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Hide No. 27598 [Reply]
479 kB, 600 × 443
Anyone work in a corporate setting?
Any protips for a bernd/ernst not really meant for the corporate world but willing to try?
I'm about to start a 6 month contract in an entry level corporate role next week at a major Australian bank.
No. 27617
>Who does what, who solves which problems
Indeed very important. I don't like to call it networking, because that always sounds like being overly nice to people you don't like, but getting to know the people who can help you out is a major factor when you arrive at a new job. Also: Don't be a smartass, and don't try to push your opinion on things too hard, even if you know you're right. Companies might act like they want it the other way around, but in my experience companies prefer people who don't cause a ruckus - no matter how noble the intentions were. So try to integrate without causing your coworkers or your boss any trouble, and when you have a few years of experience and made a name for yourself, then you can still bring in your own ideas and do things your way.

Also: Don't be scared of how good everyone might be. You are always clueless when you are new at work, even with experience. 12 years or so ago I thought I'll never make it, because everyone else was so good at their jobs, but now 12 years later I can see how everything is just a collection of skills you naturally acquire over the years, nothing magical to it.
No. 27703
>a lot of junior positions will be available for you if you are willing to attain the appropriate certifications in the respective fields.
It really works the other way round. A manager will provide text books and have corporate pay for an exam, if they want you in a certain position. They want you there if they think you will be useful for them in the future, i.e. you will act in a way that will help them to advance, not their competitors. For example, in a service department like IT, you will give preferential treatment to their needs.
No. 27793
14 kB, 400 × 218
Check out this essay series: https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2009/10/07/the-gervais-principle-or-the-office-according-to-the-office/

I feel like it helped me have a decent mental framework for operating inside a corporation. Though of course you should take it with a grain of salt, e.g. I know it made me too quick in adopting a slacker mindset and dismissing middle managers as clueless. So I always did just enough so that my boss and coworkers were satisifed, and that left me with browsing twitter, reading articles and trading shitcoing 2/3 of the time or so. Depending on your goals, it might not be too relevant for you but I think it might be interesting to at least skim regardless.
No. 27843
>know it made me too quick in adopting a slacker mindset and dismissing middle managers as clueless
According to the series, you can't be too quick in adopting a slacker mindset and being clueless is the definition of a middle manager. Are you dumb? Every minutiae if real work you put in is a list Minute, you fucking idiot. If you don't get rich from it, there's no point in working.

Hide No. 13810 [Reply]
260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 27791
168 kB, 1280 × 960
64 kB, 1200 × 421
155 kB, 1023 × 667
399 kB, 1947 × 1615
Yes, these are our mountains, they're quite pretty.
No. 27802
The mountain background and those high altitude lakes look super-comfy.

>I suppose my country is "exotic" to most people on this boards so I'll show you a bit.
I once worked together with a girl from Ecuador, she was pretty nice and also beautiful. Apart from that, I don't know much about Ecuador, couldn't even properly locate it on the map. I only know that it has the world's highest capital, and I'm not referring to drugs! Without checking I'd suppose it's somewhere in the reach of Bolivia and Colombia, a few hundred miles south of the caribbean area / mexican border.

Don't bother laughing at me for my ignorance, I'll check the map after sending the post and will probably still be laughing at myself when you read this.
No. 27803
184 kB, 1210 × 667
OK I checked, seems a was a little off with my estimate. For your convenience (and for humorous purposes) I marked on the map where I thought Ecuador would be.
No. 27804
I love cities surrounded by mountains like this. When the land is flat, dense buildings slowly thin out into suburbs and then into natural rural areas. The transition from developed to undeveloped happens very slowly. But when there are mountains, even when they're in the distance, then it's like seeing two different worlds at the same time. The contrast always strikes me as beautifully surreal.

Hide No. 25053 Systemkontra [Reply]
38 kB, 640 × 400
189 kB, 1893 × 1080
48 kB, 1260 × 780
88 kB, 640 × 480
Old deda - this not yet.
No. 27295
805 kB, 1920 × 1200
971 kB, 1559 × 954
1,7 MB, 384 × 384, 0:05
>Besides, I like the looks of Lonesome Road dusters more.
b-but the Desert Ranger armour is one of the most iconic sets of armour in any vidya, ever. Also did you know, Arcade's enclave tesla power armour you can get from his quest is not considered power armour and is actually a medium armour.

>I also don't feel very bad about the Brotherhood of Steel, although the wiping out of the Kings was sad.
I usually install a mod that lets me bypass those parts, again probably from nostalgia of playing Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. The brotherhood aren't very well portrayed in NV and the kings really don't deserve it. House should have you wipe out the boomers instead to be honest.
No. 27300
>Desert Ranger armour is one of the most iconic sets of armour
Never been much into fashion, or "iconic" outfits, or whatnot. I prefer to wear things that I like the look of myself. Everybody and their aunt wears Giant Armor? Don't care, I'm wearing Havel's one. With Giant Leggings, Smough's Gauntlets and Gough's Helm.

>House should have you wipe out the boomers instead to be honest.
Actually, not killing Boomers makes sense from House's point of view. They mostly keep to themselves, they are useful allies with all that heavy ordnance and motherfucking Superfortress, and they may prove quite difficult to destroy. The Kings, on the other hand, live right in the House's model city, they are a nuisance and they cannot do much against upgraded Securitrons.
No. 27326
How on earth are they a nuisance to anyone? This is why I chose the best option: me. Because if there's one thing that became clear to me as I descended the path of jaded cynicism from traveling and getting involved in the wasteland, it is that everybody is fucking incompetent, fascist, or downright psychotically evil and doesn't have a fucking clue how to run things or know how to truly be a benevolent ruler. Each and every last one of them was a shit option so I chose the last actually decent, sensible option and in fact it would've been highly indecent of me to have chose anything else for the Vegas area once I actually had that power and responsibility of doing so, so I chose not to be an irresponsible dickhead and seized the power for my own. As such I can actively choose not to kill anybody except the part of Caesar's legion and various junkies and bandits that is totally unreformable, and in fact what I should have done is taken a decorated NCR general and held him hostage if NCR wouldnt agree to some sort of alliance or truce with me. By then just about everybody had no problem with me.

Except for the Brotherhood. I exterminated them. Fuck that. Can I say I feel sorry for them? No but I probably should. To be honest I didn't even expect it to go like it did I pretty much just went with what came naturally to me which also apparently happened to be exactly what you were supposed to do which is set the self destruct and hack the systems to turn on everyone inside the bunker so they're either too distracted, too pinned down, or too dead to do anything about it as I flee the bunker.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 27388
I "invested" 300 hours in this game and made it a challenge to have a playthrough with the very best output for every community.
And you are right. To do so, you have to install Yes Man, while the second best outcome seems to be Mr. House.

Hide No. 26806 [Reply]
118 kB, 542 × 290
What do you guys think about my shithole?
No. 27162 Kontra
2 kB, 264 × 34
>gets called out for making stupid kc tier remarks
>shitposts even more by using all shitty shitposting language you can gather from the dumb dumpster chan

Grow yourself a brain, tinhead.
No. 27171 Kontra
Yeah okay he was right. Stop shitposting.
No. 27184
Fuck off m8
No. 27283
I am interesting in purchasing some oil if you could provide me 200 barrels at a small discount we could be prosperous business partners. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hide No. 27093 [Reply]
757 kB, 1080 × 1920
Chinesisches Sandwich

Hide No. 26549 [Reply]
37 kB, 310 × 465
8,7 MB, 1280 × 542, 2:30
9,1 MB, 1280 × 536, 1:02
What are your top 3 to 5 favourite movies of all time?

1) Das Boot
2) Bringing out the dead
3) Master and Commander
4) Pacific Rim
5) Sicario (both 1 and 2)
No. 27078
112 kB, 466 × 750
I had nowhere else to go, I was homeless at the time and sleeping on his couch
No. 27080
Honestly, I have no idea. I guess I just heard this euphemism in some movie and remembered it because it sounds funny (I imagine the dude's really dead, and the chick jumps on his actual skeleton, like playing hopscotch :-DDDDDD). And it's not that unusual for foreigners to be familiar with some Americanisms, because out of all Anglosphere the American cultural (or at least pop-cultural) influence is the strongest.
No. 27085
>Civ 3

Good taste. Did she get a good look at that useless palace thing the game makes you put together?
No. 27091
109 kB, 582 × 680
I think I always had that turned off if I remember, I only participated in Palace building in Civ 1 after that it just got stale. The movie was interjected often with the sounds of Battleships laying waste to shit near the coast though.

The sound of nurses being raped and killed, battleships firing onto cities and the quiet sound of Leon never getting laid

Hide No. 14407 Systemkontra [Reply]
906 kB, 1836 × 3264
Recently, Kazahstan poster had an interesting idea about thread dedicated not to random pics, but for drawing and paiting and other kind of original content. He sadly not created one, but I think this is neat idea - when you learn how to draw and paint it always awesome to have help and critique, and I think with earnstchan quality of posting we can get very good reasults in help each other mastering our skils.

On op-pic I place my night fast drawing because it only thing I have on my phone right now that replated. Please, share with us your creations and ask questions.
No. 27058
114 kB, 1 file
>The translation of "People for the Mushrooms/Mushrooms for the People" came from Deepl; I hope it's correct.
Well, not exactly. "people for the mushrooms" should be "люди для грибов", but it somehow ended up okay accidentally: "люди за грибами" can be (very) roughly translated as "people are going to pick mushrooms". Also, I would suggest using a slab serif font (French clarendon would be best, I think) for Cyrillic letters, because it would look more revolutionary. I added an archive with an example font, you can use it (don't use capital letters from it, though, they are butt-ugly) or find something similar. Other than that, great work.
No. 27060 Kontra
Oh, and an interesting variation: instead of "люди за грибами" you can make it "люди, за грибами!". We lose the first part of the "people for the mushrooms, mushrooms for the people", but instead it becomes an imperative sentence meaning "people, let's go pick mushrooms!". Kinda like "workers of the world, unite!".
No. 27061 Kontra
Oh, and an even better translation of "people for the mushrooms, mushrooms for the people" stylistically will be "народ для грибов, грибы для народа".

By the way, threda is on systemkontra.
No. 27072
129 kB, 600 × 200
388 kB, 1200 × 400
Thanks; it's nice to know I pulled off the concept. My original was 600x200(pic 1), but I just remade it at 1200x400(pic 2). Since I had already done the hard work of figuring out a composition, making it a second time was surprisingly easy. This isn't the final version, though, since I'm going the implement the recommended text changes.

Thanks for the help. I'm going to use "народ для грибов, грибы для народа". To change the font I'll switch to a desktop, and then try typing in cyrillic on a western keyboard. It should be interesting.

We'll wait on Kazakhstan to make a new one. He was making an OP pic.

Hide No. 25809 Systemkontra [Reply]
211 kB, 962 × 729
Old kontra, new one responder. Share the daily grind.

It got colder now, it's fine.
No. 26959
142 kB, 396 × 385
Haiku is supposed to be 5-7-5 syllables.
No. 26963
Just went to dentist.
He shot some anesthetic.
Not enough frankly.
No. 26966
>Successfully negotiated more hours at work.

What tactics did you use, or was it more a case of kicking the managers door in?

>Is this sense of overwhelming superiority how most people feel all the time?

It's senior management mentality. Your momentum will eventually be crushed when you do something perfectly logical and run into a brick-wall of other peoples egos.

No. 26981
I breddy much just took advantage of the scramble that happens when multiple of our experienced people aren't going to be available (one is very sick, two have quit). I happened to be one of the older employees so when I said "oi how about you extend my hours on days x, y and z and then just bump that opening shift forward?" while they were talking about it. Then it was also a matter of them also deciding that I've been efficient enough at those morning through late-afternoon shifts that they were going to give me more of them, and modified them to the new, longer version with no questions.

Best thing is that being on a wage and not a salary means that I'm making about AU$2200/mo now if the habit sets in and I get to keep these new shifts indefinitely.
t. possible wealthy geezer (but things are expensive here so it's not as much as it seems)

Hide No. 26496 [Reply]
483 kB, 1000 × 727
Anyone know why the french are so rude to tourists?

Whether it be security, waitstaff, retail store employees or french people on the street.

Is it because they are so sick of having so many ignorant foreigners in the country? I personally could not fathom treating another person the way french routinely treat visitors.
No. 26585
The frency are gay are rather touchy, the new-french are much better.
No. 26593
I spent a summer in Paris and nobody was rude. You probably looked like a fatass American.
No. 26594
This is a cliché that I cab not confirm. When was your last visit to france?

People from Paris are considerd to be rude. By other french.
No. 26939
had a couple negative encounters with french people, but that was not due to me being from allemagne. these guys were just complete and utter pricks and pricks exist everywhere. they were not well liked among their french peers either.
i think a lot of the stereotypes regarding ordinary french people being rude to foreigners and refusing to speak english is due to the fact that they actually don't speak english, because french is all they need in daily life and on vacation. my french is 4/10 at best, but at least i am able to communicate in french. usually they appreciate the effort, speak extra slow or switch to english or even german if i'm lucky.
i particularly like french girls. belgian grills are nice too.

Hide No. 25503 [Reply]
48 kB, 480 × 480
I've recently bought a 1/3 ounce 24k gold ring and also have 25 ounces of silver coins. If I get a chance in the coming weeks I will try to buy a 1/2 ounce gold coin near spot price. The gold ring is 24k because I was kinda butthurt that when you buy any piece of jewellery it immediately depreciates to its metal content. Since I've bought it 2 days ago, it has increased in value by 2%.

I am not a financially minded person but when I look at the economy and labour situation around me I don't feel confident whatsoever.

There are all sorts of things from the US inversion curve to the manufacturing, shipping and retail indexes all showing significant trouble. It really feels like this thing is waiting to explode.

Also I'm Australian, I don't know why EC always shows me as a britbong.
No. 26820
Letgo might be worth a try if you want to sell locally. As for determining the value? I don't know anything about that, but if the set isn't worth much as a whole, maybe you could get more selling individual pieces to people who need to complete their old sets. That isn't a fast process, though.
No. 26832
Did you ever read up on the Oneida community? It was a self-organized social utopia before it turned into a silverware company, quite interesting story.
No. 26857
My gold ring ahs increased in value my 8.2% since I bought it

When compared to when I made my OP it has increased by 6%

Feels god man
No. 26862
It is hard to sell silver. Prices are low.