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Hide No. 41199 [Reply]
13 kB, 506 × 484
KC forgot to funpost and it makes me sad.
No. 41201 Kontra
we have a "raid" upon us by one guy spamming popo kaka sex every once in a while if you are looking for that kind of funposting.
No. 41217 Kontra
I have to admit that he made me chuckle when I was it the first time kaka sex :DDD

Hide No. 12643 [Reply]
21 kB, 303 × 303
Some time ago I wanted to banter at USA on topic being them a third-world country because water is more expensive than cola. I didn't find the pic and I still haven't :DDDDD, so I didn't post anything at all. Later, during the act of bowing to world imperialism making an order in one fast food chain, I noticed that water is more expensive there as well, what's more - usually everywhere simple water branded bottles are more expensive than cola at Pepsico or Coca-Cola Co. They make us drink sweetened water, they consciously make our bellies bigger so we would want to eat more and more.
Any initiative fire to stop this nonsense and force companies to make carbonated drinks more expensive than pure water because they'd never make pure water cheaper will be extinguished with piles of money, so I just came to outrage.
Thanks for attention.
No. 40949
You already mentioned it but let's repeat the reason.

In uncontrolled diabetes where blood glucose levels remain abnormally high (hyperglycemia ), glucose from the blood cannot enter the cells – due to either a lack of insulin or insulin resistance – so the body can't convert the food you eat into energy. This lack of energy causes an increase in hunger.
No. 40994
Today I have learned that we directly traded Russians Pepsi for Stolichnaya. But how much of our Florida oranges were you guys buying? And what did you trade for them? Where do I learn about total US agircultural import to CCCP? Is this part of why Russians associate us with Coca Cola and Pepsi? What about our oranges? Why don't you think about Florida and California and our oranges so much? Was this like a Russian holiday treat during Christmas?
No. 41047
If this is actually true then why is it that beer is even cheaper than Pepsi on the Ruslands?

P.s. Baltika isn't that bad but Zwiec is far superior and while I am fully aware that I am getting price gouged on the Blatima at least Zwiec is even cheaper and yet is a superior beer to most of the stuff here including a few microbrews. I have no idea why I subconsciously typed Blatima for Baltika but I am going to leave it.

Why is it that Polish beer isn't world famous? It is a genius of brewing. It is just so f'ing good. I think it might actually be in the upper limits of best beers I ever drank. Carlsberg meanwhile is one of the worst beers I ever drank in my life.
No. 41049
Don't know about Oranges, I doubt there was ever much fruit stuff from USA since we kind of live near asia and it's obviously much easer to buy them from here than from other side of ocean.

> Is this part of why Russians associate us with Coca Cola and Pepsi?
No, I guess it was one of the loudest brands. And soviet people who don't clearly understand "brands and companies" more felt like this things as your "symbols". There still from older generations people who don't really understand what companies, products and ads mean, interpritating them as overall face of nation and goverment, since in USSR all was made was owned by state obviously.
From there mentality of "we have Marx and Lenin and ruled by Party, USA have Coca-cola and Cowboys and ruled by Capitalists". So USA viewed as something same as USSR, just with diferent names and products, in late USSR just as "same, but more sucsesfull".

>Was this like a Russian holiday treat during Christmas?
Not during Christmas, Christmas fled together with last white resistance in revolution :/

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Hide No. 39325 Systemkontra [Reply]
202 kB, 1280 × 859
Old sadly passed away, RIP
No. 40912
2,1 MB, 9 pages
I have never done any tests and I never will.
Why would I want to be labelled with a discreet illness (that is nearly impossible to get rid of) when I can just chalk it up to a personality trait?
No. 40913
out of curiosity i did a short medical pre-exam for a more comprehensive assburger assessment once and scored over 40 of 50 points. neurotypicals would score in that test about 20 points max. however, i chose to not take the big assessment, because i don't want to get involved with assburger psychologists et al. i believe even if i was officially diagnosed with assburger's it wouldn't change a thing for me irl, except that i would've obtained an "official" stigma and probably had to go to therapy now and then while my condition (if i have one) apparently does not cause big problems in real life. yes, i'm highly introverted and prefer to be alone most of the time, however i'm not anti-social in a way dangerous or negative towards other people and i'm not a bitter r9k kissless virgin either. i have absolutely zero sense of humour though, that is, i don't laugh nor smile (when i do, it likely looks awkward, so i stopped bothering), i'm completely unable of being funny (includes "shitposting"), i tend to miss the point with jokes often and i have problems recognizing when a person isn't serious about something, in fact it's generally not easy for me to decipher what people indicate with their facial and body expressions. i absolutely hate lies of all sorts (including little lies for the sake of not hurting feelings) and i also know that people are getting bored rather quickly when i explain something, so i try to avoid getting into such situations. basically, if it's possible for me to keep a healthy distance from the center of attention i'm fine.
No. 40918
94 kB, 800 × 570
So I bought some music machine which is manufactured in China (ofc). I bought it last weekend and it said 5-7 weeks until delivery. On sunday I saw a Behringer video from late march/early april where they said the chinese factory is slowly starting production again. Just today I recived my shipping notification. 5 weeks earlier then planned. I was a bit pissed that this edition of the machine would take so long for me to holdin my hands but then I thought it is good because it won't distract me from my uni work which has to be in priority mode now. Well, we will see if I can manage, no?
No. 40926
This basically, I was worried because even though I practised smalltalk a lot, every "friend" I had just stopped wanting to have things to do with me. Oh well, I had decided not to care even before the test.

But the only thing that changed is "Apparently I am an especially sucky human :(" to "So I'm what they call Assburger :)" - I finally know what is "wrong" with me. Still I will continue as usual.

No perks per se, but luckily I happen to be somewhat intelligent (always knew that) and they also tested my concentration potential which also turned out above average, so I have very little of the typical aspie problems because I'm good at adapting.

I constantly drop and forget things though.

Still I prefer my life to that of the normies every day. It always takes a bit of time to understand, but then you DO understand as opposed to them. Literal sheeple.

Hide No. 40878 [Reply]
55 kB, 500 × 214
You know what I really wish that I could just give ernsts money to get me stuff. Like for example if I wanted a bunch of gobies from the Black Sea area. Or a bunch of Rubles in hard currency without having to fuck with banks.

But you know what I really miss? Djarum Blacks. I hadn't even realized that Obama banned all that shit over ten years ago. I had just assumed I couldn't find any because I wasn't directly in a college town and they simply weren't available. I did find some cigarillos but it's just not the same. Since I did find the cigarillos it hadn't even occurred to me that they were banned, and that I was simply lucky enough to find those in some shitty gas station some years back. I would pay hard American cash for some real Djarum Black cigarettes, plus tip.

I am not advocating anything illegal in this thread mind you. I already checked it out and it's simply to sell them or import for resale, not to acquire or possess for personal use. I've only managed to find a couple of sites that even sell them but they all accept only fucking bitcoin. No wonder BTC is worth so much. Like half of all stores online accept it and a considerable number of them don't even have their credit processors up and running, or they give discounts to people using memecoins. All I want to do is buy a couple of packs of what I used to smoke in college damnit.
No. 40880 Kontra
Oh god fucking shit, fuck
>Dear Customers...

>We were regret to informed you that we were currently cannot ship any package to US now due to COVID19 Outbreak in US. The post office closed the destination to US.

>We hope this Pandemic will be ended soon, and we will send them back later after our post office opening confirmation.
>Let us wait for 1-2 more weeks, your paid order will be send ASAP after they open.

>Thank You

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Hide No. 36131 Systemkontra [Reply]
27 kB, 320 × 200
279 kB, 1920 × 1080
111 kB, 640 × 480
80 kB, 640 × 480
'cause old systemcontra'd
No. 40758
My entire point being that they charge you massively more money for something that has had considerably less work and resources put into it for a comparable product. Hell you can just 3D print the damn models.
No. 40804
14 kB, 640 × 400
123 kB, 512 × 404
494 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
>I did really enjoy many of the wh40k books though, that's the only part of it I paid money for. Most of the wh40k games are hot shite except for dawn of war 1 and 2, and Space Marine.
I'd say most of Warhammer BL books is fanfic tier. And about games I enjoyed playing campain of Batlefleet Gothic Armada. In many ways it's Star Wars Empire at War space battles, but with more mechanics. Space Crusade was really nice tactical game for it's time, and I'd not call "hot shit" Chaos Gate or Final Liberation.
I not played much, but people say a lot positive thgings about Armageddon and sanctus reach video games. They all budget games, but not hot shit.
Also, classic Space Hulk games.
No. 40814
Chaos Gate was awesome but it's too old to expect everyone to know it. It still uses the golden 40k logo from 2nd Edition. Warhammer Fantasy also has some good but old games form that time period.
I loved both Battlefleet Gothic games and Inquisitor was about as much fun as Diablo 2 for me.
No. 40820

Hide No. 26343 Systemkontra [Reply]
133 kB, 700 × 700
Billions was good.
But right now I am watching The Americans. Awesome. One of the best series I have ever seen.
No. 40736 Kontra
1337x is a worth a shot too if ru/bay fail to deliver
No. 40737
87 kB, 630 × 1200
99 kB, 800 × 428
101 kB, 1024 × 554
41 kB, 758 × 427
I watched the 1974 cult classic Phantom of the Paradise. It's a rock opera/horror/comedy which mixes story elements from Faust with The Phantom of the Opera. First of all, every character is played over the top, and I loved Paul Williams as the music producer Swan. Secondly, get ready to hear the word "cantata" a lot, because of course it's a rock opera about a rock opera. I'd say the best way to describe Phantom, is to imagine Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory crossed with an episode of The Monkees, and dipped in LSD. So if that sort of thing sounds appealing, then I'd recommend. I enjoyed it.
Oh, this also had some great music. Here are the opening and closing songs, which were my favorites:

The Juicy Fruits - Goodbye Eddie

Phantom Of The Paradise - The Hell of It - Paul Williams

>A "Bullet In The Head" previously mentioned has a car persecution/scene which is really nice.

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No. 40746
24 kB, 270 × 270
If you are like me, you won't have problems with the film, because I have to concentrate distinguishing the characters, you know, I'm not Asian...

("well which was that guy?")
No. 40789
I watched it because of your recommendation and found it really impressing, especially because I expected it to have a slightly dirty 70ies look still. Instead it uses very light colors a lot that create an unique atmosphere.

Hide No. 39956 [Reply]
143 kB, 2044 × 930
Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: 1.15.2)

Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/
Overview map: map.dev-urandom.eu
IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat), #int
Pirate-friendly client: https://tlauncher.org/en/

Basic commands:
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
/home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed like a fag).
/lb tb - Provides a melonblock that can show block changes.

Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players may help you.

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No. 40102
but the map is new, and updated
also official languages only in public chat
No. 40687
No. 40690 Kontra
Stop it pls, the interest is not there apparently.
No. 40693
Well he can continue, why not. However dunno if anyone interested sadly, yea. I kind of is but don't have time for it.

Hide No. 27102 Systemkontra [Reply]
2,1 MB, 1000 × 1000
Post your artwork, discuss, give critique in this thread.

Useful books and resources (mega dump):

Personal recommendations
Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 40332
Digital art seems way harder to me than physical media for some reason. Can't explain it.
No. 40406
Looking back at your earlier paintings-the ones without lines-you're clearly getting better at this.

>Try use different ones, that who show actual construction and place of hair on head construction.
I'll start practicing more random hairstyles, too, using photo references. Since this is a detail which takes so much trial and error for me to get right, any improvement here will significantly speed up my drawing time-especially when trying to design female characters. I can just give a males a simple brush cut, but with girls, the hair is a huge part of their personality.

>Digital art seems way harder to me than physical media for some reason.
I'm much more comfortable using real pencils for linework, but for coloring I guess I don't really have enough experience with paints and such to compare. I rarely used physical coloring tools prior to starting digital work.
No. 40413 Kontra
Since nobody took dibs on the new OP image, I'm now in the preliminary stage of producing one. Stand by. saging because not sure if sage contributes to systemkontra, probably does.

I still can't really get used to digital art after all this time. The biggest problem is my inability to make accurate ellipses and curves. Too big to draw with the wrist (not like it's even advisable to draw with the wrist), too small to draw with the shoulder. The smallest circle I can make on it with the shoulder takes up almost the whole screen, which means I can't see the rest of the drawing if zoomed in. I have developed a hacky habit of simply blocking shapes in, and then carving out the negative space to avoid having to draw precise lines. But since I'm trying to get better at drawing, it's been pretty challenging. A single drawing easily takes me several hours of trial and error. Another interesting thing is that the trick of hovering the pencil and making "ghost marks" to practice a stroke doesn't really work with a tablet (at least non screen tablets).

Also it's an old model, so the pen and pressure control aren't great either. I almost use it as a binary button a lot of the times and control opacity/size manually or through laying strokes on top of each other. I also miss the material properties and textures of oil paints, but I can't afford them.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 40415
>But I enjoy the process of putting down marks with my hand, doing image manipulation stuff puts me in a different brain space, where I feel like I'm "crafting an image" rather than "expressing myself", if that makes sense.

That sounds like your process puts you in the zone (as Betty Edwards puts it) and the switching of context towards digital helper tools might make you snap out of it and thus reduce your productivity. Here productivity can well be a result of motivation and fun.

Hide No. 40347 [Reply]
11 kB, 300 × 237
Remember like a year ago when the head of NOAA said 5G was gonna fuck up weather forecasting? What ever happened about that? Is that even true?
No. 40356 Kontra
I'm tired from your hapennies 4cancer pol threads
Sometimes it's feels like it's /news/ sosach board - ayyliens, virus, politics, this crap. Every fucking day for fucks sake.
No. 40359 Kontra
Supporting Russia here, I don't see a point that questiong having its own thread.
No. 40360 Kontra
post elsewhere then. we were having a nice little chat before you showed up
No. 40361 Kontra
You guys didn't read the thread did you?

Hide No. 9081 [Reply]
228 kB, 671 × 1099
1,1 MB, 640 × 640, 0:20
>Since there is no philosophy threda
here it is.

i was lately toying with a little idea and wanted to hear Ernst's input on it.

As you all may know we have a serious problem with plastic pollution. We developed some genetic engineered fungi capable of breaking down plastics and reintroduce the parts into the "normal" biological cycle. I'm not aware of some genetic engineered bacteria capable of doing such, but let's suppose we have some.

would you introduce these into the wild bio-cycle?

I would tend towards "yes". First, let's try to imagine/determine all possible consequences. Ya, yaha. I know impossible task to do so; just look at what fuckery we did to the australian bio-cycle.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 39831

they have interesting reads and good roasts, I don't know what else I read back then but they also made fun of green anarchist willy nilly liberal hausprojekte for instance.
No. 39832
>they have interesting reads and good roasts
Too AntiD for me though, I'm afraid.

>Durch den Verlust der Zukunft – die einfache Verlängerung der Gegenwart hat den Namen Zukunft nämlich nicht verdient –
I liked this formulation.

>Diese Transformation hat weitreichende Folgen: Einmal gemachte Erfahrungen können nicht weitergegeben werden; Organisationen, die dieses Manko ausgleichen könnten, existieren ebenfalls nicht.
Interesting thought.
No. 40247
You are a moron, stop conflating ideas and thinkers
No. 40265 Kontra
Why are you responding to a post that's so many months old?

t. not that guy