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No. 80468 Kontra
373 kB, 220 × 331, 0:02
I laughed!
No. 88780
13 kB, 268 × 320
just imagine the level of alpha-male bull-nigger that you have to be to have a gf like that
No. 88834
3rd is nice
No. 88844
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We know

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119 kB, 1200 × 675
stop ddosing krautchan.
by the name of Allah I would terror ernstchan, I would spam all Alman cringe imageboards. the West needs to stop ruining life of Bernds. Know that, revenge would be bad and painful. WE mujahids see what's happening. WE will take the revenge of innocent Bernds just wanted to post. This is a warning from krautchan IS club.

Jumada II 9, 1444 AH

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43 kB, 428 × 428
Damn you germans, why must you ruin my only means of socialization by bringing down Kohlchan? You must apologize to me, now!
No. 88813
KC of recent years is utter shit. I hope it stays dead.

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10 kB, 237 × 212
Happy new year Bernd
No. 88767
Hi to Kohlchan refugees and happy new year to everyone.

2024 will be interesting, more than 2023.
No. 88787
243 kB, 1024 × 658, 0:01
Happy new year Bernds!
No. 88791
Godspeed for 2023, Ernsts.
No. 88797
56 kB, 775 × 849
Thanks Bernd

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4,7 MB, 4000 × 3000
Got a date from the state yesterday. Met the inspectors around 11 and they were done by 12. What remains of my grandfather's childhood home has been enviomentally assessed and will be removed in mid January. 150+ years of my family's history in a debris box.
No. 88324 Kontra

The people involved weren't even black because black people do not come to this area. This is because black people cannot into snow except within chicago, a place they hate because it snows there. I am pointing this out not to be reductive just that racism works differently when you have no blacks except one day a year (the fourth of july) when they all get lost trying to drive to the adjacent (<100 miles, or a 90 min drive) state parks.
No. 88781
674 kB, 2000 × 1312
113 kB, 1425 × 935
83 kB, 640 × 427
Update, for anyone who cares: the 6" (15cm) of rain and 2' (60cm) of snow we got over new years has compelled the state to close the entire area again. Entry is prohibited, not that it matters since there isn't police. I wouldn't go though since the area is cold enough to get ice but not cold enough to keep it - so there's a foot of snow on a foot or snow of mud that turns into slush. Really hard to safely drive through it, requires a true 4WD vehicle (not a CUV with passive 4WD, I mean a true 4WD truck with a solid rear axle and locking diff) and I don't want to jeep this weekend. The 3-4 homes that survived are now basically trapped unless they get out today as more snow is predicted for the rest of the month. Lots of free firewood though.

It's gotten bad in Sacramento. The water rose over 5 feet (60cm) so now there's thousands of displaced homeless people who are competing for the same shelter our former tenant is staying at. This is not gonna end well because it will get much worse through Feb. It's not so much the cold, but the water - the rain isn't creating a stable snowpack, it's creating water that flushes immediately into the rivers and can't be easily retained by the state's outdated snow-based water/flood control system. Where I work (downtown SF) all major buildings have basement flooding for the same reasons.

I kinda want to go down to the dam and watch the spillway at work, but I'm actually not going to because it's extremely dangerous and the police aren't responding to rescue calls unless it's in an area they can reach. The dam is barely reachable in the winter, it's effectively only accessible via helicopter now and the helicopters aren't going to run when the fog happens tonight.
No. 88784
Also, cell service is getting very spotty because AT&T is idiotic, although they did bring out one of their mobile cell trailers for the adjacent community. I know about this because I had to call a friend and his cell connection made it but the landlines are down, likely permanently. Since the trailer runs off a solar panel it'll probably die sometime tomorrow because the sun will be shrouded by new snow. It's clear now but was sleet all last night so cars are running into each other because tourists don't know how to drive. Chain requirements are out and people with the fancy studded snow tires are now jacking off because they can drive faster than 30 mph (48 kph).

This is the sort of situation where radios work well, and is how smarter people are keeping in contact. The cell system is unlikely to make it another week as both SMUD and PG&E can't staff up enough people to repair them in time, and SMUD won't go into PG&E areas. This is a very bad problem and someone's gonna die from this.
No. 88788
1,2 MB, 1068 × 609
According to the news reports this morning, everything is flooding in Northern California

Hide No. 87011 [Reply]
58 kB, 640 × 560
So how is this place different from kohlchan?
No. 88737
1,2 MB, 360 × 360, 0:15
1,5 MB, 480 × 360, 0:34
Why are thumbnails broken? Wasn't like this last time I posted on EC.
No. 88749
EC /int/ is pure love like KC of old
No. 88750
245 kB, 960 × 720
No. 88757
Not really

Hide No. 88698 [Reply]
3,2 MB, 320 × 568, 1:00
How do people in your country use firew├Ârk?
No. 88710
5,1 MB, 854 × 480, 0:51
>Three times as many firefighters are on duty in Berlin on New Year's Eve as usual. Police have confiscated several blank guns and report buildings being fired upon with pyrotechnics.
No. 88711
No. 88712 Kontra
I'll just go speculate wildly, but could it be that most of those people were not germans?
Also, this >>88704
No. 88727
49 kB, 500 × 500

Hide No. 88719 [Reply]
30 kB, 657 × 527
First Andrew Tate now KC the Matrix is attacking us

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No. 88697
1,1 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:06
No. 88699
90 kB, 268 × 460
>The post that killed KC
No. 88701
Nikocado Avocado.webm
No. 88702
981 kB, 2263 × 3200
New year soon.

Hide No. 88612 [Reply]
38 kB, 505 × 500
Binance will go bankrupt by the end of the year one might think. Reason is they had to pick up a loan to proof the SEC liquidity. Save your crypto as long as you can I'd say if I was Elon Munsk