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Hide No. 13298 [Reply]
65 kB, 400 × 400
How does one make money online that doesn't involve crypto/SR/camwhoring? like for example, how does one actually start a blog and make money from it? Do you need to set up all kinds of things like bank account, a paypal or whatever, and have advertisers pay you or what?
No. 52894
114 kB, 400 × 400
Hey britlad, not sure wherever you went but I just wanted to formally apologize to you about that and how you were right last year for telling me to invest. That is literally the fourth fucking time in my adult life I missed a rather major, epic chance to cash in because I was retarded and/or too poor to do anything about it. When you told me I should stop paying my rent and just invest you literally told me that right before this huge crypto bull run, judging by the charts. I mean yeah I eventually ran out of money anyways by new years. Yeah it was actually quite noice to push myself so far ahead on bills and rents that for once in my life I knew I could quit my job and live with myself playing vidya for months on end without any job and not even so much as get pestered with a bill in the mail. It was actually a noice feeling, but I should have listened to you. Had I actually taken that gamble back then I'd of had thousands and thousands of dollars extra now per just a few hundred which I could've easily written off as a loss, and I think a huge part of it is in being both stupid lazy. That, and because I pretty much just did not think it could justify sinking into investments then.

I would also just like to point out in the medium to short term I am absolutely expecting to be getting hosed, which is fine by me because I don't think anybody should ever actually invest money in anything particularly this volatile without mentally and emotionally having already written it off as a loss. I still consider my financial exposure well within acceptable limits, with say 5k junkcoins for $5-10 being at once the lowest possible financial exposure as well as the rather unlikley chance of it going up being the maximum returns for such a small bet.

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No. 52958
My thinking has continuously been evolving for months now and it has occurred to me I think the most efficient use of my time would be forking a blockchain somewhere to try and create my own crypto. My main problem is not even the ineptitude with code afaik but rather the legal exposure I could plausibly incur particularly given that it is now "regulated" and depending how I do it could be running afoul of the Securities Exchange Commission. I think that ironically the best bet for ass covering is fortuitously also the laziest, in that I could just release some shit into the wild and buy into what I made like crazy after announcing it rather than promising anything at all nor in having any actual stake in it whatsoever outside of being just another investor. I have already figured out exactly what to do and how I could do it minus the actual part about learning to use Putty or some shit like that, and also because ETH forks like what I was looking at wanted a facebook account. like seriously just what in the absolute fuck? Why. The fuck. Does anybody. Keep pushing crypto like it's some grand solution. So far as I have seen they are rapidly accelerating the New World Order cashless society dystopia they've been ranting at me about for years now. So far as I have seen immediately following the wild west crypto phase we'll have a total Chinese style control over everything linking to your social credit score. It's beyond retarded.

Like, I am pretty sure what I have in mind is actually workable, especially if I could set up some kind of cheapass home server on a Pi and just set up my own website. All of this takes way more technical acumen than I have but luckily at pre-birth character creation while I did use a bunch of retarded things as dump stats and took a few negative perks to free up more space I pretty much just rolled on a high /INT/ character under the assumption I could work my way out of any jam the negatives cause. I know I can do this if I overcome my own laziness and enforce the strictest of discipline to singlemindedly pursuing this project.

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No. 53766
Where in fuck even it is
Oh right it's a spider not a stock market chart or whatever.

Anyway well let's see I guess I should actually keep a tight eye on my 3770kwhich I absolutely shouldn't be wasting my money on right now but otherwise good news today I finally jumped through hoops to get into stonks. It is actually quite irritating to have my privacy intruded upon to that granular a level but oh well. At least now I can have a real stock portfolio and not just shitcoinseven though one of them for some unknown reason did a 1000% profit just now and so I liquidated a good amount high and shifted it towards other coins thus leaving me like 20% profit in a month on that account.

However the irony is that the real stonks are actually imo much less valuable and far more risky to get into right now because I swear to God it's an overinflated bubble in every area of the economy and it is going to crash. I seriously consider myself at higher exposure trading on the US stock market right now than just investing into shitcoins. Yeah fuck it dude I'll see your $140 and I'll raise you cunt
No. 54711
166 kB, 731 × 731
882 kB, 1125 × 2436
33 kB, 600 × 265
218 kB, 1024 × 769
How I buy Polish and Hibernian stonks?

Hinernia REIT and Hibernian bancorp idk about and I do not wish to give a bunch of Dublin landlords my money, however I would very much like to move at least some of my money into the EU. I'd also like to have a stack of Euros but have had surprising difficulty in acquiring Euros.

But most importantly, how I buy Polish and Hibernian stonks and what are good Hibernian and Polish stonks to buy?

Hide No. 54129 [Reply]
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:04
652 kB, 5671 × 2656
2,2 MB, 3648 × 2432
476 kB, 1277 × 429
Really just this is because at least one ernst has a hardcore interest in it and because I don't want to keep shitting up threads. These are some epic bants
No. 54145
This is a really cool channel and I have been binge watching it. I hadn't realized how many crashes and airplane emergencies there actually are/were.
No. 54194
I digged the people that send info from black box info to a simulator. This one is ultra brutal, be warned:https://youtu.be/D2eJkJBwxsI
No. 54202
Dear lord. Jesus how drunk was this guy. Not terribly brutal though I did chuckle
sorry. I've heard a lot more brutal flight recorders than that. True terror in their voices. The best last words was probably that one pilot who said "this is it baby!" I feel like he should've been flying Southwest.

One of the absolute shittier ones was it was the F/O who pretty much was responsible at least partly for the mistake that killed everyone--except him. He survived. He ended up with brain damage and in a wheelchair missing a leg, but he lived, and turned into an alcoholic.
I think he sounds cringey as hell in interviews though, as if he's somehow the biggest victim.
No. 54682

Hide No. 54638 Lock [Reply]
14 kB, 320 × 180
I'd just like to interject for a moment What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX. Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.
No. 54679
He is right about literally every single thing there except 14 and maybe 16. Honestly I had no idea he was that based af. I like him so much more. What kind of ponce you are even? Do you like tyranny or something? Do you like kissing Putin and Dick Cheney hui or something?

Hide No. 31886 [Reply]
23 kB, 450 × 300
360 kB, 800 × 1120
Old one autosage >>4705

Some nice music documentary about the German alternative Rock scene of the 60s and 70s, also known as Krautrock.

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany

Here's a little shorter video about Krautrock as well.
No. 52227
Yes, it does. Basically it calls the "all beings are just nodes in a network"- theorem a scientific fraud.
No. 52241
Those utterly random hyphens are not making my headache better. Lack of paragraphing doesn't help either. I'll finish reading this later but I do agree with the idea, iirc read here, that people are backporting ideas of computers and technology onto themselves in ways that are false, to make them more like computers than other way around. I have long railed against cybernetics and many aspects of technology in spite of being a borderline techno-fetishist myself specifically because I am opposed to the social control, and to the way the tech will fit in the economic, geopolitical, and social order. For example you will likely have an implant that it is illegal to modify your own part's firmware, effectively becoming property of the corporation.

It is a more totality of turning man into slave than has ever before been proposed, with each grafted part not adding to the organism, but rather losing more of yourself, both physically, legally, and spiritually, to the extent that due to neoliberalism and globalism aka international Capitalism, rather than freeing us it will enslave us, just as due to the nature of our society automation and robots will impoverish rather than enrich us. There is no way around this because it is the nature of our awful flawed system itself. Were it another system, having an entire underclass of automatons would provide a life of leisure and scholarly pursuit, freed energy, enhanced production, abundance for everybody, as certain Marxists once proposed, as did the Venus Project; but instead, because of Capitalism all it means is a cyberpunk dystopia with massively burgeoning underclass and unemoloyment and homelessness, itself a self created problem necessitating a vast expansion of the police state and authoritarian powers. They will need even more dystopian methods of control, from blanket surveillance, to brutality, to camps, to something right out of the game Syndicate

[Show 9 more lines]

No. 52244
>random hyphens/ Lack of paragraphing

I c/p ofc, paragraphing is like the original, just no empty line inbetween them (but the orginal doesn't have them neither).

Cybernetics proposes solutions by treating things like systems, by treating things digital (discretization) which means as distinct countable data that allow for mathematical operation, computation. Therefore cybernetics is perfect as operative tool.
The 60s counterculture was driven by visions of non-hierachical (anti authoritarian spirit of '68) socities (Fred Turner, 2006), the grass root network seemed the perfect political counter to topdown planning (also communist!), Turner anecdotically puts a quote from Steward Brands diary as kid or teen where he articulates his red scare, propelled by US propaganda we can suppose. Which brings us to the sacred image of individuality with these people.
Dieter Mersch, a German scholar said there are two camps in cybernetics: cybernetics as control tool for stability (of a system) or as bearers of emergence, of novelity (creative camp, counter culture strand).
What is introduced by cybernetics is very interesting as it also deals with question of the real and the symbolic. To this day I'm fascinated by it's operative rigor that we can see and also by the question what is a system, do we know if it is a system or do these people just treat is as system (and somehow successfully), what does this mean in general for humans, how much "truth" is in cybernetics and where are the limits of it as epistemology and its operative execution?

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No. 54625
31 kB, 512 × 384
41 kB, 512 × 384
28 kB, 512 × 384
48 kB, 512 × 384

Herzog docu on various religious and superstitious practices in Russia, featuring many strange characters, probably the most normal one being a man who claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus (he actually gives a pretty convincing impression)

Hilarious disclaimer:
>Herzog, as he often does, embellished the story of the Lost City considerably, acknowledging his fabrications fully:
>"I wanted to get shots of pilgrims crawling around on the ice trying to catch a glimpse of the lost city, but as there were no pilgrims around I hired two drunks from the next town and put them on the ice. One of them has his face right on the ice and looks like he is in very deep meditation. The accountant’s truth: he was completely drunk and fell asleep, and we had to wake him at the end of the take."

Hide No. 47598 [Reply]
60 kB, 550 × 608
Third thread, here's the previous two


I've about 70,000 named files on my imageboards / random internet hard drive which has files going back as far as 1999, search for One or Two words and I'll post the results

Also, I've about 200,000 in total so random numbers may also yield results
No. 54602
270 kB, 1200 × 1200
63 kB, 540 × 720
just 2
Not me, I don't save 4chanfrogs
No. 54604
I have it but who knows where the fuck is it. It might be in another PC.
No. 54610
nice boobs
No. 54618
>command and conquer base

People who've never held a weapon before probably don't understand how fuckheavy and clunky that stupid thing is, which if you're going to need so many rounds that's why you just get a drum mag.
oh yeah I'm sure

To be fair, Iran would have lost anyway once we opened up and started bombing them. The thing is, we would not have actually had the capability to occupy and pacify that country. We could destroy their conventional forces with ease. Problem is, as you can guess from that simulation, we'd have our shit wrecked in the process. One of those carriers alone is an absolutely ungodly amount of money, not to mention how pissed the America public would be at us losing as many lives in one day on one boat as it took us years and years to incur in Iraq.

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Hide No. 54358 [Reply]
182 kB, 524 × 721
I've been wondering: Americans stereotypically viewed as narrow-minded philistines, yet they are capable of great scientific and technological achievements such as nuclear weapons or computers. Are people wrong about Americans?
No. 54418
Please see my above remarks. We are not talking about addressing racism at this point. We are talking about pure cargo culting and whole world must be muricaism at this point. No dude, not one single one of the fucking countries you just mentioned has cops shooting thousands of people a year. You do not have German police shooting black people in the back of the head. You may have racism, sure. But it's not your problem. These are not your problems. You are viewing it through this twisted lens of American corporate media and all the retards spouting domestic kulturkampf online. Seriously you may as well just take Turkish Cypriot issues or Brasilian domestic issues to be your own at that point. Adopting the stance of some faction or ideological trashcan here is basically retarded no matter how honest your intentions may be. It's like watching these foreigners parading around with Confederate flag patches or something. You just look and wonder what the hell.

BLM is ultimately not a police brutality movement at this point. It is a racially motivated racial solidarity movement. It's not that I think they're wrong or don't support them necessarily, but I know full well if I got shot by the cops a number of these assholes would just stand there thinking "GOOD now you know wut it feels like whitey." I'm not talking about the reasonable people. I mean who the media is pushing so it can be a source of discord rather than uniting people in the country around the fact our policy is shit, and our policing is shit partly out of design because they recruit shit people fire or force out the not-shit people and all the while expect cops to deal with shit like medical issues or mental health issues that isn't their fucking jobs.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 54423 Kontra
Dissing USA is one of the worst errors Europeans can make. Europe is pathetic in this manner

Muh culchure
Muh antiquidy

Get lost Europe, as if you were so cultured.
No. 54437 Kontra
You're using the word bogan wrong. Stop cargo culting off of our shit.
No. 54613
Not a fan of fast food, but your post made me want to walk to McDonalds.

Hide No. 53786 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 3000 × 3000
150 kB, 1080 × 1080
19 kB, 400 × 225
15 kB, 450 × 450
I really like the lego-thread >>52263. Maybe we can have a toy thread where we discuss toys of our childhood.

My own experience was very German, but I hope some guys can relate to it.

Schleich Figurines. The details and realism are lovely. There is not much you can do with them, except for playing farm. To me, they were boring as old hell.

I had lots of toy cars. Matchbox and Hotwheels were OK, but my favorite car was a Siku T3-Bus in Bauknecht-livery, like this one. Mine looked a lot more used up. Damn, I loved that bus! I wish I still had it.

Both my brother and our cousin had Darda-sets. We would take lap times with a stop watch and clean and oil the engines.

I also liked Baufix very much, a construction toy for younger kids. You could build with it whatever you wanted, and I spent many hours happily putting wooden screws through wooden nuts. I played with it even when I was much too old for it.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 54376
There is an awesome amount of detail on those models. Lights, bumpers, mirrors even windshield-wipers.
No. 54413
35 kB, 398 × 409

I just bought some Schleich Farm World toys today for myself, thanks for telling me about them.
No. 54563
87 kB, 1024 × 550
Anybody remember these things? I haven't thought about it in 20 years
No. 54564
I remember the advertisement for them.
Never had them though.

Hide No. 54461 [Reply]
8 kB, 226 × 223
How does one become apolitical and doggedly maintain this position? Seems like you always have to be political about anything nowadays.
No. 54545
65 kB, 800 × 450
Fair comments.
I was blinded by some inexplicable hatred of both characters, but I suppose the host was worse.
It's just the sort of discussion I deeply hate, all carried with this aura of wisdom and deep knowledge that the ancients supposedly had - even though he shat on new age people he might just very well be a more verbose intellectual edition of them. The reverence and tone in which he delivers his takes on symbolic analysis of concepts that are just too vague and can be protrayed in however manner you want.
It's not like it's just arabic mysticism he sticks to- it's this cross cultural archetype of le wise old mystic that operates incomprehensible to us silly westerners. I just felt like the host should get hit with the shovel of historical materialism, and his orientalist sidekick goes along with him.
No. 54548
149 kB, 1280 × 774
>this aura of wisdom and deep knowledge that the ancients supposedly had

I think you misunderstand this as a new age alternative, this is not about bringing le real wisdom to viewers. Mohaghegh is a literature scholar his work especially this (Philosophy After Dark) and Omnicide are both conceptual (and this means literature and philosophy) and poetic as Robin Mackay said in the second link (Soundcloud). I think you mistake some philosophical-poetic yes he decided to mix this together, it can be done, after all this book does not get published in a XXX University Press work that is born out of (scholarly) interest of the Arabic speaking space and its history and culture for some deep spiritual insights. Of course, enchantment plays a role here, which is what I think bothers you. But enchantment is made obvious and both gone through in its function and as a concept, which I think new agism is would never do since it promises to connect to the cosmos in a direct link, there is no meta to be found in new agism, whereas Mohaghegh work does make it clear right from the beginning, while there is some ambivalence to it, of course, I think that is fruitful in making you think(R). Mohagheghs book that is discussed in that interview deals with the night and its entanglement with literature, so in what way does the night appear in (arabic) literature and instead of doing plain literature analysis of motives (which he also does e.g. criminality, secrecy) and what belongs to all of this, he extends it via ponderings of what effects the night has, what the night does to people, he does so by tracing certain archetypes or figures and their nights. This is quite a valid way to engage with a phenomenon. Basically, the night is conceptualized with Arabic literature as foil and as style. What separates it from pure analysis is the style, but this book does so with explicit intend, as I said it mixes analysis with poetics. If you don't like poetics or think poetics of other cultures are stupid then that is fine, but that is something different than your initial attack. And btw: the night and its importance in literature and as a natural, sensorial, and aesthetic phenomenon is also thought of in the west and probably all other cultures, in varying degrees, with perhaps sometimes overlapping thoughts and feels. Since he packs it with poetics, you think this is another new age sentiment that chooses the middle east instead of southeast Asia. I think it is perfectly fine to contrast the concept of the mystic as he developed it with predominant Instagram spiritualism in the US, as it underlines the notion of (apolitical) dedication of the mystic figure. What to make of it is another question, Mohagheg

[Show 1 more line]

No. 54549 Kontra
>its history and culture for some deep spiritual insights

and not*
No. 54566 Kontra
Where is bunkerchan, trapo trap house, and leftypol? Are they all imageboards or are they like some zoomers discord servers or something?

Hide No. 53759 [Reply]
1,6 MB, 1156 × 751
84 kB, 670 × 505
92 kB, 704 × 390
I found 6.5 acres of land being sold for $110,000. Odd thing about it though is that it's been on sale since last year and nobody seems to be interested in it even though the other land for sale nearby are worth more. Is it because there's a creek flowing through the property that reduces its value? I'm seriously considering buying it now that I have some money saved up and want to fulfill my dream of owning a large amount of land.

No. 53780
You would be okay if you camped there. You just run into problems when setting up any sort of permanent structure there. I believe there exceptions for buildings related to agricultural production, so you could build a small shack there. Depending on where exactly your lot is, you can get electricity there too.
No. 53905
That would still be more permissible than what is legal in Germany. My mother owns a super enviro-protected meadow that can be legally grazed by sheep/goats/cows, as long as you don't built a stable. We're glad some local farmer cuts it, but I have no idea what to do once he retires, as I live 200km from there.
No. 54351
Wait why would that happen? A major quake might fuck up silicon valley but afaik California has lots of codes on how they can build their structures to be earthquake resistant. Even if it leveled everything all you're going to do is have some internet disruptions on shitty services and a big stock market dip. It's not like the world is going to be Mad Max the second Silicon Valley disappears no matter how much those "app developer" may wish to dream otherwise.
No. 54498
Perhaps the land is polluted or is lacking in some sort of water, tree or mineral rights. I'd be asking questions to a council before buying any piece of earth.

Hide No. 53829 [Reply]
927 kB, 636 × 848
Should they be abolished? They wield immense power and are basically unelected antidemocratic power structures, which outlive elected officials. There is no control, they majorly fuck up all the time, e.g. in the case of terrorism either by looking away, getting caught with their pants down or even supporting them, like the NSU in Germany or Al Qaida in the US.

Then there are the military intelligence services, you always hear about the CIA, NSA, Mossad, BND or whatever, but basically every country has three branches of intelligence services: foreign, domestic and militaric. And theres almost never any good OSINT on them. Which makes you start to think what they (yeah) are doing.

If people would know what happens beyond the tidbits, which sometimes flow to the surface, I think there would be constant rioting for months. There is no way that they are compatible with a transparent democracy.
No. 54300
We do have "organic" Nazis here, fresh from Germany, who would have thought.
Though there are notoriously many informers in those circles who are on the Verfassungsschutz payroll but the money they receive is nothing to write home about afaik. E.g. Tino Brandt, one of the most high profile informers, is estimated to have receieved ~100.000€ over ~7 years or so. Apparently the VS also tips them off about police raids sometimes so they can keep working for them, but that's about it I'd assume.

If you want to spin the conspiracy angle, you gotta come up with something more substantial.
From what I can tell the reason they didn't get caught earlier is mostly just incompetence & the bureaucratic mess due to the amount of police and VS agencies from the different federal states involved without any proper organization and cooperation.

>Are those the proven happenings?
Nod really, there's no real evidence that Mundlos was "recruited" or that the VS had "full knowledge" of their crimes.

[Show 4 more lines]

No. 54301
After 90s I would have no clue. Before 90s it is Years of Lead and Strategy of Tension. Sowing complete chaos, fear, suspicion, distrust among a population accomplishes a political motive at state level either to soften up a target, blame some group which in the 80s and 70s would be bombing people and framing leftist groups, and for other reasons. There are certainly Cold War era links between secret services, the Nazi underground, and far right political movements, the most infamous probably being Bologna train station bombing.
>why would you do that
Well if you want to sabotage growing leftist movements with CCCP symapthies, blaming them for robberies and serial killing serves an obvious purpose. Broadcasting it was far right and blaming them serves to undermine those groups. Or it also is just unorganized stupidity by people who think they'll be the great national front leading to the RaHoWa clueless the severity of damaging their own cause.
No. 54469
281 kB, 1300 × 969
Finished the book on the NSU. Kind of interesting to read some details about the crimes, but as far as info of secret services goes, I just learned that the Verfassungsschutz aside from the federal level institution cosnsists of state level institutions for each state that don't always cooperate. There is also some info on how they use informers, but the biggest takeaway seems to be that they're rather incompetent. Maybe this is actually in part because the compartmentalization, though that prevents a consolidation of power.

Started the Shadow Warriors book by Bradley F. Smith. First chapter deals with how the success of the German blitzkrieg victory over France in 1940 was attributed to a Nazi "fifth column" of spies and saboteurs. In fact, they didn't really have any sophisticated or particularly effective foreign intelligence, but their alleged success in that regard is what lead to the establishment of the OSS.

Pic related an anecdote about British Secret services, which also were a blueprint for the American OSS, despite in fact not being particularly effective.
No. 54662 Kontra
lmao that reminds me of the scene in "The Men who stare at Goats" where they talk about psi divisions and such, being a spook really is just flinging lots of shit and see what sticks to wall, huh?