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79 kB, 640 × 1071
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152 kB, 1199 × 704
Chemical warfare exercise in Istanbul before the WW2

19 August 1939
No. 51645
Chemical reaction would be my thought too. I'm not an eggsbert but I'm fairly sure I've heard or read somewhere before about old photos being relatively fragile in that respect.
No. 51673
Nice photographies
No. 51733
No. 51905
31 kB, 657 × 486
It doesn't seem to me there'll be such pictures of people made, preserved, and gone over in the future again

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85 kB, 746 × 556
No. 35523
you forgot pornhub.com
No. 35553
Actually, pronhub is next to facebook, amazon and maybe netflix the only company with the assets to be dangerous for youtube.

I also heard that they have plans allready to build up a sfw portal?
No. 37596
191 kB, 570 × 268
A man with the perfect voice for reading poetry, reads poetry.

The reader is anonymous, but it's possible he is an actor. In an old article, film critic Roger Ebert wrote this:
>The anonymous reader signs himself "Tom O'Bedlam," a name taken from a 17th century poem about a lunatic. I believe I recognize his unmistakable voice, but that is for you to decide.

No. 51852
38 kB, 600 × 400
I really did have lots of fun binge watching this channel
In thinking about how neet it would be to have my own genetics engineering lab it dawned on me that contrary to megacorps wishes and much to Monsanto's chagrin what we're going to need to do then and should be doing now is having genetic hazard signs. Like if I was to help engineer an especially smart and large subspecies of salticidae to have a large genehazard warning sign with like transcripting or unraveling DNA inside a yellow triangle, which sure we already do have a mutagenic hazard sign which is itself not very intuitive and hence bit of a failure of graphical design imo but it only is about our DNA being corrupted and affected by some chemical. What we should do is put genehazard signs on certain things which should not be allowed to come out of a lab and possibly reproduce in the wild or potentially cross pollinate with wild natural life. In other words Monsanto crops should have big bright red warning signs about being genetic hazards and likewise anything with advanced genetical engineering. I of course would relish the opportunity to put those stickers on the obnoxious fucking GloFish at pet stores but really it should be something about not letting such engineered or altered creatures out of a lab.

But man, would I enjoy giving octopuses and cuttlefish much extended lifespans and perhaps even enhanced intellect. Part of their problem is actually just having such really short life cycles which I suspect is hampering their ability to develop culture and thus pass down their cultural and other learnings to offspring in much the way we do. Being largely solitary predators except some cuttlefish swarms doesn't help matters.

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174 kB, 502 × 311
Mahommedans forbid images of any living thing, and they also forbid venerating Jesus and Mary Theotokos as "gods". Which do Mahommedans find more offensive, images (icons) of Jesus, or images of Muhammad?
No. 51717
You are French. You should know that depictions of Mohammed make them go full HURKA DURKA and flag-burning.
No. 51718
>But Jesus being God is a very important part of Christian theology. God came down to Earth as one of us, he lived, breathed, and suffered as one of us, he was circumcised and went through all the rituals as one of us.
You literally worship a dead Jew on a stick. Pathetic.

>And he was conceived immaculately.
More like some guy 2000 years ago got cucked so hard that he is still remembered today.
No. 51724 Kontra
Let me guess, your haven for pedophiles, terrorists, and shitposters went down again
No. 51758
That's Sunni that do that. Not all Muslims do.

Hide No. 47336 [Reply]
172 kB, 1024 × 1046
179 kB, 735 × 735
Recently on /b/ the idea of having an Ernstchan-internal chess tournament came up. So let's give it a shot. I have created an invite-only chess club on chess.com which you can join by clicking here: https://www.chess.com/club/ernstchan-chess-club/join/e00a81

I could only a 30 members club because I only have a gold account, but 30 should be sufficient for now, considering this is a dead imageboard.

Maybe we can have regular live tournaments, including live streams on Ernstiwan/Discord.
If we get enough members by then, I'd suggest a Blitz tournament for October 31st.

What do guys you think?
No. 48906 Kontra
I've created a discord that can be used to coordinate this. I'm sure it'll come to nothing but figured it doesn't hurt to try
No. 51607
84 kB, 760 × 650
Still there? The Discord link is not working anymore.

Here is a relatively famous chess puzzle. Enjoy.
No. 51710
No. 51731
Nah, then black does Rc5, and it doesn't work. Gotta go b4 first.

Hide No. 51072 Systemkontra [Reply]
156 kB, 1124 × 1118
January 23rd 2021, the second year of the pandemic approaches - Ernsts self isolate
No. 51715
This is exactly how I felt about Discord. No I don't need another fucking account for gaming. I've wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and having seen just how cancerous the shit is with people launching raids out of it can see how totallu vindicated I am in that belief. It was through discord that poltards were organizing raids against KC for example.
No. 51716
For a very long time in my life and arguably still now, I’ve barely been to social media under the excuse that is was a loss of time.
But... I finally realized the contradiction. If I was to avoid social media, I had to avoid the anonymous ones too. So I decided to try when given the chance. But, I rarely got enough envy to start one account. So it’s not the idea to jump.
No. 51727
Nothing better than going outside after class wearing a bathrobe to shield you against a cold wind and beating a pool of ice with a stick until your hand feels numb.

>How the fuck do obese people even function without being in daily excruciating pain and agony, discomfort and ill health?
It's simple: They're in excruciating pain, agony, discomfort and ill health.
That's all there is to being fat.

What I've found out over the past 1-2 years is that because my internet persona was socialised on 4chan and other imageboards, I'm essentially the digital equivalent of a barbarian. Or at least, "normal" communities perceive me as a barbarian.
I got kicked off discords and subreddits for comments most imageboarders wouldn't give much of a shit about. It's infuriating, because I know I'm not "evil" or a troll, I just have different cultural sensibilities to American leftists that run these places. Or American conservatives.
No. 51728
I've used IG in the past but don't really use it anymore, deleted all my pictures a while ago.
Just to play the devil's advocate you can use it anonymously, nobody's forcing you to use your real name or anything & you can also set your account to private so nobody you haven't "approved" can see your posts.
I suppose there are different ways to use it (e.g. if you're an artist who wants to advertise his art), but yeah, if you want to use it to message girls, you need to maintain a profile with good quality pics etc, same as t*nder.

Hide No. 51460 [Reply]
66 kB, 923 × 689
I will pop my shoulders repeatedly, vainly in hopes of hearing a popping sound. When I do get a pop, its intensely satisfying.
I also chew the insides of my cheeks to the point where they bleed and crack one of my toes quite often.
No. 51468 Kontra
There's neurotic habits and then there's tics
No. 51476
I don't pop my shoulders but all my fingers, especially my thumbs and my wrists. Also my knee. Also my toes.
I close my eyes and roll them to the top as far as i can.

I pull on my beard hair.

I do a weird thing with my mouth/nose that i cannot describe. I don't think i could describe it in German either.
No. 51605
OP made me feel very uncomfortable while reading. I hate people that crack their bones etc.

Sometimes I stroke my beard hair, yeah.

Or I need to have a fully empty nose, so I pick it quite often.

Hide No. 46716 [Reply]
26 kB, 375 × 500
10 kB, 450 × 450
Why are Americans so vile?
Serious discussion only.
No. 50997
White American cheese product isn’t even bad. I put it on sandwiches all the time
No. 51459
NZ will inevitably rule Australia!
No. 51463
Sorry to hear that.
No. 51487
It'd be pretty solid tbh. When I lived over in NZ, the worst the parliament had was out of touch boomers, while most of our parliament in Australia are out of touch boomers who are actively hostile to large portions of Australia's population.

Hide No. 35878 [Reply]
18 kB, 389 × 413
The rationale behind the submachine gun was that the gentler recoil of a pistol cartridge allows one to fire full auto while still hitting the target. Pre-ban fully automatic firearms are prohibitively expensive for civilian ownership in the USA, but currently "binary triggers" that fire twice per trigger pull (once on pull, once on release) are available, which makes SMG-like weapons again a viable choice for civilian ownership. However in recent decades the proliferation of cheap and light body armor has led to SMGs falling out of favor with law enforcement and military users with short-barreled rifles becoming increasingly popular. Do imitation SMGs have any place in the current-day USA or elsewhere for that matter?
No. 51382
That is not necessarily a plus.
I think you overemphasize armor penetration a bit too much.
No. 51388 Kontra
3,2 MB, 110 pages
Like always it depends on the intended use.
Like for hunting I would definitely get something big, as facing an angry hog I would rather have a bigger bullet than more.
Conversely, if you really want to penetrate armor, of course using the round specifically developed for that would probably be advantageous.

That said, just for shooting people dead really everything works. See file attached, chapter "Stopping Power". Shot placement is much more important than caliber.
No. 51391
A well placed shot is also a hell of a lot harder to do when they're all wearing kevlar helmets and body armor. Of course yeah most people get their knowledge from movies and video games and movies and video games are flat out wrong. To this day it mystifies me where the idea came from for suppressors to have that meme sound they use in every movie and game. Shotguns also don't spread out as much and even if they did a 10 or 12 gauge slug will nearly blast a limb off.
No. 51433
What raises my interest is that this bullet apparently works for large hogs. This video is promotional material so inherently suspect but aside from a guy talking it also contains what it claims to be footage of a one-shot stop on a 420 pound boar at a distance of 45 yards; a one shot stop of a 300 pound boar at 25 yards; a one shot stop of a 480 pound boar at 20 yards; a one shot stop of a 448 pound boar at 20 yards; a two shot stop of a 313 pound boar at 40 yards; a two shot stop of a 437 pound boar at 35 yards; a two shot stop of a 358 pound boar at 30 yards; a one shot stop of a 325 pound boar at 50 yards; and a one shot stop of a 550 pound boar at 45 yards. Of course this isn't absolute proof that it works. The footage could be fake, or even if it is real it could be a small selection from many attempts that failed but weren't shown, or the man doing the demonstration might be an unusually good shot since with good enough bullet placement any bullet can kill anything in North America -- in 1953 the world record for largest grizzly bear kill was taken with a brain shot with .22LR through a weak point in the bear's skull. Nevertheless I am intrigued.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPie5J8Ji7Q (640x360 res version is 28 MB file so too big to upload)

Hide No. 40114 [Reply]
233 kB, 960 × 639
51 kB, 400 × 400
Good evening, my fellow Ernsts.

I would like to host a show for /int/, similar to the one currently running under the name "Ernste Folgen" every second Sunday for /b/.
And tomorrow, we'll give it a shot.

I would like to talk with Ernst about beauty; what does Ernst consider beautiful, how beauty may or may not be to the eye of the beholder and how the ideal beauty has changed throughout time and whatever Ernst would like to add.

Ernst is warmly invited to participate in the debate either here by posting in the thread of by calling me through Skype where you would find me as "colmesrey"

We'll start tomorrow, Saturday the 4th of April at UTC+3 00:00.

No. 51350
Identifying the evil trespasser is a lot harder than you may think: the one making a shit post is only the tip of the iceberg, the real deal is the hidden portion of the userbase that approves of it.
In reddit terms, it's the people upvoting the shit post.

This leads to massive issues as moderation usually attempts to remove the visible issue, gets hit by a massive and completely unexpected backlash, and decides that clearly they were in the wrong and that the shit post is actually something good for the community.

A further issue is coordinated bad actors, such as the people organizing raids and moderation takeovers in their off-site secret clubs.
There's a reason reddit went to hell so fast, and it sure wasn't the administration.

Anonymous forums have less issues dealing with both attacks compared to standard forums, samefaggotry is assumed to be the default so it's hard to push change via short-term numberical advantage.
No. 51358
Two days after the show and my Karma is so low I can only do one post every 15 minutes. Oh yeah and someone reported me for being a dick basically.
No. 51360
37 kB, 800 × 667
>and my Karma is so low I can only do one post every 15 minutes. Oh yeah and someone reported me for being a dick
Suddenly imageboards feel like a safe space from harrassment.
No. 51383
That's reddit for you.
It's not quite as bad as Facebook or Twitter in terms of promoting cult-like behaviour, but it's close.

Hide No. 48414 [Reply]
8 kB, 189 × 266
How do we find the kingdom of Heaven from within, as Jesus spake? me have deep and tumultuous psych problems which are affecting my body adversely and more specifically the gut (IBS), and medication is just making me suffer too. I am thinking if we accessed our kingdoms from within, we could conquer our personal demons which afflict us all, and yes I am willing to believe this thing but I do not know how to access it and Jesus is kinda vague, so, I humbly request your help Ernst.
No. 51271
482 kB, 1200 × 2280
I'm not entirely positive what you meant by this post. At surface glance neither post seems to be contradicting each other.

No. 51333
113 kB, 634 × 775
>How do we find the kingdom of Heaven from within, as Jesus spake?
There is no kingdom of Heaven. Your soul is not transcendental and there is nowhere you will be sent to once your lowly form withers away. If there is a God, or some superior creator figure, it is only natural that he doesn't care about our individual actions. There is no point in you judging ants, there is no point in God judging you. Perhaps at some point our creator cared about his creation, if it was even a conscious act but he doesn't care about you specifically. An indifferent being that created a fundamentally unfair world built on suffering is not a being to worship.

In Christianity, Man is blamed for suffering. If what pains you isn't the action of another human being, if it's something beyond anyone's control - then you must also blame Man. Worst case scenario, it'll be chalked up to God working in mysterious ways which is also your faul, after all, man not being in Eden is also our fault.

The idea that mankind is fundamentally flawed, weak and composed of a great mass of lowly sinners is a good starting point. The problem is that the very material realities of our world and the biological realities of being a human being are two never ending sources of suffering. It's unavoidable.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 51334
>The problem is that the very material realities of our world and the biological realities of being a human being are two never ending sources of suffering. It's unavoidable.
This is nothing contrary to the Christian view of the world ("biological realities" which lead to human suffering is just a secular description of "fallen human nature").

Gnosticism is fine and all, but the Brahman pill is greater. There is no self or other, all consciousness is manifestation of the same being. This applies as well to any possible creator being. Hating him is as not-right as hating your fellow man, regardless of their deeds. But obsessive concern with the desires of such a being is also not-right.

Furthermore, concern with the afterlife is not-right. As consciousness embodied in animal form, we are of course concerned with death. But being continues regardless, and if you glimpse the divine reality, you see that your animal fears are unimportant.
No. 51351
A strong sense of humour is the soul's transgression against the normalization of evil