own supply and impulsively took an opening when everyone should've hesitated and carefully calculated the next big move. Complacency is death, and that was another critical error on part of the right. Instead of playing like they're losing, they got reckless. No one argues that UTR wasn't a total shitshow, and ironically, the fallout couldn't have divided the right more. There was the era of infighting known as the Optics War which Groypers / AmNats openly feuded with alt-righters / WNs over who ruined everything when it should've been the opportunity where differences were put aside and resources pooled together to fight common enemies.

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 59916
Looking at >>59843 I thought about how easy must be job of Chinese agent in modern Burgerland.
All you need to do is "decolonize quantum physics research", "introduce neurodiversity into Air Forces" and so on.
Also I got unironically paranoid about colleagues
No. 84856
5,0 MB, 7:18
46 kB, 400 × 279
973 kB, 768 × 1024
>why do Chinese repress the Muslim minority in its west?
Beijing represses every non-state association and every collective identity besides "citizen of the PRC", or subdues it to the point of it becoming an entirely state-puppeteered farce deprived of all agency.

I think the level of repression depends on who the Party deems you to be, and in some cases also on where you are. Smaller non-muslim rural ethnic minorities tend to get reduced to the role of docile, simple but happy people providing colourful background to propaganda and exoticism to Chinese tourists [0]. It's different with identity groups that are sufficiently large and poorly integrated to be classified as a collective potential threat. Imagine you are a young male member of a sizeable group that lives largely separate from the Hàn, you communicate among yourselves in a language they cannot understand, and some members of your group have recently been implicated in violence against Hàn.

The Manchus are probably too integrated and invested in larger Hàn society to be a fertile ground for separatism, except of course for the odd wewuzzer (>>79221). They are a minority in much of their heartland [1] and – after peaceful self-Sinicization while they dominated China – no longer cause suspicion by speaking a language among themselves that state agents might not understand.

[Show 16 more lines]

Hide No. 83516 Systemkontra [Reply]
207 kB, 527 × 554
old >>82709
No. 84495
> it's 18° in my Altbau room without heating
For reference (again): 18° in a room is really cold for Russians. If I remember correctly, the Soviet sanitary minimum for living rooms (which has been preserved in Russia) is 19°, while the normal temperature in apartments during winter is typically 21-25°. Everyone has "Euro windows" now, so even a cold wind right into the windows is not an issue anymore (I still remember how people used to thoroughly fill the gaps with foam rubber and cover them with adhesive tape for winter, though).

Now if that has been presented as something new that has occured because of the conflict, it's a different matter.
No. 84498
I reckon 16°C-21°C is fine...

>The World Health Organization in 1987 found that comfortable indoor temperatures between 18–24 °C (64–75 °F) were not associated with health risks for healthy adults with appropriate clothing, humidity, and other factors. For infants, elderly, and those with significant health problems, a minimum 20 °C (68 °F) was recommended. Temperatures lower than 16 °C (61 °F) with humidity above 65% were associated with respiratory hazards including allergies.[9][10]

nu threda >>84497
No. 84503 Kontra
>With the next turn of a second you will attack mirgrants for not having a job though, pathetic flag in the wind.
Well, healthy adult males are normally expected to have some job and not live off the state (= other taxpayers). It's not like it is an obligation in Germany (for a good reason, too), but it's moral. On the other hand, if a woman doesn't have a job, it's generally viewed as something much more normal (though in that case it's presumed that she mostly stays with kids and does other supplementary duties).
No. 84544
>25°C in a room in winter is normal
Now, compare to pathetic, poor Gayrope! 23°C was considered the maximum even back in the eighties! Still, we get constant propaganda
They blast it on government TV and Radio 24/7
But the more they say it, the more I know it is a lie!

Hide No. 84240 [Reply]
242 kB, 2039 × 1543
The news of blackouts in Ukraine makes me wonder, how well prepared is Ernst for 3-4 hour blackouts? Especially periodic episodes where you might lose power during peak hours over weeks. The worst case scenario raised here is 5-7pm on weekdays in January and February which is lighter but should make commuting interesting.

I think my laptop should be able to survive on battery for a few hours but I'll have to work out power banks which appears to be its own hell when it comes to AC connected laptops. I'll also need to think about storing media for when I just want to zone out for an hour or two given the internet would likely be down or at least stuck on mobile internet. That said, I live in a well insulated flat so cold shouldn't be a problem and I'm a big guy so I reckon I'll just murder panic buyers this time.
No. 84360
I'd just die.
Individual self-sustainability is a delusion and also a reactionary ideology
No. 84368
>The news of blackouts in Ukraine makes me wonder, how well prepared is Ernst for 3-4 hour blackouts?
What's the problem? I have candles and portable gadgets. But if it's a prolonged lack of electricity which would last days and months, we are f***d pretty bad.
No. 84381
801 kB, 1080 × 2514
No. 84382
Die because of 3-4 hour blackouts?
But in case of some apocalyptic scenario I agree. What matters for prepper is not amount of canned food, but a social capital, which will ensure that these cans won't be immediately taken away by a nearest warlord.

Hide No. 83416 Systemkontra [Reply]
352 kB, 982 × 700
William Blake edition
No. 84286 Kontra
See meanings 3 and 4.

I am an amateur filmmaker btw, when the remains of oily meals go for a bath in my porcelain. Nobody recognizes my talent.
No. 84289
171 kB, 1200 × 855
musste munzeln.

No. 84306
1,6 MB, 200 × 150, 0:09
>I am an amateur filmmaker btw, when the remains of oily meals go for a bath in my porcelain. Nobody recognizes my talent.

Actually had to laugh, well done.
No. 84389 Kontra