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No. 5452 [Reply]
127 kB, 1500 × 960
What websites does Ernst frequent other than EC?

I used to spend a lot of time on different topic related internet forums and websites but then i got a slave to chans somewhere around 2006 or 2007 and i left the other internet behind.

Nowadays are Nu-EC, Youtube, Wikipedia and, as a guilty pleasure of mine, Reddit the only sites i regularely visit (next to some porn sites)

I have no idea where the hate for Reddit comes from by the way, if you ignore the comments underneath the content there are some pretty fun subreddits.
No. 10286
I'm not sure that's related to the problem. My post had everything to do with action and delusion. When you get shitfaced you have the false delusion that you're doing something. With posting online you can get the false delusion that you're accomplishing anything at all, even just shitposting. In fact some of the worst posters are so cancerous specifically because they think they're changing the world by shitposting. The internet itself is a major time waster but IBs are absolutely the worst. They end up pandering to the lowest common denominators, which is observable as every year a board will just get more repetitive and idiotic. I have yet to see a single chan that didn't rapidly degrade in quality over time. It has nothing to do with feelings; I don't give a fuck about your feelings. I'm talking about people mistake the action of posting with imposing their view on the world, as opposed to passive observers who might actually benefit in some small way but would still be better off doing nothing but reading wikipedia articles then turning the machine off.
No. 10288

Microboards are not sufficient, are not the entire answer. We have a responsibility before the general public, before the body politic. It is only us that can instill the proper values, the right attitudes and the correct ways of reasoning into the larger masses, by personal example. The great big /b/ is in it's present state quite receptive to charitable influence. The youth need help and direction and guidance and we are the only ones who can truly help them, and teach them to help others.
No. 10305
They're a lost cause. This was true a decade ago when people were still trying to save it.
>It is only us that can instill the proper values, the right attitudes and the correct ways of reasoning into the larger masses, by personal example.
I can't tell if this was meant to be satire. Even ignoring the personal example part, you have to keep in mind a shithole like /pol/ not just /b/. It was true of bernds also. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I always saw bernds whining about this or that but they outright rejected any advice or offers of help.
No. 10352
Look at Ernstchan. This board is determined and made special not by what is visible, it's content and posts and discussions, but in the first place by what is unobserved and intangible: the attitudes and the posting culture of it's residents. And that is a meme (in the old-fashioned meaning of the term), that is a behavior that can be acquired over time. If you truly help just a single person, soon, the entire community will be transformed - I hope you can perceive the logic behind this.

No. 1311 Systemkontra [Reply]
42 kB, 500 × 350
Hello, Ernst.
I'm still looking for volunteers to draw some matches.
I watched yesterday's spectacular display and tried myself if I can do one. Well, here it is. I really liked the first Spanish goal would have been nice to immortalize it but that would too much of a test of my untrained ball drawing skills.
I don't see a World Cup thread so maybe Ernst doesn't follow it, but maybe some does. I'm gonna watch today's Argentina - Iceland derby, you could join if you wish on End.
No. 5397
48 kB, 870 × 668
Found this pic by random and thought it's funny enough to post ITT
No. 5402 Kontra
392 kB, 1347 × 1167
Oh wait, it was Brozovic, not Vida
No. 7665
55 kB, 705 × 322
I'm sorry for posting this here but I won't open a new thread for this.
So endchan.xyz and .net are down due some idiot's tranny spam. However endchan.org wörks fine (with shitty geolocation tho). Access options changed a bit maybe not all of our posters know about it and there's a chance they'll see it here.
No. 10308
69 kB, 634 × 381
56 kB, 634 × 385
(Use youtube setting to play at .25 speed)

>Now we know that the ball bounded on the line and went back to the pitch. The only film that recorded the action was somewhat edited by the perfidious Brits to make the rebound images fuzzy, for that reason nobody was sure of what had happened for decades. But modern technology applied the laws of Physics and recovered the whole sequence and the truth emerged: There was not goal.

No. 9326 [Reply]
233 kB, 800 × 1497
So there is still a russian provider operating NMT 450 mobile networks which is a pre-SIM/GSM-technology and enables free phoning a lot.

How many people are using those things, why are they using it (come on, Russia is not bumfuck nowhere in Africa) and are there any more obscure retro technologies out there?
No. 10258
You seriously need to ask why Russia is poor and backwards?
No. 10265
Indonesia still uses 4:3 576i broadcast standard. This leads to some interesting situations where broadcasting for internet is often HD, while TV is still SD.
No. 10279
Yawn, NEETs who believe in conspiracies and justify their personal failure to be an adult is psyops in itself, well done fitting the bill nicely. Nobody needs to spend resources to sway you away from your current trajectory, you're an enemy onto yourself.

LOL @ Finland and Estonia thinking they are more advanced and the next silicon valley because they installed forest-wide cellphone coverage grids. Chile did the same thing, now you can get reception in the desert where no life can survive, doesn't mean they're 1st world. In fact they gave everyone free wifi but took away free water. Finland got free somalis.
No. 10280
543 kB, 1541 × 847
>In Russia Uralwestcom shut down their NMT network on 1 September 2006 and Sibirtelecom on 10 January 2008. Skylink, subsidiary company of TELE2 Russia operates NMT-450 network as of 2016 in Arkhangelsk Oblast and Perm Krai.[3][4] These networks are used in sparsely populated areas with long distance. License for the provision of services is valid until 2021.
>Arkhangelsk Oblast
An ice fisherman in the arctic circle needs the newest antennas requiring a smartphone that he can't use in thick gloves and would get water damaged from icicles in minutes.

This is what progressives believe.

No. 10100 [Reply]
228 kB, 466 × 700
Fugger (German pronunciation: [ˈfʊɡɐ]) is a German family that was a historically prominent group of European bankers, members of the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century mercantile patriciate of Augsburg, international mercantile bankers, and venture capitalists.


fug :---DDD
No. 10144
134 kB, 315 × 445
87 kB, 450 × 575
No. 10147
Herr Doktor Professor Helmut Fugger :-DDDD
No. 10162
48 kB, 500 × 500
No. 10217 Kontra
173 kB, 1349 × 2800
Just a heads up I figured out why we started getting an increase in shitposting
crtl+f EC, ernst

No. 2882 [Reply]
64 kB, 500 × 530
Let us have a slang translation and sharing thread. What does сасай mean?
No. 2972
107 kB, 1000 × 800
128 kB, 1280 × 611
>сасай лалка)))000)0)0
Is mean basicly and irony on "trolling" of kids in internet. Basicly, first word "сасай" is broken version of word "соси", that mean "(to)suck, and second word is "лалка" - is broken in same meme-manner word "лол" which is basicly just transcription of "lol". Main thing is when "lol" migrated to bydlo masses of russian internet, looks like they didn't undestood what it mean and thought it was some sort of nickname for dumb or bad.. like for examle they think "lol"~="idiot" or "looser". So basicly if artisticly translate it ignoring broken nature of words, it means "suck dicks, looser!"
A lot of shitty emojes at end is just regular bydlo-speak in internet. Yes, it have kinda same nature as famous "X----DDDDD", but even more shitty that bydlos and kids use as serious. They just spamming same symbol and end "))))))))" - happy "((((((" - sad. You see in this picture in is interupted with numbers because when you accidentaly drop shift, you get other symbol on button. So sometimes you may see in bydlo text messages cunstuctions like "))))0" or "((((9" or "?????77777" (on russia keyboard questionmark, "&" and "7" on same button). This IRONIC interpritation of this constrution made it to obsolete "))))00)0))))00".

As you can see on my example, often such memes illustrated by bad drawed versions of most cancer bydlo "memes" turned into absolute nonsence.
No. 9998
2,6 MB, 1600 × 900
What does jajco kurwa mean?
No. 10034 Kontra
Eggs bitch. Probably popular German question during the war was meant
No. 10110
212 kB, 1218 × 1015
When someone asks you what something is, you say jajco kurwa if you want to be rude and not tell what it is. Most likely when it's super obvious for you, but not only in this cases it can be used.

No. 3001 [Reply]
18 kB, 757 × 723
Willkommen! This thread is for the sharing and discussion of short-films of all kinds.

I would like to start with two films directed by Russian filmmaker Andrei Khrzhanovsky that are of importance and demonstrate the technical level Soviet/Russian animation once operated on.

>The Glass Harmonica (1968)

The first (and allegedly only) animated film banned in the USSR for its depiction of totalitarianism and censorship of the arts. Inherently it has an anti-capitalist message in the role money plays turning people into monsters but you can obviously see what is really at work.

What is interesting about this other than the on the nose message is the use of historical artwork in a surrealist format. It was a very daring film even for life in the Khrushchev Thaw.

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No. 10038
251 kB, 848 × 477
Lord of the Rings as a short tale of mice. It's pretty comfy watching all scenes redone.
So common trope
No. 10040
46 kB, 700 × 525
I suspect more-so on the Russia.
No. 10045
I don't remember her name but as a child I did have a crush on that little mouse from the Rescue Rangers. I was very little.
No. 10081
Gadget Hackwrench

No. 9144 Systemkontra [Reply]
12 kB, 640 × 480
What are you going to suffer today?
No. 10060
I will unify Belarus and Ukraine and conquer Russia under your rule. And then i will install religious technocratic regime over slavs.
Rate my plan
No. 10062
41 kB, 725 × 400
>religious technocratic regime over slavs
No. 10063
85 kB, 406 × 1024
I feel fed up with imageboards again. It's the same trite bullshit over and over again.
No. 10067
Are you the same Ernst who previously had to deal with an incompetent new manager? If so how did that work out?

Well, I mean, it's nice to know you're ambitious but it sounds like the moment you hit a setback you might kill yourself. Take it a day at a time and assume it's a generational climb for your own sake.

>Also, I could stay here, graduate, while getting to know the right people, and then apply for a job at one of the ministries.

Unsolicited advice: To succeed at civil service recruitment you need to actively take part in projects for the stories. I know what I'm talking about here and strongly recommend ‘representative’ areas like academic liaison with treasury responsibility if you can. It's not much work but makes a big difference if you can say you spearheaded some new initiative or organised a team with a Picard management style.

Remember: Peter the Great is watching you masturbate, do these chores or he'll give you ball-ache.

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No. 9081 [Reply]
228 kB, 671 × 1099
1,1 MB, 640 × 640, 0:20
>Since there is no philosophy threda
here it is.

i was lately toying with a little idea and wanted to hear Ernst's input on it.

As you all may know we have a serious problem with plastic pollution. We developed some genetic engineered fungi capable of breaking down plastics and reintroduce the parts into the "normal" biological cycle. I'm not aware of some genetic engineered bacteria capable of doing such, but let's suppose we have some.

would you introduce these into the wild bio-cycle?

I would tend towards "yes". First, let's try to imagine/determine all possible consequences. Ya, yaha. I know impossible task to do so; just look at what fuckery we did to the australian bio-cycle.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 9940
History is accelerating.

I guess the last hundred years were quite exciting, but I suspect that very soon, humanity's going to have to learn the value of slowing down.

Conscious denial of progress and communal techno tribalism soon. Will guided development, triumph of intent over expediency.

A society that is crafted, rather than grown.
No. 9964
I think what you say is what would be necessary but it won't happen. You can't re-train a few billion neural networks over night, most of them have to be de-commissioned and replaced for the lessen to get across, but in order to do that you'd need a big war where billions die and then a phase of enlightenment where new-borns are taught a different school of thought deliberately. A bit like in Germany after WW2.
No. 9968
>but in order to do that you'd need a big war where billions die and then a phase of enlightenment where new-borns are taught a different school of thought deliberately.
You know, there is that theory that a certain group is trying to do this deliberately, that the earlier wars were things like Capitalism versus Communism, and that the later wars will first be Islam vs. Christianity followed by the forces of atheism and nihilism against religious zealots and reactionaries before unveiling a global government under Luciferianism.

Regardless, I personally believe that all that's going to happen will be us moving violently in the opposite direction of freedom and enlightenment. The behavior of governments and major corporations are a testimony to this.
No. 10004
I see that coming since the 90s, I hoped to be lucky enough to grow old and die before the unavoidable eventually happens, but now I fear there might not be enough time left for me to die of natural causes before the great happenings...

No. 9718 [Reply]
3,0 MB, 2063 × 3095
Hello Ernst,

How to block printerest?
It's the worst shit site ever and its google optimization is very good.

Very often I get excited that I found something on google, click on it and it's fucking printerest with a super generic page.

So I may ask, how to kill it? I could add it to the host-file, but it wouldn't make it vanish from google.

What is printerest even?
No. 9983
113 kB, 1200 × 630
54 kB, 615 × 409
I was the best poster on Ernstchan.com/int/ until the hour that it died. It broke my spirit and left a void in my heart that hasn't been filled, I am now too bitter to bother putting much effort into my posting. However there are foreigners asking a question so I gave them a visual aid. When I go to the doctors office and there is a fat secretary there that browses the internet all day she will be on Pininterest if not Facebook. That is what women do online
No. 9984
I am currently the best poster on EC. How does this make you feel?
No. 10001
44 kB, 1000 × 800
You have won a battle but you haven't won the war
No. 10003
That is proof that you're not the best poster right there. Unless you're also the artist ernst from USA, who is definitely one of our best posters.

No. 4769 [Reply]
64 kB, 854 × 559
Is any Ernst here into Trading? Be it stocks, currencies or whatever else cryptos are gay

I just sold my ADVA Optical Networking stocks because they went trough the roof in the last few days and i wanted to profit before it goes back down.

I still own stocks of the companies Steinhoff International and Telefónica Deutschland.

Steinoff is pretty much worthless right now so buying a few hundred stocks is cheap and there's potential upwards.

How about you?
No. 5691
I don't know why you'd want to invest in cars but say minerals is too risky. There is huge demand for it particularly anything electronics related and that is highly unlikely to ever be disrupted. It's just volatile. Meanwhile demand for cars may be almost as good as dentistry in some cases but look at things like 2008 the only reason major car manufacturers are still around is because the government kept them afloat. GM would otherwise be dissolve by now. And your major market is going to be the developing world with things like China, which maybe if it's some recognizable German thing would be a safe bet but I'd imagine they're already heavily developing their own internal markets.
No. 9502
35 kB, 711 × 413
~1,5 month later and comeback is real

Never buy high sell low
No. 9504
It is hillbilly/bydlo insurance and retirement fund.
No. 9938
34 kB, 800 × 600
Wow I had no idea a Chinese fake identification was that pricey
Or that apparently counterfeit lighters make up that large a segment of the market share of world black market goods.
You know, up until the last several years I had expected that there would be at least some people who are smart enough to see what China is deliberately doing who work for our government, but nowadays I don't. It seems patently obvious to me that China is waging a full scale economic war against the planet. By selling shoddy goods you also manage to sabotage everyone else's economy while growing yours. It is a tool of warfare and soft power.