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Hide No. 51280 [Reply]
100 kB, 510 × 361
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411 kB, 2048 × 1448
In this thread, I will post cartroons drawn by German boomer cartoonist Götz Widenroth and try to explain them as good as I can. Feel free to contribute boomer-humor from your country, or from Germany or anything else.

File title is
Person to the left is a priest affixed to a crucifix. Sign over his head says
>Hear hangs a child molester. t. the green party
On the right, we see a toad. Her hairdo and warts make clear that this toad is supposed to be a caricature of green party politician Claudia Roth. Sign over her head says
>Here hangs the green part. t. a molested child.
The green thing in the toads mouth is a bludgeon. It is labeled "the moral bludgeon". In German "The moral bludgeon" is a figure of speech that symbolises the judgement "x is immoral" applied as an argument. The text at the bottom says

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No. 51295
Is the guy butthurt or what? Why does he bother with it? It looks like the onion but meant to be serious.
No. 51298 Kontra
It's basically the german version of a magatard, of course he's butthurt
No. 51317 Kontra
132 kB, 640 × 478
180 kB, 476 × 640
In my opinion, the assessment is correct. It looks like the onion, it is meant to be serious, he is butthurt.

What is he butthurt about? I do not know. To me, his nudes look like a 15 year old horny kid did them. So maybe he is butthurt about not getting laid, or about his own inability to get perpsective and proportion right, despite trying for decades. But I do not think he is aware of the second part.
No. 51347
He is some philosemite alt-right boomer with rather mediocre art and humor.

Hide No. 49789 Systemkontra [Reply]
872 kB, 2276 × 3200
Ernst The Great, transmitting his (blog) messages across time and space!
No. 51069 Kontra
Dude, I'm underfucked as hell. Maybe she as well but still this is slow pace. I already made sure that the distance between us is minimal despite corona. She already sent me messages, good signs in a way.
Also my ex was often quiet, moaning was there ofc, but not all females scream so that other tenants can hear it. Also yeah, sports helps with stamina and better sex overall I guess.
No. 51070 Kontra
Godspeed, Ernst. Bums sie, bis ihre Mulle sich weitet!
No. 51071 Kontra
86 kB, 501 × 284
ignore this guy
No. 51220
This is the third time I scrolled by this week and still cannot figure out what part you thought of as cringe but then again the today thread in general turned into a real dumpster fire. Are you guys all locked inside and getting stressed out or something?
...fugg I wish the governor would order me to be mandatory neet for 2 weeks solid.

Hide No. 50733 [Reply]
307 kB, 531 × 710
From the synoptic gospels it's pretty clear that Jesus is subordinate to God.

"So He said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God." Matt 19:17

"but to sit on My right hand and on My left is not Mine to give, but it is for those for whom it is prepared by My Father.” Matt 20:23

"Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done." Luke 22:42

Where then did the idea that Jesus is God come from? He never said it, although he let his disciples worship him, but even so, as the Son of God ("Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him, saying, “Truly You are the Son of God.”" Matt 14:33). It seems at most he was the Son of God.
No. 50748
It mostly was constructed over time as theologists dealed with what to make of Father, Son, Holy Spirit and their relation to God.
I'm not aware if there was any practical or somewhat logical need for this development. To me it seems more likely that the trinity became the dominant view in a more profane way, such as followers of theologist teaching it simply gaining power within the church.
No. 50796
65 kB, 388 × 515
>In 321, Arius was denounced by a synod at Alexandria for teaching a heterodox view of the relationship of Jesus to God the Father. Because Arius and his followers had great influence in the schools of Alexandria—counterparts to modern universities or seminaries—their theological views spread, especially in the eastern Mediterranean. By 325, the controversy had become significant enough that the Emperor Constantine called an assembly of bishops, the First Council of Nicaea, which condemned Arius's doctrine and formulated the original Nicene Creed of 325.

Also, learned something new:
>According to legendary accounts, debate became so heated that at one point, Arius was struck in the face by Nicholas of Myra, who would later be canonized.

Lol, Santa Claus was pretty rowdy.
No. 51003
Alright time for some explaining on my end. Jesus is God the son, God is God the father and then the final one is God the holy spirit. Now to identify these three we simply have to use scripture to understand. I will be approaching this from the trinitarian perspective because I think it both aligns significantly with the bible and it makes my position stronger. The truth of the matter is that Jesus is God in the flesh
1 John 4:2
"Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:"
Moreover denying this means that you are considered an antichrist in the Eyes of God
1 John 4:3
"And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world."
So clearly Jesus is Godly in some form or fashion, Now this is where it becomes interesting, God the father is a spirit. That means that he is incorporeal and never changing. The gospels back this up.
John 4:24
"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."
This explains why God the father has more authority and power than Jesus because the spirit is stronger and thus more able than the flesh is, Hence why Jesus is considered the Son of God. Now it's time to go back... All the way to Genesis 1 where God makes man within his image.

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No. 51045
In retrospect I realize I misinterpreted Matt 19:17. Jesus doesn't deny that he's God, rather he's even hinting to it...

Hide No. 50961 [Reply]
8 kB, 400 × 400
Why is hedonism bad? Why is seeking inward-directed pleasure for its own sake bad?
No. 51035
>No experience is fundamentally "better" or "worse" than another, they're all just sensations.
If I take a blowtorch to your balls, I doubt you'll maintain that position for long.

You take the philosophical alienation thing too far. At a level beyond embodied human consciousness, it's true that you can't necessarily categorize one feeling or another as "good" or "bad". But we are human, and your experience of reality is inseparable from that reality. I can't think of an appropriate word, but intellectualizing beyond that is a very high level of "not-doing-it-right" or "not-getting-it" (in my humble opinion).

As regards a more limited version of your position: Yes, suffering is not inherently bad. A life without a certain amount of suffering suffers for it. But there are depths of suffering with no redemptive potential, which can only do lasting harm. Lifting weights strengthens you; ripping your arm off means you're a cripple for life; shooting you in the head means you're dead.
No. 51036
That's a nice theoretical system, but how do you expect it to work?

For starters, how do you put this system into place? This will never be implemented by a standard republican government, and violent revolution privileges centralized and ordered movements that are able and willing to impose their will on others. The anarchists in Spain got BTFO and purged by Stalinists. IIRC, every single successful leftist revolution has resulted in rule by a centralized communist party apparatus.

Why and how will the next time be different?
No. 51037
I always argue the general case, rather than specifying a million exceptions.
You can apply the Principle of Charity and take away the specific meaning yourself.

I think it simplifies the discussion and prevents things from spiraling into hair splitting specifics. Does not mean I myself subscribe to the super general case, it's just more pragmatic to consider things "in isolation", because otherwise nothing can be productively discussed.

just my style, though, you might disagree.
No. 51061 Kontra
Organization of the working class and general strike.

Also, don't appeal to status quo as evidence of merit. The assumptions of the capitalist order are every bit as absurd, if not more so than many socialist ones, it's just that Capital has managed a great PR campaign and tricked people into thinking it's the default. Likewise, why will the next attempt at moderate liberal democracy work? Every other time it's been tried you end up with literal fascism or an oligarchy. It's not really a great track record, and it's had a lot more cracks at it.

Hide No. 36476 [Reply]
50 kB, 1229 × 940
90 kB, 484 × 750
180 kB, 784 × 1280
Step 1: Post Random Pictures
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Profit!
No. 50386 Kontra
No. 50387
We did it reddit!
No. 51022
32 kB, 415 × 480
133 kB, 750 × 668
36 kB, 600 × 400
70 kB, 720 × 900
Pope Benedict XVI(now pope emeritus) loved cats, but tradition forbid him from keeping one in his papal apartment.
No. 51364 Kontra
Go back to your cancerous shithole. No, I don't mean reddit, you retarded 4cancer.

Hide No. 37402 Systemkontra [Reply]
1,4 MB, 1962 × 3000
We're back since the old one is on systemkontra now.

This thread is for discussing tabletop gaming, though experience shows that it's mostly been tabletop RPG discussion in various forms ranging from play experience, rules discussion and design talk. We currently have a game group ongoing, based out of a discord server here: https://discord.gg/ZGmpJe9 feel free to drop in. We actually play on most Saturdays at 0600 Zulu.

What are you lot up to in this field lately?
No. 51006
I think I'll be there.
It's hard to say right now, but I'm currently in a "slightly fucked up" state, rather than "have to put conscious and deliberate effort into turning around in my bed because my leg is sore" state, so that's looking good for 12 hours from now.
Fingers crossed lol.
No. 51012 Kontra
Very inconvenient timing to have a comedown.
It's 1 AM here and I'm wide awake.
I don't think I can make it, sorry guys.
If I do, consider it a miracle.
No. 51014
I'll be there to see if a miracle happens. And if not then that's okay, no pressure.
No. 51025
I'll be there too. I got a few things that we can work out Mano a Mano besides. One advantage of such an autosomal system I guess.

Hide No. 40546 [Reply]
6,7 MB, 35 pages
107 kB, 1748 × 1240
3,5 MB, 1748 × 2480
Hello, frens! It's time for another issue of the fable Kohlzine. This one, like we all expected, has a very distinct apocalyptic and viral flavour.
We have uncovered another sura from the depths of a Mossad secret base on Kiev, Bernds wonder how would affect this epidemic to various strata of out society, typical shitposts and confessions and a review of a (let's hope not) prophetic game in these end-times times.

For any doubts or if you want to see the previous issues go to https://kohlzine.neocities.org/
You can also fine information on the last page of this edition.
We hope you have fun with it.

You may enjoy it, Ernsts. Maybe even contribute one day? We aim at having contributors from all over the KC diaspora.
No. 50830
The top priority is to bring back serious discussions. Anyone is welcome to participate.
No. 50837 Kontra
544 kB, 1280 × 1037
why don't you keep your pedo kohldrama, KOHLzine and oh so intellectual serious /pol/ and incel frog discussions at fucking KOHLchan? i mean you guys bump this thread since ages, but apparently ernst posts in here only to voice disapproval for the content.
No. 50842 Kontra
I don't read it but at least they're trying. You seldom pull yourself out of the morass in a single day.
No. 51266 Kontra
694 kB, 4160 × 2336
>why don't you keep your pedo kohldrama, KOHLzine and oh so intellectual serious /pol/ and incel frog discussions at fucking KOHLchan?
At least the part about the zine itself doesn't make sense. Nobody forces you to download and read these. What's bad about having it posted here, too?
I don't even use Kohl, it's obvious that the people who have set it up are very different from those behind Krautchan. For example, I've never seen Krautchan use scripts that start cryptomining without my consent. And if this thread derailed into drama (I haven't read it, so I don't know), that may be a bad thing.
But of all Kohl content, the zine is probably the one that Ernsts are most likely to enjoy. So thank you, Poland and Catalonia, for posting it here so I can get it without having to visit Kohl. And thanks for the Libya PDF, it's very nice.
>apparently ernst posts in here only to voice disapproval for the content
I haven't read much yet, but I liked the IWO about the Finnish asbestos town. That's more than I can say about most commercial magazines. No bump so you don't get mad about people bumping this.

Hide No. 50570 [Reply]
714 kB, 1920 × 1080
where can I find this suit?
No. 50571
Years ago, there was an idea for how to use the internet to sell products. All TV shows would be interactive. While watching, a link would be available to purchase the actor's clothing, the food they were eating, the furniture- everything.

This idea never materialized, though. Sad. It might have helped in this exact situation.
No. 50573
Its just a suit blazer with a white dress shirt under it
No. 50598
>hey guys where can I find this random white dress shirt and blackish coat the guy is wearing in this pic
I can't even see the hem dude. Why didn't you just look up "what dinner jackets does Ed Norton wear"?
No. 50724
Ask your Schneider

Hide No. 12195 [Reply]
19 kB, 583 × 293
So,now that the dust has settled, which ideas of Marx have stood the test of time proving him right?

Is it even possible to have a conversation about marx without political shitflinging?

I'm too dumb to give articulate thoughts to this but I'd be interested in hearing what you super smart dudes on ernst think

No. 50678
79 kB, 526 × 840
>this is against the orthodox marxist view (according to wikipedia) that you somehow, in a twist, try to defend here
Not really in a twist, when discussing Marxist terms I'll use them in the orthodox meaning. Think of it like discussing the Holy Gospel even if you are an atheist.
No. 50679 Kontra
And that is why I said "coming from the thought that ..." >>50607 to indicate that I don't align with what Marx once wrote in his bible. It is possible to take from a concept or tailor it, by giving arguments for a new cut, one that fits better. That is, afterall, what is going on in the history of philosophy and all other theoretical accounts humans made in the last hundreds of years at least and not just in Europe. Albeit the reference system of science might be a european speciality, I don't know, I just know that references became crucial with books flooding Europe after the invention of the book press afaik. I don't know when a human bean was able to stem a concept out of the dark without going back to what was written (fixed speech/thought, external memory) before. Selecting what (thoughts) to adopt from that past, and which not.
No. 50683
385 kB, 873 × 1310
23 kB, 1220 × 950
2,8 MB, 3876 × 2298
574 kB, 2121 × 1414
Yes, but what goes on today is far more interesting than Marx's theories of original accumulation.
The consolidation of the global economy into large corporate entities, how different nations function in this new reality and how the citizenry of developed nations must adapt to the new world around them, are all interesting concepts. What's more interesting is the unknown that lies ahead of us in how societies will respond to overwhelming changes, but it's as if we don't notice it. It's entirely possible that modern man is used to be racing towards the unknown and has become careless, but I think it's more likely that ultimately there is nothing we can do.
Returning to Marxist materialism, I think a more apt description of how material reality pushes societies into shifting is that various hard constants define the bounds of functional and efficient societies. Sliding out of this golden path of efficiency leads to nations facing a handicap in some Darwinian sense. It would be unthinkable for liberal nations to have all encompassing surveillance regimes not too long ago, but the availability of the technology, it's ease of implementation given advances in infrastructure and the ubiquitousness of smartphones created the modern surveillance state. It was only a matter of time until every modern superpower had such a system.
No. 50685
Well, I agree. Marx alone won't help to understand the world today and in the future, but he is nonetheless an important theorist of capitalism. That can be fruitful for certain principles or ideas he ventured into long ago and that can still be useful or form the starting point for an analysis. Marx as social scientist might be doged by todays social sciences, but I guess the Marxian itch is that materiality determines these social sciences, while they think of themselves as an rather autonomous enterprise in the (dynamic) scientific system that came into being during the last centuries. In that way Marx was handling question of epistemology which is a tricky question for science, since it becomes a hall of mirrors, self referential paradoxy.
Marx is a critique that works with suspicion. What seems natural to us, even of divine nature is called into question. Marx is still part of the enlightment "project" in that regard. Perhaps the necessary step to push enlightment further, to actually push it through (I think Adorno also that something along the lines about his conception of enlightment together with Horkheimer).
Today so many knowledge (also empirical knowledge) and theory can be brought into what Marx started. A lecturer told me that (nearly, I should add, as there are some orthodox marxists) nobody, who read Marx, thinks that Marx would be sufficient in grasping what is going on.

This book I imagine (did not read it, just on my list) can be useful in understanding global capitalism, it can be brought into fruition with Marxian thought I guess, in what way I cannot say, but I'm sure that many studies can be integrated and update Marx so to speak. Marx was not able to give detailed analysis of certain/every area. The question of technology (as "standalone" or in relation to the human, but also enmeshed in capitalism, but also in other regards, there are many..), which I'm interested in, has been tackled by Marx, it can be fruitful, but it would also be crazy to just rely on Marx in that regard today.

Hide No. 19882 [Reply]
114 kB, 640 × 431
611 kB, 716 × 916
I wasn't sure were to post this as it didn't really fit into the today or documentary thread so I just started my own.
I've seen a fair few people post blogs on somewhat unrelated threads, and I thought it was a good idea if people just posted on this thread instead of unrelated threads.
Anyway, here is an interesting blogpost about environmental hypocrisy: https://www.ecosophia.net/the-flight-from-nature

Before anyone responds:
>Ecological Spirituality
I agree that 90% of the site is stupid shit but sometimes the literal resident autist Mr. Greer gives pretty scathing critiques of so-called modern "environmentalists".
No. 50645
910 kB, 576 × 1024, 0:05

A nice little essay on the aesthetic of TikTok in comparison to instragram and also twitter. Having spent time on various compilations on Youtube coming from US Tiktokers of different corners of TikTok famous tiktokers, outsiders, alternative etc for months a mix of intentional brain rot/ idle time for brain and cultural analysis, I really must say it nails some aspects very well. TikTok really is a place for the youth in comparison to instagram or twitter. There is a reason why it is so popular, and it's not just the infinite scroll feed of short videos. I oftentimes felt too old watching content about school or some unfunny teen humor, but ofc I'm still young enough to relate as well.

>Instagram sticks largely to cities or touristic vistas. Alternatively, TikTok shows us corners of the world not popularly depicted—the taupe walls of Middle America, the insides of mid-size vehicles, and the indistinguishable landscape of the common North American backyard.
No. 50646
982 kB, 1439 × 1079
TikTok, Twitch, Music and modern Video games were my "It will happen to you" moment. I can't even relate to internet memes anymore.
No. 50647
Yes, ofc. Twitch is a riddle to me, a younger friend of mine uses it now and it was so odd to see this platform for the first time. I've seen oi from far away as that game streaming platform, but the whole culture it breeds is foreign to me. Yet interesting as phenomenon, ofc :DDD
Popular music and games of today are not really my interest, because of tiktok I get a few seconds of new popular music sometimes.
Some meme humor is also behind my age, I got memes by younger people and I was like "whats so funny"? and the answer was random referntiality, no meaning just referntial to something people know. My impression, but that could eb analyzed as well.

The video I attached is emblematic for the youthness and banal teenage life that is all over TikTok, yet I had to grin, because I know this feel, I know this even today when I let slip a chance because I'm still quite an Ernst. And the way she puts an ironic, sober "feel" in her movement and facial expression is just nice to see. It reminds me of those Daria/Jane Lane teens, the world is disappointing, absurd, boring, a hoax in happy faces, but you/they are still (rather carefree) teenager.
No. 50664
Im glad to see they still have their distinct subcultures, i hope thats a trend that will always continue.